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"mark bogle steen" Discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane

NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane

03:21 min | 6 months ago

"mark bogle steen" Discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane

"Think this will be kind of fun to see where this goes for the bucks with DeMarcus cousins is going to be a one year non guaranteed contract, so Milwaukee will be able to get out of it, contracts don't fully guarantee until January 10th. So they've basically get a month ish month and a half ish look at cousins and then we'll see where it goes from there. A little more minor move. They also signed javonte smart two two way deal in wave Justin Robinson. So the box just smart was filling it up in the G league. I know people may not know he played summer league with the Miami Heat in them went to also did preseason with the heat. And in the G league in 5 GE games, 22 points per game on 48% from the field and 39% from three. So that's a that seems to be me one where the bucks more. We like this guy. We'd like to get him in. And not have not risk somebody else snapping on him up later. So good news. Hey, follow up from woj on Joe Harris. His agent Mark bogle Steen tells ESPN Harris is expected to miss four to 8 weeks. So yeah, so let's do some math here, right? So we're talking Christmas on the front end. And then we're talking sometime in late January on the back end. So yes, so you're basically going to push this up to really kind of interesting spot here. So very curious to see which end this really goes as a closer to the floor, close to the something in the middle, but yeah, I would say sometime into the well into the holidays before we're going to see Joe air skin. Tough blow for the nets right now. One player, another former star who is trying to get back out on the court, John wall. Didn't meet with the Houston Rockets, but apparently there is a disagreement over exactly what his role would be if he comes back. Now Walt did respond to this on Twitter. I saw him he responded to an account. I don't remember who it was, but basically suggesting that this was not true or something to that effect, but still there's something going on here, according to words to hold up is a difference in opinion in what walls role would be wall wants to start. The rockets want him to come off the bench. I mean, it's tough. If you're in John wall's situation because if you start coming off the bench now, teams are going to see you as a bench player that can impact you moving forward. I understand is reluctance to do that. He's always been a starter talent wise. He probably should be a starter on this rockets team. But they're not trying to win games right now. So that changes the equation. I don't know where this is, this is headed. I mean, it should be headed to a divorce here, right? Wall should be leaving the rockets, but that salary, you can't move it. And if he's not going to give back a bunch in a buyout, they're kind of stuck with each other. Yeah, we've covered that kind of ad nausea. 91 million. That's not going anywhere, where would that? So yeah, I think the challenge with this situation is, what we're hearing is the kind of Cold War reports are wall wants to start once to play. A good amount or wants at least the opportunity to compete for starting job and those kind.

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