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"mark colossal" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

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"mark colossal" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

"Some independent leagues to stay fresh and stay available further tournament here as well. You have utility guy. Patrick kavila hand. Who's at triple a. For the san diego padres. Also there's jack lopez triple eight for the boston red sox and then the last infielder is jamie westbrook. Who's with aaa for their. Milwaukee brewers now in the outfield. You have tyler austin. Who's a professional over in the japanese professional league. He's playing for yokohama. Dena base stars in the palm late over there. You also have eric. Who's that aaa for the seattle mariners in the outfield patrick. Avila hands and infielder outfielder. And then bubba starling. Who's at triple a. For the kansas city royals at the catcher's position tim federova ch- whose triple a. For the dodgers behind the dish in behind him you have mark colossal very who's at aa for the cincinnati reds so again this team is littered with aaa and aa individuals who are trying to bring home a medal for the united states and the pitching staff your led by sean bads a right handed pitcher for aaa with the tampa bay race. Anthony carter who is with these sapiro. Stay south theo. He's in the mexican kid. Professional league representing the usa. You have brandon dixon. who's at aaa with. The st louis cardinals left handed pitcher anthony. Ghost triple a. With the cleveland indians another former major leaguer edwin jackson who is currently a free agent representing team. Usa jackson again..

Patrick kavila jack lopez jamie westbrook tyler austin japanese professional league Dena base bubba starling san diego padres tim federova Milwaukee brewers mark colossal boston red sox yokohama seattle mariners Avila kansas city royals sean bads sapiro eric cincinnati reds