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Daystar CEO Marcus Lamb dies after COVID diagnosis

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Daystar CEO Marcus Lamb dies after COVID diagnosis

"Marcus Marcus lamb lamb the the CEO CEO and and founder founder of of the the conservative conservative Christian Christian Daystar Daystar television television network network has has died died at at the the age age of of sixty sixty four four after after contracting contracting the the corona corona virus virus his his wife wife Joanie Joanie said said he he had had diabetes diabetes and and was was hospitalized hospitalized after after his his oxygen oxygen levels levels had had dropped dropped lemon lemon Daystar Daystar have have promoted promoted views views opposing opposing cove cove in in nineteen nineteen vaccines vaccines and and restrictions restrictions to to stop stop the the spread spread of of the the disease disease the the network's network's programs programs have have featured featured vaccine vaccine skeptics skeptics and and healthcare healthcare professionals professionals who who promote promote alternative alternative club club in in nineteen nineteen treatments treatments in in recent recent months months a a number number of of prominent prominent anti anti vaccination vaccination Christian Christian broadcasters broadcasters have have died died from from Calvin Calvin nineteen nineteen radio radio host host Dick Dick Farrell Farrell Phil Phil Valentine Valentine and and mark mark Bernie Bernie or or who who were were unvaccinated unvaccinated all all died died after after they they contracted contracted the the virus virus I I Walter Walter Ratliff Ratliff

Marcus Marcus Lamb Daystar Daystar Joanie Joanie Diabetes Diabetes Cove Cove Calvin Calvin Dick Dick Farrell Farrell Phil Phil Valentine Valentine Mark Mark Bernie Bernie Walter Walter Ratliff Ratliff
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"This one is probably suffering from delusions e. g. the ones that go to conferences and allow themselves to be caught on camera talking. Peace of gay accused a anyone oppose the trump of pedophilia etcetera. These people are in dire. need help. Well that sounds like you're on my side a little scared to mental health. Yeah like help help you know scare about a next groups that you about mentioned because that that sounds like you're gonna get off my side but yeah three to your group grafter. This is a very small. They're highly vocal group. These are people who don't believe any of this shit but it pays so good they roll with it. These are all your fox news parts now. He's black custodians. Alex jones ties. These people are vaccinated socially distanced but use whatever platform. They have the access to to discourage the garden variety. Cunanan from following the cdc gallon. Okay but i just want to clarify they number. Two group is not even close to what i was talking about because people are starting to capitol. Yeah don't believe capital probably a lot more group one and group two not saying none of them worse because alex jones was there but alex jones and go as ass inside that capital. He knew it was right number. Three the real deal the. Oh jeez the guys who back go back to the nixon reagan era whose contemporaries rush limbaugh. You have covered these guys corona virus news a few examples. Dictatorial phil valentine. Marc bernier and mark bernie and robert david still. These guys have been running rinky-dink radio stations youtube channels for decades. They hate everything that threatens white male identity. They don't seem to be in it for the money because they're operations aren't robust though to speak. They believe that conspiracies. They live their wraps. They believe the vaccine is toxic and debt mixed in hydro hydrocare hydroxy chloroquine. Basically anything the cdc one against the real deal these other people who have gotten all supply probably decades ago. They were reasonable people..

Cunanan alex jones Alex jones nixon reagan phil valentine Marc bernier cdc mark bernie robert david fox rush limbaugh youtube
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"Come. They're trying to escape poverty. They're trying to escape criminality. We're a welcoming country. We're a nation of immigrants. Come american citizens have you been vaccinated. I wanna think you're killing people. Farmers come well. How do we know if they have. The cronulla doesn't matter. Just come. Send us your ms thirteen. Send us your diseases. We're not checking for anything. Send us send us send us. We have no serious way of figuring anything out we have the claritin piven method place people just pouring into the country overwhelming the system. Now you see the democrat party and their surrogates could give a damn if any of them have a virus as a condition of not coming into the country but you damn well better get vaccinated. Oh and by the way we don't want all people of color coming into this country no just people of color who we hope will vote democrat one day. If you're a person of color safe from cuba or venezuela and i use the dialect of of course he marks bernie sanders vermonter. If you're one of them we'd rather not come as a matter of fact we're going to stop you from coming. Don't come across the ocean because we're gonna turn you back right back into these shark-infested waters on the other hand. If you from other parts of central and south. America arms are wide open see. It's only certain people of color. They care ban as clarence. Thomas air so many black brilliant conservatives in this country how they're treated by the white supremacists and the democrat party asked them anyway. You'll say wait a minute this country of course it is seen rhetoric take the damn vaccine under trump. I don't think so. I don't trust it now today. Keg the damn what else if you've had the vaccine it doesn't mean you're safe to. Why am i taking. Because i told you to. Now take it and we're mask and we're asking side. What.

democrat party bernie sanders venezuela cuba clarence America Thomas
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"mark bernie" Discussed on Wrestling With FanBoy Mark Jabroni's Ring Rust

"Like me on facebook. Tiny all dot com slash. Ray rust follow me on twitter at mark bernie and subscribe to jabber -nology tv youtube dot com slash. Fan boy merchant. Rony brings us presents macho facts. Randy savage doesn't read books. He stares them down till he gets information. He wants and macho man. Want elbow drops someone so hard. These eligible broke. The speed of light went back in time and killed. Amelia earhart.

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"California dearie number 01257567 Democrats are talking about up on the number of judges on the Supreme Court to make it more liberal. However, polls show Americans support the confirmation of the last three justices. All conservatives. Then you probably recall that it was said by the left stated that all of your rights would be taken away. You gaze back in the closet back alley abortions. None of that stuff has happened. Has anybody noticed that Armstrong and getting telling you what the mainstream media won't mornings on 5 60, KSFO Martel, Alexa to play KSFO? This tape might be called racist by the mainstream media. Armstrong and Getty call it fact. What do you think? The Biden administration put out the word Officially, we're going toe undo all of the enforcement mechanisms of the Trump administration in the cartels immediately put out the word. Get ready to go. The welcome wagon is out. And by the many, many thousands, the folks have descended on the border. Not remember when Trump was in the White House. The idea was that all these poorer these poor Children, they're ripped apart from their parents on the company now. That's the strategy. The cartels know our laws. The real answer to the illegal legal immigration problem is the serious e verify. If businesses can't hire illegals, everything changes. What's the magnet to come here? If you can't get a job, and like every other civilized country on Earth, we would have very simple laws, saying Your physical presence here doesn't entitle you to collect all sorts of public benefits Armstrong and getting 69 on talk radio 5 60, ks fo ks Suppose Mark love in the Democrat Party today wants nothing to do with the founding father who do they worship Black lives matter. Talks about Mark Defeat talks about Mark Bernie Sanders. Mark Live in 326 on 5 60 ksfo. No word in the English language is less convincing than probably. Are You sure we should get matching tattoos on our first date? Sure. What? Probably stay together. Probably. It's been 23 minutes since I ate. I can probably swim. You should wait. 30 minutes, Okay? Don't tell me what to do. Can it by Graham E have a cramp? I.

Mark Bernie Sanders Graham E 01257567 Mark Defeat Democrat Party Earth Democrats Armstrong 23 minutes 30 minutes Getty California Supreme Court today 69 English Martel 5 60 Mark first date
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"Mark Bernie instead start your morning at six with a New York at age two entertaining and seven seventy seventy seven W. A. B. C. news weather and now Alex striking the daily double fifty degrees cloudy New York I'm Bob brown that was trending on seventy seven WABC and WBC radio dot com Alex Trebek is offering a health update is good news the jeopardy host taking to social media to talk about his prognosis a year after his cancer diagnosis the one year survival rate for stage for pancreatic cancer patients is eighteen percent I'm very happy to report I have just reached that marker the host went on to say he'd be lying if I said the journey had been an easy one to back says there were some good days but a lot of not so good days president trump says it's safe to fly in the US a lot of domestic business now I can tell you this thing in this country they feel safe many airlines cutting back on their schedules due to corona viruses for cancer the Ramsey Subaru weather center tonight mostly cloudy with some showers low thirty nine for the rams you super with the center fifteen Central Park forty nine in college point for the seventy seven WBZ news desk I'm Bob around next updated nine twenty four seven coverage WBZ radio dot com WABC traffic in transit what we are looking at some heavy traffic on the North Bay bridge on the northeast extension of the turnpike some heavy volume actually east and westbound crossing the bridge because of construction.

cancer WABC WBZ president W. A. B. C. North Bay bridge Central Park rams Ramsey Subaru weather center Mark Bernie US trump Alex Trebek Bob brown New York
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"South Carolina democratic debate we are in the second hour of tonight's debate on C. B. S. former vice president Joe Biden has been a bit feisty the fact that about a Chinese folk overtime I'm gonna talk to Dale the judge mark Bernie Sanders for refusing to support elimination of the filibuster in the U. S. Senate are we gonna deliver revolution if you won't even support a rule change we are in the state warned Democrats of the dangers of Bernie Sanders is the nominee if you keep on going we will elect Bernie Bernie will lose to Donald Trump and Donald Trump and the house and the Senate and some of the state houses we'll all go red Elizabeth Warren said she's a progressive who can win progressives have got one shot and we need to spend a week with a leader who will get something done CBS news special report I'm Steve Futterman and do not forget that you can watch tonight's debate live at W. T. O. P. dot com it's nine twenty one two registered Democrats in Florida both of them veterans in their eighties are asking a court to remove Bernie Sanders from the state's March seventeenth primary ballot Sanders is registered as a Democrat with the Federal Election Commission but the lawsuit filed in Leon county says he is not a bona fide a Democrat Sanders has for decades refused to formally identify as a Democrat even though he has long caucused with the party the lawsuit says defended Sanders is quote clearly an independent it is clearly not a Democrat by his own definitions Florida Democratic Party voters but either voted unanimously last year to play centers on the primary ballot renters in Montgomery County have a really cool reason to smile as evening a bill requiring landlords to provide air conditioning was unanimously approved earlier today by the county council landlords must install AC for use between June first and September thirtieth councilman Tom Hucker sponsored a bill where we're not only concerned about the cost of a window unit which isn't that much but it's the more expensive electric upgrades that may be necessary in some of our older rental property landlords will have to pay for any upgrades the bill doesn't apply to single family homes and landlords can ask for a six month extension the bill now goes to the county executive for approval there were long delays on the red lines is more on the red line this morning after a man was hit by a train in Rockville just before six this morning Montgomery count the fire and.

Florida W. T. O. CBS South Carolina Rockville executive Tom Hucker Montgomery County Leon county Federal Election Commission vice president Steve Futterman Elizabeth Warren Donald Trump Bernie Bernie Senate Bernie Sanders Dale
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"The big one are the numbers and you know some political pundit a long time ago said something that made a lot of sense when you're talking about politics all running for office whoever it was said at the end of the day it really all comes down to would you want to go out and have a beer with these people and let me ask you Mike of the six of them up on the stage up there Wednesday any of them that you would want to go out have a beer with man I you know beer creates honesty and and I honestly I think if I got down with with with Biden I would he would he possibly be honest with me do you really buy all this garbage are you just saying that because you know deep down he knows it's all garbage he don't really mean it I mean look at his voting record when he was in the Senate is basically a Republican yeah I did and that's the thing he if any of them truly could be pacified is a moderate it would be him however he used to be a moderate he's tall and the democratic line I remember in the first democratic debate the first one one of the moderators ask who appear raise your hand if you are for giving free health care to to illegal immigrants and that's when you have a lot more and six up there not one of them not one of them did not raise their hands so Joe Biden at one time might have been a moderate he certainly is not now but I still think he'd be a fun guy to be I think mark Bernie we have to have a metamucil I don't think that there's a drink a beer with him but I think he probably just going to some diatribe you know some London based communist base died today he would be honest that he would come out and say it all well think about Bernie is wouldn't be beard B. Bob welcome madam muse yeah Bob can better than usual the trick of Bernie Sanders now of course vodka being the drink of Soviet communists only by the way did you know well Bernie Sanders take his honey scenic Moscow when Moscow Russia was part of the S. W. and years of anybody and that's that's what's so frustrating about all of this is that when Bernie Sanders opens his mouth about Russian interference it's just like oh my god it's so frustrating it's like you you literally if vacation and Russell man and of course the new one apparently there was a up house intelligence briefing a couple of days ago where the intelligence community who we all know hate Donald Trump said that there is some evidence now that here we go the interferences starting end they want to have the Russians who want trump to win and guess who's on the house intelligence committee Adam Schiff Adam Schiff R. D. I don't think he leaked it to the failing New York no no no no he wouldn't do that anyway I think about it too if you're Vladimir Putin would you rather deal with Donald Trump or a guy who honeymooned in your country when it was a communist and who is a spouse for most of his adult life affection for socialism Marxism and in his early life communism wouldn't you want that died in office one would think somebody who shares you know ideological beliefs yeah you know well anyway you know it again it all comes down at the end of the day do you want to have a beer with Hey we gotta take a break but we'll be back with your calls seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one are the numbers Mike Allen and Mike Allen junior Saturday midday traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. W. Cincinnati Democrats Ian Nevada caucus today to pick their choice for president this is the nine thirty report on sandy Collins breaking now ABC's Alex stone is in Vegas and says there are many unknowns about when we'll learn the results today the timing here today is totally unknown four years ago we knew the results in Nevada by early afternoon local time but there are fears of a repeat of Iowa you have technology being used doesn't work and they've got the more complicated aspect of folding in early votes to the tally today so it could take longer Nevada Democrats even said maybe we won't get results today no that is no longer using an app that they planned and they've implemented a new tool they believe is gonna help better calculate the results but only time's going to tell whether or not we get those results and whether any speed bumps happen along the way.

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"mark bernie" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"Are you done they'll let me all the time the judge made their hired Bernie Sanders the job which did well with they're doing a little research on it then the father in law into both realism and mark Bernie Sanders but we did not know that the deep coming out and yet he's running those who actually you you actually actually actually you know that because it came out yeah here you know where that you're aware of that because it came out in the media and but a judge that claims to be a moderate but all you have to do is go to the judge and just type in but a judge on the issues and you see how radically is across the board from abortion to open borders to getting rid of fossil fuels to a carbon tax he's a typical far left liberal that exists today in the the Democrat party so it's it's out there that he claims to do it but anyone who who takes a you know of a step back look that's why you don't that's why you don't have the establishment Democrats that are afraid of socialist that are jumping on the bed do you know to back but a judge yeah I'm that's it it is some you know he's kind of a a a a a poster boy for the problem with the party right now aesthetically he works right remember bomb was it in the media I was somebody on fox news that said you know he's a really good guy and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and and we were like hold on a second do you do you know where he stands on the issues do you know and he was getting and someone wrote the article is a liberal publication but they wrote the article that even and or they put in the article that even conservatives some conservatives are on board it's like okay let's slow the role of it but he is kind of the poster boy for where the party is now I mean you look at the radical views and they don't want burning out there just shouting at everybody Michael J. fox they don't want him promoting openly that we're gonna he wants to fundamentally change the nation and go straight to socialism or further to socialism they want they need a little bit of both and border judge they're trying to get or he's trying to be a little bit of Barack Obama but Rachael bomb if he were running for the first time in twenty twenty what he got what he get the same kind of support well look who's Bob but now they're saying that the parties gone too far left mmhm Obama that they that it's going to be like a circular firing squad right that that they had we are that they have to start dealing with reality the judge in the things he believes in dealing with reality he just sounds like the movies right.

Bernie Sanders
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"Title locked out com smart it all went talked about mark Bernie Sanders is a red the Michael Bloomberg supports the Reds let's get started with the Washington compost piece that nobody read because when it was published Mike Bloomberg was presiding over his inaugural Bloomberg new economy form in Singapore in twenty eighteen one of the surprises some of the audience he gushed about one of China's top government officials vice president why he shot was called the most influential political figure in China said Bloomberg in the world and in the world Bloomberg said breaking from a prepared text said it said the keynote speaker was one of the most influential Bloomberg noted that he and **** had first met Bloomberg's home fifteen years earlier when he was mayor of New York and **** was mayor of Beijing any praise the vice president for helping lead China quote through a period of extraordinary growth and pro unquote then in September amid mass pro democracy protests in Hong Kong and human rights activists decrying China's imprisonment a Muslim minorities Bloomberg seem to go out of his way to defend gauging saying in a television interview that you heard that president he is he paying is not a dictator quote unquote Bloomberg said she quote has to satisfy his constituents res not going to survive on quote to not president trump said president trump's unprecedented decision to retain ownership of his global real estate business has tested the limits of America's ethics laws and traditions sparking lawsuits and allegations of influence by foreign interests a Bloomberg presidency could present a whole new level of overseas entanglements with China as a prime example tensions have grown between what and by the way other than this story how can this is in a daily drumbeat about Bloomberg why because he's spending hundreds of millions of dollars trashing the constitution I'm trashing trump they're gonna take him out yet changes have grown between Washington and Beijing in recent years amid trade disputes clashes over democracy and human rights and disagreements over China's efforts to expand its influence around the world yet Bloomberg who's spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money to compete for the democratic presidential nomination has deepened his entanglements with that key US adversary forging close financial ties there while showering praise on the Communist Party leaders whose good well is required to play a role in that fast growing market what a sleaze ball the billionaire whose core business sells financial information to investors has led effort since twenty fifteen to make it easier for American companies to trade in Chinese currency a moving braced by China's largest banks expanded one of his company's financial indexes which could steer one hundred and fifty billion dollars in the China while earning his firm an undisclosed amount in fees still the sleazy stuff that goes on behind the scenes while you're working hard in you look at a guy like Bloomberg is a pretty stupid man you look at a guy like Tom start another pretty stupid guy you won't have these guys make billions how do they make billions because they're sleaze balls some people make billions the old fashioned way but there's a lot of billionaires and most of them are on the left who are sleaze balls did I say sleaze balls Mister minister all told mainland China accounts for one percent of Bloomberg's revenue in Hong Kong for another four percent overall Bloomberg LP's ten billion dollars in annual revenue far surpasses that of the trump organization which was at least four hundred thirty five million in twenty eighteen according to trump's financial disclosures will of course trump isn't in the private sector anymore either but that's a secondary issue transmission of hotels including one near the White House has been challenged as a violation of the constitutional provision that forbids a president from taking payments from foreign governments trump doesn't take any payments from foreign governments the Bloomberg quote his business is far broader inter woven into the financial fabric throughout the world see trump's is not while Bloomberg is stepped aside from running is privately held company as he runs for president he's maintained is eighty eight percent ownership stake if elected a spokesman said Bloomberg with either put the company a blind trust salad it's not clear whether putting his business in a blind trust would think a questions about a conflict of interest because Bloomberg would know the main asset to the trust is this company let me tell you something at their bloomers let me tell you something because you and your party have supported absolute reckless subpoenas and attacks on president trump's businesses you're gonna get that times a thousand and I'm gonna make sure that's right here at Loudon far all you left wing websites pointed out same with use dire the Bloomberg is elected president he would immediately have to deal with the same Chinese officials he worked with closely as the chief executive of his business but in his new role he would be embroiled in the trade worn face questions about how to deal with China's human rights violation and its handling of pro democracy protesters look we already know he's praised China there's not a damn thing that genocidal regime can do that will upset Colbert me the guy runs a press agency does any re what the reporting remember they said most money is on financial investment advice and financial investments not even on the press side of his business Kyle bass a hedge fund manager this past advancement investments once included a bat the Chinese currency would fall in value said voters inevitably will ask whether Bloomberg feels behold the China the Chinese government bass said quote is enormous financial leverage over anyone who does business with them and so in Mike Bloomberg does interviews and says he is not a dictator I believe Bloomberg is blinded by his wallet and best recipe believes Bloomberg is the most capable of all presidential candidates but said his biggest weakness the biggest vulnerabilities trying let housing the most capable it's a problem for president a public official they continued on business interests in countries that have designated been designated by the US government as a strategic competitor said Andrew Nathan a Chinese specialist and professor of political science at Columbia Bloomberg declined an interview request he spoke city it chasing Schecter home cation Schecter said in a written response to questions at as president Michael speak up about areas where he we have profound differences with China including human rights democratic freedoms and track it sound that women to you Mr producer I thought he embraced all the tyranny Schecter said Bloomberg support sanctions against China response to gross violation of human rights against you Chris then why can't Bloomberg said for an interview and save himself in addition Schecter said Bloomberg believes quote the Chinese have taken advantage of the global trading system in ways that are you as workers that president he would want to dress these problems this is such a lie a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry declined to discuss Bloomberg saying China will not calm that's specific inventive it individuals enterprises a relevant business activity while adding the country welcomed all endeavors a continued the China US friendship and cooperation Bloomberg is the ninth richest person in the world although that would not be known by examining the five hundred person Bloomberg billionaires index the company's policy is not the cover itself so Bloomberg himself quote isn't considered for this ranking the company says in and out about its methodology Forbes magazine says Bloomberg is worth is the world's ninth richest person with fifty five point five billion dollars.

mark Bernie Sanders Michael Bloomberg Reds Washington
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"Well it looks like tool for me for a while we New York and we are going to be all over this country I think I can reassure the people who love to take this moment on my so many people from all over this country including many of my colleagues up here for their love for their prayers for their well wishes and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm so happy to be back here with you this evening so that was Bernie Sanders a little touching you know men did have a heart attack had a heart attack and was back at it and loud and clear and the guy is just relentless Tony Katz turning cancer that is so good to be with you that that other than event that he's having a big rally it is learned that he is getting the endorsement of Alexandria Casio Cortez which people are counting is a big deal I'm not a hundred percent sure he's also getting the endorsement of a sheet of to leave and L. Hana mark Bernie Sanders is proactively joyfully taking the endorsement of anti Semites I'm supposed to be impressed by this you take the interest of people who think that sometimes you should be wiped off the map I don't think ranch we wiped off the map I think a ransom called Persia I think the Persians who live there should be able to live free was get rid of the mall is the hardliners in the prior to the one who is the one to support terrorism I think you got to get rid of Hamas and Hezbollah I don't want to get rid of north three I want to get rid of Kim Jong un with the north Korean people live free we think Israel should exist no hello mark is in all right anti semite and you Bernie Sanders you you're you're you're proud of this you want to bring them along the wandering Dorsen I don't know Bernie Sanders is immoral or amoral I know is in decent this is nothing to offer your impressed by Bernie Sanders impressed by this open we outwardly taking the endorsement of bill on a more I replaced her name with David Duke where are you now come on media where yeah hello top give me a honestly it's not like I look at this Jewish Bernie's George naman barrister now that I don't I don't do that kind of stuff you should be embarrassed Bernie supporters should be embarrassed I know better than to support someone who is more than happy to give up their religion for their ideology why is it important to know traffic conditions so to get around so that I can take an alternate route to travel and get around the city and the smiles on eighty six three sixty.

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"We invite you all to a major rally having in queens New York and we are going to be mounting a vigorous campaign all over this country that is how I think I could reassure the American people but let me take this moment if I might ought to thank so many people are from all over this country including many of my colleagues up here for their love for their prayers for their well wishes and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm so happy to be back here with you this evening so that was Bernie Sanders searching you know man did have a heart attack had a heart attack and was back at it and a loud and clear and the guy is just relentless Tony Katz turning cats today so good to be with you that that other than event that is having a big rally it is learned that he is getting the endorsement of Alexandria Casio Cortez which people are counting is a big deal I'm not a hundred percent sure he's also getting the endorsement of a she had to leave and L. Hana mark Bernie Sanders is proactively joyfully taking the endorsement of anti Semites I'm supposed to be impressed by this you take the interest of people who think that sometimes you should be wiped off the map I don't think ranch be wiped off the map I think a ranch recalled Persia I think the Persians who live there should be able to live free was get rid of the mall is the hardliners in the prior to the one who wants to support terrorism I think you got to get rid of Hamas and Hezbollah I don't want to get rid of north three I want to get rid of Kim Jong un with the north Korean people live free thanks Israel should exist no hello mark is in all right anti semite and you Bernie Sanders you you're you're you're proud of this you want to bring them along you wandering Dorsen I don't know Bernie Sanders is immoral or amoral I know is in decent this is nothing to offer you impressed by Bernie Sanders impressed by this open we outwardly taking the endorsement of the auto market can I replace her name with David Duke where are you now come on media where yeah.

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"Welcome back to Lars Larsen show the glad to be with you on a conspiracy theory Thursday night glad to get your calls to and I'll get to those in just a moment but I want to give you a perspective because all of the folks on the Democrat side of the aisle I mean everyone of them that was riding the clown bus toward the nomination which is rapidly getting it's going to be a short bus here pretty soon because by the time they get to November a whole bunch of those candidates are going to be gone they're going to be just gone and they're gonna be winnowing it down and of course we still got the question mark Bernie Sanders who had a heart attack full on a heart attack and at first he said I'm a scale back my rallies and then yesterday comes out and says I'm not scaling back at all he's he's gonna be telling people to get off his lawn for a good long time now and you've got Elizabeth Warren who's come up with new lies to add to the old lies and we talked about that too you got Joe Biden Ukraine Joe and he's got his own set of problems so it's coming and singing see which one is chosen by the Democrat party but all of them agree on one thing to a greater or lesser extent Medicare for all because god knows the federal government just like the state government knows how to screw up everything so why not let them screw up our health care while they're at it seems like such a sensible idea I love the fact that they've all bought into this because it makes it a lot easier for Donald Trump to beat in the fall of next year but I thought we would talk to Lenny Vermont vernal plots who is the founder of executive care healthcare company serving seniors disabled a recovering addicts you'll grow up under exactly this kind of healthcare system did you not Lenny yes good evening yet they did and I don't have very dark memories about that period would you mind talking about your your time in the Soviet Union but find you before you finally came to the United States absolutely so just some of my personal experience when I was a child I needed to have an operation so my father had to find the best doctor he could find and pay them a lot of money and that's under socialized medicine and brought brought it abroad abroad and attracted a bride because back then doctors made less money than garments garbage people on on the streets collecting garbage so I was put into a room of with fifteen other kids and when I finally went to to get a surgery that map to put me out and he and he did it didn't work so they took a ragged he there on it and so it on my face and that was the and the algebra out yeah it was horrible so I did again again my my experience is that it's a choice design a vacation did you know advancement in medicine I called what we call Medicare for all is Medicare anon because we know that everything is going to be rations and people will just I guess fight for it to get an appointment with a doctor or or or get a surgery in the hospital so it it it does not look good from my vantage server applause I agree with you a bit I've never lived under a socialized medicine system but I see them from a distance I'd rather stay at a distance from them but I'll throw the question out there anyway because I imagine this is what all the folks who are fans of Medicare for all would say as well yeah that but that was the Soviet Union it'll be all different here in the United States when we run socialized medicine it'll be much more civilized how would you respond to that my my it they didn't know it would not be penalized because a country of over three hundred million people and having if we look north to Canada from other countries in Europe that there are there the national population but a lot smaller than ours and make a make a little it I actually visited Denmark last summer and spoken to some then you said it and then they said well out our our our medical system but the little out of but if I needed to go emergency room I have to make an appointment I don't know that that's so silly if you have an emergency how the world is going to make an appointment to go to market your room you don't know I guess you end about a block or you show but the emergency room and figure out whose whose hand you need to put a fifty dollar bill and to get to the head of the line exactly my point which kind of takes a back to capitalism but it's the kind of raw capitalism but I don't think any of us really want like big because once again the Democrats are going to say well well but but in that case and and to do it in the way that Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders the rest will say they want to do it they have to outlaw private care do they not and that's another issue so last time I checked that the private insurance industry employed millions of people and then I make private insurance illegal all of people lose their job the mobile well but they would also find their jobs in the massive new government bureaucracy needed to run this I'm not saying it's a good thing but but but correct me if I'm wrong this will take a massive government bureaucracy to run will it not or or it except for one thing people cut tell me constantly they love Medicare and they're generally people are on Medicare benefiting from it but they say the administrative costs are so low and I said that's because the government doesn't do the administration they shoved it on to the private doctor the doctor who here she has to have two or three or four people in the backroom chasing dollars and chasing paperwork to recover the payments for his Medicare patients well the private sector if it if it's Medicare for all will have to replicate that won't take absolutely I mean we think the trend today a lot of doctors closing up private practices and they become employees of the hospital so something is going on something a little in the moving in that direction right now and it's telling about the insurance companies they're telling doctors that if you don't join the group under the hospital will just not there anymore will not be pursued not property claims so it is slowly moving in that direction right now well in in when when you see numbers I mean nobody had no I well other than Bernie Sanders I don't think any of them of actually fessed up to an honest number for Medicare for all but Sanders comes the closest in that he accepted that I think it's thirty two trillion over ten years so called three trillion a year or three quarters of the current almost records the current federal budget and when you hear a number like that you say well where's that money going to come from the Democrats to this financial magic where they say well you won't have to pay your private insurance company all the money and you'll just basically pay the same amount or even less to the federal government will be able to covered it'll be a it'll be revenue neutral to almost everyone how do we ensure that we don't we we need to talk about the lower body not it just doesn't work I mean a lot of people today are happy with what they have more of a people are covered through the job and I'm okay with Medicaid expansion that's fine a lot of people that deserve to have Medicaid because bandage and and they don't have they can pay for insurance I'm glad for that but it's showing a bit of the leading one that has innovation the future I think that the US has the best medicine in the world no one a lot of people come here to get surgery will be treated for very leave us some conditions in my opinion it just doesn't work no it doesn't work at all Mr verbalize thank you very much I appreciate design will look forward to talking to you as the Democrats continue with their Medicare for all jihad I appreciate the time by the way I want to remind you about something about money it.

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"Tom Brady says his tweet about retiring wasn't April Fool's joke. These trending stories and more at eleven ninety K E X dot com. Brought to you by terra firma foundation systems. I run a small accounting firm. So I know numbers. That's why I love her office phones. Service. I get a large number of features while reducing my phone Bill offices virtual receptionist a mobile app. Now, my office is virtually anywhere. So I never miss a column. Plus there's zero contracts nothing's better than office phone service. It's built for small business. Call one eight three three if you call now office is just nineteen ninety-five per user per month. That's one eight three three BU. I o or visit dot com. Aspen dental. We know the impact that yes can have which means when Chris a disabled veteran called our Moline Illinois office with a terrible to think we knew we had to help. He didn't have insurance, but we told him. Yes. He should come. See us right away at Aspen dental. We're all about yes. Yes. To flexible hours and payment options. Yes. New patients without insurance can come in now for free examine rays, and yes, we are grateful to Chris in all veterans for their service. Aspen dental. Yes. Call one eight hundred Aspen dental today advertisement based on real events subject to credit approval. Minimum purchase is determined by financing. Sources for new patients that do not have Devonshire. New patients must be twenty one or older to receive free examine x Ray. Minimum. One hundred seventy dollars minimum savings is based on a comprehensive exam and x Ray series. Savings will vary based on doctor recommendation. Discounts cannot not be combined. With other offers for dental discount plan. Must be presented at first base. Doctor Livingston cigar judge. Mick zubrowka. Practicing tennis, please visit Aspen dental dot com. General dentistry office offer expires five thirty one nineteen. Let us help you enhance the beauty and energy efficiency of your home with new windows and doors. Visit Henderson and daughter dot com. And give us a call to set up a free consultation CCB number six eight six to three. Have you been turned down for a home loan? You thought you should have received? You might be a borrower the lending industry calls the under served you need to talk to Mark Bernie.

Aspen dental terra firma foundation systems Chris Ray Aspen Tom Brady Doctor Livingston Mark Bernie Mick zubrowka Moline Illinois Henderson tennis One hundred seventy dollars one eight three three BU eleven ninety K
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"Most stimulating talk. Three things that I think you need to know number one. Is that Republican lawmakers now want attorney general Mark Bernie Mitch to investigate Perry highschool? The fact that students are told to take off their maga- close. Some got in trouble. Even though it was a party in the USA debut, patriotic. And of course, the teachers there that school, and I'm pretty sure it's not the only one where red for Ed and red shirts every Wednesday to push their own agenda. But they were offended by the Trump stuff. You frigging kidding me? Second thing that I think you need to know is this a second Martha excitement firing off a letter to the acting secretary of defense saying don't use any of the military construction funding to build the wall. Don't do that excuse me. What's more important? Well, we know Martha stands now. We'll get to that third thing that I think you need to know Alexandria. Okay. Zocor? And her chief of staff are in some big freaking trouble. It looks like they are now accused they are now accused of basically hiding eight hundred eighty five thousand dollars in campaign funds and the Washington Examiner had the story daily caller this story apparently her and her chief of staff and others isn't that her boyfriend, by the way, it's different one friends different guy an F E C complaint filed Monday charges her energy staff and others with using two packs political action committees and LLC's to hide hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign dollars. Oh, baby. Tom Anderson director of the integrity project said these are not minor or technical violations. We're talking about real money in all my years of studying FCC boards. I've never seen a more ambitious operation to circumvent reporting requirements. We'll get into that as well. Tree things. I think you need to you. But she's also being asked about that one of these Paxi created paying her boyfriend six thousand dollars. That's what it was. Yeah. So she's crooked is the day is long and she acts like she's so damn noble. Love it. So Martha fired off a letter. To Patrick Shanahan the acting secretary of defense. Again, remember when Moore and don't blame me for this people get on me still to this day. You're the reason Martha lost I wish I was so powerful Martha's the reason Martha lost. And Martha's doing stupid stuff. Now. She's the loser was appointed the Senate position. And she's if she's doing good things, I will I will give her credit for that. Remember when she was a border hawk gotta do whatever it takes up. So she writes a letter to the acting secretary of defense. I write today to ensure that any funds used to secure our border will not adversely impact military construction projects in Arizona. Wouldn't have wouldn't the wall be a military construction project? She writes, while I strongly agree that we must be tough on border security to protect Americans from drugs and criminals flowing across our southern border. We cannot forsake one duty for another. Toughened border in response to this border crisis. She writes, we need physical barriers where appropriate magin if she said that when she was running for Senate. Because she just said we need the wall. Now everywhere we need physical barriers were appropriate and other border security investments. However, we cannot do that at the expense of critical mill con- its military construction projects in Arizona. The Arizona mil- military construction projects funding authorized and appropriated in recent years will enable the service members working in critical missions to have a safe efficient and effective working environment. How about the rest of us in America having a safe efficient and effective working environment about that Martha? Nothing. Without funding for these projects on schedule and on budget, we risk disruption or degradation of several important military missions. Therefore, I urge you not to delay funding for any military construction projects in Arizona since they each directly support vital defense missions. So now, we're Martha lies borders. Not as important. No, no, no. No, no. You know, we keep having open border in Washington Post says one hundred thousand migrants could come across the border in this month alone. We're not going to have a country. We're not gonna have a country. Simple as that. So. You know, you wanna talk about losing it. And I'm sure these are very important, right? These projects vary shows and say what they are who the hell knows. I'm sure they're important. And maybe there are more important than people the military. I don't know. But I'm sure the people the military also want the frigate wall. Am I right or am? I right. So Martha being the political genius that she is. Is putting it out there that these construction projects which not many people know what they are is more important than building the wall, which most people know exactly what it is. And it is what is needed in. What is wanted? Way to get more support for yourself there more. The don't blame me when she if she loses to that freaking gun Graham astronaut don't blame me you blame her. It's insane. And this is exactly what she's doing. She is. She's one of them, man. No. She hasn't said that she was going to vote against the president's emergency declaration. So I'm sure she'll vote for it. But this is bad. This is really really bad. Eight eight zero Kane S T eight eight zero five six seven eight. Let me tell you about this story from Breitbart two hundred cases of mumps confirmed in Texas migrant detention centers. Oh. Yep. Almost two hundred people contracted mumps in a migrant detention facility in Texas. There have been no reported transmission of bumps to the community. State health agency is not aware of the vaccination status of migrant adults and children who enter the United States. However, all accompanied miners are vaccinated when they're detained. That's just nice. But these people that are not healthy. This is this is bad. This is bad. Mumps cases reached a record high of one hundred ninety one in two thousand sixteen I was the highest number in twenty two years..

Martha secretary Arizona United States mumps Senate Trump Alexandria Ed chief of staff Tom Anderson Washington Examiner attorney Mark Bernie Mitch Washington Post FCC Patrick Shanahan Texas Moore Perry
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"Well, you know, the the best part that that sort of under the under the surface, here hustle, weapons sunscreen. Look like they're developing a bit of a rivalry Casey Lambert for Mr. Hubbard. And they they've knocked heads. And I think I think now I think what hustle ups got him three to one. I think. Yeah. But when I was running short races. Catch a lot of speed. And like, I said it don't matter. How fast they go huts? Let's going to go with into the front go like twenty one and one quarter. Just try to hit just drag the writer going that fast. And and he just will not get it through his head route, listen, the rider and relax a little bit. So like, I said you you'll see you'll see a different horse in Alba's been an excellent point you'll hear much better horse and the road if he ever figured out. I gotta figure it out. I guess number things. I guess I gotta keep porn try something else. But I've tried try to almost everything I do. Todd. I gotta ask because I did see note when I looked this horse up. I did see that he had been hustle up had been the first winner ever for for abstraction. But what's happened to abstraction? Year. First crop abstraction is hustle. Have a first crop by the first crop Jackson. So. Yeah. I think he's gonna get pretty popular here in the next few years. Interesting. And of course, in the you, look, it's funny. You look through those look through the list and diabolical Steve Sarah says nice our tax son stands in in New Mexico. And there's been some productive. First cropper year. His name is Marquis. I don't know if you remember that horse. Marking bernie. You run second or third frosted at one of the great ones and really nice source. Could it really good family streaks? It's mayor the mayor made seven hundred thousand and marking made like four hundred thousand sure though, so that that's another. That's probably the best bread Stein. Mexico. We don't know what is babies are gonna what it's offspring are gonna do. But yeah, we program at CEPA. And could eventually become pretty good. You know, it was it's come a long ways already. We we've gotten a lot better marriage and definitely better sti- over the last eight years. So so there could be some potential for some some really nice nice to Mexico Brits coming out like extraction. He's the pope. He you know, he he I don't think he had a short career. Thank you talented. You know, we. We get a lot of the maybe down engine. And you never know which ones are gonna hit desert. Gold was one of those back in the day to it took forever for people catch on desert God. And by the time, they did he was pretty old, but he forces, you know, they they they were very talented. And they you know, they ran for a long time they were mostly distance horses. But they ran for all time may. Moore had had most of them for many years. Right. And I it helped his career in his pocket book pretty good for..

Mr. Hubbard New Mexico Alba Casey Lambert CEPA Marquis writer Todd Steve Sarah bernie Gold Moore eight years one quarter
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"Ash, five thirty five twenty seven minutes after the hour time for the KFYI. Download with Craig Martin governor Doug Ducey is heading into his second term with the state's largest budget surplus and more than a decade in his inauguration speech today at the state capital Ducey, promise fiscal responsibility when it comes to spending. We're going to fulfill teacher pay raises, and we're going to be better prepared for the next downturn. So it doesn't become a calamity Ducey was above six newly-elected. State officials sworn into office today, he was joined by attorney general Mark Bernie secretary of state Katie Hobbs superintendent of public instruction, Kathy Hoffman treasurer, Kimberly and mine inspector Joe Hart. President Trump is set to address the nation tomorrow night on what he says is a national security crisis at the southern border speech will begin at seven pm the president will then travel to the border near mcallen, Texas. This on Thursday to beat with national security. Officials. Leon Wilmot is the Yuma Arizona county sheriff and he appeared on your world with Neil Cavuto down on the border. Sheriffs are engaged with our federal partners on a daily basis. And it's nice to see that the president's can actually go down to the border and being with the boots on the ground. I will tell you that the the congress needs to get politics out of public safety period. The government remains partially shuttered due to an impasse between congress and Trump over border wall funding, hundreds of thousands of federal workers are going without pay as the shutdown enters week three. Jake. The snake is heading to the college football hall of fame before quarterback. Jake Plummer has been named the class of twenty nineteen the he'll be joined by another inductee with ASU ties. Dennis Erickson, coach the sun devils from two thousand six to two thousand eleven even though those were hardly his hall of fame worthy years in all thirteen players to coaches are being. -ducted this year. KFYI covers the valley with eastside. Westside traffic. Here's leap alad. Steve Trela current just taking a look at the superstition freeway. Looks like eastbound.

KFYI President Trump Jake Plummer president superintendent congress Doug Ducey Leon Wilmot Ducey Ash Dennis Erickson Craig Martin Katie Hobbs Neil Cavuto Steve Trela mcallen Kathy Hoffman Sheriffs Mark Bernie
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"We offer you a goal is divided into four parts, but this three parts, but this show gets four. We're going to do the Arizona two thousand eighteen awards. We're going to do the awards at the national level for twenty eighteen and the following two segments. We can cut the music that's enough. I like Emerson Tom. Predictions for twenty nineteen Arizona and predictions. Plenty nineteen at the national level, our guest Republican turncoat Chuck Coughlin. Troublemaking attorney Tom Ryan and girl of all things. Francine. Hardaway, welcome dependent. All right. Let's get into it. Top story of the year. Arizona not a person Chuck. The senate. The Senate race in Arizona. I think dominated the headlines and what the future state and the loss of seniority that we've experienced branchy read for Ed and the mess in our education system. I'm going with red Fred as well, they made a huge impact both at the education funding level, and they made huge political gains down at the state legislature. All that all that's right. But it's also a part of a broader thing, which is the Democrats are back in the state of Arizona. They they will play some kind of a role in our politics person of the year. Arizona Kirstin cinema. John mccain. Oh my goodness. I'm going with the rigorous independent ones. John how you with McCain? But a live person I'm going with Kirsten cinema. Okay. Biggest victory. I would say ducey's pay package that just changed the entire dynamic of the election cycle. And I thought that was the biggest victory in the cycle. Branding. No victories. I'm gonna go with the biggest victory was Katie Hobbs. And the reason is that was a huge fight as us up against a well-funded took days to resolve. Yes. And and it it was important for the Democrats because it was a statewide race. And it keeps ducey's feet nailed in. Arizona can't be thinking about running for Senate twenty twenty and can't be thinking about accepting a cabinet position in. I think I think when he appointed mix how he got himself out of the race for Senate. I think he had to Hobbs won the race. I'd give one honorable mention that's to Kathy Hoffman superintendent of public instruction that was. Those victories. I gotta tie Kirsten cinema. Obviously, we've mentioned before a number to Arizona House Democrats. Yeah. Are there in the game? And and it was also if we were having a category biggest surprise that would have been because I think it caught most of us maybe everybody but shot, but no, no the the number of seats. I I didn't think it was going to be thirty one twenty nine in the house. But I knew they were going to pick up seats. But they it was remarkable. What what happened the demography of the country's changing and Arizona's demography is changing. Also, I mean, I'd go an honorable mention to Felicia road Alenia. We're back to person of the year chairman party chair Democratic Party chair. I mean, she she, you know, they want to statewide several three statewide seats in the cycle and came close to taking the house of representatives. So that's a fairly big Democrats. Have certainly had a lot of tries a lot of instances when they convincingly portrayed that they were coming back and never did. Well, but they were in the country. Biggest loser. Tom will reverse the order. I'm gonna go with Tom Steyer and prop one twenty seven for all the money. They put it and he he had a strategy. It seemed to be working at first. And then all of a sudden he decided to take a hard ride at Albuquerque. And he went after Mark Bernie bitch. And you could just see the flames coming out of the engine and downtown star improperly twenty-seven went Francine. Wrenching. Biggest loser was public education. Wow. Wow. You could have made the case the biggest winner, you know? No, I think we know where Francine's coming from. Yes, they gave the teacher they through the teachers the bone. But if you look at the bills that are in the legislature now in exchange forgetting, you know, two dollars more you now can no longer talk about anything political in your classroom, and you can never walk out. Pro proposed not passed with. We're not going to be done talking about that one. Now, I understand but. You know stuff. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Code of code of ethics for teachers. We don't have one for legislator. Chuck biggest loser was an it's a it's a trend line changed from the time that we started charter schools in the ninety s we now defeated ESA's at the ballot this time. So we've we've we've reached a point where we're going to reexamine Francine's favorite topic public education because the Republican reform agenda has reached its nadir. And we now are at a place where we're going to actually have maybe some thoughtful things now again be done that we're thoughtful in the nineties, but we're gonna reexamine that now because they try the essays and it failed. Do you think that we're gonna lose our enthusiasm for expansion of charter? Are you kidding me? Charter schools are full of crooks and criminals. There's.

Arizona Francine ducey Tom Steyer senate Chuck Coughlin Emerson Tom Kirsten cinema John mccain Arizona Kirstin cinema Katie Hobbs Tom Ryan attorney Felicia road Alenia Hardaway Fred Ed Kathy Hoffman ESA