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"mark showtime martin" Discussed on MMA Roasted

"Hunter that guy off the podcast maybe a great show today. Like I was saying Bill Simon, I've been like like I thought I had Cove. The vaccine but I just been sick like no other and not the second shot and the second shot. Did you in know? I got a second job like a month ago. I don't know what happened. I've just like I said just sneezing coughing. I have like a hundred and wage. Point eight or something looking crazy holyshit a hundred hundred a hundred Point. Okay 108. Yeah, nothing crazy. But like my wife's like toughen up basically and then took to watch the baby while that's going on and just spending a rough couple days, but it's okay. I'm here. We're here do a great podcast. We got a great show today. We got Grant Dawson who's a huge Street? He's a guy that one with one second left his last fight, which was insane. We have Tom lawlor was in the pfl that guy had a crazy trip. He's in the UFC and he got banned for like, I don't know off or something, but he didn't know and I believe him but he's been a pro wrestler. He was in that Golden Boy MMA thing and I was in the pfl could win a million dollars. So we have a whole and then we have another guy who's fighting for the Ella faith. This week was also a badass who wrestles for OSU which is Tom Ryan. He's the guy that gave me the scholarship, which was I didn't take it but Tom Ryan's one of them is wrestling coach. Why don't you take it because this guy's name is Mark Showtime Martin cuz I thought that like I was in high school like wrestling a tire life and I thought like you went to college or some D1 it would just be my whole life again. Yeah III then I can actually have fun in college at the same time wrestle and it won't need a whole life, but you wanted to crush some puss and you thought that your behavior of course, but I was wrong cuz wrestlers kind of sports like all or nothing. There is no like even D3 is basically like, you know, three practices off a working out or two packs a day cutting way if you want to be good at anything, there's no specially with wrestling and maybe basketball is different or football, but when you're wrestling D1 D2 D3 birth A full-time job. Yeah, you want to be an All-American?.

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