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"mark fernand" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Colorado's Morning news with April and Marty Bach's 31 pinpoint whether the heat come back comes back today. We'll hit the lower nineties mid nineties tomorrow 100 degrees possible over the weekend right now. It's 64 right now. On Colorado's morning news, just coming in to the newsroom at this hour Rising Koven, 19 cases in Denver and high are higher and then desirable positively rates and testing centers is leading to a new approach in reopening the city, Hancocks first step to address the issue, hitting the pause button on applications for variances from state health orders. I've always said that when it comes to reopening Denver was going to take a measured and responsible approach. To those efforts. So what's next? The Bear has directed city departments to prepare for strict enforcement of health orders and to set criteria if it comes down to a point where the city may have to roll back business openings, But as of now, he says, We're not there yet. Gerry Bell Koray news radio. The pandemic also has another school district, giving serious thought to pushing back the start of the academic year. DPS could delay a week toe August 24th District may also look at a phase and approach and have students code to go to school. In small groups. There's also the issue of heat. More than 50 Denver schools don't have air conditioning. Deputy superintendent for operations Mark Fernand, Fernand, Dino says they have a heat plan if it's really hot, will call either early release for heat Day or recalled the entire day off for heat. Fernandina for Andino says the district is wrestling with lots of different issues as covert 19 cases are on the rise in the city. There are also concerns today about new outbreaks in Colorado K Away News radio's Chuck Clark is live with that part of the story. April, The largest new outbreak in the state was at the point of Vista Correctional Complex for 35 prisoners and four staff members tested. Positive. But other outbreaks have happened at the Colorado Springs airport, Denver Water Department and the Colorado Academy Summer camp in Lakewood, which saw 21 cases Now, death tied to outbreaks increased by 2.3% last week to 987. That's higher than in the previous two weeks, but down from June levels Lower growth and deaths compared to cases may reflect that outbreaks..

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