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"mark preston" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"California. What happened i. Well i for walk on the beach scrambling around the rocky point. Seal his head up. The puppies mark. Preston sealed bubbles back right back. Speed record is sharply dogs broken. You know what. I have to join you on one of those afternoon strolls yours. You always seem to be having such exciting adventures or and talking that i was about tonight's new sherlock holmes already for him i in fact i was looking over my notes on the case for you arrive. This is another story with sherlock. Holmes is elder brother micro important part microfilms a seven years older than her and some said it is fast observations and deduct that sounds like harrison. Dr no homes himself was the first to admit in fact. If it hadn't been prison cure. Bolaise microsoft could have been a formidable voters younger brother microsoft held a position of considerable importance of the visit. Was there tonight. Story begin in the winter. Eighteen hundred nine hundred nine and microsoft tomes after gomez lunch training full length or eleven is what causes stomach and his breath cambridge maclean cynic would have been my thinking enough. Snow mister secretary jumped by the name. God knows realist. From door to then he reffed on it and still it was known as fun so he opened the door and enter the moment he gave what he thought discreet microbe. Combs opened his eyes with his hands on the gardner. Must you come in here and dark me so soon after lunch. Unsightly mr holmes. But i thought that you thought that the is lying down with my eyes closed and i must be bored and you came galloping in. Oh well if you want there's no lady outside insists something you personally. I've tried to get rid of her but her name. Mrs hudson sir. Hudson command gardner so good doubted the message from young shallow. How're you mrs hudson. And i'm sorry to interrupt you. I want to cut much turning the saddam. Don't gardener. I made me in a few minutes then. Good now mrs hudson. What's the message that my brother send you some message that he was afraid to invest for the ordinary channels. He's almost oh confounded dramatic. Don't know shit. I come to you a little problem i own. I didn't like to bother mr charlotte calls with it. He's been so busy lately and and he's looking very tired so you can't be delightful. I talked you wouldn't mind you've always been so nice and friendly to all as events. It has less apt to keep an old friend than to make a new enemy. But tell me your problem. Well it's really. My sister's problems keeps a boarding house. Fourteen kensington gardens and bees. And she's convinced that one of a gorgeous man who has a room on the first floor back. She's convinced that he's a man. What in heaven's name is a bird man to know. Gardner nossa icon. Imagine or as like a weird world. Gentlemen sick to the mountains interpret. This is how i knew. It sends daft but my sister's in a dreadful state. Of course i've been with your brother long enough to know that such things are nonsense but how can approve it to other reason just to give for holding. How strange believed she keeps. Finding pigeon citizen never done disney keep. Pigeons sister knows that found any traces of scattered food on the window. Ledge no signs of any pigeons it took the famous. My sister's we'd be mr homeless. She's the sevens. Don't daughter and you know what that means just the same. She's not imagining said. Shawnee the stealth wherever somewhat influenced by the end of the bid states. Some along with me and with some gentlest covered but it keeps his fluence. I george i wonder. What is it sir. I'll tell you in a moment. Gardner mrs hudson. This matter will require a little guy. Investigation humanitarian your system. Tell her not to worry. I still get in touch with you as soon as my inquired has competed 'cause they do some good decent and i'm very much obliged well. God knows what you make of it. All lives tales. Not treating it. Citius fail you. yes i am. One of these other shows evidence of having had string type environment that suggests a captive bird now a captive smuggled into an obscure body house would point something of the greatest importance to us. God by george you mean carrier pigeons exactly remember that we are at war and the that attend several important and highly confidential secrets about lately. We know there's a leak somewhere. This requires an active investigator who can work with discretion. Now i could work with this question. But i don't think too active at the moment. I want you to write this letter to my brother. This guy's your hand use plain. Cheap note notepaper. Don't sign the letter. He won't be able to resist that combination. Are you ready gardner. Yes well then. My dear. Mr sherlock holmes we know of your proposed investigation of the tenant and the first floor back at fourteen kensington gardens. Where we warn you as value life january twenty first one thousand nine hundred forty-six basil rathbone. Nigel bruce the new adventures of sherlock holmes on classic radio theatre continues in three minutes. Here's some great news if you missed the deadline to up for health insurance or more importantly if you sign up for a plan that you're just not happy with you still have a choice. It's called meta share and medishare's a christian healthcare sharing program. It's been around for twenty five years. They have more than four hundred thousand members now around the country and get this over the years meta share members of shared more than two billion dollars of each other's medical bills so they could help. Share your needs to and best of all. You could save a lot of money with meta share. The typical savings for family is around five hundred bucks a month. 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