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"mark edie" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Highly toxic substance D Mutual NBC News Radio, A weekend protests downtown, blasted police departments across the US type of repression that we're seeing here in Denver. Is how being using effort to put down one of the largest protest movements in U. S history. Protesters are asking for charges against five people to be dropped. Those people were arrested at a demonstration in Aurora over the summer. The demonstration was for justice for Elijah McLane, who died after an altercation with Aurora P D last summer. The rally was organized by the party for Socialism and Liberation are TDs Endline commuter rail opening today, the long away to train runs a 13 mile stretch between North clan in Union station. Some are calling this a game changer for north and commuters, Thornton marriage, and Coleman says. For years it's been a tough slog on the northern portion of 25 in the Metro area High 25 is miserable. Now, after years of waiting for Mark Edie's Hanline commuter rail has arrived. Commerce City Mayor Benjamin Houston is through being able to connect North Korean thorn in Commerce City. All the way to Denver in Union Station is just phenomenal. And RTD CEO and general manager Paul Ballard says it's about time to open up a line that's been in the planning stages for over 10 years, you know, and in construction for I think five years. This's a great day and opening ceremony is set for 10 free rides till the public started noon. Jury Bo Kaylie NewsRadio Colorado Springs Elementary School will be closed today due to a positive covert 19 tests to district 20 officials announcing last night that Douglas Valley Tree will not be open today after one student tested positive for the virus. Another student also thought to be probable for the virus. School's gonna be closed today for cleaning and district officials will do contact tracing and work on plans for instruction during the rest of the week and Disney World determining how to safely reopen amid the pandemic, the Orlando resort planning to reopen one of its two water parks in March of next year. The company's website announced they'll provide more details on their phased reopening plan, including the specific water park that will reopen first at a later time. While Disney Company ads that their plan is quote focused on health and well being of their guests and their cast members, you are up to date 7 37 years sports The Broncos losing and, of course, the Nuggets losing a heartbreaking game as well and both going to if you were one of the series and one on the season, we got became sports money news with Connor on the way in your drive right now with John Morrissey. Yeah, that Aurore drives Probably work party sound found 2 to 5 heavy and.

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