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"mark cecil david moore" Discussed on Around the NFL

"If this doesn't work out, but if that doesn't work out, then he'll probably be working with like Michael sonority in the NFL office. I I don't don't know know. who that is a name that comes up again. I think you're thinking of Michael Senora. What is his role within the company I should use the powered league employee EPA yard of the PR job is to shoot down all of your best ideas. There's there's were those were Hughes heading let's move up. He wrote. He wrote going to throw back shoulder. Touchdown. Snap back shoulder to the Yorkshire. David Moore who tipped it up in the air right to himself in the end zone. From fifteen yards off the top of his helmet. Score again, Steve or able Seahawks broadcasting with the call. Russell Wilson threw three touchdown passes in the second quarter. That's what they needed. That's all they need. They beat the lines twenty eight to fourteen Greg after the game. Russell Wilson said, quote, we can do whatever we want right now. They're feeling themselves. And you're feeling these I am and they should be feeling themselves. Because this was like, Brian Schottenheimer's ofensive image come to life. Just Chris Carson running people over Russell Wilson being protected. Well, not having to throw too much. And then you almost plan to have the occasional third and long where he just runs around figures out what he wants to do. And then he gets about one or two shot plays a game. And they're the two of the prettiest shot plays any team runs all week. And at the end of the game he has three incompletions on only seventeen attempts three touchdowns. They let the lions back into a little bit. But this. Team is really impressive in his changed. Really all the cliches of what we thought was bad about the Seahawks going into the season. I was wrong about the Seahawks. I think a lot of people thought they were an also ran team this year, but their defense, especially I mean, this whole the big conversation around them as well. The legion of boom it's over the team in transition, but they've managed to very quickly put back together defense rebuild on the fly. And they're winning games with us defense not to mention running game that has been an issue for them for years as a great job by Keith peak. Caroline in. You know, we heard a lot in August that he's rejuvenated by this by getting rid of the backbone of that dynasty that he loves having all of these young hungry players, and that's placed his wheelhouse. And it's it's come true. They're not just physical on defense and on the offense of line, which is done a good job run blocking and protecting their physical I receiver and that was a huge difference in this game. Your boy, Mark Cecil David Moore. He's just he's just become your guy. I he was dominating. He's just winning one on one. They're throwing balls up to him there throwing balls up to Tyler Lockett whose small but some turn around started. When Ken when David Moore, replace Brandon? Moore's right. Contested catches. And these guys were too physical for teas Taber and some of the smaller lines secondary. I don't mean to keep hitting the schedule. But you're the chargers Rams Packers and Panthers next that feels like eight AFC NFC combined run. But I think that makes it fun to root for them. Because if they can get through some of that without the wheels falling off, it's it's all right to be completely wrong about things sometimes or often, and we were I was about Seattle, and it spun or if you're Carol fan pekao seemed like he was being kind of eased into retirement and all of a sudden he's got a team. That's in the mix. He said after the game. He's still mad about how the season started. When they got off to that slow start because they would be a real story in the league right now if they figure out a way to win a couple of those early games they're so good at coaching defense that it's it's like.

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