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"mark maytham" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

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"mark maytham" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

"Now, former leader of Australia's may not position party is switching sides me. Switching size of the country's most prominent right wing, indeed hard ripe movement. Mark Maytham looked on course to become a straight is prime minister fifteen years ago, though, instead he led labor to defeat. Now. He's joining the one nation party is some of what he had to say explaining that. During an interview with Australia's today program. The number one issue in Sydney is either population either development, the CD becoming unlivable in dysfunctional and at federal level playboy who got to change the site like invite one nation to send a message to cut the immigration rights with one hundred thousand extra plea coming into Sydney, and it's tight level bene- planning to make sure we darned have either development that we have an indoor role. Sprawl rows of apartment towers, clogging up city. That's not the Sydney Australia. Why? Federal and state elections coming up in the next six months is a good alternative to the major parties that have lost control of Sydney's Letham. Speaking Australian television, well, Monaco correspondent in Sydney's Clarisa survive Montefiore, she's on the line now. Montlake is a man who has we say nearly became prime minister then from left wing policy joins the far. Right. That's quite a big shift. It's definitely a big shift as you said he was defeated in the two thousand and full election. And then he stood for the labour party, which is left center left. So he's gone from the mole left-wing party to the to the to the fall foul rights. Yes. He's planning to run this for the state governments in east, South Wales. He is exactly. And to do that. He'll be New South Wales. Branch leader Pauline Hanson's, one nation party one nation is well known here for perhaps you might call it listen questionable values around race. And on it's in its very route politics what we heard in that on one won't television into another entity that he gave to the he said that. Discrimination of any kind is bad which suggests that he may not have done a great deal of research about the party his joined, yes. Yes. Well, Pauline Hanson, she famously wore burqa to you the Senate in in two thousand seventeen to sort of to make a point on. It was really a massive publicity stunt that went down like a lead Blaine. And then more recently, she a a n. The Senate which was quite cold. It's okay to be white. She ranted against anti racism and said that you know, she had to quote acknowledge the deplorable rise of anti white racists attacks on western civilization. And that it is okay. To be white that got Perez pare back very very close to to going through the Senate. But it also caused absolute outrage in Australia, where racism is still considered a problem here in montlake house being sacked as a host on Sky News. He's been filed as a newspaper columnist you could interpret this as a loss throw of the dice by figure who's very much amount of the past. Yes. It does seem like it's definitely a move that. We'll get him back in the headlines, however, briefly that is and will make a splash, which I'm sure he definitely is aware. All I mean, news dot com dot AU, which is a new site. Here said the headline which I think ready sums it up. The question on everyone's lips. How long are the alliance polling Hanson actually lost? So I'm not sure that people think wouldn't necessarily be a long term alliance. What it does do is a track to tension for one nation. Get them headlines. Get them talked about there is a general election in Australia in the next six months as widespread assumption that Labor's going to do well in that election could this make that task of bit harder for them. I think so mean, it's definitely a burst for right wing politics. Not much told Australian channel nine television. That labor and the coalition have got the same policies, it's important to give people the choice. So that's the I did send two left in the center right is offering the same thing. Sorry, obviously of one nation failed recently at the ballot box not thousand and seventeen. Western Australian state election in Queensland, which is pulling Hanson's high state used to being popular than it is now. And of course, she she enjoyed the balance of power in the upper house and the Senate in two thousand sixteen but that the party then split with the resignation of several several of numbers..

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