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Dallas Cowboys Reach Multi-Year Deal With Star Quarterback Dak Prescott

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Dallas Cowboys Reach Multi-Year Deal With Star Quarterback Dak Prescott

"Salary cabin number for two thousand and twenty one is going to be twenty two point two million dollars all right now. Head dak prescott. In franchise tag again this will happen in a procedural sense but had to cow tried to go at this with dak prescott on the franchise tag for the two thousand and twenty one season. We've talked about this a number of times. That value would have been thirty. Seven point seven million dollars so the fact that the cow is now have him onto the books. We're talking about the value that is on the books in the books. However you want to look at the books whether they're e books or physical books whatever the case may be that value is now twenty two point two million dollars now. I know that we have all said some things about the dallas cowboys but they are not complete dummies. They surely budgeted for the franchise tag value. Because let's be honest. They came about twenty four hours. We think you know. Close to having the actually placed the franchise tag and maybe carried out with that prescott. So the cowboys have room for the franchise tag at the very least so you look at that quake matt that adam schefter was kind enough to do for you. That is fifteen point. Five million dollars that the dallas cowboys suddenly have because they've got this long term deal with that prescott. This is something that we've been saying for two years now. If you do this you can. You can kick this down the road. You can prorate it you can extended you can whatever term you want to put on it. You can spread the impact of the deal out of the signing bonus of the overall guaranteed money out over the lives of the contract so it doesn't hit you all at once. That's the one killer about the franchise tag is that it is fully and completely guaranteed in franchise tag is a one year deal so the value of it last year and dak prescott was on the tag for thirty one point. Four million dollars. The two thousand twenty dallas cowboys had to absorb that value all at once and they would have had to have done it again. Here in two thousand and twenty one but because they have adjusted that they now have fifteen and a half million dollars that they were seemingly budgeting for dak prescott that now they can apply to different areas. Maybe it is a safety. Maybe it's a defensive end. Maybe it's a defensive tackle. Maybe it's you know an offensive tackle. But they want swing tackled death whatever the case may be. We know that the cowboys obviously hold the tenth overall. Pick in the draft. They could go a number of different directions there. They wanna cornerback kayla farther patrick's retain do wanna take one of the tackles and rashawn slater as all this is. This is setting up and this is an important thing. I want you to hear me here and watch me here. You cannot waste this money. If dallas cowboys the whole point and getting this done with thac prescott besides obviously establishing having the best player on your team for the foreseeable future the point in doing this is to alleviate the salary cap space now. And i don't like the term when now if you watch us often you know that but you look state of the nfc east. It is by sudha. I mean the philadelphia. Eagles are a disaster. The new york giants doping daniel jones is legitimate. The washington football team has a great team but is void of the most important position of the game and a quarterback. Maybe they'd get somebody this cycle as we all expect quarterbacks to change teams at a higher rate than usual but the case in point is at the dallas cowboys are now. We're going to see this all day on tuesday by the way and we'll talk about it of course but they're going to be overwhelming favorites to win the nfc streit and you think about the conference that they plan is really a contender in the nfc. And i mean that with all due respect to the reigning champion tampa bay buccaneers. But you've got the bucks you've got the green bay packers and then who scares you. May maybe the rams you believe in matthew stafford but the point is thinking about the afc. I mean the. Afc has the bills and the ravens and the chiefs and the titans and the steelers and the browns. I mean you could go. A number of different ways. Did the colts have carson. Wentz ends up getting his act together and so the cowboys play in the weakest division in the weaker conference and so now they have this opportunity to really kind of take their future in the here and now they have fifteen and a half million dollars that they weren't necessarily planning on having use it and if they don't use it it is all for not so i mean we are all imploring the dallas cowboys to ultimately use this salary cap space. This is a very very very luxurious gift. That they now have been afforded that they didn't previously have so shattered of course to the dallas cowboys. Let's see here let's move. I'm i wanna talk of course about the bonus the dak prescott because well. It's stupid large. I mean it's amazing. Dak prescott has now the largest signing bonus in the nfl. You look at joe flacco. Once upon a time. Got forty million. Dollars matt ryan forty six and a half. Remember if you're on the fence about this value. We've talked about this before as well. Matt ryan became the first quarterback in nfl history to average over. He had thirty but to average at least thirty million dollars per year with his new contract that he signed with the atlanta falcons in two thousand and eighteen. That was three years ago. Dak prescott signed a four six year. Deal whatever you wanna call it. That was three years ago. They matt ryan signed that he was the first quarterback to hit the thirty million dollars a year. Mark prescott just hit forty but the reality and we've been saying this forever is that there are so many deals coming around the bend. Josh allens gotta get paid. Lamar jackson's gotta get paid. Baker mayfield's got to get paid extra calories. He's going to get paid the year after that. It's going to be time for joe burrow to finally get paid and when all of those players get paid this forty million dollars a year. Mark the dak prescott got this one hundred twenty six million dollar. Total guaranteed is sixty six million dollar signing bonus all these things that are currently the top of the nfl. The most in nfl history. That's the verbiage in determining that you're hearing associated with this and it's all literally true but it's all going to get pushed down because all of these players on this list. Joe flacco matt ryan matthew stafford at fifty million signing bonus. Aaron rodgers fifty. Seven and a half russell wilson not going to be a dallas cowboy now by the way sixty five million dollars. Dak prescott topped that all of these quarterbacks in all likelihood we'll top that that's the reality of the nfl things are always moving in one direction. It is up

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