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"mark norville" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"They're back to being independent people. If you forgot last year they were in the A. C C was a covid year, a weird year. This year. They are back to being independent, but kinda have their toe in the water with the A. C. C. So if they win, it's a wash kind of in terms of the conference because they're still independent. But if Florida State wins, then you have another W for the conference. That's important for the CC as a whole it support for college football's the whole shape. Everybody needs Florida State to have a pulse again. I mean, that is one of the pillars of college football. Mark Norville is a proven great coach. He did it at Memphis. He hasn't proven himself in Florida State yet, but there is no bigger rebuild than what's going on there in Florida state for how bad it got during his Willy Taggert years if the wants to save any kind of face in what Let's be clear, has been a disastrous weekend. They need Notre Dame. They need Notre Dame to lose this game. They need Florida State to knock off a top 10 team and say, Hey, maybe it's not Clemson. Maybe it's not Carolina right now. Maybe it's not Miami, but Virginia Tech quietly is building in Florida State is quietly building would be good for balance. It is an immense ask of Mike Norville and Florida State and week one. So you brought this up How bad Florida State has been as of late. Unfortunately, Notre Dame is 33 5 over the last three seasons, Florida State 14 and 20 in that exact same span. It has been a minute since Florida State has been good and J points out something I think it's true like when we start having USC Florida State, Texas, some of these perennially good programs be good again. It's only good for the sport and for all of us watching it on Saturdays. Typically also, this is Florida State's first time ever playing a game on a Sunday Does it matter? Oh, it doesn't matter because you know what? There's guys on that roster that will be playing on Sundays moving forward truths. Guys don't pay attention to that kind of thing at the end of day. I don't even know why we're playing football. He all saw Alabama yesterday, Right? Like why are we even playing these items? Crown him? Go ahead and crown them that straight talk wireless. No contract, no compromise. Speaking of crowning, we're heading to Champa Bai. Next. They are still wearing that crown from last year. We're going to get a local take on the defending champions. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will do that. Next on Game day on ESPN radio in the ESPN app. Are.

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