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Former CIA Officer Details "Havana Syndrome" He Suffered Overseas

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01:07 min | 2 years ago

Former CIA Officer Details "Havana Syndrome" He Suffered Overseas

"News has learned. The U. S government is now fast tracking sensor technology to detect the cause of a mysterious illness, known as Havana syndrome, sometimes debilitating condition has affected American diplomats and other personnel overseas. CBS chief investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge spoke with former CIA officer Mark Parliament. Uh uh, Palamar opus who came down with the symptoms while living in a Moscow hotel. Venus syndrome is the name given to a mysterious neurological condition, first reported by State Department personnel in Cuba five years ago who experienced a similar set of symptoms. Pressure in the head. Yes, Loss of balance. Yes, ringing In the years. I've had a headache for three years. It feels like a vise clamp down here And then there's pressure that comes over the top of my head. Mark says. It took three years to get help. At the Walter Reed military Hospital. They diagnosed me with a traumatic brain injury. The national Academies of Sciences recently found the most plausible explanation was post radio frequency energy.

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