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"mark mata vanni" Discussed on KMOX News Radio 1120

"Endorsements in the Saint Louis county executive race I'm Brian Kelly he came lex news time is seven zero four Steve Travis, has your forecast at seven ten well the post-dispatch has picked businessman. Mark Mata Vanni for. Saint Louis county executive that over incumbent Steve Stangl says Kevin Kaleen in throwing out a candidate it wants supported the post-dispatch. Says incumbent democrat Steve stinger quote had his chance to shine and, he, blew it, challenger montavani says, momentum is building a lot of people have been disappointed with the county executives. Performance and I think the post-dispatch is just recognizing reality stinger has received his share, of endorsements to including from the Saint Louis labor, council the Saint Louis county police association and firefighters local six fifty five and heavy turnout among union voters is expected. On election day because of something else on, the ballot, proposition a the so called right to work question, Saint Louis Police are working a couple of new homicide cases both took place last night on the south side of the city I happened on. Texas near one. A bagel about eight thirty a man, in his, fifties was. Shot in the stomach he, was? Conscious, and breathing when taken to, the hospital but he died there the second killing happened about ten thirty on Ohio near Cherokee a twenty five year. Old man died. After being shot, a upper, chest no, word, on suspects in either case, a tire blowout being. Blamed for a, traffic crash death. In southern Illinois happened Friday on northbound I fifty seven in Williamson. County a pickup truck veered off the highway an. Overturned in a ditch killing the driver of, the victim's name not being released yet..

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