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"mark left canyon" Discussed on Break The Rules

"Will be assessing headed says a for underlying issues talking some about Lab testing how to get to the root causes of issues. That may be going on in your health as well as just the game. Changing simple things you can do right. Now without testing having testing are not testing to improve your health moments. So Dr Bam thank you so much for coming on the show and if you tell us a little bit about more about you got you doing the work you're doing in the world world. Lauren thank you so much for having me here today. And it's great being with you. Aw So my undergraduate and graduate degree is in nutrition and I love nutrition. It's kind of been less. I just loved all my education in the field the nutrition nutritional education in attritional biochemistry and I decided at a few years after being nutritious in practice practicing as attrition that I wanted to learn more about how the body worked and decided to go to medical school. And I didn't have any anybody in my family who had Md's so there's in my family but no MD. and so. I really had no idea what I was getting into. And so I really was interested in wellness and prevention and how to learn more about how the body works and then all of a sudden I was in medical school and I was like oh no it was such a focus on acute care medicine and you know naming the disease just finding the right medication to suppress symptoms and though acute care medicines really important. I that was not really where I wanted my focus to be so I was really lucky after I got out of medical school training. Did my internship in Family Medicine all in board certified in family medicine. I got a job at Canyon ranch in Lenox Massachusetts where I met Mark Hyman in Kathy Swift tablets in learned all about functional medicine. And that's when I went to my first course in functional medicine and Into thousand four and I was just blown away because perfect way that I could incorporate mine. Nutrition background with my medical school. Training really had the map in the tools to bring those both together. Which is exactly what I wanted to do so i. I was really thankful for that. I remember going up to Dr David. Jones one of the year's founders in functional medicine and you know in tears like. Oh my goodness I found my practicing functional medicine since then since two thousand four and my practices in Lenox Massachusetts eligible in this center. We have a functional medicine based practice where we see everything. From prevention wellness to cardiovascular disease diabetes prevention to chronic fatigue in autism end chronic infections and everything in between autoimmune disease. So it's it's it's really fun. It's a fun fun place to work. I'm really thankful to to be there. Yeah surgical story like serendipity that you wouldn't be all of those people at just the right time to write said. Y'All were all was everyone employed at that. Same plays exactly work mark. Hyman was working at the at Canyon ranch at the time as was Todd Levin and Kathy swift and so when Mark Left Canyon ranch a few years later he brought me over to the Ultra Wellness Center. Simple jumping into functional medicine. When you started your practice I would love to know you since you've been doing this for quite some time Almost fifteen years. I'm probably going on sixteen years. I mean how have you have you? All does the participation because I feel like speaking to a lot of the practitioners in the House even listening to us. We can jump into it. Functional medicine just like hit the ground running again. We were talking before the show. Running every test under the sign are just like completely anti conventional medicine as well. Unlike maybe finding time in seasons coming back to center of like the US just A less big on approach on the beginning but talk to me a little bit about the evolution of your practice. Yeah I think one of the things that I find over the years is that you just kind of get more comfortable with as you gather that history seeing those patterns those connections getting understanding of where these were the shift in that person's body may have taken place so where things may have gotten out of balance. You know what we always talk about him. Functional medicine that trigger and trying to understand what that trigger may be for that person right. Was it a stress? Was it an infection? Was it antibiotics right. You know what was it that triggered their shift and I think over over the years. My practices sort of evolved in terms of just having a better understanding of of figuring out what that where that trigger is end near. You're talking about testing beforehand. We do at the edge. Wellness Center duo a wide range of tests our patients if they'd like them and if it's necessary on we have a lot of options available to us to delve into but we also know that you know eighty percent of people just their body can heal when we just help them with those personalized lifestyle. Factors right the the base of the Matrix Really Foundation of our health issue. We're making the right healthy food choices and a good movement exercise program and managing our stress and an having nudity in getting good sleep right. Those those things are really can make a huge difference in terms of helping the body. Rebalance just myself. Yeah I like to say when given the right tools the body innately wants to heal itself and finding at the Guy. You're saying that statistic about eighty percent of people improved greatly just with the basics. And kinda give the listeners. In overview of what basics you would target and help people with say. Initially they were coming to you with a Health Problem Health Commission. Yeah I mean everybody's individual so I think that's what's the best part of functional medicine. The most fun is that we get to figure out for that individual person. What are the basics that they need to focus on right so for me for example? Like at I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of thirty so when I was like twenty years ago and for me I was. I was really into exercise. I think I was eating really pretty darn good healthy diet. Everybody hope be healthy. One right but for me. I was not good imagine stress. I was didn't know how to say no. It didn't stop. I didn't know how to slow down. I didn't know how to take care of myself. And so so that is you know from me what I needed to learn how to do right. And dumb and so for everybody. It's it's it's a little bit different for some one percent. Maybe they're sleeping. You know by four to five hours a night So we've got to say okay. You've you've gotta make time to sleep for somebody else. They may be you know eating fast food diet. They're not making time to cook or prepare foods for themselves. They're just going on. They're not taking time to let their body. Digest absorb the nutrients that they're eating and so we really have to just talk about. Okay let's let's get you on a whole foods diet right. Let's focus on sure. You're you're eating and you're eating real food and not just processed in quick junk food right. It's devoid of nutrients getting in those real real foods and then for somebody else. It may be that they're that they're not taking time to move you know and they're they've got all sorts of body aches because of it are gaining weight because of better so so. I think it's really important to to really get to know that person gather history. You can determine what the basics are for them to really focus on. Yeah that's really great High you mentioned the individualization something. I've been finding though in practice that most of my patients can benefit from an icon at one time was breathing. And just how a aluminium's time my patients initially for a minute and ask them to count the number of Branson a very average reading finding is between fifteen to twenty but I had another client dealer day. Forty eight breath in a minute and it was. I mean a type of ventilating telling your body. It's super stressed in ideal would be five to seven breasts. Pearson pathetic state talk a little bit about Just the stress component of disease may be in just help imbalances. We hear that word stress in. It's not joke. Sherlock heads like definitely a conundrum. But what does it mean to really address stress? I love how you work with breath with everyone because breath has such a huge impact on our health. And you know we know that when we are managing our stress. So I think it's important to have stress in our life but it's how do we react to that stress? How do we manage that stress? How do we? How do we respond to it? How does it impact us in? How does it impact our health? And so I think it's important that we that we start to have that conversation with all of our patients because we know that we're not managing your stress. Well that's impacting every single aspect of our health from the other lifestyle choices that we make as well to how well our immune system works right. We know the win were under stress. Our body's immune system doesn't work as well. We don't make as many of these natural killer cells that help our body Viruses and infections in abnormal cells in the body. We know that our digestion doesn't work as well. You know we know that. So many aspects of our health are are impacted. So it's really a great place to start for most people. Yeah do you have any favorite ways of encouraging clients to manage jazz or dislike? That actually tangibly looks like even in your own life. When you're going through your illnesses for me it was just sort of learning a lot. About how my body to the world around me and so one of the things that I started to do was journal. You know so. I said I was thirty. I was young. I had a aggressive form of cancer where it was serious. It was serious I needed to go through a lot of treatment and I was just sort of blown away within expecting this. I don't know family history of cancer. And so you know journaling was really helpful for me to write down everything. I was going through all my thoughts feelings. Experiences grief it really. It really helped a lot. It helped me move forward. I also started meditating on at that point in learning how to do breath work. And when you start to incorporate a meditation practice or breath work practice like you start to realize how crazy your mind is and you know how how much the mind can keep mind all sorts of crazy things that are just not true. Right mind is not always right as one of my good friends always says right going going. Go and come up with crazy thoughts that make really soon Worried and it's not always based in reality. And so when you incorporate a meditation practice whether it's you know you're doing an APP or you just put on some nice music or you're learning from somebody who can teach you or you're going to a class you get to really start to understand and appreciate how much stress is causing like to be not not as as wonderful or fine. I would say the one of the greatest things that I did. My My journaling was with a gratitude practice where I started to write down three things every day that I was grateful for and I started that when I watched a guy was going through treatment and I watched an episode of Oprah and you know she was it was back then when she was on TV. And you should write three things. You're grateful every day and so I started and I was like okay. This is really hard. Could think of anything grateful for and that I would just write down like simple things like this. You know I got better at it. And what's amazing with the with the gratitude journal is it just changed my whole interaction with the world around me and really helped the fear of having this really life. Threatening illness kind of dissipate. It helps it helps me feel more happy and joyful in life is much more easy.

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