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"mark isabela" Discussed on Kermode and Mayo's Film Review

"Um it's taken celebrity stories hosts or is about the movie industry to raise wider issues in society in what you hope for is is gonna happen across the board our industry in a way because this quote the people pay attention because they recognize faces that that it will lead to wider social change but what so chaudhry's ever since i've been thinking at all or whatever i am that issue has been there in all in all industries about people being abused in in in the weapons as you say protected by law but it just goes on in love industries is taken admonition industry to hopefully promote change else wayne near kaleidoscope he's is out this week we're going to discuss all the other movies which are after after three o'clock including paddington too which is a complete contrast to very different film to kaleidoscope but you are famously very working actively seem to be in some effort you're in earlier in the snow man and injured your brief appearance in that while we were trying to work out what on earth yet i haven't seen that found view not night could you go and see if it was probably too late actually because i'm not i'm amazed by by that because he's one of the greatest directors i've ever worked within our sometimes you too small don't always have written to be in the presence of someone like we so brilliant so i'm of sad for him because of the experience of working on that film with so glorious as as tinker titles unity because he's such a printed director and will should just made a film from oklahoma khor here with israeli pair i mean there is no not only that mark isabela repair playing my my my lover.

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