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Orcas on May: Southern Residents Greensplain the Election

Skaana | Orcas and Oceans Podcast

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Orcas on May: Southern Residents Greensplain the Election

"Hi Mark Learn young in this special skin. The public service announcement. It's election time in Canada. So we wanted to let the endangered southern orcas share their thoughts on Elizabeth me and the Green Party of camp The Green Green party platform makes no mention to the plight of the southern residents but it does feature to really pretty pictures of orcas including one that looks like maybe the photo from the cover of my book. The killer whale who changed the world so bonus points for that. They're only official. Whale policy is about go skier and nasty nets. Both which are really bad things quote trolling. Trolling gears destroyed fish habitat and trap and longlines quite extreme entanglement hazards for whales sea turtles seabirds and other species. They're also also on board with a cone commission report and our friend Alexander Morton featured on a previous episode of skin it down now for more on the southern resident orcas and what you can do to help them. Survive and thrive and check out. Every party's platform check out our show notes and check out my new book or because everywhere available now in stores everywhere work hi I'm rainbow new producer of the orcas notion podcasts. Scana with Mark Sharon young. And I'm here today to tell you that if you like what we're doing and you want to help support the southern resident ORCA population. Then please subscribe subscribe. Thanks so much for your support everyone and hey let's make waves sure.

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How to Make Money on LinkedIn with Mark Metry

Business School

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How to Make Money on LinkedIn with Mark Metry

"Today talk with Mark Metro he is a bestselling author, a amazing entrepreneur and host of one of the top podcasts in the world humans do Plano, but the amazing part of the stories deep dive on linked in and how mark went from having nothing no following no audience, no platform to building one of the most viral audiences in the world on Lincoln. Specifically talk about how you can become the number one voice on Lincoln in your industry right now. Number two he talks about deconstructs the superhero effect, and just by adjusting a couple of things in your bio how you can attract people to want to work with you. Third, he actually goes into exactly how he creates content what content flow he uses, and how you can mimic the same and most importantly he talks about the the idea of the psychological promise, and how does binds people to you attracts people to you and wants to make people work with you. Lincoln is a gold. Mine and Mark shows you exactly how to do it, so get ready for an insane interview with my friend Mark Metric. One thing is for certain. Just because it's tried and true doesn't mean it's working right now, so the big question is this. Where can you learn what is working right now? The strategies the tactics, the psychology, the exact how to how to go your business. How to blow up your personal brand and supercharge your personal growth, that is the question and this podcast. We'll give you the answer. My Name is Sharon Trotter and welcome to business school. Mark weakened tar about so many things right now. Goes. You've been one busy body, but do one thing. I have to tell you about anything. Else's congratulations on. An actually writing and launching the book man like, how does it feel right now? To be honest with you man. This whole journey has been so rewarding. Sometimes it's been scary, but it's definitely been weird. You know someone who is twenty two years old and I'm just trying to my life and I'm just trying to. Take advantage of the exponential technology that nobody else has had in human history to help like the twelve year old version of myself of myself and talk about things like mental health and transformation and things that are really deep. It's been extremely rewarding, but it's also been super weird and like every single day I get messages. I got emails like real heartfelt messages of people. Tell me like hey. Hours in your position and you know when I heard this thing or when you said this. It totally changed how I how I looked at things and so. This is crazy. Man Like it feels like underwriting like my life story movie in Real Life Action, so yeah, it's. It's been crazy to say the least. Do. It's amazing, so screw being shy, learn how to manage social anxiety and be yourself in front of anyone. Mark Battery did recently went live I I when I. When I first and I'm super grateful that I was a small, a small line in the book. Super grateful for that the would dude when I saw the title. When you first shot the pre cover that you sent me, I was like I. was like wow. How vulnerable does he have to be in this? Because you can't say what you're saying with this title, you can't say it without digging deep and being vulnerable in a in a written medium, and that's that's tough, dude, man, it's. It's definitely tough, but I know that. These problems in our society in our worlds are just not going to be acknowledged and are not going to be solved if people don't talk about them, and you know in my book I talk about where I would have basically a panic attack anytime. Every anybody would try to talk to me. I talked about the Times where I would wet the bed all the time, even when I was a young adult, because my body would go into fighter flight spots because I had psychological trauma I talk about the Times where I things that I'm not proud of that enabled ashamed. Stealing from stores way back. In the day when? I didn't have too much money, and so for me. It's just been like this process of. How much can I just sort of flip my guts inside out into the world? At least like in an appropriate manner, so that people understand that there are others like them than have these same thoughts. There are other people like them to have gone through these issues. And when I was growing up I never heard anybody talk about this, and now as a major reason why I didn't get help. That was a major reason why. I thought I was some sort of a a moral failure that God or the universe had just sort of created me to just be doomed, not being able to talk to people never being able to be myself, and so it's like you. You can't live with the pain of that and continue to live because if you do then you almost become a statistic and talk about the Times where I was suicidal, and it's just like when you go through that, you have two options. You can either use that pain to fuel and reinvent yourself, or you can use it to destroy you and destroy. Destroy other people and their self esteem, and so I'm just I'm on the side for good, you know. I try my best every single day. I still have problems I still issues I still have an ego, but is just like I'm trying to get ahead of it in the most transparent way that I can because I know that when I'm like years, Olds WanNa. Be Like Man I am so glad I did that when I was twenty two and it's helped me build this platform. This legacy that I have today so I hope it's all meaningful and it's worth it at the end. So? I listened to the the one thing that totally stood out to me was the CEO's that I. Mentor I. Tell them the one thing that completely changes. Everything is I say, don't suffer in silence, and there's this amazing quote mark that I had one of my mentors told me, and he said are our mind is like a bad neighborhood. Don't go in there alone. and. That's so it's so crazy when I hear that right like it's totally true because for high achievers. A that's literally kind of what you're saying is so which is so amazing. So. Let me ask you a transitionary question here so what you did. This brings me to kind of why we're here. Business School. What you did was. You took you launched your book. A lot of people say hey. You know what I have this message in story to share with the world I'm Gonna I'm gonNA write this piece of this body of work, and then I'm going to spend the rest of my life promoting it and getting it in the hands of people, but you're able to completely compress that curve because you. Whether it was by accident or whether it was by design. You did it in a very thoughtful way meaning what you did was you launched the book on top of a platform that you already built where you could? Instantly after you wrote the book, You were able to get it in the hands of people, you able to get the message out and I think. You and I. Are you and I know. How many messages do you and I know that are beautiful well written, but they'll never see the light of day because people just don't have the platform for it. And and and So many conversations that we've had you know you've shared. Hey, one of the primary ways in which you really went from zero, actually having nothing from a social presence perspective or a platform perspective. To, today is on Lincoln. And how you've leveraged their platform, and you'd literally you knew nothing about when you when you started, but what I love about it is is mark when you. The order, in which you built this body of work I actually don't think that in this short amount of time you would have been able to reach this many people without that platform. Yeah no hands down. One hundred percent like I tend to think that. The biggest reasons for my professional success are my internal success first and foremost obviously, but then also lengthen, and also my podcast to, and I totally agree with you. There's that hope there's like that whole quote that says. If you build it. They will come and I think that that might have applied like twenty thirty forty fifty years ago, but the reality is is like you said there are so many people out there. That have amazing meaningful, heartfelt messages, but. They're not getting out there and personally for me. That's what's enabled me to like. Make my book a bestseller. I've had people like Dan. Pink endorsed my book interest like the craziest amount of praise and accolades and numbers in terms of selling and getting this idea out there that there's no way disorder been possible and. You know for me I got on Lincoln in two thousand and seventeen I always kind of had Lincoln. I remember I was in some like tech class in high school and they're like. Hey, you gotta make Lincoln because it's like how you get a job and you put your resume up there right I just always kinda use it as A. Member in two thousand seventeen when I had started my podcast, I interviewed. A friend of mine. Who Said Oh? Wait, you're before we start this podcast you mind if I post on Lincoln real quick and I was like wait. You can post on link. Is Up to that time I didn't know they had a content feed right like facebook or Instagram I thought that it was like this online resume and I like began to to look around out experiment data and the first time. Actually made a piece of content. Was this video that I had recorded and it was video. That was a part of this. Hashtag, let's get honest initiative and this actually when Lincoln just came out with video as a feature previously didn't even have video on the platform, and like this challenge was like. Hey, just share something that you want to be honest about and personally in my own life at this time. This was maybe about two years after I had kinda fallen down a dark time I was suicidal and I was beginning to get ahead of my social anxiety, and I was beginning to manage it in my life, and I just Kinda whip out my my webcams laptop, and I just record this video and I said you know through my entire life I've always let kinda social fears dominate me and not enabled me to be my real self, and it was just like this minute long video. Didn't really think twice of it to be honest with you and I put it up and a week later I logged back in and. You know I, don't know I don't think the stats on the video were were crazy, but I got comments of people that were like CEO's in different business leaders. That were like you know. Hey, mark. You're so courageous for sharing this, you know. I have a daughter who struggles the same thing or it'd be some other guy who said you know. I also struggle with this, too. and seeing you kind of share that at your young age gives me hope, but. Even after that to be honest with you I I didn't really think twice of lengthen, and it wasn't until like the beginning of two thousand eighteen, where I just had a few of my different mentors. Tell me to just get on Lincoln, because it was a major major opportunity, and like the big thing that I learned share on that. You know. Instagram has like what like a billion monthly users I don't know what percentage of those people create content but on link. I think there's something like five hundred million or seven hundred million people, and it's like less than one percent of them create content why so it is such a content deficient platform, obviously now because of people like me, talking about it and other people more you know influencers on instagram and facebook and Youtube are heading on Lincoln now and the other big part. Part about it is You know. Obviously I think every single social media platform has its use facebook instagram. They're all great. They all have its own use, but the real thing that I absolutely love about Lincoln and I think that has made me sort of climb up the professional success ladder much much faster is because the people who are on link thin are. Decision makers and businesses their CEO's. They're people in the business, entrepreneurial world, usually one hundred percent of the time, and so I've been able to. Collaborate with companies like Amazon Forbes like some fortune five hundred companies. It's been mostly all from. And it's been showing up there every single day and making content and now I think I'm out like. Like seventy two thousand followers I've had post of mine that have gotten millions of views, and it's just completely changed my life, and you know personally for me. My primary purpose in this world is to help other people achieve a life of mental, emotional, physical spiritual freedom and my number. Two purpose is to help leaders get their own movement started and I'm super fortunate to have been able to help a ton of leaders you know. Get more serious about lengthen, because it's just an insane opportunity, and still not a lot of people are taking advantage of it, so it's such a great great opportunity man. I'm glad you asked. So you know this is. This is awesome and. I if it's okay with you I would love to. kind of deconstruct or just download three years I mean compress your three years into thirty minutes here because I think that. Just. Tactically a lot of people are. I say that the the the one question problem right? The one question problem ends up. Being solved this one question. It opens up and I'll go do the work. Hey, I just don't know what to post I don't know as my bio. Okay or I just don't know if I can do video or I just don't know if I can link people out I. Just don't a lot of people. That I talked to have this one question problem that one question if they can get a little clarity on that dramatically opens up kind of their their freedom to do things but. The one thing that you said about because I. I'm on I'm after your coaching I'm on. I started to take Lincoln seriously. Because the one thing I realized that they're still my two favorite things about Lincoln number one is that there's no like guru and boys on link. Right like that's which is which is on Instagram facebook youtube. They're totally these guru fan. Boys that are and that's for a while. That's interesting, but it's not. It's a very watch my jet. Watch my Bentley kind of culture, and which is okay I. have no problem with it, but it's just not. As a platform as a whole Lincoln is not like that which is really powerful right, and so that's a democratises, the content and the where you're from and the second thing mark is. I am amazed at the limited amount of negativity in hate on the platform like. Self is so amazing like I want when I'm stuck, and I'm wanting to be positive Lincoln. Because there is no, it's all positive, and it's all like uplifting. It's all inspirational teaching all educational. It's all sharing and there's something to be said about that from an energy perspective, too. Yeah, you know for sure, and and to be honest with you man like I have. I have literally met the most important people in my life from Lincoln on the platform, and I think that's for a few different reasons. I think one people who are on Lincoln in the first place. They definitely have some. Orientation towards growth or at least professional gross or career growth, just because of the way the platform is whereas maybe instagram you know there's so many different like niches like there's people who are posting like cartoons or food. And whatnot, but it's like Lincoln is all about Gross, so it's like I. Have Friends of mine who? are like fitness trainers who have been able to like completely grow a business just off the back of Lincoln of helping like busy CEOS. Get in shape, and that's because you know. They don't take videos of them like in a six pack. Video they say like Hey. Did you know that. Back pain is the number one cause of like general fatigue, and if you're in a meeting and you're tired, a big part of that has to do with like your body mind connection I will help you kinda tap into that and so Lincoln is very very results oriented and the thing about it is. You know. I've had posts of mine that have gone millions of US sometimes. They gave me business Sometimes. They don't get a ton of business. I had other posts in mind that I've just hit like the bottom like five thousand views and I've generated like ten thousand dollars worth of revenue just off like a single post and that's because. All all you are is just one message away from a CEO from I remember the first kind of big GIG. That golf from Lincoln was with this fortune five hundred company, and it was literally just the CEO's assistant, just kind of scrolling through and looking at different podcasts, related tools, and so definitely like the whole culture of Lincoln is all oriented towards growth. It's all oriented towards career development, and if you can help people achieve. From the different perspectives, whether you are a fitness trainer, or you're an author or your high performance coach as long as you can help people in general, then it's good. You know Instagram I think can be good for maybe sharing a little bit more about yourself, the more personal side, and of course you need both, but if I'm gonNA grow on Lincoln. excuse me if I'm going to try to grow my business. It's definitely definitely. GonNa, be on lengthen, and then also the second thing is If you triple down on Lincoln, the same way that I did, you can literally become the number one voice on their. You know like Gary. V has done it. He's got millions of followers on there now. other people like Ed My let like myself that have taken in Lincoln more seriously have become like the top dominating industry, and then like you just think about the implications of that of like whether an event organizer is on there, or whether some sort of you know a press reporter is on Lincoln and they searched for that industry. Your name is GonNa come up I as though it's extremely extremely valuable and then even. You know ever since Mike linked then got bought out by Microsoft's I believe it was a few years ago. I mean they've done major changes to the platform and even look at Microsoft is a company. They're all about creating ecosystems. They're all about creating these major platforms where people can grow. That's exactly what they've been doing on Lincoln and so yeah. The implications of it are definitely definitely huge, and you know I'm happy to get inside the tactical one, but but but I definitely think the point that you said of like that one question problem. Definitely guest people stuck and a lot of the ways, and it can be just be good to just go on that platform. Learn more about it. Begin to experiments and religious see that it could be a major major source of business personally for me, maybe like seventy percent of my business comes directly from Lincoln. Isle like wake up in the morning. All right a post, and maybe an hour or two hours three hours pass by, and that post has like fifteen twenty thousand views I have like five leads coming from that already, and it's just. It's a massive system for sure man do that, so so so I went through parts of your course, and I wrote down a bunch of questions that need I think from a structural perspective again. What I thought was what's stopping somebody right? I try to get in the head of a few people's. I talked to a few of my private clients and I said well. What is stopping you and I have those questions in front of me, which is I? He I'm talking to the expert here, so maybe we could deconstruct, so let let let me fire a few tactical stuff at you. Yeah, the first one is. The other platforms like facebook twitter, etc, D- are not, really, you know. Kinda profile bio dependent in any way, you can get by with very sparse kind of stuff you don't have to almost to. Tell the world who you are. Can you talk briefly about? If I were starting out a few things that I need to think about what I'm just crafting that profile and that bio so so I'm actually talking to the right person. Yes, that's a great question. Men and the reality is if you're able to do this, you already sticking out from ninety nine percent of the people on Lincoln. People on Lincoln have literally the most generic terrible tag lines and Bios and they're like you know I have five years of experience doing this and that. The real way to capture people as You know what's really interesting is like for example on instagram. Right if you posted, something and people are commenting right? You have maybe I comment. Maybe Gary, v comments, all you see on Instagram is just my name, but the thing with Lincoln. When you comment on somebody's post, they have like a little tagline. That's below their name. You know personally for me. It's like bestselling author of my book podcast. Yada Yada Yada that is a direct spot for you to literally put like a like a mini advertisement like almost like a little email signature signatures. You can say I help busy CEO's perform better. I help a B. TO B. Companies Star podcast and every time you common. That's right then in there and you know when it comes to. The the about the the bio of your lengthen. That's a spot for you to talk about your services. That's the spot where maybe you can talk about your experience. Be Any accolades, anything I can give you credibility, but the big thing is what I've learned is. If you're able to just like really capture in the first sentence of your bio page some interesting aspect of your life. You can get people hooked, so you know I mean I say. You know today. I'm a Forbes featured. Uh Speaker I'm on Amazon, prime documentary series. But once upon a time I couldn't even make direct eye contact with anybody I suffered from social anxiety. And you know this is a tip that. You know a lot of people. Call this like the superhero effect where it's like. If you look at any superhero like like Batman, there's usually like a very outwardly facing strengths. Everyone kind of knows them for that. But there's always like this double side to it. There's always like maybe like a little bit of a of a darker side to it, and the reason why that's important on in is because Lincoln is is just getting better now, but it is too much of a professional platform like overly professional, and so if you can just be honest, and you can say hey, yeah, I'm really good at. Improving your performance I'm really good my professional expertise, but I'm also a human also gone through these struggles that immediately let somebody. Wants to out your profile net immediately. Let somebody know that you are different than everybody else on this platform, and you're actually a real human being because you Sharm one of the problems that Lincoln has. Obviously every every platform has, but Lincoln has die known for being too spammy e a lot of sales people around there. A lot of them are sending in mail messages Mike Thousands of them without even connecting to you, and so that's what most of that platform is, or it's like people would trying to find the job, but if you're able to separate yourself and you're like. Hey, this is who I am. This is what my brand stands for. This is how I can help you, and this is how I'm a human. Then you are immediately ahead of ninety nine percent of the people on Lincoln. That's so that's still good. I think just the fact knowing that. You know and the new stuff. Right here was hey, when you go comment on, someone's supposed. Your little tagline comes up, which is a which is an like an amazing like you said right like social email signature, which is really powerful, but let's take that to the Ninja of number two. which amazing that. I wrote this down was. It. That was not built by accident. The decree ruling Kafe. If now we're actually the reason we're doing. That is because now when Sharon comment on Mark's post. Markets to see that so now I'm going to incentivize to comment more because now Sharon can go anywhere. Comment more, and now it's not just as someone short lecture on commented on by posers like icy, instantly I associated who what Sharon does and so I and from commenting liking commenting sharing perspective. That's even before we get into content creation I. Remember you telling Me Hey, the first thing you need to be doing is just getting engage in. Engage existing content on the platform, so let's say I. Have My profile like you said I've got the superhero. I'm good at blank, but I also have blank. Kryptonite right like that's really cool. You've got this many advertisement tagline. You've shown a little humanity now. If I'm if the next thing that I'm going to do is go. Engage, a little bit and get familiar with the platform. What are your suggestions around commenting sharing and engaging with existing content? Yeah that's a great question man so. I have honestly. Built my podcasts from Lincoln and one of the ways that I did that. Is You know I identified people who? Are, really big in the podcast and game who are in my similar industry or my similar niche, and they don't respond to their comments, and what I mean is obviously not trying to call people out, but if you look at like major major leaders, influencers like Tim Ferriss. Gary V. Tom Bill. You a lot of these people. They kind of run Lincoln. They kind of have it on like a auto scheduler have someone on their team doing it, and they may get an extreme high-value a high volume of comments, and they just don't respond, and so a major part of my strategy is I will identify. Five to ten people on Lincoln who are already getting engagement on their posts, who already have an audience that I want and I will go in there and leave very very thoughtful comments that are useful and the other part of this too is sometimes. I'll be scrolling in there and I'll see. Someone will ask a question to like Gary and I'll say hey. You know showed I started podcast. Should I not and you go in there and you respond to their question themselves. Now that person who may be interested in the same exact. Niche or the service that you're offering now. About you and like one of the best parts about Lincoln is this whole kind of network effect and what I mean by that is. If you go to just like you're linked in feed your Lincoln homepage. You're not just GONNA see like posts of people's content. You'RE GONNA. See People in your network who have commented on other people's posts and half him. Yeah, and what I mean by that is like. You know probably the first time when I got on the map so to speak in like the entrepreneurship world was in two thousand eighteen, and it was after had interviewed Seth Godin, and it's not just because I had just interviewed Seth Godin, and he was just up on my podcast. It was because. I made a little micro video snippet and I posted up on there and I tagged Seth Godin. and. Seth Godin saw that post, but the really interesting part about Lincoln is if your content if you're post guests enough engagement and you've tagged somebody in it. It is to automatically. Pop Up in everyone who's connected or follow Seth Godin on Lincoln at the top of their content feed. It's so next thing I know. I've tapped into. All of the CEO's all the leaders that. Look south, golden for. Marketing leadership now they know who I am Dave. Seen that post of him and I together, and they can make a decision to like comment. Maybe follow me. Maybe look into more to me and so yeah, there are many different layers behind it, but if you can start to identify Fossa ten people that you really WanNa engage with you want their audience, and then maybe start to. Attack them if you can find some way to collaborate with them to. You'RE GONNA get literally directly inside of their audience, so that's extremely powerful. Did that such a great tip because essentially what you said was. Let's use someone else's platform. To Build. To build and serve your message. And I think in very similar where I'm not trying to sell somebody's anything, but I think that people forget that. Right when we talked about this early on, there's a lot of bodies of work out there. That never see light a day. And I think it is our responsibility to make it see light a day, and that's on us, and so you're saying. Hey, I have a great podcast. I have a great message. I have a great service, and if someone is going to comment on Gary v's feed, saying hey, should I start a podcast and I marked Batra who have built one of the best podcasts in the world. Three hundred plus episodes humans two point I was like I. Mean Like I binge. Right. It's like the coolest thing. Right and you comment on that. There's a there's two things there at one. You're adding value and to the person that's asking the question and to use insane credibility around it and three. If Gary ever saw that. It is the greatest thing for for somebody on their own feet to see discussion happening like right on my when I see people on on. facebook or instagram comment on my stuff and I see other people get involved in that thread and I don't have to touch it in any way and I see community fact. I feel as A. Even though it's platform, I feel super grateful that that's happening and that I'm able to create that called container for that conversation and I think what you've just shown as you can actively. I wouldn't hack it, but you can actively engage with it, which is very very cool. Yeah, yeah, for sure on the other thing that I would say to is like. I know personally for me like if I post a an like post on Instagram, and it does pretty well for for my stats, my audience, considering do the amount the amount of comments of us of all here of like hey I message. This guy and I got two thousand dollars, or I did a four X. trading thing I made this amount of money. There's so much instagram. Of course there's going to be spending on Lincoln but with Lincoln I see a lot less and I just genuinely see kind of like that community effect of people, helping other people and the other part about this do Sarunas. Started making like these more community threats so like for example. When this whole kind of like Cova nineteen thing was just beginning, and a lot of people were losing their jobs. A lot of people still are. I was like you know. Hey, guys. If you have a business and you're hiring comment below and you get people engage like that. And then I made another post that said you know, Hey, do you? Do you host a podcast and you WanNa be a guest on podcast, and I created like this mini podcast marketplace as cool absolutely, and that's like the real power of and and of course you do on other social media networks, but I feel like the the network effects for lengthen is just especially powerful for those kinds of things. Awesome so you went right into. Let's talk a little bit about content creation, and I think that. People. Kind of. Overwhelms Folks Lot, and I think Lincoln Overwhelms people more because it has this aura of extreme professionalism right like I need to have a picture of me in a suit I need to say things that have really good punctuation. I need to only have perfect grammar. There is that. Kind of you know twenty fifteen approach to linked in which I, don't it? It's actually it's gone from being a business networking platform to an real social platform now can you kind of talk about our people over thinking the fact of Hey, I need to show a very business on this platform. That's number. One and second is an I'll dig more into like Konta Chretien rounded. But what are your thoughts around kind of? Tone how you show up. And how do you think about that? Yeah, for sure and I think I. Think what you said is spot on and I think it's really evident like when that whole. Like when that whole challenge was going around, that was like. Hey, here's your tinder picture. Picture here's your Lincoln Picture and the link to picture was always much much more professional, and so I think that kind of conception has definitely had a lot of people shy away from the platform and I. think that's definitely warranted. Just because the changes that lengthen has made over the last few years have definitely been new, but you know I can say for myself like. Almost every time, the best performing posts that I make are like not professional at all, and it's just me being real. And when it comes to content, you know there's a lot of different things that you can. Do you know if you already make videos on like your instagram? For example, you can put those on lengthen, and it really shouldn't be a problem. The only thing that I would say is maybe a little bit more unique to lengthen is Lincoln. Is a is a much more intellectual. Platform and what I mean by that is. Texts like writing copy. Destroys it wins on Lincoln, and that's because. People don't necessarily WANNA. See your face versus instagram. They don't necessarily care if you have a car or jet is just like. Hey, what is the information? How can this help me? And why is it best? That's why personally for me You know I don't I don't really like taking pictures myself It's just not my kind of thing and I'm kind of a more. Intellectual writing kind of Guy, and that's why I. Think I really do well on Lincoln. And so if you're able to just spit out the facts, if you're able to just kind of right in not necessarily like a super, academic or intellectual way just right like a normal copy trying to say. As much as possible and as little words, then you'll definitely win and like for example. You know for like just like for for your example Charan I. See on your instagram. You have like these super. Cool informative posts where you kind of have a slider, and like you break down different tips, and you sound like hey, number one do this number to do that. The really interesting part about Lincoln is. They had that feature, but they have it in this document pdf feature, and so basically what you can do is an axe same way as instagram's kind of image slider, but the format of it is a little bit different. You just have to convert it to a PDF. Right does when I post them. Those are my best performing posts because it's kind of the best of both worlds, it's a little bit more aesthetic. You can drop in a lot more information because Lincoln has a thirteen hundred character limit in their texts, which is unfortunate, compared like instagram I think it has like a ten thousand characters or something crazy like that. is though it tries to limit you in that way. But if you're able to take that text information and convert that to some sort of a visual sliding piece desk great because one, it's much more aesthetic and the number two. Whenever I'm sure this is true. For many other social platforms whenever Lincoln drops a new feature, they usually try to promote that they usually try to promote that as much as possible. And they dropped this feature maybe like a a few months ago or a little bit longer than that, so like for whatever reason do the? Whenever I make those posts. Linked Lincoln make sure that it gets the top of the Algorithm and more people who are following me. who were my do that? And, so like for if you are like more intellectual, you just want to provide people value. You're not necessarily about the cell fees. You're not about like the random pictures. Where like Instagram, kind of as much more visually appealing, lengthen is definitely definitely the the spot for you and and yeah, I wish more people like you and seth. Godin would take advantage of it for sure because it's super. Super Powerful, but the more you can focus on copy, the more you can focus on the tax, the information piece the more that Lincoln is GonNa Push. This inspired us in the algorithm of like. Hey, here is just really really good information that works and the second thing that I want to say is. One of the best parts about lengthen is that. It doesn't care who you are. It doesn't care how many followers you have and I've had like friends of mine. Who Literally just made Lincoln? Accounts and posted like. Hey you know. I just got combine like my first job. At this company, here are three things that I've learned as like a like a college intern, or whatever and some of those posts get way more engagement than mine I've seen for like friends of mine who had just Gone Lincoln who have three hundred followers who have gone hundreds of thousands of views on their posts, and that's because Lincoln is a marketplace of ideas. If you have the best ideas, the algorithm will push those out. It does not matter how many followers that you have, and so it's. It's like this really equal playing field of just saying like who is the best this who actually has the best content that people engage with the most and so versus like maybe instagram or facebook, where maybe you have to build up a lot of your followers, Lincoln is not like that is very much an equal playing field. Yeah, so did I totally I love. That I want to talk a little bit about the followers a second, but I follow you on Lincoln I. Love Your Stuff de. But you've also done an amazing job of keeping up with the. Maybe you're looking at your analytics and keeping up with the Trans I remember. You're doing these Selfie, just regular videos, right? You're going to run, and you did the video, and I remember you telling you did the video and had got decent engagement, and then you did the. Transcription on top of the video, and then you said Dude, that just that totally exponentially is my views on it because people were watching the video with the transcription kind of going on it, then you gave me the idea where you said Hey Sean. You've got all these like five six slider pos them. PEDIA got. That does really well, but recently I've seen you do a lot. More of these like list listed post-strike seven reasons to do this eight seven ways to save consistent posting on Lincoln and that stuff seems to. Just you know you have. You. Seventy, two thousand followers right now, which instagram world is seventeen million? It's insane right, and but but your views on your post are sometimes. Close to five to ten x your follower base, which which is the very definition of morality, right like essentially I'm saying all right I have seventy two thousand people that does networks as connected to, but just the views on my post are four, hundred and fifty thousand like that's that's that's that's amazing, and that itself should get people to pause and stop and say okay. I'm being given an opportunity here. On a very level playing field that I can never that that Mark Sharon and Jimmy are all the same plainfield, and it's democratized how I can create and reach people. That's exactly Amen and You know I think the list post to really well just because of like that straight up kind of valuable information of like. Hey, you know you might be checking. Your lengthen before you go to work at like eight a m. maybe you follow me. Maybe. You don't maybe you are. Following like a specific Hashtag in my niche, and when you see those posts, and they've got that that that number that kind of instantly provides like that psychological promise to the human brain of like hey. I'm going to promise you. I'm going to tell you these five things that can help you, you know. I'M NOT GONNA. Take you for a whirlwind, not gonNA. Give you two of them, and then say go by my course to get the rest of them, and so I think it's like that real psychological promise people, and then the reality is is like the other part about it too is. When you make those lists local posts and you say like hey, here are seven ways to crush on lengthen, and but I, always try to do is I always try to make my post open ended in the sense of I always ask people like Hey, do you agree with this? Do not agree with this, and let's say you do or you don't. What would be number eight on this list? And so when you do that, you open up the conversation for a lot of people and you get them to engage and the more engagement you get, the better your post performs. The battery goes up in the Algorithm, but. Ultimately if you're able to do that, that's fine and then also. Note about this too is. With Lincoln there are two kinds of of audience types. There are your connections, and then there are followers connections. Are you go to my profile? You go to your profile and there's a button that says connect and a lot of the times when you connect with someone. This is Lincoln's feature of like. Now you can messages person now. You can like see like their email address. You can see their contacts. You can see there other connections. And then there are followers, and this happens when you reach peak connections, which is actually thirty thousand, I think I'm sitting on like twenty, two or twenty, three thousand connections, and then now. Lincoln like pops up and it gives you a button when people through your profile that says follow. This means that they will see your content in their feed even if they're not connected to you and. You know another great way that you can really use this to grow is if you identify like. Maybe your ideal clients, the main people you want to get in front of and you go to their profile. And you start engaging with their content, you know day in and day out and then you send a connection requests. And you personalized that which is super important, and what I mean by that is on Lincoln. The default is just to connect without a note, but it'll ask you if you want to personalise no, and basically what that means is if someone is on their phone. They're looking at their connection across all. It is just pops up the person's name. Their picture and that little tagline, and then it says. Do you want to connect with this person or not? There's a check or there's an axe, but if you personalize no, you literally drop in a message right then and there and a lot of the Times people abuse the crap out of this on Link Day. Try to connect with you and they say hey. Mark I see you're doing good work at, and then they just have a body, aches the name of Your Company and eight auto. Fill that in and they say hey. I would love it if you want to sign up for. Our Free PDF or hop on consultation, call or something like that is so again like if you're able to be authentic and now kind of auditees, at least not automate them terribly You're. GonNa immediately. Stick out in. It can get you right in front of People Away, and so, that's also another thing to Kinda. Take mines of so good so good, so let me ask you a question about follower base for a second so. On. From a following perspective, given the exposure and the veracity, the platform and it's GonNa kind of totally bring us home. On a lot of platforms like the plot from the are generally used to facebook instagram, etcetera where you say hey, I have one hundred. Thousand followers and I'M GONNA probably. If if by post gets, you know the algorithm is feeling good, and my posts gets organic rich. I'm never GONNA get more reach than my follower based generally speaking unless i. Unless I blow out of. Three or four hundred thousand followers and more but. How important. Is The follower metric on. Lincoln is that vanity trick like if there's a metric that you would actually look at and care about as people are starting to grow, and can can hone in on a metric they. They know that they're. They're doing a good job and they know that they're growing what? Metrics. Would you actually get them to follow? Yeah, for sure so I have seventy thousand followers, but you know the reality is is sometimes my post. Get Ten thousand views, sometimes I got a million views, and so we can really I just sort of depend. But. It's definitely easier to. Expand the reach past your number of followers on Lincoln, just from my own personal experience versus other platforms for sure but I. Definitely I definitely don't think that follower count is the most important thing to look out for what I would look at Two different metrics, and I would look at these in terms of input versus output, and so what I would say to myself is. How many times in my commenting or or like personally for me? And like the business that are on like I, have sometimes I have my assistant. Commenting and someone and sometimes responding because it can just the volume of it can be rain. Yeah, but. Looking at input of like a can I engage with like a hundred people's post today. Hey, can I send. Ten people. Thought for connection requests that's based off the content that they post or the messages that I get from them where they can at least know of me, that's one. The second one that I look at is the amount of engagements on your own posts, and then as well as the messages that you get probably the most important thing about lengthen it inbox. Your lengthen inbox is. If you run Lincoln Right, it is essentially a gold mine you know the amount of. Business that I have gone from, you know someone will randomly see my content. They might leave a comment. All respond back meaningfully and I'll get a message from them, and they'll say you know. Hey, mark. I've been following your work for the last seven weeks. I've seen a lot of your posts. you know I I saw that you collaborated with this person. I saw that you do this. You know actually my companies looking to start a podcast or my companies looking to get more serious about generating leads online. Can you help us and so? I'll look at engagement of your own posts of your own comments and your inbox. Those can be extremely extremely powerful, and you know the last thing I'll say is like you know. Lincoln has like a like a sales navigator like an email system where you can search people's positions You can search them by how long they've been there. You can search them by a lot of different criteria and doubt is also a great way to learn more about people, because unfortunately like Lincoln system is not as transparent and robust compared to like instagram of like if you search for someone's name. On instagram, or if you search for like a Hashtag, you'll get it, but sometimes on Lincoln. That can be a little bit tricky. It's so if you're trying to find a specific person. A specific kind of person, a target I would definitely use sales navigator, but I would not go for the immediate pitch if I could create content instead to appeal to that person and engage with their own content than they will message. You don't even have to message them back. Are you only have to message them? I and so that's like a major major way that you can do it for sure. And that can be really really rewarding on business deaf side for short. So good man, you know. I WANNA I WANNA. Wrap up with. Until for everybody, I'LL I. I'll post post this on linked in which is my four pages from US talking which is super cool, but I'll I'll link everything in the show notes because you dropped some amazing gems. There are three things that. The three big pillars of your bodies of work right now that are really impacting a lot of people and I love reader. Talk about all three one being for those that WanNa go deep with how you have practically done it. There is linked and course we have the book which I love Free Talk about where they can get him and third my favorite of all. which is your podcast so if If you could just say hey. Those three things on them that way I can give you a little con text link. Everything in the show notes. Yeah, definitely number one is Lincoln got my I got my Lincoln course I also do a Lincoln coaching number. Two is I have my podcast acceleration program and people can check that out just all my website, which by first and last name Dot Com Marta. And Yeah last, but not least I mean. I'm super passionate about the whole mental wellness side because that's what really it because. I've had people in my podcasts from the the CO founder of Netflix to. Who have told. They had hundreds of millions of dollars, and they were going to kill themselves, and so that for me is like the ultimate ultimate. Passion of mine? That's the book screw being shy The audio book will be released soon and I'm actually in the middle of taking that book and making it into a course for people who don't necessarily WanNa read, but WANNA learn how to practically do these things that are more interactive level so Yeah, man! THAT'S I! Appreciate you for having me on man, it's. Grow and you're just filled with value. Thank you for. It's listen up as we finish. Our want to tell people this is It's pretty awesome, because in such a short time on this planet. You've created such. Deep enrich bodies of work that are going to stand the test of time and continue to help people with the course with the book with the podcast. I mean it's it's so that. You've been able to put this all together. In such a short amount of time like you've done lifetime's worth of work already, and the world needs more people like you mark and I'm grateful to call you friend man, thank you so much for being on. Thank you so much for other. You're going to crush his podcast. Hey Sean I have a cool gift for you I took some of my best ideas from the last twenty years in created a by day NBA, it's quick and action packed that you can listen to on the go just like this podcast and I want to give it to you for free just as a thank you for listening to the show. No fluff, no gimmicks just pure actionable ideas for you to use instantly you can grab it right now. At Business School Show Dot Com. That's cool show dot com.

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Episode 309:Show Biz Life with Adam Ferrara!

The Captain's Log with Host Brien Spina Podcast

19:41 min | 2 years ago

Episode 309:Show Biz Life with Adam Ferrara!

"Hey guys good morning. Thursday morning. I startled my comedian and guaranteed right even up yet. Adam Farrar is my guest guys. You can see him. I'm all weekend in off the hook comedy club tonight Thursday night through Sunday one of the best shows of the year feel-good show of the year. That's what I like it and everybody laugh. I why do I like. I like coming to see you guys. Ever you know your mom and dad sit in the corner and every time I do so to make some live. I always look over. Ed still need that. I know I get that as an adult every day and I work with them but you know when I get is the ear beaten everyday from the other the parents they get. It's not good enough. You still do this every day. Do you think it's enough. You're fine every day. Can I have some economic extra side guilt yeah exactly so you told me when we got an congresswoman. You've got a new show on CBS. All access show called why Women Kill Hill. It's from Mark Sharon the guy that created desperate housewives. I've got a recurring role on that show and Spencer. It's unique showcase takes place in three different decades the sixties the eighties eighties and current day and it's about three couples that live in the same mansion in Pasadena Wa different decades and unfortunately things go awry and ladies get get upset and tell me about the difference between being on like a like a network television show and being seen onstage as a comedian because I know the comedians go through but what is it like to be on a network show like that. You've been on so many rescue me nurse. Jackie is this new the show and then we talked about your podcast but teller for you to preference yeah like is there. Any preparation is different live. I get dental yeah. It's not giving you shit. I don't get a piece of Salmon Agai- at the food is good at Captain Brian Examining Spinach. Yeah a little plug he gave me on your podcast Ferrara podcast. It's one thirty thirty minutes eleventh back. There are areas doing great but if they go back to interacting the thing I like about acting as I'm not stamps great but it's the the best part of is being Is your loan. You know the audience is Great. This is great because it's an interaction so you go from being by yourself traveling by yourself to like the Spike Beichman wound back to yourself acting. You're you're. You're in a bunch of people around and it's a it's a collective cooperative place to be so good set and I've been you work a lot of fun. Do you have a really good like really good memorization skills or how's that work by listening dyslexic the stress would kill me like a lines that'll be synced. Elena lines and then being eight thirty in the morning. I'm doing an episode of criminal momentum lines and playing the father of a kid gets abduct Brian so I got a breakdown in the FBI office and cry. It's eight thirty in the morning. I shot of the day so you can go a two full cry. I I had to then but you learn how to shoot the master first then they come in on your coverage and that's when you gotTA. Really emotionally get to we gotta get. Did you get tears. I do you tell you you can do it yeah. Wow you're like a real man. I was almost before when you said we got to put this thing on the radio. It's eight thirty cry into yes so that's that that part of it John John John John Hayden. How are you my friend. He's sweet weadock. Great Funny Guy Total Nice Man John so you cried cried eight thirty in the morning and remember the lines and remember. I'll be shitting myself know. How many lines are they make you. That's the thing I wonder. How many lines do you have to remember it once. They cut it depends on the scene. You know you'll have a long senior. Eleven monologues sink I had a big monologue in some episode of rescue page and those those you have to those you Kinda yeah this whole up in and just improvise it or no rescue me was a lot of that stuff Dennis Rhody Yeah so then you know so we've Bhim Singh with. I remember once we we like attaches not working. Let's just get in a fight okay. I stunt guys came in everything up. I came over to the desk and we Scott Blah. It depends on the director and the writer so people real picky about the way you say the wrong word. It's written if a reason and Morton and other people just like that's good. That's about all my one he has to do. You have to give the script as written. Usually I yeah and then then you can use like if you go up. I'll try and save something or if you just want to try some different right it depends on the direct and when you're feeling your character character kind of says stuff too right 'cause you is that agile. He can the Catholic stuff but you're going to get blamed yeah yeah but like when you're when you're in full character like would you feel sometimes like I'll say this I could honestly tell director or Ozzie Tele Writers. I'M GONNA look I don't I've been living guy for while he's not going to say that why and sometimes they can go. I don't care where sometimes you're right. You do it again. It depends on ice depends on how long you've been doing this show and the vision of the show I mean I think about rescuing and Jackie Jackie and everything is the director changes every week right there every week. Yeah the director's going. Sometimes you get usually get all that. They have a different director most most most do every week a new director coming just because it's a Lotta work you got the directors there for every shot every shot and he's gotTa Work Overlook. The Post production so he's you physically can't into it so you might rotate some directors and they'll be new directors that come in but they change every week art the companies there. I feel like rescue me and a big budget Maija because they get in on trucks ain't cheap. I'm saying right now do the almost they just lease and they were real trucks arch or sixty two hugh trucks we donated to the Philadelphia Fire Department. No way you guys bought sixty two. Donald trump was number sixty two gotcha and we would do in the tower theater me. Dennis Lenny Clark Kenny Rogers Great and so we were doing that and they they donated trucks and we came out and we actually signed the truck that is moss. It was great me. You're good we'd real firefighters. Dr Nils was driving because you can't just get in that of course yeah you have to yeah. That's like a real training. Thing did one one episode we blew up this building and was like three o'clock in the morning fire scene shoot right. Swede helicopter always he's blows my mind when they are able to do those like in regular place isn't really bought the building the building within all the special effects guys. I'm saying you sent got. It looks real. Halley seem so huge huge source like two three o'clock in the morning. We're uptown right and this big fire truck. There and your adrenaline going course are walkie talkies in his fire safety meeting and everything so I played the chief so I was in the suburban and nils was a real five guys driving big trucks. Everyone's loaded into the truck and it dawned on me right then. Danielson Giada was driving home and I looked over and they said hey can you just a dopey active. I think I think so action and who just filed for so what about the guy in the back the swing guidance that we all have so we had the guy draw right because the guy the bags he he's got a tough job to yeah I couldn't do because I'd be like this fish tale a hey right. I'd be like Oh skies where I'd be hanging the thing out yeah. We asked to totally lose concentration. You didn't would be so kind then. What's the most memorable scene you shot. I'd always stop. The most memorable Seattle was the one you like. Now is ongoing went to we were doing tell if button is I'm GONNA go back to the top because that was just unbridled stupidity. I I jumped the caddy about forty fear on our first second episode and you went up left and right so on Youtube or the flying cooped eh that was okay. That was good no way Johnson. Did they have the car suspension steel. I supposed to do it all really it was supposed to leave the ground. Since it was the seventy six on the top I had an eight dollar motocross helmet on and they took the seat belt. Tanta Fausto seatbelt pulled onto the headrest and just pulled it tight and that was it online. I've been handed. It was like all my I did. One hundred eighty eight in a twelve Berlin Causeway in Utah that was was the shutdown or no yeah we locked it was locked down there but the Berlin we have twelve they can tops out to twelve miles now. I've got a book eighty eight and then I was like back. That's how like how fast is them around one forty or so the car start getting light which we could compete coming up. Okay okay so any movement like that death really. Oh Yeah Yeah but you can feel it. You'll feel about twenty on the highway in graph on a few times and cars and I think I did want fifty on a motorcycle once as a kid like I was crazy my cal L. I saw an episode a motorcycle episode and I would buy a big old Harley because I don't probably fit that that mold oh but I love. I love all that I think the motorcycle to scale I was. I would buy big Harley by my own street NERF. Everything Perceptions Steve Do scary. I like those guys on the on the sport bikes we see them on the highway passing just the other day me and my salad drive it down the highway freaking really someone really right by our big balls are crazy. Crazy huge nuts yeah. I mean not happening my brother in law my my brother in law passed away in a motorcycle accident but he was a straight daredevil like he was. BMX Racer where we race motocross race mountain black bikes race motocross. He needs just never done a lot of the system. That is not the case I I. I admire the guys that can do that and it was fun for a little while but if I can't do it in traffic right I I see some of these people probably going to work coming from where Jay Wright adrenaline junkie or they just have much of a rush to get to work. I don't no no but I'd be like I gotta live. I won't can't write back also thinking like you're GonNa have a variety of the day. It's not going to be in the morning on the way to work work. It's GonNa be like full gear. You know but they just go out at it. Not Me me neither yeah but it's the rescues skis too much heat. Is there any car that you haven't driven that you. WanNa drive the new the new mid engined corvette the as Oh yeah driving mingy corvette. I WANNA drive lesser of vehicles at our disposal. What are you. I don't know I'm just thinking like I have a few different options. I forgave me for a couple of days. I had the new bullet Mustang Yeah it's five leader but the blue stripes no a shelby the the bullet mustangs from the Steve McQueen movie Bullet Island Green. It's blacked out and the Nice thing about new mustangs. They REV match. When you downshift the car rev of matches for your lips the gas and you actually or shift. I would like to drive sixty three ninety fastback. That was the the bullet card love to draw the batmobile. I love Dr I got I got the battle the joker batmobile. What'd you got what is purple herbals the car the Batmobile Lincoln Future was not that one. What's the one avait none of eater. Is it a vader what it's called the vader. I think that's Darth vader ship. That's my body at full throttle exotics as one of those which one which took from which the movie yeah I thought the cars called the baiters that might be the which which generation batmobile original one no. It's not the original. Tumbler Ambler was cool. It's one of the bad ass riser what happened. No the GOPRO by the way. Do you know that they only recorded nine nine in minutes a clip in the the the battery life's only twenty nine minutes. I do now. How do we get to learn on the Captain Brian edme recording with a Gopro Rosen. I thinking like Oh. I gotta go get a bunch of GOPRO. It's going to be so easy. No it's would work so anyway. Arts Pain Heart Gopro spot after the show so let's say you know what I'm saying by show's brought to you by caffeine but I can't in yeah. If you want you know Karn Arn through some goal we get when you go. I mean I give Lambeau Zarar. He's whatever all is one of my favorite. Lambeau was the Balboni because it was rear rear wheel drive just Kinda rare for a Lamborghini and it was the test driver for Lamborghini was a guy named Balboni. They made this cofferdam really all yeah we had on the show had had the MEL shift plates or you get that click when he's yeah that's fun yeah. You're really doing great. I enjoyed that show had high still catches catches mini episodes because it's not all right though the end of the day all the time say they want to send them so I always watch on demand all the time to check out a episode. Not It hasn't has it been watched. I watched it for fun my son. I love it. big fan big fan that. I don't care for the show. I love thank. You slept a funny anyway so so at off the hook tonight tonight Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday to great great I love I like your Gig. 'cause it's a family join yeah and that always appeals to me and the food is really going on. You can't bring you you gotta be. At beginning to bring them all family owned and operated as it is it is that's why memorizing family I get into comedy. And what else am I qualified but it'd be how did it start. Did you just jump on a station opened. My Yeah I got I got to college. I told my parents well. We've done what of your things and I went on. What was the job you firsthand my. I had my last straight. John was a dishwasher at a savings. Yeah Savings Packer. Where kitchen did they serve they had was the corporate offices. The whole the corporate office of white guys with dietary needs so that every they put a gopher everyone's just so it was a lunchtime gig. I showed up at nine in the morning. I was done at three in the afternoon and I just wash dishes working this little kitchen. There was a chef a waiter waiter and me that was a that was sous-chef and it was four people in there so I started as the dishwasher because it was part time it was a gig every week and I could go out at night and to stand up How'd you decide. You wanted to be a comedian. What was the I started doing. I did the open. Mike and I went this appeals right. I don't know how long this is going to last but it was there one moment where I got my I laugh out like this feel when you hit a golf ball right. Get the Ping Yeah Okay okay. This feels right and I got My Dad pushed me. which was the greatest their yearly yeah? I said he would support me as well in anything I did. They always they do exactly so. I could see that so your dad but that was a big thing for me because I always wanted to be. I WanNa be like my dad but I didn't have the mechanical ability. That's cars yeah because my dad could fix them. I can't fix in Ryan right the lift up to hug that should be assigned assigned. Call the guy you exactly nothing there anymore. was there so I was always like didn't couldn't find my place. He saw me do stand up and he looked at me and I think I want to do what you do it now. Who's you give it everything you got a good feeling. It's a great and you know what it is. It was like and you don't come from Hollywood showbiz fan now so he was that's for the bad thing right big step but it was for some odd reason then I was given permission y'all grow man but there's still a permission one hundred percent subconscious permission thing so I think that helped me a great deal and the fact that it it was it was I felt right. Doing and it's been what thirty is a still could face Brian. Yeah could be a fad you could grow and I've been there's been support of all through it and even like when I started this podcast. It's the people that showed up to help me. Kevin James is a Franken episode Tony Kornheiser from what did I football. Did one Andrew morning with her. She did one for me by the way guys you gotTa. Go on download the podcast ask for our Adam for thirty minutes. You'll never get back to see my face a great fun and you get to do different things like this episode. This week is an FBI profile. 'CAUSE I like serial killers for some weird I couldn't be I. Couldn't you know why I'm I'm Catholic Gilbert. I look I know you didn't mean I'm not GONNA kill. You might give you the finger. Stop Light. That's about how you do. I get road rage and if I'm in traffic and the better be damn reason for the travel really I like down here. You guys you if you're not where or you're going by four o'clock in Florida. You're not getting it till eight. I I actually the only time I really get upset. When I'm driving is when I'm at a light and I'm the first guy at the light and the split second. The light turns the Guy Behind. I'm like really dude. Come Amman anything bigger than you if I'm going to lean and I got someone tailgate me and my what I'm telling you yeah. There's a whole road here. I'm on. PTO Gas Pal the the riot guys this is the captain's log podcast and my guest Anna Adam Ferrara's all weekend at off the Hook Comedy Club do us a favor. Adam told me I got to tell everybody to go on rate the PODCAST. We're watching it gives us a good rating at least rate him because he's sexy if you'll like me at based on his performance today right and this the captain's log so you could find anywhere anywhere download it get it say hello. We appreciate you wash it but right now. We're going to be on be one or three point nine big bomb in the wild bunch. We're coming live tune in then. He's watching guys we out.

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Thor The Dark World (MCU Film) - GMMF


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Thor The Dark World (MCU Film) - GMMF

"Do another movie episode of games. My mom phone. I mike alberton. And who had a gun in their brain today. Who's with you tonight. Michael maybe i should stop saying ciba's and i'll get my pants they'll take. Oh god so fairly was after that that was i had nothing just froze. This is the eighth are eight. Mcu episode that. We're doing we have and we are going to be covering the beloved famous most popular. Thor the dark world cohen's a question. Mark sharon italish. I just wanted to build it up like this. I i saw this movie back in when it came out in in this came out in two thousand thirteen. I i remember really liking it in theaters but then after iron man three four million twenty thirteen. You could only go up. There was no going down. I weren't very excited and coming to this movie will will kind of getting high felt this time but this is also a as bill saying before we according to different director than the guy that we hit that you had in the first movie. Yeah it's a guy. By the name of alan taylor who's done some marvelous films like terminator genesis from Did a movie called pollux pavillon. Ninety five that. I don't even i don't even know what that is. An indie flick called. kill the poor. Kill the poor. He's he's he's he's fill. his film. career is not very varied however he did direct episodes for every single incredible. Hbo television series that ever existed. We're talking game of thrones sopranos. The wire oz. He is an extremely decorated tv director. He actually won an emmy for the episode of the sopranos where he killed christopher in season six. I adore soprano. So that makes me very happy but yeah. The guy is a decorated tv director. Not so much in the world of film. So i don't know how much that information gives us about who this guy is what he does definitely for me. Feels like he's not fit for this kind of film and it's almost like why did marvel pick him up and do this. We only did five movies altogether in his career. He the six one coming. So i think thor darko was number three. So that's really weird to pick a guy like that. Yeah and that's six. one Is basically the sopranos prequel moving. I'm actually excited for three hours on. Your did was terminator genesis right. Two thousand fifteen. So yeah. he's not he's not a guy and I think it might translate a little bit into into this. I don't know if it does. It was just an. He's not it doesn't have that kind of experience. And directing tv even though it's he did a lot of beach peo- series sex in the city all that sort of thing it's very different directing tv than it is directing film Just in terms of how your lighting things now like. It was back in the sitcom days where everything was just giant big bright top-down lighting. Everything looks like a sound stage obviously. Hbo dramas are each dramas. Are little mini movies. But energy of a film i think is different than the focus is different so i'm surprised that they would have went with maybe at this time. They didn't feel like at big enough to really go or want to spend the money to go after big directors. I want to say like most movies after this. If you get pretty big directors later movies. Well it's interesting marvel comics in general of always gone the they've always seemed to let the newer guy get a chance now. They've directed a couple of movies. That were indie. Darlings did reasonably well fantastic four right With what's his face with directed that you know. He did not great at all finance directors in the night. The marvel movies are really extremely. Well known mas- look through it. I don't remember but sweden was an age of altron. I don't know if the rooster brothers were really famous before winter soldier. I can't do can't remember it. I don't have. It pulled up at the moment. But i mean because like bill some of the pig directors that you had and i want to say the guy who did black panther who his name is escaping me. At the moment he was a big direct. I mean he's definitely big director. Now i came in. He was back then or not I don't know and remember. Could i do have the entire world information in august literally at my fingertips right now for the russo brothers. Their third movie was captain america the winter soldier so no. They didn't do a lot before that. Oh yeah director of black panther was ryan kugler. That guy what he is saying they don't pick like big name directors. I don't know why it's interesting. Maybe it's also wonder if because marvel movies are such huge time sinks right. well there's a budget director. Really have that kind of time to dedicate to the oversight that marvel movies going to require. They say he they will tony stark. They spent so much million dollars. And tony stark. They got to cut somewhere these movies. Oh right kugler decreed and the new rockies have he's done stuff yeah he did Co wrote directed the creed they black panther and then before that hated movie called fruitvale station which is Supposedly very good and so he was pretty new at the time to the they they do one or two movies and then marvel snatches up. I don't know. I guess to give him a shop different voice. I don't know it's very interesting. How they select their directors. And i know what the original floor when they picked crips chris. Movies forgot to mention in the first or episode. Chris humbert and tom middleton. I want to save. We're new actors at the time that they were kind of taking a gamble on yet chris. Hemsworth really did do much by the way houses face. This time around the task i mean. It's just the eyebrows in that first movie. Everything else since then the got it down pat. He looks fine. But emit is hairs. Little scraggly but it's the movie but there's not make up for okay all right good. I remember seeing one of those posts. Oh this post didn't age well and it was saying something where marvel took a chance for the first store hiring. Tom huddleston and chris hemsworth because at that time chris had only been in three movies before that star trek in one little cameo a perfect a perfect getaway in cash. Whatever the hell those are so it wasn't known now none of these guys really are and Guys and gals so yeah beach thing. Yeah but i guess back the door right. He directed a movie that that exists in this world. And it's a thing just their movie. Think like this is the first movie in the u sequel wise. They ditched the numbers. They just go and i. I love the fact that every movie is just like thor. The dark world. Or you know avengers age of altron. Every sequel just has a subtitle and i love that better than a two or three where you can feel like you can just watch the movie with like. Why didn't see the first draft departs. I can't watch apart to that same idea yet. It isn't a concept. yeah. I never thought of it. That way Yeah having that kind of like continuity without being properly numbered is A smart move wear how they did it for the iram who is on dropped it photos else. Yeah i i r- man was just because it was so in. That was still a thing in the early two thousand but where you get twenty by the time this comes out and twenty thirteen. I feel like a lot of sequels. Do that now. Dress drastic world world world to israel world some other bullshits telecom and we saw. I don't have an excellent. The subtitles of other bullshit had first. Half of that movie is great. And you just cut off moving. You're done that's you don't you don't need to go the mansion nonunion drastic world so i didn't even bothered sequel. That's office i. If you hate the i hate to see for the first one center dacha. Oh jeez i feel it might have been thing in in in in twenty in that time i like. I'm much happier with it. Well hey my favorite trilogy of of all comics the blade trilogy as we hopefully one day discussing we'll get there. It was laid one blade two and then blade trinity which is not great movie butts though other tune up for it and all its glory. Wait until we get there. I really liked play trendy. When i remember but we'll see i'll watch it again. I'm dan for wesley. Snipes mowing down so like with a dark world should get there. It won't it of starts off with a miller model like in the movie where you have amped hopkins character odin doing a monologue about how the dark elves are wiped out by his father and they were trying to destroy the universe or something crappy like that and i like it. How because you don't really have neat to see the first movie to really watch this. You don't even need to see vendors to really enjoy this movie like they'll give you the key points you need. That doesn't have anything. So cool that you're kind of dropped into is university to kind of explain the universes plane you know that's the different realms. It's a little confusing but the information is there to get you in without having to feel like you have no idea what's happening. I am not a fan of their silly looking through mass. Free to damascus. Pretty cool i think. The curse design is very cool They're just really really neat. Is setup you know again. This is kind of like the The backstory that you need to get the ball rolling you know and the nine worlds and lyman talk about conversions worse. The elves lose i. He sacrifices always l. elbruz just to leave. I don't get that bit. But yeah kills all species of people. So that way the distraction to wipe out their army until he can fly away. Yeah it's a good open. It's got some fancy fighting. You gotta all sorts of words and stuff. I don't understand that it's going to create some mystery for me and not that was neat. It was a it was a nice. It doesn't try to explain itself very well but emmy awards. I seen his movies. I i knew where they were going. But i'm like okay. Like i'm i'm on board. It's cool action as a cool scene. I had no problem with it. Malkhaz comics by the way he is. He is a. He is a comic character camera. What year but he's been around for a while really well known but i knew who was. Would you think of the open. It's it's fine like you said. It serves the purpose of opening in the movie. But i have it in my notes as the dark elves. Nope masks just nope. Nope creepy mannequins from condemned. Yeah there you go. Yeah yeah it is good we put it may are like math. Are fucking caribbean. Like the curse is the idea of avak little stone that they they grab the stone squish it and they get all like infected with his power which i felt like it was a least the way i saw it until the into later in the movie that once you did a death sentence like yes you get power but you're only alive for so long before you're done. I don't know they don't explain it too much. They just kind of explained it as they're fighting and then it's i think before they die. They have to do it. Because that's how the the big cursed badge becomes the way he is. I think if there are about to die on battle they can crush the stone and it gives them kind of like phase two. It brings back to life so basically an undamaged. I kept writing dead which is basically what it is. 'cause i i didn't think about that but you're right. They only like when you see the opening scene. They only do it when they're getting massacred. Were injured may. Maybe an addict can't remember and then we'll we'll see that when malcolm x. Right hand man he they want him to become a curse so he stabs mouth mouth stabs as his buddy and it is about to die. He does that cross. Well actually doesn't we'll get there. I thought he implied it. We'll get there. You're right hide it. That's correct you're right. it was the highest. They searched the body but they didn't actually say we'll get there but yeah so me after his monologue and it kinda shows and you get the title card pretty early because i i know that in the sometimes they don't do title card to way later for some reason out now we get our title in it was i was on board like i was enjoying the intro this movie and even like when you and then when i when you go to present day the first time you see loki. Uc low key in change which makes sense if direct continuation of what happened in avengers. But at the same time. It's not like you don't you don't have to see vendors to know what happened like they give you the context really quick to find out. Yeah he killed a lot of people. He did terrible things like he deserves. It's like they. They do a very good job of ax real quick. Yeah and they also anything about this too is that we're again. We're posted injuries. Were opposed the the world being taken over by marvel movies so everybody at this point knows locus. If you've never seen a movie you've seen a cardboard cutout at target you've seen your son's fend friends. Where shirts it i. They've now part of the public consciousness. Loki product the least but he was a major part of vendors. I mean most people now understand it. The movie does not need to rehash what happened. Drop them right here. But you're right. If you come up coming completely blind you see this villainous. Looking dude and chains you go there's villain i bad guy but Yeah sorry for the people that came into the mcu sore dark world. That's what a weird jumping off point. I mean i'm sure it was. Somebody's first movie. Oh the everyone has a i. I hope endgame wasn't i. I hope you caught up a little bit before seeing the one entitled and game and the only move you cannot like you cannot watch movie just watch it or infinity. Well if any work. I am not a game at all but i like seeing local jane like i like that whole thing with his mother leaves and you know like we were going to kill you. But she didn't want to kill you so you're going you're you're gonna pre we're going to imprison you for life. Like i liked all that i thought all that was very very well done. And then what you guys think of the whole vanna heim thing. We're after that it shows you and it shows them all fighting like some fantasy world type of thing. I'll let you take them all right. So i'm gonna be up front about this movie like it's ultimately forgettable re watching. I don't remember any of this and having finished the movie last night. Like oh i didn't retain much information or i don't remember most of this movie except for major plot points so like i have in my notes because i kept. It sounded like they're sent anaheim. But i don't remember any better than that seen. Oh yeah he fights Hintze fight like the goal thing the end that yes which is a reference to the first comic. Is that what. I figured because it made no sense and it was. It was dumb. It was just boring Journey eighty three the first monster that he's ever fight are the rock monster that you see standing there. Also i wanna say that species is the same as you seen thorough With the court lord. That's what i had my notes like court species. I love that part polling. i remember in theaters. I really thought that school now is a little off but you get to see the hell we call back back in like the the friendly bill. You had a name for them. Oh his good grows grows. Grows in one gal i stopped. I kept writing team thor. I realized that was just good rosen. One gal was just too much to handle so their team store now felt the good girl. Show up. I like seeing them fight with a tornado. Like quite an interesting to me that you see other species you see not just random characters who are living in this world different route like i thought all. That was very cool. I'm kind of drew me in his movie. Like when when like dora shows up and you have like the you know he. He kills leader like one shot two breaks them. Yeah this is a good reestablishment. A of his friends you know and what they can do their powers this all this is. It's as far as ac- an action scene goes it's fine. It's it's a well executed. I'm a big fan of being dropped. Some place. I don't understand to have context too so all of a sudden just distract the to a battle like oh fighting time now. Okay then you watch some fighting time but you don't have really any can i didn't have any connection to cousin. Like where are they. Were they fighting for then. I kinda just realize. Oh they're defending one the realms cool let watch. Let me watch rapier man. You know d'artagnan over here. Which is different harry away. Radio is it. Yeah it's not the same guy from or one is so i didn't even notice like yet. Does that zachary levi with weird eyebrows in because the original actor was on with that show very tale show. Abc time he's on what he's the prince and once upon a time he couldn't come back the dark worlds they get they get suzanne instead. Wow okay. I see wow. I didn't catch. It was fine. Good he did a fine job. As being a dashing man of derring-do he's also in a regular out the nessie end of it. And who's the the lady warrior in this. I always forget her name. Her name is sift but the active name is jamie alexander. Okay give me accent okay. We'll sip is awesome and Yet everyone gets their trying. Everyone gets their time. Everyone gets a little time to show off what they can do. It's pretty successful. A little interesting. I just. I just found to be pretty bland. Everything in this movie is on a very steady kind of ho hummed trajectory. It's up boring is just there. It is that's seems over. Its bay flatlined for me With with a couple of very cool spikes but You really didn't like i can't talk about certainly find. It just goes back and forth like this movie. One thing kept thinking as i was watching. This is like everybody's like thor. And jane are always mopey like thorniest wins the battle and they're having a little training thing in his father's like kings just like i miss j this beautiful woman over there. I miss gay. Like i'm yeah to talk about the payoff. That romance they showed up in the first movie. They know that beautifully crafted romance that everyone shipping at this point. No hot guide. Yes jordan hot nordic man on the love story than toilet i. I've never seen them. And i i feel like i don't need to. I can shuffle off this mortal coil without ever doing so so Shall we don't know if you do it one day now. They're good movies learning for fan base. We'll see i. I like to actually have mopey for the first time you see jane. I like i love now important. I gotta say that first movie. I love most things and one thing i did notice like. She is like really really thin in this movie. Like super thin. Like within like it i. I notice that we're watching this aisle trying to seek. She did black swan not that long before. This i was twenty. Ten salads wondered if maybe like because of black swan. She lost a lot of weight and still had kept was still in that. Like kind of what. I'm looking for in that shape for when she did this movie. Yeah possible i didn't catch it. Yeah she's i wife caught it. Yeah it's interesting really thin. Yeah it's the one thing i did like about going back to asgard was it was pretty interesting. He had him unable to celebrate fear. He can't see they're all out his team for. They're all you know drinking. D'artagnan got two women on his arm leg. Hey look at me. i'm ravishing. And it's is interesting. He just can't get into it because he's constantly thinking of jane. I really thought it was interesting. Was basically just forget about her was matter with you. You have jamie alexander sin right. They're giving you give you the eyeballs which stopped mortals gonna live. Maybe the best case scenario one hundred years any now but it's it's again it's part of the saggy it's all saggy and it's hard because you can't really or i can't really connect to his emotions and his desire to be back with jane if that wasn't set up initially and if you're new to this you're going jane. What are you quickly at about. Who's this jane character. you haven't seen her yet. We have gone to london when she's on the bad date with the guy from forever. This show is all he. He was somebody famous center or something. Yeah he's he's a relatively. He'll look kinda familiar with tied he didn't recognize them at all. But that part was kinda funny like just where she's sitting there reading the menu. And he's like you've been the menu for seven minutes only three items. That was kinda funny. And i and i do love darcy shows. Can you get like. I would love that. She said staff on and he's like i put her her outfit made him think that she was dress with her heavy overcoat on the clearly. This woman is here to take our order. Yeah that that did not. I'm a big fan of darcy in this movie. I'm a big fan of darcy and general for what fill those the big dejected on darcy. The last Feelings this time around. Yeah she hasn't improved. She showed less lines on this one than she did. The first day she was she was ever present. I i don't like saying this kind of stuff. But it's i'm just not a fan of the character. I understand why she's there. She's kind of like the not even quirky like what's her character. She's annoying like she's just bear to annoy everybody and get in the way and not do anything useful like she doesn't do anything useful. She has no utility. She is like i don't know she. She's like an allen wrench that you don't need in your toolbox and you've got if my key and you're like i'll never need this thing again but here it is. I can't get allen wrenches. Fifty of them. She is the fifth down wrench. She just there for comic relief kinda thing. She's lament the audience syria because jane explained stuff to are alive. Like hey these things do this. Science crab like okay now. The audience knows the replacement that makes sense. That's fair that's a good way to put it. That's probably why she's there because that's all she really does and she. She made me laugh though. So i mean that that's something. Yeah she has a couple of good. I'm not gonna not gonna completely say she was pointless. I just i just found it very annoying and i. I wasn't just wasn't feeling the way that character was portrayed or how it was directed again as she barges in on this date and She's on a date with chris. O'dowd and you know there's very awkward and she can't help. She obviously very distracted. It's you can assume it's natalie portman first day off say jane. It's jan's first date since you know thawra went to aldo. It's been two years. I think at this point after two years you would have. I mean i know some people don't but of like the guy you had. You didn't even know him for years. He came down in new him. For what a week. That first movie happened. If even that got you think you would be able to like it was a it was a hot fleeing. We had okay. Not all of my life left me after a week. Not mean not many. Not many people are painting for person. Day met for literally. What two days unless you're days wasn't it yet interesting. That whole that whole thor section was like within a week combined with other movies. And i was a long time ago but yes i write up. I just remember polly to an thor. And the opening of captain america or when they find merica. That's all net one week so it's it's not like she's known him since high school. It's she's the nordic man who you know that she was really into how you could fall in love easily like that but two years earned. It's there has not earned. Calendars sure it's not smart at fishes. She's not she's not going to be somebody she's not a young teenager. Who's who's gonna think. Oh at the end of the world like no. You're just gonna you know what happened in moved on. I kind of didn't think about much analyzing. I'm like okay. That's a little stupid. I that's that's fair to you. Know she's she's yeah she's on high school. That's fair mike wooden darcy. She's alive on this on this Jane subjects. Like i kinda see. We're coming from like every guy that she does date. She's gonna compare to thor because he's like a liberal. God that i mean even if they just hooked up the one time or whatever she's still gonna compare ever relationship to this to this guy that no one else could possibly live up to so like give her past. Two years is a long time. But i don't know he must have left some godmen present. Honor i'm sure if you have a little hanky panky with the god of thunder is suspect. That would leave a scar to i. Don't know yeah. I that's fine again. It's just emotionally from a filmmaking standpoint. it's non earned relationship. So i can't be with thouron this like dude dude. He had a lot of other things going on here. Man it's a little weird and everything like you know you have them driving in a car and you have all my enter. My interns intern like okay. It was kinda like he plays apartment. We don't remember his name. The intern guy ian socio much of an impact. He he played on me. I don't even remember. His name was on like oh he does literally nothing except for save the life of the most annoying person in the movie so the plot is what he does even know he's really. He's the comedy relief for darcy to yell at because because when you had his hair so she so he's their key really stuck on this but that's fine. Okay we she is that he is there and we haven't been introduced yet but we'll get there. He is there for darcy to annoy and subjugate when jane isn't there. Were jane off doing whatever else or your for well. 'cause she's not physically there. No this is my intern. He's just comic relief and it's he's like the straight man who to darcy's you know jibes and jabs adam is not good movie but it doesn't remove bruna movie but it doesn't add anything either. This is not added of material. And like even like tamil even when darcy comes in. She shows the coming into showing jane that they found these reading. They haven't seen since the first star movie which was two years ago. I think at this point they say it two years we already. What am i and but that was that was you know. He gave a point but like the whole. Get to get where. I'm going with like when they go to the warehouse that whole scene like i enjoy the scene where they ripped off portal out about it but i enjoyed it i i will earn the playing now to chicago. Seventy-three if you haven't listened to you so but that whole everything with that was just fun like where you find. The warehouse were physics. Aren't right and there's you know containers like train Painters from a from a cargo ship that are upright and a truck upturn and he finds kids that have found the found this and are playing with gravity. Like that all makes sense that there'd be much kids running around who found his using it to just do whatever like driving a can into a hole into a into a into a hole minute appear and it goes into a portal. Pops out somewhere else. All that i was on board with it. I didn't question i'm like okay. I get it for some reason. This was on board yet. This is the first time the movie gets actually interesting. As opposed to view there just a fight which is fun on a visceral level but this is interesting. it's very good By the way they lead into the gravity thing is very smart like you said with containers upright you. Get you wondering so you told me you weren't interested when you've got to see naked. Eric selvik running around stonehenge. That didn't grab your attention on we. We we'll get. I think i have one of these one of these an episode. We'll get to eric and The shameful away this will be treats him. I and treats mental illness in general so i so yeah no i. I really think this is very effective. This is you know they the containers. What's really great about the containers being upright an object that you recognize so for me. I didn't even notice until the shot was almost over. I'm like oh they're upright. Oh wow that. I noticed i see containers but my brain assumed containers should be vertical or horizontal. Rather also. they're so heavy. There's not a lot of things that could move them. Like that majorca but not a lot of things. That could do that in the normal everyday right. It's a normal everyday thing that has been a skew that shouldn't it's a normal everyday at normal everyday thing. that is not as it should be. That's interesting like ou go in the floating car. He turns the car. Okay now and in my brain. I've seen this twice. I think at this point. Oh that's right it's the gravity thing a near the portal is very fun. I thought i thought it was even a little cute win. The guy throws his keys than anthony. Why i because he's an idiot and useless. I mean it's just like what would in what world you think. I'm gonna put my keys in there like i. I didn't i was just like why would you drop the key. I mean it's only there so she can go. You drop the keys. Why the key. I'm like not you. Won't you wouldn't do that. I don't care who how dumb you are. You're not gonna drop your keys into a portal for the purpose of the movie though does come back around yes off but yeah you're right it. Does i mean he did. Pay off. But still i was. I've been planning to complain right now. And like we're jane ends up getting sucked into a portal. Where the the ether. Because in we forgot to mention with back in the monologue and the begins they mentioned all the ether was destroyed or they thought was destroyed but actually was hidden somewhere and apparently was hidden somehow inside the earth or something honor somewhere i. i didn't get that or maybe. The world's were connecting in this place that it was connected so that it was somewhere else she was able to get to. It makes sense. Yeah the convergence. Maybe kind of lined up enough to the store opened up well. That's what i thought it was it was basically at the convergence was starting was close happenings. Here's this little poorly thing. That does this thing. They don't explain it very much a lot of this. You don't have to you kind of just like kick it up in the air. No all right. Well i just okay with not being fine. It was fine to muddle those pretty funny that when when they mentioned aether in the very very beginning. If you've seen a movie in the last hundred years if something's mentioned at the very beginning it's probably gonna be important later. We got rid of the magic stones. Garrett guess what nak to magic stones right. There are no movies work if i was thinking about. If you wouldn't have infected jane with the with the ether you would not have jane at all. This woman you can skip are completely unnecessary. For only point is a carry the ether around so she can be a part of the movie with door. And look though i'd adore. That's another piece of yeah. There's a lot that fit seamlessly as guardian society without so much of a thought. Like oh i'm glad got to be some custom fitted robes one thing it was kind of rambling when she wakes up to ether for some reason the elves wherever the hell they are another dimension day. Wake up to when she touches either like to me. That was a little. I guess because like every it does feel like everything in their ship is powered by the ethers. I guess maybe that has looked at. It was connected in a way. I guess i didn't really get it at during the movie itself. I kind of wondered like why is this. Why are they waking up the busy connected to the ether anyway. How come he has been looking for this whole time. Did the spaceship just assume it was. it was buried. it was buried in a and it wasn't berry terribly far for terribly hard. You know what. I mean like you could have gotten there because everyone in this will be just gets to the dark world so e adequate at that either would you. Would you think it reminded me of the pirate gold. The first pirates movie like susan touches the ocean. the pirate. Just kinda know where to find it. I i was common thing i just. I just didn't speak gues- eric. that's very kind of like. Yeah a homing beacon. Sunday sort of thing. It was activated. By seeing this host person glomma this host person like of Relegated carnage sabino vibes when illegal latches on tour which is the effects are cooled. The little rock thing. It's limited is pretty neat. Yeah this is pretty a pretty nifty. And i do like wait like they give a reason. Why four does come down to earth. Find the only thing that was weird to me. Like he coulda came down all this time i know explains it. But he didn't visit her once yet. She's crazy in love with this guy who just been the whole talking to heimdal and dolls. Like i can't see and then all of a sudden boom. He's there all this time and he just like a little creepy the here. He's been watching her making sure. She saved the moment. she's gone. Oh i better go check on her. Like i did like it when she first sees him and she runs over to him and she slacks. I didn't know if you're a real when she slapped him again. Just go after me. I'm like okay. Don't like i think they kiss like initially like as soon as they see the kiss and then she slaps some like really okay. It's very out of character. it does it. It's extremely out of character for her. Like you've never seen her. I lash out in any sort of like anger or anything. Not saying she doesn't have the capacity to but these are seems very movie. A movie thing to do. That's a scripted thing. You bracing the kiss and then you slap him once. Slap him again. I'll kevin barry written. You made that scene a lot. Dumber than i originally. I'm not if you you're not wrong. Like i mean like we said before. He falsely to such intelligent character. They don't they make your kindness stupid in a way. One things absol- in this movie. Let's heroin girl like that with with with natalie portman general. Because she's not she doesn't come off to me like a damsel type character. Very good point mike. It's he's definitely like the the damsel in this That everyone needs to rescue. Which i know. We're at this point. The marvel movie universe general where that doesn't happen to be the trope so such a powerful acura. I mean she somebody you can do so much more with than just making the damsel in distress relic. Try to subverted by making her. This hyper intelligent character. That is throwing that role anyway. Feels a little unnecessary for her. But i understand it. It's still early when they're still trying to figure out what they're doing with the mc they've done like you know what they're still figuring out what they're doing they haven't really gotten the the formula completely down pat yet that's coming out take it. It's just and then they go to ask like i'm okay. They just teleport to ask are like you know what i had no question no problem. It made sense. They just the road came and they went. Like i was okay with it. I wonder why he would. She would just you know putting their hand off her quarters and disappeared there. Like i was okay so he just kind of backup to earth a little bit because what happens is you. We see thor go to earth. Obviously and darcy calls the cops which i guess would make sense because you know your friends been gone for five hours. Probably call the cops cops help again darcy. Just being annoying and then they have seen. I think this is the same where it's raining but only raining around them. Yeah because the treasury forgot about that. Yeah try sir arrest or in the with this red blast knocks small all back then. It starts raining down words. But no you're you're it backwards. Because they were there standing there and they realize with the rain is raining. all around. the rain is falling all around them. Very cool very cool notion of what is now inside of her is visual representation. Something's up with her. Some of the insider it's now gravitationally activated whatever A couple of good examples of that. And of course when the when the cop touches arms who arrested her she slowed them all and the way they go play such a big part throughout the store throughout nine two. Yeah it doesn't do it when four touches exactly like maybe once like ashville hostile fergus. Something he only has lovling right doesn't did with four so the power of love that song better not be in my head of the night. Just you know that that or not. I don't wanna. I don't wanna know that is just go back to the future will be good for. You will be good for me. But what is so the whole reason after that. That's when thor realize she has something in her. I don't think he realizes what it is yet. Because they d wasn't aware of the ether. I want if i remembering correctly. And then they bring then they finally go to asgard and this is where you have like the whole. This is kind of really really kind of focused on the idea. That asgard isn't magic. It's just a scientific that we don't understand you have like the doctor is looking at her and she makes compensate. Is that a quantum something. She's like no. It's a sold some full ford. She's like does it. Do this for yeah. It's a quantum. I liked that i liked her being. You know kinda cool like that. It's like line of the first movie where says we have magic. You call it science and from from somewhere that's like it's the same thing more or less but it's good. It's it's good to see. Jane foster not being a mopey character and actually intake showing intelligence and nachos all got door left me but i guess now thors back. She can be intelligent again. Her her proposed back. So you know there it is. I mean yeah no. It's fine and the other doing the they're going through it there explaining on our explaining to everyone including the audience about how this kind of works on my thing they go zip where they go to the bookshelf. And it wasn't explained story. The which i really liked every got every time i see those elves math. They just something about a pure white mass with black. I just creepy the fuck out freaked me out. You can't even nobody know what you're talking about. That guy costumier on. What movie is that. They won't know creepy knowledge dump. Okay now we know the aether is and what the what is supposed to do. Changes matter and milquet with the way they do it. It was really cool that the way they expose it and tell you tell the audience but also tell the characters. I get completely bored with it. It makes them indeed the other neat little thing on this. Is they think the dark elves are gone yet. Anything all dead all gone. You can of dark elves in one ship. I found out throughout the movie. There's only one ship survived the annihilation. But there's a lot of focus on that one ship ship with a lot of people a lotta dark elves in this movie and there's a lot more coming but i guess maybe a colony ship like the idea that in time fiction you have giant ships that would have like hundreds of thousands of people living on this ship. It's like a city. My my wife commented she said it looked like the mass effect ships. See that. I'll i think that's a good way to put it. I kept calling it the store ship because it looks like a giant sword. Kinda does listen. That's better than what. I call thinking of the space lawn so heinous better than space slug. Get that out there. I'm okay with that. But i liked it when you see that all the earlier when you had the battle scene in there and they're arresting all these goud limbs and you have them all warriors being breath into in the into the prison inside. They're locking everybody up like i. I like that. 'cause you know things are coming low key in a jail cell. You know where we're going because really you'd already have seen or the guy had shoved a little ether stone into the other guys and put a helmet on him and disguised with the other. The other barbarian type people. So i was really cool. I thought and i. I love everything with low in this time. That's a great actor like in the part where you have him in a cell. He's talking to his mother and on luge in like all that was really cool to see. Well well the first thing though is how did that guy get on the ship. Like how and i saw all the way the way it kind of seems in the way i way at least the way maybe my brain just be created. This was that they dropped him off somewhere where the battle he just got arrested with the rest of them. Yeah that would have been good to see because when he saunters onto the ship into the prison like my thought was a you. don't see him in chains. I don't remember you do at least initially. He's just walking down the aisle with team. Thor like they never show you or show. Yeah they never show how he actually gets into the custody of the of team. Thor so i watch. I like housi- there like what how why it was baffling to me and very annoying. This movie less. And less than i don't mean to ruin your joy. I trying to rene thing i'd acted it makes sense. I was trying to connect dots. I hope maybe there are dots. I missed. I don't know he just shows up on the ship. And then then they put him in jail sally. Oh he's not gonna prisoner but how did he get there and this is actually probably one of the big problem with this movie as well. And when we get to the end that whole cluster. It's so rushed like there are giant chunks of the things just cut out of this movie. There had been a scene where he actually got captured. The drop into a battle like you said with the nine realms or polishing all that up and he gets taken somehow on purpose. yeah. I see that though. That's bad it was written somewhere near like. We don't got time for that. Xabi on mike that i miss naronha what you think. Speaking of a missing dodds fairly checked out of the sink. I don't remember most of the same. Like as you guys describe it like. Yeah i remember that. I remember the guy. Activating the the curse stone. And then loki tells them take the stairs on the left and that's pretty much it for this thing so i have nothing to add super professional operation running here. That's fine. thank you for your commitment to the craft. They appreciate it no of this movie. It's one of violent and taking notes like i. You know like we did for the iron man or hall. I'd have been my tie would obliged over a lot. Yes you're right. This is not really memorable. It's ultimately forgettable. Yes it night. Forgivable it's yep. You're exactly right. If i wasn't intentionally watching this looking for things stared at its john and chomp chomp popcorn or something on your driving you kind of space out mill. I go kay. How did i get here like yours going through the motions like i mean it. I do really love like the l. When you have the guy in the prison and he grabs he grabs into his wound. Pulled off the stone crushes the stone. I enjoy all the prison break. And you have the guards rushing in. You have lucky watching and at one point. The l f. He breaks all their prisoners. He walks over to where loki looked at him. It just keeps going. it's very. He does get let him out. I like that a lot too. I liked that i liked. The movie. didn't take the obvious turn because that would have been the obvious. Oh here is to break out. Loki looks at him and just turns and probably says himself. You're not going to help me much then. Look of course being logie goes take to the left which is which is very good. He looks back then. Turns back That whole seems great. I really do like it. I think it shows that the as guardian army is it shows vulnerability because that's at this point. We've seen nothing. But victories successes in champions and warriors and odin we'll fight last as guardian blood drop and he gets. He's kind of psycho in this movie. A little bit just fool because this one ship is really fucking up. An entire was should be entire planet. But it's really fucking them up. Yeah and he's and it's thor is now trying to be reasonable and actually authorities saying take the fight to them. Let's let's protect our elman and otas almost stuck into this. Probably antiquated notion that his is visible when clearly. They're not like a bunch of rabble they scrounged up from the depths of the nine realms. Just soundly trounced them. And got out of the jail again there was like three guards and fifteen dudes. But still you had everybody rushing you get to see like i do like the part with a cell ship shows up in heimdal like wait a second. And the whole. He's where he's shocked that he didn't see it coming like he couldn't see this and he jumps on the ship like that was cool where he stabs maple yes. I just great fan. And i enjoy the ship battles. I enjoy when you see what little fighters come out. And they're shooting added with other like with their other flying. all that to me was just. It would probably look a lot better on the big screen but it was just cool to see. I had my attention. It's just action. Need to be actioning out but it was fun. It was the dock fighting. You're talking about the dogfight the ships. Yeah that's cool a million to that dogfighting. So it's it's it was fun and it's exciting again. you're showing. That asgard is not invincible. Although i will say when when the scillies bits of this that was not intended to be silly but was extremely funny to me was curtis. Elba puts the sword in activates. The giant shield. The she'll the garden he goes even see a couple of planes bouncing off the exploding. And you're like oh sweet shield then. All of a sudden the cursed walks up to the giant spinney glowing thing and just smashes it. Yea then was funny. It was kind of like why he was like. Why the hell did you put this guy. What was your plan. And then it cash shows you. That was the plan was to bring him into. You can take on the shield. I just i don't know got it as movie movie doing things. Okay because i'm saying and i'm thinking to myself. They wouldn't have known about the shield because they're out in the years ago exactly right. They know about the shield. I'm how how would how this fairly you in monster no word as i'm sure keys common to stay on the left didn't help sure there's thousands of stairways in that palace leg. How did he get there. How do you know to smash it. I mean i guess see big lowey thing you smash game of course see bigly thing grab it or you break it. That's that's how games work. And i guess that's how movies work because that's what happens. That was pretty stupid. I was as a bummer opened. Like more with that more with that. Like the shield okay. That's how does this play into the battle at hand. No bring it down to seconds after you brought it up. I think it's just mental agree enforced. Mike's point of showing that asgard isn't quite as invincible. Liz they thought they put up a huge shield and they'd just knock it down so effortlessly like maybe. Maybe they're in trouble here. Yeah no it's definitely showing that That the elves are forced to be reckoned with that. They're they're not be pushed around. Is this now meets him. This catch him us up my notes here. So what else do we get so we could get. We had the we have the the the dogfight. I'm trying to get back to where we work. I think he skipped around a bit. We're we kinda. Give steer the ship where i was reading on. Were you have like 'cause during this whole time like the prison break. The shield gets broken. It's all kind of the same thing with the dog fights and you also have like a one ship that crashes into the main room and think was trojan horse. It's all kings are my mind. The ship crashes everybody's just waiting. The soldiers are waiting to have their sword thing. I thought about the ass guardian. You sword shield and spears where the dark elves just have guns and he just shoot the fuckers and one shot kills. You and i'm thinking to myself. Guardians has some kind of like they have turrets and we see we see turret but they don't use guns when they're fighting otherwise either guns felt really sifi for some reason because they're small lasers and the grenades the fucking grenade later black hogan agencies throw it and they just suck up and turned the bones. I'm like and i'm sure bills like this is getting screaming. You kidding me. I just i tackled it was. I know you did it soon. As i saw like this they agree. I love that creeping. Good terrible oh well. They're not really down creepiest faulk to us. It's very good and it was cool. It again the me out. But i i did like that where they all come in and this when you have. I mean the whole reason. They're there to is to get the ether autumn. Jane foster and jane foster is in asker. They went to ask our could. They can apparently locate where she's at and all that. But we're frigate takes her modernisation different room and tries to like fight off. Malik with a blade like that was fun. I enjoy that scene a lot. Young marines with doesn't go so well for her but it's cool. It's really cool. Like she holds her own. Yeah i. It's a really good seen actually very lots of defiance and subversive expectations it. It's it's reference later onto to that seeing with her in in the later movies or get the best. Yeah an endgame. I let her. We'll talk about that in a few months. But and like like i did like in mala kit or i can't marry malkovich or the big elk guy. One of them kills forgot. Don't write it down. But that whole thing like receipt or rush into the room and then he burns mucus face. The point of that is in the comics and every other thing tiff heat. That character always have one face white or one five faces. White one side is black. A light the in the original star trek here. You have the those episode kind of like that that that's why they didn't. They burned his face. And you get the particularly correct way. How he's supposed to look in the data. Okay did not know that yeah. It wasn't just stupidity. You're like it. Felt unnecessary to me. Until i realized oh yeah to get it. Because he's supposed to look that way and they wanted to give him his real look so they're like well how can we do. That will burn a face if they couldn't give hawkeye's his helmet. Never helmet see. I don't even know that z. We're gonna have never gonna get anything. Never give my fucking funchal pot with hawkeye classic costume. All right nothing. But i did like he comes. He's all pissed off burns them. Throw them out the window may then they ended up escaping. Like i liked all that. I like it that because you know he failed but he's gonna come back like we were talking earlier. Were you mention. How when odin has that whole speech while ask guards when thors trying to convince them like. Hey they're going to come back into attack us. We need to do something. Throw an just wants to wait and fight not really think about. Does this happen now because this is oh that was a later. That's after the funeral. So enroll mentioned that. Yeah i mean Offers limits mentioned the mom. The death scene. Where i think there's a couple of touching shots in there. When owns holding her. This is a big problem with this movie and the problem with this is a big problem here is that the emotional temperature is very flat and even though it tries to go up and down. It's still maintains a very same frequency. Because thor gives you nothing here like there is no emotion. There is a pain look. If i remember correctly. I remember if he likes yells or things on. These stupid is just a very flat. Events is mom passed expecting this big explosion and he seems like he's trying to hold it in. But why why would you want to. And then of course odin comes in yet that shot of him holding his wife again. That was pretty touching to the framing of the shot was really nice but This is a problem is just very flat. And that's why i think for all of us is like a pretty just movie ass movie where it just kinda games long savage and doesn't really excel or do anything horrifically bad. There are some great moments but this is definitely. This is definitely a reason for this This is kind of an example of a scenic needed some some some temperature to its gravitas little sadder. When she got rolling they should. It is your yeah and the funeral was like cool because it reminds you like the idea of what the viking funeral were like. Do like that part but again even throughout all that you never really see him really sad like you should. He just wants to attack you. Don't see him. I mean. I don't even think you see them. Maybe more than a couple of times you know you have that entire very pretty goes forever. Like how many funeral cliches gonna do chinese lanterns. Valuables vote on fire over the waterfall to waterfall. But not really because it floats. Okay we we get it. We haven't seen much of berkeley honest with you in these two movies but up to that point it just feels like more that four. This isn't earned like this emotion isn't earned. Didn't do enough to set it up to make us care about these characters. It almost feels like there's too many characters and not everyone gets enough time on screen so feels like it hurts. I agree with that. Yeah and the the two characters who should get the most time. Don't get nearly enough and we'll get to that momentarily. He yeah i mean it's fine. I just didn't feel any like heart string polls near there is a lot of that it is it again just emotionally flat. And that's why a lot of this really just comes off as is very forgettable. Kanye like c average. As i put before we gotta talk about when you first see eric salve again you want. He's given the speech like i earn. I i saw that. I was like okay. You see seattle blackboard. He's writing on a blackboard. Talking about what's happening in the world is giving the audience. Then all of a sudden he picks up a shoe. And i'm like and then he picks their shoe and then you realize again. Why did he have pencils. I feel if you're gonna sane asylum. He's at you would not have pencils pencils in here. Well i actually before we can go into that piece i put a little recap because at this point we are exactly halfway through the movie like i actually paused it in checked and and so the status or in now is thors screw up because he led ask our destruction because he brought jane there if he's just listened to his dad that saying put it back on earth. None of this would've happened right. Because they were led there by the aether and all that stuff in the world would have been destroyed so ask our strike in theory there but at least at least they would have had a fighting chance but he's he feels like he's his home. World has now been destroyed because he brought chain their disobeying daddy and and trying to be a good a good boyfriend. Mom's dead at that point. The army's thoroughly trounced there are no good at anything. The jane is dying from aether poisoning. And look you still in prison and no one cares so he. That's this is where we're at. At the halfway point of our funding fun action movie is all of these disasters dramas and and again. Nearly all of them are not earned. Like mike said so. Here we are and then we get this fun little scene featuring a crazy man. A man who is suffering from god knows what again. I can't assume what you again like. He says later on you. Try having got stuck in your head for for a couple of months or whatever which is very funny. I don't like this at all. It actually made me very honestly upset but it gave me a weird feeling. I don't like the portrayal of people who are mentally hindered or have mental issues as comic relief. J it's a little something from that china groups. They weren't fly these days. I don't think it would. Yeah necessary like you don't it. Doesn't you know just having being a fool especially when it's a case where the guy was is kind of suffering. Ptsd in a sense because of what happened to him. And we're supposed to laugh. Like you have the stanley cameo shoe back which is completely unnecessary. So if that whole part you could cut that out. You don't need. I mean the only reason this even there because again in this movie they really don't think you're paying attention. They are assuming audience. I know you guys came on be honest. You're texting uranium. Popcorn knows paying attention. We're gonna explain the convergence to you six times when a keep explaining what it is. We're key explaining. Guys guys you know is nine realms right and every once in a while they go on top of each other cool. Everyone's good are great. Let's have him explain it and have this person explain it. I six times. Explain the convergence and all he's there to do is briefly for a split second in the midst of all your chuckles about humorous. This man is tell you about his electromagnetic steaks. That's it and you hear for two seconds and then in the half an hour when you actually see them you still go. What is that. I don't know what those things are. What those devices and a movie thinks you've paid attention. You haven't paid enough attention to the movie. Where you you understand the convergence after two times little on six. But you're supposed to pick up on those steaks like right there. He's all chuckle. Bones are the old chuckle face is just making everyone a gas. I really annoy me. And it really i get. I get upset when it upset me. I was like i. Don't i don't like treat this with a little more sensitivity or just. Don't do it there. Sitting in this one flew over the cuckoo's nest insane asylum there in everyone's kind of like the long beard so stereotypical it's just ham handed. It is really horrendous and it was honestly just a little upsetting. I really uncomfortable. Yeah you could have just had salvage in a place talking to nobody or something in you know like 'cause they just play like you said he played for comedic effect. Which is the problem. I use money. i was thinking about it. I was watching it. It was kind of going through the going through the motions and saying you know doing his thing and he's talking about his shirts or ragged explaining it. Him turnaround as opposed to stuffed animals like out and shares. Like i would been like that. Because that was something i would do if i was a crazy person but just have minutes insane asylum. It just again. The temperature of the joke was just not a year. I would say. W i think it was only tweet thirteen. We we've changed a lot. I mean look at right now. We more woke now. I don't know anymore hidden in her houses. At least we were at the time of this recording. So we're start not really attendance for but like i would. I would say in the last seven years since since twenty thirteen. That jokes about mental health. Mental health is a lot more being recognized and a lot more. They're trying to understand it and not. Just play it off you know people are starting to recognize. Ptsd more steps in general is becoming more of a thing and like the last movie we talked about your monthly was all about. Ptsd again. They about who just you just biltong okay. Now you know. It's just that era i would. This movie has another very similar scene. Here coming up or eric's just like okay. I'm not crazy anymore. Yes yeah. I got a little help from our friend. I mean they. They looked i beatles song up. That's what we'll do five now. It's good but i did really liked the next part where you have where you have a kind of jumping back and forth you have. Thorn is for good bros. Talking about like what they're gonna do and how it's crazy and at the same time you have it happening and and jumping back and forth each time. They talk what they're gonna do then. He shows us happening back. Talk what they're gonna do next in. The show's happening. I really liked this part as far as raid like you have. I mean you have just you know they. We gotta rescue loki. You know and then you see loki all in his cell and he looks normal with dan. cut the illusion. You find everything's broken. He's in the corner crying because he's not okay. What happened to his mother like. I thought that was really cool to see that. Say let's let's earned emotion. There you feel for lois. This whole part with the breakout. Everything is great like i. I remember when i first saw in theaters. You have the captain. America cameo when borne local. You're walking down the hallway funny like this is jennifer on the cap marriage but titan patriotism and all but it's i like that's funny and i'm okay with that being funny and i and i was so happy she cap america again at that. Time didn't really get it for me this time but it like it fits look his character. He's being an asshole Yeah i was always treat. You'll he has just petulant and like a like a child. Butch how incredible intelligence. I really i think this whole excuse me like i agree with you. Michael this is a great sequence on my love win. People are planning out the caper and the capers happening. So you're not like you don't have to. You're playing along with the caper right. And it's really great as the scene where we're lucky reveals. His true emotional state is might be my favorite shot movie. I think it's shop beautifully. I think that stark white background with the destruction in his foot is bloody. There's flowers on the floor. There's scratches in the wall like it's so good and it's it doesn't feel like he's trying to trick anybody. If feels honest like he looks over at thor and quarter you here to do. Mock me like what are you. What are you here for. What more can you take for me. And i never get the sense. 'cause local you always wonder. Is he trying to tricks or not. Not in this case. I totally didn't get that from this scenario. It's beautiful and like like. Mike said it's earned. It is you. There's actually that one scene. Where i think it's a guard tells. Low keys before before the Eric situation and eric seen or a guard comes up and explains that his mom passed and and as the guard lisi turns. And you just get this little force like they knock some stuff over with like an anger forcing so good and so this is a beautiful shot and this is probably my one of my favorite scenes. The moving definitely visually favor. Yeah this this is. This is one of the best parts of the entire movies as whole like they're breaking out jane they're escaping on the ship like going on right around here where you have like the good boroughs helping them out. And they're each trying to fight the as guardian the plane part of his big master plan to get out of asgard and the whole reason. They even need loki. Make sense because they need loki because he knows an exit out of asgard because everything else is sealed. I it's really cool. It's a really well. It's when the best parts of movies you have dogfights again. You have them trying to drive One of the dark too dark elf ship. That's been crashed crashed the catholic for some reason nobody decided to move mean all after like what you have them bickering because he doesn't know how to operate the machine like it's it's it's a gift really apart i was. I really liked the part of the movie. What did you think on a mike. Yeah he goes kinda Kinda nailed it. They're like lost my trying to like well. Yeah one time. In one batch. And one more thing i i do agree with. I think it's all good i get. I love the fact that his team thor. They all get a role. They'll get a part to play. Seth seth right. Yes seth breaks out jane and and you know the big dude big haggard looking dude sieff who sit citizens lady yeah not civic. Sorry sift breaks jane haggard dude. Who's fighting off all the all the office and they're also very careful not to kill anybody just incapacitating because they are on the same team in army. You get rapier guy. You know d'artagnan. Doing his thing on this. The the the flying is right. It's a it's a really fun. Seen stakes there is stakes areas escalating tension. There is you know risk involved to everybody because again you have people that you know tangentially like you kind of know them kinda sorta his team so since you know. They're not vital to the marvel universe any one of them could bite it and not have any effects that actually helps with attention to. It's actually good. You don't know these guys very very well and of course you get to the best part of the movie will my fair parts movie as far as just you know thing that develops. Is you get to see the relationship between store and loki. It is so good. I story and together. They feel rate. They feel like real brothers. They feel like they are. They're backbiting and they're they're they're needling. They're always needling each other. I needed way more of that in this movie than we got honestly but for this little blanket a time when they go through the portal and up in the dark world You get to see them kind of be a a a reluctant team that that either does that. The others in a backstab were thorn eight. Fave make that joke three time. We're like if you would trade him. I'll kill you if you like. They'll be allied scraps. Yeah so the whole sequence is pretty fantastic. Yeah and it's funny. They're on the ship and they're they're being chased. He's like we gotta do something like okay. And he throws loki out of the ship. And i liked that means all plan because they have a ship down below. They're going to get into to to make them destroy the ship. It was it was funny though at the whole time during this also handcuffed because he doesn't trust him actually so yes. I was surprised when they when they take the portal out of asgard. it leads directly to the dark elf. Route that to me a little odd. Flu should've went somewhere else. Or maybe they were heading there. And that's why i took them there. I didn't get that part and you know like it kind of gives off the rainbow road vibe of like when they go through the portal. It kind of looks rainbow elec- whenever dove until the portal. So i wonder if he can control where it goes. Yeah i agree yeah. It's funny when i was watching it. I had the energy of. I wonder if this is the portal. He used to kind of escape after the end of one when everyone thought he died or you know has some way of getting. Obviously he was able to get other places. I know i just kind of handled it like. Oh i know this. This highway goes to dark world. I happen to know that. Why would i be in the dark world. Who knows it. It was just one of those things that made me like. Why just goes why he just goes there. He a question. That's bow question because if you feel like they had an opening just like that in this tunnel they would just use that instead of frigging giant ship. One of the things that i was i was questioning during this movie but it is not important and i i do like it when you do have them get to the dark world. You have thorn loki arguing because you know historian loki and like this. This is another one the harsher. I the second half this movie. I really liked this everything from now now on. I'm pretty. I was on board more entertainment. I was originally where move just felt like it was kind of plodding along to get you here and then it started really amping up the movie. All our i started paying attention. You have a really quick thing where selvik gets released from from the asylum and then the guy like all he's my son and he just takes them away just because they need they need salvage for the final part of the movie to gotta find some way to make you ian in. That had no purpose in this movie at all to move the plot forward. Yeah so this is. This is the part. I mentioned earlier where they give him. Eric's giant bag of pills and honestly relieving the asylum. Ian goes the handed to him and he looks at him and he's like it's nice knowing that the world's crazier than you are and then just all of a sudden he's not crazy anymore right. Yeah all you need to do all you need to know to break out of your mental problem is to realize that you are validated. That you are okay. Nfl networks okay. Yeah that's yeah. He's built something as an cutting it. Yeah yeah yeah you're gonna build something we are who at least. There's no stupid jokes. i'm gonna leave you like your father did. Just drive off at this over. Yeah at least. I wasn't there and like this whole part. Where like low key betrays thor go. -tations like where i like it. Where he. I forget exactly what he does. So he stabs. Thor throws them out. And he's like. I brought you a gift. Malik and tat whole part is just. I remember seeing like oh my god. 'cause i i i thought i thought for sure. It was actually betrayed him because it would fit the character. Does loki would do an ivy. It's gives credence to the fact that he wanted to come here for that reason. But then you find out if not like what you think and again before his cuts off ski great guys to grab the hammer. He cuts off his hand as another movie. That does another hand cutoffs as two. Yes it happened. That's right more. There's more than just that's one but this is part of the hand cut off. Because as i said before and i'll say again every face to movie some gets a cutoff because of empire strikes back. It's it's kinda stupid but it's really small there. You won't even think about happening every movie. But i read that somewhere. Now i'm like. Oh wow that's a really confirmed thing like yeah it's a real go under the the rest of the phase to listen. I'm like yeah okay. Someone losing their. I can't remember one man though. I can tell well i know where it is then. Yeah i think it's every movie. I could've swore yeah even found the article that says it is a star wars tribute. It's a real thing. It wasn't just an accident. It was something that they purposely did. Pyrex back wild. But yeah this is. This is effective about in watching it again. I kind of realized okay. Obviously there's a trick because you know sorters and walk around the mcu for the rest of his life with no hands. But i was like i waiting for waiting for it. Finally you know when it comes. Very clever was lies about the scene. Twos you you get a chance when they're when when Lucky is squaring off with the foot soldiers and thors swearing off against the cursed in. Malik is just kinda just drained the ether so he's just like fuck it i'm done. I got what i wanted to ship. He's like sacrifice all my before. I'll sacrifice these guys do. Yeah the versus cursed battle. It's fine again. This is big dudes throwing stuff each other not. It's kinda like a heavyweight bout. it's not terribly interesting. The lucky ones fun Him just again. Using his daggers. Some trickery some some athleticism Very fun cool to see him doing things that i haven't really seen them do much of in this series we have like when you're in the frost world. We saw him do so that but it was really really fun to see that in and of course the big trick at the end door attempts to blow up the aether does not that right after. Oh that was during this wasn't it. Yeah yeah 'cause when he's when he takes it out it shows up the whole thing delusion. His hand is really still there and he does dry. Okay digestible either. Well the the the star of all this was When loki fake stabs. Thor and then malik galaxies that and he's like. Oh what is this. Perfect can go there and just gets my prize and That's when the big trick al-qaeda comfortable gaither and then deserter. Fight is right after all this after he takes it we were just then he leaves roy. Okay and that's s. The things named beth. I called him the curves. I call him cursed. I was real. Name is what i call him as okay. That's fine me. yeah okay. it's mallory leaves a. He's he's he's gone he got his aether. He's he's out you care less than anybody else. What did you think of the actor who plays malik. while while he's walking away with philip aether christopher eccleston. That's right for you played by dr. Who for season. Oh did he never watched it. But i've seen one tone i went. Oh yeah and that was about as far as everyone yeah. I'm not. I'm not a doctor. Who fan but Okay you only only ever seen him was he's gone and that is exactly what i guess he is. So i've probably thirty times blocking could movie. It was my first. Dvd i ever owned was gone. Sixty seconds so kind of a movie too good. But i mean he's okay. He's a fine actor. Like i i think he did this part fine. I mean he had the movie. he's not. He's not speaking english at all and movies speaking some other language. So you have subtitled. But he did a fine job playing now. Guests input matt costume and waving his hands around and doing cg stuff like it was. I had no problem with them. Decent amount of seen always good. He's a fine actor to like keys. And what i really like like the fight with low key when you have when you get to see loki just take out all the soldiers. Nothing like that is such a cool scene where you finally get to see. Loki fight in this movie because most movies chained up and stuff and then i want to say he's the one that saves stores life too and then ended up dying in quotation to the to the guy our thirst the grenade her now. That's that was before he started grenade. And that's what kills the curse at nasa one creepiest. One really hear the cracking taken forever. And he's screaming. I was like. I did not like it and i am like i said before bills like high new bill like it. I started tap dancing. That's how much i enjoy it. I was afraid you're part of the movie. I was so therefore it. This has been this is well worn territory at this point how much i like bones around things in movies trying to go on for awhile. What and this is. Also where like loki dives. Like i i i saw this. I thought he died. He stat like i really believe he was dead. He looks at not sure. You sure plays the although it was good but he's hilson such a great actor too he outshines everybody he is he is yeah he every every time he's on screen like i've said this before about other actors in this in this whole series. We've done every time he's on. Screen is the best actor there. I i would say argue. anthony hopkins he. I think he probably ex anthony hopkins as odin. Yeah he's extraordinary actor and this is actually very good again. This is more earned right. This is earned thing. Where thor is he he started to really lament you know and combat hold on hold on the. The usual thing is effective now death. Caesar are affected because there's only so many ways to do them sorry debt scenes sometimes are ineffective. Because there's only so many ways you can do them. I only so only so many ways you can blow up early so only so many ways you can no hold on so really hinges on the connection between the characters and the actors the actors doing the good work because you really can't write much death scene and they both do exceptional jobs. You can really tell you. Henderson really sells this longing to reconnect with thor. And too little too late the authorities him you know i will tell i will tell father what you did here. Today look responds. I didn't do it for him. Really good really good stuff. Yeah all greats gracing and this is like this is a weird part that i completely forgotten about when i when when we went back to watch his movie where they walk into a tunnel and in this tunnel and mike had brought earlier he she finds the keys in our phone starts ringing. And it's the loser guy. She dated at the dinner where she didn't even talk. He's calling her to see how she's doing. That part was funny. She's like don't hang up. Don't hang up. He's like okay. Okay standing at a copier. I dug that. Yeah it's it's it's fine a little little device. I yeah i got the it got what i needed. It was a little bit of levity. That was earned. Those aren't sure why. Not i enjoyed it. I didn't. I didn't bother me too much. But it is one of those things you just have to write in to get us. Moving back to earth backdoor. Sal so i wanna yet and the pay and it pays off the whole scene because you see all the stuff they were throwing the bricks shoes. It's it it shows. It pays off the portal at certain things. Don't just return back. why who knows. Gravity sci fi county book data. Yeah it was like you said. Mike we have to get back to earth somehow and We do and i like it. That's just a portal mean again after displaying. Puerto kind of makes me laugh. But it's like you know when they really get crazy on the portals coming up here in a little bit but okay did you guys laugh at the part when they go and jane's apartment and he just puts the hammer on the rack and just asserted absolutely sure did funny him in it just large nordic in small house is really funny and get him out of water. It's very very good. It's when he's at his best. I think that's what made the first one good is to all the stuff of fish out of water stuff so it's nice to see some of them. This one yeah. They don't do it a lot in this movie but the this is one of the few times they did do it and it worked. You'll yeah oh sorry. Go ahead or doesn't spend a whole lot of time on earth. The to begin with now you have where he picks up jane and then this scene and then like basically the rest of the movie but yeah he doesn't have a whole lot opportunity to the show this kind of stuff. Yeah and he. He exactly what i was gonna say. He This is a very much so a asgard. Movie is not an earth. This is yeah. It's saving as saving the universe through asgard and earth is basically just where jane lives. Yeah it was a little. I'm okay that they stayed away from from Movie it doesn't really bother me. I'm really okay with it because it's fun seeing other you know seeing asgard and seeing the other world kinda done without seeing the fricken blank malik world all the time because they really love that but other than that. Yeah the dark. World's kinda just boring. But i i agree. I think asgard much more interesting than small town. Kansas no offense to anybody who lives in small town kansas button. If i had choice between a magical city for old norse gods and small town kansas. Yeah sorry. I don't like basketball that much so off to asgard i go. I am not kansas. They played football. For the smallville. I see now. It's like pregnant smile again. i finished it. I'm on season eight episode one and we stopped. And i'm okay with. Oh did you give up. Did you get through watching. One trio announced that okay. But time i'll be but i. I enjoyed the apartment. They're all kinds of like figuring out and also what. Mike said earlier where you have an apartment. He's like i better agree some paint. And it's like you know all of sudden everything's not okay and he's not wearing pants because he thinks better the man the line about that in the and then also you have something to do. He puts on pants. It'll be okay. That was a little again. It's kind of like you. Don't just shake off what happens. Yeah the one thing i will just kind of. We'll just jump back real quick to to asgard when We realize that loki is actually alive because their dark brown jr. My wife had to point this out to me because i was writing notes. I missed it. And she's like oh he's back alive so what is a very small seen. There doesn't go to asgard till after all the next scene but there is a small scene where loki ends up. A guard goes there. He he also used a little green light in the guard walks. Away goes to old and tells odin loki died or we found a body. He's a rookie. He said he says he says we found a body Which is the implication. It was low key Then you see the shot of him doing the evil okay. Grin which is not loki as another actor that he's masquerading as So good also wife pointed out this as well the same when. He's walking with thor. Pretend to be captain. America and then changing into this and change into to that it asked the guard. That's his guard costume. Is the same costume he uses. When he's walking along that corridor with thor. needling him on bass. The customer uses to trick odin Into thinking he is a look. He's dead it is awesome. And i didn't even just adding very brief writing a note and james. Oh look he's dead or look he's alive and i'm like what so okay and then this is after all this is when they go to green which which is like the last chapter the movie and get the good way to put it where you have in time for big action scene now because we need to have a big action seen before you be the theaters. We leave all excited and forget of all the nonsense. You've been watching the last hour and a half. So i enjoy malaca shows up the the ship shows up again because maybe like little thing. We're how ingrained which is like this connector where all the realms are being both are being connected for this one point they mentioned like stonehenge and a couple of a couple of other real things that i didn't know what they were but he draws a map earlier i i can't remember what they were but i never heard of them but i'm also not from england. So yeah they were just kinda like points on the convergence points to for the audience to know that the final battles going to be in greenwich somehow. Now i don't really know what they were. I like when four. Now you start fighting though. Like i i enjoy this. This scene is fun. Like you have them trying to fight and malicous kinda holding his own with the ether and fucking store and then you have jayme and the other people would set up those stupid like pipe things. He'd been carrying throughout the that he had earlier in the movie. Set him up. And then because of the little device she hash able to make portal's zap alves ear zapped elves there to kind of help fight or something kinda weird. It's nonsensical that's what it is. It makes sense. Hey you portal. So that way. When when darcy and ian are kissing early after saves her life when he takes the car. They can teleport in front of jane like. what are you doing darcy. Like she cares that she's making out with another guy. This need to give jen something to do as the author anymore so they had to give her this so she can still be in the movie. Yes. she's literally done nothing all movie. Except the a carrier for a universe destroying a creature or thing or elements and yeah now now they give her up a gameboy and get your an uber updated. They gave her an ipad with some touch games. And she just start throwing portal's places. I wrote my notes. I just wrote portals. That's all i wrote. Yeah mike what. I'm gonna you might go first on the scene this climactic scene of jumping and smashing and breaking. It's lots of fun visuals. Cool to see things warping around and like somehow it's still easy to follow. Even though everything's still jumping around and people are going between the realms they bring the giant beasts thing what do you call him he The ice monster from never having a and is it. The i'd call them dog ice dog nice in avengers when he's talking to colson is built snipe. Like you know you don't build snipes here. Big f- roche's beast at us. Yeah i know about it just kind of cool to see even when the portals are open you can like you can see hell and you can see van heim and it's just kind of nice to seal the night around even if for not spending any time in any of them. I don't know it's i personally. I think it is. It is overwhelming. It is done way too much way too fast. I feel like it's almost a movies. Trying to rush towards the end like director was looking at the tyler. Oh twenty minutes. We got forty. We film forty minutes of this fight. How do we get this down the twenty first to the editor. I wasn't a big fan of it. I did think it was. It was fun it made for a lot of fun. Little jokes and fun little moments so for example. The ice monster coming back. That's a phone will be meeting the the one guy. that's that's a cute moment of the chemo. Where lower Thor and malik. Erlich smashed against the side of the window and they're sliding down last. Yeah there's there's lots of fun little things that arise from this. But i think the execution execution is just way too frenetic way to. Hey let's just throw a bunch of stuff in your face so you don't wonder what's happening so here. Here's distraction distraction scene. And i just kept thinking we'll wait. Why is this happening. I'm trying to think it through because right now just like magic and silliness and like you've literally gone off the rails as far as this fight scene goes so i just wasn't as big of a fan of it and i remember thinking the exact same thing when i saw it eight years ago or seven years ago. Whatever it is now just think. Catch me as as exciting as i think the movie wanted me to think. It just wished they'd to slow the pace down. You know just and explain what those dumb steaks do. I don't know the state house comment. That says they're there to detect anomaly. But they don't really go in anything more than that but that's comments and you guys are flying through because oh here's the map. Here's a convergence. Let's go put my pants on the truck in go like crime. Any idea actually did like the little seem where ian saves darcy from the from the from the car because he gives him something to do But then i realized he saved darcy. Look at the bright side. You will never see darcy again. Except apparently she's in wanda vision cheese. So right now why i couldn't i was looking out looking her up and i'm like what the hell is she doing in one division but apparently she's supposed to be in that so well in if you get this chance again to save darcy from falling car don't and if you could push hawkeye under their to the way in one shot that'd be awesome marlboro. What are you saying. I'm getting only one person. Gets that joke right now. But and are there is a mu mu joke in. This movie is one when the hammer goes by. She knew what was that stupidity. What is now. Neil near in the first movie. He's like i need to go again. You'll aaron what's mu mu was asked to call boat. I blank that horrendous reference from my memory things so mike what did you think of the part. Where after he is teleported one point he gets on a fucking train and risa train. Back to greenwich slanted take triumph for three stops. It's stupid i. i'm sorry. I'm mike gaba. Sillier thunder headman. No you're good. I just like a kind of just flying around trying to catch up with wherever authorities as tell apart around or if flies into space and those back on earth too so a u-turn to get back to that moment when that when the hammer flies into space. That's when i think. I think audibly said it but i should have. What is going on here like what is happening. Were in space now and mike. You thought it was easy to follow. I i gave up following stopped trying. And i'm being overly generous in part of the movie that i find entertaining. It's entertaining. i'll see that's at the art soup. It's definitely entertaining from dislike a am. I hope. I don't sound dismissive when i say stuff on the screen just or stuff on the yes up on the screen. Just throw it up there. Lots of stuff distraction. Never mind the fact that we didn't explain what these things are Because sometimes that can be fun. You know. sometimes that's entertaining. And i i get that me. I was just hoping for more context and just didn't have that context and also would that scene in the subway. I really liked that. It is so stupid but is so cute. I you know the the subway bumps and she makes the the lady next to thor and makes the makes it as an excuse to touch his chest. You know like oh. That's cute him on. The train is more More that fish out of water stuff. 'cause like train. Yes exactly. isn't that funny. He doesn't the subway he should fly but he does. He takes three stops. And you know nothing didn't pay the didn't pay the fare. Then pay to get on the trainers showed up and down the drain. Come on man. It's still pass. But i thought it was a lot of good stuff there. I also really enjoyed the Not to go through a shot by shot while stop now but the the final thing i really liked was the library. I think it was or a college library. And all the kids and all of the kids were staying there and gene gene is like get away from their. what's dangerous. Something happen and he does. Like i turned cereals. Have out there doing the hammer thing and then to scenes later all the glass smashes covers them. If you guys all had lacerations that was very funny. Picture for facebook picture for instagram. Well i get that boy s buffets look and then you have the rounds merging during this fight and again malecki gets his arm cut off. I don't remember how but something happened. Was arm yeah. It's one tower like goes into the big either tornado and he throws the spikes into his arm. And jamie forgot about that. I just watched last night. And i completely forgot about that see. This is what i was paying attention. Hey back each other up. Yeah that's basically that's the final thing. They're standard era basely. he's almost completely combined. The aether with the With the with the convergence it's starting to leach into all the different realms we see that and then just standing there though we have the stakes could. They could do something with them. But we can't get close. I mean it. It was like whoa. Yeah throws a madam. He has to do it. I guess she they can't walk into ether cloud he can and Yeah stabbed the state arms arms. And then she like you said mike. Tell them into the dark world and then With the ship a crushing with the the sword ship. It just felt kind of odd but it was. It mean work. They had to get rid of ships. Houses is dropped the ship on him and kill them that way. Yeah i felt felt felt like very anti climatic like it didn't it was just zappa lamented the dark world which you've seen before and then drop ship on them. I guess the dark world so fucking ugly though. I guess it's supposed to because it's you know. Be at the ruins of a battle where you killed millions of people were going to say so it kinda can make sense but it just. It was kind of weird to me. Yeah i just you know falls a smooch ism. then everything's okay and We end up with a basically. That's basically that's the story. And then we have a couple of quick little plot ties a tie up with you. What did you think of the The ending mike. Or that asks the the final dispatching of Climatic like we just need to end the movie so Throw the ship on him and be done with endorse. That's it up. Because he says something to the effect of yes. You're all powerful but you can be killed like he. May i think malamalama god and i was like no because you can be killed and i guess. Killing them is not smashing him with thorpe power hammers with the most powerful weapon on the face of the universe. It's thrown into a dark world and drop a spaceship on them. I guess that doesn't i guess that does it for the the eighth or two does aether even leave him like supposed somehow because of the scene coming up on but yeah yeah well. That's questions about that too. But anyway so he's done it doesn't they don't explain things. R.i.p christopher ellison and then you have as i wrote my notes breakfast and no or you have sad jane foster's sitting there eating her cereal and no or and there's something about a combo he didn't come back and i think this is like right outlet. She's sitting there talking to Bill's favorite character darcy. I wanna see that's when thorens teleporting down. She runs outside the kiss him. That's the end credit scene. Oh you're right breakfast or this breakfast noth. Or you see that in my notes. But apparently i don't know how to read notes. Now this is this is a completely useless seen. I've been funny if if Mopey chain was sitting there with mopey. Eric and darcy not really emoting or having any empathy at all and all of a sudden. Just bruce banner walks in. So we have mopey bruce mopey jane just bruce puts his hand on the last night next to the end of the movie where you have thorpe Telling odin he's leaving because he committed treason and everything else and you have to go and he's gonna go protect earth and indefinite find out that i talking to own owns a you always be my son or even if the king with By couldn't say or something of that and that's when then as he walks away. Then you see that. It's actually not only odin isn't a old folks home you find out later on the next. The next movie years from now is that is. That is that what is we. Dropped them off the old folks home. Okay this is funny. I saw magnet ragnarok a couple of years ago. But i watched it on my phone during lunch breaks for a couple of days i did not see it and it's full intended glory. So there's a lot i don't remember and i'm really looking forward to whenever we get to that again because i remember really strict good movies you by far dagger but it's been interesting episode. You have the credits and then this is when you also get where the you i see collect collector which is a reference to a movie coming out in two movies from this where you have guards the galaxy and they take the ether which some reason in a little canister to the collective whole which is which is the infinity stoned right. That's as the second or first for him but yes the second infantry stone. We've seen your comments but they don't want to infinity. Stones in the same place mentioned it up at this point with the eighth or is actually reality stone so that explains all the weird gravity in the portals and stuff it all stems from one of the stones and in gardens the galaxy. Because i had to look this up. Because i'm like what is that i know. That's infinity stone. Is that the stone. They're chasing around in guardians of the galaxy. No no right. The one in galaxies the power stone the press the power stone. Okay right so he's the collector has the first one he goes five to go. Yeah it's it's it's a little seen. I don't know how they got their hands on it. Yeah that's not explained right. No okay great. Good so yeah just The lady whose name i'll never remember and I think it was again. Exhibited big guy sin haggard as i. Kiss things Emily do. That's a good game was good. Su sure Yeah he they go to the collector and they have this little moments and the collector is extremely creepy. I like his key. I like him a lot. I wish us involved more. Remember how much how much in guardians. He's really involved only a couple right like he. Just the whole infinitives on backstory which. I guess we'll get to number ribbit. Yeah not a whole lot. Because that's a benicio del toro and he is just anyway. Yeah it's a it's in that movie. I'm like lafayette. He also basically the same character fucking. Hey but there's a scene in this in this in this movie. That doesn't make any sense. To most people you see a giant cocoon the background. In one of the cases. That's supposed to be adam. Warlock adam warlock to coon. Who is at a morlock i don't i knew. Yeah he's He is a character. That's involved heavily with the infinity gauntlet. And he's like the one that defeat standards which they never never touch on that arc yet. They completely skipped it for the for the infant. They got series that we two movies that we got but that's who he is in the comics. He's also referenced again in garden galaxy volume to when they say about get him him. Is adam also add a morlock till there's references to him but he's never actually has not been in the movie yet because in the stinger for that when we see the cocoon again i want to say the the goal people earn a room with the beca-. Yeah i think you're right. It's been a long time. I oil and then after the final credits. That's when you get what. I was thinking of earlier. Jane sad and indoor comes back uselessly. Seen you'd have what a weird thing to have a stinger like you. That would be tackled movie. Yeah and then put the collector seen that the ad is the stinger stingers are more of continuing the universe. Not it should. Have you know the yeah. They should have flip these two or just put the in or just put this part in the movie in the in the you know. After he tells opera he tells owners. Have the scene like it didn't need to be after the credit. That kind of a weird editing thing. But i guess a really jumping on the fact that after ventures everyone stays the end of the movies they put a scene in the end the movie that feels like it should have been part of. I suspected probably was. I mean. i can't imagine it not being part of the movie because especially the same shot that leads into and then we're come. They had the kiss. And then you have your silly little goofy ice monster chasing a bunch of birds which is very cute and yet iztok basically what. That is very cute fun fine. I wonder why they did that though. That's a very interesting question. Why did you not just put that in your movie like we weren't. It's not like you were trying to like cut time because it's still a trim fifty nine. It's just hits the two hour mark by a minute. I don't. I don't know like i don't know why just do that. The only thing i can think of is that they didn't want to be cheesy and end with big kiss and they didn't want to have the up and down tonal shifts of big triumphant. Return kiss and then the downplay of odin loki is now on the throne of which of course is like the own no the villainous ending where they were trying to maintain an evenness so you had this downtrodden moment of them missing for and then you have this but again that goes back to the whole thing in this movie where it's so flat and it no jumps. I think you could have just done that. I think i think the way they ended it with. Loki is best. You could have put that dumb seen or or have this. Let's rewrite the movie forum. You do that dumb ending. She's in their breakfast floor. Shows up big smooch but credits then after you're like main credits your mid credit scene. Let that you're looking in odin seeing because you know everyone's sticking around no one's leaving and then you do something stupid with a mice monster chasing birds at the end. It was completely unnecessary. But i'm okay when necessary seems the very end like donald. The dog chasing the birds. But i'm okay with those. Those are throwaway. I do agree with you. Though i think the end credit scenes should be cleaners or teasers towards the next movies i think that's one of their most effective. They're just a silly little thing. They better be really really good. Silly thing i mean. They normally are connection later on a lot of the mark connection Movies and as we mentioned last episode this The short came out on this. Blu ray was the one that talks about the mandarin. But we've said that in the episode of balogun said of this district people also decided not to watch the other ones that we know we know there are more than one is is is a pilot to what becomes a peggy carter show we might just watch carter at some point. I'm just as an episode or we don't need a sweet. Oh and should we any lasting. You wanna say about who for good a shopper box. It's not very good right mike. Why don't you go first. Well that's going on this shelf now. That's going to box like this movie. I've said it multiple times. I'll just ultimately forgettable. It's like they knew they had to make a thor movie in. They knew they had to make a movie to introduce the reality stone. Like how do you do either of those. So that is therm together. We'll do this. We'll put some director that no one knows kaz done. What four movies before this said or three or whatever so it's like it's like they expected people not to care for some reason. They had to introduce this stuff so they did. It may the movie and whatever happened with it at that point. They're raking in money so they didn't there's no stakes in it. If you know. Isn't it to it. I liked it more than ireland. Three barely but it both movies. I like the last seen and that was pretty much okay. I'll i'll go next. Because i i was torn between this movie. Would before we watched this. This was easily a shelf. Then we watched it well as one and then we talked about it for two hours easy. I i enjoyed it. I was a little distracted and kind of pay attention to my phone at different parts to me partly for note taking partly because i kind of wasn't i mean it's a fine movie if you just you know. It's not bad it didn't it. Didn't hurt me or anything like other movies that we watch on the show. It was fine. It's just it's just a movie is not great is not exceptional. It's just a movies going into box. I want you bill. I am actually going to put this on the shelf. And i kind of wavered on this issue last night. If i hadn't been last eight on the shelf the box the box off the real fast there are advocate. I'm sorry i got confused. It's going into box and the main reason for it is if you're gonna make a mistake if you're going to err when it comes to filmmaking i'd rather you err on the side of bad but interesting instead of boring and safe and this movie is very boring and safe it does have its moments. it's got good actors in it. A good actor isn't gonna be good going to do good work. Fine fun action scenes but indian. It's too much emotional flat. Line as i think i said early in the in the show it's about as the see is like a movie and see movies. Don't really need to go on my shelf. Not to be Elitist or anything. I'll put a d. movie on the shelf over. Just a ho hum average shrug shoulders action marvel seemingly so yeah this is going to go in the in the box and so on so long as often see when floor rock-n-roll which is a better way better movie though i s e gimme spicy. This is good. See it on a screen. That's not three inches wide. Maybe maybe my my opinion change. I think it will especially after you've seen all the movies you know coming up to it but we introduce what were we talking about next week or next next next week Next episode is going to be captain america the winter soldier on the frickin fest insulin. Movies in my opinion yep. I'm super excited about that doesn't change. They'll be very very sad. Changes hopefully can be less pessimistic. Because we've had we've had a downtrodden run here lately so i'm looking forward again. The the good good movies competed of injured. We weren't exactly excited about like we were supposed to be. And then we sit. Hasn't been the best for us. yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing this with a sober mind and actually remembering what was what was in it. I swear to you. I barely remember this movie by remember thinking it was good a central reason why it's good but i'll save that until next. We're talking about the recording or is up before the recording. Oh how being brought it up during the episode. Yeah you just remind me to bring up my my story of the first time. I saw a nice tease for the listeners winter soldier that's not the don't tease it too much. It's not that good. But i just. It's the entertaining little little anecdote. It's bettering the dark lord. Stinger was well. Yes right i i wanna think everyone take time off the listen to listen to this episode. We also have done plenty of other mt movies up until here so definitely check those out. I we also do weekly episodes of different games there at this point well over eighty or ninety by time. You're hearing this well ready to listen to definitely check those out. I think already. I don't know where it's seventy three as of this recording. So i don't know what i'm clean. Put the check those out comments and every month check those out. Wanna give an awesome shot outdoor. Awesome intro courtesy of bobby aka. Mike's don't even bite the bullet song. The cool kids squats check him out and watch movies. You know hopefully by us talking about on make you wanna go out from the disney plus and and you can have your memory. You can have your heart break. Just like mine when i really. Something's not as good as i remember much other. Someone just thinking like oh. They can't be that bad as bad as these guys are it out. I had high thoughts of dark. Let myself before age altron. Then i went and rewatch at. My thoughts are not high anymore. Unfortunately i'm still looking forward to gauge drawn. You can see how old's up for the people that hate us bringing a whole reference every episode. Here's lawn without it until the very end rounded up earlier did you. I missed it bruce. Bruce banner reference. Michael actually very quickly. Sure i'm gonna talk now. Quiet stepped over it which was probably valid are can only goals. We will see everybody next time. Follow us on facebook instagram twitter. Where i post diet. We will see you next time why everybody.

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82. Melahel, la auto sanacin

AstroC?bala C?smica

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82. Melahel, la auto sanacin

"Meka. You got a piece of your Chin. Gives Gershon Russia millionaires our. Forecast. Levels. Getting you love him. I mean Directa this. Car into us into others years. So these stand your local at least they used to talk often go year Muslim Daniel hundred, hour. Or yet quiz deficient of. A stiff. You will. He. Goes. And Detroit, we show the OH. Yes midfield. Loud. And this gear. With our economy push off at Moscow's twitter's Hebrew those into absolutely. Go. Erica will we ever? Get it. Boy She gives each other stuff. Operator than me, in Bellevue. Mule Deer Roche. Here's ever are either. In emissions prepare all in the book. Row practical up the practical now breakout another. Courses as. Connected to this active duty. But. Larry. Packet Ashcroft. Autumn. Window they governed by. Dula, this Africa now the new. Who Guidance? Lucia Mobile, real movie four-minute. Rosa negotia defendant this. Trend that? If you could get? Through your into steadily Shita robot. You. And Business. You shouldn't from you. There have been. About Tamara. ESCUTCHEON. undergoing. Yesterday I can. not the other thing seeing. A Yogi this. The. In. Estonia checking. She loves. Them. I USED In Yoga shortly. Readers staffing also. Busted only the minimum. Photo by. You into spears. Quintero Quintero. To. Look. Into Shash look at his head. Graffman. Funeral or game OC-. and. Gum. You just. Are, some other. Teams we were. there. Special. Deals. Said other. Area ask. Via euro-zone related. Unnecessary Another. At. SEATTLE. And it'd be. In the. Series. Just freak out which up parameters industry. Which? Agenda. Real. Deal in those component practical travelers can uric either Thursday author hip broken kettle, but really help everybody. In Sri Libra lost. And get reluctant parameter fuller. Who in the trash. Can. She do. Not Know. Into, a coupon Lugar, the hold Mongolia. Or share. Is a holiday or admit. spooners Hinchey can't do a different. For the few is if you come. On and then. The Kelly. Hill dealers interest there is the QUADRA. They. Go to India joint. This corporal either he also? Speak. Another not what should go and dealers or say winters this day Baynes Delors. Shall We? Dealers the earliest with. The accident. Etowah whether it is he should until my stomach. And secretly our. Acidic. Worry about this either short. Shorts Hambro to. Put, it does the. Must see renting majority hit Syrian authoring ck a mill hill, the he and his the Horner Day. The. Qatar? A. This wish shadows present reassert. Jewish ACS. Onto. Say yet in momentum. Harry. One Holliston, the Bush gay did Hughes she can. Push. is similar nausea. Another's hating they quality activists for tourism. Modified thinking. Talking God gave Women Docomo Service incorrigible momentum. But The Hill and this was. Just of match. With the sit in. Contra Salmasi foolish. In Becker. In their failure Fayetteville north campus in La. Vapor EUBOEA. And Rhonda or Sharia. Your is. In. Productivity. Contact on your ethics here is. Then this. Is. Must punish the abysmally out Porculus for Analysis Ltd looking to how this is super that is. But under rogan humor, Ebola frequently that in LAS COMPA push if you got a couple of. San Know Solo in. Campo unavailable. But Gambian. Into of comfort in company can offer those planned team of NASCAR's. Simply. K on. Las Convinced in. Skills being young. And others scam. In Doors from big. Hill is a system there are stern is your copay a minor? Of God she do under somewhat banditry. License Helium Ala Kathy that WHO Gallup the. Lobby to this. Need in distinct or maybe. Para Khuda. Less distinct. Share they're gonNA former is the nausea you that are either. In. Kenya Mill Hell. In speedily parakeet total into me say goes through yet say will sure. Up. Tunnel. Martin did money by Kikoria rink wins in a remote perfect to insurer is severe the story. Dependent Ramona. Shall wonder. Remarkable. If. Remember when the static scrums you brought onto melons avid. V More police show with the. Quandary live. Review owners insurance. Mr Status Carol. had been directly studies have shown that if. Look at data. From. Bushido wunderlist. Fundamentally. Feel so you don't get the damage can result Arabian. Stumble on and. Sarah Kate, and damage. Pero. Nausea yes I like the abortion Gortat. A mosquito attributing. came. From Wishful thing almost gay and you're. Eating skip us, how? Description. Not, think. Sink Open Thursday hint here. NEWSPAPER IN PRE METABOLIC EXPERIMENT lsu density, graph and is. King. Guntram former. Allegra. Scotty was. In a Defeo gave some land is. Equally. Show films films as former. In A. Gain cinemas. Here that are not. E laboratory Gamer. Lucky decade. Identity. Data. Centers. Post Doc, Caputo. Shuai, and let's be this. Is. Milan are they that Bush? Specialist Matthew was the interest said I'm exposed us in domestic. Either from scholars president, and she established films. They went. Off In almost in IBM Unity Dakota on 'cause she with the slow. Gait special. He just bought MENA burble hill experiences in Lucas lucky sailor fear. A. Recession, provision. To my urine or others billions. Yeah. They've been there that other. Yes I the. Last. Few. Another. Bill. State battle, you don't get. The US but in the therapy Equa. Yucky. Not what she meant. I sponsored. By sequel to. SEE IF A. Woman via Saturday most. Lawmakers can spend media under Coppola. Give him into the cuddles. Is The hanes either new product on the LAS animas issue. Barry Hansel WE DEFER said that the Body Fiesta. Bush. The. Set in. Riyadh love. Is If, you WANNA. They. Hit yet. To Now I think. Yoshida it. There's shoot can simply metal. In resent them. La Palmera meter. Machine Prima Dona there. Shield, the lateral should here in Reseda, but if he's if we. Can. Get calls from your leniency stating your will fuller their own beleaguer. Quantum fuel misra finish others. Here's one of. New. Rhodesian. Latham Shearer several. Either almost bureau in that third. Go. But up actor I sat or with. Is You. Healthier. Via contrast sooners gate, and sit in Polish. Parakeet Harris Poston. And those apathetic. Lay there they, wanNA. See Noah challenging Dennis Beast, they made us. In the St No push noticing. Endorsing. Eat a symbol of love packages. Our. In La Vida. Civi- simply. Being immersed for Gotham. Meters Gaston Mushrooms. ECOMMERCE she does unionistic mean extend your. House than even by ghetto your. Golden. Berry in lab funeral. Yes. Intercity City on thumbprint Dabo. Tanya. I scholar individuals. Is the Hanyu the Meena away. Fears that Yellow Nautile Splinters cash on. Iraq reviewing the lesson I. Is like steps into in it Google is. The Miller for of your. Fica Gerhard is. Less fatalism but the schematic. You bought she. Is. Caylao your does Gay Standard of North Korea. On the south, West. Related. You. Know a behold. But I could. Shoot hit Elyssa into early. They're only ended four hours from the like. Should we love you? There are there are going it nothing like review Ally and Fila mental yet but a few and wound up. When there are South West Second Fintor Intersect Wireless. was. Seeing, the enlightenment. Super. Remodel did it from Our shared Martin de will. Been But. These I mean department. That IT specialists. Formality level. But if He. In. Hodgman and been signed interport. The. Model. Get. Sentimental children the Rhythm Sheila stop were. Female She. In fact were able to, of Beena, established under USO. Is shortly would. Gap I think almost superieure. Ito, they must indicate Chaban. Coach mark. Sharon I. Mean. The food. Come out when you here is, if gave our our money that any religious muccio. Get. Where you're up refuge in team into. Or One. Of the. Key. That's latest. Lucas. The. Reprehensible. Is. Only. Talk Nicholas they've been. State must. Be This is just be an extended into South Devon equal under the show. Is Much working to NASCAR. Implanted radio. Navigation enough. You'd have a hosting. Is. Feel. At. Ya, they've been there last spirochete straight feelings. Tasting apple sluggish on route is not. At. Riyadh in our light it. Depends into. Woodward's. Deal for hose. I mean that's Coming up. Peruta Kevin. Artists. Lotion Damian does. But either Dinners. And Benjamin Dope with ain't. GonNa. Casiraghi and Russia. Under a former teacher. Is Looking thinner. There's the S.. E.. Here this. IS AS USUAL Oust calcium of units, can. End Up in some intercontinental is our holiday roper for. When Russian of William Montalto I don't tell you how. Your. School in. England traumas former. Miller healers, are you saying of passion? Them into young Bush Gordon Maybe Gobert. Resume managed. Second play must be liberal winters as. Our in winter of many no sorry location assigned determine an. Emotional, he'll be. In speeding understood maybe by that game went there. While booster in delicious is maybe going to die with House Talia, s? Into this on an. Equal. The. Is. A positive. One furthers noise stomach thunderous in. Haniel Contra. issue. Knew about. Not Thinking. That is. Number on is the of that plan then we Forget. Last here's reduced our no connecticut. They Must Komo established. Come. Your questions and carry out established the. Worst attack on the planet. Chat local and tell you that blood democracy now. came. The embiid. Ben. Not Unrest of owning dinner in. In the winter. You know they were they want some children. They induce the attack are. Not Sure Intersex Museum Russa as. Doesn't done though Burma Debbie Shield like I said, we can ensure the integrity. Is Full of Europe. And Mementos Ronaldo's. Knows Quinton can or some Bush. Ignore to be interested in both listed, but I, guess you're managed. For them is it that? Sits. In sonoma. Cutie famous here's the Mirror Hilton last. December last. Grumble by of more than. The settlement of more than push. Meka who that medicine. New. into. La Brea. Eating Gunter Denison. When the in Guntur case with it into this program Supsa Caffeine Alaska Russia in one thousand evasion. BBN EPOCA with mayor. Eat Out. Boys Chris Denman does rush startling declaration to there's been. Guest Anna, Korean, liberal LAS puertas Casey symbol found respite extent going postal. Clarence detail she. Do. Casino want master. Must embalmed the. Under, is it deeply the sturdiest gets his montage salaries? One Nausea Brahma immigration. Spurs. Parameter. Were to come and tell you. Say to feedback EC gators push contaminated. Of Our wisman Monday Thursday May. Push up on podcast. Shack accordance to Denver. Stay because the Person Parkway for the conference Tyler's. Parameters you. Really. Weren't sure and. Getting the we've. Ekit shows have limited our unity be Ganja.

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Sadhguru on the God Particle - Higgs Boson (Part 2)

Sadhguru's Podcast

25:13 min | 3 months ago

Sadhguru on the God Particle - Higgs Boson (Part 2)

"It would think that they called it. The god particle. It seems somebody wanted to call it the goddamn particle so they just put good particle and that's a very clever ploy marketing ploy. You must be glad that Scientists are becoming market savvy. They're always being in a subtle way. Now getting little over it so you know for most people. That idea of science is just the new telephone model. That's coming up. The next modify phone did once all these people who never ever what interested in any kind of physics now talking about particle physics world over. Everybody's talking about particle physics. That's an achievement breaking port proton and coming up with the boss on. Is that an achievement that needs to be seen but it's definitely an achievement that suddenly the whole world at least educated part of the world is thinking particle physics. That's an achievement. that's a good attempt. At least people are thinking of science as not a way of milking the existence. Not entirely at least a little bit. They're willing to spend ten billion dollars just to know something. I like that now. No technological us but they're willing to spend ten billion dollars and thirty years just to know something that sounds very spiritual to do usually doesn't cost that much but so having chewed one thing having made a social goal scientifically. What does it mean in. Yoga received dismay. that is existences lack. This that is something called as stool. Shuna shiva stolen. Means the gross existence. Physicality is tooling everything that you can see everything that you can send through five cents organs. Everything that you can see smell taste here and touch is considered stolen. This can be analyzed with your intellect understood and grasped and this is always made of as we know today of arno or atoms because it's physical in nature. It's a complete block off. Building block of existence is an atom. And if it's made of an atom once enough number of atoms are there we can touch it smell it. We can taste it. We can see it if it becomes big enough. Initially in a microscope after that with our bad ice could see it but if it goes beyond the perception of the five senses but still it is physical in nature we call it shook so venue entered into it still physical but you're not able to grasp. Why do what you want. You cannot grasp it through his through five senses. Nor can you analyze it through your intellect that dimension approach it via quality she should non obvious non that means an extraordinary knowledge gun or nana means knowledge vicinity. None is extraordinary or significant knowledge so vicious non is an effort to begin. The word began is being ready. Loosely used today but essentially means this those diamonds which cannot be perceived through five cents if you perceive them that is began so today sciences entering those spaces because never ever. Is anybody going to see a higgs boss on. They're only going to see its footprint even now the only other footprint they did not see a higgs boson but because the footprint they believe he's dave somebody's gone by the left the footprint in the men but we know it's gone by the going to the forest we see the puck marks and say okay. There's there's a tiger. We haven't seen the tiger in fact in tropical forest. It's very difficult to see a tiger off but we will see puck mark. Sharon day dislike that this footprint so that entering vicious gun. If you go further it will become sean. Yeah that means. Absolute emptiness their f. Your intellect will be completely useless. Your census will be completely useless because there is no physicality where there is no physicality your sense organs and intellect would become absolutely redundant if you go beyond union. That is something that we refer to as she when i say. Shiva don't the calendar man. Some sure she means that which is not. If you touch that which is not we have always seen. It is not physical nature. He did not physical in nature means it does not exist but it is a paik. How can that be. You did not in the realm of your logical mind today. Modern science believes the whole existence has to obliged to human logic which is a limited where approaching life the whole existence will not oblige to him in logic. You think you can fit the whole existence into your head. No no your head fits into the existence. The existence will not fit into your head. Your logic can analyze the physicality of the existence. Once you cross the physical dimension. You're logic is completely out of its route so did have because this is a dialectical culture. The same science has been expressed in story reforms. I i cannot go to the whole story too long story. But when i told the stories one of the top scientists in the world and i was speaking to him and i explain this. This is how it is. This is the nature of existence. This is from the orbit law. But we're always told not to believe the law till it becomes reality experience and this is the reality in my experience. If you go like this this is what will happen. So when i spoke to the very top level scientists who the nobel laureate. And i was telling him that this is what it is there were group of hell did was a group of them and when i explained this is how it is within me. What do you think this had said. Google you can give a mathematical backbone to what you're talking. This is nobel prize stuff. Can you give a mathematical background. I said i'll never bothered about the mathematics. It's true for me and it's dispense from everything that i am because it's true for me everything that i ever was changed simply because i touched this diamond chain within me. I don't wish to work equations for that. An enemy noble price wouldn't mean anything to me. I would be too embarrassed by such things so this story because i would make it so brief. There could be holes in it. If i make it elaborate enough there will be no holds the story to perfect theory and we have proved it within ourselves that it is true but you want to build a ten billion dollar instrument under the ground to do the same thing. It's up to you. This can be experienced proved within yourself if you are willing to go into the depths of what disease because this is made exactly the same way the whole universe is made if you go deep enough into this and you know how this is made by inference. You know how everything in the universe is made by influence and even now science is also only inferring today. Modern times has admitted that it's an ever expanding universe or an endless universe rather ever expanding a yoga. Tom they're calling it an endless universe if it's an endless universe trying to travel across the universe and find out the nature of the universe his untenable isn't it simply out. Of course the only way you could know the nature of the universe nato creation and the source of creation is by going inward because whatever you eight in the morning whether it's those banana has been transformed into human being in the last few hours. Nobody else can do this. Except the source of creation suv. The source of creation is right here if you want to know anything about creation isn't the best place to consult if you want to know anything about creation easing the source of creation the best place to consult. And if you had to go to heaven for this you could give it up if it is right here. Why don't you consult simply because you too enamored by your own thought. You think you're going to capture the whole universe with your thoughts. It is a foolish way to approach the only reason why scientists said weived east because of technology. It keeps throwing out technologies if not technologies. Were coming out of science. They were talking about all the things that they have been talking. People were beaten them down for the money that the spent and it's happened in the past when there will not lawler technologies and people just book signs. They were beaten down isn't so science has its value in terms of utility but signs cannot open up the existence for human experience. It will not. It can never do it. Because they're going with intellect intellect as an instrument works only to dissect the only way intellect can approach. Anything is to break it up and see if you ask a scientist to find out something about this flower. First thing is he will break it up into pieces. I think i should ask a scientist to make me understand. One of you go dissecting you then if you break this up human all many parts of this you may know the structure of it human or the chemistry of it but you will not know the beauty of it you will not know the completeness of it because the flower is an expression of a plant finding its fulfillment desires thing for the plant for its life. This is the highest happening. It's the flowering of that life. You will not know that you will not see the hand off the creator in this if you break it up but as a whole if you're willing to pay attention absolute attention if in your approach you make this flour more important than your south and keep your focus on it. You will see the whole universe in this. If you break it up you will have petals. You will have other parts of the flower and you will come to welker conclusions and then you will learn how to make use of it so right now unfortunately our approach what we call assigns has become like this how to use everything in the universe but our benefit. If you see in america would i was. This happened when i when i was in college. This happened about four years ago when i was in my show. The first time. I conducted a program after many many years and all kinds of people turned up. My teachers from school and college turned up. They wanted to see what has happened to me. So after i spoke that and we had to even ten and then my english data came and hugged me and she said now. I know why wouldn't let me teach robert frost. I said why man. Why would i not let you teach robert i. I like frost. She said no. You do remember you. Let me do trust then. I remembered one day. She came and she opened the book and she introduced robert frost as a glorious port and then she started off woodson loudly dock and deep. I said stop. I said a man who calls it would. I don't want to listen to him. She said no. No robert. Frost is a great. I said i don't care how great he's a man who calls a three. Would i will not let into. I didn't let it. i didn't let it frost. So many years he comes up to me and she says now. I know why wouldn't let so if a tiger comes here now from the mountain. Timing if you come from sri lanka. That's different if a tiger comes down from the mountain looks at you. He would think wow dinner so you look at it three and you'd think would alright for tiger to do that because that's all he knows but it's not alright for you to do that. Isn't it but right. Now that is all scientists become anything we see how to make anything we see how to make a bit you in an invisible atom. We won't leave you in the goddamn bulletin already. People are talking about in how many ways it could be used. We could make a boost on bomb understand. If you make a bomb all of you will just vanish. We don't even have to deal with it varies. Yes because you will cease to exist. Disliked the bush on shooting. You dead or burning you to that. If we make all the protons in your body collide with each other. You'll just want is technology but they will tell you no no no it. Could there could be medical uses to hit the. We could do this do that. Yes i know all that but just the idea. It doesn't matter what you cannot look at anything without thinking. In what way can i make use of. It is a very cross between east with this level of existence. You will have everything and you'll have nothing. This is modern life. People have everything like never before and they got nothing in their lives. Nothing that you can call of any word people who have everything and cannot feel life in any significant way when they die. The moment of death comes they will see that the spent this whatever number of years without living moment. Because what can i get. What can i get is it. Should we not to live because from what you get you can only make a living. It's only by what you give that you make life so giving does not mean money or something else something else. It is just that this moment. If you look at these three how totally you can give yourself to this tree. That is how intensely you know. Life you sit here and calculate. What can i get out of the street. You will completely miss life completely. Life will ever you so this kind of science which denies you. Life should be restricted. If you ask me. I know i'm going to be hugely unpopular because somebody's going to twitter and said go to say science should be curtail. P- it's alright. I'm telling you a science which is driven just by. What can i get out of. It needs to be controlled a bit. Otherwise human beings will have everything and they'll have nothing when that is your expedience then you will destroy everything today. The planet is not being destroyed because of something else. It is just unbridgeable. Use of technology isn't it could have been used for our well-being but it's booking against us because we have not worked other dimensions of life just going with this. What can i get. What can i get if you go with this. There will be no planet left after some time but even if the planet is left suppose we roping another ten planets still. It will not be enough we will still have nothing will have everything. This is my experience. Science should have been just a question no not exploit the creation. It is just a longing to no human longing to know. Wants to find expedition in every possible way. Physical sciences is one of the waste perfectly fine but once it starts serving the masters who sponsored it then if businesses sponsored it. They're looking for profit from it. You've nations press sponsored it. They're looking how to make more powerful weapons out of all the time you misunderstand this the cutting edge science always fast becomes cutting edge military technology only after that it comes down to other uses. How many lives has it taken. How many more do we wanna take. That's of course. so this. Got 'em particle one. Good thing it's done is the whole world is thinking particle physics. I like that. That's nice but do you know the bozon is named after set the boasts notice. No it's an indian mathematician self taught. Mathematician is albert einstein acknowledged. He said the western scientists couldn't take a single step without the indian mathematicians. The fundamentals of mathematics came from the east. But always here the other at toss of the culture said you should not do anything that's exploitative to nature because nature was seen as mother nature. You don't go about raping mother nature. We'll take only what you need. Nothing more because of that attitude. This science was not converted into technology. And that is the wisest way to handle the science just as a tool away to know nothing beyond that and technology must be really controlled. What is absolutely needed. That's all that should be done. This brittle usage already people are talking how to use the bozon that they are not seen. Then we can use the atom that we have not seen so it doesn't matter what you see you're thinking of how to use it. This attitude unfortunately has been foot. Fueled by that toot of sites this needs to be checked otherwise it will be our nemesis for sure. Be goddamn everything.

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136- Emmanuel Itier - Ep. 2

Wealth Transformation Podcast

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136- Emmanuel Itier - Ep. 2

"Are you so full of fear? You can't even talk about money and wealth. Dr Cheryl is showing you. How shift your mindfulness with your wealth relationship? Most people don't even like to talk about money from personal level. You can learn how to get past the fear and talk about money and wealth and free yourself to a healthy relationship no matter where you are in your life. Are you ready for some good changes? This really affects all areas of your life. It's time for the wealth. Transformation podcast. Now here's your host. Dr Cheryl Shire our special guest. This evening is Emmanuel. Ata this this is the second segment of our two part series with Emmanuel Emmanuel Ata inexperience feature film producer Emmanuel directed thriller. Tell me no lies. In two thousand. And the horror films scarecrow in two thousand two. He completed in two thousand twelve. The peace documentary the invocation narrated by Sharon stone with Desmond Tutu. The Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra and many other worldwide peace activists Emmanuel also produced so many more films that I can't name them all Emanuel has also been a successful music and film junior cheer journalist for both rock magazines French TV networks and the Internet for the last Twenty Years Emanuel has been a buyer for various film French film distribution companies for the last twenty years. He was on the board of directors of the Santa Barbara Film Festival for a decade and he writes poetry he is also very involved with charities and the political world. He grew up in France and moved in to the US. Twenty five years ago. He resides in Santa Barbara California with his wife and two sons finally Emmanuel released in late two thousand thirteen another inspiring documentary celebrating women around the planet. Fam- women healing the the world. This documentary earned several words around the world. Mr Ata is now directing five documentaries in order to keep making peace one movie at a time. This new series is called the universe. Alice collection documentaries for conscious humanity. I applaud Emmanuel for his purpose and passion forgetting these messages out to the world. Welcome welcome welcome Emmanuel. It is an honor to have you here with us On my show wake up Dr Cheryl and it was such an honor to meet you over at the San Rafael Theater. And thank you for sharing your beautiful son. Max with us on this. There is no more waiting only time to act. And sometimes even if you don't feel quite ready you do it anyway because you've already knew and by the way you you might fail so what yes. I we did show you. My marriage was no kids. I show my business and so what does kill me now and then you just move on and off to to make it better the next time and you know Emmanuel I don't look at it as a failure. I look at it as it's it's it's a learning curve. You know every challenge. We have is to make us better into work harder at. It took a right of passage. It's as I say what doesn't kill you makes gone. In fact I had I had Dr Bowl and on my last show and she just she said that exact same statement absolutely so again. It's never got a better time to be a woman you birth birth women see men cannot heal the patriarchy but women and men together. Could what a real man does stokes the flame of effeminate he stokes the radiance of the feminine. He lets her everything she can be. And she is the power source of the universe. You have to give new tools and new vocabulary allowing space for emotions and communication and also supporting young women in finding their voice and speaking their truth if men raised children as much as women do that awakens and man the nurturing that is in all human beings and it allows boys and girls to see that men can be as loving and nurturing. It's like Puccio fear on the side that the put emmys again. We live in a society that does A descent that that daughters on all your eat. But it's you you be scared and an outlier. Yes surrender to meet so it's it's a theme. That's why a lot of people realized crisis because they were taught they are eat. They'll the center of the universe and then they always doubts in this field and and they don't know where to go at the end it's a it's a building it's radio especially for managing a lot of men. That's what I call the shoe coming complex. Where the realizing their forties odom. I'm not a millionaire. I will tell the story. I don't have the trophy while they are fed-up no you know it's an trust who's got usually really bad people. You know people who stole from Tokyo to coordinate and a lot of them don't have the consciousness storage out. The issue have rich people. So don't envy the one person what needs to happen. Is that the one thousand nine percent we are needs to enrich themselves emotionally intellectually spiritually and all three done to challenge and be much more for community in the next step especially in time of economics is really what. I call communitize where it's not coming easy. It's not so sure it's it's about. The notion of community were okay. If you don't have money what can you do? And if I don't have money what can I'll show and it's about trading services. It's about helping each other. It's not everything has to you. Know depend on a CD Kamensky. That has no more value. Anyway because all government of treating stupidly minnows. So we know that there is no value. It's ridiculous because of life today since and rid of it so we have to figure out us the ninety nine percent while the majority a new way to to live in community and live with families and actions a piece and now you know what the the peace movement fail to do because after Too much drugs and sex. Well we can do without the drill again. The sexiest good. But don't tell me about balancing act and balancing balance from an science. It's about talking and communicating and refreshing and refining refining. We re being in touch resolving you might for needs to the ninety nine percent that we are needs to enrich themselves emotionally intellectually spiritually and hopefully to exchange and be much more community. I think the next step especially in offer economics is really what I call community terrorism where it's not communities it's not social is but it's about the notion of community where okay if you don't have money what can you do and and and what can also and it's about trailing services. It's about helping each other. It's not everything has rolling edge of our species right now going to fix your own depend on a CD Transi that has no value anyway. Because our government of preaching stupidly Manos so we know that there is no me. It's ridiculous because of life today. It's an rid of it. So we have to figure out us the ninety nine percent while the majority a new way to live in a community different families and actions and peace. And now you know what What the EPA movement failed to do because they probably abused too much drugs and sex. Well we can do without the drug and sex. But don't forget about balancing act and balancing Balan from insurgence. It's about talking and communicating and refreshing and refining refining. We being in touch with zone. You might so I have a question about You know your life's in France verges here. You know what what could you do are you? Do you think that you are growing exponentially more here than you would in France? Or maybe that's not even a fair question. No it's actually. It's exactly goes to the sentence I was saying I think if I am therefore to think France I was I think in France was too much cut up into society. That's based on the I. Think that you the descartes sentence and they didn't finish it. They doing talking to talk too much and then to put their token to enact is drama. They prefer tell you at the end of the of the talk. But I don't even want to try anything so I actually coming to. America was for me a blessing. Because I don't decide because I'd always urges for me to put my fourteen action and I couldn't do it in France whether you know that you know. I was a little intern in In many production companies. That you don't want me to do. They just want me to be is a slave at the bottom of the pilot so it was very frustrating. So at least I came in the country web tougher because it's it's me no it's more competitive it's migrations but it allowed me to do another thing. I couldn't have done that and again after it's about balancing and it's about going back and forth and teaching the American to be more on the bench to Damore an interest so I can focus my asking me something again. Yes same dissection hub so that that so. I don't miss it when I go back and forth as much as I can and try to communicate what I learned here in special internal said the technique of walking of being really efficient and saying yes no quick leader after thinking about it But instead of being cut into my foot like most French people doing and doing anything at all the answers restricting practical examples for example when I sailed up my documentaries from American company. I'm going to get an answer. Yes no a week. Maybe two five people. I might not get an answer at all. That's not a vase. Nothing most people today with the technology to and so back to me and says you movie doesn't fit a pipeline of him or we don't like it but but to say that they'll tell you don't take my movies. It's fine we we can agree to disagree But does give me an answer. You know. It's IT'S A. It's it's really being a co-op not to answer to somebody was doing especially many turned like. I do please. Debt to opinion needs for Emmanuel. What do you do to relax Well what do we shut down my computer and especially after? Maybe my wife said how you too much. Sometimes I have a tendency to be too much content to mark Sharon so sometimes families grading Q. On the air and it forces you to just shut off the and try to be one with your family on a natural on the intimate so I don't I don't have a ritual selena Meraz worried of of of of having a ritual. Because I really think once you educate you bring to a retrial. The brand that get addicted to that and the brand gately's so I'm one of these guys I would say what at least if you want to have a ritual try plenty and changes so trick your brain at expanding and you surprise you talk to people who have routine of. Oh my wake up and I go to church that I go to work. You know what? You're going to become slips. Yes Brands GonNa Forest. Can we see over and over with people and that makes for human beings were falling asleep and not only they fall asleep but the become kind of a little bit of a fascist? Figure where you know if you don't do what they do think something wrong with you know you. You don't realize you're missing the rest of the world of possibilities and and when you are living your purpose which I think you are living your purpose as a change agent as I feel like. I'm living my purpose. I don't think I you can't be stuck in your brain in an old pattern because you're always creating new things is being creative again. I mean it's fine to meditate for two zero five six zero five minute whatever because we're all different individuals That's another thing right when I see all schools or teachers or importance. You're that you're ready to visa but amount of time. No different creatures true it differently. It's like we made. It seem to work with skin cancer patients on certain people in some of the treatment that don't because you have a different constitution men and even so the basic DNA same after that there are plenty of different seasons of the jeans instead of the the whale grandfathered Sherman's notes. So we all the prototype. Tation that that some people do could be bike riding or walk or swimming or whatever so I have to admit to you that I am doing deepak. Chopra and the Oprah's twenty one day meditation and I've been doing it for two years every quarter because it's like you're connecting with the global community and that's what I like about it. Yeah I again. I mean after all these good things and you try to find your own way as well. Because that's all you become creativity. Learn From and Oprah known from Deepak and then try and signed the Yes India. Let yourself come liter sleigh. No no no. So you know if you believe in the deep breath of any scriptures. Nobody grueling just described such for me. That's not true. You always said connect with one. That was no preaching. There was no like. Oh we need to church and we need to jail natural. It's into about connecting and collecting means. You need to keep moving. You need to circuited. Not only with your brand. But physically and Mito the future Rosen and SCOVILLE countries. I'm environment and not so united. Spent train bald. The amount of growth that I've been since I've done be students military's because I've been think twice all around the world twice so the amount of people hang out tweets and I loaned for him and the environment and food and originating. It's it's fantastic. Went people said well. What are you at the time and whether you feel happy an imminent everywhere? We all citizen of the planet everywhere. We shoot up each everywhere we should. It's it's family it's already Jenn. It's all of because it is true. Jim Dally go food the appearance of all of it all. It's all the leads to the sense of beauty food energy and we're here to share with one another yes absolutely. Yeah absolutely. You're that's that that you I will commence you can only be happy if you show you penis given your so. So how is what is the next step for FAM- WELL FEM? Has Been really really on the on the circuit in the US for quite a long time. Now we really state in Chattanooga on September. Eleven as you're up and we did a few theatrical run every that we went and we keep doing that but it has been released so immediately online worldwide the game itself has been basically conspiracy to create an economic standard of living that is high and any suffering and human suffering that had to result it would be on the other side of town or it would be on the other side of the world. He wouldn't see it because one of the things about Americans is as individuals we have a conscience but collectively our capacity for denial and grandiosity has been more than laughable. It's become dangerous spread Bassano but we spread TWAS buried year-olds yearly. And at least a little bit of for us when And then it's go on the view of the Internet also on high tunes email Amazon. And then it's GonNa come out on BLU ray. Dvd On June twenty seven. So it's been a very extensive in stem of the distribution We also distribute setting to colleges in high school And really after that. It's it's really a restful promotion and marketing of feet and then we have also formed sales company. That little by little is spreading FAM- Around the world whether it's let America Europe solely to Germany Austria Switzerland. So you know it's it's a constant work type of movie that you can work with for two years easy and you'll never be so. Tell us about your latest Documentaries that you working on. Sh documentary is a series of five. And it's a one on law and military scone while of story and then I'm doing another one called we the people a revolutionary couldn't make some politics where we're going to study economics and other what he's got installed and is going to be a study of spots through the fundamental earth wind fire water because as a relationship element And one's going to be any most we all are and it's a look at the humane anymore and the relationship yet animal kingdom. Oh and the last one is called The Cure. Healing the mind hitting voting. And he's going to be a world. Two of what is available medicine wide to heal online and nobody so every time big topic that we tried to make accessible research eventual people from different horizon from all over the world and hopefully visibility grids Hopes Education for everybody. Yes yes you know. You mentioned We the people and I wanted to tell you before this my ancestor Charles Coates. Worth Pinkney was actually one of the signers of the Constitution. And and he Worked with George Washington and Oh he was ambassador to France and he also when he started the first Bible Society in in America. So there's a lot more credits but I wanted to tell you just because when you talk about we the people. That's that's in my blood. It's about changing the subject from me myself and I too we we recruit yes. It's a very simple minded existence and that's what it's about is is getting back to we and not me like you said and I but we that's wonderful that's absolutely wonderful. So is there anything else? That you'd like to share about Fam- they were a thing. We're talking about many topics and I think people get it now. They have to. You know still busy to us and get up and go into the work the work meaning if you have a passion and you want to get it out there and then the rest of your life you do. It just takes. Yeah and that's what you're doing. And what an example that you're setting for your children troy you. We don't know if it's a good example will see restarting. Well I mean I guess it's that balancing act like you talked about you know and I know it must be hard because your children are still very young. But I'm sure you'll manage absence. Well thank you so much for the show talking about the other movies or anything. Yes okay thank you so much for being here and Everybody okay you too bye bye. I'll leave you with this. Never give up wherever you are and doing in your life work with integrity and most of all keep a positive attitude. First and foremost with your family and friends be aware if you're negative thoughts and catch yourself before the words come out of your mouth and being grateful for who you are and where you've come from and what you have and be grateful for your freedom. Police forgive yourself and others. It will set you free. Eat healthy good. Nutrition feeds the mind and your body temple. Don't forget to exercise. Feed your spirituality with meditation and prayer with Unconditional Love. Love yourself unconditionally. Stop criticizing judging allowing others to dominate. The way you feel about yourself be compassionate and share your abundance and wealth with others when fear knocks. Let faith answer the door. Wealth is the ability to fully experience life by Henry David. Thoreau twenty years from now. You will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do. So throw off the bull lines sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade. Winds in your sales explore dream discover by Mark Twain. If your mind carries a heavy burden of the past you will experience more of the same. The past perpetuates itself through lack of presence the quality our consciousness at all moment the quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future by. Eckhart totally by for now until next time. It's never got a better time to be a woman gets a new birth in this burst. Women take the league. Women are becoming the primal person. Shumpert valley mentoring for me woman. Who knows how to run a household knows how to run a will kid. Man Cannot heal the patriarchy but women and men together could what a real man does stokes the flame of the feminine. He stokes the radiance of the feminine. He lets her be everything she can be. And she is the power of source of the universe. You have to give new tools and new vocabulary allowing space for emotions and communication and also supporting young women in finding their voice and speaking their truth if men raise children as much as women do that awakens and Mantha nurturing that is in all human beings and it allows boys and girls to see that men can be as loving and nurturing. It's been so imbalanced in the role of leadership that the masculine all the way appear even with a lot of women. Politicians suddenly the feminine is beginning to rise what leadership is calling for now is a whole integrated individual that comes from the heart and soul knows that it is better for our society than what we've been doing so far we want to help transform the world because otherwise the children won't survive otherwise our biosphere we'll collapse people are fascinated by the archetype of the titanic. Because we're on it. We are headed to the expert. So what we have to do is turn around the titanic time. We have to turn around and we have to turn around. Now we have to take back our par- and say no to our. It's all about remembering peace and love are the growing edge of our species right yet. They acquitted fixed mom. We hope you enjoy today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the Information. You've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let us know how the show influenced your life. I E mailing at Dr Cheryl Dot Wealth Transformation g mail DOT COM for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you. Further please visit Cheryl Shire DOT COM or call. Four one five two four six six eight eight one as a gift. You can get Doctor. Cheryl's booked wealth transformation integrity integrity integrity for only the cost of postage seven dollars and ninety five cents until next time. Feel healthy and happy in your wealth no matter where you are in your life.

Emmanuel Emmanuel France Dr Cheryl Deepak Chopra US stokes America Dr Cheryl Shire Sharon stone emmys Mr Ata Santa Barbara Film Festival Santa Barbara California Emanuel Desmond Tutu Dr Cheryl Dot Dr Bowl Cheryl Shire producer
TSP119 - The Undefinable Spirit: Sohayla Smiths peace of the heart.

The Sill - Perspectives on Art

24:26 min | 1 year ago

TSP119 - The Undefinable Spirit: Sohayla Smiths peace of the heart.

"Suheil Smith is a singer songwriter. She and her band one best country recording with burned to the ground. In the two thousand. Eighteen clues Zine international music awards and reached the top of best country artists on our stage. I'M GONNA go with the ground. This thing called love. 'cause it's been around and I've just adding who a you're listening to this podcast with Peter J and Harry posner episode one hundred and nineteen the undefinable spirit so hairless. Smith's piece of the heart. Well welcome everyone to another edition of the undefinable. Spirit here at the sill podcast. Which by the way originates here in Orangeville Ontario Canada for our listeners. Around the world today we have a very special guest. We have so Halo Smith and boy list of what she is involved with is incredible. And I'm going to take a deep breath here and move through this list. Suheil Smith is a singer songwriter. She and her band one best country recording with burnt to the ground in the two thousand eighteen clues international music awards and reached the top of best country artists on our stage. Her Band was nominated for two thousand seventeen. Toronto Independent Music Award the song. Bridges was the roots Grand Prize winner on our stage as well as taking first place in Americana so halo is a self published author. She's published a book of poetry edited by the late. Nick beat called musings of a mad woman. She's a music teacher. She is a belly dancer. And we're going to go into that during the talk. She's a music therapist. She's done comedy performing professionally. She created a company called troop. Adore made up of local artists offering theater. Dinner Theatre murder mysteries etcetera. She founded something very special. Which were also gonNA talk about called Soup House which feeds people. She did a wonderful ted ex speech about soup house and we'll go into that later on random things that she loves. Birds New Instruments Tarot cards ethics and morals living plants piece of the heart. Good food and wine making welcome to the program so halo. Thank you very much. That's why grant introduction now the first and most obvious question is how the hell do you manage to juggle all of these activities and interests in your life given that you have a family a Cetera? Because I'm the boss of me. I decide what I do when I do it and when I don't do something so it just when it feels like it's the right time or do whatever I want to freelance. Life loves you. Much more flexibility. Is that what you're saying? Yeah like contract work except the lesson part. I teach regularly. So that's like an actual job. Is there anything that you do which you're particularly passionate about and we spend most of your time on if you could if I could? I would spend most of my time but I do spend most of my time on music but I would spend more of my time on music. Learning probably learning new instruments getting better at them and then music therapy more of that. What is your question? I'm GonNa give you a few piano guitar and the heart. I guess those are the three that I play the most. I also play fiddle and cello. I'm always impressed too. So he'll awin musician multi instrumentalist thinking of Edgar Winter or someone playing guitar on the one hand but also keyboard on the other and they're very different sort of mindsets and mind hand coordination. How do you jump from one to the other them? I think there's a learning curve for me. I started with piano ex. My parents and that sort of opened the door for literacy at least Music Literacy Guitar picked up on my own and from there you can take what you learn guitar Ukulele Banjo. Anything that's similar rate and I did violin junior high. So that opens the door for Violin Viola Cello. I also did flute in high school so I think once you know one. It's just a matter of learning curve of understanding the physical mechanics playing it and then it just kind of clicks or it doesn't so I picked up the Concertina and I'm terrible at it was terrible but I see you on facebook uploading live videos of you working on cello working on the harp etcetera. Where do you think this urge to constantly learning grow comes from? Is it something from your childhood? Did your parents support your artistic temperament. Like herranz really fostered it. But I think it comes from personal drive to be like there's no end to learning and there is no you reach the end and therefore you can stop trying right needed to keep working at it and I literally live that in my life. I think if you don't work at something you can't expect any better and better at it and if you feel like there's an area that you can improve on if you don't spend the time you're never gonNA get there and I post it live. It's probably torture for some people. I in my practice sessions live where I make hundreds of mistakes repeatedly so that people hopefully watch and that it's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to not be amazing. As soon as you pick something up it takes work. It takes dedication it takes patients and then the long term goal is maybe in a year. I might actually sound good. So that's unique that many people post videos of them not being really good neat. This what people are really understood in gay. Enjoy the process. Yeah they're always curious about how people get to where they get an overnight. It's just magical that you just pick it up and you're just a virtuoso on it and it's not always the case right so when I was looking on all these things including the tedtalk and this thing POPs and its belly dancing. So how do you also manage to include belly dancing to your creative endeavors? Where did that come from? Came from a repressed. Some self exploration as I've gotten older I realized I was harboring this leg thing. Apparently when I was young I was taken to a dance class but because I had bone problems in joint troubles dance instructor. Basically said don't bother bringing back to my parents and I really wanted to be a ballerina. So that kind of creeps back up. I kept telling myself. Oh you can't dance you can't dance. Don't worry about it right but I never really tried so I thought okay. Well let me think of a dance that would not be damaging to me physically and one that I would actually want to do that. Would make me feel because I don't generally like dress up fancier go anywhere fancy. I'm pretty simple person but I wanted something that made me feel like pretty special. And what have you and I in culturally affiliated sort of with belly dance by my father's side of the family which is Persi- EGYPTIAN. But we have our own similar like Persian classical dance which I incorporate into my chance. That's why and I want to stay healthy and in shape and physically fit. Were there any surprises in the process for you from doing this? Yeah I can dance. Your bones are good I am. I are okay with this type of dance. Yeah and I realized I can't announce starting to learn valley beginner very cool. You created several things in the area here up in Shelbourne where you're merely you've created a troop adore you created soup? How's that are? Both community oriented initiatives. I would say it. Can you talk about why community engagement is so important to you? All Its troubadour I found. There are a lot of people who are talented or budding talents. But don't have an outlet to put that to use and to grow and to be fostered community of like minded people that has changed over the years a little bit. There are other things for people to do. But we sort of seem to get more eclectic folk and are there skills sperry a little more from this general theater or general music and I found that working together. We were able to do pretty cool. Things was not a lot of money and as far as the soup has project is concerned that I love that project. It had to be a community effort because it's not possible for me to do everything. So the beauty of that is that the community went out and I said Hey. We're GONNA do this if you wanNA help feel free. And then the community came back and said yes. Yes yes yes we want to help. So that's really inspiring but I think that having people work together is something. That's not that common anymore. Everybody's kind of out for themselves right like out to make sure that they get what they need that they succeed. But people don't generally help others along the way and I've experienced even some of that myself to the tedtalk. Obviously what you're talking about now kind of flows into that by watched your talk on the true meaning of giving and this I quote you really resonated with me. You said there is no need for strings in a relationship. That is naturally and mutually symbiotic. It's not about money. It's not about things it's value based how has given changed your life or affected your work. It has changed my whole world because when I started that project I was was in a place where I was like. Or what about me? What about me and what am I gonNa do and I have nothing. I felt I had no value personally and nothing therefore worthy to give so by countering that feeling that thought at like negativity with this holiday you know you do and you can and you will and then having the community step in and help so strongly. It really changed the way I look at everything and when I have that urge to which I always had my whole life I always want to give and then I always feel like well. I can't or someone tells me no you can't you can't you can't do this you can't i. Don't listen to those people anymore and I don't listen to those thoughts anymore. If I feel that I want to give something or do something even if logically. It doesn't always make sense which is probably the but one day but even if it doesn't logically make sense all the time. I need to do it because I feel that. That's important and if it's important enough for me to think that it's important than I do it in electrical good about it. I don't ever look back and go. I shouldn't have done that. I don't think there's anything that I've given in the last at least few years and I've given a lot a lot. I don't even tell people half the things I do but when I give I I absolutely never regretted I feel absolutely a hundred percent. Good about it even if someone else goes. Oh that was a bad idea or down that it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks expressed in. Utah also expressed the importance of not expecting anything back yet. Absolute reciprocity away without expecting a burden. If you expect something back then you're not really getting from a place of wanting to give your giving from a place of wanting to exchange right And that's not getting at least in my opinion and there have been people trust me. I've received emails of people arguing that but I disagree and I'm okay with disagreeing. I don't feel that if you're giving with an expectation of something in return that you're truly giving I think giving is being something and letting it go and that's it and doing it with a good heart with good intention. It will which one hundred percent like this is for you in Step back some people will always feel burdened by the gifts in times. But that's a personal. I have trouble receiving gifts personally too so but on the other end of spectrum when I give. I have absolutely no expectations of not even a thank you needed because I choose to give brain so it's a conscious decision to let something go with. A good intentions were good energy or positive. Whatever you WANNA call it positive Mojo and that naturally roles us into the next question because among the many things that you told us that you love is the area of ethics and morals you talk about what fascinates you about those two aspects of human life. Yeah I find people interesting and I find behaviors and circumstances surrounding behaviors and behavior patterns really interesting and I find that certain. Things Change People in one circumstance. They will be very kind and very friendly in another circumstance. They won't usually when they feel threatened or if they harbor feelings like Chelsea or whatever like there's always negative emotions that make people become uglier in an interaction and I find that business in particular is an area that lacks oh ethics and morals broad spectrum. I'm GonNa say I'm going to be kind of bold in broad spectrum for the most part at least and that's part of why even tying back for a second why I will not registered as a charity. I will not register and business. It is not an official organization in any way because as soon as you make it business it becomes numbers becomes money. It becomes data. And that's not what it's about it's about people right and has to stay people but anyways you know what? I'm fully on board with you on that because I'm hosting in organizing the day of the Poets Festival in Orangeville and that's something that is not an organization either is just me doing this thing in and for the community and hoping that the community will see the value in it and support it. I don't want to have a turn into some big corporate sponsored event. Just changes the dynamic right. It is an changes. The thing that you have to do because if you have expectations imposed on you because someone said well I'm GonNa sponsor or I'm going to do this. That changes your responsibility in that relationship where you're not just now putting on the day of the poets. You're not putting on the day. The poets and keeping your sponsors happy you know and again it's not really giving it's business right We basically live in an economically driven world that can easily discourage artists from developing and growing their craft. Can you talk about? Can you talk about? What a young ernest has to overcome in order to create a career that is Somewhat sustainable well speaking of someone who is still twentysomething on years in. I think that they have to do the work. I the art I whether they're song writer or a painter. They have to work at it. You have to work at it if you want to build a following build a career in improved because you can't just do the same thing if there was a guy that painted like a red dot on a piece of white canvas and did that over and over again from his entire life he would not be amazing. But if that's one time statement that impresses people then you take that energy or that positive motion in you go forward with it and change and grow so one is always getting more education or more skilled in whatever. It is due to understand your industry which is hard. That's hard understanding whether it's a visual arts. Poetry were music understanding the industry that you are working or working to be in can be really complicated at least in my in my opinion when it comes to the music industry. I have no idea how it works anymore but I really appreciate the people in the industry who do step up and help us and give us airplay and things like that. I love them so I guess the best thing is to make the most of information so that you know what you're working with where you're working within and and just keep getting better and listen to feedback asked for constructive feedback and sometimes it's really hard to take. Negative feedback is constructive can still be negative. You can be like. Oh how could they say that right? But if you don't learn to digest that and then grow from it you stop and then beyond all that don't you have to kind of get Savvy in terms of marketing yourself and what you do. Oh yeah the Internet emotion. Yeah absolutely if you're if you're doing it all by yourself a lot you have to do your own website management and there's usually more than one Your own mark. Sharon sayles your own bookings your own management and and then if you're in the music industry than it's like videos earned their expenses that are accumulated for how long since. I was fifteen royd. So you've gone through a lot of the technical changes to having you. Yes Oh yeah I started. I I recorded by first album or tape yeah She went up seven Skylab studios. Which isn't even there anymore yet. I'm still in contact with the producer. Who did it though? He's awesome Julia and hope I said that rate does that still exist. It does and he actually kept. He kept a few of the masters and he still has the masters to it. I was kind of honored. He said there was something special. But it. But I remember being in that studio. It was the scariest experience of my life. At that point. I grew so much from it and now I love music. I love what I do. Success in the industry and whatever industry you're in is really just a mindset if you're not happy with what you get then work harder or try something different or change up a little bit but if you're happy with what you're receiving and you're happy with the direction that you're going you're going to have to maintain that positively even though there's a lot of negativity and a lot of debt when it comes to not receiving grants or not receiving funding or not having people buy your product. Has NOBODY CARES? Technology you think. Oh Yeah Yeah I do all of my own marketing I do. I mean I'm not very good at the videos but I do. I will get us all the websites I manage. It's a lot it's turned job. Yeah another of your loves is something you call quote piece of the heart and it sounds like something. We'd all love achieve. What does it mean for you to attain peace of the heart heart to explain finding that place where you can just find quiet to know yourself a little bit like really reflect inward and look at who are the life you've lived in the choices you've made with some compassion for yourself where you can go? Yeah you know what like you were growing? Then you might have made some mistakes but you're still good person. You're still doing all these great things. Let it go learning to find that inner peace with who you are in love yourself. I is important in order to be able to truly love and give back to everybody else. I find a lot of my inner peace moments are actually during music therapy sessions. I tell people all the time I get just as much out of it as everybody that I play for does and I mean I find my Solis in music absolutely for me. That's what it means. It means like learning to understand who you are. Because you're always changing and to appreciate who you are flaws and all Before we wrap today so he'll me a little bit more about music. Therapy harpist to therapeutic harpist for Dufferin County and I play for this. The residents at Duffer Oaks Shalva residents and there are a couple of other homes out of the area in Golf Fergus. And ORANGEVILLE that we've been to as well and I also play Christmas singing bowls which I recently started. I absolutely loved them. Air Incredible resonated with the people they are courts crystal bulls in scale of C that resonate at four hundred and thirty two hurts which is actually apparently I again. I haven't read all the scientific stuff on this. They resonate four hundred thirty two hertz frequency that most of ourselves resonate at And so when you are immersed the sound waves if feels like your whole body like part of you vibrates with it. And it's not shaking her convulsing. It's just an incredibly peaceful realignment almost and I find it really personally. Cleansing healing so. I find when I'm really struggling or having difficulty for whatever reason if I listened to the Bulls for I played ables. Claimed ables is much more powerful for me. At least I get up and I feel like I've literally been shaken almost but shaking it a good way. I'll just fell right out your tuning fork to your audience. That's exactly it Is there anything happening imminently? You'd like us to know about. Is there a website that people can go to to find out about What you're up to or your various initiatives and so on only upcoming events that I can think of are the day of the poets. Yes no and that's in. April is April calendar. Twenty five to be exact. If we'll type there we go so. That's actually the next event that. I will be at aside from that CD coming out. There's no date set for release but it's very soon with the end. I haven't taken it yet. How Okay. I'm literally doing the cover artwork now and we're sending it off for mastering and then back in and then after Preston once we have physical. Cd'S WE'RE GONNA do the digital release them. It's GONNA be awesome but we've worked a long hard time on his record so all original material and five more albums to make after this. It's going to be a long a long decade for me but If anybody wants to find anything they can go to so HALO DOT COM which is S. H. A. Y. L. A. Dot Co an attic. Thank you so it's been great. I strongly recommend to any listener to go to the talk and view that particular presentation. Because I think it really in capsulize what you're about who you are and what you're passionate about. Yeah and the other question you know that Ted Ted ex. I guess it's called. What was that experience like for you? How did they handle it? And did you enjoy the experience I did? I applied late and they message back and said Oh you know we'll let you know at this date will and that give you. The tools structure format the lessons access to platform. Ted Talks Platform. Y'All so you can learn how to do all this and you have multiple like check ins with your coaches. I had amazing coaches kristen. Tara and I learned a lot about how to put together an effective speech that delivers the point. That you want to deliver at the fat gets the important stuff the guts of it and then I got the opportunity to go out and do it and I was nervous. I made one mistake the day of the actual filming in the first five seconds. So it didn't matter you couldn't tell you I think you settle into quite wonderfully was just the only mistake. It was a gift cards to be given to someone who makes less than twenty thousand dollars but I had a number two hundred thousand in my head. I think people were confused. They were like why. Would you give grocery card to someone who makes two hundred thousand rain when you said that? Wow that's probably confuse it. In my head was like psychologist. Keep going keep going live audience. Yeah there's joke there's no stop and restart that yeah but it all works by the end of the day doesn't really matter how much somebody how much money somebody makes anyways if they need something they need something right so that's why it didn't matter and I was like it'll be fine. It's so we're all human. We all make mistakes and say well listen. Thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the day of the poets will talk before then for sure and thank you again for your schering's headache. You do to take care all right. The sill podcast is a connecting media production available at Sill PODCAST DOT com.

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#243:  Mark Whitman rebooks Sting vs. Hulk Hogan at Starrcade 97

The Double Dropkick Show

27:24 min | 3 years ago

#243: Mark Whitman rebooks Sting vs. Hulk Hogan at Starrcade 97

"Yellow again ever gonna lay out with championship wrestling when another big week joyless right now. Hey. Hey, welcome to the double dropkick show. I'm he's mulligan. And I'm Mark thanks for listening to our the little podcast that could it's a wrestling podcast. We talk about the wrestling you grew up with the wrestling need to watch. Now and stuff is new and DisneyWorld is we did on one of our previous episodes. Hey, what did you take his second? Go to double drop kick dot com at the top of the page. There's all the different ways to subscribe to this. Listen, I I'm a giving person. I'd hate for you to miss episode. If you subscribe on apple podcast or Google play or any of your favorite podcast apps. You can subscribe the RSS feed which would come right to Email. Listen. I'd hate for you to miss out on something that could change your life. And so yeah, I want to encourage you to do that. Also. 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You get into a private Facebook group where we post we post if in there, we don't post in our larger Facebook group. Also, if you're one dollars patriot, you get South Carolina progress on behind the scenes. Every week. Now, if you're a five dollar patron every month, you're going to get. You're getting an old pita PDF of an old wrestling magazines can't find anywhere anymore, and if your ten dollar month patron, you get all the rewards that we've we've talked about before it's all their patriots dot com slash double drop. Ten dollars a month. You're gonna get a wrestling video every month that you can't see anywhere else. If you go all the way in your fifteen dollars a month. Patriot. You get all that. Plus, you're gonna get a monthly subscription to the SOS custom wrestling networks. So lots of things to do and your support of the show allows us to eat KFC buffet. Thank you. It was it was a bit groggy to we always do. Speaking speaking, groggy, hanging out, we were talking over lunch. Just I've been reading a lot of wrestling books, and you were reading something the other day and with Bischoff and Russo and everybody's doing their podcast. Now, a lot of talk about WCW these days. You mentioned probably. The biggest match in WCW history. One of the greatest builds in history. He's the one with the Bill. The biggest don't know may be go Bergen HOGAN. Yeah. I don't know that's arguable in debatable. But but you wanted to talk about you had some thoughts on sting HOGAN stark aid ninety seven which for me. Yes. I don't know. I don't taking the business and when this happened, and so and so lift and all the effects that those four me. Yeah. That is the night. That I started to lose interest in that company. Yeah. Because I thought. That is one of the best. Logical will told story. Yes. That I ever seen interested, and it was such a great slow-burn. Yes. It was was this hot shot deal where we gotta get right to the big thing. Yeah. I year and a half they built up. Yes. Hogan and sting goes through this complete transformation. Right from the surfer guy to this. Moody, dude, hangs around up in the up in the rafters, and he's got the vulture. And it was just it was an incredible story in hulk HOGAN played the role of the he'll incredibly throughout the whole thing. Who's going to stop him? He's on he's mad with power. And now he's got a Bischoff. And he's got hauling Nash to be as muscle who's going to stop this guy. And staying was the guy was hope of of that company. And it was one of the best laid out story. That I ever me personally. I don't you know for me. I really enjoyed that story. Yeah. When you go back, then the ending badge. One HOGAN beat staying clean. Yeah. When you go back to like HOGAN, Andre wrestlemainia three it, really. It had less than three month, build you talk HOGAN sting. Talk talking July, eighteen months hard. But what? But I like that. She's unheard of like wrestling fans today couldn't let and they just kept building unveiled. And they go out on house shows and have this match. Right. He didn't do anything. They slowly Bill. It was a slow burn. But when it's a slow burn. You gotta have a bang any right? And they did. And for those of you listening just to kind of feel you on what happened. And then we'll talk about what should have happened. So what happened? They get the end of the match HOGAN drops a leg. Nick, Patrick counts. Three a normal three count, right Bret Hart. Call counts it was supposed to be a fast three canned. Yes. And that okay. I get that. But went to Nick Patrick have been this dirty referee. You sit and all that. So he does a real fast three county had they done that this one thing yet. Didn't he had a normal Kate HOGAN one? Yeah. So again, I've read different things here. Recently, one of the things that I read in nitro the book by guy Evans, which I highly recommend. I'd just finished this week was that when Bischoff and HOGAN show up to meet with sting like stains, just kind of out of it their side of is he he hit out all this time off, and he instead of showing up with, you know, ten extra pounds of muscle, and blah, blah, blah, showed up kind of doughy like you haven't been in war shirt. Yeah. And and. And and they said, mentally, he just didn't he I guess he had a lot going on personally. But he just he just wasn't all there. And they were kind of like, okay. Are we do, you know, what do we where do we go from here? And depend on who you talk to. You know, HOGAN went to Nick, Patrick and said, hey, just do regular account who who knows I've heard three sides of that story, HOGAN, HOGAN, and Patrick ain't talkin. Then will never do that to me. Right. You know, Nick, Patrick to me is heard actually that. There was some money exchange that he paid. Yeah. Did I mean, right? One of the one of the stories out there say, well, Nick, Patrick has proved throughout his career to be a competent referee. When I mean is. He three he knew his job. He could do what was asked to write Sony way. Bret Hart comes out says that was a fast count. I'm not gonna let this happening in coming off the heels of the Montreal screw job matches. Restarted staying gets HOGAN in the scorpion death lock and taps out. And staying is the champion then you get on nitro the next night. And you've built eighteen months. This one match in the year. Meet -ly getting to have a rematch, and I'm right there with you. I it just it was not good. So then I'm reading the article, and I got you know, I like the, yeah, I like the fantasy I've kind of something I enjoy. So I started thinking. If I was if I was booking that manage. How would I book the match to go? Yeah. And I think I laid out in my mind. I think you don't go more than about ten minutes. I think that. Sting is the challenger. So he's coming to the ring. I yeah. You've had a slow build. It's okay to have a hot start. Yeah. You know because you've built it them built and built. Yeah. It's time for the pale and staying was lowered from the rafters at the time. So you have staying come down from the rafters get about two inches from the Matt. We're just about the tips of his toes will touch and he stops. And he can't he hasn't go. He won't go down any further. And we switched to a camera angle where the guy who's running the controls laid on the ground at Holland Nash. You're standing there working the controllers. And now, they've got stinks suspended. The lights have been down. They come back on Hogan's already in the ring. And he attacks thing like opinion. And now instinct helpless, he can't even fight back. He's he's hung. He's hung in the air and HOGAN just proceeds to take his bad away from him. Hit him across the mid section. A couple of times. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boo. And he beats him like a steel drum. Yeah. For two minutes. Yeah. Three. Yeah. And then while he's hanging there but HOGAN reaches up takes to deal lose. Yeah. Drops it. Now, staying late in the middle of the ring. And HOGAN goes into nineteen eighty-seven HOGAN mode, and he does the entire routine. Yeah. He poses. Yeah. He cooks your. Yeah. He takes in the boo and they're booing him. But he's taking it in like their building him up like he just slammed. Andre the giant. Right. He goes to because logically. If he had just beaten staying up staying wouldn't be able to make a comeback, right? He'd beat him with a ball that. Yeah. But if he spends three or four minutes posing. Yeah. The cry. It's believable that sting could now get a little bit of recovery. Yeah. Hogan rolls him over. Hits the ropes dig leg drop. Boom. Then he jumps up, and he starts to pose again, staying turns into HOGAN. Yeah. And staying jumps up on his feet. Now. He's standing behind HOGAN HOGAN turns around God. And then they go into the sting hawking up. Yes. Like hulk HOGAN routine and he hits him with the scorpion desk drought. He puts him in the in the scorpion death lock rose him over and HOGAN taps out. And this match goes about eight minutes. It's all fluff. We paid it off quick. Yeah. And the people will go crazy because you didn't drag out, right? They didn't try to put not everything has to be a twenty five minute athletic, right? Yeah. I just don't think that now I think people will accept. Yes, you're always going to have the smart marks. Now think everything needs to be twenty minutes right flipping and flopping, but in nineteen Ninety-seven that wasn't the case right Meltzer. Would of hated it again. Okay. He would this pro. Yeah. But you just do it quick. And yeah, you pay it off quick you give the people that resolution to this long story, you've made them wait eighteen minds made them, wait, eighteen months. It's okay. To have happen quick. Yeah. And that's the yeah. And then JJ doesn't have to go out Monday and strip the tidal, you know, and staying doesn't. It's almost like a release for staying to. He can kinda he can take a breath WCW of the guys come out. They do the same thing. They pick him up on their shoulders. We got a new champion, blah, blah, blah. He'd have to change his persona, and he didn't have changes gimmick now. But he doesn't have to be isn't necessarily as dark and brooding because he overcame the force. And then you've. Put the title back. Your you? You know, a few months later, and you do it all over what if what if they had done this? What if you bring? Staying, you know, the celebrations happening in the ring Hogan's rolled out celebrations happening all the WCW is in and we're hard comes in. And it star. Kate goes off the air stinging, Bret Hart or just kinda standing there facing off and you got something and you can get HOGAN off to. Yes, you take HOGAN off a TV 'cause I can't miss you. If you go and stings, I I wanna bring credit Brit -bility back this title, and he and he starts defending the title legit defenses and leads to he's he's battling a Bret Hart. And he puts Bret Hart out, you know, you've actually wanna get the tide loan Bret Hart, but the match everybody really wants to see his, HOGAN and heart. Right. So staying overcomes Bret Hart, and that's when you bring HOGAN back, you know, March or April three or four months later, let HOGAN get over. Over on staying, and then heart can wrestle HOGAN or whatever. But yes, I think. Like even like TI show that the pa- like that that victory. It's star Cade. It should have taken the wind out of the in W O sales. And it didn't know it was like, they just went on business as usual. And then the, you know, the the sting on TV the next night beat people up and get their heat back. That's what they used to do. Right. Right. They never lost their. Yeah. In this. To me he'll needs to lose their heat. So they can get back. Can let me throw this idea out at you. Okay. Star cades over Monday nitro. Holland Nash kick HOGAN at the end w lame out lame off TV, then you have staying feud, Bret Hart. Br hard in the end their payoff match turns he'll. See I don't like that. I don't think Br harsh ever have had any association with HOGAN or Holland. No, no, no, listen. No, no, no heart turns he'll beat sting. Red and yellow HOGAN comes back comes back. He's gonna fight Bret Hart. He's gonna fight the end wwl now. And Br bring him back, you know, couple years to me that would have been logical HOGAN lost the bell and having kicked out of the W O. He was I mean, the N W wouldn't have worked without HOGAN. Right. I'm sure it would have been okay good night. Look at that. Why? I mean, it's on the outside. I don't know if you can see it good. That's hornet. Jimmy, cricket. No. It ain't Jiminy cricket. He ain't out there. Singing when you wish upon a star. You'll be saying you're going to be wishing I didn't get up in your Starwood. Speaking of stain. Hornets gonna give you this gore stinger splash, or no, no, my thing was he as almost as big as a hummingbird as man. Oh my goodness. And I'm glad that's on your side of the room hips lipid. Hip slip in this. What are we talking about? That was it. I tell you we when we discussed it. We knew this would be kinda show where that I just thought something we were talking about figured we'd record it. No. I, you know, I think that's a great idea. I not thought about the whole staying just kind of hanging there. I think that's brilliant, man. And you could even have it where Nick Patrick doesn't call for the bell while he's beaten staying with the bat. Right. And then he calls. Oh, yeah. If enough you've been around WCW still be business because you would you would have gone to the corporate people in like, y'all shit and merged with y'all should will. Really shouldn't do this will to be in twenty years. Right. We know one of the things in nitro that they talked about is when they first started talking about the merger. It was gonna AOL's stock was higher, right? Then turner. And by the time the deal was coming it had reversed. But by then it was kind of to write too late to do anything about it. But ultimately, whatever people wanna think the end of that company is because of that merger. They didn't want wrestling on their TV anymore. They had a buyer lined up. But once they pulled the TV deal the buyer back now, right? The TV do you to them for McMahon? The liquid assets were more value than the name. Right. TV the library and all that stuff. More valuable to him. But for the other guys that stuff didn't matter. Yeah. It was the TVD so one of the without it. There was no reason for them to buy one of the things they talk about a nitro is McMahon ends up getting WCW for between four and five million including the assets, plus the tape library the numbers turn that. Fusion media was gonna pay was like CCT media. But what what the guy was saying was that part of the deal part of that sixty two million was they were gonna make that back because Turner was gonna continue to sell ads for them. Right. And so he's like if you take out that part of it. We were we were only going to pay four or five minutes for the company because all that other money was going to was kind of going in. One door not the other. But I like I said, man. You and I both have read. It's a ton of we've read newsletters. We've heard shoot interviews. And you know, if there's two wrestling book, she by this year, it was should be death. The territory's in Nitra there's three wrestle books. You buy this year, the other ones should be the Brian pilgrim. But yeah. I'm reading it next. I got to pick those other two course if you listen to Bischoff now all the stuff in that is. Crap because it's for Meltzer. But but Meltzer was getting it from Bilman. Yeah. When you talk to the guy that pill moment when you when your book is based on the three people pill men was talking to then it's pretty heavy Brian. I mean, there's always a bias when you're telling the story. Always when you're telling you did right. He's tend to make yourself when you're the bad guy. You kinda don't make yourself out to be quite as it. Right. When you're the good guy. Lord have mercy years. Why you're the John Wayne of of good guys when you're telling the story, and you know, lightning in both fists come in with these Mickelson. Let's go thing. Which is. So hey, like, I said, hey, pretty pretty good episode, Mark, Sharon, his thoughts on how he would book sting and HOGAN stark aid, ninety seven very pivotal pivotal moment about right at that halfway point of HOGAN being in in WCW. And and just kind of the definitely a big misstep that affected the company for sure I don't make it missed it makes you do the subscri- makes you check out our great sponsors, it SOS, custom tease dot com. The only place to get a fish oil double dropkick show merchandise is where. You can get tickets for local wrestling shows. It's where you can get the only certified independent wrestling memory cards for John scholars owner now aka Ricky Roberts for Monday night, raw got his cards on there. They got memorabilia, some of them are signed great deal. Hey makes great stocking stuffer. What's the deal, and you may not won't talk about it here with him using the Ricky Roberts name. Are they who that or do? They he has a t-shirt coming out that says Ricky Roberts. I don't know. He he he's just always there seemed to be very protective of their stuff. And I'm just curious. He just did a podcast interview. Zane Riley started a to start a podcast called. Extra talented, and it's guys telling their stories of being extras. Oh, and he he talks about that. He doesn't really he talks about how that whole thing came about that it wasn't supposed to be him in that spot, but he had met Elias. And like Elias kind of said I out rather have this guy in this spot. And that's kind of how it worked out. And he doesn't I don't he doesn't get into the whole Ricky Roberts. She's narratives about that. I've seen him using it, and yeah, he wrestled protective. They are he wrestled as Ricky Roberts at Chester AP w couple of weeks ago. I mean, he may come up with that name. But yeah, that's when he comes into it comes down to when he talked when my Mike Mooney ham did an article about him the week after that. And he talked about hey, came from Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, well obvious. So yeah, that's I. I don't I don't we need somebody to tell us that. Rickie more. But no, but no, you said that you said that uh, you weren't sure. So I I do think I I think he did come up, and he may have with the name come up with. They may not you know. But that's you know, that they've only done a couple of episodes of that podcast. And it's it's been very interesting too. I mean, if you're interested in the view of an extra who who's going like just what goes into a Monday night raw in that. They do rehearsals and stuff like that. It was a pretty fascinating. And he talked about being on next, tea and. Things like that. You know? I don't know just everything you hear about WW. How protective they are of of stuff. Like if guys would hurt themselves by doing a show like that. Maybe these guys that know, hey, I'm probably. I think now they. No. I mean, everything's kind of out there. You know? They're not I think John is smart enough. John is smart enough to know he there's opportunities ahead of him. And so I think he's wise enough to to understand, you know, what he's gonna do when he's not gonna do any talks about you know, when he got done the Ricky Roberts like all the stuff he'd done. He never met manse and the Ricky Roberts thing they took him into the main guerrilla position like bents. Kinda gave them pound back or whatever. So that's good. He took a heck of a spine. Buster Gedeon, also. That was awesome. Yeah. It is entertaining. So, hey, that's what we need. We need to go re book the extras, I like him. I like he's a he's a good guy. Yeah. I've only met him once. But I mean, we stood in the parking lot and talk for ten minutes. Really? Really nice guy. Yeah. I got always glad to see. Our guys are guys, you know, because you feel like that when you buy shows, and you you know, you do stuff. It's just cool man to see them making it, man. I like that. Yeah. I mean when guys get opportunities, and they have they've put in the time, and they have. They understand the history, and they understand the business side of things, and they understand the hard work that they've got to do. And and the thing in the understand the reason behind the hardware, and the reason behind the hard work is people are paying their hard earned money to see and John's John's top guy man, really really cool to hang out with. So almost as cool to hang out with is you not. Oh, yeah. I mean, we're gist. What's the word? I'm looking for. I can't even find a word right now for me. I'm speechless. I cannot find an adjective that is adequate to describe what it's like, we're groggy though, man. It's after lunch. So we're going to record a few more things. But as for this episode, it's done it's in the record books Veneto. But as always for the double drop kick show, I'm heath molecule, Mark Whitman this week Lynne's. He's so long for now.

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Mason and Ireland HOUR ONE

Mason & Ireland

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Mason and Ireland HOUR ONE

"Yeah. Oh. Are you getting ready? To get your head around. The fact that your team is in the Super Bowl and three days you're going to be like whisking all I'm a little freaked out because I woke up at like four AM, and I'm like, holy I've got like stuff. Crawling around my chest and told you I took a bunch of that that what you take the emergency, right? Then I emailed my doctor and just picked up, a z pack. That's what you need. I don't even mess around. Yeah. Can you will your doctor taking Email for z pack. No, you have to go see him. No. But I can get one at the minute clinic. I mean a minute long as see my thing was I've had some of that lately. Yeah. You've a clue I couldn't go on antibiotics is I went on antibiotics when I broke my finger. Yeah. And I, but you if you haven't been on him in a while. Absolutely. Take them you'll get fine days. Yes. I gotta heavy. I am ready. Get out ahead of it. And and last night was the big extravaganza which used to be called Super Bowl media day. Yeah. Oy. Looked like a re I saw guys in some Brera Zai saw Tom Brady with a pillow with little heart on it. I swell the guy from barstool got thrown out. Oh, did they I think they were trying to get big canton Teague kicked out yet? They throw them out. I I understand it. They hate Roger Goodell. They don't get into the best parties, and they hate Roger Goodell and they've been like on his case clone, and I think that they somebody noticed them and that was it. But now now it's by the way, Mark Bernes going to join us coming up here in about fifteen minutes from Atlanta where the Rams flea in the Super Bowl Sunday at three thirty. Yep. I've been thinking about it. And you know, the Rams in the chiefs played probably the game of the year the game you were at the game. If five fifty one something fifty four fifty one. Okay. You know when the chiefs played the patriots. Yep. It was forty three. A forty New England. In other words, shootouts are now on both fronts, and boy, wouldn't it be great. If the Super Bowl turned into a shootout because both these teams appear to comfortable last year was kind of a shootout. Yeah. Thirty eight thirty five. Yeah. And even the year before was that the Atlanta one where they came came Ron. Over time. You went to T. So. Yeah. Boy, I'll tell you. I looked at the tickets. Yeah. Good crazy. Good. Good. Crazy. I'm telling you only go once you got to do it. Right. So I went on the show. So thank you very much to Kevin off in the Rams who hooked me up. But I went and looked to be connected. They're still super expensive. But right. I went and looked at what tickets in that section are going for. Yeah. Ten grand? Don't do it. Oh, no. It's no way. And how on don't you actually, I this is one of the few times? I actually believe you. I like I'd never believed when you said the few times you'd try and sell that you never leave games early. I know you leave games early Rams games. I don't know. Rams just games in general games. The Rams are leave the Lakers games at halftime. Totally caught to that. I'm a half first-half guy would actually I would of course, because I'm all about money. Yeah. I always say everyone has a price. Yeah. In this particular case, I don't think you do. I do not have I think somebody could offer you one hundred grand for your seats. And you would probably say no thought about I saw on the way. And I was like doing the math. I'm like, okay. So it's it's ten grand with the tickets. And I know, and I paid I subtract grant if you buying the cheaper price, I wound up making a whole bunch of money in the Super Bowl. But there's no way in hell. And plus you will never get seats that good. No, never and you don't wanna mess with. Arma right now. See like your Rams fan. You've been supporting your been part of the Ramle out of this whole time. The Rams karma hook you up. Good seats. You're going to be right there. And if and when they win it it'll be a memory you will as you like to say around here. Take to your grave my to your grand. Remember, I've had my heartbroken the last couple of times game seven of the World Series against Houston the Red Sox series. I was at all five of those games. Those didn't go well. So we're due for a championship. And this do you know how many times in sports history that the same two cities have met in the World Series in the Super Bowl in the same year. Like what's happening this year? We played the Red Sox World Series. Now, we're playing the patrons in the night. I'm guessing. No, none. Correct. This is the first ever that the same two cities have met in the World Series. And then four months later in the Super Bowl once we get Anthony. Davis Lakers, Celtics. All right. There's a lot to talk about with Anthony Davis. A lot of reaction to it over that over the let let me let me stand Super Bowl since we got Mark coming up. We'll roll into that. Anthony Davis stuff. What do you expect? What is your expectation of Todd Gurley? Do you think fifteen to twenty carries which would be somewhat normal? Yup. Do you expect it to be more like the championship game? When he had five carries any tag teams with C, J Anderson. I'm curious what what in your head? Are you thinking that the Rams are going to do with girly twenty-five touches either? Either carries carries touches the ball on the why why would they give him five in the championship game? And twenty five now, what's changed healthier? Something was clearly wrong. I mean before the NFC championship game, I said to McVay. All right. So what percentage healthy is Todd Gurley? He said you have to ask tot yesterday. I asked robber woods that same question. And by the way, I'm gonna ask Mark Barron. The same question what percentage healthy is Todd Gurley? And robber woods answer. Was he's absolutely ready to go. Not to me does that not indicate that he Southie. I hope so because you know, that would be some. But but here's the thing. His injury kept him out for the last three weeks of the season both in the Cowboys game. And in the saints game. Right. We got a steady dose of C, J Anderson. Why would that stop now? Okay. We'll think about it. They've had the the last two weeks he sat out. So that's two games three weeks. I think didn't you sit at the last three games. C J Anderson played last two. Okay. The last two so last two games then a buy week then the Cowboys game where he had limited touches then the NFC championship game limited touches. So he's had a chance to heal up. He said that injury was now six weeks ago. The original injury was now six weeks ago, unless it's still exists because you agree with me that there there is something. Oh, there's we are. We are being I won't use the phrase light to that's extreme. I would do exactly what the Rams are doing. If they said is if it's tiger Lee hurt, I would say, no. Because think about it in in football in particular. If you have an injury like you say, yeah, he's got a he's got a bum. Right. Knee. Yeah. Well, this real world people then the defense just zeroes in on his right smart to be cagey about it. Why would why why would we both agreed that it's something it's type of any that for whatever reason we can't figure. I mean, there's no way looking at it. There's no way that a guy with twenty all purpose. Touchdown. Scores during the course of the regular season, by the way through just fourteen games. Only sees five touches in the NFC championship game. Unless there's something wrong. There clearly has been something wrong. What I'm hoping for is that all of the time off and that this long break. Now, it's really actually if you count the week off it's eight weeks ago that he suffered that injury two months. The hope is he's gonna be ready to go and he's gonna be Todd Gurley. Now part of it is dictated by the fact that I mean, if if the patriots defense sets edges the way New Orleans did Todd Gurley is really a guy who likes to get out around the edge. He's not an up up the middle guy. And now that you've got a guy like C J Anderson who's a bowling ball who rolls right up the middle. A lot of those touches are not taken by Anderson. I think this is where the Rams diversity comes in on offense comes in handy because the book on Bill Belichick is he. Always takes away one thing like your go-to thing. Yes. If like, but what is that for the Rams? Well, like if Bill tried to take one thing away. What would he pick? Well on the Dallas game. They were in the hell on the ball right in the New Orleans game. They through the hell out of the break. I don't think the Rams have a they don't have a guy like gronk, for example. Right. That you could say all right. We're not gonna let like the saints. The the Rams defense clearly said, all right? We are not letting Michael Thomas beats. Yes, we're taking him off the borough the house out of if you were going to take someone off if you take Brandin cooks the board, then Robert woods and Josh Reynolds have a big. Yes, if you take Tyler higby off the board Gerald Evert as if you take girly off the board. Janitors and vice versa. You could target Goff and come after him. But if Gough if you come on the ball. You're on the time you run it. Yeah. That's one thing. The Rams at the best offense in the league for the first eight weeks balance. And now, I think that comes in hand. Yeah. They got a lot of balance or not and easy thing to say the saints. You could say Michael Thomas is is killing up now with the Rams there. They have no girly used to be like the thing. You would try and take away they won without girls. They won without him. And they won without him. Getting a lot of touches. All right coming up next, and Greg you say, I think. I think Mark Barron is Mark Sharon supposed to join us next. But I haven't gotten confirmation on the time next, and we'll believe. Also the same time. I believe yes. He's next Mason and Ireland ESPN we'll let into existence we are anticipated call from Rams linebacker, Mark Barron who is down in Atlanta the day after media melee, which is if you've never been to it is a media circus as I. It's a media circus here. Let's see. This is interesting. Whoa. Ge we commenced an investigation this morning upon reading the reports regarding Anthony Davis that processes ongoing one reason and on the record request for a trade by an agent or a player. Davis could be fine. I I wanna go back to this. Why Mark Barron twelve thirty. Okay. Why can't Anthony Davis say, hey, I wanna be traded without that constituting tampering. It's ridiculous. I why can't any player say whatever he wants don't we live in America, America, merica, American out. We can touch on this now that we know we're we have parents by the Anthony Davis thing I was thinking about a lot yesterday. And I read and listen to about everything my sense of it is it was podcast mania for me was me too. I listen to to Zach Lowe and Howard Beck, and Brian Windhorst and Bill Simmons. I didn't even know. I don't even I can't even name some of the people I listened to so. My sense of it is in the sense of most people that I listen to is it New Orleans has no incentive to trade him. Now that that they believe New Orleans believes that whatever offered the Lakers would make would still be there in the summer. Well, that's an interesting point. So I've been saying that Trump card in the whole thing is I'm Anthony Davis. And I will only sign an extension with the Lakers. I don't know if that spins said or not been said so far. Okay. But if he says that and Anthony Davis has an injury. He's as as I think somebody who who was on the show that said that might be a lingering injury. Maybe play won't play. Right. So what's the point of not making the deal? Now, why do you want your ex living at your how? Well, that's I don't think they're going to let him dictate when they trade him. In other words, that's what he wants. He wants to be traded to the Lakers. Now. That's obviously why he announced this weekend. There's no other reason that you why wouldn't you it? Why would you announce now does make sense? But here's the thing. Most people think Danny will be undeterred even if he announces I will only sign an extension with the Lakers because and gets them for a whole year. And you try the Paul George player, you try it. But you know, he's got the same agent as LeBron. Correct. Rich Paul is looking out for LeBron. And so that actually adds teeth to that threat and Anthony Davis just not only changed agents to Rich Paul, but just bought an eight million dollar house in Los Angeles this past offseason. And I just think there's possibility he wants to live here. So if you're the Celtics you take a tremendous risk if you put Jason Tatum in that deal to New Orleans, which makes their deal the best deal. They agree to put Tatum minute. But maybe maybe Anthony Davis comes out and says, I will only sign an extension with the Lakers. Then he doesn't put Tatum in the deal. And if he doesn't put Tatum in the deal, objectively, why is the Celtics offer better than the Lakers. I don't think it is. Well, if they don't put Jason a deal, it's not it's not better you've got to heavily protected or three heavily protected. I. Too heavily protected first round picks. And then the other one is pick in the Sacramento. The Memphis biggest top eight protected the sacrimento pick interesting if it's number one it goes to Philadelphia if it's anything else it goes to Boston. Okay. But Sacramento is going to be middle of the pack. They're going to be like thirteen fourteen. It's not great pick. And then the male cop eight protect Celtics pick is just north of twenty right? Okay. And then there's a clipper pick they're going to be north of fifteen. All right, right. That's protected north of fifteen right? So I mean in the only thing I heard is that the Memphis pick would be if it doesn't come in totally unprotected in twenty twenty one. But who knows what the world looks like in twenty twenty one or act? So there's a couple of things here. If you're the Lakers that are worth talking about. I agree. Your position is offer them everything. Right. Let them make their own to make their own trade. The cupboard is open del damps. What Alon I think? Most people agree with you. Yes. Let me play contrarian for a minute. Okay. Go right. And tell me if this is something you even consider all right? Davis announces he will only sign an extension with the Lakers. And as you put it before Rich, Paul is his agent. So this is a machine moving with parts bigger than just Anthony duress. It lebrons involved a dis involve clutches involved, then the Lakers say, we're not gonna overpay. They're not going to do your deal. The Lakers just say, look, we'll give you who we want to give you right, basically. We'll set the terms of the deal, not you. We'll give you a reasonable deal. But you can't have the whole cupboard. All right. Most people feel that the warriors are winning the title this year. No matter what are you one of those people? No matter what no no matter what. So. Anthony Davis is not a Laker this year. Don't you agree with that? Yes. Yes. Anthony davis. Not a Laker this year. No big loss because we only measure ourselves titles. Anyone right? Okay. Next year one year the Lakers don't get him. But they get somebody else this summer. They get kyri the warriors botched the clay situation. They get clay. They get another star to play with because I got the cap space. Right. Anthony Davis isn't part of this. So they got cap space now. Right. Okay. Okay. So what do they what are they gonna having caps as next year like a ridiculous amount of money? They're gonna. Max is coming summer the fort one max player and then another twenty seven million, right? Okay. So they give the one max player. Whoever it is kyri collide Durant all the guys in most people think we're not getting but you get one Kyrie is the is the latest flavor of the month kyri may want out. So you give that to Cairo retain Kyran LeBron. Okay. Right. And by the way, you know, that whole Instagram thing and the federal law, but no eight rewind, and no I d yet because you didn't off the farm then. You compete next year with kyri and LeBron and the Europe two that you get Davis for nothing. And you kept everybody you kept Lonzo and coups MMA and anger REM, and now you'd have to ship some of them out to make all the salaries were those remember what because you can you have bird rights on all those kids know, how does it work to get Anthony Davis in there? Well, you would you would either you can you can go over the cap to pay for your own guy. Right. You can't go over the cap to pay for rid of everybody. If Anthony Davis wants to sign is a free agent. And if he doesn't you go without you, see what I'm saying that that there's an order to this that makes sense to do it a different way the problem is you run into the Paul George scenario. Anthony Davis goes 'cause they're going to train them somewhere. Right. If you don't give them what they're asking for he's going somewhere else. And if he does he could fall in love Paul George did two years ago. Everybody thought. Ally was coming this different scenario. Right, but dishes is not this is not my stroke, Rich, Paul and LeBron James record straight and entertain the idea of when you call New Orleans, they say, all right. We want everything and the kitchen sink, and you just say, no, we'll give you a reasonable deal. But I would challenge the idea that you think you can get Anthony Davis under a cap after you've signed like, for example, if you signed Kyrie. And let's say that's thirty seven. Okay. Okay. So between him and LeBron you're seventy five right while you're at sixty seven next year K, but but if you sign kyri in the offseason, right K. To your at one hundred five and you can go over the cap to pay for young gun. Just what do LeBron and Kyrie cost? Just those two. Lebron is kyri thirty five. Okay. So LeBron is oh, I know where I'm not getting this. So I'm guessing it's somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy five. Okay. Yeah. It's thirty seven right. And Kyrie would be thirty five right? Yeah. Okay. Let's let's let's say seventy five in case where low okay, so seventy five just for those two guys the salary cap of one oh nine for this year. And no, no dramatic esscalation estimated to be one twelve for your follow. So then then if you wanna get the third star, whoever has Davis. Okay, because they've traded him by this point, right trade all the kids to them. Get Davidson under that deal. Writing. And then you're then your high. Nobody told me that will be mad. I don't know. But I do get the general drift of that. Yeah. So there's something to and we'll get by the way, we're going to be Mark bear next. Yep. And we'll get Michael in here at twelve forty five and we're going to watch through a bomb involving Klay Thompson to the Lakers that we will source out with Michael at twelve forty five. Super Bowl Mason, Ireland ESPN LA. Joining us right now from Atlanta a guy who's at home in the south. He started Alabama. And now he's going to start for the Rams this Sunday in the Super Bowl. Mark, barron. Online, Mark, congratulations, man, how you doing? Good. Thank you. Hey, it was curious about something you Alabama university of Alabama, of course, gets players from all over the country. They're the best football program in college football. You grew up in mobile. Did you even did you even consider going anywhere else? But Alabama or was that your dream as soon as you started playing when you were a kid. Actually. Yeah. Big consider going some other places and Alabama. It wasn't at the top of my listened. So my my crew process started, I started taking visits, and, you know, spending time with this stuff called saving in staff and just some of the players that was coming down with me, and I sent in love with. So let me ask you last night. You went through media day or media night. It looked like it was crazy circus kind of situation. What was it like for you? Oh, it was cool. It was cooled. I I it's not my first time then in a environment like that. Because I played in the two championships owes similar that probably just on a bigger scale. But it most definitely cooling something you wanna take in the pre show when you get to be a part of these Mark. I don't know a lot of Rams fans know that you were originally drafted by the buccaneers as a safe, and then you switch positions, which is very rare in the NFL you switched to linebacker. Most guys can't do it. Why do you think you were able to make a switch like that? And be so so successful at it. That is. Crazy because that was something that wouldn't even talked about when it happened. You know, our still plan B, and we had to enter that mom back in the tree. And they just wanna go still trying to find ways to give the fifth. I just do me and ended up working out on. I don't know. I couldn't say when I I mean, I'm I'm pretty strong. And I still you know, I can still move at my side. So I guess that had a lot to do it you like one more than do you like more one one more than the other? Like if they let you pick where you'd play would you play linebackers safety. They let me pick. I have the movement around doing. The one and that's used for a good part of my career of them. So like the last two or three years. So Mark, I'm all the Rams games on the season ticket holder. I love the Rams and one thing during the course of the year that happened was I saw the inability at times to stop the run. But if you go to the the game against Dallas and Zico Elliott if you go to the game against New Orleans with Mark Ingram. And now, the Kamara you really stuff them, really, really. Well, why what what changed? Honestly, I mean, we always been able to stop the mind we just weren't doing it. And that was because of lack of discipline, or, you know, you know, not trusting the guys around you'll be what's supposed to be when that's supposed to be that. Right. Not that's going on. We all need to plan for each other. And you know, we all know one face, and that is really that. We've always had the play stopped around. You know, just a matter of, you know, getting on the same page and plan for each other and trust in each other and being believe, and that's a team going to be ways supposed to be when he's supposed to be Mark. When you look at New England and you look at their offense. What makes them difficult to stop? Well, first of all you got Tom Brady one of the great one of the grades and not the great quarterback of all time. So that that that in itself is, you know, that's a creates a problem when you know, they got they got good backs, you know, versatile bags, and they got a trio back that can do, you know, many different things. So that's one thing. And then he got a good group receive. So I mean, I just got a complete offense. And all you know, you just gotta be ready for everything. Teammate, Nicole Roby, Nicole Roby Coleman who has been not been talking a lot. He's been very chatty down there in in New Orleans. Don in Atlanta, any talked about Tom and and getting older, and he's not the player that he was what what what do you think about what how Nicole is handling the week? If I ever got high field, we're gonna ride with and we seen. Scene. Everybody's I don't even know everything he said, but regardless of what he said, we're gonna out with them. And you know, we we gotta shows back. That's why we don't say that Mark that when when a teammate makes a prediction or both a little bit. The only thing you can do is get his back. Right. He's one of you. That's it. I mean, we believe we all believe it. It's not I you know, you can't go into the game question. Whether you're gonna win, and you gotta believe you're gonna land and and go out and play that way. So I mean, that's I'm going into this game that we're not going to lose thinking that we on those Mark Barron with us the great linebacker for the Rams and Mesa. I'm gonna tell you something that not even you know about Mark, Mark. Everybody knows that that when Todd Gurley got hurt. The Rams were very very thin at running back. They they went out and found C, J Anderson. He's been great Mason in high school. Mark rushed for eleven hundred yards and fifteen touchdowns. Mark. Did you ever say to Sean McVay? Hey, coach, I can go. I can do it. I can pull a Dion Sanders and go both ways did you ever. You know, what what I used to be on that? But you know, this job in dental manager. So I've been trying to focus on. Get back to myself and being able to do what I needed to do it my position. But usually, you know, if I'll feeling good, and and you know, I might be walking around fans something like that. But not not a lot. David on a great job. Well, even I've been reading a lot about Tom Brady uses his is a lot in the passing game. Does describe for just the average Joe fan. What that means? You were going to. But the whole the covers I'm on my baby. Trick on you know, with any type of disguise policy right through it. Another way uses is is only you when you off as on on defendant. You know, you could be looking one way planning to go the other way, you know, there's a lot of he plays one of the smartest way than a game. So, you know, I it's all type of thing you can do that size. I find for because a lot of defense looking right at his eyes and stuff. I keep you know, he can do a lot with his is if he's not enough, basically he's looking off for Cevers. Looking defended not looking receives looking after fenders. Yeah. Mark. Mark Barron is our guest linebacker for the Rams he'll play in the Super Bowl Sunday. Mark. You guys have had a lot of outs this year. They've had shootouts this year. Obviously you want the scored estate down. But is that what you intimidated you -ticipant? Both teams are going to try and throw a lot in this game. I feel that if they can get running game going outside run the ball and they came in the ball, and they don't have to go to the game. But I'm definitely not expecting the suit. I because family setting the suit out. I mean, I'm expecting play. Well, and I'm more definitely not expecting that. So and I'm talking about defensively almost ever not expecting. That's I'm not expecting out it all all right? Hey, listen, Mark. I will be there on Sunday. I can't wait for the game Gannon. We are so psyched for this. Thank you very much for coming on. And have a great week of preparation will see on Sunday. All right. There's Mark Barron. And boy, he's an interesting guy because he used to play safety in this particular game, you can use them to cover gronk, right? He's fast enough to cover tight ends. And he's big enough to tackle gronk and Wade likes those sort of hybrid kind of guys with Cory Littleton. The same kind of player that gives you that kind of Multidimensionality. I just made up that word multidimensional. Sure, it is do we could play word not a word again. You're always coming up with word. Hey, hey, hey, hey, it's Mason in Ireland and Michael Thompson just walked in never Michael's microphone. I never asked for Greg to get me a Cup of coffee. I'm a little running behind John Arlington a little under the weather, Michael drink coffee. If you're sick, you drink tea, you kidding me. I gotta be this for three hours. He does have caffeine. I matter of fact, I've been drinking a lot of the games because fighting something, and then I go home go to sleep, right. Yeah. You off Mike. How many did you not notice? I drink like seven cups of tea the last game. I drink a gallon the coffee fall right to sleep one. The way hole. Let's let's test that tesla. The new Tesla's have self driving feature in somebody told me the story the other day that a guy put it on and he fell asleep, and he was driving on the freeway and a policeman psalm and the only way they could pull them over was they surrounded him with police cars to slow the car down. They slowed him to stop and then they arrested. Well, okay. So can I ask you, then do you now understand autonomous driving? You now understand that some day. You will not have to drive their own car. I never do that. With you, Michael. I'm not I'm gonna let Mason try it for two years before. And by the way. At first when you call over bam. Going to just sit back in the car and just that guy. Drove all the way home without. Totally Christ it so the big the big story is Anthony Davis has demanded a tree forget about it. What do you mean? I got some bad news. You know, how y'all ins how everybody has these alternate jerseys. Yes. And you know, the how y'all is has that. Right. What does that mean? Nola nola. This is the one that going to unveil tonight. No LA why they'll turn into the Lakers. No, I don't think. So I think the pelicans going to be no elements, you just describing no apostrophe Ellie of exhibition. We're going to do that tonight. Yeah. I really. I think I think the public is going to be so stubborn over this sound like how the thunder were about. Kevin durant? All right. We'll we'll wait. We'll wait. We'll wait it out. The only way that AD is going to go where he wants to go. So if you and I can't say which team because your employees of certain teams, but the only way he's going to get where he wants to go where his mind set Mace. He's gotta turn into a jerk. Okay. We'll wait, wait. Let's let's just go back because I remember, I don't know month or so ago, I said what Anthony Davis needs to do is to demand a trait. He did that already. He's done that requested. Why do we assume? And by the way, Anthony Davis doesn't have to be a jerk. All has to be kind of has to step up to not in public. But in private rich. Paul just have is go Anthony's gotta go to not so much to to to management says look you can trade me to Timbuktu, I ain't signing near okay? Betta semi to where I want to go. You know, how Mary network like puppets right wing was who is holding the Mary Annette the would at the top. Isn't it? Anthony, Paul Nitz Rich, Paul Rich Paul and by the way, when it's Rich Paul. It's LeBron now Michael Hill's drawn is is pulling. The thing about your theory. Let's play it out. Let's say that Rich Paul says to New Orleans. AD will only sign an LA. That's it. Yeah. Multiple reports Dany wouldn't care. He would trade form anyway and the. Tatum. What I think he might do is then refused to potato in the deal. And if he refuses to put Tatum in the deal, I think the Lakers deal is as good as anybody and that you're drink, but I do want, Michael here's one thing. I do agree with you about I do not think after listening to fifteen people talk about this. I do not think that Anthony Davis will be traded in the next nine days, which is which is being stubborn by New Orleans. Right. I think that there's too that. There's too many things that new warlanes feels would play in their favor if they wait. Let's first what number one they get Boston in the in the mix, but they get forty Forty-six ideal. So Michael if I'm right, and they do not trade him the next nine days. Do you? Let him play. Yes. To just get out. Why? Because Davis wanna play for team. Yeah. He doesn't have to twenty rocket marketability anymore value. Why not pull a Levy on belt? I just don't think that would look good. So at this point if your employer will not so I've been in the spot. Yeah. Mason got the blue flu, right? I got the blue flu stop coming to work. I said my I mean, as my agent said, your your hair hurts your teeth, it you can't come into work. You know, what alternately I was able to pull the trick. And I was able to get what I wanted to in this particular scenario, I'll be Rich Paul be UB. Dell. Dell. Anthony wants traded. Well, that's nice. But we don't want to trade him. Okay. We are going to make things very difficult for you. I don't think you will because that's not Anthony's makeup. No. But it's my makeup. I'm not worried about you know, it's my makeup. I'm the one that's going to make life difficult. And I'm not afraid I'm not afraid to I'm agent, and I'm going to make life difficult for you. And I am going to struct Anthony not to play. I don't think we'll do that. I'm going to I am as agent. I am going to instruct him not to play except my premise, I'm going to start light. But that's not the Anthony Davis. I know he's too much of a competitor respect for his team. The Anthony Davis, you know, wasn't ever going to request to trade, and he's already done that. Why do you? Yeah. It's it is a situation where the pelicans control the pelicans control it and his left the room for some reason. Oh, because he couldn't ago she ate with Rich Paul. Yeah. He couldn't associate with Rich Paul what what Anthony Davis to needs to do is to be very definitive here. He needs to say, the only place I will play is the Lakers, right? We change it ended up stored. But it's it's it's just like like anything else the pelicans control it. And and does Anthony Davis not control it because I can't you do what I just said. Because the I if if I'm the pelicans, it's I control in for the rest of this year. And all I'm not playing the rest of the year. Okay. Players wouldn't do that. You can't do that. No, no. By the way, my finger may fingers are all messed up. I don't wanna risk screwing up my face. Here's what I would say to you. If I can jump in. You're not gonna play the rest here. Okay. We know what Anthony's value is in the market. Don't take it from here. That's great. Well, we're only playing for the Lakers. And that's the okay place. We're going to sign a long term extension and don't think we're gonna get comfortable somewhere else. I'm going to play with LeBron period. Okay. We've got it. You've got. Yeah. Okay. Good of luck. Best of luck. Finding someone else to take me. Okay. No players going to do that. Because people even suggest in Zion. Williamson should quit. Playing this year because he's basically if I was I William absolutely do that. Do that picking the draft. Why am I going to risk everything playing the eight see? Okay, hold that thought. And we'll get into the clay thing. Coming up next, Mason and Ireland ESPN LA.

Anthony Davis Rams Lakers Rams Paul Rich Paul LeBron James Mark Barron New Orleans Mark Atlanta Mason Todd Gurley J Anderson Tom Brady Kevin durant Michael Celtics Paul Nitz Rich
Retraction Pro Wrestling!

Wrestling With FanBoy Mark Jabroni's Ring Rust

2:02:04 hr | 9 months ago

Retraction Pro Wrestling!

"The fans hurt full of he bought hurts. Cries and a dark shadow falls over this troll from the ashes of a once. Great fandom has risen. i mean an. Ll that must be like we look to the airways vindicator someone to strike fear in the dark basement of the parents who created him. The battle between fan and smart has begun with a head on his shoulders stands the smart fan a speaker of truths with a voice of silence and a radio show of justice. This ring rush Make the way. This is the way i life. Since since work komo lisbet expensive government. Downs risk zayd wolf rumbold theme song for this year's royal rumble. You're listening to wrestling with bamboo. Mercury rone's ring rust on paramedic via various. You know podcasts distribution stuff anyway like i tunes iheartradio stitcher whatever so before we get into the royal rumble pay for review. It's time to do a quick check in with retraction pro wrestling last week for the three way dance off. I mentioned that my friend. Mike who was the subject basically of last week through it and stuff was at one point in charge of revolution pro wrestling in actuality i meant republic pro wrestling 'cause revolution pro wrestling is out of the uk. And as far as i know he's never been to the uk not that you know necessarily automatically says he wasn't the head of it because he's never been there but you know not that that's the reasoning that he wasn't in charge of it but i for jasper mistake and i will endeavour to make his few of them as possible in future which means i'll probably end up making more royal rumble. Took place january thirty first and was broadcast. Wb thunderdome hosted at tropicana field in saint petersburg florida during the royal rumble. Kickoff prepo queen's regiment raw women's champion oscar and charlotte flair defended the. Wb women's tag team championships. Against fighting from underneath. Nyah jackson queen of spades shannon baseler journal match. Wb hall of famer. Anita roy rick. Flair came out with lacey evans to distract his daughter. Continuing that story line going on on raw as the queen applied to figure eight leg. Lock on besar. Evans broke it up. The climax lacy performed a women's rights on charlotte. After which jack performed a leg drop on her to regain the title thus niagara and shayna became record-tying two-time champions both as a team and individually so unfortunately that also meant that oscar ended up losing the women's tag team titles so as i mentioned last week and as i mentioned on a semi basis here on ring rust whenever i have to celebrate something for oscar. I placing guns and roses because someone asked her a number of years ago on twitter. Who were favor band was and she said guns and roses. Conversely though every time i have to commiserate some loss for oscar not just any loss or any win but like a title usually or something big to celebrate or commiserate. I also plays and guns and roses so kim Nine a down. Oh seem like show consider making the donation dot com slash again. Skept a with my little girl take on the same day on the days when they have edit Cuisine you call standpoint breaking the law Shonda hopkins right here in sunny saint. John's newfoundland who just actually just recently moved to saint. John's actually. I meant to say newfoundland. But she's just recently moved as though grown and gone away from her album. Rewind it before that's guns n. Roses rocket queen from appetite for destruction. You're listening to wrestling with have more mercury honors during rust on automatic and via various other podcast distributing media the actual pay per view opened with drew mcintyre defending the wb championship against wwe hall of famer. Bill goldberg for match. Could officially begin mcintyre attacked goldberg with a glasgow kiss spear knock into challenger lowering all whisker biscuit retarded by performing a spear onto champion through the barricade goldberg to the ring after mcintyre also managed to join him there. The match officially began drew formed. A claymore kicks on bill for a near fall. Goldberg performed to spears mcintyre also four near fall then performed a jackhammer also a near fall as the wb hall of famer attempted another speier to former chosen one avoided and performed a second in more kick to retain the title following the match. Goldberg rose to his feet. Endorsed mcintyre by shaking his hand. Declaring net mcintyre pass the test after which mcintyre and goldberg embraced so. Pass the test. Okay of test of goldberg. I suppose i don't know maybe just a test to see who's next sovereign youtube actually because that was one of the songs i didn't as one of the wrestlers theme songs. I didn't have so what i did was. I went to youtube search for bill goldberg theme song. Like you would. And i found a epic mix of his theme song by jd spears so and A rock is cook your listening to wrestling with fan. Mercury rone's ring. Rust says available lab bottom any and all major podcast sources A stood up back. Again a i am took a a our lady. Peace whatever from wwf forceable entry for someone who's worn a couple of royal rumbles himself -gratulations. I guess to read acted and jd spears with invasion. Who's next from youtube. You're listening to wrestling pablo marks. You rone's rust on paramedic and via various podcasting sharing media next for to royal rumble. Sasha banks offended the smackdown women ship ship against carmella ella ella accompanied by her simona. Original during a match as banks through carmelo out of the ring original qatar sasha then performed a hit so those takeover and a forearm on reginald referee re ejected somali from ringside and in the end the champion applied to bank statement to challenger forcing her tap thus retaining title more importantly than that apparently was a bad bunny. Perform his song booker. T. with the wb hall of famer themself. Making an appearance so that i don't think that was actually him standing there because he wasn't moving. I guess he does like a hologram. I suppose i. I don't know i couldn't drive. He didn't look like he was moving anyway. He didn't look like he was moving. Far as i could tell anyway. He wasn't moving but at any rate so in case you missed it during the royal rumble. Talk on a percents god. It's the thing. God more talks linked the who kiss. We take more after to see some did gumbo. The more luck at me premier. Go head on a young now. You're going to die. The cleveland the temple. I know less them running more. Don thank touch breaking rules. God come on thousand could you talk to larry pagoda. Ask slamming risley newsradio on its back. Thousand two you're listening to wrestling with fan boomers rone's ring rust available laugh hotta medic and all major podcast sources Thanks gabe fake back. Bad gedi at war said a the wrong Go go from album. Nothing's more with no. Hey pat on. And before that money with booker t from his album. El ultimo torre. Del mundo. I sorry if i see an end that a little bit too much. You are listening to Wrestling fan board Rone's ring rust on paramedic and very lower podcast sharing media like i tunes. I heart radio stitcher sir. Another one in there too. I think there's another one in there. S what she said. Nick was the actual women's royal rumble match bayley and returning. Naomi entered the match for a second back. A bel air was the third and doodoo their ongoing rivalry. She immediately attempted to eliminate bailey however the role model avoided elimination instead of participating in a match. Billy kay who is number four would join to ringside announcers for commentary k. Would attempt to team up with. Nfc chassis blackheart. Who came in number fall. She obeys or number six annex. Tony storm at number seven to take on the other participants in the match. All with equally hilarious results. I think especially tony. Storms billy. Que did get punched in the in the In the head shot which amusingly caused her to fall down unconscious for a little bit so she got punched in the photograph. Active blake she got punched in the actual face anyway k. Eventually teamed up with guests entrance. Jillian hall came in at number eight and k officially entered the match however later on in nashville eventually turned on jillian eliminator. Shortly thereafter k. Was also eliminated midway through the bachelor. Lacey evans whose number eighteen entered imagine and accompanied by rick flair while wearing flares signature. Robe entered him to talk charlotte flair and they come in number fifteen immediately after early. She fox came in at number twenty one. Twenty four seven champion. R truth entered a match thinking that the match was a twenty four seven title defense. The title challengers appeared and ran after him who himself ran into the ring as a champion. Fended them off fox pin truth to into twenty four seven title mandy rose at number twenty two limited fox after which truth pin parasite during to regain to twenty four seven title. Carmella came in at number twenty four. I'm sorry as the numbers aren't really took us from wikipedia. Didn't really realize it wasn't going to say then. This person came in. This person came in nikki cross. Who was number. Twenty attempted to eliminate her however original caught camera thus saving her from elimination after carmelo than limited cross to me. Now who's number twenty five attacked reginald who into carmela thus causing her elimination inadvertently alexa bliss. Who was number. Twenty seven entered the match and attempted to transform into her ultra ego controlled by the fiend. Very white however rare ripley. Who's in at number. Fourteen eliminated bliss. A rare would also eliminate seven other opponents. The final four were flare ripley belair. And tell you came in at number thirty after nettie was quickly eliminated belair and ripley team together and limited flair in the end after a back and forth battle which actually looked to me like it was a rather nice little singles match much like A similar match would be in impact wrestling. they'll have a battle royal and then the last two competitors would have a singles match. But i mean just they will. They were wrestler front outrageously each other. Which was you know a rather refreshing thing to say so in the end after a back and forth battle belair eliminated ripley to win the match and earned herself a women's championship match at wrestlemania. Thirty seven belair would also become the second wrestler to win the match as a third entrance. After rick flair nineteen eighty-two following the match an elated bianco was interviewed where. She stated that she did it. -gratulations bianca bel air. Hopefully you will I'm not sure does she. Is she automatically only like at one point in time when it would. When they weren't too rosters. I think was to rosters at the time back on the subject actually of crispin wall because he had a choice when he won the royal rumble of facing and so two batista actually facing either raw champion or smackdown champion. So you know. If they were smackdown in evolution will rule both shows and he ultimately of course shows raw because drip relate to his dhiraj champion and he had the thing for tribulation anyway and of course crispin wall had a similar choice and made similar choice and in shawn michaels edited. Imagine i later saw shortly after kris ben wa did what he did in a magazine compiling. Basically all of the information of pass. Romania's it showed that resume twenty chirp relate. You lost the world heavyweight championship in a triple threat. Match that also featured shawn michaels. I've never seen someone go so far away. Did not name somebody. But i guess justifiably in this particular case so i guess We'll see when she gets to her title match or we're going to just have to watch your shine. I will never hit me in the way better than before law you were against the while the pressure is building but no they hit me off. The bed have been before against the the person building never off. They hit me in bed them before two against the wow album. They hear me roar in the bed. Better them before sleep. It's not against the while. The pressure is building no album. They hit me in what way better than before against the wall. The person i never hit me in the bed of them laura needed. You were leading wrestling news radio dry since two thousand two. You're listening to wrestling with fan. Bloomberg's rone's ring rest available lab parliamentary and all major podcast sources a A is trees. That's a a way us makes motion device from their new album four with marianne and before that searfoss with watch me shine for bianca belair. You're listening to rustling. Which fan boomers veroni during arrest on Paramedic and Via various streaming podcast and download things so independent went match. Oh the royal rumble. Roman reigns accompanied by paul. Heyman defended the mcdown universal championship. Against kevin owens in a last man standing match at the start of the match. Rains formed a superman punch on only for the challenger to rice feet. Then he countered a spear into a power power rahm however the champion rosaries feet at four made way the two fought at ringside where roman viciously attacked kevin with steel steps. Rains in through owens through an announce table from the led boards of the thunderdome arena. Kevon and roman fought backstage where the champion drove a golf cart into the challenger. Owens in performed a anton bomb rains off a forklift indian. Handcuffed the champion to a lighting trellis able to get to his feet and avoid. Losing rains incapacitated the referee by shoving him into the trellis. Paul heyman then appeared and successfully freed roman in the climax champion applaud the guillotine choke on to show challenger incapacitating him. Owens could not rise his feet by the catan and thus reigns retained the title so it was gaza interesting match. I was unable to watch a lot of the royal rumble because my cat. Blackie was sleeping on my laptop. And i was trying to watch it on my laptop so i was just enjoying watching her sleeping and listening to rumble so sounded like it was a hard hitting match at some point. She didn't get up and go eat or something or go user litter pan or whatever and i was able to watch some of it then but anyway no big deal not like. I'm really complaining. I enjoyed watching her as much as i expected. I do enjoy watching. Neural so mike lee and a big the slots of sex guy with tire way. Guys just doesn't care along with a lot of glass and will kick your a stressed the black man back giwa with a sweet folks and to were who else well plugged. The late guy is not that bad man tattoos or old man car and raise this store. O de don't you man. He's dressed like princeton guard. Romo's around quest cars were sort of i and basis for four puts out sound You're listening to wrestling with spangler mercury ring rigorous available lap automatic and all major podcast sources. Don't keep me away away away away. Talk wait a. He's one of the make is only me and you so do those things you know. You're feeling bad. Feeling looking guy patients away. We thought you make me rano replaced. No no way thanked me. You can't say feel now maybe airline on the round hole logical me so keep a movie like a mall to the flame at a frame. The deborah gore saying much are below. Make you want to scream and keep you every time you want to pay to. You take a play on my end. No really wanna right now. Roman now okay. I don't think we can. Do you make a craze rano. Replace i make already you. Can't the rain replay way. No baby i can't take no mar a no way. I can't ignore go. Come make money at the store. No way no. He can't take no more nate. Do said mac. Eleven from right here in sunny saint. John's newfoundland with no longer and before that lien with roman reigns like me on facebook. Tiny dot com slash ray rust. Follow me on twitter. At mark you rummy and subscribe to jabber -nology tv youtube dot com slash fan boy Bony bring russian presents macho while urinating randy savage easily capable of welding titanium and the macho man one soon. The houghton mifflin textile company when it became apparent that their account of the more of eighteen twelve was plagiarized from his autobiography. Got her i. Thank y'all by capone and rock. Happy that coming up like this one. The with mike and his fist with a path of miami. Now everybody's gonna the days about order brand new rat race cook Found out by then automatic battery than to get will make tough one at four. My greatest co everybody would have. It became dr crumbled. The other directed the party can end up on yard. You'll need that. Let's get your the cuckmere that out and have the we turn it out. Were allowed to battle playboy when they hear my voice. Start to get it on weei contam- all night only Dipped uh-huh seem mike. Show bitter making the donation adriaan dot com slash talk. And i'm for gone to ask. Ah man seemed dream. Oh you don composer. In this spanish scott charlie acorn from his album. Come on over with different. Kinda lose and before that this week's macho fact your listening to wrestling with federal mercury rony during rust right here on potter medic and by other podcasts distributing methods like stitcher an iheartradio and i tunes and stuff like that in the main of aymen's royal rumble match was contested. Wb hall of famer edge and randy. Orton started to match the first and second entrance respectively. The two fought at ringside before the match officially began. They eventually fought in rang. Starting the boat borden along the semi zane who was number three and mustafa lee whose number four began to triple team edge. But however the rated r superstar fought them off and performed a spear on orton who roll out of the ring under the bottom rope thus of course not being eliminated edge. Followed orton soon. After and to continue to brawl at ringside in his first appeared since two thousand ten. Two free agent carlito made a surprise return at number eight however he was eliminated by elias. Who was number thirteen and exceeds damian priest whose number fourteen then eliminated allies. At this point it was shown that medical personnel tended to orton. Backstage edge ahead returned to the ring. Soon after that due to bad bunny rejecting to mrs offer in a backstage segment earlier the ms number fifteen proceeded to destroy bad bunnies dj equipment on stage then celebrated with his tag team partner. John morrison who was number eleven. An ira bad bunny. Then came out distracting miz and morrison who were limited by freest. Bad buddy then performed a cross body on miz and morrison because sure kane who was number eighteen made his surprise return only for priests who eliminated him later in the match and his first official match since two thousand fourteen christian of the also. Wb hall of famer and coming in at number twenty five made a surprise return entering action. Seth rollins at number twenty nine and braun strowman at number thirty then returned after their respective hide. This eight high anyway. The final five were edge christian rollins. Stroman and orton. Orton did not return at this point. Owing to a knee injury earlier rollins convinced stroman to work together and eliminate edge and christian however braun turned on seth soon. After as stroman tie tried to eliminate christian assisted his storyline brother slash longtime best friend and both would eliminate the monster among men. The rated r superstar soon eliminated monday night. Messiah thereafter and in the climax. The alleged killer returned to the match and attempted to eliminate edge however the wb hall of famer countered unlimited orton to win a match for a second time and earning himself a championship. Match at wrestlemania. Thirty seven so what rosters heat on whichever australia's on. Maybe it'll be the same thing as like. I said with name redacted from history that the oh he had you'll have a choice of which champion he goes for and he will or won't i guess anyway either way though. Let celebrate edges victory showy. You'd think you know me musical early. Awesome doc soup. John woah way off off slaving wrestling newsradio on his back. Since two thousand two. You're listening to wrestling with ben boomers. Rone's ring rust available lab potty and all major podcast sources ch and on by your fingernails. Not place takes outs to sin lose. Interest alabama. Took only stern two thousand needs took shakespeare's sister. I can drive from your album number three and before that alter bridge with meddling guests from their album. One day remains for wb hall of famer edge. You're listening to wrestling with trademarks. You ronnie during rest right here on paramedic and by other podcast sharing media so turning from to paper review of royal rumble. Let's turn to the pre preview of no surrender which will take place on february thirteenth at the skyway studios in nashville tennessee. I'm review i'm pre- previewing it a week early because otherwise is today after ring. Rust originally airs and is posted to paramedic. So i prefer to give people some time to listen to it and malloy over what. I'm but talk about at hard to kill awa world champion. Kenny omega impact world. Tag team champions two good brothers doc. Gallows and carol. Anderson defeated impact world champion rich. Swann chris sabin and moose in a six man tag match on january episode of impact. The good brothers celebrated their victory and said that they would remain tainting champions for a while there were then interrupted by sabin who claimed that him and alex shelley who form the motor city machine. Guns never lost the titles into four tag team match at bound for glory as they were never pinned gallo said he would offer them a rematch. But didn't but didn't a-. Shelly was due to unfortunate circumstances. Which led to james storm. Who teamed up with saving earlier to come to the ring and storm was talking. They were interrupted by eighty w reformers matt hardy and private party isaiah cassidy and mark quinn. Who challenged the good brothers title match. They replied by challenging him to face sabin and storm to determine a mode contender for their titles. Which hardy accepted later on the same episode private party defeated sabin and storm to become number one contenders for the titles. Impact later confirmed that the good brothers would defended the impact world tag team titles against private party at no surrender. So that's gonna be a very interesting match. Adam enlighten the inter promotional stuff. They're doing between all of the wrestling and impact wrestling. Hopefully it's going to continue playing out well and you know everyone gets along and no one's going to look at the other shoe them away and say this is a private party status the club but the girls. That's you can hate you. want instead. stuff came on. He'd never got that what we kicking the doors on the take down. What wouldn't we did and know. That's all you ready thinking what what's who would you think that she knew. Better give ready leading wrestling. Newsradio draw since two thousand two. You're listening to wrestling with fan boy. Mercury rone's ring rust available via automatic. And all major podcast sources palm wouldn't thanks patch Way you want. Was this way skin tequila rocking birds from their album drowning. A moment of enlightenment from right here in sunny saint. John's for land with shoot me and before that swamp with this is a private party for private party in wrestling. You're listening to wrestling with fan boy. Mark sharon during rest right here. In paramedic and virus podcast sharing sources like iheartradio when stitcher and i tunes and so now stanford this week. Three way dance off won't go to tonight's and we have a capacity crowd on hand. This channel of the millennium period fifth marks the birthday of one of my all time favorite knockouts madison rain hose mentioning earlier. She recently announced her retirement from active competition but will forever hold a place in my heart as one of the truly beautiful people and i'll be celebrating her with three of her themes on that. She's used in three Oh drennan clothesline. Back damon walberg courage from her time as actually rain into may young classic before that attitude really invention from her time in ring of honor which is a particularly pleasant memory. For me is who's automated ring. She saw somebody at ringside. I don't know if someone she knew or someone who is looking to get a retention. Who's just fan. But she'd like started running towards the first and with their arms wide open grid excited expression on her face just before she got the purse she from them and ran into the ring. So that's madison rain. I think in a nutshell as performer and as a person and before that dale oliver killer queen for of course Impact wrestling your listening to wrestling. But fumble mercury ronnie during rust reading here pot medic and by various podcast sharing sources at hard to kill exhibition. Champion tjp manic. Persona defeated. Chris and hitler jude retain his title on january. Nineteenth episode of impact raju confronted impact. Executive vice presidents got more about wanting a match with. Tjp that he got but left before damore told tgv that it was going to be non title on every second episode row heat defeated tjp net non title match with help from returning dizzy. His squad ally mobley shera. It was later announced that. Tjp would defend his title against rozier. Raise you at no surrender so even exhibition title match. So it'll be interesting to see. Usually you know me if you listen to my show for picked length of time you'll notice i usually side with the. I usually take side of the champion defending a lot. Easier for a champion to defend the title then for a challenge to win it. It's well on on a lot but as noticeably easier because champion can get disqualified or counted out or whatever they'll retain their title after our tar helium slightly whiplash. But you know he is a champion so we chose to. He could go that route. So usually i do side with champion defending and that's what i'm going to do at a little bit more Career seem like show very consider making the donating adriaan dot com slash burned. Been third talk. Show confusing blast way. Chrissy hemi from her album generation. Ko with wanting you and of course kristie hemi was one of the six knockouts in the knockouts roundtable but recently posted to impact wrestling dot com including velvet sky impact hall of famer. Gail kim odbc. Who's making her presence known. Once again in the impact wrestling brooke tests bacher and angelina. Love who i assume has got some nice pleasant things to say about her former beautiful people. Compatriot friend sister wherever they call each other madison rain. Who just recently answer retirement. And before that i was talking about song was night before that dale all of our with a little bit more for impact division champion. Tjp you're listening to wrestling fan barbecue. Rony hearing rest on paramedic via various podcasts distribution sources so the third and final. My sixty have announced for no surrender. Coarser is another week to have another episode of impact. Soto probably just throw some matches in there. I don't know if they have a kickoff. Like wbz does and throw matching their on the january twenty sixth episode of impact world champion rich. Swann offered tommy dreamer a title match at no surrender in recognition for all the help that the innovator violence gave him in his career and affect the event falls on dreamers fiftieth birthday tommy would accept and match was made officially four or no surrender. So it's going to be a feel good match dudley. Do right versus dudley. Do right who else. What other hero could we put in. Dudley do right verses captain america i guess i don't know but which one is which i suppose while i suppose rich. Swann could be the new captain america wink. Let's hope and people who are the people were complaining incessantly about the fact that you know the royal rumble which i was just talking about earlier in the show has so many older people in it and had lake three three hall of famers performing which you know they are athletically able to perform unlike you complainers. Who aren't able to get up and do anything. Let alone wrestling specifically You choose asleep with dogs by complaining on internet. You're gonna wake up with fleas of people turning around and saying you know when you point finger at people you got three more pointing back at you or something else is is that. Let's hope that those people don't think they're still in that really bad dream that they had from the royal rumble. Talk a a Like me on. Facebook tiny l. dot com slash rust. Follow me on twitter. At marci rony and subscribe to jabber -nology tv youtube dot com slash fan boy matrimony fire not. You used to desire wherever you walk through the door any recent agitation last time tonight stop. The pratt says the would care landscape you the last time. Hey jude. don't talk to me minute. And there's mrs the last time maybe what pay. Hey hold up. Have you got the key. of course i do. The same hotel key duh all right. Then let's go. Wait wait wait wait for what. What about the song. What song this song are we going to finish it. Oh oh yeah. The saw jeez. Let's do one two three all right. Let's get the car. i don't have a car. I thought you brought a car. I didn't bring a car here. You got any money why that always need has to have to feed in a heartbeat. Let's walk too far away to walk. Get out your phone. Colon uber not calling up your phone and deborah power or last time. I'm loving you from her album. That's how i roll lovely canadian last stone some nice blues. If you like what you heard just air go check her out. I invite you to and before that. Jim johnson from tommy dreamers time and e wwe. Or w w w however you wanna say with badge dream That's it for another show keys to check me out on. Facebook can keep track of all the news that's right on the mark from around ringside to the latest concerts. See you have two shows later days Wake blog talk. Should know the foot of the republic triple witching down the fall back at the foot of would go to give which john not gonna kill them with four. Learn from abroad

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Getting A Handle On Portable C Extensions With hpy

The Python Podcast.__init__

35:14 min | 1 year ago

Getting A Handle On Portable C Extensions With hpy

"The label hello and welcome to podcast. The podcast about Python and the people who make great when you're ready to launch your next APP or want to try a project to hear about on the show you need somewhere to play it so take a look at our friends over at Leonard. The two hundred gigabit in private networking node balancers. A forty gigabit public network fast. Object Storage and a brand new managed coober netease platform all controlled by a convenient. Api you've got everything you need to scale up and for your tasks that need fast computations such as training machine learning models are running your CI and CD pipelines. They've got dedicated CPU GP. Instances could a python PODCAST DOT com slash? Leonod that's L. I. N. O. D. E. Today to get a twenty dollar credit launch a new server and under a minute and don't forget to thank them for their continued support of this show as a developer. Maintaining a state of flow is key to your productivity. Don't let something as simple as the wrong function. Ruin your day. Kite is the smartest completions engine available for python featuring machine learning model trained by the brightest stars of get hub featuring ranked suggestion sorted by relevance offering up to full lines of Code and Program Co pilot that offers up the documentation. You need when you need it. Get Kite for free today. At get kite. Dot Com with integrations for top editors including Adam. Vs Code Pie Charm Spider them and sublime. And you listen to this show to learn and stay up to date with the ways that python is being used including the latest and machine learning and data analysis for even more opportunities to meet listen and learn from your peers. You don't want to miss atom this year's conference season we have partnered with organizations such as Riley Media Tornado global intelligence od SC and data council. Upcoming events include Pike on. Us in Pittsburgh good a python podcast dot com slash conferences to learn more about these and other events and take advantage of our partner discounts to save money when you register today. Your host is usual is Tobias macy and today interviewing Antonio Kuni about H. Pie a project aiming to re imagine the see API for Python so Antonio can you start by introducing yourself? Yes everyone I am. Anthony Cooney IANNA mostly known bite on community because of my work. Owner Vajpai have been cordoned off by by seems thousand Sikhs and. Do you remember how you first got introduced. A Python was longtime ago. I think it was done in one just before they joined the university was lurking on. The Italian CPOS newsgroup and there was a guy had steady with very well known in the fight them community as well kept writing about. It's a wonderful Biden. Soleil maybe to try and so now you're working on this project which I understand is at least partially motivated by some of the pains that you felt as a maintain her of Pie. So I'm wondering if you can just give a bit of an overview about what h is and how it got started right you gotta correct so by one of the most fateful blowing. The fight by is leading the extensions. Most of these extensions Florida in the fight. The war are written anything the CPI CPI and in the Boston yards. We buy buy Of been trying to support all of these extension pie but they painful end is low and Gobert Because this API is too tight to the sepia tone internals. And so after years in the arthur pain we started to think about the better way of doing the job and we started feed that the newly designed Api couldn't be better the problem of designing a new a B. I is that then you need to rewrite all the essential sold it was not elected there would idea but that's basically how in. Wena these idea became a stuck in our minds and so as far as the goals for this project I'm wondering what the overall scope is and sort of when you can state that it is done nor a successful good question it. The goal is is to be incremental We can fix every problem and so in a way. We never be finished. The goal is to to start being foundation in which you can start to experiment with to have different Implementation and into start reviving some extension or part of some extensions using h by so that we can see what are the benefits. Hopefully if the benefits are as good as we all then people will become interested in importing extension By writing new begins for example for site on. So let's sideline meets goto which is with H by and maybe even at the start experimenting with improving or CPI donor to try new things that are currently impossible because of the currency API and in terms of the people who are involved in this project. I understand that pipe being one of the main intended consumer. Is there obviously people working from it there? Are there any other projects or people within the C python core contributors of the Steering Council who are either contributing to it or who you have had conversations with about determining appropriate direction for it? Yes by is bridges. We started from the by developer. At least in Denver thinking about the other people are involved which go too many products which are important in python community actually by started. Faria almost a eight months ago at the European basell when I met the victims dinner. Which is who is a core python developer and as no barth of the by the committee talking to him. I realized that we both are concerned about the shortcomings of according to see. Api and we started to talk about this new FBI which could solve all the problems and So decided to sit down and start to do something more concrete at your by donor. We in we also people who are there and in particular. Stephen Bannon Manila Who the main site on developer and Mark Sharon with another of CPI developer and owned by side. It there were Mi Amigo. And so a spy sartor not as pure biproduct about the community project so that it can be useful for all parties involved and for the C Python maintainers. What are some of the pain points that they're dealing with with the current implementation that they are interested in working on h? Pie as a solution to that? The there are many mental illness so as part of the no not not everybody is concerned about the current province of this but for example as I say some of this fight on developers are worried about the fact that harder to improve Indu innovate the internals of spied on because for example given the current state of affairs. It's very hard to remove the neal being famous or to use the defended garbage collector which is not reference county in a sense age by will will help fight in itself to to try new things which might or might not be useful in the future and for other consumers of the C- Api such as people who are writing performance. Critical extensions like none pie or a sci-fi. What are some of the benefits that they might be able to gain by having this reimagined interface to the c Python implementation or something? That's a little bit more portable between run times when they also be advantage is that you will be able to use the extensions. Al-sulh another different times for example by as of now bite by for certain her By the limitation. Who is would you their own. But you can't use the difficulty with the the extent which has numb by which are needed for months for other in other areas so the most of US use gays Easter us for example known by on site by two week Vajpai and complete stock of blood. Which is false and more in the longer term dated best benefit of age by will be defined that it will be possible. Do wait to try new things to develop a new white implementation which which we come to think of right now it would be much much easier floor. Damato depriving to write a new implementation without all the things that we had for by and so for people who are currently consuming the C. A. P. I what will be the process for them to be able to take advantage of this new interface and from the maintainers side of the C python. Run Time. What do you see as being the path forward for them to be able to deprecate this old? Cpi or at least migrate people primarily to age Pie so that they can feel confident with changing the internal. Api looks like without having to worry about breaking a number of extensions that are dependent on those implementations details so flora extension users basically like by user. They will need to wait until a gnome by is made comfortable with h by is not something that the user consumer soul these extension can do for the exceptional brighter. They we need to rewrite the extension using a fight instead of the dependency. Api functions we are designing a by making sure that the nation which be as easy as possible and then all the nonsense too hard it it must be said that currently some extensions are rhythm melody and see for example. Nobody go for it. The only way of migrating to revive. The most of other extensions are than for example using site them. And so to me that it will be enough for site until mid h by code and Oldies extension will be automatically taking advantage of h by adults must be Sade that the performance is not to deal only the advantage of using gauge age. By another selling point. Zero feed is that there will be debugged mode which will introduce many many check out to run time for them but due to check that we are not leaking objects or that we are not using object after it has been freed and an these kinds of Checks and if we make debugging and development much more easy easier and much more robust and This is the bug mode will be enable it possible to enable the default mode at runtime. So he not been on be necessary to recombine extensions winnable it which is a pain point of this currency. Api and so for the project itself. Can you talk through how it's structured and just the overall development process of being able to iterative on the existing cap? I and some of the design challenges that you're facing in terms of determining what the user facing interface is going to look like and something that will be clean and maintainable going forward one off. The goal of each by is is to make make it possible to do an incremental porting so he according to extension will not be forced to do it board to rewrite all the wants it will be possible to start putting the Putting things one function method or one class at a time. This is a very important because it makes makes possible to experiment to try to see how it looks like to check whether the performance is a good and to become interested in entering more basically vendor delays related to what is the biggest issue and the biggest difficult in developing age by which is to find the right which spoiled in the tradeoff between writing a nice new modern API and to write an API. Which makes it easy for people to Migrate To date data this extension and every day in developing by a we. We see these dolls and we are trying various things. Do to make it easy to immigrate to the US the best practice and the design and API which is modern and safe and so in terms of the interface that is consumed by the run time so specifically the C Python or pie run times. What's involved in integrating h pie into those projects or any other alternative runtime such as rust python that might want to be able to provide this same outward facing interface to extension developers as every bite? Implementatioan will need to implement their own age by interfaith about the usually. It should be easy because the for example one function will be H. Which does it exactly the same as a monthly of the Plus Operator in the imperial? So if you have if you're a blending the Implementation you need to to have this logic inside the H. B. I. It's just a way to call this logic from seat Ideally would not layer on top both existing semantics which makes it possible to call it from C. Currently we are developing a free differentiated. Mccain's are the same time and do of cans are for Biden on and one is for by. Why would we have done? Needle for two different beckons on spider. While the point is that the one of the Golden Age by is that extension should not be slower on spider. We don't want nobody both to support the extension to h by and then discovered that the the lower by Don. Because I've said it is not going to. So one of the big candid we have done is is basically a settle see mackerels and stop taking line functions which translate the H by course into older see. Api calls combine so from the point of view of CPI. Don Extensions will be exactly as before and then another possibility is to combine the NHL essential in what we call the universe UNMOWN produce Deol adult. So which is a universal and its interior laudable inexecusable by any compatible Biden limitation on a without recombining and then we also have a universal began for them and then universal McCann floor fight by and the only began that we will will ever be needed for by Pie and Another advantage of H. I. needs to one binary which was on everybody's implementation if you don't care too much about that loss so for extension developers who want to start porting some of their code to use the H. Pie Interface is it something where they would include the H. Pie Library in their source code and then during compilation it would then translate to whichever back in their targeting or is it something that would need to be compiled into the python. Run time to provide those interfaces that would then be consumed by the library developers so this is work in progress. Or The you'll enjoy. You need to manually include civic set of header side to compile an extension for H. Fight but eventually we want to provide a nice beep instead about package. Would you can use to develop an combined your age by comfortable extensions so ideally and eventually people will just do something like from h by doctor developed import extension and you'll en- deals these extension applause in their setup by file. Ended the Care of all. The logic needed to confide extension and the users would be able to decide at compile time where the target one specific implementation or vitam or the universal more to produce a Fi which compatible with everyone and you mentioned that there are two different back ends for C. Python because of some of these performance considerations so. I'm curious what you have seen as some of the observed or potential impacts on performance and runtime overhead for using HP in that universal mode. Yes that's a good question. I let me explain why we expect. The university began to with lower than cycle specific. Mccain for number five on a your using reference counting. Which means that every time you Boston objects around you need to call in craft and then the crash on it and These scores are usually micros and so they seek by Ken. Demise intimately well in the universal molded. There are no longer in craft the crafts we using the concept of handles which are more opaque and since the limitation is universal it cannot be Britain as rosy the needs to be functional codes which resulted thrown by when they are loaded into the proper interpreter so for example it means that every incorrect in the craft inside the extension modules. Bec- will become a function goal instead of macro. That's why we expect the need to be slower in the university mall instead of the CPI specific but actually we we have a benchmark goal which shows that the impact is much lower than we vote. So the first Benjamin tried is to pour the author Jason Library wage by and we measured that the CPI Mbeki. Canada has no impact over though. So it's either days on each by is asked as a normal user. Jason by them and on. Cpi using universal bookend. His benchmark is two percents lower or so which means that for most projects. It might be good enough. And they the advantage of being able to distribute a single binary for all the limitation might be bigger than the lever has having to percents roll down. Of course it must be said that is just a single benchmark. We need more jobs more extensions and more measurement before knowing society what it will be the actual impact as you have gotten further along in this project. What are some of the ways that the initial vision and scope of the project has been updated or any assumptions that you had going into it that have been changed or modified in the process? So far I think that we are most talk in the sense that the verdict is going more or less than the direction that we imagine it when we started one of the things that we realized is that the FBI is the road. We're they knew it but the we knew from the point of view of people that want to implement its semantics now we are also seeing it from the point of view of people who wants to use their VI for doing stuff so we are realizing that are very many different Euskera. This Polish people needs to use the API and the existing API so we need to design. Which makes it possible. So blend of his escape is so in terms of the timeline for this. What are you anticipate as being the amount of time that's required to get to a point where library developer is should start using it as the target for building their own work? And what do you see as the path forward for the C python implementation as far as adopting this as at least an optional interface for the core runtime so now the project is still in its very early stages we as we are still be implementing the very basic stuff so for example of now? It is not yet possible to write a custom type. We can you can just write functions so it it's it's not immediately useful and usable for for writing the realizations and Take to put it into a state which is useful lighter. No it's mostly ended much weekend spend on it which also depends on how much money we have to work on it. I hope that in the in the following in the next month we we should be able to arrive at the point in which we have smaller. Nobody likes library. Which shows or the interesting the in Harvard bars and the and then we can use these as a benchmark and starting bullying To go forward and for example to start experimenting with Ria Mumbai. What was the other question? Sorry just curious about the timeline for the project and any plans are projected timeline for H. Pie To be available in the core python run time as at least in optional interface. The yes. I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. I can't imagine a an idol award in which all the current see expansion Using gauge by and associate by We'll be able to decide to to use age by day official interface. But I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Because it will involve rewriting many parts of the of internal core what who happen and what. I hope it's not been. He has that people could try to work. Biden experiment saw for them. But I can imagine that the once h by either stable and use the and the and the and you know I can imagine to folks Vitam to remove many unnecessary was on the necessity notes. Vital Modules and starts to reimplement today internal python objects in Denver H by. And then once you have these you can start to experimented the with improving The individual machine of fighting says for example. You can try to use a reference county and and things like this but as I say that I think this is more in the medium long term than the shark died and as you have been working on H. Pie what have you found to be some of the most challenging or contentious aspects of the project or any long running design questions that you have had to go back and forth with the other members of the project. They they say before. The biggest challenge is to find the wits bolt between a make having a nice API and make it easy due to board these distances. Saw many times we sit down in front of the blackboard or in front of a minute or and we've tried to sketch. How is the essential? Looks like how hosting lamented how to boss pointers? Which can remove the memory. Did you see end etc? And every time. We spent our really out real hours discussing the maybe two or three different possibilities. And the possibility are a is a closer to the Currency Biden solution. But maybe a bit more inefficient for Vajpai civility. Me Is maybe a better for pie about harder for users to ride and then it is a lot of drying around the until we find something which which respected all of their requirements physically. And when you're commenting too about the possible transition period of age pie it starts to bring up echoes of the Python two to three transition so I'm sure that there are a lot of concerns on that line as far as not wanting to fork the community because of this potential new interface even though it will likely have significant benefits downstream. Completely right. We want to avoid any split in the community. Any four good and anything that that's why earlier. I say that one of the goal of age by is to be incremental you will be able to for example numb Pie and start reviving just one mentally fit using the HP interface and keep using the old API for all the early or the rest of the extension and these new method will be fostered by by for example and there will be no difference for CPI done so with these starting point in me that the you you can always improve and make it make things better for them for by without making the dwarf for survival and and the more you do better things become and then hopefully at some point a by will get enough. Traction that people will want to use it to get to the benefits. And what do you see is some of the potential risks to the success of age pie or any blockers that might come up? That will prevent any forward progress on it. The biggest race gay is that the many projects don't want to change so for example affirmative point of view of neum pie developers. Why do they want to accept? Maybe our poor request to great as lowly which by when a new team. The code is perfectly fine for the existing users. I can't answer to this question. I hope that their community as we'll we'll We'll see that. H by is needed due to make it possible to innovate in vitamin war. Maybe I didn't. I didn't make it clearer earlier in the interview. But the the biggest problem of according to C. A. B. I is that it makes it hard or impossible to innovate by donor. As by Donnas language is doing a good job because of its big ecosystem with all the libraries and people expects all the libraries to be available when a when they used by them all. These libraries are very tied to the core into internal self Sepia tone for example that they ever Reverend County ended up the offset. Eight of of an object there is a field which is there prince count and an insole these low level detains which makes it impossible for new bitter machines to innovate and to driving's to try other things. If by the owner as Nicosia stem do not try design does not try to evolve into into navigate. It will be. The risk is that it would be become less and less relevant in the future. The gala is already a perfect example. There have been many attempts of killing the deal. Removing again about the reference counting is a is a good issue to it and it is not possible to revive the spy on without aid because of all the issues that they mentioned before so from Saipan W. H. by will be east who'd and needs to happen for the wool by the Nichols Eastern. Not just by buy buy is just the demane benefit immediately the main imitates project which can benefit for me about the generally speaking the possibility of having more vigil machines and run times. He is a something that you really need as an English as an ecosystem and I can definitely see that as being a potential path forward as well for solving some of the issues that we have in being able to target mobile platforms or the Web as well. Because as you said. The majority of Python is tied to the C. Python. Runtime where once you get to a point where we can innovate on the VM's or have multiple different deployment targets for it. It will unlock some of the potential for being able to run on some of these platforms that were currently unable to target cycle Mexican use and so in terms of the near to medium term per H. Pie. What do you have planned most immediate to east to be able to subvert support a customer see types in accession so we can experiment with the known pilot? extensions and see how it looks like what is paramount's did something which is going to happen next week's basically and then did the other big good plan that we have in the short video is to survive the site them. Mccain for H. Y. So that the people writing extension inside on will be will be able to immediately benefit. Oh feet without having to rewrite and in terms of any help or contributions or support for the project what are some of the most useful skill sets or ways that people can help to move the project forward. That's a good question Of course and the ad is is welcome in. I think it would be very welcome to have someone who with a consumer of this guy. Someone who who fried the extension homes? They lied or was lot of experiencing writing it. Because it could vary. It could be very useful for us to be warned beforehand. That's teas that extra measures. We have taken his role or that their actual needs a better and things like this and the and then it's it's already nice to see that the h by is attracting interest from various projects and bars of the community because we started in a few to people about immediately we go the manifestation of Phoenix from developers rust Biden so so they include load h extension on their own dime garage Biden which is a another bite implementation based on Java developed by Oracle and the recently the there is also is up a project to be able to use the H by with rust. So that you can ride fight them accentuating Ross and decide whether to seek by on our age by so we have users and people involvement from both ends of of the of line from one end you ever people writing extensions and the any of fighting limitation and any people whoever's in the stool doping is very welcome to and are there any other aspects of the work that you're doing on age pie or the goals that you have for it or some of the potential impacts and benefits that we didn't discuss that you'd like to cover before we close out the show. I was just wondering if there's anything else that you think. We should talk about in terms of the work. You're doing on H. Pie. Or any of the potential benefits or impacts that it might have or any of the related projects that will benefit from it. Not more than just really Sayed. Okay Well for anybody who wants to follow along with you or get in touch or contribute to the age. Pie Project. Have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes? And so that I'll move us into the mix and this week. I'm going to choose the poetry tool. I've started using that more heavily. Some of my projects and I've been enjoying that as a way to get things set up quickly and managing dependencies so definitely recommend taking a look at that for any new projects you're working with and without all Pasa to you Antonio do you have any picks this week. Yes it to suggest the book which I read recently. Jesus a collapse by jared diamond. And I think it's a book which is interesting end. The Tory Fine. From going he gets good three to ever and understanding of what's going on in our award keeping in mind what happened in the past other forever to take a look at that. So thank you for the recommendation and thank you for taking the time today to join me and share the work that you're doing with H. Pi. I'm definitely excited to see how it goes and see some of the downstream benefits from that. So I appreciate all of your work on that front end. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you very much. Thank you for listening. Don't forget to check out our other shows. The data engineering podcasts. At data engineering PODCAST DOT COM for the latest on Modern Data Management. Visit the site python. Podcast DOT COM to subscribe to the show sign up for the mailing lists and read the show. And if you've learned something or try to project from the show them tell us about it. Email hosts podcast in dot com with your story to help other people find the show. Please leave review on I tunes and tell your friends and coworkers.

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The South Florida Morning Show  HR 3  6-28-21

The South Florida Morning Show

34:09 min | 4 months ago

The South Florida Morning Show HR 3 6-28-21

"The south florida morning show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on newstalk eight fifty mtl we asked to defend his reckless immigration policies and restore our nation's southern border to where it was ohio this past weekend president trump former president trump Staying mostly descript. You know talk for a long time was like an hour and a half you know. At least i started watching it. And jim jordan opened everything up and i was like okay. That's of ohio right so jim talked about it. And then he even mentioned Who's the guy that they called rhino. He really attacked was a guy named rodriguez. It's the guy running. Against max miller the guy that that trump was there to to represent and support show his support for anthony gonzales and maximum running against him because trump says gonzales has just a just a rhino. He's a grandstanding rhino. Not respected in dc. Who voted for the unhinged unconstitutional illegal impeachment. Which i think the takeaway diener should be. You can't ever trust former ohio state players. That's exactly it bill. that's right. Sorry jen speechless. I had to. We had to say okay. You had to bring it up. I was just gonna let it. Okay go wide. Receiver anthony gonzalez crappy politics according to trumpet. We enough about him. Hey you know what. The odds are probably won. Because he was a football star i would. I wouldn't doubt it. I probably a lot of weight and his home he probably came from somewhere and lorraine kelly and i bet you any money. That's what at least when he was quarterback before he got in a lot of trouble he got to run for governor of ohio and he would award hands down. Well this guy has everybody against him now. Apparently so who knows the shocking thing about this coverage. I think the story was the coverage of this rally the mainstream networks including all the ones that we deal with here. We're talking about the crowd size They never do that before. At twenty thousand they would never put a number on it and the amount of of trump's supporters that were there they gave camera and audio tape to this crazy. It's unbelievable yeah. They were talking to people waiting outside and then trump even when he finally came out. he said He thanks for the warm welcome here in ohio and he said there are thousands. Still trying to get outside so we only saw who is inside the fairgrounds estimate to be like twenty thousand. What they're saying. It's amazing too. Because i was looking at that. I had i had heard rumors and people were putting on. Social media was twenty thousand now. It wasn't that big was it but sure enough. Yeah even the mainstream networks were saying that they put it at twenty thousand. What's even crazier though. Is the mainstream networks even covered this. They had been jones. They just have been drowning without trump gave him something exciting to talk about and talked to some of the folks outside. This guy was there. His name is dan but he was also at the capitol on january six. He's telling a different story about what happened. And the air. Wow it was a peaceful protest in there. Were people of all walks of life just hugging each other and engaging with one another and talking and that is my america and that is the america that i believe donald trump believes in in trying to bring back but the speaker of the entire rally was a guy named pat sullivan was out and not on stage. But he's he's got your explanation for you and what happened in november. You're ready please somebody decipher. Here's where you should have been looking jim. You have bending over here when you was digging over there. Because victory was over here when he was dig over there. Go stick into biden. Wow please explain what that means. I mean he doesn't even know worry about it. I like what the hell is he talking about digging over there when it was over here. Actually it was pretty funny though. It was like okay. Thank you so very very much. You gave us all that information. Unbelievable it's nuts. It was what was crazy. Really was just to watch mainstream media. They they were so happy. He's back on the rallies. You're not kidding. Oh and then is it next weekend right. Not the is it this weekend coming up. July third one is july third this weekend next week. Sex weekend right. Wow was that soon. He's going to be in tampa. That's right. It's already jet saturday next saturday this upcoming saturday. The fourth of july is a week from yesterday. S shocking for separate. Is it is. You're right what's the date. Today's the twenty eighth. I'ma god vacation. Jack i was just about to say that means you're going next week. Just got happier. Wow i'm gone okay. All right i did. I thought it was the week after another week. Unbelievable speaking vacation about what they say. Thousand people on this twelve hundred. They're on vacation right now. He first paying the first official cruise ship has left port everglades. It is the celebrity edge. Name you one of the newer ships. Yeah i've been on that one. I it's so it's pretty big right Celebrity kind of caps it their full sized ships. They usually cap to five thousand. And this one is what forty percents and they get Eight hundred crew members. Eleven hundred pass okay. And they're on a seven night cruise to The bahamas and mexico actually mexico. I on the bahamas scale. it's I think we're going to hear a lot less about well. If ever the they'll test people again obviously but if nobody comes back with any covid positively yeah. Celebrity will promote royal. Caribbean is same. Company will promote this up and down. Okay let me ask you this. There announcing that the entire crew is vaccinated. It says reportedly vaccinated along with most of the passengers. If they can't ask you if you're vaccinated how do they know if you're vaccinated. That's a good question. I think people just voluntarily saying vaccinated might have been the case where it was voluntary to ask that and they all voluntarily and the information. Even if they weren't they'd say yeah john. I'll be an outcast. I don't know. I guess that's the only way that would happen right In the meantime oh yeah it happens. The ufo report is out. I'll just take a nap of the information is here. We've talked about this guy before this Louisville's does that his name. Oh yeah yeah. That's the one that walked the desert right Allesandro no that's that's bob bob. Champion bob. Work be highly anticipated government reporting. Ufo's has raised more questions than answers. Here's louis well. This is certainly a historic moment for us for our country and i think For military intelligence community the government has formally and officially come out and informed congress that these things are a real and to that. They're not ours. Louis is linked by the way to the pentagon's advanced aerospace threat. identification program. it's right houston. Run it so he's a he's a big name in this whole thing says totally legit and the bottom line is there's no clear explanation for the encounter with more than one hundred forty unidentified flying objects but they're saying that they exist. They're just not ours pretty much and they're not. They're not driven by aliens either remember. They said their report before back. So there's a three hour special. You missed this dinner because we were figuring had you been here. Friday not scammed another day off. You would have been in. The discovery channel on wednesday night is holding a three hour special. Oh no way this report. You can't escape it. It's going to be a discovery channel. The travel channel and science chances. Yeah one of the things they own all of them three whatever it yeah so if you wanna be bored to tears you won't be oh i'm all in on that okay them and won't you be on vacation. No you'll have time to watch this week. it's this week. Oh that's right. it's this wednesday. Yeah this went. That means you have to deal with us. On thursday after the show airs on wednesday no worse than when your football teams play so happy me get prepared now or hours. Maybe maybe the grays will bring in. I hop one never knows. Get your crazy story. One big distraction. Yes that's right at least finally admitting that there's something out there and they can explain it. Well that's true too which they can. They just won't but that's that's neither here nor there. We've got another gator attack. This is at least once a week for the last two months. Okay so the question would be though. Did anybody bother to tell this guy what you're not supposed to do when you're in florida you kind of sounds dumb. But is he from here. You got bit got that coming up. The latest at surf side to all next south florida morning shows gen a bill keep year karen got news. Course that goes hand in hand. You got that at eight thirty coming up. What's coming up real news here. Highly anticipated government report on. Ufo's has landed. We were just talking about this. Oh i'm sorry makes these two very happy. Well diener and i are going to start a new podcast called fifty shades of greys. The that's cute. That's cute names a great name. He's an expert on it. I'm just along for the ride. Because i know nothing about it. I've not had any experience with. Have you been abducted nothing. I know says that they'd been abducted since it was a horrible experience. Yeah missing time. Yes yes time. Sometimes to elle's alesando he he says he's one of the biggest names yes. he is in the pentagon. Did you already play the sound. I'm sorry Advanced aerospace threat identification program. What does that the p. a. t. i. p. o.'s program by the way before you play his sound that the Government denied even existed into. Lula's under came out and said that he was the head of it. The paddock pip. Anyway here he is well. This is certainly historic moment for us for our country. And i think for military our intelligence community the the government has formally and officially come out and informed congress that these things are a real and to that they're not our there's one hundred forty of these unidentified flying object sightings and there's no clear explanation for them so they had. Is this a different report than the one from last month. Where they said remember they said. Ufo's exist but they're not aliens yes. They're not aliens by a lands but they they're real ridiculous. These are they were seen between two thousand four and twenty twenty one. So that's pretty active. We had one in miami. Put the video up. It was crazy. What's funny three about. This report is starting to go along with with with you guys but they only go back to two thousand four much the past seventy years before that. I don't believe mark. Sharon thirty for that the morning show as well is jammed. His diener bill and We we had. We had sound from the trump rally from spectators trump supporters at the trump rally in ohio. Over the weekend right there was another highlight. We didn't play for you. You know the left as aoc. Yes we have marjorie taylor green. She was on stage. Oh you know from georgia Fighter trump trump's are very big supporter of hers. She has this beef going on with ao. See that is. It's getting awesome. it's epoch is what it is this is. This is mt going after. Aoc on the stage in h over the weekend. See the little communist from new york city. Yeah locker to. That's a good idea. She's not an american. She really doesn't embrace our american ways. Okay wow so there you go. But she uh back as they say yes going back at marjorie taylor green saying with a tweet first of all. I'm taller than her. That was her response. Which is going to elicit a response from marjorie taylor. Green right you know that was. Yeah but you're still a commie. This might be the most entertaining thing in the news. That's happening these days. I think. I think we should put them both in a steel cage and let them fight it out. Mark taylor green by the way is calling for a debate. He wants to debate publicly televised Aoc accepted it yet. Because afc's not very bright no offense but she's a great she's a great social media star and she's great at promoting herself. She's not very bright but then again the other one now. I'm worried about her to listen. I'm jay maybe it's an even match. I would watch. Oh my god you watch. I wanna heartbeat. This is this reminds takedown. Wwe style is going back and forth. Somebody smart pay per view. Yes that would be. I will definitely watch that debate. At least it would be entertaining towards some type of charity. Right do that is where. Where does the money go to make you know. Pick some charity. Everybody maybe like saint jude's everybody supports that. Do something like that and you make it a pay per view like bill said it would do well. I would do really well. I'm loving. i don't know i. I think it's great. I mean they're they're wanting the same just on different sides of the. I think they are one of the same They're both fighters for our ideologies right. Wow i love it with you. In the meantime closer to home. That search goes on. Can we please just give a shout out to these first responders and surf side work. And ron the class still for this. Nobody is given up and This is the surf side mayor. Charles burke buildings don't fall down in america that is a third world's phenomenon and it's it's very disturbing. There was something obviously very very wrong at this building and we need to get to the bottom of. Here's miami dade fire chief. Gen were rotating through we've rooted out the debris field. Oh we have more heavier equipment. We brought in so you see larger cranes in different aspects of this is evolving process. The the a lot of family members were allowed to go the sites. Yeah yesterday they brought him in two separate groups and the they kept him. You know away from any danger but for them neither pray or cry or hope or did talk or whatever you know just to offer them some form of involvement some form of closure i. It's god love him. I don't know how these people are dealing with it. And they know a lot of the people who have relatives who were unaccounted for. The they think the process is taking too long and the fire chief there explained he said you know we just built this hundred and twenty five foot long trench basically through all the debris while we're looking for survivors. But he said you know we just can't pick up a five hundred pound pieces cement from over here because it could cause a collapse over here so he said then there's we had to worry about the fire and then there was flooding. It's it's like everything that could work against him was working against him so they're still hoping to find people alive. You just hope. They do against time to unbelievable. Well we got this. I think we've had an alligator attack a week for the past two months wild kingdom and it's usually an alligator attacking a dog and then a guy attacking the alligator to save the dog and those have all been good story so far so far. But okay if you live in florida and you've been here for. I don't know a couple of years at least anybody would tell you if there's a body of water there's probably an alligator in it even if you don't see it i always assumed there is. Yeah you know. That's what i was told like from the first day i got here. Don't want any ponds or canals. There's an alligator it's like okay. And they people okay. That's all i needed here. But this guy. He is thirty nine years old. He was a large pond in nicole. Mess which is on the west coast near venice. Look great little town by the way. Kambas beautiful He decides to go swimming upon. They wanna know if you're from venice or you're from nicole. Mr. you're from that part of the world. Don't you know you're not supposed to be swimming. In any pawns. He would think Well apparently going upon. I especially a lot of a bolt unless of course. Yeah you were forced to go in by. God knows what but still i. You know. I can't see the bottom line okay. Even when i can't see the bottom jumped in an alligator got him you barely gonna pool. I have a hard time with that too anyway. He suffered injuries to his leg but he was. He was able to get out of the water. Now the i love it. The florida wildlife commission investigating. So they're going to catch us allegation. They're probably going to story. Because it chomped on somebody for no fault of the alligators fault you know i. I'm not a big alligator person. Their reptilian dinosaurs. That's it and there's protected they have more rights than you do they really. Oh yeah. you shouldn't alligator for no reason. Forget you're going to prison. There's no doubt about it but or you harm it or play with it or do whatever it. Is you lose alligator wins but don't swim in their pond. They're gonna each gonna try to each and that's exactly what happened to this guy. I mean i don't get it but whatever so staff is on of lakes is gonna be alive. Yeah that's was like that guy. They got attacked by the great white san francisco. I know he swam to shore. He was surfer swam to shore and they. They got him help but he passed outright. After we get to shore some fishermen found thank god. Jeez i'm tom. He can't swim in their pond. Nope says that simply your home. It is all right. Listen coming up next. We're going to see if they found the great sign. Lady of the tour de france caused a mass wreck. The audio of the english announcers is incredible. I think she's still on the run. I think so too are we got that and More highlights in the trump rally to all coming up next morning. Show ms. jen i'm bill. Keep it here. Thank you so much karen with your next news. That'll be at nine o'clock on the dot coming up next the nfl morning. Shown is jim this diener a billion just an update on karen story about the spectator all bob. I think toyota franz all bob quite the mess down there. They have not yet. They have increased and they're not saying what the reward is but they've increased tour de france officials really. They don't they're not saying you know what it had. It not been such chaos with all the bicyclists on the ground. I mean i. I'd say at least fifty crashed right. I think we just over fifty and and she just kind of ran away so they have no idea. I'm sure they get her on camera somewhere getting into a car and that was it. See you later bye. It could zoom. She's her face is on every network in the world. you know. it's escape from that you can't and somebody's gonna turn her in so it's it's It's just a matter of time before they get her. All i know is these guys need answers that was close to the twenty six says gone to that passive cracks waters happen raw all bob. It sounds like monty python. All i could think about like holy cow boy. Pretty amazing This is a sign of progress. Know if i'd go on this one just because of the restrictions but the first full paying customer cruise line has set sail happened. This weekend from port everglades. It's the celebrity edge yup by eleven hundred passengers eight hundred crew members. It is the years the gotcha. It's the first cruise to leave a us port since march of last year. Twenty twenty unbelievable. That'd be credible monday. Big announcement now. This is this. Is you know full on full paying customers. Even though it's like what forty percent capacity but are they required to reveal everybody's test results like they did with the test crews and cdc. We'll all be involved or not. I wouldn't. I wouldn't be surprised that they get some cd. People on the ship actually testing people but They say according to celebrity the entire crew is reportedly vaccinated as well as most of the passengers. And i'm like so if you can't ask if wayne vaccinate outta they know most of the passengers are unless of course as they got on the ship they said vaccinated vaccinated. I would've said i was vaccinated. Even if i wasn't i would have to. Would anybody say no it. The only way that could happen is they must voluntarily ask and everybody said yeah. Yeah i mean otherwise. You can't ask. Now i know it. It's interesting because you look at this situation. I don't know if they have to wear masks to. They have to wear masks. I didn't see any reports on that. But what the most shocking thing to me is you look at different parts of the country and how far back. They are from where we are today. A prime example was that chauvin sentencing. He had a mask on I was like you're in a court and you've got people. They ought masks on us. Like wow what's going on now for the cruise vaccinated. People don't need to wear masks if you're not vaccinated. Then you have to wear masks. And i believe they have different rules as well like you can only go to certain restaurants at certain times and things like that. He did and they took away things. Like you know the buffets serve yourself for the most part unless it's like cutting station. It's all staff served. I i guess. I don't know that's alright still avid cruise. Because every it's not just the cruise industry every tourism industry in the world. Looking gonna this thing. Well yeah i mean just think of how much money all these people bring in all these ports so everyone's waiting for it to start all over again right. No doubt about it so good for them. Huge rescuers not giving up at surf side. The conduct collapsed. The to prepare families for the worst families have arrived. They let them come to the scene there for sure. This is the surf side. Mayor de charles burke at talking about the investigation buildings. Don't fall down in america that he's a third world's phenomenon and it's it's very disturbing. There was something obviously very very wrong. This building and we need to get to the bottom of. I just wonder at this point though. Obviously all the attention. God loved these. First responders is at that. Scene of that building are they. Are they looking at the the corresponding in the next door buildings as well though and just doing an extra inspection. I i would think so. They said the same builder. Developer built the one. There's a building in between them a smaller building and then another condo. Exactly i mean it's identical the champlain tower. So they're looking at that to see if there are any similarities as far as structural damage. So i i mean what's to say that just one side of this condo that faces the beach comes down and the other side doesn't i. It's it's bizarre situation. And they got reports that say there's been extensive damage or their structural issues from two thousand eighteen. It was gonna cost forty million dollars to repair it. All i know and then tenants say was fine and others say they were cracks everywhere. So i guess it just depends on who you talk to just craziness. Let's i. I would be very concerned however i lived in the sister tower. I totally hear you. But i gotta tell ya unless. They told me. I had to leave your house. We're gonna go. Yeah you make a very valid point. But i think if that was my secondary home though yeah i think it'd be added later by ego back and i don't know if that's the case. Many of these people were older Others were it. Was you know. They were like snowbirds. Oh yeah but they're still. They saved one hundred and thirty. Two people i think they said so. Wow there's still hope keep your fingers crossed for all right in good news. Let's not talk about that Hammer thrower turned their back in the olympics legs. She's gotten enough attention so far. Let's talk about the olympia. Simone biles does it again. I guess she didn't do too well but she qualified again. She's going to be the big name that nbc is. She's like our biggest olympian. they can hype up earlier. She's like the dorothy hamill. She's the liz. Yeah she's she's the star of this olympics. There's no doubt about it because she's been to so many so far means she's already got four goals from the last olympic since you go the year before. Plus she's getting older and to say at the late twenties by getting old on an old lady isn't that isn't that terrible. I'm thinking goodness gracious. You're you're already a twenty eight year old for the olympics The other girl to what she's going to be joined by the way on the olympic gymnastics team the women's team suny salih jordan charles in grace and mccallum So there they make up our team They'll williams she's at wimbledon. I think when she found out what's her name was naomi naomi osaka was going to be there. She's figure okay. If lost tour in enough times in on on the regulatory to lose tour in the olympia don't need a trip to tokyo for that. She's not going another girl to watch out for. Though is the sydney mclaughlin and one hundred and eight degree. Temperatures last night in eugene oregon during the trial of Track and field. She broke the world record for the four hundred meter hurdles and she finally beat the girl. That's always beaten her this delilah muhammed. Who came in second. So they'll both be going. I don't know who came in third but those two will be going track and field and then we got the divers that one kitty set. He seventeen years old. He's adorable. I forget what his name is but he just made it to the team. No awhile is that his name. He's the one that's going to kiss him. The track and field star. So there's a there's a couple that they're pushing all of the sudden because remember we done saying who the heck are. We haven't heard anybody talk about the olympics. Set deciding who they are now deciding. Who's marketable bob. Costas is gonna interview be simone biles but they start by the way on july. Twenty eighth twenty third. They start so we get about another month. Left that grow qualified running two hundred eight degrees and they waited till like eleven o'clock last night that is nuts are time anyway. Eight o'clock their time because it was just so hot and eugene. We'll talk about that heat. Wave for the whole west coast so hot in portland. Oregon is too hot to riot. They said well that was good news for them. They couldn't put on their mobile motorcycle helmets in their backpacks. And i guess we gotta talk about that. The dopey olympian. That's going to we have to. I know got her coming up. Next to these self-loading morning show this gen bill. Keep it here. Karen's got more news. Of course coming up that'll be top of the hour. Nine o'clock what's coming up. So former president trump forty five railed against the twenty twenty presidential election during haya rally on saturday attack and then the fake news media viciously did everything possible to deny victory and to delay the count. he said that the election results were delayed as long as possible so that conspirators could calculate exactly how many votes were needed to be joe biden democrats. Of course call this theory. The big lie. You think you should move on. No well why would you. That's stan read descript. He's doing that. It's it's in these rallies are. When's the one in tampa come in the third this weekend. Yeah now that's it's right to script though we'll talk about the election. How be resulted. That biden's destroying america. We got to win the we got to win the midterms you know. Stay script heaven. Our friend who has gone to every rally that has ever been known to man to this one He's going to go to the one in sarasota but there's a woman behind him in the ohio rally. I gave me her phone number if you wanna talk to her. Oh wow that's pretty cool. Yeah hey the crowd but yeah. That's kind of interesting so more coming up. Yeah interesting is right. Coming up at nine o'clock thank you karen newstalk. Eight fifty w. t. These florida morning. Show is jim nez. Diener bill you. Biggest takeaway was though gen from this rally. How many people. How many people. But the media coverage of it i would have we been saying. They had nothing to talk about since trump's been outta office. It's like you've been starving and they find somebody finally a candy bar. They would remember we. We even talked about it last week. It was we were talking about like the third story. I heard on fox. And i'm like really and mike. This is proof that they have when trump was an office. It was all trump all day all the time. I mean whole cnn ridiculous so their business model and then all of a sudden they went away and then he didn't had ratings up so they had no ratings even when he was in office. But that's besides the point but it was the way that they covered it. They covered it. Full-scale fronta back in the. They talked about the crowd. That never used to happen. They actually put it at twenty thousand which is shocking and they talk to people in the crowd like they got a lot of airtime. I saw i saw this guy on cnn. He's got his name is. I'm sorry dan. He says he was at the capital. It was a peaceful protests and there were people of all walks of life just hugging each other and engaging with one another and talking and that is my america and that is the america that i believe donald trump believes in his trying to bring back. You ever seen them talk to anybody that had a different narrative of all of a sudden. Put this guy in the area. I'm shocked that cnn actually aired it because talk about complete opposite of what we've been told about january six th all this week. They get senate meetings about the insurrection on january. sixth commission. How we're gonna take care of it and who we're going to prosecute okay all right. So there was some knucklehead stake saying it was a nice day. it's crazy it's crazy and then of course well for november. Here's the best explanation of all these guys they put on the air. We just like what he says. Ready for ready for pat sullivan. Please is all you need to know. God help us about twenty twenty. You should have been digging over here when you was digging over there. Because victory was over here when he was digging over there. Go stick the biden. Well okay all right. I have no idea what it meant. You didn't either out. No no no logic to that one. You logic to this lays gwen berry. Getting all the attention which stinks. Because she's you know because she's a you know an instigator she's getting more coverage in the two women that actually won the hammer throw event Deanna price in brooke anderson. They took gold and silver but gwen berry took bronze barely made it to. Yeah qaulified it. You turn your back on the flag. And then she said she had nerve to say the track and field. People set her up. I'm like okay. Yeah they set her up. She was upset that they played the national anthem while she was on the podium representing the united states. She says it was disrespectful. Oh yeah to play the national anthem. Gen me being able to represent my communities. My people in those who have died at the hands of police brutality. Those who have died to the sys systematic races on I feel like that's the part. Okay that's that's one quote. Here's my favorite though. Okay i feel like it was a setup and they did it on purpose. You're on the podium. You won broad whenever they ever not played the national. You know it's like stop. I just stopped that. That's one of the dumbest all-time athlete tweets Or quotes. I've ever heard in my life. That's unbelievable i've heard some beauties and then as she put on a shirt after the fact she draped it over her head. So you know i. She didn't have to look at the flag in it said Athlete activist. I said okay and that's fine. Do do that in your own. When you're not specifically representing this country that sending you to highlight what you do. Because i think there's any other opportunities in life that will feature your hammer throw skills. Now what are you going to go. Is there a league for that. You're gonna go pro. Yeah i you know the other two girls that won gold in silver. By the way they looked really young they do look really young lake twelve. I was like how old are these girls very young. They looked very ain't they proudly had their hands over their hearts and they were singing and saluting the flag and i was like good for them. Deanna price and brooke anderson. Yeah unfolding. Legs handover hearts. We should be talking about that but we're not. Yeah well just be thankful that Gwen berry may not be on a podium. You know i. She may not win if she wins. It's going to be all about how i hit america and you know about that you know what else. It's about her talk about making independent all about you. Well and she goes out of her way to get the attention. If you don't know who she is she the one that wears all the wild lipsticks and the like. She'll do designs on her lips. Like she has blue on or green or she'll make it look it's a panther or you know a lion that's great. She spends a great deal of time making her lips. Look good good. Well good for the saying that you'll know her man well as airline traffic more passengers increase or the wacky incidents. And you know we knew this was gonna come. Jeez yeah. i was surprised. There were a lot of fights again but Our aviation expert. Jay ratliff is talking about turbulence this time around. He's got all of it covered flight eight fifty. It's or aviation segment coming up next morning. Show is gen bill. Keep it here. It's mattress firm's biggest fourth of july sale. Ever hurry in and get a king bed for the price of a queen or a queen bed for the price of twin. Plus get a free adjustable base when you spend just six ninety nine on sealy or save five hundred dollars on all tempurpedic breeze mattresses with our low price guarantee. You can rest assured you'll get the best bet at the best price. Only mattress firm offer valid with qualifying purchase restrictions. apply out at participating locations. Only offer details visit mattressfirm dot com slash sale. Grab a thirty day. Free trial of live by life. Plus and you'll get unlimited skips commercial free music and all of the podcasts live streaming events you can handle visit live x live dot com slash. Podcast one to learn more and start your free trial.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Christian and Todd


1:03:48 hr | 4 months ago

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Christian and Todd

"The odd sixty percent of it. As far back as i can remember. I always wanted to be gangs more milk pm. Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of black. I'm your host ethan colbourne. welcome back. Welcome to episode sixty to a very special episode for possibly my favorite tarantino movie. Once upon a time in hollywood i brought christian and todd both back christian has previously done boogie nights with me in todd came on for dazed and confused which i had a great time with both of those I have an announcement. I am going to have to take a pause on the podcast for little while. I've a s miss but if you guys have noticed. I used to put these on mondays that i've been procrastinating. Editing i. I'm going to be moving to boston shortly. And so it's I've i've just got a lot of packing to do for that. I've got a lot of traveling. And then also i am going to the cannes film festival in july. So i definitely hope to be doing something for the podcast on that Probably with page to sort of on my on our experience there and How that how that all went super super excited to go so i hope to be back sometime in july. But for now we will be on hiatus I would normally plug my patriot on here. But i will be putting the patriots on on hold as well. But you're welcome to leave us a review on itunes That always really helps Just like to what you guys think everything Other than that. We've we drink. Whiskey sours this episode which i will have a on my social media. I will have a recipe up for that Shortly enjoy episode of. I mean these episodes. These episodes aren't very art. Aren't super topical. And so it'll give you the chance if you have not already to go back and listen to some world episodes so i hope. I hope you guys end up doing that. appreciate hearing from people that listen to stuff months later and have some thoughts on something that i said. But yeah so so i will. I will announce on social media. When i'm coming back but For without further ado let me all right christian tie. Welcome back to the podcast. Man was going on wave retard to talk. What's up. goddamn fucking hippies. How's it going. I issue with my zoom prior to this. And i was going come on man. You're basing yourself a this actually show quotable. I haven't seen it i. I haven't seen it. Maybe like a year and i was. I watched it again up just like dan. This is talking. This is awesome. Like i've just laugh at throughout this whole fucking thing. I guess like it's so fucking funny actually totally totally earlier Yeah i i usually. I usually don't pick movies. Recent but What were each of your first experiences with this with this film both seen it in theaters. I'm assuming yeah. Don you know you you go first. You go first ban so yeah saw theater though the first night so the thursday before so this was before i was getting all that all are group's screeners and shit like that so yeah. I made sure to go see that first night. I wasn't feeling that good. But then i. I tried to cancel my ticket. And they wouldn't cancel it so ended up going and ended up being pretty cool. Because i got home wrote a letter. Box should be forward and as one of the my more popular reviews. Yeah that's cool. Yeah so that was my first experience with salt a theatre opening night log that sucker. Yeah for sure. A christian yeah. We'll i remember seeing that it was probably the daycare On the friday it was like midday. Like four o'clock showing and i went. I remember like it was a pack. It's a tarintino movie. Like probably when the him belong with like christopher nolan as like if they made a movie like everyone's talking going to see it these plastic directors and honestly man like i like it was probably one of the best theater experiences like especially towards the end when he like tarantino does tarantino in pops off does violent thing all the way at the end. I remember just theater like going insane when when the last third of the movie happens and like i haven't heard the movie Ivan heard a movie reaction that loud since like going to see wolf of wall street. Like i missed pieces of dialogue. Bisky people were laughing yell either. Like oh yeah sure. Yeah just yeah. I remember at first i wasn't i wasn't huge on once time in hollywood but like the boy the boy watch it the more absolutely love it. 'cause it's definitely like his most mature movie today like it's basically just telling the story about this washed washtub actor and just going through the motions of hollywood than then at the end he finally just big like tarantino violent thing but yeah it was seen. The theater was amazing. Just being with the crowd was great. I really miss it of missing out on theaters here in canada which is sad so there is no. I had to go see a quiet place yesterday. That was that was an amazing will part to but but that was like an amazing that that that was a great. Wanna go back to todd. You were saying yeah. I went today. See correla carello. Yeah you got it yes. It was cool but man the theater. Still dead and meyer. Yeah yeah it's not it's not it's not what it'll it'll come back as we get into summer richer. Get the marvel movies and everything Yeah my my first time. This was was also opening opening weekend. I don't know it was opening. Night is probably opening weekend. But i took the train up to san francisco to go to one of those albums draft houses mohan and they showed it in tiffany millimeter. Like packed packed house in everything And they serve alcohol at your seats which is great. But that's that that's that that was really showing where i fell in love with whiskey. Sours sours with the movement. Come up to you in the crack. The egg. I've read up on whiskey sours or them like college bars and then i looked up the recipe. I'm just like that's not how you make it at all the college of gross like syrup into. Oh yes some. This is how it's really made the recipe. I'm like oh. I've been jammed my whole life. Yeah i would say if. I have one goat you drink. It's it's the whisky sour. It's probably because of this movie. Honestly but no i mean it. It was really fun because it was one of the only showing it in have any millimeter. And then and then. Just i mean just having that sort of red herring of the sharon tate murder just hanging over your head the whole time only only forever everything to be flipped. I mean just like you're describing like the theater went insane and it was just one of my like all time. The experiences just picture end especially different unreal watches Oil different on watches. 'cause you 'cause you're not you're not nervous the whole time you have a very different experience on it on a reward. Yeah yeah. I remember seeing it and just because you have in back of your head like this is like a big true crime story that he's like are in from like and then so when you get into that third act. You don't really know how it's gonna play out. And then you see like his alternate version of a and you're just like look like this is how he's gonna take it but like you weren't really sure like how he was gonna handle the material and all that stuff. Yeah yeah. Obviously you've got to keep a tasteful and he did a pretty good job. I think because he briefly basically the same thing he doesn't inglorious bastards you just his little tweak on it you know totally. Don't you know tarantino. He failed history class had to because he didn't quite get what happened. Yeah and one thing. That i pointed out was sometimes we romanticize the wrong people if we if we look at historical films but in this movie we he chose to romanticize sharon tate. And and that's the nasa great thing. She's almost angelic. I mean she's a angelic throughout the whole film. So instead of focusing on charles manson or the other people that were involved he posted a lot. I mean even though there's not a lot of words spoken by margaret but still like the whole fight. Focus of the film is her. Yeah in her in her like godliness. Almost i mean just beautiful glowing when she walks on screen and yeah they. He shows like manson it but like he makes the murderers like like he makes them a joke. Which is the funny thing about it. I totally totally. I mean yeah. I part of the criticism when this came out is just how little screen time margot robbie has. But i i always push back to specifically against that just because i think screen time doesn't equal lake importance character. I think darth vader had like thirty something minutes. All of star wars the most iconic of all time possibly. Yeah when when you have. I mean i mean the though though she's not in every scene like her presence is felt throughout the movie. And i mean i i. I think it's an impressive tribute to just her as a person but also Just sort of the contrast between her and rick dalton and the sort of like coming in the sort of like on the way out is is always. Yeah interesting as well absolutely is this is this. Is this either of your favorite tarantino movies. I would say. I would say it's gained up there like every time i watch it. It continues to go up and up because really it's if you love like filmmaking and if you love movies then this is like an orgasm for anyone. This is basically tarantino going back and putting everything on the screen that he grew up with. The old like fifties westerns like. Yeah and like the the time period. Everything there's so many whole modules in this movie like it's it's crazy like you. Just basically like projectile vomited everything. He loves about cinema on the screen for this movie. Yeah totally It's definitely close to is definitely close to the top. It's an ode to a hollywood old hollywood old times knows nothing commercial about this spill I I think i was watching it today. And i was like damn holds up very well totally. I think the other the other thing that the other thing that has in common with both the movies that you guys have done tasting confuse poggi nights is is. It's a it's a. It's a really like a hangout. Movie the whole time. Yeah absolutely. I mean yeah. It's hard it's hard to even like for me to pick like a favorite scene because like all these things are happening at once and like at the same time like you'll see what we'll see. Rick is doing like at the studio. Then you'll cut the clue dry ice Cut the cliff like driving around la and doing his stuff. And then you'll cut to like sharon tate doing something like it's it's just like a mishmash of stuff going on at the same time it all blends like while together great. Yeah i'm with christian to like. I probably have a couple of favorite scenes but it definitely all blends together. Really nice think Sharon tate Margaret robbie watching herself on screen which is actually sharon tate margaret robbery. Sharon tate onscreen. When my favorite scenes the scene at the manson at the ranch yeah let cliff and a definitely. The finale and also rick on the set of what's the lancer right. When when he's filming his his his very dramatic role as the goon number. One just apple just that whole setup. Yeah ju jitsu a whole setup by talking to the little girl and filming the scenes and actually i think that's actually based on like a actual real life episode like a joe don baker. Somebody like that actually played that part. 'cause that's the cool. That's the cool thing about this film is you. Don't really know like what's like air. Is this somebody. That's fake like someone who made up or is it actually based on a real character like al pacino. i think his His guy was fake is based on somebody but then the guy that was the the main character lancer Plant like he's actually like a real life actor that he was playing. So yeah i know tarantino lake just like i mean basically took the time to like map out all of dalton's career where he would have been He films i think three full episodes of bounty law which like need to be seen at some point i mean he films so he films so much stuff as movie. I i think he's. He's talked about doing a four hour cut at some point which i really hope we get to see. I mean yeah for sure. Because i heard there was a lot cut out there. They're posing like a whole section it with james marston. Playing but reynolds or something. That was totally just cut. Yeah and then in an ally. Ross as the guy that sold the acid soaked cigarette as well made the cigarettes. I guess caesar i looked at up actually supposedly that that that doesn't check out. That would not work yet. Some other strikeout. No yeah no. I was reading online. So it's like yeah like if you live like because it was like you dip the actual cigarette in it you would probably have to dip the filter the dead anything but they said if you dip the actual cigarette in it like the fire would probably just burn it up and it would not have effect. I was doing some research on that some people would be like bullshit. You know i've done out. Should all my life may look like you done acid all your home. I had her you know. We had burt reynolds in here. And this film because he was supposed to be in it but he was. Yeah the blind georgiana on character. He dropped dead before he could play in it. But also made some suggestions to tarantino to. I mean to brad pitt. With his little. Seen with the bruce lee character You know people. They had a fit with that scene. With bruce tarantino was on a mocking them. But i mean i do not i think tarantino loves bruce lee and this is just a his home midge to him in no way to think tarantino. I mean there's different ways to represent you watch the show warrior that's that's best bad ass representation there but here's just tarantino. Just doing his thing and this is tarantino. I mean it's not just some dude. And that's why i think he just. That's i think he did it the way did it. And i got a problem with it. But i also like i've seen it's definitely one of the highlights. I remember like like bruce. Lee's family came out saying like it was disrespectful. And then like. I was listening to joe rogan days like man. He's like the master of martial arts health. Sucky he saying whatever the hell he does this podcast all that crap. Yeah but like honestly like as a really funny scene. 'cause he's just like yeah. I could beat the fuck out of cassius played clip. Pooches last. so you can't fight you right now. I think the the the like that was kinda cross the line but that's what he did in movie so i guess a check so i mean i mean i mean i think like you have to look at this. Look at this movie. Through the lens of like how tarintino wants to play Constant portray people. Like if you're if you're watching this movie and going like that's like bruce lee was like as a person like you're getting the wrong message is he's not trying to he's not trying to accurately portray bruce lee's just trying to he's trying to make a character an almost like show off show off how. How impressive cliff booth is that he could just beat up. Bruce lee yeah on the side h just just just a character a character Yes and yet shown how bad the food definitely me cliff cliff. He ain't scared of ship man. he's a great guy. You could hold his own well well. He might murderers those i wanted. I wanted to ask you about this game. You think that it could be murdered his wife. Yes maybe maybe it was like a like in the moment like rage. Maybe he flinched in the hit. The hit the trigger in harpoon off a boat. Maybe it happened. I one hundred percent thinking murdered his wife. He's not all that bad. Like opinion was asked to stuck his decade. He's like you're underage. That's no for me. I ain't going to jail for not going to go. I think i just think tarantino's type of guy to have it be ambiguous just because he doesn't want his audience to hate the guy but he actually did murder his wife and tarantino said like he he knows what happened is not revealing it and i think he's smartly. Didn't reveal it because there would be people that are like. Why are we all liking this character. That murders his wife and i i think he just not chose to make ambiguous I think i think tearing taylor hazard in mind that this guy definitely murders. Yeah supposedly that's like based on. Something happened with robert. Wagner or something natalie allen. Yeah he was on the boat and someone someone mysteriously was killed in everyone thought it was robert wagner gilder or something. Yeah yeah he probably he probably did. He probably did that. He went to start awesome powers. All three of them. Yeah he probably his wife. I could definitely see that. I'd like to nest less nagy but at least in terms the aim ambiguity on the boat and everything now and you gotta give a tarantino props for not being canceled. Twenty twenty one. And he's still doing his thing you know say he's not afraid of Twitter or cancel culture or anybody. So he's just gonna keep making the movies that he wants to make and give you the middle finger if you don't like it and no tunnel. Am and like this man has been blick has been made fun of mercilessly for years for having a foot fetish and then just like you know. He doesn't care what you think about. I'm waiting for christian to put his foot off right now. The sock is coming offs. You want us about those. I was gonna ask. Do you think this horny finish movie. It may be the top three dirty history. You know what i just saw death bruce and death row. It's only a liquid. Yeah yeah yeah you're right. Sawyer is horn air. I would say his number one is using for best donaldson. I now know. Okay well tarintino road it and basically. It's him george clooney. They played brothers. He wrote a scene where selma hayek puts her foot in his mouth and pours tequila down her leg and into his mouth. So that's definitely number one got cut out though. That seems really. Yeah oh man. I got cut out the final draft. Yeah that's what was written. What are your thoughts on. Changing foot fetish. Yeah go ahead christian you like you got gotta foot so honestly i hate. I hate me like my girlfriend. Who fled out fucking freak out but people have their king cider said that like i'm not gonna judge what people do behind closed doors but if you make it this obvious for people to see like you deserve to be made fun of. Yeah that's the thing to consenting adults do what you wanna do. It's not my business as long as you know. Of course it's to talk about it. And then i could choose to judge you and i have a behind closed doors. No one's gonna no. I mean this isn't armie hammer and among each you or whatever he got castle that guy's never going to act in an extreme film again. I was such a fan of to. It's a shot to the heart. Speaking of a pieces of shit like a roman polanski. You know for years even cancel culture and all this bullshit lansky woody allen. Is those two people like fuck. Those guys guys are predators or whatever. Yeah ashes my opinion but he mean. These guys are real creeps. That did stuff to kids. You know had no business doing that but wants to go because we choose to romanticize the wrong people in at least in this film i mean it was. It was funny. Like steve. Mcqueen seen with When he said that mark. Sharon tate has a taste little twelve year old boys short little short little dudes. You know with kalinski. And i never man. Yeah yeah that's that's the. That's the larry sparks. Steve occurs. mr. Mr cruel mr smooth. I never stay at he was. He's a man he's like he's a man's man. Another quintessential a bad ass. They've got a cigarette in the mouth. And just kicking ass. And i don't know if it's true but i. I heard somewhere that he was supposed to go visit a sharon tate. On the night she died. I don't know if that's just bullshit or some rumor. That would have been kind of sucked if he would have been there when the massive family showed up missed a lot of a lot of great team of performances on. Yeah go ahead. Oh yes. Our of steve mcqueen like the one thing i really like is when i Rick onset jim stacy's like hell i heard You're almost up for the part of the great escape. And then you see like leo in it like acting and stuff that seat always like got to be because i you always hear like this. What these what if casting or whatever like will smith was supposed to be django django unchained. Like adam sandler was supposed to be the bear jew in inglorious bastards. So that's that would really like good easter egg. Exact would agree. That's a really good easter egg. I really loved you. Do guys like ever think of some dreamcast. in semester. stood alone was supposed to be axel fully and Beverly hills cop think that you know that would have worked brought a very different energy. Just now i mean against wouldn't have been funny but I i don't think they wanted any murphy for that. Movie massacre yeah probably just wasn't as established as sylvester stallone. Was that time. Yeah for sure. For sure i'm Who's your favorite side character. That's The dog brandy brandy is my bitch man that little brandy and let's see. Let's think you think Tax i mean i texas out texas a person but of course it was. It was a really good actor. I also thought the the girl who gets burnt to a crisp did a really good job. I think names. Like mickey mickey robinson or some Accompanying but i've seen her in a tv show before she did a great job in this uh-huh yeah. She's really like manic like she. Just ask you go as we really like the weird where does Guests like squeaky doesn't go to this murder. I guess there was two wasn't to murder scenes in the yet because like the square which the fanning girl which is as this elephant is or ella. My bad i get all white girls confused so dante right or whatever so you know another one that went to jail because she committed some murders as well. Yeah duck alike like she didn't fuck it good and that's eight. I was scared shitless her duck ally like everyone's like tarantino should make a horror movie he basically made what with this like. I'm afraid of hippies. Now you bake city made hippies like seeps. Oh creepy like. They're walking down the street singing and she won't let him in that she won't let cliff in the house you. She did really good in that seeing. I would say that ranch mirror. The beginning of the texas chainsaw massacre really yeah. Oh that's kind of vibe that they're going for so yeah. I mean that. I mean cliff like walking out walking out the house all the all the fucking hippies you know watching on you're gonna happen. What's gonna happen to me. As soon as he walked in that house i did not think he was bigoted out fucking dead. When i was in the theater where. I i saw de like she kinda just like she says align and it may be laughed. She was like you might have to poke awake. I just fucked his brains earlier or whatever. I just laugh i ask clue. Cliff is going to be fine. I mean we haven't quentin tarantino movie. That's basically two hours. Without any violence in it two hours without any gratuitous gratuitous violence so it has to rely heavily on. I guess the dialogue i mean because yes so many like extended scenes leading up to the finale. He's just totally filmmakers. I totally forgot how long the middle part of this movie was. I think going off what you're saying todd just about like not not not relying on the violence. I think i think I think it's almost. It's almost one of the more underrated sides of him that he's able to write such interesting characters. That compel you through all this. I i think. I think this is honestly my favorite of movies. Just because it's so kerekou driven. And i love almost everyone in it or you know. I hate the people that i'm supposed to a but i mean it's got the same sort of format as inglorious bastards in the way that it's you know it's it's revising this like this this this big this great injustice in history but it's almost It's almost more sort of sorta brought for heidi's amazing characters which i really appreciate. I agree with the first time i saw it. I thought it did like for what. I was sitting in theater. I'm like this is fucking dragon. But then like i buy the blu ray when it came out and then like i watch it again like this is no. They thought the whole bill apartments dragging me in the theater. But then i watched it a few more times. I'm like i'm just waiting for the middle part like it. Goes like so much more smoothly. I think the middle part is great. Because yeah i was just at first. I was just like yeah. There's law talking when something could happen but like now the more i will watch it the more i really appreciate it like the scene when rick don sad. He's talking to trudi the little girl and she's all like she's a good character to she's all like she's like a snooty like daniel day-lewis type. She's like. I don't eat lunch. Because i don't like i don't eat lunch like if i've ever seen after lunch because they'll make me. I need to be one hundred percent like all this crap. Just like when i'm on set like i don't wanna be called the name of my character and like she she just like she's like fucking like child star like louis. She's method like in the moment. It's then she just upstages while he's talk kadoories fucker okay. So once in hollywood might not be my favorite movie of all time but it could have my favorite ending of all time. The final scene walking up to meet sharon. Just like of all s- 'cause it's so wholesome i guess 'cause this tragedy was avoided and this this alternate history of what could have been and it just it just makes me feel you know all good inside man i mean how many times do we watch a tarantino movie and fill all good inside at the end as sure as always true. I mean yeah. He recalled everything he wanted like. He thought he at the beginning. He's like that could be one one pool party waiver from plant ski movie and then he just because this tragedy happened he gets invited in and he gets cherry tate and possibly further his career win. D. okay so what do you think happens to To everybody liked. Do you think his careers gets better. The the does is improved. After he fire extinguishers or flamed floors you have to let it i mean He's not based on. He's not based on like a real person. But he's based based on american actors at went into spaghetti westerns in such in sort of getting back. Uso look look at vanclief. Look look look at telly. Savalas look at these actors That were prophet nick. Ladies please deal but John doe. I know but just yeah. Like may the issue back to america. No problem yeah totally totally but i probably compare them. I probably compare them. These kind of washed up actor At work in weiser look leaving showed up in escape. From new york's ten years. I use great at great. I could see him doing work later on in really like the scene. When he's when he fucks up his lines starts flubbed his lines during the middle and like they have to feed them feed them. The scene feed them live shows like his limitations. I mean not leo's limitations of course but the actor the character is playing limitations of. Hey this guy's not the greatest actor ever. But i mean at least you know. He's he's like many actors today that maybe can get work on tv but they're not but but their range like his range. Isn't you know strong. I mean 'cause he's just doing the same role just in different shows after showbiz canceled you know yet have any and even in the beginning like like. Yeah you're being cast as the heavy in like all these tv shows but you end up losing then get beat up at the all. These people are seeing people beat up jay. Jk hills so he's just like what do you want to come to italy and be a star. Do you wanna keep like supporting in these random. Bad guy roles where everyone just beats the fuck outta your career. It's just the audience is gonna see you as a loser. I like how the i like how they able to With the when you see these italian films. Like i've watched a shitload of italian crime some seventies and everybody everybody records in their own language. So it's it's hilarious when he gets pissed when he's 'cause they do like you just they basically just go back and dub your lines like had no on things like this fucking acting. He's getting all pissed off. The getty. westerners are fucking terrible. He's gonna freak out. No i do. I agree like one of my favorite movies of all time is good bad and the ugly and like that thing is like such charm to it. I know like badly dubbed and like all that crap Movie fucking rules in its. It's definitely one of my favorites like it has a certain charm to it. It's like yeah. Like i can get with this yet really. I like i like to compare them to To henry silva who was in a lot of italian movies like the ball. And maybe like the italian connection. I think it'd be gasunie those films but yes silva's is a guy that had some success whenever deadly had some success now had a little bit In america over mason out talion. Spaghetti westerns now westerns or gangster films. You know so. When i was watching this. Sounds like okay this this could be silva or or somebody like that or you know we also had to look at this relationship between stunt man and an actor and then if you looked at it that way. You would look at burt rentals. And how demon. Who asked the bandit also add asking simulator. You ever see ratty radna. I've not seen that too ran. How needham burt. Reynolds stuntman directed it. Like after the bed. It's just like kids accidentally edited cheese all hell now. It's like the greatest work of cinematic time. You need to watch it immediately and we come back record and talk about it. Yeah it's beautiful but as awesome. I definitely agree with you leave. Leaving cliff is definitely like a good example because obviously many research like this guy throughout the fifties like like. He had a bit part in high noon with gary cooper. They just like bonanza the lone ranger the rifleman like all. These tv westerns. He got he got a few dollars. More sergio leone that you've got the good the bad the ugly and after that he just. You just did italian films. Because that's where your your memory is just beautiful. I mean how can you know. Maghazi man is called us. It's called a cell phone. can i recommend. Also the big gunned down. If you guys haven't seen that one. I watched that with my lich. He's really that one. I i read that. I read that tarintino also When he was location scouting for this He went to leave in cleese. House in saw leaving. Cleese hat has lacey's Now but maybe widow over lives had a big poster in the driveway. And that's what inspired the one that you see in this movie. That rick dalton has all. Oh absolutely yeah. I was cracking dinner. Showing like all the movies he starred in nebraska jim and then there's a damn plus the oats suppress struggles those the brassica. Jim kill me. Quick ringo said the gringo red blood redskin guy said the gringo love the fourteen fists of mccloskey. that's neidl africa now. Do we liked this movie so much. Because it's tarantino or do we like it because it's got like arguably two the coolest guys alive and brad pitt and lunardi to capture together. You know as as bros. i mean maybe a little bit of both the perfect. I mean the ultimate. Like alpha's right there. Yes honestly like brad pitt is just basically kind of playing himself in this like just a cool fucking dude and he deserves it because he doesn't so fuck well. He does. Never murders his wife those x. y. For over he gets back with jennifer aniston and they live happily. After y'all don't you've mentioned angelina jolie because they're never gonna even mac. Yeah but even with leo. This is probably my favorite performance from. Leo is both wall street because nothing like he's fucking dynamite in that but this is probably a close second like you sober would in this. Has he ever played like this much of a douche bag before. Guess he's addition wolf wall street but maybe maybe django. John yeah django through. Maybe a better question has ever played someone that's dumb. I just feel like every every role you see him in. He has this little kind of twinkle in his eye. Like he's the smartest guy in the room and this what he's like he's like struggling is down on out. He finally a good looking guy. That's kinda you know that's got that's that's that's got this great quality and the many talents. He's not. He's not especially talented character in this movie. He's basically just like a big baby like especially in the big and the first scene when he gets mad about how to do it tallied movies. He's like come on man. Don't cry like macaroni. Public knows the fuck. I am anyway. Yeah he's just he's just playing like a big baby elliott do movies like what. What else can you know. No one's gonna hire you like you're just going to be doing bit parts. He's one role for being washed up. I mean he's he's he's put out the door. And i have a question for you guys. Actually who is like an actor that you think kind of had the same thing that they probably had a big show big movie than they started. Just kinda daito. Michael matt compared to the first flickering reservoir dogs. I mean honestly. I'm so happy every time. Michael madsen pops up in something. And i just wish people would eddings like insanely compelling. Even when he's even though he looks washed up now still. I just love seeing him in thanks. Yeah tarantino is like the one person who always gives him a bone to totally totally. I you my first movie. I was thinking of like i was watching this and I don't know if it's like. How is that. That guy from avatars. Sam the oh. This guy is the next big. That like like. No one's like he started like a couple of movies and now he just isn't like garbage clean he's got he's got former avatar sequels asleep as though for sure. But yeah it's like it's like there's people like they try to experiment with this one actor the key push them stuff. Come on come on like like runs like no. I got one chad. Michael murray opt. Who tries to wax. The i remember chad. Michael murray frowned freaky friday. That was. that was the one that i was. So yeah yeah. He kept trying to banged. Jamie lee. curtis te asser yet. That was lovely. What what was your favorite characters in What what what. What was your favorite scenes. Maybe this movie scenes. I'll go i guess at the ranch. The ranch is my guess. My favorite scene is of the suspensive at all your best and then also of course the finale when the massive family gets delivered fuck beat out of him. I mean it's just some glorious violence and also the final the final scene. When rick walks up the driveway to hug sharon tate course made him. Famous is probably like all the home invasion thing even like the fact like cliff with like spokes that like acid cigarette and then like from the point. To where like heaven text. Or having the standoff. He's like like buenos finger gun at like by that he just beat the living shit out of everyone i was like i was on the floor laughing. Every time he grabs a girl. Dispatches her head off like eight different things like the fireplace. I'm just like i've just like queried by seat. Like oh so crazy. The just like rick is on set. I love all that. I love when he took credit trudy. She's a good character. I love like when he fucks up the scene and like just like this whole thing. Can we play it back in. The camera rotates around fucking. Jim is do as line again. And even like his whole his whole freak out in the trailer is gold just like goddamn alcoholic. You drink fuck it. Eight whiskey showers three. But oh you're alchoholic. He looks at the beer. Is like if you fucking mess up these lines of a blow your fucking brains all over your fucking pool like it just such goal bed like like leo cut letter absolutely i think no i love that. I love the nc. It just reminds me. Like i mean. I think the retail brat. Brad pitt's comedic. Instincts are just fantastic. That lake is almost an alternate world. Where like coming out of the. Thelma and louise stephanie. Sort who ends up in like you know. Just dumb nineties comedies. like he he He can totally hold down comedy. He's good enough serious actor to star in these other things. Yeah he's fucking funny just like texas so serious he's just like oh who are you. He's like the devil. And i'm here to do the devil's business is like no. Your name was dumber than that. Like something. Like rex yourself. It's so fucking good man. He's also whose comedic taibbi delirious i don't. I don't think that scene would have worked without without the ranching coming before it because the regime joe was him as this guy that's just like he knows something's fishy and he just doesn't care he's just like i'm gonna get in here. I'm gonna do what i'm gonna do me. I don't really care a nice my tire. You're gonna you're gonna you're gonna put another town moved back. That kind of confidence is the only reason you're able to laugh through the final scene. Because you know he's and any has the move to back it up. Yeah he's a bad. As he beats bruce lee and then he beats up that hippie. 'cause he stabbed his diaries like. You shouldn't have done that. And he's a good guy bad like the girls. Like i'm gonna suck your dick. He's like no you're underage and he goes you see old friend george and realize you know these hippies or taken advantage of you at. He's just like i don't care. I'm blinded old and this girl has sexual state and he leaves it. He just blows off that girl. He's just like yeah like you guys are just taking advantage of this guy. It's not right so he just leaves. He's like fuck you. i think he just hates hippies. He's anti fucking. Yes since the anti hippie. There's nothing hippie about him out of it after watching this movie hippies or scary man but what do i see them. Just singing like walking down the street. I'm just like this is unsettling sort of thing like all his weiner's august one surveys like how many hippies do you have in canada. Their christian i don't i don't i don't go much near a bridge is so i no. I'm sure i'm sure fucking does ethan to see more. La like there's tens of a member where oh yeah and san francisco to obviously. There's plenty for sure this is this is. This is the birth of summer of love. And all that. I mean yeah i yeah i mean i. It's it's funny that goes so hard on hippies. Because they think. I don't think anyone anyone. God this quite this hard on hippies just in general i mean i think tarantino almost maybe unfairly visas the manson murders but we'll motion the man. You know what. I was doing research on like a like they. Basically were hippies. Just like lsd drug users. I was like yeah. I was doing some research on the manson family and stuff. They did supposedly. They do robbery missions and they would call they would call it. Creepy crawl on so basically would break into peoples houses while they were sleeping and steal stuff and would rearrange the furniture so like people would wake up at like the they'd be like someone who's been here. That happened to be odd moved. The next day. I'd be like what the fuck they they were. Just like terrorizing fucking California his co. fucking insane Saying it's i. I would say Cliff cliff booth was definitely the type of guy that probably voted for richard nixon three times. Sixty jfk j. Yeah and then. When he was president gets to whatever but yet clip booth was probably like in like fuck hippies law and order type guy even though you know it's just something i caught from his character. I i also i remember. This was someone's interpretation. Tarintino saying himself but just does idea that tarantino a really believes that like if his character is existed like the manson murders wooden happened. And it's like whether whether or not whether or not you agree with that statement or not. It's it's tarantino's confidence in his characters. That makes his movie work. Fundamentally it's like it's his beliefs that characters would would save them that the give they give him the balls to put the story forward and indus- like clift balls to beat up the the manson family essentially. Yeah absolutely. i don't like even when i saw it in the theater. I saw that. Bruce lee seaney like he he hold does he held his own. And then like when the hippie game in the in the house. I'm like is he actually died. The everything goes down. I'm just like as soon as you like. He whistled brandy over to tax. I'm just like he'll be fine. Totally i was like. Please don't die. Brandy 'cause i hate it would tech start hitting your over the head. I was like oh. Don't fucking touch that while there's two there's two checkoffs there's the there's the there's the flame thrower and the dog that both shop in the first act they That you're like okay. Like i mean this dog is like scary as hell but very well trained they both come around and it's just it's it's a big moment. Cliff is too sweet to that dog. Like he le- he leaves the tv on for when he leaves. The house he comes. Home gives her fucking two cans of that grows food and then put kittle's on top of it makes his own mac and cheese. Tell my girlfriend page this time around that. One of them is is raccoon flavored in one of the rat flavored. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah they have like weird flavors that yeah the the the motto is like a like the dog food for mean dogs or something so that will come to play later. You don't see brandy like you ain't bad choosy whistles and fox ever went up of okay. Like tipples are scared. Yeah same thing. It's like this is just one of those movies with. I guess you'd have to watch it countless times to pick up all the references right. I mean i mean all the easter eggs all the makers of but you get so engrossed in the story and the characters that you don't just oh let let me watch stuff. You just get caught up in the story and you might miss a thing or two. But that's okay because it's just a very easily Watchable film i. Don't wanna watch. Like hunger. In steve mcqueen's hunger all watch shit you know. There's so many films that. I don't want rewatch manchester by the sea. You think i want to rewatch that. No requiem for a dream. They got some movies. You can only watch once. Yeah especially like even when cliff drive down the street like the attention to detail like everything you see ways. There's lots of driving in this movie. Which i love everything. You see. like the like all the stuff he passes on the movie posters of old movies like everything catches your eye major major props to like the props department. I guess props props like leg lifts the sets and like the details. They put into just like i mean i almost like. I read the news that that when this was filming That he'd like recreated a section of of I think it's sunset or hollywood boulevard league exactly how it was at the time and i almost just like literally drove down to l. a. I'm like i have to see this shit Didn't but i i sort of wish i had. I mean it's it's such it's so after they. They stopped filming. You could just walk down the street and it just was straight up league with all the cars parked all the signs. Everything just straight up out of ninety sixty nine island almost get teary eyed at the at that time thing with all the neon lights popping up it's like it's it's beautifully done Cool trick awards. You guys know about the cool check award known new newer since. Explain both guys on so this. This is based off something that that my girlfriend page would always say to me. After she was watching movies. She'd like if some guy does some insane stunt or whatever it is whether it'd be like a car trigger insane Thousand cool trick. I'm like yeah so culture it can just be any anything. That's a character. Does that that you consider a cool trick so this this movie. It's particularly hard. I mean i probably say getting that dog so well trained to Roy yeah that's probably the main cool trick. How many other small ones. Rick being able to use the that flame slower. I mean he was in a did that film but we can't just pick up a flame thrower. Kill a hippie with it so that the to be able to operate it is operated lender cooler bradfo. Yeah one little thing and brad pitt's He has to go back to the house to fix the antenna and what he jumps up with. The roof was about that really. I noticed it more this time around. I was like he's a stuntman. But you still job moves. It goes your head easter. Get out of my head bad or just or just throwing bruce lee that fucking car big dab much of a dent then like those older cars are built better cars these days Cool cool trick getting away with killing your wife yes. That's the best of all it's a. It's a trick weather out. It's cool is as Let me rephrase that actress. A certain trick that may or may not be getting away a crime that you may or may not have committed back then. They didn't have dna. You could kill whoever you want realistically basically yeah people got away with murder Yeah i mean are we going with which one are we. Are we leaning towards sarah's like our our favorite trick of the movie maybe the trick in the dog right. I mean training the dog for sure. Yeah probably so much disciplined like it's basically like raising the child you gotta beyond that also like another thing. I noticed Was when when he was leaving like it wasn't the pound but wherever like he left his dog. Holly was in italy like the secretary at the front desk was like oh by brandy like loved brandy which which they had him for six months six months. That was like a vip fucking. Doug can lean for sure. It's like all right like alternate it so much better that they had this dog that blow of murdering two people for six months. That's just the sweetest thing when when she doesn't have to kill anyone you know it's like only when she knows something's up it's just such a great dog character. Oh yeah another trick. A killing three intruders tripping on acid. That's pretty cool trick to i. Also i mean. I think it goes without saying but just the concept of i mean the concept of like cliff booth kinda quote unquote carrying the load the whole time and then obviously Ending playing out exactly how their relation has had a relationship has for all these years where were cliff booth. Does the bulk of the work. It hasn't to take the risk. He takes that risk. Dalton has the final big finale credit friend than the one that gets to go see sharon tate and everything Playing out exactly how the career did is just. It's a stunt. The at the stuntman does the dirty work any gets absolutely. Yeah okay so question for you guys. Tom cruise is almost. That's and tarantino has said has said like had cast. Tom cruise like he would have had to cast someone someone else with him. So like you'll have to make it so the stunt the stunt guy and the lead sort of look look similar enough. Who could have played this with tom. Tom cruise val kilmer would have been interesting. Actually tom in interesting. That doesn't even make sense. Even like even like like he said casting someone that looks like them like brad pitt look like the capital and back in the day like some people didn't look like really really look like people like like now it's like almost a twin but back then it was. It was just some random dude who's probably a couple inches taller than him. Like doing the stunt. But like many sure is in leo wouldn't've worked. Like no odds who's five seven mark wahlberg. God watched twenty twenty nineteen wahlberg. Kill me now. God a little alien. Tom cruise. Is tom tom. Cruise would have been like scientology alien debacle as like as stunt double. That'd be scientologists. Jason lee he. He left scientology Dany master salons going to jail kirstie alley. We can do. Tom cruise and christianity christianity as a stunt double over. Yeah oh i'm now or just do tom cruise gerbils. I've been that's pretty but but No i i heard. I heard tarantino's He said i mean. I'm the chemistry of the two. Carriages matters so much and so winning on cruise and miles teller. Malcolm there you go. I don't know how tom. Tom cruise under had chemistry with anyone. Sense val kilmer in top gun. So we don't know. If tom cruise casting this i would have been there like i would love no events and it would have been great a tom cruise comeback. To like you know like just not doing like you know ten mission impossible's like let's just get back into good roles. Because is good fucking actor. But tom share me renner. There you go to short guys. They're both short. that's their money. I mean i mean. I think i heard her say at one point that he came up with a list of like five possible pairings of actors like he was really thinking about this in terms of parents. Like you gotta you gotta come up with like people that work together you can't you came up with. I mean just iconic caring and item Yeah yeah i wouldn't change anything about it. Tom cruise would be interesting. But just like like. Leo is just perfect. I it's just. It's the journalist. Let's the ultimate cast. Is the two studs any other any other thoughts on the movie. just You guys have any negatives or just like a perfect movie for you. Guys mom now i i don't personally i don't. I can't wait to. He's talked about doing it. Either as a mini series or just like a longer cut. I just i want more of it. I want more of this. World really fisher. I think like if i had to be depicted. Say like the movie. It is long but like there are like he does overindulge with some of like like even like you could probably cut one of sharon tate going to get like a book like even if she just went to see that movie. That would be cool. I love that scene but just like an extra scene of her picking up a book for roman and then. I don't really see the point in that scene by air. Even the one thing that bothered me like damian lewis the guy who plays steve mcqueen he looks enough like steve agree but he gave him this weird like shaggy disgusting hair. Like i if that just like if you had like adorable. Like steve macri haircut. He probably would have looked better than he's just like he kind of takes your handed gives you like like a baby. Step he's just like they were together and then she met him and now they're friends and i'm just like we could have just like probably google this but like i understand like you make your dream situation of this if this happened or not. There's just picky things but other than that like this movie is fucking amazing. If here's here's my thing in the past five years. I think i've given five stars two two films once upon a time. Hollywood and helen hell or high water. Helen ask the only films ever that in the last five years. So that's hell or high water in once time. Hollywood what what. What is it about both of these movies that deserves that high honor that Probably the The masculinity of the leads and just to the awesomeness of everything about him. I mean okay. So when i was watching hell or high water and at the end. It's like if there's a fucking chris stapleton song plan at the end the skin five stars and sure enough here comes chris stapleton got. It sounds like shit. I'm to this stars. when. I reviewed it on letterbox. There like holy shit talk. Gains gave a movie five star home and then movies southern fried texas. Yeah i caught it like southern fried texas or something like that. Once upon a time. In hollywood i think the reason why it got five stars because of the ending like okay. The dog did not die check. Radford lips checked Margaret rubio's gorgeous in sharon tate. Live check so if all the check marks and it's like saws like man. I had no choice to give stars. And you know there's been stuff this four and a half all the time stuff comes close lot of come close but i always now. I'd want to experience with high water. I remember seen in the theater and it was probably one of the worst theater experiences ever. I was sitting and these people like one row down a couple of seats over. They were talk in the whole movie and this one was on her phone she got up left of theater game back dot up left. The theatre again came back. I was just distracted. The whole moves like saying. Why was she in theater. They were just trying to find something to do. And then i get up just like this book was awesome. This girl gets up with her friend issues like that movie. Fuck it sucked. I just wanted to freak out and be like you didn't even watch the fucking movie. Get the hell out of. I was the worst experience. I've ever had the Just hella how high waters not first short attention span anyway. It's which which probably wrap it up. I just go out the last fifteen cloud kids movies that he could go right at twelve o'clock or before that it's been it's been great having on so so i usually. I usually have my guess. Wrap up by saying quote From a movie loving character which which which one of you wants to go first for this done was for rick dalton or whatever what what does he say. Hold on i thought fucking does. I'm rick rick out or i hold here we go here we go. I'm going to jails. no poontang is okay By visit from a movie. But i'll quote brad pitt's sag award speech. I'd like to thank my co stars. Leo margot robbie mugabe's feet margaret qualley fee dakota fanning's feet seriously quinton separated more women from their shoes than the. Tsa thank you. Thank you so much for coming on. It's been really fun. Oh absolutely brother. he's good. Thank you for listening another episode of santa flag and i will see you next week.

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Episode Eighty-Five: MLB Free Agent Frenzy

Baseball Together Podcast

55:22 min | 9 months ago

Episode Eighty-Five: MLB Free Agent Frenzy

"If you haven't heard about anchor it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain it to first of all it's free but there are also creation tools alive to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. Then anchor will distribute podcasts for you so you can be heard on platforms like spotify apple podcast and many others. You can even make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free anchor app or go to anchor. Fm to get started. Look at this week's episode of the baseball together. Podcast baseball family this week. We're gonna talk some tommy lasorda. We have a free agent frenzy and we are about a month out from spring training. We'll go through that next nine plus presents the baseball together podcast with your host blackjack brad and kansas city. Little big blue eyes and now baseball together. Look into this week's episode of the baseball together. Podcast baseball family. I am brad and as per usual. I'm joined by our guy. Brighi yo words today. I thought it was appropriate. I don't know anyway all right so let's get started with this big we took we basically took last week off I'll be honest. We kind of had an interview. We thought we'd just floated out there for you And it was kind of a bad week to take off on Current events because there's been a lot of things that have gone on. Since the last time we came on an spoke at you. One of those things was that tommy lasorda passed away. I mean dodger. Legend grow up watching tommy lasorda Manage the dodgers than you're too young to be honest you right. That's the only yes or way too old. I don't know which is which. But i mean there's off sends a spectrum. That are very very slim these days but anyways Tommy lasorda a legend. Br has on the notes here. He walks into the cornfield. And i think that's a perfect way to describe it because that is exactly what he has done. He's a writer field. Yep and we're excited for him. I mean it's sad to see him go but it was. I mean a storied career. Twenty one years of managing in los angeles the whole time. Yeah the whole time. They never happens. No it never happens. He was your twice. I in eighty three than an eighty eight. And he finished in the top five voting. I think what is it. Six seasons total he managed four all star teams as well and he is a world series winner two times over with four penance. In that time there you go so some of the best in one of the best videos like clips that i i love watching. It's kind of like the the dickey nutt not dickie. Be jimmy v. College basketball clip of the guy. If you don't know who it is as jim valvano when. Nc state won the national championship. Him running around the court looking for somebody to hug. yeah there's a clip. That i feel like is pretty similar to that and i believe it's after the gibson home run in the world series right. Yeah he's running out on the field and he's looking like he's looking for somebody to hug but instead he's just sprinting. Man sprinting out of the dugout. Yeah that's right that's right. That's one of my favorite articles one of my favorite clips period but definitely one of my favorite sort eclipse. so he was ninety three when he passed away and it was january seventh officially of this year but what i think goes unsaid was his just abysmal playing career. So we just have to roast him for just a minute He was a pitcher. He played in fifty four fifty five and fifty six. He played with brooklyn The first two seasons and then. He was with kansas city for that final season and the kansas city athletics when they were athletics Brad riddle me this. What was his combined. Era over those three seasons three years at a one hundred sixty game average even though he didn't play one hundred sixty two games. Obviously i'm gonna go with four point five you would be. You'd be wrong okay. You gave him a tremendous amount of credit and we're really glad that he is such a crate manager. He's in the hall of fame for managing because his playing. Era was six point four eight with his right. So tommy thank you for your contributions to baseball. We do things a little bit irreverently here. We we love you dearly but We're really glad you're a manager. That's right definitely definitely but hey let's let's move on here so this is something i actually thought was really interesting so the first weekend of the nfl playoffs. They actually broadcast at a game on nickelodeon. They had a couple of nfl network. Guys get on there and do the call. And one of them nate burleson. Who's the guy who actually like He said that there's a lot of fun because he got the talk. He's talking to his kids about football And break. I am wondering if mlb did this if they just broadcasted a game of the week. Even if it's sunday afternoon saturday afternoon. Whatever because the nfl did it on sunday if maybe they did a sunday afternoon. Game of the week on nickelodeon. Do you think this would help. With the demographic issue the mlb has how could it not. And why has this idea been forever. I have no idea. Because i saw the the. Nfl was doing this. I was like oh wow. That's a super da. Super dad loves sports. They love athletes. Why s i know. It's so stupid like this is like the toothpick right. You're like oh man. That's a perfect dania. Yes stupid yes like you got the scooped by the universe. Right like I don't know it's it's exactly the right answer. And i think they should be marketing it to younger audiences in it more accessible methods so you do have to have somebody who can speak young like you're like you're talking about when they're calling the game they have to be able to explain it and walk people through it and think that if you did it in such a way as to invite and not talk at you would be really good really well off. The results would be tremendous but it would have to be every week like you're saying it can't be one off. Yeah yeah for sure and nfl is off. They did not do it. The second and third weekends I guess the second week anyway But man if rob manfred or somebody is not on the phone. Nickelodeon making this deal done then. Manfred is far more incompetent than i have ever thought he was which is pretty low. But don't you have some left to brad. I'm astonished there is a little bit there. But if he's not making this deal or having somebody in his office make this deal. I mean theo epstein's in his office now working for him. This feels like something that epstein would would reach out and do because i mean in the words of dr evil he is hip he is with it. He's with it. It's he's cool he's with it. It's right it's exactly right and so i agree with you. Manfred best decision ever was to bring epstein in if it was even manfred decision. Who knows maybe. Joe torry did it but That's who i'd rather give credit to anyway but the point is You're right this is right up his alley. he's innovative. He's mover and shaker the. Nfl can't really afford one game a week at this stage certainly in the season to to sacrifice to that audience building method or model but baseball does and always will be sent. There are fifteen games every sunday. Yes you can give one of those games to nickelodeon every week. Who cares if it's the tigers. And the marlins. I mean a little bit bad example. Because they were good this year but i mean whoever the tigers are playing give them like. Give that game to nickelodeon who cares just right. You need to appeal to the younger audience. And then who knows coming up. You'll have more tigers fans. Probably i don't know who knows. Or maybe the angels let kids find out who might trout is because he's the greatest player of the joe there you go. That's ex- well. They need excitement. That's the one thing you have to be sure of. Is that if you're gonna put this in front of a discerning audience in no more shrewd an audience. Is there then children. Then you absolutely have got to make it worth their time Absolutely have you. Have you tried to get a six year old or an eight year old. Sit in front of anything for that long. Yes yes doesn't work very hard. it's very. We need to acknowledge the difficulty in the task. But there's lots things you can do. I mean cigarettes did it for a really longtime baseball's got a chance would think but cigarettes were shooting for thirty seconds at a time. That's true but that's true. But no i think the mlb they have to have to make this happen they gotta make it work. They've got to figure it out because that's like there's no reason not to like you said it's like the toothpick the isla. Jeez so anyway. Let's let's move on so i shifted. I saw tonight. I saw the night before. We're coming on that Dustin pedroia is actually not going to be attempting a comeback to mlb We talked last year about you know if he comes because what was he. He wasn't going to be ready to go at the start of the season last year. So we're kind of goes it's going to be it for him but he said he wanted to come back but now this year it's looking like he's saying he's not going to yet but my question for you brig Do you believe the laser show. Dustin pedroia d- believe he's a hall of famer or know how you know. Yes okay. I think we had this conversation before. But let's revisit anyway okay. Two time world series winner. Four time all star rookie of the year. He's been an mvp. His numbers getting retired in boston. Like there that's for sure for sure that's going to happen. As far as his numbers go is fourteen years. So he's got he's gonna reach that cut off and then on a one sixty two average He had let's see career six thousand thirty one at-bats scored nine hundred twenty two runs off eighteen hundred five hits et cetera et cetera et cetera. His batting average to ninety nine career. these numbers do not really go in his favor as far as like hall of fame consideration is concerned. This is one of those things for me. This is where you're going to end up with. Those factor. Votes right guys are going to say. Yeah but look what he did for the game. Look what he did for the clubhouse look what he did as a leader and as a mentor with all this change that boston went through all those years my goodness he came in in two thousand six and the only thing i when he first started playing baseball. So my my whole family. They're all red sox fans all of them and it's so for them but it's fine. They're all happy. And i love that for them. Here's the thing. The thing is when when dustin got on the field. My dad drug me to the television. He's like come ear. You gotta see this and it the dude he all of that power and that just raw just tenacious energy was infectious man and it and it was for the whole time through through two thousand seventeen before he got hurt. Right was exactly yeah. He came to play every day. He gave it everything he had. And you just can't beat it man you can't. I always look at dustin pedroia as one of those guys who had what i call As of this moment hustle tude hustled. They're not the best player on the field. He's not the. Obviously not the biggest. He's pretty small relatively speaking Nobody's gonna out hustle and nobody's gonna work because he knows what he had to do to get there. Yeah and you know. Like one of my wife's favorite players was David eckstein because he was on that. The angels world series winning team yep Because part of was because he was a little guy he wasn't very big but he just like he had that household tude but he was not nearly as good as dustin pedroia as evidenced by his short career. But there's those guys who have that quality. He has it with a certain level of talent because he had an incredible eight year run. He was in the big leagues for fourteen years. Yeah fourteen that really was eight years where he was at his peak and he was incredible. He was very very good. I think that eight years. It's gonna i. I think if you're looking at his numbers by themselves it would be close but because like i said hustle tude and you said x. factor. I think that that's going to get them in. I agree now his career war. I'm looking at his career. Wars at a fifty one point six that puts him down in the andrew. Andrew jones realm as far as career. War is concerned In the sixties. Let's let me go. let me just check. Fifty one k enter. Jones has a lot more than that by ten points but Just trying to find some of these big see if there's any big names down there and fifty one range but anyway so far no actually and part of that is because those guys had longer careers. They had more more to build up that war. Yeah you're right. Kirby puckett there's kirby puckett larry go fifty one point one. I just needed you know what i mean. I just wanted to see if we could justify it on that basis. And there you go kirby puckett there's an marxist shera there's mark to share his name he's he's not a hall of famer though he's a good. No i agree. Definitely not a hall of famer. He is a celebrity. Let's just say listen. I i worked at walmart. And this guy's beginnings fan who come in. And i had a couple of choice words of hearing about how i felt about mark sharon. He goes come on man. Like you know it's true. He's like i know but you don't have to say it. I won't share it here but don't don't don't we keep this family friendly for a reason but all right so that's the first go ahead. Sorry no i was just gonna say. I do think you'll get in for those reasons that we said that if it were coming in if it came down to numbers alone no but he's got other things working for working in his favor. So can i. Can i say one last thing about this please. Do we know this thing gets political right. Yes there's no avoiding it. And and ken griffey junior suggest. A perfect example. But if this is gonna be as political as it's been in the past then why not put him in the hall of fame because think of the story that tells think of think of the inspiration behind it. Think of all that you could let me back up. Think of all the that rob manfred and baseball could get out of this if he gets elected into the hall of fame Do you see what. I'm saying like Like why not and. That's not the only reason you're doing it. But it's a nice little cherry on top of that. It is and kangaroo junior. They're asking him why baseball's the best word and one of the things he said was like you can be the smallest kid on the block and still be the best player. Baseball is a. You're not going to be the smallest kid on the block could be the best player basketball. You're gonna be the smallest and slowest kid on the block of you. The best kid football but you can be the smallest and slowest kid on the block and be the best kid at baseball and one of the things that makes sport great. And that's i mean. I just looked dustin. Pedroia is five foot nine. That is shorter than me. And i am not by any stretch of the imagination tall. Not right shorter than i am too. Yes yeah but i mean we had hopes with jose altuva but those are gone yes to be like that guy and dustin did it way before that anyway. I'm just saying yes. Does he go in. Yeah yeah. But he's the first on a long list of people that we need to talk about. The he is he is. I'm assuming you're referring to john. Lester right yeah. Do you wanna take a break or do you want to jump into this. Let's go ahead of john lester k. So he agrees to a one year deal with washington not chicago. How do you about that. Honestly it's national league. I don't care too much brad. It's fine like slap your wrist. Here's the thing is maybe washington has a plan care. Sure pitched him on a plan. We both read the cubs way and that they got him to. Chicago was based on a plan. That's right so if work hitched him on a plant it worked and if watch him pitch them on a plan the way the way that they can see themselves getting back to the world series. That could have been it and you know that pitching staff discussed so much better. Yeah still got sure you got Strasbourg and now you got lester. Yeah that's trouble. It's trouble for the nfl east. So here's my thought. That pitching staff just got better for the next three years depending on how those trades happened. Because john lester yay signed a one year deal but his is going to linger. You know what i mean. Yeah he's gonna bring in some teaching and it's going to be awesome so yeah. I think that it's an interesting situation. He's gonna do brig tell me he's gonna teach them how to win. Just kidding the i was like oh man i don't. I don't even know what to say to that. Had to get it out there anyway. All right. let's let's do one more. Let's do one more pitcher and this is actually a trade joe. Musgrove was traded to the padres from the pittsburgh pirates that lot always getting all hop screen Holy moly while. I'm gonna head over the casino next week and put some money on the padres do from an app right now about five minutes from external though i could just walk in there with a mask on and do it there you go but yeah no. That's that's trouble trouble trouble with the pitching staff and you know what if he's there for any extended period of time. I don't know what his deal because that's a trade. I didn't pay attention to it. I'll be honest but if he's there for two years could you imagine having us here. We've got snow. We've got moscow miami. Musk probably going to be what the third guy on that staff yet. Four maybe but yeah yeah and then if you get you get clovinger back like oh gosh to. Yeah they're they're building something that's gonna last you know what's funny before we take a break. I'm just going to have to call you out. You're listening to how excited you are about this. And it's the nationally there you go eat it brad. L. west coast bias breaks break breaking recover. We get back. We're going to talk about some more free agent signings and get into some stuff about the season. Welcome back baseball family. 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We don't know for sure if dj lemay hugh is actually finalized a deal. Everybody says he did until you read closely all the fans all the fans are like yeah. We got dj. And i'm telling you now. We're going to say this and i'm going to do it because i'm tempting fate right. I wanna make sure that. The universe goes brig. You're wrong it did get. It did go through in by tomorrow morning. When you're listening to this. I hope that's the case. But but one source can we find finalizing in the pro or or in the process or nearing completion. There's cbs sports is the only outlet reporting definitive deal. Completion and i for one am a little bit worried about that. Brad doesn't care as much as i do right. I don't because i predicted you go to the dodgers on. It's still kind of like to see that Just for the sake of my own selfishness. But no i mean we see we see stuff like this fall apart of the time because everything like you said we've seen we've seen is saying that they're they're closing in on dealer. Finalizing deal that. Nothing is official. I'm i mean we're going off of off guys with mlb dot com jeff passan who is an incredibly reliable source incredibly reliable. You know there's still a chance if you're not a yankees fan that it could fall apart so But there's also a good chance it could be done by the time. This comes out in the morning. So i don't know yeah. We don't know either way. Somethings somethings In the water hopefully it goes through. It needs to go through. It's a what is it six years ninety million dollars what's being proposed. Yeah yup which is a steel. I think i for him. Yeah for sure yeah. He sure yeah. It could be something like on little big league. How remember ricky henderson wanted a dog and they weren't willing to get them a dog so the deal fell apart and he resigned. That's exactly right or the as her shouldn't happen. I can have dj. let me. i don't know we'll see all right. So george springer also remains on the market and right now we think we think it's between the new york mets and the toronto blue jays of buffalo. But we're not one hundred percent. Sure what exactly is happening. And i don't think anybody is. What is the last update is like three days ago right. Yeah and they are still saying the mets and issues that the blue jays are having is the uncertainty of. What's going to happen with their home. Field us next year I mean i. I don't blame him you know. Are you gonna be living in buffalo. You're gonna be living in toronto. You're going to be living in a van down by the river. I don't know what's gonna be happening. Who's to say so and so they're having a hard time signing is an might be springer's hang up i don't know yeah But on the other hand he is getting an offer from the mets who are now very like. I don't wanna see very very good. It's because having stepped on the field. But i'm paper looking real good on paper they're tantalizing. How about that. tannery yeah. Why don't you tell us why. Dario why are they tantalizing on paper. No okay because. I can't help myself brad. Who know there. They traded for francisco door and carlos. Carrasco yeah and That is why on paper. They have become very sizzling. Yeah and you know. Used to polar bear pita lonzo there first basing his bat You got a little more protection for him in the lineup Yeah that's that could be trouble. Yeah i mean like i said. They haven't stepped on the field yet. And they're the mets. They have a tendency to met the bed. So we'll see what happens there. I don't know you got a new head. Shed the did yes. That's so who knows. Yeah there could be a top down top down culture change in that in that we could end up one day reading the mets way. I'm just saying yeah. You know what i mean like that. I could see that happen. We could end up doing the friar way. I don't know like yeah anyway. There's a lot going on there. Big big changes and this is one of them. So the brew crew signed josh hader to a one year deal. That's exciting for josh hader. Well is the thing is that. I think i think especially for him. What the year that he had this last year and everything is a little bit weird with the twenty twenty season. I understand that it was not straight. He was not very good twenty twenty And especially with the closer when they have a season like that. You've got to be got to proceed with caution. I feel like because closers for some reason. They like they have a shelf life with one team right And then they kind of fall off that cliff somewhere else and they go back up to kinda where they were Who am i thinking of. Who was the guy. Shot the arrow. Why can't i think of his name on top of my head who shot. The arrow is a close every time he would. Yeah clo- after he would get a save your right now but anyways he is. I think the perfect example that because he's a due to bounce around like ten times in eleven seasons because he would have a great year and then he'd be terrible so they trade got him or whatever then he go have a really good season with another team. That's driving me crazy. Why can't i want you filibuster for a minute break while i look up here. That wasn't listen baseball family. I've been really excited to get off my chest and This is the perfect opportunity. So you know what they say about sunflower seeds. They are salty in roshdi in delicious. And we love them. So get out there and find yourself a bag of biggs sea salt and black pepper sunflower seeds. The best source i have found for them is actually on amazon. I don't have discount code. I can't help you out there. I would love to but you just help yourself. Bigs sea salt and black pepper sunflower seeds. brad. Back fernando rodney. That's who you always knew by the cocktail but yeah it was yeah. That's right. yeah okay. So yeah he would be terrible with one team move on and then be really good them for like a season and a half move on yeah but anyways is average areas like almost four right three point for the lights out closer. Who's an all star several times. It's a really high right. But but no. I feel like this. Is milwaukee proceeding with caution with their closer that they've seen word is it. I think it is. Because i feel like they. They saw a decline last year. And they're like you know what let's give him one more year sure and we can pull him out of the closer role. If we need to. We can move on from if we need to. We've got flexibility there. Yeah okay okay. I agree with you in the case of josh hader. That's true but brad when we were looking at all of the different arbitration deals and all of this free agency garbage. it's happened. Almost every single deal is a one year deal right now. Almost every single deal. A lot of them yeah. It's true which we thought was shocking. It's just here's what i'm saying. I've been thinking a lot about this for the last three minutes. I think i think what's happening here is that we're getting close. So we're coming off a sixty game season. Twenty twenty was bonkers. Nobody knows what's going on. Nobody knows what to expect. Even though we'll get into it in a minute what we're being told about the twenty twenty one season being a full length hundred sixty two games etc. But don't forget about the collective bargaining agreement guys. It's it's happening at the end of the twenty twenty one season and there is some serious changes being proposed their excuse me there are serious changes being proposed and i think i think all of this is is teams going. Well let's not. Let's not get into much trouble. We lost money projected funds. Yes but we you know they're they're pl charts are off from twenty twenty. They don't expect out of twenty one and here they go. We might have a major financial shake-up in the whole league. Ooh i'm excited i. Yeah yeah this last. I think that's part of what's happening. What do you think bad. Yeah could see. Basically you're saying is it's a cya way for the teams right. It's all everybody's just like they're like let's tread water for a year and see what happens well especially with another weird season right. I mean we'll get a little bit with with some other during the season because of the potential for a crazy season. So yeah i. I don't think you're wrong. I don't think your iphone hater in this specific situation specific. Wanna make sure that you hear. I didn't say pacific specific situation I think part of it is the fact that he's at a closer on the client on decline. But also i think. I think you're right that that's the reason why we're seeing so many one year deals teams are like. Let's see we're financially in a year and then maybe we'll go from there. And i just think that the trend is supporting their decision. He could have got a two year deal in different year. Yeah we've seen that in pat and season's pass where those guys declining they're like well. Let's give them a couple of years and see what happens. But this is this even. This one feels a little bit abrupt rights. like nope. You get one chance you know. So i don't know that's i don't disagree with you. I just think that the trend is supporting the decision. Okay anyway. I'm jump down off my soapbox here just to my next one. It is d- gregorious. So it didi and i just feel like we should be a little bit. Reverend when we talk about didi who loves who loves di that much. I think everybody does. Let's be honest. If you don't. I don't get it. Can we even be friends. Probably not so de gregorio. We're hoping that he gets picked up somewhere. Goes back to philly right like. That's what it's looking like is going to happen Yeah it seems to philly. Yeah but why are teams so hesitant to pick him up. I mean there's lots of infield shifting going on. I don't know honestly i'm not sure I do think that some of it might be a covert related because he does have a long Chronic kidney issue so he played the mask on all season and i wonder if teams are a little bit skeptical but having somebody with a chronic health issue during the pandemic. You know we don't wanna pay wanna pay a guy who is going to be out because of health reasons if if if this happens you know i'm not saying that's it. I'm saying that's ability as somebody who worked in healthcare. That's something that would be at the front of my mind. Well it's a liability financially and it's a liability for health reasons. You don't want to be on the hook if this guy contract some sort of for the virus and then ends up on his deathbed because he played baseball right well and not not only that. But that's that's a hole in your roster. I mean if you're like if you're strictly thinking of xs and os i mean that's a hole in your roster. That's that's a big big gaping hole if you're missing out on gory as if you're counting on having him all season and then all of a sudden he's gone for a hundred and fifty games who've you know that would be ugly it really weady. Could it be any uglier than this philadelphia. Team has been with his last season. Anyway though. And i don't know that might be why they're willing to bring him back. There's like you know what what else could go wrong. Because he's a good guy but need the clubhouse support so bad. I always think of when i think of When i think of this philadelphia team i think of The angels in the outfield right. When danny glover's character comes in and what's his name. The catcher has got like ate hot dogs in his hands. And they're all joking. And danny glover comes in and he tips over the buffet table and he starts screaming and throwing everything. Like that's how i imagine philadelphia right now. This is what it feels like. I would think so. Because that team has been a major disappointment You know i said when. They signed the bryce harper deal. I said i give them four years before they move on from that deal if they have not won a world series And we are. What twenty twenty two from that happening. Is that right yeah. Twenty twenty users two seasons. I think they're going to move on from him if if they don't wanna world series in that time and i don't see it happening on. I don't see it happening. So no i don't even with even with joe girardi at the helm. I'm not sure. Yeah nope nope new. Last last question on this free agent frenzy Jump back over the west coast for you just for you brad. What if deal. What's the deal with. Justin turner man I have three words for you about justin turner and those three words are. I don't know. I don't know of anybody knows who's gonna justin turner. Because he was so precise you would have thought that he that he would have been one of those guys who's on the front burner of everybody's priority list been like. Hey this guy. he He is a perennial leader in a postseason clubhouse you know the s there would have been teams coming after him. The actively actively pursuing him and giving him high-dollar offers because the last four years in in la with him. Yeah i mean he's been. He's been incredible. He's been so good just and the most consistent. That's the thing it's yes especially in the postseason. So yeah cricket's absolute crickets. Yeah it's insane to me. i don't understand it. Why don't work in the front office. I don't know. Let's call jonah hill and see what he says. Do you think that any of it has anything to do with that covid related debacle at the end last season No i don't think it does because if anything that showed that he. I mean in a weird ways a good clubhouse guy you know yeah the. He's out there teammates rather than i don't. I don't know i don't think it has anything to do that though but i mean the dodgers because the latest thing i saw on the dodgers like yesterday and it said that there they were planning on bringing in marcus simeon if justin turner movies on a free agency and that's it that's is if he moves on a free agency. I don't know who's making offers. I don't even know if the dodgers have made him an offer yet. We can't find anything. There's nothing there's no information and it's insane that somebody that big of a name that either. Nobody wants him or everybody wants and they're just quiet about. I don't know right. It's and if nobody wants him. It's it makes no sense. There must be some enormous piece of information that the public does not aware of. Yeah yeah something it would have to be. It would have to be huge huge Because even teams even teams like Chicago in new york and some of these others. They give guys chances for lots of like legal things. You know what i mean like. They're like okay. Well you know you're on a short leash but you can still play ball here if you you know. Xyz abide by these rules whatever So yeah yeah. I don't know it's weird and i don't mean to imply that there is a legal issue. That's not what i'm saying. I'm just saying. I'm just trying to figure out with the data that we have which is none like what could possibly be the problem so weird. I don't know we'll think on that. And when we get back after our break we're gonna talk about spring training and the mlb season the ballgame. Take up to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and ragarding chat I don't care fine now. Lert get back with Ru four o. s. day don't way net stats show for red. What to the release here at the old ball game shop kids. Baseball starts at nine. Says dot com. Look back from that short break baseball family so we have for you some pretty good news. I would say at least news read there. You go like that We have some pretty good. Sorry well excited this spring training starting in a month me to tell him that's encouraging it's going to start on time and it will be good The only problem is that I so fans can go to the games. What they're saying right now fans will be able to attend the games but you can attend workouts which is like the bonus you get by going to spring training that i mean i've done it. I did it last year. My need need to get video up on that on youtube because it was pretty cool but yeah you get to go you walk around and you you stop the players going from field to field. Whatever wilson got much autographs but There won't be any of that this year. It's just strictly a game day experience but it's going to be like a lunchtime game day experience. 'cause they play your noon everyday got that. Mlb says there are no plans at temperatures or get proof of vaccine or onsite testing So they're not gonna make a sweeping indoor sweeping declaration that that's going to be a thing that has to happen. They're leaving it up to the teams and to be honest with you. Something that i've learned in the last year is the most of these facilities are actually owned by the city So the city could probably could quite possibly step in and make that declaration. Yep of course you know saying that. Like we're requiring. Were requiring onsite testing for anybody who comes in that might not be up to the teams that could very well be up to the city. That's a good point so we'll see what happens there Being said brig would you. Would you make it a point to go to a spring training game. That was the situation year. In fact i mean. In fact i have friends in sarasota springs florida and they've been just really chomping to get me down there and i'm thinking like this. I might as well do that. You know like the perfect time to do it. And let's do like what you know and i don't wanna be like flip into irresponsible about the situation or anything but i mean we life must go on so if they can do it safely and if i feel like that. The implications are acceptable rate. That the risks are acceptable than yeah. Well mine i don't mind going. I've never been to spring training. It's been so my bucket list. Yeah and see for me like this is kinda the funny thing so i'm actually probably better off going to a game with a mask on because i have a peanut allergy. All the talk people always ask me so you have. A peanut allergy had eighty baseball games. Like i don't know what's outdoors. Just try to settle in the end. I'm good you know. And i was like i was actually thinking about the other day is like if i have to wear. Wear a mask to a baseball game. That might actually be the way to go abroad. You've been doing it the whole time that way. I literally had that thought like last week was all like i am in my mid thirties and i just now had that thought after all these years ago and so i'll be going and wearing a mask and probably safer than i was before. So that's neat neat neat well this anyway. The season is gonna start april first though right. That's they're still setting it. In april i yes. That's the plan as it's been the plan this whole time was the start on time on april first. Yep and it's going to be a one sixty two game seasons. There's telling us one hundred sixty two games and but brad the what's interesting about. This coming season is what will and will not be the same. From last season. The carryovers rules and in the playoff structure Yeah and i kind of understand this because it is one hundred sixty games are not trying to get that sprint. In with sixty game at the same time they have about like relatively speaking they have about the same of time to get this one hundred sixty two games in right like the same size window so yeah. One of the things they're doing is seven inning doubleheaders. Yeah and an extra base runner on base in extra innings. Because they don't want you know twenty five inning games and doubleheaders sigo forever. Yeah which. I understand because if the situation is actually quite frankly worse right now it is last year yes so for them to try to get the season in is it could very well be more of a trick than a wants to get the sixty games and we saw some of the challenges the teams faced you know specifically the marlins and the cardinals with outbreaks and there could be more spread out across his hunters. These two game season so it. I don't know it's gonna be tough. But i think they can probably do it. Yeah i think they can do it. And i like i said last time. I think that they will not last time but the last time we talked about this i think that they they've probably saw. You know the best case and worst case scenarios in a lot of situations they saw. What the k b o did they saw what. Nfl nba have done. There's lots of lessons learned at this point. So i think that it's it's totally feasible that they can pull this off But go ahead go ahead. No no you go ahead. I was going to move on that. They've the one of the things that they've decided is that they will not be in stating the universal d. h. In this season. Which i love the. That's right yeah it's true And actually want every time. I see that. I think of you because of your disdain for the but i also think about guys like marcel and nelson cruz who have not signed with teams yet because they were trying to find out what was going on with that with that rule. I mean raves. Aren't going to bring us back because I mean there's really no spot for him so he's got to go to the american league where they'll go to the american league's i don't know that's the problem. Yeah i mean you've got your league. But i mean maybe he'll be willing to play right field for somebody. Yeah but yeah. Maybe i mean a guy who's that i don't wanna see. He's like a major minus the outfield like nelson cruises. Know a guy who is a plus plus at the plate in a minus in the outfield. That's tough that's really tough. Yeah like yeah exactly so. Obviously there's a lot of things that can change. Between now and april first before these rules are firmed up and and we make any decisions formerly we i say we. It's not my decision but the the thing that we do know is that they're projecting a they're hoping to get a fourteen team. Spread in the playoffs now. Traditionally we have ten teams last year. We had sixteen I think that both the owners and the players agree that that ten you know we could do. We could do more but sixteen was a lot so everything i'm seeing. Yeah everything. I'm seeing. Is that fourteen might be a sweet spot and they might actually try it just to see you know. And then we'll have three sets of data to compare on what a prime playoff position or a playoff spread. Looks like the only failing to that logic is what are you going to do. With the two new franchise teams still. I don't think they took that into consideration as well so this is the way that works break go. Yes brad explain it to me so you've gotta do you gotta divide the each league into four. Divisions can't three divisions anymore. You're gonna have four. Yes you gotta have. Four four team divisions in each league that sixteen and sixteen. And then you've got you could still do fourteen teams in the playoffs. Because then you do yeah all four division winners and then then the next top three Records down below that right. Yeah you could do it that you don't have to go with a you don't have to go with the second place finisher. It could be the next three like you could get fourteen three or four teams from the analysis. That's how it ends up going. But but i mean and that is how that would work. Why would you not do it. that way. And let the best teams play the best teams so it should be also go back to the that would be an old school pennant race situation but it would also free up opportunities for the best team to play the best teams. The other thing that you end up with is i hope. Dramatically reduced interleague play. Yes like you'd have to in order to squeeze that many games in but also like just stop it. Well the thing. I the thing is kind of funny but interleague play is that baseball is the only major sport in north like only major north american. Sports leagues don't like typically play. Each other in interleague is a strange concept. Yeah so that's that's the one reason. I don't have a problem with league but the reason i do have a problem with league is because the rules are different you know like the nfl. The afc and the nfc. They don't have different rules. It is the exact same ball the exact same field. Yeah you know it's not like you have. It's not like in the afc. Your quarterback has to go play safety for down every series You know you can tell we've talked about this. We have yeah and especially in the nba. The east and west. The only thing. That's different is a talent disparity to you know. There are no rule differences in the major league baseball though it's It is so strange that and it will always be strange to me as long as it exists you've got the american league has h. The national league has the pitchers who hit and it just like. I don't know i struggle. That's what i'm saying. Just get rid of the d. h. And everything we'll go back to honky dory get two new teams old-school pennant races abolish the d. h. b. baseball players. And everybody's happy. So if you get rid of the d. hd do you just have regular interleague play and just and not make it so that it's a novelty but instead make it a regular part of the schedule or do you just eliminate interleague play altogether. No i want it to only be a novelty if it's going to be and i think that that's for broadcast reasons and marketability and you know unifying baseball fans across the country and all that great but i want. I wanna see the world series. Be really everything it used to be before interleague play right where these seems never seen each other ever. Yeah i love that. Yeah yeah. I did used to like that. Because growing up. American league team internationally team like i've always been a mariners fan but because we had tbs we can watch the braves braves fan just like every other kid everybody. Yeah who didn't have a national league team you know so my dream match-up in the world series was the mariners and the braves right you know and i never i always never got it but then when in league play came came along asking like It's actually not that exciting right now and it's not exciting. Yeah it took all the magic away from those opportunities in the excitement of hoping for your teams to play each other was better than whatever they thought the result would have been by having them. Actually play a four-game series or whatever three game series. So i think the if you bring back the pennant races and if you keep them keep most of the intellect interleague play out then you end up with more magic and more fun and whatever it's subtle and it's a slow burn and that's the way baseball is you know so keep it the way it is bad. I'm a traditionalist. I know i am. And that's cool. thanks now. i'm a little bit more liberal when it comes to baseball stuff. Yeah you are at makes it work. You got it. Let's go ahead and wrap it up. Bring you wanna plug the shop force yet baseball family. If you're watching on youtube you always know the cool swag were wearing. And if you're listening on audio we will now jump into a soliloquy about We're wearing no just kidding. But we do have awesome baseball t shirts and hats and hoodies and all kinds of things even wall art for your home pillows etc on the shop at nine plus us dot com that's n. i n. e. p. l. u. s. u. s. dot com nine dot com. That's where you can get all the swag that we have And we discount codes and all that kind of stuff all the time on our private facebook group. Which brad is going to tell you about that is right. Thank you brig glenn and jump on facebook and search nine plus as vip's and you'll have to send requests but we will add you. There's no fee All it is is just. It's a private group. We can have fun conversation about baseball and also drop periodic discount code as brick said but also don't forget to subscribe to rate and review. The podcast subscribe to us on youtube. You can watch us there. It's a little bit different experience on youtube I typically you. It's just kinda watching us but you get to see what wearing and then there's other times i wear. I will add custom graphics. That's a little bit different but act. We got some fun stuff coming up for you this year baseball family. We're excited. We're gonna tease it with that for now. We'll tell you what it is later and we will catch you next week

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Introducing the 'F-14 Tomcast'

The Fighter Pilot Podcast

2:02:07 hr | Last month

Introducing the 'F-14 Tomcast'

"Everyone vincent l. here founder and host of the fighter pilot podcast over the three and a half years and one hundred twenty plus episodes of that show listeners have repeatedly asked about and been infatuated by one particular aircraft above all others and that's grummin f fourteen tomcat. Now whether it's the jets hollywood stardom or it's brutish or good looks. I don't know but i do know. There's just something about the tomcat. Everyone loves and that. Got me and my team thinking. Why not have a whole podcast solely on their fourteen. I don't just mean one episode here. I'm talking about an entirely new show. Well having never flown the big fighter myself. Clearly i can't host this show so i reached out to a friend who did fly it and he was game. You fighter pilot podcast. Listeners will remember him from our surface to air threat series episodes in the fall of twenty twenty. He's a former f. Fourteen tomcat pilot and top gun instructor retired. Us navy captain. Craig snyder hello crunch. Hey jello so excited to be here. really excited about the show. And it's gonna be a lot of fun. And i think anybody who loves aviation and especially the f fourteen tomcat is just gonna love this show. Oh no doubt about it. So what do you have in store for it. Jello as you know every f fourteen was manned by a crew of two. You had a pilot and rio. R i o a radar intercept officer. So it wouldn't be right for me to host the show. I certainly need a co host. So joining me is a former f. Fourteen rio and top gun instructor now retired. Us navy commander dave brennan. Hey what's up crunch. Hey jello by welcome. Well this is so cool the two of you are going to host this new show on the f fourteen tomcat. So what's the plan. Were calling it the f. fourteen. Tom cast and for starters whereas most podcast start in plan to go on forever. We're taking a different approach. Starting in mid september of twenty twenty one. The comcast will air every other tomcat tuesday for year. Which will be twenty six episodes. I see so tomcat podcast. Tom cast every other tuesday's fourteen days very clever. What can we expect to hear on this new show. The show will be formatted similar to the fighter pilot. Podcast with an intro. A few remarks the feature interview and then closing thoughts and the episode series is going to follow the tomcats life from episode one on its development in the early seventies through its illustrious career until episode twenty six which will be about its retirement. We'll talk about the conflicts. It was in the movies it was in what makes tomcat special and more get some really great guests lined up for task all right so we know a little bit about the show. I think listeners need to get to know the to host better crunch. Let's start with you. what's your background. How long did you fly the mighty tomcat. Well thanks jello so my background. I hail from upstate. New york went to the us naval academy. I flew the f fourteen from one thousand nine hundred ninety five to two thousand six at the bitter end where i was the maintenance officer the last deployment of the f. fourteen part of vf to thirteen during that time i've Top gun instructor. I've flown the f fourteen abnd models as well as the f. eighteen through f opposite squadron. Commanding officer twice airbus on the uss. Dwight eisenhower i have about twenty five hundred hours in the airplane in about six hundred and fifty traps very cool. That's right we're at topgun together. We actually went through the class and status instructors together by what about you. I grew up in jacksonville. Florida i was commissioned through navy otc georgia tech. And then. i went immediately to rio. Training joined the fleet way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty one and was a top gun instructor from one thousand nine hundred eighty four eighty seven so is there when they filmed the movie commanded if to eleven and i finished my flying career in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty eight was a total of twenty five hundred hours fourteen rio and six hundred fifty tracks after retiring. I was inspired to share my top gun and tomcat experiences. So i've written three books including topgun days and tomcat rio. Well well over five thousand hours in the tomcat between the two of you and over a thousand traps clearly you to have the credibility to host a show on the beloved at fourteen and in fact comcast will be the first show a channel we here at vr productions are creating. We're calling it. The air combat experience or ace and it will eventually feature shows on many other aircraft. Not just fourteen so instead of starting new social media platforms for each show. Listeners can look for the air combat experience on facebook. Instagram twitter. And youtube where you'll get updates on all your favorite shows and their fourteen comcast in air combat. Experience will also live on. The bbc are pro dot com website. Our guys really excited for this. Where can people listen to the show. Well jello the audio version will be available in all the usual podcast apps. Employers like apple. Podcast google podcasts. Spotify stitcher and everything else in our youtube version will feature interview video. Joe rogan style. Although we probably won't always record interviews in person but you'll still be able to see the speakers. Well that will certainly add a lot to the experience. In fact we're recording video right now. Hey what about listener questions. Can they submit those somewhere. Yes we welcome listener questions. They can email questions to us at disatrous questions at f. one four comcast dot com. I'll say it again. That's questions plural at f. One four. Tom gas dot com. And we're going to piggyback on your listener line jello. So callers can leave a message at eight seven. Seven mach one. That's eight seven seven six two two four one one extension three and will probably answer those questions once a month or so on a bonus session. We're not really sure yet. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how many questions we get. Well that makes sense all right so again. It's the f fourteen tomcat a bimonthly deep dive on the venerable grummin f. fourteen starting in mid september twenty twenty one hosted by former tomcat pilot and rio. Who were both topgun. Instructors and later squadron commanders. You're going to have guests help. Tell the story and it's going to be the f fourteen from beginning to end. I think this is really going to be great yup and look for the fourteen comcast on your favorite podcast app in the air combat experience on your preferred social media platforms and it all begins with episode one on the big fighters development. We'll look back at what led to the aircraft. We came to know and love grummin. F fourteen tomcat fantastic. Good luck guys. I look forward to listening all right. We're excited thanks. Jill on the flight deck cruiser now manager for the next launch mcquaid a flight deck and catwalks. Then we'll clear vault left dropbox and it's time to start up the go aircraft but darnold. This is the top cast. We're going in depth with the people who made the tomcat alleged in today's first episode. We're going to talk with woman. Test pilot raider. Who has some incredible stories in inside history on the development of the top gap so strap in and get ready for more. Hey welcome to the f fourteen tomcats. I'm dave beranek. Call sign biochip. I was an f. Fourteen rio twenty five hundred tomcat flight hours and three squadrons tours. I was also a top gun instructor from one thousand nine hundred eighty four to eighty seven and i'll be one of your co host for the program in my name is craig snyder. Call sign crunch. I also have about twenty five hundred flight hours and six hundred fifty traps. I too was a top gun instructor. And after about twenty four years i retired out of the navy and i now fly for a major. Us airline today we're gonna talk about the The beginnings of the f fourteen the f fourteen in. Today we're joined by. Mr kurt schrader one of the original f. Fourteen test pilots from back in the very beginning of the program. Welcome sir thank it crunch Gravely so kirk as we get started. Here I just if you could tell the audience. Tell the folks what's your background. You know you're you're one of the original f. Fourteen test pilots got. You did some stuff before that. What brought you to the point. Where all of a sudden you're involved in the f. fourteen. I my college. Education at the university of wisconsin was on the program. So i was commissioned upon graduation. The i spent a year in the lecture navy before i was able to Request orders to flight training school. And so i went through that and it happened in era that i went through the whole training command and something like a year and a half which i think in today's scatters pretty quick But like everybody in the program. Once i've i still remember The initial gathering of all the new Enroll as if you will in turning them in a bigger auditory and they said how many people here want to fly jets and virtually all hands up not all but most of them and he said well. I wanna let you take a look at the person on either side of you and then if you're successful neither one of them will be with you. So that was the big issue was what happened later in the program as you went through flight training as you began to realize. What kind of community are you going to get order to when you get your your finally awarded the wings and obviously in the jack community was fighters and attack and so there was no doubt my mind. I wanna go to flares and the way the system works was structured is in theory. The if you're number one in your class then you get the first pick of where you wanna go. That sounds like a good process except that it turned out that there were weeks where there were no openings and the community you wanted to go to and more frustrating as the following way someone else who didn't have nearly the academic or the grades coming on the training command. There were more billets available and they got what you want. So anyways i wanted fighters and four hours Give given order to fa crusader sputtered out of oceanic which kind of Gave me a lot of confidence in whole system because my preference card i said i'd like to fly. F four's autumn memoir. Show realize it at the time but it was the best thing ever happened to me. a crusader community as a as a organization onto a shelf and there isn't a single person that was got involved with the airplane. That didn't love it. And so i was very fortunate to go to be thirty. Three was a very strong Squadron in terms of the pilots and also the skipper and the air wing commander I'm were just unbelievable and really strong layers. A lot of people will recognize the name. Jack chrissy christianson. He was our air wing commander and he was like a guy out of a book. Just wonderful so. I made one chris in the crusader and then we transition as a squadrons into the f. Four timing well it depends. I would once again that giving up the fa. And what have you. But it was inevitable. And so i spent a tour In in surgery and then Toward the end of my she do to tour I was selected to go to test at school. And so that's why. I wear out of the squatter tax river and through the school which is A wonderful experience but it was difficult for people come offices and explaining to their families that now. I'm on chardonnay. So we'll be able to all families stuff and only find out that they were working long long hours just academically get through. Tps coming out of there there several different assignments you got and once again. I was very very fortunate. I was assigned to the flight. Test division but specific way the carrier suitability Branch of it and that was a absolutely wonderful experience at the end. Eric pat comment further for listeners. Because i know a little bit about your career but some of the things that you said. I mean flight. Tests are test pilot. School and carrier suitability branch. Now those really pay dividends later in your f. Fourteen career didn't they. I just wanted to point that out too. Well not not surprising. Way that There's a military or dod testify mandate and then for brand new airplanes. Air points are trying to be Purchase by dod. There's a civilian community and not surprisingly the civilian companies When they need personnel to hire they are say. Go to your military background and one thing that both you are well aware of as everybody has a reputation in the naval aviation community and so basically to me thorough. Easy task for them. Is they go to their contacts. And saying hey we need somebody. We need to hire somebody who who in the community should be going after. And so eventually i. When i left the navy auto pax server i joy brahmin and this was in one thousand nine hundred seventy two so once again. Going back to historical records had fourteen as everyone's aware that the first flight of the airplane was in my boy was in december of seventy nine. Hundred seventy yes and The first flight was essentially Wasn't any value as far learning something about the airplane. It was essentially yes. We've flown here. Why bob smart. The chief just followed essentially took it once. We're on the pattern and landed and so the next flight on airplane was really all reality the first development flight on your point. And that's the flight that didn't end well because of course we have changed our whites airplane got airborne and somebody One of the Point said there are some golic floor on bar on the airplane A poor decision was made that it's probably residual fuel because during the buildup on the airplane offer so you have hydraulic lakes and it can get into a portion of the airplane. That's hard to clean out but with the airflow airborne that it would come out so But as they atoll equate continue their decision was recovering. The airplane and the flight took place at calverton on long island and the airplane was essentially on file to come in and and flying airplane. At that time was bill miller hoarser project power was waterfowl. Who deserves a whole lot of credit for the success of the airplane. He was flying the airplane. And you can hear the conversation move that. The airplane stopped responding to stick movements. And what have you offer training. Hydraulic fluid had been depleted until the point where it wasn't functioning and they both dejected at a very loyal and the airplane went into the ground and and In a fire in the fire there were some concerns The two octa transit going into the fire as it turned out the wind took of out of there but back caused alarm as you might expect delays and the program so even though i arrive there nearly two years after the first initial fly on airplane the program was getting started up and so it was good. Timing for me time. That's good point because they fit if you're all those delays. I'm sure there's not a whole lot of flying going on. There's awful lot of sitting in conference rooms with engineers and talking through issues rather than actually flying them. Because you're trying to figure out how to not to repeat and yeah and Basically people aren't familiar with a development program. There's the first Roughly twenty five airplanes off the line work devoted to phase in development program. They've first airplane that we lost. I had to be replaced. And it's also important to understand that these are air points that are designed for specific test mission. Which has to instrumentation a lot of it has to be installed as the airplanes since assemble strain gauges and things like that. So we've replaced the number one airplane with the number. Twelve airplay brought it forward. It got all the instrumentation. What have you. And then it was designated as one x which took the place as number one airplay interesting that each might never heard. That's cool now. So basically they. They're very specific are points. Are there early ones as one x was they find qualities and High what. I would call a high-speed airplane. They're never to airplane was a high alpha airplane and it was specifically designed to a Nobody was really sure what the consequences of taking the vehicle to Hianguo attack and what you so. It also had a spin shoot. Install lot and some of the things they win tunnel test and people had to be somewhat familiar with Ever some concern about if the airplane departed control flight. it will go into a flat spin. And this is all the model in the windfall and so they said well. Okay in the ejection. Seat system is obviously the first thing that leaves as a canopy the rare occupant and then the pilot. So this thing is blowing a flat spin and it has a very very small rotation access the rotation. Is it possible that they could hit the canape itself. So the number to airplane didn't have a normal canopy had a much thinner canape production and it was the intent was that you rejected through the caterpillar. Which wasn't possible on a toxin canopy so it also had on the Four body of the airplane canard's which for one of the things that an airplane is parted. Tribes it is airflow over the four body. The airport so these were are could be extended That would break the airflow around that. So all of these were conservative approaches to make airplane. Bulletproof could number. I'm sorry oh we get away from that. I i wanna make clarification which These are not the glove veins that were part of the production are playing but they were little rectangular. Canard's i'm looking. I'm looking to see if. I have a picture of him in this in book by. Don't they're small rectangles on the nose so okay right on the number three and all purpose and what's number ferry was a structure. So that is you know. I mentioned that all his entertainer. Good portion of it has to be installed a string ages and everything during the assembly of the airplane so Number three was you could call it expansion. But it was a structural airplane number four ended up to be a weapon from airplane that went to the west coast hughes operated that number. Five which the west coast girl in contention out there and so five a caller a weapon system airplane and so many initial For after or carriage bombs and things like that six also went through us go. Seven was kind of an interesting thing is that seven was pulled out of the production line and one of the things that is a whole log story in a little bit into part of it is the initial. Can't or the airplane one when we got the contract is the airplane was designed around of pratt and whitney engine which was common to the same engine that the air force was developing the fifteen and it was a much higher. I don't remember the exact thrush level. What it was considerably higher than htay of thirty so the navy looked at the development progress on this engine and they decided that if they have to wait for that engine before they ever flew airframe it would build up. The navy would not at the by nearly as quickly so a decision was made while thirties. In the airplane knocked. We intended it to be the engine of production Develop airplanes flying and rachel intent. Avoid aircraft thirty one was going to be the the first big engine airplane so the first airplanes were all thirty power so They characteristics the theory were already known because they've been flying for out in the one eleven and go one of the real concerns. What it is the compatibility at the engine. They couldn't look at it as a stall tolerance of the engine so it was no was accepted as saying lincoln that. Get the air friends in here. Because we don't we're not gonna live with that for very long and so that was number seven or set aside to be the big engine tests airplane so it was just sitting on the side and then eight went to pax river used it somewhat and i will go through the wrestling but we went all the way up into the so production numbers and went to various places that had a function in the whole development process. But the major ones were one x two three and and then i omitted the carrier. Suitability airplane which was aircraft can in the end of production cycle once again can because it was essentially a structural demonstration in they catapult and arresting earth. All be instrumented will back in assembly thing so those the points in a process. Kurt that is amazing. Recap and i think. I think people are gonna be just surprised at all those little details you just mentioned but before we carry onto the f. Fourteen you said f one eleven. You mentioned briefly talking about the thirty. Can what are your feelings about the f. one eleven b Did you ever see one. I don't think you flew on based on your timing and how did that help grummin with the f. fourteen. Well as it as it turned out when i was still on active. Duty at removal are pests. Our they f. One eleven be had arrived and i like. I like to make a joke of that. You have much involved pat. And i say well there were a couple times. Were in eh four or in the hold short area and won eleven taxi by and i'd be aware of it because the whole world would tell and the direction or the airplane going by was it was recognized from the beginning by everybody involved on in development area at packs that this was not going to work. Obviously a took a long while for to for the Powers-that-be recognize that. But it was for a month apart raisins a bad idea and But did it help grummin with the when it came time to make the at fourteen. Didn't that experience help grummin. Well positive spin on it. One of the smartest things dad was the navy project fi order pax river was a gentleman named bill miller and he was the patrimony of trash file and as soon as he got involved with the airplane himself. He made it very clear. This was gonna work but then shortly after that he left the navy yes where he went. He went roman hired him and so bill was involved from the standpoint very early and i i'm not sure exactly where it was but it was before the airplane had ever was fairly early in development area. Sell bill was a consummate test pilot in my mind. What he did he was technically marvellous. And so in my mind. That's sort of politics talgo. He not only has to say what the hell the point does. But he's got a new number one. How is designed to operate and which allows him. If something's not working right to have an educated guess where the problem is sell roman came in. And i i'm not familiar with the entire involvement. Oh what roman was the obvious choice to yet the fourteen contract and in relation to wade figs like current programs after thirty five. And what have you. The timeframe calendar timeframe they fourteen was really. The contract was was led. I believe in the late sixties and the airplane flew. And i case seventy show i. It's pretty fast. Yeah exactly ari fast for those. Who aren't familiar with the the lead time in the development of a fighter it it can be a decade to go from concept requests for free ideas and then they build it out until you're actually building airplanes you know and it's in a things are done differently now back then they would build prototypes. I think for for some ideas And nowadays it's all done on computer and we buy stuff that's virtual i think well they've been able to truncates some of it but you know basically they stack on a f. Fourteen was a multi mission airplane and there are design elements in the in the fourteen to to Were used in development of the airplane to address the air to ground mission however innovation is made up and to general communities fighter community in an attack community and i can tell you as the enthusiasm. Oh fighter community for any anything that went into designing the fourteenth to enhance his air. Ground was not supported. The costume thing was not a pound for air to ground. That's descent miramar. When i was in the early days of miramar in the early eighties before you know anyway so yeah i'm with. That was the attitude. Well that's right. Something that was proven later in the life and the service life of the airplane. The airplane is an excellent era ground machine. Because we don't what are you looking for air to ground the obvious things. Is you want something. I can go a long way. Can carry a lot and deliver accuracy. Accuracy and has a structural strength. That if you don't expanded you can bring it back all of those described. The fourteen didn't describe the other alternatives is attack nudity and so they Later on that when when a airplane got really involved in the air to ground mission. That i think it's well acknowledged that it was probably the best platform honored carrier for that mission. So is it true that so basically the at fourteen kind of like the first attempt at no kidding a multi mission fighter where we actually went forward with it. Well they did and you guys are familiar with the fact that the airplane you know it had all the wiring in it to handle the air to ground munition that from a structural standpoint that when all us carrier suitability as an example. The dictate was anything. You can get off the front end with you. Got to have the ability to bring it back and one. The concerns was the phoenix. Missile is because of the cost of the phoenix. This'll if you lost where they didn't expand it. You didn't want to have the requirement to jettison it so that you land back aboard the ship so we cleared everything on airplane quoting marketing fours and for arrested landings. And what have you which was kind of unique to the airplane. Yeah so for the listeners. They may not realize an aim fifty four. If my memory serves was a thousand thirteen pounds about right. Asha in a mark eighty four. That's two thousand pounder. So there's these are big big weapons in in an f. fourteen I don't i'm sure it was I'm sure you did The testing for you carry six phoenix. You might not be able to recover with all six But you could certainly do that. That's sick over six thousand pounds wardens right there. We'll plus a few thousand more for the rails and adapters easily right. That's true there and you're coming up against a practical limit. What kind gross weight can the airplane land at. It wasn't it wasn't that you couldn't land with them at justin. You obviously have to observe the gross weight limitations on airplane but you could bring awful lot back. Yeah and if. I remember so back back when when you were doing. The initial carrier suitability is the gross landing weight for an arrest. Linearly was fifty one thousand eight hundred pounds right. Yeah okay and later on. It was increased to fifty four thousand pounds to improve the carry back So i obviously you know we could. We could bring back a lot more ordinance later in the life of the tomcat but back in the beginning even fifty one eight. It was a pretty good bring back but we. We did expand that to give it even more capability because it was such a big airplane. Amazing the other the other thing that people in the vital community eight quickly realized that When you're doing stuff like carrier calls and what have in four. The fa were restricted in. How much fury you could land with. And and suddenly you have fourteen at the only restriction you had love with was landing gross weight so or out there was a factor of the arresting gear. Well it's all of these things interact but you know suddenly had a guy that could could actually do touching goes in what had at at a much higher fuel status than was previously available. Yeah so in so for anybody listening. I mean you come aboard. you're coming around. Doing some initial carrier qualification. I i know that we all think we are awesome. In god's gift to aviation but we might not be as good on that first or second pass at the airplane and it's nice to have more than one. Look before he got go hit the tanker divert to the beach so having a greater Gross weight capacity allows us to carry more fuel. More fuel gives us more looks at the back end of the boat. More looks gives us the opportunity more opportunity to land. Because it's not as easy as some of us make it appear so there we go. Hey now kurt question for you. Let's go on the way back machine to when you first started the East i showed up at the program. I remember the first time. I walked up to a tomcat. Can you describe for us your first impression when you walked up to this thing this machine for the very first time. Well let cover a little detail. What would i made the decision to leave the labor navy. I got almost an immediate call from growing san. We'd like you to come across. But i was watch martyr at that time. That to me aviation was a plus a minus kind of thing. If you work for a company that had the contract had plenty to do but if you work for a company that didn't get the contract then you're either going to change jobs or you're not going to be totally employed in whatever so i said no i'm gonna go years my engineering degree and i'm going to enter the business world if you will which i did I found out that made me really appreciate the people at work in relation angle handle suddenly. You're you're in a civilian environment and whereas you don't realize i didn't realize how dependent you are on everybody around you enabling nation and fortunately there's always a few that are kind of categorize this week but they're very few of them and you depend on the ability of people around you well. I found that not to be the cash and the soyuz world has said. You really didn't have a lot of you. Have some reasons to doubt that the people that you're dependent on so anyways i i was battling with once i realized growing was still looking still wanted made her come to them. So my wife and i were having a discussion about this about the demands that name ovation ports on the family on the at that point. I've got two kids. Which i my first tour infla- i was a bachelor. Do i have to tell you. There's a difference between a bachelor and being a family guy on a cruise so anyway We were having this debate of whether whether we should maybe do this and So one thing that happened was she. You guys are familiar with it. Naval reserve aviation racer ended up transition into really talented outfits. And they had down at miramar they had to fa squadrons and i and supporting our ku flying f h. And so i got a call from they said. Hey you know you're in the reserves. Why aren't you consider coming our flying and as you know the whole Structure is. I found very quick. Highlight my entire. What was the weekend. I would go to miramar and fly so now leaning per accepting offer and gordon calls and said hey guess what. We've got a couple of airplanes at point. Mugu have fourteen said. We're going to abate there for weapons to work away. So why don't you take a trip there and walk around airplane which i did and the people that were involved at hell far away was one on. That gave me a tour thing. And will you talk about sending the hook. Basically call call brahman. I said yeah. We'd be happy to accept your offer. So that's how i love what but And it was still early enough in the program that to witness development of the airplane because as we all realize when the when the first airplane comes off to lie never several systems in the airplay have really needed attention and the attention was or certified by the flight cast and so the airplane evolved from the earlier place that he wanted to talk on crews and the airplanes that came down the line layer. Here's a big difference. That's amazing. I mean that's and i bet it was a different world back then so kurt. You mentioned The f. one in vietnam to were really learning some developmental lessons. How about going into some details about that we know they made the first appointments. They're fourteen around seventy five Tell some of the the stuff that you're you're thinking of well you know. It's like a basic basically. They obviously have early block airplanes and they fight test program was conducted before they laughed. And while ever god. And what have you some of the early things on the airplane. was stay Basically they original airplane had maneuver the maneuver devices were strictly trailing edge flaps and they were controlled by a thumb wheel on the pilot stick and quite honestly the additional lift. And what have you heard was not impression and it was. All manual control so very quiet was identified. As number one we needed to include the leading edge slats as well and secondly as why not have them automatically control as a function of anglo attack and so then the question is will. Okay or how do you make smart about the angle attack. And that's how were the air Probe in the In the radio home came in and that who's an essentially angle attack since her so. I think there were than anybody. That wouldn't argue that. It made a dramatic difference in the air point and show you know in an ideal world gas you call up near there and say hey. Guess what. we're just found out which just fight test Great we'd like to put it in the airport. Well then starts the process but needless to say it's a long time before it appears in the in flight and I believe in this case was a off. Ninety air points which orwell down a production line so they they also had a Very concerning they lost an airplane was when they were applied and the crew jacket and as described there was a bang followed by A fire and they eventually had jumped out of the airplane was because they were deployed. The airplane what water so the question was what caused this. But there you have don't have anything A argos you've got nothing to work with other than the crew comment so it wasn't too much later than another her play had the similar Episode and there's obviously a lot of scrambling colour not what's causing this and then we have an airplane. That was in. The navy was flying a pax river and also had a similar incident but they were able to land the airplane so for the first time they had something to investigate and long story showed turned out was they were of thirty. Kills that a fan blades were fatiguing and which should never seen Engine or the fan boys are a significant of material. It's not like they're they're featherweight. And what have you plus. They're spinning at a very high rpm. And and there's enough energy potential connecticut in the fan boy or rights or the engine casing and unfortunately there's a main fuel. I never an over the top. The engine right in that area and the plane of the engine show it was rupturing the main fuel line. Well do i have to tell you what happens when you suddenly bay the entire salaun. What have you with With with fuel when you have no edges runner so it turned out. I was when i started looking at it. It was time related on your engineers. They were all. I remember with social but it was a very definite washed racist. Certain churn life at a certain amount of entertainment blades fatigued. So that was a obstacle overcome. they some of the things that Again from a carrier suitability standpoint. I had to good fortune of one. I went to pax river. interior suit. Have the responsibility to optimize. Approach power compensator and so the initial airplane that we worked with was the four which is an ideal airplay to do that. Because jay seventy nine is essentially an actual flow engine with very quick power. Spas come to idle on the nozzle reduces residual thrust so we we were able to optimize the abc. And the four. At i honestly i could fly as tighter pattern With the ap she is. I could using manual throttles so the next one in line became the f. aid because faa came out with a major the j. and once again we went in to try to optimize well and you have fourteen. We wanted to do the same thing. But there's some real challenges associated with h that they Number one is everyone knows. It's a turbofan engine so it doesn't respond very quick point thirty when you come to idle in-flight inaugural doesn't pay case closed. Which means you're trying to do solar airplay you've got residual thrust that you don't want and whatever so we made some changes toward less-than-optimal The other thing was deal safe near pointing came off the line with direct lift control and it was implemented that us again way back up. They a fourteen has four sets of spoilers they're all electronic commanded and they are to inboards and to outwards. We were. Here's an all the spoiler for the deal say and while it and the point of this is together dump or restore live and so basically The downside of that when you're airborne and you put in a deal say command of as you wanna go up. What happened is a spoilers. When to go up to spoilers which stow and there would be a significant A shift in the center of pressure on the way and a pitching moment that went down. Right so obviously. You don't want that you're trying to go up on a slope. So they way to counter that was there was a deal. Sea air connect which was a device in the logic. Studio control system said with the deal command. I'm gonna command enough horizontal tail in order to counter the pitching moment. All that's all good news and it did a reasonable job not a perfect job but the problem was that the load in order to counter they pitching moment was in the wrong direction. And so basically. You're trying for the airplane to go up and yet your commanding the horizontal tail which is huge on your quite to give you a a a Nose down pitching moment so in my mind the deal say was really i personally if i was inflated at the time i wouldn't use it but nevertheless people did and it's really the the genesis the i the nickname that some of the whole shows attached to the airplane as the turkey. And you say we'll turkey sounds derogatory but it really had nothing to do with the capability of the airplane. What it was when you had a guy on black slope. That was using to deal. Say an eight the end. He must should go up. Well they stabilisers would would make an immediate import to counter the pitching moment and so basically they all is looking at an airplane coming down that has got his year sticking down and discuss these big horizontal tails that appear to be flapping and i think that's worthy charm hercamp from kurt. I joined the fleet in one thousand nine hundred one guys. We're talking about why they called it a turkey but your explanation right there. I mean crunch. We can terminate the interview right now. And you okay. We've got a win over turkey over not going to though so so life is a is a mixed washing they. Spoilers were electrically control and now we had a rash of the electrical command path not behaving properly which prompted us back at calverton to do a try to isolate the problem and lo and behold we found out that as far as the deal knows that all the benefit excuse mc back up all the bad stuff. The pitching woman was associated with the outboard spoilers. So we said we had in the tester joined the ability to disable them and we found out that if we use just the in boards wars and increase the amount of extension of that we ended up with a much more effective deal say and essentially no pitching barr show if you flew the early airplanes I trying to remember when they had fixed wondering airplanes. But it's one of those things that you find something and you'd like to have the fleet guys have take advantage of it right now but it doesn't work that way because there's so many thanks sir. Funding is an issue. When are you going to do the mas. Were have you so. I think a boy was later. Rebranded of mud deals see. It actually went in it. Went in with the f. One tan anchin. Not that any one ten but it was included in that upright. I didn't realize it was that long before my dc was incorporated any realize why recollection could be wrong. Hey i'm sure. I just didn't really well. I'm depending on my memory. Which all this stuff. We're hearing today. This is all based on memory. You didn't study or practice or go. let me go. look this stuff. You're not reading stuff right. Zoologist online for my wife will tell you that i got i got footlockers. Follow and formation and the garage but we just recently moved and none of success. So you don't need you doing green. We'll have well. Let me let me ask you maker it. So you're you talked about a few things you were talking about. Approach power compensator. You've talked about direct control. You know we're talking all this stuff. We're talking about right now. Is all landing pattern flying qualities and it sounds like there was a lot of give and take a lot of discovery because all new design right How about overall. I mean it was built as a fighter anna bomber. And you're now granted. You're you did a lot of carrier suitability but you also fluid. Probably i mean. Did you get a chance to go out and do some some one v one some dogfighting with it and experience flying qualities like that. Well cosi came. It's a whole different story. I said i got sent over to iran for six months to teach the iranians to fly the airplane. That is more than this area can handle. But we'll have you back but you know basically There are so many aspects to That as you discovered these things. It's it's frustrating that the time required to get it in get it to the flake and the other thing is all these sayings are costs money and i would make a general statement is the f. Fourteen went through his entire life. Always stayed at this way without an abundance of money and and so things that were on the table to improve airplane. And what have you were Basically for lack of funding that they were either delayed or maybe they never got there. There's there's a couple stories associated with that. But i think what i need to do is make everybody aware that the technology that was available when f fourteen was designed is archaic now and specifically flight. Control is the introduction of fly-by-wire what fly-by-wire brings to any vehicle is almost in culpable. Basically the fourteen fly control system is nothing more than a mechanical connection between the stick in an actuator so the pilots not actually moving the surface itself but he is setting a mechanical import into a selector valve on a big. Actually this moving moving a surface so basically they they when you put an import ahead of us a a stick import and you put in four aspect as that import is going to go and the stabilizers will always busa symmetrically up rebound depending on which way you command but if you have fly that the f. eighteen is a good example. What people don't realize why were you see. Nfl cain taxing around at the reuters are towed in well it has nothing to do with flying horrors of the airplane as because ahead trouble getting a nose off the ground on takeoff so they said well we'll just tow the runners in and craig drag up on the vertical fin to give us a nose up pitching on well. That and the redundancy fly-by-wire issue is incredible and you have typically four channels so things that we were doing at a single function created a problem in a five wire system if you lose one channel. It's no big deal. You've got three other channels working at can be addressed when you're applying respect so Basically what happened. I think is kind of an interesting thing. We get the airplane flying. This is after they were now into they find qualities evaluation right so one of the first things he did was do a level diesel pollinger power back and increasing abstract to maintain altitude outside the airplane slows down. And what obviously is happening is a angle attack on the wings is increasing. Well my experience and the faa and the four as you would reach a point where you don't want to proceed any further because the airplanes depart well and therefore kane they kept bringing the stick back and who stick back and filer. They reached full aspect and the airplane is still sitting there. It's not departing and obvious way if depending on what your power is sometimes even full military. Par won't keep it from descending but the fact that you could go to full f. Stacked an airplane just sir so the next question was okay on a structural program. We have to define that. The airplane is structure capable of meeting the acceleration limits and a case. They taylor's six six and a half james so they go out there with it with number three structural airplay and they start doing a wind up. Turn and so what you're looking for as as you do. The wind up karen turn is the normal acceleration on airplay just continuing as you as you the salary. So basically as you do this the angle attack on the wings and christie's and therefore the lows knowing primarily bending modes Increase and so. If you have enough speed you can reach a point where you're limited by wing bending and just can't stand anymore load on well when we with the number three airplay doing doing this wind up turnage. Is that everything was linear in the cockpit. Yet has stake wet. The higher higher angle attack. Suddenly the wang lodestar start to drop off. You say well wait a minute. The g. is increasing and its linear but yet the windows are dropping off. What's going on. Well it turns out as we all know the center body of the airports as big the wing of areas speak still a lift was transferring to the fierce allies. And so basically this actually relieves the wing load. I never heard that explanation before. That's awesome right. Yeah ship so basically something that we were. Were trying to keep their formation from from the fleet As the airplane symmetrically as near roy unbreakable. Don't tell a pilot at no we will take away. There are some air framers. I disagree with you on that. They're like we've met crunch how you i'll give you an example. I know of at least two incidences were a pilot inadvertently obviously put ten jays on an f. Four the airplane credit it got home but in both cases it cracked the wing spar. And at that point is it's a strike right so here we have the war or the fourteen as that. As you increase the few civilized load is through leaving to the wing right. So how strong was the airplay well. Soliloquy was incredibly strong. And i had that proven to me in iran why i was in the backseat basic fighting over hops. Where we were. The bogey and i had an iranian trading in the front and were doing maneuvering for as a bogey and we had a. We had a floor that we l. took floor and we were getting down to it. So i said to the to the The iranian i said okay. We're getting down to the floor. So start working it up in other words to maneuver. But but jane elliott. Don't be losing too well. Hey level wings and we were at something. Or i'll three hundred fifty dollars for three hundred seventy five and he buried the stick. Well that response to the airplane took grades in my opinion and novak say was. I could bullying her first thing. I did look at both sides to make sure the wings were stroller and so basically A sure is well. You're so this next is up on the right side and see the gbi eater right so the first thing i did it was packed. Member like ten. If i remember it was it was all the way over right so i go back to look around and say you know how. How severe is this. And i get back. I asked the runyon said jeez. Did you pull six point. Five sir is more explicit language. When i told him. I didn't believe him and i looked up. And course it had been respect right so we got to your point man. I said we're going home. And there was absolutely i seen it on some of the navy. Airforce to as the overawing faring had some fingers on the back and the negative pressure that he created on her copy. Airplane was such a and lifted your wing therion and and fuller. They figures underneath so anyway. Arison airplane that we could ever find it so so you say well okay so. The airplane is structure way. Bulletproof all that's not true because basically we roll airplane as you guys know with horizontal cells. So if you envision the aft fuselage of the airplane and you do a straight paw you put bending loads and the f. chefs alive and now if you take an you and low fight to eleven role you're putting doors torsion loads on on a fuselage in this case they'll be in one direction on what side of the airplane set direction on the other side so the airport is assigned to handle that but the aucoin hill one is if you put a lot of nay of positive g on airplane and then roll. Airplay is at least on what side of the airplane. You're adding Loads to the vending loads. It's actually relieving on the other so if you get the concept that the way you could damage. This airplane is metrically. Because you know it's handle everything that is designed to do in a symmetrical and has symmetric foot not together. So basically i think a lot of a fighter community. Anybody that says. I haven't i've exceeded the s s a metric. Never lewis on. My airplane. Can't be trusted because hick it happens. And and so basically. What's the solution to this. If you had fly by water fly-by-wire says. Oh i know what the normal gs all now. You wanna roll the airplane. I'm only going to give you so much. Differential tail rollier so in other words. It's gonna protect the airplane stat structure easy easy to do. And but Fly control system. You can't do it right so it's it it really a. I'd lush te. I did from way back. When i got involved was growing with x twenty nine program or chores totally flagware and and although i did i i know it before. The magic flower can do is amazing. And so if that had been retrofitted into the airplane. It's not cheap. it's not cheap. But guess what. S exactly what the air force is doing now with the affecting the ex the new revitalize f f. they're going full fly-by-wire girl system so You know the f. Fourteen was fly-by-wire in it would be and profitable pick to make the airplane. Do what you what you you need. Aerodynamic authority we had it in spades and you also need ability to keep you out of where you're gonna just structural damage airport. So i the fourteen weather five our systems. Ms what you could do and all things should you know. The question obey will wait a minute. I think you put a digital flight control system in the airplay toward the end of it service like well. That was not really. It was stuff was calculated digital in every five hour troll system soy tin now capabilities. Five hour what happened. It's impressive recap. I tell you that. I think that was just a question of hey. Let's talk flying characteristics. Holy cow i think we just I learned a lot just now. That was county another thing. And i'll bet you you violated us. How do you know we're back to you. Tell me if you're going to be honest so there's an accelerometer that we've already discussed strike. It is a mechanical G mater so what we found out very early in the arellano planes had an accelerometer mounted at the cg on the airplane that electron equate drove occasion cockpit so it it was very very accurate what we noticed as that the correlation between what we were saying on the instrumentation and what was appearing on the cockpit gauge was significantly different and not surprisingly. It was associated with high pitch french so it was a Inertia effects of the nato. We knew from a fight test standpoint. If you wanted to put six and a half days on it symmetrically you had to do it. At two hundred and seventy nuts. And i know for a fact that in the rag to show people how much instantaneous jay was available that kosovo said set three hundred twenty five dollars and into a rapid poll up and that would give him six and a half days on a assure our on on the production one but a really put seven and a half if not a robot more on airplane interesting. Were you concerned about it. Once again. Symmetrical strike an airplane was never in question but rolling pools. I do remember you know we did a lot of shoe especially in like a surface-to-air missile defenses and things like that a rolling poll is the best thing to do. But you had to be careful. I remember thinking that we went to be limited to like four and a half jeeze if we were rolling while pulling e yeah something. I don't remember the exactly. I'm envisioning that. That chart in the top manual it is. I did not have them memorized. All i know is like Something less and l. There's no way if you're if you're throwing into that environment in the last thing you do get your check. Alison say i'm gonna janai partner right so you know basically that's coming back. There's fly by wire thing as you just the pilot and and keller what it wants and but it can be programmed to say okay but at this symmetrical lowell. This is humbert stiffer. She'll tell so. I don't know it. It's it's frustrating capability. And it. I i. I have thought that the fly by wire control systems really came less than ten years after the f. fourteen was sign initial one. Was i think have sixteen and f. eighteen. Whatever it almost if if we droid devote one of the airplane i'm sure would have gone in the airport retrofit. It was effort effort question. So so kurt when we were Prepping for this. I look. I look through this great magazine in. It's got an interview with you. And i think somewhere in there. They're talking about high speed flight. Did you do any be tested on the air force. What was that like. Well what's again. I'll reiterate my fleet. Experience was crusader and phantom. Both airplanes have a significant loyalty speed capability. A miracle action is. They're both seven fifty but i could be wrong but anyways both airplanes It hellbent no flight control system where they have dampers in pitch damper And what have you. so. I don't know if you've ever seen the video of the initial development of the app four. They were doing a low altitude speed attempt and he got into a and that so the bottom line it was was. You could go there with a airplane. You make sure that you're still way argumentation system is on and don't do anything stupid with the stick. Get something started. So it wasn't too long after. I joined garment and we were a fly brave and going through the cards and one of them. We had just made a small change to the eddie her damper which is in the auditorium patrol system. We're not important understand what it is. But it's it's a piece of equipment in your life student girl system so we had to demonstrate that there were no adverse Influences of the new other revised one anywhere in the blow. So the car grad. Okay so the condition is thousand. Eight eight hundred nuts. And as you guys know zero point steph struggling out there all have to wait long or heavier. And i'm saying in my own mind i said okay. I'm going to be so careful when i get out there. I i'm not gonna even all of the stick i'm gonna. I'm not gonna j-o-s-e any kind of repeal show. Then the next step. The car was turned a pitch chefs off. And now i'm thinking i'm going to guy there. This is a big our apsara. They're frightened me and whatever but they're not serious about doing this so i said you know. This concerns me no sweat. You'll be fine. So now i'm out. There were pissed off once again being very very powerful and they say okay now give it a stick rap. I don't know if you don't want us in supply test kind of thing is or your check on damping in whatever is you. Take your fist and you and you punch you. You hit the stick. In this case in the lodge eternal access took excite the airport. And now i'm convinced sir. This is an raf but they said no. It'll be fine. Whoever you so. I'll boy and the airplane was actually ever damp more heavily after the stick. Wrap there was with the sas. It's amazing to me. i've been eight hundred knots at low altitude and it. I mean we didn't have any trouble getting there. But it it actually. It didn't feel like we would go much faster. I went to one point one. So it's that's maybe not eight hundred nas but getting close to it so well that was a that was limit of the all lope But i'll be without going into details. I'm aware of at least watch. The airplane was out that fifty seven. Not intentionally guys in flight test. You mean somewhere in the process okay. There's a whole lot of things. Most people aren't aware you think airport has been take off over swing. I'm gonna guess it has based on the way. You're asking that question. I i did not personally witness it but it was related to me. You're kidding. we the rotation speed got to be incredible to actually make that work. Yeah to to fit to fifty something. I don't know i. I did not personally witness it something else. i have. what standing in the l. So position eyewitness. Air point being landed at twenty five and a half eight per second now cry fifty nine hundred twenty five and a half this via sigh of fifteen. They design six. Pay the airplane or twenty five to fifty per second now. What's different about structural thing and to carry sooner bar. There's no margin so theoretically there were perfectly designed airplane and you landed it. At twenty. Five point three everything would break obviously. That's not the case. And this case what. Hey setting look like a darn crash. Somebody coming down. Because that's quite that's just two and a half time exactly so typically we land right about seven or seven hundred fifty feet per minute. Twenty five point two per second is roughly fixing. Be a thousand six hundred. This is this is how sadistic now various Emonstration at you have to you have a choice. You could demonstrate limits. Make six twenty five to one or you can demonstrate eighty percent of it three times and so which comes out to be like twenty point three something like that so you say well what do you learn if you get one at sweep. Oh incidentally after in three different pitch attitudes have to do it in mean pitch attitude nose low and halo and you achieve that by flying at a different speed for whatever so Required to get the speight so so basically what. What are they learn by making you do three times. It's the wall marone that you're going to overshoot. And he'll get data that they can't rule is the kuwait. Ask anybody to go get get it right so it's a game. It's a game where you're when your wallet did not give him any more than the requirement. So it's interesting. How when they didn't before all this one awed this included no slow high sang which you are essentially three point so did the analysis and they said were concerned about the safety of the pilot as you know they're they landed knows winding here's shirley closer underneath the pilot so they said we're concerned about physical injury to the pilot and the other thing. Is that all these other Attitudes have to be an investment. They have a mark seven there at pax river so in order to be valid it has to be interested but obviously we had to get the attitude for the nose low. We had to fly a hundred sixty knots and mark seven. There wasn't any way that could arrest you wherever so they said well just touch. It goes good note so anyways they came up with a energy absorbing seat and you're all familiar with. cpi that goes in the state. Take the seat pat out. And you put this energy absorbing c. Which you can think of it. As a piston stroke went under load it was probably six or eight inches of throw but that was going to make it tolerable for the pilot. While i tell you that the most disconcerting thing of it was when you made the point and you succeeded in touch down at that takes eight. And what have you and the seat operated that. Obviously you're not arrested. So you're you're you're taking off again but because hydraulic actuator stroke. You're sitting about six or eight inches war it's the weirdest sensation i can think of you. You look to the right and you've open adds a canopy real anyways. Here's all worked out the life of a test pilot in the question. The question is did you. Did you think about it and realized that before you fluid or was that one of those. Oh we didn't think about fat. No they knew their nablus. Obviously i didn't. I didn't end up or any injuries. We're gonna have another incident which i won't go into detail what they have inadvertently applied engagement. And when i say implied engagement at the airport and picked up the mark sharon and it was caused by a late wave off. I would not at all But anyways that as you might imagine the airplane mill power planning away. Engaged to the mark. Shown ain't ankara have is not gonna and good so it rotated the airplane down and so it hit the at the runway nose gear i It actually injured the cloud idol. Boy the seat was in the airplane. Attack dot that it will made any difference but it was an instrument at airplay hers sudar by and the notaire went to ultimate. Which is you know a no loads area. There know there's a letter law and then there's all women low and appeared on damage. They changed it just because for precautions the rest rest of the program and to say it was a tough airplay would be under ceiling. Although when i started the program. I had one of the garment engineers. He said kurt. I know you've been told that groman fakes bulletproof airplanes all the world war two stories about everything about crony said. I just want to warn you. Those margins are not in this airport. He said there's no way way. Put met the requirements and put those cut say margins are there but what those in there is an amazingly took her apply. That's incredible really. Is i go basically if you look at davy designs that are her asked whatever awful lot of them in their career and a gear problems collapsing gear landing. Air major nose gear. Fa was at a week. No sphere lotto f collapsed nor scarce wherever well when they do that and never just uppsala requirements. They want to go through that again. And then of course and occurred generation. You're all those toe so we were. We were the seven the first to go nose tall. So it's an you know the size of the nose gear. That's that's amazing. If i could just. I'm gonna. I want to shift gears second here and thinking about something else. So the f. fourteen when it was designed was you know thinking about the hood right now just completely shifting away from flight control and things like that and thinking about the avionics so the hut was a was kind of like a brand new thing at the time right. I mean this is we. There's not a lot of. I think the a seven was the first. I am going to say. I guess but it was. It was relatively new yet. You're you're getting into communities and the sun as bio said was incorporating the and the of air force chain obviously was ohio. Right you would think that the two communities would have a common meanings if you will about these are things why are these are things that are be aware about. What have you well. They they were doing everything. And the fighters guys were doing their fangs and the reason. I'm so convinced it as before. I left packs forever. I had a chance to fly an acme which was their first production appointment. Had what have you. And i was amazed. You know the point. I made upset. If i was flying g chevron and for whatever reason i decided i would go the four hundred knots until i get the call today your commencing soap or you're approaching Rated descent. I could do it in the seven because you just come in and had whatever twelve hundred water that she she was and you say okay. your Portugal actual again a normal ready to send you had come to. I don't and you force of vector down three and a half degrees and you've probably never leave wave delightful man. You're selling the whole time. But that that in itself in a normal airplay was would be very difficult to do to hide baited easy so then i guess they are fourteen and i find out that way. First of all the initial hud had had a combined or glass inside the wind show and that helped field of you and everything else. The bad news was when a somebody an airplane at night and the reactions and everything going on. This is gonna work. Talk combining lhasa and went to windscreen but the biggest center of all is initial airplane. Did not have an ursel horizon. Show you start thinking. start thinking about flying a hood. How much depend on inertial horizon a wall the benefits of no sale A low altitude. Turn where you don't wanna be losing any altitude or whatever we did not have. We did not have a nurse or horizon. We had dial horizon which was useless eggs. So they're fourteen and at that point. I i don't. I think the fleet had allowed to the initial be modifications. That got a reasonable hud. I'm not sure the d. obviously got an upgraded upgraded hard. Do you remember later on we. We the be upgrade vr. The camera stood for retrofit. Or something like refer you know the. Vr was a real big upgrade They're fourteen d obviously had very nice one but before that the f. fourteen straight be had that that old hudd but I remember it would process significantly and it was. It was difficult to use and there were plenty of people who would actually turn it off when they're landing at the boat. Yeah 'cause astor that what's the benefit of hindsight back when the whole concept i. This is my imagination. They have a whole room full fighter pilots. And you say okay well how many people wanna hud. Oh i've heard good things we all want to hurt okay but then not to go and find people that were fine odds to me. I mean i. I would think that and i never was operational at odd hud equipped airport. But i suspect while you hear about hud's Crunch guys on the ship at night and they were asking them if if the not working let pedals snow in. That's not s not a criticism of the individual. The bathgate use it. it's that you get accustomed. That's your habit. It's what you do. And if you're the i wasn't ls oh and if you're if you've got a guy come to board who's doing something different than normal you just want to know and it might be a fine pass ago. Hey he comes aboard. Oh hey great looks good. Aren't you wanna know because the things you might normally say might be different. Well if if you think that was a problem back in your days now with a The the new software company caller badging carpet. That i actually had the chance. The guy that develop that he and i worked together with the f. Fourteen but he was hamstrung with all the hardware limitations we had but we talk about the concept and what have you and then. He tried and eventually ended open higher levels of air and try to get that in airplanes and airplanes. And it wasn't until. I think the f thirty five they developed it for the f thirty five and a piggyback For the faa change as an f. Scott it fitting. There's a lot of people who were kind of like well. What's going to happen when all of sudden basically landing at the the ship is almost automated. What happens when it breaks. Do we suddenly people who are no longer able to land aboard the ship. Oh my god this is terrible and every it's basically a paradigm shift in how we do business but ultimately if you're if you think about it from the point of view of the strike group commander or the carrier. Ceo it's about see space and the ability that you know that you're gonna land. I pass and you're going to get everybody aboard and then you can turn you can manage the space in your your combat effective more aid. Just that every once in awhile i. I don't know how often that system fails. i've completely don't know co- you come up with. Answer is redundancy but you know once again it saw symbolic to me. It's pretty obvious if i'd goes away. You're back to flying a normal play and you don't fly the airplane. Normally the cues that you're following on on magic carpet It's obviously effective and everything else but we through the same thing with. Ap approach power control instead. Well i'm not your senate. Because if i get yours too depending on it then failed fail. Mansell point kerr. Let's talk about one of the most distinctive features of the f. fourteen. The wing sweep ever need any thoughts. Good or bad about the wing sweep. I'm in in my experience. Three different squadrons twenty five hundred flight hours with very few issues with doing sweet. And i read a article that falsely claimed the wing sweep added complexity to the fourteen. So that wasn't true in my experience. But what do you think about the whole thing i would. I would add it on. The obvious must have had people worried about You're probably aware of the fact that someone said. Well what if it sells and of course. There's all kinds of ways to prevent that from happening but they said worst-case as you got one one one way voice wept and the other way forward and who actually identify test with that and our chief tostadas time choke so that work and concluded that it was a reasonable Capability on a field but obviously not for the boat so but you know wing sweet failures. They gorman engineers bless their hearts. they're you probably have heard of the titanium wing box. Yes and that's the heart of the whole thing. They they electronics in it. Compared to what's available now were prehistoric but they worked. You know the cdc which controls the wakes weight off-spin touted as the latest and greatest ecology. This still It's vying for the world's first microprocessor. The guy invented the the reason that everybody in the world does know about because the navy kept it a secret for twenty years but the wing sweet fully automatic wings so you you're a fan of wing sweep and it was required to meet the design requirements right performance worms. Furrow a whole bunch of reasons. I i would tell the fort gain as absolute best designed airplane that you could envision and we went through growing pains fuel system is is another thing here. We didn't get into but it was new technologies that we're not gonna have electric punks and the fuel transfer system we're gonna do it with motor flow and all by the way the seven uses quite successfully. Well the a seven has a peak flow rate to supply the engine of i'm guessing eight eight or nine thousand pounds in our of course fourteen. Well macos five advantage said wisconsin and moving around. He's not out the minutes and we went through a lot of growing pains. Not the least of which that the initial nato ops was incorrect. And reason. I know that as when i checked aboard a put it on my desk and said learn a field system and correct this hell. Hopefully it made it. If i were part of it was understanding of how the thing actually operated for years. There was this thing about super straw. How all is fuel goes through this great big piper at s- it's not true at all not that it matters but i think hasn't matured. I don't you guys would know. I mean she'll systems more not a big problem mary our time they became a big problem. In the end we started having a lot more issues back at the end. But that's a discussion for another hit. A single i had a single engine -mergency early in my career that turned into a fuel emergency but we survived so well. Here's a. here's here's what i'll add to that. As the fuel system vulnerability lies to sensors. That are here that trigger. Something else happening. And whatever show at that sensor doesn't work or whatever then you're gonna see weird stuff once again going back to a fly-by-wire airplane with a central computer. Honest stuff is not only redundant but it's like four new an a set sir. We want this x twenty nine as at everything everybody gets to answer it. Meets says what do you have. And if all four grade fine if only three agree they say the you know the the fourth guy go go away what have you so you have levels of redundancy push you have knowledge of what the hell is going on. And that's the problem with fuel system as all you had to had to go with fuel quantity indicator now remember those indicators being a little i mean they were just little rotating dials and sometimes they just didn't see your we. I used to always joke that If i was running along gas lower my seat so that i it would look ahead more himself. And i wanna i wanna make sure you're getting as broadcast it. Has i had the pleasure of what was called pre-deployment uptake for the f. Fourteen and and so we. We had our airplane. It was aircraft seven and basically we were dictated to do the program at the naval air tessier we would have preferred to do it up and calverton local know why anyway so we did it at pacture. Well if you're not familiar with pax river. The test range is across. Control their space out over the atlantic ocean so between the test range and pawtuxet. You've got controlled airspace. Which is we all. Have that at calverton. Nevertheless they navy provided our chase airplane. This is a essentially a structural program. So basically they are typical chase or become a f. Eighteen single centerline. They took all the pylons quainton up as much to say could they needed the centerline line because it was ridiculous without it so wait get out and let me tell you the configuration standard on ours. We had fuel tanks external fuel tanks. That were nonfunctional. They were there only for aerodynamic reasons. They in the tunnel. We had for marketing forks. Nba ungloved pylon. We had aim nines and harm harm. Had never been cleared airplane so we had playing was essentially loaded with their forbear right so we would go out and we were a lot of a just works out that a lot of the points are high speed that the social space stuff you can you can get it done in one half a flight but the high speed was which require a lot of fuel look into a longer. We started out on a one end of the warning area. Get all set up to to go down range. And ideally they chased. We would on a very loose wing position. Stepped up if you will because if something happens that if it's of urgency sooner you know about the better deal with it so we'd start the x. Oh and obviously we'd go to the point. An which i maybe whatever. It was normally be super sean. I it be somewhere around thirty thousand paid. Or what have you and they have. A cane would be three to four miles per either. Had show several this. We need potentially sway. Need you to get there sooner. So we ended up with a a area chase so you would take the acceleration. Right and your station the f. Eighteen holing about halfway down so something happened acre relatively quickly. Well so we're going all these excels with it was a kitchen sink on whatever you and fa team would call bingo at show truncating. The flights we were working with eternal fuel is but because you know we needed to change so when he went bagel flight was over. Show just amazing to me. Therefore town i really feel sorry for a fourteen dollars. Never got a chance to fly. F one point. It was like curl shall we had one instance with the f. one ten and so basically It was a vote. Reversal at fifteen thousand fade elizabeth j Reversal and did the maneuver. And for the first time. I heard a real quick top from the engine and we had seen no engine anomalies so obvious recovered or and everything in the cockpit instruments Intimate wife was normal. There was a significant. Infant instrument engine instrumentation in the airplane. All that work norwood throttles at idle at this time and so eventually here comes the faa team to check her said hallway Ally on hunter starboard injured and so as a closing in. Hey it gets ferro. Sanei said there's a big panel missing off. They aim fifty four fairing on the front. Which is part of the configuration carrot integral involves right heavy and we're talking to panama as probably to an fate play. I don't know to fate. I mean huge. So as as he comes comes aboard so hang on a minute A a trying to figure out where the panel went. I said don't worry. I know where the panel so why left the engine at idle. Just for redundancy hydraulics and electrical obviously aboard what two packs that engine walk was the biggest mass. You'd ever want to see. It was immediately. i'd never should canada never. It was a total loss but that they're iran. That's amazing that you know you. You have this major engine found little pop and keeps running whereas old t.f. Thirty be like my god or you where you just There was another thing. I don't know if you've ever experienced it ever have a stall in thirty or points this okay. Well you can imagine what the reaction was of the guy who experienced time because it put so much energy in an airplane. You're wondering something's gonna come apart so for those who pose a little less so the listeners who have never experienced that describe what happened. Well what happens. Is ed stalls and then they inlet goes into buzz and what happens is shock moves in and out and the obvious response to the engine stall is for the pilot to bring it back idol show. They they shock moves in and out of the inlet and i was looking for a way to describe it for power standpoint and i thought you know of a farmer who was driving his big tractor down highway and a blow out on his big wheel. That's next home. You know he just should. I don't know about this so anyways as you got down. What happened supersonic show. It would self recover after Usually right before he went outside and any engine would would go operate normally. I may just an annual secrecy. So they were awful. Lot of things at ten thirty brought in terms of excitement. I i remember a story. One time where i was flying is doing the flanker. Sam was abandoned. And we had that. We're doing you know. We're going mach one point. Something as we're going in is a talkin event. And also i get the supersonic stall in thirty and you just i mean it's just a whack whack you feel like you're just riding a bucking bronco. Remember the top step was step one. Take your feet off the writers and put it on the floor and that was I remember my rio yelling at me. Feet on the floor. it's rather violent. Well I had i had one happened to me with one of development. Our megaplex We have those books on the airplane. And i dunno shit familiar weather but it that long ten candidate something like that toll anyways you can see it. Obviously the front of the airport. And i was at Like one point five at fifteen thousand pay. The severity of the of that inlet they expectation is dependent on the faster. You are the bigger and but so the engine stalled goes into buzz but all you can do is sit there as he appointees stories right. So i'm sitting there with nothing to do. And i'm looking at the notebook and a nose bone starch coupling up what the frequency and so now it's going around in circles and eventually i got down so that the stall queer and whatever but as soon as i put the animal fire report we short doyle knows phone jar all the airplanes to change its natural frequency because i thought because knows what was going to go. I was thinking well where to go over the top of the airplane. Or where will it go start. Well probably not gonna rip off. It's gonna make a mess tent camps true trump kirk. I think we could sit here and talk for another two hours but what what would really probably do is start to wrap it up. And i don't know if we get a gap in our schedule ask if you can come back and talk to us or something like that. Do you have anything. That's on your mind that you really wanted to cover today or are you feel like you're well. Let me let me make basically a statement. It's on our list is the specification requirement of the airplane was two point. Four mark over and thirty. Got it there and it wasn't easy because they were fighting the inlet tuning in the end. Look and what have you but eventually got the two point four one so it was a navy that decided that part of the oslo really was was well. I know part of their reason was the threat of engine stalls out there race on inlet structural concerns so they didn't want to have to that so they arbitration stuck it to all the players would get out there. Kurt let me say thank you for taking the time to prepare for this and be with us and to give our audience and crunch and may a a real feel for what went into designing and testing the f fourteen to make it The memorable airplane it is and for you know reminding us of some of its features and capabilities. So done just a wonderful job describing the tomcat for us. Thank you well. A lot of you know her watch. David is obviously like all of us share. You're interested what's going on with the current aviation and some of the things that are concerned about in terms of rich out hand raisin and All that would have been solved. Were solved was fourteen. But obviously it's too late. Go about amazing amazing hair muster all right. Well we'll kurt. Thank you so much for this. As set an incredible education for us and i hope the listeners enjoyed it And i just wanna say. Thank you so much for coming out and to all of our listeners. Thanks for listening to the f. Fourteen comcast and i would love to have you back for a for a recap of some further issues. Well so far the memory iskoe lehrer most of it all right. We'll capture most anything like any questions. You're out you're awesome. Thank you kurt a soup. What a great interview that was you know. Kurt did more than just fly test profiles. He actually made suggestions. The engineers that gave us improvements over the entire life cycle of the fourteen so in addition to some exciting flying stories we also talked about the origins of the nickname turkey as well as talked about. How the fuselage actually provides lift under higher angles attack. And that's something that many of us had heard before but he gave us the real story. Come back for future episodes of the f. fourteen. Tom cast in episode two. We'll be talking to streak and lur about the introduction of the f. Fourteen a you've been listening to f fourteen comcast part of the air combat experience brought to you by vr productions. Got a question for the show. Send an email to questions at f. One four comcast dot com or leave a message on our listener. Live at eight seven seven bach. One zero one extension three. That's eight seven seven six two four one zero one extension three for updates on this podcast and our other military aviation theme shows visit. Vr pro dot com follow all the air combat experience on facebook instagram twitter and youtube. Thanks for listening.

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S. 6 Ep. 1- R.P.M. Tries.... Reality Television

The Fickle Fanboy Podcast

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S. 6 Ep. 1- R.P.M. Tries.... Reality Television

"Whatever your reason for podcasting or wanting to podcast might be. If you haven't heard about anchor yet you need to. Because it's practically a one stop shop for all your podcasting needs and whether from your phone or your computer. It'll absolutely up your podcasting game and it'll help your listeners. Up their game as well by giving them the chance to be heard by leaving voice messages for you to be able to include in future episodes so download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot. Fm today to get started. And if you already have a show stop dropping loads of cash on hosting fees and start making money with anchors sponsorship program so you can take something that you love to do anyway and start making living with it and while you're saving cash and stuffing that money back in your pocket. Save some time as well by taking advantage of the full anchor experience because on top of it all dull even distribute the show for you and that may sound like a small thing but you simply cannot get the time or energy back that it takes to repeatedly submit your rss feed the far reaches of the internet. So switch over or sign up today and your show will be up on many of today's podcast platforms in. What will seem like no time at all. Speaking of time. It's time to get the phone started so we'll way we go. This episode of the fickle fan boys is brought to you by counting worm shop and far out designs. Check out their links in description. Go support some amazing local art that supports this show. Good evening on ken. Pasta dana is off tonight. He was murdered and then set on fire while celebrating his birthday. Is johnson's electron ix. I mean there's so many ads in my eyes and there's so many. Tv's like aids radios. I think kid. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure what we have here in stock dropped whereas pussy fuck in with unintentional second degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty verdict degree to this twentieth day of april. Twenty twenty one at one man. There's nothing on today. I wonder what the fan boys have been up to. Well might as well check it out and let's take a look and see here. Only internet machine man. It has to load up son of a bitch. Oh all right here and your going to a new episode awesome. Let's pump this ban boy and get the downloading happening and in six hours. We're going to have an episode days late audio now. i'm gonna kick your ass. Yes hey everybody. And welcome to the fickle fan boy. I am your host reverend jess with me as always here's our. I can't believe you fucking found me. I thought i hit well enough shit. Hey everybody and you know what wall we're at it. Let's just said fickle fan boy. Let's just go ahead and call the ship fan boys because it's pretty much our show. Now you know it. It was different when it was just me going it alone but the last couple of seasons i mean fair but like you know realistically it was i originally came onto the show just as a essentially a a placeholder because you had planned to do an episode with somebody else and then they bailed bailed hard heard that it was just a side of that we were going to go forward without them and i was just going like essentially just sit in on a regular basis and then it just became. I'm the co host. Yeah it just seemed. It seemed like it went naturally and almost perfectly so. If it ain't broke don't fix it fucking broke in which case realistically it was it was. It just made more sense to call the show. The fickle fan boy. Because in the end i was still just technically guest host. You know but now now that we're in the third season of me being on the show. Yeah i actually considered it. The oh halfway through last season but i was looking at. Wanna make any major changes. I mean even though that have been a major change. But i don't wanna do anything too big until In between seasons so this point it is what it is. It's the fickle fan. Boys my friends. Yeah so naturally be prepared and prepare your butt holes because you know that that pop culture animas just not going to know you better squat and sure you clean your assholes later on but absolutely be elva time. Okay so For those of you. That are really confused. as far as the format taking a a different. Turn because i introduce the episode. Basically this episode was my idea. It was it was. I take full credit for. I take full credit for creditor blames. This dude. didn't know this dude. No work on this a little bit. Just a little bit harsh. I'm just. I'm just i'm just telling it like it is okay we are. We are being honest with our audience. It is all about being real. You know i'm too real. That is my new my new thing. I'm being too real on this podcast. It's about fucking time so basic i mean. It's it's about time that. I do the fame but whatever yeah so in in the sake of full disclosure for those of you that that do not know. Rpm's full name is actually cletus t judd. Before the day before this podcast. He had a long career as a country parody. Musician long careers. Kind of pushing it. But you know what he did. A parody of faith hill's breathe which was about having bad breath. That was a good one and also he was also known as a stunt man on the short lived television. Show the poly short super. Dave didn't want my help. So i had to do for something also for those that don't know. Rpm actually does have a long standing history as the character artist. Slash capture model for leonard from redneck. Rampage you're just at this point you're just getting me back for all the times. I introduced you in some disparaging degrading. The way aren't you. Yes exactly you check and not only that but in the in the in the interest of being real rpm did vote for donald trump in both elections will shut your fucking pie hole He's specifically gladly voted for him in twenty twenty Because he specifically said that he didn't want to support a cop for vice president. You could go ahead and put your head between your legs and kiss your own ass. I've just said if you can bear over that far and not not only that but also he is a firm supporter of elliot rodger. The twenty fourteen vista killer. Rpm is an insult. You gotta find some kind of hobby. That's so i polite the ultimate gentleman you gotta find some hobbies or just go on insult forums and hang out you know. Yeah you've never heard of an internet troll man but anyway just to fuck with them. Well that's the only fucking they're doing anyway so okay so basically the idea for this episode was i wanted. I spend a lot of my time recommending things to rpm and he just never. He never does them so eventually got. I would like. I would like to stop you right there. I do them. But usually i take your ideas and then i play with them a little bit before we get to the blow up a little bit you know. Make them a little bit more grandiose and eventually it becomes. I mean your ideas. It's still at the the nugget. I it's it's still veira morph into something a little bigger and better. Although i will say i will say there are other times where i put this minute. Long term memory is not much better than my short term memory in my short term memory. Shit so a lotta times you say something. Even on air. I agree to it and then i just fucking forget what it was. Yeah so basically. If you guys don't remember if you if you yeah. I say guys just because there's no women that listen to the show. There's no way. I can prove it. You know if you look at our anchor. Statistics i guarantee there no females that listen to the show were one or two times but i doubt that that was just because either they were in the car when their boyfriends or significant other of any sort were fucking listening to the show. Let's be honest pasta. Let's be honest. It was. It was their children. Were listening to the show. It's fucking like sixty year old mom. Who's thirty year old son lives with her and they're driving and he's just like can i put on a podcast. I don't care if your child is thirty or three. I'm not above warping their fragile little minds. That's all i'm going to say. Oh my god. Rpm has children and that and that really messes with me sometimes because he's so willing to corrupt the youth well see. I could've put it on the backburner with my own child. That's what i have nieces and nephews for and that's fair that's fair but that's neither here nor there so if you guys remember this this basically came about i forget which episode it was during the it was in the beginning of but i was talking about forged in fire and it was like one of the last last season. I don't know when the last two or three so it was forged in fire. We were talking about environment. You're saying like. I was saying about how great show really enjoyable. And then we brought up the the possibility of doing. Rpm tries forged in fire right. Not not him trying to make his own weapons. But that's not. What are we supposed to do that. What you did is though. Is that where you that cleaning cleaning trying to do and then i realized oh if these fucking weapons work would clean up the mess. I'm nothing if i'm not lazy. So i just said if i get and You know i throw them away. I'm sure that some kid around the neighborhood's going to find him. I don't you know. So that's what you meant by. You're saying that your dog was getting fixed today shopping. I'm chopping my dog's balls off with a short sword damascus on. Play me. the bad guy here. Have you seen the prices of these vets shit all right so i gave him an aesthetic some sort of whiskey. Poor some whiskey in the dog bowl. Like uncle bob alright. So basically with the idea was for him to watch forged in fire. Take notes on it and then we would discuss it then. He did that and realized he didn't have enough notes. No no i mean like i said sometimes you give me ideas and i mean granted. Yeah there are times where. I just don't have enough notes. And that's usually when i start to blow shit up and make it a little bigger and widened the scope a little bit and so really we're going to cover a couple of different choice of i hate to use the word reality. Tv because there's not much reality in this tv but it's reality tv competition shows rpm tries reality television brought to you by pepperidge farm. Mottos look it sounds racist if you don't know how to pronounce it in defense of forged in fire all of my research that i've done about it has it as mostly legit so basic. There's a couple there's a couple things. Okay so in forged in fire. They say that that you know anybody can come on. And and you know participate as long as they have smelting experience. That's not that's not true. If you don't have a decent backlog of smelting work basically and forging let you on the show. Because it's a safety hazard which makes sense total sense dogma. Wrong if they let just anybody on their intent. There's just some horrible accident. It make for better tv but an you know that's just my opinion so basically but everything else And they they. The one thing that i've said is that that that has been said that the forging techniques that they use aren't necessarily the best forging techniques. It's just the ones that are easily like done in a short period of time. Yeah which i feel like that. I feel like that makes sense. Because you'll see weapons like get destroyed on the show like they'll go to like you know. Hit this ice block with it or whatever and then all of a sudden the fucking blades snap because failure brandon's handle not continue with testing brandon. Your weapon did make the cut at to ask you to leave. Did you see the one of the last episodes that they did with It was actually of all things. It was a wwe e based show and it was. It was so horrible but one of my favorite parts. This guy had made it to below last round. They go to use this giant sword that he's created and it's a thing of beauty and the moment that they go to take a swing at a A ladder because they had been swinging at. Just a bunch of stuff that you would probably see on raw or smackdown back in the day as weapons but just brought it was able. There was some chairs. There was a ladder but the moment he goes to the ladder. Just the whole blade comes right off hand gingrich. I mean he's made it all this way and then just it just goes i. I feel operate ground. I feel i feel like we'll get into it but but we're just waiting right now. We're just sorta setting the stage here but okay so for those of you. That don't know forged in fire is a reality tv show competition on the history channel in which people that make knives and weapons and stuff for a living. Come on. they show their skills they have. You know. I think four hours to to make blade and then the blade is put through tests and whoever makes the best blade gets to move on to the weapon recreation challenge which is how history channel justifies this tv. Show being on the history channel. I just i gotta say. I watched that episode and i watched i would say probably a half a dozen other episodes mean i didn't i didn't do a huge deep dive but i also didn't want to just like after the first two episodes dismiss it. Yeah and yeah. It's fun to watch. Especially when they have moments where someone's shit that they've worked so hard on just completely fails and usually. That's kind of where. I found the most enjoyment out of it but it was interesting to see how they do they do for maybe like three episodes. And that's that's pushing it the other than that. I just didn't see the appeal of the show. The and sorry. But i didn't. It's okay so so here's the thing though there's a lot going on with the show is a to me. I get serious enjoyment out of watching people create things that i could never do and see i get serious enjoyment out of absolute fuck and when people create things that even if i could never do them they work so hard on these things and then they ultimately fail. Like you're just you just live in a state of just consistently wanting shot. Friday is what it comes down to. You're you're not wrong all right so anyway. The competition starts off where you know they. They build their blades if blaze not up to snuff. They get eliminated if they they make another blade and then they have to test that blade. The blade gets tested through his sharpness task. It gets tested In durham -bility test. The sharpness test is almost always for the satisfying act of watching something get destroyed. Laid spits vis is the ratchet strap slash now. A sharp weapon should cut cleanly through unlike the coconut test. This is all about what your blade does. The straps meth where i come in at at steps my share it. I'm like okay now. we're getting somewhere with show. Yeah so basically. You know you'll have. They'll be like we're going to cut into these couch cushions it to see these leather couch cushions to see what your life does to them. And it's very satisfying to watch. Just how these things get destroyed. And then they put them through the durability test and the durability test is okay. I'm gonna take this police baton presser knipe near knife up against a pipe and just beat the hell out of it. Essentially his strength and durability of your ages. I'm going to be taking your blades and chopping him. These coconuts remember. This test is all about what the coconut studio pleads. Not what your ninety. The coconuts alan up. And whatever you know whoever's knife holds up the best move on whoever's knife holds up the worst that usually get sent home and then you move on to the home ford's challenge. Which is the weapon recreation. Now we're sending you back to your home for just where you will recreate nykanen from history. That weapon is mccracken when the weaponry creations done they come back and they're put through another durability test and then what is called a kill test all right blade smiths lease vis vis vis welcome to kill tests to get medieval which is almost always done by. Doug mercader mercator mci. I thought it was marquette. Kinda here in welcomes my man cave wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Your own your own. Your own might be doug talk mark haida. It's spelled like mark ida. But it's but yeah i feel like will will always like dave brown or whatever and then he just like and then of course doug mark yeah it almost feels like he changes it up depending on the episode and then there are times where i feel like you may as well just go right. Exactly exactly but But yeah the doug. Martinez is the reason to watch the show. And it's all for this lovely. Look that he gets on his face when he says that something will keel overall. Your body will kill over all your weapon. They'll kill believe it will you believe it's curvaceous and sexy and it will kill. It's almost like this. Have you ever seen the gleam in child die when they are able to just rip open a christmas present on christmas morning or christmas eve depending on your family. Yeah it's it's. It's this pure enjoyment this almost like giddy just. I can't wait kind of thing and you can tell. He really loves his job. The best part though is he always looks like he's disappointed in the weapon before he starts talking about it and he'll always be like okay. Steve let's talk about your blade. Here the cut is sharp. If you notice it cleanly through right you had a lot of blood spray right here now. It does have a little bit of damage here on the plate. But all in all sir this weapon we'll cue does look so serious almost Almost a little bit. Just let down the beginning of his little spiel and then as he gets closer to this woman will kill all of a sudden you see the joy overcome him to the point where he's just like. Oh we can't wait. It's like it's like at the end of whiplash when he's playing the drums solo like pads over to just j. k. Simmons is and he gets like glebe of joy it is is what he's about to do the big finish all the drum soul of it. So okay i will say y- said that one of the aspects that you like of the show is the fact that you know it's interesting to watch someone create something especially knowing that if left your own devices. You probably couldn't do it and or at least do it nears. Well yeah. And that's one of the things i had a problem with is the fact that there was a lot of showing in doug marrone. Sometimes that can work. But there's very little explaining especially on this show when it comes to trying to verbalize anything. They're doing so the a novice like you. Or i could give a crap while. I don't think it's meant to be an instructional program. Why the hell not well. Because that's not what the show is not wish it but what i'm saying is it's not how it's made you know the history channel. We have pawn stars and we have ice road truckers. Don't give don't get me started on either one. We can totally talk about. I could talk about pawn stars for such a long time. We'll definitely saddle. Okay thanks permanent mark. Sharon nice to meet you. Good luck by. They had between a any in the history channel. They've had like this week of what they were dubbing. Wwe tv or guest stars and one of them just earlier. This week was mick. Foley was supposed to be on on stars. I walked episode just for that segment thinking. Oh this refund. It was like three minutes of the whole episode. What was he doing. He literally. Someone came in with a again. It was a mankind mask and a dude. Love t shirt that the reasoning was the. The color was off. He could tell it was rare or that it was one of the first ones made. And you know how they usually have someone. Look the rick anchor brian. The counter rick harrison was just like rick harrison is just like all right so it looks it looks. It looks pretty real but You know i got a buddy of mine. His name's mick foley and a call him have him come down here take a look at it. We'll actually no requisite in here. Like i wouldn't fucking know what the hell is worth thing. Trump comes trump comes around the corner. Oh shit and he gives like this whole dissertation about mick. Foley's wwe career and like how mankind sound like. He knows what he was talking about. This he ever because like like chow like they try to play. Chum layoff is like this idiot savant character you know that like oh he's kind of stupid but you know he knows a lot about random stuff this kind of how he came off actually Even before mick came onto the set or whatever the hell you ought to go into the camera view the best part for me was listening to trump. try to explain to rick. That fucking mick foley was both mankind amd dude love your serve route you to choose woohoo. It's rustling although verbatim practically what he said. He thinks the wrestling's one hundred percent real and he's just like fruits off with your man who came back toward from you can shoot waving boards have you. You've seen palm stars you've seen chelm you know. He's gotta think that wrestling is bruce room blue upriver woman once and came. He came back toward it. He is literally you walk walking talking more our food food foods with your own. You've seen that that video. By now. I mean near every wrestling fan has of the guy. It'll still real to be debit. Yeah of course. He's that kind of wrestling fan like you. You can just tell like. Do you really think that this this is just absolutely real than you think this. Ufc don't yeah. Exactly what i feel like. I feel like leser. Actually fighting in the u. c. probably just made it works absolutely absolutely kupuna. The rule mutual. Arnold or sam how brooke was rewarded mutual afar the took out younger to literally admitted dirk forged in fire. Because that's what we're talking about right now Heart so all in all you said you said you weren't into the show. What issues did you have with a besides besides the fact that they didn't teach you how to forge a i don't want you to teach we ford but like i just there's a difference between no explaining and explaining too much but there's at least a slight middle and other than that i don't know i just i didn't see the appeal. I the the whole show of the whole show. I mean other and other than doug q. I didn't give two shits about the other although host the the judge who's he's an older guy looks like he looks like he could have been willful britney's twin as dave dave. I was slightly jealous of his beard. However other than that. I really could if given to shits about both dave and whoever the hell the other dude was j nielsen. Yeah okay forgetting about two time. Fortune fire champion ben abbott. No i'm not. i'm not forgetting him. I'm just not mentioning him all ever all right fair enough but the one thing i will say about four fire. I think you weren't paying close enough attention because if you if you recall the host will consistently go over when people are smelting and asked the judges about certain things like he'll be like okay. So now he's taken the steel and he's grinding on the steel. To see what type sparked. What is he doing you know. And i will say they did go a little bit more into detail. When some shit was gonna go wrong like when someone excellently chip some of their metal or something slightly kind of as an aside. Explain what happened. But i don't know just again didn't get the appeal. I'm not saying it was a horrible show. I will say that. I liked it more than i thought i was going to. When you suggested it and for two or three episodes at a time. I wouldn't mind watching it here and there all right well. It's not one that i'd be like either breaking my back to try and get home to see if it was airing or even if i forgot to set my dvr to record it. I wouldn't be crying in my whiskey. Okay that's fair all right. So that's your thoughts on forged in fire. You said you had some more reality competition shows that you actually speaking of throwing in my whiskey. I did watch a little bit of. Have you ever seen master distiller. what's that. Yeah that flavor coming in free okay. So i have not. I tried finding it when you brought it up. i couldn't really find any full episodes. Okay have you ever seen moonshine. Hidden deep within the hollows of forgotten corner of america late summer in the mountains of appalachia. Who call this place home. A battle is about to begin. I have seen an episode of like my parents. My parents would watch that show because they're a bunch of fucking country bumpkins who worship trump. And if there's anything hick related they wanna watch it. It's like three of the guys from moon shiners. Are the judges okay. It was fun because it was the country bumpkins trying to you. Know get liquor up and make a show out of it was it was fun name. Let's just there. You actually get a little bit of explaining about what's going on and about you know the choices that these guys are making when using these distilleries these itty bitty little distilleries to make whether rum whether it be whisky whether anything really our is so this. This is plan plan to use antifreeze freeze from this. Nineteen sixty seven to sorta. Really give me to a here. You know 'cause. I locked my ever clear to sensually the able to pull the skin off a rat's tail. You're not far off. i'm not i. I can't even even lie and i think that's another we've come onto another reason. Why about how. The what i'm going to be doing is a method called boom boondoggle. What this is what happens. Is he your granny panties and you pour the moonshine through it. And that gives it taste of failed. Well no not. You're close but no cigar. It's just it was more informative than forged. And i like nothing more in my reality. That's not so much reality. Then i do a little bit of fuck ary and this show was full of fucker like people like sabotaging each other. No new. just come over here. i'm gonna pass in just still comedic cookery. So that his bone chad. Hey hot kiss with you if you ever want to feel better about yourself. And there's not a county fair to go to water show watcher episode of this and you'll see whether it be the judges all the contestants you'll see some unfortunate unfortunate waste of space that will make you feel better about your existence. Now we'd us users method call doc. That's my favorite thing. You've just mentioned it like several times in the last few seconds. Should i go get my whiskey. So i can go ahead and take a shot every time you say boondoggle and might i need to go stomach afterwards. If i do that. I mean i mean i would suppose that probably be a good idea. I don't know if you think it's a good idea that i'm not gonna do it. Have you ever have you ever watched pig calling. I've never actually sat there and watched them but Let me well let me let me show you a an audio file of a pig calling contest. Just give you and the audience an idea of what i assume. The contestants of please don't master distillers are big big big big big big big big big big big big big. It'd be big it'd be. It'd be a big freddie freddie. He's right over here. I just assume. I just assumed that's what they like christmas. Okay so i mean. I grew up in south dakota you eventually at least here off in the distance. Big going contest among other shit that you just can't wait. Oh wait a minute. Where are you saying that you needed to hear the version of it. Sorry that would you need to hear you need the metal version of it. Why didn't say that. I'd be happy to hear the middle merchant of it. So you're wrong there. But now that i've heard it. I think i did meet the here right. I think everybody should have heard that a think. It's something that you don't know you absolutely need until it's already gone past in you've you've experienced it and then you realize i needed that more in my life that i could have ever known i dunno why man though but like real talk like it regardless of pig calling contests or anything like that. But i don't know it's just so hard for me to get into like southern based reality shows it. It is a great the shows a great example of how the worst thing about some of these shows can be the hosts when you pick people who care about the topic but just don't give two shits about being on tv the it's almost like they'd really could care less about the camera being there Surprised that they haven't dropped a good amount of f. bombs by now Better my whole standpoint is okay so a prime example tiger king's carole baskin's plan when peter the carol basket cow baskin is so influential they by skin and carol baskin. I consider that bitch to be one of the biggest terrorist. Exotica animal world. Right now. Carol baskin yet. You watch the tiger. I say i'm hope when you said there was such a dramatic pause there. I was hoping there was more. No i'm asking you watch it. No i have not okay i. It's one of those things where you're a hipster. Everybody was watching it. You didn't want to watch it because everybody's watching it. I get it your hester no no. It's not that it's the every time i go onto net flicks with the intent of walking something you can go on their thinking. You know what i haven't seen. I'll just say how can west wing whatever the show have you might want to watch. I'm gonna let me go on there and binge honored a little. I mean fair. I just like then when you would you go by the time you get to the show you meant to go to. You've come across like five different things that you wanna watch more. And that's usually what happens. A go on there with the intent to watch tiger king and inevitably be done with netflix. And go onto something else. In my day without ever having watched tiger king well the thing about tiger king okay. The actual tiger king himself. Joe joe exotic. He was meant to be on television. Best name ever. He was meant to be on television. He the way that he the way. He carries himself the whole. You know appeal that. He's like presented himself as he made himself made for television but he is literally the only fucking person in that documentary. Who is meant to be on television. Every single other person that is interviewed on that fucking. That documentary is like literally the same deal of just like. I don't know why they're filming me about this. Like okay joe exotic. Yeah whatever you know so it and and and you know. That's that's some down in oklahoma. You know like i. So that's just another case of the southern reality shows that you showcase people that aren't then basically the the host of this master distiller. It's mark tim in and get this shit a man that they really just refer as digger. There's there's always that one guy. I mean it's like mountain monsters you know and it's it's just a bunch of backwoods moon shining hicks that frankly could have been former neighbors of you when you lived in bumfuzzles kentucky. I just like. That's the thing like those other reality. It same thing. It's the same thing with mound. You just do not despair the good name of mountain monsters. Barry that is marriage is a good solid. Just wholesome fucker. Every that i love with all my heart aunt for them to come immediately. After jeff told them i spoke with this little girl. They want me bad. This is not good. William probably god wing a whole lot of time to get here because it is just okay. If you can't get a laugh out of fucking every time that huckleberry yield just goes full on like i'm going to kick somebody's ass or every time that Willy falls out of nowhere in the middle of the night. Just like over some kind of cliff and you just hear wpro bill just way well it will. I'm sorry med. All this will hunting something like the fucking smelly gaster. What the gasser. eric lake county. Detroit is very unforgiving steep hills rock cliffs. And we're out in the open apple orchard this bigfoot could sneak up on the senate hurry and we'd never even know he was there. Depress context depressed not into this hocus pocus. A huckleberry lives like damn bigfoot. You got jeff and wild bill who they create these i. I stopped short of calling traps because they literally looked like something that wiley coyote got a boxer of acme you you have jeff who litter. If david the gnome was real it would be jeff and then you have bulk who somehow some way goes missing under this hocus pocus but somehow hold him. That wasn't buck there tonight and insane. The amount of times he goes missing is the boggles the mind because the man has gotta be. It's look if you took me and reverend jess our body mass and then doubled it. So this is a be at least a metric ton. It's how he just goes missing all the time. All the time every fucking. He can't run anywhere if he runs. He dies if dicey dots traffic sick sick to have a friend. I've known all his life shook up like that. I'm telling you. This has got me in an uproar and by god. I'm going to do something about it. He's gonna show we get him out of out here now truck. I have no idea what happened here. Tonight something's gotta holding bucket should get buck back from sleep. When he gets up tomorrow maybe we can put the pieces together and tell me what exactly happened. It's just so fucking funny. Because it's like i'm sorry just like the said there's a buck. Stay with them. Stay with them okay. There's one where i think they're going after shit. I wanna say this one was actually the chew cabrel. You ever notice how everybody ever knows how everything on that shows. Some bitch oh everything. Let's go get that song bitch dumps. That's perfect for that sum bitch to be okay. There were in the side by side in this particular episode and it was one of the first times that you could actually see anything. Usually you'd get the treatment of the three just three members repeating each other. Hey you'll see that over there no over there over there and then there's a talking head moment where it's just not told buck. He was very quickly but in the side by side in the dead of night. All the sudden you see this like it's it's a split second of something jumping on the back side by side and trying to take out a bucks at this is not good using the show. You know big buck is. That's a lot of biton that's a whole lot of however that's a mouthful paused the day i wouldn't back on my dvr and then paused in. What slowly just enough to where it could see. What the hell this was that jumped on the back of the fucking side by side and it was huckleberry. No actually it looked. If you've ever seen our wanna say this was teenage mutant ninja to it. Looked like baby talk it though but but mountain monsters is not a real. Show the hell you say. In fact i in fact as someone who believes in the possibility of crypto zoological creatures. I feel like shows like mountain monster is or finding bigfoot Honestly just provide a detriment to the crypto zoological zoological committed community because that's temps realistically crypto zoological community. That wasn't the you're right because it's hard to say what. I said that they don't fast. You didn't so yeah. I know i fail. Yes i did. But i feel like they are seriously a detriment because because crypto zoological believers essentially You know they. There's the possibility of those creatures be out there because new species are discovered all the fucking time and on top of that you know just because of this species is endangered or presumed extinct. Doesn't necessarily mean that it is and not to mention that there's also the possibility of biological interference or or Fucking radioactive interference. Like for example. Can you imagine what sort of mutated fucking monsters or walking around chernobyl. You know so. I mean realistically like you know. It's highly possible for crypt. It's to be real so when you have shows like that that totally fake it. And or like for example finding bigfoot which is has fourteen seasons of them finding absolutely nothing it just continues to essentially not only embarrassed the the actual committee looking for these for these things or the actual believers but it also fuck in like gives the skeptics more fuel essentially. Yeah and. I don't care if it's matt moneymaker or any of the other hosts of that fucking show. This is the most frustrating. I've been watching a long time. You could tell none of them when they do that. Little talking head aside thing they really don't fucking believe a word they're saying and it's like that's the thing like him. I remember like there was an episode of finding bigfoot. Where he like they got called out. And they were encouraged to participate in a debate. About a why Bigfoot isn't real and the main evidence that he gave was okay. So we you're standing next to a skeleton of woolly mammoth or a mastodon or whatever. And he's like he's like why have we not found fucking bones of bigfoot and you just like well. Let's let's think about this for a second. Okay you have mastodons. Who were in a frozen tundra environment. Okay so it was highly likely for them to be preserved. Now chimps are more of a tropical species Different climates so it only makes sense that they are bones would just deteriorate over time and not be preserved and like dude. It's like we've never found ever. We've never found any kind of chimp bones or anywhere come football. No but but the point that he was making was essentially saying that like oh Because this is even after fifty thousand years but we still can pull up these mastodon bones and you just like. He's just like sitting there basically saying like oh well you know chimps are from the tropic therefore there's no there's no way that they're the bones could have been preserved the same way but realistically do then. Why the fuck are you hunting for bigfoot in the pacific northwest. 'cause really because they didn't find they don't find mammoth bones. They don't have to go out to an article to find mammoth bone suit like no. They found that they find the shit in like the desert. So you can't fuck and sit there and say like oh well they're just from a different area so therefore that's why there's no bones it's like dude. Think of a fucking better argument than that. Finding bigfoot basically just sticks to the pacific northwest as you said you have mountain monsters which is more or less. Just d south in the south east part of the country and like the appalachian area. Yeah the whole time in virginia but of course they've never found anything. I will forever fight anybody. Who says that the best chance of finding any of that kind of shit isn't is somewhere in the middle of the country. I don't care if you're talking the dakotas okay. If you're talking fucking oklahoma or texas or either way it's neither is neither here nor there is neither here nor there. Oh it's here. And i. I mean fair i feel like kryptonite is our topic for a different episode. Because i can go on about chris secondary longtime we can talk about all types of cryptos and since who knows when the fuck church absurd is coming back. I would love to talk with you but we do have a off this at some point during the season and we can go ahead and talk shows that cover the crypt. It's yeah we could do that. We could talk about river monsters and shit like that absolutely thorough ancient aliens in their fuck it but either way. That's neither here nor there on. Let's talk about another show last two that i had before that really. We kind of cover altogether. Because they're two different cooking charts one is nailed and the other one is cooked with annaba. Smoke weed everyday. Okay so cooking cannabis pretty straightforward is about. We'd cuts. it's really just your regular everyday mostly boring unless you kind of adventurous with your cooking cooking. Show as they make jokes. That didn't make it into the scripts of movies. Like how high is the menagerie of hosts depending on whatever episode. You're watching that whole show is just. I feel like that whole show has to be just a series of winks to the camera. We're just like no. You're going to want to cook at all temperature. Probably around four hundred or maybe like four hundred and twenty degrees at the beginning and then by the end of it every one starting to get contact ties in so the humor becomes a at least a little bit more bearable. But yeah that that i would. I would love to see the judges that you know like master chef. They've fucking test the food and they're just like oh it's like a nice earthy tone to it it's got i really like the hint of citrus. That you have here in this filet mignon. I can tell you erin shit like that. But then they're just like the judges for this are just like all right so i'm biting into your chicken here and let me tell you it's hitting me. Basically i don't use cannabis because let me tell you right now you are. You look like a whale. That's talking right now. So soon your cannabis spikes laced with anything. Does this latest is this latest. Did you angel dust because let me tell you right now. Okay like Clearly you've you've done your chicken. Well because i am really want to listen to prime is right now. Let me tell you pork soda. Here's the thing. I can tell you about your filet mignon. The coast here is that pork. Soda is one of the greatest albums ever made but sailing. The seas with cheese is definitely the greatest followup. You'll ever see in the history known ahead of big brown mosaic. Sitting here and i am eating. I'm eating so much you know it would be great with this. Filet mignon is some. I could go for some cheetos now. Can here's here's an. I know this is crazy but as far as your food here. Have you thought about putting peanut butter on it That'd be a good idea because this here is a pork chop but if keep can you imagine if we put peanut butter on it and then some cheetos on top of the peanut butter because let me tell you. That sounds amazing. Well in mind you. I am fat ass but i'm of the mind that Number goes with damn near everything. Get what it is anything. The judges are so fucking stone. They just bring 'em like a taco party pack from from taco bell. Yeah i made this and they're just like wow this taste is extremely like taco bell. I'm giving you win. You win you win. Great but okay in the last one. Like i said his nailed it and it's more comedy than it is reality. I get that just like mountain. Monsters is but it's fun to watch. I if you really wanna feel better about how you're baking comes out because it's almost like if you took any show that's ever revolved around baking or cooking with the iron chef. I don't care what it is and just everyone that goes on. Your as a contestant has no fucking clue. they're doing a lovely. So he's the opposite of what fortune and fires whether it just like they make it seem like they'll accept anybody if they have even the mildest of forging skills but then they interview people. And if you don't have skills you're not welcome to the show. It's the opposite here where it's like if you have good skills you just not welcome on the show. That pretty much covers it. Yeah no. I met him. That was almost spot on. And frankly it's as i said when talking about ford fire that kind of one of the reasons i liked the show. I'm into it okay. So it's you have your host nicole buyer and chuck torres but they also have a revolving door of posts is like the third judge. Yeah and if you need a laugh it's just great. I mean they. Basically make fun of them stakes. The bakers are making an heckle them throughout the whole thing. So they're just like you see what he just did. You just fucked up. It's i don't know like. I said if you really wanna feel better about your baking skills or cooking in general if you're tired of what your kids complaining that i don't like ms or whatever the hell remember it can always be worse war this show and just kind of go. Well least. I'm not so bad. That i end up on this fucker. See okay so what. I what my goal was was. I was trying to make a town patrol cake her paw patrol cake and i just i've i've made him a burn victim because this is no longer a dog the things that they make especially when using the model and chocolate and things like that to try and put like figurines or you'll figures on the cake or if to make it look like something it almost looks like someone took a flame thrower to mr bill. I love it it really does. It looks like if mr bill and pizza the hutt from space balls had some sort of fucked up love trial delicious. Fuck i love that movie but yeah it's just i i just enjoy my reality. Tv if you wanna call that with a little bit of fuck rainy and the more fuck ary the better in my opinion which is why we get to a mix. It's time for 'em at sea world stuff. This competition down as a career day show has white collar and their mentors battle it out with blue collar. Kids and their mentors. It's a classic battle three-piece suits versus steel toe boots and now with rings around their collars. Anybody gets big bro. Hug them which is just until you suggested it. I have to say. It's been so long since i watch emec. C completely forgot about i used to when it was on spike back in the day i caught that on a regular basis so the thing about amex z. Is its own animal because it is one of these cases of them. It's very similar to what Space ghost coast to coast. Did i in my notes. I kind of likened it to someone taking the comedy. Stylings of msg three k. And they shook it up in a test tube with a little bit of gladiators without the gladiators. Well well. because here's the thing. Here's the thing amex see is essentially a re edit of an original one thousand nine hundred eighty s. Japanese program called takeshi. Casual that's all. Plus it'll kill the state. It was hosted by takeshi. Kitano who is essentially like a media god in japan well known skeptic comedian actor singer songwriter. Like this dude has done it. Fucking all like this dude agency. The man of many hats. This dude has even forayed into video game making like this dude made a video game for the nintendo famicom called. Takeshi challenge which is widely considered to be one of the most challenging difficult and annoying games. Ever made you have one shot at this flying segment where you have to shoot a revolver abreast to hang glider giant dive bombing pigeons and. Ufo's if you get hit once you're dead came over and you know what that means divorced wife question. If it's ethical to eat mormons do the whole thing over again just to have another. Go at this hang gliding segment. Which explains a lot of that. They do this show so to cash castle was basically a fucking reality sh- program that was a competition. It was heavily based on obstacle courses and like american gladiator type challenges basically completely done in japanese until the early two thousands in which i'm pretty sure magnolia. Entertainment was behind it because they were the ones who put out the dvd's but they essentially reedited it. Brought into brought in american voice actors to do the color commentary and essentially made it even more like juvenile and ridiculous and stupid and definitely offensive my god. She's an illegitimate mother of two. Hasn't she put out with enough. You would think so you think if okay if anybody listening within the sound of my voice has ever listened to our older episodes and thought we might have gotten just a tad bit offensive or gone a little bit over the line. This is not the show for you. Keep in mind. This is early. two thousands. This is this is spike tv which was essentially originally started office. Tnn which the idea was television for men so that wasn't the original idea. Tnn was originally basically like a country museum there was like stock car racing on it For a while. Wwe raw was on it even before that you had I believe you had e c w before that we we plots s we took. We're not supporting us. We can advertising us plus without having the falls off watch network break every. Would you put in front of me until mid nineties early. Nineties had tnn. But it was. It was back when they actually had music Television you know music videos because even vh one and mtv hardly ever show music now but when they had music videos. That's really almost all they ever showed on. Yeah and in its. Cnn is where you would. You would watch old reruns of walker texas ranger and you know nash bridges and shit like that basically anything that in the good old boy backwoods motherfuckers in the country would probably get a kick out so somehow they got the distribution rights for takeshi castle and decided to reedited and call it most extreme elimination challenge and essentially decided to pull off pull out the interest in japanese culture. And then make it more americanized. So that's when you brought in the fuck in Funny commentary and you know the crude humor shit like that. I would normally catch the show. I believe it came on either right before or right after the critic and duck man yeah and then and then this this was like part of the fucking night block of programming like it was like around. I want to say it came on around eight o'clock at night and then after that you would it'd be when spike finally took over and became it became spike tv which was literally television for men and this thing thinks the critics parrella which man i i. I like to think that stanley probably regretted that decision. I don't know if he ever had a decision that he regretted but if he did that. Probably be the one and then like Was that gary. The rat show with with kelsey grammer. Yes i i'll forget about that one. Yeah so it was like it was programming like that and then eventually got to a point where it was just like reruns of cops were on spike all the time and then i think bar rescue was also on spike. I might've been Say that but I don't remember ever seeing it all there. But i can't say before before spike tv became what spike was known for which was shit like master in bar rescue. It was home to most extreme elimination challenge and most extreme elimination challenge. Had five seasons. Each one was like twenty six episodes half an hour long program and it was very fucking funny to watch. Just the old footage you know. Granted i was young at the time and you were presumably young to not as young as i was but like i was in fifth grade around the time so you would have had been in high school. I think i was probably in my freshman year. Yeah i was either. I think yeah probably somewhere between eight and like the end of eighth in the beginning of ten somewhere. So i would watch amex see all the time and you know like it was. It's there's so much going on like you have just these random like there's a game called sinkers and floaters where they have to run across the pond and half the rocks like are still like essentially platforms. The other half aren't so they have to essentially guess which ones will cause them not to fall into the water and like and like of course you know they would. They would react it. So you know you'd have like the teams or whatever the competition and like you'd have like it's veterinarians versus gynecologists. You know what i mean like or you'd be like oh today you have olympic gold medalist versus special olympic gold medalists. You know what i mean. When we're the ones that i watched i think don't quote me on this but i it was something to the effect of the cartoonist or leo the animators versus like he adult a video stars. Everyone that i remember. One was like organ donors verses like something else like a commercial actors or something literally anything else like and then you'd have you had gala gala just back from my annual checkup where the doctors repeatedly prompt me and discovered. I had kidney stone the size of a super bowl ring. Here's a diagram of my kidney. And gemstone which i anticipate. We'll pass slowly and painfully painfully. And that's to our games. Who is who is the The sidebar interviewer basically name ever and like he was just overly french even though he was just as japanese guy like a livingston outfit he was one of my favorite characters Forget some of the other names head the in my notes the that i got a kick out of any well and not only that but like they would always they would give fake names and she's a shoot me solar big feet. Oh yeah he was very impressive in the war on coty still going. He must be feeling really stupid. I don't think he's feeling anything from downtown. They'd be like. Oh here comes bobbi canoe. She's a battery. Acid test taste tester like like but like nobody. People's last name was baba canoe coming up next on the platform. Timmy bobby fish and it was never. It wasn't always just bob. We're to change it just a little bit and like what's was you know you'd have the contestants they come out and like they they'd they'd like to say something to the camera and like occasionally like everyone's overdubbed. They'll make them say something ridiculous. It's like like she took my kids or something. like spirited. young fellow is on change after he got bucked early. Actually i didn't get. It almost reminded me of my favorite movies hotshots at the end when this guy goes flying off the ship and all of sudden you just hear my wholesome essentially like like it's the same idea but like god damn if you ever get a chance and keep in mind. The only way you can watch se is through basically illegal means. They watch amazon prime. But like other other than that. It's illegal means because you're not gonna find the dvd's and if you do find the dvd's they're going to be unbelievably expensive. I i really. I did amazon prime. And before that even then before i realize it was there i had actually resorted to watching just whatever random episodes and there's nothing wrong if you wanna stick you want to stay on the side of law where you don't end up doing time and they can get. I guess he'd go that route. But there are a good amount of random episodes just strewn all over youtube. Yeah i was actually surprised. At how many could find there but it did get to the point. Where i'm just like i gotta find more i get. There's gotta be more out there somewhere. And then i found them on amazon prime which I had almost forgotten that we had up until the point. Where oh shit. Let's ever if you ever get a chance. I highly recommend it. It is just one of those shows where it's just like it is a staple. It is a good time capsule for the early early. Two thousands to see where comedy was at. But keep in mind you will never see amex c ever again. You know as far as like Takeshi castle alone probably would not be a fucking tv show nowadays because the things they are doing are not safe. There is a lot of fucking injuries and there is the some some things you just look and you say there's no way they walked away from that. I think the closest that you can get to the show nowadays would probably end up being. I i guess white bow but but here's the thing though and that it doesn't even come wipeout is safe though. Yeah that's what i was gonna say. It doesn't even. Yeah but it's about the closest you can get nowadays because everyone in they will both most shows like this one the contestants to land okay so so have you watched. Did you watch the mini golf competition. The holy moly. Nbc did yes. Yes i did okay so holy moly got close but it was still safe. Yeah i guess. In their own way they did get close But but here's the thing to cash castle would never be a tv show. These days and mx see the comedy would never be on tv these days. You know the the things that they can get away with on that show. We live in which is part of the reason. I started the show. Because i was just tired of this shit but we live in a world we live in a society are are all right jared but we live in. Okay we live in a society that is frankly too damned p. c. nowadays it. Pc to insanely annoying amount. People are just so worried about you. Have the cancel culture and all these things. People are so worried about hurting feelings and in offending somebody. But we've gotten to that point where you have so many people worried so much that they're gonna offend somebody by making a joke or laughing at a joke that may or may not could possibly might be offensive in an alternate universe now and i can't stand that shit and a lot of this shit it because of the society that we live in a lot of the ship wouldn't make tv and it's a damn shame. Good if i will say this. It's been too damn long since we recorded because frankly that felt good that little ramped just to get that kind of shit out. Yes oh can you hand exercise. These is there you go so now. I feel like that's a good place to call it for this episode. Wait wait wait. Wait you drag my ass back to every time i tried to get out they pull me back in and then just the time. I certain join this. You want to quit. Won't stop the show. So in the meantime you could find me just underscore f. l. radio on twitter. You can find my boy content. Show the church absurd. They're having justin degan salmon all your favorite podcast platforms. You can find our movie review. Podcast claiming shame all three episodes of it of on all your favorite podcast platforms. You could check out quarantine. Oh my quarantine. Oh tarantino podcast. It's all available on all your favorite podcast platform and and working they find. You can find me at fickle fan boy. Rpm and ethical fan boy podcast on instagram The fickle fan boy. Rpm is twitter and you can find me basically every once in a while. Check into the fickle fan boy facebook page but the other than me posting. No no one pipes in the. There's there's absolutely jack shit going on there but when there is it's probably it's probably because I didn't a troll just about anybody wants to search it so in the to blame. They're a little bit but other than that. I'm sure there's other places you can find me. But our motto fucking practice a start with that and and go from there there. You go there you go folks get excited in season six. We're up and running good times. We're headed. I'll tell you right now i actually had Set a little bit of a goal for me For myself that. If i didn't have listening to an extent where i felt like you know it wasn't just my family and friends and mind you. I talked to my family. None of them really listen to the show because most of them they they don't like to hear listening to my voice when we talk on the phone listening i was. I set a goal less than five years in if it's just basically me jess and maybe every once in a while my wife listening in if it wasn't just those people i wanna quit but here we are six six years in and No worry it gets better and we we. We we improve. We're like a fine wine. We get better with age. Every year seems to get better. We bring new shit every season. You know we try to kick it up a notch. So by i'd say about year twenty five or so. You're going to go you you'll you'll actually start to enjoy the ship but until next time folks will really see in yeah.

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GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 590: Derek Jeter

GSMC Baseball Podcast

1:22:08 hr | Last month

GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 590: Derek Jeter

"The golden state concepts baseball podcasts. We cover everything majorly from spring trees. Susan got your favorite club cover from new york to boston to elect. This is the golden state media concepts baseball podcast All right guys. Welcome in and i recorded this episode in verse actually not in reverse but i i knew i wanted to end this episode special because it is the day after nine eleven when it is going to be posted So i i also wanted to try and honor And do a little bit of an oral history for gary jeter and initially i wanted to do one for larry walker as well as you know. Those things are extensive and they take a long time and take a longer time than Anticipated so Like i'll say later in the show. We'll do a late larry walker one later. But because i mean it's derek jeter Especially with nine eleven. Like and i have a story about him so the second third and the first part of the four segment are going to be dared jeeter. They're going to be that kind of thing for jeeter there but And then when will end today show with a a really nice story about the nine eleven museum that the the yankees the yankees were a part of. And i mostly include that. Because there's a very emotional story. A very heartwarming story about derek. Jeter of and what he did for one of the pilots daughters that died who was only ten years old at the time and that was a it was a very very emotional piece and i actually. I actually had to stop a few times Just because of how emotional it was And like i'm only twenty. I'm only twenty years old. I'm almost twenty one I don't remember the event at all but that doesn't mean that i can't still really feel something about it. And so that's that's so that's where we're going to end with but before that i'm recording this on the morning of the twelfth and we have done a standings update in a little bit. We haven't done wildcard update in a little bit. And that's what we're gonna do right here because oh boy have some things changed and some things have stayed the same but some things have changed for sure so we'll start out in the most boring division. The american league central has been over since july thirty first with the chicago. White sox needing just eleven games still to clinch their division title Minnesota currently is technically actually still not eliminated. Their elimination number is actually three games. They are sixty three and seventy nine as many of you know. And i'm going to keep saying this. I predicted this team to win. The division not finished in the bottom of the seller. Very very surprising to me. Most surprising team by far But regardless minnesota sixty three and seventy nine on the year eighteen games out of first in sixteen out of the wildcard there are five and five out of their last ten and they did win their most recent game on nine eleven yesterday versus kansas city. Kansas city though they are in fourth place here in the al central they are six and four or sixty four and seventy eight. Excuse me their elimination. Number is four games. They're seventeen games back out of first place in fifteen games from the wildcard five and five out of their last ten. They lost their most recent ball. Game against minnesota. Like i said detroit. They're in a series right now against tampa bay. They lost their most recent game to them. They are twelve and a half games out of the wildcard fourteen and a half games out of first place with a record of sixty seven and seventy six. They are six games away from being eliminated. Cleveland they are eleven games from being eliminated. Eleven games out of first place only nine back from the wild card. Though there are sixty nine and seventy one on the year three and seven out of their last ten. They did lose their most. Recent games and in fact corbin burns and josh hater combined to throw for a no hitter. Gordon burns went eight. Innings struck out fourteen batters than josh hader. Shut the door on the tribe last night. The white socks. Though as i said there in first place eighty one and sixty one. They've kind of been five hundred for honestly feels like most of the second half of the season but honestly they didn't really have to try very hard. If i have to say so like they did in nate's it was pretty. It's it's pretty apparent that they they they. They knew that. I think because they've been winning the games that they need to win but they haven't really been winning doing too many winning streaks which is something that i like to see because i wanna see team yet hot right now. I want to see teams. Get hot in the last twenty games of the season. And that's i mean that's what the white sox rat played one hundred and forty two games twenty more on the year forum and i think that if they start getting hot now or in a little bit i think that they are could make some serious waves in the playoffs this year. Next we will go to the al west because it is slightly more interesting then. The al central. The rangers are fifty eight and eighty nine. They've been eliminated for a while there. You're thirty games out of i. Twenty six and a half out of the wildcard. They are six and four out of their last in fact the even be oakland in their most recent ball game at oakland which is very impressive. And it's a hard thing to do. Oakland's won forty games at home this year. That's a tough. That's tough team to do and play against up. Next is the los angeles angels of anaheim. They are seventy and seventy two twelve and a half back. I in nine games out of the wild card. I thought the day would be Man the angels are so close. The angels were just so close and it hurts. It hurts that they're this close in. They're missing the. They're really missing trout and they don't have a pitching staff. So i really. I'm really excited to see what the angels do this off season. I'm not gonna lie. I'm very excited to see what they do. This off-season seattle. They're seventy seven and sixty five five and a half games back out of first place two games out of the wild card as our oakland because the as are also seventy seven sixty five both teams five and a half out of i. Two games out of the wildcard. Both magic number to be eliminated is eighteen or sixteen. Excuse me not eighteen. Sixteen these seattle mariners though are seven three over their last ten. Oakland is four and six out of theirs. They both lost their most recent game. Two teams that they definitely should be the oakley loss to the rangers in seattle lost to arizona at that. Those are two teams. you definitely should be beating. I'm not gonna lie. Those are teams. Both those teams rest. Specially right now. they can't afford. They can't afford a loss to those teams not at all houston is still in first place in the al west. There eighty two and fifty nine on the year. Were in six out of their last ten and they are in a series right now against the angels. Oakland oakland has a little bit more. I'm sorry not. Oakland houston has a little bit more wiggle room then Is oakland seattle to lose a game to the rangers or do the angels kind of a thing. But you still don't wanna see it. Too often specially later towards the end of the year. Obviously and up next we will go to the american league east. Knock out the rest of this. American league east vision right here. Baltimore has been eliminated. Their record is forty six and seventy nine. Actually i'm sorry. Forty six and ninety six. Excuse me. I don't know what i'm talking about can't read. I can't read it all today for some reason. I don't know what it is. They're forty three games back out of i. Thirty three games out of the wild card. That's bad they are. They are struggling but they're five and five out of their last ten though which is good news if you are a baltimore fan. They are playing in pretty competitive games. It's just you a division where you have four teams that are contending for a playoff spot. And that's that's the simple as that you afford teams that are really competing for a playoffs spot. And you guys are your team. Just isn't there yet and that's not to say that they won't get there. It's just they're not there right now and it's gonna take a little bit toronto. They are seventy nine and sixty three ten games out of first place and their number. Elimination number is eleven. They're nine and one out of their last ten games. They've won two in a row. They're in a series right now against baltimore. Which is bad news for yankee fans. Boston fans in yankee fans boston fans red sox fans and i would say oakland seattle fans if i have to say so myself and that's because well the the blue jays are very hot and they're playing right now at least a team. That is not amazing. And they're tied for the wild card right now right now it is. There are technically technically. You have four teams in the american league east right now making the making the playoffs and that's because they're tied with the new york yankees for the second wildcard spot so generally it would be game. One sixty three to decide the playoffs. But still that's playoff baseball right here and yankees are also seventy three and sixty nine. Ten games out of first and eleven games is their elimination number. But they're three and seven out of their last. Ten did win their most recent ballgame at the mets which was a pretty good win for them. And that's definitely a tough series for both teams because both teams are kind of on the outside looking in. If i'm gonna be honest like the yankees haven't been playing awesome lately and toronto has been playing fantastic so there you know. They have to try and keep toronto at bay but boston. They're eighty one and sixty three nine games back in the first place and one game up on both the yankees and toronto for the first wildcard spot to get their host. That game right there right now. They are six and four out of their last ten in a series against the chicago. White sox now. Obviously the white sox are playing a very tough series. So that's not something that i was saying really earlier. It's just. I feel like the white sox. I feel like the white sox haven't really been giving us like their best lately and i haven't been watching too many games but i just based on like the way that they're moving in the standings it feels like they're kind of plateauing and i don't know if i love that about them but you never know they might really get hot here in the next twenty games or so for them. Tampa bay is in first place. They are eighty nine and fifty three with the best record in the american league by quite a margin actually There there's third best record in all of baseball right now. A three eight thousand nine hundred fifty. Three and sears. Right now against detroit. So let's go now to see. I mean the no west. It's not the national league analyst west also Like it is just a it is a mess. And i don't know i don't know where to start so i'll pick the middle like i did with the American league we'll start with the central. The pittsburgh buyers right now are in the cellar fifty two in ninety. They have officially been eliminated as have the cubs. They are both very far behind with pittsburgh being thirty five and a half games back from i. Twenty two and a half from the wildcard four and six out of their last two but they've won tuna road which is very good for them. Chicago is sixty five and seventy eight twenty three games back out first and ten games back from the wildcard. They are seven and three out of their last ten though and they actually have lost two in a row up next is the saint louis cardinals whose magic number is six seventy to sixty nine but they are only fifteen games back out of i. I'm sorry i didn't mean only fifteen games out of first there. Only two games back out of the wild card from being behind cincinnati right. Now they're seventy speaking of cincinnati after we'll we'll finish real quick with saint louis and then cincinnati who is in second place in the central but they are the series against each other right now and they're both four and six out of their last ten with saint louis obviously coming out on top most recently in their last game on nine eleven cincinnati. They are still in the second wildcard spot. There's thirteen games back at a first. With a record of seventy five and sixty eight. there's therefore and six out of their last ten. Did lose their most recent ballgame against saint louis. But they are. I mean the red still have a pretty good The red still have a pretty good schedule going for the rest of the year. Like i i. If i remember correctly this is one of the last ones in are pulling up their schedule now but Yeah so right now. The they have a series right right now going into today. I should say they are already split their series with the cardinals. Winning on friday losing yesterday this game could be pretty big for the division but after that the reds then go on to play the pirates at the pirates in a very very tough series against the dodgers they eight very easy stretch of six games versus the pirates and nationals and then the end the month facing the white sox now that is a series that could be very tough but immediately after that they then play a very good series against the pirates again now as for saint louis. They're scheduled for the rest of the year. Is i mean i. I didn't look at the rest of the rest of their schedule. But it's pretty tough. Honestly like it they saint louis is going to have to play very good baseball. Because they ha- they play the reds right here next series. They have the mets next series. They have the padres series. After that they have the brewers at the brewers and then they have a decent spore game series against the cubs which could really benefit them And then the end the season against the cubs but right before that they have to play. The brewers again. Ed the brewers are really good a baseball like really good a baseball this year. It's it's kind of. It's kind of nuts actually But let's get back to the standings finish up with milwaukee who's leading the central with a record of eight in fifty five. They're seven and three out of their last in won four in a row. Just threw a no hitter against cleveland. I. it's been a great year from walkie fans up next. We will go to the dumpster fire. That is the nfl east washington. Miami are not yet eliminated even though neither team has won more than sixty one games in the year. In fact miami's miami is sixteen aid to their fifteen and a half games out of first and fourteen and a half out of the wild card. Washington is fifty eight and eighty four there. Seventeen games back out of first place or seventeen and a half and sixteen and a half out of the wildcard there. Magic number is four. Washington's is miami's is six both of those teams are not anywhere close. Oh playoffs in. It's amazing that they haven't mathematically been eliminated yet. They are five and five miami is. They've won their most. Recent game against that. Lanta in washington is three and seven losing their last three games in their series against the pittsburgh pirates and this is where it gets interesting. The new york mets philadelphia phillies any atlanta braves. The mets are in third with a record of seventy one and seventy two. They're five games back at a first in four games back out of the wild. They're five and five out of their last ten and they're in a series right now against the yankees and we already said that they lost their most recent game for the philadelphia phillies. They are in pretty good spot because they are playing a terrible. Colorado team are terrible road team. I should say in colorado in at home. And they're seventy two and seventy three and a half out of i in just two and a half out of the wildcard. The mets magic number by the way is eighteen game sixteen games the philadelphia phillies is eighteen games. Even though philly is only four and six out of their last ten. This is a very good series. Because they're playing a team that has already been mathematically eliminated so they're trying to get some young guys up there and get some at bats in that kind of thing and they've only won twenty games on the road this year. It's not been pretty to watch them. Play road baseball. I home baseball completely different story but road. Baseball new sir. Up next though i mean and philadelphia has a great opportunity here to make some games up on atlanta. Who's playing a very tough miami team and like i said even though like i was kind of making fun of miami a little bit in terms of being not not being mathematically eliminated even though neither team even have sixty five wins on the year which is like a like. It's a staunching to me that they haven't been mathematically eliminated part of that is because of atlanta of just this team. Miami's a tough team. Miami is a tough team. They play teams very well esp- including atlanta it which is why they beat atlanta in their most recent game atlanta is seventy five and sixty six. They're five and five out of their last ten. They did lose their most recent game to miami like i said and then we're going to end up right here. We're going to real quick. Go through the nfl west. Arizona and colorado have been eliminated. Sixty five and seventy eight for colorado forty six hundred ninety six four the diamondbacks. Neither team has even gone five hundred in their last ten games. Colorado being the closest going four and six out of their last ten arizona's two and eight out of theirs and then let's get into the meat and potatoes of this division right here. You have san diego in third place with a record of seventy four and sixty seven. They're seventeen and a half games back out first and four games away from being mathematically eliminated but they are tied for the second wildcard spot. Technically with the cincinnati reds. They're five and five out of their last time but they have lost tune row and they're in a series right now against the dodgers who look almost unstoppable. The dodgers are ninety fifty three two and a half games back on a first eighteen games as their elimination number and they are plus fifteen on the reds and san diego for the second wildcard spot. They're six and four out of their last ten and tuna row now. San francisco is a little bit of a different story. They've retaken the west division lead with a record of ninety two and fifty they're eight and two out of their last ten and won six in a row and they're in a series right now against the chicago cubs and they are. They've been mathematically eliminated so the like and save francisco. Also fantastic road team may have forty seven wins on the road this year. Amazing that's amazing at like arizona doesn't have forty seven wins on the season and add. San francisco's able to do that on the road. Which is just fantastic. But we'll be right back guys in just a second with derek jeter's profile and a and he is a fantastic ballplayer. This is your ultimate. Stop everything sports. The golden state media concept's or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl mlb the nba to immense all in here the golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen i and welcome back into this segment. Where we're gonna be talking about derek jeter now derek sanderson jeter was born on june twenty sixth nineteen seventy four and a town called pinot walk township in new jersey. Now he is the son of the accountant. Dorothy and substance abuse. Counselor sanderson charles jeeter. His mother is of english german and irish ancestry while his father is african american and they mail serving in the united states army in germany. His father played baseball at fisk university in tennessee and as a shortstop he's a phd as well in when jeeter was child has parents made him sign a contract. Every year that defined acceptable and unacceptable forms of behavior dorthy instilled a positive attitude in inner son insisting that he he would not use the word. Can't it was a baseball family. Jeeter's younger sister charlene was a softball star in high school as well. The jeeter's lived in new jersey until derek was about four years old. At which point they moved to kalamazoo michigan at the age of five jeeter began playing little league. Baseball and the children live with their parents during the school year and spent their summers with their grandparents in new jersey. Attending near yankee games with his grandparents deeter became a passionate fate of the team watching star. Outfielder dave winfield inspire him to pursue a career in baseball now geeta attended kalamazoo central high. School re- ran cross country in the fall play basketball during the winter in baseball in the spring jeter posted high batting average for the schools team. He at five fifty seven in his sophomore year and five eight junior year in his senior year. He hit five away. He had twenty three. Rbi twenty-one walks four home runs a six thirty seven. On base percentage with eight thirty one. Slugging percentage and twelve stolen bases in twelve attempts. And not only that. He only struck out. One time. Geeta received several honors after playing his senior season including kalamazoo area been obey. Been a brief award. Excuse me the award for the scholarship athlete. And he also won the nineteen ninety-two high school player of the year award from the american baseball coaches association. The nineteen ninety high school gatorade high school player of the year award and usa. Today's high school player of the year. He also received an honorable mention in basketball. Jere earned baseball scholarship to attend. The university of michigan employee. College baseball for the wolverines but in the draft. Houston astros had the first pick in nineteen ninety-two hall of fame pitcher. Hal new hauser. Who were for the astros. As scout evaluated jeeter extensively in lobbied the team management to select inferior junior would insist on the salary bonus of at least a million dollars to forego a professional contract. They chose instead cal. State fullerton outfielder phil nevin who signed for seven hundred thousand dollars a new. Hauser felt so strongly about jesus potential that he quit his job with the astros and protest after. They ignored his drafting advice. The yankees use elected him. Sixth also rated junior high highly and yankees scout. Dick garage assigned this assigned to scout. The midwest. watched eater participate. In an all-star camp held it western michigan university. Now the yankees were a little concerned though. I mean they. They still had some concern. I mean you're always gonna have concern when you're signing out of high school. But they were mostly concerned that he would attend college incentive signing a professional contract in garage convinced them to select him saying the only place. Derek jeter going cooperstown and he was right. The second through five picks were paul shuey. Bj wallace jeffrey hammonds and chad mulatto or melodic use. Those five would combine for two all star game appearances nevin and hammonds the yankees drafted jeter. Who chose to turn pro signing for eight hundred thousand dollars that year and he was in the minor leagues from nineteen ninety. Two through nineteen ninety-five. Jim played four professional seasons in the minor leagues formerly known as the national association of professional baseball leagues. The na pb l. Jeeter began the ninety two season with the gulf coast yankees on the rookie level gulf coast team based in tampa in his first professional game. Jeeter failed to get a hit in seven at-bats actually going over seven and struck out five times. Jeeter continue to struggle during the rest of the season batting. Only two two in forty seven games a manager gary denboba benched eater in the season's final game to ensure his average would not drop below two hundred known as the mendoza line frustrated by his lack of success. An homesick jeter accrued four hundred dollars a month phone bills from daily calls to his parents. The yogis promoted jeeter to greensboro to the greensboro hornets class. A south atlantic league to give them some more at bats and he hit two forty seven in his first eleven games with greensboro and struggled defensively making nine errors in forty-eight chances only weighing one hundred and fifty six pounds at the time and jeeter scrawny periods did not match his reputation as the yankees future leader or apis. Sada and andy pettitte. Who played for the hornets. That season at first question the hype surrounding jeeter but recognized. His talent employs jeeter focused the next offseason on his fielding and baseball america rated jeeter among the top one hundred prospects in baseball before the ninety three season ranking him forty fourth returning to the hornets in ninety three his first full season of professional baseball jeeter hit two ninety. Five with five home. Runs seventy one. Rbi in eighteen stolen bases the sa. L. managers voted him. The most outstanding major league prospect in the league he finished second in at in the sa l. and triples with eleven third in hits with one hundred fifty two and eleventh in batting average and was named the postseason all star team jeeter committed fifty six errors though an seal record. Despite this he was still named eh sales best defensive shortstop most exciting player and best infield arm by baseball america coming off his strong ninety three season baseball america rated jeter is the sixteen best prospect in baseball jeter played for the tampa yankees of the class. A advanced florida state league the fsl the albany colony yankees of the aa eastern league and the columbus clippers of the class. A trip of class triple a international league in the nineteen ninety. Four season combining to hit three forty four with five home runs sixty eight. Rbi in steal fifty bases across all three levels use honored with the minor league player of the year award by baseball america. The sporting news and tops us also voted the most valuable player in the fsl. That year considered the fourth best prospect in baseball by baseball. America headed into the ninety five season jeeter was projected as the starting shortstop for the yankees. However he suffered some mild inflammation in his right shoulder in the arizona. Fall league after the conclusion of the ninety four regular season and as a precaution the achey sign. Tony fernandes to a two year contract with fernandez at the starting shortstop the yankees assigned jeeter to class aaa during the ninety four. Ninety five baseball or major league. Strike jean-michel the manager offered jeeter author g to the opportunity to work out for the mlb team with replacement players in spring training before the ninety five season jeeter denied receiving the offer. He did and he did not cross the line. Either but in early nineteen ninety-five fernandez and infielder pat. Kelly were injured and consequently jeeter made his. Mlb debut on may twenty ninth nine hundred ninety five. He was assigned uniform number. Two which was most recently warned by mike gallego from ninety two to ninety four batting ninth. He went hitless in five at bats striking out. Once the following day. He recorded his first two major league and scored his two. First career runs actually jarrett to fifty in committed two errors in thirteen games before being promoted to class aaa columbus fernandez replaced jeeter shortstop the yankees advanced the postseason in ninety five g. traveled with the team during the ninety five. Lds though he was not on the active roster in the yankees ended up losing to the seattle mariners and after fernandez disappointing batting average of only two forty five and appearing in only one hundred and eight games due to injury in one thousand nine hundred five newly hired yankees manager. Joe torre turn to jeeter for the ninety season hoping for a two fifty batting average and a dependable defense yankees owner. George steinbrenner often. Skeptic is often skeptical of young unproven players and he was very unconvinced. After clyde king close to close steinbrenner advisor observed for two days in spring training in ninety six. He came away with the impression that jeeter was not yet ready to contribute at the major league level to provide depth at the shortstop position after an injury to fernandez steinbrenner approved trade. That would have sent pitcher montana. Rivera to the mariners for the mariners shortstop felix firm it but michael by then was the vice president of scouting and general manager. Brian cashman convince bryant convinced steinbrenner to give jeeter an opportunity. Rake the sixth best prospect in baseball by america in the nineteen ninety-six season jeter started on opening day the first yankee rookie to start at shortstop since tom tr- thrash nineteen sixty two. He hit his first. Mlb homerun that day and with his speed and ability to execute the hit and run jeeter served as the perfect complementary herb to leadoff hitter. Tim raines while batting while still batting. The nine spot in the order by the year's end jere far exceeded torres expectations in anyone's because he hit three fourteen with ten home runs scored one hundred four runs and seventy eight. Rbi you was named the unanimous al rookie of the year receiving all twenty eight first-place votes and only the fifth sweep in the honors fifty year history. The yankees reached the postseason in six and toray batted jeeter in the leadoff spot on his strong performance that year during game. One of the ninety six the yankees. Trailed the baltimore orioles four to three in the eighth inning when fly ball to right field that was ruled a home run by the umpires after twelve year old fan. Jeffrey mayor reached over the wall to catch the home. Run even though the ball would ever made in blais if it weren't for the kid and he could have been caught by tony roscoe. The homerun stood as called signing the game and it marked the first home postseason. Home run of jeeter's career. The won the game and defeated the orioles and five overall the jeeter bat at three sixty one through the ninety-six postseason helping to lead the yankees offensively with bernie williams as wade boggs paulo. Neil in tino. Martinez struggled the defeated. The atlanta braves in the ninety six world series to win their first championship. Since the seventy eight series following his rookie year campaign considered the new crop of shortstops with alex rodriguez and nomar garciaparra as the careers of the older shortstops. Cal ripken junior. Barry larkin ozzie. Smith and alan tramway work including rodriguez the first overall selection in one thousand nine hundred three draft. I contract contacted jeter about his experience as a first round draft. Pick that you became friends to the extent that the new york times journalist jack curry commented rarely have to higher profile opponents. Been this close. Rodriguez described as being like my brother. Even though they were on the field at bursary or adversaries excuse me before the nineteen ninety seven season jeeter and the yankees agreed on a five hundred forty thousand dollars contract with performance bonuses becoming the eighties. Leadoff hitter jeter batted two ninety. One with ten home runs seventy. Rbi one hundred sixteen runs scored and one hundred and nine hundred hits that season though he hit two home runs during the one thousand nine hundred seven american league division series and the yankees loss of the cleveland indians though three games to two dare jeaner actually earned seven hundred fifty thousand dollars for the one thousand nine hundred eight season that you're jere was selected for his first all star game and in the regular season he three twenty four with a league leading one hundred one hundred twenty seven runs nine thousand. Nine home runs eighty four. Rbi for a team that won one hundred and fourteen games during the regular season is widely considered to be one of the greatest of all time in the playoffs though jeeter struggled hitting only a buck seventy six in the al the s. and aol cs but when it mattered. Most in the world series. He at three fifty three four. The series as the yankees defeated. The san diego padres in four games. At the season's end jeter finished third in voting for the most valuable player award that season. Now in one thousand nine hundred nine eligible for arbitration jeeter was awarded a five million dollar salary. Jeeter led the american league in hits that season with two hundred nineteen finishing second in the league in batting average with three forty nine average and runs scored with a one hundred thirty four runs scored appearing in his second all-star game that year as well now jitter was actually the three. Oh hitter for much of the season actually. And because of that he drove in one hundred and two runs in one thousand nine hundred nine becoming only the second yankee shortstop to so following lynn larry's one hundred seven or is back in nineteen thirty one in the postseason. Jeeter hit four fifty five in the ale. The s. three fifty in the al cs and three fifty three fifty three in the world series as the yankees defeated the braves to win another championship in third during the nineteen ninety nine through two thousand off season derek jeter and the yankees negotiated a contract with jeter tentatively agreeing with a seven year one hundred eighteen point five million dollar contract however because steinbrenner did not want to set the record for largest contracts steinbrenner waited until juan gonzalez of the detroit tigers negotiated on a reported one hundred and forty three million dollar contract extension. When that agreement fell through soda jeeter's tentative deal to avoid arbitration jeter and the yankees agreed to a one year deal. Were ten million dollars. Jeeter batted a team. Best three ninety nine in the two thousand regular season added fifteen. Home runs seventy three. Rbi one hundred nineteen runs scored twenty two stolen bases and the two thousand all star game. He recorded three. It's including two single a two run single. They gave his team the lead and the victory and that was really important. Because i don't think that but selig had just yet Implemented the homefield advantage for the winning league. But i do think that it was starting to get that way. I have to really look up what that when that happened. I can't remember off the top of my head even though i definitely should. And it's gonna drive me insane but he. That performance actually earned him the all-star star game mvp and. It's the first time a yankee had ever won that award during the postseason though he only hits you eleven in the division series but rebounded to hit three eighteen in the championship series against the seattle mariners and four zero nine in the world series against new york. Mets gier added to home. Runs a triple a. And two doubles in the world series including elite off home run on the first pitch of game four and a triple later in the third inning. His own running game five tied the game and extended the world series hitting streak to fourteen games. The defeated the mets and five games for their third consecutive title and fourth ingenious i. Five full seasons gear won the world series. Mvp award becoming the only player to win the all star game mvp and the world series mvp in the same season with one year remaining until he would become eligible for four free agency. Dairy jeeter signed a ten year. One hundred eighty nine million dollar contract before the two thousand one season to remain with the yankees. Alex rodriguez had signed a ten year. Two hundred fifty two million dollar contract with the texas rangers earlier in the offseason setting the market for jeeter's negotiations junior became the second is paid athlete across all sports all team. Sports and auto racing trilling only rodriguez the eighteen point. Nine million dollars average contract value years contract was third highest in baseball behind. Only alex rodriguez. Who's getting twenty five point two million season and manny ramirez. Who was getting paid. Twenty million dollars a season and two thousand and one jeeter posted another strong season batting three eleven with twenty one. Home runs seventy four. Rbi one hundred ten runs scored twenty seven stolen bases making his fourth. All star game appearance. Jeeter made a notable defensive assists in game three of the one division series against the oakland athletics with geom- beyond first base oakland rightfielder terrence. Long hit a double off. The yankees pitcher might lucina into the right field corner. As yhombi routed third base and headed for home plate yankees rightfielder shade spencer retrieved the ball and made a wild throw at that missed the cutoff manno martinez and dribbled down the first baseline jere ran all the way from shortstop to grab the ball and flipped it backhand to jorges asada rather than throwing it overhand and then tag john be on the leg just before he crossed home plate preserving the yankees one run lead facing elimination the yankees eventually won the game and the series as well and the plays known as the flip and it was later voted seventh in baseball. Weekly's ten most amazing plays of all time and he also warned the two thousand two best play espy award that season. That was such a fantastic seats. Air like play. If you haven't already seen it. I really encourage you guys to go. Look it up and like you might not know what i'm talking about now but if you watch the video almost everybody has already seen it. But we're going to take a short break right here. Don't go anywhere because once we're back we will be finishing this story with dare jere. We'll be right back. Everybody tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop flirted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast. Whatever baby visit us at www dot. Jesus mc podcasts dot com follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and google play. A all right. What's up everybody. Welcome back into this segment so as you just heard. We just talked about derek. Jeter play known as the flip and the reason that it really actually happened was because of the nine eleven attacks which we just had the twentieth anniversary of and the start of the playoffs was delayed. In the season's end was extended past these walked over timeframe and because of that the yankees advanced to the two thousand one world series to face the arizona diamondbacks game four mark. The time marked the first time that any non exhibition. Mlb game had been played in the month of november and an extra innings. Jeeter hit a game winning home. Run off of breed. Sheehan kim and the words. Mr november flashed on the scoreboard alluding to the former yankee legend. Reggie jackson whose nickname. Obviously as mr october despite the homerun though jeter slumped the plate he denied injuries. Were factored though a fall into the photographers box. Trying to catch. A foul ball may have aggravated an earlier. Hamstring injury jeeter hit just a buck. Forty eight in the world series as the lost in seven games. Jeter hit two ninety. seven with eighteen. Home runs seventy five. Rbi one hundred and twenty one runs scored one hundred. Ninety one hits career-best thirty two stolen bases. During the regular season. He led the major league in stolen. Base percentage with a ninety one point four percent getting caught only three times and he made his fifth all-star appearance in the two thousand two season. Excuse me the anaheim. Angels defeated the yankees and the lds on the way to winning their world series from two thousand and three to two thousand eight. Is this next section. We're going to be talking about today. On opening day of the two thousand three season jeeter dislocated his left shoulder when he collided with the toronto blue jays. Catcher ken huckabee huckabee. Excuse me at third base and he was placed on the on the dl for six weeks. In ms thirty six games he had never played fewer than hundred and forty games. Prior to in the prior fool seven seasons jeeter returned to bat three twenty four finishing third in batting average to bill to bill mueller. Who had a three twenty six average and manny ramirez. I believe finished second steinbrenner. Then named jeeter. The captain the yankees on june third of two thousand and three following eight seasons out captain after don mattingly retired in one thousand nine hundred five that postseason. Derek jeter batted. Three fourteen with two home runs five. Rbi and ten runs scored across seventeen games including three hits in game. Three of the o. Three world series against the florida. Marlins all the only three hits josh beckett actually allowed during the game jeter committed a crucial air though in the game six loss. And the marlins won the series in six games the yankees then went out to acquire. Alex rodriguez from the texas rangers in the three. Oh four season. Rodriguez had two. Gold gloves are already at shortstop and was considered the best shortstop in baseball derek. Jeter though who had no gold gloves at the time remained the team. Starting shortstop alex rodriguez moved to third. Base rodriguez is fielding range. Allow jeter to succeed. Grand to his right to rodriguez and she to his left. Feeling balls to his left as a weakness in that was identified by scouts. So it was. That was one reason why they ended up deciding to do that which i mean. Yeah he cheat a little bit more. but honestly i'd rather have just a short staff that i know can get the ball. The aki get the ball. If i'm going to be honest with you. Like i i know. He's the captain but he doesn't have to be the starting shortstop i know he's been at shortstop we could put them at second base instead. Find another third baseman. Maybe i would have much rather i rather have seen. Alex rodriguez at shortstop Especially after his first few seasons in the mix but regardless jeter is at shortstop and a-rod is now at third base then. Rodriguez is fielding. Range was very good for the yankees but the thousand four season began with jeeter mired in a slump and at one point only getting one hit in a span of thirty six. Abc's through april. He hit one sixty and his improved to seventy seven by the all star break in july jeeter. Made the all star team and finished the season with a two ninety ninety-two average twenty. Three home runs the second most of his career and seventy eight. Rbi's one hundred eleven runs scored career-best forty four doubles which broke the yankees single season record for doubles by a shortstop besting. Tony kubiak thirty. Eight and nineteen sixty one or excuse me yet is. Cuba is cubic. I think the attorney kubrick's thirty eight sixty one. But he batted three sixty wine with a team leading four. Rbi as the yankees defeated the minnesota twins in the two thousand four lds jeeter struggled in the ale hitting only two hundred with one extra base hit as the yankees lost the series to boston. Red sox in seven games despite winning the first three. And we'll definitely go back and look at that Probably more toward the time of the ale the s. Because that's just a story that i got to cover But i'd have to recover. I should say. I wanna bring that that one out back out to forefront. I guess you could say but in the twelfth inning of a tied game on july first two thousand and four against their rivals. The boston red sox trot nixon hit a pop fly down the left field line and ran from his position at shortstop to make an over the shoulder catch and he watched himself over the third base side railing in two rows and into rows of seats receiving a lacerated chin and bruised face the yankees went on to win the game in the bottom of the thirteenth and this play was voted the play the year in this year in baseball awards. Competition as voted on by fans. Mlb dot com following the. Oh four season jeeter was presented with his first gold glove. Award is diving catch underlie. I was cited for the reason of the award. And those jeeter was fourth among shortstops feuding percentage and heirs to traditional fielding statistics critics pointed to his lower rating in the more advanced sabermetrics stats such as range factor and ultimate zone rating. Jeeter was the second in the american league in runs scored with one hundred and twenty two in the o. Five season and he was the third best in both leagues at bats with six hundred fifty four and hits with two hundred into though his his critics continued to see jeter as the lab liability defensively. You won his second consecutive gold glove in two thousand and five or later cabrera had a of the angels actually had a higher fielding percentage and committed viewer airs but new voters noted that jeter had more assists though jeter batted three thirty three during the o. Five ale yes. The yankees could not outpace the angels for the oh six season. The key signed johnny damon to play center field and lead off moving jeter to the second position the line. Ah during the oh. Six season jeter recorded his two thousand pit. The eighth yankee to reach the milestone jeter finished the season second in the american league in both batting average with a three forty three average and runs scored with one hundred eighteen. He finished third in hits with two hundred and fourteen and four in. Ob but they four seventeen on. Base percentage earning his seventh all-star selection jeeter also hit five hundred with one home. Run in the oh six lds including a perfect five for five performance in game one making him the six player to record five hits in one post postseason game the eighties. Though lost to the detroit tigers three games to one many expected jeter would win the al mvp order two thousand thousand six and in a close vote. Jeeter finished second to justin more of the twins. It was his sixth top ten finish. Mvp voting in his full eleven seasons through two thousand six though. He lost the mvp award. He did win the hank aaron award for superior offensive performance and he also won his third consecutive gold glove though the yankees continued to struggle with postseason failure jeeter remained a consistent contributor during the. Oh seven season derek. Jeter was third in the american league with two hundred three hits his sixth consecutive and over an absurd his third consecutive and sixth overall with at least two hundred hits he finished ninth in batting average with a three twenty two average that year you selected for his eighth all-star appearance in the field. He was involved in a career. High one hundred and four double plays that he also struggled though in the seven. Lds hitting only three for seventeen. A buck seventy six with one. Rbi as the indians defeated the yankees. Jeter hit us. Four hundred th career double in two thousand eight on july twenty seven two thousand eight actually and it's two hundred two home run on july twelfth. Jere slugging percentage though this season dropped to the lowest since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and in fact It was a four ten in the season is lowest since nineteen ninety seven. Like i said and his offense did take an upward turn after. May's he hit three twenty two with an eight forty eight twenty four. Ps after june first jeeter was elected to his ninth all-star game as the starting shortstop and he finished the season with a three hundred batting average. Joerg tied lou. Gehrig's record for hits iki stadium with one thousand two hundred sixty nine with a home run off tampa bay rays pitcher david price on september fourteenth. Two thousand eight and dave and we'll we'll talk about david price A little bit later here but after that homerun just two days later against gavin floyd derek. Jeter would break that record. And the yankees. Were eliminated for postseason contention. Now the only full season in their career where he did not compete in the playoffs. The following Following the final game in yankee stadium. History jeeter made the speech at the request of yankee fans thanking the support for thanking the fans for their support. An amount in a moment later voted by fans as the best moment of the year by mlb dot com this year in baseball awards and this is what it says from all of us up here. It's a huge honour to put on this uniform everyday. Come out and play. Every member of this organization past president has been calling this place home for eighty five years. There's a lot of tradition a lot of history in a lot of memories. The great thing about memories that you're able to pass them along from generation to generation although things are going to change next year and we're going to move across the street. There are a few things with the new york yankees that will never change. That's pride tradition and most of all we have the greatest fans in the world. Jeeter goes on to say we're relying on you to take the memories from the stadium and add them to the new memories. We make at the at the new yankee stadium and continue to pass them on from generation to generation. We just want to take this moment salute you. The greatest fans in the world from two thousand nine through twenty thirteen for the season yankees manager. Joe girardi switched jeeter jane damon in the batting order with damon. Moving second jeeter back to his leadoff role jittery. Hit three thirty four thirty in the al with a four zero six. On base percentage in eight seventy one opie p eighteen home runs in sixty six. Rbi's and thirty stolen bases in thirty five tenths one hundred one runs scored seventy two walks in two hundred twelve hits which was best for second in the mlb and defensively derek. Jeter Made a career low airs that year and his batting. I'm sorry his fielding percentage also a career low eric's not career low actually a career high for him. It was the best of his career. Having a nine eighty six fielding percentage he also had the addition of gold glove award winning first baseman mark to share and second robinson knode shift his focus to his right helping helping jeeter tremendously during the season. The sporting news named jeeter eighth on their list of fifty greatest clutch players. On our current players on earth not clutch players current gier achieved ju- career hit milestones in the second half of the o. Nine season on argue sixteenth. Two thousand nine against the seattle mariners. Double down the right-field line. I two thousand six hundred and seventy fifth hit as a shortstop breaking the record. That was hold by louise. Aparicio's previous the previous major league record then. Jeter became the all time hits leader as a member of the yankees with two thousand seven hundred. Twenty two passing lou gehrig on september eleventh. Two thousand nine. The hit was a single of baltimore. Pige orioles pitcher. Chris tillman in the third inning in two thousand nine season. Derek jeter hit three fifty five including four zero seven in the world series as he won his fifth world championship. Ring us named sportsman of the year by two thousand. Four hundred thousand nine by sports illustrated a won the roberto clemente award and hank aaron award as well as his fourth gold glove four silver slugger also finished third in. Mvp voting behind. Minnesota's joe joe mauer and yankee teammate. Mark sharon was also his fifth the fifth championship for andy pettitte asada and money on rivera. Who were along with jeter. As the core four they were all referred to as the core four because they all came up at the same time which is why like obviously the the core but jeter along with asada and rivera became the first trio of teammates in any of the four major league sports in north america of mlb nfl nba or nhl to play at least sixteen consecutive seasons on the same team as teammates and that you season were statistically jeeter's worst. In many respects the yankee captain had only two seventy with three forty on base percentage at eighty three seventy slugging percentage which were all career lows. You lot more ground balls than usual but despite this jeeter it was elected the to start the shortstop or start at shortstop for the all star game he rebounded to beth three forty two and his last seventy nine at bats. After making adjustments to swing with the help of kevin long being he's hitting coach would successfully helped. Nick swisher in curtis granderson make adjustments to improve their production with long jeeter changed the way he strode with his left leg. Following the season jeeter won his fifth gold level award. Jeeter committed six airs during the season. His lowest total fifteen seasons after the joining ten season jeeter became a free agent for the first time in his career. At the age of thirty six jeeter appeared to klein. Joe sheen of baseball productions suggestion that jeter once a good not great shortstop had declined to become below average defensively to the extent that he would likely need to change. Positions cashman later acknowledged that jeeter might need to be shifted to the outfield though jeeter stated that he wanted them remain with the yankees negotiations became tense jeeter's agent cheesy close stated that he was baffled by the yankees approach to the negotiations and cashman. Now the team general manager responded publicly. That jeeter should test the open market to to ascertain his value which angered jeeter. According to reports jeeter initially sought a forty year contract between twenty three and twenty five million dollars per season he reached an agreement with the yankees on three year contract for fifty one million dollars with an option for fourth year. He spent the offseason working with long on adjustments to swing the adjustments left jeeter frustrated as he hit chew forty two in the first month of twenty eleven as he as he struggled it. It appeared that the two thousand eleven season was the continuation of their jeeter's decline. Jeeter did break. Ricky henderson furniture has record for stolen bases when he stole his three hundred and twenty seven th base hit against the mariners on may twenty eighth. Two thousand eleven. He suffered a calf injury on june thirteenth that required his fifth stint on the fifteen day de l. and his first since two thousand three at that point though he was batting two sixty for the two thousand eleven season with a six. Forty nine opium rehabbing. His injury from in tampa jeeter worked on his swing with denko is former minor league manager with dan. Bongino returned to use the mechanics. He used his minor league days following these activation from the disabled list. He at three twenty six with an eight. Oh six opie as last sixty four games of the season jeter finished the year with a to ninety seven batting average. Six home runs sixty one. Rbi eighty four runs scored and sixteen stolen bases. He created the turnaround with twos work with denver. Long acknowledged that his attempt to adjust jeeter. Swing did not work on july ninth of two thousand eleven jeter recorded his three thousand hit of a homerun off of david price of the tampa bay. Rays how he already has won a war or not one award but one broken record because of of a hit off of david price but this time is three thousand. I've do. I remember this like it was yesterday me and my buddy were you were in. We were in the room And we were watching his real. We were watching the yankee game because everybody knew jeter was close to three thousand and it was like it was like either the top the third inning. I think it was jeeter second at bat and has sued as david price threw the ball. I was like that's a home. Run and sure enough. It was barely gets over the left-field law fall a left field wall. Excuse me what is going on with my like my mouth. Getting all tongue-tied right now. But it it did. It was really special moment. And you knew you're watching history but it was. It was fantastic. it was. It was amazing. But what i'm gonna do right. I am going to just end this right here because we're getting pretty close to We're getting pretty close to the end of jeeter's career and we are also getting pretty close to the end of the segment. So what we're gonna do instead is gonna end this rate here and then in the next segment. I'm going to finish this thing. About derek jeeter and also do a little bit just you one more thing before we had out so we'll be right back in just a second with the remainder of derek. Jeters fantastic career want to know the latest and soccer. The listened to the golden state media concept soccer podcast from m. l. s. is the world cup the premier league we've got you covered the latest update the hottest matches ed news on the league's top players. It's the golden state media concept soccer. Podcasts come listen all right guys. Let's finish this dairy geeder segment. How 'bout we do that. So as we just said jeeter just hit his three thousand of david price finish the day with five at bats five hits and five at bats. The second player ever to a five minutes on the day that he cheated his three thousand. The i was crazy busy. Oh you also became the second player to hit a home. Run for his three thousand with wade. Boggs having done so in ninety nine. The last jeeter's five hit actually proved to be a game winning hit which is really cool. Mean he's actually the only member of the three thousand hit club to record all of his hits with the new york yankees and the only player to join the club. As a yankee gary jeter joint honest wagner as the second regular shortstop second shortstop to reach the three thousand hit plateau. Only ty cobb. Hank aaron and robin young or younger than jeeter on the date of their three thousand and they'll be an hbo produce. Derek three k. A documentary that profiled his path three thousand hits and it originally aired on july twenty eighth of two thousand and eleven fatigue from the stress of chasing three thousand hits and wanting to rest his calf jeeter opted not to attend the two thousand eleven. Am we'll be all star game. Gdn facade aplly. There's sixteen hundred and sixtieth game together on july fourteenth. Two thousand eleven. Breaking the previous franchise record with lou gehrig and tony lozari of one thousand six hundred fifty nine games actually and jeter played his two thousand in forty two thousand four hundred second game with the yankees on august. Twenty ninth twenty eleven. Breaking mickey mantle's record for most games played as a yankee. He finished the two thousand eleven season with one hundred sixty two hits his sixteenth consecutive seasons with at least one hundred and fifty which tied him for pete rose for the second most consecutive one hundred and fifty hit seasons one behind hank aaron for the mlb record jeeter was honored with a with the lou. Gehrig memorial ward given in recognition for charitable endeavors despite continuing concerns about his age beginning of the twenty twelve season. Saw on a hot streak yet. Four twenty three april twenty fifth and rodriguez commented later that jesus playing as well as he did in one thousand nine hundred nine while girardi said jeeter looked like he's twenty five years old again in the twenty twelve all star game. Jeeter recorded his eleven th all-star hit passing mickey mantle for the most all star game history for the yankees as jeter went one for two in the game moving into fourth all time with a four fifty eight batting average among players with a minimum of twelve plate. Appearances in the all star game. Jeter finished the twenty twelve season with the most hits in the mlb with two hundred and sixteen against the tampa bay rays on september fourteenth of that year he moved into the top ten all time hit list surpassing willie mays by beating out infield single. I thirty three thousand two hundred eighty four hit after hitting three sixty four in the twenty twelve lds. Their jeeter fractured his ankle. During game. one of the twenty twelve against the tigers reaching for a ground ball in an injury which ended the season. I remember that play so vividly and he still got the out. If i remember correctly i remember him either. Feeling it no no no. He didn't get the out but he did save runs from being scored. I do remember that. And i loved that fire that he had a like. I love even though a key. Clearly he clearly was not okay on that play. He still was trying to do what he could to help. Win the game which was just such an awesome experience just to watch at jeeter had to receive a cortisone shot and tree a bone bruise his left foot in september which could have contributed to the break. Actually jeeter had surgery on his broken left ankle on october twentieth with an expected recovery time of for five months while rehabbing jeeter suffered a small crack in the area of his previous ankle fracture. In as a result jeeter began twenty thirteen year on the disabled list which cata sox yankees activated jeter on july eleventh but after playing one game geeta returned to the deal with a quadriceps strain and he returned to the yankees lineup on july. Twenty eighth hitting a home. On the first pitch off of matt moore of tampa bay jitter was again placed on the fifteen eighty list on august fifth a grade one calf strain in a brief return to the lineup us placed on the fifteen day deal again for the third time on september eleventh due to problems with his ankle inefficiently ending his season on september fourteenth. Twenty thirteen derek. Jeter was transferred to the sixty day list. Jitter hit only one. Ninety in seventeen games played during the twenty thirteen season and in the final season of twenty. Fourteen year jeeter re-signed but the yankees on a one year twelve million dollar contract for the two thousand fourteen season. There jeter announced on his facebook page on february twelve twenty fourteen. The twenty fourteen season would be his last during his final season. Each opposing team honor derek. Jeter with a gift during his visit to their city which included donations today jeeter's charity the turn two foundation on july tenth j. derek jeter received his one thousand th career multi. Hey game becoming the fourth player to do so. He was elected at to start at shortstop in the twenty fourteen. All star game. He batted leadoff for the al and went to for to scored one run and received two standing ovations in four innings. He played at twenty fourteen all star game as a result. There jeeter's four eighty one career batting average thirteen for twenty seven and all star games ranks him fifth all-time among players with at least ten at bats at forty years old derek. Jeter became the oldest player to have two or more hits in the all star game. Derek jeter broke omar vasquez's mlb record of two thousand six hundred nine games played at shortstop and gehrig's franchise record of five hundred thirty four doubles on july seventeenth. Derek jeter scored the one thousand nine hundred run of his career becoming the tenth player in. Mlb history to do so gender. Pass carl yastrzemski for seventh place on the mlb's all-time hit career hitlist for on july. Twenty eighth excuse. Me and on august eleven t passed on his wagner climbing six on the all time hit list as well. The yankees honored derek. Jeter with a pre game tribute on september seventh. Be beginning that with that day. The yankees wore a patch on their hats and uniforms honoring jeeter for the rest of the season in the final week of gerges. Mlb career mlb. commissioner bud. Selig honored him as the fifteenth recipient of the commissioner's historic achievement. Award for being quote. One of the most accomplished shortstops of all time during jeeter's file series yankee stadium louisville slugger announced that they would retire. Their p seventy two model bat. The bat there jeter used though it would be sold under the name. Dj to and derek jeter's honor so they they announced the retirement of the model bat. Derek jeter used. But they basically didn't they just rebranded the bat basically but the average ticket price for home game on september twenty fifth reached eight hundred and thirty dollars on the secondary market in his final game in yankee stadium. Derek jeter hit a walk off single against orioles pitcher. Evan meet to win the game. Six to five g. decided to play exclusively as the designated hitter in the file. Series of his career. Fenway park so that his final memories of playing shortstop would be at yankee stadium. The yankees over the red sox honored jeter with a pre game ceremony including red sox retired stars. Kharian carl yastrzemski. Jim rice fred lynn. We staint ricky forsillo percent lead and the boston bruins bobby or new england patriot. Receiver troy back brown and boston. Celtic paul pierce will many boston. Fans at fenway loudly cheered for jeeter and gave a standing ovation and his final at bat he recorded in rbi single against clay buckled before being substituted. For pinch-runner brian mccann. He received an ovation for the red sox fans as he exited the field. And that was it. I i remember. So so i remember that last home game for sure 'cause i mean i. Everybody watched it but the plan was to do something. Similar happened the year prior to money on river where they go or the core of the team that the independent harrap asada They were supposed to Call him visit. And take jerry jeeter off the field but because of something happening later into the game the orioles ended up actually tying began and it meant dare jeeter would be up. I think sac in that any which and then he obviously got the game winning single. Which is the best possible way if you're already eliminated in the season Because they actually believe. Got eliminated shortly before that game Like from playoff contention like if that is how your season ends How your last game. Yankee stadium ends like there's no. There's no better way. There's no better way for somebody of his calibre to to. I mean there's no. There's no i mean it was just a beautiful moment. I'm sorry i'm i'm awesome words but that moment was just so beautiful that i had to i kinda had to Again added talk about it for a little bit And will be we will be talking about larry walker probably in the next episode Don't have enough time to talk about. Larry walker's extensive career. As of right now. But i will be talking about larry walker here in very very new app. Very up come very close to upcoming episodes. I should say. But i want to end this from an mlb dot com article Call urged called yankees magazine. The ultimate comeback after nine eleven sports played a huge role in helping this country heal and they really did. It really did. And that's why. I want to talk about this because We just had the twentieth anniversary yesterday. Or i should say yeah. We did have it yesterday. It was when this episode comes out but no the yankees did not win the two thousand one world series and there's no world championship celebrations and parades of canyons of the canon of heroes. And yet it's hard to come up with the more memorable. Postseason run not just for yankee fans but for the postseason or really for the country as a whole in part. It's because of the epic comeback and the and the walk-off outcomes up to and including the heartbreaking game seven breakdown that lifted the diamond backs to the mountain top by just the slimmest of margins but what the two thousand and one yankees did also remained embodied in the memory because of what was going on in the united states at that time the devastation tragedy at ground zero was were still very raw as the world series got underway and scars of the nine eleven still visible in the smoldering wreckage of the twin towers. When two hijacked airplanes at the skyscrapers killing thousands of innocence. The world stops every part of it including sports grounded to a halt. Nearly every game match practice in event was cancelled or postponed for the immediate aftermath. America was busy trying to put itself back together in the games would have to wait. Eventually though play play resumed football players put on their pads and baseball players ran back out on field and those moments. The nation began to heal when major league umpires in instructed the teams to play ball for just a few hours fans were given the permission to breathe normally and albeit briefly. It felt good. Smile is what this paragraph ends with. Which is heartbreaking. It's easy to say that sports are just games but in the days and weeks after the tragedy of nine eleven sports offered a safe space for the entire population to come together to grieve and celebrate. Simultaneously spont- spun spontaneous moments of unanimity unity. Actually excuse me emerged amid the smoke and ash minute Things such as a flag embezzled. An hats and ceremonial first pitches became a poignant symbol of national pride in resilience. After nine eleven. The world changed but sports stayed. Mostly the same in that comfort. Inconsistency was so critical in the in a time of distress to commemorate. The role played by sports and helping healing the nine eleven more memorial and museum created a special exhibit called comeback season sports after nine eleven which takes visitors through a timeline of events in the days and months after the attacks shows how it shows how sports provided a way for people to connect illustrate. How a rina's in stadiums became a place of healing. The exhibit tells also tells a bigger story about the role sports played in the history of this country. Comeback season opened to the public. On july. On june twenty-seventh of twenty eighteen. And it is just the second temporary exhibit to be housed at the nine eleven memorial museum. It's like a year to arrange in construct and is expected to remain open until twenty nineteen. I don't know if it's still open will find out here just in like once. I'm done reading this but filled with artifacts photographs and archival video. The the exhibit takes visitors through the full-time line of sports related events around nine. Eleven it moves from it moves from the moment. The planes hit the towers to the espn coverage about the Sports world as the rest of the world and the country watch in the display. There is peace remembering a prayer for america. The memorial service that took place at inky stadium another commemorates. The first game played in new york city after the attacks. A mets game against the braves at shea stadium in which might piazza homered in remembrance of how the rangers started their season on On the ice by paying tribute to the f. D. n. y. And the nypd. There's another part of the story. Says allison greenwald the president and ceo of the museum which is which is how we literally came together in the aftermath of this whole event and began to support each other in ways that were remarkable unpalatable and surprising. Sports was one of the one of those places and probably the most visible place in society where people felt they could come together safely quote. The arena literally became a the place where we express gratitude to the first responders and express those expressed commemorative recollections of those who had died an honored their families. The yankees obviously played a role in the exhibit sue with the display of the two thousand one world series president. George w bush's ceremonial first. Pitch at yankee stadium prior to game three and a case containing glove derek. Jeter gifted to the daughter of one of the two pilots who died when his plane crashed into the south tower brielle sa- greenie was only ten years old when she wrote. Derek jeeter the letter three days after losing your father in grief. She reached out to her favorite baseball player for comfort. Quote as you've heard there was a horrible accident that involved the twin towers there was a hijacking a plane. Terrible people are in this world. But you and i both know that respect i would love it for. You would pay me a visit because of that. Horrible hijacking happened to my father. Father was the pilot captain. Victor jason green. My family experienced pain that comes and sees. My dad was a great father to me and he would want me to concur. My dream meeting you. Jeeter received the letter and acted almost immediately. He invited. They secrete family to yankee stadium and spent the whole day with braille and her sister quote. That was really kind of an eye opener because he gave us insight to how athletes respondents said clifford chinen the executive. Vp and deputy director of museum programs. It's how people breathed in those moments thinking about what made them feel better was to reach out to an athlete and the athlete was touched by the story and responds. It's a microcosm of the whole thing quote. The story itself is so heartwarming. Greenwald says it's the idea that of whatever you do in your profession. Whatever you do in life you can put a hand out to somebody in need and make a difference. In terms of the difference makers none mattered more than the first responders search and rescue missions that began in the moments after the disaster occurred and were ongoing weeks later. Everyday firemen police officers were working at ground. Zero with a singular focus. Find anyone still missing quote. I remember the trips. Oh well we all took over. The first responders at ground zero. They were so diligently working trying to find and save lives. Says the former your giants running back to barber. Who was on the hand at the was on hand at the opening day of the exhibit. Actually quote they hadn't even thought about what they were doing the until we showed up. They stopped and they talked and a couple of guys would break down crying. It was amazing how they had processed anything of what they're doing. The giants were far from the only organization to take part in the visit of the site. Each new york team found itself at ground zero to help land eoghan offer or bring supplies including the yankees quote. I remember thinking we're just baseball. Players in this is the game of life joe. Tory said joe. Torre the yankees manager at the time And tori would go on to say the ny on your hat represents more than just the yankees tori told us. Players represents the city of new york. And i tend to agree with. I tend to agree with that. I think it means a lot more people. Now there is more to this article I only read a little bit of it. But i mostly just wanted to show a a a really nice story that i had heard of about derek jeter in remembrance to nine eleven as for me is i hope you have a fantastic rest of your day. Been listening to the golden state media concepts baseball. Podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. Www dot jesus mc podcast dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google play just typing gs mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concept's podcast network from movies to music thrown sports entertainment and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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Hour 1/2: Rick Hammerle,Mark Glatt

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1:42:13 hr | 2 years ago

Hour 1/2: Rick Hammerle,Mark Glatt

"You've with Steve. From embattled Santa Anita. Very good morning Wednesday. It's Turbie week. It's oaks week. It's big cap week. And that's being said for the first time thirty to nineteen exempt to a one sports on nine sixty four siriusxm online at our website as well. And in our usual, perch. Here at at say at the Nida above Clockers corner. And normally the years that. We've come here. It's one of. The most exciting and one of the most exhilarating. Visits of racetracks and industry get togethers that. We enjoy on an annual basis and have been lucky enough to enjoy. This trip is different and the. Atmosphere, and we'll we'll know more later this morning right now the atmosphere is typical there's Jack Arava. And and there's the usual collection of morning the early birds that are are ready settled in and from that point. We'll see how the morning progresses because as we were in route from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles last night when we were in the sitting in Austin, which I I I'm in my memory have stopped at Austin is absolutely. The forget the city which everybody raves about hammer. The the airport was spectacular. Just just the just the wing there that the that I spent two and a half hour layover in Austin and. The news coming that. Senator Feinstein had clearly been approached and prepped because she she brought out her veterinarian degree and was talking about lay six, and and those elements, and she basically called for something that should have been called for already which is a full thorough task force style examination of what? Was included what constituted the conditions that have had the two dozen horses fatally injured and she called for a shutdown of racing until that's conducted and the response hours later timber. Vo I I saw it was TD N said that the appreciate the senators interests and plans to run wreck. I. Thaba BS. You hate to be in this in this situation that with every step along the way has gotten more complicated and more of a pressure cooker. Everyone. Welcome welcome. You Steve to Santa park. Glad to be out here with early and you mentioned just take a step back and lighten up the mood a little bit. But you did mention coming out here in the morning and and six o'clock for you out here. That's when we start every day out here on this show, and you get you know, set at nine o'clock back east got the easy road. But funny driving in when you're driving in your driving in the middle of night. And you're thinking usually either pulled it all night, but that's from thirty years ago, driving home or drive into the years ago. Yeah, whatever. But then you drive into the racetrack that it's it's it's the craziest thing because no matter when you get to the racetrack in the morning, you're late. You'd never you'd never be. You never the first one at the racetrack. And it's always fun. And that's what makes us play such a. So close to the heart any racetrack or knows it's it's a safe haven. Let's go to the racetrack. And you walk in. I walk in the gain. I see twenty people. I know what other business can you walk at six o'clock in the morning. You know, see twenty people, you know, in the greets, you happily. But no, you mentioned that you mentioned the news it came out yesterday. And I'm I'm wondering if it's just a continuation of of what's been going on. And as you mentioned called for a called for another study and HR be immediately came out with a notice they're having a in a meeting an unscheduled meeting in the way, it works out here in California our wheels, turn slowly they can't just call a meeting for tomorrow, they have to call it in ten days. So yesterday was the second I believe in meeting scheduled for the twelfth. And I looked online this morning before I left to see if there was any official notice that hasn't been probably will be today. It's an eight to five crew there that puts government stuff online. And I think from what read between the lines. The the agenda item is whether to discuss moving part of a race meet to another racetrack. Now, you can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that was on the last agenda. That the long meeting the other day when they when they okayed some of this stuff. So I don't know they're going to reach you. Reitox about that. And it's probably good that it isn't ten days because it's gotta be ten days to even think about doing something like that. And that hope actually to get the fact I'd like to get Chuck winter. And somebody have always wanted to talk to just about his own is own time as an owner in the game and. Would like to do it under much better. Scenario, obviously. But. I'm gonna need his input and some of the other some of the other. Heads of of heads of state as it were whether it's haven't seen Jim Cassidy at this morning. But you know, Jim is Jim has been stoic about things. But you know, all the various all the various California. Organizations that are that are dealing with this and some have been more responsive. Obviously CT was the first Hammerton, you know, have to face the minute to minute scenario. And that's been that that itself has been very challenging. And I know you listen to Chuck Simon yesterday and people that were listening to replay just her chucks, our, and and you know, Chuck did not want to be as as downcast about things as as he sounded. But. There's certain parts of this that are that are tough to tough to see past. But the one thing I thought of you wreck because early on in this in this situation, you brought up the communication issue. And you said how vital that was and the that that obviously a vacuum. And I've used the word vacuum repeatedly a vacuum. His was created. And as a result, you've got a atmosphere where the horsemen and then of course, by extension. The owners. They just don't know what's going on. No one. No one is communicating them to them on a minute to minute basis, which is a real problem, and that that's contributing to sort of this this kind of tortured in a day to day scenario. Well, you're right. It is all about communication, and it's for me. It's a very very odd situation to be back here. Three two three months later after being let go and talking to you. And and and during the situation because I've got a let's face it. I gotta watch what I say. And you know, I would anyway, but to it there are some communications best this. The racetrack has you've everyone's heard the term racetrack rumor, and there's no doubt about it and things happen. And it's like the kid game when you were playing telephone decide at the end of the line, and you told the I kid, you know, the sky is blue, and it came out the back that the door was green. So there's a lot of miscommunication or miss misinformed. The information. It's out there. Because people just want to know, they hear something tell the friend and it gets around. And I'm glad that the press release was sent out last night from the strana group, basically assuring everybody that we're going to raise will be held this weekend. Which is what people wanted to hear and you'll carry on with that. Because it's such a it's such an it's so important to get to get back in the swing here. There's so many Baffert was quoted yesterday, and he said it any better this this is this is this is our life. This is this is a way of life. It's not just a lifestyle here for the people that that live in and breathe the racetrack. And you know, forget how tight knit the group is such a unique situation where where I mean, we're out here in the morning at six o'clock and adversaries or practicing. Us practice for workouts, together, what you'd ever see that in any other sports and then in the afternoon, I mean, the jockeys are in the same room competing against each other. And I it's just amazing how everyone gets along in the off time and then the afternoon they have their competition. So that's a close knit group here and that works that works good in times of crisis. Like this. Everybody sent tends to pull together, and I have the relationship with with it. It's kind of a stretch at in in a way. But it's not with the fire that happened. You know, fifteen sixteen months ago down there where it was something that needed drastic attention. Everybody jumped in and made sure that we got out the other side, and I kinda have that feeling here. Now that monks the tenseness that's going on here that you feel when you actually walk in the racetrack. Everyone's here to help everybody else. Everybody wants to get through this thing together and. Hopefully, hard parts done. And and I know the horsemen and all the groups the owners breeders, they're willing to do whatever it takes. And you just need this need some direction and communication to get through the other side. Well, I think that that has been. Certainly when when we first started discussing this over a month ago that was the point we tried to drive home that a different direction that. Ended up resulting and you being pushed out, and then it's more leaving. And you know, it's funny. How? Here. It is what five months later give or take. And there's still the semantic discussion about about Dennis Moore retiree didn't retire that that that he wanted to leave. He had had enough. And you know, that and you not being here started, a, you know, an absolute spiral that is out of control and the the external forces. It's one thing when there's infighting, and there's you know, you talk about the or sment, and and it you talked at the time five weeks ago about what the normal chain of of command. So to speak would be in sensing that there was something amiss and. That again gets back to the communication, and then you address it immediately and in absence of familiar parties. There was no there was no. No actual chain of command as as has been established and has been known, and that that that's the root of this. And I think that's one of the reasons why internally there hasn't been any, you know, any real call for. Examination of the way. There was a New York because it feels like. There's parties that are concerned that it's going to become very apparent. I mean it it's a pair. It seems to good percentage of stakeholders locally and wider throughout the industry. Rick. But I think that there's a, you know, a big fear that the, you know, the the motivations that that started the this this whole sequence will come to light. And in the meantime, that fear has made the whole situation worse. I think you're probably right everybody needs direction and especially out here. Sometimes it's it's like herding cats as we talked about it just need a little little push in the right direction. And let's let's hope this the edict that we're coming down that we're gonna raise this weekend gets everyone a little bit together. You mentioned that we do have some some racing to talk about here. Like, you said unprecedented situation where we're running the the big cap and the Santa gerbil on the same day. And you know, it's pretty funny before I left left here. I had was quoted last year saying the big cap will be moved. And then before I let them keep it the same way this even on the same day and lo and behold, they moved so, but a big day coming up at you mentioned that that Santa Anita derby. I mean in light of all this. I mean, I it is one race really bigger than the next to get things going. No. It's just good that we are running. But let's face it. When you're talking about derby preps. That's what this meat to me was all about is. Is this Saturday coming up getting the three year olds ready getting getting the horses that are gonna be in the spotlight, you know, probably for the next six seven, eight months. Get them ready in a position to leave here on after the weekend had to Churchill Downs at Baltimore and New York and put on the show for the country and the triple crown races. And I think I think this race is gonna show gonna show off possibly another not only another derby favourite, but possibly another derby winner in game winner. Of course, I'm thinking about, but some other Spirent in there, and you mentioned the oaks, we'll see FINA, you mentioned, the Santa handicap ac- MacKenzie. So we'll see some good race in this weekend. And hopefully, we can we can we is a group here can shift over to the racing part and talk about that a little bit more and get people said go. From what I understand. It was not here over the weekend. There was some good crowds here, which is good. And that's how everyone here can show their support is by actually showing up and showing showing everyone that that there behind the situation the rough situation and know that it's going to be a fixed. But but if you're racing fanny need to show up and let everybody know that we're still alive here. Well, and speaking of the racing I mentioned Monday and Tuesday that. I wanted to save some of the the weekend results for being out here with the chance to sit with a couple of of the. Stake winners and Marc latte. Is he I is our first nominee at seven o'clock. Okay. Do you know that seven? Okay. I thought it was I thought he was a, but we were going to get a little earlier. That's fine. Over. Around. And we'll as they as as they walk by well flag down, and and get a few people up here to get their local story and talk about you know, you said talk about some of the Wednesday had over the weekend. And I'll tell you what everybody goes through. I had one of the most punishing days on Saturday at the windows, and you know, how it goes when you're doing pretty good. You know that your your runs gonna end at some point. And I've had a few good weeks. So I headed out to Ventura which is about an hour north of here. Have they have a little Oteibi called derby room? But it's literally right on the beach. So you can make a bet walk out to the beach for a little bit walk back make that and I just got second Itis. I mean, I lost those two photos in a row the one the one that the PanAmerican and the the the one here with catapult like thing being five like I and I thought they both want being being the ninety one shot. Yeah. I thought that was. For sure then he'd lugged, Dan. And then the one here candid LeBron's Zeca second in the in the race it Oakland AT and T ended up running second year. Jack Karavas I it was just one of those days. Like, oh my gosh. Get me at it. But you knew that beating was coming after you've been on a good streak. But anyway, it's always it's always good. And and and the racing just picks up this week as looking it's draw day here and at Akwa doctor at Keeneland keyword opens tomorrow, and I want to as we go to the break, I want to again slip in the college scholarship day piece for Friday, and it addition to the each race, they have the dollar drawing there's going to be to ten thousand dollars scholarships one is open for everybody. And then one is specifically for sons and daughters of industry participants and. Presented by run. Happy and mattress MAC, which is really nice. And there's gonna be a thousand is one of the thousand dollar scholarships is for industry. Offspring and one ten thousand. And then you're also eligible for the rest of the the drawings for those that are that are just out there to have fun and at enjoy. One of the really established traditions at Keeneland it really anywhere in the game, Keeneland dot com slash C, S D college scholarship day. And I think tomorrow we're talking to. A prior scholarship recipient, which would be fun. And also, you know, I do want to get the peace in Brad Cummings. Like, we have to get to who kicked off the lottery, you know, years of work that he put him and the equa lottery has started and Kentucky, and we gotta get the brat. Let's take the first break here where at Santa Anita dawn approaching. Rick Abberley hosting back after this. Apple races with feedback on Sirius XM radio. Raising chievements Pennsylvania breads on the world stage. Thanks to find city unique Bella and shamrock rose PA joins Kentucky as the only state in the past decade to breed eclipse, award champions three straight years add that to our unmatched incentives. Plus our Ray source development fund can only be used to support PA breeding and racing. Why breed anywhere else? This is Brian Sanford Telo, go to PA bread dot com. And see why Pennsylvania is the premier place to breed in race. Tickets to the Belmont Stakes racing festival are on sale now New York's premier three day racing festival. Returns to stark Belmont Park June sixth through eighth buy tickets today. Joy trackside reserved seats or enhance your experience with one of our premium hospitality packages to make this an unforgettable event. Cranston and mission starts at fifteen dollars and three day festival. Passes are also available by now at TicketMaster dot com. Visit Gaumont stakes dot com, but Belmont Stakes where champions are crowned monster tanks where. Ah? Dot com. Effective. Revolution. Vendors rated generate Elec phonic invoices. English own vendors who can pay through horse bills dot com for just fifty cents. Turn of work in have minutes. With our easies have our team take over your bookkeeping or continue to do yourself. Only subscription. Check out our video tutorial on the portions dot com YouTube champ and get started today for free or spills dot com. 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Visit Thurber after care dot org. Now back at the races with Steve on XM radio. The. This. Win. The vision. We're back. The nida. And it is amazing. I say every time the it's like a switch throws a light switch on it goes from dark, not like graduates. Like all of a sudden is like and. After after what's been a miserably difficult winter season, you know, and that that's a a an aspect. The there was there was a piece Amer for camera with us. And there was. The piece the talked about climate issues, you know, and there's the change that that in a lot of a lot of track supers after the Awin and that that's not not just unique to here. But you were here he'd been here while your whole life. But particularly the last sixteen years, and this was this was just. Czar scenario, most in the weather wise, it was we get what people forget that. You know, he California never rains in southern California that wonderful song who does that. When I can't forget, Tony Orlando. Oh my gosh. Girl. Does your warn you? Yeah. Anyway, so we have about four three or four months where we actually do get some kind of weather other than you know, hot or hotter. And with the winds and the fire time in in November. And then January February December January February parts of March. If that was gonna happen obvious going to be then the unique part about this. We had a lot of rain. It's when it came it came an and waited a few days, and it came again, but it was more than that this year who's the temperature and we get we get cold cold, California called is in the forties. And is it goes does that for a few days maybe a week and then warms up a little bit? It's stayed cold for months here and e- in more noticeable than than that the rainy just kinda you deal with it get an umbrella in your carry on. But it was a lot colder in the mornings getting up out whether that had anything to do with it. It was a funky year. Which weather. There's no doubt about it. And there's no doubt that that. Had had a hand in in part of the situation that that that's not. That's not kid ourselves. Last year was rained a couple of days. But then the year before it rains seemed like as many days as it did this year. But it's different. You know, win it happened. How long it happens? You know, there's that soaking soaking soaking rain, which is which is a different ballgame than it. Just pours for a few hours in rolls off. So well, the ceiling and talk about that. Because you don't know if I brought it up with you. I brought it up more with the with the with Tony black. I think in terms of the writing part of it. What's your what's your thought about the trainers were asked to Brad free wrote a piece about not, you know, about avoiding day cancelling it and riff. Oh, did say that to about the way we get snow days in the east about taking an extra day after you know, after a track was sealed, and and basically letting get back to normal or leaving the tracks open like years ago and letting it letting the mud dry like it dries illin- tell ya on that front. I mean everywhere I've been and especially out here in a specially the last six seven years dentists being been here. I'm not attract man never pretended to be a track. Man, you you will not I will not be one of those guys attacked on the track, you know, kicking dirt around pretending I know the basis to too soft or too hard. So when it comes to someone like that when Dennis is here, we had an understanding Dennis whatever you're gonna. Do just let me know what you're going to do. So I can be a head of the game when someone asks, but I don't need to know. You know, we would sit down and his gonna do this. I've gotta see tonight. So I can open it up tomorrow. So you know, what that was to track vans job? And and he was great at it. Deciding win to win to seal when not to seal it now, the the, you know. And things have changed over here over the years in in southern California. I remember going up, you know, come into the field, and and back in the days and the toll the tote the tote board on the infield that you check in you look up there and be good or it'd be slow or right on some days. Heavy might be heavy when it was just kind of drying out after three days ago rain, and it was kind of neat with the with the circles in the Xs and the racing forum and who's the mud, and and that type of thing so somewhere along the line that that went away, and they went to doing where they seal the racetrack on on the theory of of of keeping it as dry as possible underneath and then when it stopped they can open it up, and literally in, you know, hours turn it into you know, great racetrack. So there's been some concern probably genuine concern over the years of running on sealed racetrack, which is obviously harder than than attractive opened up. And. And that somewhere along the line the horses that do run on that get some microfracture on that are taxable. Time and grow over time. And maybe show up, you know, at the at an unfortunate time, exactly. And so now, it's part it's part of the action out here in California. So obviously that's going to have to come under discussion, either stop sealing. Or when you do seal maybe pick Jacob day off until the racetrack can be opened up, and and let him go. So it's healthy to have these discussions, some hopefully, you know, you get ahead of the game. You have these discussions before things happen. But in this game, you just can't we can't cover all the bases. But that, but that's something that it's going to be in discussions in the Brig up. Yes word, but it was in the army. I was gonna ask you that was my next question because you lived through the synthetics and. There were more difficulties here than there were not that there were difficulties at at del mar as well. But there were more incantations between the cushion track and the pro ride and the different different organic materials that ultimately reduced to it. I mean, what was your experience and his time to revisit at how much of a benefit. You know, there's no no one's going to debate that there's less catastrophic breakdowns on it. It does have some different issues. I it it it has issues in regard to soft tissue. But those aren't those aren't catastrophic breakdowns. Yeah. Exactly. Well, as you know, this whole cycle at the end of the cycle. There's one track left in California that has a synthetic track surface up in Golden Gate fields. And from what I understand it performs fabulously up there. Of course, a lot more susceptible to weather than we are down here. Rain-wise debate area. Just gets a lot more rain. Just the way it is as it comes down to coast. Some of it doesn't make it here. And. Yeah. Back in in two thousand seven it was it was mandated that we we as a state put in synthetic tracks at all I mean that synthetic services at all the throat. Racetrack's though that left outlooks Alameda 's. So being how racetracks will be we had. Golden Gate Hollywood par Los Alameda down mar and everybody put in a different surface, which I thought was kind of crazy at the time. Once again, sit down at a table on at least, maybe try and be consistent, but Delmar went with poly track. Hollywood park went with cushioned track. Excuse me, Golden Gate fields went with the Topeka and still trying to figure out what we went with here. I mean, I joke at that. We tried to do a little bit of the cushion track at Hollywood had and it's turned out to be a different version of it. And I firmly believed to this day that from the very very very beginning. It was not put in the right way. The track track was dug up I saw that. They went deep they put some drains in obviously, whatever drained they put in was not the was not didn't work. And so if we we fixed, the rain solution back, then because when it rains, we had fishing contest out here, all all the lakes puddles that that formed on the track we had to cancel. I mean, I think when we cancel twelve to fifteen days that year, and when and here would synthetic track was supposed to be he'll quote, all weather, but it didn't turn out that way and had to scramble a couple years. We added some other other agreements, and it turned into pro ride, which I believe was an Australian version of the synthetic track and performed well enough to have to breeders cups here in eight nine Jatta had her heroic run. Done believable run here in two thousand nine and. I mean, I'm telling you we have people sending buckets dirt from across the country and say, hey, use mine used mine used this use that. So. Maybe it was done a little bit premature here. Whether wasn't of studies going on the maintenance was was in. Oh, heralded to be oh, don't worry about it. So easy. Just go around at attract or couple times of week hose it down you'll be fine. Well, low behold, the temperature changes here in California through all the surfaces for a loop the atmospheric conditions del mar of course, had the cool mornings. And then the heat in the afternoons. It got torpid and heavy and sticky and gummy the question is now. And I asked this I think last week when the little synthetic discussion came up has there been any advances internationally, and I'm not sure how many of these companies are even eat still out there experimenting. There's all there's only one that. I know of. Michael dickinson. Who is the quote the mad? Scientist is always experimenting. And he and Joan Wakefield. I think it's wipe, but they've been together for a long time apologise either way, but because they're friends of mine over that I've that I don't actually know, but actually was in conversation with them years ago here about possibly doing something with the training track here in that fashion kind of, you know, not quietly, but you know, we in inquired with them. And they have a they dare got always something going on as far as their surface goes keeps keeps working working at it. This isn't what what you see today is not, you know, the same track you saw ten years ago. So they've kept up with it. They have a maintenance program. And I think they're I I don't know of anyone else, but they're the most legitimate, and you know. Track out visible visible still put tracks around the world. So, you know, there is a a legitimate. Dow back out there that could be looked at and and that was brought up in the press release from from the Senator that it needed to be looked at. And and I'm sure it was being looked at behind the scenes anyway. But I guess everything's on the table at this point, whatever it takes to get get better get it. Right. And and in the eyes of the the the public that were doing the right thing. On that topic, actually. And I I'm. Have watched. The remarkable reaction. Rick too. Nick locks. Wonderful commentary on Monday, and Nick. Obviously thought about his his. Reaction to the question about answering critics, and and the the course of action. The reaction from an American audience has been just amazing and everybody really appreciates. What Nick what Nick said? And the way that he said it. What what's your take on on? The long term answer to. Outside forces that think they're that they speak better for animals than these animals. Ben. Than we do as as horsemen and as participants in the industry and the business. I it it. It's it strikes me that. These people think that that they have a better understanding richest in. The horses than than those who are partnered with the horses in in their livelihood. And I I that's the message. I thought the way Nick put it. That's the message. I think that needed to be the livered. But I'm curious how you've you what we say that the quote unquote outside world. Well, I in some instances whose fault is that that's our fault. I mean, I I in. Yeah. I in in the in the end line. I mean, it hates Cape point fingers around. Oh at that. That discussion it done that should have done that. But and I say our fault. I mean, I'm talking about the game talking about the, you know, the people involved in the game. You can't assume that people think like, we do you and and out of out of out of these situations, you hope that there's some learning going on. And I'm hoping at as we speak around the country. There's there's I thought about this the other day that there's a groups. Sitting around right now getting ahead of the game. And and thinking about solutions like that part of the part of the problem that we've known about for for a hundred years in this game is there's twenty five twenty six jurisdictions and and all have different rules. And what bothers me sometimes we used it. As a crutch to why some things can't get done. And well, you know, why should we bother doing this because you know, New York's going to say this or why should we do that? Because the guys in you know, Texas are going to say something different. But and we don't have a Commissioner we've always wind about getting the Commissioner, and and all that will never work that will never work. But I guess what it's time and is funny. We're couple of us were sitting around the other day and made a list of about fifteen twenty people that should be sitting around a table or the guys that that should be sitting there and not in. It's not necessarily the same group that's involved in things, but some more progressive thinkers, and you know, modernization of how to get some. The words out to these people these people meeting the public about about the sport and about about how the care the animal, and and and that, and I I've noticed that this grassroots campaign, which I am horse racing is is a start to where the feelings are there. And you're actually kind of maybe showing a little bit of the human side of the game. And and the love of the animal and just the the love of the game and how much everybody different facets of the game from the from the the outrider to the exercise writer to the jockey to the owner to the to the groom really is part of the the the horse in the love of the game that we don't see we don't let the public see enough. And I and I the well-meaning element. And it is a it's it's got a feel good message and so forth. I it doesn't. It doesn't have a an outward an outreach. I I saw a. On Facebook of all places, and I sent links to it to Eric Hammill back in I would forming. In Pennsylvania the other day. Mark read you have to go away back. Mark read at his farm had a American pharaoh baby that they then they basically profile. The American pharaoh, full and. Woven into it. New story. Woven into it was how many jobs and the economic engine in Pennsylvania, what farms like marks and and breeding part in the and the and the and the wagering part. That's to me. That's the message that is being missed and and is not being driven home. How how big the this? Is there may there? They're allowing we're allowing the opponents. The opportunity to make this look like a small almost, you know, almost you know, an isolated. Entertainment. I heard the word entertainment us, it's not entertainment. I it's it's a it's a gigantic industry with with millions of people at their livelihood 's tied to it. And that message it should be driven home. And that as I asked you the question are caretaking of the horses and our partnership with them, and as as Nick luck beautifully said. That's the message to drive home that they. They're providing they're providing a livelihood for an enormous amount of people, and how the outrage is very selective. Because if if there's people out there in this animal rights world, if they think that that the bovine is less sense than the horse. They're wrong. And it's very funny. What what is what is selected to be outraged about, well, it's shoe? And and I said that some point you have to turn and look at look at low the lack of of of learning that we've expressed out there you hit that may be the best way to to to educate the public as you've said, get the half farm tourist Kentucky as farm tours there. Yeah. Right. And I mean, I don't know of the program in any other state where you think when you go to Santa Anita I'm gonna go to Gulf. Hey, let's go. Let's go. Check out a form. Where they see from the very beginning. What were the, you know, cold is full courses? Fulled brought up how many people it takes for that part of it though, you know, the horse is out in the field. I mean, that's the part that that the public is missing. And it's missing from society anymore as we get more into the I've set this this for you from the agrarian hat on. So people physically don't see a horse every day may not see a Horsa. We once a week once a month or whenever the until they go on a family vacation at eight drive through, you know, island horse over there in the field or up north farms are here, but but so we have to get the connection back. They used to be very heavy connection between the horse society in general, and that's that's gone. And it's getting it's getting it's funny because I say that and I live in town called Chatsworth, which is quote horse country have to have the the houses near me. They're larger ones they wouldn't not crazy for me to be driving down the street and see somebody actually with with a horse walking down the sidewalk. So I actually visually see a horse. So I don't think of it. I come here and see them, you know, all day long. They seem in your sleep. But to the average person it's not that way. And so maybe we need to start educating. We need we need to put the positive thoughts and people's mind as the I thought of horses opposed to the I of course, being a negative thought. Well, and I. I think there's so many, obviously, there's so many different moving parts to this. But I I was an I'll find the link to that I looked for it on YouTube actually yesterday or or or Monday for that. I may have to put the link-up, but it that's the hearts and minds kind of thing to to show people. You know, what you know what this is about? So and and what the positives? Absolutely. Well, now watching some just had this of workers go by and we went through a a nice Herro break and back back Roland and just looking out trying to catch just looking at those two. There was two Baffert side the Baffert beverage put the those fluorescent yellow saddle cloths and for the makes sure it makes it easy for for to watch his horses. Go, and here's here's John sheriff's with his familiar blue. Cloth and the the two white the two white stripes or Zainal vertical and trying to catch some other in most of the big work, obviously has been done for Saturday and. They'll draw later today in the the racing office. And we'll be watching Keeneland, of course, will get their card out. I they're usually out as early as eleven thirty maybe into twelve thirty one and then New York, and then California Rex pack. Just Craig Lewis just stop by and say, hi, and since nice to come back come back to my old stomping grounds and get a warm greeting. I'll tell you. I gotta say that guy missed the place gotta tell you. So you never let go I I've have been able to go. Part of the part of a sounding board for a lot of people to call and just a little bit. Because. Because they're used to. We used to talk and to the about things and so Gina keeps going. I really don't. You can't just walk away from from. But you've been doing for thirty five years. No. Still doing some things behind the scenes here with some groups and stuff so still feel part of it. And every time I look down. You know, I see people that are that I worked with and that our friends, and and and Yoenis Craig this came up. I said your smile, and he says nothing else we can do you got to just get through it. And that's you know, that's the toughness the togetherness the of the horsemen than general. Let's get through it gives us a little direction. We'll we'll pull through it has also feel and it's funny even from far away Johnny Santa's Johnny de as has voiced to me, you know, how just helpless you gotta feel given the uncertainty, and you know, in knowing that that there's potentially forces in work that that have the most. The most frightening potential consequences. And I it's hard to believe that that you know, those that. Or on the bridge of the ship. Didn't under stone understand that to some degree. So I won't I won't. I won't ask you for a for a comment on that topic. Yeah. I'm not gonna I I've tried here for months to to not put you in in in any awkward awkward position. We mentioned Mark lots going to join us and glad with to stake wins on Saturday and Mark Mark lost a horse. But one of the. I'm going to ask him about his thoughts, as you know, as part of the discussion. But I was delighted for him to you know, to get a a great stake win. And and also the also restricted win. Mark is did end racing. Whole life is is family Ron trained, and and so he's been here. And he's one of the steady guys. He he's not flashy. But he he's got he's got a lot more good horses than he had before. He runs them where they belong wins a lot of races. And it's always nice to see a guy like Mark. You know, come through is one of the I I'm gonna say from one of the Washington guys that that started up in Washington a lot a lot of horsemen. Oh, yeah. The -fornia came from Washington. Let's remember I mean, I I'm getting to John White territory. So. Fill fill free to correct me but years and years ago, and I mean, I mean think about Washington they had they had. Attrac- Jaka Jaka meadow said play fair airplay in Spokane in long acre. So it it was its own circuit breeding program that there was great. And boy the times that that Washington bread would make its way down here to California. And you it would. I mean, you'd circle it on the form and go this one must be good ones. So that's why a lot of horsemen for first and second generation horse have come from come from the the great northwest and made the way down here. So even even even allow the writers road up there and came down here. Speaking of speaking of the north west, I I had the right there you go. Absolutely and blade continues. If you hadn't seen updates right continues to prepare another twist of fate at someone and he's said, he's very somebody. He was I guess he was in the car, and he heard the the the dead version of down in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with the Mexican girl. But anyway, he's he's down there silent. And what a what a good move that was he staying there. He we're talking about the horse. Another twist of fate that ran second in the Sunland derby, and you know, not not second. But but a very very good second. I forget closing a race heading in to to the derby. Where you want your horse to be running at the end little bit more than you want to running at the beginning. He he looked good. But he's decided to stay at Sunlen. And he's he's waiting the weekend results. He is he's points, points wise. I've got. Adhere to look at you. I got them all over the place you pull that up. Ed. But anyway, another twist of fate. He got some points. But he's he's awake thirties sitting in a thirty. He's never sixteen right now. And of course, take the top twenty and I'm looking at the at the list of the top twenty and I'll tell you of the twenty I C seventeen maybe that right now for your Ryan that are gonna run many, many types you see twenty and ago, you can throw out about six of those. But the top twenty five think of the top the list that I got at the top fifty or so fourteen or running this weekend. And then of course, there's next weekend as well. But anyway, he decided to stay in Sunland and kind of check out the results which horses win if the horses that's currently have points when and move up then he he won't run. But if he has to make quick dash to Kentucky to either run in the bluegrass or the lack the Lexington or the or the scurvy the Arkansas derby giving you right side gerbil. The lexington's while position he's halfway there. So he didn't didn't ship all back to San Francisco and then after make another long trip. So he's waiting in the wings. And you know, what a horse like that. I I'm very excited to see it in the field. And I I just silence thickly and the way he was finishing and everything about it is appealing and the. The fact that he stayed because we talked to him when the whole herpes scare came up. And of course, he lost a Philly at Golden Gate. It was one of his, but he's got three Barnes and the and and another twist of fate was never even exposed to that Philly. But I said to him you should just head for Churchill, and he said, I want to wait. And we because then if you have to go to Arkansas, perhaps or like, you say, but at the other part of this is I think it's advantages that that he's staying there at keeping another twist to fate galloping on dirt as opposed to going back to Golden Gate and then working on the Topeka. And I know that people did this Keeneland during that period when Keeneland had synthetic working at Keeneland in running Churchill, and all that I think that Nyquist win under that scenario or had already into Florida right in the Florida derby, but then but then he. Trade O'neil trained both of the both of his winters at at Keeneland. And I think one was still doing right one was lesson. That was I wanted if you if you train you could run good either couldn't train on dirt run. Exactly there was some exactly those lines. But. Fate is a treat me right from right from the get-go. So we'll watch there. I did want to include since the Pacific northwest came up. I want let me get a couple of the news stories little pieces and wrap-ups from the weekend to that the Portland meadows news that Portland meadows will not have another season. And that that obviously saddened plenty of people to lose to lose a location city like Portland, it's pretty tough to seventy year history. And and one thing that came out of this Portland battles was the first racetrack offer night racing apparently in the country. That's what they say. And and that sort of stunned some people no-one's jumped into say. That's not true. Somebody's go that took a shot on the way out you can claim anything you want. There will be still race it. They'll be some racing in Oregon, and in fact grants pass at the county at the fairgrounds actually grants pass. They're gonna apparently they're gonna upgrade the facility grants pass will pick up the dates and they got their licensed. They'll they'll add some fall dates they're they're still working out those details. So I it's not as if there won't be racing. At all in Oregon, but there's a sadness that this. And of course, this a. Family of tracks some of the horses that that maybe didn't make it at Golden Gate, and and long acres. There were emerald would trickle down there. But it was it was a racetrack is like you say one of those tracks that was a lot of people's first track. Maybe that and see that's the people keep saying oh attraction and brought this up about the minor leagues. You you. It doesn't. It doesn't matter. When people I come to a racetrack. If it's if it's a place like, you know, like a Fairmont or Suffolk or a a Portland meadows. It doesn't matter because when they first sea horses and racing they they they're not going to be able to tell the difference between derby and oaks horse. And and, you know, a just a nice claiming rice, I it. It's it's exciting. You know, when you're introduced to it at whatever level, but if you don't have an entree vehicle, you're. You're hurting your your long term ability to develop players horse players. And that's what that's you know, your your number one. And most important raison veteran that is why to California fares have been a very important cog in the California wheel of of racing here for years and years and years and why it's still we still need them. I couldn't figure out why you know, they always got the winner dates when I was working up in working up in northern California, and we had to stop Golden Gate fields and in late June. So he could go to Pleasanton, Vallejo, and all that go around to these places, and you you see them hooked up to the fair, and, you know, families wander in with their kids, and they and that can guarantee in California. This is that some of the some of the first places anybody saw horse race was at these fairs and such important we keep tracks like that around and and marks here. And I bet he knows may or may not know a little bit about. Metaph it. We were just talking about about racing in the great northwest. And I think that's where you're from Connor you and your family, right? You've raised up there. You get that northeast kinda Dell. We just handed him some contraption. He's got to put on his on his head here. But anyway, Mark Sharon, just tell them we were talking about him. And then we had for some reason we went from from you to racing in the north plain, right and some of the people, but aren't you aren't you Ridgely from Washington? I grew up in Seattle area. And my dad was a trainer long acres and grew up with racing along acres. So I'm very familiar with the northwest. It's may just talked about the Portland meadows story. But the most exciting part of having you here what a even under the circumstances that that transpired you win a great at stake and the restricted stake. It's it's one of the one of the nice days in recent memory. I was very good day. However was very bitter sweet, given given the circumstances and the impact that you know, looking to have on our industry. Maybe we'll get that clear that deck I and the market alone. The the tail end of of the string of of. Of injuries and fatalities. You had charm, John that that went wrong, and what, you know, your thoughts as as you watched you knew and everybody was was doing what you normally do to to try to make sure that the horse you're sending out for anything for morning work or for drill or or for a race. Is you know, is is sound and and is safe to go out there. I mean talk about your your feelings of what has transpired. Well, I think it's just a very unusual set of circumstances. And I don't know that anyone has an answer. I I don't believe that. There's anything wrong with the racing surface there, perhaps due to weather been days where the track was not the best. But you know, I can speak for myself. We care and look after these horses better than probably ourselves and most trainers will probab-. Ably tell you the fame thing, and you know, in in Tommy John's case, he was a very sound young. You know, young starting horse that head only raced once but he had raised on a sealed race track in his only start about that and appeared Finau the race. And you know, that was his first work back and unfortunately, EFF wait injury. And we couldn't save them. But. You know, he. There's something to say about the seal tracks, and you know, we've been racing on them for as long as I can remember. But I think there's something that happens to these horses that they don't even know. So certainly, we don't know they don't talk these horses. We we judge these horses based based upon their body language and their attitudes, and such and he gave no indication that. There was anything wrong with them. But I think there probably was something that took place when he ran on that sealed race track and. You know, when he worked back just he couldn't overcome it explained as a horseman. How you what you see? And what you watch for and might note when there is a hint that that something's amiss. Well, certainly any kind of lameness issue. You know, those are these e ones, you know, you, you know, if they present how how do you when when you take one out of the stall, and and they're going to walk the walk them to to go out for a jog. What do you see that that that presents lameness? Well, we jog him down the jogging down the road on the end of shank. And you know, there's a slight head Bob either. The right side are or left side sometimes them behind. But when you see that, and, you know, then you, you know, you you you have to go through some diagnostics in order to determine exactly what it is. Now, sometimes it's real easy to attack. Because there's heat, there's inflammation, you know. And other times you can't put your finger on it. And you know, you either maybe blocked that horse out to to to put it to get it to an area where you can maybe take some xrays, and sometimes you have to go as far as a nuclear bone scan in order to see what's lighting up. So like, I said, they don't talk, but they do in some respects where you know. Like, I said their body language, their attitude will tell you, you know, hey, something's not right here. And most of the time we pick up on that. But they don't always let on. And that's that's the unique. You know? That's the unique challenge that every doctor all day regularly. And I think back to the New York scenario all accomplished oarsman, and that's one of the frustrations here about the way the industry in and the way horsemen are being are being vilified, which is completely unfair. Because the have a bunch of people that have no real understanding of the anatomy of wars, and the inner workings of of the care and maintenance of a racehorse to be trying to pretend that they know better is just I the mind boggling to me, I it's very frustrating. And and you're right. We are being. Vilified in in the media, and such and, you know, a lot of lot of been fed about medication and all of those things, but you know, you gotta understand our game. A lot more than what I think the general public does before you should pass any judgment. You know, I sleep these horses and it's twenty four seven, basically. And you know, when there's a problem, you know, you have to address it in you have to, you know, do do the best you can. And and I think most trainers do the same these horses. Are thoroughly checked out by the state veterinarian on the day they race. And you know, so there's a lot of protocols in place. There's a lot of checks and balances in place to prevent these. These these terrible breakdowns, and unfortunately, we've just gone through a very unusual. Satisfy stances. Is that really obviously, nobody has any great answers for. Let's go back in one of the things that Mark did brought up and Marsh racing in number states, California. I'm eight as far as testing goes, let's fits the best. In the country. We will. Give out the stalls go through the list. And I mean, we try to not let the guys in and say, oh, by the way, you know, take this out we would screen horses before they even got here. Just sources that may be off six eight months or six seven years old, and it just didn't even want to deal with it. But once you get here when entries are out you get a list of some horses that have been off they'll go by check him few times. And and I mean we test every day here. Don't we do the TC oh to test every day? We I mean the testing here is unbelievable. So those that think it's wild west here. It's not and it hasn't been for years, and the guys that are here are, you know, are here for reason because they're they're the top of their game. Let me ask the because you're the first the trainer that we've sat with really in in the aftermath here. I mean, I've been having conversations with on air with with Jim Cassidy, but that's more of an overview Mark it terms of. Not willingness because Norseman are always willing to Chuck Simon address this yesterday force Monroe, always willing to just give us give us the criteria and will will manage for you. It's about any any changes this whip scenario the if you're going to have to race babies the year after next without Lasix, some of the non steroidal. Rule changes talk about how you would adjust and your willingness is obvious. But you know, what what your reaction to those areas that are are being addressed publicly. Well, you know, I think a lot of these changes that we're seeing that may or may not go and implementation are kind of knee jerk reaction, agreed and. You know, you know, the medication thing the one thing I have a real big problem with the use of Lasix. And every everything that I read is is if suggests that it's race day medication and perhaps as an industry we have not educated the public well enough on what race day medication is. And Lasix is a is a very good drug that prevents a lot of problems for horses. And. Unfortunately, I don't know if the general public can decipher between lay six, and what it does versus you know, for all they may be thinking when they look at race day medication. We're running these horses on some kind of heroin, for example. You know, they can't seem to decipher between. You know, what these what we're treating these horses with? And so personally, I think the ban of Lasix would be wrong for the end ustry. You know, we're we're compared a lot of times to racing overseas. Well. You know, they don't run races. Like we do. You know, we go twenty one and change here in California in in in throughout the rest of the United States. They don't run fast first quart or on dirt or under. And you know, so I think our racing would have to completely change. And and I don't forsee that happening. And and you know, also we have to look at the environment that are horses are ends. That's pineau. We're in a major metro metropolitan city here, you know, the air is a lot different. And you know, the circumstances are just completely different than what they are overseas. And look at all the horses that we import from overseas. There's a reason why they're coming here. Probably because they're bleeding, and they know they can come. Over here and run and run on Lasix. So personally, like I said, I think it would be a mistake. I think we just need to do a better job of educating the public what six is what it does. And why horses have to have it? And we didn't we didn't know that this debate was going to be delivered upon us via this scenario. But. One of the issues is that the product has been vilified by a segment of the industry that that has contributed to the negative impression. Frankly of of the horsemen, which is to me absolutely inexcusable the way in which particularly the jockey club has this this ongoing campaign to to somehow turn Lasix into a boogeyman. When in fact, it it's it's allowing as you say, a vast majority of horses not having to deal with e I p h and I just I think we could see where this is probably headed, but it the ramifications again unintended consequences. We'll see. But I mean course, mental adjust whatever whatever it is the worst deal with it. Sure. We will. I mean, you always have to adjust to the rules, and whatever they they do end up putting in place down the road. I think you know, they will adjust. And I think it'll be, but I I don't want to say that, you know, I have to be a nationwide change, you know, for California just to ban late six that would, you know, you're already you would you would essentially end racing in my opinion, you know. So if it became a nationwide situation where there was a ban late six on such and such date throughout the country will then horses can't leave, and you know, I wanna protect California racing. And I don't know that that's a wise thing, you know, we've been told well if we do here in California the rest of the country's gonna follow suit. Well, when I see it I'll believe it because I don't necessarily believe that's what's going to happen. But you know. Everybody can do better, you know, within our industry. I mean, we look at some of the things that that are taking place. You know, these two year old training sales horses are being asked to work faster. They'll never work as fast as they do on those days. Absolutely. You know, what would be wrong with with horses working down their head and had company going twelve and change. That's used to be right. I just wanna see how horse move. I don't need to see if they can go nine and four ten flat. What's that mean down the road? It means means nothing and the results show that how many horses don't turn out after, you know, their purchase for big amount of money now speed cells, but I think starting with the young horses, you know, mentally, and physically, you know, I I don't think that's a good approach. And I think if we start at that level, perhaps, you know, that would would change. Things down the road for these sources so many of our horses. Now, come from two year old and training sales. You know, let's start there. We've discussed this so many times just came. Yeah. I was at I was at Ocala and then. It just came through the Gulfstream sale last week. And the that went nine and four ten flat. They they brought the biggest return and yet here we were a week ago, by my standards wins the Louisiana derby, the horse that went ten three. And and I thought everybody wants a aroud horse they want they want a derby horse. They want the classic orces. So why would you why would you think you're you need a nine and four to get a classic horse. I it just doesn't make any sense in my opinion fame horses, the cell for the big money are going to sell whether they, you know, whether they work nine for whether they worked twelve flat, and there's such a difference than and asking horse. You know that three seconds or two of unbelievable. You you talked. You talked about the head and head and that that's thing that before the current advent of of the breach show, that's what they used to do the horses, which basically Gallup shoulder to shoulder they'd be paired off to and let them let them basically kind of Spar down the lane. That was what the breeze show was. And then it it changed into this. You know into this parade of hoop in and and you know, whooping stick in and making them go as fast as they could. Yeah. I mean, it it it just doesn't make a whole lot of to me. And when you watch you know, when that's the goal. I'll be the first to say it's hard to tell the difference between horses. They all start looking same to you. And I just don't feel like it's healthy for the young horse. And in wish that we could change, you know, we need to make some changes than that's one that I'd like to see have happened down the road. I want to ask you to go back to Saturday for a minute to Mark glad is with us who took down to the stakes this past weekend. And they're the talk that the hill course, may not be used. I mean after the incident with arms runner, there's the suggestion. And there hasn't been anything official recommend you have you heard anything else on this topic about the course, I haven't seen anything official. I've heard that they maybe gotta take take a step back and not just check things out again. But I've heard. That. But nothing nothing on the wire ego hurt anything Mark about that. Basically the same that it's been suggested that that they suspend the racing downhill. What's your? I think it's another knee re knee-jerk reaction. You know, I don't wanna make light of any any horse that gets hurt. But you know, once again, it's a kneejerk reaction. And I don't I I was in the race. I won the race. I saw what happened. And and I don't think it had anything to do with the hill site courses self. Fortunately, you know, the horse probably took a bad step. I don't know vastly circumstances. But you know, how many races Rick have we ran over the years down the hill. And and you know, I mean, it's a safe is is is running on the dirt or on the main oval on the turf course, it it just seems like another knee-jerk reaction because of what happened to be fair though. And interject just just in terms of the statistic it up since we started with equine injury database the hill does have a higher incident. Right. It just it just does. It's it's not it's not three times the main track or or the course I not that. I questioned the stats, but I can't remember spill on the hill. And in long long time. I mean that it's one of the reasons where we whenever there's any type of rain, you always take them off sprinkle nickel even mess with it. But when it's when it's when it's sunny out, and and detracts fasten the turfs firm. I mean, it's you know, it's been as as. As safest Kabieh. I couldn't agree more. And I it's funny, you know, for years as a handicapper player at the hill. Course scared me, I I never understood it until he taught me how to play it. And then it became one of my favorite things in in in the whole sport and allowed that that, you know, slow they decided that there wasn't gonna meaning more hillside course racing. What do you do with that group of horses, and in if you said all of a sudden, okay? Well, we're going to run them five eighths because they're at least not coming over and are not making the crossover in my opinion. The five eights races to sharp to sharpen more dangerous than what the hillside courses. And wreck as a as a as a racing office manager. What would what would the recourse? Well. The only reason we put this in quietly couple years ago year and a half ago whenever it was when the the breeders came up came up with a new race was at the two year old juvenile Turkey, juvenile tear sprint. They wanted five furlongs and knowing ahead of time that the rate the Breeders Cup was going to be here in time. We put it in. I think at the start of I've to go back, and look I think at the start of last. Yeah. Winter with the idea, my idea was not to run it until later in you know, May June because the thought was you don't want to a have the Geico across it's different locations right on the turn. It's a key point where the horses come out of the clubhouse turn in straight away into the backstretch where the gate is one of the five eighth. I'm talking about. So you know by having that goal for six months, probably. Would be a bad spot. So my idea was thought thought was to run a few of them towards the end to the the end of the pig meat here where wouldn't affect long-term and then sparingly during the the foam eat to get some races into it. And then but run for the Breeders Cup for the Breeders Cup. Two year old spread right? Not they were still gonna they still gonna use the down the hill or. Admits of trying to fight for that. Yes. Because. That's people people come here to watch worsens run down that hill, and you hear about that from all over the all over the country. And when people come here cross to to to sit here for the Breeders Cup. They wanna see that. I mean, look at that beautiful layout up there. It's just it's incredible. So the thought was not to take courses take razors away necessarily from that. But it was put there to run a few races. You know, oddball races for that. That might go take in my del. Mar mean, obviously, they don't have the hillside turf course, so they have the was five and a half or five eight five eight Saint thing here the starting gates back there, and they they they run them, you know, casually now it's a little bit better. I remember when we started down there years ago before they'd wind in the turf course, they are at a point where at some point we only running seven horses because where the rail was I think the important thing about and you alluded to Rick. They're only running a seven week seven week me. In the summer, and I'm in a four five week me in the fall. And you know, the damage that that the five eighths races seem to do to the turf course, we we have a six seven month meet here at Santa Anita. They have to preserve. This course as best as possible for a long me. And and so, you know, it's easier for del martyr on five eighth on the turf because they don't have to get the longevity out of their turf course, like we do here. Let me. Bring this back to. Racing topic. And. We seem to be the plant is to run tomorrow and Friday and through the weekend. And you've got you've got some Morse's that in fact, you've you've got. Full arsenal. Coming in the next couple of days. Yeah. Yeah. We we're kind of loaded right now because we haven't been racing. Exactly. So we've got you know, several horses, and and you know, we're just hoping we can pick up pick up where we left off last Sunday. And also importantly, let's keep everybody safe the horses safe, and and get through you know, the week. Hopefully without any more problems got ask you about sharp samurai. And when we're gonna see him he's getting close. He's actually working this morning at nine o'clock. Oh, cool, and you know, little bit little bit undecided on you know, when he will start again. But it it is some time coming up here relatively soon. He's doing terrific, and you know, he had a throat infection that kept him from running in the previous Cup last fall. And it was a son of a gun at this. It took us forever to. To get it. Just right. We finally got it. Just right. And then we've we dealt with a lot of rain this winter, of course. And and so I had to kind of be careful with, you know, days that I would work on such because of the track tracks on on the rainy days, and, but he's been on a pretty steady schedule here for the last month or so and like I said, hopefully, late spring early summer he'll be back in action, and and be well rested going into into this year's campaign, and hopefully he'll get us to the Breeders Cup here in the fall. Well, and with the Breeders Cup being here and the mile, and of course, what city a hole on the city of hope. And and what else did he win? The there was something else. He one well last year he on the city of hope than the previous year when he was a three year old he rattled off three or four stakes. He, you know, he he derby on the del mar derby, he won the LA Hoya won the twilight derby here. In the fall after those races. And and so he's a very good horse. He's a Breeders Cup horse. We just got to keep them healthy. And and hopefully will get us there. And I mean, obviously, the the Breeders Cup mile the year end goal and. He's gelding. It's not as if there's no Russia. You basically can be very judicious terrorist placing. Yes, he's he's just a five year old. I think he's got plenty of racing ahead of them. And you know, there's no reason to think that I think give him proper management that he couldn't run, you know, lease through a six, maybe even a seven year old year. The biggest question though, about about the samurai. What are you going to do without Stevens your man? Yeah. Well, we we we certainly will be looking for for Ryder. And there's there's a lot of good guys out there. So I don't think we'll have that have a problem getting a writer for him. Well, in fact, you were. Sharp samurai even even on the bench right now. He was complemented by Ohio in the Kilroy last week. It's a good time to have it turf towards I mean, nicer force out here in California. I mean, that's remember Haya was claimed for forty fifty a year ago. Wasn't he? Yeah. And there's no we haven't had a star in a couple of years. So it's a good time to to get time to be healthy on the grass out here. That's for sure. Yeah. We wanna talk to Michael McCarthy too. Because it just so happened at Gulfstream on Saturday was standing by Aaron Wellman as he was on the phone listening and have you that this big wide eyed? Look, we just we just wanted to kill kill row. It's another great example of everybody has a chance in this game. You know, you mentioned the, you know, the horse was claimed and and proceeded to become a stakes are so no matter what you know, you maybe your investment is in this in this game. You know, everybody has a chance to get a good horse and in. That's great to see. That's what you that's what you wait for. And you know, you got to ask you about that mayton the first time starter tomorrow in the first race. I know they gonna forget the name. Maiden first time starter I in show. Yes. He's he's. Well, I think he's a grass horse and the racist Gadul for down the hill down. So you're uncertain as to what they're gonna do. Yeah. You know? So we'll have to see officially here. What you know what what does take place with the turf course or the downhill races and my inclination without having spoken spoken to the owner. We won't worry about it till we have to. But if the rates does come off the hillside course, you know, I'm not even certain he'll run, but we'll see y'all. So you've got a bayton he got a maiden claimer in as well. That's talking the Red Eye. Couple of got a couple Lou. Lou in hot on the trail that in that featured or the nightcap. Well, unfortunately, the hot on the trail and in moonshine sides down the hill, right? Also down. So you got to wait and see what they're gonna do. Now, moonshine Annie's. Never raced on dirt. And probably don't have a strong feeling that she'll run well on dirt, you know, hot on the trail has ran okay on dirt broken her maiden on the dirt. But I think she's a turf horse. So just a lot of things up in the air for tomorrow's race Aleve oil, and then miss Ricky shea on Friday that that's come very close. I mean is nice. There's nothing wrong with Cascio budget checks. But you get to a point, you know, after five starts where you want it. All right. Let's get. Let's get that diploma ready. Yes. She's she's a nice Philly. She's you know, she's unfortunately been a little bit injury prone, but the owners of been real good about giving her the time when she's needed it. She's affiliate got beat a half a length one day at del mar to Marley's freedom, you know, so, you know, the the talent is there, and you know, her race. Is downhill out Friday. So, but she's been she's been, you know, she's done very well on the dirt. So my guess is that she would run if it if it happens to come off to hillside course, that that, you know, that's the expectation. Unbelievably difficult to have to have to adjust to everything that's gone on. And then. Have to adjust more it. The the strain. You mentioned the owners. How much what of the owners said to you about about how they handle this and and what options of bit available? Well, you know, it's been a little next year for the most part, the owners have been very supportive. I have lost probably ten ten to fifteen percent of my barn. You know to horses going to other jurisdictions once this whole process started in and particularly when we went from the March twenty second starting back date to it being delayed another week lamps and people got frustrated and move their horses back east, which is understandable. It's very expensive to maintain these horses. And you know, the. You know, horses are are owners just because we start back on we started back on March twenty ninth. Well, that doesn't your your race still for specific course might not be until two or three works past that. So it it it becomes very frustrating. And you know, when these horses are ready to run you gotta run them. Instead of continuing the train train train in the mornings. And and and unfortunately, I think we have lost quite a few horses out of southern California. But the most homeowners have been patient to this point. I don't know that that the attitude will be there if if we see any further delays, I think a lot of people are getting to their wit's end with the whole situation. But as Mark said, I think as a group out here, which we've talked about it, Dave really do. Stand fast here for California. Sure you've seen some guys take some. Stay courses around, and which is understandable. We didn't raise for almost a mind and sometimes those horses. Ready gotta go. But as a whole, I mean, it could have been a lot worse the accidents. I mean at tennis point, don't you think Mark? I mean, I think it's been pretty pretty faithful they have. But look at our background here. This is the beautiful place to come and watch watch your horses run. And you know, who wants to watch the horses on a TV screen. I know some people they don't mind, but you know, they're they own horses to to enjoy it and you come out and eat on a Saturday afternoon sunshine at the mountains, look at and you watch horses Rodman people don't want to lose that. And not to mention families. You know, Rick you can identify too because an opportunity several years ago. Nyra was was courting you and one of the difficulties was up rooting wife and family as well at bus your aging parents being here, it's nobody wants to have their life up rooted. No. And and and and it it reaction is and that was many many years ago with the naira Dylan. I had some offers here, you know, soon after I got I got can't here to to go other places, and and decided to take a little breather and not when you were younger, of course, you know, you pack, everything in back of your car, and you move to the next track or you do what you gotta do to keep going. But today today's day and age, it's not that simple. And it's very easy as a reaction to say, I'm moving I'm moving, and we've all said it for various reasons through lies. But actually think what that means when you have children, and you mentioned aging parents and just family in general. And and you know, what what what you what it takes to pack. Yup. And move. And when you when you move on east coast from, you know, New Jersey to Maryland, it's a little move when you're moving you think you're moving from California somewhere, you're moving two thousand miles minimum. And yet it's not only little move is change of lifestyle. So for someone to pick up actually move. It's a big deal. But the thoughts are circulating like probably they've never before been. I mean, I guarantee there's a few people that have been on realtor dot com. Check and things out in in case in case, the the the need arises. But you know, let's hope that this this last delay was the last one, and we can, you know, work through the weekend, and and and carry on and get through the end of the meat because nothing calms the situation better than doing what we do doing. What these guys do is race? You're I mean, personally, you know, my wife, and I we just bought a new house close to here back in July. My fun. My one son is junior in high school going to be a senior next year. My other son's a soft more and my daughter's in eighth grade, and maybe not so much for her. But to think that I may have to uproot my son going into a senior year and move somewhere else. You know, is is is just a terrible terrible terrible thing think about and so hopefully, we can get things worked out and get through all of us. Certainly hope so and I do want to I do want to read from our friend back in Saratoga, and to John John linking to last night's piece that Steve Anderson put on on D R F live and as part of that meeting. Rick next next Thursday. Chuck winter saying that they are going to suspend racing from the hill. And and I mean in quote, unquote, investigate I it. I you know, what what can you? What can you say? I mean, I think everybody everybody has a feel for for what transpired it. It. I think Mark it would seem that just basically gonna do anything in reaction to lower the chances of any further mishap, I suppose or you really decrease in the chances of myth happ that that's the question. That's why I think it's a knee jerk reaction. I, you know, I don't think that these horses are if these races are transferred to the dirt. There isn't any there isn't who said that makes us safer. What are they going to invest the forces that that are running on a surface that is foreign to them or that they already had a proven dislike for? Yeah. I mean, I I think we should just put a head down heads down. Everybody trying to a better job. And and my guess is that they could run these races. And and it'll be sometime before we see anything happen in particular down the. Ticor? Mark. I I just admire the approach and and the. Yeah. The reaction to everything that is transpiring and glad that could. Today Sunday that. You work you work so hard to to have a day like that went to stakes including graded, and you really tart for anybody to really enjoy it. And that that's not fair to anybody. At. It was it was a very unpleasant feeling one. It should have been one of the best days of my career. I had a horse runs. Second in the other states. Right. That's right. You know in another horse around third so rarely do trainers have a day like that. And and unfortunately, you know, we just weren't able to enjoy it likely wanted to but. Hopefully, bigger and better things are head all of us. And we wish the best you mentioned the runner up finish that was at. He has go who is is very very popular. There's more there's more horses named after between between Nick Alexander. The baseball sports stars read with the hockey stars and others with with names like Eddie Haskell and and Kelly leak with with which was one of my favorites. There's more of them out here than than anywhere. And you mentioned the third running with a devil with the ACS. Monosso was third. Yeah. Yeah. The half go. He's he's got quite a following because of his name always a pretty cool horses. He's not really taken on of namesake. He's not much of a wise guy. He he does everything pretty pretty straightforward about everything. And and just a real neat horse to be around. Cal Brad to one of these square Eddie's that you know, there was a real question as the weather square. Eddie was going to go on with. Stud career, and he gets he's he's kind of a little bit of a with Mr. big, it feels like what of these unusual heat types that that seems to that seems to just get nice useful horses. He I mean, he's been very successful. In my opinion. I wish I could get my hands on more of them than than I've been able to. But you don't see too many of them in the fails. And and you know, every now, and then there's one that pops up the that's worth claiming I claimed Eddie Haskell. And so, you know, but he's he's done terrific. They like the graphs. They seem to be fairly versatile. They'll run on the third and they seem to run fairly early as as two year olds a lot of them. So I think he's a pretty handy horse. Mrs cleaver. How are you today? Mrs cleaver and that was in Mayfield. I don't listen ever state and leave it to favor Mayfield. But I don't Eastone California makes sets Mark thanks very very much. Thank you for having me. And and pre she ate everything that you're doing the triumph. You know, make things better doing just want people to understand what's happening and Backley got understand what's going on here and hell trainers, most trainers, really take the approach taken care of the animal, and you know, hopefully, we can get through this exactly where a little bit past the halfway point on this Wednesday. And we'll take a break here. Only taken. Take breaks today. So let's take a time out. We'll come back and Rick ham really here just off with Mark Glatt. And now the sun in full swing here. At Santa Anita back after this. At the races with Steve Vic on Sirius XM radio. Tickets to the Belmont Stakes racing festival or on sale now New York's premier three day racing festival. 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FACEBOOK LIVE: The Breonna Taylor Case w/ Retired SWAT OFC. Marc Neal

Capt. Hunter's Podcast

1:17:55 hr | 1 year ago

FACEBOOK LIVE: The Breonna Taylor Case w/ Retired SWAT OFC. Marc Neal

"Yes, we're live now, so yeah, that's that's that's crazy. Actually have a training that's coming up. there's this lady I follow and she's going to do some training. Actually what? No? She did it on teeth already. She's GonNa. Look into some right wing groups some so so I'm looking forward to to that but I did not hear about this. Thing! It's on, you know. It's not it's not anything real it's. Making. Stuff up. Okay okay, but it's just amazing what they come up with. Right Listen, it's always it's always something. It's always something we. We are not a good way as far as the social dynamics in this country which is. which is really really bad, really bad inside so? Yeah. So Chris Casey's chiming in already. Thanks so much. A cab hope you're well doing well Chris, thanks. Here the new. Swat is the social worker Mr. Ed Probably. We're doing everything else right, so we're doing everything else. So, so yeah, so We got a couple of people. All Review went, so thank you so much. so today we have my special guest. Marc Neil retired officer from Colorado. He's going to tell us about himself. He I follow him on. Instagram he. Has Some. Great posts that are that are going on. Go of INSTAGRAM. onyx l.. onyx training so on it. Yeah, honestly evening on. Yes so mixed. You guys go over there and follow him and he's got some good videos in sure he's going to tell us about the training that he does and I'm GonNa. Give it to you. Mark Neil thanks coming on. I appreciate it very much. Yeah, it's you know I'm just trying to do my thing I. I retired out, of Fort Fort Collins Colorado so I was up there for twenty years and my big thing I do tactical training. Right so but I also do through my company on. I do diversity, and like antibiotic Policing Strategy Training. I've been doing that for twenty years I did when I was with four collins as well but yeah, it's you know I'm. Like you, you know I i. look at your stuff and read your stuff in it's. Just trying to. Kind of reconnect the community with law enforcement, right reminding law enforcement that. Hey, we're members of the community first and foremost. And our job is just to be police officers and keep the peace for people and protect. And you know it's it's. Kind of as we as we talk about it, all kind of. Delve more into it, but it's. It's a tough thing nowadays, because we just such a separation that I see I train all over the. And last year I was able to start training internationally. And so I've been around the country for about the last fifteen years. And it's seeing a trend. Of this separation between police and the community at large right. As trying to figure out how to you get back together. With The training that I do I. Do like a tactical training. Manage to change. You know barricade ops. Wants Austin you all that kind of stuff You know active shooter. Courses. So, I definitely believe in aggressive tactics when necessary, but I'm also very much. You know my company. My be my motto is. It's human centered. took. Always keeping in mind that. You're dealing with human beings. Situation as human beings. and. We got to have these principles in these concepts. That help drive our tactics because to me. It's like you have really good tactics, which you have no principles, no concept, no foundation. It's like having a Ferrari with no steering wheel. And you got you got this horse. Art is magnificent car. That can do whatever you want to, but you got no way to control it. In the way to direct it, and so it's trying might training is all based on using those principles and concepts to drive our tactics, so they were making good decisions. So. Tell us about your career there in law enforcement I mean what what drew you to to the to the tactical side. What. To begin with I, got into policing, because I don't like bullies. Bullies. And so I've always been a person that. Hey, if if there's somebody picking on you Larry, now. And, we'll get them to stop. And so getting into police. policing. It was Kinda. You always want to be on Soi I wanted to do you know watching all the shows I watch original Swat on TV. Backwards now. You know once I got into it understanding. Really how important it is! And how critical! Advanced tactics are for civilian policing right how to be able to of control the chaos of a situation. And you know achieve resolution. That is the best for everybody involved right? It's it's. How can you do that and so getting that extra training, and that extra knowledge the extra equipment? And having those resources to be able to solve those problems that you know it's like you know like you say when people are in trouble, they call the police right when police are in trouble, they call Swat. Swat doesn't have anybody to call. You got to be able to solve the problems. And so it's just it's been able to do that. That really drew me to it and you know when I. At first I thought it was kick the door and run in, but then when you start to understand the concepts and the principles. You realize that there's so much more to that. So you talked about before about this. We got this divide going on. And so I WANNA. Ask You two questions here. How did we get here in this country and talked about how you go over to? You said you go to different countries. And do that same level of divide. In other countries. So how did we get here? How did we get here? How did we get here to this big divided? We got I think we have to try. We had to work hard at it. We arm. We did a good job. Good job? Whatever we do be a good job. You know. People can say all kinds of things about it, but what I've seen over time is that it's kind of a cycle right if you see that, we've kind of gotten away from what we called community policing. I still see it being thrown out there by agency saying hey, we do community policing. But, they really don't you know it's being practiced by individual officers at agencies, but organizationally re talk about community policing, but we don't do it because. To me when we? When I got in I got into ninety two started policing in ninety two and. You know it was just starting to come back around, right? You know. Cause us to have the beat cop who walked everywhere. It dries, and so they spent their day in like four or five block area, just getting to know people. And, so they became the people they dealt with. They saw him as people didn't see him as a call, it didn't see him as a response a problem to solve they dishonest people. who had problems occasionally right? And so I think that once we started to get cars and we started doing so we started separate in the nineties. We started getting back into community. Policing like I know I worked as community officer. A wrote a bicycle. I skateboarded a did whatever to just try to connect with the community. And then s stuff kind of all oh. Yeah, we can't do that. We got into the data driven policing right. We got to quantify our our our existence. Right, it's not enough that you're just an officer. There is a what are you doing? How many tickets? How many this? How much I mean you know you? You're a supervisor administrator, so you understood. What you had to try to right you got to answer to. The people are saying well. Show me what you've been doing. And am I, thing is. When you look at community policing, it's oftentimes the crime that. Doesn't get committed right. As community officer. It's a crime that you can't quantify crime. That doesn't get committed. Because? You made friends with people because you help them understand how to make their house a little less appetizing for burglars or whatever you can't quantify that. And I think that once we start once we got went back to this data driven policing and police officers started. You know I got a hammer. These calls and I gotta get to these calls, and then their anxiety starts to go up and I'll tell you I think that we've also done a poor job of training people, but as you know, they start to get that separation from the community again. Now they start looking at. US In them. You don't understand what I go through. You don't understand how hard it is to do what I do. And you know once we have that going. It's like a dysfunctional family, right? And the people we don't listen to each other I. Don't want to hear what you gotTa Sounes, did you hear what I say and I? It's you know it's. It's a whole lot of stuff but I'm I'm looking at like. We started to get separation again. And then it's easy to see people as not humans right. It's like going. I teach when I teach hostage rescue right and say if the suspect starts to dehumanize the hostages. You better start working on an intervention. Once you start to see people as less than people, you can abuse them. You can mistreat on. You could hurt them and you don't care. Right think about people who say. Police pigs. Are they calling you big? You know because they want to dehumanize. And I think what we just we've been doing that for so long. And then you mix that with police officers, you mix in a kind of a military mentality as far as advanced tactics goes now a days, even the wording right you start. This went back to Nixon, but he started talking about war on drugs. Right so now you're at war. was only two sides in a war right? There's our side the enemy. And as police officers if you're in a war on drugs, or there's a war on police. What are the other people now? They're the enemy. I mean this words, matter, words, matter, and so how do you start to see things so now? We've create that antagonistic relationship, right? And you look at all the police shirts and stuff that are that are being sold now on. And everything and it's like we're really create that environment. And then we wonder why so successful because again we'll go back to. We're really good at doing stuff, right? The Professionals Absolutely. Say How to Chris. Once again does the mark. Sampson marks row. Karen and Mike we cut the in, so I guess there's a bunch of other people listening to. Markham I cannot see who's here, so you have to kind of say. Hi, if you WanNa, be acknowledged otherwise but I certainly thank you guys for. Joining an even if you don't WanNa be acknowledged. Thanks for coming on a so you and I were talking before when we first hooked up and you said something I really want you to kind of repeat to the to the audience now talked about being a cop versus a police officer. Expound upon that force. First things first. I'm one hundred percent support police. One hundred percent. please. Okay. Don't get a whole account one hundred percent. And so My thing is always. To me the term police officer law enforcement officer. That's that's a term of honor and respect. And it's a term that you have to earn. And so I kind I joked about it but I'm I'm really serious to as I say to meet. COPS is a four letter word. I don't call police officers cops. And you know might might be bad, but if I call somebody a cop. It's. Because I. Don't particularly think they're doing that good of a job at policing. Right and so, but my thing is. I think that police officer, law, enforcement, officer, agent, federal agent, or whatever? That's a term that you earn. Because of what I, believe, the cornerstones of police and you have character. You have integrity and you have accountability. Right and I think that you earned those titles once. You've earned those titles. I think you should be called by that title. Because I look at policing profession. It's not a job. It's not a vocation to profession. You have to be certified. You have to continue to update your certifications your. Continuing Education. And so it's the same as any other profession. You have to use specialize in some things. To me. I I don't. I can lose officers their COP. And you're selling yourself short. You way more valuable than that. So, that's that's me. But I think I think that actually is good. I think it gives people something that they should strive for is to say okay. I'm not this. this slang term but I have this professionalism about me i. think that that's something you can really should keep in mind There's a Michael's detective. Mike was a detective Karen Detective and that's all I can see right now. Marcus is an officer so they. They earned these titles and I think that people are to ought to earn in in have whatever title they had in high high esteem. In means you know it means something that's why. We have these promotional ceremonies, or even. When you get sworn into become an officer, it means something and it had been when it stops meaning something to you to the person intrinsically, and they tarnished badge as ended up. That's when problems start, so I agree with I. Agree with that. I like that and I agree with that. I asked you before. If you elaborate, you've been over the another country's. How is policing much different than they have in a promise that we are here and. I just got the opportunity to go to the UAE last year and teach over there It's one of the safest. Safest countries in the world I mean it's. Their policing great officers, but they really don't have a tactical mindset. It really don't have a survival mindset because they just don't deal with it right and that's some of the things we talk about stuff you know. It's like if you don't experience it. How can you prepare for it right or if it's not part of your world? How are you supposed to Really worry about it right? like we were trying to trying to teach them. Combat Firearms Right? Combat shooting. and. They were saying like. Yeah, we go k three rounds on a target right and they're taking eight seconds nine seconds. Like, what are you doing? Yeah but look at my target. You're dead. You know and get in. We're saying guys. This is why we're teaching you to go fast and be accurate. Quick is because of what we experienced in the United States. Right. And, but they don't experience that. It's very hard for anybody. Other than edited police officers to get guns, so they very rarely come up against guns. you know the way their culture is is that there's so many Procedures that they have to do between in dealing with people have a different sex that they have that it. Just it just goes a different way than than in the US right, so they have a much different view of policing than we do here. And it's kind of the same thing when you go around the country right like I go. I've literally trained. One person agencies like Total Agency as one officer. in a in a class. I've taught and I've taught officers from NYPD. So a thought the entire spectrum of agencies in this country. And it's Kinda the same thing right depending on where you are where you work, you may or may not experience things. Like you work in well case point you workup in. Kenmare North Dakota. Has Two officers. You're not dealing with the same stuff that Houston. Pedia Zealand right. And so it's hard to imagine it's hard to. Get to that level. If you if it's not part of your world, you know what I mean. Yeah I had a conversation one time with a guy from. Australia I forget. facebook. Surprised we were dialogue for so long, but but he couldn't understand you know all the problems that we were taught. That was talking about and that we were going through here because he couldn't identify with it right. They took their guns. I think that you know they outlaw guns there and Australia ninety nine or something like that ninety nine six. Yeah, so you know the become a police officer there You know they just don't deal with it, so they they they're more. Way More community oriented way more thinking about you know. We had a conversation about bringing drunks home and all the other stuff. We talk about things we couldn't get away with. You know but. That's the way they think in. Stand why we haven't on his problems. Well as you mentioned these are the problems that we have to deal with so if you live in store or NYPD or New York City, then you're going to deal with all this type of stuff. so yeah, so I absolutely concede that. Have, gone to talk about well. Actually you had some statistics wanted to give us or something right? Something research whenever whenever you want to. Talk, about, how do you WANNA go okay. Slow. Yeah I have I have a talking problem I enjoy. We'll. Okay our okay, so let's let's get into what everybody tuned in for assuming Brianna Taylor, so you taught a entry teams and all that kind of stuff we went through as we went through your your bio there, so We all know Sub Sean so we all know about what happened. I'm assuming we all know what happened with. The on Air Louisville Kentucky. you know the there's a warrant being executed and it was just. But bungled is not even the right words for their. You know they they. They're looking for somebody who already had in custody on all kinds of crazy nonsense So why don't you take us through your thoughts about it? When you heard about it? I mean obviously you're thinking tactically. What are your thoughts about it? Well don't begin with you. You said when going to do the show. You know talk about what went well, and what didn't go so well? I said well to me. The only thing that went well is that the SWAT team didn't do it. And and and I say that because I. Know People on the SWAT team there. And when it happened you know I was I was curious, but you're in stuff like that. You don't officer involved stuff like that. You always Kinda give some time for that agency to to kind of settle, and before you reach out and say hey, what tell me what went on, because that's how we learn right, that's how we learn. As it's through the real events and so I waited, but I actually got a call from another guy that I used to work with, and he had talked to one of the people there. Louisville and it was. It was pretty much what we thought. Right wasn't because I was like. I know SWAT team doesn't operate like that. And No, they don't and sure enough wasn't the team. It was You know like we found out another unit. You know the unit whatever and that's typically That's typically the issue that a lot of agencies have. Is that like other units want to serve warrants high risk warrants. And the tactical teams trained to do it a certain way. And you know there's like I said. There's a lot of foundational principles and concepts. Go into the decision making. To serve a warrant and Many other units don't under- those principles. And so, in this case you know when they went to serve a warrant Let me just real quick if I can lay down a couple of foundations absolute okay. Like we operate under the safety priorities right the priorities of life. You got your hostages and your victims number one. You got your innocent bystanders number two. You have your police officers at number three, and then you suspects at number four, and you keep the people the people in the situation safe according to those priorities right, and so you can't and the problem. What happens is is that? When it goes wrong is that the police officers start switching those priorities around like they'll put apprehension of the suspect above the police officer safety, or even above the the innocent bystanders where the hostages were victims. Or they'll put apprehension, or they'll put the officer safety head of everybody else in anytime. You get those priorities out of order. You'RE GONNA make mistakes. If you keep those priorities in order, you will always do the right thing. You got the suspect in for tactics. The suspects always going to be in a position. No matter what? And we'll talk about why that that matters in this case. because there were no suspects right there, they neither the people in the house but wanted. So. They were going to the house to. They thought they were going to get some drugs out of the house. So there's no drugs on the priority list. Only people. So suspects always in a position tactical advantage so all of our tactics. Are geared to try to take the advantage back to us from the suspect because suspect has to begin with. then. You have the processing, right? You're Hulu Processing, right? You have to observe Orient Decide Act. That's how you do everything process, and so that affects police officers just as x the suspect. Because we have to after observe, we have to figure out what's going on. We have to Orient Ourselves to it. What are we going to do about it? You have to decide what we're going to do about it down options of action, and then we take action right, and so if you look at the suspect is in a position tactical advantage. Always going to be ahead of us? They're always going to be ahead of us in the processing chains. And so in this case, the problem being is that when they went to the house in the middle of the night to do not warrant. What the people most likely. What state are the people most likely going to be? Asleep. Right and that's why a lot of SWAT teams are are getting away from middle of the night. Warrant services because it creates more of a headache and more of a problem on the part of the suspects processing information. They're being given. I E A swat. Team is at the front door, right? They're trying to wake up there all groggy if they deal drugs. What did they think might be happening? They're getting ripped off. Right, so, so, what are they gonNA do they don't realize it's the police. If the police aren't doing a knock and announce, they're doing a no knock. What are they doing immediately? Just coming in the house? And so. That's what a lot of tactical teams and I'm not saying anything. Brand new. I've been teaching this since. Early, two thousands. Is that. That we have to help the suspects. Catch up to us in the loop. Because we've decided to do this warrant, we've planned it now. We've gone to the house. When does the suspect realize we're serving a warrant? We knock on the door right and so they've got to do a lot of catching up to us. To where we are if we don't let them do that. They're going to be behind the processing. And if like what happened here, they do it. They Bang on the door. They come in and you know there's there's people saying. Hey, you know the the officers saying we announced our presence. Witnesses are saying never heard any police. No, please apparently the fiance. He was on the phone with the police and somebody's breaking in my house. and. He never heard that it was the police. he never said Hey. The police break into my house used to somebody's breaking mouse, just white called police. Right so you have these people who who by their actions weren't. Criminal. I'm going by their actions right. And that he's taking all these steps at a criminal would not take. In this situation. Now let's put onto that the The the shooter. The officer who shot? Miss Taylor. Where was he positioned right? And this is something that we teach. That you don't do as police officers however. What's happening now? What I'm hearing now? I'm hearing a lot more when I teach. Is People talking about shooting walls? And my things I wait. We have to shoot at what we know. We can't shoot it what we feel like shooting at. The shooter. What we know, we have these these. We have this thing. The constitution we have laws. We have policy wherever ethics right. That we have to shoot it what we know, we have to have positive target ID, positive threat. ID, right? That's what we teach everybody in firearms. And but I'm hearing more in my teaching students in my classes that they've gone to trainings where they're talking about shooting through walls. And again these this training that they're getting is from military. And it's different arena, right? It's a different mission. And so you know this this this in Brianna Taylor killing. This officer ended up shooting through the win the bedroom window through the curtains through the blind the drapes whatever was blocking his vision. And, he was only shooting because. Taylor fiance was shooting at what he thought. was people trying to burglarize his house? So He, the officer had no positive threat ID. Let alone target ID. And that is something that we definitely train not to do. In the in in police tactics right, please advanced tax. If you guys have any questions You can start. Firemen away I want to ask you about the no knock warrant process here to talk through. Your swot guy, you really do the drug interact, but you didn't do drugs or or. Drugs. Coming yet. So so. Just the audience I mean all the all the officers here, but anyone who's not familiar about the no, no knock warrant process which you have to prove in order to have a known as. Well You know and that's the thing that that I'm a big I'm a big fan of going away from no knock warrants because they just they're terrible for police officers. Decision makes a really hurt our decision making. Because they put us under some, we get into some kind of like timer. Right got to do this. We gotta do this and no, you don't. There are so many ways to serve narcotics. Weren't that are safe for everybody involved especially the officers, and even in the US right and but you know, knock, want you you. You're supposed to put in at least a paragraph or two that specifically for this event. Why you need to breach, adore or breach window. With before you give sufficient, knock notice to the occupants of the House right because depending on where you were wherever you work, you know there are different knocking notice requirements and Saddam require you to wait you know thirty seconds. Whatever a minute! WHAT HAVE YOU Before you can attempt to make entry with the whole reason being that you know the the whole desires prevent the suspect from arming themselves or disposing of the evidence, right? And so, that's you have to be able to put something specific. It can't just be some kind of boilerplate deal where all, because suspect's arm themselves well yeah, they do sometimes what about in this specific case, because you dealing with the fourth amendment right, we're constitution and so there there's a larger burden on law enforcement. To be able to just enter somebody's house without being. Invited in or without giving. Enough notice for that person to be able to understand what's happening right to just. If we're going to go walking somebody's house right now, there has to be a really good reason. The courts decided so. You know. And so I think partly in this one. Another problem was that they were kind of generic on why they needed the no knock warrant. They weren't specific in that. You know this person has this criminal history and that they they have armed themselves before, or they'd had warrant served against him before, and during the knock and notice knocking announce period they shot at the police officers or whatever you know. There was none of that it was just. Typically Dr, darcom dealers assess weapons, and they attempt to dispose of drugs. Seems like boilerplate type of time language right? Address A. They had they had drugs? Therefore, we can assume guns and dogs and all this good stuff. which is terrible, which is terrible? Yeah. Yeah so the officer there was fired for exactly what you mentioned. I wanted the officers there forget his name. Was Yeah for firing through the things, the patio door with a curtain or whatever it was. Yeah, yeah, and so you WanNa get away you and you know a bunch of other people want to get away from the knock. No knock warrants exactly for this type of reason right and you mentioned before something that I guess a lot of other Swat teams want to stop doing this stuff in middle of the night. Yeah, be because of these types of incidents right? Well when you take when you take into account. The processing how we process information, and this is why it's so important that that in policing. We just don't try to teach tactics right? If, we teach tactics without. These concepts officers aren't gonNA. Make decisions, so it's understanding the. It's understanding how people process information, and once you do that once. You understand that you realize it and we're just. We're hamstring ourselves by going to people's houses in the middle of the night when they're asleep. Yeah, if you do surveillance right, do pre surveillance if they're awake at two o'clock in the morning. Okay, that's fine, but if you just show up and smack house like teams, some teams do and you have no understanding whether people are awake or asleep whatever you're creating a bigger headache for yourself and so I know my old team. They've essentially gone to you. Know business hours right it's. because. You also, what are you trying to do? You're trying to collect evidence right. A warrant service is you're trying to secure a SWAT team. Our job in a warrant service is to secure location for the collection of evidence. That's what it's for. It's not beat up somebody's house. It's not you know. Yell at somebody, and and you know do whatever and ended up ruining the case. Because again, remember. We're always working for the victim. So, WHO's the victim? Well? If it's drug case, right, it's it's the state or it's a community. If it's a person's crime and we're going to get somebody on that, then there's a victim. Maybe the victim to has no voice anymore, and if we go in and we trash things out, we run things we you know upset and piss off the suspect, so they don't WanNa Talk to our detectives. What have we done for the case? And, so you know the the whole ideas is your a component of that process. You're part of the the whole process. It's not about you. It's not about you with your tight shirt near. You know you're cool guy, and whatever right? No, you know. You know what series about it's like. You serve a purpose, and that purpose is to ultimately get justice for victim. And if you're not doing the best job you can, you're going to jeopardize the case, and if you get the case, jeopardize your useless right, and so that's that's the thing is that a lot of teams are looking at this like? Yeah, man. We need to get away from this kind of you know Banzai type of deal and and running in and kicking doors, and all this stuff and just go back to a much more systematic procedural professional approach using our tactics. And using not being predictable to a suspect in order to facilitate at the best way we can. I want to ask you about accountability. Where does where does the accountability come from the district attorney from the city management, the higher ups because I read a story, one time I did a previous episode I talked about these type of no knock warrant, and all that kind of stuff and They were talking about this one case where this one police department I guess you know. They gave them whatever weapons they had. You know whatever they had 'em people, I duNno, whatever they had, and this one guy carried a shotgun, which was not standard issue, and so the guy used a shotgun i. he used it either kill the dog until the person I can't remember exactly the whole story. And but no charges whoever bought against this guy right so so we're talking about with all these police reforms if people wanna do is really just from a lack of accountability, right because when things go wrong. No, what's holding anyone accountable right, so if you if I if I breathe a shotgun, we're doing a no knock worn or doing a warrant whatever? It's part of our policies procedures. Nobody has a shotgun, but I have one I use it. In not held accountable emboldens everyone else. Yeah and I started saying this years ago right because I started looking at these different cases, officer involved shootings and especially people who were unarmed. Whatever right? I'm talking about race, and that's how my reason I'm talking about anything because here in Colorado it's it's not white on black. It's white officers shooting white citizens right so it's it's just the action. It's the action and. Is I started. Tell people I said you guys start paying attention because Police are being held accountable. By themselves. European held accountable by their agencies. And now they're not being held accountable by district attorney's and I cited a couple of different instances. Where you know We had one here in Colorado several years ago. Where UH, some police officers chased the Guy in a vehicle, jumped out and ran out onto a field out in. Out in kind of rural area and three ulcers pursued them on foot. and. He couldn't keep running, I guess he turned around and come back towards him and. He reached behind him behind them. And? They shot him Saddam. Kill Them. You have a weapon on him. He just reached behind them like to to act as though he had a weapon, and they shot and killed him. And you know for me I get it, but at the same time you were out in the middle of nowhere you. You had distance. You had a lot of distance You know whereas the decision making that the said. Even though he wasn't armed. If he had a weapon, he could have used it against them. And I'm like. Okay wherever! Accountability for a police officer, right? Wherever is that how how ever is a police officer ever going to be accountable? In by that district attorney if if they're saying yeah, we know he didn't have a weapon. We understand that, but if he did, he could have used it well. Yeah, right? If I had a nuclear bomb I could've activated in blown-up everybody, but it's you know what I mean, and and so yeah. The accountability has to be there on all the levels and I think what we have is is so often that. People are willing to give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt. Beyond doubt right when there is no doubt that that the police officer messed up. They still get the benefit of the doubt, but there is no doubt they messed up. Right. Agree you talked before about you know! Swat, teams in these different. Tactical narcotics teams whatever people call their call their. Enforcement Teams whatever. What's your thoughts about? Cross Training Cross training then so they can have the same Hulu principles and all that kind of stuff. which would you thoughts about that? Beautiful. years ago, we went and did a training in south. Dakota, and that's why the guy bought us in the. A SWAT team team leader, what have you? He said I want you to come to a basic class and I'm sending my entire narcotics unit through the class because I want them to understand these principles. And I thought it was great because they were doing the same thing. Kick the door open. They had a big dude on the team. He would run in anybody who wasn't immediately compliant. He would just piledriver. And the Guy I was teaching with was bigger than me right? I'm like six three, two fifty, and he's like six six to seventy, and we both looked at this guy that they had running in there like. How does this make sense to you? We're we're about your eyes and we wouldn't do that. And, but it's the they definitely need training and one of the things that I talk about with people in my classes and I do is am and my agencies been doing this for a Lotta years. Is We train our patrol officers in these concepts in these principles, and then these tactics understanding that. They're not going to be doing high risk warrants and stuff like that. Because our policy, the policy of the agency is such that they can't just cowboy it like that, but at least when they have to go search a building in the middle of night. Right on an open door or something like that they have good solid movement tactics, and they got good tactics working together like two or three or four officers. That makes them safer. And we talk about we talk about about making officers safer, and you know I go home at the end of my shift and all this stuff, and then we do these crazy tactics. That COMP- A. Is. And and so many agencies. They go. Oh, we don't want to train our patrol officers. Advanced tactics because then they'll use them like. No, that's that's what your policies for man. That's where your policy says if this then that right, but when search searching a building in the middle of the night. Do you want him to have good solid movement tactics, and understand the processing, or do you want him to be doing crazy stuff and getting shot in a in a office building over some computers? when I was when I was the mid-next. Commander I had a guy working underneath me. He's a sergeant or lieutenant. I can't remember. which was but anyway so? Far Down to you so far up. The San wasn't that far. But anyway, so we were talking and it was it was over the weekend and you know as a as being that far up. I didn't have to wear on weekends. He's telling me about this situation. Where they were trying to where they're trying to it had a building surrounded, and all that kind of stuff and I didn't need to come in for that, but they were able to handle it, and so he's telling him he's. Told me the story about these guys and understand the three side to side. I'm like okay well way telling me this was. Somebody, we gotta get these guys up to speed. I'm like yeah, yeah, we. You're going to do it. Your. Swat Guy, right. Now! You hope you have this rank. By tomorrow night. You'RE GONNA. Have a presentation. Pretty guys, a ten minute presentation of roll call. They'll talk so that way when I say I'm on three sided. Building knows where I'm at and you can. We can start to coordinate so so I'm I'm saying there are some definitely some principles that we need to take from Swat or you're Rt. whatever people call teams. And just learning kind of things. Know that those principles about? Version of life, and all that it is important. People forget that after time. Yeah, yeah, and they're just basic, but but trust me. Man Like I got a five step the five step decision making process that I talk about, and it's like you just okay. We just run it down. Run it down, right. We got safety priorities. We got the Intel. What are facts right? Not not the flying monkeys right, but what do we know about this fantasy? Right what we know about the situation. What's our environment? Where are we operating? What's our tools tactics in our training? And then what's our and. Then what's our experience, right? What's our officer? Instincts say and that's one of the big things. Is that we don't? We we try to suppress officers instincts. A lot of times now and we say oh, just do this. Whatever offs like man? This doesn't feel right to me, but oh, my gosh I better. I guess I have to do it this way, and then things go sideways like. You like you have if they're lucky enough to still be around? Yeah, this didn't feel right. And well man. We need to listen to that. You have this. You know you thought about it like a twenty year cop. Has This experience based? That is almost as good. It's a rolodex right. It's like a ROLODEX information. They've. been here before this and things went bad. If we did this, so let's not to not do this. Now, Thanks for signing on. So, this is the situation here. That's here in Connecticut which Karen is talking about a state attorney. Garo Hardy with your nomination renomination today amid controversy, surrounding her lack of making a decision about several police shootings, so she was. That's actually fairly old. Right, I, I think I was still working what she was getting a lot of heat from these From the from the state police and other police agencies because she wouldn't. She was taken so long to review old police shootings, and just what make a decision which is which is really unfortunate, but you know you got to do the job you know. If you've got to stay late some nights you gotTA. You gotta gotTa get it done gotTa. Do you gotta get it done? What, what's your? What's your thoughts about? There's no arrests in this. In this particular case, and Taylor case which Wichita are they going to be arrested you? What do you think? You know. I, don't know I mean that's and that's the thing is is when you look at the way. Some of the as they make their decisions right, and it's like they wanNA. Have you know they want to have the officer? San Yeah Man I completely Jack. This up I knew it was illegal and I shouldn't have done it, and so then otherwise. They're like man I don't really want to. You know. Try this officer again. Give him the benefit of the doubt if there is no doubt I mean. At, some point, really at some point when we're talking about the public trust and we're time, and I'm not saying this just because you gotta placate the public. But I'm talking about when the public is going. It seems like these officers. Just there's no accountability for anything right because let's talk about Did they violate policy? They violate you know cost any constitutional Any constitutional issues did they violate any other state or local lots What about negligence? Right, manslaughter? Yeah, okay, you're not gonNA get them for murder Because how you know depending on with elements of that are in Kentucky, but it's you know. What what about the negligence? Right? The NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE AO MANSLAUGHTER! What have you? It's like there has to be some accountability for these offices. And you know. I keep trying to find out in as much as I can about okay. What's going on with the case and other cases to look into an okay? What are they seeing in court Kinda? Get the feel of what the DA might be saying. You know like you talked about. The armory is an armory case when he's the. Da put out a letter ahead of everything and you know this wasn't. This wasn't a crime I'm just saying now I. Don't think this was a crime. And then the eight comes back and goes Oh. Yeah, this was a crime. And so it's I try to get the feel of what the DA's are are looking at and thinking about and saying, and then I'll try to go to that state. Look up their statutes right and see what the elements are. And go well. If he did this. It looks like they would have sat the elements for this crime, right? Or something I mean they're just. If you've got a trained professional. Allegedly trained professional. WHO's acting that far out of the scope of training when I say training, I'm talking about stuff that we've been talking about for twenty years. Shoot through a wall. Don't shoot through when you have to see your target threat ide- right that is basic firearm stuff that you're accountable for every round right La forsman. We're accountable for every round and we're pretty abysmal in our shooting anyway. What's are like eighteen percent twenty percent? It's like you know, and that's best by NYPD which you know. That's a whole nother game and FBI studies the best studies that we're GONNA get in law enforcement and they say we're at about eighteen percent hit rate. And so if that's the case, we, there has to be accountability for police officers that are just you know. He fired off ten rounds whatever and went for a reload. And, it's like. How. How. How's the public say? Yeah, we want you guys protecting us. You know. When we're doing stuff like that. Yeah. You're right absolutely. What's your thoughts about standardized training? I mean we talk about this for a number of different things, but but the same staying the same standards that go on to Nevada Colorado Connecticut Georgia that every Swat team goes to one academy, or or at least standardize with thoughts about that well the organization I I trained for for last almost fifteen years. I just stopped this past year. they established established several years ago kind of a standardized. Piece. and. You know it's hard though. K. On the state, of Georgia they have their own. Standards. And then they have tactical team standards. There are few other states that do that also right. And I've trained in Georgia. I've taught classes in Georgia, but they. Some we'll do this. We'll do that. I believe especially in attack community. There has to be a A standard is a standardization right because you, we deal with stuff. I was an explosive breach on my team so I. Put bombs on doors right and there has to be. The account of the accountability level. There is nuts right? Put an explosive on your door. Under I'm dropping bombs, literally dropping bombs on you and and there has been accountability of of the measurements I. Take the understanding I. Have The knowledge I have? Of all that stuff. And you know, but you can go other places like You know our snipers rate. They would go to these sniper school sniper crafts all these all these like really good sniper schools before they could be a sniper on our team. And they had to do extra trainings. We went to a class one time. A group of US went down to New Mexico to federal class, and there was another group. They're from another state and one of us. knipe is was talking to that sniper and he said. So. What's Knipe schools have begun to. And this night. Is that a services? Oh. I didn't going schools He pointed to one of the guys to is standing up to the site. He said yeah, he's just a really good shooter. He's a good hunter and everything, so he took me out and taught me how to shoot. Like. Wow, okay. When, you're told that right so our snipers just kind of goes out. All right just. Go with that right. Discuss Alsace House good. Because you know being a sniper. Your primary job is to observe and report. Information is not just a shoot. That's a critical critical task you have to do, but it's not the primary focus of job because very rarely. Are you going to have to shoot somebody? But you're going to definitely have to give information to the rest of the team and so sniper schools teach you all kinds of stuff about understanding what it means to be a sniper, so you think about a critical skill like that and. There's no standardization. Around the country, so you know, yeah, you've got a sniper for you know might be at Houston P. who's gone through twenty different schools to be good at it? And now he goes out to you. Know West, Texas, or something and guys like Oh. Yeah, you know I. I like to Varmints. Ends on my I'm on offense. Yeah! I'm really good at twenty two, so they gave me a fifty caliber all right. Same thing. But yeah I I definitely believe there's got to be a formal standardization at least were. For tactical teams just makes sense. listen I agree. I think we see a lot less stuff swung. Remind the audience that you guys any questions or comments there just to chime on. I want to talk about distress. You talk about going through the doors I talk to. What's White Guy Actually? No, he wasn't Swat Guy. He was A. He was on the the the TNT our technical narcotics team, and he said he was always he was getting tired of being the first one through the door, because was always stressed out. Because you don't know what's on the other side, obviously, so talk about the stress, or is there a way to decompress or to get to? How would all that kind of stuff? Well the biggest dress I had right. I say my my career had a meteoric rise to police officer. I didn't promote. I had a couple of times and. I was a detective for a while but my biggest stress was always from inside the walls of. it just was right. It's just the way I look at things the way I approach police. you know sometimes. Put me at odds because I was like. Does it make sense if it doesn't make sense to me? Why are we doing it if it doesn't make sense to to most of the people, why are we doing it? but I tactical team and I was the point number one through the door number two through the door for probably about twelve years. And Man You know I. I'm just I was just the opposite. I'll go back to. I'll go back tomorrow. They were running beyond Swat team again and do the same thing I was doing. Because it's for me. Time would slow down. And the ability to make decisions felt like I had forever to make decisions. Even, in some times where you know somebody. Might, pull a gun on us or something right but again going back to the tactics that we use. Tactics that were used. Give us space and time give us distance gives us the ability or gave us. The bill gave me the ability, and quite frankly gave the suspect the ability to catch up to us in the loop and realize no. This was the police. Right this was the police with about twenty guns, and not some drug dealer coming. Rip You off on. It's time to give up and they were able to. They did do that, but it's. It's yeah. Man Distress I think a lot of that for me. And my team went away because we just trained. We just practice. It became students of the game right. And that was the biggest thing on my team. At one point, we had six seven seven people on my team who trained at the national level. Right tactical training, so we're always learning. We were always trying to get better. Because if you're gonNA, anti-china somebody and hard, you have something to say right, and so is always. How can we better? How can we learn more Hukou talking Colin Agencies Hey man. Wow! That's crazy man. When guided hit Alabama bunker right. How did that happen? How did that guy do that of? Just real and perseverance right? Okay, we'll. How do we get some of that? Right, how do we buy that, so it's just. That that was probably the biggest thing for as far as reducing the stress level. Is Really having a solid foundation of why you're there. Like what my role is in that? And having the tools, the tactics and the training. To accomplish task. And when I knew I had that stuff. Man It was like. Like I, said everything just slowed down for me right? I had all day to decide stuff. You, talk about training, I think that's really so important. Forget about the the the the tactical side of this. How much more training should I notice? It's impossible questions. Officers get to I. Mean because I think that. I think that you and I would agree that many the situations that we're getting into that are getting into is because they have a lack of training the going straight to the gun. Instead of doing an escalation of the use of force right so they somebody somebody wants to run away from their pulling up to gun. Wait a minute. You're chasing the guy down as A. All. These different steps in the Middle Yup that is becoming such a problem. Do you think it can be addressed? And how much more training should should officers and be doing? Man Fantastic Interesting. Today. In. The few easterners research and they bought of the police. but he said that. Forty percent of police officers. Don't feel. That their agencies give them. Enough, training or adequate training for them to do their job. So for like no foreign. Do so sixty percent of the police officers don't feel that they get adequate training to do the job. So, but but what do we hear from anytime? You? You see a police officer type. We best training. We got all concentrating. We've got loads of training. But then. When it's, you know when nobody's knows your name right when they're anonymous, saying hey, sixty percents and we don't get enough trained your job. My thing is this. Here's what I've seen in and I say this now. Honestly law enforcement because I said like I do I totally believe in law enforcement I support policing one percent is we are at a perfect opportunity now for police officers to say we are overwhelmed and we are not trained well enough to do all the things that you're asking us to do right. We talked about this the other day right? You're supposed to be a medical professional and administered Narcan to somebody WHO's having overdosed. You're supposed to be a mental health professional. You're supposed to be a drug and alcohol counselor. You're supposed to be a child count. Child Services Counselor, you're supposed to be law enforcement officer, but. It's just crazy. Right and so it's like weird perfect spot to say. We can't be. trained. DANGER BECAUSE WITH Right to lease offers. Get a little bit. We think we're all schooled up right, go. I know how to do this now. It's just not fair. Right beer we Beer we're encouraging that failure, right we're. We're setting these officers up for failure, and they don't. If we can be at the spot, right where off horsemen can say, we got too much on our plate. Please take stuff up and let's get some other people working with us to do this. And now the police officers can go back to to work on law enforcement, right training for law, enforcement and Like I, lost the people logging on here who you know that and I know you had mentioned in previous podcasts were different disciplines structures at your agency and so i? Mean they know if they can now go from giving somebody like One of my things, a tasers circus if they can go from now having you know an hour every other month for Tasers to have in three or four hours every other month for tasers. The officers are going to be better trained in with using the TASERS. Wendy use it how to use it. It works when it doesn't work right, and so if but but those other three hours are taken up with mental health. That doesn't know good, because now you don't know or how to administer our can which come on man, really I'm not I'm not an EMT. And so if they can, if we can replace all those other trainings with more specific training for the police officer tasks. Enforcement Task Public Safety. Tasks. They're going to be more effective. And you know it's not that we need. It's not that we need more training. They just need more relevant training and more effective training. Definitely definitely agree. So I don't see any questions, apparently, everybody's. Satisfied, I guess so. What are your? What are your thoughts about any charges coming to this guy and this will kind of wrap it up. It's been an hour about so. What any charge coming this way? They fired him and he charges coming. You know. What I would like to see. I would I would like to see some charges. Based around the negligence and based around the fact that he he. COMP- like just to me, so callously just took this lady's life. You know I mean. I don't. WanNa say that. He like intentionally tried to killer or anything like that, but because you can't. I can't prove that but just. HOW THIS SO careless know! What are your thoughts about the about the The report they file was incomplete. Right No? Doors broken. Nobody's hurt lay dead. New Injuries reported up for. WHO The neighbors down the street. Lena thank. You got a homicide here and you said No. No injuries reported or not, you know. And you know it's it's that sort of thing. Right that I tell I tell us all the time in classes. We're a worst enemies man. It's like the public. The public doesn't. Hate police officers. There's not a war on police officers. It's a IT'S A. It's a being tired of bad policing. And, and so it's like it's the public wants the police officers around. They want to be protected. They want to have this relationship. But. It's bad policing that. Being allowed protected I. Don't I don't even know really what to say about it and it's like this. If we continue to have this lack of accountability for officers, even in this situation say well, you know the officer based on not based on anything right? It's like. One of the things that gets me now is how we keep saying you know in fear for their life. They were in fear for the life and I'm like. I get guys when I do. SWAP TRAININGS RIGHT? We'll do a scenario and I'll hit them. 'CAUSE my agency. This is what we do on our team. We get done with a scenario and they shot right. That's why you shoot. Like if if you're shooting, what are they gonNA? Ask You right? You're going to sit down and have a conversation about what went down and you know so say. Why did you shoot and I? Know you. You're not sure for your life and I. Hear this all the time in my classes. Usually like I was in fear for my life. I go really so you spent the last four hours planning this warrant you've got. A ballistic entry best a ballistic helmet. You've got a rifle a handgun. You've got less lethal munitions. You've got nine other people coming in this House with you. You are sphere free lives. Really. Does that make sense? You. Put yourself into this spot where you scared the entire time. Then if you're not scared, why were you here? And so it's getting away from that whole mentality about was if you're from life to be in I, was I responded to the actions of the suspect. Excuse me. Right, so I responded to the suspect's actions. I responded to whatever to you know to protect somebody else. Haas addressed. You're having, but it's. It's the whole thing about being in fear, but then we turn around that we're extensively trained and we're prepare. Why is it that the police officers get to be in fear? Even though we have the training and experience, but the public can't be in fear. Right the public that'd be calm. The Public Scott with the police officer says raise your hands up and you won't be shot. Okay, sorry, terrence crutcher still shot you right. Don't do anything wrong. Don't commit a crime. Okay? Sorry Tamir Rice. Twelve year old boy. We shot and killed you playing in the park. Oh Christ again. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot the young lady's name in Dallas. We shot her through her. Her not to Jordan Yeah Tatiana. Shot her through the window of her house. There's another gentleman who They shot same way another officer shot. It's like it's like we gotta stop. Saying we can be in fear as the public safety professionals, but the public can be in fear. The public lose intoxicated under narcotics or has mental health issues. They've got to be coherent and clear thinking. And it just that's why I say. Let us let the police officers go back to being peacekeepers law officials so that we can continue to train them in that vein and give better quality training in more training. So that they can be more effective and reduce the stress on these officers. What I see a lot officers like you're saying is they're anxious. They're they're worried and they're they're. They are scared. But. They shouldn't be and that. You know like you said to me. The stress going through the door. I loved it. Because I I felt like I had. The training, the knowledge, the tactics, the tools the people with me. Who are equally trained. To handle the issues to handle the problems right, and and you know, and that's the thing so. My big thing I'd say the people. All the time is is when we have doctors right? Doctors not surgeon gynecologist Orthopedist You know Pediatrician Er doc. Honest rate the specialize. We'll make an our police. Officers be everything to everybody, and then we wonder why are police officers are anxious while they're stressed out. WAS IF I had to pretend to be a psychologist and a psychiatrist on a daily basis, and then turn around and go handle a Dui, and then go over here and handle you know. A shots fired call. I'd be stressed out to. It almost seems like a completely different job. Completely different you can go. Yeah, you can go from guarding crime scene to the I went through a door. And this is all just in patrol right right, you know. Long tracks and searchers and stuff, so you've gotta run marathons and. It's almost like. What you know. And so Chris Casey Saint. Saint Police officers continue down spread way too thin. Many firefighters don't like having to give narcan either Chris Works. Communications I. Keep saying our. What. Dispatch Center, and so they don't have to give Darken, either and I can remember when we first got Nar. Can you know of course we're all making? While making jokes about it and stuff you know, next will be would be strapping on gurneys and stuff and doing open heart surgery in the middle of road. So so we get these numbers you just saw. This person is down in front of you, not breathing or doing that snore, and all that kind of stuff and you got to operate these fine motor skills right of. Just went halfway and then give it to them and then. Come on man, you know. What would you expect to be able to do that? And then meanwhile go handle of the shots, fire, call, or just come from a shots fired come from. Right, so so you all all these different emotions and being pulled in all different directions. It's just way too much just way too much. Well how many times you practiced in our can. Once every two years. Whatever it is, you know. Under the gun. You better do it right. To do it right right. Don't don't know too much. You know Malcolm glad wells book outliers, right talks about what makes people experts in their field, or or so good what they do know as far as most people are just operating this one thing, but then you had this outlier of their so somebody so much better, and it goes back to the. Yet to be be an expert in something. You have to repeat it about ten thousand times. And, so if you talk about, you know like you said having to do fine motor skills. Okay we practice at once every two years. Okay All Right? No, it's not, it's not. It's not flipping a burger. Man is not not not trying to disrespect. Fast Food Cooks, but it's not flipping a burger right it's. Pretty important. So Absolutely. I agree. Well. Listen so I take it. Those are all the comments, and I really appreciate everyone who's who's tuned in Give you the last word Just what's your? Last question I wanNA. Ask everybody this everybody's about defunding police Boston police. We don't don't believe the police aren't going anywhere. Which your thoughts about that? And then we'll then we'll leave. We'll leave it there. On the fleas boss, I might come on now. I'm not going to be like some of the means were all. Let's see how the council hands. Now there's got to be law enforcement. There's going to be law enforcement, and it's like I said before we at a perfect opportunity to help the community to redefine. A truly integrated community. Bottle. and. It's going to be data about the. Police officers can step back from having to do all these different jobs and go back to police officers. That's the beauty of it. Like when I run the world, it's it's going to be so simple, right? It's like it's like the mental health. Professionals will be their. Medical EMT's going to be on seeing there. Going to be doing their thing and the police officer can be the police officers, and that's one of my things is trying to tell. A law enforcement agencies now talk to. Get in on the front end. Get in in the planning stages, because if you look at different places around the country like you know California where they went from the. you know, the use of force when they they went and tried to pass that bill about use of force from what is reasonable to what is not necessary, absolutely necessary it's. Law Enforcement did have seen it by that point. It was being done for him. Because law enforcement kind of did this all I. Don't Change Your Your Idiots, whatever they said, Oh, yeah, we'll. We'll show you. HOW BIG IDIOT! We can be a Mark Sampson. That's my old friend man. He's resigned, said about fifteen years so. It's but but you know that's the thing is being. A floor right. Now when law enforcement and have a participatory. Spawn Nest right a role in it rather than just being told how things are GONNA go because? Truly pleasing, we are professionals. We're doing it every day. But if we don't say hey, we'll play nice. Then there's we're going to decide rules for you. And you gotTa Choice. You know like you see police officer now there's L- I'm leaving. I'm getting out of the. Man if I could, I got a bad hip I. can't I need surgery on my hip? If I could, if I could pass a physical agility test, I get back into policing tomorrow. I think we're at such a good point in such a wonderful. Spot. To. be able to really design a whole new way of policing that takes a lot of pressure off police, and we'll restore their confidence in themselves. and. Also restore the public's trust in the public's confidence in police. Because let's face it man, you know you did it, you you? You follow the calling to do it for a reason. And so many officers do that and we can't get rid of those people because we say oh, you know they aren't doing good for us. They want to do good. Wants to. And we just have to. We have to figure out what that looks like to me. Right absolutely. I agree I agree so. I WanNa thank everyone to and both marks Mark Samson. Mark. Sharon tiffany. Chris. Karen? Karen is our guest next week. A former detective occurrence rudy. She's GonNa talk about her time DB time of Waterbury. And we'RE GONNA. Talk about the need for more African. Americans Kinda step up and take advantage of these times now to get more African Americans to to not kind of step away from law enforcement looks these videos and say we don't listen. We don't WanNA. Do that, but try to get us to to do it and she's worked so as an investigator for dcf a belief, so she's GonNa. Talk about all that kind of stuff, so it should be good conversation. Yeah, good good has to be increased. Representation has to be absolutely and Sean and Marlene and Mike Former detective eastern southern law enforcement to I think are. Mike McKenna. What are you doing something now with the? DC for something something down there in Florida somewhere sunshine state where I went. Somewhere we need to go. Northeast Down in Florida absolutely. Yeah so so I appreciate everybody tune in so tune in next week. We have our very own detectives. Rudy appear retired detectives. Rudy and mark tell everybody your you're. What website WANNA contact. You get training and all that stuff. Yeah, no definitely. Thank you my website on exte- G. DOT COM on for training groups Go there like I said you. Do basic practical training to patrol level advanced patrol training tactical team training. Diversity antibiotics leasing training instagram under onyx onyx training on. facebook linked in. You can hit me up facebook its training, my website email phone. Call me whatever if you have any questions, anybody hit me up. I'm very open to it. You know I'll tell it like it is I'll tell it the way I see it now. You may agree with me may not. That's okay, you know one of the. The guys I trained with doesn't make doesn't make my bourbon. Taste any different at the end of the day whether you agree with me or not but you know that's the thing is. We have to understand that that law enforcement is a diverse community. We gotta be diverse, and we have to open up our thinking and embiid verse, but yeah hit me up. Love to. Train wherever is what I do? You know Ah! Trained in Connecticut. Several Times back there nice place. But, yes, and I just WANNA. Sell hot so. I am just. Your Call anybody out anybody our and they can. Also definitely want to thank you. Captain for having me on. As I look at these different voices out there from law enforcement so critical that that these diverse voices and especially like you have in your supervision, your administrative experience, being able to you know council, newer officers, younger officers and mentor, and be able to to direct him in the way that's GonNa. Keep make the be. Good Guardians of their communities and ask, that's the case I. Appreciate that and thank you for playing your part in this. I want do what I can. I'm going to do what I can Karen I. Don't know I. Think I said there. You're retired detective and currently dcfs. CARE believe. I said that I hope I. Did anyway you'll be on next week? You can correct me if I'm wrong and thank you for for recruiting for next week so so thank you to everyone who joined in really really appreciate it Leonard. DOJ joined in. What's the whole feed gliding all Leonard? Colorado. I gotta get to Damon it's. It absolutely absolutely so thank you everyone for tuning in really really appreciate it, and we'll see you guys next week unless there's something crazy goes on and I got to do another post or something like that and market also post on I g almost every day right so you can tell you what his thoughts are constants McHugh. Follow him on. T on on Instagram, so actually follow. Okay, guys take guys. Take care. We'll see later. Take Care Much Levin. I stopped the.

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