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"mark isli" Discussed on First Take

"Right in a put this shit to tackle him walk keeping him in bath he was women elected to do that ryan your former team the steelers all cocky busy talk and all that smack about the patriots future contract negotiations while sleeping on the jack stuck too old school football under tom coughlin defense in pounding the rock stephen a who's the biggest culprit for the steelers loss you know my temptation if the say is mr mike mitchell uh obviously a very disgusted what what we think you'll hear me abdullah and you'll hear me chan listen mike mitchell is the big culprit and the reason why mike mitchell is the biggest culprit is because he was talk before the game now i understand that he went on twitter and swore that you know what excuse me it was from weeks early it and what have you i get all of that but the bottom line is we saw how to jacksonville jaguars interpreted it plus according to a reporter day at heard mike mitchell outside of jaguars confronted a jab was talking about you go remember monday when all of this is steady done it's not just him of course because he can play and i understand and i'm not trying to get them going and like he care playing some scrub because my that you could play and i got mad respect warm but the bottom line is i don't care what anybody says ultimately this comes that unfortunately it breaks my heart to say it to coach mike tomlin and more importantly your defensive coordinator butler because he's the deal you gave up thirty eight points to blake boards 38 points to a blake borders office there's no other way deflected some of the way the flight that you got let afford that run roughshod over eu before he hurt his ankle okay you had a fourth a third in a any connect abortive of connected with mark isli 45 yawn pathakile and cold when is filled with wants it back he completed father six is paths 120 yacht in the fourth quarter looking like tom brady for crying out loud right here at this we have the way tom brady look at pittsburgh a few weeks earlier this is the steelers defense that's all to the lead has to come down to your head.

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