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"mark casa hall" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"I think there are a few others in here that deserve noting as well. Mary and Francis number one, I guess is the other Brad Cox. That's why jaru is on amendment 19, but you can't knock the win last time out at keeneland and willful woman for Steve asked me number two is second off a layoff and has been running against some pretty good horses, but I like amendment 19 best. Okay, so we've got the same two horses. We're just reversing them a little bit. Dave's going 9 and 8. I like 8 and 9. We both think that they're better than the morning line favorite Olivia of the desert. Once again, don't pay too much attention to the morning line at Oakland. I hate to say that. I think it's a much more important job than what they're making it out to be. Unfortunately, it's not usually for everything I love about Oakland park. And I love most things about Oakland. Their morning line is not one of the things. And Dave and I both think that the morning line favorite is vulnerable in this spot, going with 8 and 9s, 9s and 8s in the mistletoe race number 9 tomorrow over at Oakland. Let's head down to Tampa Bay downs. They've got a couple of stakes on their Saturday card. And the first one is race number 7, the $100,000 sandpiper stakes. These are two year old Phillies going to sprint 6 for longs on their main track, a big field of ten to go to post here, Dave. And number one strategic bird is the two to one favorite on the morning line boy. She was phenomenally good in her debut last time at Gulfstream. You can't knock the effort and Mark Casa Hall of Famer and Gary barber has owned a whole lot of really, really good horses. John oxley bred this one in Florida and great first effort. But was 8 to one, which means wasn't exactly getting a ton of support, and that was a state bred maiden special weight. To me, two to one is not going to do the tricks. Strategic bird may win and may win with open links. But I'm not going in that direction. The horse I like best is, I don't know, maybe this is just trying to push a square peg into a round hole. Number 8, 8 to one in the morning line, low percentage barn. I just think the horse's devil that has been running against her better than pretty much everyone else who they've been facing last time out the two turn race. I don't think that's what this horse wants. Go back to that one turn race on August 28th. It's pretty competitive. I was really impressed by the maiden score at Gulfstream in August. You're giving me a good price in a race where I'm trying to beat the favorite. I'll take devil at it at 8 to one. All right, so 8 to one on number 8 devil let for Dave, who figures to show speed? I did not get creative. I don't know what to make of number one strategic bird other than if they didn't bet her in her debut. And maybe they expect her to get better. Second and third time out. I listen, I don't know if she's going to be better second out. You know, she could be a flash in the pan, one and done type Philly. She could be affiliated that has to have the lead and then gets brave out there and they're certainly going to be other speed to her outside tomorrow. I do know this. If she runs that race, she's going to win. If she runs close to that race, she's going to win. And she picks up a pretty good substitute writer in Antonio Gallardo who always is one of the top jocks at Tampa Bay downs. I don't want a short price, but I'm going to pick number one strategic bird on top to be honest and a race that I don't love the sandpiper stakes tomorrow at Tampa Bay downs. Race 9 tomorrow at Tampa is the $100,000 inaugural stakes two year olds 6 furlongs on the main track field of ten to go to post here. And the morning line favorite in this race all the way out on the outside is the ten concrete glory. 7 career starts already for the son of bode Meister. He didn't look so good the first four starts of his career, but he's looked great the last three. In the last win was the only one to me that you go, oh, maybe we have something here. The maiden claiming win Prescott aisle presque isle and then the next win or kind of lesser track spot last time out at Gulfstream a convincing win in an optional claiming race and you have good connections here, jockeys and trainers that win a lot of races. I think facing a higher quality of competition in this one. I think you can go a lot of different ways lightning Larry number 8. I think is coming off back to back solid races, the one optic go go ran at woodbine last time out was a big price and a stakes race and ran okay. But cadden number 5 for Ralph nicks is my choice. I think the two courses that that horse has lost to each of the last two races octane and Cajun's magic absolutely would blow away this field and caden finished competitively not close, but reasonably within distance to those two. I think the cutback is a good thing too and Ralph Nick certainly has had a tough week with his father passing away earlier a long time trainer. And I think my heart and my dollars are going to be with number 5. Okay, 6 to one on the morning line for cat and Dave's top choice in the inaugural. I'm also going to try to beat the favorite. And I'm going to even take a bigger price. Number three magical moose for the team of Jesus crews and Isaac Castillo teamed up for a win in a maiden claiming race, the debut for magical moves at Delaware park on October 30th, got bet that day ran a good race stalking the pace making the lead and drawing off to win by two and a half three lengths. Since arriving at Tampa, he shows two SolidWorks, including a bullet 5 furlong drill. Out of the gate back on November 24th, Isaac Castillo, who wrote him in his debut, is aboard once again tomorrow, and I think if he takes the normal step forward, like two year olds do from their first start to their second start, he could be a big player in here at a very nice price. So 15 to one on number three magical moose, my top choice in the inaugural, Dave going with number 5 cat and we're both trying to beat the favorites and the favorite right now. The favorites are number ten concrete glory and number 8 lightning Larry looks like a wide open renewal of the inaugural race 9 tomorrow at Tampa Bay downs. We'll take our final break when we come back. We will look at the Sunday action, both aqueduct and woodbine, you're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by nyra betts on the horse racing radio network..

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