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"mark rouse" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

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"mark rouse" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

"It was great. I did a back and forth bristol. Yesterday drove there at four in the morning Got their ten took a nap on a couch inside of the espn offices. I did baseball tonight. Six seven got the car drove home. That home at two o'clock and now i'm up talking to you. So i'm not looking too good right now. Buster but then again. I never am looking too good. Now let me ask you this. Is there some rule that you employer able to shut a door. So no one gets a of you while you're sleeping on the couch for with your mouth agape 'cause i gotta tell you one time i did a cross country flight and our old friend andy. Rice wall producer on sunday night. Baseball as i fell asleep and my mouth was open. He took a picture of it and sent it to me and it was. I felt so violated. Yeah well fortunately on a sunday. A colbrad sunday at espn. There was no one in what's called the living room there which i had no idea even existed. I was so tired. And i knew i would be up all night that i felt i had to take a nap and i wonder if there's a couch and i found one for half an hour. I fell asleep and pleased. Nobody come in here. While i'm sleeping with drool coming out of my mouth. So i slept for a half. An hour revived me and make me through to two o'clock in the morning. Oh my god you just reminded me of a horrific story from high school. Which i'm not gonna relate here on the podcast all right so i wrote a story about the forthcoming war on foreign substances. In major league baseball. It might start as soon as a week from today tim. The impact is going to be enormous. Let's run through some details. Okay sure right. So from what i understand. On friday. there was a conference call with baseball officials including folks from the union. Folks were major league. baseball They are finalizing the rules around. What's going to happen with the push against foreign substances a memos going to go to team sometime in the week ahead and then at that point the umpires will be instructed to enforce a rule. That's already on the books and that might happen as soon as a week from today. You know at the outside maybe within two weeks here are some of the details. There are going from what i understand. The checks on pitchers are going to be random and repeated think of as one source said to me like a dui checkpoint. They are going to be checking players repeatedly during the game. Maybe eight to ten total per game each starting pitcher. Perhaps being checked a couple of times and part of how that's going to happen. Tim is because of their key. The cognizant of not wanting to slow down gains. Some of those are going to happen as pitchers walk off amount. So let's say the starting pitcher finishes the second inning. The you know the the the television goes to commercial. And you're gonna see empire step forward. Intercept the pitcher and say. Show me your glove. Show me your hat. Show me your belt and you know if if need be they would follow the pitcher down into the dugout and say you need to. You know to show me this position. Players may also be checked from what i understand that might involve a warning so if a in empire seized catcher with pine tar on shin guard sees a catcher with pine tar on his glove seized third baseman with pine tar. Some other substance on his belt. He'll say to him. Clean it up and there are a couple of really really interesting elements of this time. And there's so many layers to this conversation but from what i understand. A lot of the information has been gathered by major league. Baseball has been players turning in other players. Sending in video of. How some pitchers are you using foreign substances and on top of that major league baseball has essentially compiled what you could refer to as a scouting report on how pitchers throughout the sport are using foreign substances. And it's very specific information that will be given to umpires at the outset of each series and so the umpires will know that. Tim curtin right hander. For the seattle pilots His foreign substances on his belt on his left side. Or he's got pelican grip on that long string that hangs off his glove and he goes to that they're going to have that information going into each series if a pitcher is determined any players determined to have violated the foreign substance rules. What they're talking about. And this is not been. Formalized is ten game suspension without pay. Which is a big deal as you know jeff. Passan was on baseball tonight last night and he had had compensated pitchers about how they intend. Maybe to try to skirt around the roles. I gotta tell you. Based on what i heard over the weekend. I think this is going to be an aggressive war. And it's going to shock people at the impact that it's going to have because how often players are checked. I think it's gonna. I think you're gonna see a lot of behaviors change on buster i. I didn't pitch for the seattle pilots pitcher. The boston braves there was way before the pilots There is so much to go over here. Buster but the number one thing is it's going to be very difficult to enforce this and yet they are going to try. Let's not forget during the steroid era or during the drug testing era. Which is still here. Showalter told me once mark reynolds came off the field with the orioles once and after a game and before he could even leave the dugout there was tester. They're saying you need need a pee in a cup right now right now before you get to the clubhouse just to make sure we're also had nothing to do with mark rouse. The point is we have had these testing done before for other reasons. And now we're going to have it for foreign substances on baseball players. Couple things first off the empire's got their hands full to begin with and now we're gonna ask them to do way more. But i'm in favor of trying this because the hitter is that i've talked to and i've told you this buster. They thinks something really fishy is going on here. You know ted. Simmons told me the great hall of fame. Catcher told me twenty years ago no pitch has ever been invented that i've never seen before i can catch any pitch because no pitches ever been invented that i've never seen and yet kevin sites are the hitting coach for the braves told me this year that that hitters are coming back to the bench saying i've never seen that pitch before i've never seen a slider move like that..

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