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Giuliani & Sondland under new scrutiny; Ousted Navy secretary criticizes Trump in scathing op-ed; Impeachment plays out in members' home districts; Trump signs Hong Kong Human Rights Act, protesters celebrate

The Lead with Jake Tapper

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Giuliani & Sondland under new scrutiny; Ousted Navy secretary criticizes Trump in scathing op-ed; Impeachment plays out in members' home districts; Trump signs Hong Kong Human Rights Act, protesters celebrate

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In for John King to key figures in the impeachment inquiry including the president's lawyer now facing new credibility questions another military military figure after being ousted from the trump administration is now calling out the commander in chief and we hope you can take a moment away from politics to be thankful the holiday and enjoy the clowns. Even though they're a little scary people dressed up like butter. That's what people do apparently on Thanksgiving and giant balloons. Did you talk to you today. Ah We begin. The Hour with new scrutiny for two key players in the impeachment probe one is the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and new reporting. That shows overlap between Giuliani's business and his pursuit of Biden in Ukraine. The other is Gordon. Someone a star Democratic impeachment witness who who said the president directed a pressure campaign aimed at Ukraine Solomon testified he called the president on September ninth and the president told him he wanted nothing. From Ukraine's President Alinsky the coal is a key part of the White House impeachment. Defense in testimony. Someone said his recollection was clear. I still still cannot find a record of that call because the State Department and the White House cannot located. But I'm pretty sure I add the call on that day whether it was the ninth and you had this call. It was extremely memorable right. It was the call with President trump on September. Nine the eighth you recall it vividly right right. I recall it vividly because it was keyed by the sort of frantic emails from Ambassador Taylor so I made the call and I asked as I said the open ended question. What do you want from Ukraine? And that's when I got the answer but new reporting from The Washington Post highlights discrepancy NC in psalm. Lens account and someone's timeline raising questions about whether the coal happen when someone says it did and as he described it here with me to share their reporting and their insights. We've got Josh Josse With The Washington Post Catherine Lucy with the Wall Street Journal Milanese known a- with politico in two Lou Ola Renita with the Washington Post. Happy Thanksgiving so grateful that you guys are taking time out to be a with us here today. Josh I'm GonNa Start with you on this call. It's part of your your reporting this story in the Washington Post really digging in to this cold. Tomlin says happened on September ninth. somethings aren't checking up right checking out in terms of records of this call and the timeline of when he says it happened also a little. With the records of the call cannot be located they can't be procured by Simon's lawyer by the State Department of by the White House. That's not. The president uses various cell phones in various ways that can act through with others. That don't always go through the White House Situation Room with possible. I did happen to declare. There's no written record of it and for the call to have happened. The we said it happened it would have had to been way before dawn four or five in the morning now the president gets up. Early would have been even far earlier than he's only known to wake up. And the fact that no record can be procured this and that someone's memory as you saw him hedging a little bit there in the clip Raises this is important ones about if it really happened when and how they said it in. Gop as well as The president very much latching onto the call some of the Republican folks who were asking asking him questions wondering why he didn't put this in his opening testimony and you saw the president there are basically right out of the transcript of this call and say it and read that on the White House along there was another call and I wanNA play this here. This is what Bill Taylor said of another call. That happened before this September ninth call September seventh. I had a conversation with Mr Morrison in which he described a phone conversation earlier that day between investors Sunlen and president trump according to Mr Morrison President Trump told him best arsalan he was not asking for a quid pro quo. President trump did insist that presence alinsky go to a microphone and say he is opening investigations of Biden and two thousand sixteen election interference and that presents Alinsky should want to do this himself. This call of course not as favorable to the president a much different from the one that's online describes and we've seen some changes testimony multiple times times already over the last few weeks. It's shows that he has some issues with his memory deciding whether or not he needs to update his His testimony painted multiple times so there are some questions about whether this September seven calls actually what he remembers where the president did say. You know I don't want any quid pro quo. But I do want what was essentially a quid pro quo. which is that? You know it's Alinsky should go to the Mike and Announces Investigation Into Biden. So Republicans haven't really focused as much on that call said it was hearsay. They've said this is Various State Department officials and diplomats saying that they heard this the other they heard secondhand about this call. Not necessarily focusing on this call as much because it's not as favorable to the president but if it turns out that this the call that Solomon remember the president does say no quid pro quo. But he also says I want you know these investigations to be announced. Then it makes it much harder for Republicans to say that the president just did not want anything that was untoward from the Ukrainians. We obviously know Catherine from the call. He was directly. Heard on. This call transcribed at least eastern part where he says. I want you to do me a favor. Though enlist the things he wants and also what do you think about someone's credibility right. He says he's not taker. Sometimes these memory is in the isn't the best and needed to be refreshed. Well there is a sort of Russia among like aspects of some of this testimony. Now right everyone remembering different pieces of it in different ways and then sometimes coming back and with Solomon coming back into the editing or adding bits and pieces to their testimony. That makes it hard to sort of unpack. The order of events. Dance but solid himself quite candidly says he doesn't have not not a not on notetaker guy. I openly and doesn't end did did not have access to some emails and records. That might help him. Sort of recreate some of these memories and so he essentially is acknowledging this as he as he comes before Congress boastfully fully. I talked to a world leaders all the time what I do. SOM- money's intially. I mean not. Remember the details of all of these because she called and watch him Republicans the Democrats. It's hard to latch onto any part of what he say you even saw near the end Sean Patrick Money in New York set centrally. We've tried to testify truthfully three times. Now I mean he was not necessarily looking Gordon Sawan It's not necessarily the most credible testimony for either side right right but you can see them wanting to grab on Catherine as you said the parts that are favourable. Move on a little bit here to Rudy Giuliani. The other person who's getting scrutiny. Obviously got scrutiny. In some of these here is new reports out from the Washington. Post for instance about a business dealings. And this is what. This report says president trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani negotiated this year to represent Ukraine's top posse prosecutor for at least two hundred thousand during the same month that Giuliani was working with the prosecutor to dig up dirt on former vice president. Joe Biden according to people familiar with the discussions Melanie. We know that lots of Republicans are like throw Rudy. Giuliani the under a buzz. I'm in throw. Oh him under another bus that is what they WANNA do. A what is this new reporting on mean for the president's relationship Giuliani. We've seen so far that he hasn't necessarily wanted to distance himself right well. Republicans have wanted to throw him under the bus. He boarded the bus. That's true and look. I think this gives them more ammo to at least put distance between the president and Rudy Giuliani. Because now they can say he was in Ukraine for his own financial interests for his personal reasons. He wasn't really they're doing the president's bidding when it came to Ukraine. I mean I do think that's still a tough argument to make given that. We know that Rudy. Giuliani was the point man on Ukraine. Given that the president himself said go through Rudy. He knows what's going on there but I do think that Republicans are very very eager to take the heat off the president and this makes them an easy scapegoat and I'll just re read originally on his denial. This is what he said. I thought that would be too complicated. Mr Giuliani said. I never received a penny but as you said go continuing scrutiny on really Giuliani and this came up in the hearing as well granted. Mr Giuliani had business interests in Ukraine. Correct now I understand he did. I didn't know that at the time. Masters Par Parnasse Ashton Fruman. Correct Lot of new names. I've learned okay and you'd never met with those folks so hard for this president president to separate himself from Rudy Giuliani. Even though we've seen him do this before right. You think about Michael Cohen. Who's Michael Cohen? Essentially the president has said you mentioned the call. Call hard for him to do this but there was a call I think he gave recently where he was like Rudy. Giuliani has lots of clients at the president. said that he wasn't really Giuliani's only client Dan in that he might be going to Ukraine for all sorts of things I mean. What do you think the president's move on this is Josh well? The problem for the president is that Giuliani has briefed him repeatedly on his work in Ukraine. The president knew what Rudy Giuliani was doing in Ukraine. In fact the president I mean Rudy. Giuliani said to me that summer I told the President what I'm up to these days apprised of what I'm doing the prisoner. It's actually friends with Rudy Giuliani in his orbit. He actually has considering pure for many years. So you can distance yourself. Maybe maybe some of his work might be as Ukrainian work. Maybe his from Venezuelans maybe worked for whole litany of countries. That Rudy Giuliani Zoom. At the end of the day. He's been at the White House. A considerable amount talk to the president of all the time he was the president's main we go to vendor during the muller probe he was a main kind of Attack dog on television. So it's hard for the president to say you know who's Rudy Giuliani. I don't think he can do that to watch too. I think is that Rudy Giuliani also. So far has been very loyal to the president and I think one thing we saw with. It's Michael Cohen was the president. Did distance himself that happened over a period of time but also at some point Collins said I have to look out for my family protect myself and and when that turn happened that was significant and thus far we've seen we haven't seen a lot of daylight we'll have to watch this. Also today disturbing accusations levelled against embassador Solomon Three Women Tell Propublica on the record that someone engaged in sexual misconduct and then professionally. Punish the women when they rejected his unwanted wanted advances family friends and colleagues of each alleged victim over coal being told about the incident at the time silence. Personal spokesman responded to the accusations last tonight. It's a sad climate in America when these kinds of underhanded stories are trying to affect political outcomes and I think most people readers and public officials to are. 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Spending the holiday with his family mar-a-lago he'll also talk to members of the military as he does each Thanksgiving but this here he's also facing some very public criticism from his recently ousted. Navy secretary we've got. CNN's Jeremy Diamond joining us live from West Palm. Beach Germany talk about The dynamic that the president on this Thanksgiving belt to talk to truths. What's the dynamic that he's facing with the military right now well near look senior? Military and Pentagon officials have long expressed concerns about the president's impulsive decision making Most recently with regards regards to the Syria withdrawal but they are now also expressing concerns privately about the president's recent actions to intervene in the cases of three service members who were accused of war crimes and those concerns are leading to plummeting morale at the Pentagon according to our colleague. Barbara Starr and those concerns were really elucidated. Aided by Richard Spencer the recently ousted Navy secretary. Here's what he wrote in an op Ed as it relates President Trump's recent decision to intervene. In the case of Eddie Gallagher he writes. This was a shocking and unprecedented intervention in a low level review. It was also a reminder that the president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military military to fight ethically or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices. So that is a fairly scathing criticism there from the recently ousted Navy secretary but again near the important part here is that really brings to life many of the concerns That we are hearing privately from senior defense official senior military officials and now the president. Has this call later today with military personnel last year. We know that he already chose to go in a political direction with that. Call speaking with the general serving in Afghanistan. The president compared the fight against terrorists there to his efforts to combat illegal immigration in the United States. So that is also a concern. The president's politicisation Asian of the military and we may very well see the president Do the same later today. Yeah yeah that's happening now later this afternoon. Jeremy thanks for that report and happy Thanksgiving to you down in Florida in. We'll bring into the into the room here. Scathing as germy talked about their and willing to alight Josh in this op Ed is the president intervened early and multiple times on this case. Why is he doing this well? The President Different Scene Gallagher Gallagher on Fox News a number of times. He has some high profile defenders. Pete Fox News defender and the president has been inclined to intervene in these cases for many months. If you remember he tried to do it earlier this year and there was fierce backlash to you the Pentagon who went over to the White House Mark Millie mark expert. Chairman of Joint Chiefs Secretary of Defense and tried to convince the President in explicit terms. Please do this. Let the process play out. showed him pictures. Pictures of a crime showed him more than our details because they thought he was getting bad info from others and the president said okay. I'll think about it. And then he did it and then the most remarkable a couple part was after he did it. The Navy tried to not implement at first the president wanted so then the president tweeted again to say you will do what I want. It was a remarkable remarkable rebuke of the military and the president vice versa. They both were basically playing chicken with the other right. And now the president making this a part Porto his stump speech who knows if it will be a permanent part but it certainly was recently down in Florida I stuck up for three not gray warriors against the deep state so many people say sir. I don't think you should do that. I will always stick up. Aw for great fighters people could sit there and air conditioned offices and complain. But you know what doesn't matter to me whatsoever in Katherine you see the president extending the language of the deep state to the military particularly military leaders some of whom he put in these positions. It's an extension of broader appoint. He makes a lot but Washington working against him that he is fighting for for real people. He's fighting for real Americans fighting these warriors. Washington is is is stacked against him and you're going to hear more of this theme both with this other cases but I mean we've we've seen him again and again use of really expansive view of executive powers with military with DOJ with agencies. You know he when he wants his way on these things. He is very bold about going through. Whatever the advices and he's run up against a military leadership on any number of issues to you think about the withdrawal withdrawal from Syria Afghanistan troop levels the ban on transgender servicemembers? Which I believe he announced via tweet? Participation in NATO Indian war games with South Korea pardons for alleged war crimes which is what we're talking about. Now Yeah the president in this said Multiple Times I know better than the general more than the generals. And we've seen it with this long list of institutions where he basically contradicts his own experts on military leaders. And says I'm the commander in chief. I was elected and without being briefed or without following the briefing being that he gets from his leaders. Say I'M GONNA go with my gut on everything from whether we should pull troops out of Syria to whether or not. We should keep troops in Afghanistan. So Josh and I were at Mar-a-lago last year whether the president had these phone calls with the military leaders and he spent a Lotta time saying Oh. I know what we should be doing when it comes to buying ships for the military. I do think you can expect that again today. where the president will be politicizing? This phone call saying that he knows we were gold for your last year. The president was on the phone with his military leaders and he was saying you know trades very important to me and I think we have a lot of problems with trae than the military leader the other end. We don't see any issues with trade. Here's Yes yes. It was just remarkable later. This will be later today. We got some reporting from Barbara Starr about what this means for the actual military very division the military is divided one official said there are two cans half trump supporters. That believe the president is watching out for the troops but the other other half many of whom are high ranking believe the military must remain independent partisan political influence and. They don't see the president adhering to that Melanie well it. It sounds like tensions have been bubbling up for a while and things are really coming to the head especially with the decision and pulling our troops and abandon our Kurdish allies. But what's really striking to me. Is the disconnect between trump's love of the military and his understanding of the military. You know this is a president who ran on supporting the troops supporting the military supporting the veterans. And yet at the same time he makes these decisions as to Louis saying that goes against his own national security advisers goes against these generals and so it just does not seem to be like he's actually connecting with what the military want awesome. What their guiding ethical principles? There's also this dynamic where he likes the generals right. He often talks about my generals generals in jobs that I don't normally go to former military folks like John Kelly but when he wants to go against the generals as well too low he likes them sort of as a prophet likes to see them dressed up with all of their military or the dog this week that he had that came out trying to figure that out but yeah the president likes the traffic. We opened the door and as we go to break. Republican senators posting this video to express their appreciation for members of the US military. Tehri on Thanksgiving most grateful for our men and women in uniform keep us safe and keep us free. I'd be half for my family. We say thank you. I hope that even if you're not able to spend today with your loved ones that you will be home very soon. Hey I'm join me and channing Frye on our new show handles from social media to emerging storylines the hottest content the hottest place in the hottest takes we got it all tune to handle every Wednesday night on NBA TV and in the NBA APP. newham like everybody in in Palm Beach. No one knows how he made the money happening in buttoning my short and pulling my body on already naked body after the night for the sixteen eighteen years. I've reported on Jeffrey Epstein. The man the multi-million add the monster. Now go behind the story with me Vicky burst of. CNN's new podcast. The Jeffrey Epstein. I knew subscribe now wherever you get your pod costs so if you don't want to discuss politics at Thanksgiving dinner table there's plenty of weather to talk about right now. To winter or storms have millions of travelers dealing with downpours high winds and heavy snow. More than twenty million people are under some sort of watch warning or advisory in some areas are dealing with widespread power outages. We've got CNBC urologist. Who's tracking the forecast for us? Chad the of these storms which caused power outages and probably d'alene some travel for people? They could move into the weekend. Absolutely we've been standing here for two weeks with really nothing on the weather map. You put a holiday in the way and we have one storm on one side of the country and another one coming here from the West so the storm that made all the delays yesterday five a thousand airport delays. Yesterday airplanes were only one hundred and thirty were cancelled but five thousand. Airplanes were delayed at some point yesterday. That storm is moving away a small storm through the middle part of the country. But we're watching right now. Is Snow in Palmdale. What are the odds? That the kids in Palmdale California have a chance to get one snow snow day a decade. And they're already off because it's thanksgiving. It's raining hard notion. Sideburn Tire area down here in Los Angeles is just under a day lose Orange Orange County. You're under a flash flood warning for the next couple of hours and by the time you get above about two thousand feet it is all snow. So where does this go. Right in the way of the northeast for Sunday. When you're trying to get back home not too bad today? Here's the snow all the way through most of Salt Lake City and most of Nevada arena. Oh the big ski areas there around the Sierra going to pick up great snow if you're already they're probably can't get there because many of the roads are closed. Grapevine is close. Here comes the rain for the eastern part of the United States and snow in the DAKOTAS. Now we're moving you ahead to Sunday. And here's the problem if you WanNa get rid of your guests. You should do it on Saturday because by Sunday. They're going to be stuck here to a Monday. So don't let that happen. Say Hey you know what you have to go today. Don't stick around till Sunday A or else. You're going to be here till Monday. And we don't want that that's right Jack. Thanks so much for that word in that advice in happy Thanksgiving give it to you to see and try as they might high winds couldn't stop the iconic balloons from flying high. In this morning's macy's sees Thanksgiving Day parade. I'm so happy about this. You've got all of them. Were there not snoopy. He was cleared for takeoff. snoopy is one of at least three three new balloons this year including the spongebob. They're very much bomb and he's got his pet snail. Gary everybody knows Gerry and AH guess. He's on Spongebob. Back there and it's spongebob. Twentieth Birthday on and then more familiar faces here. We got picked choose. You've got blue Winter weather forecasts and concern over high winds had threatened to ground all those awesome giant balloons flew high in mm sky today for all those folks come. They see the parade and we'll be right back. Members of Congress are back in their districts. This thanksgiving and the drama of the Capitol Hill impeachment hearings is following them home. It's becoming townhall topic for some house. Democrats as impeachment related ads show up targeting vulnerable members in swing districts on the Senate side Republicans up for reelection or strategizing with how answer the impeachment question and we've got CNN's Phil Mattingly. Who joins US now Phil? What about twenty the three Republicans about Twelve Democrats who are up or the Republican senators? We should actually paying attention to as we think about these impeachment impeachment hearings so neither like any tough vote. That's coming in the United States. Senate you want to look at the front line folks. I so there's kind of an obvious shortlist to pay attention to people. Like Senator Susan Collins Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa Senator Thom tillis North Carolina. Senator Cory Gardner in Colorado. But I'm not looking at them because I think that necessarily they're going to vote to remove the president of the United United States and impeachment. Why I'm looking at them for another reason? I think we haven't fully gotten into the media. Cycle related to what a Senate trial actually entails. But I'm just going to kind of give people a hint here and say we don't know a lot of information that's because there aren't a lot of rigid rules as to how this is going to take place and this is why these senators may matter more than just how they vote in the end there is going to be a need for a coalition likely a bipartisan coalition of senators. To come together meet and figure out a structure that actually gives legitimacy to the process and allows allows the President and Democrats and everybody else in a very polarized very split country on this issue to feel like maybe unlike some Republicans feel about the house. This was a trial that kind of Holds up the institution of the United States. Senate is supposed to be held up and at the end of it. People feel like everybody got a fair shake. Now that's a that's a long long way off and it's also a bit of a tough sell given how split everybody is at this point in time but pay attention to people like Susan Collins to people like Cory Gardner and see if they start to cross party lines again not devote the president but the try and figure figure out a way to have a Senate trial that structured in a manner that both sides feel like is fair. The two people need to pay attention to Mitch. McConnell and Chuck Schumer the two leaders. They'll be the ones meeting to actually lay Out The top line structure of this but the details of who the witnesses are how votes take place. How long the trial is? That's going to take some rank and file members in the middle to come together. That's why I think these senators are most important right now. We'll see how they vote. That's all going to play out in the weeks ahead but right now how the Senate trial actually works is perhaps even more important than that at least for the moment and we know the president obviously hiring some of these senators as well Phil thanks so much for that report and happy Thanksgiving to you. Think you're being here man Melanie. I'M GONNA go right to you on this and I'm GonNa put on the street here. Abigail Spam Burger who sort of one of those frontline dims on here is her strategy in terms of impeachment going home and talking talking to her folks in the district so I figured when I went out to go hang out with the Democrats the week after last week. Ah The topic would be the president. But I'm looking at your schedule. It doesn't seem to be the topic. Why is that? It's Alex Healthcare Because that's the top issue for people within my district. Yeah and if you think about the way in which they ran and won in two thousand eighteen it was on these bread and butter issues like health care like student loan debt like a drug prices. So that's apparently what her strategy is going forward as well right actually trying to turn the table on Democrats and in twenty twenty. They're saying that they're obsessed with impeachment and that they're doing this at the expense of things like prescription drug prices and a trade deal with the president but we are seeing a day. Virgin split between how Democrats are you're dealing with this. You are seeing some like span burger. WHO's trying to distance herself and build her own brand? We're seeing some people like Tom. Malinowski of New Jersey. Who's actually just leaning into it and embracing it? Because because the thinking is Democrats are GonNa be saddled with impeaching it no matter what so you might as well You know run towards it instead of run away from it and I think the other thing to look out for is the conversations that Democrats are having with their constituents. This week could ultimately shape. What articles of impeachment look like because Democrats are still debating whether to keep it narrow whether to pull when Muller and plus? He's been looking out for her frontline members throughout this entire process. So if they come back and say we're only comfortable with XYZ. I suspect leadership will probably your was Mickey Leaky Cheryl in New Jersey. She another frontline Democrat. Is You talk about somebody. Certainly Nancy Pelosi is paying attention to. Here's what happened in one of her town halls. It appears that for the last couple of years all that has been going on is investigations. And it's keeping US away from the work inter-country Iraq Iran and healthcare. Cross the line for me. When is senior in your car? Because he wanted to component in Katherine. That was Mikey Cheryl. I said Mickey put that on the record correction there and you see I heard they're essentially saying this was a matter of national security. You hear a lot of Democrats saying essentially. They didn't have a choice in terms of impeachment process. Yeah you definitely have these Democrats especially especially those in your moderate districts freshmen. Who you know flipped districts that were Republican in in twenty eighteen who have been cautious about going towards impeachment and a lot of them get did finally say think these are these on love them said? You're okay with an impeachment inquiry and answer these questions but these are people who now the trump campaign or watching these districts very very closely because they see opportunity there to cast these these members as as as me saying you're not in in touch with people want not working on issues like health care education and jobs but instead of obsessed with endless investigations and that's a real issue for these folks. They do WANNA show show. They are working on other issues and this talk about this language to the Republican talking points. Democrats to focus on impeachment exact language in this Ad. What are the Democrats done? They're wasting millions on partisan which ought to reverse the two thousand sixteen election. They know they can't compete so they try to impeach Congressman Ben mcadoo to stop impeachment now instead of working to secure our border fix healthcare and pass a new trade deal with our neighbors that creates real jobs yeah. She's a partisan peach investigation. Josh I think to some degree immigrants so formats you have the mullahs report comes out and shows all of these he's different you know. Obstructive episodes damaging report muller testifies in next day. The president has US call with the president of Ukraine where he makes and these demands and and calls for investigations in some ways you know. Criticizing was president publicly has not stopped what they see is his daughter's Behavior Savior would censoring. Stop Him what would stop him so at at at one point or another. I think the Democrats believe the ones I've talked. What else do we have to do? Right he continues to reducing water. We have to shift quickly here. I want to get to some voters voices because you don't often hear from them. We got pulling up. But here's what a couple of voters had to say. I think it's all going to boil down to if you think what he did. How bad was it? It's it is not addin question. What happens so it doesn't really matter how many times how many witnesses they come on and say the same thing opportunity to get the president out in eleven months the right way versus spending the next two years you know chewing this old bone the other chance of the Mueller investigation and to Michigan voters are key not state for this president of the Democrat changing? Yeah I think that's why you don't you see Democrats. Don't WANNA spend months and months on this. They want to have this vote. Have this trial have it out of the wave so that voters who say we have an election coming up. We'll be able to have their say. I think that's why Democrats are going to try to get this wrapped up quickly. Be In their districts a couple more days. We'll see what happens and as as we go to break a congressional flashback one year ago today Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was nominated by her caucus to return a speaker of the House End. She expressed optimism about her relationship with the president. It was so inspiring to hear my colleagues place my name in nomination once again for Speaker of the House. It's we are a CO equal branch of government my uh-huh power there springs from the vote of the members of the House of Representatives. I think that the president will be respectful. Both can't get enough of the NBA sign up for NBA League pass to gain access to every game being played across the Association Gatien every night with all new ways to watch through the NBA APP visit Mba dot com or the NBA APP to get started. Today that's the end of the morning dragon experiment. Are you going to say it for stop. I always sleigh at Queen's secondly yes rick and Morty Sundays at eleven eleven thirty only on adult swim topping our political radar planes that the FBI. I spied on the trump campaign being knocked down today according to the New York Times. The Justice Department's Inspector General found no evidence that the F. B. I.. Tried to plant undercover cover agents inside the campaign however sources familiar with the draft of the yet to be released. I G report also tells The Times that the I G concluded the. FBI was careless in unprofessional. In pursuing a wiretap on former trump campaign advisor Carter page and North Korea is added again Dan launching too short range projectiles earlier today. A South Korean military official says they were fired toward the e c from a super large calibre multiple Tokyo rocket launcher. The North has a history of conducting missile tests on. US Holidays and protesters in Hong Kong are waving American flags eggs and cheering president trump. After he signed a bill passed almost unanimously by Congress backing the pro-democracy movement or China is accusing the. US is a publicly supporting violent criminals and has summoned the US ambassador to Beijing to protest the move on. We've got will ripley. Who is in Hong Kong? I will This is good news for the Hong Kong protesters you see them. Cheering this move. But it also complicates a U. S. China trade policy. It absolutely does. And I think president trump's reluctance to sign this bill into law the fact that he waited a week and then immediately after signing it issued that statement You know reinforcing. His respect for the Chinese President Xi Jinping clearly. He's concerned that these two leaders have a personal relationship. But can that relationship survive an issue you as sensitive as this one is China. China takes nothing more seriously than a place like Hong Kong territory with people talking about independence that is absolute salute blasphemy for the leaders in Beijing. Same thing with Taiwan I mean they. They've all they've always insisted they could take back Taiwan at any time. It's renegade province and when the US does anything that China perceives perceives as friendly towards Taiwan there are consequences. Well we don't know what the consequences will be. Because of this bill which authorizes sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials believed to be involved in human rights abuses but the bigger issue for Hong Kong would be this annual review of the of the special status than Hong Kong enjoys that that allows the city to be very prosperous and it would be devastating economically if that was taken away but also what this really showed is the division inside this city the split-screen screen moment of thousands of citizens celebrating the United States. Signing this bill into law while at the same time they're government was strongly condemning the action and using words like bullying and evil This is the division in Hong Kong that continues to be a problem that continues to sow seeds of unrest. And I'm not sure that this bill necessarily solves that as you said it could further complicate the situation. Thanks so much for that report will and happy Thanksgiving to you. We'll bring inside the room here Catherine a we're our. US trade talks with this and be. The president clearly has been all over the map on this. I think at one point. He said he supported the Hong Kong protesters in China. Yeah so trade talks Both sides you know sometime back indicated they were moving towards a phase one deal on a U. S. China trade. That still wouldn't really deal with some of the bigger concerns but would start you on this path but those talks appeared to have slowed We have not seen a lot of progress recently. The president last week. When he was touring can apple facility was asked about this sensitive? Said you know He. He wanted to see more from China. So so those are not coming to ahead immediately where things stand so now after this signing it does not appear it shots the talks down You know the president made various conciliatory statements about she and the the Chinese have sort of taken some hope from that they are also asking that he not fully implement this so we have to see how this continues to inhale suggested that maybe he wouldn't fully implement it as well so we'll keep even I on that up next how the twenty twenty candidates are spending their Thanksgiving even though it's a holiday. Some twenty twenty candidates just can't quit the campaign trail cold Turkey senators and Democratic presidential candidates cholera Harrison. Arison Amy Klobuchar are both in Iowa. Today here's went to the Turkeytrot into moines handing out cookies to runners. Yeah and cloture is also in Des Moines working on a service project this hour but she took a moment to post. This throwback Thursday Dave photo of herself as a kid after Thanksgiving table. tweeting as you can see. I'm always thankful for a good Turkey and a bang trip and thanks for joining us on inside politics. Happy Thanksgiving to all of y'all out there and all the Cobra is in for bronchiolar. She starts whitening shop the Omaha steaks black Friday sale and save on delicious and memorable state gifts. They'll enjoy and share throughout the holiday season right now. How podcast listeners can get the favored gift package for just sixty nine ninety nine? Just go to Omaha steaks DOT COM and type the lead in the search bar. You're happy friends and family. They will open their door to a cooler full of deliciously tender stakes plus premium meats sides in desert. They'll love it when it arrives and think of you. Every time they cook and share air their meals Omaha steaks fifth generation. American family owned company. That's been handcrafting. 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