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"mark james casey" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Way to toss out the legal ballots in the election. Here's a B C's Derek Dennis Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, facing allegations he asked Georgia's secretary of state Brad Rapids, Burger to throw out legally cast mail in ballots, some say to try and help President Trump win. But Senator Graham denies I never said that. I said. Do you have power as secretary of state to require buy parts and verification of this signature? Because right now they don't know to. Graham says it was just a conversation if he feels threatened by that conversation, he's got a problem. I actually thought it was a good conversation. Secretary of State says he's come under pressure from Republicans to exclude ballots, something only a court can do and has even received death threats. Derek Dennis ABC News The Pandemic drove a record number of voters this year it off from mailing Bullit ballots or early voting, and tonight leaders in Braintree will consider a future with fewer polling locations. The idea is to consolidate the town's 12 precincts into three voting centers, which, with recent changes in how we vote just makes sense to town. Mark James Casey would be introduction on early voting by mail and early voting in person. Prior to the election. We saw significant less number of voters on Election Day, how significant two thirds less than 2000 and 12. The plan was originally employed for safety during the pandemic, but his case he points out It also saves the town money. You need to have a constable or a police officer at each polling locations in the consolidation, you could reduce that down to one. We saw a sudden overseen for precincts so you'd need three verses. 12 Chris Mama WBZ. Boston's news radio,.

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