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08 - The New Years Special - "Of All The Gin Joints" with Mark Bailey.

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08 - The New Years Special - "Of All The Gin Joints" with Mark Bailey.

"From media Welcome to Hollywood unscripted. I'm your host. Got To Lalla the Malibu Film Society. It's our New Year's Eve episode and for that we have a very special special guest. He's produced and written more than a dozen feature length documentaries which have collectively won one primetime emmy and been nominated for four others plus one academy award. He's he's also written three books. One of which seems like the ideal selection to talk about on New Year's eve of all the GIN joints stumbling through Hollywood history. Mark Bailey. Welcome welcome to Hollywood unscripted. Thank Scott thanks for having me. Let's talk about the book. What inspired you to write of all the GIN joints? This is sort of a follow up to an initial book. DOC which was a book about hard-drinking writers and that I did as I did this with my partner at Hemingway who's an illustrator and the name is not a coincidence. He is the youngest grandson of Ernest. He is I think that the first idea for the book came from him and was born out of that sort of family circumstance. He had this idea about his grandfather end. Father and writing about well known highly regarded hard-drinking writers that was called Hemingway in Bailey's bartending guide to great American writers. It was a great book to to work on. It had a lot of cocktail recipes and they were sort of from the classic era and these writers were Eugene. O'Neill and William Faulkner Scott Fitzgerald and the stories were wild in cast back to a different era where there was a different social norm Anna Different Code of behaviour and we tend to look back and think that the pass was somehow more innocent or pure but it was really anything but that in so then that book came out and did pretty well and we were looking to follow up with another book walk in. We thought well you know how about Hollywood and it happened that after we sold that book I moved out here and wrote the book out here and he illustrated at back in New York uh-huh and we sort of worked together across the country so that was how the book came to be and it follows the same format. I mean. It's a delightful mix of these incredible stories and cocktail recipes recipes. The first book was a little bit more of a bartending guide. In this the subtitle is stumbling through Hollywood history and I like to think of it as sort of social film film history through the bottom of a whiskey glass. That's great description. It really seems like that of the writing is tremendous I absolutely love your storytelling. Oh thank you. We'll come back to the questions in a minute but one of the stories with us. Sure I think that I'll kick it off with a story about Humphrey bogart since it's the Humphrey Bogart line. That is the title title of the Book of all the GIN joints and the way. The book is designed and built around anecdotes. Rabat different stars so this is about. I'm free Bogart in. It always leads off with a quote. The bogart guard quote is the whole world is about three drinks behind me. The other bogart quote that I really like and it was a bit of a toss up. We're BOGART's last words. which were supposedly? I should never never have switched from Scotch to Martinis so if you're thinking of doing that this new years. I don't know bogart would argue. Otherwise so here's a story about Humphrey Bogart. It wasn't a joke but it damn well should have been certainly began like one so Humphrey bogart walks into to a bar with two stuffed. Panda Bogart was by then in September. Nineteen forty nine the biggest movie star in the world and he was out in New York with an old drinking buddy named L. Semen they'd been carousing since early. The two of them in bogies wife Lauren. Bacall but she'd gone back to the hotel hours ago. After Mrs Bogart left the men found themselves themselves in need of a standard that might scare off would be home records and drunk. Somehow it emerged that a nearby delicatessen sold a historically random nonfood item as delicatessens have a way of doing stuffed pandas. Not just any stuffed pandas. Mind you each of these weighed in at more than twenty pounds in set you back twenty five bucks a pop perfect bogart. Semen bought a couple of pandas and hopped a cab to Morocco. Were they requested a table for four two seats for them to for their there date seated in that was supposed to be the end of it. Getting seated with two panda's unfortunately for Bogart the real end would take four days to arrive in. It wouldn't be over for drinks with his friends. It'd be in court. Here's the thing. Bogert was a gregarious man with a keen sense of humor but he was only comfortable among friends and his social circle. Go with tight knit. The rat pack later so closely associated with Frank Sinatra was in fact bogart's creation with Bogart at the center. The mission of the group Bogart said Ed was quote. The relief of boredom in the perpetuation of independent bacall was a member of course so Sinatra. Judy Garland Spencer Tracy talent. Alan pagent Irving Lazar. There were all part of the original RATPAC. You might see them out at Romanoff's or on rare occasions in Las Vegas drinking and carrying on but if you weren't part of the pack you're an outsider and you weren't welcome which brings us back to the Pandit if you were to spy Bogart at a nightclub. In the wee hours of the morning propping up an oversized stuffed animal. You might think that it was a not so subtle message about the company he preferred to keep in. If you knew anything about bogert which you might since he was more or less the biggest star in the world. You wouldn't consider yourself in on the joke. But a young model name Robin Roberts thought she was special as young models often do she approached Bogart's table on our way out out laughed and picked up one of the panels in Bogart. Given the number of drinks he had put away by. This point happened to be feeling very protective of this panda. So he naturally pulled the panda close to him and told me his Roberts to leave him alone for he was a married man and then the woman fell over. She said he shoved her. He said she lost her balance. Four days later he was is in a Manhattan courtroom facing legal action. The panda fiasco immediately hit the tabloids with Bogart protesting his innocence. Every step of the way one reporter asked OPTIMA feet struck Ms Roberts. He said he would never hit a woman there too. Dangerous another reporter asked if he was drunk at the time of the incident he replied. Isn't everyone at four. AM fortunately for Bogart. Judge presiding over the case founded as ridiculous as heated. Throwing it out after the first hearing it turns out being left alone. And when you're the biggest star in the world requires a lot of people that's great. I remember doing research on Humphrey Bogart when we were celebrating the seventy fifth anniversary of Casablanca which is a remarkable film in so far as almost none of the people who made it originally scheduled to make it and they were all brought in after changes and they started shooting before the end of the movie had been written right? Do you know who Humphrey Bogart was in real alive. And what his background was he was a preppie or prep school kid. His Dad was the most prominent obstetrician gynecologist in New New York. His mother illustrated children's books and had studied under Whistler. It is interesting that in a certain way not surprising. Because Bogart is I understand. At least the studios were looking for his persona for a while before he became the Bogart that we know of Casablanca. The Maltese Falcon or The hardboiled oiled bogart. He laid villains. He played sort of altogether different types and then he kind of got traction with the hard edge right but that didn't necessarily surly speak to who he was. And this is one of the things I think in this book and when you look earlier actors like John Gilbert in later actors maybe like Dennis Hopper. Let's let's hair. You know where the roles or the persona bleeds into real life. The presumption offscreen is that you're much like the type that you play on screen and he began to live at a bit more Brian. So if you're wild and out there and Edgy onscreen you take that into your personal life and you kind of see that happening a lot with different actors. The other part is there are guys. He's like Lee. Marvin who's a big world war two hero and you know stormed over twenty beachheads. Seems like he genuinely was a stone. Cold Bad ASS US in. That is who he played right. Mitchum was a kid in the depression riding the rails at age fourteen on his own ruin. Mitchum was a hard tough guy. Hi that is who he played. You know it's remarkable to me that the onscreen Bogart was a hundred eighty degrees from who he started out as offscreen. I have a funny when I could read. Yeah I mean just since you're talking about Casablanca Casablanca. It seems crazy that you say that particularly that they were in production before the script was done because it seems like such a tight film and when you wonder how these giant hugely finance movies go pear-shaped and who let at that happen. I often think it's sort of as the rush into production and you're trying to accommodate actors schedules and you have them in. You have to go in. The script is and ready and then it comes atom model. But let me read you one. This is beat the devil which is a nineteen fifty three John Huston film than he did with Bogart. One of the things that the book has is we also talk about a number of different film sets that were particularly wild or dysfunctional. And this one taps into some of that and has some fun folks John. Houston's beat the devil with a total disaster almost from the start maybe a total disaster is a little strong since by some miracle. Nobody actually ended up dead the film directed by Houston Featuring Humphrey Bogart Jennifer Jones. Peter Lorre in Gina. Lollobrigida was to be shot largely on location and in a little town called Ravelo in Italy a picturesque mountain village. That's high up on the Amalfi coast. There were some early warning signs. I The sexy Italian. An actress Lollobrigida had never been in an English speaking film before this most likely was because she could barely speak English like not almost second traveling traveling Inter Avello the Italian chauffeur driving Houston and Bogart got into a car accident. John Huston was fine but bogert was pitched forward cracking some teeth in badly gouging his tongue so even before shooting commenced the female lead couldn't speak English in the male lead. Couldn't speak at all in third to complicate things even further further. Neither Lollobrigida nor bogart nor the rest of the cast had yet to see any of their lines. The reason being that Houston had thrown a party the weekend before for the start of principal photography during which he tore up the entire script. It was tearing up the script party. Apparently the original draft had run into trouble with the the motion picture production code and nobody liked it very much anyways Houston decided to fly novelist Truman capote over to Italy to write the new script on a day-to-day basis as they shot capote would work through the night in pages would be handed out to the cast in the morning. lollobrigida would learn her lines. Phonetically bogart art until his mouth. Healed would mime his lines. which would later be dubbed conceivably could've worked had only the cast and crew not decided to embark on a bender of legendary very proportions capote cozy as Bogart had begun to finally call him soon began to feel that bogert in Houston? We're trying to kill him with their dissipation. He described everyone is half drunk all day. Dead drunk all night noting that once believe it or not. I came around at six in the morning to find king for Ruch doing the Hula Hula. In the middle of BOGART's bedroom it seemed Houston had not created a very productive work environment in Yiddish folktales. The Russian city of how is depicted as a city of Fools Fools Jennifer Jones character and beat the devil was named Mrs Gwendolyn home and insiders Wync some believe at what the production had become. Certainly Houston seems self-aware. In an interview years later he would say it was a bit of a travesty. We were making fun of ourselves. Some critics would see. The picture is one of the first examples examples of camp arguing that Houston Bogart were hell bent on parodying. The Newark classics the Maltese Falcon Key. Largo like that. These were classics. What's that they themselves had crafted? But that didn't mean that the mayhem wasn't real both Houston and Capote tell a story about bogert arm-wrestling all comers in the lobby of the Hotel Hotel Palumbo. He even challenged Little Kaposi wavering. Five dollars astonishingly capote up to fifty dollars and then actually beat bogart rather effortlessly fleet. Pushing his arm flat. Everyone was wide. I'd I'd like to see you do that. Just one more time. Bogart said double or nothing but again capote pushed his arm down then then once more bogart losing a total of one hundred and fifty dollars not having it pogue are started to wrestle around with the writer whom Houston now considered a little bulldog of a man and in here again capote somehow managed to trip bogart flipping the hardboiled screen legend onto his ass and in the process hurting bogart's elbow so badly that they had to stop production for three days. Houston we have a problem to borrow a phrase from the production cinematographer Oswald Morris. In Fact Morris himself tells another story of being accent fetch. Houston early one morning only to get a strong whiff of smoke as he approached Houston's room it seemed the bottom half of the bedroom door from the doorknob to the floor was red hot hash. The door was cracked. Open enough for Morris to slip inside where he found. The director crashed out on the bed. Empty Bottles of Jack Daniels. A couple of Sudi ash trays trays and script pages littering the floor. Apparently an electric room heater had been pushed too close to the door and was about to set the room ablaze. Morris reached out and took Houston Shoulder. John it's Ozzy a muffled houses. Boy John Your bedroom doors alight silence then again John Your bedroom doors alight and then only Oh oh how I love. The smell of burning wood has houston rolled over and went back to sleep but in the end the film was finished. Nobody had died. BOGART would go on to the CAINE mutiny in Houston would spend another thirty years. Directing films. beat the devil however would be both a commercial and a critical flop but then over time that two would change and it is now considered something of a cult classic as for those lines of Bogart's the ones to later be dubbed. This was done during post production at England's shepherd and studios a a young British actor was hired to provide bogart's voice a remarkable mimic his name. Peter sellars at last professional comedian. It come on board. Well you know one of the things that struck me is that some of the stories are just flat out funny and others looking through them them through the Lens of today kind of sad. Yeah I agree. Talk to me about the research because almost all of these stories I'd never heard was an enormous amount of research which one thing that we decided early on and we had done this. This is Ed Hemingway and I and our earlier book is. We weren't gonNA write about anybody who is living we sort of had to rules. We weren't gonNA write about anybody who's living thing and we were going to generally stick to people who were known to be hard drinkers. Did it was part of their public figure. We weren't sort of outing. Somebody who is a closet drinker. It wasn't known for that so probably the richest sources. Were Memoir in autobiography. Because those were sort of first person accounts I mean like in the story I read about beat the Devil Oswald Morris did write his own autobiography called Houston. We have a problem and he tells lots of firsthand stories as Houston cinematographers and. That was great. You know so. Those first person accounts were really useful. Does a lot in magazines and newspapers of the time the very public figures so for example with Bogart in the panda fiasco and the lines that he was quoted as saying in the courtroom those were covered in the press but it was Significant undertaking and we did create a bibliography at the back of the book. Because after we'd done so much research we thought we should really listed out there so other other folks can dive in but we did find two sources for everything so there wasn't anything that we relied on a single source for. How long did this take took a few years? We bit off more than we'd get. Choose got got ad was illustrating books. He writes children's books. And I make documentary films so cross this for years. I was making films and writing other things. There was so much research that went into this. I don't know how you found time to do anything else. Yeah well we had helped with that to you get researchers and sometimes they pull stuff in I and they do. Have I pass it in. You know we're looking for very specific parts of someone's life The other thing that is really helpful the came about in this. Was this kind of difference. I think between our first book on writers and our second book on Hollywood which were probably five six years apart was being able to get books on kindle because because then you can word search in that actually allows you to move through books much more easily an isolated parts that might involve the social life. The drink of the work is extraordinary. I mean you go all the way back to the very beginnings of Hollywood in the silent era. Yeah it goes from the silent era in the early days. The Buster Astor Keaton's and Mabel Norman's and John Gilbert's and Marian Davies all of those folks all the way through the seventies and people like Sinatra and Mitcham Ava Gardner owner Lee Marvin. So it's a big stretch. This is a story about Lee Marvin. He's certainly Samson his quote quite tough. He says Tequila Straight. There's a real polite drink you keep drinking until you finally take one more and it just won't go down then you know you've reached your lemon. Just start driving. He'll oh come down. At least that was the logic director John Boorman and his wife Christel had just finished dinner with Lee Marvin at Jack's at the beach in Santa Monica. Well that's not not entirely true. It had started as dinner but the Arrow is now two. AM in Marvin was ripped on Martinis. They'd all arrive together in Marvin's car which he now insisted insisted on driving. Even though Bormann was trying to take away his keys. Fuck you Marvin head said rearing back gesturing with an Imaginary Samurai Sword. This this was a man who had made. twenty-one beach landings in the South Pacific during World War Two still. The Imaginary Sword didn't prevent anyone from getting into the car in so Marvin persisted. Did he felt he was completely capable of driving into demonstrate this. He climbed up onto the top of the vehicle like an orangutan in crouched on the luggage rack. Pity Poor John. Boreman the British filmmaker who is directing his first American feature point blank with Marvin is the lead forman was as yet untested. He was also rewriting. The script on the fly since Marvin had thrown the original shooting draft out the window locations were being scouted sets were being designed instill. No one knew exactly what they were. Filming form would regularly meet with. Marvin is Malibu. Beach House to apprise him of his progress. The meetings typically when well in less Marvin had too much to drink beyond a certain level of vodka forman would right. He sailed out on his own into deeper waters. Where no mortal could follow indeed need when drunk? Marvin left behind often even himself one morning he arrived home from an all nighter without his house. Keys after ringing the bell he was greeted at the door were by an unfamiliar woman when he asked what she was doing in his house. She replied you sold it to me. Three months ago. He had to buy a star map to figure out where he currently lives. Prior to pointblank. Marvin had been in Vegas for production of the professionals one night returning to his hotel. After a long day shooting death valley he'd put quarter order after quarter into a slot machine he couldn't get to work not realizing it was actually a parking meter anyway. The luggage rack. Marvin's car was parked at at the end of the Santa Monica pier jutting into the ocean foreman figure if he drove the length of appear he could demonstrate he was serious about this in. Marvin would relent so he he gave a shot to no avail before reaching the actual road form and got out and ask Marvin if he was ready to come down. Marvin snarled Borman got back behind behind the wheel. It was late. The Pacific Coast highway was practically deserted in Marvin had left them no choice form and turned onto the highway in slowly headed toward Marvins beach chows. It wasn't long before rolling appeared in the rear view mirror. The police form in pulled over and officer approached the car assessing the scene. Finally he looked Berman and asked his first question. Do you know you have Lee Marvin on your roof. I mean I'm sure he was a nice guy parties. Hi this is Kristen Jennifer win last night we were just talking about. The holidays are over. And we're a little bit but we'll put them but you know you know what I think we can keep the holidays going. How by buying gifts for ourselves? Lincoln Reserve Dot Com and use the code podcast. VIP Get fifteen percent off everything in the store. So it's like vice is still giving US Christmas presents. That's amazing podcast. VIP Vice Reserve Dot Com fifteen percent off everything. What are waiting for well? Let's go. Let's go I'm going. You talk about how things things like the emergence of sound changed. How Hollywood party for one thing? The emergence of sounded. Because you couldn't go out all night and get hammered and wake up after having had a pack and a half of cigarettes with your voice rough and scratchy and feel like you could get away with your scenes for the day in the silent era. You could do that but your voice was more your instrument with talkies so in some ways that settle things some of that probably also has to do with the Industry Street taking off in the media around you and you know in those early days it really was more the wild west and you could fly under the radar bit more. Maybe one of the things that is interesting is the studio system and the thirties and forties fifties had like their own team to handle stars who they knew were likely to fly off the derails at a given moment and so they had relationships with the chief of police and they had relationships with the editors at the newspapers they had relationships with the bars owners bartenders surrounding the studio and they would get calls so that they could sort of swoop in and grab you know Clark Gable from a car wreck before the newsmen got thera before it hit the papers so that idea of having your own celebrity handlers wrangler is an interesting yeah but even in the early days of the talkies. They're still build legendary stories legendary parties. This goes back to like two little the bank hat and those guys. Yeah there's some I mean bankhead in in some ways and cheese a good example of somebody who is kind of famous for being too Lula bankhead. She described herself. I always likes us. Pure is driven slush. Talk about her party's because those were uh-huh yeah you read about these folks and they just seem so giant painted with such thick bright strokes in terms of their personalities in their behavior savior and their reputations but to bankhead who came from an upper crust Alabama family by the way so there is As you pointed out with bogert and her father was the former Moore Speaker of the house. Actually but quote the begins to Lula bankhead is. My father warned me about men and alcohol but he never said anything about women and cocaine probably the best part she ever played was herself sure to Lula. bankhead occasionally received good notices for her stage and screen performances is better fame rested almost entirely on the strength of her offscreen south a hard drinking Lebanese force of nature. It's likely even her peers. Could only they tell you a handful of films that she played but her alcohol and cocaine fueled affairs were legendary. There was the time she threw a dinner party at her estate which was is called windows and passed out facing super bowl before the champagne was even poured or how she bragged of having bedded over five hundred men and women bankhead by the way off and described herself as ambidextrous and then there was the nudist thing. bankhead would often answer the door completely naked. This was before the years in which consumed five packs of cigarettes in two fifths of old Granddad Bourbon Day. She claimed she could drink a bottle in thirty minutes. She took up residence at the hotel. Hotel nicknamed the easy. Lay in Burgess Meredith memoir so far so good. The actor talks about first meeting bankhead. He arrived at a party in her. Sweet tweet only defined bankhead stark naked passing out cocaine and boost guest having finished her hostess duties. She confided that she was dying of quote. The grand desire in subsequently pulled young narrative into her bedroom. Apparently the moaning and groaning were operatic. But just before consummation bankhead pushed him besides saying for God's Sakes don't come inside me. I'm engaged to Jock Whitney. That would be the son of famed businessman. Payne Whitney bankhead would forever maintain and what I do with my bits and pieces is my business and for every fan that I lose stuffy two more. Come along who approve of my lifestyle and indeed bank heads escapades escapades. Were funnier and more risque than any film comedy. She could have hoped to act in a legendary. Such incident occurred the summer of one thousand nine hundred thirty three two years after she returned from a triumphant decade long stretch in the London theater in the mood for an extended party bank had did what any in the know. Actress would have done in those days as she showed up. Resplendent in a heavily beaded gown and diamonds. If the garden of Allah she's spend most of the evening making is at Johnny Weissmuller. The Olympic gold medal swimmer who had just made his Hollywood debut as Tarzan but by five in the morning she had grown tired of simply wondering what lay hidden beneath his loincloth. There are at least two different versions of what happened next next. One is the to Lula having thus far failed in her advances on waste Mueller decided to pull a dams Linda Stress Fling herself into the pool fully closed screaming that she was going to drown around. Someone didn't save her. Someone like perhaps the Olympic swimmer standing nearby. The other version is that she and waste. Mueller drunkenly Dovan together. Whatever the beginning this the story share their most crucial detail? It's ending once in the water to Luna's dress and diamonds found their way to the bottom of the pool and chief found her way into voice. Mueller's arms naked Bacon. He carried her out of the pool. The gathered reveller stared at the spectacle of Tarzan in the naked socialite. Everybody's been dying to see my body to Lula told the remaining parties I now you can. I was GONNA ask originally. Are there any stories that surprised and now I have to ask how many of I mean they all did. They all surprise me. Part of what surprised. Me was the permissiveness. In terms of public outrageousness ourageous nece in misbehaving was just way out of measure with what I had imagined and with what it is now. I mean that these stars would pass out and super bowls and end up naked in pools with this regularity and did they were fine. They had reputations maybe but their careers didn't implode and they weren't torn torn apart in the press for it and they weren't not getting hired back and uninsurable or whatever that's different than it is now but I would imagine in large part that head to have contributed to the founding of the Hollywood coat both on screen and off. I mean onscreen. They were limiting. What could be shown in film but the exploits were certainly the talk of the town? Yeah Yeah I think so and I think that there was a kind of puritanical tightening up of how they wanted people to behave and how they wanted them to be represented in. The code was was enforced to do that. We talked earlier about how the start of talkies meant that. Suddenly you had scripts. You had to have lines that had to be memorized memorized. And well. That's another point to which I didn't bring up is that you did have to do more work in preparation and remember your lines and that also maybe put some limits on the revelry But what other changes happened over the years in terms of how Hollywood was partying. Well I mean I think a big change that happened was people shooting on location much more and the of moving equipment and the desire to go to different locations and film in some ways that started early and chaplain was doing that and people were doing that but for for a lot of the years it seems to me. The first half of the last century so much production was happening in town on studio lots so kept all the actors in town. They lived here. They worked here. And in that way they went out to these places Chasen's and Romanovs encierros and the Polo Lounge and Brown Derby. They were just places were they knew they would be sort of welcomed and protected and also seen and then they would find each other there and so in that way. I think it was a hard charging community that it it may be became less so over time when people could live in different places and when worked for months in New Orleans or in you know Atlanta arm wherever aside from personalities you talked about the places that are now institutions but back then were not you mentioned garden of Allah a famous famous hotel. Yeah and the Beverly Hills Hotel which when it was built was almost a disaster for the owner because nobody was living in Beverly Hills what he did he couldn't get people to come out that far. I I mean one of the things that was interesting for me and moving to Hollywood in writing about these places was looking for ones that were still around and not so many of them are I mean the Beverly Hills Hotel L. is and Musso and frank grill is but there's a lot of other places you know carneval as not cock and bull like different ones and yeah these contributed to partying being in it was an important ingredient in making it all happen. The book does talk about different places sometimes the case of the Brown Derby which had a cocktail the Brown Derby and whether they invented the cocteau himself so it was invented and named after them which is one of my favorite cocktails which is bourbon grapefruit juice and honey syrup or the cock and bull which he's credited with inventing the Moscow mule and had to do with the fact that the owner of the cock and bull was making and distributing his own brand of ginger Beer and he found himself saddled with too many cases of SMIRNOFF and he had a surplus of his own brew that he was hoping wouldn't go bad and so in this sort of desperate Britt did he kind of poured it all together. He decided he often just mix my remaining ginger beer with this vodka and added some lime and served it up and he served served at actually in the copper Mug and one of the actors who hung out. There was a great character actor Roderick Crawford who is through giant man and a big drinker and he apparently was the first customer former to give it a try. He liked it a lot. He said it had a bit of a kick to it. So that's how the Moscow mule was born the drink with the velvet kick before we wrap any other stories stories that you want to share with us. Well I could read a fun. One about Ava Gardner. There's a lot of men who were hard drinking and big screen personalities. In that way but there I also a lot of women who were having their own fun in wild time in Ava Gardner has perhaps my favorite quote in the entire book. A party isn't a party without a drunken bitch lying in a pool of tears which may be configured for your New Year's party probably not a good goal to shoot for now when I think about it though. The story and Ava Gardner all region that we had a wonderful time. That was all she would say. Ava Gardner during Frank Sinatra had met before years ago at Macondo back when she was still married to Mickey Rooney Sinatra had led with soft open something to the effect of wishing he'd gotten to her. First Gardner found him charming. They bumped into each other a few times thins at various nightclubs. There's even been a dinner date once after. She'd left Artie Shaw. They kissed a bit at the end of the evening but Sinatra was still married to Nancy and had kids so she hadn't let it get too far. This time though is different. They were at Daryl's Gerald Xanax. House in Palm Springs for a party. It was fall. Nineteen forty nine Sinatra. As usual was flirting with her crazy she put up with it for a while then reminded him once. He got too pushy that he was still married now. He insisted he and Nancy were finished for good in seeing as he was now available would he be interested in going for a drive. Gardner grabbed a fifth of whatever for the road. While Sinatra quite famously had a predilection for Jack Daniels to garner the tape of booze hardly mattered. It all tasted like hell to her. Anyway so bottling hand. She climbed into Sinatra's Cadillac convertible in the two of them sped off into the desert night. swigging all the way by the time they came to it was stop in the little town of the streets were deserted Sinatra pulled her clothes they kissed and kissed and at some point during their escalating passion Sinatra reached into his glove compartment in pulled out a gun scratch that he pulled out two guns both Smith and Wesson thirty eight naturally. They began to shoot up the street lights hardware store window several rounds that ended up who knows where Sinatra hit the accelerator and they kept on shooting all the way back to the highway. It was a few hours later. When Sinatra Actress Publicist Jack? Keller received a phone call from the police station. They had a story that hasn't yet reached the press. Not just a story about frank. Sinatra's drunken arrest but a story of his drunken arrests while out with famous actress who wasn't his wife in if Keller wanted to keep it under wraps he would need to get to India fast. The police back then were so much more. Amenable Keller immediately called a friend who managed the Hollywood knickerbocker hotel borrowed thirty thousand dollars and took a charter flight out of Burbank. By early morning he paid off anyone. You want who might have been inclined to talk the cops. The hardware store owner some poor drunk schmuck who'd been grazed by one of the bullets Sinatra and Garner were released without further incident Gardner for her part denied. Any of this ever happened. When she returned to the house he was renting in Palm Springs and her older sister Baffi asked how her night with Sinatra had been all she would say was? We had a wonderful time so I guess the bottom line is for our whole show have a great time on New Year's Eve. Just oh get caught. The book is Great. I do recommend it is available on Amazon and elsewhere of all the GIN joints stumbling stumbling through Hollywood history Mark Bailey. Thank you so much for joining us on this special New Year's Eve episode. I'm thank you you know. Thanks fun to tell these stories stories and I think New Year's is a good time to go out and have some fun and let loose a little bit. I recommend it quite like these folks did but you know I hope everybody has a good time. Fine thanks for joining us. Hollywood unscripted is created by Kurt commedia and presented in cooperation operation with the Malibu Film Society. This episode was hosted by Scott to law school. West Bailey producing edited by Jenny. Curtis Sound Engineering Nehring by Michael Kennedy recorded at CO media's Malibu podcast studios the executive producer of Hollywood unscripted is Stuart Halperin. The Hollywood unscripted the theme song is by Celeste. And Eric please rate review and subscribe to this podcast. Thank you for listening and have a happy new year Krecko media media for your mind

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How to Survive Multiple Assailants, Fuck A Boat and The Incels Uncanny Valley

"Welcome back, very special old on Trump houseman, the hour on your toes or Stephen all kidding this week. Why people kidding riots? Why people are also kidding he'll trips and international relations with you Jason gave a blueprint. Tom out with guns free. Lee, and twist we go out and tell them they're out young, Raymond choke, automated legged, man. But ball is got see swim. All come out and didn't have relationships, if I get the moment, be speaking, all apps may sit or pollinated by all. Just kidding phones way travel along with them all make their way on candy, mildly share all of the releases and so much more beer, only on the trap. House may have our. When we're back. How's it going there, our house? Everybody out there. Are you on you? Good. Yeah, yeah. I'm doing. All right. Yeah. The seem like he kind of hesitated, a little, there's has in there. No, no. There was no hesitation a math class, though, that might be affected my mood zone, and so which algebra level assists. You're doing talk about fucking intermediate algebra just like sweating in class. I'm like every every night I get home and do homework. And I just get pissed off a Mike, why does anybody like to do math? I understand that, like math can help you do things. Right. But I don't want to do math problems and definitely like I don't wanna do math for just math sake like I want, I'm going to be working towards learning. Something about something else. It's like how I feel about running and can in sports now like. Running is a punishment or conditioning for sport. That I like running, his not its own yet. You can't you can't see your way to doing these math drills as conditioning. Can't you can't guess only way he just gotta do those reps? You know until you have it ice cold there really is. She's just need fucking to do to do the same pepper problem over and over again until I understand Hudood will, where else are going to be tested or in that real life situation where that algebra comes up, and then you're, you're gonna get super tight, and we're gonna freeze honor under heat under the lights thing, though. I'm in this other class, go ahead. It's real estate class rentals, you about about that he did you. And we're doing this, this thing about appraisals how they appraise real estate in this guy's doing this problem. It's like eight levels of numbers on the fucking Boreham looking at the shit. I'm like, is there a formula for this like? You know what this is what algebra's for, I think. Right in my head. Yeah. There should be a fucking formula there that we could do real quick. But no, there's he doesn't have the formula for me. Maybe that could be your breakthrough. Maybe. Yeah. With your with your set of is you glance on this. And with your Beautiful Mind, right Easter number. Tsu shitting out appraisal formulas rife I'm the guy. Yeah. They call it the high formula. How do you appraise shit use the high formula? Yeah. And you just drop that those numbers in there. He need to get high need to get high uses formula go razor fucking proper, and even it could be an acronym, you know as yeah. Jiji. I don't know. Why fuck it was named for high income. Now. See that's not gonna work sorry breaking down our. Okay. Well, you know, you can figure out the formula in the back uet into. Yeah. But then say you go into test, you gotta know how to like do the shit manually because if you don't remember the formula. That's where those reps come in. True. There's no easy way. There's no way unless you can smash math problems. Yeah. I mean, here's the thing. I really I like I did not mind smashing anatomy shit. Like I did not. I didn't mind too much going in the lab and fucking doing those reps. Yeah. And why is it? Why was that a difference reinsure but like whenever I sit down and do a bunch of math. I'm just like my mood just. I just can't like get. I can't have fun with can't, like enjoy the, the work like. If we're talking about running, I guess, running kind of learned joy that boring shit, you know, like of kind of learn to enjoy running just for just a run like I'm gonna go out on a run. I do six miles or so away to bed. You know, somebody, I just gotta stick at it because that's what I do with running. I just fucking smash my face and just kept running, you know. Yeah, running for me is like I can go of do a four mile session and the first mile and a half, you know, every system is alerting, and there's, you know, smoke coming off, and you know, it's like all systems are, are saying shut the fuck. We're going to. Yeah, wait go sit out so. Yeah. All the little elves it run my body. They're all complaining and try to figure were work arounds and all that stuff. And but once I but that's why I love the four miles. I love that distance. And also, I do the same rod every time I run. Is that I know when I when I breakthrough and the endorphins kick in and smother all the fires, and then but I also know that four miles is good for me for at least at least my threshold of pain and interest, is that you know that last quarter mile once again the fire start coming up again. You know, and I have to start rewiring systems as running, you know, I kind of felt like fill like that rent to have marathons like years apart. You know. Yes. I guess I guess that makes a whole marathon, then. Yes, I've run home. But like before I did that I had never run that far and it was kind of the same thing, where like the first few miles, I was feeling good are feeling like I don't know if I can I can make this. And then about eight I was like, oh, fuck already eight miles, you know, I powered through this, and then the last half mile Mike, I'm like I gotta get shit done. I run faster, we got to be done running, so. Yeah. Kind of the same thing. Yeah. So it's probably big mental piece for me is that I am. I know the distance and I know the path. And so I'm like this things almost over could start complaining to myself. Right. You get that leeway. And you're already you know, you're going home making deals with myself. Yeah, yeah. Yep. Yep. It's a it's running. So I guess that's what I need to put in with the math just smash the shit and just keep shoving it in my brain. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm almost like you know, I'd never encourage drug use for anybody. But at this point like, maybe just snort a line of Adderall diving fucker for six hours, is this girl sounds just like no that sounds bad, but sounds worse than it is not even any anything other than six hours, six hours. That's the word go. But no. If he asked you blue if you blasted a line of whatever. Of, of some of that, that legal crystal math. I you could get through those math problems and you just go you be in the flow he'd be like on math cloud now and get all his reps. And it's just like it really is literally steroids in the same way that, like, you know, steroids just allow you to train more, you know, and laid recuperate a little faster and so that it just really unlocked, something like steroids, does enjoy man, do enjoy doing math problems in like learning. Here's should about the part. I enjoy his his having something down cold. You know that, that you also in that I think what comes with having with having a formula. Cold is like you also know the components of the formula, and somebody can throw you the numbers and you can just without even working the problem, you can have a, an approximation where the numbers gonna come out or how a tweak and one of the numbers in. The formula is actually gonna affect the whole formula, whether cicis, something symbols, higher lower in a lot of this, these financial things, and I'm not a sophisticated financial engineer at all. What are you talking about? No, I'm no it's not even me being modest. I'm I'm just I'm just saying that, that even even the most sophisticated financial engineering is really just it straight algebra straight. Call said that before. Yeah. And so but but it's nice to have those things having the things ice. Cold is an empowering piece. So I think it's cool that you can use math in, like scientists can use math to like fair shit about the universe, and the nature reality, and that type of thing, but I just don't understand how people get to that level in math. I guess it could be somebody like same as, if some like a mathematician, looks at me doing fighting shit. Like I think that's cool. But I don't understand how he got there, you know. Yeah. I don't I don't get how will first of all, I don't get how that works like how math problem could tell you, you know, I mean, I guess I kinda can wrap my head around like if you know, if you know, variables can combine the math physics, and that's where I think, mad is interesting, if you can apply to something, you know, well, the, the other piece of it is in, in. You talked about this with the Natta me is that idea of I don't know how some of these motherfuckers arrived at this point of this formula, you know, like figuring a formula stat standard deviation, which tells you how a bell curve is going to look and operate in within the Boker of how probabilities, you're going to lay within that bell curve. And this the idea of standard deviation is that the somebody figured out formula that sixty eight percent of all Ostra vacations of an event are gonna fall within the first entered EV action and ninety five percent of all the of the event are gonna fall. Within the second tier of the standard deviation and then ninety nine percent gonna fall within the third tier that distribution in, I just don't have a motherfucker came up with, with the actual in, you know, it's, it's a it's a squared fraction with some exponential pieces flowing through it, you know, in and I just don't know how the guy came. I don't know how you arrived at this, how erupted the station. Walk up. The train is like, hey, y'all got some standard deviation forever. If you're ready for it. Let's do the issue. Yeah. So anyway, that's that in whereas, I think we have I'm sure if some if I took a half a second going Google. I figure it out, but I won't. And but it's that idea of like with with some of this with, with anatomy. And with somebody algae, we get a little bit of that context of how these guys arrived, and how they're thinking of all, do you know, sometimes that context would help a person like me? But anyway, I'm just, you know, just trying to trying to move it alone. Get get my depressed in trying to do here. So did you know is ignoring invented calculus in a year? Yeah. See, that's, that's something I have no clue. I never took calculus my whole life. I never took physics either. Then no. Got that one on me. I, I haven't taken okay with him. And I just have. I'm gonna take physics. Okay. Gonna say L don't you, something like that? Don't you just kinda uncover it? You don't really you don't really invent calculus calculus. Do you. Well, I think you have to invent it because it's not like you. You don't invent gravity. Right. Right. But you invent a way to calculate gravity, which I think is some certain level of physics, right? I'm but. So you're just in inventing away to interface with it. You know, and to figure out problems with it, which I guess that's in the end. That's what helps you build a bridge, you know. Like you said, it's like I want to build a bridge, I wanna do fuck and math problems. Right. I wanna blow up shit know when fucking Linda chemistry from shit. I would do chemistry problems. The least I can I have some kind of other learning going on there. Like I'm learning about something, you know. Them. I'm being snobbish to math right now. But yeah. So feel me. You don't have a choice, you're I do have a choice true. We all have a choice in this thing, don't. Yeah. Not really. I guess I need to kinda need to learn. Yeah. So while you committed at least you have a choice and you're committed. So here we go. There's no, there's no turning back stabbing there's no stop. I will learn the math, one of the things that we saw a lot this week. It's been happening a lot lately, but why people are fucking up. And so they really I think this is really a I think white people kind of need to take a hard look at themselves in the MIR for this week alone. I think these last seven days have been tough. You know, we'll roll into the this is a segment that we often touch on the, you know. You know who I people are fucking up? There is a convergence actually, there's, there's been several threads of our conversation. There's a sort of a white people fucking up fuck a boat. Fuck a boat and Florida man to man. Yeah. All feature prominently. Yeah. Right. A man is he you can you could set your clock to that one bills read ratchet ratchet story, come out of Florida at least once a week. So this is a dateline Sarasota. And so we're Sarah said, I seem that's like our to the panhandle Simonov idea. Yeah. That's graffiti there. Now, we don't want sleep. We will that. Yeah. Oda. Somebody somebody's ready our nation's stills. Somewhere in Florida. A group of passengers experiences scary nightmare on twelve hour charter fishing hole. Tra-. Okay. For three who charters of fishing expedition for twelve hour me like that. Signs like our fuck off. Thing in Hawaii from like eight to noon. And that was that was plenty like we caught shit tons of fish right now. So twelve hours, it's like whoa. Yeah. Net might speak out, shitty sarasota's. They gotta hall ask and six hours to get some fish. Sarasota is like it's just out the Tampa so right in the middle of the state on the grid side. On the on the western Gulf side. Yeah. Sarasota. Police say on Sunday, June second five passengers joined captain, Mark Bailey. Now, I don't know how you get the captain tag, but and is I may Devon Kissel, on the charter boat double marker in I, I don't know what the meaning of double markers. You know, who knows anything about these boat names to horses is the weirdest names or they're like, off by dollar and named my horse off by dollar. What, what? Yeah. How, how do you refer to that son of a bit? The group departed Sarasota at six AM for fishing trip. That's another thing like an asset abets lock in the morning to get on a boat. According to statements, given to police, captain, Bailey was drinking numerous beers in this heavily and talk to get him. Well I mean if I was on a boat. But that just makes it worse. That's like you can't drink your way out of that problem on a boat. No, it can't. Because you're, you're in the sun, you're going to be hot and you're gonna get one of those midday hangovers in your rock and back and forth over social in the ocean. No fun. And believe me, if there's a problem, I can drink through, I'm going to drink through it. Okay. I give it the Okali. Yeah. But you can't drink through this problem. There's no way. But if he's if he doesn't like it, then he shouldn't be a captain of a boat. Okay while he'd he doesn't have a problem with that. He's, he's sounds like he's inexperienced a alcoholic. Oh, I see. He's, he's been down this road before is minus the, the rest that we're going to get to. I was taking from my perspective as a passenger, you're right. And I was like, how can I get through this problem? And I was like, well, maybe I can drink. I can drink about it. You know, you can thank you, that on the t shirt. Dribbler gumbo. Make millions. When there were about sixty miles out in the Gulf came. That's the problem right there. One of the passengers Carlo Lee bar, pyro asked fifteen year old Jason re Milo riyal, Jason reality MO to go to the second tech, and grab a beer from the plastic bucket, that was next to the captain. Because next to the GATT. I mean I mean they're beer well during their. I seem. Yeah, I don't know. I mean I can't imagine these guys. Maybe they hired the charter this charters on cheap, by the way. Oh of twelve hour even the Caribbean. It was. It's too expensive and as cheap down there, and I can't imagine what a what a Cirrus ODA captain charges. Dr fucking million miles of the seas and come back all's out for how many hours again, twelve hours and hours. I'm gonna charge a pretty steep fee there. So I don't I don't I doubt these were communal beers. But maybe these guys said, hey, we paid a thousand bucks. Stupid boat. We're gonna drink some fucking beers or not just the cap is the own smash peers all day. I mean dude at the cabin smashing beers. We have become a have we have a small problem, it's yeah. I don't know. I'm going to go along to get along. I mean, I was the worst could do you know crashing Berg. I mean this it's it is the vast ocean. Yeah. Get me out so far. And like as miscalculate the gasoline that he has that's paying somebody to charter you out. I don't want them drinking. I mean I'm on the boat. Enjoy myself I can drink. Sure. But right. You the captain you're working. I don't think not even a couple of take the edge off from like from like a got a little carried away answers. They night, not a good professional look. I think I think like I would have if those guys in Hawaii would drink in. I would have been like, oh, hey, yeah. I could see that. Yeah. They weren't doing any of that. There wasn't even fucking drinking. They were keep it keeping a professional these. They were hiding it from us, if they were drinking. Okay. Well, that's possible to the captain told real MO the young child or fifteen year old kid to put the beer back, the teen thought the captain was kidding and kept going the report says Bailey, that's the captain, then grabbed him and ripped a chain that was around the teens neck. So now this guy snatching chain violence, an argument, then ensued among the passengers. The report states that the group tried to continue on with their trip, but their mood. Was our and captain, Bailey continued to drink and do cocaine still on board. Well, he's midday. I recommend short Adderall to like get into math. Reckon recommended that I sacrifice my nasal passages for intermediate algebra based. Like, damn, I can read it might need that for college. You're like, well, can I just take one of these bills and said his smashing about starting during? Like no, you have to listen. Yeah. I don't like I don't like cocaine number one, and I certainly the other thing actually what I like even listening, cocaine or people on cocaine j I don't wanna be anywhere near people on irrational, their jib, jabbering all over the place. They got all these stupid ideas. And I don't wanna fuck a deal with anybody that I, I doubt that, so I'd actually I'd actually be somewhat casual. And if my kid's wife around the boat and maybe I'm a little tight about the beer's, but the cocaine, right? I'm done them done that shit. The captain, then called up a twenty five year old passenger Chris Goofey to come speak with him. And the captain reportedly said I have a gun, and if I want to I put a bullet in each of your heads and leave you out here, and of course, Chris says this at that point, we're all waiting for something horrible to happen for him to come down the stairs with his gun. Who are these people who got threatens the kill all of you and your in your you're waiting around? Right. Chris goes down and reports problem. Listen. The guys fucked up. He's on coke. He's drunk shit. I'm in, what's the problem? I. Well, I admittedly I have like an advantage in these situations. But man, that's a that's, that's no brainer for me. Let here we go. So all right after the passengers pleaded to go home, which okay, suddenly, everyone's starting to make sense. That's like an I. We gotta drive sixty miles back, though, gene, I know. Yeah. Just capita. Once you go down in the debt, and the galley, I suppose, and you can continue to do lines and some blow. And we'll just Dresden. Yes. Put where where's the compass on this thing after the passengers pleaded to go home? The captain reportedly continued drinking took out a nine millimeter, handgun and fired sixty seven shots in the air. At this point, I was thinking this is going to end really badly. And I think we're all trying to strategize as to what we could do where we could hide where we could go how we could stem the confrontation that was about to ensue. I'm running inside decking thinking, oh, I can't get shot today. Oh, I can't shot today. Love at that comment. Which. Yeah. Like, like I mean, isn't that like a standing order, one hundred every morning like a at Mike? I can't get out today. I'm not getting shot today. It's like, yeah, your take your shower in your MIR's all four bed. You write that in your shower window us today, definitely not. I mean that's not on the list and now any day. No, so I appreciate that comment, for sure. And that's the other thing it's like I'm sorry. This is like I saw picture this boat. It was a pretty big charter fishing boat, but it wasn't a fucking yacht and it certainly wasn't a Carnival Cruise ship. There's not a lot of places to hide and a nine millimeter bullet is gonna travel very well in this kind of environment. You know what I mean? So I don't know why these mother fuckers are on hide tip as not part of the planet. Oh, no, no. I'm on a throw this motherfucker overboard. Yeah. You gotta go Alibaba and forty thieves in like and and Jiang, the motherfucker, right? Or not saying that's actually that's not the right word. What is it called? Mutiny mutiny. Fuck the captain. He's gotta go captains losses shit time to back time something floats and throw them over and then good luck to you. He's out of peace time to you can't time up. He's got a guns on to have a gun. Yeah. How are you going to time up? It's not him now strangers if you knock them out, and you could tie something time or put a life jacket on them and just toss them over you're so nice. I I'm just looking at the first opportunity. Like I said earlier to get this motherfucker out of the vicinity, right? Oh, doesn't involve removing him from the, the boat, the premise of the process, the easiest thing I think that's the Brian solved. Yeah. And then, you know, hey a hoping swim but you starting to kill everybody. Yeah. All bets are off. Yeah. Now if you can't swim flow, shark food bitch. Forget about it, the captain appeared to turn around and head to shore. But the passenger soon discovered he was just driving circles. They able to use the compasses on their phones to confirm it. Of course, that takes a long time for these, these guys are fucking with their apps. Download blink candy crush distract their mind from the impending doom when a passenger pleaded with him. The captain reportedly responded, no I can do this as long as I want. I did this for a living. Eventually when they got within self Hoon rains passengers contacted the police anuas coastguard, Bailey was arrested. He kicked the rear door of the service police cruiser when he was plainly put on, on shore. Bailey has been charged with boating under the influence. Resisting law enforcement officer other cramps will investigate by the coast guard. Then the charged with threatening to kill everybody. That's what does that salt. Those are some shit the coastguards on that shit. You know, are on the there's maritime law, you know, and he's a captain. So he might be able to like, press you service. You know what? I don't know that thing. I have no idea. I'm not married. I don't even know what that is. But, you know, you get a mile from shore shit changes you know he can like you can start gambling. You can search Norton coup Kane driving. How do you know this? I don't really I don't know any, this is true. But I mean you know, I'm trying to think like what would courage to go on a above? You know, it's like, okay, we'll, maybe if I get a mile out that there's no more law. You know I can do fuck. I want us out there gambling. Cambering. Slum kreps. Yeah. But I guess. Yeah. Could drive over to the Capri, I guess, and give my slot on if I really wanted to. Yeah. So that's, that's it. And so that really reinforces the concept of fuck abo-. Yeah. Naked, I mean I you know, I'm not to sour boats. But that happened, I would may be fucking boat. That's not a leisure activity. Somebody taking you out there in the million drive around circles threatened put a bull in your hell. That's not Hajer situation. That's. Yeah. No, we're not friends anymore that should have. I'm leaving a bad review on Tripadvisor where where were these people do they check the reviews out on on these things. I you know, I got a call this whole crew a Christian, you know, it's like not that, you know, you suddenly turned into seal team six or something if she goes down. But it's like you guys got to come up with a plan. I been drinking six AM. You can't handle them as a group. Yeah. Fuck outta here, especially. Yeah. He's on cocaine just through like a crazy idea like money-making concept. Our just, you know, there's gotta be some way you just funnel, amendment invulnerable situation. Like, hey, Mike. And I have that coke make that make Alana forming, and I've, you know, this net just there's hey, you know, give busy living or get busy fucking dine. Yeah. Fuck it Shawshank Redemption shit up air. Yeah, it really doesn't take a whole to like a drunk person coked up percent. Yeah. Like you said, funnel them into a direction, and then put the boot on their ass. And they're swimming. Swimming, and you just hit the gas, right? And he could still if you want to sure gets spleen into do the coastguard, oh, the Kobe are going to be all your side. Listen. We got all you gotta do say essay, we weren't fishing. We got loss out there. We have no idea where we are right now. And then suddenly, you know, we caught a couple of fish. Are we got this compass app on her cellphone, we've got cell phone coverage? And now, I don't know where this guy's, but I got twelve witnesses there, my crew here is going to back me up on this whole story this guy's toast or if you'd Sarasota. And you're in Florida, you could just jet over to Cuba. And then claim claim you didn't know, would you going, you know, speaking of which Donald Trump ratcheted, earn the screws on increasing the level of travel ban on Cuba? This last week as of Wednesday. No, I did that. Why? Because Obama relaxed he's trying to do everything in the opposite of Obama. That's a fair thing. Yeah. That's fair thing. I mean, that was actually. It's not like you're I don't think you know, you gotta read this guy's mind. He actually said that in the campaign promise, I'm going to, you know, just rollback every Obama piece. Yeah. He's a gaping. Total. Well, such dish. I. You know, I we visited there right after that big hurricane. This was, I guess, in two thousand seventeen in, in September two thousand seventeen that I things last year. Well, eighteen at an I think of Sony, not that long ago, but man as people were poor and they're fucking. They're, they're Livin lean. And what we had done the mare not that, not that it was really that generous of a move. But what had bomber and that administration had done was they were allowing a little bit of American investment to go through. And this is like people people investment, not really unlocking banks at this point, and banks or what you need to really get big infrastructure ship moving. You know, but if you open up some, the people, the people investing that allows you to get some restaurants, going as you get going and allows you to build something, organically, you know, and of course, allows you build something that's just really gonna be that's gonna benefit just the people, you know, that actually execute the shit. So it's not like a government run enterprise. You know, a fucking harbor is a government, Reina price, a fucking bed and breakfast. That's just, you know, some family jose-maria you now get shutdown them. So anyway, so I, I got see a little bit of that. But, you know, places still pretty lean you know, and people were still pretty poor but they were very, you know, like always said about the Carribean fucking happy cells. They, you know, they want you to be there. And you know, they're going to do their best with the circumstances that they've been bribed provided in the that's what the Cuban people have had to do for the last fifty years, you know. And so they want to turn the screws. But the, the big surprises are there's no big surprise here. The people actually are going to continue suffer. It's not going to be the sort of Qadri of communist leadership. You know, the sort of feed brother Roel. Thank you, and his crew, those guys aren't gonna have to worry about shit. You know, they can just continue to put out slogans just and you know, that's it. They're not to worry about it. But the. People that I was dealing with just regular people to try make ends meet those people really gonna suffer greatly. Because this thing and the the, the communist leadership of that nation has the ability to suffer forever. They done it for fifty years now, the potatoes people don't and those people are fucking hungry, man. So it's a really sad piece Manziel, sad piece that Abby as bring like cutting the faucet off for those people as far as tourism investment that kind of thing in in, you know, you still have the Europeans can still go there, and then the Mexicans Guth to go there, every, you know, almost every country in the world can still go. Gather candidate can still go there. But we are truly the big spigot of not just tourism, but we control the international banking peace. And so it's just like the same way that you just you can't do business with Cuba, as a Bank and do business in America. And everybody wants to business. This america. So Cuba's out. You know that's just the way it is. And so all those big infrastructure pieces will never at the bar on now. They can't get, you know, now, some guy can't open a bed and breakfast, you know, try and make a couple bucks or just a Cuban. It was always a Cuban had to do it, but American guy could come over and, and have a very direct partnership, you know, and, and, you know all the stuff was pretty cheap to give stuff rolling, you know, but it's just all entrepreneurs ship. You know, it's like the ultimate, it's really the greatest driver of democracy. So anyway, so white people fucking up on that and to. Yeah, because that's Donald Trump, that's drawn Trump driven Ps, you know what we're going to SAM's for. I was just going to ask all I was gonna say that I was just going to ponder that nobody's ever tried to kill me. I don't think anybody. I mean, there's this fight one time spoken about this. Where like I thought maybe I don't think you Nebraska, that was out as Saint Louis but. These are just like young people. They're not trying to kill anybody. They're trying to beat me up. But that's probably the closest situation where I've gotten the people, maybe easy felt the death was on was on the spectrum. I didn't really even I wasn't. I didn't feel like endanger of dying at anytime. But, you know, well it happen, I guess, is what I'm saying with this idea of, like, what if what if the situation verse? So like, if you're in, like a fight versus you've verses you were talking to me earlier about, like, if I had to fight so many a number of people like where, where I feel comfortable about the numbers that I could handle in my technique be, so what's the what do you think the maximum, not the maximum? What's like a number of people that you can fight once that are not trained ninja ninja, you know, even trained fighters right? Yeah. Well, okay. I, I was saying that up to three untrained people. I would give myself like ninety seven percent. You know, pretty super high odds could handle that three entering people. All right. Anything other than that, you know, the stats kinda go down a little bit for four is like one person per limb. And that's that's where he getting a lot of dangerous thing. Yeah. Especially one of those people are to any of those people know what they're doing. You know where they're just they're just thinking, latch onto a leg. They're big or something. I mean I don't know. Imagine a I guess. Yeah. For four people. You know, for, for bigger people than me could could, like maybe I don't know like pretty quick. Like I have the competence, with, with no matter what amount of people there is the first guy definitely take out. Right. So four people become three pretty quick. Right. But then there's three people and I have finished one, and they're the other three while I was doing that to the first guy are, are on me. You know, so that's, that's where the problem is if there's three entering people take out one there's two people. That's not to entering people. I think I could handle that. Then you're sensual laughing, you know, it's also like there's it's a traffic thing, too, because it's like it's tough. It's tough to get. It's tough to get in there when somebody else's fighting unless you're like you can also, I guess, if you, if you play the angle, right though, and you, you hit him from behind and things are working just fine for you. So, which let's say so three people I think is the magic number where he feel like you feel like the odds are in your favor. But what is your strategy in the first thirty seconds, which are, which are one minute strategy, because I think that first minute really dictates the end of this thing. Yeah. And. And there's multiple people the first rise you for me. This is not everybody's first strategy. Right. What I Ready's pride fucking try to get out of there. Right. Okay. Well, we already delimited just that's just a disclaimer for like anybody. Anybody out there? Oh, see Jason said I could do this. The next thing. Buck that, so okay, so the first guy, I would try to I would try to knock him out immediately like try to punch him as hard as I could the first time. And he's done right. Second guy would try to do something horrific to, like fucking rip off his ear Fisher Colm in mouth, open might office knows something just something to discourage the other remaining people. Now, if you fish Hoek somebody's mouth Jeep. How do you think it would be to open up that Sheikh you need leverage? I mean, how would you a man I'm gonna I'm gonna going pretty hard? I was gonna grab your the inside of your mouth and just rip as hard as I possibly can holy shit. I'm gonna you know, I'm going to try to like trying to injure you like yeah, disfigure. You whatever. I'm just trying to discourage your friends that they don't want any more like, you know, so, you know initially, I was thinking, maybe that would be my first move, but that's not good because sometimes that can take like a commitment like really hurt a guy. Yeah. You got a really focus. You got to really engage that person. Get close to them. He had I think, maybe that's the second guy. Yeah. What if on the third like okay in that first piece if you do that big, he tried to get the big boomer in there, and he don't you don't knock the guy out where where he at their you still just keeping with that one person really trying to trying to get that, that knockout at that first person while you're moving around trying. Keep keep some kind of distance between the two suckers or what I think if I didn't knock the guy out with the first punch it would be you'll be decently hurt and I could finish them two or three more bump up, you know. And then my plan still stands. I'm trying to disfigure the next guy that I touch. Yeah. And this situation when I was in Saint Louis, I had the same thought. But like the guy fucking hit me with a bottle and like run my bell. And the next thing I remember I was on all fours. You know, and people were fucking can't give me and fucking shit. So I just I just lurched grab somebody and try to hurt him as bad as I could. Yeah. And yeah. So you know, I was able to like kinda like survived. Pretty much unhurt in besides the cut on my four as bottle, upside, your head, you get you get a quick, knockout, where you're like out as you're hitting the ground, or at least it was just this lasting. Yeah. Hit me with it. And not like I was. On all fours. And remember, just looked in remember all these feet around me. You know, another us should I gotta get up in feet coming into your stomach and your ribs. And that kind of situation, almost favors almost favors to, to grab onto somebody, you know. Yeah, because it's like if you don't grab onto somebody out there in getting kicked other land getting getting kicked punched from all sides. If you grab onto somebody have a reference, I can fuck this guy, real quick, and then or somebody else, you know. No also a fucking may like that is chaotic like those guys lost me? I ended up getting spit out of the the, the group. And like this chick no ran up to me, and like grab me on my shoulder turned around and almost punched her. And she's like come in the house come in the house, you know. But, you know, she knew whoever whoever's house was so much other friends in the house. And yeah, so it was it was chaotic, you know, like I'm not sure like how they lost me. You know. Yeah, it was like a fuck and feeding frenzy. Yeah. So she's. Yeah. So, yeah. Basically, my strategy would be to knock the first guy out finish him real quick. And then horribly do something terrible style in the second. Gotta do some terrible something that makes makes an impression on the other two on the on the remaining than third that their versa. Yeah. Because then that person really and here's thing and others. Three people and you've already worked to people's asked third guy try going to be like. I don't think this is good. I mean ten my let me tended Brad Jett here. He just going your way, sir. I'd probably won't as on GP. Honestly. I'm already tuned up. What's g general came? Okay. Amari tuned up to back to hurt me. Yeah. Go. Tell. Normal people at that guy live in to tell the story but everybody's gonna live, so I'm not gonna kill anybody. Yeah. Sorry. There's a price you need to, you got this door. Anything stop these guys, right? Yeah, that's fair. I think that's a fair thing. I think I think as person was taken that beating pry think. Well, I think I deserve this while. Yeah. For friends with these myself on this one plate myself played yourself as anybody tried to kill you. I, I think one time a guy tried to kill me and flash. She's like, wait a minute. I'm actually trying to kill. This is not a good look for my future. Yeah. I was like a freshman in high school, and I've been always like early undersized person. You know my whole life. At least at least I was always like a year younger than everybody, and I was always kind of person. So I've always, you know, my whole self image is always kind of like the of the smaller slider person. You know, and certainly freshman your high school. You know, I was super skinny and tiny, you know, and so me and my buddy, this is I was on some white shit here. We were at a tennis club. Oh my God. How does I asked you, if somebody tried to kill you? The first thing is, as you at tennis. On you. Tennis club then. Okay, listen. Hey. Wreck. The story finish. You're right. Those super white was trying to hide anything at a tennis club. Hey, listen. It was. It was it was also, you know, there's a health club there, too. And there racket. There's a racket ball. And there's a pool all the white shit there. Well, not all of it. But there's a good to you. Bland food, to fuck around and, and get caught up in some white chef there. Yeah. Let's people weren't kids. Okay. So anyway, I mean, you still want to hear this or not? Yeah. Of course, to kill me. Oh, yeah. Tennis. That doesn't diminish that might suffering and pain. And I went through the coke. You're at some fucking white boy fraternity party. Okay. When you got killed or win some tried to kill you. Hillbilly wasn't fraternity. They were a bunch of hillbillies while you still in years doing some whites. We're both in white shit one gotten some trouble. Okay. So maybe you're not so different than me after all I that I that I say, even minute, a guy we which definitely are a little different 'cause I don't put my collars like you do so you got, like half half popped collar right now, insistent, our Phil drew. It's like it gives me energy, you know I like that. Yeah. People got an oatmeal me, you know. You know. Did your wife did? She have independent on that. I think I put it down on the house. True. No, no. You can shoot. She might watch for me there, you can ask your next time sear. Okay. Okay. So I'm at the tennis club. All right. And we're at the front desk, right? And we're trying to check in or something right? And there was this guy, he was, like probably forty five or something like that. We were in high school. Yeah. As a freshman high school, and so that some forty five year old guy was at the front desk, and he was just fucking raising all sorts of ruckus. Right. He's mad about something and I can't, I can't remember what this guy was saying what is complaining about? But the summary or the way he ended his convert or his complaining, like his who's like running rough on this, this lady at the front desk. Right in that, like I'm some night, shining armor, anything, but he's like he ended his his rant and he's really fucking rude with, like somebody oughta somebody oughta come into this club and. Fix it or change it or you know, do something. Somebody got to come in this club and clean it up for good there now. And of course, I'm just, you know, some wise ass thirteen year old and I said, well, you know what, how it ain't gonna be you. Just like a Mr. but Inskeep. So I don't remember what exactly but I remember that's exactly what I said. She said, hey, ain't gonna be you. And he looked at me and he flipped out. Any literally grabbed my neck with his right hand and he started to strangle all my God. I got was like Semaj, you know, I'm sure he was like a CFO something now that this happened today, that guy will get sued for sure. Oh my God. Yeah. My, my dad, one was, honestly, my dad would fucking broken the sky and half. Forget about it. Yeah. I mean, my dad was so pissed in my dad. My dad is a pretty big guy. He's like six six three six four is and, you know, he's always been a pretty rough and tumble Irishman. You know, he's a really smart guy, but it was out there, kids like that he can handle shit. You know. So he was full composed. So he definitely had a what is it? S- something onsite onsite. Yeah. Had an onsite with this guy at the tennis clubs. Yeah. So guy. But the guy choked me so bad that. Yeah. Or like Chuck nut choke me, but he grabs so hard. I had fucking finger marks God. But think about that, like. This is a fucking forty year old man thirty five year old but he was he was definitely over thirty. I mean at that age is tough to tell people are. But he was definitely old enough to fuck it. No better, right. Yeah. And so he snapped out of it, you know, but we the lady did actually call the cops, but I didn't press charges or anything like that. Just that's not how living who buddy? Yeah. That's, that's terrible story. Yeah. I mean I I wasn't traumatized by it. I wasn't I was pissed, I, you know, and of course, a once again, as that sort of undersized, kid, you know, that's a pretty frustrating thing to experience, you know, because, you know, I could out size whip the sky. Yeah, I certainly them skill set at the time, but you know, had Lou that's areas as Kidman, you know. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I, I've had a couple moments when I was a kid where like there was there's violence around. You know, and I was like, ooh, you know, kind of gives you an edge, you know. Yeah. So as that's not cool man. And even as a kid, you know, you kind of do sometimes have that, that outsized view of what you're actually capable of in terms of self defense against the larger person. You know, they may have that Ego's probably the wrong word for a kid. But, you know, maybe have an overestimation of your abilities against much bigger stronger person. Obviously, you know, kids do ju jitsu I think have a better understanding of, of the reality of the situation and had a certainly navigate that, that situation, you know, Mezin being that mad public yet to put my hands around foot put child a kid that I don't know from anybody dude. I mean, even and not that I know that do know. Yeah, so that's even better. But I just that, that concept of that concept of, of snap on a kid like that is, is pretty foreign. It's foreign most of us. You know doesn't happen. A lot, but it happens so anyway, gotta know, kids are I mean, when when a kid does some dumb shit to me. I'm just like, okay, you know, they're, they're poking around the world. Like. He can't like this. The other day I was in here in the gym in somebody's daughter was in the gym. And, you know, I've said something that I think they're on the on the treadmill or something, I was like, hey, you need to get off that, you know, you can't we don't want to plan on that, that kind of stuff just, you know, and she just walked gave me look walked away and didn't say anything and I was like, Hello. Did you hear that? I need some confirmation. I'm like it's like airlines here need a verbal. Yes or no? She didn't say shit. She just walked away gaming the look. You know, I didn't like in my head on my just grumbling you know. Yeah. But I was going gonna do anything approaching. You know, I like it when kids and style on me. I think it's because of course, reminds me when I was a kid. You know, I certainly had the, the guts to at least initiate that stuff. I was that the Gusta back it up. You know. So I I like it. I mean, I think that's good. Yeah. And so I think that's a good science. Like, you know my, my daughter's now ten years old, and she. We, we had just an argument about something just, you know, just nonsense, you know, trying to get her to do something, you know, those good for her, but it was like, go to the fucking pool or go walk the dog, or let's do some fun. Rectus Goethe yet. And she's like everything that comes out of your mouth is wrong. That's amazing. And I. Sure, I ruling on the ground, and you're only alive because the me. All right. I, I, of course, so I start laughing and I can't stop because I think it's so it's so fun. Obviously terrible thing you know, I don't want encourage this behavior. And then, you know, the youngest bar youngest one comes in the room and heard the whole thing, too, and she's laugh and, and then the kid starts inserts laugh into, you know, so we're all it's a pretty twisted crew. But I just I love it. I, I love when kids smart kids, try and try and make it happen. You know, I, I like some wit and the kids, too. Yeah. Yeah, Dale into the same shit to me. So by never come up with anything witty onto his face to face. She stumps me, you know, just because I think because I'm just smitten by my mom only child. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There's lots of. Yeah, you're definitely right? And passes, you know, hall passes out gay, right? Do it. Do what you will. Well, I have us Bathour. Oh, well let me get a beer. Let's, we'll run some elegant MU doo, doo, doo Didi like that. Speaking on the phone. Good. You're going to tell some fretwork. Do try to kill Pratt party something or fucking Motors anchor noticed? Yeah. Well, I did tell you. I tried to kill somebody wants kinda okay? I mean, not really kinda I don't know, one time when I was little, like I was probably like fucking young, my parents divorced, when nine so it had been before that, you know, seven or eight, maybe my fucking my mom and dad were fighting and getting physical and. Like a week earlier, I found his fucking I think it was a shotgun it was his big long fucking rifles like under the autumn in our living room, not a great hiding spot when you gotta fucking seven year old running around. Right hand in Ottoman definitely is designed to write like this wheel's on right up was fucking thing all over the place all the time. I one day I pushed it and there's a fucking rifle underneath a shotgun or something anyway. So what happened to that rival my dad price old it? Anyway, they were fighting. My dad was, like my dad was being physical my mom, you know. And they had like they were in the basement, and like I was like peeping Tom like at the top of the stairs. And I like watch the fight spill the basement, there's a basement door. And then right across from the basement was the fucking garage door. So the I like watch the fights Bill into from the basement into the garage. You know, in, like, Ma dad's like fucking be really rough mom. So I went and fucking grabbed the gun underneath the ultimate in I started yelling at my dad. I'm like, yo I don't remember what I was saying, but it was basically just knock it off. Basically, pointing the gun at Mme mom's like Jason Pathet down put that down, you know, in that was pretty much it. My dad came and took the gun from me and basically deposit me up deposited me up in my room. But, you know, I was I, I had no idea like head. No idea what I was doing. You know, but I, I thought that would like thought that might like send a message, you know. Yeah. And like kinda maybe on the off chance that it would stop the fight. I don't think it did. But definitely I mean, am I glad I didn't shoot my dad. I'm not I'm not sure, you know, like, well, I if quences you know that, that affect, you know, would have been pretty significant you know, that's derailing true fucking move in, and certainly, like you said, I mean, I that's actually a common thing in that in that, you know, my, my parents got divorced when I was five or something like that. And my mom had a relationship with a guy that was was abusive to in this guy had a heater as well. Okay. And I was a little bit younger than you six and seven, but I did when those guys would argue and have have the significant fights, you know, that certainly this guy, you know, just was the. Measure my words here, you know. When these guys would have these fights that, that was my fantasy you know. That grad this was a fucking monster. Fucking hand cannon, you know, and of course, to my little five, you know, I have tiny baby hands as this. But can you imagine, you know when I was five years old, or seven years old and five at the time of seven years old years old at the most that, you know, I put that hand cannon my fucking hands. You know what would happen you know? But that's like, that's like how, that's how destructive that, that places that, you know, not only is like this guy, the, you know, put in the this woman in danger. But, you know, he's putting the kid in danger of, of actually, you know, you could actually hurt your mother in that situation virture, you could blow your fucking fled off, you know, or you blow him away. And then suddenly, you're, you know, you're you get misrepresented in year now you catch some juvenile fucking bullshit. So it's like there that's, that's a terrible place to put a kid. Sure. You know there's a terrible place to be. And so I've I that's a very, very, very shitty place man is not a good place to be, and so, you know, just like, like we talked about, you know with, with, with both Ray and then that might have been. I'm not sure that, that was an English Davis Kerri Gary grazing crazier crazy. Larry, our area is that we talked about those echoes or was it the back feedback loops? Yeah. In that's like a good feedback loop to break to break out of. And I'm a stubborn person. I you know, I definitely, you know, I argue I argue with my wife, but it it's never doesn't get physical. And I try and I try and diffuse the fucking thing. You know, I don't try and hide anything from the kids, you know, but we don't have knocked out drag a five. I mean that each other for hours and hours, but you know, they're static. Sure. And it's up static too. And so even with the static I always try and to rive it some resolution. This might actually be the wrong thing to do. But even if there's like a static situation, and there's a disagreement, the, you know, I try and resolve it is best in and resolving. Sometimes drags it out a little bit. But I always try to try and find some kind of resolution not always there. You know. But I just so the kids can see okay there's be fear. You know. You know, they can squash it on some level. Yeah. I think I think that's the, like the I mean it's kinda like how people say democracy, isn't the best government system is, is the best one, we know of. So that's the best solution that we know of is like kids going to it's not good for for you to be like having a fight with your significant other. And then being like, okay, I don't wanna fight around the kids like kids part of the family. It's good for them to like see the fight in see the resolution to 'cause there's, there's a lot of sheltering going on, you know, and I don't want to be a part of that, with my with my kids, either, you know, like, just they have to know, the nature reality, and, you know, fucking having disagreements is part of any relationship, whether you like friends with somebody or here in a serious romantic relationship, or your mom dad, any of that. You know there's going to be disagreements. And fucking yelling and sometimes but important that they see that, like disagreement doesn't mean you like you hate each other or anything like that they just see the, the fights don't see the resolution. What does that tell? Yeah. So yet, happens into magic box, you know, the, that's what I tell myself at least the other thing is that I'm taking all the time, and it's not because I'm a generous person in that I'm handing amount is like I'm wrong. Flat out wrong. Lot was the time rock, and so, you know, it's really a lot of times, the resolution is seeing the, of my ways and confessing, doll crimes fast fast at present, you know, that's pretty much, how living to just the in, in the lady's house there. You know, me and the cat fucking just grinding through that is your cata did. Well, he didn't have balls. But he's technically guy, he's a he's a great worm poor guy. Yeah. Oh man. Grave, I like MAC, lethal fit that grey, worm mine in there, though. Yeah. We, we were checking out some checking. We got some fresh beef. Hayes. Seems like there's some rap on the job. So. Yeah. That's that was nice pool for Macklin. Fuck nine when I like rap, if what were you about to say before for almost killed somebody? No, I was just talking about that, like that, that self image thing you know, I've just like of me being an under kind of grown up as an under sized kid, and I'm not I'm not a monster by fucking five eleven two eight two seven eight is, as brother tall. Yeah. He's like six six two two. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, it's like always got that under sizing gone. So maybe that's why I'm Joe is akea. You know, on doesn't always trying. That's why trying to just compensating for number of things, but that's things doing doing short. Not even sure you know, I mean. But just skinny, you know, moist feeling skinny. Yeah. Yeah. That's like when somebody in, and that's, that's the interesting thing of jitsu, too, is that, you know, we're always that weight in that size is always kind of a, that's a factor in the whole thing, and interesting factor, you know, but it's like it's so weird. Because the way I perceive, people is always that they're bigger than they really are. And so when somebody says to me, will your bigger guy than me, you know, replacement I'm like, I'm bigger than you. It's I really isn't that weird that I still feel that, you know, they say dogs don't know how big they are. Which is why like little those fucking big dogs as you. It's like barking at this gigantic pit bull. And you're like, wait a minute, buddy, you know, physics, but physics with a fucking my talking about well, well, they, they knew the consequences of fucking with the big dog or maybe they don't you know, I guess they don't. That's why they're fucking with the big time, never fucked with the big dog or you've never fucked up by big dog. Well, like I've got a little, like, my, we've got a tiny fucking Chihuahua dog. You saw that dog. Right. That that dog is like fifteen pounds. Maybe he went straight at a fucking like what are those dogs that, like, would save people in the Alps, and they had like a barrel of whiskey internet. Yeah. How bad ass would it be to get saved by that? And just feel like oh, let me taste some of this whiskey. Exer- brought me. Me-right. Oh, that's like a bucket list. I need to get lost in the Alps and have one of those dogs come after me. No shit. Just write them back home, drinking, whiskey. And like I'd like you know, I don't know if that's like a cartoon thing, run up like was that a real thing wrong with barrels of whiskey around their necks idea, but they hard cider maybe maybe high hot? Yeah. It should be thing if it's not win that be relief though. If you're lost in the woods, and then this fucking comes up with a hot toddy height cider for you. Yeah. Right. That would be amazing. That's like you people are geniuses. What I think I love this little guy. My little guy, ran up to the Saint Bernard ings barking at him just like you know, he's like let's go, you know, it's fucking hardy. Dude, this dog Dogwood this was easily over one hundred I mean es three times and the dog literally opened his mouth, and he put he like he he put his whole mouth around. And my dog's midsection and like discouraged dog my dog flip him dogs like peace yawn. No idea. Tell me I'm not about this. Somebody tell me that, that guy could eat me season. So, yeah, the dog in, you know, the Dipper Saint Bernard lake backed off he didn't actually chop on him. But he literally put them my entire dog in his mouth for a second. I was like, whoa. If it with that of benefit dog would have just just crushed your dog and half. And the there's a lady there, you know. And it was, you know I it was my fault. So I was like right away. Even the I didn't know of my dog was dead or not, like, hey, I'm really sorry. That's my fault. The dog got loose for me. And so, you know, the saban's dogs do not big. They're just real people. Yeah. No problem. So why I'm just I I don't know if I can do if I can psychically manage anymore, white people fucking up. And that was a hard journey was we had, there was one more, though. Oh, remember? Okay. Well, listen. Did I send you this one? Did you send me this? I think he said this TIMMY did. And, but it was interesting. All right, here we don't have to talk about the do you have a feeling wounded? Now, you know, insensitive. Maybe this is a good time to go into this, you know. Well, you know, is that when I'm at my most, my, my most sense, we could circle back to this? If you didn't want to if you had something else. Now, this is good. This is good. All right. I like this guy because he kept going. There's exit exits were opened for him exits one hundred percent. He refused. All exits speeding by living his life and okay. Louisiana, principal resigns after being arrested at strip club while on school field trip now require headline writer. They weren't on the school field trip while he got arrested. Okay. I mean they weren't like torn the strip club. They they're the they were. They were like cheering. Everybody was chilling in the hotel. It was the classics. Now. I never got go on this one. I didn't go to seventh and eighth grade trip to Washington DC. That's like a classic grade school. I wish I'd never been to DC every bit. I have. Yeah, I have as an adult the drip. I think you'd enjoy it. I think I think you like it. Yeah. Now. Holy Family principal. Michael com. Yao. How do I prance? I think it's like comb. Kamau Kamau in Camille, Camille to he's a Catholic school, principal was arrested Thursday, thirtieth in Washington DC strip club. All right. That's that should happen all the time. I mean you know, he just that's that's misleading. He just went to he was arrested after I was a little more than that way. It makes it seem like it's like illegal to go to strip club, right? But it has in the wrong place. Okay. Mr. going for the pokey strip Globes are legal with cleaning out this whole place. According to a police report officers responded to Archibald Archibald gentlemen's club. That's terrible. Jim is terrible. Archibald in Washington DC for an intoxicated, man, refusing to pay his Bill just call RT's. They should call. She's better cheeses, better. And if I think this is a matter of a guy on the champagne room and not knowing the pricing of the what? Yeah, here's the first exit though, either way, pay you fucking Bill. Exit number one fucking got a private dance dancing grab strippers ass. I don't know how much that costs. But good and just hit that it's not worth what you're gonna pay. But you got in the campaign room. And now you need to pay champagne room prices. Okay. That's how they do you had some fun. You got some value out of it. Pay your Bill, sir. All right, exit number one, come out. How do I pronounce that? Come out. C. O. M. E. U Camano KOMO KOMO come come come come. Allegedly was observed standing in the roadway refusing to move. According to police report, exit, number two just move. Yeah. Just out of the. These fucked up. I mean he's been he's been drinking went on to say officers asked coamo multiple times to move out of the roadway, but KOMO refuse. Okay. Same exit shit exit come was arrested for public intoxication imposition of an open container of alcohol. Now in his defense he is from Louisiana, whose legal throughout Louisiana. I mean New Orleans is such a powerful force, you know, because so much gravity that I think that's just standard operators Julen pulling the people everywhere in the public consumption, like he can like I'm sure like at school. They're replaces at his has Catholic high school. He could have an open container in her people can really blink the guy, so that's I'm a little on him there. But yes, another exit point, don't rock an open container after you refused to pay your Bill. So he walks out with his Bud Light. Like he's like stiff arm in the balancer. And he's, he's as but lighten is right in. Another extra point on heart. The Catholic school principal also worked as a part time. Reserve police officer for the breslin police department. He resigned by text early Friday morning. Diocese of Baton Rouge, Verma, from the votes ban apartment, or from did he resigned from the police department from the school, I think from the school, I'm I I'm sure those guys at least apartment. And that's like a reserve part timers police officer this guy's you can throw a rock and hit on if you're and bet on route back home, the diocese of Baton Rouge to released a statement about the incident Friday evening, the diocese about Han ruse confirmed today that Michael KOMO principal. Holy Family school was arrested on may thirty well at a school sponsored trip. The incident occurred Winstons on the trip were in their hotel rooms for the evening under the supervision of other chaperones. Okay. Well, he's just out on the town is going hard, right? Yeah. He's been at the principal for five years and prior to that time. It served in public education with no, no real problem. Uh-huh. He submitted his resignation and, and he said for those two rock, isolate you U2. alot, what he said. Going to say. That's right. These crying for help things guys. He's got some some personal problems. He's nine in iron out. That's interesting. Like it's like instead of suicide by cop. It's like career change by cop. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I don't know. Maybe he's going to be a professional colic now. Well, well I mean he's in Baton Rouge, which, you know, that's only, I think that's like forty five miles away from from New Orleans, and I'm sure Baton Rouge goes wild because they have that's where LSU I think, is, is there and so shit goes off that place to goes off. And you know, it's only a hop skip and a jump to New Orleans where you, can, you can drink your fucking you can drink your life right in to the end, I guess you can just be that guy. Just hanging out waiting for people's non-finish drinks, porn amend your law. Your yard Cup. Yeah. Having the ultimate suicide. Yeah. We always that, that's the story of the guy when we, we went to New Orleans last year means. Some friends and we're walking into a bar and some bars won't will.

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401. News: N26 closes UK accounts, blaming Brexit

"Before we start the show today we just past four hundred episodes people on. We'd love to hear your thoughts whether you're listening to the show once. Oh four hundred times. We'd love it if you can leave us a review so please please find his on. I tunes spot a file. Whatever your favorite podcast APP is and leave us a review or comment but we love reading the comments. The most so help us make the show better. You can do it. Artless dot the show From eleven if I saw him sign Taylor. And this is taking cited news this week. We bring you and twenty-six leaving the UK and April stalling snatching funding and credit suisse stuff in spying scandal. All this much Monterey show welcome to episode full Owen. No fintech insider aren't Simon Taylor. In today I'm joined by colleague and Co host. Mr Adam Davis how you doing so I'm very well as ever how you not too shabby little bit tight a little bit of a cold but Fintech never sleep. So I can't sleep. Never Sleeps Never Sleeps always going on with joined by some incredible guests Making fintech incited debut. We have Mike Collins who's CEO over cove? How're you doing very well? Thank you thanks for having me welcome and of course. I sent you a friend WHO's head of copays over stalling. Hayden Alex this week. It's not about week. We'll get to that story soon. on making a welcome return. It's the woman only Ali editor in chief of FINTECH finance. How you doing Ali on finding assignment will get your living that Tolkien THOROUGH COLAS ORLEANS. But we'll get through this The Qassam amazing stories in the first one really caught my attention probably I don't know if you if you were following this on Switzer but there was some amazing stuff about twenty six closing all of the U K account so on Tuesday they announced they're going to seize operations in the UK The companies currently sporting on its EU banking licenses those rights and on the thirty first of December twenty twenty Then twenty six only introduced Uk current counts in October. Two thousand eighteen two years after the referendum. Which is interesting timing Now it says the withdrawal agreement makes its proposition. Impossible currently in twenty-six has several hundred thousand customers according to a spokesperson Well the official line is possibly tip them over the edge. I think it's kind of a capital requirements versus the value of doing. It is probably the decision that they've that they've come to you know if they have to Get an audience in the UK with capital requirements and will the cost that entails is the value there at the moment in such a crowded market. I mean you say quite such equality market versus the whole UK population. Maybe not but certainly those who are going to engage or have engaged in in Digital Chandra. Ups is the value there for them to to put their money into the UK versus potentially expanding. What they're doing in the state's custody Spending a little money on marketing in the states the moment they oh yes. I'll did you think this was a big loss for the UK ECOSYSTEM. The fintech wold be very honest thing. I OUGHTA BULLSHIT. There is no way. Get Gopher Fair enough that that blaming brexit. Yeah first of all which seemed very scapegoat. Tisch very good to see bunk. Jump straight him with an incredible Response to that. Yeah I think The Not getting the traction the UK. It's a very crowded market. You've got munzer stalling re your everybody already in the UK crowded market then. I'll do whatever they wanted to. It's just easier for them to show perations. And they're kind of using brexit escape go. They didn't even need to mention Brexit. There that could have just decided to shutter operations a bit like field it. Yeah it's Like just own it own own own. You'll failures it. Seems like they're tr- yeah. It seems like a bit of an excuse. I remember when Monzo said Oh we launched the Sort of Monzo plus and it has worked. We're going to close that. We think it failed. Let's try again and everybody went. Ooh That's credible yes. Okay Yeah failed them. We'll fold it kind of up to now. You've admitted that it sucked and we kind of respect you for saying. It's kind of the other end of the spectrum especially interesting thing about in two thousand six is the strategy where it differs from that ceremony was they haven't go very deep in any particular territory potentially certainly good point. Ngong quite shallow these markets and even in Germany. Them still pretty shallow it it was. I have to agree with. The brexit thing was unnecessary in probably unhelpful. To them in in the long run. Because it's got people's backs up sort of as you talk about the the first depth kind of thing. What is it you think in the U. K? Mark at stallings looking moving into island? Another geographies. Do you think that this is something way going deepened. Markets and going slower is is a is a strongest strategy or just a different one. Well that that's definitely the approach styling but I think you've got to realize that that people have very complicated relationships with money and their cultural and their personal and not the banking market and the banking culture is different in every country. So you can't just cut and paste the same sort of marketing approach from territory to territory. You got to understand the local market. You're going into and adapt to that. And I think if you don't do that you're going to come up with this kind of you'll hit your head against a brick wall and then you have to take a big G. relaunch to repackage or do pull out. It's interesting that historically Sunday or at. She did that quite well in that. They had the one-two-three account which has been tremendously successful for them but they would roll out country by country year after year. But it wasn't sort of ten countries in one year with possible. Those those timing difference them up interrupt sequence. Do Remember when Santander I launched in the UK before that account Going on the corporate website and they'd obviously just put it through Google. Translate to get it into English. It's they've cleaned it up now but it was really sir. Osman sit down. We do the website Google translate. Wow that's a great story. What are your thoughts about a twenty six year? Well not only. The marketing needs to be different in each geography market. But the product props needs to change his say. I wonder if they found it. Hard to Get market share where there was already a sort of quad vence tons bank sort of ecosystem in place I think it's a good point. I mean it was heavy. Spend on marketing thing ever remember the advocates. I mean if you're listening to the US the moment you come escape and twenty six. It's kind of everywhere. But is turning into conversion not tree marketing without product that follows through is can be wasted. Spend quite easily. It's going to drive interest. But is it going to drive sedation Sosa different question? I think it's a lot less advanced mark over in the. Us only go for a lot less competition to compete but the chime have nearly six million users. And we'll come to our Lisa who just got there also. I mean the the US markets where they change it. Six go quarter of a million. They've managed to get in. I'm going to say six months. I was going to disprove but it's again it's a marketing spend. It's a mock you know how many of those are the same questions that you got over and over again when people who Customer acquisition on visits you know how many are active was the deposits. What's the features? Actually because I think going from one country to another country and the way that they've done They've actually sort of the proposition that they've launched with less and less from a feature perspective. Some of that's due to regulation some of. It's not but it's is actually. What's the if you were how skinny the APP is across the road? It's an interesting point until you're like whoa defines being launched because it's apples to oranges otherwise And if you think about the features of a lot of the digital challenges in the UK it's quite deep and quite broad at this point but it's not necessarily the same that you would see even from some of the High Street banks some by choice right. Do you really need a checkbook? There are some things in a certain segment doesn't want as much or can be sold in different ways but that feature set thing is is quite an interesting thing to play with. What's the definition of an active customer? I it would be interesting to have an industry benchmark because I know inside of some big banks that I've seen some really creative definitions of has used has logged into one of our services in the last hundred and twenty days. Even if it's just a view the account although active I'm like that's pretty broad but it has made a payment in the last seven days or has done something transactional in the last month. The monthly active users thing might be might be more interesting thing. It depends which which sort of user you're after as well because if For banks is it number of accounts amount deposited an amount of transacted volume Yeah I mean it was always the decisive deposit book and the net interest margin was the charter traditional balance-sheet measurement but there are different ways to get I think that depends on your strategy. So there are nuances that yeah. Nothing is in In product or engineering you use philosophy to improve a team over time. But you can't use it's competitive Yeah having a compatible. Metric is useful for pundits as opposed to the the for the building. Yeah they realize starling had a nice little spike of Increase sign ups following twenty six thousand. Well we have had a nice spike in sign ups. But we've also been in the news this week. Because we've given Chaz tool our employees be phrased money and so forth. So there's there's been a lot of things go on yes we have and we shall come to precisely that point in a moment but I'll just before we do There's something Nice that bunker did you want to just take us through that she was just WanNa take a moment to appreciate all the challenge of banks from social media because they've been curved at one about an hour ago which is just it just made me laugh But definitely there's What if say they said? Bunk said you might have heard. One of peers is leaving the UK Finan. Bunk is here to stay based on the current rules and regulations we see no regulatory reason to leave the UK. In fact we love you guys. Let spunk together. founder CEO bunk. Nice I like that I cannot. I will actually just ask anyone's opinion on this. So given the reason that they've They can exit. The market is down to Brexit cost of becoming regulated entity. Here do we see that as prohibitive guess for other challenges in the same spot so those who haven't yet therefore licensor going through the process where we haven't actually started the process. But sort of you know hitching on. It is because there is actually while she's got big you. It's easy for the next twelve months. Probably favors you if you if you haven't gone through that prices yet. Eventually they will come a point where you need to make a decision whether you're gonNA stick with it depends how you want to do market entry because the UK has some interesting things has cleared by who can give you direct clearing access. We have folks like foam three. Who can payments sexist so like the cost of entry doesn't necessarily mean having a full banking license immediately And I think not such a lot of what made the challenges successful as this supplier ecosystem. That's that's entirely different. So you're do you need to go straight through the Bank of England? Licensing regime all can build up a customer base with something slightly different or do you need to be a battle. Yeah like game curves Yeah which has the capital requirements Non-existence I it's It's a much simplisafe. Simplify depends what strategy is right. He comes to that and I think if you get crazy about market entry maybe fun things too but we're going to move to the next story. Yeah let's go there now so the next story comes from tech crunch on this is stalling nodding apparently sixty million in additional funding But rather talk about this myself I might as well just start to happen to you. Well we secured Further backing from existing investors Marian global and Jtc which is the vehicle of Harry mcpike our very first investor so. We regard this as an endorsement in what we're doing. Our customer numbers keep going up. We really excited and We're we're on a roll right now. And this money's just enabling us to keep growing and keep adding features are what is interesting that to me is some the announcements about To the point in the mid earlier of the Deposits Verses Account Numbers. It's almost sort of There's one point two five million accounts and one point two five billion in deposits. Those numbers seem weirdly me close. I'm sure that's a statistical. It's a coincidence. We did check. I wrote it down in the office workers. You've you've made a Typo Alex nested. No no they are. They are the same just an interesting point. Is You know we? We've got I know she's Monzo. Put out there sort of round up for twenty thousand nineteen and they had one point two billion in deposits at the end of twenty nine thousand nine. We had one point two five billion by the end of January twenty twenty so We go different customer profiles different customer profiles on I think is key in different use cases and and and I think that's a good thing for the market right that people playing in different spaces but a lot of the the traditional banking. We'll talk about how you're going to build your sort of deposit book and actually those of meaty deposit books by By by banking standards So that's kind of credit to to old involved. I'm I guess for everybody else in the room. D think we'll see Other challenger banks continue to get funding. Rams Ali and do we think that this is kind of GonNa show any signs of slowing soon. We got a little better about this because I think I think Softbank is eventually going back Monzo over resolute. I think is going to be quite a an eye catching headline I is going to go for. One of the two I'm looking forward to that To that press release but just as an aside. Would you want Softbank in your Cap Table Right now? Given all the news coming out about them I mean I think it's different twelve for Softbank. Yes yeah exactly. Who's it better for softball? Home Zone? Softbank Oh Revolu. It's it depends on needs the needs the funds. I JUST WANNA quit and go back to one of the things about the starting out Seven years of my life I spent working at John Lewis and waitress I'm one of the best things about that was as an employee you'd get shares in. They're not made such a difference. And the fact that it starling you get shares as an employee the difference that is going to make to to Morality Culture. Customer experience is is huge. I'm a big advocate of that. Is it or options that people share the shares? We know this is something that and and vote now founder balloon passionately in and has worked very hard for this. And you know we told staff on Monday and this morning We had a breakfast have company-wide wide breakfast. Everyone was able to talk about it together. We're really really excited to do it. You know at today's valuation their shares worth just under three thousand pounds and every single one of our employees who completed their probation will get them that. Have to complete four years with us There's that and right now. We don't have an exit so about it. Yeah I'm within four years. They'll they'll be some kind of exit either. Happened or on the horizon. I think it's kind of giving people thing to work towards which I think is really really powerful. Credit terminable thing. I think it's great. I mean curve. We We might show that willow employees have equity options as well. Again options are easier to deal with in terms of vesting periods. And all the rest of it but It makes makes all the employees feel like they own part the business and so much visor. My vestergaard coming as well from curve as well what you. Yeah those investor colleges do you now. It's it's it's it's a wall at the moment yet. That would make a really nice little collage at some point. I'm sure what what do we think this leaves the sort of broader challenge bank space in the UK in the context of Brexit. No sign of slowing down but The big sort of starting to react in an interesting way we seeing Kind of interesting things. from The studying to do different things. Different Strategies And you know that sort of Results season is coming on as soon. Is it going to be good thing about thing post Brexit for the big bucks Breaks at the moment would have that much implication. I be positive but I think that anyone has reacted to we say. Every week I think anyone's reacted to the sort of the Roy's of the Challenger banks particularly interesting way other than just to copy and how many of those have been successful across the big four and others not many I think for from you spoke about earlier about we'll funding continue to come into UK. Fintech I think the answer to that is. Eds are if you look at the amount of customers who have a challenger account if you like over near bank account it's fourteen fifty million people in the UK out of sixty seventy medium Population still I know. That's from European standards even worldwide standards. That's still very high metric in percentage which way to go So the price is still there to be had both here obviously abroad. And this is still the best regulator in theory. It's still the you know the leading Roy so I think from an ecosystem perspective. Nothing really changes. The incumbent still need to develop a winning proposition quite frankly which they haven't been. Uk still feels like a Petrie dish because of that supply of vendor landscape and the mixture of regulation that sits with underneath it. But also. It's a Petrie dish because That sort of ability to execute and get things in the hands of customers as a result of those vendors as a result of that regulation. Means that if you were going to start somewhere it's an interesting place to stall but it means that you've got to get that proposition. Right sort of I think getting the basics right no longer enough. All cupping features can be enough for some places but it comes a lot more to Not what you do but how you do it. And that ability crepe feature velocity but also have that customer feedback loop. That's really really powerful in a way that I think has historically not been the DNA of of some organizations. I think when you talk about the big banks and if they're going to compete with us that everything they do. They're doing on top of that legacy infrastructure on on top of that legacy cost base and and and their culture. You know I think it's interesting that You know Mark Bailey described himself as a founder of Bo. Well he is in. He hasn't got skin in the game. Goes under? He'll just go back to his corner office or not And it's it's not. It's not the same existential you know. Risk out there. I think about fan mentality in the early days of an organization when the money runs out. That's it you've got to go get a job. That's scary. We say. Well it's all with the reporting here Some four income and some on some startups. I think the The number one thing that we always say that if the certainly the founding team on the client side because obviously we work with clients Needs to have that skin in the game. Otherwise the precious does not lead to build We've got that a lot of instances in the propositions that we're building but if you done because I've seen by sides involved in both sides And you can just see you mentioned before. Developer velocity even getting down to those kinds of specific metrics massive impact. It does and it's not what you do the way you do it kind of thoughts. What we mean by that in the How do you create that sense of urgency of light? Once the money's gone this is gone in for some folks in big banks. It's just much more enjoyable than my day job. And I'm creating a new culture but that can be more to it than that. Endure interesting incentive structures that sort of fits around that and you think about people with Families couldn't necessarily take risk to leave the salary job to to do something interesting but have a really interesting sort of entrepreneurial streak to them. There's interesting things in that. But that's a falsehood isn't it? Yeah you can. You can go work at a startup with family and have mouths to feed and whether it works or it doesn't you still can go get another job. Some sort of founding. That doesn't have certain runway externally with a small bit of cash or your own cash is still a different thing to working at a startup. That Scott Ten million fifty million funding that is a slightly different thing And it's sort of found a mentality of the the thing that doesn't exist yet from scratch. That's a little bit if and when once you've got liftoff as a founder all those people you've created those jobs. Look all the jobs that Tom has created monster. Look at the job that and has created Starling. These people net that now depend on the company. And you really care about keeping them in their jobs and I just can't see that you have that that sort of visceral connection with your employees. If ultimately you both import employed by a big bank with a big banks. It's a completely different completely. Different cultural way of thinking thinking entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurial is the right word as an entrepreneur. You can really amazing interview with Amy McCleary over in Bank of Ireland a lot of branch infrastructure and she was basically saying. I'm GonNa Talk to the branch network. I'm Mike Competitor. Now there's no other banks my competitor. Is we work because I want all of our startups to basically use us as a hub. So you've got all these is now going to Broncos in Bank of Ireland is two different. You see this way of doing nationwide do this. I think it's a smart strategy and actually It's a way to make the brunches bringing high value customers as as all hugely high value customers and I think it's a good way to use up space especially when we work itself may not have a business model works. Banking is a pretty proven business. Listen I'm sure we could go on about this when I'm GonNa move his story This is about revolution rolling out the banking feature and it's leading UK customers aggregate that Bank Account Information in the resolute Businesses and consumer customers can access the feature which is the result of a partnership with true La on the FCA let's Revolu access open banking API but the company isn't yet authorized to transfer funds all make payments asap. Note appears p and the Lingo So what do you think we sold this one? I had to play with it What were your thoughts? I'm off at a play. I think the US is pretty slick but As is rate only and yet we we're looking to do read and writes the pay ISP Banking still hasn't got the point of being particularly useful for the moment the US is pretty horrific no worries but but the The revenue implementation is. It Looks Pretty Nice for me for you. I suspect it's one of. It's probably one of the best of saying saying that the from a functionality perspective whether they give you a couple of new views and whatever else is still the same customers. Still haven't really reacted I mean. I'm a massive advocate. Vote from banking. His is anyone who doesn't know I think the customers haven't reacted to the aggregation use case In an enormous way. It's not going to change the doll. What it feels like we said it just before We started rolling. It feels like is this is If sort of got to this on their roadmap if you like so now. They've got some develop capacity in that outright. Now's the time I think he's been driven by anything particularly that's going to move the market And I think if you look at what the future Vipin Banking Woobie which we might touch on things and finance and whatever else that's when Dole might get shifted all when the P. Joni actually becomes a usable. It feels like it's overreaction. Justify agregation is just not exciting and lots of people have been doing it for a while unless it solves the problem for customer And I think there's something quite nice in this feature that we're looking at early away you can sort of it's integrated to the feet you can scroll through. There's some Nice touches has credit to them forgetting done to Fintech S- in theory partnering Your credit true-life. Kinda getting there and showing. Whoa WHOA. This stuff can really do. I'm Ali what. What are your thoughts on this on? Its signing revelead. Have do you think he's going to be customer acquisition route or is this like Thing that they did on those steps to doing most I think it might be customer acquisition. I think if you then bringing all of your stuff in one go you can look at how she I'm I'm Gonna. I'M GONNA use more quiet confidence. Play from them because you can see all of their competitors are doing and and they're getting the you you X. Piece right does dot nice you. Eggs could be a reason why I used as my primary account rather than something else. There's an interesting point. I think that's where you're going felt. I just think it's a nice to have. I don't see this as driving growth but I might be wrong. It looks like a hygenic sort of feature But yeah. I think providing king to fulfil potential. It needs to get things like variable re recurring payments. Yeah fixed the Is the payment side. That's GonNa be the the thing that makes it click for customers on. Yeah I mean I think it has been some nice use cases in quite niche I suppose nice use cases issues cases that really makes sense. But it's been it's been a lot of applications of around credit scoring with education things that which is nice way you're using the data to deal with things Such much more interesting. The other thing I like about this is the business. Customers can access it. You don't see a lot of business. Customer data stuff and actually think about how much more important day tourist to business customers when you're integrating with accounting and you've got to think about your cash flow in this tools like fluidly out there that do bits and pieces of this but it's quite nice seeing inside of the of the banking experience. Revolu done a lot in that space. There's a wonderful example of this done. So right. There's a great. Little company called her invo- cap that do Sme Financing but you gotTa Upload Traditionally Upload Your statements every single month. I definitely look them up. Yeah I'm doing that now but you can now. I think I remember who does it. But you can link up all of your business accounts to it and link up two zero And so you can draw down within seconds of accessing it. I'm a big Fan of those guys is a really good not tip doing. Smu Just give a shout out on this story it's true and the TSP's in general. Every time I hear that there's another market looking to emulate banking who take the best bits for immediately. Think my God like the TSP's cleaning up after another is unbelievable like a The business motto Which was I guess? Built on shaky ground a few years ago because the requirements which is like so appallingly. Drafting and I it's anyway But my word that the more Sharon to those guys already will be back shortly but it's time to take a quick break. This podcast is brought to you by stake. 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Klay Bank I but what are the general approaches and principles that we've learned along the way of doing it so I I think if there's one to take away from that report it's Do whoever you all the might be a slightly different approach. But there's some good lessons learned along the way from people who've done it before so You can find out how bill truly digital propositions head over to L. Y. Ford Slash. Build a bank to download. Your copy is easy to build a bank Well I mean you've got to download the report to find out it's a bit y four not all right back home with the news. I'm the next story comes from Bloomberg and apparently visa are going to make the biggest interchange adjustment in decades. According to internal documents credit card company will raise fees for ECOMMERCE clients meanwhile retailers in sectors like real estate and education's will see rates drop. The changes will be rolled down and a to Paul Implementation Process happen in April and October. Moscow won't come and on whether or not it's considering similar move out of wire and to change movements so so so important oh Well it it's part of what we call. Msa Merchant Service charges Which incorporates more than just interchange Interchanges the money that goes vs Mazda Card in the payments flow is also the issuing bank who connects the majority of. It is much acquires and so this is what I saw. I built Parni. Commerce will pay for taking payments. This is what you were irregular. John Wall doesn't necessarily need to be regular job. But it's just too shura. You go around the corner in. The convenience store has to pay to accept visa almost so in the US at the moment the cardinal present fees and moving on one hundred dollar transaction of going to one dollar nineteen nine from one dollars ninety for the premium visa called. That's coming from Tudela. Sixteen his dropping down to fifty. That seems like There's definitely some movements around called not present. An historic has been a lot of fraud in present being. I've gone to a website I've typed in my long Numba Mike Expiry in my CV. So and you see see a whole bunch of is this covering the cost of that for all do we think. Well cynically it's It's following the trend of people to buy more stuff online isn't it? Yeah Faiza taken a big account. Well so there's been yeah hundred percent I think those numbers one thousand nine one nine t you know in the UK way to change a lot lower than that they like. My regulations kept regulation for debit and credit Twenty thirty bibs. That's it so this is like crazy. Crazy crazy amounts but even in MSA charges regardless of interchange but the total fees do change if you're a big boy or if you're a small place Oh square into the market about one point. Four percent here flat fee. It depends you know it is within the rights of you know the payment providers if you'd like if you get with a payment ecosystem at different rates That said The number one thing you know. Merchants always complain about whenever we do Costa Research and up involved much enquiring before is always united. State of interchange rates. Yeah it feels like a tax on selling stuff to your customers But it pays for the payment infrastructure. So there's always that question of like is it too much You know the the retailers always say yes it's too much it's damaging my business hard and the payments company say. We'll need to weigh pay for all of this infrastructure that that allowance this global. Almost instant payment capability so Do you have any thoughts on this size noting out time? Well it is I mean I. It's no secret. I'm a massive fan of curve. So for me. It makes no difference whatsoever coming over using my mastercard Even even even if I'm using my visa card just through the Through curve if Moscow follow suit then Interchange fees especially for people who are doing card arbitrage was interesting is this announcement happened There has been APPs it's the share price visa stagnant. You would expect after something like this. A nice little spike will drop depending absolutely stacking on a five percent since the new year. That's probably more the plot thing though. Isn't it possibly I was plot. Pod was this year wasn't it was just about this year so probably had multitudes that moving the price and the national stuff any thoughts on this fucked yeah the The impact of this is going to be felt my sleep. All the small and medium-sized retailers. Not The big guys because you guys have vessel Anne custom negotiation as around interchange say. Yeah this is only going to sort of her. The guys I would just just one more thought Colombo in suburban agreement which came in in the US which did cap interchange. This is going on about ten years ago. So but it only kept swaps called present transaction. Which means you've kind of Got Free. Rein ON CARD NOT PRESENT transactions? That's when you don't present you called when you make a payment. And which is why they can probably get away with this kind of fluctuating of the US market and the Doug and amendment off this fun to be had and not actually the challenge of bunk space in the space in the US become very very different which monitoring Galileo and others in the market in the US. I'm constantly surprised we haven't seen a lot more. Emi plays Basically chiming bill. A six million customers business on on something quite similar largely sitting on a different shelter. But with the fact that interchange is much much more revenue generating as business than it would be on in in Europe so does a much better business model and price if you can find your way into the market. Yeah I think the the lack of regulation cuts both ways. They say you you miss out on any protection regulation offers. You'll say is so slightly. Wild West without it is in some good ways to And speaking of the US market Vara money received. Fdic approval The companies in place to get at first national bank charter ever awarded to a Fintech Fund. The Office of the comptroller of the currency you down with OCC Gave preliminary approval for a shelter in October The company's been seeking said Chelsea for the past three years. Actually I saw a tweet from Shamir cockle. Who's the former founder of simple that they've actually been seeking it since? Two thousand nine Coding TO AMERICAN BANKER. The processes cost the company. One hundred million dollars so fall on. They still need to pass an exam for the. Occ and final approval is expected in q two but For more from this. Let's hit from eleven North American managing partner some oil. Us Challenger Banque borrow money has made a big splash news this week with the announcement that they received approval from the FDIC for deposit insurance. This is a big deal as it puts var one step closer to acquiring the US National Bank Charter. And let's be clear here. This is the holy grail for US Challenger banks on their quest for profitability. But this Charter of our will be able to accept deposits insured by the end. Fdic but more importantly they can move into products such as credit cards and lending in other words. They can start making money. One part of the story really stands out to me and it's this experience matters. Eivind Italian at borrows founder and CEO. Colin Walsh is an industry veteran. He has over twenty years of work. Experience with stints at Lloyds and American Express. I'm confident is baking. Background is critical to viral success. But I'm equally competent. Industry contacts were instrumental in the process. The bottom line is this industry experiences. The Holy Grail when it comes to building out your fintech. Companies team need to look for a combination of folks who have financial services knowledge contacts and know. The potential roadblocks a company run into in this highly regulated space. Even viral ran into this issue as American banknotes borrow received conditional approval from the OCC for National Bank Charter back in September twenty eighteen but the company said shortly afterward. Irit drew its application at the FDIC to give it time to fill key post with experienced leaders to address concerns agency had now will this be a pivotal moment. American banking time will tell borrow. Ceo Wall stated. He believes that she profitability next year. Trust me the entire industry be watching to see if they can pull this off to shut up some great points. That are about the experience. Alex I think that often gets under locked in the world of Fintech that the the role experience can on having contacts in the industry that can can sort of be Chopin guides through some of the regulatory space and how that gives confidence to regulators. Well it's particularly in the US which is very very conservative market For banking regulators are the federal regulators are all powerful and very close to the big banks. That's I think that's that's where it's it's really really important but I saw this story and I just when Javale little Straw poll around the table. Can you remember when you last row to check? No member have even had a checkbook ever alley. Actually one time got one of those giant checks from from a Lloyd's branch. I went there as I can. Kind of one of those giant checks just handed over for This is a few years ago but it was this video piece of content. Now this is this is. This is school days. Wow Okay police. Do video piece of content. I would love to see like let's let's go through. Let's go to your local rush by by the way you're listening to this and people start walking and I haven't seen the machines won't take you check imaging now. I also questioned for points. This week. I used to live in America. I go there a little heavy. Us Bank account. I wanted to transfer some money to a friend of mine whose English but also lived in the. Us HAS US bank account and she doesn't have been Mo- couldn't use. I had to write her check or pay a wire. Transfer fee to transfer the money from my bank to her bank. And I wasn't going to pay a Wi fi for that matter. It was ridiculous so I had to write a check. I don't have a checkbook so I had to get my bank in America to send her check it. It was ridiculous when you think how is it is in the UK you go on your APP. Two seconds old absolutely so. This is fan fabulous. This this is as the holy grail. It's you know please just you move the whole. Us banking market on and the regulators need to get within the paid for that grow so this is a hundred million dollars a holy ground. That's seven hundred and fifty thousand registered users Fifty million deposited into savings and they've spent one hundred million gain some deep pockets longtime investors. You say yeah well. Interesting though that Does this set a precedent? Do you think we'll see more of this? As a result will chime follow will end twenty six follow. Will it make any difference for folks like that? I'm seeing Ali shakes his head. Possibly I mean one of the things that virus done correct me if I'm wrong. I think they forked out. Quite a hefty amount of money onto their technology stack. I think ten minutes to twenty four Which is Great. Quite excuse could valley but it's still quite expensive and on imagine that hundred billion quite a chunk of that is on their core infrastructure. Which she's very easy to regulate as opposed to building something scratch. Yeah I mean. There's always that tradeoff between something that people have seen works here before versus something smaller. That does just what you need and And more flexible module it seems like the U K regulars has a bit of a different perspective on not to say the Australian all the US regulators. Bit More comfortable with cloud based services architectures that are either built in house or or come from different platform vendors. so interesting to see if the chimes in the twenty six th of the world you know so. I think six zero polices based on members. Its back end your would that be the same in the. Us would that be something that they could get approved any stage? Show be interesting to watch those platform kind dynamic stall to start to play out in the. Us on this one will move to the next story. I'm story comes from the F. T. on apparently Chinese investment in Silicon Valley who slowed down by do Alibaba and tencent only invested five hundred sixty million two companies last year. Only five hundred sixty million pocket change but in Twenty fifteen. Those tech joins provided four point. Seven billion So yeah that's quite a draw punch for the And so This interesting line. Hey from The FT where How how capsules shells lou? A attributed the drought to increase scrutiny from the Committee on foreign investment in the US and said many Chinese investors decided. It's not worthwhile waiting for over a year for see I review and end up with a no instead of I have been banded dealing with the US I mean this is trade wall piece but do we think it's going to actually impact influx into Fintech into tech. Is it GONNA make a real difference to the the funding sort of wold? Always this sort of just a sign of the Times. I think it has made a different. I mean the differences between these companies bouts of put into Fintech in the states. Because that's kind of what this is linked to is what it is now. The US a massive difference. I think is interesting. I think I'm financial alibaba's The parental and financials investments of now senator more regionally. They've got huge. I think Indian Fund of about a billion aside investing into that and making low to notes of other acquisitions from fintech perspective more locally local to Detroit So there there was any way. I think shifting their policy to policy whatever strategy. Whatever you WANNA call it to invest in more I suppose Eastern based companies. If you do sort of an east west But I think There's no way that this isn't a political issue. I mean it's like it's it's it's all over this. Do you think we'll see an adjustment of strategies of people adjusting to whether they're funding and funding sources come from I think stalling you've had the same funders over and over again. So he's probably slightly different Perspective but Surely less capital is about thing entrepreneurs. It is absolutely and you know. This is highly political and those committee on funding. A of overseas investment. I can never remember what severe stands for those inquiries. Can Drag on for months. They can last up to a year. They take a lot of time. And this is just so political. And it's cyclical as well you know. Particularly with the trump administration the wind keeps changing direction and Some of these trends will change direction and as that happens suspect so right. I'm speaking of Interesting and topical things Are On finally story. This week is Credit Suisse boss removed after a spying scandal Six months after the spying allegations surfaced the bank pushed out CEO I don't know how to say this name Tijani Tim anybody else. Want to have another shaking. Thanks brought me right and that that's awesome. Lush News. Broke that the Credit Suisse. Coo Pierre Olivier Boo had hired a private detective to follow a senior banker who had gone to UBS Adults the CEO was close to the C O who was immediately defended by the bank's board then in December. The Bank admit it. The private detectives hot in fact spied on another Credit Suisse. Employees US week emerged. The former. Ceos head of security had infiltrated Greenpeace after the group protested 2017 Credit Suisse annual meeting Bates like infiltrate Greenpeace. What these guys. This is Swiss banking. We're talking about A. Why are you surprised? It's it's it's notoriously secretive and there's a lot we don't know about what goes on I altered denting. This is about spying. I think this is about a long running dispute between an establishment chairman and PARVENU CEO who's not Swiss establishment? They've got an I swiss. Ceo back the outside has been booted out and couric's last week story about traders stating sandwiches. Bit Tape doesn't it serious salary though? A Lotta salaries take stealing sandwiches. But I point out if I get sued that Mr Trump was booted out. He resigned yes. This is a good point of clarification. They doubt those probably your own opinions. Not Those of the company represented as well right indeed Let's just back away from this subject. They they probably listen to podcasts. Because they go is everywhere. It's it's kind of nuts but like how do you think damages the credibility of the Swiss banking industry and the private banking industry? Because I think Wealth Gemelli has been something that's been seen as very least very in the distance very old money and actually problem solve how to build my capsule to retire a much more universal than that probably does a favor for the elite thing allegedly You know if you if your bank isn't spying on people. How can you trust it to really really look after your money like seriously place heels drinks the day? Do you want Your Bank tops? Boys I mean you know to go to right Well that's our own. Finally story for this week is going to have to the Credit Suisse just covering a story that was fined tank at helping its customers evade tax not avoid tax but if they tax you know two point something billion dollar fine in the US for this. Let's remember uh going to bank about wraps up this week's new show. I thank you so much to all of our guests. What can people find out more about you? Ali Wash WanNa give a quick shout out to my team. Because on the day that this poor COSCO's life Rash can be exactly five years old on a big A big shoutout to fin- finance team down in I'm Ali. Patterson you will find that pretty much every fintech event that hasn't been closed because of Corona. That's not how about yourself. Alex me all of the above. Well please open bank account with all the way to find us on your phone. Employ spies despite now. I'm not even GonNa hear that I had questions about spies. I'm GonNa Avoid Ma Poice no way How about you We don't employ spies but well you can come find us We just opened the US website. And we've On demand have DOT COM so if people And one in the US listen to this. Wants to sign up on a waiting list and wait for after on your shorts and you can do so bad. The credit card nuts of that and points junkies might be might be loving that. Yeah we think it's going to land pretty well use your your call them on is a good compelling proposition Adam how about you got spies Nice Boys Nice Place. Sadly positively Eleven has dot com as ever and If you're interested Adam de eight on twitter are you for me S Whitehead on twitter directly Simon Eleven dot com. What do you think today stories people? Please please let us know at any of the social platforms just such for fintech inside Okocha. Email all team here podcasts. I still come thank you for listening and goodbye for now.

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Hard Factor 6/6/19: 200th EPISODE!!!  Trumpdate, Dominican Republic Resorts Are Dangerous?, Lightning Round

Hard Factor

32:20 min | 1 year ago

Hard Factor 6/6/19: 200th EPISODE!!! Trumpdate, Dominican Republic Resorts Are Dangerous?, Lightning Round

"Wooded you Joe man. Randy savage this factor in the risk. No one that does better like now. Yeah, nobody does it better repeat myself. Go ahead, told me something right now. Not a rate. Welcome to another episode of heart b-actor. It is Thursday, June sixth. And this is episode number two hundred. Martorana. Papa battleship in. He's trying. Mars really haven't hard times. Look real. Shirt. Dan opened some Andre. All right. That cork went flying, no salary. It's also the seventy fifth anniversary of d day. So let's get a little you say you say you say you chase. That's big Dan dry cough, a bridge after that opening your Ford. So especially for you. Gotten the car. They probably gonna run to work. That's right. And we have to remind you that we have another cannabis Cup power hour coming up this Saturday at three thirty eastern. So tune in on periscope to that. It's going to be crazy. Our top stories today. I'm gonna do a Trump date the Irish Mexican edition to stay tuned to find out what that tree that doesn't make any sense. It's exotic Irish Maxine beautiful very exotic. Do they exist there? You'll know when you see one is Cannella. Why don't know? Oh, maybe Alvarez. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know fighters are beautiful. I guess. He had hair pick up on it. Okay. Not a sports gain of that. That, that Pat doesn't know Cannella has red hair. He's also going to tell us about a Dominican hotel where Americans are dropping like going down to the Dominican Republic, y'all. All right. We'll find out and then market Wessel takes their lightning round of other headlines. Okay. Let's get into the Trump date. I up the border situation if guns could have sex, you know what they'd have sex with holsters. That's an insertion joking kiss, you missed it. But seriously if you're in a gun, do the responsible thing and get that gun, laid. And by at the hottest piece of ask money can buy, and that will be a sexy holster by, we the people holsters. We the people holsters offers custom-made holsters all produced in the USA, that is on their own holsters in house, which means they don't use any third party molds for their holsters instead that his on ever unique mode in Las Vegas in order to best fit each and every firearm perfectly, they consistently update designs, adding new designs every month, which lets them step to date on the newest models that come out every holster has an. Adjustable retention which is signal with a click sound this. Let's you know, the firearm securely and happily in place, if you ever want to more tension, you can just tighten one screw and you're done custom printed designs in house than blue lime. Thin red line constitution cammo an American flag anything you one and more coming out each month. We the people holsters started just thirty seven bucks a piece. Every holster comes with a lifetime guarantee every holster ships free, if it's not perfect send it back for a refund right now listeners of the hard factors show can go to we the people, holsters dot com slash factor and enter promo code factor at checkout to get ten dollars off their first holster. That's lowest thirty seven bucks and shipping is free with additional ten dollars off using my promo code again. That's we the people holsters dot com slash factor and promo code factor at checkout for ten dollars off. Senate Republicans are surprising everyone by moving to block the new tariffs on Mexico saying that they would be a financial burden on American citizens. But it may not matter what they say, because House Republicans who are also needed to block veto are looking like they're all about the new tariff. So the Senate might not have a say in it. I mean, I agree that trade partner might be a financial burden on American citizens. But where was this? When we were terrorist turfing, the Jesus out of China, which makes everything. It's true. Yeah, I guess, Mexico. Now that there are biggest trade partner China. That's concern there are, there are some senatorial Republicans who are not down with this. They just can't figure it out. Because Trump's in, in England the house. They're saying that wrong. Oh, you talk about House, Republicans did say they're not into it. The house is into it house, love wrecked. That that's the house. Yep. And this is all coming as a border arrests in may topped one hundred thirty two thousand that's the highest level since two thousand and six and so presumably, all those arrests are with people flooding over the border, trying to beat whatever the effects of the tariffs are going to be hundred thirty two thousand arrested in just the month of may just the month of shit on a charge as we talk about. I don't know. But that's like people entering the country illegally. I mean that's like all day. That's like nonstop arrest. Then drop the rest of the dropping that's Mexicans getting slower. Less stealthy perhaps the coyotes getting worse. Speed-wise. I dunno like slower speed was. I don't know what's going on. Why they're getting caught more frequently but it's happening. Can't run as fast as one and talking. All right. And then finally with all of those arrests are not arrest, but people being detained at the border since we have so many migrants being held the White House says they can no longer afford legal aid, or English classes classes for migrant children, which they were offering before. So if you don't care, what's happening down there. You should because it's an absolute fucking mess, and they have like twenty judges dealing with. All right, the judges are taking vacation relation their on rotation. It's. Semester. Kids are in WalMart. They pulled all the English books out of the WalMart work until they, we should start a business down there. They're like selling like water or something like cold and refreshing down there kill aid something where. Yeah. They definitely need some cold Groucho, Marx sunglasses mustaches to get them through. It's my cousin. It would work. However you feel about improving. It doesn't really matter. Everybody should care that should get better. Moving on the rest of the stories are a little bit more light-hearted the town of dune big Ireland is buzzing right now with the Trump family in town. You wouldn't think he's loved in so many European cities. But this town says they their livelihood that Trump for buying the golf resort nearby twenty fourteenth save time. Yeah. So old dune beg. They hung American flags all over the place. And now Don jR and Eric are going from pub, the pub- buying everybody Guinness's, so no matter what side of the fence, you're on. You gotta you gotta at least root for Don jR, and Eric have one good weekend, where people, I know people are just constantly, offering Trump appears like no, no, no, no. I don't drink. I don't drink Sex's. My also. It just sounds like a fun time. Like little Irish American celebrator buzzing going to a town people love you. Yes. It's very fun. Sounds like good time. This is not such a fun story of Fort Worth high school, English teacher, Georgia Clark, she got fired from her job for tweeting out that she needed government contacts to help her deport the illegals in her classroom heart. The best part about this English teacher who's been teaching since nineteen ninety eight she didn't realize that she was tweeting. She thought that Twitter was communicating directly with President Trump. She thought Twitter was the bat phone. Basically, there's not wrong. I mean he reads, he's on Twitter a lot. Why don't you just thought it was the hotlanta just failing kits you know just failed but just fail? Pat, maybe onto something because as it turns out, after she's fired. She's going to appeal this and well, she's actually been reassigned and disciplined before for being racially insensitive. So I think she'll probably lose the there's a snark twist at the end shoes. Been racist the whole time this is how about we need teachers. They're moving around, like a Catholic priest woman named Georgia. I thought she got hitting the rock rock became racist. Right. Yeah. This is a new thing. She turned over a new racist. Nope. Turns out just that's how she's been for as like shit shit. They're still money Mexicans in this class. Oh my God. A hateful future is the worst teacher. It's going to be a bed, you her picture slaves. She's looking at the roster seeing all the Rodriguez slams. Holy don't get to the back of the class. If you check out our picture, her teacher picture like it's all like soft earth tones, like nothing is darker than like a light tan on her entire person like our air. Yes. In close. She this, this lady is usually you lined up, like alphabetical or toss to shorter. She lines you up whitest darkest. And then in the back of the room, waiting there, in the back to the government contacts, get them there in the back of the line of corralled them all up made it easier. Classroom was pretty interesting. Okay. And finally, even with all this going on, I mean, not all bad, but it's a lot of shit. President Trump is these strong favourite right now in twenty twenty election. Odds, and our promised to use it after episode two hundred we're going to do a better job covering political election. Odds for degenerate gamblers just like ourselves and hopefully some of our listeners, maybe you'll find that interest. We're gonna make you Rick. We're all gonna get rich betting on, on the politics through eight dollars at Konya last night. That's right. That pays also didn't west just lose one hundred dollars he might have. I didn't actually make the bell K Kelly. He tried to bet on. Not even run. I got some important information today via Twitter. What kind of show do you hosts west right information based show? I was saying after episode we're still learning we're still learning new at them. Just give it pays out eight dollars to eight thousand. It's not about wins. So yeah, I'm glad you kept it at eight bucks. The current lines for winning the twenty twenty election. This is the general election. Trump is at plus one ten riding on a strong economy and opportunity to improve border security, and currently fifty four percent of Americans believing that he will indeed be reelected, but gambling, is not about the favorites only there are some underdogs. Here's the next four or five closest Biden, is it, plus four fifty. Bernie is at plus seven hundred Buddha. Judge, plus twelve hundred Kamala Harris, plus twelve hundred everybody else is plus two thousand or higher. You guys see any value picks there at all. I wanna bet three thousand on negative five thousand birdie has a healthcare soon. Well, hold on. We gotta get the product. Health scares. Trump is old. Shit so much shit bet on the next favorite for Republican because there's a good chance that he dies at that age. Yeah. That, well, I don't think he's going to die. But he might get sick and quit seems like, but he doesn't he's in pretty good health on truth Biden is also he's getting praised all over all over Europe right now. I mean that's going to boost your your health. What, what, what, what indicator are you saying? He's in good health is body. Yeah. You just seems like he's not about the diet to talk ship Biden, his also plus two hundred to win the democratic nomination, which I think is the best. And I was going to say, even on the general election. Right now, if I was picking value picks out, pick Biden, it, plus for fifty and Kamala Harris, plus twelve hundred but I don't think they have much of a shot. I agree with fifty four percent of America that right now. Looks like Trump is in a pretty pretty tight, hold so agreement. That's it for the Trump, it was long sorry about that. All right guys, the two hundred episodes grades. We're long Nazari champagne. Andrea exploring the space. Dick spent sixteen dollars Corbelli warning for all you American listeners out there. No matter what you do. No matter how bad you want to do not. I repeat do not go to the Dominican Republic, because it's not to Hiti. Yeah. I don't care how much pains or baseball stay away. Can save your life. Why, why? Ask us something fishy is going on the DRP as of late in American tourists have been one beat up or dead. Let's start with the time. Line January twenty nineteen Tammy Lawrence daily of Wilmington, Delaware. Was vacationing at the all inclusive. Majestic elegance resort with her husband anytime out, travelers tip, don't go to resort that has to adjectives back to back the majestic elegance resort. Yeah. That means they couldn't even afford an English translator. Daily deal Caribbean. The good. Trick you with adjectives after a night, cutting a rug. She'd worked up an appetite. It was eighty nine at the resorts club. She went down to the lobby for a midnight snack, but she never got that snack as she was brutally attacked and beaten within an inch of her life, leaving her in the hash knuckle sandwich days. Jeez. Damaclean the attacker was wearing a hotel employee uniform. Yeah. Yeah. In a viral Facebook post, she described her attack, quote, my lifeless body was dragged on concrete. Stairs to an underground wastewater area. I was kicked in the head. I was beaten with a club and then strangled again, for the kill at which time he disposed of my body into an area, I refer to as the whole sure she's, and she's going to remember the whole forever. Yes, she named the place. Yeah, that's, that's a pretty dark thought. She was literally dying and she's just naming the whole, while she's dying. I'm gonna call this the whole this is the whole. May also sounds pretty like fantastic. Well, wilder there's a liar because. No, her face does not lie. She was beaten back. Sure. Not a flight of stairs. I will say this the thirties, are questioning her stories kidding. She and her husband looks like he can punch. If you know what I mean, may twenty fifth twenty nineteen maranda Schwab Werner, Pennsylvania was staying at the grand Bahia prints by hotel, celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary with husband. Another cheap Caribbean special upon checking in a couple of women. Right to the room to relax after a long trip where Miranda imbibed a drink from the mini bar. Little chino that, overprice, drink would be her last, because according to her husband, she rapidly started suffering from intense pain and collapsed later dying, according to the hotel, she died of respiratory failure, and Palmer Adela. I don't know that hotels are allowed to perform autopsies the problem with the little shots for the mini bars. The scorpions are still alive. That's true, and the drink it just stung, her heart. I didn't hear this poison, right. It could've been poisoned. We don't know stay. We got one beating in one poison. Here's the third, you figured out the case, just as think I'm on the tracks possible. Wait for the third just as maranda Schwab. Werner was checking out of the grand Bahia, Principe hotel, and earth, Cynthia and day, forty nine and Edward home, sixty three both Prince George's county, Maryland. We're checking in the couple engaged went on what they described as a boat ride of. Their life on social media hours later, they debt in their hotel room. Right. Reading of your own words. Great reading there, I was doing you wanna add the font size drama. Respiratory failure, and pulmonary, Damon. What's going on in the DRP? Is it as, as a disarmament? Wait a minute, with that's another pulmonary. That's pulmonary chew pulmonary. What happened? Yes. Beating then the last two were from the same host hotel with the same pulmonary, demon which means two different and bills. They suffocate it through different. Criminals, potentially. Yeah. It's got to be different, right? Because it's two different methods of, of murdering and it's two different locations, the Dominican Republic have more than two people locals, there's well, hold on. But, but the first woman dented the her attacker, as a hotel employees. Conspiracy us, I'm saying this, why think that maybe it's a disgruntled employee who hates hyphenated names because all hyphenated name. Could be that. Yeah. That's possibility. It's definitely I would be scared shitless, if I was at that second hotel where everybody's died. I'd be drinking. My brain's God. Not again. I shouldn't have done that because because it's gonna kill me, but then it'd be nervous and drink again, the whole time, it's such a cheap trip drink right? Yeah. You're like every fucking you're at like, the piano, the pool Dr and like the made staring at you. And you're just like freaking out, but you're still getting hammered because you're really nervous to do the puck towards Morrow. Fucking captain five thousand pays still all the second best vacation I've ever had. Let's say to the internet. And by the way, it's a great time to visit the DRP, it's cheap. These prices are the dive. Readings by mother courage, says it's such a shame because these places are so beautiful. Well, she's missing the point. We'll play this people are dying. What's and then K love says queenie Ariel be careful there. An Andrea Aniko. Nicole says Kayla I will in Queen aerial says thank you just say a prayer for the both of us. And then Caleb says Andrea always just be aware of the surroundings. And then Nicole says, I will at all times. It's just a nice group of friends. Nice friends. Nice group. Ladies not gonna be a fun vacation with that guy. Constantly paranoid while I assume she going like maybe like two ladies. Ladies. And then they're both just gonna be paranoid, the whole time when each other's vacations. Lot left looking left and right now, lightning around are all right. Oh going to lightning around. Okay. Lightning bolt. I'm going to start the two hundred episode of lighting around the only way I knew how to in Florida. To be thieves, unsuccessfully robbed, the ATM machine the leader of the two armed with a blow torch told his buddy, who had a crowbar to serve as the lookout as he lit flame to the, the problem was he welded, the hinges shut making it even more to break into it was so high that the, the Khobar is like I don't think we can break into the census point hated the money burn, Brian, Judy somewhere does IT it's harder to break in at can't show the crowbar, because we welded shut, maybe they were thinking if they're not getting money out of it. No one is, that's a good point. I think that they might have just been protecting the Bank because they knew that there were so many people that were going to rob it in Florida. Good samaritans. Yeah. They were just shut. It reminds me of the have you guys seen the journal. No. Behind welding stuff. This is going to be dark welding. Behind you got to watch the finale. It was the highest rated show in the history of I am DB's television, shows pantley great show ever. So all right. Moving on more Florida for you, and it's a fishing story. So my apologies Pat and we know how you hate these. Yeah, the old man. I heard that this morning listening to the show, and you're so wrong. Everybody loves visions door usually told by, like your uncle, you don't like I don't want to get into the only thing you wanna hear when you're around a campfire like universal around the worst big fish. Well, how big was it like the movie? Well, that's crazy. I imagine imagining the size. Fishing stories fuck that packet seasick. I go stores the order. All right. So supposed to be great there in the water reeling in the fish in the sun turned into a little nightmare for passengers. That chartered the boat double marker, captain, by Mark Bailey, little create a plan words by the Florida man. There who apparently is a bit of a loose cannon as scribe you don't say, west. So as the scribe by several passengers on the boat Bailey was consuming some cold. Bruschi is on the way out to the fishing grounds. So, yeah, no big deal Heller that wasn't all Bailey was doing as other passengers claim to have seen him drinking rum and snorting cocaine. Where's the crowd, right? Yeah. He was a little private cabins party, no-one muscles, invite. He's a Florida boat, captor you want your captain focused. Yeah. Right. When you're going out on the ocean, the combination of rum and cocaine prepares you for the swell. It's pretty much. You become a captain cook and drink run. Everyday, what expect tell me some sexist jokes, and share your cocaine, captain? Wants. That's what I'll do. So you did that to her things took a turn for the worst. When one of the passengers asked a another passenger to grab him a beer. And when the selfish captain told the teen to not give them in the beer, the teen thought the cabin was joking. And when he did give them in the beer, the captain grabs him by the neck and snap. The necklace off of it. It's nineteen to drink on this boat. Seventeen for cocaine did he cut himself on the poop shells? Probably yeah. And that's passages realized they were in a bit of a jam. The assaulted teenager, human things things turned Bailey, then asked the speech another passenger in private and said this, the man quote, I have a gun, and if I want to, I will put a bullet in each of your heads leave you out here. Oh my God. Yeah. Just eases fucking Christ threat of murder. You know, it's you are on the high seas, you do run that risk, every time you go. I mean you've seen it's always sunny, you should know the implication. I mean it still doesn't sound like super unusual for Florida tour, but that's pretty normal, right? Yeah. Which probably because he thought he was being invited back a bumper to the captain. Brad wasn't the case. So keep in mind, sixty miles offshore. So give me a flashback to cocaine with a guy named captain. Yeah. League. Oh captain. I'm sorry. Later. So sixty miles out. Law. Right. You're on the double marker with Mark Bailey, your legal gambling and legal murder voting. The Bailey so not long after Billy came out with his nine millimeter fired six or seven shots in the air and the passengers begin to think they were just going to be murdered. Now. It's getting scared. Now it's getting real scare seventeen hours into the trip. Chris, they let seven AM normal. No. On there. Not much you run out of gas seventeen. Our Slater, captain, Mark. Seventeen hours into the trip. The a lot of cocaine the captain mistakenly steered, the boat close enough to shore for cell phone service to work and passengers called the police who came to the rest was this problem, he ran out of cocaine, right? Yeah. He needed to get more. He had too much rum, not enough, cocaine couldn't keep me his own rule, which is don't let them get close enough to, to sure to make a cell phone yet. Don't throw their cell phones into the ocean. What do you think Mark? What an idiot. Right. So now all these passages have the best story I can think of people oh, you call it a fifteen hundred pound black Marlin. Well my captain shot me in the head and me in the ocean. I still wanna hear a better nice lightning around story. West west understand how how the lightning round works about as long as minute story. Details. Melville. Two hundred has the longest lightning round of all time next door largest drug testing lab in the United States, Quest Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics, lost over seven, million patients records. I sure could use that back in the two thousands when I was a teenager applying for best buy spend a third of my first paycheck, GNC buying an extremely unsafe body. Flush cleanse that the guys like this'll work before even earned my first paycheck, there was really hoping that it worked. And guess what? Guys, you sell these things on credit or layaway plan. It was like ninety bucks. Eighteen. Worked one that job as before the drug test worked. I remember applying for best buy to just like pacing like six AM just like trying to hold it down like is this worth like puking every now? And again, it's two. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Best buy. I feel like both you guys take multiple detox. Can catch twenty two because the same thing. Thing for best buy. Remember when you got that jealous at the bagel shop, and you want the walked out in protest for anyone out there that's trying to take a drug test. These cleanses do work, but what you need to do is you need to wake up p once in the morning, and then have it be your second or third P, not the first of the morning, then also, if you can p a little bit outside of the Cup because it's the middle part of the P that doesn't have the THC in anyways, great, the first part, not the bat and the endings, not good. Either you pinch it off at the end to and don't pay and the Cup. Anyways, read the pamphlet. No, it sounds like pass drug tests. Anyways, that's not exactly the case here. It wasn't that type of patient records being lost. They just got hats, and it was a massive data breach. And they lost seventy nine people's personal health information. Again, I was probably involved in this, everybody knows your cholesterol count. Everyone. I live in for the hackers. I live in Virginia and have unbelievable counts of creating as what they think. That's just one. They're trying to figure out of his girlfriend, actually did give him. It's HIV. Sorry. Right. You were rip that week Mark. Yeah. Because it could be blood to doesn't have. Drug thing you want creating count. A real job with corporation, you'll learn you got a job. I remember I worked for. All right. Paul Manafort is in some serious trouble again. And that's because the former Trump campaign manager and lover of ostrich jackets, we have covered extensively is being moved to one of the most notoriously violent prisons in the country in that prison is Rikers. Oh, yeah. And even dams are saying, this move is a bit outrageous. So he's not a violent criminal yet. No. Right. Ostrich. Exotic cannibal, but he's like fucking righteous. The ripper. Four violent criminals. It's just it's just happens to be in New York City prison. He's lots of. Well, yeah, that's a lot of them are house, so Rikers, which is known for gang violence and housing some pretty famous violent criminals, Pat, like the son of Sam, and Mark David Chapman, violent. He was pretty pretty that yet. So. Experts are saying, this move is bullshit. Because they believe state officials who are investigating Trump made the move to make his conditions unbearable. So he will cooperate cooperate cooperative. My word. We'll cooperate with them and give information Trump. He stays there, very long. That's great. All right. A woman was arrested on Friday after going behind the counter McDonald's restaurant and slapping a pregnant manager in the face because the customer's order was made wrong. I read that last sentence directly from the news source, I got it from because frankly, I couldn't have possibly written better than that. I couldn't find a video, but I'm just gonna assume that this woman was very, very much showing because after two hundred up I can't think positively about human beings. It's hard. So that's where I'm going with. No. I can't wait. You mean the woman, the woman, she slapped was McDonald's worker was pregnant, I'm guessing payments out, I'm guessing shoot just showing and that the woman slapped. It didn't give a fuck because she's a despicable human being. She was expecting a Burger King level services. Mcdonald's slap the baby out of her. I kid though about the not knowing she was pregnant part, not the human beings being despicable. The McDonald's worker was twenty nine weeks pregnant, I did my research and that's showing probably and she was slapped by twenty one year old Schnell Hanson of Norwich. Connecticut, who I attempted to make the order correctly herself behind the counter before slapping, the pregnant. That's awesome. I love that old. I'll make a mess out. Yeah. In jail. That's pretty bad. Yeah. It really is. All right. Finally, in Ohio doctor is being charged with twenty five counts of murder for purposely, giving patients lethal doses of painkillers and making others. Administrate the doses under his orders. Guess what truck drug? It was. Viagra. Oxycontin? Come on you covered. This marijuana. You guessed it. China's main export mill shit but it's not. China was no Hieaux expert is wings off to check. This story is still have because all the stuff in the news is discouraging doctors from giving up painkillers. I don't like that. Yeah. Okay. So that'll give them to me, but trying, well, now you're not going to. Trying to get your your trying to lean into the opioid crisis. You want to be the way. I don't wanna go to a ten one to ten. I wanna go to like seven like I said, I wanna get Admiral from doctor, I wanna get zanex doctor my doctor being a pussy, because everyone's getting arrested. Neither of those are opioids. I know I want opioids the opioid crisis is making all the doctor scared of giving anything away legally. Referring to me as your doctor. Most patients with sorry. Most patients, which were killed between twenty fifteen and twenty eighteen were on, like a ventilators basically, on their way out, anyway. And this shit's shit has lawyer is claiming the doctor was simply trying to provide comfort care to the patients who are going to die anyway. Which is the fence is gonna land them in jail for the rest of his life. Yeah. You didn't ask. You didn't ask him. I take dosa Fenella go out peacefully. Side note being the lookout for special edition macho, man, slim, Jim action figure coming out soon. We will certainly be ordering displayed proudly in the heart factor studio. Oh, yeah. And that's it guys. That's up. So two hundred nice you want to quit. I dunno wish keep going. Now, we'll keep going keep going. We'll see. We'll see you. Hey. Real real Saturday, Saturday, cannabis cut power, our tune in on periscope three thirty to four thirty it's going to be really fun. We're going to have a special gas. We're not sure all the special guest will have yet, but there's going to be crazy events going on stage. Also, also, if you want to hundred more definitely at Erica, and Dave that, that we should be fulltime. Yeah, go ahead and do that. We're like we're like ninety tweets away guys. Yeah. We're starting to get under their skin tweeting them Instagram, ING them podcast pontoons, just at the shit out of them. But yeah, pop. Tune classic. We got. We got we got we got we love this job. Thank you so much. Three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other to the other two females got only knows what the world to in their. And Furthermore, Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all for them vitually smoke. Marijuana leaders? Reefers. To johnson. After noon. It makes me feel right? To joyce.

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425. News: RBS close B - Why is building a new bank so hard?

FinTech Insider

56:23 min | 4 months ago

425. News: RBS close B - Why is building a new bank so hard?

"Business as usual is certainly over but eleven Benjamin Answer and Sarah chance gave put together a comprehensive analyzing the short medium and long term impact to the covered nineteen pandemic financial services. They outline how banks investment management funds and insurance companies will need to adjust to meet the new demands off. Molest face a new normal. You can read the report right now. Full free at Infocomm Eleven dot com slash covet nineteen. That's Info don't woman. Fm DOT COM FORWARD SLASH C. O. V. I d. one nine no hyphen already but stopped the show known from eleven slime. Simon Taylor and this has been taken of news this week. We bring you we ask. Why is it so hard for digital challenges to stand down in the UK is all BS closes? Both big banks book fifty billion against bad loans in the wake of Corona and roundup of the more international stories. This week all this much more. Today's new show. Welcome to episode four to five fintech insider. I'm Simon Taylor and I'm joined by my colleague Co host the one and only Serik Chomsky. How're you doing today? Sarah Hi Sam I am good thank you. I am very much looking forward to a long weekend. it's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. So those you know we get out of sync at the rest of Europe at the beginning of the week and we thought now. We'll have at the end of the week because wants to coincide with the day is a very very peculiarly. British fact for you there indeed. And if you didn't have peculiar British Fox no you do so as you're enjoying your podcast as a value you can take away on top of the Fintech As is becoming the normal now we are joined remotely by some amazing guests making some fantastic debuts. We have my who is head of. Hsbc day innovation. Labs might how're you doing doing? Do about yourself pretty well. Thank you I can see sunshine and I can say a lot of fintech story salutes to get into making some welcome return visits We Have Bailey who's CEO and founder to barely. How you doing on Gates Bay in my in my Barry. We're excited to have you back. Although it was in the studio put spectrums fine too. I'm glad joined by Jim's butland whose VP of the UK over at L. EXTENT. How you doing Sir verbal thank you know. Thank you for joining. Let's get started the first story this week if you fall in tech. I don't think you could have missed it. This was about all bs closing the digital challenge Cole. Bow and of course was a part of the banks. Strategies compete with fast-growing startups such monster installing but had a bit of a sluggish on had failed to impress investors but the CEO in roads set the bunket. Learn lessons from this shortlist experiment. She went on to say both hasn't failed. We've made a decision which has occurred decision at this point. We will apply a disciplined view in terms of our approach to innovations testing and learning. I'll also said that Bo would be scrapped as a brand but some of his technology would be merged with one of his other digital bronze metal. I The bank posted pre-tax profits of five hundred nineteen million pounds for the call. Sit down from a billion the previous but all BS remains of course. Sixty two percent owned by tax payers following Baylor in two thousand eight crisis. Sarah I know you've been in some publications this week talking about it Do you want to just take? You'll fall to it when you saw this headline. Yeah she'll I mean I? I wasn't surprised It should be pointed out the by watching never managed to launch so it was in beater but never actually managed to get properly out there to a full public launch. Eight always an interesting strategy of natwest obvious as it was then to have to digital. Brown's going once you know this is a very crowded competitive market. You have to do something to stand out. Not only needed boat not really do that. In fact a lot of its functionality was a lot more limited than many digital digital Ernie banks that we seeing in this country But it also had almost competition from metal. Not that they said the same customer base but if you see natwest's digital brand and there's more than one that's going to cause some customer confusion So I think I think overall a didn't ever really feel like a starter to me despite the fact that we have seen some successful digital browns from incumbent elsewhere. This just didn't didn't really feel like it was gonna make it interesting Bailey. Would you agree with that? All Right Pete though. It's very signed yet. No I think I agree. You know a thousand customers using the port and understandably Beata they were testing some stuff but for beats product. They made a big splash at launch. So it does feel like a little bit of Saturday in the dorm by Yeah maybe it will return at some point. I think it's it's a weird one because with some of these big banks Paul says strength is that they have a really big Renowned bronze at consumers trust so looting these new digital brands If unless you really put a lot of weight behind it feels kind of like a side project. That's that's never a good neverthe- thing. interesting There's something about Count Health Committee. You've got to go kind of all the way with a lot of this stuff as an interesting concept I mean not though innovation in large organizations. How some challenges surely? But there's a lot that can be done other the lessons that we can learn from this. I think so. I think the first thing that comes to mind is what does it mean to be a digital bank. And so yes. There is a big Rush when you see companies like Starling Bank Munza Reveluti- and has certainly no secret. Customer expectations have changed. Everyone is looking for instantaneous payments. Now even multi-currency digital wallet. It's no secret that we as as a society have changed but what I think gets missed a lot when it comes to large organizations trying to transform and compete whether be bringing on a new digital front or trying to transform themselves is the infrastructure and the integrations to do it. I can certainly speak from experience. And being in the trenches of transforming a large organization when you're trying to integrate legacy technology stacks from data integration from a technology integration to then the front end customer. It is a very long journey. And it's certainly not easy even with all the greatest tools out there. There's so many synergies that need to come together. So I think the expectations of transforming quickly to becoming a digital bank when you're sitting on a lot of tech like a SEATAC debt is a massive undertaking and so the the expectations of when that can be successful has to be managed. No that's a great point. My I think what's interesting about this though is my understanding. At least is that both metal and bow to Bailey's point part of the reason I think there were new bruns was because they were trying to get away from some of the tech debt and have a lower cost operating model whether they could execute faster. Like a lot of the stall subs who can be making releases. Ten to forty times a day in that production pipelines so there was a desire to sort of almost a shield it from the mother ship to a certain degree on it. You know by the sounds of it. Were using some of the tech. Some of the tech may have succeeded. Even if the brand and the proposition hadn't and James You know the value here in having a molten digital sections that all lower cost that can be changed foster. Surely that that that that could be value gained from yes absolutely. I think I think with Bo in particular will Bailey saying around. You know the benefits of coming from a big bandages obvious to do have that oppress not buzzed around it. From Elias in they just pivoted that product or CSV. Bank is odd. This is just a start of pivoting. Different stays in the styles in when we pivot is all a public news but this because the best brand it is. Then so yeah. That's interesting. I was just GonNa say I'm James. I think it's interesting. They've they've salsa pivoted suspended because metal already existed right but some of the tech towards it and I think Sarah had to something you were saying We sold the fin by chase Was there to compete with chase in the US and it was a retail proposition competing with what was a very strong retail brand. Is that something because we've seen Sort of rumors in the press about Chase on JP Morgan now looking at doing a challenger sort of build in the United Kingdom which is not a home mock for them. So is this something about. You can't compete with your yourself. And what the organize their oaken rejection or is it something else. Maybe it's a mix of things. Yeah I agree on the sense that competing yourself is really hard so a somebody who spends a lot of time looking at a lot of different banks apps not west. Isn't that bad? I mean they're all banks in the UK with our a hell of a lot worse So you know if you were an existing natwest customer. There isn't a huge incentive to to switch I do I do agree with the brand point the house that a fem chase came the UK and launch something. That was as appealing houses. You know they're Sapphire called in the US. I know that's not a bank credit card but has huge appeal has used brand appeal to be said for bringing your brand to market where it doesn't already exist If you look at what Goldman Sachs did with Marcus that came to the UK market. They didn't already Retail presence in and have done very well a fat. I just wanted to get back to the point about Bo and metal and there's a couple of things now. I think they were to me again. Just slightly sort different. Take taken it Robin pivoting. It felt unable dividing their resources. Some more and actually if you've got all these really clever people who know law about digital proposition design and information architecture and whatever. Why haven't you been working on the same thing while working to things that up slightly the same in slightly different And I also we have to mention the fact that Bo was championed by Mark Bailey. Now Molly left the business so I wonder if some both lost its champion if it lost if it lost its leadership perhaps as a project within the bank on that that may it may be. Didn't you know maybe the lowest way I think there's something to be said for Fol Sponsorship Leaving Without Question Sarah. There's also something to be said full minded standing and I wasn't involved in it. Some folks at eleven of us were but my understanding from seeing the press is that a metal took sort of prepaid card. I approach built the customers generate traction and also was working in a sense. Where I'm I'll be a time now. Not West had been through the All remedies purse while they will actively moving out of the SME segment Paying people take customers off them so needed something in that space so there was a real clear strategic rationale for it. I'm the Strategic Rationale Bo. That was always quite interesting. It was how do we play at this Sort of a low income segment of the market. How do we help them save? How do we help people really build a bit of a balance sheet postal bunch and in times like this? I say something to be said for that so I don't know if not what are your thoughts on. What do you think about the faces versus the execution and this wall something in the faces trying to trying to reach a new client base trying to target businesses and people that are potentially underserved is certainly a great thesis and trying to use technologies whether be digital platforms whether it'd be a whether it be big data in order to try to reach a new client? Base is certainly a strategy worth exploring. I do go back to and and and brought the example on Bo and the splitting of resources as well but even within those resource pool in certain they have not close to tobacco whatsoever. There's also the scarcity of these types of resources the talent that can truly execute at the pace and the expectations of were sponsors or executive sponsors which we know Have little patience. Everything is about the bottom line in the end the Roi so finding the right resources and it's not just one or two data engineers data scientists in a corner. It's the team culture. It's it's that ability to to develop rate and finding that blend it's its own formula an uncertain challenge my. I absolutely loved that point. I'm Jason Bates. Who's our co-founder eleven of says digital is a small team sport and actually having those people who knows how to work together but I have not mix of skills that connects acute and I think there is something in the genesis hair of like team proving itself but also being able to educate management. That I'm whilst it's great to have the the five year plan in the spreadsheets. In place actually the way you measure a star is somewhat different and you know the metric should be looking forward somewhat different a near Bailey. This'll be a subject near and dear to your heart With with Toukan and everything you guys are doing. I mean what if you found? Are The keys to be able to execute as a small business. You have different constraints Capella to larger organizations and do you think large organizations can bring in DNA in successfully execute. Yeah I think it's tough. I I never worked in a big organization of any of a witness toss ups at so I I have only one side of the story but it's true experience that small team where seven people Can execute a really large amount of stuff we can get product shipped very quickly And I'm not sure that adding more money into that huge amounts of money. We'd get things done that much more quickly. I think as you scale it becomes more difficult for that to be the case but right at the early stage which is web was that's that's where actually having scarcity in having a small team actually works quite well. I think I think in big companies. It's very difficult because of those the split of priorities. You're looking at such a large number of things you need to do as a business and they stephanie could feel like a some toyed play within this on the side and I think the danger is that Matt will probably know this much better than than idee that if not seen as something that would actually be a strategic objective of the big business over the next five ten years the investment and the time. Just go into And I think that's why startups generally win. It was interesting. I'm I'm sort of the risk of it. Being Innovation Theater comes ability. I think that's a real risk and I love that point about that small team of talent. I mean if you look at big by procurement processes is often. How much is this commodity role? How much is a data engineer? How much is product manager and it sort of seeing them as commodities verses? How good is this person? And can they build something from scratch and that's not necessarily in the DNA and it's not on the decision making process. I mean how do you deal with those challenges in a large organization? Yeah on really to before insects. I think you you you nailed it and in in the sense of these types of innovation has to be embedded in the corporate DNA and in business models. It cannot be a technology experiment. It cannot be sitting in. No large technology organizations has to be fully integrated into business strategy so business strategies taking into consideration data strategy data strategies taking into consideration technology strategy. That's the only way that it can start to move the dial and so to answer the question you those executive sponsors that you have have to be close to if not C. Suite level individuals who are making the decisions on investment who are making decisions on the customer base the closer you are to those individuals that are making those five year plans. Although I couldn't agree more metrics of success have to be have to change But those individuals that do make those strategic investments. You have to be as close to those individuals in order to continue That that future investment into these organizations yeah and just gone back to that I think as I said Annetta Wet snippet company so I'm completely Making assumptions hey but me having wet very small hungry startups. I was lucky enough to be part of a Mondays. Six seven months right and an actually everyone in that room is laser focused on one thing and it's liberal die. It's it's actually something. Where if they succeed if you don't get the customers if you Get product shipped in. If it's not happening you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA make it. So that's why I think startups will win. I think there's something to be said for the fair and the constraints that stops having and how can you have that in a corporate environment but How can you get the sponsorship? To good makes great food for thought for anybody working innovation and banks or even. Fintech generally is used the fair. I'm already I'M GONNA move the next story and this one comes from the tate and this was about Banks apparently going to book more than fifty billion. Us dollars against bod loans as of the US and European banks on track to book more than fifty billion dollars worth of charges on souring loans in the first quarter The biggest such provisions since the oversees since the financial crisis in US banks have been the most coaches bursting reserves potential loans by three hundred and fifty percent in q one twenty nineteen while European. Linda's have increased provision by tuned in sixty nine percent. Hsbc was most pessimistic in its tone during his results presentation taking three billion in initial provisions. I'm warning losses. Could reach eleven billion this show. Barclays at two point one billion. I'll be eight hundred million. Deutsche Bank raised eyebrows with just five hundred million. Sorry I'm going to throw see you. I mean sign of the Times. Not Big surprises hero was anything that really stood out see. I mean the fact that they have upped the provision is no surprise. When would what would be severely worried have been not Couldn't possibly comment on the numbers. The percentages it's not an area of expertise in mine. I do wonder if you know deutschebank. Raising eyebrows is possibly because Deutsche Bank is quite from a consumer level Quite Jimin and it's not an international bank in that sense on on a retail brand and I do wonder if because Germany has been very very likely affected. They don't foresee B- impact being as big. But I really don't know the case if anybody wants to tell me that I'm completely wrong. Went and please do the one thing I did want to bring up. It's not just the sorry the one that I do want to bring up. The large banks can make these provisions You're already seeing evidence from the Fintech work in the endings place being hit by default which sort of gives us an insight of quite perhaps about. This is going to be so. I did a quick bit of research or a quick look so rate center in the UK has reduced its interest rate for investors by fifty percent Because it reckons defaults going to go up so much I'm an on deck in the US which is another sort of alternative lender if you like Bigger said that at the end of two thousand nine hundred eleven percent of its slowest stage of delinquency but by First Metric had written to twenty seven percent by the end of April approximately forty five percent of index loans were in some stage of delinquency so Sorts of a slightly different. Take on the story. I just think those that data all those data give you an insight into perhaps just how bad it's going to be And you know maybe that gives you some insight into just tap pet. The banks needed to be while. Yeah it really significant point. Sarah I think the the sort of the the Schulkin all of having to be at home is very different to that washing. Its way through the economy and the impact on people's lives. I Mean Bailey. With what you guys do it too. I wonder what you guys are saying. And how that links to the story as well. Yeah it's heartbreaking. Isn't it because behind these numbers of billions of people he might default on lanes and by businesses that might default on lanes. And then have to lease stoff shot. The that does and the reality is that way living in a time when we were already in in pretty we had a lot of data books economy Just as an example in the UK. We we before the crisis had a record. Seventy three billion pounds worth of credit card debt and that was interest rates higher than than in two thousand eight so that's just one example of consumer facing Debt that I can see just being a real time bone over the next few months so we can help the people that the banks vulnerable customers with the product that helps them with third party access so people at cavs and families he need to cast of people around them and vulnerable customers on the The shushing around Vanderbilt customers is something that we've been an party and charity level and Advising people in government and the regulator so unfortunately we do have a view on how charities just saying huge jumps of people that charities unfortunately have masses in talks a fecal coming to them at the moment that all issues with devotes Issues with mental health having impact till not as well The regulator has acted very quickly. But I think the issue the quickly GONNA see over the next few months as we come out folk down is what happens when the measures that they've put in place starts to stop what happens when People's mortgage holidays actually a note on. How can we make sure that a federal employees guy about to secure and safe and businesses have to cash to pay for them? I do think we need to be preparing ourselves so pretty bad bad economy in the next six to nine months barely. I THINK OF WOODS HANG US. What the story really speaks to? I'm and you know this does it. There's a lot of stuff happening that show. I mean Sarah was volt as we say. The defense research report which had some of these impacts on financial services INFO INFO eleven dot com slash code nineteen But part of the face of that was you've got the initial kind of hit and then you've got this sort of at this. Period of turbulence in the Middle Fails. We're in the trump transition from the first sort of shock into that that turbulent. Perritt is people realize the ramifications and as as we get into that James as well away from the world of of consumers across this is this is happening full businesses as well and I guess what. You guys are Mostly with epoch perspective on. Can you give us some insights as to what you're seeing in your business into what you've what you've seen in the client base? Absolutely I think on this story specifically I think on the from the bank side. There's there's no harm in being cautious. I think what happened? In two thousand and eight live a wake-up Couva banks who enjoyed twenty thirty forty years of boom and had not had police provisions in place. And what we've seen over the past twelve years. Is that a better understanding of the risk of the business happen until showtime shock. The interesting thing here is I saw today the Bank of England that GDP GDP said as a contraction fourteen percent. Then they're expecting fifteen percent Roy's next year so will percent up to twenty twenty one so I guess. Will the banks are doing here with these bad loans? Basis writing off twenty two at ensuring that the capital the worst case scenario they account for Unorthodox banks during Like Sarah says paps because they have not that impact in in Germany and they have really contracted back to Germany Since the financial crisis In terms of all business and and the APEC region of I think one thing is nowhere is Out of reach this pandemic no not being affected We have large offices in John. Comb and Melvin so all teams in China went through the lockdown the contraction of business properly free two months cannot just off Chinese New Year and they will back in the office now and they're working to gain and things are getting back to normal so then that also shows a powerful Europe in the US in terms of. What could the future like aggravating? Next six months ago to be GONNA be rookie has come out out of this. And I don't think is going to be a chef. V-shaped recovered improving more of a along. You shape at the bottom things will return to. Normal is not the same as two thousand nine. This twenty thirty years of The loans and debts and CEO's putting up this is shorten shutdown where we reopen. Things may not be no. I don't believe there's more off the we've seen over the past ten years as numerous a candy body. I'm next in thank you James. I mean Sarah does definitely something to be said for James is saying there about the The P- this is a fundamentally different crisis at the banks are completely a capitalist Provisioning better an indeed. There's a sub story here about on the hundred percent government-backed bounce back loans. That we we sort of briefly cut in last week's show all now live Lloyd setup locations for those of live on. They've had loans totaling more than a billion pounds in just a couple of days. It just be see how study full thousand applications by four PAM in the first day in had agreed to lend out six hundred and fifty million in Barclays it approved of Sushi two thousand loans and just a refresher this loan scheme offers the UK small firms Loans with twenty five percent turnover Up TO FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS THOSE LOANS. All a hundred percent guaranteed by the government At an interest rate of two point five percent so Sarah and there was some criticism of banks able to get the CBO's loans out. But this seems to happen pretty quickly like credit. Do things can happen quickly when they need to. In some cases on the banks are better capitalized. This time around. Maybe they can play rolling getting a lot of this. Yeah meeting what was he a few things to pick here. I mean one Quite from what? I understand Those in charge of the scheme of implementing the scheme learned from C. Bills Amidst. Foschi me to just one online forum. So you know you what it's either yes or no Obviously that means that you know there are questions over the criteria. That's that's being used. When would assume they are very very slim Kind of in terms of getting credit history Given a second chance and be the speed at which things are being approved Slight concern only eight. Providers can Issue these lens at the moment and apparently they are generally prioritizing their own business account holders and the problem with that is that many people who own the smartest small businesses don't have a business account they have their personal account current account which means though people who run those businesses might not actually be able to access them So sorry I've done. There is to be the Dow. No talk about the downsides the plus side you mentioned yes. It's come up very quickly. Yes they seem to be getting things processed anecdote of from. Santon Dez said it took three days from Ashley applying tapping the money in their account. I know of any bank outlet can be too but that is very very impressive for any kind of line to be processed and funded by a large bank so yes plus sides. Things can happen quickly when you want them to It shows the appetite actually four credit among these small businesses out there which is possibly different story. They wanted that. They're taking it up. You know good thing some negatives I think probably have worked out My understanding as well is that whilst the banks can't do this because they all better capitalized than than last time. It's hundred percent box. So they have much more incentive to do it. Cbs's on eighty percent on the loans. Were bigger said. They stood to lose more so sorry they should bring them so nice. I hope you can unpick in their last point about There are some fundamental differences. Like the over. A risks of his hair for banks was dramatically reduced one the size of the loans smaller to the lovely backing from also almost complete so they the the risks office is tiny and I and then some compliance risks around. How much of this will end up being fraudulent? But that will come out in the wash and I think the calculus hair is the net positive is probably better than maybe some wash thereafter in its limited again by the value in. There's something there's a lesson here for good times as well as as the crisis times we're in which is if they're all sensible limits and controls you can put in place as you're testing things or as you're doing things in a small away and you can take not to extremes at both sides which is you can start to break into a customer in a really small way but historically if the the KYC among requirements will oh nothing rather than gradual an an entree. There's something to be said for the single form that only does one thing with one type of loan. has a reduced risk surface. Maybe maybe not becomes a trend that people pick up a loan from I'm GonNa just give Bailey the less word on this before we move on am it. What are your positives about the story? If there are any and I mean it is the money has been able to get into people's accounts and actually that's GonNa save jobs and that's great. I think the thing to bear in mind is that it's just a load Businesses don't have to repay the first twelve months. These loans books. They will have to repay an in. The vast majority of cases are going to have see more revenue. Coming in once. Lockdown comes out than they were before in order to make these repayments salary as consumers Still have jobs have a duty now around spend money? That's that's my upbeat ending on daily with local small businesses. Let's let's Save my local coder. Uk. Listen we'll we'll be back very shortly. Let's take a quick break. This episode of Fintech insiders brought to you by mitek combining the world's best forensic experts with the industry's most advanced technology. Only mitek delivers banking great identity verification with the highest possible assurance levels massively reducing risk for and costs more at MITEK systems dot com. This episode is also brought to you by Equinox equinoxes the world's largest day center and colocation provider enabling the fastest application performance lowest latency and digitally consistent for financial services. It's platform of two hundred plus days since as well why protects connects and empowers the mission critical infrastructure for over ten thousand businesses. All AT EQUINOX DOT com. Okay now back to the news Take a look at some of the other stories happening around the world starting with this one here and While this was a big Robin Hood raised two hundred eighty million dollars worth of series. F funding pushing its valuation to eight point three billion. Us stolas story comes to tech crunch this not just my headlines That Robin Hood was hunting for nine. Fig around to gain evaluation of Eight billion Robin had made headlines of Calls with less for Churches News Three outages in two weeks meaning that customers were unable to trade during specific hours on that was in a very volatile. Time in the mock. It's a lot of people. Were very annoyed. But this ability of APPs money is especially important right now as people try and get their financial health and older individuals investing and saving more than Eva's during this pandemic Spent time in the last few weeks figuring out how to handle those increases in usage and this new capsule will be used to build out some of those capabilities prevent future crushers robinhood added more than three million accounts this year alone on recorded as around sixty million dollars in revenue in March three times it's February result three X. revenue in a month pretty significant. They later also said Sold more than ten x the increase in net deposits when compared to the monthly average. It in the last quarter of two thousand nineteen. I mean that's significant growth in the use of that business. Do you think Sarah though. There's a connection between this growth in the business and the round or with this. Was the round already. Happening around was already happening to be blunt. The they are not. We're not the only investment platform we've seen raise money recently So there's a couple of the. I think a quite clear that the negotiations were in the works before Brought is one stash which raised one hundred twelve million dollars. Racing is another. I think that they just it's really This lucky timing for them so he's platforms are doing incredibly well right now. There's a few reasons for that. You've got people who WanNa make the most of the volatility. You've also got some people and I should say it's very much some people on the previous story who actually have more disposable income now because they don't socializing then on traveling commuting so they've got more money to invest in these platforms which means investors going to walk away from that right now while they. I mean this is really good fat as far as that can send just wanted to mention a couple of others platforms in this base of recently raised But I think it is more the result of of recent changes in customer behaviour so here in the UK. We HAVE CHIPS. That just crowd funded at two point. Six million pounds free trade which has gone ahead with a decision to crowd fund up. I think it was decision. Was made earlier this week off the back of coded so looking to raise a million crowdfunding a couple of things that obesity crowdfunding as much as you get off the ground then a huge multibillion dollar multimillion dollar funding round from his e c the. I think the point I'm making is that there are two different types of raises going on right now. There are those that were already in the works before this America. Those dot all businesses reacting quickly to capitalize on this and. I think we should be. When we're looking rounds evaluations. That happened in the first quarter of this year. about separating out which is which your there's almost two stories here isn't desire. The story about wine robinhood varies the big round. But the the story which is look at Robin Hood's revenue on a monthly basis. That's quite significant. And how sustainable is that It's sort of Is this is his temper. Flash IN THE PAN and we've sent a real change in consumer behaviour towards saving much much more and as you say chip plum moneybox many stash many others seeing across the industry and I wonder for incumbents in all saying the or are they able to offer another seeing the same level of growth at if they don't have those digital digital offerings. Can I just before some chips in? I did when I was looking at this. I looked at some of the UK providers of self directed investment and Lloyds Lloyds Banking Group in. This country. Had to shut its Its digital on boarding for new customers for self directed investment because they just didn't have the stall to cope because they were too busy handling other customer service queries. Barry's that the big guys can't keep up a may already GONNA lose out. Well this is a once in a generation opportunity. I mean I. It's it sounds capitalist and on an almost quite crude but to acquire customers to savings in investment platform and maybe many organizations by helping to al-Sumait that when there is a real customer appetite for saving and let's face it that's upset you're going to be crucial for a lot of businesses. I'm but then they may be missing out on that opportunity. I'm bibliographer to you. How do you feel about something like Robin Hood being Being something in this time versus say a traditional savings account is some some brisk that consumers may may take more risk than than they can afford to With with a sort of day trading immediate sort of APPs absolutely is Bet. It's a cool product. Free trade the cool product. I don't know about a lot of the other investment APPs but if it gets people. He went investing before interested in investing. I think that's already good saying if they can afford to them I think the key here is about in a long time peace. All consumers who use these obstacles Stick with it for twenty or thirty years that it takes to really make a good return Or is it going to be something that you download you have fun with the Clairon within maybe in a game or two comes bit boring? But no I'm full as you go to a series s And excited about it coming to the UK I think it was meant to come see. Uk Pretty recently sorry fate they went bt foul and I wonder if internal resources go diverse giving the volume that having in the US. I'm I I can only speculate but I imagine that might be. The case is interesting. I'm I'm kind of waiting for the first series. Essel Series T. It's going to be a matter of time until we run out the alphabet for these. The these funding rounds gyms what we'll when you saw this. I mean Good to in savings and investments. Or You know. Sort of important platform spell Mta y'all think it's interesting when you we saw the market dip you to and you see the interesting thing was. It didn't happen sooner when them Covered nineteen of him clear. That was quite a significant event in In China is spending to back. It was surprising to settle on the hit the market but today to mean or drop we saw and I think for people have jumped in the market now. Who probably chanted that friends integrate onto get the Mockett intrusively context and we? I think we're in the longest run of the S. and P. Five hundred so it coming off twenty percent. It's it's still know still facing in a bull market in historical terms so if people are jumping in now and let baby says they're going to hold it for twenty or thirty years. Brilliant if the jump in now we talk another ten percent than they sell it because they get notice any people who went out there. What would noodle Stachel whoever so you without that longer term view that education around the actual stop mocking? Do Your Funds. You can open accounts quickly and get money in. What are you actually buying and us? You understand the risk that do people have the financial literacy. They trying to buy the dip thinking things achieve financially in historical contexts. Maybe then no I. I think it was a really good points and It is really important. I'm not very quickly because We're up against it on time just Wanted to thoughts when you saw the story. Yes Oh really touching upon the points that were already made it certainly an interesting time when it comes to investing and the question that you have to ask is those that are jumping in. Are they jumping in ready to jump out? Or is this trying to use a new platform for long term investing? And so when I when I first saw this news and I go back to profitability. The thing that worries me. Is You know this is a an abundant brace. Yes revenues have grown substantially but is is taking on too much debt not to sustain a growing amount of revenues and thus although revenue seem high a customer bases growing is that a long term customer base. And when you start to look at potential net debt to Ebba type of ratio. How would this company stand up? What would the long term net present value be of Robin Hood So you know. Is this a short term cyclical type of of trend or is this something that they can sustain so I think for me looking at it? It's it's a bit difficult to to understand who. Where are these new investors coming from? Will they be long-term investors in a new platform? Or when things start to subside. Will they go back? Yeah I think. One of the many investors sequoia and sequoia have an amazing trek. Hold when it comes to Sort of Silicon Valley investors and they. It was equity note debt. I'm so That sequoia will be kind of alongside them to to try and push this and make success and you know at. That is the the jury's out and will they be long term sustainable revenue but volatility is good if you're in the business of trading but let's get watching Robin Hood one of the things at the moment and there's lots of lots to say and I'm sure we haven't heard the last from them Next story this week comes from a tech crunch and this is about visa on Sephora comb partnering on Pacer So visa just connected to Africa's most powerful mobile payments network they've announced partnership with Kenya's Telecom SAFARICOM and the M pace of mobile money product. They arrangement opens up and paces own extensive financial services networked in East Africa to visas global much and called network across two hundred countries. The two companies will also collaborate on the development of products that will release of digital payments to customers. According to this far. Come press release but the partnership is of course still subject to regulatory approval Just for context and pay raise Africa's largest payments platform with forty million users in Kenya Tanzania left so Democratic Republic of Congo Ghana Mozambique in Egypt a processes over a billion transactions. Every month to find out more we heard from also Williams who's vice president and head all strategic partnerships in ventures full visa MC e E. High Ulta Williamson I lead Visa's strategic partnerships Fintech and ventures group in Central Eastern Europe Middle Eastern Africa region. We are these are very excited to have entered a strategic partnership with SAFARICOM and look forward to bringing many benefits to 'em Pacer and Visa Consumers and margins. We're looking forward to connecting. Millions of merchants and consumers would visas global network through this limited barriers that have hindered consumers and businesses from taking full advantage. Globally Commerce Africa is a key part of visa strategy. And this move. Is Reinforcement of our commitment to provide insecure and convenient cashless payment solutions that dry financial inclusion while helping enable digital payments for the millions of micro and small merchants across the continent. Our thank you very much to for joining us on the show and give it in that sound bite. I think Ma near. There's there's a lot to be said for innovation in emerging markets in this partnership visa or very well established brand pace has been around since two thousand and five what we are initial thoughts when you sold. They said they moving tools that super up for Africa. We've seen ten cents On a few of US look at look at the region is is it not move or is it? Is it your payments focused? A what might be the most upset so I look at it. It's very similar to an. I know that the offerings are different. But but I certainly look at it no different than say pay. Pow and a lot of what pay ventures is looking to achieve and trying to really go after under served and under banked individuals. I think Africa certainly been a target for for quite some time so when I look at this you look at the track record of both those organizations this to me certainly looks like the opportunity of trying to really compete and open up new market in emerging markets which which quite frankly doesn't have enough of that coverage and certainly the technology investment within that region. So I certainly looked at it to to be a true player and looking to be true player within that region indeed. I'm barely what we owe foltz. What a case visa right. They've just unlocked possibly the ability to access the entire new massive massive market and growing Yeah it feels like a good thing by people using the products and services in in Africa and as a good man in mobile money was a thing in Africa long before it was in European. A and M Pacers Theology of a lot of this stuff so while vs forgetting that together with them and Weldon pace full century helping spun trade in an ounce of a lot of its regions. I'm James You deal a lot with with cross-border is there an element of cross-border the remittances possibly what what are your thoughts from from commerce standpoint as well is absolutely so we mentioned we Chazan tencent? day on each speaking to my team in China. So when I go to China Evans as we very powerful to have one of cover the whole accomplishments and I think that's a key point to Africa's Country so in in China have one country one system of those Ouija APP and his all standardized in Africa of many different countries and getting user adoption is GonNa be very different in say Kenya that is in Egypt or Suto. So that's kind of. I think it'll be the challenges. They roll this out is how they weren't built super up across the continent. Africa however today Marc by in each country is going to have different. Capabilities is can have different those Martin. Push each Territory buff broadly speaking think anything which unlocks the whole continent those commas e commerce platforms today. More business is new very very powerful. We've always seen that. When technology advances around the world the newest region basically show has everything seven Chana. They show cottage credit cards of credit cards. Straight MOBILE MONEY AT being in Africa will advance bats and cutout we know current accounts credit cards and go straight to something indeed has been around since two thousand and five and worked on Super Low cost. Super Low power devices. Sarah is there a financial inclusion angle hair? And and what might not be? Yeah Zip Festival. That's wants to mention how quickly this has happened. So I was confused when I saw this story because like far com only just bought 'EM PACER so I think the news was announced like literally a month ago and now we're onto a partnership with visa. So I can only. All of this was in the works in the background to get back into double check. I wasn't going slightly mad which is entirely possible But on the financial inclusion piece I I think it's almost more than financial inclusion. I think it's almost I didn't know what the word is. But e commerce is such a big part of almost every continent other Africa this ability to go online by what you want when you want it. And that gives you access Goods products and services. It gives you more choice consume. It also means the price if things driven down. There's no competition in the market. Now I see this Agree with Lupus may previously. I think it's almost more than financial inclusion. It's almost somehow inclusion in a phenomenon that the rest of the world's been doing for while and Africa by nature of kind of well for lots of the countries in Africa not with any extent in places like Egypt have huge ECOMMERCE businesses industries but for other Africa is inclusion to sort of maybe a broader a broader consumer society in the way of accessing goods and services that will benefit consumers in the long run on essentially the businesses that all able to sell to a broader audience. Of course yes absolutely. You're looking at all the micro motions and smooth Across Africa in whichever country they're in. I'm sure the idea of being able to sell to somebody anywhere else in the world is huge appealing to them absolutely. Well here's hoping we see lots of innovation coming off the back of this James Wellness Point from you before we move on. Just one northbound the baseball. I think you know it's it is a continent of entrepreneurs. I think wherever you see someone come out with a great product which hopefully then pays we'll do. There's GonNa be rough competition so I think local players are going to challenge this and it's Normal Bay blankets you know. Super Apathy nosy. Most of different local Almost phones payment companies would of the next ten years and well. There are costs many competing mobile money networks across Africa and Greece work by the gates foundation to try and create a standard to connect total those cold moods loop so we will of course keep watching all of this way. All GonNa move on known as we're getting towards the end of the show just to round up some of the stories from the week that we don't have signs cover So much happening. We can't cover it all but these stories did deserve a shorter. Sarah did you WanNa start with one shoe. Yes say the one I have is that tencent has both stake in off to pay So this next fixture. It was very widely reported Chinese tech giant tencent has bought a five percent stake with around thirty nine million Australian dollars In Australian buy now pay later firm off to pay this may be why was given this story The by pay to modal has seen huge growth in recent years propelling off the pay to a market capitalization of over eight billion Australian dollars on the ASX. The FEM has been building up its presence in the US and it also operates in the UK undeclared pay brand and last month tencent rival on financial invested an undisclosed amount in Swedish by now pilot brand connor. Indeed story this week. Well we didn't have much time to cover is resolute launching that licensed bank in Lithuania. It's three hundred thousand. Lithuanian customers can now be pulsed. Salaries and of the funds in deposit protects bank accounts an upgrade from money counts resolute. Says it will also possible is waiting banking licence to other central and eastern European countries Lisa in the with Lithuania acting as its hub for the region Probably in surprised. No-one be strong customer with education deadline in the UK has been extended by six months the U. K. Financial Conduct Authority is to delay the implementation of strong customer education rules in an effort to minimize disruption to consume as merchants during the ongoing Covet nineteen crisis the FDA rules demont two step verification prices online purchases over thirty euro on the rollout date or be pushed back from footing. March twenty twenty one to fourteenth of September twenty twenty one the FCA's ruling is like we followed by national authorities across Europe. And in another thing that's probably not a massive surprise. Apparently Covert Nineteen is impacting consumer payment preferences according to a survey pay safe and SAPIO research. Who surveyed more than eight thousand consumers across the US UK Canada and Europe between the eighth and fifteenth of April the show so globally eighteen percents of consumers said they announce shopping online for the first time juice covered nineteen this increases to twenty five percent in the US and twenty one percent in the UK on fifty six percents of all humans say that they have completed on online transaction using a payment method. That is new to them since the outbreak of covert nineteen But of course we couldn't finish Without bringing you one of the city stories of this and of course it's time for an finally so on finally story foam well Fox News of course Louisiana cops are on the search for an aggressive chicken who was breaking social distancing and terrorizing bank. The Zana police are on a hunt for this aggressive. Chicken who reportedly is terrorizing buying patrons and getting cash out of the drive theory. Tm amid the state's corona virus on The woke up police department said on facebook that their officers responded within a couple of minutes to the coal at the bank to find the chicken apparently on -ticipant at the imminent arrival of law enforcement lead on foot from the scene. Absolutely love this. Were they playing with the chicken plain chicken with the police say what was going on like a question here which is leagues quite important this chicken or was this a rooster because if anybody has ever seen a really angry rooster those things of vicious they literally have weapons on their legs? So I'm just going to say that if this is lost in translation and it was a rooster. See what people whis get good point. I mean there's something about an angry chicken That just that just sounds like terrorizing people at the last thing. You want to join go DEMOC. It's hard enough to get cash anyway at this point in time. Yeah I mean I should say that from have somebody who grew up in the countryside among show that is you know nuances. Perhaps not why we discussing the story billy. Have you ever been terrorised by tricking them? Haven't look forward to that next on my guy tonight. Tm which hasn't been awhile my start anticipating doing and for a while. Yeah James. Did you suspect foul play here? What was interesting stories? It doesn't seem they didn't see the chicken right. The chicken have disappeared. That's on the arrives. I think maybe Fox News are just trying to break from Roy. Navarro's maybe but it still is still the headline of the All right that wraps up this week's new show thank you so much to all of our guests sweat can people find out more about you Bailey. So I'm on twitter at baby talks and you can find out more about taken us to dot com on James. You can find the link tenant enough and Matt. Same thing Lincoln for me. Brilliant and Sarah. You can find me on twitter at Saratoga. Jansky you can find me on twitter. S why Taylor or email me. Simon Dot Com. Thank you for listening. And if you like what you've heard please do subscribe to a podcast and don't forget to leave us a review. It helps us to make the show better and it helps others find it too. Speaking of which if you know somebody Fintech who isn't listening to Fintech inside a do pass it along whether you're taking a daily excise. Whatever you're doing tell them about the show even if even if you're keeping socially distant you can still whatever all right if you have any suggestions. Afifi do find us on social media also eleven insider or email outcasts dot com. Thank you so much anger. Bye for now.

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Staley vs Bramson, Goldman's fixed income fix and RBS's online bank B

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Staley vs Bramson, Goldman's fixed income fix and RBS's online bank B

"This financial times podcast is supported by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking by offering accounts with no fees are minimums that can be opened from anywhere in five minutes. Capital one. What's in your wallet capital? One NA. Welcomes he banking weekly from the financial times with me, David Crowe. Joining me in the studio today, Stephen Morris, our European banking. Correspondent will also be joined down the line by Laura Newnan are US banking editor and our guest. This week is marked Bailey chief executive of the new digital Bank from oil Bank of Scotland this week where we discussing the battle between parties and the activist investor Edward Bramson Goldman's quest to find a fix for its fixed income business, and whether obvious is new online only back can really mount a challenge to disallow natives like monzo and resolute. I up with joined by Stephen Morris. Our European banking correspondent who has been closely following the battle between Barclays and add Bramson the activist investor trying to force his way onto the board. Stephen it's just over three weeks until d day. When shareholders will vote on whether to make Mr. Branson, a director and the war of words is heating up. What's the latest? Well, both sides EPA Bramson the activist investor behind Sherborne and Barclays themselves led by CEO. Jess daily have released very long public letters, basically laying out there. I'll give that's for and against the investment Bank. Mr. Bramson wants slash back. Drastically and house counting in his favor was very high profile clash between the head of set investment Bank. Gyco with Tim throws me and Jess daily. Tim throws be resigned after telling his CEO that he didn't think it was possible for the investment Bank to hit its targets, which is basically the same position that Edward Brampton is taking. However, in the course of our reporting doesn't appear the Branson has enough backing at this time to get on the boards, but he's just extended his financing options about one point four billion that he's gonna deal with Bank of America and some including equity caller for another year. So it doesn't appear that he's getting discouraged by his lack of support or is going anywhere anytime soon as you say, it doesn't sound like Bramsen is going to go out even if he doesn't get on to the board the next day GM. But what do you think what's your sense of the scale of a protest vote needed to keep Mr. Brenston in the game? Okay. He might not get the fifty percent. Plus that he needs to get onto the board this time, but what would the sort of protest vote need to be to keep him relevant owed say anything in the double digits, really? I mean because that would be a significant sign of opposition to Barclays current trajectory and strategy of you remember just Staley is taking personal control of the investment Bank, which is clearly showing Browns. In having an impact even from outside now county against him. One of the big proxy advisers for shareholders came out of the weekend and said, they don't believe that Bramson needs to get on the board that it'd be unduly disruptive for him to get in there and be pushing for more job cuts and more restructuring whilst Barclays as you know, only really just finishes lost three a program undigested Ellie, but I would say any double digit vote in Branson's favor, and perhaps depending on which investors back in any of the massive institutional ones. Choose to go into his camp. I would say all of that will keep him encouraged like we said he's there for at least another year anyway. And as you say just Staley taking much greater personal control day to day control. If you like of the investment Bank, and we know there's been this falling out over the profitability of that unit. So what do we think any signs so far of Mr. stele intends to do that? Mr. throws be did not. Well, they'll have. Been reports that Mr. throws we didn't like a proposed cut to his bankers pay. And also that he thought that Mr. Staley was being too aggressive when the Bank of the investment Bank could get it's double digit targets. So Mr. stele said he wants to get into become more granular now, usually that's a synonym for cutting back the areas that they've invested a lot in and not had the requisite return so far. So we'll be looking equities has been Barclays big push lately. There's been a lot of money. Hide a lotta people to try and really up to speed because traditionally they were fixed income house that means trading bonds. They pretty good on UK European debt advice, but equities has always been that traditional weakness. And we've seen a little bit of progress in the form of increased revenues, but Mr. Bramson, the activists investors comeback against that is that this has been unprofitable revenue generation Barclays has been undercutting rivals just to bring in more money without necessarily looking on the flipside how much that costs. So we think we'll see Mr. Staley focusing much more. On the returns of each business, rather than just the absolute level of business, which of course is fairly easy to bring in. If you're offering a cheap in the most of your competitors. So thank you, Steven. We have it granular a word strike fear into the hearts of investment bankers of Barclays. Next up. We're joined by Laura Newnan are US banking editor down the line in New York. Now, Laura you had a big number in the FTC last week on Goldens was in fixed income trading once a powerhouse for the Wall Street firm, but now a shadow of its former self give us a sense of how bad things have gotten for Goldman in fixed income trading and how the Bank found itself here. Say the Goma's stay committed to the fixing currencies and commodities business much more than peers did over the last decade in this in some ways has paid the price for that. So what we've seen Goma's ox is a former CEO, Lloyd, blankfein who talked repeatedly about the cyclical changes fixed income markets are undergoing when other banks talked about a secular change and began cutting back to meet that that's left Goldman basically having a lot of resources still in fixing even though the level of Mark actively has fallen so market wide. The overall the walls of fixing more than half in the last decade, go inside couldn't avoid gravity on us. If you look at Goldman Sachs zone performance in the last decade last year fixing him only maze. Five foot nine billion dollars of revenue or sixteen point one percent. All Goldman Sachs's token revenue which is I really remarkable thing. For a firmer fixing comes out the very hard. That's the lowest level of country in front fixed income in the last twenty years. I think fixed income definitely has never been a smaller part of Goldman Sachs than it is. Day. And in terms of how they got there is a couple of reasons why Goldman Sachs's fall has been sharp with appears since the crisis Gomez, actually better in the immediate aftermath of the crisis. As lead in the piece, they were lot more bullish. There was a perception Goldman Sachs in good shape there for it should take share for rivals. However that then led them into twenty ten on a really high level and took them a while to accept that. There had been early gains whether those gains maybe not the most stain about over the longer term. There was also I think because the firm was run by someone who come from the fixing contracting background, Lloyd, blankfein. There was a level of executive commitment to fixing control that maybe you wouldn't have seen so much in the other large banks, and certainly talking to people inside the company until top servers who knew it. Well, there was a feeling that it would have been very difficult for blind find to make material costs to fix Kibben for him to the clear eyed, and it's touched about it. As maybe say someone like to see you of UVS falls when they made their make fixing that was back in. Twelve now Goldman had first quarter numbers out this week. How did the Bank fair in the first three months of the year? And was there any update to this fixed income review in the first quarter? Actually, go Monday. She bodies that she in fixing trading. They're only down eleven percent compared to see JP Morgan who was dead eighteen percent here on year. So I guess we have to bear in mind. There is Goldman Sachs is coming off a lower base, but the first quarter while not a good quarter while finger were still falling certainly Golan seems to have performed some of its peers now David Solomon, the banks relatively new chief executive has a plan to turn the division around a fix four fixed income if you like tell us what he's planning to do on. Whether there are any signs that his proposals will work and the face and can review it did feature in the coal the CFO. Stephen share did say the fixing concurs is in commodities is going to be particularly focus of a broad based review of Goldman Sachs's businesses. Nothing would have a plan to enable thick to improve its. Turns lend cold unless he was drawn of it more of that he talked about how this wasn't just a cutting expenses Flom because that's something that could be achieved pretty quickly. It was more a badge trying to broaden the client base and trying to tweak the business. So there would be some more revenue opportunities there. He did talk a bit about the commodities in some more detail on that that there will be areas of commodities where there will be cutbacks. He didn't identify which those were that money actions had already been taken. So that's really what he's doing to turn the commodities business around, and he gave low bit more detail on how do they regard to meet declines more where they want to execute in that basic means investment in technology. Now, would it means lower headcount going forward and Lowestoft costs going forward south one of the areas that they're really focusing on on the thing that they can also as well as using some of this new technology to attract new clients, they think that if they use technologies essential trees faster that can help them on the capital front as well as to whether if a worker. Knauss? It's a bit of a tough call because these things take a very long time. So go monstrous in his cO again again that it's so Royal plan was to come up with a three year plan on that they were gonna run the Bank with a medium-term horizon mouth and just look into the next quarter or two. So a lot of the things that Goldman Sachs is doing fixing business will take time to pay off the other thing that they're hoping is going to help is the new cash management division. That's being built this year. It will only manage Goldman Sachs's corporate task in twenty nine hundred and then it will take third party cans from twenty twenty certainly there's a lot of evidence in the industry that having cash management can't help you to get fixed income currencies and commodities revenue on the foreign exchange side. But that also takes a long time to flow through these contracts that typically run for years, it's not the same as getting someone to do current account because you have to actually have a fighter contract and wait for those things to wrote off. So I think these are long term plans rather than say other buying St. with they're fixing conversions which was mainly ran cutting along the effort is focused right in Maine. Tainting his bigger footprint as they can while making that more efficient footprint on actually grow in. The jury is very much adage as to whether it's going to deliver the Kozelsk Oman expects, and we may never actually knew because the thing about the fixing businesses is so dependent on market conditions. So this may be completely the wrong plan, but they might get a fair win for markets on a mud alternate. Anyway. So it's one of those things are, unfortunately, it's very hard to say this is the right way to go. This is the wrong with you. So finally to our guest Ma Bailey chief executive of both the new digital Bank from Royal Bank of Scotland Mark thanks very much for joining us now by my count. Your Bank already has three brands obvious NatWest and now metal a digital Bank for small and medium sized companies. Why does it need a fourth? But I think the answer is we creating something quite different when we look at the world. There are four big macro trends out there customer babies changing very quickly new models. Are emerging technology has sort of inverted from originally being the big barrier to entry to a master facilitator and the barriers to entry mainly through regulation are coming down quite quickly. When we look at that. And then we look at the behavior of our customers what we see is large chunks of the capable when really struggling to make ends meet. And importantly when we look at population that seems to be little. No correlation between how much you an and how much you spend the combination of four micro trends, and that sort of deep customer need, which is your ability to save looks to be behavioral means the world could change quite quickly. The reality of our call systems is we're going to evolve into that world over a period of time if customer Bayview changes foster, we need to be in a position to react to it. It's interesting you bring up the all sort of existing technology systems because many of your competitors. Aw, focusing all of their efforts on proving those existing systems rather than if you like being distracted by setting up an entirely new bang. Why did you go down this path? And do you think your competitors going to follow the venture? I think there are two us on this. How the industry, and we had a long debate amongst the management team and debris question is how fast do you think customer baby will change because. If customer behavior change happens over a ten to fifteen year, period, the income and banks clearly have enough time, and they're all working quite hard to get that to address the New Testament aid. If it happens in a three to five year period, it's unlikely the cool systems will be able to evolve fast enough, and we took the view that because we couldn't know that timing we should pursue both strategies and keep a constant malting. I and if it looks like customer Babia is going to be in the ten to fifteen year period, we will have learned to huge amount that will be really valuable to call buying. And if it happens much faster, we will be in the market and I put react. So do I think no follow. I don't know. Some people have made some very firm decisions that they're not going to run to technology stocks, which I suppose time, we'll tell okay. So I'm a customer, and I'm thinking about changing thank account fed up with the person, I'm banking with at the moment. And I'm looking. Obvious and the rest of the brands is a consumer I can choose from obvious NatWest. And now Bo house Bo going to differentiate itself from the us too. I think the first question is why customers feel like I don't have control of money, and we went to a lot of quality testing with customer groups, and the overriding feeling we got back from people was when money was cash they felt much better able to control their lives, including today's where all money was cash. If gone the use of cash is falling quite quickly and economy what we're trying to address is how you give people back control of money. And that sounds like sort of blind really easy to say statement, and the energy we use internally this is much more like couch to five K getting someone sitting on the couch and tell them just to go a five K isn't particularly helpful what we're trying to do is give you the tools to get back in control of your life around. Your financial life. So the first thing you need to do is be able to separate your discretionary spending away from your bills, and mortgages or rent, and I actually understand how much you have. And what you should be trying to save each month. And we can give you some help with that. We've go some big data sets allow us to give you some guidance. We then you to understand how much you'd like to save and whether that level of saving is achievable. And so that we can show you all the best performance do. And then once you've decided how much you'd like to save is to put in the tools that allow you to understand how you progress against that. Maybe give you some tips and show you so if your best friend from university miraculously saves thirty percent of the discretionary money each month, and you save nothing. What exactly do they do because they're awesome clear behaviors that differentiate the people who spend all that money and the people who save quite big proportions and not sort of the start of the journey. We're not asking. You to change your main Bank account. We'd thing run this account to the companionship, existing Banken. It doesn't have to be not west could be Lloyd. Right. Just basically your Santander and just start getting back in control of that discretionary spend each month. And as you start saving, we think that will allow you then to sort of have more ambition, and then move onto some other areas that will radio allow you to take back financial control. And I think the stock which struck as most when we started this was from the money advice service estimate sixteen point eight million people or forty percent of the working age adults of the UK have less than one hundred pounds of savings. Are there any fees for both? It's started motor within the K, which is free and credit free in credit. Okay. And as you might imagine we have been out there all skiing monzo, and the other digital to Novo banks. What they think of both. They say it's very flattering. They think you're learning some of them new tricks, but they say storied Bank like obvious just come operate with a startup culture like. How would you respond to that Mark? Well, it's a communist made quite often and undoubtedly the new banks have created some quite interesting cultures. And they've definitely delivered quickly. And we've unapologetically copied a lot of the good things that happened so running the business entirely separate from the core on a separate technology stack with the Decatur people. He's only job is to deliver bow and people who came with the purpose in mind. So who look out there with the world and say actually customers need more help us the problem. We're gonna solve has worked and his created this huge amount of pace and a huge amount of desire within the business to solve that problem. I think reflective one of the things that was said when we started this by some of the Novo banks was banks could never react quickly. So they may see what we're doing. But they'll never be able to copy it in any time, and it's taken as about two year to build a working Bank. So I think that some evidence that we can copy the culture. The other thing I'd say is to coach within banks isn't all bad so risk coach masters and understanding to you dealing with the precious assets. If somebody else, and you've got to be able to monitor the fraud you've got to be able to do sanction screening you've got to be able to run a Bank properly. I think there's a slight offset. We can probably go quicker in the longer term because we understand the risks already taking okay? Well market secure hit to create Bo. Hopefully, you'll join us again check back in and tell us how it's going a little bit sooner than that. Thanks a lot take castle be letting. Yeah. Well, that's it for this week. All it's left me to do this to. Thanks, Steven Laura, and our guest, Mark Bailey and to thank you to for listening. If you're not ready enough t- subscriber. Do you take a look at our latest subscription offer at FT dot com forward slash offer under. Remember, you can keep up to date with all of the latest banking stories that F T dot com forward slash banking. Banking weekly was produced by Fiona Simon until next week. Goodbye.

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Recovery part one  Black Death

The Anthill

36:15 min | 3 months ago

Recovery part one Black Death

"Welcome to recovery new series from the anthill podcast brought to you by the compensation. I'm your host Annabel Bligh. Look down restrictions that were imposed to stop the spread of Corona virus around the world a beginning to ease. And we're now looking ahead to the next phase the recovery. History tells us that rebuilding after a shot like this would be easy. But previous recovery's can offer us lessons about what's possible. And how huge the changes ahead may be. In recovery, we're going to explore how the world for comfort from major crises. In each episode of this six part series will focus on a major event from history. and. Look at what happened next with a panel of academic experts. Who of research this depth? In this first episode with starting with how the world recovered from one of history's worst epidemics. The black death was the name given to the. Plague that hit Europe in the late thirteenth forties. Estimates of the number of people who died from the disease vary significantly, but they are all big. Ranging from third to half of Europe's population, the disease spread via trade routes from Asia and today we know the plague was caused by a bacteria that could travel through the from person to person as well as through the bite of infected fleas on rats. It gave people swellings on the body, which weeped, poss and blood followed quickly by fever and death. By the mid thirteen fifty s, the severity of the plague had died down. In part, this was because it had infected so many people already. But it was also due to the invention of quarantine. Venetian officials tried to contain the plague by keeping sailors in isolation until they could prove they weren't sick. Sailors were held on their ships for forty days, which was known as a quarantine in Venetian law. But many cities never fully recovered including London. The plague resurfaced the roughly every twenty years for the next three centuries, culminating in the great plague of London in Sixteen fifty five. With each new plague epidemic, twenty percent of the men, women and children living in the English capital were killed. In this first episode of recovery, we are exploring the immediate aftermath of black. What the very long recovery looked like in the decades to come. To discuss this further, we've got Adrian Bell Chair in the history of finance at the University of Reading's Henley Business School. We'll SEAGAL. Mark Bailey, who's professor of late medieval history at the University of East Anglia? And Eleanor Russell A. Researcher at the University of Cambridge. So Adrian we're GonNa Start with you to talk us through the immediate often off. The black death as I mentioned in the introduction, that was an exact ending point. What was the government's response in terms of trying to deal with it? In the late thirteen forty s, so yes, it was a long period of suffering from the black death about thirteen, forty eight about fifteen, fifty, one as you mentioned the first phase and the thing to keep in mind. Is that the population of the talk by England? Just for now it was reduced from crops around five million to under three million, so that have been huge shock and I think it shouldn't be underestimated. Just affect have been the loss of let's say over fifty percent of the population would have on on the general population, so I think amid the Megyn optima would be quite shocking. You can imagine they. They will been elements PTSD in in the population popular. They wouldn't have understood at the time, but definitely people would have been extremely affected by it economically. People than people who've listening to this podcast will read a lot about how she was better. You know life was better after after this pandemic not seems extraordinary. The rose to save you. Keep in mind. The number of people who died a nuts because we need to think about the context of population, so it's his argued that the especially you re Western. Europe is overpopulated before the black death comes along and demand that people with struggled to eight. Also between England front, says a huge and long lasting war which will go on to be called the Hundred Years War by the time has has lasted at least fifteen years, so these sorts of elements coming together, which meant that life wasn't brilliant before the black death, so people now argue actually going up to death than life with investments someway was there appoint? Things. Back to normal, or was it just such a big event? The that there was just a completely new normal. Camping sneaking with a people would still too. I mean member they have to harvest. The food annually managed that process to be with locked like manpower would meant they would have been a difficulty to manage those hobbies, so people may have gone hungry to start with those have been people stealing food for instance even hear about people. Stealing clothes of cops is because people were so desperate, so to begin with have been quite a large reaction. As time goes on with population happen. It sounds also strange disable outposts once out. comes back than you could. Could not much GDP would increase seven cents if output remains around the same or just a little bit less than walls before launching populations have the the output per person is what Chai sued would be easier to come by. People get stronger, so people would actually have a. let's say a better standard of living in those very basic terms, and we could see that from skeletal remains skeletal remains after the black death with generally stronger, more healthy, and also able could find. They could charge. Most of their daily had way, so people paid by the day immediately. Immediately following the black death obviously is a big demand for labor. Because there's so many people have died, and then people will be able to move around the countryside and charge more for their time, and that's when he gets complicated, because that's when the governor comes involved and tries to restrain this type of supply and demand economics in the interests of vested interests. What was the government response to all of this? So they passed? The law is very famous. Six called the statute of labourers, thirteen, fifty, hundred. The the daily wages are actually fixed. COUNT BE A. A broken an also people not allowed to move, so people have fixed in whether whether the power show manner, which had lived in allowed to move very basic terms, so that means that people are not able to make the most of these opportunities to move around and higher wages to work. Someone else's long. The next door farmers London. He's willing to pay more than that current place where they live, so that's an immediate reaction for the government on behalf of the Londoners to quite low, the workers trying to actually gain more for that time. Let's say. This is the English government intervening in terms of managing the economy in this way. House. How have significant was that? Can you paint a picture of their involvement in sort of economic affairs before this time? I think before this having. He was very much. You'd probably find more of Zoe women stunned at the time. It'd be a fair attitude after this you to get them as micromanaging though for Commune Society that even people know about these things. In the those where people she said that the m people couldn't buy clothes of a highest status what they were because people have more money unable to buy more fantasy clothing, and that was then an illegal because he didn't like it. You get countries you get. Poets shouldn't and chronicles talking about the greedy laborers Labor's getting book themselves wanting more than they deserved for that work, and really they're in a great position because they could. Actually more because the London is need the harvests and folded blood death. There were finding very marginal lund, so they'll pushing into the margins report was possible because of the huge population. Afterwards you could retreat marginal. Predictive lamb could be found and so much easier to feed the population that way Labor's new. They were so in demand, laker charge more I might spring mock failure at this point because Martino of your research builds on on this idea that the black death played an important role in the end of of serfdom and kind of the old feudal system. You sort of explain exactly what was going on in relation to that. Certainly the thing that fascinates historians about about the black death under the economists is that you get the same demographic shot, he said the third is fish sensitive population across the continent die signed democratic shot, but there are very different socio economic outcomes from one region to another both in the medium, and in the long term I'm why should that be? Agencies touched upon at a sort of increase in state involvement say the notion that the state should intervene at. At times of national crisis to direct social policy albeit highly inequitable, but in England tight authority is enhanced so much, so that is effectively stumper, shing the rudimentary series of poll or system and labor legislation right down to the eighteenth and nineteenth century, but but that's not guaranteed states authority cracked in the late fourteenth century in Ireland, and in Wales. Island becomes much more more lawless. nell sweat. The state remains rather weak in Europe. So this would have made. Of Modernity, which is the growth of the strength of the State Authority authorities, his willingness ability to intervene in economic and social policy occurs in England, but not in other parts of Europe the second point that you made it was decline of Serfdom, which disappears in England in the second half of the fourteenth century, but in other parts of your bid, either is unaffected by the black death, neither strengthens nor withers and. Still it's like that system was strengthened after the black death as Lord to tend to do what age distracting government is doing, which is forcing laborers to work on terms that that's actually inverted. The Laws of supply and demand and laws would do that because he was in their interest to force service and laborers to work for the momentum's favorable to lords. When they're going to consensus Sunday wound favorable to laws. Because isn't a shortage so again, saying demographic, Sean very different outcomes. It's very interesting that you've got two very different responses, and I wonder if it's possible to say the the the places, the reverted back to serfdom, versus those the kind of moved on from a feudal system, did one recover better than the other How do they look different? What is clear is that is different? Susan Wealth ahead after the black death, so wealth per head in England rises in the late fourteenth century, and continues to rise subsequent gap begins to open up with levels of wealth behead in Spain. In southern Europe, wealth behead fulls after the black death in in island uninspiring, and it's not entirely linked to at the system stays or goes, but it is part of a complex mix. What you're getting is the first steps towards a gap between northwest Europe and the rest of Europe entombs of Wealth Pad in England. You get a swing as stiffen declines swing to manufacturing into commercial livestock production away from sort of a monoculture in England jewel, so get a swing towards greater contractual rigor both in the labor market. Because that's what to Labour's was intending to do, it was tightening shop names contractual arrangements in the higher labor markets I'm. In favor of of lauds, but there's also a significant growth in contractual Ridha in ten years, and the terms of holding land in agriculture, as well in England whereas you get the proliferation of old fuel, as you described it futile and services, ten years based on tourist lordship in other parts. Of Europe so all of the things that we associate with with modern attain the growing real estate has been assessed and increasing wealth had swing to manufacturing away from grain production, but also the use of contracts in determining how you hold on how you work in Labor in a legal system that can uphold those contracts and and serve as a former dispute resolution. Old Beginning to take shape. In the decades after the black death. In, England Those one of the thing I wanted to to bring in Oskoui about mock, which was sort of specifically in relation to the ability to recover from the black death in, and that was this issue of the climate at the time, and the fact that it was a period of of of we'd climate change. Is that right? Yes we we now know that the is a significant change in in the global climate from the late thirteenth century. Coincides with. A period of Significant Cooling and in the eighteen thirties thirteen fourteen, and was just happy to be around the time of death on one of the things that historians just waking up to it helps the time apologised. Informing our understanding of poss- crime as is the extent to which the weather was extreme around the talk, the Black Death to the period between team, forty, six and fifty two is one of the wettest periods of last millennium. WHO's also one of the coldest summer? The team sixty one was one of the hottest of the last millennium, the winter thirteen suzano coldest that within animal marines in the late thirteen sixties and significant harvest thing is due to drought at the end of the thirty of what is going on extraordinary fluctuations in the climate or in the weather, reflecting significant climate change, and some historians arguing that the first shift towards the little ice. Occurs during the middle of the fourteenth century, and the extent to which you get these extraordinary at weather events in the to thirty years after the Black Death I, think we've significantly underestimated. How added to a sense of turbulence of uncertainty of volatility? who fear because of course extreme weather events were regarded as further portent of divine anger. Yes so we're doing the series. Because of the coronavirus crisis going on today, we I want to draw parallels. They don't exist, but I guess it's just interesting. How does this whole the factor going on at that time and obviously today? Climate change is a massive issue. Going on in will affect the global economy in the is to come, but to return to the late Middle Ages you talked about how the black death kind of accelerated existing trends, and was this little tiny point on the roads Mackenzie. As one is this sort of end of serfdom in North West Europe. What were the other kind of big trends going on? We've covered a number of them. Perhaps one more just to just mention is there is a belief among his. that the shortages of labour after thirteen, forty nine and the systems of academic disease create great opportunities for women's work, and it's argued that. Began to operate Moore's independent economic agents, seeking were baps in Servant Hood, and but also in a range of other activities, such as brewing, and and in doing so with choosing to hide the delay, marriage or not marriage toll, and this economic stimulus has been linked to a significant shift in household formation marriage patterns. Argued that particular set of economic and social responses, certainly in North West Europe to epidemic disease, ova at the second half of the fourteenth century, resulted in smaller families and fewer children. If you like began to depress satirical. And created opportunities for women as economic agent and effectively created the dominance of the nuclear household. Has Implications for human knowledge formation capital formation that you can train children to be as efficient and effective and productive contributors to the workforce in the household has decent disposable incomes because it, it's practicing facility restraint, and that gives households purchasing power to the by moment of factors, so you can see in range of ways. It's possible that the black death set in train a number of. Of Demographic economic changes that reinforce this drive to modernity, unindicted, another key feature of sorts of post industrial world, which is that the nuclear family which argued emerges in north, west Europe, in the late fourteenth century let sort of leads us fairly nicely onto eleanor also and the research the you'll during into the rise of wealthy entrepreneurs during this period, which is understand, relatively less studied. All of the sort of post, black death period kitchen. Explain how they into the mix I. Guess what mock saying under. The family that made me think of some of your research on how the rise of these sort of wealthy families, yes, so I think often when people talk about the black death, and how afterwards there's sudden growth of of capital of wealth for everyone else. That can give the impression that redistribution of capital was even, and it wasn't. Actually what we see is a concentration of wealth into the hands of a few families, and as mark was saying with the rise of the nuclear family. People become more interested in making sure that money goes to their children, so we'll start. Actually, people start having wills at all previously that hadn't been particularly common to have wills, although of course, wealthy people had, but people start changing our wills to make sure that the vast majority of the income goes to their children, particularly sons, so you get concentration of capital in the hands of a narrowing number of wealthy families, those families get their wealth and increase their wealth. Wealth through the various methods at Adrian and mock have been talking about through investing in some of these new technologies, and in benefiting from the booming demand for manufacturers that a developing in this period right Could you talk through? Some of those technologies were the time okay, so the large lab supply in the pre plague at era had meant that people used people but afterwards. They were all these new technologies that was starting to be developed with. People haven't really started to invest in because they're expensive. And because previously you could just hire a lot of people, but suddenly there's a shortage of people and so they start turning to new technologies which are largely in the textile industry, so technologies for. Cloth weaving for fulling so for processing the cloth. Lots and lots of windmills had been created around this period, and they really start taking off as more viable alternative than manpower so initially new messages coming for Spinning and Weaving Soak New looms new spinning machines, and these didn't require the same number of people given that those people no longer available, but what they did require wasn't extensive supply of money up front, and that's something that most people didn't have an gave huge opportunities for the families back. She did have that sort of money, right? It was only the people who already had a lot of wealth who could then invest. It wasn't like that. That was suddenly banks giving out loans that dues investment, actually particularly, initially, a lot of these companies actually were banks at the same time as they were merchants, people tend to dabble in. Both they were banks, giving out business loans bought. You had to prove that you're able to pay back so that restricted the number of people who are able to take advantage of these opportunities, and a my understanding is the as you've got this Reisen, wealthy entrepreneurs that influence over government affairs increases as well. Yes, that's a trend that exists before the black death. botch really increases afterwards in. England that a shift towards. Government extending their authority further over people's stayed knives and they do that in partnership with companies, the government does not yet really have the infrastructure to extend its control of all areas, so they tend to. You could almost say privatize session areas, so for example the wool costumes. So the tax plan will be exported from the country had for very long time actually being managed by private companies, and after the black death that trend continues in accelerates as the government relies more and more upon these companies, because those companies are getting bigger, getting more capable, and because the government's relying upon them for loans, so in terms of I guess lessons full today on the way, the reliable to see the concentration of wealth and rising inequality of the back of Corona. Corona virus, are there any obvious lessons from the period I? Think what we can see is that it's much easier for large companies to take advantage of rapidly changing situations, and what might look like complete chaos, so some of the really large companies today such as Amazon for example have actually been doing quite well because they've got the resources. They've got the supply of people, and also they've got existing relationships with governments that they can use even though everything else has changed. It's very difficult as we've seen small companies to rapidly transitioned to working in this new normal. I wouldn't necessarily. Say whether or not it's a good or bad thing I think that's. I think people have very strong opinions about that, but I think it's certainly there, certainly strong parallels between the two periods. In that logic companies. have an easier time making the change, Adrian I might bring you back in because i. know you what I know. All of us kind of specialists in in this period of history have been getting media requests to talk about will all the parallels with today? What lessons can we learn and I guess? Maybe it's worth adding a word of caution. In terms of we'll actually all the pirates will all that sort of false parallels being made? Knows historians. We're always trying to to learn from the past and think about how this can help us. Steel with the current situation I think the black death. This is the current pandemic so different these very hard to draw anything that we can really be helpful. Why is that an unthinking more mall is because what we're dealing with? Now is the results of lockdown so that the main thing that they didn't do in medieval, times, you talked. Talked about quarantine ships, but there's no lockdown. Those didn't. They didn't have the power as Goldman to lock down there that people I didn't have the wherewithal. They didn't have the economic might to Paola workers to do nothing for the period of the when they were locking down so a lot of the things which were now trying to work hours combing, trying to emerge from lockdown is where these parallels to help us with this and read it. Is Quite dangerousness stories say is for their Antony because we've done these lockdown. Situations Befall Approx who? Is a good reason. But that's the big thing about this. So the pandemic in in the black death it killed upset. Huge amounts, people applause. We've mentioned in terms of the aftermath, because might mentioned in terms economic situation, some countries, the actual output per person went up. Whereas now. If you look direct parallel, the population's not been affected has died in. It's been tragic, but but the population's not been affected on at large, the economic the full were getting are absolutely horrendous. GDP pitcher in the Medieval Times. You can look positive GDP picture was now looking at very negative. I might through the open to the floor. If anyone wanted to comment yes. Tippin East. I think it agents right to be cautious about join parallels be a fifty percent of the population died on. He kept coming back. It is very different. A! Couple? Of things at all perhaps worthy of come at the parallels, the first is that after the media first step a DEMOC-. In some sectors of the economy, there were rapid responses, so demand was changing quite rapidly and supply could change quite rapidly too as long as they sexy economy, where there was low, skilled and capital needed and given the nature of the time, and yet there are other sex economy that the responded much more sluggish, Lake. One of those sectors, the grain sector and the government intervene to try and protect the status quo ante for grain producers, particularly landlords and some ways there was slowing down the pace and the flexibility of the economy to respond, and that actually built up unrest in the population. The second thing is the way in which I think living through. COVID nineteen underlines is. Is, strongly living through the lockdown. We're wondering what does it come to me like? In twelve months time, let alone twelve years time. How am I going to respond to it? And after the black death, we're going to get a sense of how people with thinking when faced and surviving with with this epidemic, and there is evidence that they saw rewards were media. Rather than going for at long term rewards, certainly in terms of investment decisions wet were walk to in other words in in conditions of economic uncertainty and turbulence. There is a tendency for consumers to behave slightly irrational. The decision-making paps becomes less sensitive to obvious economic stimulate a might be more directed by emotional decision, making which is not an economically rational on which might prioritize immediate rewards rather than distant rewards I. Think I just had a point about just the previous question about seeing parallels. In that when we look back, we tend to look at this period anything before I think around sixteen hundred from a very long perspective, so when we talk about the ramifications of the black death. We often talk about the peasants revolt, which was in thirty eighty one, so that's several decades after the black death, whereas now we are looking forward, and we feel like we're living in ten week chunks so I think that's one of the really big distances between looking back especially as a historian and the present in the in the it's completely different scales of time. Yeah I. Guess, that's the nature of the time periods that were talking about, but also perhaps near the speed at which things happen, today is back then I mean, oversee the spread of Krona. Virus from east to West took place in a matter of weeks. Ariza back then it was. It was a of years long process I guess the same thing goes with the recovery to to a certain degree. Ben Will Never Split. It relates to the fight the way living through this at the moment. Is it possible to say when the recovery from the black death? Didn't I mean as I mentioned in the introduction that were reported outbreaks for the following three hundred years. I agree with eleanor that because one of the reasons to the peasants, revolt is the block debt because the population is so suppressed, but taxation amounts don't go away because England continues to want to continue war with fronts and taxation, the poll tax his of a very small populations that generates this huge rising, and also people perhaps go to more freedom since the jets that they want to retain so that's why we link the two things, but you're quite right. There's a long distance between the two. The problem is as you said, winding back out of the at the problems caused by the black. Black that many many years, because he keeps hundreds of years, you know I was looking earlier and the population in fourteen fifty, which is a hundred years late tooth could be under two million citizens. He's still getting smaller. Every time of death comes back. The children's plague because it takes away. The people haven't survived the first time. They may have some immunity whereas the second. When it comes again, it takes away the young people so as I said no establishment of growth until about hundreds of years later the takes you back to a time when you can start gain a positive economic growth. Chip with that the population of England is not recovers pre black death level until the early eighteenth century, so starts recovery. It takes centuries. In terms of epidemics of play. Not causing substantial disruption, it's not really until the eighteen seventies, the community show, but few a sign of obvious distress and disruption in that sense, they seem to be coping, not recovering, but coping in terms of. Social economic changes structural changes working through I think the thirteen ninety s is the time when English Economy Society settles eventually into some kind of post. Plague equilibrium as agencies population, the communist living with the next two three centuries, but the main effects of woods through by the middle of the thirteen ninety S. I think also to start. You get this idea of some cultural revival with chaucer. I know the paper this time as well and also the use of English language Jiffy building of his time he's taken the amount of time to try and gain new things in getting new things, not just in social and economic ways, actual cultural advanced, perhaps at this time jewel land land gallop through the greatest poets in the history of all writing and highly productive in the thirteenth seventies, eighties and nineties, they are dealing with the social ideological consequences of the changes that take. Take place it gives them a wonderful source of material. A society tries to establish what the implications of all of the changes that we described off the old states ideology owed notions of what the common good were the common prophet which were ossified in the statute of layers, which is protected landlords. It's changed completely by thirteen ninety s and the work of Chaucer and Gower in Lung Linda. Part of a huge social debate racked by is t to try and understand. What is the meaning of society in the wake of this? I mean it's an awful thing. By also I guess a silver lining for us. Today to McDonald's in a way to that cultural outpouring. Is bound to be some incredible. Output of the back of with this crisis? Thank you so much for a really fascinating discussion and just really interesting insights into. What went on in the fourteenth century and onwards and Some rain interesting lessons swell frank you. Very much. Thank you. That was Eleanor Russell from the University of Cambridge Mark Bailey from the University of East Anglia and Adrian Bell from Henley Business School at the University of Reading. We'll be back next week with part two of the series, which tells the story of how Lisbon recovered from a devastating earthquake, the almost totally destroyed the Portuguese capital in seventeen fifty five. In the meantime you can read lots more about the black death recovery on the conversation. Dot Com. Written by. Experts. The Amazon is a podcast from the conversation on mission is to democratize knowledge. We are a registered charity. Carry no advertising and how no commercial interests. If you like what we do and considerate valuable to society, you might like to consider their Nathan fire. Donate dot the compensation dot com forward slash UK. This episode of the Uphill Produced Josephine Left Bridge Jemma, were and me on a blood with sound design by Edward Stevens. Thanks for listening goodbye.

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A Deep-Dive into the Panasonic Lumix S1R Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera  with Shiv Verma

This Week in Photo

30:48 min | 1 year ago

A Deep-Dive into the Panasonic Lumix S1R Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera with Shiv Verma

"Hey folks in this interview. It's all about Panasonic's new S. One are full frame murless camera. Welcome back to another episode of this weekend photo. I'm in your host Frederik van Johnson Today on the show. I've got this shiver to talk about Panasonic's new full frame camera one of which is the S. one. Are I believe he got his hands on one a little bit jealous vote. We're going to talk about that today shift Verma. How are you doing man? We'll come back to this week in Florida spin. It's been awhile since I did one of these with you but <hes> you know as always it's it's a pleasure and the you know the Nice thing about it is that we get to talk about things that we both enjoy and <hes> you know something. That's couldn't checks you know as I said before in one of our previous shows we could just go on and on and on and never stop talking but the one are. I'm looking forward to discussing this with you. <hes> just briefly I mean I was I was thrilled old to <hes> be at the launch event before a product was released and we were playing around with some pre production units <hes> had some of the <hes> press and some of the advocates and some of the influences spend today's with our so it was is a Lotta Fun and then <hes> managed to sneak out one of the units <hes> to to valley which was which was exceptional optional. I mean it was great not realizing that I wouldn't be able to process the role files but <hes> you know now. That's not an issue anymore so I actually had to go back and <hes> you know prostitutes everything that shot at that particular show so you life is good. I mean the cameras just absolutely phenomenal. I WANNA talk. That's what I want to talk about. Obviously is the camera itself so you're you. This is the the like we said the s when are this is the full frame. One of the Panasonic Senate released two full frame cameras. This is one of them. I want to talk about the positioning of the s the s when are and why why you have the s when our aside from smuggling get out. We'll talk about that so tell me about the positioning of the cameras. I actually let me correct you now three the camera's not to so three yeah. It's the s one Yup yes one are and the fully video centric s one h elk <hes> right so yeah the S H was was announced two weeks ago <hes> and it's not all the details have been released but <hes> the product has been announced so it is in the ESPN family. It is a four frame <hes> follows the same class and body style l. and the bulk and hulk call it these these cameras are actually actual beasts. I mean they're they are big. They're heavy and they built like a tank so the S. one are is in my opinion. Actually the camera that is landscape photographer Cortra- struggle for studio use a camera absolutely phenomenal in its resolution phenomenal model in its capabilities. The es one is a <hes> basically same form factor but a low resolution and a little bit more oriented towards video <hes> it's been upgraded now with some somewhere that allows it to have love a flotilla capabilities and <hes> you know for two two year old video cedric stuff that was previously David Lee announced but not available and the Nice thing is that <hes> you know upgrading the camera today <hes> I believe it's <hes> to some extent free <hes> so that makes a big difference and then of course the one h <hes> which you know the preliminary information was released now just waiting for the final specs yeah yeah so talk a little bit to the to the extent that you can shift talk a little bit about the idea from Panasonic and in both of you both of us know Panasonic intimately right so you know we were in that family so to speak <hes> issued with my jeanine. That's that's my camera a choice. I love that camera for very specific reasons size being one of them <hes> but the the advent of this this full frame line of cameras seems to be in this playing being devil's advocate throwing this question at you seems to be in direct opposition to the ethos of the micro. Four thirds camera are being smaller lighter but still at least as capable as its full frame brethren. What's the what's the Party line response people that say that I'm sure there's there's lots of Lens Panasonic has has their own statements? Would what what I'd like to really bring up in. Get the audience to understand and is that the microphones family was absolutely exceptional. There's no two ways about it. I mean it is lighter. <hes> the form factor allows no smaller lenses longer reach. I mean you you're talking about eight hundred millimeter equivalents in a lens. That's no bigger than seventy two hundred brin so clearly you've got massive massive advantages of the smaller form factor but then there was a little bit of a disadvantage disadvantage to I mean they didn't have a product that would fulfill the needs of the professional of the Dogra for who would product somebody who who was really focused in on landscape photography or architectural photography particularly because you know the high resolution does make a difference Prince and to some extent and you and I have both heard there's a lot you know what about the shallow depth of field what about faster lenses what about giving us the opportunity unity blowing out the background and I think with the introduction of the s series all of those have been debunked. Did there's no more issue. <hes> you've got a camera that is fully capable of resolving the I mean if you look at basic resolution forty-seven seven mega pixels and in hi res mode and we can talk more about that. You're talking about one hundred eighty seven megapixel so these these things clearly make the camera just a step above and beyond most everything that is out there now. It's not a medium format camera so let's not let's not even discuss that aspect but it gives you the resolution that most medium format cameras had had using using that pick using that censorship technology where it's moving. That's not even that you're out of the box. I mean fifty megapixel. It is what you typically saw in the medium format rage and the sensor is actually fifty megapixel sensor. It's effective pixels of forty seven so you you've got you know shorter three megapixel. You've got basically the same resolution as you had with medium format all matt so I don't see any reason why anybody would turn around and say I don't have enough resolution yeah bixler shifting. You've got a whole all different ballgame altogether but talking about so speaking of resolution. If you're if you're looking at if you're looking at it from the standpoint of you like your your troublesome tiger for right so the you travel to parts unknown all the time and you are taking people out there you leading workshops shooting wild animals in staying staying alive and coming back. Tell the story with the with the images these cameras are bigger than micro four thirds and like I said part of the allure of the microphone thirds line of cameras whereas is is their diminutive size and the ability to carry a bunch of lenses in the space of just one full frame Lens. Are you concerned with the shift over to a larger system. What here's the thing I I love what life I love nature and I love landscape and then as you know part of my earnings I've been doing photography so in this now allows me to do everything I will? I take this as a primary <hes> camera full my nature and wildlife or to shoot birds and animals does that are running not at the moment because I just don't have the reach I mean I I need longer lenses until those are available <hes>. I'm not GonNa do you you know put the Jeanine away because the Jeanine is absolutely exceptional that type of photography so I always tell photographers use is the tool that you need to do the job with so the nine does the job of nature wildlife and the S. does the job of the landscape the architecture features that when typically was craving for and also to some extent the largest sense it gives you up Jenner not for a low light photography which is <hes> you know another piece that I love doing some astro photography doing some light painting would still lives and things like that show it bridges it bridges that gap that was before. I mean now the to talk about that talk about the astro photography piece of it because I'm really interested in hearing about the cause I I'm I've been bitten by the Astro photography bug and I wanna get out and actually try some concern that I won't be able to to to get the quality with my jeanine that I would with a full frame camera like s one s when are what are your thoughts on a AH in another words put a finer point on it. Can I create killer images with my g nine or do. I need to buy an upgrade to a full frame camera in order to do that. I'll go back to. I don't know whether it was a I twist that we did. I don't know how many years ago I think one hundred and fifty years yeah but I I was in Iceland and I- Tokyo G H Three K I mean not a g h four not a G H I five not the nine I took a three and <hes> I came back with some exceptional time lapse of the Aurora borealis including adding to the stars and all the the light display and everything and I think it was great I mean it wasn't exceptional but it was great with the G. The H. Floyd became better with the G H five <hes> there was no reason to complain and then you have the g h five s which is a low light beast so you know the issues that people complain about is is noise and noises something but if you are going to be doing doing astro photography you're not going to rely on the camera to take the the noisy issue out of the equation Uber to basically shoot multiple images and use your software to combine them so that you can get rid of the noise so the issue is not the camera that you use the issues that technique that you use clearly really yes the S. one will give you better low light performance as is a range but you know. How often do you want to shoot higher than <hes> sixty? Four hundred is so night photography. You're not going to do it so you said a very salient point there you said <hes> you you can gig good photography out of Sia Jeanine or microphones third sensor doing astro photography but not exceptional so I think a you know even so so that is where I like hit. The brakes and I'm like well if I want to do that kind of photography. I don't even WANNA attempted if I'm not going to be approach being exceptional with rate great to so what what's the how do you solve for that. How do you solve for being able to one the desire to always create exceptional imagery but you also want a smaller color camera like what what's the fix for that while I think the the fixes again I go back to technique and and exceptional is it's a term that I'll you've used to say if you know how to do astro just for example? If you're taking multiple images <hes> your stars in fact <hes> moving relative the earth is moving the stars do so the stop position will change your landscape is not going to change so the technique really is when you start combining this is to keep the landscape in its relative stationary position and then stack the stars so that you get rid of the noise in the background and you also have the intensity that you need for <hes> you know the the light that are emitting so that's again I go back to technique now. Yes a smaller sensor will heat up quicker will start generating noise. A larger sensor will heat up slower and not generate that much noise but eventually it's really your style and your technique. That's going to make me exceptional image not the camera yeah yeah what what what are your thoughts on how to learn that stuff on how to be. You know like Mrs for me. Personally I wanna I know the concepts of doing astro photography just like anything else where you're just good Iceland to get yourself good tripod. I am a tent instead of out there and make your shots or should I get some more book learning in there I think I think there's two kinds of astro photography. There's one one we actually looking at photographing stars in the Milky Way and that stuff and then there is quote night photography where you look again shooting Aurora Borealis so you know the Aurora Borealis give you the kind of practice that you need because the intensity changes I mean you could be shooting shooting. The Aurora Borealis at eight hundred ISO at four hundred I so <hes> if it's really weak you may need to go up to thirty two hundred ISO and sometimes even one hundred is so might become too bright based upon you know how long shutters open full so clearly. That's not the the objective of learning Astros Doug if you don't combine images when you're doing the Aurora you're looking at time lapse. You want to depict the motion the movement etc whereas with Astro you want to make everything stationary unless of course you're into stock trails which then is different realm some of you know how you photograph it but eventually it's like everything Frederick. It's practice practice practice. You get it right with practice because you don't get it right by you can read a book. It'll give you some tips. You can go to a workshop soon. Get some ideas but eventually unless you do it bumped. Bring it into software and combine it. You're not going to get there and you say what's the old saying how do you how do you get to Carnegie Hall Practice Practice Background or photography. It's or practice yeah. I WanNa <hes> what I what I want to make sure we hammer home. In this this discussion Shen is the Panasonic's lineup has changed in terms of the looming lineup has changed in terms of the options that photographers have available to them. You know it's it's always been the microphone thirds and then now it's where we're well into the full frame going head to head with the Sony in the Nikon's and the cannons and all those guys <hes> if someone is looking at the line and I'll say when one of the reasons why I gravitate towards lunatics is the operating system and the menu system like the way that it's it's laid out in and sort of popping around there versus what you'd find on says Sony or some other cameras but if someone's looking at the line right now at the limits line I and they're like you know what I want to jump into Lou mix but you know I've been hearing all these years that micro four thirds is the way it's fine. It's great it's small as Nimble but on the other side I hear Sony saying that full frame is superior to everything known to Man Panasonic now has a full frame. Should I be considering that and saving up my dollars colors for that. I know you may say it depends on the kind of photography you're shooting but abstracting that out of the conversation what's a good way for them to two for a potential customer of Lou mix to make a decision between Mike Afford surgeon full frame. You know it's it's an evolution with that's what we've seen. I mean we've seen microphone towards. That's the base was that sonic started with continues ago and and you think about the census is I mean it you know sixteen was the limit and everybody said did you know microphone to go sixteen Mega Pixels and then twenty became the limit and we had some exceptional senses twenty Megapixel Jeanine is a good example and now even the lower end. You know we're looking at twenty. megapixel is with <hes> you know the ninety-five unifying cameras that don't have that twenty megs of Megapixel resolution which is more than sufficient for most people so you know to your point accused unit depends upon what kind of photography you do but it's really also. What is it that you're GONNA do with? The photograph isn't something that is going to be blown own up into some gigantic Costa a mural or I'm a you know a something. That's good to be put up on somebody's wall or is is it something that is going to be typically shown on Instagram Zero facebook and that type of outlet. If that's it's the outlet then would you need for premium for and you asked a question you know why so Neva says Panasonic. It's not me why Sony Tony Listens Panasonic. I think what Panasonic has done it. It's it's made its its new. Call it software quality wallets menu system that is so beautifully laid out that you don't have to kind of learn a second language just to be able to use it whereas with a lot of this you do need a second language and things are not buried. You know four five less deep I mean we've got cameras today <hes> both microphones heads as well as <hes> phone frame and ABC where you go fall is deep and you still on there and you kind of wonder under you know what am I going to do. And how do I get to it quickly so that Hind of Leo that kind of Menu System the other thing in which to me is very important as the economics and the economics of both the g series as as well as the series is really you know absolutely just out of this world series. Lotta people compare Barrett to shape size whatever of the like S. L. but you look at the dynamics look at the button layout you look at the dial layout. It is just out of this world. I mean it's it feels natural if you if you were going to go out and shoot a do some some model photography and do some fashion type stuff I mean portraiture <hes> having access to all the camera gear that you have now including the full frame Panasonic. Which one would you gravitate to do a you know a full on professional client job that needs to result in ultra exceptional images? which would you move up it is at the camera is the Lens and <hes>? Let's say a combination of both so you have today a <hes>. You Know Lens combination basically if you'd just stay within the the Panasonic Bloomberg's is line me. Let's not go to the like lenses or to third party lenses just staying within the framework of using Panasonic Lenses. We have three lenses with the a series. You got a twenty four to twenty. You've got a seventy two hundred and then you have an absolutely brilliant fifty millimeter lens for portraiture typically looking at a lens that S- could be eighty five millimeters through Oh you know one hundred twenty so the twenty four to one twenty fits that focal length but it's an forelands and until the new lens comes out which is slated to be twenty four seventy believe two point eight. You don't have a lens ends. That's going to be wide open now again. Porches depends upon style. Let me do some people are looking for very shallow depth of field looking him for a lens. That's one point eight one point four in that range <hes> and we don't have that yet but can you physically move yourself dude still generate that kind of out of focus background generate that kind of Boca yes you can on the microphone Hud Ed side. The forty two point five doctor Kron Lens is to die for I mean he told Linz I love that Lin so much and and that leads basically satisfies the requirement of every portrait photographer I mean show me a portrait photographer. Who doesn't WanNA use that Lens? You know it's not it's not going to be. That's why I say it really depends on what it is that you need. I mean if you're going to make postage-size images. You're even make in a six foot murals or you know whatever it is yeah you you want to high resolution camera but go back to an image that inch you probably saw it was on the Panasonic website which I took with an Lx what was it the next one hundred and and <hes> eight mega pixels up that nab lou that image up to seven feet by five and a half feet is beautiful and there's no louis shoes so really it's it's what is it that you're looking to do and if you want to be Nimble I think you know wedding photographers photographers. Who do a lot of portrait would not in studio if you're outside and you're wanting to carry cameras around? I'd keep an S. one in my bag for those photographs where I need to resolve at a high resolution but most spot I'd I'd still use the Jeanine and the the image quality is really exceptional. I mean it's awesome well. Let's wrap this up and I wanted to sort of get an idea of what's next on in the ship Verma travel schedule. We mentioned that you travel the world like Indiana Jones looking for photographic adventures. What's what's next on your your calendar where you heading to next I tell you I've got a mention this isn't before I tell you where I'm going next I went to I was actually flee? In Seattle. <hes> did a session with one of the camera companies over there and I then spoke often spend two days in the loose at never been there so it was a brand new experience and on the last morning I was able to get got up onto steptoe view. It was cloudy. It was horrible. It was just and I'm just wondering you know what am I doing. Should I start driving back down or or just stay a little bit more and I decided to stay and I think it was about the best thing I ever did off. All of my landscape images there is is one image that I have personally fallen with and that was an image at the blues where we had about three to four minutes of the Sun Peeking out and I just I just till today just look at that image. Say thank God I stayed and are you taking your group people back. They're not I'm going back to Spain for the PSA conference in September but I think the harvest season will be over by the time we get this. I'm not sure whether it's going to be worth taking group this this year but next year definitely I would do it <hes> in the June timeframe <hes> because needed the wheat fields of just beautiful and it a combination of planted fields versus fields that have just been prepared for blunting allows for that you know mixed Greens and browns and that deep stones that that are absolutely exquisite so in June next year the next leg <hes> well. I've got the New England Camera Club Council conference coming up next month and then after that it's Tanzania and then it's Iceland so like I said Indiana Jones rate. It's gotta travel than keep travelling. Don't up yeah why not it's a it's a big world small world at the same time Choo Choo Choo prepping for <hes> actually starting were quarter a workshop in Namibia next year so that's that's Martin. Does Martin Mark Bailey go out there. I think Martin does yes not in does not does Iceland. Martin doesn't emit <hes> mutton does Japan which I don't do you so you know Japan. You don't do the snow monkeys come on no no no. Did you have a bad experience with no monkeys in the past few bad experiences with the snow monkeys and not negate them. I think they're absolutely gorgeous but if you you are a nature wildlife photographer and you tend to even though I don't anymore if you can beaten the realm of nature photography wildlife photography then you can't have them in a controlled environment daughter in a man-made environment and most of the snow monkeys come down to bathing those schools that are all man-made so even though you can make them appear as though they are not but ethically they're not in their natural the habitat or you could just argue that the planet is their natural habitat and there they just someplace also if if people want to catch up with you and Kennedy check out some of the work that you are doing and and see what you're doing with Arwa what's a good location for him to go to everything through my website. WWW ship the MED dot com I am on Instagram facebook O'Connor Panasonic websites but you can get to most everything from one central location. which is my personal website so awesome? Thank you for coming on. I gotTa tell you that you're one of the few guests that I have on the show that your camera and your lighting look as good or a better than mine so Mike Cameron look better in your wait. Wait let me see what is that it does look better. I don't have that uh-huh okay so double qualification the setup and the setup yeah there. You go very good. Keep it up. It's Alabama quality right and I tell you I mean I would say enclosing. Everybody who has shot Flo brame or has shut medium-format just do me a favor don't have to buy just go rent Renton S. one hour or Renton S. one two days three days with one or two lenses and go and try it out and you'll get an understanding of why I'm so passionate about and somebody said this earlier so I don't want to steal their thunder and not use the same woods but personally I've been shooting with Likas with Zeiss Ikon Swift Hustle Blades Rowley flexes you name it <hes> <hes> and then of course in the digital world with a bunch of cameras this S. One are today in my opinion and my I feeling is about the best

Panasonic Sia Jeanine Iceland Sony Aurora Borealis Frederik van Johnson lou New England Camera Club Counci Panasonic Bloomberg Indiana Jones Florida Martin Mark Bailey ESPN Mike Cameron Namibia Japan
Ep 105: The Blue Moon Killer Trial

Court Junkie

1:13:06 hr | 6 months ago

Ep 105: The Blue Moon Killer Trial

"The details of the murders at the small house in the forty six hundred block of deerfield. Drive in Pensacola. Florida were horrific. The evidence will show that Donald Hard tongue beep John in the head with a hammer and slit his throat. The evidence will show that this defendant beat his mother in the head with a hammer and slit her throat and the evidence will show that when Richard came home from work on that Tuesday. This defendant shot Richard and the side of the head and slit his throat. Just has he did his mother and John. The victims were seventy eight year old von Seal Smith and her two sons forty nine year old John Smith and forty seven year old. Richard Smith Assistant. State's attorney bridget. Jensen told a jury. Nearly five years later that unseal spent the majority of her time sitting in the recliner in her living room and ordering from. Qvc Her husband of forty seven years had passed away in two thousand twelve and so she lived at home with her two adult sons. Richard and John Richard also known as rt worked as a computer specialist for the Department of Homeland Security. He was not married and didn't have any kids. He basically worked went home and took care of his mother and brother John. John reportedly functioned little slower than most people from an issue at birth. He was a cart-pusher at Walmart and had worked there for over twenty years. He also wasn't married and didn't have any kids. Neighbors would later say that the three of them were not very social that they mostly kept to themselves but on Friday July thirty first two thousand fifteen officers with the Escambia County Sheriff's office responding to a wellness check found all three murdered in their home agent. Andrew Smith was one of the first officers to go inside. The doors. Were all locked. But they were able to gain entry by using a credit card on the back door as soon as he walked in agent. Smith smelled a foul odor. Like a dead body. He saw a small white dog running around and noticed dog feces on the floor. He and his fellow officers called out. Sheriff's office come out as they walk down the hallway. The smell was overwhelming. There was a laundry room. That store was closed. They opened the door and saw blood. Splatter around two large mounds of clothing and blankets. So let's better put on gloves. And then I started to peel back the closing and the blankets and as a starting to fill it back I saw a A large shoe looked on to be on like a white man's body. I touch the ankle. It was cold Then there was another large mass to my right It was like a love seat so I did the same. I started killing the clothing back and the blankets and then I saw a bear white foot. It also appeared to be a male. I touched it. It was cold and there was a little editing president. He pronounced the two males Richard and John. Deceased at eleven fourteen. Am they then continued searching the residence and came across a bedroom door? That was closed inside. This room was another huge mound of clothing and blankets on the floor agent Smith again started slowly peeling back the layers which revealed the hand of an elderly woman. It was cold to the touch and there was L- avidity in the fingers. He pronounced von Seal Smith. Dead at eleven seventeen am it wouldn't take long for investigators at the scene to discover that there was another third son of conceals who lived in his own house nearby fifty eight-year-old. Donald her tongue was von sales. First son from a prior relationship. Richard and John were his half brothers. It also wouldn't take long before investigators zeroed in on him as a suspect. There is that saying after all about motive means opportunity and Donald Arguably had all three. There was something else about Donald that caught their attention. When they went and searched his house they found a Ouija board figurines and various books about the WICCAN religion at a press conference about the murders. Escambia County sheriff. David Morgan said they believed that. All three victims were beaten with a claw hammer before their throats were then slit. Richard was also shot in the head. Sheriff Morgan said they also believed that they were killed as part of a ritual in anticipation of that. Friday's Blue Moon. Initial research is led us to believe that there's a potential that it was a ritualistic. Killing our person of interest. has some ties to a a faith or religion. That is that it's witchcraft. I'll I'll say that right now and so three months. After the bodies were discovered Donald her tongue was arrested and charged with the murders. The media dubbed him the Blue Moon killer but at trial prosecutors seemed to abandon that theory now had another one on the evidence will show ladies and gentlemen that he did it all for their money. Did Donald Her tongue murder his mother and two brothers or was the real killer still out there. This is Jillian and you are listening to court. 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That's native deodorant. Dot Com and use Promo Code Junkie two hours after the bodies were discovered Donald. Her tongue went with officers to the police station for an interview. He was wearing a light grey. T-shirt dark grey shorts loafers and a dark colored baseball cap with his sunglasses hanging off the collar of his shirt. He appeared rather calms. He answered Special Agent Matt in fingers questions about his he was read his Miranda Rights which he signed. He told the agent that his stepfather Richard Smith who had since passed away had raised him his whole life and that he and his half brothers have a great relationship. He said they don't do a whole lot together though because they all work a lot. He said he last saw them three days ago on Tuesday. He's off on Tuesdays and he went there at about one or one thirty in the afternoon he played with the dogs in the yard and then went and talked to his mom was watching. Qvc He made dinner fried chicken green beans corn biscuits and French fries and then after he ate with his mom and John He helped John. Clean the dishes and threw a load of clothes in the laundry. He said he left between five thirty and six after watching the news with his mom. Richard wasn't home from work yet when he loved and so his dinner was left in the oven and Wednesday. He said he went to work from three to eleven his normal hours. He said he didn't talk to anyone in his family that day. He doesn't talk to them every day. So that wasn't unusual. Usually he talks to his mom on the phone once a week when the officer came to his door earlier that day and said they were trying to get in touch with his family. He tried calling his mom's phone but she didn't pick up. It was weird to him because quote. My mom is always home. He said agent in finger asked him if he owns any guns. Donald said he is owned quite a few but that he doesn't own any now. He pawned the last one years ago in this audio clip from his interrogation aging in finger tells him that his family was shot. The interrogation audio is difficult to understand at times. So be sure to recap what's being said after each clip. Oh shut Their agent and finger told him that it looked like his family was shot and the clothes were put on top of them close. Were put on top of them. Donald repeated he shifted in his seat and then asked if they were robbed John Lewis. Hey money under eight bobby. You won't come on the loop. Sure H in in finger told them that. It looks like it was someone who knew them. Donald said he doesn't know of anyone who had any problems with them that he definitely didn't. How does it make you feel to hear your family was killed? Agent Finger asked Donald replied that it makes him feel really bad when agent in fingers said he didn't look too upset. Donald said he was trying to control himself that he's trying not to look at it right now you go. Donald insisted that he would never harm his family. Agent in finger asked if he ever got jealous because his brother's live with his mom. Donald laughed and said he's been renting his house for fifteen years and that he loves it. He said he doesn't want anything to do with that house at all. Why agent finger asked because my mom just died in there. He responded at one point in the interview agent in fingers that his partner just called him and told him for sure how the three were killed. They were shot. He said I said as Hersher shine her. She was watching. Airbags are then on and then plus you still there see John. Shot Agent in finger said John and von Seal were both sitting in watching. Tv when they were shot he told Donald that he likely then waited for our t to come home and then killed him to Donald again. Said he didn't shoot anybody that he has never shot anybody. But agent in finger persisted. Yes and prepare very agent and finger accused him of showing no emotion and said that he likely had days to prepare himself. He then asks Donald why they would be covered up with blankets and clothes. Donald said I have no idea. I have no idea explosives stranger so much. Tom Did this. It makes no sense. You know I love that talk exactly and you could say boss nursing version. Donald said he had no reason to kill his family that there was nothing his mom wouldn't do for him and that he loved her to death. He said he doesn't know who did it when asked if he would provide a sample of his DNA he said of course H in in finger then leaves the room for a few minutes. And in the meantime another officer comes in and starts shuffling some papers around on the table he casually asks how's it going and Donald says not good then as the officer is walking out of the room. Donald says quietly. They just told me that my whole family was killed. Oh yeah the officer asks yeah my whole family. Donald says the officer asks what happened. He said they were all shot to death. Donald tells him in their home. The officer asks him if agent in finger has asked too many questions yet. Yeah he seems to think I did it. Donald says why does he say that the officer asks? I don't know I guess 'cause I was over there. The day of the killings donald replies agent in finger then comes back into the room. He brought a Manila envelope to take a swab of Donald. Dna Agent in finger asked Donald if he would be upset if his dog died. Donald said Damn right I would be upset. It would be like losing part of my family. Agent in finger pointed out that the dog is all he has left now because everyone in his family is gone. I know that you told me that. Donald said that's all I got if I lost that dog. I'd be really really upset. Maybe not like how I am now but I'd be very upset. He said Ou agent in finger asked Donald if he would take a lie detector test he said Yes. Donald was taken home after the interview but officers called him back in later that night by that time they had gone through the crime scene and found no evidence of forced entry or of a robbery. They had more questions for Donald. This interview started around one. Am Agent in finger asked Donald about a Ouija board. They had seen in his house and asked if he's a WICCAN. Donald said yes. He has been for about three years. It's a religion based on nature. He said they celebrate seasonal changes in different holidays. Agent Finger asked if it has anything to do with moon phases and Donald said. Yes it has a lot to do with moon. Vases he said that wiccans stuff and these ceremonies or whatever you do. Do you have anything like sacrifices or anything agent finger asked Donald Chuckled and said no? There's no sacrifices he said there's nothing about harming or killing anyone agent in finger said that when there's two full moons sometimes wiccans will offer a sacrifice. Donald said. He's never done that that it's when it's a blue moon and that it's very very rare. It's kind of interesting what they do. Agent Inventor said they drain the blood out of their sacrifice and hit them in the head and then they cover them to keep them warm. I don't know anything about that. Donald said emphasizing that. He wouldn't even hurt an animal. What's ironic about all of this is? That's the same way. Your family was killed. Egyptian finger said the same way my family was killed. Donald asked a thought they were shot in the head. No agent finger said ours here. How bad their agent in finger informed him that they were stabbed to? Oh my God Donald said. Donald went home that night but three months later he would be sitting behind a jail cell staring at a possible death penalty sentence. We all want to do the right thing to keep our bodies healthy in the long run but no matter. 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Two Thousand Twenty Van Silversmith Richard Smith and John Smith. Those are the three people that were killed in this case. And they are the mother. And the two half brothers of this defendant. Donald Heart Tom. The three of them on sale Richard and John. All live together in their home on deerfield drive and on Tuesday July. Twenty eighth of two thousand fifteen. You will see that. This family was brutally. And violently murdered by this defendant. State's attorney bridget. Jensen gave the opening statements on behalf of the State of Florida. The motive for the killings she said was money. Van Seal in her will left everything to Richard and John. She's specifically excluded him from her will and what she will see during the course of this trial through evidence is that for him to get anything. They all three had to die. She told the court that Donald would go to the Smith home. Every Tuesday and Cook dinner for the family. He was off on Tuesdays. He would then eat with his mom and brother John and leave richards food in the oven for when he got home. As Richard Typically worked later on Tuesdays on July twenty eight th two Thousand Fifteen. Donald went over there and cook dinner and that is the last day the family was known to be alive. The defendant went over there to say he cooked fried chicken frozen corn frozen green beans French fries and biscuits richards was left in the oven. She said the evidence will show that after they aid. Donald then killed his mom and John. She said he cleaned up the blood and the food he took blankets and clothes and piled on top of John's body in the done. He then moved his MOM's body to John's room down the hallway and then covered her with clothing and blankets. He took rugs and place them on top of the bloody drag marks and then he waited for Richard to come home at about seven PM. She said Richard Walked into the den and Donald shot him in the right ear. It wasn't a very good shot and didn't do any major damage but she said the shot was strong in startling enough to stun him. Donald then slit his throat and placed blankets clothing items on top of Richard's body to it will be clear to you through the evidence in this case that this family was murdered. That Tuesday while this defendant was there cooking their last meal she said because Donald was excluded from the will he had to kill all three of them in order for him to be included as she said this Donald who appeared to be listening intently at the defense table mouthed. The word no Donald's attorney Michael Griffith told the jury that prosecutor Jensen's opening statement was masterful but that it leaves out facts or lack of facts. He acknowledged that Donald would go over to the family's House and Cook dinner every Tuesday. He said he did this for years. He would also visit sometimes on other days to watch football or to hang out with his family so as far as DNA in this case is concerned he said you could expect that Donald's GNA would naturally be all over the house. You're also going to hear what contact DNA ads. I suggest to you. You'll hear testimony the contact the means when I'm here and I'm touching this lectern if someone were to put my legal assistance purse on top of that my DNA could be on her purse. Knock because I touched her purse but because she put it on top of my DNA as what's called contact DNA. He told the court that there is no evidence that Donald knew about the will and that investigators never bothered to look at anyone else. They just zeroed in on Donald as for who the real killer is. He said he doesn't have to answer that but it wasn't his client bureaus no indication of any physical evidence that he committed any of the murders. There was no gun found. There was no gunshot residue found on any of his clothing. There was no blood found at his house. There is no blood found in his car. There was nothing to link him in any way to these murders besides his DNA as mom's house where he went at least every Tuesday to cook dinner for for her and his two half runs. He also said there would be no testimony that Donald didn't like his family or was mad at them. There is nothing these murders. When you see the photographs of the crime scene. They were done in a rage. An angry rage. You are not going to hear any testimony from any witness. It's GonNa say my client had an explosive temper. Ever yelled screamed at his mother or his brothers or in any way fought with them. In fact he dearly loved his family he asked the jury to Find Donald. Hard tongue not guilty. It was Friday morning and Richard Smith hadn't shown up to work for his job at the Department of Homeland Security. He had had a scheduled day off on that Wednesday but Thursday and now Friday. He had been a no show. It wasn't like him and so his supervisor. How mcchord drove out to the Smith home to see if he was there he noted that Richards White. Suv was parked in the driveway along with his mother's car parked in the driveway I Walk Past. His car had a closed in garage on that side of the House and there was a doorbell and adore there so I walked to that door and I rang the doorbell. Did anybody answer. No ma'am where did you go from there? Well actually rang the doorbell more than once and then I walked around the front of the House. And what did you see the Front House? Same thing as I did on the side rang the doorbell a couple of times. Listen for noises. Whatever que did you get any response from the front door? No Ma'am did you notice anything around the front door. Yes ma'am what did you say? There were a bunch of packages piled up on the porch. He called nine one one and then walked around to the back. I did not see anything. I looked behind the bushes. They resilient bushes in the yard and a garden shed in the yard so I looked back behind them and walked up to the back fence looking for anything unusual in a backyard drag marks body. I mean whatever was there and there was nothing doubt of didn't seem to be anything out of place. He then waited for help to arrive. He told the court that he was concerned that morning. Because Richard was a big man over six feet tall he was that he had had some sort of a medical emergency and that the family didn't know how to contact Richard's work. That's what he expected to find when he went there. Agent Andrew Smith with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office was the first officer who responded to the Wellness Chat Call. It was nine fifty three. Am on Friday. July thirty first two thousand fifteen after speaking with Hal and walking around the outside of the House himself he drove over to Donald's house whom hell had had listed as a family contact for Richard when Donald answered the door agent. Smith told him that Richard Supervisor hadn't heard from him in a few days and was concerned about him and his family he asked Donald when the last time he had spoken to them was. Donald said he goes there every Tuesday and cooks them dinner. He lost saw his mom and John. Around five thirty PM that earlier Tuesday. He hadn't seen Richard about two weeks. Agent Smith described Donald's demeanor to the court as calm and relaxed. He said he asked him to go to the family home with him and Donald degreed when they got to the Smith House. He asked Donald. If you'd be willing to write a written statement that would give him permission to enter the residence and Donald dead and so when ems the fire department arrived they used a credit card to Jimmy? The Back Door Open Darryl singleton another officer with the Escambia County Sheriff's office told the jury that he didn't see any broken windows or kicked indoors. There were no signs of forced entry when Donald arrived at the home with Agent Smith officers. Singleton asked him about his family. Donald said their vehicles were all there that they should all be there. They're always here. They never go anywhere. He told him officer. Singleton said that Donald did not have a key to the house. Donald told him that they were always home and so he never needed one. The family dog which was located inside was given to Donald who then took him back to his house before going to the police station to be interviewed. Christine rollins was a crime scene technician with the Escambia County. Sheriff's Office back when the crime occurred. Rollins had responded to the Smith family home and had analyzed the scene. She testified that there were four. Qvc packages the front porch and the mailbox was full with newspapers from the twenty ninth thirtieth and thirty first that Wednesday Thursday and Friday. The backyard was big. It had a chain link fence all around the home. She said was very very cluttered. She noted that there was dog food and the dog food bowl along with water. Photos of the home were shown to the jury. Richard's body was found on the floor and John's was on a love seat. Both in the den piled high with clothing blankets and rugs von sale was found face down on the floor of John's rim also covered with blankets and rugs. There was blood on some of the furniture and bloodstains under the hallway. Rugs as though someone had used the rugs to cover up bloody drag marks. Rollin said she was there for about twelve hours a day and that the house was secured when she laughed with an officer assigned to the scene. She took the trash can in some other items with her. She put the cannon a big leaf bag and put stuff rounded so the items inside. The canned. Wouldn't move when she got back to the lab. She took the canned to the packaging room and took photos of it. While removing items layer by layer then there was a long list of items found in the trash can including a broken ceramic goose. Some pieces with blood on them bloody paper towels multiple cigarette butts one towards the top on top of a bloody paper towel and others found at the bottom two purses two pairs of glasses. One pair with blood on A blackberry pieces of kitchen genius with blood on them and a cord for a Webcam with blood on it. Rollins testified that she tested the trash can itself the broken ceramic. Goose pieces the coffee cup and the kitchen genius but they all came up negative for fingerprints a few days later she went back to the scene. There were two garbage cans inside the yard that she analyzed. There was a garbage bag in one of them inside. The bag were water bottles food including French fries. Corn Green beans empty bags of frozen green beans and frozen corn magazines and a newspaper dated Tuesday. July twenty eighth two thousand fifteen along with the QVC bag with Richard's name on an rollins also tested some of the items that were on top of John. Von Seals bodies. No fingerprints were found. She testified that she collected about four hundred. Or five hundred items and swabs in this case and that some swabs were then sent to the Florida Department of law enforcement for testing she said investigators decide what gets swabbed and Sund. She told the jury that all the TV's in the house were off and that the temperature in the home was very hot. Another crime scene technician. Lindsey Elliott testified that there was an unlocked safe found in Richard's room with a large amount of money inside totaling more than thirteen thousand dollars. Lawrence missio crime scene technician testified about what he found inside. Donald's house he said. In one of the rooms there were multiple tables that had candles figurines and peepers with Pentagram on them. Another table had an owl figurine books candles and a Ouija board in one of the table. Drawers were books on witchcraft. And His spool of row. He tested areas of the House with Blue Star to see if there is any blood. He testified that small area rugs the top of the toilet seat and two areas on the floor in the living room by the front door tested positive along with donald shoes that he had been wearing. They were snobs for DNA. A box of twenty two caliber ammunition and five shotgun. Shells were found but no firearms nor bullets. That matched what Richard had been shot with which was a nine millimeter. Were found Tammy Dunkin worked at the Department of Homeland Security with Richard. She just divide that not only were. They Co workers that Richard was her best friend. They didn't hang out often outside work because she said Richard was busy with his family a lot but they went to lunch together almost every day and texted each other constantly. She testified that Richard had a work blackberry and a personal iphone six. He typically kept his blackberry clipped on his belt and his iphone on the outside of his pocket she recalled the last time she saw Richard on Tuesday. July twenty eighth. She said they went to lunch together as they always did. He ate his sandwich and crinkle fries that he loved leader. He left work at the same time as she did at about six thirty five PM. They drove home the same direction and she lost saw him as she turned off into a shopping center and he went towards his home. That was about six fifty. She estimated she sent him a text message around eight thirty saying she hoped he would have a good day the next day since he was off. He never responded. That was unusual. She said on Wednesday. She texted him at about two thirty about an issue with work. She texted him again at three thirty about another issue and still no response. That too was unusual. She said in all the years she had known him he never not showed up for work but on Thursday he was a no show. She texted him in the morning to see if he wanted anything from McDonald's but no response she did the same thing the next morning on Friday. No response. She said. She was aware that on Tuesdays. Donald would go over to the family home to make dinner and on Tuesdays. How did Richard Seem about going home? He was usually hesitant. Would HE Stay late Yes. He usually be six seven o'clock before I go home. And would you sometimes stay with him? Yes special agent Matt in Finger testified that he I saw Donald in a patrol vehicle and what was his demeanor when you first contacted him on salon just doesn't seem too worried about what was going on. The interview agent in finger did with Donald was played for the court in it. He asked Donald how his mom was able to afford purchasing so many things from QVC all the time and he said he doesn't know but he reckons. It's from his dad's retirement. He was asked if his bipolar. He said he has no idea. He doesn't even know what that is. When agent in finger described it he said he may have acted that way when he was young but not anymore. H Inventor told him that neighbors didn't see any cars out of place or anyone else at the House since Monday. He said neighbors saw John. Get The mail on Monday. But not on Tuesday agent in finger told him that he probably killed John before he could get to it that day but Donald insisted he didn't. Here's another clip from that interview. Where agent infant gets even more forceful telling Donald that he did murder his family income other film about yes. I he'd be coming here is how great the House. You could hear your last one. The senior said there. And I told you that your mom shot in drugs for and you're not showing you never know these people how she did in the interview agents finger then implied that the motive for Donald Killing. His family could be financial one. Donald told him that his mom was always willing to give him money. All he had to do is ask but he said he didn't need any. He then walked agent in finger through what happened when he got to the family home on that Tuesday. He said when he got there he played Frisbee with the dog a few times and then went in the house. His mom was in her chair in done as she always was and John was watching. Tv IN THE BACK BEDROOM. He started cooking dinner around three thirty. John did the dishes and he helped him after they ate he watched QVC with his mom and then she put on Fox News. He said he couldn't remember what show was on at that time. Agent in finger asked with the commentators were talking about and he said he thinks it was something about trump. He just watched for a few minutes and then left around five thirty or six at the latest after that he went home with his dog and watch. Tv when agent in finger asked what he watched. He said he didn't remember. Agent in finger was openly suspicious about this saying that if he did the same routine every Tuesday he must know what he watched. The same shows are on every Tuesday but Donald said he wasn't really watching just looking at a magazine and playing with his dog. Agent Finger asked if he smokes and he said yes he does. He's the only one who smokes in the House prosecutor. Jensen asked agent in finger on the stand while he never gave Donald a lie detector test after Donald had agreed to take one. He said none of the polygraph irs were there at the department that day and so they couldn't find anyone to do it. It's not admissible in court. Anyway he said H and fingers said there were certain things they were never able to find in addition to the gun. Used TO SHOOT RICHARD. The keys to Richard's car were never located and nor was Richard's Wallet. He said as far as video surveillance goes no neighbors. Have any video equipment nor did any of the incoming or outgoing roads. They seized Donald Cell phone but no info was obtained there either. They weren't able to download anything because it was a pay as you go phone prosecutor. Jensen asked why only a few things were submitted for fingerprints and he said he felt their best chance of getting evidence was DNA not fingerprints. He said they contacted Donald's employer during their investigation and learned that he had sent in a resignation letter on August twenty. First two thousand fifteen. The letter read quote to Whom It may concern. I Donald W heart tongue here by resigned from your employment due to the murder of my family and the necessity for me to handle personal matters sincerely Donald W heart tongue. Donald was arrested on October. Twenty seventh two thousand fifteen on Cross Donald's attorney hammered agent in finger and why he suspected donald so soon after the murders. He pointed out that he had arrived on the scene around noon. And that interview with Donald started a little after one thirty so you had been on the crime scene for maybe an hour before you started interviewing Mr hard tomes correct possibly. Yes and you always treat the victims of crime. The way he treated Mr Hard time. What do you mean victim? Well his parents his mother and his brothers were killed so he is a victim of a of murder. His family was the becomes. Okay well he's also victim his knee. You consider people that are relatives of people that were murdered victims. Yes K. And I asked you always treat the victims and that may not always depends on the circumstance. Okay in this circumstance you'd been on the case for about an hour and a half when you decide to accused. Mister hard tongue of murdering his family. Is that correct? Yes okay. What evidence pointed you have that he had done anything other than being the sole surviving member of the family? He was the last one to see him alive. And the home did not appear to be broke into The way the bodies word and look like somebody unknown to them killed them Donaldson. Attorney said that agent in finger didn't even know how they had been murdered at that point any pointed out that Donald voluntarily went to the sheriff's department didn't ask for an attorney and answered all of his questions. He didn't interfere with the search of his residence and was fully cooperative. He also asked about the blood evidence that crime scene investigators found in. Donald's house when you search Mr Hard tongues residents one of the believe. It was one of the crime scene. People said that some suspected blood was found. Yes I think on his shoes and on a carpet and on the floor in his residence. Yes did any of that. Quote suspected blood ever relate to any of the victims of this crime. No was there anything in Mr Hard tongues home that related to the victims of the crime. No did you seize knives from his residence. Yes and they didn't relate to any of the victims. No agent in finger was asked if they ever looked at other suspects. He said they looked at other avenues but no other suspects were developed. No evidence that we found her have processed lead us to anyone else. Well you said that you determined not to do fingerprint testing. I didn't say we determined. Not To said that emitted fingerprint. Correct big. Yes okay. So you did limited fingerprint. Did you go through? The House for fingerprints is saved or any strange fingerprints. There that didn't match up to the victims or to Mr Heart down another the doors and things like that were fingerprinted and we didn't find anything like how about light switches. I don't recall them being how about thermostats I don't recall that either. How about the kitchen counters or the table surface or any hard surfaces. I know Swab for DNA. How ABOUT FOR Fingerprints believe it was he was then asked about the questions he asked. Donald's about the wiccan religion. He told the jury that afterwards he had talked to someone who told him that sacrifice was not a wiccan practice after all he agreed that if investigators were able to get into the back door with a credit card then someone else could have done that too without leaving any marks and he said the Thermostat was turned down when they arrived. But he doesn't know who did that. There's been some question about the Thermostat at the house. Do you know if anyone turned the thermostat down turned it up. I know it was turned down when we arrived. Yes you know who did that? I don't and you know what the temperature was at the time they arrived. I don't recall and there was there. Were more than one thermostats in the House. You know which one they turned. I believe it was a one somewhere near the kitchen. Where about the other ones? I couldn't tell you so. We don't know that. No he said he believes that it was above seventy six degrees when they arrived and that someone from the crime scene unit turned it down. But he's not sure he agreed that the temperature at a murder scene is important but that he doesn't remember the details about it. Donald's attorney then turned his focus to gunshot residue. Agent in finger told the jury that whether or not someone has gunshot residue on them can tell you whether someone has fired. A firearm or was close to a firearm. Going off he was asked if he took any of Donald's close to test for that and he said no when CSI investigated the done where Richard and John were found. There was a projectile from a nine millimeter. Found there and Donald's attorney pointed out that when they searched Donald's home they didn't find any nine millimeter bullets. Just twenty two cartridges. Nothing that matched what shot Richard Agent in finger agreed. All of the murder weapons were never found. Prosecutors believed the victims were beaten their throats slit and then Richard was shot but a hammer that was found in the Smith. Family kitchen was determined to be one of them. The medical examiner said it matched the type of blows to the heads of the victim. Agent in fingers said the DNA on the hammer belonged to unseal John Richard and Donald but he agreed that he doesn't know when the DNA was put their Donald's attorney then brought up. How in the Second Interview Sergeant Kevin Cox? Well told Donald that they could prove he was at the family home after six. Pm based on his cell phones GPS. He asked agent in finger if they were ever able to prove that and he said No. They couldn't prove that he was there. The Cell Towers were the sane between Donald's house and the family home agent in finger also said on cross that there were hand towels found in the washing machine. Was there any blood from the victims on them? No any DNA FROM DONALD'S. No there was also no blood found in any of the dreams at the home either in fact other than the chair were concealed was sitting the drag marks on the floor and the area where Richard and John were found. No blood was found anywhere else. Agent in finger also told the jury that Donald didn't have any injuries on him including on his hands. Martin purify entered the courtroom wearing a green and white striped prison jumpsuit. An officer took his handcuffs off once he got up to. The stand purify testified that he has six or seven felony convictions and is currently serving a thirty year sentence for attempted murder after attacking someone with the Hammer. He was looking at a life sentence until the prosecutor agreed to give him a cap of thirty years for his cooperation. In this case he agreed that he was hoping that based on his testimony the judge would reduce his sentence but no one had promised him anything purify told the jury that he met Donald Tart tongue in March of two thousand sixteen a month after his own arrest he was housed in the same pod with Donald at the Escambia County jail. He said he. Donald initially started talking about football. Donald Liked Alabama and he liked Florida state. They talked all the time discussing their cases and religion. He said Donald believed in Waco and gave him some books to read on the subject. He wanted him to join to. He said others in the jail. Were actually scared of Donald. They thought he was a wedge. He justified that Donald told him he had a son who is molested at three years. Old by Donald's brother John. According to Donald's he told his mom about it but his mom didn't believe him just said that John was special purify said that may Donald Mad and that he hated his mother because of it he said Donald told him that his mom treated him differently from the other boys because they had different dads he was also really mad about both himself and his son being left out of the well prosecutor. Jensen asked if Donald Ever talked Richard and he said Donald said Richard was all right. Purified told the jury that Donald told him that he couldn't just kill his mom that he had to kill his brothers too because otherwise the money in his mom's will would just go to them according to purify Donald said he'd been planning and thinking about killing them for the last few years but that his Ouija board finally made him do it. Purified then gave the details of the murder as he says. Donald told to him. What did he tell you when he went over there? Yeah he's early Macleod tonight. It Okay and do you know what day similar tools? He always golden on Tuesday. He said he always goes there. On a Tuesday this Mo and when he went over there on Tuesday. Did he tell you what he did case? I say we we went up. The Dow Zine Casino. He's going to do so he left the dog would then he went over there and cook okay. Did he tell you what he cooked? Say could she can corn. I think he's a string beans or something like that biscuits okay. And after he put didn't tell you what he did okay. He took some cameras down because his mother hurt one time when she failed in that guest brother Richard Hale install cameras. He took them down and he say if the family eight or nine so they don't okay and then what happened after they. He's he say he killed his brother. John I'm sorry suburban Joan Okay. Did he tell you how he killed his brother? John say hidden here from behind. Cut His throat. Tell you what he hit him with a hammer. I can't call and then did you say you slit his throat. You see the dope catch. Did He tell you where Were John was when this happened. He seems like a Dean what TV did he tell you what he did. After he did that to John. She went to his mother. Then torture combination saves and so. He said he tortured her. Sorry torture her. How he could've pink thing so he can tell the commission the safest though. Donald told him he then hit her in the head and slit her throat he said Donald said that afterwards he went and got money out of his safe in a closet in his mom's room he also got money out of his brothers safe. Although he didn't say were that one was he then unlocked the gate in the backyard to make it look like someone else could have done. Donald told him that he changed his clothes at the House and put his clothes and gloves. He had been wearing in a bag which he then gave to a priest. Along with some money he said Donald's plan for a defense was two point. Two other possible suspects by saying that John May of molested a child at Walmart or that Richard was messing around with the woman who was married in order to add credibility to purifies testimony. Prosecutors called agent inviting her back to the stand. He testified that when he interviewed purify in two thousand sixteen purify told him about one of the safes in the home even before they knew about it. Purifies testimony about von Seal. Being tortured was also corroborated by an actual injury found on her during the autopsy. Funcions Pinky was injured. A fact that only the medical examiner's report briefly mentioned. He said the fact that blood was not found in. Donald's car and the fact that the padlock to the backyard gate was unlocked were also not mentioned in any reports seaborn roddenberry. Junior was another witness for the state. He testified that he's a lawyer who prepared. Von Seals will in February of two thousand nine. Did she exclude anybody in that? Well she basically left everything to two sons and May said you may know provision in the will for the defendant in this case. Donald Wayne Horton. He was asked to the sole heir would be however if unseal Richard and John were all deceased the sole heir at law would be her living son Donald Wayne or dome next in line would be Donald Son. Donald Junior Mark Bailey used to work with Donald at a security company. He said he and Donald used to talk about guns allot mostly about nine millimeters. When asked if Donald ever talked about financial problems he was having he said Yes for example Donald needed to get his car fixed and couldn't afford it. He testified that Donald also told him that. If he got his share of his mom's money he would quit and retire. Donald her tongue junior donald son. Who is now forty? Years old also took the stand his father's trial. He testified that his dad called him within a week or two of the murders and told him what had happened. When I got the call the wording was let me think for a second he said son. They're all dead kind of weird. One what are you talking about girl day? Your grandmother Rt and Jhad. They're all did. That's out okay. And and did he say anything about himself. I believe that they're in that phone calls the time I was told they he did not do have anything to do with it. Okay and had you questioned whether he had anything to do with it? Or how did that come up now? Of course at all. Did you question why he was saying that? What do you mean he? He said your family is dead. I didn't do it right. Yeah well she said they were dead and he went into a little bit of the reason you know that something had happened with them in the House. Possibly they were murdered and then we may have talked about some other stuff. I don't know and then but that came up in conversation. He didn't do it but you haven't questioned him at that point no. He testified that he and his father weren't that close but the only spoke every six months or so and that he last physically saw him when he was seventeen years old. He and his mom had divorced when he was about fifteen. Donald Junior testified that when he was four years old his uncle John. His Dad's brother exposed himself to him. John was a teenager at the time. He said he told his mom who told his dad who then went to unseal about it. He said Vaughn seal. Who WAS HIS GRANDMA? Took John side after that incident. He said there was a rift between unseal John and RT and Donald after the murders before his arrest his dad called him again. I got a call on a call actually started with him. Say you remember a long time ago when you were little boy and I was like when you go this is I remember long long time ago in your little boy situation with Johnny and then it clicked. I was like why. Why would I forgot about at that point in time? Tell me about this is like. And then that's when he went into the explanation debt About the Walmart thing where he felt that he had heard from an investigator Mainly from the Department or something that John Mad- did something in a Walmart? I guess it was kind of backing up. Reinforcing the fact that he's made a Predator or something like that okay And that's how it's basically explained to me Jennifer Wilkerson a crime lab analyst with the Florida Department of law enforcement testified about the DNA evidence in the case. She said the hammer that was found in the Smith Residence. That is believed to be one of the murder. Weapons tested positive for blood and that it had DNA from von Seal John Richard and Donald on it Donald's. Dna was also found on the inside of Richard Spells on the handle of Von salespers- on Richard Chuck Book and on five cigarettes. That were found in the trash can inside the home. One of the cigarettes also had von seals. Dna on it along with the presence of blood. Wilkerson testified that von sales blood was also found on the kitchen. Sink Faucet on cross examination Wilkerson said there was also DNA from an unidentified person on the handle of the Hammer Andrea minyard. The medical examiner who performed the autopsies testified about the victims injuries including conceals quote traumatically amputated. Pinkie finger. She said John. Stomach contents showed that he had corn and green beans. Von Seals had corn Richard Stomach had crinkle fries which is co worker had testified earlier. He had eaten for lunch on that Tuesday. After her testimony the state then rested defenses. I witnessed was a wiccan. Minister named Paul Larson. Larson told the jury that if Donald had killed his family as a sacrifice their bodies wouldn't have been covered with blankets and rugs they would have been offered as a sacrifice to the divine. Csi analyst Christine Rawlins was recalled to the stand for the defense. She testified that there were over. Four hundred pieces of evidence in the case and that she did not change gloves after handling each one. She also testified that she did not fingerprint the Thermostat and doesn't know who turned the temperature down. Dr Jonathan Arden forensic pathologist testified that there were several things that struck him about this case including the timing of Duff which he said he had concerns about. He said it was odd that the dog hadn't yet fed on any of the victims and that it was also That fly larva had not yet gotten to the bodies either. He said he believes the deaths occurred after Tuesday based on their body temperatures. Dennis Wallet a former police chief and retired officer testified about the handling of the evidence in the case he said since the crime scene technicians didn't change gloves when analyzing each piece of evidence they could have transferred. Donald'S DNA to the hammer for example. He also said the logging of people in and out of the crime scene wasn't done in this case and that's a problem more important when people leads because of the scene was altered in any way you know it went may have been altered what they have done. You could go back and link. What was their purpose for being there? And and make a determin abate determination about that. He called some of the procedures used in this case improper instead. It's very problematic. That agent infantry considered donald a suspect within an hour of his arrival at the crime scene. It's very problematic. Once you make a preliminary opinion based on a hunch your an instinct and you don't look at any other possibilities For example the other three victims one was killed or at least attacked in different manner. One was had a position with the Department of Homeland. Security now was he the target and these others had cover up. We don't know but once a detective develops a theory and only considers information which supports his or her theory. Then you are either ignoring or refusing to accept other possibilities so and at least in the initial stages okay. You could like him as a potential suspect but to exclude all other considerations at that point is the antithesis of a a sound objective criminal investigation. The purpose of the investigation is determined the truth. What happened not what. This detective thinks may have happened Particularly before the whole scenes process. And you gather all the information in her closing arguments prosecutor. Jensen reiterated their theory on Donald's motive. This family of three was minding their own business staying to themselves and taking care of one another for years for years and no one tried to harm them until that Tuesday July. Twenty eight two thousand fifteen when this defendant? Donald heart-lung already had his mind that he was ready to retire. Fifty eight years old. He wanted to cash in on his family's fortune. He wanted the money that he knew he was never going to get unless and until all three of his family members died she said John had over two hundred thousand dollars in his account. Von Seal and Richard had over three hundred thousand dollars in each of theirs and this defendant knew about it because remember he told his co worker Mr Bailey that his mom was wealthy and when she died he was going to get the money. Quit his job and retire. And Lo and behold ladies and gentlemen three weeks later this defendant submitted his letter of resignation. She asked who knew the family's schedules who also had a motive to murder that man she said pointing at the defense table. She then went over the timeline again saying that the family was killed on that Tuesday. She pointed out that Richard was wearing the exact same thing in surveillance video from work on Tuesday that he was when his body was found and his last phone call was to his mom on his way home from work that night. His phone was never used to make any calls or send any text messages ever again. She displayed a photo of Von Seals pill case which showed her Tuesday. Pm Pills still inside. She then showed a photo of the food that was left in the oven for Richard Food that went untouched and was still there. When the bodies were found on that Friday Donald's attorney told the jury that Donald was never able to grieve for his family because an hour of their bodies discovery. He was accused of being a murderer. He said there's no evidence. Donald knew about his family's money none whatsoever. He said he also pointed out that Christine rollins admitted that she did not change gloves for every piece of evidence. He said that in not doing that. There's transference nobody knows how much that is bad. Crime scene work. He said you were sitting on the most serious and solemn cases that we have in the judicial system and your verdict is incredibly important to the integrity of the system. And I ask you to consider all of the evidence and after considering that evidence to return a verdict of not guilty for each count of the indictment. The jury deliberated for about five hours before finding Donald guilty at his sentencing. Donald told the judge that he loved his jury that they had paid close attention. But that they were duped. And you were do. T- said my DNA and my mother's house where I frequented all the time. Your honor that is not even real evidence. He said he is innocent and asked for a mistrial which the judge denied the jury then recommended a sentence of three consecutive life sentences. He was spared the death penalty. And that's all for this episode as always. I'd love to know what you think about this case. Do you believe Donald murdered his family. Or do you believe the defense's case that they only focused on Donald's and didn't even look at other suspects. How would you voted? If you were on the jury you can let me know by joining the conversation on Instagram. At Court. Junkie by tweeting me at Junkie Pod or by emailing me at PODCAST AT PORT JUNKIE DOT COM to learn how you can hear these episodes ad free and how to support this. Podcast VISIT PORT JUNKIE DOT com slash support. Thanks for listening until next time from the network that brought you the cold case files. Podcast comes. I survived the classic stories. You know with new interviews. Updating each woman story with everything that happens after survival. I survived because I convinced him that I was a person. I survived because I was a smarter person than my assailant. I survived because I believe God sees me. Surviving is just the beginning of their story. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. If you enjoy podcasts. That focus on investigative journalism. There's a new one out from Canada called Cool Mules. It's a bizarre story about a cocaine smuggling ring inside vice media which was led by Vice candidates music editor a character known as SLOB P. Here's a preview. I genuinely thought you had an opportunity for me. Click journalism I thought found cool. This sounds like by huge show sounded like a multi level marketing scheme for drug trafficking. Oh this is like vice like why am I being like this? This is absolutely a story about an important and growing and and powerful mediocrity. There are no villains in this sort. There's no winners there's no villains. I'm Kashmira highly bitch and this is cool mules.

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The A**hole-Free Office

WorkLife with Adam Grant

41:15 min | 1 year ago

The A**hole-Free Office

"All right. Jeff, can I just have you start with your name and curation Muslims. Jeff berg. I'm a professor and a linguist. How in the world is a linguist end up writing a book about assholes who better than a linguist heads up. This episode is giving us a lot of that word linguists. No, not that one bounder. No had he'll phony. No. And no those words all articulated, a certain sense of the moral life and asshole comes along and kind of displaces them today. We're talking about assholes somebody who cheats on his wife, but not necessarily as expense reports. The asshole is somebody who's efforts to expand and swell his own sense of privilege is hurtful to others the other employees, who's working excrete it for the secretary whom he has picking up his laundry, whatever. Look, I know it's not a polite word, but it's not going away and neither are assholes and the word itself. Evokes a feeling in us that something tamer like jerk just doesn't. So we're going to use the word because that's what the pros do. I said I want to use the word asshole. And you would never publish that in Harvard Business Review. She said, try me. I'm Adam grant, and this is work life my podcast with Ted. I'm an organizational psychologist, I study how to make the people you work with not suck in this show inviting myself inside the minds of some truly unusual people because they've mastered. Something I wish everyone knew about work today. Assholes a field goal. Everyone's worked with at least one how do you deal with them? And is it possible to create an asshole free office? Thanks to been no bows. For sponsoring this episode. So apparently, there's a difference between being an asshole an asshole at an ask clown. Yep. The Oxford English dictionary has recognized all three, but as hat and ask clown don't have the same sting. They're mostly synonyms for obnoxious and asshole is someone disrespects in demeans other people and either denies it. Or just doesn't care think about the assholes you've had to work with how do they show it? Sometimes it's passive aggressive stealing credit doling out blame unfairly invading privacy breaking promises. Other times. It's active aggressive badmouthing, screaming ridiculing. My father used to say to me when you grow up, whatever you do don't be an asshole and don't work with them and don't work for them. Meet Bob Sutton. He's an organizational psychologist at Stanford. He's become something of a connoisseur of assholes at work. An asshole is somebody who leaves you feeling demean de energize in disrespected somebody who leaves you feeling like shit in two thousand seven he wrote a whole book on assholes, and well, he touched a nerve. I got thousands of emails from people who felt as if they were victims of assholes turns out workplaces are full of them and through his research Baba's learned that it's pretty tough to be an asshole to the people above you being an asshole has to do with how you treat the people across from you. And especially below you. Abuse does seem to roll downhill when I looked at my emails and also the research in about eighty percent of the cases, the person who was named as the asshole in their life was their immediate boss. The more Bob heard from employees leaders about the impact of this kind of a heavier the more he became convinced that it must have an actual measurable costs. Just in the last decade studying all forms of abusive behavior in the workplace is become sort of a growth industry in if you and I started doing the list of all the costs that nasty people impose on the people around them about the fiscal in and mental health cost. It's just stunning when notable experiment was done with medical teams in Israel. You see him had a physician in to nurses from the newborn intensive care unit. And they were brought in to work with visiting expert. Some teams are randomly assigned to be berated by the expert. He told them he wasn't impressed with the quality of medicine there. And they. Last a week in his department after being salted like this. The accuracy of the teams diagnoses was almost twenty percent lower and the procedures. They did were fifteen percent less effective. I'm guessing you wouldn't want a fifteen percent less effective heart transplant. I mean, this is one of the biggest problems with treating people like dirt or less likely to call out errors done by others to avoid mistakes. People have to communicate especially about things that Mike wrong. And asshole creates an environment of fear where people stay silent to avoid rocking the boat. And if getting demotivated isn't bad enough get this working with an asshole literally makes you dumber. There's some evidence that that after one who's been abused or disrespected that one's cognitive ability is temporarily affected when experiment is especially revealing student showed up for a study only to learn that they were in the wrong room and had entered a professor's office for some students. Professor just directed them to the right room. The other half of the time the students got this. Excuse me. Can't you read? There's a sign on the door. That tells you the experiment will be in room one twenty three, but you didn't even bother to look at the door. Did you? Instead, you preferred to disturb me and ask for directions when you can clearly see that. I'm busy. I'm not a secretary here. I'm a busy professor. What an asshole the poor students who were randomly assigned to that treatment were then asked to solve some anagrams, and they solved a quarter fewer anagrams correctly. Then the students saw someone drop a bunch of books the ones who just been verbally abused were nine times less likely to help. Assholes undermine our ability to think, clearly and creatively. But what seems absolutely damning is that they also leave us with more negative attitudes toward others, prolonged bullying turns other people in Astles. So it's a contagious disease that spreads. Of course, everyone has a limit at some point people just give up they quit, occasionally, they even get revenge. Others research from fast food restaurants that that when people have an abusive supervisor running the restaurant that employs are more likely to steal. Although if they're stealing fast food, they're only punishing themselves. What I talked about the cost of assholes at work. There are people who push back. They say sometimes you just need to be an asshole to be successful. And there's one example that pops up every time, let's call it the Steve Jobs question recently. I had a chance to sit down with someone uniquely qualified to weigh in on it. He was deeply. Very intense person who had rough edges and nasty at times. I mean, this is Walter Isaacson. He wrote the definitive biography on Steve Jobs spending, countless hours with him and hundreds of people who were closely with him. When I started working on. Was the accent? The main question you have to answer is. Only roofless deceitful cruel. These are words that have often been applied to jobs very frequently by his closest friends early on job screwed his co founder out of a big bonus. And lied about it. He screamed and swore at colleagues, belittled employees and harassed interviews by asking about their sex lives. This kind of behavior was what led jobs to get forced out of apple his own company in the eighty s take it from one of his longtime collaborators, apple engineer and designer Gianni. I've he told Walter Isaacson that when jobs got frustrated his way to achieve catharsis was to hurt someone according to I've jobs felt hit a liberty. And a licensed to do that working with him. I was wanting him sort of. Curie people. Anyway, both fair number preneurs have sort of held jobs up as the role model and said, look, you know, he he wasn't the nicest guy in the world. And you know, that's proof that this is tiny. Need to succeed in spite of or becomes cruelty. Your. I guess my answer in bed. Now. There's a huge difference between being demanding and being demeaning being demanding is having extremely high standards and pretty low tolerance for work. That falls below them. Being demeaning is devaluing other people as human beings treating them with such disrespect that they feel worthless. When I. He said to me, you know, when people who saw in socks. Because. Kid animated e players on my team. And so I came forward to be gentle and nice research suggests that leaders who demean their employees have learned a rationalize aggression. They see that it's sometimes gets short term results while the long term damage is often invisible to them. So they justified as necessary to achieve their goals, which means if you think you have to be an asshole to be successful. You might be an asshole. When you've had to deal with an asshole at work. What have you done if you don't have the power to get rid of him? What should you do? Sometimes you just have to learn how to have a hard conversation. Yeah. Your lawyer by training. Are you? Do you mean am I an asshole by trading? Yes. Yes. I am. Sheila heen is a recovering lawyer who teaches at Harvard Law School. She co founded a company that specializes in conflict, mediation, and co-authored the book difficult conversations. Basically, she was job is teaching people how to deal with an asshole and how to avoid acting like one part of the job of lawyers in society is to help people with conflicts and the way that we slash day. Sometimes go about it often ends up escalating the conflict rather than helping resolve it, and that's essentially the definition of asshole like behavior, but sometimes the conflict happens because one person is just an asshole. How often is that the case in your experiences a mediator? Well, it is true. One hundred percent of the time that each side would say that the other side is being an asshole. So we all hurt each other upset each other embarrass each other. In front of other people publicly just misstep and contribute to the other person feeling really badly treated sometimes in ways that we don't intend usually in ways that we don't tend. But but occasionally in ways that we do intend. Sheila has three key recommendations for having that conversation. The first is to give the other person the benefit of the debt people will say, you know, you just have to assume good intentions, and I think that often that's true. But I think assume good intentions is just a little too strong. I think instead it should be assumed you don't know. And that's the conversation that we need to have. Because I don't know what was up with you. But whatever it was it the problem. So let's figure that out and see if we can fix it. That's fantastic. Yeah. Because that motivates me then to go and find out the whatever, I'm missing, right? Like all go and try to learn what were you thinking? What was your intent? What was going on? And that's that's really helpful. Well, and I love the orientational that that just created for you, which is that. Now, you actually have a little bit of curiosity. And so the conversation isn't about letting her have it and straightening her out and letting her know she shouldn't be an asshole next time. The conversation is about now. I'm just curious. What was going on with you? Because I was surprised by it. And it we should address it. So we just won't have this problem. Next time that's a much that's a orientation that is much more likely to produce a better conversation into solve the problem. If it solvable. But she left he thinks someone is just a total asshole. How should you deal with them? The dilemma is that the worst thing you can do in many ways is to do nothing over time. But the second worst thing that you can do is to fight back in the moment. They've been playing that game. If there are certified asshole for a very long time. And so you are agreeing to basically play the game on their turf. But as soon as you are able whether that's an hour later or the next morning that you come back to them to have a conversation. She lives second tip for talking to office assholes is to make sure you don't put them on the defensive what you're going to want to say to them is something like, I don't know why you feel the need to undermine me or demean me. I don't know why you feel the need to humiliate everybody in control everything. That's what you want to save time. But but that was to say that you could say it in your head. And you can say it in front of the mirror if it'll make you feel better. But. What you're doing is. You're telling them something about their intentions and their character. And you can bet that they're going to argue with you about that what they can't argue with is about the impact that it's had on you. So the most important thing is to separate intentions and impact sometimes assholes earn aware of the impact of their own behavior. We know what we're trying to do to get our point across what we don't see and people sometimes don't share with us is just how upsetting demeaning unprofessional. It was and the ripple effect that it had throughout the team in the organization. She lives. Third suggestion is to help them. Find a less demeaning way to accomplish their goals. I once worked with a colleague who's known to yell at people occasionally in meetings. The first time I saw it happened. I called afterwards to explain that. I found it disrespectful and unprofessional. My colleague said, well, it was necessary to get my point across. And I realized this was someone who had rationalized aggression and wasn't sure what to do at that point. So I asked you how we should think about responding in a situation like that. If you want use a little bit of humor in that moment, if you can think of it when he says. Yeah. People feel that way. But there's really the only way for me to get my point across you can say really, it was my impression that you were smarter than that and more creative than that. So I bet you could come up with some other ways to be just as clear without having to actually rip somebody else apart. But maybe maybe I'm overestimating you, maybe, you know, maybe that's not true. Oh, I love that. So I could actually gently give them a better way to accomplish their goals. Yeah. It's a little. I mean, they're the story in their head is the ends justify the means. Right. It was important for me to get my point across and if some people's feelings were hurt boohoo that's not as important. Okay. I actually am going to challenge. Whether that's true. Sometimes you can use humor to challenge it without even saying a word back in the nineteen nineties the CEO of a tech company. Gordon Eubanks was known for an unusual brand of insult Gordon was working to gross two Mantech into a fortune five hundred company, and for some reason he had a habit of comparing people unfavourably to vegetables that guy's dumber than a head of lettuce. Mark Bailey was working for Gordon at the time. Did he have other other vegetable phrases, he referred Firdaus Aquinas when the headline a stock that was the one that I remembered him using pretty regularly knew exactly what he meant what he said. He did not think highly of the person when he said that obviously was it was it always about a person sometimes about an idea. It was it was usually better person after everyone Gordon's team had been compared to a farmer's markets worth of produce. They finally decided to do something about their bosses behavior. So market is colleagues went grocery shopping before their next staff meeting, we arranged it. So that we were all kind of gathering outside the conference room, and then Gordon shows up for the staff meeting kind of grouse, you know, remember, it's not at room reedit, or, you know, are we going to get started. We all nod, and then we let him walk into the room. I good and stepped inside. And saw that every seat at the conference table was occupied by a head of lettuce. Some of the lettuce heads had mustaches somewhere wearing sunglasses. Would you do if you were Gordon when people get called out on bad behavior? There's a real risk that they'll get defensive and start calling people names worse than vegetables. And when he comes in and sees all the heads of lettuce on the faithfully just starts laugh out loud. And we all got a big laugh out of what was so clever about the heads of lettuce prank. Is that it was non-threatening? And Gordon realized that Mark wasn't just playing a prank. He was also making a point. He thought it was funny, and probably would be helpful it would unite a group of people. Right. And maybe most importantly, Gordon, ended up reflecting on his behavior. Well, I'm sure people would think yes, I was probably really an asshole in if you mean is someone can be very difficult and on necessarily abrasive. I'm sure there were times when that happened. I've mellowed, of course, over the years, if someone steals your parking place, that's a different kind of an asshole than someone that's trying to achieve something with a group of people but demeaning, though is wrong. And I'm sure there are times I was demeaning, and that's a problem in an or. Organization. Yep. Demeaning is a problem. What if you could get rid of it altogether? Is it possible to create a workplace with no assholes? More on that after the break. Okay. This is going to be a different kind of ad. I played a personal role in selecting this sponsors for this podcast because they all have interesting cultures of their today. We're going inside the workplace at been novas. Deflects remembers the first time Carlin and her husband Aaron walked into his been oboe shop in Scottsdale Karla was on a mission to on the hunt to really trimmed down his pants. She'd been in the store before and told de she was trying to change her husband's look, but he wasn't having it if she ever got him in there Carlos said she had to team up and seize the day. Carla loved for Aaron aware, some of the brighter more fun prints Aaron was a little more conservative, and like some of the more plain patterns. So that was that fun little battle between them Carlo one in that first. Visit was the beginning of a routine Aaron and Carlo would go golfing together. Grab some lunch and then come into nobody's and shop. They'd always have this playful back and forth. And there was always that that fun exchange of Karla pushing the boundary in Aaron realigning and resetting where that line is drawn in the sand. Everyone in the store loved watching them together. They seem. Like a real team. When you see a couple who loved each other that much it gives you hope in more ways than one. And I think they had an effect on all of the shop. There's evidence that customers find ongoing service relationships more satisfying than one often counters with a different provider each time, the building that relationship isn't always easy at Pinault bows, the guides in their shops are encouraged to make meaningful connections with customers while of course, respecting their boundaries as Aaron and Carla became regulars. They developed a real bond with D send in much more than just, you know, customer. They're kind of like family in a way. But sometimes even regulars take a break months went by where d- didn't see Carlin Aaron he didn't really think too much of it. Then one day Aaron walked into the store. It come in and said, you know, hey, I haven't been in awhile, and I kind of wanted to get re size because I've I've lost some weight d went to pull up errands purchase history which was under Carlos name, and he suddenly had a sinking feeling about why Aaron was shopping alone. It was. Almost like crazy crazy feeling just dawned on me. I feel like I intuitively just knew. And it everything in me just kind of dropped Carla had passed away a few months earlier of breast cancer. It had been quick only a month after she was diagnosed with a recurrence delivered his condolences and asked Aaron how he was holding up, you know, he he smiled, and it was one of those where you can tell there was some pain behind it. But to feel his strength into feel his positive energy was indescribable Aaron was just there for some everyday shopping. But he happened to mention that he had a black tie of later that week. He lost a lot of weight. So his tux didn't fit and he was just going to rent one after Aaron left the store D leapt into action he'd noticed Aaron admiring a particular tucks, the capstone Italian will navy. So we rush ordered the tux as a surprise gift to Erin it arrived on Aaron stores step the next day along with the letter signed by everyone at the store that afternoon dis phone rang. Hey, how's it going Aaron and his response was? You mean, how's it going, man? Like, I can't believe you guys did this, and he was just floored. It was one of the most heartfelt thank yous. I've I can remember ever getting in my life. It's what you do D says when you believe in the idea that customer relations really are about just that a relationship we hope that you'll get you know, at least put a smile on your face for even that split second. So it was just something that felt right? Minosos makes great clothes that can fit every guy ordering on their website is easy ship fast. And if it doesn't fit they wanna know visit, but nobody dot com. Enter promo code headed checkout and get twenty percents off your first order that's been Oba's dot com. Promo code Ted for twenty percent of. I'm always shocked when I hear stories like these the partner was really upset and took his briefcase was enraged and threw it against the wall. Made a dent in the wall. I had a manager who told junior members of the firm for them. You should spend your twenty s sucking up doing your managers work for them. Students have had to work with some real jerks. My boss's boss wants punched me in the chest and publicly of braided me for not wearing the correct hat outdoors asshole. After decades of working with companies and combing through the research, Stanford's, Bob Sutton, eventually concluded that assholes make us all less productive organizations that don't hire people who treat others like dirt and who call out one another when they act nasty, they're more effective places. And they're more you main places to work so Bob decided to put a stake in the ground as the expert in the field. He's called organizations to set zero tolerance policy for demeaning, disrespectful behavior. Noble lee-ing, no, sabotage a no asshole rule. I love this rule. I live by this is Louise's fun on in general in a company. It's better to have a whole than an asshole. So it's better to not have. If there's an asshole is really better to just not have the person there. So that basically means don't hire assholes or you should fire assholes Louise's, the CEO and co founder of a company called duo lingo. It's an app that game. If is the process of learning a new language, it has more than three hundred million users, and it can teach you practically every word you need to know in French Korean Navajo, even Klingon well almost every word. I'm not sure how to call an ASO somebody in also in Spanish, even though it's my native language. I mean, it's like, it's not vendetta so pin. There was very Mexican. I'm from Guatemala and water model. I will you say to what they, but that's very very kind of regional slang. What about French? I would not know how to do this in French. And I says I'm to remedial for French law. I heard there's an app that could fix that. We've been duo lingo. We do not teach the word for asshole duo lingo is not just a hugely popular app. It's a highly desirable place to work in two thousand eighteen it was named one of the best. Workplaces by Inc magazine. And one of the top company cultures by entrepreneur magazine. When louisan is co-founder, we're launching the company they were very conscious about being anti asshole. He said, you know, I mainly just wanna have a place where I go to work every day, and I'm really happy to go to work like I just wanted to look forward to go to work that made a lot of sense to me. And that is what I strive for them. The we used as a computer scientist earlier in his career, he invented recapture. It's that little box on a website where you retype the squiggly letters. You see to prove your human and not the purpose was to protect websites from abuse. Now do lingo he's determined to build a culture that protects employers from abuse by have made this mistake many times in my life where there really is somebody. That's just. Brilliant. But really their national what I have found over time is that generally, you can find somebody equally as brilliant who's not an Asheville as I get older. I just have much less tolerance for assholes than used to. So lewis. It is co-founder have tried to keep assholes out of the front door through their interview process. Did you get it wrong early on at all? It's it is not the case that no asshole has ever worked at lingo. So how how did those the false positives sneak in the door? Well, it's hard. I mean, particularly when you start hiring more and more people, you know, what I you can you can hire people who you either directly. No. Or, you know, somebody that knows them eventually, so they're kinda hiring Randall's of the internet. But you know, that apply to work your company, and it's much harder. To know whether they're Nassau or not, it is rare that anybody will tell you do not hire this person there and Astle, but is rare almost never happens when you're hiring. What are the weak links in the asshole filters referrals job applicants get to pick their best? References people have seen them in a positive light people who want to help them or in the worst case get rid of them by forcing them on someone else. But when talking to references, you can learn to ask the right kinds of questions and spot the nuances in the answers. I really great question is do they work well with others, and nobody will tell you know, they don't work well with others. That's where the answer you want this. Oh my God. Yes, they're great at working with now. That's the answer. You want? I'm the one you don't want this. Yeah. For most people they are like that. That means now they're really actually no good at working with others. And they've had trouble. I found that you can get references to be more honest by forcing them to choose between two negative qualities. What's more likely that this applicant will be a total pushover or maybe a little manipulative hiring mistakes where you hire a person that you shouldn't have hired are significantly more costly than the other way around which is you didn't hire somebody. You should have hired. Those are those are mistakes too. But either no, very costly. Here's a question in your team. What's more productive replacing an average performer with a star or replacing toxic worker with an average one? One study looked at the performance and turnover of more than fifty thousand employees. It turned out that just replacing toxic worker with an average one can be twice as profitable as upgrading and average one to start. I just I don't think I've ever come across somebody that is so brilliant. So you replaceable that it can justify them being. So you wouldn't hire Steve Jobs. Well, I mean, I think Steve Jobs was an amazing sounder. I don't know how good as an employee. He would be my guess is he ProVia shitty employees. Who knows whether jobs would have been a good employee. But one thing seems clear. He probably would have been vocal one. And giving employees voice might be just the thing that workplaces need to truly lockout assholes it really gives them a chance to feel empowered. And to be empowered. This is Cindy s she's a partner at a law firm and one day. She got some unexpected feedback. Okay. So the envelope comes it's a sealed envelope. You open it up. There were boxes to check. That said would you wanna work with this person again? And I think one person at least said no they wouldn't want to work with me again, and my heart sunk when I saw that. Oh, gosh. What have I done to make that person feel that way? The anonymous person who filled out this form was junior associate who reported to Cindy. And apparently thought she was selfish. I was nice when I needed to be nice. Took interest in somebody when that would serve my needs. But maybe that was transparent that I wasn't being genuine in that interest. So I have to ask you, then do you think that in the past before you got this feedback? You were kind of an asshole. Well. I guess I would say that. Sometimes I didn't act in the best way to do you think other people called you asshole? Then maybe I hope that. So I will say by my definition, at least I think you were not an asshole. Thank you. So, you know, I think my reviews have gone way up because I really realized the behavior I was exhibiting wasn't always the best behavior. And so I changed it. Unfortunately, many people aren't as open to feedback and course, correction is Cindy. If you want to stop the assholes in your office. You have to address the thing that lets them get away with it. The reward system. It's a mistake to just incentivize individual achievement. You have to reward and promote people who elevate others rather than undermining them. Which means paying special attention to how those in power treat, those who lack it. To prevent bosses from acting like assholes, you have to give subordinates power when I gave a talk at Cindy's law firm, Fenwick and west and discovered that they have some unique tools for doing this. They actually let junior associates pick which senior partners they work with does truly a free market when your partner, and you have a new client coming in the door, and you need to staff it with an associated to you have to go and ask people as across the entire corporate group, for example, I'm a corporate partner. So I would go and ask various associates to work with me on that client, and they have the unfettered ability to say, no, which means that when a partner is a boss whole word spreads fast associates are going to choose to work with the people that they enjoy working with who they're going to learn from who are going to mentor them who are going to take an interest in their career, and those people who don't act in that way, those partners who don't act that way are going to have a. Really difficult time getting there their matters staffed, so if there's a partner, I think is an asshole I can just choose not to work with that person. That's exactly right. That's amazing. When we get that job. Yeah. And we've had we've had situations with partners with with a significant amount of business are are saying, well, I want to have a designated group of associates to work with me. And the firm said, no, we're not gonna do that. We're not gonna modify our free market approach because you're having a more difficult time getting your work staffed to make sure leaders know how they're being viewed. They do anonymous upward reviews where junior associates senior partners which doesn't happen in many law firms when I was interviewing with law firms. I could tell when a law firm was really kind of catering to a star. I remember being a first year associate, and I would see big corner offices with vestibules to get into that office of the secretary and. You could tell those were the sorts of places where they were really catering to particular partners who had a lot of power asshole thrive in certain kinds of workplaces places. Where leaders say they want teamwork but only paying promote on individual results, the classic term for it is the folly of rewarding a while hoping for be for one example, look at a company that was huge in the nineties, but it starts with good people. It stated core values were communication respect integrity and excellence there probably are times there's desire to cut corners. We can't have that it end on. Enron Maeve claimed evalu- behavior, but they actually rewarded ruthlessness, and selfishness one of my favorite diagnostic questions that I like to ask in organizations is who is a superstar here psychologist, Bob Sutton again. And if the superstars are pretty consistently people who are jerks people who are takers that's assigned to me that the game is that those are the people who who are getting rewarded despite the rhetoric means that they're they're forgiven and to me that's the real test most important question. Yes, sir. Do you believe that there is such a thing as an asshole free workplace? No. I Tim it. Damn it. You ask who I think I was really hoping you would tell me there's one I think there are workplaces where there's very few or maybe no certified assholes, but there's always going to be some temporary jerk behavior. Just because we both know it's so easy for us to accidentally leave people feeling disrespected. We're going to be tired. We're gonna be grouchy. We're going to be in a hurry. Somebody's going to yell at us. It's going to happen. But the difference is what happens when there's a transgression when the belief that it's necessary to be an asshole doesn't get challenged. The behavioral often becomes normalized not only by the perpetrators. But also by victims and witnesses, here's conflict mediator, Sheila heen. Again, the people who say it's actually a big plus to have an asshole in your organization, the people who would say, the no asshole rule produces cultures that are very polite, but are not. Has dedicated to sort of excellence or quality part of what they're identifying is this tension, which is that impolite cultures. If our main goal is not to hurt anybody's feelings will then we don't actually give each other feedback or point out. Actually, we could be doing this a lot better. And so things get driven underground. And it takes an asshole to come along and say, what are we thinking? This is stupid. Right. You think that that? We're places should have no asshole rules. Do I think workplace should have no asshole rules? Yes. If the the implicit rule behind the no asshole rule is nobody should ever feel upset. That's not really a workable rule. And I think in workplaces the rule should be how you treat people matters a lot. And it doesn't mean that we won't sometimes have hard conversations. I think every leader has a responsibility to strive for a no asshole culture is the smart thing to do if you want to attract motivate and retain talented people. But more importantly, it's the right thing to do. We spend so many hours at work, and we have a right to be treated with dignity during those hours so screen assholes out of your hiring process. Make sure you don't reward people who get individual results at the expense of others and create a toxic culture. And when someone is demeaning, see if you can find a respectful way to let them know what impact they've had. If you don't have the power to remove or reform an asshole, your best bet is to minimize your interaction. And if that isn't an option you can lease control how you view that person, Bob Sutton, as a colleague who has some fun with it. He pretends that he sort of an asshole specialists, and he just considers himself really lucky to see this spectacular. Amazing specimen. Work. Life is hosted by me, Adam grant, the show is produced by Ted with transmitter media. Our team includes Colin Helms credit cone, Jessica Glazer, grace Rubinstein, Michelle Quint Angela Chang and gently this episode was produced by Dan O'Donnell are shows mixed by Rick original music by hunt. Sue and Allison latent Brown at stories produced by pineapple street media special, thanks to our sponsors. But no votes Accenture Hilton and J P Morgan Chase. For their research takes two arguments skin. Amir Erez and colleagues on rudeness hurting medical team performance. Christine porath in Amir on rudeness disrupting cognitive processing creativity and helping then tapper on abusive supervision, the late Larry, James, Michael McIntyre, and their collaborators on rationalizing aggression. Michael husband and Dylan minor on toxic workers, Barbara grew tech colleagues on service relationships and Steve Kerr, the chief learning officer, not the basketball coach on the folly of rewarding AWOL hoping for b. Next time on work life. How you remember anything? It is absolutely true. That when you learn these memory techniques, you can perform astounding feats of memory, and this is verified, not just by my own experience. But by like twenty five hundred years if people using these techniques and buy a whole bunch of science. Are you deliberately avoiding using the word asshole? Yes. I am. Actually, I don't think I want to use it. I just think you know, if my mother ever listens to this podcast. She wouldn't appreciate if I use that word. Choose good as opposed to my last interview who said asshole every four words.

Bob Sutton Carlin Aaron partner secretary Steve Jobs professor Gordon Eubanks Sheila heen Adam grant Harvard Business Review Ted Cindy Jeff berg Walter Isaacson Baba Stanford Israel co founder
TVR367  COVID-19 TV Changes Begin, Legends of Tomorrow Romeo V Juliet, ODAT on PopTV  TV Rewind

TV Rewind Podcast

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TVR367 COVID-19 TV Changes Begin, Legends of Tomorrow Romeo V Juliet, ODAT on PopTV TV Rewind

"Td rewind episode. Three hundred sixty seven. Hello and welcome to TV rewind episode three hundred sixty seven for the week of Merge twenty-second Twenty twenty. I'm Stephanie Zimmer. Happy back with you once again. And it's been quite a while since I've done our regular TV rewind episode. The last one was recorded on a released on January twenty eighth and then we had the good place. Series Finale talk which came out at the beginning of March. So we've had a little bit of a gap in there. Today on. Tuesday is my first day of unemployment sadly because of covert nineteen. My job is deemed non-essential at the music store. So I enter into this period of. I don't know how long this is going to last but suddenly I find myself with all this extra time so I suppose I should get back on the microphone and at least attempt to do semi regular recording schedule. Because I have nothing but time to watch all these shows that I have recorded and all this new stuff. That's out there including all the stuff on Disney parks. Because I just signed up for that last night because you know why not. Just their caution to the wind and spend a little bit to have that for year. I think it'll be worth it in the end. Now find lots of cool stuff to recommend to you. So that's exciting. But I'm happy to be back and happy that we still have sponsors. Just by the large gaps. That we've had in the recordings so thank you again to Best David Michael Dunn and Lisa as our five dollars a month sponsors and thank you to wait and Merck as our one dollar a month sponsors. Thank you so much. You can continue to join them. Ed Patriot Dot com slash TV rewind which will link in page in the show notes and there's also a button on the homepage of the website and now it's especially important because you know we just lost one of our incomes still able to teach via skype so at least. I have that little commission but that's not an tremendous autumn month. So thank you to those. Who are continuing to help and sponsor us here on TV. Rerun you bring your thoughts in the last week television. We'll take a pause for the news. We ran the last week and fast forward to next week but first off. We'll take a pause for the news and because I've been getting News collected since the end of January. I have put a lot in the show notes for today but some of the things are kind of irrelevant now so I deleted them and some things have changed in. There was a lot of things that have changed in two months. So let's get it. Nbc has renewed days of our lives for a fifty sixth season. Bravo NBC for having confidence in that long running. Sobre soap opera. The only one that I still watch and is still pretty tremendous and considering the fact that they have now had to shut down production as have you know. Hundreds of other shows out there in the world. I'm really glad that they are so far ahead in their scheduling that they had episodes piled up until September. So at least we'll have that other soap operas are probably GONNA run episodes by. May so that's not great for the other fans but days of our lives were set for a long time so one. Good thing about taping so far in advance if you're good to go for a while. Additionally the good doctor has been renewed for season for on ABC. And wow the good doctor has been so good the season. I've been loving it. I haven't they just aired the first part of the season finale which I didn't get a chance to watch it because it just aired yesterday. But it's going gangbusters for the season. I'm really excited for Avenue. Vat Sex education season three net flicks superstore for a season six on NBC and it was also announced over the last two months that America. Ferrera is going to be leaving superstar but now that they had to shut down their production and they're going to have less episodes for the season. I don't know if he's going to get the proper send-off that she should it which is really sad. Bosch has been renewed for season seven on Amazon for a final season avenue five for a season to HBO. The BLACKLIST FOR SEASON. Eight on NBC. Good news for blacklists expose guys yellowstone for a season. Foreign paramount. Atypical for a season for on Netflix. Which will be the final season so you think you can dance for season seventeen on Fox law and order. Svu For seasons twenty two twenty three and twenty four on NBC Chicago Fire For Season Nine through eleven three seasons Chicago. Pd FOR SEASON. Eight nine and ten Chicago Med for a season. Six seven eight all of those on. Nbc So they know their procedural. And they just keep chugging out they know at people. Watch them so. I don't know why you should complain about that. They're good commodity for NBC. That's for sure Lawson. Space has been renewed for season three on Netflix. As its final season and station nineteen has been renewed for season four on ABC. It's not good news for everyone. As we had a couple of cancellations as well soundtrack has been canceled after one season. On as you might recall. This is a show that I recommended to you. I think it was the last podcast or the one before that I really love that. Show a whole lot and really sad that they didn't really give it a chance to really grow within the first couple of weeks or a month. After it had come out they cancelled it. I'm just really sad about that. I liked it a lot. So if you haven't had a chance to see soundtrack highly recommended especially for those of us who are home and it's a good heartfelt story. It's a good family dynamic drama and there's also a lot of singing which happens to be lip sinked saying but you know it's still fun. They break Gordon Song and they dance and I liked it a lot so check out only a season. It doesn't completely wrap up but it has some good conclusions. Spinning out has been canceled after one season on Netflix. Ray Donovan after six seasons on showtime insatiable after two seasons on Netflix. The magicians after five seasons on Scifi. The finale will be airing on April first almost family after one season on Fox the rook after one season on stars. Aj and the Queen. After one season on Netflix now almost family was a show that I predicted in the fall. Preview maybe I didn't say it in the fall preview but I in the back mindset thought to myself oh that's going to be one of the first ones cancelled so it wasn't one of the first ones but it was one of the ones that I thought was going to last. Pass this season. I thought it would. I was surprised that it actually got to air all of its episodes. But that's all we have for the cancellations this time judge. Judy is a journey courtroom next year. After a quarter of a century but she's not striking in the gavel on TV career. Just yet judge Judy announced on the Ellen. Degeneres show that the next season the daytime hits twenty fifth will be the syndicated series last. She earned reportedly forty seven million a year making her one of TV's highest paid personalities. She was correct to note that because she's not tired. She will launch a new courtroom series. Titled Judge Judy Justice In Twenty. Twenty one however she declined to reveal what format the show will have or when it will air. Of course now. It's like well. Is that going to air next year. I don't think so. I don't think the next season of Judge Judy is GonNa even air this year. The voice for pepe pig is stepping down after thirteen years. Harley bird has stepped away from being the swine of pepper peg. She is the honor of being peppers. Longest running voice but she isn't the first the Sassy swine was previously brought to life by actresses lily snowden fine and cecily bloom but thirteen years is. The voice is nothing to sneeze at long long commitment to good for her. Hopefully they find a nother. Such lovely voice for that role. I know my granddaughter's a huge fan of that show. The crown will come to an end with season. Five with Harry Potter. Actress Imelda Staunton officially taking over as Queen Elizabeth and the final season. Who SUCCEEDS CLARIFY? Olivia and Olivia Colman. The series creator initially initially intended for the crown to run for six seasons however he recently had a change of hurt explaining that he has now become to work on stories for season five and it became clear. That was the time and place to stop and you know now. Now with everything going on in the world he probably wouldn't be able to do see six seasons anyway so it works out quite well so who knows when that layer whenever they can start working on it again. I guess one thing for sure that the beginning of the end of the hundred is almost upon us. After eighty four episodes a handful of time jumps in more traffic desk than we could possibly count the SCIFI drama were turned to the CW for its seven than mine. All season on Wednesday may twenty at eight seven central and the second season of in the dark with Mir on Thursday may twenty eighth at nine eight central. So the good news. There is that all the episodes have already been produced. I'm pretty sure that they were all in the Canon ready to go so that should be fine. I stopped watching along. Tamiko so I have no real opinion about it. Star is finally landing this spring. The latest edition to DC Universe's live action. Roster will premiere on Monday May Eleventh. New episodes will become available the stream every Monday thereafter. It will also have a snack at home at the CW. The series premiere will make its broadcast debut on Tuesday may twelfth at nine eight central and remain in that timeslot until Tuesday may twenty six when it officially moves to eight. Pm star girl follows high school. Sophomore Courtney Whitmore as she moves to Blue Valley Nebraska and inspires an unlikely group of Young Heroes to stop the villains of the past. So if you're a fan of DC universe. I'm sure we're checking that out. I might check it out on the CW. But I don't have any background knowledge in stirred role so it's not a thing for me. However the star girl movie. That's on Disney. Plus I will definitely be checking out because I did read. That book totally unrelated. But it's weird that they have you know two things that are the exact same title from two different services. That's a little confusing the iconic sketch group. The kids in the hall will reunite for all new episodes on Amazon prime. But who knows when. That's the question that's really important. All five original kid's Day Foley. Bruce McCulloch Kevin McDonald mark. Mckinney and Scott Thompson will star in the eight episode revival which will be a continuation of the original nineteen eighty eight and ninety five series and all the return a fan favorite characters along with brand. New Chretien's no premiere date has been set. Of course we will find out when it actually come out when it's announced Quincy which is short for quick bites will launch on Monday April sex. With a total of fifty programs. This will include four movies and chapters a slew of daily essentials and Chrissy teagan wielding gavel. Qube has also announced that it will offer a ninety day free trails for a limited time. Otherwise the monthly price point will be four ninety with with ads and seven ninety. Nine without all told Qube is promising to release one hundred seventy five original shows. That is a lot an eighty five hundred quick bites of content in its first year alone. That's a lot of stuff. The streaming services fair falls in Three Buckets Movies and Chapters Aka. Big Stories told in chapters seven to ten minutes in length unscripted docks covering food. Fashion travel animal cars music. Sports Comedy Talk Variety documentary and more with episodes running ten minutes or less among them. As Christie's Court Chrissy Teigen reigns supreme as a judge over small claims cases with her mom. Bailiff pepper tie maintains order in the courtroom. Daily Essentials curated daily into five to six quick bites of news entertainment and inspiration the movies in chapters. That will be available to launch are as follows and the titles. I'm just going to get the titles. You can look up information on our show. Notes today flipped most dangerous game survive based on the Alex moral novel when the street. Let's go on and more details. Those found in the show notes for day. Tv Ran podcasts. Dot Com slash. Three six seven. Now I not going to talk about all the different things have shut down or been rescheduled or change plans because that would take too long. There's just too many some just gonNA cover a couple of them Fox. Abc and the CW just like CBS and NBC have decided to scrap their annual live fall. Tv Upfront presentations due to concerns about the corona virus outbreak on a Monday may Eleventh Fox will host a digital presentation for the advertising community to preview. The latest programming and schedule instead of trotting out stars in numbers wonks at the Beacon Theater on Thursday may fourteenth the CW will also forego their star studded affair at the New York City Centre to instead pursue an alternative plan to communicate its strategy and scheduled to add buyers an industry journalists so I did not include the information about CBS and NBC. But they're probably pretty similar in what they're going to do whenever there's are scheduled. Probably Tuesday and Wednesday of that week already this upfront season several cable and streaming outlets had moved or cancelled their own presentations planned for earlier in the spring may however is reserved for the splashy presentations of the regular networks for talking about their new shows. But it'll be very interesting to see how this all plays out because this this mean because shows have not been able to be in production for a couple of weeks now and it's not gonna be going away in the next month or even three months probably. So what does that mean for fall shows? What does it mean for hallmark movie? That tape there movies in the summer. You know there's so many unknown things right now. They can go about their business and say all these are going to be. Our fall shows are going to be so great but we can't really show you anything because we can't tape anything. It's just a big mess. You guys throws on so many unknown variables about what's going to happen in the TV life. We might not even have a fall season if we're really honest but if we do I'll still be covering it. I'm just super curious about how things are going to play out. Hopefully it's only a backtrack a couple months. But even then you know things could still get pushback. A production assistant working in the set. A Bat woman was seriously injured in a workplace accident. Amanda Smith who also works as a local comedian was situated between the Virginia viaduct on March Eleventh. When a bucket of the tiller hinder was lowered onto her head during filming because traffic noise from the above viaduct. Few did not hear the machine being lowered. According to her friend a to told the Vancouver Sun on a gofundme page set up or Smith then coup says that Smith underwent emergency spinal surgery having suffered a burst not twelve and a t eleven A. S. I a. and had really intensive surgery and she has reportedly currently paralyzed unable to feel anything from the waist down. Oh Man and is so tragic. The agency is currently investing the onset incident. Wow this show so bad for. I mean it's not the first time that a crew member has gotten hurt on a show but it happened at work so she can have workers comp for it is really important. My husband has a very less severe spinal injury. He definitely was not pure allies in what happened to him but I definitely sympathize for all the things that she has to go through and pain and suffering of that and now that production on that show has shut down who knows what will happen with that show either. The daytime Emmy awards will shine a lot less brighter this year because the forty seventh annual award show have been officially cancelled. Obviously there's so much on in the world right now and there are so many unknowns they decided it was just best to cancel it. Of course the daytime Emmy Awards have not actually aired on TV for about four or five years. Now they've been online for every year for the last four or five years but you know can't have gatherings more than ten people so that be pretty hard to do for an award show. They haven't announced if they're going to do anything else. At least to announce who the winners were and had like you know speeches or something of those individuals posted or anything. They haven't said anything about that. But right now there are not going to happen this year. Summer Olympics are also another victim of the current of outbreak. The competition has officially been postponed in light of the pandemic. The gains are set to take place in Tokyo from July. Twenty fourth to August ninth with NBC. Handling all the broadcasting rights but on Tuesday the Japanese prime minister announced that he reached an agreement with the International Olympic Committee to delay the Games for about a year at the latest. They will now be held in the summer of Twenty. Twenty one though. A Morris was Victorian Lane has not been announced which I think is definitely the right move for this because you can't have large groups of people getting together and they certainly will not be able to buy the summer. I feel bad for the athletes. Who now have you know another year the at the train? But maybe that'll help them to be better. I wonder though if this means that the other Olympics that are heading off of this they that are spread out every four years if those are bumped back another year or if it's going to be next year and then another three years have been another four. Or are they GONNA do next year and four years after that in four years after that it will be very interesting to see if that changes for right. Now we know is that the summer Olympics will be coming out next year. And I'll be very excited for them because I love the summer Olympics or so many great sport that I follow on the summer ones and I am very excited to have them and definitely ready to have them when it's safe to have them just days. After modern family wrap production eleventh and final season Beatrice the scene stealing French bulldog who played Jay Bridget's beloved Stella has passed away Beatrice has been part of the modern family since the character was introduced in season two but at that time she was only understo- under study for another dog named Brigitte. Eighty spewed between brigades owner and the annual agency that hired her resulted in them. Passing the pop pressing pause on her career in so paving the way for the trees to take over the role in season. Four that sad. That's another dog that passed away after the show wrapped so at least the Family got to say goodbye to her as they wrapped up their story and everybody who is involved in modern family obviously wrapped up that filming before this all all the whirlwind crazy so that story will play out as supposed to when it airs on ABC and a few weeks but this is another show where the dog passed away after the show wrapped. We also had fuller house where Cosmo Pass Away. And now we move on to quite a few celebrity DASS. That happened in the last two months former child star Lorenzo Bruno who played one of the Camden on seventh. Heaven died in a fatal car accident at the age of twenty one. How Sad Brenno lost control of his vehicle? While driving in San Bernardino County. He struck a poll and was pronounced dead at the scene. The young actor was one of four quadruplets who played salmon David the youngest children of the candidate family as the characters in toddlers age Lorenzo and his brother Nicholas became the official actors for the role. The BERINA brothers entered the series in its third season which aired in Nineteen Ninety Nine. Brenno appeared in a total of one hundred thirty eight seven seven episodes. The series ran for eleven seasons ten on the WB and one on the CW so sad about this young man who passed away at the prime of his life the Renzo Piano from Seventh Heaven at the age of twenty one. I don't remember him and his brother when here there they were so young that show what they I they. I air when I graduated high school. So they first started airing twenty one years ago as I graduated high school. Then and then they were in the show for their next ten or eleven seasons that aired so there had had quite a few episodes for all those seasons. The soap opera world is mourning the loss of one of its greats. Merged you say who played Alexander spaulding on Guiding Light Pamela capital on Santa Barbara Vanessa. Cortlandt on all my children Vivian. Elamine on days of our lives and Myrna Clegg on Capitol has passed away at the age of eighty three days. Distinguished career encompasses many roles. I'm multi-faceted daytime Emmy nominee do se Ri. Kurd on the facts of life made her mark on the on star trek appeared opposite Elvis Presley in Klanbake and made guest appearances on dynasty murder. She wrote and the odd couple. I definitely know her as Vanessa Portland. She was a great villain on that show and she had a very tragic story and she was actually played. The mother of the character who is played by Josh Duhamel on all my children who was greenlees greatest. Love Leo Break Character. Great Villain character and she was also a mother. Character to Vincent Eras Ari on guiding light and then he came over to all my children to play to play a villain but it was a good reunion for them. So yeah merged you say definitely well known in the world of soap operas and definitely will be extremely remembered probably different show she was in Kirk. Douglas WanNa last. Living survivors of the film industry's Golden Age has died the actor best known for his iconic role and spartakist was a hundred and three years old. God bless him. Douglas is survived by his wife and his three sons. Joel Peter and Michael Douglas. He was mainly known. I work on the big screen but many TV credits to his name including a dozen made for TV movies especially London Bridge Special in Nineteen Seventy two DR JEKYLL and Mr Hyde. Nineteen seventy-three mousy. One Thousand Nine hundred seventy four victory at and T bay for Nineteen Seventy six remembrance of love nineteen eighty to draw nineteen eighty-four that has an exclamation after. That's why I said I bet. Ammos nineteen eighty five. Inherit the wind nineteen eighty-eight the secret nineteen ninety-two take me home again. Nineteen eighty-four and his last acting credit empire state building murders. Two Thousand Eight. He also appeared in the mini series. Arthur Haley's the money changers nineteen seventy six and Queenie nineteen eighty-seven and made guest appearances on the Lucy show tales from the crypt touched by an angel and the simpsons. Douglas was thrice nominated for the Academy Award for best actor in a motion picture. I for playing Mitch Kelly in Nineteen forty-nine Champion nineteen ninety six. He was awarded a Honorary Oscar for five decades in the motion picture community. He was also nominated for three emmys. Douglas was the recipient of Golden Globe Cecil B de Millward for lifetime achievement in sixty eight and AF. I Life Achievement Award in one thousand nine hundred eighty one and Sag lifetime achievement award in nineteen eighty nine. He was also nineteen ninety-four Kennedy Center award e says Kirk Douglas. The next one is veteran TV. Actor Robert Conrad who died at the age of eighty four butter and TV actor. Robert Conrad has side of Egypt. Eighty-four Conrad's long. Tv career began with one shots on series such as Bat masterson Maverick and lawman before starred opposite Anthony Eisley in the ABC Detective Series Hawaiian eye which ran for four seasons from fifty. Nine hundred sixty three a few years later he ended up the wild wild west. He headed up the wild wild West Science Fiction Western series. That ran in. Cbs for Four Seasons and along well later was turned into a big budget. Movie Flop by Will Smith next up. Conrad Played Major Greg. Pappy Boynton on Bob Black. Sheep which also co starred in the NBC. Centennial miniseries his other of many TV credits include a man called Sloane High Mountain Rangers Jesse Hawkes and High Sierra Search and rescue most recently he guests at Nineteen Ninety nine episode of. Just shoot me. Conrad was also famously. A fixture on the battle of the network stars Internet where competition series often serving as the most intimidating team. Captain often serving as the most intimidating Kim captain building off of his reputation as a pitch man forever ready. We're in a series of commercials. He derived to knock the battery office. Shoulder said is Robert Conrad. The next one is veteran. Actor and comedian. Orson bean died after being struck by a car while crossing a street in Venice California at the age of ninety one an army vet who has position who is stationed in postwar Japan in the mid nineteen forties being born Dallas federick boroughs began his entertainment career as a magician before segue into stand up comedy. Starting in the nineteen fifties. He was a regular panelist on. To tell the truth he also appeared other game. Show as well as Johnny. Carson's the tonight show on which he had been gassed for more than two hundred times beans TV acting credits include but no means limited to Mary Hartman Mary Hartman. It's been off fernwood tonight. The facts of life Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. Normal Ohio seventh heaven and desperate housewives. He appeared in November twenty eighteen episode superstar and the latest season of grace and Franky. Which just dropped in January among his many stage credits he earned a Tony nomination in nineteen sixty one for the musical. Subways are for sleeping and joy. Along run in the comedy never too late. His film roles included being John Malkovich and the equalizer to and he is survived by his third wife. And Dr Quinn co-star Alley Mills. Whom HE WED in Nineteen Ninety three satis. Orson being the next one is Lynn Cohen. Best known for her role as Magda on sex in the city died at the age of eighty six. The news was originally posted on Broadway world. A cause of death was not disclosed in addition to thirteen episodes on sex and the city Cohen whose character served as both nanny maternal figure to Cynthia Nixon's Miranda appeared in both the two thousand eight feature film. Follow up as well. As twenty ten sequel Cohen also had a significant presence on law and order she guest starred on twelve episodes of the original series as judge. Elizabeth Messner and a myriad roles on criminal intent and special victims unit. Her career started in nineteen eighty three with a small party. Tea movie without a trace additional. Tv credits included the recurring role on. Showtime's The affair where she played Joan. She also guest starred. I'M BLUE BLOODS CHICAGO MED. Damages getting on the Marvelous Mrs Mazel Master of None Nurse Jackie and NYPD blue she most recently appeared on a January fifth episode of God Frienemie as rose the long lost sister of an elderly Holocaust survivor on the big screen. Cohen Played megs and the Hunger Games catching fire. She also had supporting roles in the cobbler. Eagle Eye Munich and they came together and she is survived by her husband Ronald Theater Cohen and have been married since nineteen sixty four. As Lynn Cohen the next one is Caroline flack former host of love island. Uk has died at the age of forty the British. Tv's personality died by suicide. Sadly she was found in her London residence. According to a family's attorney flack presided over Love Island UK which streams on Hulu stateside through season five. She was removed has hosted in December and replaced by Laura Whitmore following accusations of assault of her boyfriend. She was set to stand trial on March fourth. She started out as an actress on the British sketch. Sketch Comedy Series Bo. Sex SELECTA in two thousand and two. She eventually made a career for herself as a television and radio personality presenting on such reality series as escape from Scorpion Island. Gladiators and I must liberty. Get me out of here. Now flack went on to co host. The X factor campaign. Siri the XTRA factor than presided over season. Twelve of the x factor proper alongside Ali murders in Olly Murs in two thousand fourteen. She won season twelve of. Bbc's strictly come dancing with dance partner. Pashke Pavlov said is Caroline flack the next one is Janet Dubois best known for her role as will Anna Woods on good. Times died at the age of seventy four caused the death. Not Disclosed Dubois rose to fame as Florida and James Evans. Next door neighbor on the Roman Lear. Sitcom which ran from seventy four to seventy nine Jessica. Right Co wrote and sang the Jeffersons themes on moving up in December. She actually appeared in the live in front of a studio audience special so it was kind of cool to see her in appear in their edition. Good Times Dubois. Played Ma Bell in the nineteen eighty. Nine film parody. I'M GONNA sit. I'M GONNA GET JESSICA. She also recurred. In the ninety Sitcom the WAYANS brothers as grim Ellington and gave voice the Mrs Avery on the animated series the PJ's which run her to Primetime Emmys for voice over Herman's additional TV credits include episodes of a different world crossing Jordan Er. Everybody loves Raymond. The facts of life the Golden Palace home improvement the love boat when we shut cold-case and touched by an angel. That is Janette Dubois. The next one is emmy winning soap writer. Leaf ill bell who co created the young and the restless and bold and the beautiful. She has died at the age of ninety one. The young and the restless and balding beautiful offered their condolences via the show's official. Twitter feeds along with her late husband. William J bell she co created their young and the restless in nineteen seventy three and Baldwin beautiful in nineteen eighty seven. Both of those remain on the scheduled to this day. She won a daytime. Emmy for outstanding daytime drama series in nineteen seventy five for work. Unwind are and a daytime Emmy for lifetime achievement in two thousand seven. And of course William and Lee's son Bradley. Bill has been the head writer of bold since Nineteen ninety-three Lee Phillip. Bell also had a long career as a TV personality hosting the Chicago Talk. Show the league. Philip show for more than thirty years. She interviewed many newsmakers and celebrities on the show including president. Richard Nixon John Wayne and Lucille. Ball bows daytime. Legacy lives on the young and the restless just scored a four season renewal at the network guaranteeing it a run until at least two thousand. Twenty four set is Lee Phillip Bell. The next one is James Lipton best known for many years as host of the interview series inside the Actors Studio as out of the age of ninety three and he passed away in his home after a battle with bladder cancer. Lipton created inside the actors studio at Nineteen eighty-four when it premiered on Bravo the QNA program in which Lipton in-depth questions about their craft ran for twenty two seasons at that network before moving to ovation in twenty nineteen after moderating more than two hundred fifty conversations with Thespians Lipton stepped down as host when the show changed networks and the program is now led by a series of guests hosts Lipton also guest roles on shows such as arrested development suburban Tori and according to Jim and he voiced himself on episodes of the Simpsons and family guy behind the scenes. Lipton serves as a writer on several projects including episodes of inside the actors. His credits also included another world. The Best of everything and return to peyton place. That is James Lipton. The next one is Roscoe born who brought to life many memorable characters across a decades long daytime TV career. That spanned shows such as Santa Barbara and one life to live. He decided the Egypt sixty nine and a couple days after he passed away. His family released a statement that he passed from suicide after starting out his acting. Career with guest spots on series such as Joe Forster. The rockford falls in incredible hulk born played reporter. Mark Bailey on the ABC. Primetime soap paper dolls from there. He dove into a long run of daytime TV roles including Ryan's hope. Joe Novak Santa. Barbara's CERNA Santa. Barbara's Robert Barr and Quim Armitage on which he earned a daytime emmy nomination in nineteen ninety. All my children's Jim Thomason. The city's wreck rivers passions. Morton the the rest of his Tom Fisher. And of course one life to live's super nefarious. Mitch Laurence side definitely remember? Rasco born very vividly as all my children's Jim Thomason and also one life to live. Mitch Laurence who definitely a really good villain. I don't know if he played any other role closes the only two that I saw him but he played a great villain and is very sad that he passed away at such a young age from suicide. The next one is Max. Von Sydow known to TV audiences. As game of thrones an enigmatic three re three three eyed Raven died on March ninth at the age of ninety edition to is three thrones episodes in season six of the HBO drama. His work included the tutors where he appeared as Colonel Van Waldberg. He also lent his voice to an episode of the Simpsons and Co starred in multiple mini series. The actor also had a substantial career in film earning Oscar nominations for a foreign language film peel the conqueror in Nineteen eighty-nine and extremely loud and extremely close in two thousand twelve. He worked closely with late director. Egg Mer Bergman appearing in eleven of his films frontside knows film. Credits include the exorcist. As Father Miron Flash Gordon as emperor Ming Conan the barbarian and June to name a few more. Recently he played Lawrenson Tucker in Star Wars. The force awakens that is mix and sit out the next one is Maggie Griffin mother of Kathy Griffin and Co Star of the Bravo reality series. My Life on the D list has died at the age of ninety nine Kathy Griffin shared the news and social media on March seventeenth. My mom the one only mega griffin passed away today. I am gutted. She's my best friend. She was my family. You knew her you. She appreciated you guys so much. I'm shaking I won't ever be prepared. Her point of view so unique. We just got each other. I'm so grateful you gotcha part of her life. You loved her. I know it she knew it. She's a replaceable she continued. I'm telling you right now. I'm not doing well with this. Just truly feels like the end of an era and of course she went on Saint Patrick's Day back in January twenty nineteen griffin reveal. Their mom was deep in the throes of dementia which is never easy to handle addition to my life on the D list. Maggie appeared on her daughter. Short-lived EM TV series Kathy. So called reality as well as her. Bravo talk show. Her last onscreen. Credit was the two thousand Nineteen Documentary Kathy Griffin a hell of a story that is Maggie Griffin. The NEXT ONE IS TV veteran. Lia- wagoner a key cast member on the Carol Burnett show who also co starred with Linda Carter. On Wonder Woman. She has died at the age of eighty four. After battling an illness the actor landed early roles on shows like gunsmoke and lost in space and was even a finalist on the role of Batman before losing out to Adam West before beginning a seven year run on CBS. The Carol Burnett show as an announcer and performer. After leaving Carol Burnett in eighteen seventy four. He took on the role of Steve. Trevor Opposite Carter's Diana Prince on wonder woman playing Steve Trevor. Junior in seasons two and three after time jump wegener was a frequent guest there and seventies and eighties. Tv shows appearing. On Charlie's angels the Love Boat Happy Days Mark and Mindy and the golden girls in the nineteen nineties. He appeared on Ellen and the seven. That's seventy Shero. His final TV credit was a guest spot on the Fox. Sitcom the word home in two thousand five that is Lyle Wagner and last but certainly not least Kenny Rogers passed away country music icon and three time. Grammy Award winner died. At the age of eighty-one the singer passed away peacefully at home from natural causes under the care of hospice and surrounded by family because of everything going on in the world the family's planning a small private service in large scale public memorial at a later date riders career span more than six decades and helped twenty four number one hits including the Gambler Lady Islands in the Stream Lucille. She believes in me and through the years he was the forefather of country pop crossovers and has been inducted into the country. Music Hall of fame in two thousand thirteen addition to his grammy's he was awarded six. Cma Awards and twenty eighteen. His Song the Gambler was editor. Library of Congress's National Registry. Rogers appeared in TV series. Like touched by an angel Dr Quinn Medicine Woman and served as a narrator for an episode of High Metro mother his list of TD movies included Christmas in America and wild horses. Another special will air on any of a biography of on April thirteenth set is iconic country singer. Kenny Rogers at was a lot of people who passed away from the TV world and last two months. You can find the links to everything that I talked about in the show notes today at TV. Ram podcasts dot com slash three six seven and with that after that very long news section. We move on to the weekly rewind and I move onto the weekly rewind and talk about some shows that aired in the last week and gave you some thoughts on what happened and because the new section was so very long. I'm going to skip one of the shows that averagely wanted to talk about. I'm just going to do the second one which is legislative tomorrow episode. Eight of season five. Romeo Juliet dawn of just nece. And so this was brandon rouse last episode with his wife who plays his wife on the show and it was really really beautiful and very touching and funny and just had some really heartfelt moments and I just loved it as the episode begins. Re Palmer wakes up next to Nar. Dirk his new wife and they're coming together and getting married in. The last episode was so beautiful. Even with the reappearance of Damian dark and as much as we hate him before he was kind of showed up as a good data matt episode. It was just very very strange but I loved it. Looking over the various trinkets he had collected during his time on the wave rider. Ray Chelsea Orbi thinks they need to leave the way writer and build a life together when she is initially resistant nor ultimately agrees ray plans one last mission with the team before. It's time to say goodbye to the bathroom. Zari is taking all the time in the world claim herself up and Bray decides the break. The News Sarah and Ava Sarah has a really cute line about no talk of no business. Talk before I'd have my coffee. He was really cute once burrowed Charlie and make our done interrupting. They finally get their chance. They tell the team and then ray can't bring himself that. Break the news to nate in. That's just the heartbreak of the whole episode on the bridge. Sarah tries to talk him into being honest with nate but rate is wants to have the right moment which is never going to happen when Charlie reveals that she left a piece of a loom in sixteenth century London. The team makes their. They're only to find. The Charlie has disguised the piece of loom as of ring and handed it to William Shakespeare after shaking him down learn had handed off as collateral to a producer to whom he had a debt back on the ship. Ava Sarah and Mona Invite Nora to their club. Which of course is not really about books. Back in the fifteen ninety. S Ray Nate and Mick plan a elaborate scheme to heist the ring. Right off the editors finger despite his being surrounded by muscle by the time. They're doing talking about. It truly has returned with the ring and raise mortified to discover at the mission and his time with legends is over hurt break after telling nate that he was leaving for a honeymoon with Nora. Nate convinces the away team to stay back in the past and have a Bachelor party for him which is really cute legends. Ladies all confessed their baggage to sorry trying to convince her to join their Club but Surrey redirects by suggesting they throw Bachelorette party for Nora. The guys call in but lie there have been. There's been a complication with the mission. Everyone is ready to party in how the coin maker at the Seoul Exchange notices that John. Constantine is alive again despite their best efforts and pressures Astra into trying to find out what his plan is that they can save her mom without her and let John Rot the episode then cuts back and forth between the Bachelor Party where everyone is moody important. Their hearts out the bachelor party during wild things and dancing. He pays off when constantly. Get the sense that he's being watched. He casts a spell to the spy. Back in Hell and asked her unconscious in hell in out of the physical plane. Along the way there's a brawl in the pub 'cause you know legends episode there's gotTa be a brawl and legends end up losing using their powers. Shakespeare in a room full of others saw the whole thing so nate decides to mind. Wipe them by sense. He's pretty drunk. He inadvertently mind wipes alleging instead. Funny and leaves the Elizabethan Crowd confused and unaffected. They head back to the wave writer where someone at the Bachelor Party notices that. The copy of Romeo and Juliet on the table has transformed in a superhero play titled Romeo v Juliette Don of justice which was hilarious on the wave rider. Sarah Berates the team for screwing up the mission while nate leads reads the new play with. Glee. Because you know he's you know a really great character in it. They have to head back to London and affects history. Because that's what they do on this show when nate and Charlie leave to take the sexy firefighter home. Sarah Pose Ray aside. Tell him he really needs to tell nate. Ray admits he doesn't want to admit to his best friend because it will make it real and then he has to say goodbye to Sarah heartbreak in London. Shakespeare's companies about disturb performing their legends. Themed play surprising everyone race and the other to collect the scripts to destroy them. While he goes to talk to Shakespeare he gets clear. Sense of what to do with nate. But it's too late. He admits to Shakespeare with the situation. Is and nate over hears it on the upside. He does convince Shakespeare to rewrite the plate if it was the original ending which he convinces. Shakespeare was better on the wave writer. Nate Confronts Ri- angry that he was leaving and he wasn't honest about it breaking offer bromance hearts when it turns out. The play is no longer in the historical record at all. The team has to go back to check on Shakespeare. Nato's ray just to go find Nora and leave. The lettuce will handle it. And we're like. Oh no the guys are gonNA leave and hurt. I can't happen that way. Shakespeare tells legends at the producer had withdrawn the money for the production when the ring was stolen blaming Shakespeare himself back on the wave writer. Ray picks US things and repairs. Leave with Nora in London. Sarah is hit by a both of inspiration. What would you? She finds a while the optimistic unlikely plan to stage the first ever. Production of Romeo and Juliet putting history back contract and reinvigorating Shakespeare career and it was pretty amazing when they're doing it though. Nate playing Juliet breaks down and can't handle the fact he blew his chance at a real good bye with his best friend. Zuri. Who says that she was a classically. Trained actor takes his place and flawlessly. Just goes right into integrate? Way inspired nate catches ray just before he nora step through the time. Courier portal. They have their bromance hug and goodbye. And it's just beautiful and it was very emotional back on the ship. Syra gives nate a a backup speech and offers to be new BRO. Mona who appeared in this episode incurred as mic to Rio to his daughter who he met in the last episode telling him that he has been a positive influence on in her own life and he probably wants grew up a kid because his dad sucked once time is fixing the best friends have said their farewells in the wave rider alleges raise a glass to Ray Palmer. Kyw's this episode. I loved it. I mean I don't want brand routes a half to leave the show but in the same track I feel like he'd come so far as a character and how much further along could they go. And how long can you have the boy scout be an interesting part of a team? Especially now that he's married his true love. You guys a little happy ending there. And now he has to go off with his with his love into the sunset. I thought it was a really great ending for that character. I thought the the bit in London was really adorable with them screwing up Romeo and Juliet history and then having to put on the play live and and fix it and make Shakespeare hero again. I just love the whole thing. It was great that everybody got a chance to say goodbye to him. Especially Sarah Nate. It was odd that not everyone got to have a go by moment with him but I felt it was okay and strong enough because Sarah Nate were the ones that really bonded within the most it was odd. That didn't get any moment with him but then again he's a man a few words anyway so he probably would have not had much to say at all. And how cute is the news? I'm disliked totally transplant fixed by her. I mean she's this. Glamorous girl who comes in from breads real life sister who is now the new version of Ari. Who's this totally? Glamorous you know influencer on whatever social media issues using and then she comes into the story and joins the team and is now like really helpful to the team. It's like Kinda surprising and I totally love it very inspired by all of it anyway. I really love the show a lot. I'm glad that it's still on and I'm glad that Brian Ross got such a good ending for his character and that Nora got even have some good moments with their dad and the previous episode to show that you know. She didn't become the dark magician that he wanted her to be but she's living her own life. She's doing she's doing the way she wants to. And she's with the man she loves and they had a kind of a nice. They had lots of Nice moments in that episode of closing up that character and then she just gets to go off with the man. She loves in this episode. It was really great. That's all I have to say about that. Let me know what you thought. Go to the FAST FORWARD RIGHT. Talk about things that are coming up this week. Today is to say the March twenty fourth and to highlight a couple of things coming out. This is US. Season four finale. Oh my gosh. The pen ultimate episode was so good after the fire. I wanted to talk. What in this episode. But we're running very long site did not. But I'll definitely have lots of things to say about the finale because I know it's just blow our minds and we'll be like having to talk about it one day at a time season four premiere on Pop TV. Oh yes so excited. That show is coming back. I love it so much. Wednesday march twenty fifth. Is the stump town season? One Finale which reminds me that I'm like five episodes behind on that show and I really need to get caught up Thursday star Trek Cards in one finale on CBS. L. Access the bowl type. String Spring Finale. On free firm stole a couple episodes behind on that one but I still love it a million little things season two finale on ABC. And that's all looking forward to for this week. There's lots of things that are coming up South Thurston that you're particularly looking forward to check that out. Now move on to record for later and give recommendations from check on DVD streaming or on TV and my recommendation. This week is something that happened recently. Is that all. The fx shows are now available on. Hulu so even if you don't have an fx subscription on your cable you can now see them all on Hulu even current episodes. Because I did notice that like better things. The current season is also on there. So you can see all the current shows as well as older shows so check that out. There's a huge backlog and I saw that even legion season. Three is also on there. You can see the complete story of that which I haven't finished so there's lots of stuff to check out on Hulu and so many other streaming platforms. So what are you checking out? Especially now that you have all this extra time. If you're happened to be home from work so we are an Amazon affiliate if you're interested in ordering anything through Amazon helping us out especially if you're getting like you know necessities for your household. Great time to do it. Just go to. Tv ruined rewind PODCASTS DOT COM Slash Amazon. And that'll help us out greatly. I can find me online. Twitter dot com slash angels theft or facebook at the same link. Instagram Angel Steph. Six Twenty One. Where there lots of pictures of dogs and some other stuff out definitely chronicling a lot of stuff between on my house. Now that I have Martine by descending feedback to the show TV we're in PODCAST DOT com slash feedback review and subscribe to us on Apple. Tv Rim had dot com slash apple. You can find Oliver shows past and present at that. Link the show you can also find at slash android FLASH RADIO GOOGLE. I slash IHEART radio. Please consider being a patron of our show and and Financially supporting us be greatly appreciated. Now that I have temporary lost my job can find at Patriotair DOT COM slash TV rewind. And now that. I have a little bit of extra time. Try to do some other new stuff on Patriots on and see that we can see if we can get more people to be attracted to signing up and you can find us at facebook dot com slash groups slash. Tv We're in. Which is where I'm going live from today and at twitter dot com slash. Tv rewind. So thank you so much for tuning into this episode. Whether you're watching it being recorded live or you're watching the video later or you're listening to the recording later. I greatly appreciate all of you. Who have been sticking around with me in having patients with me this whole time for how long. It's taken me to post an episode. Thanks for listening. You can find all our show notes past episodes and time codes at t we're in PODCAST DOT com slash three six seven. Thanks for listening and I will talk to you next time.

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OBI: Listener Questions Live

Cincy Jungle

59:04 min | 4 months ago

OBI: Listener Questions Live

"What is going on? Bengals fans is the orange like insider bengals podcast. You're coming live to you here on this youthful Friday afternoon here at least in downtown Cincinnati. Hope the weather is nice guys as well wherever you may. Maybe wherever you may be listening to whether it's live or after the fact you're very glad to have you here. I am back in my usual. Recording studio also knows but bedroom. I got my good buddy. Randell me Return little bit back to. Normalcy has kind of traverse through this this whole pandemic situation. But it's good to see it's good to be back in the normal atmosphere but this fill listener questions addition of or by inside our bagels. Podcast I am right for now. At least doing it. Solo my co host. Anthony had important married to get to and we had to go for a second audible but no worries. The structure of episode will stay the same. And it'll just be me. I guess Randall was well. Who's GonNa into some questions as well that you guys may have so? Let's just let's just go right into. We had a couple of Texts into the show beforehand. We'RE GONNA get to one of those require First one his from Antonio he says Hi. My name is Antonio Cincinnati. I have a question for you guys. We've been we've seen several teams. This offseason update their uniforms. Do you think that new uniforms are being discussed in the bengals plans? What are your thoughts on that I think we've kind of already talked about this topic. A little bit Yeah this is a crazy year for new uniforms. Five teams actually got brand new uniforms this year in a couple others like the colts. The Patriots basically altered Slight alterations not. I just think I don't think my opinion on this is going to change. I think that the bengals before the year twenty twenty three are going to have do new uniforms. It could happen in twenty twenty one. It could happen in twenty twenty two or it could happen in twenty twenty three. I think the official ruling on that is that you have to give the NFL at least two years advanced notice that you want new designs. Give whatever designer that you're gonNA use that amount of time to come up with something but obviously they don't have to release that information to the public until whatever they want to. They could announce the uniforms the off season that they unveil the doesn't a uniforms so. I think right now. The plan should be improbably. Is that within the first few years of Joe Burroughs tenure as the Bengals quarterback he will be donning a new uniform. Ingles whether that's new as a brand new design or something that honors the nineties teams eighty seems or maybe that ninety seven to two two thousand and two alteration of what the night uniforms allies me. Personally I think if the go brand new type of bold new design. It's probably GonNa be with discomfort because that's kind of the nature of these things now if a team like the rams example goes out with something that's like bolden brand new that you know trying to change it up a lot. It's usually met with general dislike from the Fan Base. So if the bengals are smart they stick to something basic that resembles that of the eighties nineties uniforms but I think at the same time they have to get like a new like some some new twist on it to at least make sure that it's not exactly a carbon copy of those because when you get new for think that should be of what you once were and it should be something that speaks that of originality towards the players that are wearing these uniforms instead of just taking the eighties nineties putting back on the current uniform. So that's that's where I stand thing. Anthony would have similar tonight as well but I do think within the next three or four years we will see the bengals have uniforms. Were go to the Youtube. Comments Section here from don't live safe from the facebook comment section. The bengals address the linebacker position in the draft. They added Josh binds picked up Austin CALICO who they signed off waivers. Do you all think this changes. How much team Sean Williams in bell as Hybrid linebacker cisterns situations? That's an interesting question. I think with Williams right now. They just see him as their third safety they can rotate him in and out with Jessie Bates or Von Bill. When the hefty the field when they go into quote unquote big nickel. They can use all three of those safeties in different ways. Because I think any of those three is you're you're comfortable either playing in the boxer plane in those too deep cover two shells Williams specifically. We've talked about this in the past. He's best utilized as a cover to safety. The closer gets up to the box. The more indecisive he gets run defense that he takes angles. He's not the greatest man to man cover guy in those situations that we were von Bell Relief Thrives. So if you're one of those big nickel situations where you have three saves on the field you had von bell kind of in that upwards position as your box safety if you will you. Match up against high-density can match up against Hook routes in those hooking curls zones Sean Williams Jesse just kind of working together as to cover two safeties but yeah I think with Von Bell. Now I think he's still have linebackers. Your you know of that. You're comfortable with those type of coverage situations I think bell has the athleticism and the physicality to handle some of those rock concepts of the middle and can take care of some of these things so yeah I think the bill edition interesting question about that. In case there may not be comfortable with Adding Logan Wilson into the personnel. Were even though he has the potential to do that. So that's kind of that's kind of where on that We'RE GONNA go back to the Youtube comments section where I think mark fry had a question. He says how much room for error. The Taylor have the season. Surely the organization won't tolerate a second to in fourteen season It's very true. I think if Zach Taylor. The bengals tuned fourteen. The season your legitimately wondering if he gets fired. Think for the most part like everybody expects us to improve like they were in close games teams. Were that unlucky one season. They almost statistically have to do better the next year and it just goes beyond a simple luck in that sense even if they did nothing at all this off season if the candy dollars or quarterback if the kept majority of the roster the same if they dingo out in spend over one hundred million dollars in free if they did none of that the likelihood that they do Bevin tuned. Fourteen is our is already pretty decent. the schedule's not. I wouldn't say easier or harder than last year. Have quote unquote last place schedule with Ellie matters for two of the Games in the AFC schedule like they played tough conference in the that. They have some tough games on the road. They have some tough games at home this year. Like the. It's GonNa be a tough road to finish anywhere around or above five hundred and if they do that. They exceed basically all rational expectations. I think all of us should have but to go to and fourteen again or worse with everything that they did on top of the fact that they mathematically have to progress a stop just recent history of this phenomenon Probably might get fired. Probably will get fired if he goes to fourteen in one one in fifteen again and I know that's such a drastic shift in change from holding on the Marvin Lewis for sixteen years after no playoff wins but for them to do everything that they did. This off season did not see a single game improvement. I think that does not bode well for if they go three thirteen. Four and twelve still technically an improvement. But it's definitely not the amount of improvement than I think they want to see. Anywhere above five wins five. Windsor above exact. Taylor's automatically safe. I think that's a three-game improvement. It's not it's obviously not where they want to be but I think they would have shown enough good things where it becomes a a doer. Do or die situation in year. Three for that for hit for Zach Taylor so anywhere below five wins. I think you're you're in that conversation. But if they go to fourteen again I just. I'm not sure about that. We'RE GONNA go back facebook here for the context Maggie McGee's asking will the Bengals beef up the office of line. I don't know man. I think it's weird because I don't WanNa throw it any certainties about what the team will or won't do in terms of roster acquisitions talent acquisition on the open market a situation like Larry Warford. We talked about it makes sense on certain levels but also kind of goes against what they think about Davis who feel that I think about the offense line in general I think. Warford is the closest thing to an obvious they would realistically look at in at least consider. But if you're not willing to go out and get a guy like Warford it's hard to. It's hard to legitimately think about any other type of story of motorcyclist right by me. It's hard to think about any other type of acquisition. That makes sense for them to start ahead over the guys that they want to develop. They WanNa see Michael Jordan now. They're starting left guard. They wanted at least gives you a feeling of of Start at right guard. That's just what we've been hearing for the past two months sound like they just look at to feel think he's just a backup that has the star no they view him as a starter based off of the things that that he put on tape has two years with Dallas. Even though it's a new position is never played before so. It's kind of odd that they're really competent to just throw him in that position. But I mean that's the reason why they didn't draft attack when the draft the threes wanted inside a tackle it when infrequency when all the good ones are still available right now. I think they have a guys that they're comfortable at least in making this roster in five of those guys through the comfortable starting in from left to right you Joan Williams Michael Jordan trae Hopkins Sophy Low. Oh and for now bobby heart. Maybe Fred Johnson changes things. Maybe he presumably in in a even competition with bobby. Hardy proves to be the option. There and Bobby Hart becomes your swing tackle but for now. I think Johnson's the guy that they like on both sides that can give him deaf there and then taking mid energy trapped in the six round he gives you versatility all over the line. He only played left tackle in college but down the senior he played lift garden right guard exclusively and I think you looked a little more comfortable. There MAY BE BODY BODIES. Netflix's to succeed more than inside our than to handle the the lengthy guys on the outside so though seven guys and then and then choose me billy price who really the only guy that they have on the roster with experience at center a Siphon Tree You would think that they WANNA have a guy on the fifty three who has experience in backing up. You know that position because not every interiors lime can be inserted center obviously pricing football player in. Who knows if he ever will be but for now I think the guy in in maybe they keep not. Maybe the go ahead and key ballot-rigging maybe they have one of these guys in claycourt. Seo or the Iowa state guy who is still not remembered his name yet but right now it looks like eight or nine guys including remnant. Seems to be the case in. I'm just not. I'm not entirely sure that they're they're interested in in getting any outside help. So yeah that's kind of word. I think stand ready to the since he jungle comments section which can find the video and article form. Tc from dovey is a frequent listener of the shell. He's asking of the three rookie. Linebackers drafted Logan Wilson came. Skater Marks Bailey. Who has the best rookie season so interesting about this is that I think yesterday? Alex Marvin says I m saying. His name is netflix insider. He was talking to mark Bailey. Who said he's now seven and a half months removed from his surgery repairing his Tornielli tour early in the twenty ninth season. He says on track to be able to participate in all drills and the preseason as soon as whenever that comes around full-contact everything so basically the same timeline. If you're talking Rodney Anderson from last year who unfortunately retorted Seo. But hopefully it's not the case of Bailey if he's healthy if Bailey's healthy I think he will prove to be more effective player earlier than a guy like Akeem Davis either. Maybe I think if you compare those two guys with a level playing field in terms of health because they had some injuries to those affected him in the draft process but he might be more talented Guy Than Davis Three later and then you're comparing him to looking Wilson who unfortunately didn't have as much experience against top competition like marks. Bailey did but I think if Bailey's healthy he has an equal chance to to prove his word against those three guys. I think right now when you talk about draft status and overall health and the ability to contribute immediately. Logan Wilson has the as the billboard vantage based on what we know right now because it's still maimed. We're not even close to even put it on pads yet along with all the pandemic stuff. So I think looking Wilson might be the safer bet for this question Who has the best rookie season because right now? He's the safest bet to take the most snaps but Marcus Bailey. I think has it. Almost an equal shot is as long as he makes the preseason healthy I think once he steps on the field proves that he can stay on the field and they don't have to worry about you know handcuffing him from In case he suffers under injury. I think he's talented enough to to take the snaps looking. Wilson may be having right now but right now. Logan Wilson is that safer bet. And that's probably how I would answer that question if you put a gun to my head So yeah that's kind of where we're at right now Let's see here Let's go to Dave Lennox in Youtube. If Johnson beats out. Bobby harmful starting right tackle with the bengals. Consider CUTTING HEART TO FREE UP. Cav To claim another lineman waivers or would it be too much a cap hit so I believe that. Bobby hurts contract at this abysmal business. Acquisition from last year free agency. I believe that the majority of guaranteed money has already been exhausted year. He didn't have a great big signing bonus to his name anyways. I think that was only a handful million in the base Old amount of money was just above fifteen which was full with some incentives race to till like eighteen but yeah so if they cut him now before June first they take on a dead cap. Hit of three million dollars in the bengals are not going to do. They don't normally do post June for cap if the cut someone before then I think they dislike to get dead money out immediately if they cut him after June first. This year they take on a dead cap hit of two million dollars and the next year if the cut him after June. I it's one million so it's the whole we've seen this offseason Cut guys like W Webb. The Cut John Miller the country Patrick. They're not afraid to take on a handful. A million dollars in dead money there. Have I think nine and a half on the books this year based off the guys that they cut so I don't think it's too big of a hit they would save almost Almost five million dollars in caps this year if bobby but even if bobby hard loses the Fred Johnson I think they still like him enough to keep him on the roster it for deaf purposes for because remember. Bobby Hart was Originally Guard coming out of Florida state. I think that's what he was drafted to be when he wants to the giants who drafted him in the seventh round. Back in Twenty fifteen. I think he came out the same year as James Winston so maybe he had that post national championship high to his name. That's why he ended up being drafted because he wasn't he didn't have the athletic profile tackle. We see that even today. Five years into his career is is all dependent upon you. Know How quick which you the edge or she goes up against. That's really dependent That's really the fact that you know decides what Kinda Day he's GonNa have so even still he doesn't have that the great profile of Neville tag he could theoretically slide back into right guard which was one of his original positions than if he has if he has the ability to play three positions both tackle spots in that regard spot. That's still needs death. I think he's still a body that they're comfortable with. Who knows the system now for two years a starting under Jim Turner offense not until line And I think you know the the salary that he has the contract that he hasn't total it's not too outlandish to keep him on as a reserve. Who can play in emergency situations like that so I don't think they would cut him outright if he lose the starting job? I think they're most comfortable with him just as that High Quality Reserve if you will because that's what he is. Now He's twenty six. He's not going to change is not going to become that much of a better player. So I I I'm not. I'm not sure that they're gonNA. They're gonNA cut him just because Fred Johnston beat him out. So it's kind of where I'm at there. We also have another comment from in the article. What was the better quarantine? Docu series the tiger king or last dance. If I'm Joe. Borough practices the last dance because I think he said he didn't watch the tiger king because he's against animals in captivity which the guy just has an answer for everything for being a handful of months younger than me. He's just born to do this type of media stuff. I'd nothing phasing that guy honestly great answer because honestly I. I'm not sure how I would be if I was nicknamed the Tagger King Joe Exotic which is it seems like fate but I appreciate him taking the high road there so everything was crazy and wacky. In every way I think I went into believing that you know it's going to be some ridiculous nonsense. In some parts of America that would never even hope to rear my head at but even still then with those expectations. I it was even crazier stupider than I could have imagined last dance. I think it doesn't quite hit the quality level bet. Oj Made America was which was the ten part series of the SPN released. I think four years ago that to me will always reign supreme as the top. Espn DOCU series. Because for starters I I wasn't even alive. Flynn June seventeenth. Nineteen ninety-four happened. I was still an infant when the verdict came about so I knew next to nothing about all of it except just the basic stuff I I heard the the phrase if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit. I heard all of that but this learning all that was so fantastically interesting to mean. Just just the way they said it a love last dance. I appreciate the structure of that is what I know. Our people complained that went back and forth while progressing through the nine hundred went back to other relevant events. You know in the past in like the eighties in the early nineties as they were talking about things you know as as that dynasty progressed Crou- logically but I liked that structure. I like seeing the behind. The scenes looks in the Locker Room Jordan talking to the security guards teams. I don't think in my opinion change that much about Jordan. His teammates Comparative maybe how other people think I think for the most part because it was this series had to be approved by Jordan himself that we may not have gotten the whole candidates story about everything in that way it kind of loses its credibility to at least Appreciate all the the inside information that that was given to that so I think just based on my personal parents I still take that over tiger king but I mean tire king was about as wild as as I could have even imagined so like that was else crazy. Going back to the comment section from Jeremy Hall speaking of Rodney Anderson as much as paying Geo if Rodney or some other running backs show up is gio expendable. This is the question. I think that relates even more to Joe Mixing in my opinion. Obviously I think the plan is for Joe Mixing to be extended before the season happens. But what is the value of Joe Mixon really orgy? Yvonne Murray in that sense if you have four or five running backs including ductless Patrick who may or may not make the roster who are or quality in can take ten to fifteen snaps a game it can give four yards a carry like the value of just having one talented running back in the NFL is is so much lower than it was back in the early and mid two thousand if ron years stays healthy longer trigger who in his own right is a talented back if you have a quality rotation of guys that mostly drafted in the sixth round. Gio was the second round pick so long ago but Williams in Anderson both trump picks patrick gathered. You sign off the xfl. You can flying towns of guys all the guys through basically every avenue. You don't need to keep draftkings guys. High the draft. So Yeah I do think. Geo Becomes expendable. If both Williams Anderson stay healthy MBA's affected the NFL's they were in college because the jump from college the NFL from a running back. It's just it's just not exist. It doesn't compare to other positions like quarterback and cornerback and wide receiver. It's so easy to manufacturer yardage in effect in this from these running backs provided of the offensive line is solid if it's improved. It's if it's better than what? It was last year which I think the expectation is that it is long. Joan Williams is healthy in every other one of those young guys develops the some degree. It does. Make your veterans in in Mixing. Gio EXPENDABLE IF If you're to give that deal to mix them then you have to utilize them. You have to make sure that he exudes as much value as possible for that contracts but Gio Gal you're paying him. I think at least somewhere like an umbrella aged ten million more dollars over the next two years and you have to somehow justify that contract. And if not then he he becomes a possible. Trade candidate. recap casualty. Because this is this is how they should approach the running back position every somewhat every few years or so you invest in these towns running backs late in the draft because you can find or backs all throughout the draft in free agency off the street. You can find quality guys in guys that you want style were valuable and worthy of these contracts you can make them expendable so yeah. I don't think Gio spot Is particularly safe. If if Indus improves to be healthy if Anderson proves to be effective I think that in effect makes both him and mixing expendable so good question. I think it's something that the bengals have to basically mask themselves before they give Joe Mixing of deal. That's worth ten million dollars a year We'RE GOING TO GO BACK TO A. Go question here from ten who who emailed us any chance of the bengals moving Geo to a slot receiver position this year. Seems he has lost a step on third downs. He's getting bull rushed every time he's the bengals from day one. Also Tim wants to say I salute thing that has lost. Its effectiveness as pass. Block is still think he's affected is definitely the best one of the AD. Do think that we have to give credit. Joe makes him for beat being better in that regard any was this. I think we saw some slight improvements from him as past protector. But I think in this offense offense specifically you have basically Joe Mixing being the Clyde Edwards Hilar- who guideline about wide or in the backfield as just now labor seaver. Don't really worry about pass pass protection because that's not. What did leave the past walking duties to Gio i? He can be fine as a receiver in those situations. I know there's other offensive schemes that could utilize his talents there. Which you already have a guy like mixing who can do the things that you imagine. Gio could do. I don't think that energy was appointed his career where you can't handle pass protection duties because that's going to be important you know when you're in when you're in these personnel groupings. That you want Joe Borough to being. You can't always have them in an empty sets needs. You sometimes have six-man protections against third-down blitz. Games would not so the have a guy like Geo who you feel comfortable rather leaving him on an island to take on a number of edge defender while you have may be mixed on the field same time out wide running bubble screens running some quick slants or whatever because you already have a guy mixing who can do that. I don't think that changes what you do with Bernard especially if you just have a template of the running back that thrives in offense that's led by quarterback mixing becomes that Bernardo don't think changes that much therefore I don't think is usage changes. That's much either. Hi I'm Ariel Jim. Ross host of the tech podcast resets. And I'm here to tell you about some of the stories. We're following on reset this month stories about how were adapting to the pandemic with a little help from technology and science like what does teach him look like right now. I can tell you that there's teachers right now. Who have been conducting their phone calls and check INS with students from random. Mott's just anywhere that you can get Wi fi in for folks who can work from home. How is that working out now? It's my whole life is conducted via the Internet connection. The pandemic has even changed what you might think of Prep Irs. The preference were at home not going to costco and waiting in line for twelve hours standing next to a bunch of other sick people. So if you want to understand the new normal. How Science and technology are shaping the way we live during the pandemic listen to reset subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. Spotify or in your favorite podcast APP later nerds. We had another email from Patrick to the bengals. Go and get a veteran quarterback before the season starts not so much because they will need help team when games because they can metro job or a bit actually just before this recording Joe flacco assigned signed by the New York jets. Backup Sam Darnold there that courtroom. I think DARNOLD FLACCO David Fales. Who A guy from San Jose state ago. David Morgan the shaft in the fourth round. Flack seem to make the most sense if one of the veteran quarterback because you know have a guy who won the Super Bowl played in this division who was the first trump picky handle those pressures any managed to exceed the expectations. That I think Joe Borough is GONNA is GonNa be those expectations are now going to set on borough so that could have been a nice opportunity. A Nice mentorship for have but really what's what's really the value of How are you GONNA put a price tag on that when you take it away roster spot from someone else who can contribute the bengals have been our record for saying that the mentorship in the leadership aspect is not gonNA come from the backup quarterback spot? You WanNa see what else Ryan Finley has in the second year. You like the upside the Jig. Dollah as those are your three quarterbacks so you're gonNA roster then have three coaches in Zach Taylor. Brian Callaghan Dan Pitcher. Who have all been quarterbacks in their lifetime? Have all coached quarterbacks in lifetime at least this is the first year a damn pitcher is GonNa be the quarterbacks coach. Those guys are all not even forty years old yet and typically you think that the veteran backup quarterback spot is somewhere in the rage age range of like thirty five to forty so it's not exactly traditional compared to what you see in the form of Jospeh counter or somebody like that who also think on the market. I think it's more wise. Use a roster spot elsewhere when you get the same value of a backup veteran quarterback who can offer leadership to colleague borough who in all honesty? I mean winning it to this question next regarding boroughs age but like Birds GonNa turn twenty four this year Ryan. Finley turned twenty five next year. The for having guys. Who aren't that experienced there. They are still in the older side. You have guys through twenty one twenty two years old of this position group and again you have coaches. You have multiple coaches who have experienced playing and coaching position. I think anything that you would expect Joe flacco to be able to to give advice on aside obviously going to the playoffs winning super which I think some people would still value having that. I think whatever you would siphon that whatever you would value in the of quarterback you're GonNa have in the coaching staff to extent so I don't think it's a big party for them and I also think it's it should be heard you all so. We had a text from Dany from London over pond. Hi Danny he's asking Joe. Borough is a little older than Lamar Jackson. Only a year younger than Patrick. Mahomes into Shawn Watson. Rebuff drafted three years ago. Now how will boroughs age entering the League as a rookie manifest itself in the short medium term? It's interesting because Joe Borough is actually young enough. Where if you look back from like the nineteen eighty-three draft class which was like the pinnacle of quarterback classes The vast majority of successful quarterbacks in the long-term are usually twenty-three You rarely see quarterbacks who are as old as Joe. Borough TURN INTO MULTIPLE. Quarterbacks typically basically every position the younger you are in the more talented your at that age it bodes well from for your long term output for your long term potential Jo boroughs. Not exactly he's not Finley. Who was twenty four when he was drafted intern? Twenty five in December so from a long-term perspective thing. Joe Borough is just inside the age range where you're comfortable that he still has room to grow but for the short term. I do think it definitely helps. I think if you have a guy like Amar who's twenty one when was drafted then develops in his twenty two twenty three year old. That's like the dream right. You have multi user experience when you're the same age the guy who just got drafted by by your rival team with borough. He has two years of starting experiences of college quarterback but he also has five years of being a quarterback in general in call it system. I'll be three years at a whole another school with a whole nother system. But yeah he's not he's GonNa be. He's GonNa have wide rookie moments. That's that's not going to not happen. He's still a rookie quarterback the majority of those even in today's age we're going struggle. Compared to League average is based on the years but yeah I think it does help for him to be a little bit on the older side. I think he has more leadership experience than other rookie quarterbacks who have to start in their first year. That's that's going to be the key thing you're gonNA have words with Joe Borough. It's not going to be perfect. It's not going anywhere. Close what you saw. Nineteen if you WANNA say it's can be between twenty eighteen point that I think that's a fair assessment but the jumps from callers to the. Nfl is is big. No matter how old you are no matter what your experiences age in the oldest always help you like Margaret. Sanger was twenty seven years old now be. He didn't have a lot of college experience. But you know I if found out that he was just as athletic powerful as NFL guys. If you didn't have the mental fortitude to hand then least nearly early years you're gonNA amounts anything regardless of how much older work read other rookie. So it helps in a certain way. It helps in his long-term as well because it's not exactly on the older older side for the position but at the same time he still rookie and he's still going to go through some of those words that you would see even with guys on the younger side. We also had a text from Steve Johnson from Seattle. He was asking about schematically. What are the bengals trying to do on defense? What is their identity? There's also a comments there. There's also a common early on about If we're GONNA do more exotic things from from a defensive perspective they're gonNa have more bear fronts or if they're going to do more guys blitzes and honestly like that's not anything really new like we saw that. In the Mike Zimmer days we saw them the Paul Guenther days when we even saw that in certain extent last year. In Luma's for defense I do think with the question of bear fronts. I think we could see a slight increase in there. Because now you have two guys. We confident at three taking spots. You have imagined this you have Gino Atkins Dj reader or three texts. Remember easier was more of a big APP. Defender appear three technique last year with the Houston. Texans anyone Your nose tackle. He has the ability to push the pocket from that technique spot. And now you have nine Gino Atkins in these certain situations. Josh Suppo becomes your True Zero Tech. Your true knows the guy who lives up right on the on the nose of the center to three techniques and a pure noses what makes up the base of a bear front. Then you have to five techniques or you'd have to stand up defensive ends either either one really works at remember this one specific example when the bengals where the jets a few a few years ago you had Michael. Johnson Carl's dunlap. I actually standing up in in those certain situations when you had Gino Atkins Couple other interior defenders making up the interior of your bare front. But now I think you're more comfortable with the quality in depth of personnel on the interior to run those reforms formations because at the end of the day. If if you're different sacco's getting blown off the ball and you have your linebackers plan a little bit off in those certain situations. You'RE GONNA get gassed up front in your defensive ends are earn observes where they can get leverage from the inside. If you have guys like Atkinson reader can hold her own the point of attack again like to bow. Who can maybe to gap in those situations? Then have linebackers Germain Pratt in the Josh. Vines Logan Wilson who can basically stack shed from the second level. Blockers MAKES THE BEAR FRONT. A little bit more effective. Because now you're able to utilize that whenever you feel comfortable Depending on what what type of formation personnel the offense is running in certain situations you have the personnel to handle it in be stout around run defense and also it creates a pass rushing opportunities. You can run some stunts on loops. You can basically have to Po- 'EM redirects his decoys you have atkins loop around. You can do stuff with Sam Hubbard from from all stance you can have him lineup as awful linebacker basically sugar sugar gap ing up the Big Apple. Maybe even the Situations you have a lot more versatility in options with this defensive front. The bengals now provided that most of them are healthy. I think that's where a key Davis either comes into play. Because he has experienced the Blitzer Logan Wilson in Germain prior both experienced blisters in college in lease we saw of that in the preseason with Pratt. But yeah you have a lot more options with this defense. I think from identity standpoint. Now I think it's still that three four in base but you're still having four down linemen two linebackers for the most for the most part. Because that's just what every defense looks like. Now offense are not changing their not going away from the direction of their heading to right now the progressive in the same way in. That's just not slowing down. See still need you guys who can play. You still need seven guys. Who can play in space and you can't really afford to have five down linemen out there from majority of the time even though you know if that's the strength of your defense on the defense line you still need guys who can drop back in coverage for fifty or sixty snaps the game so the the the identity is still just your four to five. That's just the nature of the NFL. Now but in those situations I guess if you WanNa talk about when they play in the AFC north and they're facing run heavy teams. Yeah you're still. You're still having those three or four multiple looks. Were you guys Lineup in two points dances in three point. Stances on the edge and you have Here in Gina Raider which now you can afford to go four three and three or four looks. Let's see let's go back to the comments section from Jay Cooke Tj Who's from raved about working with John Ross. Speed quickness combined is a match so hope they stopped trying to use Mrs Deep Ball Receiver. That should not be his main route. That was one of the one thing that bothered a lot of us about Ross. Rookie year was that it just seemed like Marvin Lewis had zone opinion on Ross. In general maybe. He didn't want him on the team at all but it just seemed like. That's all they really cared about was just as deep speeding just as ability on routes nine routes when in reality a of this production at Washington came on some of the short concepts in also in the red zone. That's what we saw him in two thousand eighteen kind of surprises. Like as you. Don't get seven touchdowns being that limited receiver by accident. Ability to separate in those quick insurance situation stressing condense situations near the end zone in the goal line. It's impressive for for a guy who you may not think that would be a strength. That was the thing that pissed a lot of this often. Twenty seventeen was that he was just a decoy Running deep in any golden would overthrow him in you talk about chemistry issues in one nine. Why isn't again involve offense wisely? Not being used as a full-fledged receiver now when you have when you talk about five guys including Aj. Green Tyler Boyd Ross himself teeth Higgins Annan tape. You're comfortable going in and out of the game you know now. Ross becomes a think a more effective receiver because you use him a little bit less. Because maybe you still use them. When you're your base eleven personnel. Would you rotate him? In out more with Higgins Tate may be in some situations you have Ross field with other as on the field you have a more diverse wide receiver room. And you have guys like Higgins and even to a certain extent tate who can win down the field on on the verdict routes where you don't need to have rosty that all the time and you can use him more underneath more you can use him on. Those shorts slants screens in Underneath routes getting over the middle on those like mess concepts whatever. Great space for him underneath utilizes yards after catch ability when he has the ball in his hands. He's dangerous mismatch in the open field like we saw that against Seattle when whenever when in the few times of the actually called the ball. He ended up with two touchdowns in the analog yards. Have to catch the game. There is one situation where he actually dropped it. And how do you would have hold on to it? He ordered had like a six-year touching would have had three touchdowns that game. It's not hard to get Ross involved in the game. They made it a lot harder than it needed to be his first three years because they just weren't sure what to do with them and I don't think they realized that you just wasn't the greatest match regrets filled with a quarterback that they had but in this offense now. I think we have a quarterback who specializes in pinpoint accuracy in placement and into in those anticipatory throws if you have a guy who is mismatch new open field whose faster than anybody else defense. Skin the ball on its hands at all costs is a priority but you also in a in a sense where you don't have to use them like Like traditional receiver. Because you have four the guys who can take those responsibilities away from him. So it's a question of what is Ross is true value now. Like how do you Pay Gallagher? How do you utilize the guy in future situations in some had asked themselves as they see this offense progressed right now? Let's see here. We'RE GONNA go back to another email. Nope we already had all this russells talking from forty minutes but I need some water. Let's see here all right. John will you smoke a cigar and Youtube with borough win the Super Bowl the bengals will you light up? Yeah I would smoke a cigar need to with didn't want a super bowl bengals. I'm not lung. Cancer unfortunately runs in my family. That's why mom Basically stopped my dad from a smoking them basically ever but he was kind of a cigar guides. Well Chad Johnson Cigar Guy. I'm sure he's GonNa see that. It was Chad Johnson. Got A thank you letter from. Katie Blackburn in the Front Office for basically a token of appreciation for being the ambassador that he was off season and they sent him A. Thank you letter in I think. Some customized bengals cigars so whenever Chad Johnson goes to work with Joe Birla saw season with the rest of his of of wonder if both of them are going to light up a cigar. I I want to take this opportunity now to talk about Chad Johnson. Because we've written about him a lot on the website recently just for the things that he's done not only for being the hype man that he is that he's always been but I think it's been easier for him this year because the bengals actually doing stuff that warrants that ambassadorial efforts from him Whether it was talking about Joe Borough from the early onset off season I believe our our our CG since jungle alumnus. Rebecca tailback basically interviewed him. Anti-g Kussin Giada round super bowl week event. When drafting a borough came. He sent all those tweets than when they drafted t higgins. He was even more hyped is. That's always been the kind of gathered he is. I think there's a lot of people even bengals fans themselves that maybe weren't exactly comfortable with some of his antics but I think he's always been that type of support guy and it's it's really nice that the bengals now are showing appreciation. Because I think ten years ago the like sending a letter to a former player thanking them for stuff like this. That's just not just not who they are and I think this obstinacy transformed a lot about what we perceive them to be. We actually interviewed maximum Toyota on Dini Sports. A couple of days. can check that out on our podcast channel and I asked him about what does he think about the lack of honoring past players lack of ring of honor and he was percents candidate with us. He said that you know it does hurt a little bit that we poured our blood sweat and tears into this organization and the only thing that they've really given back to us was that fiftieth anniversary spectacle. Where the you know brought these guys in for a game or however many the games home games that they had and the only brought back in it was kind of like a reunion. Whatever but you know aside from events like that or just that one event in at least seems history. Have you have nothing for guys like me? Who were three years old? You have nothing in Paul Brown Stadium. Rain in anywhere in the bengals facility that that showcases the the players of past in. It's a hard way for a fan base to grow beyond just the generation that already exists in a guy like Johnson who just made the bengals relevant from a national perspective. Even though still didn't have the success beyond when the visit every couple of years that was special for a guy like I mean. I think. The athletic had a survey where they said. Who is your favorite Bengal of all time in Johnson had the overwhelming majority of votes? And that doesn't surprise me because guys like We grew up loving Chad Johnson. More for just the fact that he caught touchdowns whatever but you know his general personality the fact that he sent pepped abysmal to Cleveland. Browns members the secondary before they played like the the lifts in his locker regarding the quarterbacks that had the cover him just that charisma personality was just unheard of for the franchise that was eventually ranked in the bottom of in the entire American franchise rankings. So the see them show in display gratitude in the same affection in the same degree that Johnson has displayed his ambassador efforts towards the franchise. It really meant a lot to me. It really shows. I think the growth of this franchise just like this. Offseason was unprecedented for them. Like they did a lot more that reflected what a true franchise in the. Nfl looks like nowadays. I think everything's starting to Wake up I guess within who knows that that expands upon this year who knows that continues into the future but it was. It was nice to see a nice change of pace. Let's see here. What was the last good man? Game Jason Von Stein Madden like men twelve. I think men ten had like the brand new engine or whatever and that was when I think gameplay was at its peak for what the technology was. It seems like every every year since. Then it's basically been the same thing I remember like Madden Twenty. Sixteen had like crazy. Odell Beckham junior catches like featuring the game in basically ruined Didn't even consider buying at that point. I think I'm Bob. I A man after that it was a little bit better but it just seems like the same copy and paste game. I think now agreeing to a further five year partnership with EA Sports. That's really disappointing. I really Frank Rudolph from facebook. I really believe Joel. Borough will make the entire team better in the little issues we had in the past will disappear more as time goes on. That's that's literally why we wanted a quarterback drafted in the past three years. That's why we bought we glossed at Marvin Lewis Sane. Every position is on the table except for quarterback twice seventeen watching. Patrick mahomes into Shawn Watson. Go to other teams in those to elevate the teams that they're on even though there are talented. Why the addition of Lamar Jackson twenty eighteen made so much sense with a guy like Andy Dalton already on the roster to groom him for the opportunity to elevate the team. It's why even last year like the the opportunity to draft Dwayne Haskins wasn't as laughable as anybody thought like a quarterback is not going to solve all your all of your issues the rest of your teams bad. That's never been the case. With having a quarterback that can be an asset regardless of his surroundings. That can still be affected. Still put you. In positions to succeed weakening. Week OUT THAT IS INVALUABLE. And it's something that the that the bengals haven't had since the P. Days of Carson Palmer for fifteen years and we wonder why you know this team is struck out in the postseason for handle time since then. It's because if one thing goes wrong if one injury happens or if play goes awry then the whole thing is that it's not. It's not an issue for a team that has a quarterback that they can rely on in those situations. That's that's that's the impact thing. Joe Borough has the most because he's not a quarterback or you say you know he needs five good sources often lying. He needs a diverse receiving core. He needs a deep threatened John. Ross they need to continue to add these pieces around the offense to be perfect that was the mindset a Lotta bengals fans attached themselves to in the early days of any doll when they still believed that he had the capabilities of being. A true franchise quarterback everything to be perfect. The situation had to be false. And if there was one injury of there's one deficiency there's one thing that went awry everything go kaput because he wouldn't be able to trust the quarterback from asking those situations that is the difference between Joe Borough in any other Any of this loosen could had a quarterback saw season especially ended all especially Whatever came noon is now that is that is the overwhelming impact of adding jober to the season publians asking what are your thoughts on the complete bengals history going back further from Ocho I'm not asking that question. You you besmirched Chad. Johnson's nickname I refused to ask what the Hell's NFL fever NFL. Fear is the best football game ever on Xbox. I'd have not heard that I remember those like NFL. A TO K game. Nfl all pro or something like that. Two Thousand and eight John on the cover. I remember like watching the video than the game plan was really good. I never played it because I think even back then was a slave to madden there. Moles asking what is going on. Billy prices you buster. Will he produced this year? Excuse me I don't know I mean I know he's not a good football player now and I know that the injuries that he suffered the past years definitely not helped. It's the argument of like the expectations. Were for him. Were already so high. He was never the prospect that he was touted up to be as a first round guy. You can go back to my work from that year. Earliest my tweet. I was never a guy that that thought of Billy. Prices being the best center in the class better than frank than James Daniels. Use The guy. The feels drafted in round two around three to be got who can compete for a job in the interior in just had those specific expectations put upon him. I think it would have been better for him for him. To be thrusted into lineup. Already with the the pictorial issue. That kept him out of offseason activities. It didn't really do him any favors. Unfortunately it showed up a lot in his table. Have State like if you're getting pushback. That much in the run game against big ten defensive tackles it should have meant something like his high plays like he finished guys to the ground and he stood his own in pass protection for the most part. But it just wasn't as impressive as it should have been for a guy who was this bona fide first round prospects position. I don't know how much weight there is to the bengals panicking about free rationale going off one pick before and then taking the guy able. I do think that they valued billy price that highly. There's no way that they draft twenty overall all if they don't think that he's the player that's worth at least the mid first grade. I think that's worthy ended upgrading. I don't think that they reached to get him in their minds. At the problem itself was the evaluation itself it went beyond just his. His is injury that offsetting the fact that they wouldn't be able to have most Austin. I just don't think that he was that caliber of prospect. Now as far as this year goes. It doesn't seem like there's A. There's a starting job waiting for him. It seems like he's already been outcasted as just a versatile backup. He's too expensive right now. The cut I think that if they cut him either before or after June first they will take on more dead money than what they would save. from salary CAP perspective so. I think from that standpoint. He's safe to make the team again because he's in his third year again. They still value the fact that he has played center before but not. His opportunities have been all but evaporated in it'll come down to the health and the continued development of Michael Jordan and left guard because if he stinks up like he did in the beginning of last year then you have a situation where prices thrown back out there and maybe this time he's more writing for maybe. He's fully recovered from the foot injury that he had last year and he becomes a player that we've never seen before but unfortunately the lows of billy price are not too surprising if you realized type of player that he was coming out of college. And it's disappointing. Because I think he was a better guard than he was a senator at Iowa state and yeah the lenders have different. Not help though so it. It sucks off. Also asking will Fred Johnson. Be Doubt Bobby Heart. How good can he be in the future? I think if he's given a chance to do so he can. I think the the two games that he played last year against the dolphins in the browns. It's not the greatest sample size. Obviously but at least showed more in those two games from a technical standpoint it from math lettuce standpoint than bobby hardest showing for the past two years. That he's been with the Bengals size-wise he's bigger success. Three twenty but he moves like a much smaller man and again the standards of comparing him to bobby card. It's not it's not that hard to be out but you just watch him in the intricacies of his tape. It's just so much more impressive than the guy like heart. Who is still his hands are just all over the place is. There's some power there. But there's no functional athleticism Functional strength to his game the right mindset and I think that's why And might be. Why also likes for Johnson to? I think you have a better base of a talented tackle in Fred Johnson than you do when a guy like Bobby. Hardy just depends on how much of an opportunity. They're willing to give him. I think if you have a situation where you keep Fred Johnson tack when you have Joan Williams at right tackle. That could also work. In my opinion I think nowadays right tackle has become even more important position on offense. Line THE LEFT TACKLE. Because on average you're facing more talented pass rushers. Going up against right tackles in. The Oregon left tackles the stigma of having the perception of having a talented blindside blocker. If it's still reigns supreme. Because you still have quarterbacks who occasionally get blindsided but that itself doesn't happen that often joe thighs men was thirty something years ago. And even then I wasn't purely. Just he was the he was in the clean pockets Blindsided Lawrence Terrible pogos collapsed on the perception of having your left. Tackle be better than rights have what doesn't exist anymore. You need to quality right tackles and Fred. Johnson happens to be one of them. I don't it's not outlandish for him to play either spot. It's not going to happen. Journal says they're left tackle in that thing. That's that plane is said. So now. That's been the plan since they drafted him. But if Fred Johnson is better left tackle neither the right tackle and he's one of the two guys clearly better than Bobby Hart. That in itself should not be out the question. Robert OPEC from facebook is asking position groups battles. Are you most looking forward to seen quarterback is honestly up there in terms of not from a starter perspective but how the rest is gonNA fill out. You obviously have trae Wayne Wayne Jackson the third and Mackenzie Alexander's just starting three. If Darius Phillips kind of being their fourth guy can play on the outside and inside battle honestly know how the rest of the going to the GONNA fill out. You have Winston Rose and in Tony Brown. Who signed in the offseason? They're both talented. Winston roads specifically had think nine interceptions with the CFO last year. So those are ball skills that they never dreamed of having a drinker Patrick. They didn't draft a quarterback this year. They signed one in in college Swan with think at Dartmouth Ivy League school. He set the school record for seventeen or substance. I think had eight in one year if I'm not mistaken and then there's a couple of guys whose name is escaping me Sean sins. They also sign in Tennessee. He's I think in line to be the Tony McRae replacement because you Special teams experience. I think he had got. He had experienced playing with one defensive. One defensive coach but his name is escaping me at this point but there's a lot a lot. It's not a lot of talent on the bottom end of that position group but I think aside from the top four the fifth or sixth guys are basically anybody's guess is right now and it's a group that normally doesn't look too hot and training camp in preseason because those situations typically favor the offense on the receivers in general but is is a position group that saw so much turnover this offseason. It has so little future stability going forward because not a lot of guys around the contract beyond twenty twenty William Jackson being one of them in how he progresses in contractors also going to be interesting so the battle to round out that position is going to be is definitely going to have my attention and I guess you could also say the same for May Be Safety. Maybe even tied end yet. Business positions were. We know who were going to be the main contributors come September in the fall. But how the rest of those physician groups spill out based off the town that they have. That's going to be interesting for me. I guess we have been on for about an hour. I don't think Anthony is going to come back. I'll be connor percent honest with you. I have no control over how to stop this thing. If you have any more questions for me now's the time to ask because I think we need to maintain this at least about an hour. Maybe under an hour are that flooded. There I'm comfortable with that much that air but hopefully added this out. Thank you guys for some of your questions. I know it wasn't exactly I daily how this goes. We'd like to have back and forth situation but this this is a hard job man. I do not Envy Anthony. Ever doing this alone. I I can see why he didn't want to do this alone. Originally but yeah this was. This was fun. This was a new experience for me. They were taking it easy on me. I'M GONNA probably down about a gallon of water but thank you guys for joining in We'll be back next week with our regular program show Wednesday got out or hard until then Keeps listen questions because we're gonNA keep doing these almost every week. Maybe every once every other two weeks But all you our phone line is always open. Not at this time. Unfortunately we weren't able to call because I don't have that phone or the number of access to it but keeps females keep tweeden at us. We want the twitter the at bengals. Obi but yeah we'll be back next week with our regular program so we'll see guys then.

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The Rack 07-23-20

"Wild talk, radio DOT COM. Theme Song. This is the fire. House and I want to introduce you to some very special friends that I meant along the way. He, she three has Max Crown King Robert from the Royal. This is the undisputed future theft. Rollin favors gains from. W? Wwe Hall of Famer, the heartbreak Kid Sean Michael I'm Bristle and I'm offering some ATP Flip Flop Vegas Hi. This is green and Disney. He and where the Valentine's. Sisters. potty. Daniels! To on my Offi listened to the racks and now you are. Fashion is guaranteed. Experience your. Good Miss. Rate. I love kickball. Back taken souls occurred. Digging Holes I'm GonNa Break Your Pitch. You hear me you can laugh plots you can't. With your host any been lying to you? Heroes don't exist y'all become addicted to the illusion of what a hero does for you and I mentioned that I was once addicted to eating sponges Lindsey. War will be woman. Call me! Oh, my God. It's take. Takers takers hate me Oh my God, it's take. She was which it's wicked child spat and swore tobacco. Puppets. At her producer serve rocket muddle. Creatures of the night will now experience. Magical Art of puppetry. WHAT THE GAME! Is Miami. A while, Talk Radio Network. uh-huh! And good evening everyone welcome to the record. Right here on wild talk radio DOT COM, but to our friends over at 'EM BG film, Struck Mount Youtubecom embiid twelve eleven, and if you're listening to us over on record Osho Dot, com while talk, radio, dot, com, or directly on twitch. Thank you so much for tuning in. We greatly appreciate it. Quick Second. Please check out our friends over at Indigo Films Youtubecom such NBC twelve eleven, and also, if you're on twitter, and you have a free twitch, prime sub available will, you can use it here if you like all you gotta do is click the little parole button at the bottom of the screen, and you can subscribe to this channel thirty days four free. Free, which means you get not just the show, but all the Beijing shows on this network and well. If you don't have a twitter, prime sub, and you know, you can subscribe the right near the way we are happy for that, or if you just want to follow and hang out, learn the chat. That's fine, too. Were happy to have you anyway get you. And if you're falling mood, you can follow him on channel. Twitch DOT, TV slash lines because one day I will streaming again. I don't know him, but one day it'll happen anyway. I'm your host. Is You're joining me is always the ever faithful producers. Such co hosts Handyman Sir Rockin. We're here. We're alive and doing all the things. You tweeted all talk radio. Show at Linz were we're here? Talk Wrestling with you tonight. At and not about the artificial crowds. They're going to be the stadiums in baseball this season. At least they're trying which I think is cool, honestly think. What Fox is going to try to do with the virtual craft could actually be interesting. I'm curious to see it I'm curious to see how it works. It's going to be for the Fox. Games so Sarah on Saturdays that they're gonNA. Show isn't right. Some of the Games are going to have like audio from be the show the video game the crowd noise to give it a more. Authentic feel smart, so doesn't. It's not dead silence. Yeah, because you need. You need noise unique crowd noise at a baseball game in football game in and basketball. European football soccer whatever you WANNA. Call it. Moxie all the things you need any noise at all the things and at the virtual crowd working then do it for smackdown thing also it's baseball season so I gave season randomly. Like you. obeys wells back. Let's kick it off. Let sued, but when I here talk about baseball or football or football, we are here to Tom Wrestling and y'all we're gonNA switch format up a little bit. We are going to open with extreme rules, because no, no, no, no, no, it's the horror show at extremo's. We're not calling that thing a horror show because it was not a horror show. What has what was promised? It was a horror show for other reasons, but it is not a horror shows what was promised, so it is extreme rules. That is what it is called because that's about all I got to. So we're GONNA, talk about that person. Then we're going to do news notes exte- tweeted week all that stuff on the back half of the show. We get to extreme. Well. Not Too, kinky extreme does that count, are you? There were chains and snakes. GO OUT NHS no alligators. There was a snake. There's some. Stuff going on there. Anyway. We're GONNA. Talk about it. We'll get. We'll get into it. The. It's the thing, so let's get into extreme rules. over embassy films youtubecom such BG twelve eleven. I. Don't even know where to start with his show. I think I want to start with the overall in Prussian of the show. What was your overall impression of the show I? Don't think this was a bad show i. just wanted and you don't read the Internet. You're right. I don't. I tend to ignore the Internet. Labor proclaiming. Of all time. This was not a bad show. A it was not. It was not the best show I've ever seen. It kind of was I'm going to say it was underwhelming it left. You generally underwhelmed especially for some of the stuff that was promised on the show I. Think Expectations were very high considering what they had said they were going to do, and are they really going to go there? And how are they going to do this? Like there were a lot of unknowns going into this show for the two top matches, which was the eye for an eye match. The White Swan match. And one delivered in one didn't essentially and both kind of like left I think a lot of people feeling underwhelmed and just not satisfied. You didn't get that satisfying conclusion that you desperately wanted from those matches. and. I think that's where a lot of people are like slamming this painting this as the matches itself refine. The wrestling was fine, but some of the finishes especially were really screwy, and there was a lot of just going to say. There's a lot of fuck ary in the finishes of these matches and I think that turn people well. Stuff has worked. Some of some of it was just weird. Some did not come off well, so I think I i. think the nicest way. Way I can say is that it was just generally underwhelming and unsatisfying the beyond that like the wrestling. This fine you know, the presentation of certain things are really good. A really well done certain other things were not well done, and yeah. It was just it was there. It was a thing it was not the best thing I've ever seen. So. Can we talk about your favorite thing? The show I just get to scream about it now. I've held it in for four days. Depends on where you think I'm going with this. I know you're not going where I want you to go with this. Nope I'm going to go with the US title. Enhancement Fair thing on the show, okay? All due respect, if Apollo crews was not there and not wrestling, hopefully, he's okay, and there's nothing plague-related going on there. Why? Why was this done on the show? This left me really really confused. I understand that they had to fill time, but it made no sense if he was not there in the match was never going to happen why this couldn't have been announced on the pre show, or you didn't have somebody else challenge in ep or you didn't do something else. It just doesn't make a lot of sense why they did it. They did essentially what happened. Is MVP and Lashley came out with the title? Crews wasn't there and so crews forfeits do not being there and MVP claims himself the US champion and he leaves with the title it okay, so apology crews doesn't take a loss I'm not opposed to this. This is fine, so the title is technically still his. Even though MVP's walking around with it. This just kind of felt like a waste of time. This was one of those things where it's like why. What? What was the point of that? You could easily announced set Apollo crews wasn't there and that was done. Especially since I think you in, you interviewed Lashley for sure on the pre show. I think they interviewed MVP to, didn't they? Could have easily just done that on the pre show, and it would have been fine, but okay all right. That's the thing that happened all respect again I just I i. don't know it just felt really displaced felt really just odd. It's like why why. Bother with that I don't know because they had a fill time in. Get the angle moving forward. I don't know it. It was like Oh, he's coming off the match and then just rocks and walked out and it's like. Could have done it backstage but I guess the. Yeah, it just. It was weird. It was weird. Okay, so we will with your favorite quotations. Smooth right. Let's talk about the most shocking moment of the night. We have new tag team champions. Yeah, we do since knock more and Cicero beat the new day. What I find really interesting about this is that there were a bunch of people who really unhappy about this and I'm not entirely sure why this is. The people who are always like Oh, let's push them. They push our weight. You took the belts off a new day, well it. Yeah, they're like team. Slapped together or whatever they're calling them or teammate card or whatever has aro. They're like. Oh, they gave new titles. Why would you give them to titles the because they've earned them because they're taking them off of new day because you want. To look like bosses like I'm not entirely sure why you're complaining about. Chances are having the titles especially since they essentially straight up folded, Kofi Kingston in half through table. Kosovar just like a boss serves on hitting a strong balance. They really good, so I enjoyed this match I thought this was good. I'm really happy. That says Ro Insurance Guy had the titles, 'cause you know what that's going to move the time division forward in the right direction, and I am here for that so on up down down and they played on our. CAESAROPAPISM would spice so on the Wednesday episode of WHO This Week you had. says, Ro pull out his championship to mock woods with like. It's pouring on scissor shoulder. And Woods was pissed 'cause I took new days belts. Well you know what needs to come back in a events boys when he will when he can't, he will pour woods though he they were doing livestream today in his computer like crash and he lost everything. That's like doing gm mode and lost everything apparently. Bats are. That does suck pass. Are you detecting champions, the probably not gonNA have a long run it'll be. Getting about self new day making them chase. All right. Let's talk about I for and I. Go all right some GOITER disclaimer this. My opinion of this match has nothing to do with the actual physical wrestling portion of this match. That was fine up until the finish of this match. This was actually pretty good. They were beating each other up. I'm not entirely sure why you would bring pliers to an removing an eyeball match because I feel like a melon baler would be much more effective, but. I still say Nice v two big. You'd have a hard time like going soccer smaller ones that you can use. As low curve to it. You could scuba right out spoon. With like a curvature to at that, you could just pop it in and get like one of those special things like cake, ice or new disco. Private right out anyway says showed up with pliers. They did the match. The match portion of this was fine. Here's here's my issue with this and I have to take my classes. Offer this because I'M GONNA face. Paul Bunch in this the finish to this match, so the whole idea of this is that you're supposed to take somebody's eyeball out right? Which Seth is already done supposedly on the wine. He injured the. He did not take it out. He injured they are, but he blinded the I there was blood. There was everything else when they did it the first time. Let, saw stipulate that second around. Seth basically does the repeat. He gets ray on the steps rate, and this is after Ray has revealed that the I that seth injured is fine. He rips his little bug eye mask cover thing off and boom. He can see it's miracle. and seth grabs ray proceeds to take the newly revealed, healed a and shove it into the stairs, which okay. All Right and ray screaming and everything like that. And the doctor like race screaming in Seth I think either pulls him up right gets up because he's got face over his hands over his face like covering his eye, doctors come running in dominant comes running in race. Raise laying there with his face. They've got a towel. They're they're trying to. DAB is phase for the two drops of blood that showed up in this and the only indication and I don't know if anybody else saw it. Because there apparently was a fake eyeball, I did not see it until rock freeze framed it or somebody freeze framed it and put it out on twitter. The only indication that we really had other than Ray screaming with Samoa Joe deadpan going it's out. You didn't cut to Seth puking at ringside for this and looking remorseful, which led to him on raw, basically being like this is all race fall being typical, he'll all right if you're going to promise to take somebody's eye out, even Kobe world and in a world where everything can be pre shot. I feel like they did this match a disservice. Disservice because apparently there was something shot where there was blood, and that explain sess puking, because apparently it was very gory and everything like that and supposedly Vince hated it, and it never aired, but they went with what they went with any way, and then they still had says Puke, which made no sense again in a world where you can predate, and you can pre shoot, and you can do things, and you can pause and you can. Doctor and everything else right in this this wonderful magical world that they're in right now. Can you not at least put blood on the stairs? I think that was my biggest problem. Is You had two drops of blood unlike raise mask? That were I. Think we're genuine. Just from the match I think he got like cut up, or he got danger, cut or something on his face, and it came through his mask, but if you're going to go to the trouble of having fake eyeball of having him cradle a fake eyeball to his face. Of. Doing everything that you're doing you can at least have a little blood or something on the stairs to indicate, this is where it went into his face also. Does based on the angle, and I am not an expert, but given that eyeballs or soft and squishy, and you put a corner into it I believe it would actually crush the Ibom back into the skull versus popping out, but it could be entirely wrong on that I don't know how that actually works at the very least, I think it would actually just crush the Bible. Based on the angle and everything how he was being pushed down, but I think that was my biggest issue with it because it's like it happened in. You're sitting there and you're like. Wait. Wait. That's it. That's how they're going to do this. It's like you know there's not going to be any blood to this. which whatsoever which you know, there should be right like that's the thing. At the very least you know. There should be blood right because it's an injury. It's an. An injury to the face. It's an entry to your head. There's a lot of blood vessels. There's a lot of veins. There's a lot of things going on in your face. You're going to bleed. I feel that again. This was a disservice I understand now that this is they had something shot in. It got scrapped, so this was the make up for it, but I still feel like somebody could have done a five minute. Google search on what happens when you lose an eyeball. And they could have reacted accordingly. We hear the rock. Do not recommend Yooglie what would happen out on how to lose an eyeball unless you're interested in that kind of. Thing I knew saying though it's like even even do the proper research nobre. You had like fifty people. Just don't put it in chat. You have like fifty people at Ringside. The stairs were blocked for good like minute to two minutes. You could have very easily. Had somebody take like a wash cloth, or a pete or piece of fabric, or even to sprinkle like? Throw little blood on the stairs? Throw little on Ray, not saying how to be like gushing out of his face. Right like horror show even though that's what this was called. You know over the top blood right like he doesn't have to be bleeding to death, but enough there that it's like indicates. He severely injured because from watching this. That's not what I got. And they may. Go On for Brennan you know W W doesn't do blood and guts wrestling like other people you know. They just have set hurled spooking. That blood and guts wrestling which okay. That leads me to my next point which we talked about this on Monday but I. don't like the continuity error I can almost deal with puking, but here's my thing suggested it once in quotations, and it didn't bother him. He didn't get sick. He didn't show any remorse. He didn't really care. He rebelled in. It was the whole crux to getting to this point right, so seth does it again. He blinds ray mysterious again. This time he gets sick this time. He's actively throwing up at ringside, which is not sanitary at all. I hope they really really clean ringside after that. which they should have after this match anyway, but my biggest problem is you had him show remorse for like a split second. You had him show a conscience which no, I'm sorry now I understand. He's trying to be human but no. If you did it once, and he has actively tried to blind humber Correo allaster black dominic in the process of getting here like actively tried to do it and do it again today by the way and then he actually does it in the match. It's like no. There should be no remorse here because he's he's. He's done this. This is a pattern. This is the thing and I feel like. There was a really huge missed opportunity to take. Seth rollins to the whole next level with what he was. was He's currently doing like a whole other level in terms of just him, being diabolical and him being evil and him being he'll just just take him. Take him that next step, and instead I feel like what that did is they did what they always do. Kind of Seth were as they get into a point, and then they they cut his balls off, and he kind of goes back to being this sort of spineless dick he'll. It's going really strong up until that, and then for me, it's like. No! We're not going to have you be bad ass. We're just GONNA. Cut You off right here so I just it to be. It feels like a missed opportunity in terms of like storytelling, but we'll have to see where this goes, but I feel like seth is really like come into what he's doing, and he could really take it to that next level. But what were your thoughts on that? I'm sorry? I was underwhelmed by the Finnish. I sat here. Watching them with good all right. We're violent, but. Then the finished happened in the apologists here's. That's it one more as every all the points you just mentioned. I want more violence I wanted more blood and guts as it were. That's that's my general reaction to it. I can't really get excited over right mysterious matches at this stage. The, mattress happened. We all know the finish was going to be weird to begin with you. Do not get the facts that we were promised debutantes. Yeah I mean again. It's I still ask the question. Why are they doing? Something called a horror show in July. I feel like you could have shaped save that for October and it would have been fine i. get that things are very weird right now, and you don't know what is going to happen in October if you're going to have fans or not, if you're going to be on the road. Road or not like how this is all GonNa play out, but it was weird. One before we move onto the other stuff that you are calling this the horror show and really there were only two matches on this car. That kind of defined horror. It was the eye for an eye. Was the White Swan fight? Really even the I for an I didn't live up to the moniker of horror. Everything else was just regular. Everything else was just normal late. There was no added violence. There was no nothing it was just all there and it felt very out of place. I feel like if you're going to go to the trouble of calling it, the horror show at extreme rules than commit to that shit, every match should have a level of. I hate. Keep using the word horror, but. Something that is like violent or disturbing or something. It should have been taken to the extreme. Yeah. It just wasn't but the best wrestling on this on this night. Came from the women because they're too good. Women's tunnel matches on this show. Were Bailey and Nikki. Crossgar I love this. I love everything about this so much I I want Nikki to get more tidal shots because I'm here for this. She's adorable. She's amazing. I felt really bad when she lost, but it was so good. This was I think this was the kickoff or the. No, this was the second match in. Came right after the titles and yeah, this was this was so good. This is just I love her Nikki Solo, entertaining like the call back from the. smackdown with the apron spots, and she went all underneath the ring to get to the other side of bailout chase over there. I thought this was really good. Where there are some interesting things at the end in house retained entire. I guess what he'll be heels. As is the best way to put at, he'll be heels. It's a gimmick that's been working for its gimmick. It's been working for Sasha where they do some heel tactics. They get the job done, and they got the job though on this night for Bailey. was able to retain her title and I can watch daily. Nikki Russell Shaw time because it's really good, because especially right now and I said this Sunday. Niki crosses doing some of her best work with the crowd she is. She really really is I. Like how she's coming to her own. How she's evolved the character from what it was insanity to. She is with Alexa. They're really good pairing. I like how they haven't broken them up. There where we go in six weeks well, that was a pattern, but yeah, I'm I'm really happy that they're still together. They're still thing. 'cause they. They add something to each other So that's that's yeah. I'm here for this. Sasha banks and Oscar okay I have one not including finish issue with this match. Because it got weird at the end where Sasha to Sasha fell weird, she took a boob weird off the term buckle, and then she got up on the second rope, and she fell, and after she fell the tiny on this, at least to me felt off, because it felt like they were rushing and I. Don't know if they were rushing because they were worried Sasha had heard herself I. Don't know if. If, that's what the finish was actually supposed to look like or I. Don't know if they were like. We're short for time, so just beat it the hell up like I. Don't know what was going on there. But there at the end of the match. It just felt really off an really weird to me up until the the match was that match was absolutely fantastic, and it was good after up until the finish, but yeah I. Just I won't complain about that, but the finish. Okay I love the. The finish was good. The finish was creative. It just was like after one SG refinish after another. Because I think this had just this came like right after I for an eye in the show. It was like what the hail were. The finish was essentially that Oscar does the mist of doom to the referee. He gets blinded so Bailey Strips. The referee puts on his shirt. one-two-three Sasha's your new role women's champion. She's now Sasha to belts which we're all sitting here and it's like that's not legal. That's so not legal. That's not going to stand, and then you sit here and you go. Rod Isn't having authority figure. SMACKDOWN doesn't have an authority figure. There's only one show that has one and I don't think I don't think William. Regal's power extends to raw, but we could probably find out and we did Monday. It does not Stephanie stepped in, and they're going with the way that they're going, but It was just it was jarring. If that pulls you out of that disbelief that you're like, wait a minute. No, no, that's no. That's not how that works along. The overbook finishes all lands. This is one of the more creative overbooked finishes that actually made sense and took you to a point of the story. Could it good you clean finish, yeah! Could you have Austin clearly beat Sasha go from there? Yeah, could Sasha one cleanly. Yeah, gotTA cheap way. Yeah, or if you're not ready to take off. Aska, you don't want to really be champion that, but the heel gimmick is working. And overbook finish like this for this night work. Absolutely I thought it was I thought it was well done I thought, and even it was a last minute decision to go in this direction. I, it worked People were mad because people take away too seriously, and then you know. But I just I if you hearken back to the attitude era, and all the overbook finishes. That came from that error. Fit Right. I mean it would have it really would have. Well the screw, even Mr mcbain finishes with with Steve Austin and dude. Love is in and the rocks, and all this screwy finishes with Out there. We all do wasn't real. We all knew she wasn't champion. You buy into the story, you you you. To Go with what they're telling you. You believe in what they're doing and works. It totally works yeah I mean it absolutely got the story to the next point, which was Monday night where Steffi met fans like and no, that's not gonNA happen. We're going to do a rematch to determine. Who's the actual women's champion? which again I don't hundred percent agree with? Because it's like technically Oscar did not lose, and technically Sasha did not win, but Oscar didn't win either, but she should get her title back. She didn't lose her title. Win It. The mattress gets thrown out, so it should all just refer back, but they're going this way. That's fine. It's whatever that's how my brain logically adds. That up is if the match gets around as if it never happened then, technically Oscar should just get her title back, but we the match next week I will take Sasha and Oscar all day long twice on Sunday. The one way extreme rules. Yup Ziegler said history would be. He would be allowed to compete under extreme rules, and the title could change hands on disqualification or count, for if drew McIntyre where to comes up disqualified or counted out my wasn't. It falls count anywhere because he wanted the out. You should have made false candidate where. A one-way falls can work, but they did not do that. They kept it as. The met with fine. It's drew McIntyre. Dobbs like good match. It was a good wrestling match could had some pilots into it but you. We all knew drew McIntyre was GONNA win. He did and now office begging for another title show. That's where we're at. Though. That's I was okay. I wasn't thrilled with it. It was just in a matter in the Sea of matches at was Sunday night, which there weren't a ton of matches, they had actually cut back a lot on. How much was on the show? Which I light because that gave everybody more time to do what they were going to do on the show. this match of gets lost in the shuffle for me like I. Don't really have a lot of of this match. It was just Kinda there for me. It was. It was a dramatic entire dowse. Extreme rules match. It was solid, good wrestling. there. It's everything you see you on Monday night. I yeah. There was. There was nothing that stood out for mainly because doppler has no credibility as a number one contender quiz, he doesn't win matches. He just begs for opportunity should have been me. Over new Renault Reagan, but let's get to the thing. We Really WanNa talk about the Wyatt. Swamp fight, though Kevin, Owens and Murphy on the pre K.. Kevin one on the preacher. He was good match. Though the Universal Chevy. Broader versus Bray Wyatt not tunnel. Why have swamped? Go I feel like I got entirely screwed and let me explain why. So four. What four years I think that's how long he was doing the swamp gimmick three or four years. Something like that on the main roster. You're telling me. We could have had braised room of requirement essentially where he indoctrinates and torture's. With snakes, we could have seen that never got. It could have seen just the general like fuck. ARY that goes on out at the compound. Never got that just everything like this version of the swamp leader Bray. Wyatt is everything I've ever wanted for it and more and I'm really sad. I'm never going to see it again. Because Holy Shit but we're was this. Three years ago. Why did they not make him? Look this bad ass three years ago. I'm really sad about that. Because Damn so this match hold on for. One thing we need to talk about I. The funhouse BEF- during the middle of the show Oh yeah, yeah, the Teaser, so necker Mansor Bray Mad scientist gray with his hair fluffed. An eye shadow and everything under is is basically does a teaser for the white swamp fight. It's like old. Nineteen Thirties Frankenstein style. Look to it and he's cutting his promo about the match and everything like that and he's like we're going to go the scariest footage of the night. And they cut to the Karaoke segment and you come back to brain. He's like God. Damnit, rabbit further able to take a shot. Themselves is a good thing and he's like I. See what you did there. I see what you do realizes the cameras back on him, and he's like Spooky And it goes back to the black and white and everything, and he goes back into it, so yeah, that was really good. That was really funny. And then during the match itself it cut to that version of Bray as a cheerleader I was past that which I need that as a reaction gift for everything in my life by the way so somebody could get that on all the social media so I can use it. That would be great, so this match opens and there were a lot of references in this mash that we have not taken apart we didn't i. I didn't get a chance to go back and rewatch it. 'cause I've just been really really busy with work this week so I want to go back and we watch this I want to catch every reference that I missed because there was a lot in there. This match opens with Bray sitting in the middle of a road, waiting for Brandon Rolla which he does. Brown rose up Ray, sitting in a chair, waiting for him. He's laughing. He's rocking in it in his broncos to hit him. Brave vanishes, and then brown gets attacked by fake, Luke Harper and fake Eric grown. Part. biglou carpet. Fake looker! TASTIC! I was like Oh. My God y'all did him so wrong. The so mean like I get. You can't get him but Dan. That's cruel. We're GONNA. Get to that man's. We're going to get to that. We're GONNA. Talk about that and then then Bronx attacked and he can't believe his eyes. He's seeing a ghost. He doesn't know what's going on because standing over him. Him is himself the black sheep of the white family, and he proceeds to take shovel to himself and knock himself out and when Brian comes to, he's in Braise Room of requirement is indoctrination and torture room and Braun. Is this Marie? Get really really kinky guys. Braun is chained legit to a chair to the rocking chair and break comes in, and they exchange words the. If we get to that. Full on. Enter interests. Yeah, we got the full on entrance. He did not carry his own head in. Old Land I was. I was really curious how that was going to work if he's going to carry his own head or not. But he comes in. He does the entrance. We get to hear the Marcos or fame one more time, and then he starts to top Braun he he yells, and he talks abroad, and he weaves his spell, overbroad abroad and bronze, trying to shake him off, and he can't do it and he can't do it, and then we get into the actual torture where. Basically Braun era, sorry bray, and a real life version of sister, Abigail or Abbie, the puppet because there was actually callback, Saul the puppets in this shop snake, and they proceed to have Braun get bit by the snake which flashes him to the next part where he beating people, he's beating up fake Luke Harper and a guy that looks like Dominic Jackovic. He likes him on fire, and then he hears a voice calling to him, whispering him to him luring him. A siren come home, Braun come home, and we look, and we see a ghostly figure draped in black on the dock, and she lifts her veil, and it's Alexa, bliss. Oh my God strap. No. Okay! She's not technically sister Abigail. She's an apparition that has meant to top Bron now. I must say it be cool to see Alexa bliss a sister Abigail, but she's more of their calling back to the little big storyline that sort of help to pull braun out of the white family I think originally because he had just left the family when that happened, it turned from being a just a pile monster monster with the personality. Yeah! It kind of started him on this path made a movie. Yeah and so she's kind of that temptation for to lure him in. And then we get the boat. With the pond, and I'm screaming at the top of my longs for the love of God, keep Ray away from water. It was. God Yeah. Has a wonderful yeah. And so Braun knocks bray the to fight and brought into the boat and pushes the boat away. Anything sees one. Book comes back. And it's empty. And bronze confused and he's looking around. And this was the best part of this whole fight and I. Think pissed a lot of people off. is they flashed the bottom of the paper? The the ending graphic for the pit perfume at the bottom right at this point in the match. 'cause everybody was like what the help. As disturbing knocked him into the back into the water like. It's over. And we both here going way. It's it is like no, that's not that's not. That's Annette. 'cause break comes back out of the water. And then we have the baptism gone wrong because they fight in the water and they they're fighting and everything. So what happened was Brady reached up grabbed with the memo. Call the Brigham and water. And then. It's the water searched bubbling. And it turns red. And out comes the faint. So? This was not an ad. Says was the story. This was the next chapter in the story. Have now leads to the return of the scene. We have not seen. Since WRESTLEMAINIA. where he put away Johnson, it's been that long since fifteen. And we all knew this was going. We all knew the fiend was coming. For Brown show him to recapture what was his? And that's what this led to. Some people like this. Some people thought this was stupid. I enjoyed it I thought it was really good. A lot of people were comparing this to the firefly funhouse match, which I think that that obviously had set the bar for the cinematic matches for Bray. This was on on that level, and the reason why this was not on that level is this is the next part in an ongoing continuing story, so it's not going to have that same finality. John Cena match had because John? CENA matches a one and done. That's like a thirty minute thirty to forty five minute experience fifteen runs, it felt longer the but the Boehner Western ones. Yeah, but this was basically brain bronner GonNa meet your having swamp. Brave fight. Braun, and they did him wrong at the end. Kasparov can't get. It could get it done. So the fiend shows up in place. A swamp ray puts him back in the grave and takes out Braun Strowman, and that is the end of that now. We'll have to see tomorrow where this leads. Do because we haven't heard or seen bronze German since this happened. Nobody knows where he is. Nobody knows what's going on with him. So I'm sure we will get that continuation of the story next 'cause whatever supposed to happen bronze supposed to come back in some sort of form whether it's the monstrous form whether it's whatever to attack Rewi, but he should not be the same whenever he. He comes back or whatever form he comes back in. He should not just be the happy go. Lucky monster that he was, he should be impacted or changed or scarred or something. Because of what happened in this match I would hope that anyway I think they will do that because they've been steadily doing but on its own. I really liked this. I really enjoyed it like I. said this. Just this made me really sad at the same time because it's like I look back at all. The feuds swamp. Bryant had and I'm like this could have been a thing the entire. Entire time and we didn't have it because I I- legit and wondering was brought special, because that's where my brain goes, and bray was just like torturing him with snakes and Shit, and like the ghosts of his past and his decisions, or was this everybody because it's like did 'cause you know everybody tends to forget. I don't pray white kidnapped the undertaker. So you're telling me we could have had this happened to the undertaker and we never saw it. I really upset about it happened Kane twice. You're telling me again. We could have seen that didn't happen Dana. Brian, you know the list. List goes John seen the first time the list goes on and on and on and on and on of all the feuds he had while he was swamped. Very Wyatt and we never never saw any of it and I. Get it. They don't have time. They can't do it as PG whatever but I'm just I'm very sad because it's like this could have been the swamp character, the whole horse run I could have taken him the seriously. They could have made him. Look this bad ass, and they just they just didn't so. I'm happy that like because this was by whites vision. That this version of the swamp leader got to be seen, that got to be heard that he got to do this because I feel like they finally did him justice after after all these years I yeah, I'm picturing a cinematic undertaker Bray Wyatt match La-. Manson I cry because we'll never get it. I I would love to see Bray Wyatt psychologically undertaker part because there's a lot there that he could use and have the undertaker back to. But that's another discussion for another day, but I enjoyed this match I thought it was I thought it was good like I said I. WanNa go back and watch all the all the references and pick up on everything because there was the R-, a lot of call backs to the original family to what he's been doing to other things very similar to what the firefly funhouse was, but it's different and I liked that it was different, but we're. What were your thoughts I, I thought it was different. I thought it was progress. The story and to credit was. Swamp right who pulled him in? And then the theme appeared I know, but I'm just making that point made clear. It's not swampy. That finished the match. That's my thing. It's like he was already in the process of becoming the fiend. When When he tells Brennan, so technically swamp race still doesn't get it done, but he does get it done i. will say that is the freaky Est. I've ever seen the fiend. Look is him coming up out of that water with the red in the water like they had used like red lighting and fog, and everything in the fiend comes up out of the water and he just you see him. Him come up from behind this like doc, and that's just like they did this extreme close up on him, and it's dark and is just over Shit. That's just spooky. Because all you can see is like he see the mask. And then you get a close enough shot bray that you can actually see like his mouth under the theme mask, so you see essentially see like this black hole. Phen-? Kinda freaky it was it was weird. But cool. The pictures they were putting out of it was good to. Durable Ifo I, I will take more will I will definitely. Take Wireless. Couple of housekeeping things we both went for into the eight ball. One four, one the wheel of fund, the magical wheel I went two and three. We beat the an inanimate objects we. Go US I think that's our coverage of extreme rules I think that's our coverage of extreme rules ready. We're going to take a break and when we come back, we're going to be doing news notes exte- and tweet of the week, so you don't WanNa miss that it'll seem the record here on talk. Radio DOT COM and we will be right back. Are you following us on twitter dot TV slash W. tr live. Do you have any was on prime? 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You get a quick second. You happen to have a twitch prime of available. Available will feel free to use it here if you want. You just cook opo button at the bottom of the screen and you can do that. You can also follow the regular way or just you know, subscribe the regular way, or you just hang out and chat and lurk. We're happy to have you any way. We can get you so welcome if you're just joining us and well. I say we do to the week what he say. The Cana Persons Fan and Tom. To Spam who? Taking. Place. So big. and. found. A place where you can go ahead Iran. One hundred forty characters. giving. Dish and starts to climb. Goethe Refresh Tara. tweeted. It's can. Show. Off. Brent go to your corner what he do, go look at twitter. Bailey I. E Y. Hope Ramos Stereo is okay. Ha Jason Isaacs. The Patriot was released twenty years ago today. Initially, not a huge success is subsequently become a classic holiday favorite reprieving the old movie maximums. If a psychopath kills your children, give all the Australians swords and someone in marketing I mean not lie. TMZ Man allegedly steals three foot forty pounds sex toy from Las Vegas adult store. SUPLEX city limits Brad. Shepherd is added again. Ship gains sometimes when you're feeling exhausted. It's okay to accidentally have your PJ's and your house slippers on at three forty five PM. Right Doctor Luba response. Wait I'm supposed to say it's an accident. JAKE FROM STATE FARM HERE DR. LUPO! Is your controller not working or have not played before I? Bet You controllers working. Check the plug and restart. Wait. has never been excellent. Only Charlie on TV host I take provide a medical of mysterious dislodged eyeballs this seventy two hour span. Goes. I'm a renaissance woman. Stephanie Chased Chris Challen Christian at last year in your whole. Sorry? The foxwoods without saying their name. What is your favorite superstar known for Filthy Tom Lawlor. Nickel failure. Got To take a hate that that's going to be his last. This last see. FORMER IS GONNA to hold up his numerous Unitel Rob Schaumburg I. Have No Restaurant Change. Zero Athletes Bill, the charisma of wet cement, terrible shape, but I think Shane Helms teach me how to choke. Slam your ass I. Mean What? Eric from the Viking Raiders. It should be legal to clothesline. People who don't say, thank you when you hold a door for them I, mean I should be legal. Bailey Stephanie. McMahon has done for angry emojis. Stephanie question mark, Bailey Hello Ma'am. I was just. Hope. You're done for the day so that you can relax. Thanks for the opportunity has segr- thin valor IU's quarantine very cartoon very wisely, watching all hundred eighty episodes of Seinfeld and store. Put you do for week two. Valor West six hundred pound life what happens. Okay, I have a late entry. Okay, wrestling figure news source at masters of the universe. WWE Universe Athene Bray white coming soon to Walmart and they got the go-ahead from Mattel to share this sense pictures of the figure and Bray response. This is amazing. EMBALMER goes way. Does this mean when the figure comes out? You're going to let him in. And he uses his own reaction Gif of himself with husks, the pig winking. You know you've made it when. I dislike that Walmart went for it. I'm very proud of them for that so so proud. He's also excited because he can wear his half. Nate Jason Mask whenever he wants. I look, get into news presenters always by Biji Films Youtube.com/ignbeyond Detroit Eleven, so it wasn't a. Pc Newsweek which is good, but would you have some? I've been shoot muschamp for like four years on twitter. I got him to notice me once I'm kind of hoping. The rabbit project will get his attention, but I don't think it will anyway we we do have things to talk about so. Some of the biggest news outside of extreme rules is that slimmer bursary happened on Saturday and just a few notable people that we know in love showed up on that show, which was not a surprise, because several people had already been teased. Gallison Anderson. Dropped the news that morning that they had signed with impact, but we had some other wwe people show up including he slater E C three curt. Hawkins which was on the Car Hawkins was impact now some Serie. He was still there and eat wide on impact. No, he's also over challenge for the World Oh so quite white. The bunch there he slater in Galveston Anderson ably signed with impact wrestling EC. Three has not supposedly. That's what he's saying, but I think him and e y have an agreement with them to do something, and then I think Curt Hawkins is an unknown or get. He signed I think. Three's prize agreement. He wise probably sign he slater's. Signing a gallon, Galveston members are have signed. To you do sal dairy congratulations to them best of luck to them as they move forward, speaking of impact bound for glory was announced. It's happening October twenty four guys. Look forward to that. Progress and since we have no no real good transition other than you know impact step forward. Unfortunately Chris Jericho took a step back his his wild time crews. I don't even know what to call it. The triple winning the triple whammy Christo Rocket Raider, though schedules were a temporary. February of this year has been pushed to October of two thousand, eight, twenty one. Yes so upcoming. So everybody if you were supposed beyond that if you had any type of affiliation with that, we don't have any information on refunds or Anything like that so I would just say stay tuned to, either if there's a website, check the website or check crispus twitter. 'cause I'm sure he'll tweet some that something about it. If you want a refund, probably get them just. Tweaker SURCO PRAGNELL information. And last, but certainly not least wwe has teamed with war gaming for world of tanks. Or we're going to have wwe superstar theme tanks that fight each other. It's interesting. Just, doing it for night. I, Yeah I. WAS GONNA say I want to run around. Is WWe superstar Can we make this happen? EPIC W W? We please you know. Just I. have several people that would make fantastic for night. Characters just sing. Anyway in one of those people, they kind of already have skin former cups conform would be taker, and we just happened to get to talk about the entertainer on the show with makes me Super Happy 'cause I always love to talk about why the undertaker in the same show, but we got, and it was way too short. I'm just GONNA. Go ahead and say that right now upfront. We got a six episode. Of the undertaker series, which was basically some of the unusable footage or footage that just didn't go into the DOCU series. we got a thirty minute twenty minute twenty minute essentially like many. Many show which I'll take of the undertaker telling stories telling his stories that didn't make it into the DOCU series. And we had animations to illustrate what he's talking about and it was also. Narrated by Timothy Elephant. I'm just going to say this. Because like I said it was way too short I want storytime with Mark Calloway. Footage I want the outtakes I. Want like everything from that serious. It's not an outtake reel. There were no outtakes is mainly S- really sad that there's no outtakes? It's just the undertaker telling stories so one of the stories he tells his about egg man, and how he thought he was going to be egg man, instead of the undertaker, which he kinda told him. Don't go podcast. Another one was some really good road. Stories were like he set Yokozunas hair on fire, and he in the Godfather get in a fight about a hat, which up with undertaker, putting his head through the door, which is a common occurrence, apparently apparently and he hugs like. Through the door off the balcony. Oh, yeah, that's a news story. We didn't mention. The chat. You're grumpy, old man. Yeah, he's A. He's a renegade run game. A game takers on Tick Tock y'all. Don't even know. What is life when he for him to get into which channel I really waiting for that? Now I'm like just it's GonNa Happen. He didn't. They're going to get a twist. He's he's going to get a youtube. I WANNA. See Him in Michelle. Do do the renegade on. Tire no nets Ole. Breaks so many souls I want to see it happen would kill my soul Avi. Did that the God? Yeah, the undertaker's now and tiktok anyway, and then it's. He talks about like this really late Rustler's core and we find out about that including the Xavier. Woods gave him this really nice gavel that he just happened to have in his pocket and he showed off on camera because he's like. Yeah, I just happened to have it here. Look, here's the gavel and you know you're like losses shit when he saw that. because. One of my favorite things that I've ever been given. so that was really sweet, but yeah I wanted I want more. Like I. Really Want more because I think my favorite thing about this was like the Godfather story, right? He's Getting Ready to tell the godfather story and he's like so I have to disclaimer this. We were younger. This is not recent. We were younger and we were known to potentially put away some whiskey, not claiming we did it not acknowledging or not, you know accepting that we did it just might have happened that we maybe had been under the influence of alcohol at the time, and I'm sitting here in my blank is. Is your mother still alive? Because I feel like this is a man that fears his mother. Or someone! Like. Artistic just say that you did it, 'cause. We all know that you did it. You have the reputation for it. We all know you did it. Just you know the honest, but yeah I want more. I would love to see more. Her story time or I would love to see him. Write a book or just get more footage from this in general because I feel like it would be just. There's so much there that we didn't get to see and I think my favorite thing about like I said before the whole Docu series in general is just getting to see the person at I I genuinely love the person behind the character as much as I love the character now because it's like you just see him in an all. You're such a Dork I love you so even though I'm sure he's not perfect, you know. He has his his ups and downs and everything else, but yeah I. I wanted Mar.. Because we got the team stories, and I want the non tame stories. Agree I like it. Just! Like I say he twits jail and he can just do you know? Take her talk, and he could just sit there on twitch like a legit that make good like sign up for twitch channel, and he probably never stream in. He could get ten gay twenty, gay thirty gay, however, many K. subscribers like because it's the undertaker he need. Partner didn't like two days and I would cry, but it would be amazing. So anyway an extra. It's time for this week's edition of the next. She run down. The show the cool kids watch or really old people so Matt I actually jokingly said. Take your sugar can only fans to I jokingly said that, so the other night to sue coming into the show. We are all scared to death. I thought Uncle William was gonNA leave us. And I don't want Uncle William to leave us. He's like Uncle William Somebody has to watch hunters. Kids were not good. Discuss take. Talk about this show so I, want to answer that no, no, we're not answering were answering that. No right he's already goes tits out every match. He goes tits out anyway, so it doesn't matter if he takes his tits out on twitter, not. twits anyway. That'd be the only I, can't he? Can't. Guys can't do it. They can't sit there shirtless. Because some people could sexualize it. Wow. That's a thing. Anyway. It Open with William Regal Choosing keithly via the magical webcams, and he talked about how he's going to give up. The NFC. North America Championship Regal. Nashville was he's creating series of triple threat matches with the winners qualify to go onto the next Taylor for thirty two P. in a ladder match for the North America, championship so before we get into all those matches her opening contest Dexter Lewis Healy. The this is good. This is really. Very durable Dexter Maeda impasse out. Dexter is very much in into that. That's his his thing. You had the code ACI cutting selfie pro. Kicking US face often. She's coming for the title. I think we're GONNA. Get that match the takeover thirty. Call Me Crazy I. WE could we absolutely. Could I know though it's just it's so hard to say ever. Is the mouthpiece I mean resigned go, they did hold mouth these entrance tastic Oh Canada home and native land. I guess it brings Canadian. Yes. Right up freeze athlon about ever Isis from Canada. That was all. Okay all right got it now. Shots blackheart took on. that. That's not the point. The point is after the match. Sheep ran over ruppert stones good foot with her tank. Here's a guy who's worried about his his band flag. She run over. The Goodwin shots him. Good match and well Robert Stone got the last laugh, though because to help him out K Mercedes Martinez, out of nowhere because she boots shot seen the face as the League is trying to get the tank off of Roberts foot. And in the end Mercedes signs with the Roberts stone brand. So we're GONNA get Mercedes and. That was assume Mercedes have. Another. Challenger coming after her to. Someone, who's had a run in with Roberson recently. I think we're GONNA get Mercedes. I'm fine with that. I'm totally fine with that. It was the North American Jimmy. Could qualifier matches a triple threat match. Johnny Gargano Brandon read Roderick strong in a surprise to me practicing. Read one I okay with this like I'm really happy. The run. I'm just kind of anyone like it's 'cause. It's like it's Johnny and Roderick Andy figure you know especially with them going into a ladder match up one of them when turn up in, they probably may still turn up in it. But yeah. It's like okay. They're going to move Bronson. Florida all right, cool, cool very cool, but a this was a great match I like this I thought it was enjoyable. I would agree with that the only intimacy. Thatcher William Edge. So, good, typically, Thatcher's over week after week I. Like Him I really I'm really enjoying what he's doing. And just these really hard strong sil- type matches where they're just going in and having these slumps slugfests. Is just really awesome. We have a little. Promo so good. It's like Oh. Hi, fin where he came to our. Where are you talking about his next week? Against Dexter, Lummus, Tim catcher somebody's GonNa die in that match like that is just going to be straight up. Somebody's GonNa die I cannot wait for that. It's going to be so good. You had your main event carrying cross dominic. Digest or dodge Kobe murder. MOM looked great. She sparkled. She's very sparkly. This was good was good. Carrying got the win. Keely had to come out to make sure that there so funny business as he kind of had the choke for a a while, but what I liked about this was carrying crosses almost daring keithly to save his friend. Right you're. Like he's like come on, do it save him. I'm going to beat him up. I'm going to rough him up. I'M GONNA choke out save him. Make that choice Satan and keithly doesn't do it, so carrying ends up basically. Choking out dominic, which was which was absolutely just fantastic storytelling. I like how they're slowly building this between Keith and Karen were. It's like there's no real reason for them to fight, but they're building the reason to the fight, and it's a slow burn and I love that. A very solid. Very solid, so I think that's what show I think that's our show so all right? We're going to take a break. We're going to round a Brett because I. Think Omega is still on vacation and we're going to do night with friends so everybody sit tight or go get a sack or get a drink. Go to go, do whichever you need to do. But we're we'll be back here in just a few minutes, and while you got stuff supposed to plug away. Seriously relaxed dot com grab the great debate dot Com Sunday night the words on. wd Your fantasy draft season eleven the Sunday ten PM Eastern. New Format. A little bit. Versus to be Sunday night. WHO's GonNa? Win of all the rules on Sunday. Yes. There's a show because we're all GONNA? Be On it to make sure this show. poche Eleven PM Eastern next. No Right. I don't think we're going to be back next Thursday night. 'cause I'm going to be on vacation, so we are not doing a show next week next, but every other Thursday. We'll be live at ten P. Mecer, record, or so on facebook twitter instagram. The rack radio show and podcast Google. I spotify stitcher where we get your podcast. That's a thing that wild talk radio on twitter twitter. FACEBOOK, dot, com talkradio network. Don't worry. We'll do four nine next week. Next Thursday A in in time. Probably maybe we'll see. What happens! Speaking of fortnight used US rocket second to four nine shop. Was I'm probably two years. What's called? Pre Purple Work About him below the screen. That was a Hashtag. Are you foamy. Almost social media's an on twitch Ashland's Ward L. A. W.. Over. Don't forget to check out our very fine sponsor. Embassy films Dot Com Slash M B twelve eleven so for rock. I'm Lizzy Ward. Everybody like I. said go get a snack. Go get a drink. Go do what you gotTa do, but come back because in just a few minutes. We are going to be playing fortnight with friends, and it is challenged. Guys so prepare for Shenanigans but tilden. The right here on talk. Radio DOT COM and we will see you in two weeks by. While Talk Radio DOT COM.

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Braun Strowman - SAS CLASSIC

The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!

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Braun Strowman - SAS CLASSIC

"Thank you for listening to this podcast. One production available on apple podcasts and podcast. One. This episode of the Steve Ulta show is brought to you free today by friends bet online dot AG championship fevers running rampant, an NBA NHL. Can you feel it between the finals and major league baseball? The sports action just keeps rolling. Get into mixed met online dot AG, and use the promo code podcast. One for your fifty percent. Welcome bonus bet online dot AG online sportsbook experts and exclusive partner of podcast. One sports net. Podcast one dot com. Production from Hollywood California, by way of the broken skull ranch. This is the Steve Austin show hill. Yeah, yeah. Now here's Steve Austin, Harada Steve Osborne show. I occurred, I don't make recharging batteries just because I am recharged batteries. We still got business to take care of, in the meantime, we'll be playing some of the most requested Steve Ouston show classics that have been locked away in the archives. I got a great one forty this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it. And welcome to another classic episode of Steve Austin show. It is producer Sean, with episode number three forty nine with the monster. Among men Veron Stroman, original air, date, August ninth two thousand sixteen. This massive competitor is in the early stages of his singles push on raw around the time of this recording rostrum at had just separated from the white family through the deputy draft. So. Was on his own. And he was winning a lot of decisive matches along the way and soon, go on to feud with Sammy's Zane and continue and undefeated streak for quite a while, and eventually progress to where he is today in the Debbie e Stephen Brown. Talk about strongman contests lot stuff about powerlifting, a lot of discussion about that. Something Steve's very, very much interested in so they do talk about lifting and the Arnold Schwarzenegger. Classic Arnold classic also talk about his recruitment ended adobe mentioning Mark Henry as one of the folks that was kind of, like one of his mentors learning how to work as a big man. Also talk about his road diet, which consists of a lot of Japan lay if you can look it up, and they don't talk about specifically here. If you do look it up Ron Stroman has a very specific order that he gets every time at Chipotle, lay and includes a fajita veggies, which actually when I heard about that I was inspired to start doing the same. I don't have as many calories in my Chipotle. Order but figured I'd take a little bit of advice from him. Yeah, but we talk about a whole bunch of stuff here. Braun strowman here on a classic episode on the eve, Austin show Ed before we get to this day, Steve Austin history, just reminder that next week, Tuesday, June eighteenth, the Steve Austin show returns with brand new episodes, so market calendars, folks, he is coming back. That's right stone, call come back with a vengeance with new audio wha- bass this day Seve Austin history today, being June eleventh, we start off in nineteen Ninety-two in Greenwood South Carolina with Dostam you world champion stink. And Ricky the dragon steamboat to feeding WWE's champion recruit, and stunning, Steve Austin, Demi go over to nineteen ninety nine in Detroit Michigan for the WWF. It's Steve Austin, defeating don't world champion the undertaker via disqualification after the match Steve Austin dish dot stunners, left, and right to the members of the ministry of darkness, and two thousand and one in Richmond, Virginia, at a raw is war taping Kurt angle, defeated, dodo tag team champion. Crispin wa in a steel cage match. Steve Austin, who was doing guest commentary for about slammed the cage door interest, Benoit's face, allowing for cranial to escape the cage, and after the match Steve Austin attack the wolverine with approximately twenty chair shots. Somebody did counties. Yes. And then finally in two thousand seven in Wilkes bear, Pennsylvania at a Monday night raw taping Stevenson was not in attendance. But he did provide a recorded message for various special moment, Indo to be history. He provided pre-tape comments for visit man appreciation night where Steve said he appreciated spring Vince down with beer filling his car cement, disguising himself, as a doctor, sif, gotta treated this segment on raw as a unleashed episode. Apparently, there's a lot of cursing that was bleeped throughout. But of course, this is the Monday night, raw in two thousand seven we're Vincic man went outside to his limo and the limo exploded. Once he got in, and that kicked off a crazy chain of events in the WWF. At that time. There you go. That is this day and Steve Austin history. I got information from the history of WWE dot com. All right. Coming right up after the break, we've got a classic episode with bronze Stroman on the Steve Austin show. Hugh brings nother but goal you've got that gold sunshine in the sky and championship gold and the NBA NHL and over in major league baseball, the twins and the Astros are standing strong in the American League while in the National League the dodgers and Phillies ahead of the pack. There's only one place, as you covered in one place, we trust, but online dot AG sign up today for a free account at bet online dot AG, and use the promo code podcast. One or text bet now two two three eight six six nine to receive a fifty percent. Welcome bonus at dot AG online sportsbook, experts and exclusive partners, a podcast, one sports net. Steve almost show arrives in here. Condescend Anaheim, California. Eleven forty, I got one of the biggest baddest strongest cats. Welcome planet earth said rapid side me. His name is Bronx Stroman. He was the latest dish to the Wyatt family Brown shaky hand, you big bastard. We're gonna do this family friendless watch four hundred words. Yes. How are you doing? Great steve. Thanks for having me on the show. Man. You know, hey, so I'll tell you what I was at the house last night, and I've been doing research. I'm talking to that Patterson a day, and I'm gonna talk to being Ambrose on the network and not just perusing on YouTube and I started looking around because I'm always looking at string stuff for motivation. And just see what guys are doing. And I saw this big strong cat named Atta the sheer picking up. Okay. Wait. That's your name, correct. Yes, sir that how you say Adam shares share God, dang dude at the time you're doing something as interviews. You exterior still six eight at the time. You're weighing about four fifteen up about my biggest ever weight, and it was four eighteen when a wait and read before to ARL in two thousand twelve holy. Smokes. What are you? What are you weigh in right now, as we sit here and tall right now brought walking around three seventy five is three eightieth probably fight a guess, I don't really know my body weight fluctuates ten to fifteen pounds a day to what I eat. How do how did you feel at four fifteen miserable? I'd have my girlfriend helped me time, my shoes, and just every day to day life was not enjoyable, getting in and out of cars and finding clothes fit and feed myself, just it was a job just to be that big new. That's one reason. I wanted to talk to you about eating on the road and your strength. I'll even know where you from where do you live? I was born in cheryl's Ford. North Carolina little town. Maybe forty five minutes outside of Charlotte right now. I live in Orlando where a move to start training but the WWE performance center down there. So I'm still in their airports. Nice on a modest. I'm sticking around down there for a little bit the place to be. I mean, we just had some big time tragedy over there shooting and stuff like that, just as far as location with airport is, and it's a great place to be based out of specially with proximity to that training center. Before we get into the wrestling topless go back a little bit too, when you were a kid, 'cause dude at six eight three seventy five were you a big kit from get go? I graduated high school when I was seventeen years old, and a six five and three hundred and five pounds and seventeen did the football comes probably had his mouth Julen. Did you play college football high school football? I played high school football two years in the first two years high school. I didn't really do my grades like showed us so they wouldn't let me play football. And that kind of led to me not playing in college. I played semi pro ball for four years, North Carolina after a high school and stuff like that. And I did NFL combine in two thousand seven and had pretty good numbers. But with the college experience, I couldn't really get anybody in a fell wise, look, marina offers and stuff and just nothing that I really wanted to pursue any more in the football. And that's the thing for a guy is big as you and I was you understand language from elite lifting standpoint, because that's, that's a big part of the battle along with the strength aspect of it. But as big. Strong as you are. And going back to when Brock listener, try it out from Minnesota, big strong guy, but with the lack of technique, you know, other guys got the advantage. I mean, that's with everything, I guess, in lobbying would strowman everything there's so many little technical things behind the scenes that people don't realize what it takes to get to that upper echelon of athletes and stuff. So what were you doing with your training, coming up in junior high and high school? You already putting up stupid numbers back, then not really my dad wouldn't let me lift weights till, I was like sixteen or seventeen is this whole, I guess, the old wives tale of it'll stunt your growth or Nissen that hurt you that not really didn't have any opportunities to do it. We had weightlifting and stuff and then fired and high school, but no, no coaches in new was going on anything like that. So kinda through high school. I tried to do the Hon lifted and things like that. I think maybe in highschool pride missed like three hundred pounds or something like that. Maybe squad at the same nothing. Nothing crazy back. Then let me go back in the day. I was always a big fan of the powerlift in USA magazine, and probably has since disappeared, of course. House and all the muscle MAGS do with looking at you. Now. I would just assume that was consumed your life from from all the way back in high school. When did you decide? Hey, I'm one big strong s son of a gun. I'm going to start taking this serious in start doing strongman stuff. I was working security at a nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina. And I actually ran into a fellow straw man professionals trauma, the time that was working at another bar named up. Brad done and Anson actually, another guy to. They kind of Salmi. There would realize it house. Big guy, and everything and asked me what I did, and I was like, well right now, I'm kind of just doing life and, you know, just working the security thing, enjoying life and try to figure out what I wanted to do. And they asked me if I wanted to come out and give strowman tried Loma hold like a week later came and gave it a go, and I fell in love with instantly and just things. Click for me. I always remember growing up not lifting weights and things like that, when it came to doing things out in nature, I guess that's where the whole thing that country. Strong is what I've always called myself that farmer strong. Like when it just weird things I don't know picking up rocks and pay bills. And this I think that's what my body was built for do what kind of skills, did you have is security guard, because a lot of guys might be in the crowd Magai. They might know couple of arm locks or some stuff, some control things. I'm guessing you were just straight up intimidation. Unless you have some skills that I don't know that I got a little things hit back in the pockets here and there from previous experiences in life, but nothing would security was I got into a security, because I like to go out, but the whole time that I did man, I never drank or anything like that. Just because I was so worried about focusing on what I was going to do down the road. And and how if alcohol would prohibit what I wanna do. So I didn't drink but I'd like to go out so I figured I might as well. Kill two birds, one stone. I can go out. Get paid and be out and do it. So that's what got me into the balance and stuff. But I think like, mainly my thing was, I guess, I don't know if there's an intimidation or the fact that I could talk most people out of doing something silly does one of the things I wanted to talk to you about because I see talking, it was probably might have been our. I think it was when you tweak YoM you're talking about the six pack back back. Did you carry out your meals and as many as I can tell this silver tongue devil? So you can talk you situation which maybe not everybody and know this. But I didn't expect that out of you. Yeah. Yeah. I think a lot of people are throws people off a little bit when they hear me speak, especially like when my TV character with Braun strowman and things like that. I'm don't really say too much more action less talking and in life. I'm kinda the same way I go about keeping myself for the most part, pick and choose who I opened up to who I want to speak to. But if I get talking it's hard to shut me up. And that's good because it would notify guests. Your diet, you were talking about young lady at the at the expo might have been Arnold. And I'm trying to imagine because I'm sitting there, trying to get back and shift my rotator cuff injury, you center, like a brick house at three seventy five. Is there anything specifically that you have to eat because, now that you've left the world of strong man, and you are WWE superstar and you know how tough is live is now you've been on a road coming up here? The, the Monday night, raw after summer slams debuted last year. So we're coming up on a year right now in the next one two weeks. Okay, so, so what are you eating on a road to maintain three seventy five a lot of that's my guilty. Pleasure. When it comes to food, because I guess, they advertise their organic and the price ain't bad for how much I gotta eat. So it usually works out. I usually hit them three four five times a week when I'm out doing that. And then it gets tough on mean you know that late at night during a whole lot of options. So I mean it's. Load up on usually when I land in a town, I was I goes, like a vitamin Shoppe go straight load up on protein bars and little cookies, and snack things like that. So I don't have to a fat pig, and eat, whatever gas station at two o'clock in the moral Meghan towns, do you have to worry about what kind of food you're taking in obviously, you have great genetics. But I mean if you ate garbage would you get fat? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I tried and more. So now because I probably I don't burn as many calories working out as much anymore because I don't go as crazy crazy now. My normal gyms about hour and a half. And that's doing twenty minutes of cardio in their go back to the start of the strength man days when you started trying to win guy, what did you focus on? I mean doing. Heavy deadly squashing bench because I know the power left. But did you use those along with everything else that strong men do what were your total is? What were your numbers, you were throwing up? Yeah. Yeah. We focused on a lot of the three list. But instead of more of like the bench presents aspect of it was more of the cleaning. S overhead because I within straw man. There's no bench press events anymore, at least I know of but yeah, but those are just kinda Staples at gas kind of benchmark. Whether you. After. But how much you bench is almost kind of an equation, the most I ever did was five eighty five and train. And I was wrong. That was raw. And I never really did a lot of cry. I like doing a lot of close group stuff. I'm era. One time good friend of mine. I don't know if you know, Mark Bailey makes that slingshot. He was just he's on my podcast next Thursday. Yeah. I love this leads me. Me say my elbows and stuff like that the best I ever did with one of those, I did five twenty five for seven on close. Grip benchpress with a slingshot on dude. That's what I like about that. Thank is I'll go. I'll go. I'll get my heavy reps in before. I messed up my rotator cuff. Oh now thrown that slingshot put something on their always train about myself down the ranch, so mad at something that it will help me get a few extra reps. And if you wonder what we're talking about go to how much you mentioned dot com or super training dot TV, and you can check out the slingshot. It's an invention by Mark Bell. Have you ever worn a shirt, I tried one on one time and I couldn't get five hundred pounds of touch chested dude, I think I'd have been so tight ten gas to put it was crazy. I took it off. I looked like a tiger would just bruises all striped roses. But that's what I like about the slingshot because it just gives you a little bit of assistance. These days, I just think sometimes things are over quipped. And so it seems like an talk with. Art bell. He's going for new benchpress are, and he's going to do it raw, and so it rolls coming back in vogue, and I like to see that because for a while, the bit shirts were so thick. It's like man. It's adding a couple of hundred pounds lifts on really what is the lifts? So tell me about the strongman stuff, if the atlas stones, what kind of training protocol were you in on, on a day in day out basis, because a lot of stuff, I saw you doing your menu pushing prowlers doing Viking presses and stuff like that. But what about the polls and all the other style? A lot of the stuff when I got to a contest, it was the first time I ever got to put my hands on it. So, like where I grew up, like I would to train events like Alice stones that for the first year that I got into strong. I had to drive two hours one way just to get in. And I would always train events. One day a week and be on Sundays. And, and it's also top of work regular job work sixty hours a week. And then I work three nights a week, doing security, and then we'll go down train chasing. Dream. I mean, let nothing get in your way. So how long did you do the strowman, because I know W w came Colin. My first contest was September two thousand nine I trained maybe like four weeks for a woman, I contest, it was the basis of the east nationals qualifier in South Carolina, and I never forget like being out there not knowing what I was really getting myself into and seeing these guys that I got to compete against a really it opened my eyes because I thought I was a really strong. And once I got into the competing this, and started meeting these athletes from all around the country in the guys from all around the world man, it's insane human beings at walked this earth out there and just to to where I started in. I think I still am. I'm not sure if I am not I'm the fastest American to ever start man, and turn pro and I started in September two thousand nine I got my pro card in November two thousand eleven and that's the question what does it take to get a pro card and strongman usually they haven't. Nationals event every year, which is North America's strongest man. And then I think they have three or four other opportunities that you're so there's only maybe four or five spots a year for guys to step up into that next level. And that's why I mean, it Strommen opened up so many doors for me, got to travel around country on, you know on dime for two years doing all this guy with a dream. I qualify for nationals. Two dozen Levin. And like I knew like going in this is tough, because the competition, there was a lot of really, really good guys and stuff away. Great friend of mine, Mike Jenkins and stuff like just guys that were the next level future stars to the new manager Madison's. The Mars Putin, ask these guys that are going to go on to be etched in stone. But the rest of their last year what they do. So just big revolving door of everything. I'm saying, and it just won nationals two thousand eleven it gave me opportunity to compete at the Arnold amateur world championships in two thousand twelve where I represent the United States against I think it was fifty to other apple. From nineteen different countries. And we had seven events, I one five seven events darnold that year because I came in fired up ready to go for that one tip about the nerves going into strongman competition because here in a minute, I'm shift gears. And we were talking about wrestling, because that's a whole different crowd. And some of the stuff that I watched you do. I think it was it was atlas stone dropping him over our certain level height, however, many stones you drop was your tally. Four time and dude, another guy starts to have a little bit of hard time with respect to him. Well, you start having it up working to kraut. Are you nervous before strowman contest to get back and make it a simple question at first I was really nervous because I had flaws in my game and things that I knew I was going to be weekend. And they would always make me nervous because I knew I had to make up somewhere else. And then as I got further along more educate in the sport. And then obviously became stronger in it. I started honing out those weaknesses and it's kind of just sitting in the back. Headphones and just some kind of a good tune in the head and just trying to stay calm, as long as possible, as you can to keep all that basically Drennan everything bottled up. And then when it's time it hits your lift you flip that switch. And you go out there and you just let it out. I'm a music gas. So what kind of music would you do to keep you calm and get you in a state of mind? You needed to be. Sometimes I would do classical, stuff, sit and listen to Mozart not always even music necessarily. I'm a huge Vince Lombardi fan. So I would listen to his speeches and stuff like that. And I'm giving myself goosebumps right now. Thinking about just different things probably go To's Metallica. I mean, just Metallica Korn, Marilyn Manson, just the heavy stuff, right before I go when I'm hitting that switch was something heavier. And then I don't know the classic Skinner zeppelin and just things that I grew up listening to that puts me in a happy place in this lets me relax, what does it take to be a good strong man. Obviously you have to be genetically in clan. If you don't have the gifts if you don't have the leverage you can do it. You can you can participate, but you probably not going to succeed on an intellectual level. How paramount is the training to train smart with, with the guys that you learn from, as like a powerlift? It would follow a specific cycle for the three lifts the total. Like, what, what is the scientific approach or is there to the strongman games what the Stroman games, usually they would have given us it depends? What the conscious who promoters? Are they give us a few weeks? Notice of what the events are going to be. So we can hone it up. Otherwise, it's year round training, twenty or thirty different events all the time, because you don't know what they're going to throw at you some context like my first big international contest, I wanted to Poland representing United States and got there and had no idea what any of the events were what the weights on anything was the language barriers. They're trying to communicate figure out what's going on. So it's just that kind of just being good at everything I mean I don't really know when it came. I didn't have to train as much on, like the moving event stuff that came really natural to him, and talking to that, that farmer countries strong when it came to like grip strength, and just moving around yoke, walks on my back that all came real natural to me, the struggle for me. And I think being because I'm six eight was all the overhead and stuff. I've got where guys that are six foot tall. I gotta move it six eight inches further than those guys do ever lift. So nude wrestling question. We'll be right back into the strong stuff six eight three seventy five right now. Here's the thing when you work for this company, eventually man is very hard to get first class, usually you do it when you're top guy, and then kind of when you get it, you're tenured. You always have it your six eight three seventy five. I'm repeating one more time, just because of you've got to magic how big this guy is when he's standing next to you are sitting next to you. Do you fly first class as your big ass line coach? I'm in coach. I don't have any clout yet. I'm hoping to get there. Do they buy two seats in code? Here's the thing, and that first of all, it's torture on you. I think it's hard on the person sitting next to you. I definitely sometimes I feel bad a lot flying into LA yesterday from Orlando. I got lucky there was a girl, maybe it was five one ninety pounds sim assignments. So she kind of just scoot, it over to the other side of her seat. And we both got along comfortably today. Get on a flight. And that'd be back here, you know, whatever. And I could spot, you know, there'd be like like you said the five one, chick that weighed like ninety eight hundred pounds. And that'd be great. But then there's some big dude was like three fifty and he wasn't really get shaved. I guarantee you, my lucky to draw, he's going to be sitting right next to how and I was right. Ninety five. They sit down. Oh, it must almost dude. I was hoping for the five one. That's me. Hold, my breath fingers crossed like who's coming. And I'm sure everyone feels the same way when I come walking on the planet. Like oh, God, please, don't sit next. Don't let it be sitting next to me. One time I was on a plane with dusty rose. The late great one. National treasure and dust. It was kinda just kinda, you know, in my seat is well I was about to fifty at the time I finally looked over dusty who I loved and respected as a dusty could you, please stay in your own seat. Me laugh about that back to the strongman stuff. I'm not asking for number figures. Can you make a Levin, Ben professional strongman traveling all of the world? I know this could come from sponsorships primarily, because I don't I don't imagine a women's our whole lot yet. A few the contests. The money's pretty decent Arnold classic. I believe it might be up to close to a hundred thousand dollars now for an Arnold. But you're talking one the chances just getting invited though by tan. Gosh, from the entire world to it, and then two it's the ten strong human beings on the face at earth. I mean yeah I competed once at the Arnold pro and tore my bicep on the first event, it's, it's a grueling at that level. Dr Terry Todd who puts on Arnold classic. He wants to see what the human bodies capable of and every year. Everything the bar's raised the guys keep meeting the bar and pushing it up higher and higher and higher, and it it's crazy to see where the sports come from where I started to where it is. Now, like when I started a sport doing a four hundred pound log cleaning press overhead there was only regarding the world and do it. Well, now, that's if you can't do four hundred pounds, you're taking on a stick to a gunfight, so it's just I mean, but that's evolution all sports. I mean football. Basketball baseball. Everything's bigger faster stronger as we speak now. What are you thirty one years old? Thirty to thirty two years old. So man, you you still up. You got plenty of miles, and you how much wear and tear, strongman stuff, take on your body, it, it definitely took a toll on collapsed arts. My right foot torn bicep. I'm sure it had to help do with the back surgery that I had to have what a year and a half. What if you have done, I have micro, dissected meal, my l five s one was pinched off my citing nerve paralyze, my left leg had to WWE man. Great company, last minute, rush emergency, flew me out of Pittsburgh, ac- dot com. Ruined had emergency surgery on me said like five o'clock Saturday morning woke up hour and a half editor surgeon. Could walk got pushed into the hospital in a wheelchair where you get most of your clothes. A lot of my close. A good friend of mine has a Colloton company silverback crew. And he he's been he was a spot. My when I did straw, man. We came to got to be really good friends, and he's still sends me closed, because I mean he's specifies making stuff for bigger people. So a lot of that I don't know if you know, Rob Bailey, he's a good friend of mine, owns flagging or fail. Columbia. What wife is Dan? Yeah, yeah. One of the top dog because she's bad ass. She'd bet on believe that top physique women in the world. And yes, he runs it out. I mean she goes to the gym. She goes to jail. It's an out. It's you bury me in gym. It's crazy. It was a lot of our training video, she's awesome. Yeah. So y'all hooked up we got a girlfriend. Okay. What's, what's home is like for you six eight your weight eating. I mean you cook, she cooking all time y'all eat aloe time because this is, you know, the schedule your dad in Orlando when you're when you're home, but you're out on the road. And so you're doing whatever thing, probably waffle house. Hop Denny's try to clean, and you can eat clean it. Those places, and that being said, I was talking to someone about eating clean the other day. Dude. If you've got a roll through Burger King and Wendy's are McDonnell. Whatever just ate the meat throw away or else. I mean you gotta do what you gotta do. Yeah. But you're at home. So what do y'all eating at to crab and she cooking all food for you because can US to mate, I get mad at me for making these long questions. Can you estimate how many calories a day you eat? I used to try and keep track of it. It's not as much as it used to be like, I had a new Tristesse when I did straw, man. And my goal was thousand fifty grams of protein, a day thousand grams of carbohydrates? We're talking. Thousand calories out there. Yeah. So say we were talking twelve thirteen thousand calories with the fans. I everything. That makes sense to what would you figure? You're at right now. Bob art guest fight a guess right now. I probably still said between five and seven okay. Okay. Is she cook an all time or? It's terrible to omit. But I haven't turned my stove on since I went on the road. That's called an improvised and overcoming in adapting and learning. That's I mean, last thing I want to do when I get home, go to the grocery store could do this, this and that. And by the time for what it takes for me to eat and have a meal about time I go by cook. It everything I can pay somebody to do it for the same price. And I don't have to do the dishes. Hey man and use it as a write off, right? Yeah. Okay. Save you money kid and usually receipts always start talking about a little bit reservoir to take a break here. I want to ask you question, because I was on YouTube, and I saw a trailer a teaser for movie than the name of the movie escapes me smart met about this. Oh, that's actually, I did that right after I won the Arnold amateur the movie's called three count. And what's so ironic about it to me is that it's a movie about two brothers aspiring to be professional wrestlers. And this is before I had any idea that I was ever going to get involved in this. Company. So it was it's kind of ironic to me that I played a good guy kinda bad guy in that movie that was about wrestling, and low and behold, four years later here. I am doing snowing podcast backstage at the Honda center, and who's that was the movie you have asked rations and getting in front of on the silver screen, or on television wrestling. I mean I love the wrestling aspect of walking out in the place going nuts. I mean it's a special feeling. I mean, I've done a lot of things in this life that I've lived so far, but man, walking out, especially being part of the why family like coming out at wrestlemainia and one hundred thousand plus people with their lights on their phone. It was breathtaking. And that's one of those moments I was glad that I got to wear a mask because I'm just marking out walking out there like a six year old just going. Wow. These people are here to see us, and it's just special. The isn't the only one. We'd breaking news hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news in it. Pitcher true. Grab bands. Checkout, twenty two hours in American nightmare podcast. One it was a case nightmares are made of families held hostage for twenty four hours and murdered inside their own home. WTO p examines the complicated trail of evidence. Police say lead to finding their killer and why they've saving medicines brutal crime. Download up to twenty two hours at American nightmare on apple podcasts podcast, one, like what year tell your friends leave a rating and review. Steve Austin ship. Mark Henry's your connection. He puts you in touch, or w in touch with you and other talks go, how long process is this before they say, hey, we think you'd be a good fit for us and vice versa out. So I met Canaan seaman September two thousand eleven I was at world's strongest man actually right up the road from here at the commerce casino in Los Angeles air. And it was it was pretty short and sweet at wasn't it was basically hot. I'm canyon. I'm recruited for WWE you know, Mark get bobble, blah, blah, blah. Here's my car if you'd ever be interested in giving me a call. And I was like, okay, thank you win about I was an alternate that year. So basically it was out there. Bam, you tests, and all the events, doing everything and make sure that everything was going to run. Right. So I knew I wanted I was going to compete in Arnold and two dozen thirteen. So I got in contact with canyon and said, yeah, hey, I'm definitely interested. I wanna do one more straw man contests and whatnot. So I'd met them in September. They brought me down December two thousand twelve to the was the F C W arena. Guess it would be where developmental wasn't for a while and Tampa and went down and having run a rope. So just move around and cut a promo, and then just kind of feel me out and see what I had offer. I guess, in a couple of days period, well, low of old, I guess they like what they saw as a sign me. Let's see our sign may of two thousand thirteen. So I did my the Arnold classic and then had a couple of months off, and then sign moved Orlando, July, actually moved into the Orlando July fourth two thousand thirteen started July seventh. So what would you feelings rolling? Then there. I mean you're, you're in the world class level of strongman and now, you're in a developmental system of Debbie Debbie obviously, when you walk in you're going to turn heads. How did you feel were you confident were you nervous because this is a big. This is a big gamble. And this is not near. I don't know how how it looks to people at home. If they think it's easy, but it's anything but in my opinion. Totally. How did you feel conference level? I walked in very confident when knowing that I, I had a lot to offer, and that I knew that there's not a lot of people built like me. Personality, light me. Everything like me. So walked in with that. But man, I tell you what it didn't take long to, to have second thoughts man. There was days going in and it's like, because they wanna make sure you want, and you're gonna earn it. They, they didn't give any nothing air. And, and I'm more than happy with that because everything I've had in my life. I never had nothing given to them. I bust my ass for everything that I've gone this life. So it was just another thing. And I knew that coming in. I'm sorry, from the bottom, I had zero I wrestled in high school. But other than that, I have zero sports entertainment background in me, other than hamming it up here and there on a strongest. Now, how did you do it in wrestling amateur? I remember my senior, or my junior high school in my last year. I wrestled I was twenty three in like seven and they got hurt in regionals. My senior din, wrestle, because at fixing my grade situation that I didn't like to do for a while I had to go to night school and that happened during wrestling season. But I'm imagining you more of a strength guy and being over a power your opponent, and so much Technic guy. I'm respect that you have yet NAACP, but I wouldn't say that I'm guessing it wasn't your specialty not. So it got a little bit. I started learning more and more. Luckily, like I went to high school that had a great wrestler bright where a small high school out in the middle of nowhere bandies high school North Carolina, literally is surrounding in cal- patches. I think our biggest thing is they FAA out there. Got a good wrestling program for a small school. And I had a good group of my buddies. They're all brothers four brothers. The MacIntosh brothers and moved out from upstate New York, and all of them were like four times state champs, all Americans in college, so and hung out with them all the time. And they're all a lot smaller than me. But I had to stay on my toes with these guys because we'd be walking in a mall and they charge you to double egg on you and take you down in the middle of the mall. So I, I. I picked up a little quicker. I think the normally would have in the rest of them just being around those you never know what kind of shenanigans these guys are going to try and pull on. Here's the thing, man. When you go down to the former center, and I've been wanting to get that after a long time. I haven't made it down here, but I can imagine that all the trainers are down there at are usually trained in most of the guys with the same skill set, because buying large everybody's going to be. It's like going to college getting a business degree. It's the same curriculum for everybody. But I'm thinking with your body size your type, you know, you have amateur wrestling background, but I don't expect you to go out there and grab a whole lot of headlock spin around to the hammerlock and, and be a scientific wrestler. So my question to you is, how did they direct your training where whereas they would direct a lot of guys that's coming on amateur ranks, but other people that are gonna learn how to be regular wrestler? I don't think that falls into what you're going to be doing your to me, a brawler now wrestling move ever noun in could be cool. Neat. But dude, I expect you to just go out there and crush people how here's a question. How did they tailor your training to work for you? We'll starting out didn't really everyone did the exact same stuff. They taught us the bond to run the ropes to roll. I mean, we were I was doing squats standing on the top road work on footwork and. Everything a lot of stuff that in the back of my mind, I thought to myself, why am I doing this? But then again down the road now I see a lot of because now with all the bumping that I did, and rolls and a lot of things that I thought was monotonous that I did over and over and over it formed McAllister now that I just do these things automatically and I don't have to think about it. What did you think about running? Those ropes dig it a lot of people hate them and your ribs, ABI so of a purse you days you might be bruised up. It's just part of the process. I loved it. I didn't love ricocheting Alpilles damn rope. So it was my thing. Minute rubbing around way was I wrote on the road. So I mean it didn't take long. I'd always wear raw spot on the top behind in. But I like run into ropes the drop downs and things like that. Where things that everyday I knew we're having a drop down drill, and it's just a drop down, just like a burpee. Yeah. They will blow your assets. And so long time if I was injured coming back for something. I'd go a ring shop at a TV taping and whatever run ropes did do it rob down get up. Keep hitting the ropes stops in a corner return. Buckle Bill megacity up. How did you like the Matt when they started teaching you, Bob, I was hosted to two thousand eleven version of tough enough. And there were some kids in Michigan saying particular, who's allergic to the Matt. How did that feel on a big body of yours that you beat up in a strongman contest, I tell you, I'm after the first week of practice? I remember waking up like a Saturday morning had off, and I got on a bed, and I felt like I was ninety years old like my all hunched over. Everything hurt I've sounded like Rice Krispies when you pour milk on them when I get out of bed Everyday's a snap, crackle, and pop. And then that's one of those moments where I'm like going, my, so what the hell am I got myself into? And I had to stay step back and go man like he knows. Sometimes I is this worth it? But then you pop ibuprofen and have a colon or something like that. And he makes you rethink like, you know, I don't think anything in my opinion. I don't think anything that's easy to attain in life is worth having anything in by have something given to them. And I don't see any satisfaction of gratitude self worth of somebody. Just here's a plate eat it. I'm more like good out there grind do my thing. If I don't make it as my fall when you came in, you start going through the process. How long were you there before they, I you know, what you're going to be the newest member of the wife, Hadley actually for a long time. There was talk that it wasn't going to happen. When I first got to talking about being brought up to the main roster. It wasn't going to be at all. They were talking about cut my hair. Beard. Give me a different look going something else. And then the powers that be decided it, that's not what they wanted. They wanted me to be with a white famine. I tell you what, like the little little experience, that I have had coming up in wrestling getting and then being put in with a group of guys like that, that to hide some of my weaknesses while I honed my skills, I couldn't have been in a better spot. I mean, one three of the greatest human beings I've ever met just to be around outside of the business. Then as far as the ring lie, Luke Arbor's, one of the best working big man. I'd had seed Rowen's the same way like he's come now. Harbors been hurt for wild Rohan stepped up in harbours addition with working on the house shows and things and he's the one flying around and bump, and doing all this crazy stuff. And then, like walking out with Bray and just even immeasurable is in me. And I'm in the ring knowing what's going on and just listened to him talk. And it's just like I was very very blessed to be put into that spot. And I think it really helped me like I don't know you know, what of would have happened if I would have been brought in doing something else. Who knows you know this business. It's flab by the senior pants either, get over you. Don't I like all the aspects of the Wyatt family and I could see I could see a baby face run out of those guys and Bray his promos? The way his mind works with that voice that he's got. He's just a just a entrancing storyteller. Just rope shin with the cadence a rhythm that drawl you get lumped in with those guys. And like you said, you're going out there. You're part of the color, the team faction, whatever you wanna call it, but they were able to protect you. You go out there and do the things you do. Your first unites you go out there, and everybody throws the iphone whatever up. Mark out moment. That's it's just that's the firefly's is some special. I mean looking it's taken over to world of everything like the firefly's, our brain wise thing. Now, you look at concerts football games, basketball games baseball games, the firefly's are there and like to think about that. I'm or I was part of the original reason why this season even exist because I don't know any time they'd ever done that before they started doing it. That was the, the London crowd in the crazy days. They liked to do, and then all of a sudden thinks stick, and now you walk out like we're talking a minute ago. Walk out one hundred one what to seventy three at wrestlemainia with their flashlights going on their phones. So you got Bray wide who's leading that. You've got Eric Ron's things that really good hand. They need to do something with help blue car. I didn't know he was engined what's wrong with him. He blew I think, towards the MC L, an ACL. Oh, I didn't know that. I wish him all the best healing up as a damn good hand. Like you said today, and unlike his work as well, when they said, okay, here's going to be the new guy's name is going to be Ron Stroman. How did they take you? And it wasn't like we don't need another guy or manage guns. Green is hell will put him somewhere else today that they brace you. How did that process work Bray, and I've had a special connection, I think ever since we met, he's kind of one in me since the first time they saw me because him in real life. It's almost scary how much we are like he calls me, evil win them like I'm pretty much do all the stuff that he doesn't do which is nothing really. But he's wanted me since day one, and he was ecstatic. When they found out that haired, we're going to give you this guy. And I know you've been wanting them. See what? Happens. How have your mechanics progress, and she got into the squared circle from day one? Until now, do you feel comfortable being in the ring? How're the nerves? What do you think before match in a strong is a little bit different? It's an explosion and a match, you know, whether you're just beating the guy down or you're telling the story 'cause you're trying to get over. So how comfortable are you? Interesting. Now versus when they first put you in a group, I never forgive the rest of my life that first night at the Barclays center, the raw after summer slam. I was underneath the ring getting ready to do my debut, and I was on it for like a half an hour, and I'm freaking out, and I don't usually get worked up over these. I'm pretty good about keeping a level head about everything. And then I'm just worst case scenario. Everything's going through my head. I'm gonna trip going over the top rope game in, I'm gonna do something stupid them into this, blah, blah, blah, blah. This is my one chance. It's like you either do it right. Or you go home and I don't know. Yes. I thought like that and was nervous. But then I think when it came time they hit that the horror graphic lights out, and I feel like I flip that switch almost like I didn't straw man. I just went out there and this did what I knew I was going to do. And I think it came off pretty well, what is your take on a match because I, I would lead this and by what I mean is, it's an analytic endeavor. It's a contest. It's damn near shoot. But it happens to be a work so it should should look like a football game. They should look like a wrestling match. You know, a contest so aware you at with respect to psychology going about the process. You know, you're gonna overpower a lot of guys, but they're in, you've got to make that guy and put on a match. How are you with your psychology or you want to want you to one or are you at the Shawn Michaels nature? Boy, Rick flair read heart three. Oh, one level or not. I don't know if I'll ever get that love us. Yeah. Still at the one. Oh, one still just learn everything. I've been very grateful, the last like three months, I'd been in a program on a lab events me and Eric Rowe and have been working Kane and big show on the live event. So just going out there with those guys and, you know, they've done everything there is to do it. Both guys been in the business twenty years. They've won every toddler is the win. They've done it all. And just having the opportunity to go out with two greats like that, with so much knowledge and just listening to them, and the psychology of telling a story. Well, in the fact that also what makes it easy for you. And Eric can go himself, but with respect to the big show and Kane. Yeah. Man, you're talking about shoot together. They have one probably close forty years experience. And those two guys are big enough that you can actually do something with take forget slammed by because of who they are one, and how big and strong they are too. So. It frees you up because both those guys who were were six to ten you even though they were twenty year. Vets each it'd be a little bit different of what you're giving and taking. So working with two big guys, does help you come along. Do I always keep in the back of my mind with the head coach w informed center? Matt bloom told me. Willing to bump, I'm willing to bump for anyone. But we're going to tell a story to get to. I don't want to go out there and just be some guy that's just flopping around flying around, like a hundred and eighty five pound guy like to think that I can tell a story of someone smaller trying to overcome always rock always getting closer. He's getting all Manny. Can't do it all. And then all holy cow. He knocked him down. What, what did what is happening knocked him down? And it's brought strowman and doesn't go down. So, yeah. Working with that. Like I've had some opportunities to work with Roman and dean and guys like that, that are the top guys and that aren't necessarily quite my size. So, yeah. Working on that. And but then, again, it says, lucky for me to be put in a position with guys like that. Because I mean they've done it all ready. You know what I mean? Maybe not so much as all. But both guys are very well established over can work and just going out there and. Telling them what I do. Well, what they do well, and then finding a way to put it together you used to walk out with the rest of the pack which was the Wyatt family. Now you walking out by yourself. How is that? I mean is there insecurity there because now you've got to find your own way. Now there's not one two or three members with you to pick up the pieces of the match. It was like the shield when they split those guys had to pick it up by themselves. Here you are by yourself. How's your confidence? I'm pretty confident. I feel comfortable that when they're ready to call them for something big. I'll be able to produce you ready to produce. Here's a here's a tidbit of information. I gained I was reading a book about Pat Patterson on the greatest minds and the history of the business, and he was talking about working for promoter name, ROY Shire, over in San Francisco, many years ago and shires big thing he would watch every match any would yell at everybody after every match because he was all about psychology and he, he would go on. Into quote Ray saying he didn't care about your move set. He didn't care that you did anything spectacular or if you could do something spectacular, what he cared about was that it meant something so don't get caught up in a game if I could give you a tip, or a corner dome. Get caught up in the mindset that. Hey, man. This would be cool for the crowd to see a dude at six eight three seventy five. Get closed line and turn a flip because the guy hit me so hard. I don't care who you're working with if there was a guy twice your size. Just those should be logical. What tell me about what motivates you are right now. Are they just letting the crowd dictate who and what you are, are? You are you working baby. Are you working he'll right now? They, they didn't give me a direction of what they want right now they basically told me to go out there and be a monster so over. Yeah. So I guess it's. It's just going to be to what the crowd, if they one day they love Sammy kill somebody in the next day, they hate it. So if you had a preference, I mean do you have any lean anyway to heal? Or maybe I like being a heel because I like to think in real life, it's a more of a baby facing real live. Pretty fun to be around. I like to have fun. So when I get to go out there and be something that I'm really not think it's kind of cool, because that's more. I feel like that's more of a challenge, because anybody can like play their self. I think to go out there and be something that you're not and do it believably to wear like I'd like literally like seeing children -cribe one be walking by them, by the, by the ringside and stuff like that. So because they were scared and here's the thing that to go down the road, you're going as a heel. It was always my opinion that you have more creative freedom to do anything you want, as maybe face you have to have a certain quality. I mean you never want any egg on your face. To speak. But as he'll say as big as you are six eight three seventy five. You don't you don't make a habit of this. But if you tripped go onto the ropes hey, you're hill at the end of the day. And it just means you're going to beat the living hell out of guy. Because now you really pass. He's been done and ring. But now you really so to me, if you work in he'll and even more time as a single to build up your confidence level, build up your comfort level, build up your, your repertoire and keep feeling the word, keep feeling the crowd. When I worked, and I would go on to have my greatest run as a baby, but I always love being a hill because of the things you just mentioned pronounce got. I love being the he'll but just because that'll be in a shack kid growing up. I would love to be the bad guy. And so that would teach me. You know, ultimately, how to be the greatest, good guy. And you know, I don't smoke up my ass, but I was pretty good. Good guy. Yeah, you're pretty good. Like. But man, I'll tell you what when you go out there and you can do anything, you want them getting to, to me tip as a heel. You have to have a main streak. I mean, I don't expect you to have as many gears, Sean Michael head, but you have to have an extra gear you have to have an explosion gear you have to have a hammer gear. I mean, you'd be Elba grant through somebody use your strength. But when it comes time to get main and just opened up a can I call that a mean streak? And I believe in my heart that every he'll has to have a mean streak to that when it comes down to get the heat, I mean it's on. You know what I'm saying as a baby face. On the other hand, it's, it's almost the same, but it's spun in a different direction because it's a one eighty, but it's fire so you have to me as a baby face you have to have fire or you won't you baby face to have fire because when he does try to come back on your big ass. He better have a truckload of it or he's not going to be successful, because you're mean streak is just going to quell him down. You're going to grab him. By the throat, whatever your finishes and put him down. So fires fires have baby-faced mainstream right now. What are you using for finish right now? I've been trying to get over over reverse choke slam. It seemed been the, the crowd makes that, that that gasp of, oh, God. He just killed him when he hit him with it. So I've done that I've got to choke. I haven't done in a while a couple of other things that I got stashed away the people will be seeing more of soon, everything. Well, just just looking on, you're looking at your Wikipedia here, the lifting arm trying, which is that what you're referring to the jokes land or reverse choke slam? What's the Yokosuka cutter? I'm trying to think Billy Gunn actually taught me that one. It's kind of loaded guy like power bomb. But you catch him on one shoulder on his back face facing up, and you kind of flipped him and sit out at the same time when I'm okay you got a Bill. Throw a big Buddha, clothesline running shoulder block, spine BUSTER body avalanche. That's a hell of an avalanche. Of slam you better have a scoop slam suplex released by BUSTER elbow drop corner foot choke shoulder. Claw gotta have a hold back body drop European uppercut there, so many people use no European uppercuts. If I see you on uppercut. I expect that got it fly over the top rope, a gorilla press lab. You better have one Bush Note, Four hundred pounds of that. Dan, Balogh over you had to Oklahoma stampede. That's a natural see. Look, your signature moves if you would look me up there'd be two signature moves right hand in a stunner. Better move, set than me right now in this business right now. Who do you look to for advice because you're a big guy, there's not a whole lot of big guys here other than Cain and show? But other than that, what are your sources of information to help you? Learn more, I can't put over the fact like how much of a factor Braise been in my career, we, it was kind of almost heartbreaking that they split us up because we ride together, we room together, we eat together. Lift together, he make towns. And he talks about wrestling tells me about what I did that night that looked good. What's, what I needed throw away, what I need to keep, and then gives me matches to watch and pick through this, what you're thinking about this and then here, all man, I thought I saw a new idea for a move for you. So I like I like I said, I can't put over the fact about how good of a brother Bray Wyatt, is you ever go back and just just for the L? Watch them old stand Anchin and Japan of Brody, and Japan or brought into states and your bigger guy than that. But just the way they project and work as being I watched just recently, I watched a snook versus Brody. I think it was like, eighty four five of not sure it was an old, but yeah, Japan and it was this. That's the one where snoek I think it's the one where he did did like the dive out of the rain is like one of the first times, and people were just going crazy as what is going on throwing drop kicks into stuff. That's unheard of back in the day like that. So and yet. To watch bruiser brody's mentality of how we worsted rain that slow methodical then the quick burst of everything. And that's that's what a lot undertaker's same way like that. Slow methodical, but then when it's time to get it, it gets in. And that's what I'm trying to base, a lot of my character off of that slow methodical. I don't want to be a big lumbering giant. All right. Let's get big ups. Gaqo been sponsored Steve all can show, the geiko dot com. Fifteen minutes you'd be saving fifteen percent of Boll car in church. That's right. Save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Geico dot com extra money in your pocket. It may just be the most warning thing. You do today. All right. I'm gonna go home cues Litz wrap it up in this week, make sure your check out podcast. One dot com and subscribe to the Steve and show, so you don't miss any of these classic episodes, while I ride off into the sunset. I do want to throw out a couple of plugs. I still got a beer. It's the bad ass broken skull at PA, the finest opera and the United States of America. And that's the bottom line made by us Agung. No, Bruin company, you could find broken school. Op-ed hope, foods and total lines. You'd live in Kelly game Kelly, you probably so well, and if you're looking to get a bad ass pocket knife, forgot got to four you cold steel broke his skull knife, cold still working men knife, Inna ma-ma-madonna store, Amazon dot com force last shot force last evolves. And. Or go to the coast deal, Nasr website, and check out all their bad ass knives. Also one more. Big shout out to all my sponsors to make his show possible. That's I'm able to bring his show to you free twice a week least support them because they support us for more info, check out the podcast description to this episode for details. Both Samo social media Twitter Instagram at St. Boston Bs, Dr Vokes, I'll be back soon. But until it my name is devolved I will get you as down the road. This is hot cast one production. Download new episodes of the Steve Austin show every Tuesday podcast one dot com. That's podcast, Owiny dot com.

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Episode 510 - Ed Caesar and the 1:59

Marathon Talk

1:50:54 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 510 - Ed Caesar and the 1:59

"It's Wednesday the sixteenth of October two thousand and nineteen on Martin Yelling. He's Tom Williams and this is episode five hundred ten of marathon tool we're joined on the show Ed Caesar Sweet I can't believe I forgot to mention that in the show but we are joined by Ed Caesar talking about brand which makes seamless moisture working technical performance underwear to prevent chafing perfect for runners you can find that Morumbi online at runaway dot the fifty-nine Challenging Course Ed was then in person commentating so yeah more from Ed more from us it can help legendary run a bruce tellers book full million footsteps get back in print professor Andy Jones Explains Nitrates and endurance training talk well this week show what are we can for running on Saturday the I Tom Williams we're both back in the room how you doing I'm good although you forgot sporting highlight the weekend Hawaii because I thought you were talking about it I'm not saying which way you'd go on it there is an argument to say he ran one fifty nine for Marathan and it was the second best marathon of the weekend well there's a big argument for that isn't there day in Chicago fellow Kenyan bridget sky obliterated polar eclipse World Marathon Record Mark Mo Farah Ronnie slows marathon. Either Oh my Bushel Ghanaian on st no I didn't see that was the world coming to you I couldn't believe it good oh my Bushel Mickey Bay Barkley is like a mega famous legend of American of basketball just listened to an incredible interview sport what we can isn't it mental so we watch Kip Jogi it was incredible there's an argument and I'm not saying it's we we were talking about both Elliott show gay and attorney forgot to mention in the in the intro of course the video of Lacey Charles Charles Chop she's got married right so she looks charm she's show Charles Berkeley and you don't UK runaway also offering marathon listeners a twenty percent of all products online using the code and t twenty breath nine which which is remarkable because he's a proper dance as he did he deserved it be fair to him it was good in really Kony is hey with these trials auto show what issue thank you very much to this week's show sponsor runaway runaway British surely Namiki Big Berkey Bay sailing as you know and not strictly viewers so I have no idea largely what you're talking about retail arguments saying that the two four four Sunday was better better perform must have made all things considered weekend what are we back Beret what about what about Hawaii I know well what about it come on tell me that I absolutely stellar I mean it's the second fastest time ever I think woman are what bridge woman the women's race really look it kicked into gear as Lucy led the swim she needed qualify for the British Olympic team is a swimmer Lincoln twenty twelve think fifteen hundred anyway she she led from the same smash the by had a massive lead into the run lead for the power of the run that we saw I was delirious with tiredness while don't it was captivated by the F. One fifty nine challenge so Elliott tugay become the first person to run a marathon distance in under two hours then on and I think a second place again for her but all eyes were really on brandy were neighbor my understanding is that yen day no kind of showed in the dust allowed to absorb podcast with Charles Barkley so every time they said Lucy Charles Barkley thinking hang on a second thinking of the basket well she went swimming taken in the last stages of alignment and then overtake backers incredible credible feet feet and she went eight forty six which is swimming with dolphins after the race still video she's she's swimming looks like she's just out for a swim in the ocean there's about a dozen dolphins and Anita anyway there's probably about race an incredible performance by Lucy and she got second second for the second year I'm sure there's a winning it for in the future she was more likely we didn't pick up on the coverage the coverage wasn't bad wasn't great he got puncture Harvey when when they turn around and act he managed to change his wheel and not get dropped by for day no in Tim O'donnell which makes me think you probably rinsed himself for five minutes to get back onto them I don't know came into t one I think three minutes five minutes or something forced to predict and outcome you've said lead the swim front back off the bye blow up somewhere on the run and that's what happened so hopefully he'll he'll be inspired and motivated and come back to win the album obviously for years and years and years and years anybody who's been a fan of British athletes is what will the Brownie do when he goes into the end of it I think he did it three thirteen marathon which for his standard is obviously that that standard is slow he's still a fifth fast mail Brit- British time ever for it was let's say it was halfway then we work up in the morning she'd been calling third and then four are sore overtake and she fought back into second why after we see I think now I think our own I think crissy's pb who is eight fifty four so I think she Christie's premium by eight minutes and of course she was but she was beaten in down on Dana when off as he would five and a half minute mailing and then by the time I fell asleep he was back in six and it was fantastic as well break so I did I took a weekend the coast Rosser really did in the Stephanie communistic name how come to fifty one hundred credible so that so I think the women's lied nine of course he couldn't help himself could either smash to pay the price in the run the knee smash the swim smashed the by actually and we went to run Eden Park run which was epic attorney they will call us with a ton of switch backs but really loved it Michael Johnson's task on twitter the other day for pronounciation of baton now do really funny yeah I think you'll find his bottom Erin particularly Kenya Uganda Tanzania and we took a little group of runners stands a ton of marathon talks about forty of us in total each room it was love me who's GonNa remember that went down to the the following day Iran one thirty one for the half marathon and he ran sixty nine minutes at it was a close country really hard up and reversing through the field rap verse had the handbrake yet but you know it's remarkable I mean he you know he was kind of eight minutes a really cracking weekend we stayed in the youth hostel onsite we had a private tour of the biomass with the CEO of e and Project Gordon so he was basically three miles ahead could Greece at third place even project on fast running dot com Bernard Roach fifty nine. Yeah Look I look at the women's race was probably better Asian I've fell asleep before so how can I stayed up and watched it but we fell asleep before unfortunately he he died last year and to celebrate the fact commemorate Bruce we eat now from Brucie's daughter always great friends with with Bruce and learned an incredible man from him he was absolutely fantastic host record we had an all round lovely weekend so yeah thank you very much to the folk five talents to the to the team at Eden Park ride seabright Benard Mahan the The the park run in fifty seven yet quite false runnings heartbreaking two thousand eight hundred seventy six mile run across America in just under sixty five days when bruce retired in nineteen uh-huh Joe who said we're going to bring his book four Million Footsteps We're trying to fundraise for it because it's fifty years since Bruce made his toll tra- adventure challenge running scene because he was doing things like this fifty years before anybody else when I was done iden project and we went down with with five talents great charity do microfinance work in Africa then we did eat didn't half marathon the following day and how did the half and visit did the marathon but it was really did you see by the way I'm going to offer a complete tangent we always do when we record late in the evening it's nine o'clock on a school night already somebody taking Talking to Benard somebody taking sixty seven he will he won't gold at five thousand nine hundred sixty two European championships he joins us sub-four-minute Marley broken the British record over three and six they want to go to Mexico he wanted to do something more challenging now I regard Bruce he's one of the British forefathers of the current and the third fastest British man of McNamee's gone faster twice and Jacobs composite twice so you still lead eight twenty-five probably as it will be the fiftieth edition with a handsome thread sewn hardback beautifully designed made one hundred ninety two pages on substantial is listeners who pop tarts patron a pledge support for the show if you'd like what we do would like to support the show and become a patron then please check out these episodes show notes from the link to our Patriot brought to campaign on bought myself a book You can pledge your support will share the link to that kickstarter campaign on this week's show notes amazing and actually so we're willing to ensure notes not wanting to put people off funding it seven and a half thousand pound goal they raised nine ready for this great evidence evidence is daily progress that was lost thirty years and reappeared Bruce's Moore Service project with five talents and we took our wrote it down who if you remember like but Yeah Ben Not Bernard who Thom Shepherd and it was set at seventy three days and the book four million footsteps is a detailed account of that run top ten nothing I think yeah I think is maybe third third six bed fastest I think second or third is not an easy cost very twisty and up and down by kind of buying a book in advance kind of like advanced sales really so Y- get yourself across to the kickstarter Lincoln and you know in Brucie's memory get a copy paper printed and bound in Italy by specialists in high book production says Joe Joe Tyler so they're all running kicks take a really lovely I did I loved it it was right up my environment mental strasser racked up require mental book absolutely fantastic if you want to find out more about Bruce as well he was he was pub quiz question for you here you know what he did was he said I'm trying to break the world record for running across America at the time when Bruce did it it was held like there you go it the new version will feature new and previously unseen photographs from the Family Archive and extracts from the transcontinental lobe off thousand pounds away that's listening with thirteen days to go out the passion people have four isn't that there's different ways in which you couldn't pledge to support the American pronunciation yeah cooling weekend so if I'm wrong why's why's that plonker calling Bernie I wish he'd just call me he was the Christmas episode of Matthew in two thousand and listen episode one hundred news actually fantastic what he's doing in touch and she emailed in and eat and put half marathon and of course to everybody at ease and project an everybody who came right Bruce book channels to share you amazing key around the world picks if you've got one of yourself in American tool kit use the Hashtag kit around the world tag at marathon talk it's time to write you run all you need to head over to twitter give mark at ten instagram and we will have a peak and read some of them act this week looks pretty on Christmas tap their kill the water oy my first attempt he says using the Graham to post I kiss around the world photo tech taken along the city walls in e Prep Belgium. Ah Forest Park with trust the process t-shirt and he's metal on Nice one Chris Nice Andrew McAfee Andrew McAfee he said the listening hearing my dad's voice again was fantastic wonderful one of the great things about our interviews right yeah kids around the world we now use social media in the future of a proper crackly and we'd all like to see that when we I think so how about you abuse them protect them protecting when you are you must have loved that the radio three four seven thirty five and elusive negative split well done Meghan Nice Chicago Marathon yesterday I've never been more proud of myself and there were tears of joy the run was fabulous great cost great support and sunny athlete to run a marathon in under two hours the weekend it was of course much much hyped in the build up in fact we tilly with the windy city living up to its name now look at it and by the way Michael O'Neill Rockstar Wasi Rockstar Clark MDC pee on twitter says the Manchester half I'm giving an attack ten smashed through the first didn't really know when it was going to be until the day before when they announced right the start time is going to be I think seven fifteen in the morning oh but he's this tiny little take a picture bay either tiny ooh that is a massive art. Yeah on the Saturday on the twelfth so it was like right everybody's tuning in seven fifteen in the morning would keep Cho- gay break that elusive to our excess look and I went to work after it and there's a picture of him a drum kit profile and he says he's a drummer work after Al and Nikki Chamberlain Eleven of ten from crutches in April two claiming my six stars doc and he only went and did it he only went and did it did you watch it was quite exciting wasn't it it was great I mean we we agrees should we should we should come back to you a big thank you the main gates has named of thousands of soldiers lost their lives in the first world war but their bodies never found thought provoking sobering and if you could see this I'm looking for the he's like a ways and then literally at the finish of the park front wallows handing in my token barcode finish they were people stood at the Eh tend to Chicago marathon that went into the feeding slightly confident manage to trust the process coming the PB of three thirty three is going to push is GonNa win. Who's going to win win win win things how these a mantra to we always running fourteen minutes in order to to see the finish and it just wasn't going to happen and so I kind of watched it till the Star and then the department pacemakers with a little bit later on in the show but wasn't it brilliant that green light when I first saw it and I saw the go over all of that but there was something wonderful that really really captured a whole load of people's attention I think it's the first post had myles feeding and on-track for under one fifty five wheels came off a mile twelve and ended with one fifty six twenty two he's still my fastest time though unofficial world record because it was not an open competition and he used his team of rotating pacemakers? We did speak a little bit about the effectiveness of the snuggle up on the Sofa and what all of the great well I I must admit I watched the first bit of course I wish it would have like a needed to run eaten Monari is in full nice work tastic Nice world will love it when he went to the Grand Prix circuit at monster in two thousand seventeen in the night project now this one isn't a keep chugging best known He hopes he does hold the facial marathon world record of two or one thirty nine Berlin last year it missed it previously early in the Williams House we got allow telling the morning early well we didn't Gallipoli Seven fifteen we've got two kids five and seven that's halfway through the day's in it but we went down trying to tell you on Shakeout we'll we'll put a link to Mario's insight and analysis of the event and he called in experiment kind of kept referring to it as an experiment got married and talk and use the Hash tag rate you'll run it's popular plenty from Chicago unpopular this week Meghan Mary Magsi says has to write your own to them yeah I mean I think most people listening could probably early like where is the little dog I think with the dog but he's so small he's he got sheepdog next to him icon was right till the end at that pace pace was seventeen seconds per hundred meters four hundred and twenty times back to back an event it's not a race because it wasn't a race with nobody could win it they even beat anybody there was a new south gas in only this particular record need car and then the light kind of lays beaming down onto the track with these inverse or or or the laser beam laser beaming donald subtract yeah the Lazy B right come on this is it this is what people listening to what are we can talk about keep choky the man to lead capture kick show gay became the first I believe I running race we've got we've ever kind of sets kids watch dish got running yeah well I was reading from think it was Mario Feola in the morning well sure I could do a steady I'm not sure I didn't think I could do sometimes thirty seconds for two hundred Salon Job Yeah there you go about official Rockstar First Rockstar Rockstar well done Michael Veasley we'd seen like an arrowhead and this time it was the other way round and then with Kip Shoghi he liked just cruising along for as long as he possibly could which Consi is the consistency to actually be able to do it you know fourteen ten twenty eight twenty at ten K. forty to thirty four fifteen at forty two pacemakers a random and they were made up of some of the bass runners in the world that form this formation but he's consists right up through to holding the finish in crossing that finish line in one fifty nine forty tell you what I'm going to say something controversial controversial a bit like a bit like maybe Sunday's women's world record a veteran I think maybe well it take because this this was little manufactured very matter of fact it was quite contrived you know I heard that it costs something like the laser beam lights lighting the laser beam on the lighting track in and I did this inverse pyramid didn't I because we'll never know the answer so we'll never know what is the better performance because we don't have like there's no such thing as an accurate power meter and thing that it's actually the physiological output of he's watching on their phone yes they did capture everybody didn't really did and I think that was something we I mean we talk about ad we talk about with lighted and we kind of the magic of Shoghi and stuff so we being fast than Elliott kept choke as target incredible isn't it when you think about that a lot of really good runners I one world record is a veteran well we should see because of course you know one of the things which is is is is people talking about now is themselves and go through onto seventeen seconds one hundred I I think I could do that I couldn't run out cool now I've I've now for one hundred for two only five times of being quicker than that average pace for America it the way he metronomic Lee stuck to that pace as well I mean I know that genuine step forwards I don't think it's a step forward people remember reminisce about but nevertheless it was a genuine step forward this wasn't necessarily a genuine step forward and by the way but Kelly's new record maybe those actually faster that's part of the question is was this he said some perspective on India's one five nine from the tempt only five of the fifty one million three hundred sixty thousand three thousand six hundred eleven five k. part once completed his Berlin Wall record versus his Vienna breaks up to which is the better but I think one of the big differences talk shows and it was on a very unusual course and he had four one pacers were they worth the two minutes that he was faster and if they if they were then his too I wanna maybe even Kip gay being a better athlete on the day than he's ever been in the past or was about everything else on the day from what I tell myself when I say that is a lot of really fast runners have run pot ron likes off the Brown the likes of Wilson Kipsang Dennis Keto was this performance more about human potential goals we heard a lot about no human being limited but was it about accuracy having the crag which he didn't have a munzer having the weather and of course the big Wad we'll talk more about this a bit later on in in the show is the impact of the shoes that he will particularly when we hadn't seen those shoes and he cut of course twenty million dollars to laser surface Rhodia into research and we're GONNA be ripped up again it was incredible but like I say I think Kinda through through it a little bit because it made you think hang on a sec nonetheless even when you take away all of the PR the marketing the height the brands that pushing the you know the the make the he pitches up there's an image of him holding which we saw in the morning of the race the shoes that he was going to run in and it's like Whoa what what they you know Serandon Toga the allowed him to achieve that particular feet so all the other factors the the pacemakers the it when I was fifteen kilograms lighter in trade I think I could sneak out a thirty four second two hundred and great he's not it's not necessary it might not be once you equate for shoes and paces and course which of the three big things he had these it did break the four minute break four minutes for the mile on us in detract in the same track in the same shoes same everything that other people running miles on so it was it was gory couldn't get anywhere near sixty second four hundred I mean my my best ever four hundred sixty nine and that's instantly back the now so I can get the show from from the win this amazing core set at the right distance the right kind of surface gradient and Tom Points and Gena con could last probably two hundred meters incredible leeann ransom this amazing Stat Dunedin Asia unless you've been you've been in a cave somewhere you know from me compare you know people talk about the stuff I think Roger Bannister a never talks of you can go back and listen to interview Chris Chataway bannister's Mile Bama's twitter I think is that right is he changed his twitter handle actually in undisclosed Robertson he has changed it badly say they go too many this as with a dog if you click right on that little arrow on the picture zooms in and I will happen cutler you'll know times Blah share who works for Paul Ryan is our leader and he shared this go rock solid made up elements that allowed him to run one fifty nine forty he still executed it and he still did his human bit that's impressive to deliver yes yeah you know you as a human being had a job to do and he did it and the brush the rations with his family and his friends and his fans they showed genuine investment in running under two hours from a personal point of view and that's in such the separates him I think job from anybody else I think we've ever seen is unbelievable he will turn up like he will turn up any Wilton incredible shape we'll be amazing and now I don't think that you know we saw Joffe Mutai massive breakthrough and then was wasn't a blend caucases sore balancing act of frustrations at the contrived nature of the event but celebration contrast to the kind of thing we saw at the world athletics championships in Doha where it felt hollow and empty you know and then some gene the buildup and a sort of gracious approach to everything so when he finished he crossed the line is finished lines he doesn't even have a mental coach or something I'm thinking the mental coach he's like he's got the greatest mind that's his strength really he's just got this phenomenal confidence because I mean are I was almost more impressed by the pacemakers by then he so incredible he's the perfect man there was a bit where where somebody referred to him made Ricky Hatton each other thing is that in a ball I think the incredible thing really incredible in recognising Elliott catch can job amongst that really doesn't matter which side of that balance you're on you kind of everybody was like optional anyway and listen to it well the other thing that came across to I felt was and this was common the the the there was Tuck if you put all that to onside kick show gay did ran this event with generosity to everybody around him with absolute humility from start to finish right here we are joined again on the show by the Brilliant Ed Caesar we I spoke to Ed back in episode three one three in January twenty so you think the organization behind let's pray to could've put all their money anybody else husband kept I think that's one of the things that make remarkable I think he loves it I think the pacemakers would have felt incredible pressure I if not the trip him up yeah I think and he's got communist with aggression he's he's able to have an absolute scrap with somebody in Iran whatever for ten mile at K thirty or whatever but he's also munzer staff with with Nike I have no idea you were going to be involved so much this weekend and we turn me and the kid so consistent with people semi Bantu you never knew quite necessarily what you're GonNa get although obviously you know he's he's tragically cut short the likes of Muslim nobody would win a World Championships Denisha Smith apart and not seem to mean too much so it was a staggering run by staggering human and run to twelve that you just don't know I think the thing with Kip Toga he's east just is consistency remarkable like nobody is ever been that level is totally unforgettable experience to be able to come on that on that run it was really it was his Kipsang who was great but then Pete it out how do you get we said I say with KIP Shoghi you've had this and I don't think by trees Red Stu it yeah but yes look at it it's great to have you here and we really enjoyed the wonderful thing about this as an event is the person who's doing it you know it was Kip Yoga as a visionary for somebody who believe he was totally fine with that so I said yes I'm so piece I did it was such an amazing fascinating I feel like because of the constraints of TV and because I think in major meyerson particularly cut away from the main action a lot to go and show the New Yorker and I said to my bosses that could I go out and cover the event in Vienna I think you'll be super interesting and he's got a good chance to do it need to say because I felt like I've been a huge critic of commentary on marathons generally I feel like I feel like eat properly trackside by the way for for the to our project keep chugging run the weekend so we thought we'd hear all about it welcome to the show and sixteen where does the time go about his absolutely brilliant book two hours I think we touched on some of the content from that as part of this discussion actually but anyway it was trackside you to realize it was you and the thing that gave away for me was when you said something like this I didn't I was listening to it and I thought I recognized the voice and your voice on this and it took me a wild missile under two hours to talk about why this was interesting I'm not something I've been thinking about for a very long time what is particularly that you would have to do for someone to run execute well that's the thing isn't it I think when you compare him maquilion I'm quadraphonic and needs to McKee is knee that's why call to my day job if I if I'm in the country but then I thought about the time difference is you know it's a long time before America wakes things started quickly and that tends to you know attends to promote please stay whereas in this we had loads of time it was we had sub two in a an event that and also because I know Elliot you know pretty well I think purview as well as I mean just the experience we had no we've Chad backwards and forwards with the over the years since you've since your first on the show and you obviously trackside as well from the often but this was something that captured the not just the imagination running wild and in fact there was some negativity from some quite nine they said yet so I put my plane tickets and going to go to Vietnam anyway and then I got this call from the people doing the the TV show because I think no one can concentrate on professional rice longer than two or three minutes at a time you don't get a chance the really really badly talks about I suppose on and that's not a personal thing with the people who do headphones right now but you really had people I think useful before we started recording two hundred countries are no the Olympics get great viewing figures on I know London Marathon Neil up and out of discussion with about it and he was like just do it you not sounds fun as long as it doesn't interrupt you know your other you know your other GT's the second so far in front of on on Saturday morning and they're your face popped up on the Tenney well what happened was because I already discussed what's happening so it's not necessarily the people who are doing it it's just the limits of the of the genre or whatever you WanNa call it you have to say hello love is good for this great have you on the show just before we go tom called it a two hour project come as it was a one fifty nine project I can whatever whatever so all the official stuff has created a very very pure narrative need runs it in Mike I'm GonNa put this out that possibly unlike any running event in history I mean probably people shouting leaving that he could do it and it was quite personal and in quite human and then I thought that's you well that's really people's time China I think he felt a lot of pressure from start to finish when he did this way kind of composure that he has with the front row seats pretty amazing you know having seeing seeing the pacers switch in an eye seeing the if you'd set to can use of Akili what we did with you you being terrified as to WHO's going to turn up on the take when you like he could've turned up having been out all night and over about that and what was the feeling like when you were there so for those of US watching it on the Tennie and we're kind of privileged more exciting the more exciting it's it's going to be what was it like to actually be there well actually there was there were people that at least an hour before he started so you know who's free and trade is so the thing was people wanted You know guys trust you know Pumpkin Oh you know a guy dressed in Georgia or you know celebrity he's doing the you know the attention flits abide asleep pretty great because you know he was going wherever you stood on the court he was going to go past you eight times and is he going to do it this thing this the best runner in the world on the best course with the best conditions is it possible and there was something very you know you WanNa be presents co presenter of an commentator a almost handed down because I saw can't do you know Ching on telling you guys were talking about it and it looks like he did he dropped off a beer and he just didn't quite recommendable do you think he actually went through a rough patch oh senior established members of the running community but it captured the global community you know my kids loved as the probably the first running as I think may have watched on Talia you know actually keeps it bit of country but what I was trying to say that a seven point was everyone can understand this something brady pure and simple I saw that back and he said it's untrue said it's untrue citing it's either GonNa just he's eating a fool of pace and it's going to bomb an attempt is GonNa go these are my early thoughts but the longer he stays on pace I'm actually that's you know doesn't take very long that's every fourteen and a half minutes or whatever fifteen minutes of the key about this now the irony oh well you know the flipside of that is he had to create artificial sets up in order to on their studies on of spending time as calm and know what drives them and what's particularly interesting about him as a person I was able to like the yeah yeah I tried to go this is a pulley a pulley Definitely so I'll tell you something funny from afterwards okay I went to the press conference post pilots I often okay and then it was okay he's on pace we're fading good he went through a real rough patch for about ten fifteen minutes in the Middle Day that let no no but there was something that really captured everyone's imagination I th I think about the value of it to me it gives a bit of context so that was all radi gratifying but it will never acting I find the whole thing terrified that was one like something which is quite stunning for me is to the regardless of pace just to be quit like twenty seconds of the target that he set himself which is really hard to do regardless of whether it's that kind of intensity that kind of pressure about this something's not right and one of the things that might have been was too inclined before that big roundabouts and the car aw seeing the crowds of me was like well actually really honestly I watched the first twenty minutes and I went okay this is really going to be good starts and the best ball obviously was going to be by the finish line because if he was gonna do it that was going to be where they the coolest was yeah just keep on clicking off the same speed for two hours it's nearly impossible to say have this story simple thing that everyone can understand you've gotta have these patients that come in and you you know he's got these magic shoes and he's you know he's got a flat track he has a very I mean he has a crowd talent I got some stick off to us because I you know I was remarking how even even are you could see on his face and is full you just wasn't previous good and it takes it takes them to run for two hours so I'm going to say to you ed I want you to run for two hours but I'd like you to run pace that is going to push you but you've got to over this distance in two hours within twenty seconds like it was one fifty nine and he ends up running one fifty nine so he ran within felt they were accelerating on so I think there was some I think that was part of it but also I think that messed him up something honestly yeah it was a proper global event unless what what it was like when there was a ratcheting up of tension it was it was like this is something that's lovely then I talked to his Manage Valentine the party in the Ebay I said come on he's like no definitely he he was not feeling good as I reflect on it I feel that some that's what one of the main things that really captivated me as someone there what was that team it was something something that something that really captivated me I like as a as a skeptic of many things in school sacrificial nature of all these utterly world-class athletes totally giving themselves to an individual's cause and that's not something you really see in running out a connection with that you don't really see in running with the team spirit of all so I think there were forty one if I'm right paces support she lives or he runs it inside the over two hours on the jeopardy in that situation is this is his one and only shots is lost chance to do this he was going so you got to see him a lot and you got to see the change overs thoughts and you've got to see different paces in the and I think actually about twenty six K Valentine was talking peace at news talking to mission control saying I don't feel completely atmosphere like yeah I think one of the things is that this would not have worked this whole I think was program just to keep going the same pace you know hello no hill so the costs seem to sort of cruise away on the on the Pacers but when Martin and I were talking about this just after it happened I think something familiar I'm really interested in your take on this somebody on the inside something I really really and some mental strength isn't when you right on the river to to you know to pull it back into any looked by the end looks amazing discipline I had people know invested in the main character so you know all of the skeptic you know all of the I think some of the but all of that stuff would have been Thommo to the full grant how'd you know had such a compelling and frankly beautiful back you know with the names what they've done one by one you know shook everyone's mind you know you know very keen to stay on that laser lines I leave because he has a very very acute feel for how far things going didn't WanNa follow them because he does he hit the front which does he run zone have you talked about it and and for a split second you could see him kind of all most have to Wrigley's way and there's a moment where he's at the back of the pace group in the formation and they're kind of careering towards finish line and it looked to me like there's this moment of uncertainty where they didn't quite know what to do around wondering why I got so swept away in and I still now I mean I was emotional when he crossed the finish line and I was smiling madoff today and I was you know a winning the Tour de France where you know his team lineup behind him I wondered if that was land thing I don't know I don't there is a lot about the being in all world class runners I mean one of them one of the can you guys I think he did I basically did a rep session of three times five K. in fourteen fourteen whatever you know beforehand because it looked like the bit that I was wondering was right at the finish where he's about six hundred meters to go at Andrew to go very justifiable skepticism about what the what this was a buyer who is organizing it and all that stuff and what it really means and you know dude from Kenya I think well how many runners would do that you know every older ingebritsen's I have I had something afterwards human being at the Center of Oh I'm all the other the pacers responded to added as well he's a legend punching the Ariz. the house it was so brilliant nothing there's something about Eliot himself and we told rally on the show he's an incredible character a big group fighter like these guys absolutely adored him but he's about proper leadership isn't it not that's an amazing thing how well briefed with a ah there was something really magical about watching them whooping and hollering and punching the air and you know behind it and that's my favorite shot the whole thing is these guys who just circled how how far out at do you think he knew he'd got and there was a point with five or six K to go probably maybe the as they came out into the last lap at the Party afterwards you know he gave a very gracious h him and then he gave each of these cases in their eyes so you matt central you know Olympic gold medalist who is busting his guts for this live in a big way to go to the ballot if if at that point he my question is do you think new by that point he had a and that must have felt it did definitely definitely the pace group do you know the moment I'm talking about this table phone yeah and he pushed his way to the front and then after that point like you know the manager was you know not all that came I think a first for them to do this and they were come on but we really really want he'd run it and so I said well I could run it even he couldn't that he's going to the laser pacers okay you try running any speed and they like the pacemakers made this conscious decision to drop back and it was a bit like somebody a cyclist finish on on the chance of I think they go on the Pacers go cold basically saying right he's got this get off his why didn't know quite how to do that and that was planned that didn't work out there was a very careful time for what's going to happen to be crossed the line and one fifty nine so they all went out the window when we were talking watching at home in the kids and I and I was saying I think he's got it and I think he knows he's got it and I think that feeling the you had this unbelievable spirit almost like you see in in grand tour cycling with this kind of to do this yeah Jakko come off that you know well chance for you know he's disappointed he hasn't got cold and I mean you know he still wants to get uh-huh patient they can show you that kind of best to kind of pull the he has so so you're right I onto that they really it was not put on ah five twenty six twenty seven then he had a ten K. period which was probably just really hard work and there was this moment ways he was just his eyes thanks oh big I mean he was just he was basically talk himself through you know without actually talking he was just getting myself that busted that got story and you know just Willingham on and then him absolutely flying flying flying flying on the home straight must be glorious compared to months where he faded and he didn't like pain but he must be incredible pain to go through the kind of the bell lap as it were unaware of the lot it was it was pretty astonishing to watch how was working with chalet now she's somebody we've talked about a lot on the show before she's incredible it was genuine these guys were were just totally throws I'm actually was something that was set up they just asserted finished as elliot she was awesome and she brought huge I thought generosity to the whole thing and whatever empathy you know she could tell you what it's like contrived unstaged and to a certain element of PR aspect of the event on the less a human being Yeah I think about thirty seven thirty eight I think he he definitely he added country rough patch and then I think like some people would say he doesn't eat it anyway mad as she was great and I actually just achieved a sub to our twenty six point two mile run which is remarkably impressive I'm just the there was something lovely about just focusing on the elite bit of the sports for the time being thing still with you know with the Pacers with the wind with the course with the crowd with the study of the weather still one thing unsettled me more than anything else despite everything else that we saw red and and that was the shoes must have been a baby Bikita was I'm convinced he's not fifteen minutes better than a baby Makina on somewhere in that courtroom now gap is the work that the I choose otherwise he wouldn't be wearing the NE- she's right so the way that I look at this is that technology you know kind of expect Sir but I was thinking knows silver medallists feel molested the Olympics still couldn't hang with Sneh so the truth is that I don't know what the difference was but I do know there was a difference between this power shoes in the last and she's what's yours thirty two pretty she the Olympics are I feel like I feel like there's a lot of talk in the build-up about it not being an official Maratha official race effectively despite the you know the must've felt going into that deliver a one fifty nine now I don't think he feels the pressure some people and I don't think he is talk about issues that they perhaps gave so I sailed I think it's a fact remember so brilliant because because that's what everyone tells themselves I've only got ten minutes ago lie how could you know ten minutes be pretty to be an elite run out with something massive on the line in New York win is one of my favorite wins in a in a major marathon 'cause he was so I set this thing you know when it comes to something like this is three k. i. or something it's nine minutes you could do anything for nine minutes and footwear was always going to be a part of Maratha well direct quotes coming down a baby Bikita won the nine hundred sixty Olympic question you know what we're seeing with sometimes now pretty remarkable and you've got to say that's that's a lot to do with the equipment ably immense him and I kept on teaching her I said look he's GonNa come through the line he's GonNa slash the millions of people who are watching Anthony Staff aides and Iran and well directly to fifteen and I'm pretty sure that elegant show is a better athlete so I I I've said this country as I said I think he's got a and I think people around and you know you can share run and I did laugh when you got totally burned over your tank. APB's when I think the commentary I said to you what's your ten K bb well seven minutes like all chopped Punished with this for more than three or four K it's amazing whether that be foster now five K. P. B. I'm sure yeah not she trump just everyone just started jumping on this listing about you know all the all those plans just went out the window be a plot on the graph where the best athletes of his generation match the best technology available time and suddenly my this was possible so Tuesday but you know technology develops it's crazy to think that you could somehow stop it and it was always I thought about this a huge amount and I don't think that you can arrest the development of technology in a from the guy that did it what you want is a is a playing field where if you if you turn up on the but there shouldn't be guy shouldn't be running it prototypes when it comes to because because then that as an unfair advantage jason traditionalist in this kind of criticizing the the unusual nature of but actually one of the things I learned about from your brilliant book two hours was the Madison Square Garden Royal Albert Hall One Review Coconut Matting all that kind of stuff if I think also point because the tip because the penalties always give other thing and so if you think about the line on the graph you know this is the moment where the best athletes in a meaningful way and what the thing that I would want to impress on the governing bodies is as people a start line you could if you said once to wear the same shoes as the guy that's gonna run alongside gene to a chance or or major marriage then everyone should be able to buy a pair of shoes right might cost a lot of money eighths it's interesting to think about what the you know what this time pursuit of worth in old money money in a sense the reason why it's happened to two thousand nineteen probably is because the best of the you know the most modern technology you couldn't have had the other we'll group in this it's a group of people who are running back they would run in the best shoes at at the time and so the history of running in the eighteen hundreds of early nineteen hundreds and particularly the stuff that I would if I could go back and see any sporting event miss one of the the kind of unquestionably Elliott's the greatest marathoner of all time I think there's an argument to say Kennedy's Bikila the greatest distance runner of all time we could probably have that discussion Fox Kennedy's typically at the American peak around the streets of London next spring would be something to behold I definitely I definitely tune in for that one yes okay enough of the second best marathon performance of the weekends we talk about the best man it's it's we've kept you longer than me already I think one of the things that makes me laugh a little bit is is some of the so-called it's a weekend yeah of course it was also the Chicago Marathon the weekend Toronto won the men's Ed thank you so much for giving me time on a Monday evening when you've been away from the weekend working on working in Vienna but thank you so much and well done again for incredible not to perform on race day but all of the talk was of bridget cost guy because she made history when she smashed reporter reckless longstanding women's world record in the marathon which I think was set way back in two thousand and three in London did you I couldn't have have the other and I'm so to me it's it's a fad questions of how much work are the shoes doing in the best conditions in the best shoes ran this you know round of strikes I'm an ECON you know you can't take anything away the Kelley as as best as best as he is now he's just run to one missed the world record by a fraction those two head-to-head four hundred laps of smoking Mo Farah drifted back into eighth place and kind of those performances pretty much went unnoticed. I think Farah heavily so if you can't go into a shop and buy the thing that you'll competitors wearing does fit dot that feels unfair I think broadly speaking you know she ran to fifteen twenty five so sixteen years later bridget COSCO Iran to fourteen o four was twenty two seconds slower than the five depart runwell record held by Andy badly in thirteen forty eight however she balance I think it might be it might be in the dog when it and so we really quickly one final question question if you had if we could manage to make you happen and I I don't think it will unfortunately but we had Elliott now as best as he is now against Kennedy they say this year's London marathon champion champion caused guy who ran to eighteen twenty in the UK cap to went through five K.. To bully stirring fifteen twenty eight it's just the copyright you know so what was he doing before what's he doing now anyway Anyway tastic see Elliot chugging against Kennedy Yeah I mean he was something about seven kilograms before Berlin I'm still considering punishment how can a professional runner have seven kilograms thirty one twenty eight through ten K. puts on schedule for two twelve compared to Polish to a one runs place I athletic weekly Royal Albert Hall for money all them bookmakers going back to the late eighteen hundreds what's happened was it wasn't expected to go that quick but the talk beforehand was of her breaking poll to fifteen she'd run what she run sixty four the great north now I know it's just part one but nevertheless it is blisteringly fast I mean that is to ten marathon Patriot I five k. fifteen km forty seven twenty six part on target for two thirteen finish twenty Kane sixty three twenty-seven halfway sixty six fifty nine absolutely incredible just four seconds slower than Mo Farah Clung for that loss five K. unbelievable I mean absolutely Farah had a a tricky press conference the talk was was not good for him I guess that that played a part in by one of the men's performances in in legitimate marathons you have to start ask him what difference shoemaking when you see differences like that Eh after ninety five minutes running fifteen fifty seven between five and for between thirty and thirty five finishing to fourteen or four APPS Patsy Radcliffe Sixty eight zero to a minute and three up on rattling for half way the twenty five year old only twenty five by the way remained on Steve gap between the world's top times so bridge across the The Times of the women so bridget cost Guide to Oh four fourteen American pilots that allows you to call within ten seconds allows you to call it to thirteen sixty four I mean it's staggering. I mean to be fair like that I mean over this weekend as well to incredible runs both in in similar we'll talk about the shoes in a moment but one thing that then it might I mean I heard I could cause some vibrations from the London marathon people that are going to do their utmost to try and make them I I imagine if you go halfway back in the women's half an hour back it's a lot shorter than twenty I think that's let's run did a really good analysis of this Rosen one thing that I was surprised about I'm not certain why is the case is the great this mess the world in the men's race is is that just because there's more depth in the men's this gap here between onto their article in the show notes of thirty two one she was thirty three seconds up on Paulo's world record after ten K and by the way in London ready valid question on one of the sports you have to keep thinking about but it's also true to say that you know it's not as if the guy's five years ago we're not wearing shoes when the control Giva caused guys fifteen twenty eight here is twenty two seconds faster than shot artist Park rumbelow record of fifteen fifty incredible incredible and I think this is where the same with the men's performances in Chug as to one Bikila twenty five years I think the danger is the the apple whoever is it needs to regulate these things doesn't get hold of it and unless you've got a called schedule obviously through twenty five K. Seventy Nine thirty three thirty k ninety five eighteen so that's your half marathon nine kilometers or what have you so her first and second half math and splits were both faster than the US women's half marathon record currently held by molly huddle at sixty the you know the difference the and I haven't looked but I imagine if you look at Alicea was what a half an hour behind for Dino and he was twenty you know not that's one of the things when you say you know let's compare let's compare Kip Shoghi and this you know keep chugging average pace Komo treaty MIA Salfan Chilean everybody else involved he was brilliant and we love to fracture much as an agent who represents many of global Kenyan runners some of the biggest stars I'm twenty five so she's running faster than the US record twice back to back she actually covered thirty five k. to the finish in twenty pair of shoes costing several hundreds of pounds you you can't be in it which is what happened with swimsuits in the incident into the shoes there has been a few raised eyebrows I guess you know cost guide bridget cost guys represented by Federico Rosa he but also some of the biggest stars who have been banned for anti doping rule violations recently including two times Chicago and Paula Radcliffe to fifteen twenty five and their mary containing to seventeen o one two three minutes separates the Tom Three fastest times didn't know that her PR PB progression in two thousand and fifteen so four years ago she was running to forty seven source this big sky is also represented by Frederica Rosa although there have been no allegations against her wing with the shark skin suits of course and killed the sport and then they have to unpick it all and disaster I do think they have before we do just to finish on cost guy a couple of things to to really think about is a good some good stats and runner's world around her pace and when you consider the the ridiculous response to the Salazar Ban a former they've all been in the same exact model of NYC shoe but you have to say you have to start looking at what differences the shoemaking when you see great food where it sits now it's just not dealing with it's just not dealing with doping and I think they either need to deal with it or just allow it something was it twenty eight the great set off to going quicker than anybody expected the ridiculous ambivalence from so-called anti-doping activist types you realize the the sport is I'm not saying you should allow it but we've got this ridiculous situation now way you've got you've got you know people Salazar being banned for four years I mean there's there's there's always been more more than the men doesn't there and that's the same in lots of elite sport I'm sure if you look Hawaii if you look at the depth also if you're British and I don't see that happening until I think as much as it's absolutely right to point the finger I've I don't mind keep Cho- gay wearing a pair in what is a fun which is breaking to thing one five nine let's do something about it or an actually do something about it not just if your Russian and not just you know if your from East Africa actually also if you're American two thousand eighteen to nineteen says four minutes a year every year for the last four years now look I mean not even to break through fifteen but I think it was it wasn't totally out of the blue people thought she might she might do that we sh- mathematics weekly nations there's no allegations against her and she said when she was asked that she didn't she did not take place in her in her training challenges of course and how do you how do you justify it it's interesting because I champion Digest two Olympic Marathon Champ Jemima some gong three time World Champ aspro kiprop of the two fifty whereas Mo- twenty three thirty five so she was faster she finished quicker than Farah she is a cost before we charm so they talk about well yeah I think what you made the decision to be coached by this guy who had coached Mary Slaney Hood it'd be the thing because you don't know which keys gonNA turn up is the problem doesn't he can Kenenisa he's like me he might might turn up having had one too many now bar she wasn't but she was only twenty or twenty one then she ran two twenty four in two thousand and sixteen to twenty in two thousand seventeen to eighteen anything that would pose was a standout performance that people didn't think for very long time and it wasn't it was sixty years it'd be interesting let's fast forward his his some of his athletes performing amazingly and people getting offended that those athletes who performed amazingly being coached by coach you being banned for four years in being put in that position and seeing how young athlete and caused guys young she doesn't he's an easy to make these kind of decisions in hindsight it's easy to look but of course horizon is the one who has the athletes with doping seventy six minutes for four hundred me is still fast than we probably both run separately seventy six seventy six hockey I couldn't run a seventy it's easy for us to look through our own is not really understanding the context all the shoes that people wearing tell you where it falls I think the beginning of London's quite nippy so you know she was on fire they go on to say that we weren't mentioned that sixty four twenty eight in Chicago she went to see cleats don't be coached by this person don't have an agent this this this person that's your job that's your kind of being questioned about that and people just got ahead inside and some go either way you might have either 'cause they actually a half unfortunately you have to mention in fact I think I did mentioned at the beginning I'll just on the way home I've been listening to an absolute incredible podcast fell for the things out of that time so I think it's on one hand you got to say you know what you're doing being represented as an athlete you should distance yourself your pastoral care obligation young athletes isn't it to be saying don't do this who is going to say that the young athlete isn't going to say that why are the USA Track and field tests and it was interesting listening to him talk about how they it at that time rationalize to in their head and how and how they and so she you know she represented by a coach who has an agent is a manager. Whatever who's been WHO's representative low people have been banned for doping do you know being banned for positive tests and that's no different kind of here is it caused by having an agent in Federico who's been an agent for people who have failed do the Nike Oregon Project has has been closed down of the the head coach Alberto Salazar was banned for four years to being wins because see when they think it where it's not gonNa happen in Madison Square? Yeah late on a Monday night we promised with down by eight o'clock so you could get to bowl and as you can of course as written brilliant the BBC was instrumental in bringing lobbyist life says this is a seismic development and a star could but when you wearing them and races it's different mutual races I think it's just before we go a little bit of the show dedicated to shoot content uh that wasn't without scandal is going to be ruled Gothenburg investigation into mix therefore had broken we were saying last week how can you be shocked possibly be shocked yes of course next year rest to the next percent because I didn't want to put a percentage above four percent of how much potential improvement you could get I'm inclined to agree it's like just how much difference do the shoes make and Autumn Gaucho and clean spoke to cost absolutely incredible and I think everybody should listen to that and and when you consider the things they talk about that from wearing the shoes but since the vapor flies this is a stat that Jonathan Goltz pointed out and it really is quite striking the five the UK Athletics or the Kenyan why they not saying well don't go near this person who recently of course we're gonNA come back to the shoes we all coming back his shoes awesome Kara gap to an Adam gase I took a lot in the past about how they fell for Saleh's they are the next version of Nike German the when they ran breaking two they used a vapor fly in that vapor fly progress recalled the Alpha fly and it's a new innovation in the sport which has seen the trainers sharply improve will also put a link to I five K. two athletes be saying you never ever ever go near anybody with any kind of question mark over them whatsoever be there may only one I'm for me and whose responsibility is it's the responsibility of the governing bodies if if he was a governing body of all are saying to your your young five different men of run faster than the world record that existed before the release of the vapor flies that was Dennis committed to keep jobs run two hours twenty five nickeled fifty eight twenty three seven performances have been fast influence Kiplagat's pre vapor fly world record of sixty five seven Dan bridget cost guy has just obliterated polar active world record by eighty one seconds Jonathan Goat says this is not a coincidence and Alex Hutchinson in a good article in APPs on line he writes regularly seven cooled swept science the Alpha fly defines as I quit you gave it I'll be surprised if I run a stat between now and Christmas those new ones those new ones apparently were cool the Alpha fly he good analysis of the Peyton a breakdown of the painting of the prototype of those shoes done by believe in the run dot com or a link to that but don't go anywhere near them professionally people are making those decisions which is bizarre when you hear Adam Gar car talking about why they made that decision it's fascinating in by the company he's referring to Nike needs to put clear blue water between itself and the man who was once hailed as the most revered coach packed in Spall the vapor fly have you've already drawn the analogy with the skin suit in in swimming but this is seems future edition of the Nikes next percentage marathon shoe and it looks really different with these bizarre Kinda pods under the forefoot but the either blood this week show notes if you really want to look at how the shoes are made few innovations have had such an instant in world and Mark Foley's it happened this is why it's relevant to your point mark up with it follows the resignation of Neil black the performance ralliers us one fifty nine forty in exhibition races to men of run faster than today's pre vapor fly half marathon world and what are the implications of those shoes of course what we saw and there's a great article by Lawrence AAs Larry to have changed the game and what's really important is that at some point the governing body the global governing body asked record eligible marathons in history have all been done in the last thirteen months and they've all been run in versions of nights vapor fly in the spirit of university universality of athletics shoes must not be constructed so as to give athletes any unfair you must be reasonably available while I had a chance to to Ben Roy Tich Bernard who is here over the weekend and I said look you haven't got those shoes going to run faster so if you haven't got those shoes how can you compete does this mean all the other shoe manufacturer certainly GonNa Start Making guilty of doping violations now isn't that a lot of the news the world but he closed down well today become the sun on Sunday something Mark Mark Bailey need to get a grip of it don't they now look what we do know is that last year the I W F the track and field international governing body and this is w. f. said this is the law that they changed in response to the vapor fly any type of shoe used must be reasonably available to all you know it has it made you feel you know what would you because what that effectively means is that only athletes with those shoes yep you're gonNA run and the year after sorry the is taking the world championships to Eugene in Oregon into that decision anyways we get to the shoes briefly let's go on tell me about shoes let's run didn't want to know will they get me under twenty minutes this on so actually it it it created this massive great unfairness that you never needed to do you can just say we're about your smuggler it is the first guy to do a sub to madison because he's the best that we've got me so many seconds over over every mile that I'm racing over this particular course on this day and in in some ways that's not bad lia rue the stocks are doing it stuff like they must be whatever what was it generally available reasonably available means absolutely running buddies have massively dropped the ball in swimming I think now for men is I'm GonNa follow it closely but I think they have to wear a jam like longshore is the longest so that I think the men not it's not the full bodysuit that that become of course what it meant was they were about four hundred they lasted about ten swims they took about forty five minutes per independent will alert no link to that on the show notes for this week explaining that the bespoke version worn by Toga was act because you need wheeled you need handlebars you need frames you need pedals you need a helmet you need a suit so very very difficult to legislate against things that give you an advantage phones great sport and that works for him what it does is it reduces the accessibility of the sport to people because it becomes it becomes so expensive allowed anything on the upper half of their body the anything that covers the neo below and so yes I'm sure they have fairly high tech shorts effectively so costly to have a level of equipment that allows you to compete now something like cycling it's very very difficult to to legislate for that it doesn't really in the sport what it does is it makes it not particularly accessible in sports like swimming and running it's really easy to legislate and then I think the the A. and say you know the soul can only be thick then shchukin any way this much they can they can only be this many components in this whatever is really simple to have a ought reasonably available to weasel be available doesn't mean anything the spirit of universality and athletics doesn't mean nothing should be concerned essay can make them out of him for all but they're only but they can only smugglers which you I'm sure it would be really really really easy to legislate systens all redrawn teach you guys to particular just ridiculous rule I was well the first part of me what does it even mean what you know it's like well if you've got those shoes you didn't really quick like when we used to race ironman triathlon and you're thinking about what a disc wheel squeal because it's going to get inversion of of two new balance to the spring but then it so it becomes then like it's a battle of the shoes isn't it about other body it's not hard and they're just dropping the ball and of course usual yet we've seen you've seen quantity of controversy around whether the the the the man tickets to give athletes at halftime advantage doesn't mean a thing you just have to say the soul can be seven mil thick and may two things and if story or whatever making numbers Oh at beat hyphen it dot com and we're joined now to tell us more about that by Professor Andy Jones joining us on this week's training talk is professor of Applied Physiology Associate Dean of research at the University of Exeter used to be a geologist's with UK Athletics. I think for the last twenty years or so if not a little bit more welcome to Marathon Talk Andy Jones around the world and the rains delivers controlled those of dietary nitrates derived solely from concentrated beetroot juice is independently US research over three really small tiny for his age and had a neighbor that have these two little beige dogs positive stories and new stars however you know there was so many questions imagination and inspired genuine or amongst the general public says Dan Ronan at time when ethics is crying act surface but there's one which people haven't talked about and that is when he was a child he was extraordinary he's door the dogs would come up to him and he would dash fru the legs of these tiny obeys Mexican dogs the landscape in which it does seem currently a little bit lost an momentus weekend for distance running on paper at least that breathe new life into the sport generating front there's so many factors which influenced Elliott jobs record the shoes the Pacers the temperature the road what is very clear is athletics experienced a breakthrough weekend in in many ways in many ways around the weekend it's really important for athletics continue to to continue to try and find itself you're an incredibly nimble and it got to the stage where because he was so small I'm because he was so quick it could lead off of running I think in the past you did have some involvement with the original kind of break into project Munzer one didn't you yeah Oh cool for action and Dan Ronan as ever wrote a brilliant article on the BBC he really hitting the nail on the head in summarizing this week's training took is sponsored by bt sport beatty is trusted by elite athletes we've spoken about already in a kind of questioning where is athletics and and where is it going he says look it was in a staunch ing on runoff and that is why Elliott Kick Shoghi is the only marathoner to go under two hours in quality of a person in this case a man doing doing that kind of thing and then delivering executing to that level of expectation is page coverage something like five point eight million views of the of the the key togay run lit up social media at captured and every time Elliot went out the front door these dogs would chase him and so he became incredibly fast hundred medical and sports science institutes and he's the number one nitrate supplement that shown to increase exercise performance and resist fatigue you can find and some of the benefits so how on earth do you get into research around nitrates yeah well particularly Azalea just sort of tweak some of the logistics and he was in a better place physically and mentally things are surprise you know really around the edges really worth more than ninety seconds to two minutes in totality so we still you know you you in physiology is that right yes not no longer yeah probably closer to thirty sorry and traps tried to been consumed offensive to some individuals for just three days and when they measured the oxygen cost of cycling said the eyes of the world around him you know time and again he just delivers and that's the thing for me the thing for me about that whole performance is I was the chief external consultant Nike employed on that particular project that was a real career highlight involved in that the biggest thing and on the show today is because you've done extensive work around the use of nitrates in at the moment I don't think it's possible they'd be doing research probably what twenty five years or so I guess due to natural study so there's lots of vegetables and some fruits that contain it organic nitrate naturally lots of the Greenlee credit facilities achieve that he's clearly the best marathon runner of his generation of normal time nothing you could put him up against anyone of any era whatever shoes on I need still win and he's he's lead to enough time to peruse academic journals when I was looking one kind of paper from scandal he bridging the kind of technology in the advantage and the changes and we're going to talk about those elsewhere in the show but also trying to make the Hugh Mike Great surprise we've sort of we were able to reproduce those findings that when we'd be reduced to our participants the oxygen thanks very much for doing this show before so it's really great that you can join US Seymour is after a very busy weekend cost when they cycled particular discreet sub maximal work was lower compared to when they consumed placebo so the showed that you see him realize his dream was remarkable and they didn't do anything very much different to what we've done with Nike a couple of years have procedo affect 'cause you're giving them something like how does it without getting too physiological on US had news and one of the things that does this widens blood vessels and changes blood delivery to different tissues and it will change your blood pressure listen individual on a on a very personable guy very humble with and I think he genuinely wants to do this to to inspire other people to believe that they can achieve work at my first my motivation to do that for this study was initial scepticisms surprises anybody us when we were able to affirm go considerably longer so there was an actual performance benefit of improved efficiency so so you know double whammy with but kind of kickstarted one of those Eureka endurance performance and Beata sponsoring this section of the show so we wanted to I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how that came about leagues but I thought it was it was worth pursuing if only to demonstrate that it just was crazy notion but rather than use the chemical was preferred running nitrate then your body processes that nitrate initially into nitrite and actually we require the bacteria and our mouths to help us with that process the has the potential to benefit you'll performance I mean and of course if you supplement with beetroot juice both but clearly if you're changing the ability to deliver oxygen to your muscle on you change the manner in which that oxygen is used within your muscles than arguably I think is saying is that in training erasing it it helps you're running efficiency extremely difficult thing to do even if you did ten or more years of endurance training you'd be lucky to make much difference to that so I was naturally in reduce the Oxygen Carson there for improved the efficiency with which I just really didn't believe frankly on redtop because normally you know changing economy or efficiency to produce nitric oxide when we need it and as I say is really important molecule in physiology general but also maintaining our general cardiovascular and metabolic the impressive regardless of all the kind of surrounding semi contrived stuff that enables it to be possible absolutely there's all just sort of tweaks but it also has effects within cells including muscle cells to so not getting too complicated but essentially what happens in the is that when you eat foodstuffs yeah that's essentially I mean the the additional studies more recently because when you change a Konami or efficiency that's one of the three factors originally so he's running we talked about running economy and cycling they call it efficiency they find that just just those three days of supplementing with Sodium Nitrite Compatible C and then night-ride can very easily be converted again into nitric into nitric oxide so it's basically just an extra substratum extra means by which we have the ability influences endurance performance the others being something lactate threshold for better phrase via to Max but if you can improve your economy and keep the constant of it you know like what's the dosage if I'm doing a a ten K. and thinking okay like I'll give like an intrigued I'm curious yes does it make Matang k. time feel any easier you know if I got to go and have pink we for a fortnight has it work yeah no you don't need that much so one of the positive effects so the way it works is the nitric oxide is basically to do with nitric oxide which is a molecule in our body does wide variety different so there's one thing I do need to ask you just because it's quite topical at the moment as well and the center of it uses it does seem bizarre full across the finder it does have some potential value it was back in the day when stories we did was to look at what we call it the dose response relationship and you know unfortunately athletes of all varieties tend to think was at least as good if not better than the large amount so so what I say that we were looking at four million miles East Mel Moles and sixteen return playful of lettuce or something so we we use the Beetroot Jeff's that would give you appear to be an effective dose of nitrite on tomorrow Vegetables Spinach and lettuce and song but the beetroots another one and you can also

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Juicy Scoop - Ep 332 - Lisa Rinnas Me Too & Comedian Chris Franjola

Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

1:29:15 hr | 1 year ago

Juicy Scoop - Ep 332 - Lisa Rinnas Me Too & Comedian Chris Franjola

"Today's juicy scoop is sponsored by European wax centers. Acts the pink texts campaign the pink taxes that extra amount of money. Women are charged every year for basic goods and services just for being a woman. European wax center is known for empowering confident women. And now they're giving us the tools to claim are worth and take back. What's ours? Now, you know, see for yourself at acts the pink tax dot com. You know that internal debate over whether or not you should eat the pasta or the bread that is food drama. Stop stressing start searching for balance. I can't believe it's not butter is the key. We sixty calories per serving and seventy percent less saturated fat from butter. You can enjoy it on foods, you love simple cut the drama, not the taste with. I can't believe it's not butter had the McDonalds. Has got the chew six. On the what you're on the go choose Cisco isn't a show, the no she talks Hollywood tales from real life business to see real data. And you'll sit you'll be a dead kicks it back to the number one tap or three life pod. Lissette, panda McDonald six. Hello. And welcome to juicy scoop with Heather McDonald. That's me. Well, let's just talk about some scoop that happened on real housewives of Beverly Hills last night. It actually got really pretty juicy. Besides some of the fun stuff that happened, which is all been reenacted it my new favorite things. I do Barbie theater with the real housewives of Beverly Hills on a working on the cast of New York. It's taking up my whole life. I'm getting a little obsessed. But if you wanna watch this you either go to add how the retail Instagram or wherever you follow me on social media. But also, I do a longer version on YouTube, and you can subscribe that page. So Lisa Renna is her mom Lewis is in town. And I've forgotten love that woman who is my mother, but I refer to her as Lois and she and the two daughters. Delilah Belle and Amelia, Cray, all go and get things together because that's what a mother and her model dollars to and we also see that Denise invited. Denise Richards invited to read over for some. Cut near the beach. I'd just like making a double. She's got couple kids off spun and they get to hang out a little bit. We barely see. Lisa Vander pump. She's knocking down her kitchen. That's really quite lightened. Brought him. Yeah. Last time. I was in here. I was getting an audible flight with my former friend Kyle Richards. So then they go to Camille bridal shower. She's getting married and Kyle throws it, and she puts it all together, and she has a place name card for at least Vander pump. But she never shows. And she's like, well, I really wanted her to come to my shower and calls like, well, I invited or I don't know. Like, maybe I don't know what I should do and cogos. Well, maybe you texture and say, you know, at least Vander pump you were missed and then Lisa Runa goes. Well, that's some prep pretty passive aggressive shit. If you ask me just go, you know, what I would really like to their really fucking hurt me. Lisa Vander pump. Why weren't you there? So then they go to a dinner to celebrate Lois. And that is Lisa arenas mother. And they said, where's Harry, and she's like, no I invited Harry fuck and Hamlin. But he is glued to the TV. Watching these Cavanaugh hearings about the supreme court. Kevin a-. Well, we all remember bright Cavanaugh and that was in September. And it was a crazy time because as he was before he got accepted into spring court. A woman came forward named Dr Ford who said that he sexually assaulted her should great detail when she was in high school, and you could not stop watching these hearings mostly because it just reminded me of every guy I went to high school in. With it was just like a weird flashback memory anyway. So Camille goes, I just I don't know. I think it's like you really have to have your witnesses an order if you're gonna go up. I mean, I just don't think really she waited thirty five years to tell. Well, everybody starts going crazy saying, you know, a lot of people don't tell when it happens. Just I don't know if you were sexually attacked at fifteen years old. Wouldn't you tell your best friend, wouldn't you tell your parents? Well, maybe Camille feels differently today. But certainly, I know people I actually did that patriot episode and about a person I knew who is attacked, and yes, they did come right home and tell their parents, but other victims waited two weeks or didn't they all took a shower? You're not supposed to take a shower. Everybody reacts differently. And one thing is the memory of the details, and the reason that this is. Is important. So they argue Camille feels weird. And then she goes, well, I've been I've been accused of something that I've never done around the world. And it was when she was the the housewife for the first season. All the tabloids just jumped on her and said that she was narcissistic and awful and everything and it was really awful at the time. She had no idea that Kelsey grammer. Her husband at the time was screwing another woman in New York. So she that brought that triggered her somehow that she was once accused of something she didn't do so they make up she feels badly. I don't know. I'm so emotional chace. Kyle to be a bridesmaid and then lo and behold who's downstairs, but Kyle Richards, collared shirts Kim, Richard sister. And Lisa Renna has not seen her since she gave the bunny back that. That that Lisa read ahead given to Kyle for her granddaughter. She never gave it to her grandchild. And instead returned it at the reunion. It's the famous bunny and twos. Like, no, I'm not gonna talk to camera shirts. I don't think about Kim for king Richard's. Okay. She's another Firkin human being who lives on this earth. And I'm a human being too. So now, I'm not gonna say Hello. I don't think about Cam Richards. So she ignored Kim Richards, Kathy Hilton is also there. So both Cal sisters are there, and they're all friends again because Kyle show about their childhood was cancelled. So now, they forgive her, and they like her and at the very end of the show. It is Lisa rented undermine mother Lois, and Lois retails a story of when she was attacked as a young woman before she was married or had kids by a co worker who said he was going to dry. Our home. And in fact, he tried to rape and kill her. And they got an off duty officer saw it and saved her. The guy went away to jail for seven years got out, and then became a serial killer and killed eighteen more people before they caught him again. And this story if you have been listening to Jesus coupe for a long time. I heard the story for the first time when I did a pilot presentation with Jillian barberie who's a friend of mine. Emma, other friend lives Roman, and I put together kind of like Chelsea lately view type show before Chelsea lately, though, Chelsea came and did the pilot with us, and so did Lee Serena, and it was just girls talking about things called girls night in and she ended up telling that story about her mother. So all these years later, I have her on juicy scoop about two years ago. And I wanted to bring up interesting things about Lisa run that I didn't think anyone knew. So I asked about that story, and she told it in great detail, and is a very interesting juicy podcast. But. She did not promote it. And I remember for a housewife. It really didn't get the numbers that normally any show gets. But certainly not when I have a high profile guests like that with such big social media, and I kind of asked her people like oh is there. Why didn't Lisa promote it? And then enough days went by. And I didn't bugger about it. But I think she maybe wasn't comfortable with that story two years ago. And now with me too and people really sharing their story of not victimization but survival she's actually, you know, felt comfortable talking about on the show. She wanted her mother to tell it, she probably, you know, said the night before would you be comfortable discussing on the show. And now the moms like ninety and also in a probably different place, maybe two years ago when she talked about on my pike, maybe thought her mom may not like that. She shared it. So I thought that was pretty interesting if you wanna listen to it it is a far back. So you just if you're part of Stitcher premium dot com. Mom, you can listen to all of my episodes of three hundred and forty or whatever I'm at commercial free. So if you want look into that I will try to see if I can somehow get that interview and put it on a fresh show. I'm not sure if I can. But anyway, now the best thing in the world, obviously is seeing me live. So let's go through these real quick Sacramento next weekend. April twenty six and twenty seven at punchline Vancouver may second I talk a lot about this show in Seattle. I'm doing with Chris that's may third triple door. Seattle may fourth is stand up triple door. Seattle caboose Texas may eleventh helium comedy club in Philly may thirty live juicy scoop stand up thirty one and June. I I will be at Irvine. August sixteenth seventeenth live juicy scoop eighteenth at the Irvine improv Heather McDonald, now get your VIP, you know, the drill stamps dot com. Brings all the amazing services of. The US post office right to your computer. So whether you're a small office sending invoices and online sellers shipping out products or even a warehouse, sending thousands of packages a day stamps dot com can handle it all with ease simply as your computer to print fischel US postage twenty four seven for any letter any package any class of male anywhere. You want to send then once your mail is ready just hand it to your mail carrier or drop it in the mailbox with stamps dot com. You get five cents off every first class stamp and up to forty percents off priority mail, not to mention it's a fraction of the cost of those expensive postage meters right now, our listeners get a special offer that includes a four week trial, plus free postage and a digital scale without any long term commitment. Just go to stamps dot com. Click the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in juicy that stamps dot com. Enter choosing. See okay now for your favorite. Well, look hi have here. My first guest ever. He is all grown up a friend from Chelsea. What a delight Chris Giola? Welcome always happy to come and do juicy scoop. I love it. It's given me a nice following of gals. Really? Yeah. That the people who listen at UC school the best, and we have lots of hot topics have all magazines, but you came in hot, I came with tok dealing. It's right up your alley, and I happen to hear about it. Yes. To read about it in the USA today. But then I googled it and found some more stuff about it. It's the Grand Canyon. A lot of people are falling in the Grand Canyon more. So than ever fall fall fall to their death. If this falls, heat and murder, what's really killing people at the Grand Canyon is the headline of the article, and basically in this article is saying that they believe some of these might be murders. But they don't do enough research or investigation into them that they. Say oh, the person fell, but they're beginning to believe. Now, some people bringing their significant other who they're not happy with anymore and just going, you know, move over a little to the left and boom gone. Well, I do think it's a perfect burder place that it's selfie murders. Right instagram. I wanna go a little further. You're not supposed to pass this gate, but people do so when I was there many years ago, I went during the wintertime over ten years ago. I wanna say like Brandon was one. So he's thirteen now. So it's like, yeah. And we went with Peter's sister and her kids and I remember like walked around strolled around. But like we weren't going to like the mule thing we really walked down just went to where it was. And now isn't there like a glass walk? That's a new thing that put up. Yeah. That's the jets out over the Grand Canyon you'd see down through the glass, that's freak out. If I could do that. I could probably do that. But anyway, I went to the gift shop, and I saw book. Yeah. And it was like. Grand Canyon murders or something, and it was all these suspicious deaths from like eighteen ninety five that had been documented. And absolutely there were so many that were. Couples. Yeah. And the wife dying right sometimes at night to remember. There's a really weird one. Like, why are you out at night because I think back then you could get. Why would you go at night with back? Then there's not it's not like there's like outdoor lighting eighteen ninety five. They would there was no fence or the go right up to the edge. And just you push people off the best part about it. Is you you're out there with your wife, and you're like oh got nobody saw it? Because it's nighttime in you're having a romantic stroll after dinner, but maybe have a couple of drinks, whatever she falls down the Grand Canyon. She's dead. Okay. Right. They're not they wouldn't even send people down to get the body. Right. So then you're like she fell and she's down there. So there's no getting resuming the body trying to see that, you know, actually, you already killed her in the bedroom and threw her body over there at two in the morning. You have this great story, and she was doing what she loved. She was at the Krant canyon. So so that not only are people dying at the Grand Canyon at an alarming rate. Well, when they said alarming rate, what are we? Talking. Okay. I'll give you numbers. One hundred twenty eight oh, that's two thousand eighteen a lot of them die in those planes. Go over to show you. Recently as sixty seven year old man plane went down the whole plane planes. Go down a year will not anymore, but back in the old days. A lot of those plans that used to take you over to look into the canyon. Okay, went down. But according to this article, let me see if I could find it. There are eight twelve people die each year within the Grand Canyon National park, twelve people. That's a lot is lost one a month. And that's not are they all adults like no little kids or anything. According to audible, mostly seems like Asian so out of Asians Cohen because I guess they go for the pictures, and they don't have to have a balance issue, whatever. But they fall over funny that that was always such like a comedic moment in every movie was Asians with Tamara's. Yeah. When by the way, like, you know, now, everyone just has cameras for everything. Yeah. I know everybody says guy, right? So they're falling. Well, there's been so many life. People. There's been so many other deaths that have been done by people trying to take like that great Instagram or YouTube video we'll have just recently that girl. No college girl, no girl to the Asian bikini girl. But then there was just reading like last week girl who went to the top of her college dorm thing like tower on okay? And she fell out and they told Ryan to take a photo. And she died just last week. I mean, just imagine, you know. Yeah. But if everything you were going for was to get the most likes or photos again, right dying a happy death. Like, I know it's horrible because you have parents and stuff. Yeah. But did that girl get to heaven and was like, holy sh-. He likes I went viral because she died or like the picture never take our job is part of Instagram and stuff, and I just probably got the most ever got in. My twelve year old niece took the photo in Palm Springs because I had a hot pink romper, and she was really good. She was like turn to the. Palm springs. You'll yes by by the flowers into making onto some celebrities and made it in TMZ, but just straight up likes. It's a covered romper. But with a very uncomfortable shoe with just pink flowers behind me, and my twelve year old niece took it. But she was very good. It's like your hand looks weird. Turtles like, she knew. What to do? Yeah. And I was like, oh, that's one of the most like, but it's like we're that you like get excited you get excited about it. But. I the thing about the Grand Canyon is I had a weird thing happened. You're talking about what we say. Go also say that grand Ken is not even the number one in the American state parks. It's not number one. That's number three more people die in Yosemite to a serial killer. No somebody so that four people lake Mead. Two hundred fifty four people died at lake Mead in ten years. That's a lot three hundred people since two thousand tell you meet story happen to me make me it's fucking is the one in in Arizona like me or California have a SU is like fun like a bunch of white trash people put boats together. Yeah. And you jump off some wrong and like girls are eating each other out on boats. That's what I saw last time. I was there girls eating out on down on each other on a boat. Like when was this is this like college teen years twenty? More that twenty twenty two twenty years ago. So they you guys happened upon it or they say they told one we're gonna each other out. Now, we happened upon it. But it was like four show for. Intimate. Whatever moment that you saw. No. They were doing it for people doing. Okay. But that's fun. Is fun is fun. Okay. But then the next year we went to lake Mead for spring break, and by friends, and it's a similar vibe, right? Yes. Votes appropriate because it's spring break week. So and my friends are like, hey this year, we did like have sue last year, which was so fun, and we stayed at this hotel right there in everyday some rich kid from either had their own family boat, or they rented one or they had a houseboat and they'd pick us up we going about now speaking of USC which will get to and not not a yacht. Like Livia was on. But whatever so some fun, and we every night we'd go to this club, and we dance and what what city are you have a su-. Oh, a room. So the next year like let's go to lake meat while these ATO's or whatever they have a boat. We're all going to go with them when we meet them here we drive here and we're stay on their boat. And there's nothing shittier than a spring break vacation where it's not warm and rowdy spring break right now, offering break, it's Clough. It was cloudy like we weren't jumping in the water not wearing bikinis getting day drunk. You were smelling Hawaiian sunscreen, coconut all that. Doc set does suck. So we're there for days on and just like what's getting drunk talking to the guy hoodie zip zip up getting drunk having. I did mushrooms of I and one first time of two mushrooms mushrooms isn't then like a cycle does not fuck. We got off the boat. We went around these sand dunes, and I remember I was like looking at this sad. I. I ever knew that I even liked that also sucked hooking up dry humping. None just cold hoodie sweats almost rooms so we're dry in the boat, and the lake is so big we go over, and we see these people and their their boat is up against the sand or whatever. And they're like how how and your this group from St Mary's college, okay, crush their boat like could not get there. Like, they meant docket. Could not get it out. We tried to pull it we try. They had to join us. Oh my goodness. Rescue them for had to spend the night. We had to take another day and a half. Wow. This is like they were. Okay. Saint Mary's people. Whatever just drinking beer skinny fat. Like, it was bad food. No, no warmth. No bikini wearing it. That's terrible. It was terrible. And then driving back my home. Oh, car broke. Because I didn't know you're supposed to put oil in it. Oh, my died forever. This is the worst. I've ever heard about vacation. This is the worst break of all the spring breaks. The first one was Cancun totally fun with all my friends. And this is it. So get one was have a su- these funny spring breaks. So you'll like Livia Jade twenty five years ago, we weren't rich like the best one. So that was the worst like meet senior year. I'm like, I am going to rock it out. Oh and my dad who adored me was mad at me because he wanted me to do real estate stuff during that week. And my mom's like, he can't believe that you just took up. Unlike its bring break Elliott foreign my lives in Woodland Hills pass out flyers about your fucking lame listing on wills driving. No, yeah. Wow. Last night. Chicago four years at at SE spring break for years lake Mead being one being one. Was number. One two was have a so fun. Soccer ear awful junior. Lake mead. Senior year Kabo. Wow. Good. Yeah. That year. Esi had a different week than everybody else. So it was just SE in Kabo, no other schools, and it was the best time of my life. Really the best fake ever. There was some rich kid that had the Kabul house, and we called it the mansion and all these guys were there in every night someone hooked up with a different person. And they come back the next morning and say I've been to the mansion, and it was so you think somewhere else and she hotel, right? That was so that we put all too many people in where they said, you could only have four people, but we had eight a and we were constantly scared. He blow drowned the hair same time all the suit cameras open shit everywhere sitting on the ground in part of the sliding glass. Trying to do your make guttural excited citing time. Okay. So then there was one restaurant club the been Halen place. Oh, yeah. Place auto. Yeah. Nobody was going there every was going to giggling Marlin and this that and I'm like, we'll Kaba so much quite row. So I went to Cobb. So I went to Kaaba while. Give us a whole bunch of like drink tickets and stuff if I bring everybody here tonight. Yeah. And they said, yes. So I went around, and I said, I'm having a private party. And everybody came and everyone's like, oh, you go to McDonald's you're going to resolve. It was my best ferris bueller? It was the best spring break ever ever. I made out with three or four different you managing. Yes. It went to the mansion dry. Then I of course, it was urgent so dry humping. That guy was very annoyed and like and somehow had to get me home was like all pissed off while and then he like ignored me. We continue to have a hookup. He's fuck that doesn't put out. Let me find another one. And then I was like who would like a fresh dryhome because. Because it's gonna go. Good rial. Yeah. So you dry several people out the weekend. Yes. Oh, that's funny. It was Mel comparatively speaking. We also went to Kabo end Chelsea trips comparing the two what I mean, it will I wanted to make out with you into that bandanna, Danny. It says ready to leave my husband. I do. Yes. Very flirty with me on the private plane was private plane. We pry the plane you had blue those blue Kafka's. It's put him on more blue than that. Let me see the one the one. I worried that was a gorgeous place we stayed that time. I forget what it was called. It was boy boy condo. And a girl. I was always just really us. It was two lesbians came Kelly Kelly, and Michael Persad, and like maybe an assistant or two, but for the most part was the writing staff. Yeah. And it was in that was really fun. That was a good one. I remember landing in the black does a private jet airport and off airport landing at all those lack navigators waiting for aiding to get off the plane. It looked like Obama had landed the plane lands nine Lincoln navigators way that just happened to me. I never thought that happened to me get it happened to me this weekend and bring it wasn't that big of a bomb thing. But it was like that. But it hap- happy times with Chelsea. Obviously, I thought these days are over. I went to the neon carnival with Lalla Ken from debtor pump rolls her fiance who a big movie producer. But he's friends with all the other pump people. He's like do you want to go to this thing? I met them at dinner, and they had a police escort and private security for the twenty minute drive from the hotel to the carnival. Wow. Where it was. Everybody gets out of your way. So exciting. And I was like I thought this. I thought I'd aged out of that. I agree. I don't think I'll ever have that again might I don't wear my thing when it when it presented itself. Yeah. I was like how old you could just sit in your sisters to Cousy and drink Rome. Our then I'm like bitch. This could be the last was this tied into Coachella. Yes. I know you've talked. It's like an after Coachella it's near but it's a separate party. But some people just go to this note, even go to Chile, you know, I never went to control. Wow. All right. Well, that's I'm glad we went down that all began from lake Grand Canyon. I'm also going to Maui this week. And I said, I did this Peter. Okay. That was like he wanted to thing. Now, this is like twelve years ago. Yeah. And it's like a little like hanger like like, you know, how you'd hang glide. It's like that. But you're sitting on a bicycle so you have a guy who's who's flying it? And then you right. And it like runs, I don't even know if it still exists. So I did it first and the guys talking to me, and we start going over what they call the Grand Canyon of Maui. See all this stuff. And then I'm like if he just had a heart attack or something, I'm literally like can look on either side. It's literally like you're on a ten speed in the sky. And I'm like all right now, I need to go of the ocean because the ocean, I'm an excellent swimmer. So you could fall. But I also thought about a heart attack. I guess we would float a little bit still put you get hit the ground pretty hard. Yeah. I think your dad if the guys. You know, I guess, but anyway, we've been doing that again. No, no. Yeah. Every time I've done like sky, diving then my cousin died skydiving three years later. Yeah. Like all that stuff. You do not need to do. Yes. Cousin who died skydiving? You might have a book, and you. Yeah. Another book. I don't know. Yeah. It was really started fifty any like skydived all the time. Yeah. That's I have no desire to do any of that. Yeah. But you knew about people falling off cliffs and things like that. That are then seen as murder like this guy. He just got convicted because they convinced a jury that it was his we can with his four year old daughter, right? And she fell off the cliff. And they said you you killed her. So you didn't have to pay child support. And he got convicted Jesus. And I just think I mean, obviously, there was enough evidence that I didn't follow it. All right. But. I mean, that's got to be the the that is the most horrible thing. I've ever heard like really because he didn't wanna pay the sixty a month or whatever like you kill your. I still have a hard time believing that he did it. I just can't believe that someone would go that route to get out of child for. Just quit their job like just quit your job. Well, some of these people did it you don't have a job. You don't have to pay the quarter of your income. Right. Like, maybe had a good job. No like, I mean, the girl the famous one who, you know, whether she did or didn't kill her daughter. I mean, basically that came down to her killing the kid because she wanted to go out that night. Right. That was some bar that was decent happy hour. So sure. Yeah. Casey. Thank you case. Yes. To this day. I think that she gave her too much Benadryl. That's what they say about this one that I just watched on the cane. Yeah. Wash it. Yes. Yes. And I think that could be the possibility to. Yeah. Let's talk about the latest on the Laurie Laughlin. Okay. Okay. We did one of one another great video that we did. Speaking of which I was just telling you. I am starting to do these recaps of the real housewives with Barbies. Fantastic. I don't know how to get those Barbies to look kind of like them. I can't even tell you. How much I'm enjoying myself. I there's ones that have highlights. I cut the hair cut. I'm now, I'm gonna do New York this week. I now I wanna match the alphabets that the senior do this. This is disc get into crazy doll person. You could be my kids are already like what is wrong with you. And I said, you know, what? And then. And I was like then like, you're a little older play with dolls, mom, whatever. I woke up at six this morning and started re fixing the outfits, and then I was like, oh, this black leather skirt the New Yorker can borrow from the Beverly Hills girl because they're not gonna know that they're sharing. Their dolls like what's going on it? So I realized you know, I never being young as five and there's the tools sisters. I never got brand new Barbies, I never had a brand new Barbie. And there was a girl down the street that had a share Barbie share share. She had multiple outfits. Wow, answered outfits. Yeah. And Bob macky type. And I just said one day one day I'll be able to afford this. I did not think it was going to be the age. So I go tar you go out and buy all these. Yep, arby's. I was worried because toys R us as close toys anymore. Target target. And last time I went there. It was slim pickings, I went there the other day so many to choose from these actual Mattel Barbie's, they Mattel Barbie's. And it's great because now there are mostly are blonde. Still. But now they have some other. But my housewives are all white, but I need dark haired girls. Some of them are a little bit Tanner, which is good one. I found with the heavier brow so excited. Really? Yeah. Type of Barbie has a heavier Brown. I don't know. But I'm gonna make her Tinsley at New York. Because she's kind of got like zoom it closely on their face. We're gonna make head. So I mean, I'm afraid how big it could like I can't be my whole career. I'm almost like scared of how far I'm gonna go with this. But I looked at them like guy wasn't even that expensive. Why wouldn't my mom? Just like why when she's tall, right? Why couldn't I just have my own? Why why didn't they just buy you a I mean back then a Barbie would probably dollars? Like, we had a home. We had a pool like we could afford. I just think does your tolling parents toy spoil their kids. Now, we're like we'll of course, you could have new pair of shoes like retrospective life who cares? Right. Big toy as a child. I had one doll. That was like a rag doll named Heather Holly in Heather. Okay. And it really wasn't fun because into like, it looks you look like little house on the prairie which I was not even into that show. I wanted like glam and heels and stuff I loved the Thyge app of. My barbie. Like, I loved her everything the Barbies I had already had like weird haircuts and the dolls. Like five times from Ted. Yeah. All right through it. But I love it. And so I said I talked about it. And then my son Brandon goes, well, maybe you can be a success. You now have a dark backstory, I could not believe he said that God, that's hilarious and agree. You're right. You know, every time to walk home from school, and my parents wouldn't pick me up because they forget. Yeah. And I was walking home in the rain look down at my feet. And I'd say this is going to be the opening scene of my made for TV movie. I always thought lifetime story for my movie would start with something sad. You playing with Heather the Bragg doll rag with a rape victim. Bari with no hair or cut really badly. And then yeah, my parents like not. Wow. Well, it's working and they worked twice. Now. Have you introduced men into this real housewives like is the guy from tonight? I'll have the first man because they in the berkshires tonight on New York housewives, and they have a naked. Chef some gay Harry bear does party with an. Yeah. So he's totally with an apron. So dick is covered. But is but whole is showing. So I found a pretty similar looking guy that I'm going to draw Hera knows it a Ken doll because what do you get for male doll? It's cans. Yeah. Can. But the thing is they have like down. They have girls that are like different sized bodies. They have like a little bit fuller, girl Barbie. Yes. And they all have jobs and stuff. I did this job. I'm like, oh my God back in the could just be a Hooker light and half like your RV. Now, they have to be like. So when it was an astronaut and one of the bigger dolls. She's just by herself and all her excess series are like net flicks index pillow, she travels a low. Kidding? Wow. Just the big gal getting around the world a cat, which is also was a cat person. I hate that. People think like it's this for lowly. People doesn't actually cat in the box, the lobby vox the bar. She comes with a one rolled away suitcase. But what is she supposed to be last thing? The lady on the move who travels. She's got net flicks. Yeah. Have the treadmill? He don't have heavier guys. They don't have dad Bod, Ken guys. All the cans have good angle. You know, that's going to be hard because how am I going to get a PK? He's a little heavier. He's to diabetes. That's doritos. I don't. So I don't I don't know if I can include the men now like one guy actually kind of looks like a Ken who Marie? No, the older husband of Lisa Vanda pump. His name is Ken Ken earth. But they don't have any older DAT men like they're all young and hot. They're all they all look like they're gay going to Abby. That's KENDALL all the ten dollars flaming because completely hairless fit. Very good. Looking. I remember when I was a kid that kinda used to wear a kerchief around his neck, which does nothing more flaming than that never saw a person of real life with but can always Kurt you. God this game. You. Jayme of life. No dating with door open do that. I have it. The neighbor across the street. It's the guy died, and they were selling something. And I bought it for ten dollars. It's missing all these pieces. But I'm like, oh my God. All right. It's the deigning Guinness. And it was like, what do you wanna wear a member, Shannon? I used to play that. I'm like one day. I'll actually have guys picking me up and one day was skiing and one day. And sometimes I think about that. I'm like, I actually have a man take me on dates that I've dreamt about why am I not doing it? I remember away. Neighbors. I have to do dating game with Peter. We have to do it. We have to do. And I'm going to have him pick me up. It's such an old fashioned game. Like you have to forty five or and it was like old the pick. And they will. Yeah. We're gonna go on the day. You're gonna go on picnic to go to prom gonna go skiing are gonna go skating and you're gonna go game up. Now. I have it. I know. So I'll bring it next time. 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Fashion jewelry at Kendra, Scott dot com or mentioned the code juicy to any Kendra Scott store that code is juicy at Kendra Scott dot com for twenty percent off your purchase that until June tenth this mother's day. Celebrate her with Kendra, Scott. Let's talk about the latest with Lori Laughlin. Now, this is very juicy. So to get everyone up to speed, Felicity Huffman who didn't do nearly as bad stuff in like twelve other people in her boat, all pleaded guilty plead guilty and wrote lack of rare. I'm sorry. Wrote forgive her. Yeah. I really do. And I think she'll work again. Okay. Now, Laurie did not. And this is why okay. Laughlin and Noli. Declined to plead deal only to face the new money laundering charge. They're accused of having funnelled their payment into a fake charity established by singer. So because they had to give the money to singer who put the whole thing together. Yeah. It was a fake charity. Therefore, he kept the money, but they also wrote it off as a charitable donation. Oh, so that's another thing. Also do that. Because she did a charity her fifth. Yeah. Oh, yeah. But she didn't put it on a roll machine and say she was doing it. And she didn't have. She did do the testing thing or tempted to do the test SAT. Yeah. She had them. But it was to change the grade. It wasn't on change. Yes. There's apathy then there was a guy that was like thirty and went to Harvard that then would go as to take the test. They wouldn't even make the kid bother to take. And then other people were like take it and then leave and then someone come in a race it and fix it. Laurie Laughlin Libya Jade was actually attending SE, right? No. They got her into what she actually going to see every day. Yes. So she sang on campus. She was a Kappa. Oh there. I don't actually live in the house or how to nice apartment, but yes, she watched a few for videos on Instagram. What? Yeah. And she just talks about in several of the video about how she just hates scratch. She did and never wants to go. Yeah. She didn't like it. Yeah. It's so funny to bait wanted to have what about the youngest grows? She was she of even college too and she left as well. Okay. So they're both out of USA left. They left or they were kicked out. They left on their own accord. Okay sense. Then someone has been kicked out of Stanford, right? Stanford chose to kick them out. Yeah. Okay. People left without. So Laura has said we're not guilty. They said because raising the stakes considerably a source familiar with league with legal discussions in. The case says the couple were offered a plea agreement that would have led to a sentence of eighteen to twenty four months under the federal sentencing guidelines before the money laundering charge was added. But instead they pleaded not guilty on April fifteenth, they weren't ready to accept it. So had they done the plea deal. There would have been guaranteed time eighteen to twenty four months, they probably would have gotten eighteen they probably would have gotten out nine is. My prediction that's too much. So then when they said not guilty, then they said, oh, and by the way, we're going to add these other charges asshole. Okay. But instead they pled not guilty on April fifteenth. They weren't ready to accept that also notes. The couple have resisted any agreements that would result in jail time. So they they will not agree to any negotiation. That says. They'll do any times. And now they face a maximum of forty years in prison age. But you know, what that means? That means that someone went through all the charges and added up the maximum no one's getting thirty years for this. Okay. It's just taking some time to sink in what she's. In that what she was legally doing could be considered illegal says a source to Laughlin. It wasn't a grey GRIs. Greg Rhys Regis egregious. Thank you behavior was it entitled and selfish perhaps. But she didn't see it as being a legal violation from the beginning. She didn't wanna take deal because she felt she hadn't done anything that any mom wouldn't have done if she had the means to do. So those people have the means to do then don't exactly yeah. There's a different kind of parenting. It's the parent that you know, is will snow like I said Moore their kid and other people are like, no, I don't care if you get a c you're doing your own science project. Right. I mean, I I am that parent. I'm like, I really don't. I'm not patting myself on the back. I'm just like, I would rather you have something that, you know. Yeah. That the set is like somebody my school literally like a set designer will do shit for their kid. Okay. Yeah. And then ours Slyke, unlike the bone even put a border around unlike who cares. You gotta be cares. You did it yourself. Right. And almost feel like the teachers are like pretty good about it because they're like, oh that could actually they almost like give you the grade because I'm like as long as it's the content. You wrote it who cares. It look pretty like you're a kid that can barely print. Like, you're a dude. So just do the work and also all the time like already got through the seventh grade. So I'm not helping you I feel like Lori Laughlin doubling down on this thing. Not guilty has made Jews already hated. I think even more liberty Huffman. Yes. Just because she seems to becoming a little more arrogant like just her walking into the courthouse with the big smile waving like shoes at some press event was his doesn't seem to be. And now like saying, I'm not guilty. Really? That's it. She's forget like ever working. Again. Like if she sat I'm sorry. This was maybe there was a chance of having a little bit of comeback. But I don't think it's happening when you're dealing with attorneys and stuff the laws gray. And it's like, you might have an attorney that is like I am telling you like the full city Halpern attorney and PR people being like can plea. You won't have to time you pay the fee. Yeah. You will get redemptive. Like, do it. Do it do it. And then she might have people that originally said that like, you know. You know, we can fight it and say you were manipulated by singer. And and say, look, you know. And the thing is like can every parent admit that's middle-class that one of their kid to go to college. If they said, hey for one hundred dollars. You don't have to fill out an app, you don't have to take the test. Right. And you can't get to go to essay you want to get one hundred dollars. If that's how much five hundred thousand meant to them. That's a good way to look at it. One hundred dollars. Everybody would give one hundred wouldn't everybody give a hundred? That's the thing like. It is wrong. It's illegal. But it's like, you know, haven't people paid. I mean, that's why I feel about the car pool lane. Yeah. Like if every if people can pay for for Tobu, I say it all the time. Yeah. To save time time is money. Can I save the time? Can I go on a toll booth like, and then other people might say, no, you know, we're like fast pass at magic mountain, yet did not exist. When I was a kid that happened waited in line. And I was like, but would other people think like socialists like this is wrong. Yeah. That the have can not have to wait two hours to go on whatever the revolution. Right. I I got I'm like I can't go every day. I can't go every day and went in line or get be do it for two hours by a path. Now, I can go one day, and I'm willing to spend a thousand dollars on that one day because. Because I can afford to. And and my kids aren't learning to wait in line why? 'cause I don't wanna wait in line. You know, other people do the same thing. Like, right, whatever you're going to let my kids because I stayed at a days inn as a kid when we go on vacation. You wanna make the boys? Stay today's in. No, I can afford a nicer place, you're never too. And there's times when gigs and stuff they've taken casino gigs. And they give you like the big huge room brought them, and then we'd go into other hotel rooms there was just normal two beds. And they're like, ooh, what's this? Where's a bar live? But yes, what are you gonna do, you know? And there's people that fly private all the time. Yeah. You think you know? So do you think that Lori Loughlin? I mean, I don't think either one of them need to go to jail. I think we give them a fine or whatever I don't need from Newseum locked up. I mean, that's they've been shamed. Enough at this point. Do we need to see them in jail. Like, it's over their careers kind of over, you know. Do we wanna see aren't jails full? Don't we aren't. Maybe going to like the white collar tour. Probably I don't know. You know, I don't even know if those white collar jobs, unfortunately, I think legally they're going to have to do something think it'll be like twelve months they'll get out and like four look look at Martha. She went to jail. So to Theresa Theresa Jude is showed you in there. So I do think that I really my prediction is six months each. Yeah. And that's stuck with that prediction from the very beginning from day one. I said Felicity is not going to get anything. She's going to get six months. But now words you might get more. Wouldn't it be MRs you forty years? That's it. She's going to die in prison. Lori Loughlin dies in prison OJ's out. But Loy Laughlin is gonna done right. But then, but then it is unfair. Because it's like Kim Kardashian. Got that woman out that was like doing twenty one years for like because she was selling pot for her boyfriend. I mean, there's so many people that don't have the right legal thing and the so the crime. That's I guess she didn't murder anybody. But it's still it's still a crime. You know, what I thought about the things pretty bad that is cheating on your taxes and stuff, right? Oh, yeah. Charity when it. Charity when did you got something out of it? To be that you didn't get anything out of it. She gave money and her kid got into the school. So that's pretty bad. It's it's definitely should. He thing to do. I mean, I don't care, and they said the charity was for like underprivileged kids. Oh, even worse. Poked underprivileged kids and get a dime, though. Dan, probably sitting there playing with Heather Dahl, dirty Heather. Little. Get it was like a rag doll head like a a bonnet. Like, it wasn't cute. I remember the day. I started draw like extra lashes on anything to glam it up. I remember strawberry shortcake that Dell had little bonnet on. It was like a knock off. For sure. Hey strawberry, kicks the big hit. The theme song. Remember strawberry. Shortcake Meyer looking swells. Sweet little Dow with this drug berry, smell I still remember the that's that's a little jingle from the commercials. You were the neighbors had me down there purple quarter car it. Yeah. That must be the same time. And how were you not murdered and hung from a tree like what being a gay trial? Girl and garden gloves. I did. Road little rose garden gloves as protection from the elements. I mean what the fuck like? No how why did anyone stop me? Like, I saw it as more like a hippy kind of vibe. But I think more people looked at it like he's just queer for Halloween. Yeah. I I was a Hooker on roller skates at what age second grade. I just watched. I had just watched the made for TV movie called dawn, the teenage Hooker or something Don something, and is eve plumb you've removed from anybody Brady punch. She was became a street Hooker. You know, and I thought that's what I wanna be for Halloween is a Hooker. Why the roller skates the rollers game? No. But I just thought I could you're good Hooker. You would be able to roller skate more wave before now's about roller skate like on two more houses. And then. Yeah. And then the next year I was going to be a Hooker again. And that year, my mom was like, maybe should be a farmer or something. And then not God forbid, we my mom didn't. So and God forbid we actually go and buy a costume. Yeah. Right. So I had overalls because when I was trying to be a child star Irish Burt and said, every kid has addition culture. Overall, the picture your child on the sidewalk? So then she just gave me those overalls, and I was a farmer. We were always hobos burnt cork put on your face. And my mother would burn the cork on our stove and then apply to our face when a cork hadn't cooled yet going. I just put a scolding hot cork on our faces. The date Drake mentioned a couple years ago Drake used to call homeless people hobos. And and somehow he said something about Hobo. I was filming something else. And someone heard him say Hobo, and I got a lot of heat. Hell we can't say you cannot say Hobo wanna I our it's now a bad word. I didn't I didn't know that. I'd never heard of that one maybe such sent home. Oh, no. He said hope. Oh hope. Oh, okay. I don't think was a bad word, but I could be wrong. I didn't think the one downtown LA we took ways, and we try to get an SEC game like a few years ago, and we were stuck and he's like why are we taking this way? And I'm like, whatever we're trying to get there. You're seeing a different part of LA that you wouldn't see if we were just on the ten, and he goes, I've seen hobos employ hookers before what he's. What he's like Ted? Wow. That's a point hookers. I yeah. I don't know. You can't call them people learning a lot of call them neighbors. Yeah. Because they're right around the corner and tents. Yeah. All right. What let me tell you. What else is happening? Yes. Oh, I wanna play you something anybody's heard and just get your reaction to it. And I'll play it. If I can get it up on my phone quickly. Hold on. I had it here. Okay. I'm gonna play this way. I want your reaction. It's it's out now coming out, but this is the Pri the intro to it. And here goes, I think you'll be able to hear if I played too. Yes. Hopefully, there's no ads here. It is everybody. Was cited to call my record battlements. Connects. Madam x is a secret agent traveling around the world changing identities fighting freedom. Like place. Professor ahead of housekeeper an equestrian date. If you're still not going on. Teacher not a singer. War. Bye. House. What? I don't think fifty seconds song. It's just an Antara. I'll whatever we'll figure it out. Scotland now. That was a lie. Let me stop Ono's playing that was Madonna's new does the intro to dot his new album and song. Madam x gold Madame x you know, what I think though, good for Donna for just keep going. Yeah. Because I you know, and I feel like now she tries. She's a little thirsty like she wants to be friends with lady Gaga and take photos and stuff because she knows she's just like to lady Gaga, tag me. Please we tech. But I mean, if there's anybody who can say fuck off to anybody this probably like two people in the world, and it's. That. Kissing people's that just be like fuck off on domina. Didn't she say that one of her songs on Madonna bitch? That was bitch. She's Madonna now. The two now. But that's her new song. Always thought that I would meet become friends with an interview nothing yet. No, no, never met her even close, not even close. Yeah. Same room. Nothing. Nothing me. Neither been like in the Senate ever in the same never heard Oprah or Madonna. I met Oprah. Once do you think if it was like a Mako wish situation for you for me? Do you think I'm at a level that I could meet them like you doing I'm dying and I want to like make away. Wish. I don't know. I don't think. So I don't think Madonna does that she's got no time she yard, which he is. He's a whore. She's a housekeeper. She's a dancer. She's a lot Oprah would like if I if I drove to montecito montecito, and I met her. Yeah. Maybe I wonder if she does does that like third third Tuesday of every month Mako wish bus comes and it's but instead of little kids it's like women over forty five that it's they're in their dream to meet Oprah before they go. I don't think she ages. Yeah. But why wouldn't you think how you could knock it out like, okay? Every Tuesday one on hang out in the yard. I do come out in the yard. We have lemonade. Yeah. She wrenches a few. Hey, these are few my favorite things that I'm putting in the next month. Everybody sits may not be here to this. Right. Magazine. And then, but you kind of want them on a bus because you're frayed, they won't leave, you know. So and then she does a couple things. She does a little soul Sunday. She see says Ashby couple questions, and someone's like, my favorite episode was the one where the husband and son were both abusing the wife, and whatever happened that family, and then she has like like someone that can help with all the answers because you may not remember and then an hour. They get like some some like, oh this bread. Like a really good big for montecito a Muffin, right? And it's like cinnamon butter or something and goes at sounds like I would go. I'm not even shells that gives away. Really great slippers because you're sick sick. Like a really good hush chauffeur for the bathroom to vomit. I'm just saying. She she just bought. Did you hear the story that she said avocados to expensive? So she went and bought an avocado farm that in montecito. She knows an avocado farm. I mean, could we take this avocado toast to another fucking level? If I've got a real expensive. If Oprah's bitching about the prices. I mean, I don't you bought the farm to like, protect like view duck could be it. I heard it. She did it because they were who spent that might have been a joke. That's put I love that idea. Yeah. Like, I mean, I could grow of Qatar's. I have like a little lemon tree. But like avocado I heard. Such a boring topic. But I have an avocado tree of my yard. You do. Yeah. No because I just planted it. And then someone told me eleven years to grow on great. I'll be dead by the time. Somebody gets a smear some talking guacamole on their toes. I said this before the fact that it took someone up until two thousand fifteen fourteen to think instead of just slicing up Cotto, and laying it sliced why don't you just Bush it in the toast first grossing ever, how did I know? My mom never thought we were making sandwiches with for years, and it would slide in this likes falling off the the meat like you'd have like meat cheese. Avocado in the middle at its slip off was like, you know, what it into the toast, fucking change your life. Can I tell you you from California's, you know, avocados on the east coast? I've even an avocado was when I I never seen one. The only. I knew of Aqazadeh was it was the color of like refrigerators and phones when you in the seventies. And I didn't know what it was. I was like what's avocado color? Yeah. I moved to Los Angeles. And I saw what they were had never even heard of one. So you never had guacamole number nothing. It wasn't an east coast thing back. Then now when I was growing up. I a lot of people tell you that. Wow. Anyway, what a fascinating fascinating. Okay. Let me tell you do you. Do you see that one of your favorite stars Carrie Underwood? Several interviews face HEC went on Ellen. And Ellen was like okay now what really happened because nobody knew there's rumors beaten drunk, whatever should fall you fell down here. She said I fell up stairs. Stairs. Yeah. I heard that. So does that mean like she was getting on a step missed the step and then went forward? Yes. That's what I had heard. Yeah. Early in the morning or something. She was. Yeah. Now that she divorced. What's her situation? No, I think she just had another baby that what it is. Portion of the song out or something. Yeah. And lip is better. Yeah. It's never it. Never had not been better. She had revealed her face like. You know, what it is? It's a tiny scar rate here. Yeah. But with makeup, and and I'm sure even with like a injection of like Juvetr you could probably fill up a scar. Yeah. But the fact that we all know like she was making such a big thing about it. Right. She made it she had a huge reveal of face on one of the magazines here is Nicole and Keith Huntly say that they're breaking up, and where was one of the magazine the flat iron, they said. They both use the same flat iron. Yes, I say this about Keith urban. He's bold to stand next her all the time it she's got about six inches on them. I know it's crazy. That's a bold emasculated. I remember I went to dinner one night, and we're meeting another couple, and my friend has driving. She goes when meeting this couple and his she's former model, she's to do like pageants. She's really cool. She's makeup now, she's really gorgeous. And her husband is in finance and. He is significantly shorter than her. And warning you now because it's quite alarming is the way she said. And I mean, it really was. I mean, it's like I mean. Was like she stood. And it was here. He came here. They are still together at three kids. I almost think it it's like the guy has so much confident that sort of has to be, but that little guy the little ding cler, whatever from Greymouth thrown sees with the normal sized. And then I was watching he's a little person that's different. He is. He's actually a little person in the case of Keith urban. He's just short, you know, pita Dink, which is a midget. I can't say that it says that he's a Hobo midget, how do you like that? Anyway, he they said the break. Yup. That does sleep in two separate rooms. And I said look the houses I want my own room to of course, you sleep. Why do I need to like Mel his like straightening solution is like next to me when I have all these rooms. Yeah. I let me have my own room a long time. Now, pretty long. I don't think you need to keep writing about them. But they're also both Australian right as if that's the only thing to keep your marriage together like they're both. And so they obviously make it work. We're barricade again. Everybody is true. Brought that up they said acting coaches tell all so like nannies and assistant deans. Yeah. They're going to say the act away acting coach. I don't know if you do watch it. But let me just say if you're not watching Barry HBO have you watched it because I know you're into like acting and stuff and murder. It's fan. Really? Okay. I'll watch. Second season just started. So I think the first eight play like a fastener does a lot more to it than that. It's a great show. There's so many movies and books about assassins. It's like have you met one know how many are there in the world? There's literally so many movies about asan's female, right, assassins. Okay. Acting coaches tell all oh. Well. Okay magazine. Yes. Who they say who's bad? Mariah Carey this acting coach Hollywood insider share the backstage secrets of some. Okay. Jay law wings it for. She does Jennifer Lawrence doesn't spend all her free time. Watching TV a source says the Oscar winner gets acting lessons every week. But while she's learned to excel at slinging arrows and speaking with a Russian accent. She doesn't always remember lines. But she's great at improvising. And the scene is sometimes better because of it can she do no wrong. Now. I can't remember her friendship with Amy Schumer for a month. Talk about a fake fall. Yeah. She does every time a fake fall. Every time. She walks up the stairs of the Oscar. She falls under dress. She's normal and it's dresses are cumbersome. Mariah carey. The star of glitter hasn't earned the right to make sweeping demands on movie sets. Well, who's going to stop her says a source about Mariah Carey's cameo in girls trip? She threw tantrums and ordered enough avion to bay then she left quite the impression as being difficult and unprepared. You walk off the set of that house party movie with will Ferrell, and and then left her tampons there. That's right. Tampons is the rumor that's what I've heard. Yeah. Them. I don't know if there was not a small trash can near the bathroom which is possible because you're gonna trailer there might not have been a small bathroom there. And she may have just left them for an assistant pickup. You put them in your pocket, and you fucking wlw. You don't leave your not to put him down to toilet? So she's being environmental. You would rap over toilet pair and put them in the trash. But if there wasn't a trash can anywhere in her thing or she didn't want to bother look for one. She just pulled him out and left them in the middle of the trailer and took off that's the rumor, I can't believe she even had an acting 'glass. Like, I don't think there's been she's been good in something wasn't. She good in here the thing and acting class the same thing about Kim Kardashian alone being lawyer, I think it is great. If you could have everybody come and teach you how to not have to go sit and drive, and where's my parking spot at USC law school? Now, let me go sit in this classroom. Like, there's a reason why, you know, little, you know, actor kids are released mart because they don't need to be in class eight hours a day, they need like one and a half hours or someone just being like, let me talk to you one on one without a bunch of kids like banging their head against the wall and being distracted. So if she's got a bunch of people that are top teaching her. This is what's important about the Cam crashing. I think she will succeed. And I think it is. It's again, it's a rich person's way to get through. It doesn't mean she's not going to pass the test. But it's a better way of learning. But also forgot about her is her father is a very prominent lawyer was genetically she has that going for. I think she is really smart. And I think if she's determined to do it. But I do think the method of not having to class the people are coming to her tutoring training, like literally like with Brandon, you know, I would read the work, and I would like act it out. Yeah. And he'd so Guthrie who is a lawyer says it's going to be very hard for Kim Kardashian. She says the Los end California Cal the hardest thing ever. But I'm also saying I think in this day and age it's interesting because I think there's a better way to teach your kids and yourself. Yeah. Like, why do you think YouTube tutorials or so people would rather than to read it? So if there's a way of explaining the law and stuff to someone like Kim in a way that she's absorbing it. But still having good writing skills. Yeah. I think she can do it. All right. Give me more bad acting. Okay. Teacher Andhra Bullock, Bullock, man, Oscar, but she doesn't take her craft too. Seriously. She'll make subtle faces in the middle of seen that caused her co-stars to crack up also fun. But the actress makes up for all those retakes she'll invite everyone back to replace for a barbecue after work. Keep alike her people like because she's so down to earth Brad Pitt. What a face Brad Pitt couldn't have lived out his Hollywood days playing cookie cutter. Bose who always get the girls instead fifty five year old chooses challenging roles in films like the inglorious bastards because he doesn't want to be seen as a typical hunk and he works with an acting coach to perfect unexpected. This is not any that all I told you that be an acting teacher. Let me give him something. I want to hear like the bad actors jen's going for the goal should probably never has to act again. Thanks to the high profile endorsement, Jen Aniston. Yes. But because she has her skin her. So she's movies and skin care. Smart water is still gunning for an Oscar. She works with an acting coach every day, the coach's part of her entourage. Jen has a Golden Globe for friends, but she'd love to win a movie role. She wants to be taken seriously as a big screen leading lady, you're gonna have to mess up her hair. Something didn't she do that in a movie didn't she do ugly? No makeup, a movie called cake. I think I didn't see. Yes. Yes. There was there was cake. But there was a better one that she did like ten years ago with Jake Chillan hall works right at like a CVS Magen like an awful husband. But she started screwing Jake gentlemen hall was like a nineteen year old at work there. And she was supposed to be like thirty five. Yeah. And I remember reading about that acting role and her acting teacher said like made her hold weights. So that she wouldn't always go like this. Yeah. Kill change, your whole persona. And I watched it, and I was like she was really good. I I was like, yeah. I could see how if you're born in this town, and you married the first. Guy. Right. That you would end up there. I'd watch that movie. What's the name of that? It was good. It was really good. Oh. And then something happened with Jake Jilin like he turned weird and like was going to kill her husband. There was a juicy element of it. But it was like one of those smaller like where she was hoped. She basically did it hoping to get some Oscar buzz. Yeah. And I don't think she was nominated. But it was one of those movies that I like went to go see by myself before I had kids, and I really liked to write Mike where I'd go get a coffee, and then go to the movie theater eleven thirty in the morning. That's what I say about the Lindsay Lohan. What's her Scituate? Oh, she she's on said. But an insider says the owner of a Greek nightclubs occasionally stop by only thirty two so we're going to Greek nightclub viral. Okay. She comes to throw her weight around though, she doesn't exactly have many friends left in Hollywood. She was demanding onset and would show up hung over and flubber lines many of her former friends or glad she spends most of our time overseas. So she would show up. Toby? Maguire is weird but wonderful his cookie habits. He's very thrifty and even brings his own flatwork dishes to set. Well, that probably means he's like weird about what heard of that guy. He's very particular about his dressing room. He wants new upholstery before he sets foot in it. That's also not weird because it could be bedbugs or something, right? But his alias coasters. Don't mind the quirks. He has an almost photo photographic ability to memorize lines. He's very respected talent. All right gift for him. I think if you could memorize lines like that's. That. And if you're a woman with a low, scratchy voice, you will work in this town. Yeah. Low scratchy voices would be all the rage right now. It's all the radio, a nobody who that's the only way you can be a cop that can ever be anything. Yeah. True. This episode is brought to you by Thomas's English Muffin. So this is how my day morning really works. I drop by son Brennan at school. Luckily, I live close. So I come back around seven fifty ish, and I make a multi grain well toasted Thomas English Muffin, and I do a smashed half avocado onto slices with a little squeeze a lemon and some salt and pepper. And that is how wrack my morning until my trainer Danielle comes. And then we do like some reps and some cardio, and it really gets me going. I take shower I drink my coffee while I do my makeup, and I have to say I have a great morning, thanks to Thomas English muffins. So I don't know what you do. But I'm going to put. In my show notes at the end of the episode. If you go to my show notes when you listen to the podcast. I'm gonna talk about my Thomas English Muffin recipe because I'm telling you the scored a lemon makes it and also being well toasted, but I've also done a cinnamon raisin and just rocked it out with a little bit of butter. And that really makes me when I want something super sweet Thomas English Muffin. It is something to wake up to Chris. I know you're in Boston this weekend. Everybody about that. I'll be there. The left Boston, which we all know that club. It's great Thursday Friday, Saturday love people would come. What is the weather in Boston this week? It's it's not great yet. It's fifties. Okay. Fifties. It's not eighties that you can walk around who walk around frigid cold. But it's cold. But it's not so nice that people want to be outside and not see. No. But it is Easter weekend. So I'm a little concerned about that. Because it's a religious town. You know? Maybe they'll be like a thing. I think a lot of people aren't as religious. I hope not do you do do you do like him. Well, I will be in Maui with my sister. And my Drake has it ever vacation so Drake and Peter or doing something at the end of this week here, and then I'm going to Maui with my sister, Shannon. And her daughter, and my son, the same vacation a form the only boy the other going the other boy has a tennis thing. Shannon's other son has a tennis thing to do which I'm kind of happy because they're boy girl. You're going to be bored. No because we're gonna do something every day. We're going to go like zip-lining one day. We're going to go on like a snorkel thing. One day. We'll right. We're in this condo on the beach, which I'm very concerned about. I don't know I've been into lots of different Maui trips than I never seem to pick the right place. Well, I just went I wanted to go to the grandma shouted to anyone that works at the ground grand y went there sold out. And I wanted. Maybe someone there could just invite me for the afternoon or to the luau. It's a great one. That's when we went to the grand way, it was pretty fun. I know glue house could usually be cheesy. But this one I got to go to a luau kill this one. I haven't I haven't gone to one since I was twelve we did the VIP tickets, and you get to go in first, and you get open bar and all sorts of fun stuff. We loved it. Okay. It does get a little they tell you stories about Hawaii. And I got it. I'll like like this time when people came to. Okay. Let's where the drinks. When I look history that's near my parents took us from your twelve twelve and Shannon was fourteen. I'm going to go to the Polynesian cultural center God that was so boring. This and I go. I just wanna be at the hotel on a lounge chair. And then I said one day one day, I'll be rich enough to -cation that paying myself not going to the Polynesian culture center. We're not going to any history lesson. I don't like anything. That's resembles a fourth grade field trip. I hate any that kinda shit. It's funny. We saw two people who reminded me of your two sons and mother must have told them like you're gonna learn something on this trip and award. And they must have this woman who gave you the tour of the grounds of the hotel and tell you about the flowers because they're very proud. Yes. And these two kids were just like they couldn't have been more board. And she's like and these native to the Hawaiian all my four those four cats other in law. Yeah. For each person each kid that graduates from high school gets to go to whatever they want with Ginny. And she pays for it. Okay. So my my niece on Peterside. She went to France. And they seem to have a nice time MacKenzie went to New York, and it was great because the two of them went to all these plays, and my mother-in-law's cool. So they went to kinky boots got shop. That was perfect the one boy who's like a couple of years old of the Drake. Who's that? ASU said I want to go to Germany Germany is. She takes us eighteen year old boy from Arizona with her senior citizen like whole like a whole trip group a group. Everybody is old but him, so he's just like helping old people in and out of. All they did was go to like churches, and museums and the only fun that he had was he got one. You got to have a beer. Yeah. Because he was eighteen. Yeah. In germany. I guess that's they do not do not care about all that history too much activity. It's too much. All I like, my whole they -cations all I like, some place warm near beach. Drinking floating when you buy do anything, sport wise. It's got to be somewhat water related. We'll go see a waterfall. We'll go snorkel. I'll go down and waterside. I'll jump off a small cliff, but I don't want to hike for two hours. No, I extend a paddle boarding and that that's fine. I can do that. I'm able to do that. And I like doing that for like thirty minutes. Right. I don't like kayaking. You're getting fight with your partner every time you're gonna fight with your partner where it's like RR. No, we're not gonna kayak know you learn a lot about your laced guy. Chris everybody, we are going to be together in Seattle at the triple door. Shows always difference. If you saw last year, you gotta come. And if you haven't seen to show lovers the first night may third is alive. Juicy scoop where we do hot topics. Do improv. We clued the audience fun. We might bring someone up that's willing to let us get into their Tinder bumble. It's been amazed favorite thing. So you're part of it. It's fun. And then the following nights Saturday, we have two shows of standup or so you get both of us doing our standup act, which is completely relatable. And so you don't need to know about anything to go. See that like some people are like, oh, my husband doesn't watch the housewives. So I'm gonna but even even the live juicy scoop people like, but the stand up everybody relates to. So hopefully, we'll see when Seattle because then otherwise, I'm probably never coming back. If you don't if you don't sell we don't sell out. I am never coming bending over. Because we've do Seattle a lot and you people need to come out sold out last time, and it's not sold out. Now, you'd better hurry. I don't know what you got a few weeks going on Seattle. But we better see there. Okay. Hi, thank you. Can. I I have a core cover podcast. My last time I plugged on here. The guy who runs you numbers went through the roof. You know, I thought I said at the top of the show. That was the one I was paying. Okay. Sorry. Yes. Cover to cover over to come on. Just give it a listen. It's a good. It's a good to you. Listen to this one. Then listen to mine, and it's a nice, but listen like, Chris you're gonna like his show. Thank you. You know? That's the thing you find someone that you like, and you vibe with I watched Oprah every year my life. Hopefully, I'll go to her before I die. But that's I feel. That's what I am. No matter who I have on you love me. See like me like somebody. You're gonna like their show. Always agree when you said that was your favorite over the one. You mentioned was that really a favorite Oprah episode. Yeah. 'cause I could tell you mine. I remember before he orders. Yes. They had hoarders on she discovered hoarders. And it was a rich woman who woman who was Addy kind of tractive and wealthy and she had the catch shit all over. I still remember it. I was let's see. Yes, disgust disgusting. I remember that episode vividly, and she was able to get herself together and look gorgeous. Okay. They cleaned it all up she came back for months later. Remember, and it was dirty girded again. Of course, all the ship was still back back on it wasn't as bad because that was four fourteen years shit. Right. But the toilet went in the toilet. Which was it was like, she wouldn't even flush it. Brutal. I remember that. Yeah. Anyway, that was discovered horror. Yeah. They were the first to discover like hoarding as a thing. It's pretty exciting. Yeah. There's I mean a lot of them were disturbing. But that was one it was this one about a woman who. Not that about, but she was white and the husband was blocked. It's just what I remember. 'cause it's kind of just memorable. But who was and they were married for a long time. They had like two or three kids and the dad had the thirteen year old. Boy videotape the mom as he just berated her that she made this Turkey sandwich wrong. And she just was in a corner. I think he meant hit or two or she was just crying and the sun then was in on it because he'd been trained to use her to. Yeah, you're so stupid. Mom. You didn't make the Turkey sandwich. And somehow she got away from these people. They got hold of these videotapes. They played it on Oprah. So awful. And then after Oprah was gone or towards the end of Oprah. It was like where are they now? Yeah. And they did a we're where are they now? And she left the awful husband and the son and her very close recovered the sun recovered 'cause I was like the going to be the horrible abuser. Like, you know, he recovered and felt terrible about it. And it just goes to show you that you can you can make a child hate or be abusive or be wonderful and giving it was awful. And that's Oprah was the best. I used to run home three o'clock on channel seven. I used to ride my bike home. I got out at two fifty seven. And I I could make it by the first commercial break. So I missed the intro. But I mean, I remember Tom Cruise I know might be going long here, but Tom Cruise jumping on the couch. I remember it. I'm calling buddies saying you have to turn on Oprah. Now, Tom Cruise is losing his mind. And it was just unbelievable like him. And I remember I did not think it was losing. Hi, I didn't. I thought oh, he just loves her so much and he's being funny. Yeah. And it was weird. How much she loved Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Yeah. Like how like anytime. Starves run Travolta. Yeah. So is dancing within hearing. Yes. What did she go on his plane? Those he flew everybody. Remember when Oprah I got in good like she was rich. But she wasn't so rich until like maybe year ten was she like me trying to be friends. Like, I am with Lalla. She tried to go to the neon carnival with the police escort with Randall. Maybe and then ten years later, she really blew up and she was like I can get my own VIP booth at the neon carnival. Well, you don't remember when she after she gave away the cars the next year. She gave a trip to Australia everybody in the audience, and the pilot was John Travolta is gonna fly onto a stray Ilya on the Qantas plane because he's that really has he did he came out. But did he really fly them? Well, he likes for Qantas. He does he's we need to look that up. I don't know we need to look did. Did he really fly the plane? That's what they said. I think that was all part of like a fun thing. And if he's available he'll fly us. That's what I think. It was. I don't think he flew eighteen hours. And I don't think I would want John Travolta, defy AT. Busy kissing his copilot. But I don't think I'd want like the person that's flying. You know, five hundred hours a month, or whatever I don't think I want the person that's like occasionally doing it for fun. Right. As your pilot. Okay. Don't you want the pilot? That's like hard sulfates tomorrow. Sully. We we have a private jet to Kabo John Travolta's going to fly guys down. You wouldn't get on. Oh, no. I would. Yeah. But I don't know about a big jet for an eighteen hour flight LA too. Kabo stiffen. But also, you'll have a co-pilot. Yeah. As long as there's always a co-pilot. Yeah. So even if Copello Samuel Jackson JFK junior he didn't have a co-pilot. No, that's part of the problem and that his wife change her nail polish color. Oh, is that what it was? Apparently, she was getting Manny petty, and she didn't like the color, and she screamed at the manicurist and said change it and that girls know that when you doing regularly polish and you saw over the wrong three coats. Yeah. That cost him about forty five minutes, and they would have been and they they left late, and it was dark, and he was no way was going. He wasn't good pilot to begin. And he was. Yeah. So the absence should not have let it was just a the anniversary of that worry was getting married the next day. Yeah. Though, they still about how much that sucked. Roar. No did the couple who had happening and they got married in a smaller thing like four months later, but still married. I don't know if they're still it's been twenty years. I don't know if they're still married. That's another thing. People need to look up. Yeah. Look that up as did John Travolta actually drive the P fly the people and is worry Kennedy, or whatever her last name is because I don't know if it was a Kennedy their name was Rory still married ill married one the wedding. They were attending when they crashed. Yes. Yes. Scott. It Chris go see Chris in Boston and Seattle. Thank you. All subscribe, follow him on Instagram. What do you wanna say? Did you find something? Who's Mark Bailey is not who she's married to ROY Kennedy. I dunno. Does it say it? Are they still married? I've been married. That's that's it. That's it. Yeah. Well, thank you. We got to the bottom of it at least their marriage lasted a lot of adversity. Yeah. Thank you. Is it possible to make a butter hot tub? Yeah. It's called a Thomas English Muffin and it's possible thanks to the nooks and crannies texture. It was delicious actually with my sister's hot up got out. She had just bought some Thomas English muffins because she heard me talk about them. And we're craving them. Like, we do every day at it. Some avocado along with the butter, and it was so delicious perfect. Every morning Thomas's. Wake up to what's possible.

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Steve Mentoring #1, Trump Tulsa Rally, D.L. Hughley COVID-19 and more.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show

1:28:57 hr | 3 months ago

Steve Mentoring #1, Trump Tulsa Rally, D.L. Hughley COVID-19 and more.

"Today's show is prerecorded. Yanni. Our. Old. Wrong. Okay Only. Your. Show wheel. Good morning everybody. You are listening to the voice Komo. Dig Me now one and only. Steve Harvey. Got A radio show. Steve Harvey, Got Radio Show Yemen. Oil, ball boy man God has been good to me. I can't even. I can't even put it into words man, but I try though I try, try try God does things for me just right on turn he's. He's so cool with it. And I happen to run across Joel osteen on television like I. Often do all the time. And I was sitting there. And he had such a timely message for me. A part of it was something that I've said often times. About. If you really really want to be successful if you really really want to change if you really really want to prosper, if you really really want to achieve greatness if you really really want to have something in life, that's worth having. If you really really want to accomplish goals, you got to push through. All of it. He said that when you get close to it. The more difficult it becomes. Did you. Hear me. He said the closer you get to what it is you want or you need, or you have to have aw, or you would love to be. It gets a little bit more difficult when you get closer. He told this. Story. That's in the Bible that I never heard before. This is what he said. He said that was a man. Who was a paralyzed? And he had heard that Jesus was speaking. At a house. And so he wanted to get there, so he convinced four of his friends. To put him on a stretcher. and carry him. For for hours to get to this house. Quad Jesus was speaking. He, said. That, along the way. These! Friends said that that that they went along because he has so much faith that if he could just get to him. It could be better. That he could if he could just get over there, and he could see him that he might have a shot at getting hill. And so he said they took out along the way, and they walked, and they walked and they walked for hours. And then when they got there, the house was completely filled with people that was absolutely. It was packed wall to wall. There was absolutely no way for the men to get him on that stretch in to see Geez this is a story that of. Teams said is in the Bible and we was telling it now. I'm just repeating the parts of it. I got gathered. And so he said they set and they went. Wow, man. We walked all this way in his full. And and and and we can't get there. He said and then the guy. With the affliction, told the four men. If you get up on the roof and cut a hole in it. And lower me down. I bet. Al Qassim in and I better to be I now. He then said you must imagine how these four men must have felt. When you carry somebody for hours on on on on on on the way they had to carry some cloth, connected by a couple of sticks, said to me, and shoulders had to be bruised head to have deep. GOUGES at I'm not cuts, but just indentations where they had carried away to this grown man for so many hours, and they looked at him in disbelief like man. What are you talking about? We didn't walk all this far. He yeah, but if you get up on that roof and you cut a hole in it and lower me down. I could see him when he see me. It'll be alright. After sitting there and imploring the men, they went up and did just that. And in an in the story that Joel's teen said the man was he'll. But the point he was making was he was saying that. The closer you get to what it is, you really want. The more difficult is going to become. But you've got to push through. If you don't push through. You never know so. You can't get right to the answer, and because it gets really difficult. Star create knows little say in that. We got his people. Well I guess it wasn't meant to be. I I guess it wasn't a laws wheel now. Man I guess you should not give up right now I. Guess You should keep pressing I guess you should do more because in all of us in all of us when you've had enough i. want you to know something you do have a little bit more. It all of us. You can do one more. That's one of my favorite things. I heard Joe lows. Team said in kind of made me feel good, he said. I always feel like I can do one more anything and I. Tell my friends all the time. I can do one moment I could do one day. I can do. Anything now here was the jewel that I never really knew that Joel Ulstein. and God sent to me I needed to. He said that no matter what you going through. No matter how long the challenges you've been facing. God has an end date foy at all. Did you hear me? No matter what you're going through no matter what challenge facing no matter what situation you've gotten yourself into God has an ending date. All you got to do is keep pressing forward. All you got to do is hang in there. All you got to do is don't give up. All you have to do is don't turn back. They is in in date for all of it. Even when you think you've had enough. and Boy Have I. had this conversation with God own several things that I've been going through and I'm GonNa even told him look I got it man. He said just keep hanging on. There is an end date to whatever the issue. There's an end date to use illness. You'll sickness Yoyo. You're tired of being tired they as an end date to this relationship that you can't seem to get through. Beyond. Over that's that's like a cancer to you. There's an end date, but you've got to hang in there. You've got to keep pushing forward. You cannot turn around. You must not go back because when God gets you through this. And you break through to the other side. The reward in the benefit is far greater. Than the struggle. Often Times. Look at some of the things that God is bought me through an Immi- worst times, and what he bought me through I went. Wow, man. Now that I understand that not that I'm on the other side, and I have the benefit of the reward for it. Would you do it all again to get that? Yes, I. Would you're listening to. Morning Show. They were. Let's get it started Steve Hop Marsh show Steve Harvey Radio Show. Steve, Harvey Weinstein Program She. GRADUATES USE DEVOLVE ZOOM Steve Hongzhi. Have made more appearances doing Kovic. Is No way. I would have made all these graduations. Is No way I've been everywhere I telhami kate making. They know UK. Asking you to make it. Would just come to your house. We'll send you a leak. Can you just talk for five minutes? No good here. Well a lot of time myself to five minutes. There's a gentleman Steve Harvey. Morning, show surely strawberry. Happy Belated Father's Day hope. You had a good time you. Wanted the best father's Day I've had longtime thought it wasn't going to be none they suppress. Heard you call for rail they didn't. Hottest wonderful happy belated. OUGHTA CREW! WHAT'S UP GUY Joe Father, but how you doing man man I'm good on. Jewish a tax bill. Jr, Brown old daddy will serve. Watch out there now. Steve Harvey what's going on? Who's that a cane? Go Yet, man. I'm not GonNa Notice Levin. Just a Leonard Cat. Log! In June while. Right yellow. Collar turned. About team me. I want make everybody to stop talking and I need to know if he popped. Up Wanting me. Pop. Yeah. With Jay. I'll say Jay is that Cain go, you said No. It's just a yellow leather hat. He said in the some. Just like that. Party Team. Were coming that winter hat on. I'm an air. Conditioning is yellow. Color. So. Thomas Houston boy, so he don't really know. Seasons and fashion. Because he say they your novel have high. Nephew come. Big, dog monetize babies Monday. Let's get it. Yeah. Man had a pretty good file this day yesterday, man. Daughters came around me. The Sun is out and now later on the son. He fathered, so he would. And Winton came my all my daughter so really nice day and I ate. Everything, I've wanted to eat in A. Had Dunkin donuts. I had Dunkin donuts in years. A to Dunkin donuts and might go in heat one up his mon.. Just cap it off while going to his workout. Dunkin stance. You answered knocking. On! Coming up in thirty two minutes after the hour, we'll finish our weekend review, and then we'll get some advice and ask the C L. O. Segments right after this. You're listening to Marty morning show. Well guys, it is Monday, so let's see we found out. You were telling us about your father's Day Stephen. Then we'll we'll. Finish that and then go right into? Asked the CEELO. Okay. We're going to ask 'cause I'm finished. Oh, you're finished. Okay? You ate everything you wanted to eat. Okay, thank the Lord. All right here. We go this one. Steve is from Sandy in Chattanooga Tennessee. She says I'm a single mother. My son just turned to my son's father was engaged when we met, we kept it purely sexual. We got careless and I got pregnant. He totally cut me off and I've not heard from him. Since then he got married and I found his wife on facebook. I look at her page from time to time, and the other day I saw that she's pregnant and her caption said I'm so happy to give. My husband is first son. I want to let her know that I. gave her husband his first son. Should I send her a facebook message or surprise them with child support papers, which well. Either one of them, going to be pretty funky. You see what see see what you you already decided. That you're going to do one or the up. FACEBOOK message surprised with support papers. Now see this is what happens. Though see you was messing with hub fiance, and then you was just it was just sexual, then y'all got careless, and now you gotTa Bay, but now now you don't WanNa, be just just sexual normal now you WANNA family. He cut you off because he didn't want it to. In a few of his life that he really didn't want to give up way so now now he got to pay for that, too, and you got to pay to, so everybody got to come to the day. So which one you're going to send a facebook Mesa, you're going to surprise them with court papers. Seeing. Either way. Look. Here's what you're going to you probably going to end up doing both because y'all sound like lettuce go. 'cause the you go you go get child support I'm pretty show. You don't do that, so you right? I mean ladies. Child Support Shit. ASSOC- paint on ain't no, it was an accident one night stand. We did. You got it. Here's the pay. Sign here you're in here. To See, yes. You're right. It's a mess either way you look at it. Yeah, I send it to get it over now. Pay Me now on the, but you will make sure it happens because you man. FACEBOOK page still getting May. involved. Following the white. You. Would she rolling? But after she got pregnant, he didn't WanNa have to do nothing to do with. That's what pissed all. Yeah. I. Get your child, support and leave people alone go to walgreens. Leave him alone for. All! Right here we. Go Steve Jerome Orlando says I'm dating the love of my life and I'll do anything to make her happy, but she's been giving me the blues. We participate in one peaceful protest and we donated money to black lives matter. To the movement. She watches the news all day and she thinks we should get back up there and protest again. We're both sixty three. Years old so I told her we should find another way to show support. She told me that I'm a sorry excuse for a black man. If I just sit back and accept what's going on in the world, I'm black and I'm proud. Going back out there. Could there be some truth to how she feeds. That's really crazy doll because I'm sixty. THREE TO I can't go back out there. You know I said the other day. Protesting is a young person's sport. Because the way they do it in now, man with tear gas in the store and you got to be able to run changed direction fall. Get up! Jump over. 'cause stoke had behind Bush's run up steps pickup tear gas. Throw it back. Hey, Don. Sixty three man, you ain't there, no more. It's a lot of ways to protest because you're not out there on the front line. Don't mean that you don't care and sixty three year old and a black dude. Boy, I'll know how many of these wars she don't know you been in. Some people are late bloomers. You know this is the first time wanting to get back, but I'm exactly sixty three. If you might age sir, you've been at this long time. This is nothing new. I support the protesters out there I. Really Do I don't condone the looting and the burning, but I do understand it though. I don't want you to do it, but Lord Have Mercy I. Do understand it. I'm not like people in the media I. Don't understand you. Burn your own neighborhood. Dim. Ain't show neighbor. That's for starters. And then I understand, but then now antagonist planted in there too, and wants to start throwing his easy to throw out that so understand whole game, but don't get mad at this man because he not going back out to the protests. That's not. That doesn't make him sorry right because see a lot of people that are inflicted curfews and stuff like that, and now they making that a law, and once you break the law, then that enables them to enact a law. and. He said they were finding other ways to support them. Yeah, he ain't no sorry. I do because he's Khanjian Gary says I'm a fifty-three-year-old divorced female, and I'm a magnet for married. Men started back dating two years ago. And I have gone on. To, I have gone on first dates with three different men that ended up being married the man. I met online lie on their profile. Say they're single. Even married men at Church flirt with me since they know I'm divorced. I didn't think dating would be this hard. I don't have time for games, so is there any way for me to tell if a man is married when I him, can you give me some clues you? If when he pulled up, he has a Winnebago with a swing set on top. A good one. If he pull up and all is cost seats in the bag. Hearing if he pulled up and you find a bubbalicious wrappers in the car. If. He pulled up and there's some little baby shoes hanging on the rearview mirror. Ask. All right, thank you C. A, love, chief, love officer. Steve Harvey as always coming up next. It is Monday. So that means the past we'll be. Right after this? You're listening. David Harvey Morning Show? Coming up at the top of the hour, today's National News Miss. Anna's tell us about another chokehold arrest yesterday in New York City at Rockaway Beach as New York police officers were attempting to arrest a black man. They used a chokehold. This is just one week after the city has banned the use of choke holes. Sydney training. Said we're training. Okay? Training DNA my all of it. And entertainment news our good friend, your good friend St. D. L. Hughley revealed that he has tested positive for corona virus after collapsing on stage in Nashville and Jamie Fox is going to play Mike. Tyson we'll talk about all of this. Wow, that's a good fit right beer. We'll talk about all these stories at the top of the hour, but I it is Monday time to lighten things up a bit. and Smile with Reverend Motown a Deacon Deaf Jam. They are here with church complaints. Oh. Gracious. Most bad neverland. Falbo Or Aspen Tissue. All knowing all seeing in. Vob Malicious and yeah. I look. I truly truly. Up addition you. Up and dishes. What? What what? Funding Desa would lead in Jilin. We are time now in the middle of covert. Deal with the church that ain't managed yet to be grateful about a damn thing. Right go, ahead Deacon. Our let's see passed and we got it. We need to approve the sisters who haven't been able. Get their hair and nails done. We would like to see them. We wouldn't like to Nazi them on the zoom's services it. Would you mind letting them know? Tuning in, but we don't want us. They have done they. Agree. Some resumes is with us to close. System one Nido. You would please. Back from Zoom. Mind! Revenue add knowing. You just too damn close way, too. that I have your approval I let those no. That kill does not going to be doing I WANNA have I'm controlling. WHO's in Zoom in WHO's out? Thank you so much. Thank you all right. We got an issue yesterday. You know it was father's Day. Lieutenant your own. Mark Bailey Brownout that William Bailey is not his daddy. Only Jason Rentals exactly the data now now, brother William. Is demanding ten years of money that he didn't put into the bar. They want you to handle this situation. All brother Williams. You don't get money back. All to boy. Does work that way. You supported him. HOW FOOTBALL! And junior soccer league. And and and and he cade where none of them shoes anymore, but this ain't his boy down. That's what shack well. Acted like he was your boy. So you could continue to talk to the moment. Some trick to that I think. ELOPE! Komo News. Talk. Right past and we got an issue due to Kobe nineteen listen, you have to talk the brother, Maurice now he delivers the meals on wheels to the less fortunate, and they say we're not. People are saying then he not even bringing the food up to the though he on Iraq, hitting the door and Leaving the food on the curve and now. I know I had told brother movies to do. 'CAUSE! Social, did we get next to these old people now? 'cause all of them have pre existing condition and you know Maurice has. precondition existed to new. He's here. He'd foam with the. He's assault and battery. He's on why AM I. Why did we have him drop in food? I own a job. He could get once. He got out or no deacon. Jin Meals or wheel, right? But you can't. people begin ants and bugs and they by the time they get out to the back. I. Got, A quick now. Wants to rock hit. No, you need to come out. Of Your Walker to do. And when you hear that rock hit screen, Starch Slot A man re. Cinnamon. Cinnamon? who was a former stripper has been raising money to to turn as we try to hear up in the community the problem past the years. She's selling t shapes that same big Buddhis- matter. Thea Solo thousand big booty matters shirts and she's saying she wants to have a big booty March this is cow pather years making money, but. I don't know by big Buddhism Outta, will they do? They May. All. Day We'll continue to mount them free Tony. And don't nails matter. was dating a woman. Who? Hey, Small booty. I did not know it at first. But the. Date. I kind of like, remind me the story of windows stone rolled away. On the third day. We got to peel back the layers year and are found out. She had bought Oh booty. Yeah, it changed. Penn is that they make at Frederick's of Hollywood. Because can rack, and we'll make your boot Tay look mobile, luscious dead. It really look more. MOSIT- making look Mova luscious. Really walls all. Night we was together. You got to take in things. And she? Oh! On as ceremonial, top dressing old topic. Is Underwear will resume her. Hey, I'm was in. Did you ever want to. She's got. I don't. Start dating writer. She was back with a Wacko body. Someone else say oh. Nogi. Big Booties. The top of the hour. Entertainment and national news. Right after this. You're listening to you. All right so Steve One of the Kings of comedy and your good friend deal. Hugely collapsed onstage while he was performing at Zanies. Comedy Club, in Nashville dl was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion after working and traveling and take a listen as dl explained to his fans about his diagnosis of Covid nineteen when I came I was being treated. For extreme exhaustion and Dehydration which I I was very dehydrated. But it turns out. They ran a battery of tests and also tested positive for Kobe nineteen, which blew me away. Prayers of healing are going out to dl. Of course we love him and. My son told me about him on. A heart dropped below. Been You know? Because, he said Dad, did you hear deal fell out on stage and. So I know right away, the call, say it. Said deal extremely close so Said said he had. Just talk with him. At the hospital 'cause when he heard about it and I, didn't hear about it to the next morning so I text deal. Let's say hey, marijuana, disturb rubber, 'cause I know you might be rested I. Don't know where you at, but just text me back. You know you're okay. K. and then we had a Texas state. He was fine. He told me what happened. And told him your loved him. Praying for him said to stay strong. You know because you know it. It really made my heart sink a little bit man because. You know you know we. We Lost Bernie Man. You know I it just makes you. Y-. You get that phone, call and you. And all you get with Dad. Did you hit deal passed out on state? What and then you do? You try pull yourself together. You know so you can call them in sound you know. Strong Assam. Uplifting. Yeah, it was good man now. You're. Real. Solid can with all the way through. I mean I mean. When you talk about educated himself. Right here. He's so smart very mild. He was just on not too long ago. He was on Cuomo on Chris Cuomo. Show and he was. Telling Chris Cuomo. Saying that he was so happy that he got over cove at nineteen and everything not knowing that he had it at that time himself, but he was just a symptomatic. It's really crazy. I'm glad he got checked out. You know and he said he was going to quarantine himself fourteen days. Again on the I mean I mean he's GonNa. Stay in hotel he was in. His not leaving Nashville. Just GonNa. Say Okay. Prayers of healing going out to dl. Yeah all right so in other trending entertainment news Steve as we switch gears here Jamie. Fox has been signed to play Mike Tyson in an upcoming pick okay. Jamie. Yeah, another one right. He said to play Tyson as both a young and an older man. Apparently, he's been working out working on this for years up late. Yeah, J. Jamie's got the voice down. You know he can do that and now he's working on his body. He says he's been doing a daily regimen of sixty pull ups, sixty dips and one hundred pushups to get his upper body shape. Steve, he said the lower body is a lost cause. He said I ain't got no legs. Ain't got calf muscles that we're going to have to put some prosthetics on. Mike Guy K of boy. Hill Jamie. Can? Be connected to go hit a home run. Yeah. All Right Steve Time, ago to Mathon, Ladies and gentlemen miss an trip. Thank you very much guys. Okay in Chicago, sad crazy news police say at least sixty six. Oh, sixty people were shot over the weekend in Chicago nine people died including a three-year-old, sitting in a car with his father, the father, not cooperating with authorities as a ten thousand dollar reward for information, leading to the shooter, also killed on the south side of thirteen year, old girl, who was watching television at home and two teenagers sixteen seventeen just. Just standing on the corner shop for no apparent reason. Windy city officials blamed gangs, guns and drugs in Atlanta. Feudal arrangements have been announced for Russia. Brooks and the family has invited Mayor Quiche. Elaine bottoms to be be there at Ebeneezer Baptist Church, but they have also asked the Atlanta cops not be involved with security. Today is a public viewing the funeral tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Nile fired Atlanta policeman who shot him Garrett Ralph charged killing short. Remaining behind bars for now and the Fulton County courtyard told him why. The nature of the charges. From setting a fine. So again no bill for him. He's in jail. Raw Faces Eleven counts including felony murder for fatally shooting Brooks, after trying to arrest for merely trying to sleep it off in his car inside of a Wendy's parking lot of week back many the law enforcement and political leaders who viewed the body cam video of the incident. Say Ralph didn't have to resort to. To deadly force, nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of dollars listen to this has been raised for his law. RAWLS legal defense president trump held his first campaign rally since March second on Saturday. His things are pretty much unchanged. Since two thousand sixteen, he said that. If a Democrat Joe Biden was elected that rioters would take over the country, there was nothing about unfeted. Racism in knowing that you didn't talk about police you form. He told his supporters that the confederate symbols quote our heritage. Even call the corona. Flu, I've been watching the fake news for weeks now and everything is negative. Don't go, don't come, don't do anything today. It was like I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen anything like it. You are warriors. Thank you. Meanwhile six of the President's campaign staffers, working on the weekend rally tested positive for corona virus on top of that trump spoke to a far small crowd, and he anticipated reports. Are The teenagers using TIKTOK board hundred tickets? They had no intention of using like they've pumped the whole event. Congressional Democrats are scheduled to open investigation this week into the trump administration's firing of the US attorney for southern. District Jeffrey, Berman whose office had been investing had been investigating rather trump associates, including Guiliani Auntie, and while spring training gets underway this week. Not In Florida or Arizona because covert is really the first full week. Time. Now back to the Steve Harvey. Morning, show, you're listening to. Morning Show. Time now for our. Tell me something good segment. Here's some. Wow, it sounds good. Allentown. And Steve This is about you. You mentioned it earlier in the show, but this past weekend was your Steve Harvey Foundation Mentoring. Cap however due to Cova. This year's camp was virtual. You talked about that. You've made it your mission to every year mentor young boys from fatherless homes, and this year was no different. You and your special guest talk to the boys virtually about racism, education careers in stem field, financial planning and a real talk about young kings, and more enlightened with please Aminu sow standing man We were able to reach a lot more boys. Everyday we had six hundred boys joined in. And over the course it turned out to be tens of thousands facebook. Just tell us no Lincoln. Those because we were the number one trending facebook item online this week here. And it's all about mentoring these young men I wanNA. Thank Anthony Hamilton man because Anthony Hamilton has an interesting story because he grew up without his father. That he has six sons. And so a lot of the boys questions. Anthony Hamilton was dead and help out because they WANNA know. How do you deal with not having your father around? How do you fight the feelings of resentment? I mean these young guys was saying stuff like. How do you not hate your father? He'll come to your games. He'll come to your birthday party. Hilson you none for Christmas. One little boy even said. I was out on the street corner, doing my thing. You know slaying dope. Mr Harvey my father came up to me so me, slanging on the corner and tried to walk by and say hey, man, dapper him up. He sat me up and walk down. He said he said he's a dog whiny. He tried to stop. Is I, just wanted him turnaround. Say something to me. You know I. Mean there's some cold stories man one do the hit him up on Instagram to get turned him on to jewel. In hopes that he would say he had the money, so he could borrow the money from, so he could buy a lick. You know man. This is some heartbreaking stories out there. Yeah, man! His son up on Instagram to say he was going to turn his own son to some drugs to see if he had money and he hit him for money. This is some style Loewe is that. Now, you gotta understand what we're dealing with. These camps in Heidi's boys is hurting us just a small example, and then it's just boys. WanNa. Know Man when I talked to my father Mr Harvey. Harvey's okay, if I ask him why he won't be my daddy man. You'll be sitting there listening to him. You know you gotTa help them. You gotTA. Talk through the so it's impactful. That's just a small part in you know cats at one not how to get into business how to stay out of trouble how to make better decisions. These young boys need. That mindset from a man to tell him some basic stuff because they don't get it. Man The temptation to go to roll way to. That's right well. Thank you for all you do Steve as all coming up at thirty four minutes after the hour tic TAC teens. The president's. We'll talk about it right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. Well on Saturday during his campaign rally and Tulsa Oklahoma, there was a low turnout of only six thousand two hundred people in venue with a seating capacity of twenty thousand people. All Yeah Yeah. Ward, who? Well another reason for the low turnout besides the fear of virus experts. You're saying that the president was trolled in pranked by young TIKTOK USERS WHO registered for free tickets without any intentions of showing up Orion. Young. That's how you pray. Pray from the King of Pranks Yeah. Also during his speech, the president referred to covert nineteen as Kung flu. Take a listen Oh boy. COMES, Lou! Different versions of day. Egypt plan to his base and that's what they want. To. See Two rows of black people at this. Exhaust. Dominant silk with their dominant silk with their yeah. These two black ladies that these have an Internet show. It went onstage and Herman Cain I. Do not get neat rows for trump I. don't get it I mean. McCain was get black. Wash your black for trump. You! You get the moldy weed you from to. Anyone I wanted to say. One layer back behind that. J You. Want to keep it one hundred. Rounds on. What is it? They hear that we hear that they go. He is right where. There Republicans J so the steel talker. Flag Yeah NFL Games. You know we will stand for a flag. We will stand up. That's not what it's fall, man and I'm telling you man you. Get this show down. You'll behind this year. You, he going to be disappointed issue, because see they not gonNA. Let him change. Oh Yeah. Now No, they are not going to let you turn this into. To. Flip it to play flipping. THEM IF people burn the flag or something like that. He wants them to serve jail time. A year in jail. This is obviously don't go to church because. The past never goes to spill over on you. Get that big screen and then s he. Don't go with it the overflow, yeah! Over there, he never go over there. You get there late you sit in the overflow room and he built a big aid and it was seven people was. Disputing J.. Disputing Wayne also fire Marshal Sane, the counter. There, he's saying more. Why. Haven't we had? Problem with Donald Trump for since day one. Yes That's not what he does not do that. And, that's not to say that I agree with people burning the flag. That's not it at all, but stayed on the flag for a long time now I don't. He spoke more. Confederate statues than he did about black people. Because, that's what he's. He doesn't care about black people. He don't care what we feeling. What we? He don't care. He's unaware it means any reuse where he don't care. Just do man does not have. Leadership that. He does well. Don't we have to remember this? That tomorrow is Super? Tuesday and Election Day in the following states New York Kentucky and Virginia New York in Virginia do. Please get out and vote if you get out to vote. Yes, we gotta get Mitch McConnell on, and that's the main. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yes. Louisville Kentucky I know we got. The President is headed to Phoenix tomorrow. Coming up next nephew in the building with prank phone call. That's coming up right after this. You're listening. Marty morning show. Coming up at the top of the hour, right about four minutes after it's my strawberry letter for today subject. How Daddy got his groove back? To Daddy. Get His groove back. We'll get into that, but right now. It is time for the nephew to run that prank back. Here is now. Mark critic called. It again? Credit picking listen people. Watch Tommy Work Komo. I'm sorry there we go. Anthony Anthony. Anthony. This is Jay on the bartender here. And about McCarthy, yes, yes, I got to tell you. You must love it here. Saturday night. Is that right? I love. To me, but I've been calling. We come back until Thursday or Thursday morning. We get to look ready for Thursday night, so we've nobody's actually I just have to be coming. Get somebody to the phones I even Dima car. Right now if I can pick up my car. I'm not I, just love the club actually actually almost home, but I do have I. Do have you card with me? Call. Yes I I have your credit guy. I saw. On the machines of assuming reached out to you. Maybe we can meet up and I can actually help you out. Before Thursday. But that's cool man, but I couldn't the club he's. Me Back. To the club man I mean. I Apologize I got a lot of running around. Do, but if you don't mind coming out picking it up for me here at the House. Make sure. Okay. Coo Coo Chicken Andrews man talking to come over the UN. Run over there okay. One. Street all right was. I cool man you. Can just shoot over there. And tried genucel man for taking care of them and I. Need Car Man I got some urgent need to take care of. I. Get over there and I appreciated man, okay. Present. You know wanting to slide. Since. You said that you know maybe you. Maybe you don't have to. Because I, actually I ran into a little jam man, and hopefully you'll be understandable about it, but I ran till jam and actually had to. I actually had to use your car. Hold on? A weekly you. To a low low situation and I actually had to use your car. My car right well. Yeah, I mean. I'll be able to to to to give it back to the vaccine you. Saw! An opportunity. Off a what I close my tab on Saturday. Night me. You get closer to have out and like I said I was going through a little bit of situation. I need gas so I use it for that and in my little. My little girl needs to uniforms for school and I. Had to come from the from the club yet, but as soon as club. Senior. Hey. Bro. You went you. You put you gas and you you by. Somebody shooters close. Poets Right, and I had to get my car out of the. Show speaking. Family Man. Family money. You won't, forget Ronald. Ran. Weltman I'm I'M GONNA. Tell you went on the. Run on a bomb police you're. You need 'em. Anthony. Down I know. I know calmed down nothing. I got. To Take Care of, but at least I'm telling you what happened. To Jeremy. OCCUPA- you back payments man every every week? I'm. Definitely the only circle. Import you? Club. Graham. says. She was going to say for me to. Give it to them. If you wouldn't have been so drunk, you win. On. I do. But then. The. Lead, but then I'll use my car. When you? Way Over there man and I'm telling you what we don't coordinate money when I get there I'm. Hoping Four hundred dollars. Shop. One million six hundred on your car because they had other stuff that I told you about. You, you know. You. Really messed up. I never take medicine, my wife as me and my to say that Account Manager for my keys keys. Man I don't know what type of game run but my promise you. I'm so. All my money on my challenge in. Any money I'm telling you right now, SORTA. Told you that. Money what do you mean? Is it if it's not? It's not their. Case. I to God right now I promise! You if you. If you if you don't have mu- together when I get over there I'm GONNA put my hands on. You may not know who you think you plan with man I don't play. Games I. DON'T I knew I hope that I think he's GonNa go I'm assuming opinion something from the suit of black update. On and I want money you. In my money back on my car. I get over there at the cash in my hand by the time I get over there doing UC's from. Intel. Got, call me I'm already gone away. I swear to God. My money off my call. That'd be there I hope it's not. What may I'm I'm telling you right now. I put my right into gun on my daughter. Right now. My money you know more cool gets a call in your mind money in my head when I get over there so anywhere by I wanNA way over the I'll be the enlisted. I WANNA. Be Honest about this. Somebody actually gave me your car. Somebody actually gave me your card somebody. You. Don't give a damn. Who gave you the card? Them get over there. That's fine I phone with the game I play. That's fine. That's cool. COMMONPLACE MAKING The person has the car. I'M IN A. The guy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show. He has your car. If you, come from a Steve. Harvey. Morning Show. You just got right. saw. Him. Boy. You've been calling the club every single Tim. Wife meeting down man man. Talk. Radio show in the land baby. Off More on his. Way. He would've looked your behind correal. Dropped it in low. You know what you've got to come back. I'm talking. Oh. I beat in ten minutes. Right to buy something if you find somebody's car and I mean. Not You. Exactly I swear for God and my right hand God. Man I'm putting hands on you. Know he was serious. And he was upset. You Ain't. Getting, You're, GONNA get. Him McKee. Who gave you the car? Drunk Job is always brains you are. Coming up next strawberry letter subject. How Daddy got his groove back? We'll get into it right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and Election Day in the following states. Please get out and vote ladies and gentlemen new. York Kentucky and Virginia Get out and vote if you're not registered to win, we all vote dot org that it's the first lady site when we vote Dot Org take the and Michelle Obama former. Well are forever. Yes sir nothing to do with Melania you're exactly right the current first lady and take you folding chair. 'cause it's going to be smokey dotes on. Don't get out of line. Veto vote just sitting there and wait. Yeah. Virginia. Going to get you a folding and I'm here to vote. yeah, it's it's the next step we have to do our part. We have to do our part. We task to and our part is vote all right time now as we switch gears, it's time for today's strawberry letter, and if you need advice on relationships on sex dating work, parenting and more, please submit your strawberry letter to Steve Harvey F. M. dot com and click submit. Strawberry letter. That's how we're doing it okay. Wait hold on I. Forget this part. We could be reading your letter. Live on the air the for J. Just like that. It is. Letter. All right, thank you nephew subject. How Daddy got his groove back, okay? Dear Stephen Shirley. I've been married for twenty five years last weekend. My wife and I took road trip to see my wife's Dad. My wife's mom passed away three years ago Sir. Dad is still adjusting to being alone. Her Dad was so happy to see us and asked my wife to cook his favorite dinner. So when my wife started cooking, my father-in-law slipped outside and was talking. Talking to an older lady, then had pulled up when he came back inside. He told us that his good friend would be joining us for dinner. I can tell my wife was caught off guard, but it turned out to be an old friend of the family and my wife grew up with their children I assumed it was the same woman that was sitting in the driveway. And I was right. You couldn't help but see the chemistry between the two old people. As we ate and talked shortly after dinner, she left and we went to bed. My father-in-law's bedroom is on the first floor and our room was upstairs around midnight. We could hear movement downstairs, so my wife wanted to go check on Dad's I went to look out the window I. I and I saw the old ladies car out there again, so I tried to discourage my wife from going downstairs, she went anyway. She got back upstairs. She was a nervous wreck. She said she walked in on her dad, lying on top of the Old Lady, and both of them were naked the next day. She fussed at her dad like he was a child. And Her DAD's out. There was nothing they are not speaking your. Life is too short to be mad over something this petty. How can I get my wife to stop judging her dad and make peace with him? Well now I Can Right now I. Just I. Don't know if you can because. Your wife probably can't right now. All kinds of things are going through her head. was he seeing this woman you know while her mom was alive all those things and you and your wife is still grieving the loss of her mom. I mean you got to remember that it's been three years, but no matter how long it takes, that is her process her grieving process. She did forget one thing in her grief, though and it set. Your father is grown, and he's still alive, and he still has needs, and that is okay, and that's perfectly natural because you know he's. He's a man and you know like I said we're all human. It doesn't mean that he's over his late wife. Anything like that. or He's forgotten about her or even that he's cheating on her I know she's passed away. Some people even think that even though their their their loved ones have passed away, people handle loss differently. They handle it differently. And maybe that's how your dad is dealing with his grief and his loss. You know getting with someone else. You know having sex. With the friends, all those things factor into while your wife is acting the way she is in while you're father-in-law is doing what he's doing, and plus it's his house and it's his life, so he didn't like your wife Fussing at him like a child Your wife is just GonNa have to accept the fact that your father has a new life. And you know. Maybe she'll get by this through this eventually. Maybe she will call and apologize, and they can have a decent talk, but that's GonNa take some time I. think she still like I said in the grieving process Steve. Oh, you know maybe. Sir. Appreciate you writing letter. There is only one wrong in this letter from top to bottom. Is Your Wife? She did wrong. She ranked does nowhere in this manner. She's right. She just rolled. She's wrong for everything. She did in his letter now dog first of all. Let me take my hat off to you because you used to try to stop this. But. Let me tell you something letter. To grow troops, e wives Dan, my wife's mom passed three years ago, so her dad is still adjusting to being alone where he didn't adjust. He's still adjusting to being low. He done adjusted. He was so happy to see as you why to cook his favorite dinner. Your wife started cooking. Your father in law went outside, talking to this old lady that have pulled out. He came back inside. He told us that his good friend will be joining us for dinner at his house I could tell my wife caught off guard, but it turned out to be an old friend of family, and my wife grew up with her children. You Notice Ladies and street. Is. Our -SSUME that was the same woman that was sitting in the driveway early hours right so I tried to play I left a piece out, but I'll have to assure left Dennis. She left and they went to bed, so they had dinner with to be. We come back. I'll fix all right Steve. We'll have part of your response coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour today's strawberry letter. How Daddy got his group back is? The subject will get back into it right after this you're listening to. Morning. Steve Come on. Let's recap today strawberry letter. How Daddy got his group back? Simple letter everybody? This woman is wrong throughout this letter. This man been married to for twenty five years said they went to visit a father. His mother pay his wife passed. Her mom passed three years ago and you know he's been taking time to adjust well. According to this letter, he has suggested. And he was so happy to see them as to make his favorite dinner while she went in and started cooking. Your father-in-law slips outside talkative. Some Old Lady that had pulled up he came back. He told his daughter and son-in-law that a friend of yours would be joining us for dinner kind of through the wife off a little bit, but you know. Turned out to be an old friend of the family, and my wife grew up with her children. So you think cool right I'll soon. It was the same woman that was sitting in the driveway and I was right. I turn guitar couldn't help but see the chemistry between old people as we eight and talk. Well, right after dinner she left, and we went to bed. Not a father laws Beirut hadn't been downstairs on the first flow ray room upstairs. Paint the pig around midnight. Whale. y'All know what happened around now. Twelve midnight. Thank thank thank. Thank. Thank? Thank, thank. Thank thank, thank thank you are no. After around midnight we could hear movement downstairs moon. Your Wife? Wanted to go check on her day now all three years. He been in that house by yourself. You Ain't been going downstairs checking on him. She WanNa go down. Check on a day. Now. You being dude. You went to look out the window. I and you saw the old ladies car was out there again. So now you know the noise is the movement. Is She back over there. So I tried to discourage my wife from going on maybe. They don't go down. Man might have some company. That saying hard, it was in driveway. Came back over there probably downstairs and she went anyway. That's what it says. like win any damn way. which came back upstairs? She was nervous ring. She walked in on her dad, laying on top of the old lady and both of them was naked. The next day she go fuss at her dad like he was a child and the dad put him out you because you can't cousin old black dude at his house. You know how to go. And you don't I'm still your Daddy. Hit Out. Now. They're not speaking right now. 'cause your wife is a busy body and noses hail life too short to be mad over some this pet and you right? Bro Is Petty, but let me tell you what happened. No, how can I get my wife to stop judging her dad and made peace with him? What is she judging him for? What what is the judgment about? Surely say. Hope. Daughter is probably still grieving the loss of her mother. I can understand. It take time alone. But it's been three years older says you know it takes time to get over something and you know you ain't got a whole lot of time to get over nothing you got to move on with. Neck so now heating grieve the loss of his wife. Eastern happen and Old Lady Down Street that he on top of her now. See I'm grieving. Six! If I got the flu. Sinks come on, if I get bad news for my job six come on board. Five if I give five six. SLS IF I get a bad medical report. Sake Lord knows. I. Get in a car accident. Some six, so that's the cure all. Fake six six. Make the football team six. Better get cut for the football team six when I don't hit the lottery six, if you. Hit the lottery. Linney. Okay all right. See your wife is greedy. He was grieving, but see now nice over with when you take vows, you say to death, do us part one of them and I'm not trying to sound callous about one of them has party and it happened three years ago. He's an older gentleman. He over, but having sex. Don't mean that you. You forgot about your wife your. Own Lover Nomo. He has sex with another woman. He posed to wise you down any damn way. Take your way back upstairs to your room. Won't you and your husband make some damn knowing? Go, but see you all downstairs Abbey. Isn't he? On top hood nick. You have to take your clothes off. Too much can get snagged and cold. Yet. Naked is for safety exactly called. The purposes. Can call all the clothes and stuff tan snag, and so we ain't got to replace you. We we we we all fixed income. We got no money Teddy close-up. Let's lay in his neck. All right, thank you Steve Post your comments. Letter Steve, Harvey F, M, and INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, and coming up at forty six minutes after the hour dumper gets to listen to the strawberry letter podcast to on demand coming up at forty six minutes after the hour. If you had to choose one sport season season to begin with, which would it be? Junior. We'll talk about that right after this. You're listening to Steve Harvey. Morning Show. Dr Anthony Fauci director of the national. Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases recently said that it would be very hard to see how the NFL and college football will be played this fall amid the corona virus. Pandemic NFL teams are scheduled to report to training camp next month. The college football season is to start in late. I don't think college football can start because when a prominent school like Clemson. Has Twenty one players test positive for Covid nineteen twenty one football players on a high profile school like Clemson I can't imagine okay, so guys. What about this to junior nascar was made aware that a noose was found immigration stall of the forty three team. We all know that the forty three team will I just found this out that That's bubba Wallace team. You know who called of course for the confederate flag. Come down. Okay, we're angry. We are outraged that we are but also yeah, but also NASCAR said the same thing. They're angry. They're outraged cannot state strongly enough. How seriously bet they're taking this heinous? This heinous act NASCAR said this, also in a statement that we have launched any media investigation and we'll do everything we can to identify the person or persons responsible and eliminate them from the sport. Okay, that's great on NASCAR part. Thank you, thank you for that. Okay now. I mean was crazy. Hope they got cameras I really do. Too Yeah. So so, bubba Wallace had a chance to respond as well. Thank God. I mean he said that the despicable act yesterday of racism and hatred leaves me incredibly saddened, and serves as a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society, and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism over the last several weeks, I've been overwhelmed by the support from people across the NASCAR, industry, including other drivers and team members in the garage together, our sport has made a commitment to driving real change together. Our sport is made a commitment to driving real change and championing a community that is accepting and welcoming of everyone. Nothing is more important. Yeah, that's it right. Shea nothing is. Equal. In Way, what you have just feed us the same way you treat everybody. Yeah! You're still going to have what you had. We. Taken from you. Yeah, we want. We want our forty acres and a mule. Okay for lack of a better phrase right now. Okay, let us have that. You're not getting the flag. Flying at the NASCAR ever put your mad about. X DOT coming back. All, right guys coming up at the top of the hour. We're GONNA. Play a trending viral racism confrontation moment from Baton Rouge Louisiana. Wait till you guys here this coming up right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. Hey Fam- Jada Pinkett Smith here host of the Red Table Talk podcast don't WanNa introduce you to two of the most important women in my life. My Mom Gammy and my daughter Willow Adrienne Banfield nervous also known as Gammy. She's really old school I love a wanted you to be in that situation like not date will at all. Everything by the book, and then we have my daughter Willow. Camille Reign Smith. I'm going to be like my ancestors in just do what I need to do. We've brought these three generations to the Red Table to talk about family relationships social issues in a whole bunch more. We're all going through something. Right table glowing. X-MEN! Thank you I appreciate it? Listen to the Red Table Talk podcast presented by Facebook, watch and Westbrook audio on the iheartradio APP Apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. And Baton Rouge Louisiana there is an all nearly black school. It's named after confederate. General Robert E Lee. Black leaders in the community wanted to rename the school and during a school board meeting brother Gerry de Chambers called out a school board member for just shopping while he's. Up there, pleading their case and everything, she's on the Internet shopping while citizens were discussing about changing the name of the school. Take a listen I had intended to get up here and talk about how racist Robbie Leewards but I'm GonNa talk about your car sitting over there stopping while we're talking about Robbie, Lee this pitcher you shopping while we're talking about racism history and his country, only white members. It is got while we were up. You're talking to because you don't give a damn and is clear. But I'm GonNa tell you? What the slaves? My ancestors said about Robbie Lee since you don't know history system, let me tell you that. They said when he got the plantation after he got off the field with twenty seven thousand people die. At Gettysburg tiny. Robert e Lee was a brutal slave master not only did when he whipped the slaves, he said lay it on hall after he said. He said book wine on Sorta Barnum. That's what Robert E Lee. And you set your arrogant self in here and sit on the shopping while the pain and the heart of the people of this community is on display, but you don't give a damn and you should resign. You should have resigned two years ago. When you talk the white man in his house, you should have resigned two weeks ago when you got on TV essay foolishness, and you said walk out of here resigning and never come back, 'cause you the example of Winston Salem in this community, you are horrible, not to the rest of all you have an obligation to the people of this community and eighty one percent of them are black, and do you need a Klan Rally outside Mr? Mr Day before you ended. Because holding it up means that you put that building in jeopardy, you do sir, because all over the country. They burning stuff down breath hosting this city has still with protests is seen. You elected officials out there with him. Make sure nothing go south in Baton Rouge! It's been folks in this community who gives a damn, not just when it's comfortable, but every time and four years ago, we came down here Mr Drake. They say your good man be a good man platform. Say Good Man why folks say you are good man. Don't legacy is attached to tonight. Rub Your legacy now. Let me say to the black members of the board. It's the most. Out of y'all in this keeping that, let's stand on this moving forward because we don't need apologize for Connie Evelyn. G soldier, who was when she was sitting next to you while you were talking shopping, you don't need another example now. When do we as bad rules? Stop being in eighteen fifty six. If you want to name the building after somebody about PBS pits back the first black governor of the state of Louisiana when he was governor during reconstruction. You want another name I still don. Who was the lieutenant governor of the State of Louisiana in the eighteen sixties that gave the right for Darius Lands and Don. And and Evelyn. Wear Jackson Intra. Mail our to get you. You want to name it after somebody from reconstructed named after the people who fought by Appalachian of silly. If you want to name it after somebody out of the right people, the people who on the right side of history when it show ancestor school is named after so you holding onto your heritage, but we built this joint for free, and we've done begging you to do what's right. Thank you, sir. All. Right talk about you history. In. Joint for free. We kept calling council member out Connie. Shopping Connie Baton Rouge is fifty six percent, black, and people are outraged. The people who are outraged in the rouge community are working hard. They're trying to get a misconduct Bernard fired. A meeting to name the school. She's shopping. On the yeah, so you're not even listening to. Why listen to what we're saying? They want to rename the school. Broken Down Yeah. Yeah, he knew sister school. Negro because that's what. Yeah this fax together. Different. Name Post schools daughter. Different name for longest with. All right coming up. We'll have more of today's trending stories on the Steve Harvey Morning Show at twenty minutes after the hour. Right after this, you're listening. To morning show. Okay so the World Health Organization has reported. They reported this yesterday that yesterday was the largest single day increase of covert nineteen infections are the single day Brazil have the highest spike with fifty, four, thousand, seven, hundred and seventy one cases, and the US was next with thirty, six, thousand, six hundred seventeen cases. That's a lot. Of income to you rally really yeah. Trying to figure this out. They was. Those people that work for him with sick to. Yes, yes, people staff people. That were. Part of the advanced team down there intolerance. Things set it up and all of that. and. They came up. See Yeah, there was never a mention of that. Yeah! That, I mean, we gotta do better. We have to remember all yesterday. It was various. He stays in. Nobody was there and they building began stage with. Screams out star side that throw y'all yeah. And, they never guy us. Watching people who set him up. With the yellow vessel, you got a good pitches. All right, we'll have more of the Steve Harvey. Morning, show and some trending news at thirty three minutes after the hour right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. Well the parents of the boys seen in President Trump's now flagged a racist baby tweet are appalled and disgusted by the portrayal, a very young sons, and they're forcing twitter and facebook to remove it It's an unedited version of the video that went viral last year. You guys remember this video where? A little black boy and a little white boy they were running towards each other. You're seeing each other. Okay? That's the video hugged each other right, yeah! Yeah Yeah. Yeah so CNN actually use this video on a story about friendship then on Friday. The president posted His doctor video of the children with the misspelled caption terrified toddler runs from racist baby. What what! Region what he's. Yeah originally. Bay stirred. Yeah, yeah, he didn't. He showed the message in the doctor. Video America is not the problem. Fake News is the White House said the president was attempting to make a satirical point. The parents have both toddlers meanwhile are outraged as it should be reminder, don't forget. We have to vote tomorrow. We're going to remind you. Every time we have one of these stories. New York Geneva and Kentucky Yeah I. Mean That was just so Sweden endearing those two little boys. Yeah. Which shows you that racism is a learned behavior. Come off! It's a learned behavior. You know we're not born racist. That's taught. Absolutely, yeah and two little I mean kids are purist at that. They don't care what color you are. So innocent and make van ugly. Watch my son play with so many different nationalities in the backyard. They don't have. They don't know nothing about that. They just have fun may just running around having fun? I know I was black to my Mama Commie one. Junior love your family. Didn't even know. Yet, tell me I look around. What MEKA's? Oh boy, yeah, this. This is crazy, but again please. You GotTa Get up and you gotta go. Vote New York Virginia Kentucky. Please I mean. Yeah. We have to do our part. That's how we make a difference. You know I mean. We got the soldiers out there. Protesting and demonstrating, and if you're, not out here. Do something else all right coming up our last break of day. It is the last brick of the date, but it won't be the last much definite. And we'll have some closing remarks. From the one and only Steve Harvey right after this Jay. You're listening to. Morning Show. Guys we can't push this enough. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and Election Day in the following states New York Kentucky and Virginia before we left out Tommy you had a question about Kentucky. I was trying to figure out where the was the voting tomorrow. Is it against McConnell or or McConnell is in November? This is who I'm assuming is getting ready to run against. McConnell, right? The primary primary makeup to get the Democratic nomination. was named booker or something her Charles. Charles Booker. Doing very well. All Right Kentucky Hormone Kentucky up and show out today. Get rid of McConnell. Turn of events. Going to be like. Trump going really be in the bunk out today. And I think there's GonNa. Be some issues with polling places like we saw in Georgia including. Index would. Take! Be Ready for. J. Anthony Brown is saying is take you foldaway chairs, taking water and be prepared. To practice one of you. Greatest Rights as a citizen of this country and voting changes. Things and we've seen it happen before. This is a critical year for us. We cannot allow this to happen for four more four years of this. Yeah, yeah, I mean people lost their lives. If you know your history and we talk about a lot for the right to vote to for people to have the right to vote honor that and you know, go do your civic duty. Do we have to do our part. We voting is important. It matters your vote matters. Yeah, look at this now while we're going through in the summer as a rehearsal. member. Tale you. Ready issue though time we're. We're going to with three gallons of water we. Early Yeah. We're going to really put a push on our show because me and the crew was talking about it, we go to. We're going to do early voting. We go to get registered. We are going to show them. That we respect love honor and know the power of our vote. Just like everybody else does at Election Time That's right. Steve and that's IT I gap though. Oh Yeah Yeah. We've got gotta do it. We have to New York. Virginia and Kentucky. We're counting show. Get your water and get you some pins? Extra. Thought you say ask? We my will August summer, sausage and cheese. To a coup, saying could. Take a grill up here then. Got You some grapes or whatever? boombox yes? Yes. Yes hate that out. Be prepared to be there for a while because they're closing polls where you normally vote. Like thirteen and fourteen hundred. They got him down to two hundred. So this set to make you stay alone long time they you'll get discouraged we. That ended up. Itself should let you know how important your vote is trying hard when you play for you not to vote or not to be able to vote, that's how important it is definitely a big. Court bring a flat screen. I'll. See how voting? Here we down to. Steve talked about this earlier in his show. You know he mentoring weekend was outstanding to Harvey. Foundation Cheryl Mentoring Camp -solutely and Steve. You did a message to the boys. Just like your closing message to some of the kids. They were on zoom. Some of the young men and I just wanted. To. Say just you know we're all family we work with you. You're doing God's work and we're so proud of you man, thank. You. So you know these boys. They just need. Someone to talk it over with. These young men. I'm telling you, MANTECA did. Tommy could get all the French J. all the Fred's. I would love to do it to to to do to help with this program. I got a lot of cues, but I need everybody's help. I need campus. Anita offers a need to signals. Because man we, we can help so many young men who want somebody older to talk to Manny's dues is just Mr Harvey. Do you know somebody I could talk to? Now, I got to stop 'cause I can't have a kid one. How somebody talk to Indian tell him I ain't got time for that. So I have to stop man I'm into a lot of these kids personally and so. But now I'm not saying that in a way that I'm the only one oh God. Believe me. I'm not I. Got Frat brothers and stepped up a lot of military men who stepped up to come to the camp louder volunteers. It was a kid over my house yesterday for Father's Day who I met at the camp My son in law became his mental. He is now taken insurance exam. Pass the extremists. Exam has now qualify been served shores with all. Accompany came into the name and now has qualified to open his own office. Wow! Out. And I'm. Just, watching this kid grow, he was at my house yesterday. I can't tell you how many kids text me happy. Father's Day to the father I never had mouse show. Appreciate you, man. I mean I I got sixty two texts yesterday from boys. JUST FROM BOYS WOW Steve. I just I can't get over a father. Trying to get his son to do some drugs, so he can get. The money I don't get this. Yes, even sell. Earlier. Stories up here it was a lot of situations man. That's why these boys need help. They need mentors. Give Up. No money may just tell I cannot. What did you say? For All Steve Contests, no purchase necessary void where prohibited participants must be legal US residents at least eighteen years old, unless otherwise stated for complete contest rules visit Steve Harvey FM DOT COM. You're listening to drain. Harvey Morning Show. Hey Fam- Jada Pinkett Smith here, bringing your faded red table, talk episodes to podcast I. Want to introduce you to two of the most important women in my life. My Mom Gammy, she's really old school I. Never wanted you to be in that situation. Not Date will at all, and then we have my daughter Willow. I'M GONNA. Be like way. Ancestors interest do what I need to do June. The twenty third listen to Red Table Talk podcasts presented by facebook and west of audio on the iheartradio APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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Judge Carrying the Yankees, Starting Rotation Problems & 7-inning Doubleheaders

The Bronx Pinstripes Show - Yankees MLB Podcast

1:14:55 hr | Last month

Judge Carrying the Yankees, Starting Rotation Problems & 7-inning Doubleheaders

"We are breaking down all aspects of Yankee Baseball. This is the Bronx Pinstripe show with your host age Rotundi and Scott Ryan. Let's go. What's up everyone? Welcome to the Bronx Pinstripe show episode four, hundred, Sixty, two, today, we're brought to you by deal dash go check them out use Promo Code Bronx Twenty and you get one hundred free bids. Now that's a damn good deal Scott Yankees best team in baseball. Amongst let's. There's baseball happening and right now they're the best team in baseball. Best. Best. Offense in baseball and Garrett Cole. The team I ever Yankees Fan was mentally prepared for that as we were entering twenty twenty. Pretty, close to the bullpens been pretty good to actually. So I think that the team itself, there's really just one one area that's that's been that's been dragging but that's okay because you know what Aaron Judge, the Best Baseball player on the face of this planet right now, the guy's unconscious cannot cannot miss cannot miss a baseball let alone. Not hit a home run he can't miss a baseball there's been so era judge since two thousand and two, thousand, seventeen he was a top three baseball player in the league yet across any metric kind of you. Search for high and low Aaron. Judge was there whether it was war WRC plus or traditional home runs RBI's etc he didn't win the MVP did win the rookie of the year. I'm not going to rehash all that stuff people are still bought heard about it just get over it but two, thousand, eighteen, two, thousand, nineteen judge battling through injuries he missed some time, but he was still valuable and I feel like Yankees fans. Were like well, he's still good because look at is look what he's doing in the field. He's providing defensive value and when you add it all up, it's still a solid season but we haven't seen this version of Aaron judge where every time he steps to the plate, the other pitcher soils himself and the balls about two, four, hundred and fifty five feet. We haven't seen that version of Aaron judge since two, thousand, seventeen. This is this is it feels like the two thousand, Sixteen version of Gary. Sanchez or you walk up to the box and you're just expecting. A ball that's completely barreled up perfectly and is going to be hit one hundred miles an hour off the bat the you just expect that at this point he's putting. He's definitely putting the fear. Of God, these guys if you miss with a fastball, you're done that's it. You're done. Don't put fastball over the plate for judge even at a remote time that he's potentially thinking about that because it's going to be hit to the moon and right now there are way too many pitchers missing their spots and and and frankly just putting fastballs over the play and he's making every single one of them pay for it and I love it because now you know he's that. Again. We've always been concerned about his health more because he's just stop being able to prove that he could stay on the field. There's a lot. There's a lot of time left even though we're in a short season but on the field when he's healthy. I think we're seeing similar attributes to what Santa looks like when these guys are healthy and on the field. They're you know the best tandem and just unbelievably lethal headers? Yeah and it's fair to say well, he still has to stay healthy because in reality it is only eight game so far, and we don't know if he's going to make it through the sixty game schedule nevermind one hundred and sixty game schedule in a normal season. But right now what we're watching and it is a lot of fun it's it's like you said, it was kind of like that Gary is two thousand sixteen where you're just like, okay. How many? How many hitters until Gary? Sanchez. Up How many hitters until? US up again, you start to sense it when his he's like in in in double on deck when he's in the whole, you're like, okay. Well, STU pitchers already I in that because he doesn't want to have to face judge right now with the way he's swinging but guess what the beautiful part about this entire thing is that Dj's in front of him Dj Lemay one of the best pure hitters in baseball right now is, is the guy in front of him so you you can't just. Try to either pitch around the guy behind him. You can't like just attack him because he's not going to take anything. You know that he's not supposed to. He's not going to do more than he should dj I'm talking about before judges up. He's just going to get on base and detail slap the ball to the right field just put the ball in play and get on base. That's that's the he has the ability to do that. So he's actually a perfect person. Perfect better to have up right before him in the lineup, and then you have when when Stanton's hot when you have a guy like stanton who's hot still and he's still smoking the ball grumble ball up the middle yesterday that was hit over a hundred miles off the bat just positioned well by the defense, but the guy is. Is. Protected and he's got someone in front of Him who can get on base well, yeah I think we need Glare Torres to start hitting because that's sort of something that even an any hate a rod but he actually did make a couple of good points last night on the broadcast that wire the red sox pitching Aaron judge. In those situations gleyber Torres is completely lost at the plate right now and Aaron judge probably the hottest hitter in baseball. What are you doing messing around because you're putting yourself in a position now of of just complete danger if you're if you're trying to work around will make you judge and your or just judge and you're getting you're not worrying Stanton Dj was already on base and I think but. You're putting onto two more two baserunners for glacier. Torres. Who you know any second it's GonNa Click. Got More damage behind him. So it's a, it's a tough pill the swallow if you're if you're a pitcher or an opposing manager trying to strategize around that especially or even if Labor is not off to the great start. True. But also buck showalter walks barry bonds with the bases loaded because Barry, bonds was that good. there. Yet. Berry also didn't have these guys around him. He didn't have. To win. Jeff. Jeff CADs, a hall of Famer Borderline. Did he make no clue make it I know he was damn close if he didn't. His numbers. I know he stole I know stolen MVP from Barry Bonds Yeah I. mean the thing is is that there's so much protection around him right now that you can't really do that. Yeah, and. The lineup Boston's pitching his garbage get dim their bet there. So freaking bad I. I'm I'm shocked they rolled out with these guys and I know sale was is injured and Rodriguez he's not gonNA. They put him out for the season which was you know. As I'm looking through my Lens, the very smart move but the. You can't walk into the season expecting anything from sale they essentially walked into the season with. Nathan polity and and Rodriguez. I'll give him that as the planes go but there was nothing there should expect anything from sale. We knew he wasn't going to pitch it long if he did it at all. Yeah, it's like even see Barnes Barnes has good stuff in the bullpen last night, but he hangs a slider to judge in it. It's hit to the bleachers. But you make one mistake and that's sort of how the game is right now you make one mistake to good hitters and it's it's out of the Ballpark we saw going both ways. Black cocaine makes two mistakes I thought Mike King was actually pretty solid last night except for the two mistakes, he made one to Bogart's one to diverse and the balls were crushed Y- that lively was demolished. Luckily, nobody on base in it didn't it didn't end up killing him but this line of break now never feels like it's out of it and it's I'm happy. That who was it that that broke the streak with the Double Rbi Sanchez Gio forget who was hitting I last night but there was a streak of twenty consecutive runs via the Home Yeah Double Gary Sanchez drove in a run with a double. Right. So he broke that streak of twenty consecutive runs via the home run and I feel silly complaining about it but at the same time. It wouldn't be you know, but also aren't you a little like annoyed by that like I kind of 'cause they're leaving runners on base. We saw it with voight in the second inning I. Think it was the third inning bases loaded and he's up there swinging out of his shoes any strikes out as we see them fair weather actually going back and trying to hit home runs I mean they actually talked about this last night it was had a couple of pretty decent conversations actually, which is very surprising on air but that ball that stanton hit up the middle that's that was a single every single day every single year anytime baseball has ever been played I don't care what decade. You're in doesn't matter what level of baseball you're in Bay set every single time. If you had a ball hundred miles an hour off the bat directly up the middle through the pitchers likes to base hit into center field every time, and in this particular instance, it was not it was a a ground ball that was fielded. It was a good play because it was hits very hard, but it was fielded and he was thrown out and that is why they have changed their their mentality and a lot of ways the ground ball is very difficult to get through. It's harder than it ever has been to get ground ball through for a base it. So they up the launch angle they. For the fences a little bit more because when the balls in the air especially now, what we know about this ball, it's going further than than it had in the past and these guys can hit it pretty hard. So guess so they're trying to do that. So it doesn't bother me as much anymore we've we've had this conversation a thousand times do I think it's a better product on the field when balls are getting hit for doubles around the and we got guys running yeah. Do I think it's a better product. It's more exciting. It's fun you sprinkle in the home run ball with with all the other. Action yes I love that type of baseball but I I'm starting to get to the point where I don't blame them for for you know looking at what the nerds of presented them and saying, Hey, you can either do this or you could roll the dice with you know every Joe Madden copycat out there trying to steal your base hits or you could get the ball in the air because the ball's going an extra fifteen feet and try to hit home runs. Yeah. Now I get I know I know exactly why it's happening and when you have luke void at the plate yeah, I guess maybe that is. The right strategy to maximize your odds scoring the most runs is have luke void up there swinging as hard as he can. But it's great that they have a couple of guys in the line up at least Dj Lemay who as an example where you can't shift and he had two hits to the right side last night one of them. to score the tying run after talk men's store I it was. That eighth-inning grows was beautiful talk and get on with a walk to out walk. He steals a base which is smart because if he gets thrown out well, then you have Lemay Hugh and judge to lead off the ninth inning but he doesn't get thrown out. He's actually a sneaky good base. Do I was going to say that this week I've been watching the the leads that he's been taken off first base to there was a ball that I think was fouled. Off yesterday not yesterday on Saturday and I'm he easily have the backstory you can just see the corner. Yeah. Huge jump. He's he's definitely agree with you. I. Didn't realize how and if you notice trying to get him into the game and at bats as much as possible like last, he came in for Andrew hard defense who mid nero in left field like did we really need to send do hard to left field to know he can't feel the ground ball. It's fine. So he comes in but he gets an at bat late in the game and Boone's trying to get him into the lineup as much as possible because he hasn't had the reps and he hasn't been able to get into any kind of a groove that at all. But he steals lemay who singles judge has bombs. It was a great eighth-inning but. My I don't even know where I was going with that, but you're talking about the excitement that. I'm just I'm just you know I was I get a little annoyed that they were only scoring via the homerun get it. It's a strategy to maximize runs against the Baltimore Orioles who have shitty pitching and against the Red Sox who have shittier pitching if you can believe it or not over the course of a season whether it's sixty, one, hundred, sixty, two. Games you're going to maximize your eyes you're going to score a boatload runs. You'RE GONNA, win a boatload of games but then when you distill it down into the most important games against the best pitching in October, I don't know if that strategy is going to work. We have not seen it work for the Yankees. The last few years that's all I'm saying. Now I mean it's it's completely valid I. Think it's kind of the basis of the point is that when you get once you get into the competition, once you get guys who understand what you're doing as well and can effectively. Combat that with really good stuff and good location and just. Good pitch selection from catcher to pitcher in in big situations then yes, it's. It becomes a much more difficult thing to do So, yeah it's it's it's valid for sure and and but it also makes sense on the other side too. So you know I I don't, and this has been the Mo for as long as we can remember, it's been this has been the Mo for a very long time for even before all these kids came up like this is where it started trending when the when some of our veterans started to get older when the when the JEETER's the the class of jeeter started to get older and trend into you know their their later thirties. This is what we started to see. We started to see some of those guys just start trying to launch the ball not jeeter. But a lot of them tried to just pick it up and get the ball in the air. So I mean, Shero once he realized that his three hundred batting average was impossible with the. and. He is now a two to thirty to forty hitter and short porch right? Batting average does not matter Andrew. So and the Yankees are everyone the best team in baseball they have the best record in baseball in my opinion despite some things not working like the rotation other than Garrett. Cole has been bad and it's been good. Just one time out but he was good Montgomery was out was good in the I i. liked how he got out of jams with a couple double plays two of them on the ground one of them. Thanks to Aaron Judge's cannon and right field but and and stupid base running don't. Super Bass by far. Like, Paxton has been the glaring weakness in the rotation. I'm not I'm not even gonNA include really Tanaka because he's just getting work at this point they he'd been he was essentially opener on right on in his first time out on Saturday but Paxton he's supposed to be the number two. Right he was. Arena Paxton's the guy he was supposed to be the backup to Garrett Cole One two Punch Garrett Cole Jams Paxton. And he's throwing ninety miles an hour demand here. Healthy. There's something going on, but you know the Yankees they're they're as bad as they are with injuries they're careful with injuries and if a guy is feel anything. A Paxton as anything. then. He's not going out there to the mound and he's out there to the mount twice now, and he's saying my mechanics aren't right his body language. Awful. He can't top ninety three miles an hour when he supposed to be a ninety, seven, ninety, six, mile an hour guy, he looks. Terrible terrible when you're when you're mechanics aren't right and you're your vocally admitting that your mechanics aren't right to me. That's that's part of the reason. Why you get to that point is one you either have a you're starting to fast right like we have definitely started faster than would normally because of the whole Corona But at the same time, he's coming off of an injury. He's he's either he stiff. You could see him like even after a pitch that didn't work like you see him on the mound like doing the motion of a follow through with his body completely going through the pitch but his body's not going through like it's not you know he's not finishing the pitches like he wants to. That was kind of the body language that I saw with him doing the the motions that he's doing and. If there's tightness in that hip. If there's just general tightness in your body because you're not there yet one kind of on him to to not get to that point like I. I. Don't know if the injury just complete set you back that far where you're not able to Rehab. We had a good amount of time to do it I know that. Back some of those. Yes. Yes but a lot. I, think a lot of that stiffness is gonNA come from lower back hip area. Just, the rotation, the rotation of that where you get all of your power to it makes sense because if the if the speed isn't there the loss there, he's not getting the same push I would assume from his lower half. So to me that just either is like a guy that's fatiguing because he's not prepared for the season he's just not in shape. Or there's stiffness because of all of these things. Yeah. So what do you do with them? Do you do you try to just take him out of the rotation for one time through? Have them do a bullpen session try and get get his mechanics because it's not like you can't you can't the ride just just banned it with the rosters expanded you gotTa keep going unless there's unless there's an injury that. You could point on the that's that is that is basically not allowing him to do the things that he needs to do if there's something that is holding him back on injury, then you can make an you can do something but if it's not if it's just him not feeling good or not getting the full mechanics, all of these things he's got to work through and you've got to work through a man. Dick Advantage of the of the the extent of the the bigger roster size. Get bigger Rosser size and you know let him work through it and whether he's you know a quote opener and Michael King is ready to go on that day every time for the next couple of rotations until he can get his body. Right. So there's not much you can do got to kind of try to get as much as you possibly can on him, but he's got to be right for this team to move forward absolutely ed but I was going to say there's no minor league game. You can get him some work in because there's no minor leagues happening. So it's you have to work it. Out at the major league level, there's no choice that's the they you gotta take advantage of these expanded rosters. You have guys who could stretch who are stretched out who can go multiple innings, and if you've got to combine on a day that he's not feeling it and you see that in hopefully that you know each time, it's it becomes less but you know have a guy like Michael King ready no Clark Schmitz waiting in the wings ready to go. So Paxton last year he had the first inning troubles and we kind of talked about how maybe he's just one of these pitchers that isn't on. Doesn't have as mechanics doesn't have what he needs in the first inning. He's not ready for the game like a lot of power pitchers over the years have had that before, and then he seemingly would settle into the game. That's not the case now though because he's not finding it, he's able to find whatever it is in the second and third innings. He. had a different pitcher right now he's doing ninety, two, ninety, three miles an hour when he's ninety, six, ninety, seven guy that can flash that makes it very different look for the batter at that point and now you're you're you're you're you know dinking over ninety ninety, one, ninety, two, ninety, three, ninety, four it's not the same you now you are a very different pitcher. And then all of a sudden, you get fly balls into center. Right Center field that are just not caught because looked Hicks look terrible it's almost like he was hungover we hung. Scared a wall or. He wasn't getting close to the warning track like the warning track was actually a warning for him and he stopped. I, don't know like Paxton had every right to be. Confused as to why not all wasn't wasn caught but did you hear buster only talking about how? He said he was like I've talked to outfielders. They're saying how much of a difference it is for them because there's no action around them there's no crowd and they're used to being able to engage and between pitches with fans in the stands you turn around you see what's going on in stands you give a little head nod and now they're just out there picking picking daisies out in right field route, centerfield. Yeah, I heard him. Oh, so what we're bored now are saying. Our attention to use our attentions were not our attention is heightened because of the fact that there's no fans in the crowd, you can't like hear people talking Shit you you need that will now maybe I'm in the digital fans on the Fox broadcasts on Saturday looked terrible. But maybe we need digital digital fans in the stadium for Aaron Hicks. So focused man of the People Aaron Judge Even through the digital fancy ball after he got hit a ball to hit him a couple balls though Tema ball those are those are atrocious. They're weird man I hate him. because. The cardboard is doing something different. They're doing something very different on if you watch of the NBA game set though I, I turned down a little bit yesterday but it just it's like it's basically just like they blacked out around it and like I digital fans, Dera Digital Fan. So you'll do if you pan up, it's Kinda like the Cameron crazies you know how they have everything darkening They have the lights really low and then on the on the bottom area that you can see the fans. At the Duke Basketball Arena anyway, they have fancier but their actual fans really people who who, like sign up to be digital fans and they're like sitting there and their faces are on like holograms. Bring them in. So it's a little different. It's like engaging the fan base whereas. Baseball. Fox's like let's go full video game and bring in the video game oceans and fans, and except it's worse because at least in the video games, you get reactions. If there's a ball hit to the stands, there's no reaction from these things they're just doing general movements. Yeah. And raised here rich. Red Sox fans rich sent out a tweet got to make this little more realistic. There's no selfies of people taking people taking selfies with a chicken bucket. I was like, yeah. There they need to turn the loitering setting way up way too many people in their seats. One walking around the new Yankee Stadium. Standing. And no standing stoppings a thing of the past, oh? Yeah. Yeah it's it's. It's one of those things it's like I like it but at the same time, it's annoying. But the. What I was saying is a for the at least for the rotation. So Paxton's been terrible Tanaka is trying to get up to speed essentially and HAP. Again, it depends on where he left off last year HAP happens. One of these guys you can't I don't know if he can live in today's game I don't know if Jay hat can existing today's game. It Baltimore cranks to to run shots off you. One of which on my off the bat, that's shouldn't even be a home run, but it is you have to buffer in the ball. And I just don't know if they can live in a juice ball launch angle era I don't think he's equipped to do it. It's completely valid because one he pitches up in the zone. That's what he's done for a long time. Those fly ball outs longtime. He's done that and those balls just sailing out and he just he's pressing and. It's it's totally valid. He not getting any younger. He's not getting any craftier with his pitches at this point. He's just he's. He's really going through the motions out there and it's unfortunate. For us really really good that. The the the option hasn't hit because I think that that's going to be a battle on the off season and battle that he's not GonNa win it's not going to be good for him. It's not gonNA, end up. Well, do you remember at the beginning of last year? We were saying like, well, why don't really matter I made him a bold prediction of. Why did that definitely choked? We're going to get an update on our bold predictions later in the show but do remember at the beginning last year when we were like trying to figure out why is Jay struggling so badly, his spin rates pretty much the same velocities pretty much the same. Why why is he just getting hit harder sobowale? The ball. If we blow you, we didn't know yet at that point the ball was juiced. It was like May when we were talking about this but I really think it's the ball with Jay hat I think okay. There's probably an element of the ball. There's no doubt. The we've seen the the statistics of balls flying out that being said our conversation from earlier about how these guys have just changed the way that they hit the ball changed what they swing with the launch angle I. also think that there are just more guys now. Playing that game playing that fly ball game and and there's more guys doing it at a higher level. And doing it with more consistency and you can. Get in that through zone on the same plane and just. teed off on the ball. So I think that his style of pitching in today's game right now it's just a bad fit period. You know even if the ball wasn't used I still think he's numbers would probably be because of every year you're seeing more and more guys the launch angle, but maybe he'd be serviceable. It's there's there's a couple of things who work at against him here. It's not only the ball, the ball, but I think it's the ball because then also you're seeing more and more of the batter's trending in that direction, and at this point, you know that's that's been a full blown transition at this point right like. Practically, everybody is swinging. With with the launch angle in mind at this point. whereas. I think it's like it was a trend going into the game and I, think we're fully fully fully here now with a lot of one through nine batters and luckily the Yankees have found the pitching depth, the bullpen despite cain lease injury, they found the pitching depth to back up these poor starts whether it's king. Elisa. Nick Nelson Okay locating Nelson phenomenal and David Hale close that game out they David Hale High Ninety two. Now, they really got away with that. What on Saturday night yeah. That's why they found the pitching depth to to get through these games. I just think there's going to need to be another start. Maybe it's Montgomery Right Mitzvah gummer. Maybe summary is looks like the real deal and now the velocity up, he just looks really good man. He looks poised I love the way that he that he that he could actual pitcher he's not just the thrower he is pitcher. Fun To watch yeah and until Tanaka can work his pitch count back up to where he can be a five to six six inning pitcher But again, with Tanaka, he's like we saw it on in his couple innings that. He still soft. Soft stuff and get swings and misses. But at the same time, he makes a mistake and it goes off the wall. But BOGART's has a missile off the wall on the one mistake slider I saw him make it's like it was hit for a rocket. So that's still what Tanakh is living with as far as his stuff goes right now. Well I mean I. Don't think we were expecting him to increases Tanaka increasing velocity I think that's that's a guy that we I'm not. I'm not saying that we know what he is. But people that's why I that's what he's a five hundred pitcher also don't get. No remember. That's why Tanaka in the regular season has been an average pitcher. He has stepped up in the postseason. There's no if ands or buts about that like, yes he's stepped up in big moments and that's great. But in the regular season, he's an average pitcher. So I mean find the do you do you think that we're feeling Matt Blake? Or Mark Bailey or whatever his name is I think do you think there were feeling has effect all with some of the guys that are working like David Hale's velocity is up Jordan Montgomery's velocity giving map lake too much credit. If you could say that he can just I'm just I'm asking a question I'm just asking you can't just boost velocity on a pitcher they did mention coach they didn't Houston no, they did spin rate. A day boosted the velocity by by increasing the spend, right? Yes. That's my point I'm not saying like did I'm not saying map lake when like supercharge the arm and said, boo, you have velocity. Now he made maybe he made some certain tweaks that they saw spin right being one where now they're throwing the ball with different maybe the grips a little different. Maybe the you know things are a little different. Now, we're seeing a little bit more philosophy David Hale Ninety six, ninety, six miles an hour. What see I think these bullpen guys they were always able to do that at first short sprint like you throw anyone in the bullpen nowadays in baseball there throwing ninety five to ninety, seven miles an hour David. Hale wasn't. I don't know what his philosophy was last year, but I would venture to guess it was close. So you're saying that because of the shortened season, these guys are ramping up the veloce. No, not the shortened season I think is just the nature of being bullpen guy. They're ready to throw higher yet they're instructed. You throw as hard as you can for twenty five pitches. That is how we are going to maximize your value. Your value to us is maks effort for twenty-five pitches. I guess Max Max efficiency though I would argue that these whatever it is to maximize the cool nerds want to see Max efficiency rather than Matt. Whatever the Buzzword is in twenty twenty. Yeah that's it. It's maximize your abilities for twenty five pitches instead of sustaining it for a hundred no-one sustaining for hundred anymore except doesn't change. Garrett. Cole. Or something unless. A guy is throwing. David. Hale was I think he was like ninety, two, ninety, three last year. Look it up. I. It takes on you don't know how to look it up on the. Computer it's going to. The, but he's definitely increased. I'm not saying anything it's something to look at it. I. Think we can. We can keep an eye on it because that is that is one of the things that that map lake was going to be doing. He's going to be tweaking some other mechanics or the way that guy's work because of certain numbers and he's just a lot more into the technology side but the but the fun cooled nerd technology side that I like which is the the the side that actually will make you a physically better player. They're looking at everything you're doing kind of like who are they talking about last night? Oh, they were talking about Jd Martinez Poor G Martinez can't get that live video and. Oh, I feel so bad for these guys to go get the live video. And look back like every. Talking, about bay set up the middle were that was a hit and a single every decade no matter what every single baseball player ever how many guys are have the ability to look at video in game to change like are we really going to cry about that? Is that the reason you're struggling because you don't have your in game video. Over it may be that in game video was telling them that to to curve ball was coming I'm just saying that's should be gone because that's it just felt last night I was like I felt so much better when they said he didn't have it and then we saw what he was doing I'm like, okay you know what that feels much better that feels much better than him watching the strikeout that he you know in the third inning so that he can make a better swing in the sixth inning. Watching it and breaking it down and slow Mo. maybe it's good for details. Dirty man maybe the lack of of live video and lack of in game information is actually good for the Yankees it just dumb it down and go out there and yet because our talent is better than us, I'll take our talent over any team on the MLB US and the dodgers I'd say offensively. So as good as of week the Yankees had I. do think Boone had had some. Bad decisions although they didn't really cost them this week so you can say, well, it didn't cost him in the win column how bad were they but leaving the wiser in for the eighth inning back on Thursday in Baltimore thought was a mistake he comes out after the rain delay low does and he tries to extend them. I didn't understand that decision. It didn't matter judge ends up hitting the go ahead home run in the in the ninth inning and then on Friday. He ended up burning Britain even though Britain didn't pitch on Friday because he warmed up twice. which made him unavailable for the game on Saturday when we were all wondering why the Hell is David Hale out there trying to close out a game against the Red Sox when you have Britain who didn't pitch yesterday well, technically, he did pitch yesterday because he too many be whips and then. And then on Sunday I thought he left Michael King into long king comes in and settles the game down after after Paxton do you think king should have been there for fourth inning of work? We sell the so last time king pitched why are you trying to get an extra inning out of them? He pitched three good innings. He gave up one run three innings of one run bowl is fine out of your middle. Reliever. For sure get greedy with it and wanted to get obviously another eating out of this. and. It hurts narrative and I would be mad to if those hurts by narrative and it hurts the Yankees because they had arrested out of you know arrested Chad Green and arrested Britain how do you not go with those guys? They wanted to see the Swiss army knife. How he how he could change how he could change his mentality different entities. There's different. We WanNA see. We WanNa see what I'm doing the army knife with my finger and a and a sound motion for those listening at home are there needs to be better Swiss army knife gifts on twitter. The I saw the one, it's pretty. Standard is only one DM you just need to make that into a Gif we'll make screen shot and do a gift and Ski Look I should've gone out there i. I'm not one to look at the. I don't know at this point in the season when you're looking at at a guy you, she's trying to test them in some ways. This didn't feel like a good spot to do that after throwing three innings. Especially with the devils. Denver's and BOGART's coming up like these guys. I mean, both of those guys are. Top talent hitters in the league like you don't mess around with those guys right I mean he makes one mistake to Bogart's it goes into the bleachers. He makes the one mistake to diverse that thing brought the rain it was hit so high. Yeah I think it I think it actually you know was was hit into two of into to five beyond it into the little gap where the where everybody gets the concessions and went all the way to hit the Heineken Tab I think it was It was a missile and should not have he should not have been in the game I agree with you. But let's hope Boone. You can get these mistakes out early. So the bullpen warm-up issue I think is a very fair criticism because I was arguing people on twitter they were like, Oh, well, he warmed up too much. So he's not available. That's a valid excuse. That's that's fair criticism you don't okay if you know. If I wore up Britain for a second time on Friday night he's not going to be available for Saturday's game. You put him in Friday's game. He's lost for Saturday regardless whether he pitches Friday in the game or not he's lost for Saturday. So why would you not put him in the game on Friday? It's I. Don't it's bad management bad wolf image. We criticize Girardi for for the reason. This is arm was falling off his shoulder. Every September is because he threw a billion warmup pitches in the bullpen between April and August. That is part of bullpen management. That's why I came up. That's how we that's others. Acronym was born the e webs lower case be upper case. W PS PIA upper case. On the no I think I think I. Think I might try and get Barsky from fan grass back on the podcast and I need to pitch be whips to him. I think he do too I think he tried at one point I don't remember if it was I. think he knows Trello That's right. I. Feel like Szymborska will be more receptive to it I. Think you're I think you should get him on the podcast purely for this reason one motivation lick we'll talk some baseball really start to get. Pass into the nerd community on if I mean I'm sure it's something that the nerds track though. No If I. IF I could be if I could be part of something and behind something and cosign something that that gets into the nerd community on that side of things. I. Would be very happy about this I feel like I would infiltrate that community in a way that they would not be happy. It's like it's so. That's Trojan horse. That's what Bill Burr said about being in the star wars show he's like I'm just the comedian out here who likes to watch sports infiltrated the nerds of Star Wars Yeah I show up at comic con and I'm like Hey That'd be. Pretty. Much. Just trying to get in the. Trojan horse my way inside there. So we could blow it up but yeah no, it's a real thing and it is a real thing because if you're not tracking that in managing it and understanding what those are. Those a even if they're not at one hundred percent, you know Max effort in the bullpen you're still getting call it eighty to ninety percent fine. You 'cause you're not in the in game you know with game You know whenever the situation is on the line. I understand that the full effort there, but it still effort. So our motion is so you're getting warmed up, you're getting hot you're getting the game. And then you're settling down especially for Britain's. Case when you're when you're up twice your cooling down and then you back up again like that's a big deal. Do you remember what Trevor Bauer he was over the weekend he was talking about this on twitter about how they called one of the Games like very late. Yeah. Yeah yeah, but this is a great. Great time to talk about that because these guys are getting up there getting hot, they're getting into a point where their body is ready to go compete with other professional athletes on a national stage. The highest level you could possibly play this sport and these guys are calling it a game eight minutes before the game after these guys are all ready to. Go what happens with with the starting pitcher at that Anakin he's lost. He's lost it. That's a big deal so and not having confirmed. This is a thing by saying Britain's not available on Saturday because he warmed up too much on Friday. So it's obviously thing that they consider yes. Of course it is you're moving your arm in a way that's not natural. And and very violent, and it's great that the Yankees won all those games. It's like well, scoreboard maybe they won so so couldn't have heard him that much. Well, it's the red sox in May stink like shit it's just there's that it's pretty funny. Like. Give up another one. Let's get back. Back the next inning. But. We're GONNA see Tampa later next weekend for four games four games and three days. A Tampa struggling they got swept by Baltimore. So maybe this ruins, my argument politics, the second best team in the division. Bite Wolf I'm assuming Tampa is going to turn it around because they're pitching his good and healing others pit known as urging his good. Maybe Murray just GonNa see all offense we said. Worker privacy good pitching to start the season because the offense hasn't clicked yet they need to get their timing right summer camps not going to do it for them. We've seen the opposite. It's been all offense not just with the Yankees across the League offense I said that it we would see We see some teams that could put bat to ball be the ones that were you know be taking advantage of things they were talking about last night most the most home runs the most runs scored so far this year in the beginning of any quote season even though we're starting in July but also the the most strikeouts. So the two things here, the the the batter's definitely warmed up and to they're definitely all swinging for the fences. 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I think one of the also reasons we're seeing that some of the you know that the numbers are up offensively is, is that the pitchers while maybe there? You know some of the some of the starting pitcher stuff is they're seeing the duration. We're not seeing the length I think from a lot of these guys. So we're actually seeing a lot and because of the Rosser expanded something, I didn't consider the amount of relievers that we're seeing also in the game a lot more relievers in the game because of well the. Bodies, are there one So I think managers are taking advantage of that just while they're guys are are wrapping up and at that point when you start getting relievers in there, then then you know the guys at the plate or better than the relievers for the most part for the for the vast majority of the pictures that are coming out of the bullpen so. There's a couple of inspirations didn't they expand the thirty man roster? Meaning, the extended, the thirty man roster. It was only going to be for the first two weeks of the season but I think they extended it. I. Think because they just want to have more bodies and that's also the reason they say why they're going to do the seven inning doubleheaders like we saw the first one yesterday the reds game. They're saying well, just to to save pitchers in a condensed schedule, we want to do seven doubleheaders and. Yeah I think they're gonNa just cycle through as many are. But that that means more strikeouts like you said because the there's more pictures coming thrown gas. Well also yeah. But that's not even it. There's a lot more middle relievers also when you start getting to the thirty. Know the twenty, seven, twenty, eight, twenty, nine, thirty in your Rosser. You're not getting the guys that are throwing gas with. Max Efficiency as we were talking before to use the Buzzword you're not getting the guys that are going to wipe you out. You're getting the the David Hale's of the world and unless you. Five miles hard your fastball then you're in trouble. And that's good segue into Tommy keenly who's going to be out for the season he's. Headed for surgery the last we saw him pitch with Sunday in Washington and he was he looked filthy in wash. So good. Yeah. Such a shame. He literally threw his arm out that day I. Guess a that change up when you throw the change. As hard as you possibly to our changes man, it's a it's a damn shame because he looked really good like we you know we were talking about the change your kind of drooling over just because it's such a filthy pitch and when you see a guy throwing his heart disease and then and then it comes out of the a hand still still a fastball for most people but but not it's definitely a tickle Kenana can Paxton get his change of philosophy seriously We just passed that along now but It's a shame. It's a shame yet wanted to see a full a full short season of Tommy Lee because he's a weapon definite weapon out there man and that's that's definitely a hit to the bullpen. So he was fourth or fifth depth piece assuming coverted assuming Chapman's coming back from Cova Chapman, Britain Green Auto. Vino. Cain that's misleading though that's misleading because some of these guys have very specific innings you're not seeing Britain probably before. Don't use them all on the same day. So you're right Cain leads the third guy any given night because you don't use them all on the same day just for this purpose of this discussion who steps up into keenly spot is what my question is going to be is it going to be Hale who is author? Ninety seven Nick Nelson looked really good. But he is more of like a along guy this seems like they're going to use king for China stretch him out trying to stretch out as a if opener situations or for Paxton. Paxton gets crushed again. Look that's Elisa looked really good his stuff. So maybe he plays as a late inning guy, I would like to see them trans I would like to see them transition the Liza into that full-time Reliever Rolling Stop Dicken around with him stretched out and all these things. His stuff is so good that it plays to me for me much much better in the in the bullpen. Then does you know over five to six innings of work I just think he's got such an effective. He's got that high velocity fastball, the jumps. and. You know in the minor leagues this it's always perplexed perplexity when he's come up like he he's had some some control issues since he's been in the majors, the guy would did not walk anybody did not walk anybody in the minors like attack hitters obviously in the minors right and I think you get back to that mentality get back to that attacking when when you can when you can be in there for a knitting and you know what you're doing, you're getting into that. Tom McKinley row where you're just going all out. Let's go. You know chug some sparks or four loco I saw jj found a four logo for I. Don't know where he found that under. Is it an original with alcohol? Is it in his trunk? Like did he does he still own the same car from college and it's like in his trunk buried somewhere like in the spare tire I don't like you hit it from the cops one day and it's in a spare tire and therefore. You forgot. That I had. Nowhere, you get it otherwise, you buy it on Ebay. Because I had one in original with. Get arrested album sell four Loko across state lines on Ebay. Might. Get a slap on the wrist for that Mike arrested. Doubt, you'd get arrested might get arrested. While you're going to who you sell them to depends on Ebay. I thought the season was gonNA shut down at some point this weekend I. Really did I thought we thought this was going to be the breaking point once the cardinal started testing positive a couple members of the phillies staff started testing positive and there's reports that the union is talking to the to Manfred, about all we need to do a better job or else it's going to get shut down there postponing dozens of games. So I don't know how those all of those games are made up unless they do seven inning doubleheaders to make them all up or we just have an imbalance schedule but I really thought we were in fort this weekend. Yeah it was it was it seems. Like. It's it was close. They're obviously to make adjustments on the fly like this that we've been talking but there there definitely dedicated to getting the season in some way somehow like they're, they're really trying no matter what to get this thing in even if they have, you know cases like this or spurts like this pop up where you have a pretty much team decimated I mean and yesterday even there were more cardinals players coming up. So I I certainly don't think we're out of the woods I. Think this is going to be an ongoing thing for the entire season. It's just a matter of if they could actually it and then figure out the schedule in a way that makes. You have it makes sense for the end of the season for to to actually identify who the best player who the blessed teams are to be in the playoffs When half of your, what half of the League is going to the playoffs, it makes that task a little bit easier. I think but yeah. We're going to see how they roll this thing out man but I think that they're gonNA just continuously make further adjustments digs are gonna get more strict. I have a feeling in the near future Bergonzi everybody with masks on the on the field like I just think that's GonNa come. At some point or if you're the DUGOUT, you're a mask like I. Don't know why they're not doing that now honestly, like just do it just just well, apparently, they're going to increase protocols. Make sense I mean that's that's that's what's going to happen. They're going to be visual shit. You gave me ship for saying all the players are not following the protocols on the field but I. I said. That that's not what I said I, said DA no shit they're not. Of course they're not because that's always going to be. I'm not saying that there were bad to have them in place. No you should've been placed. They're not going to follow them though that referrals you're not gonNA enforce them don't have them. Look at all those other things that they're talking about Bob Geren on the. On the the broadcast talking to people coughing to. Moving his mask down to cough. On air like what are we doing? Just microcosm of you know how how Lucy's guys are, but they're gonNA have to. Visually where masks I think during the in the DUGOUT and when they're up up a up to the plate on first base. But the reality is we don't think anyone has gotten corona virus on the field or in the Dugout, its players going to a strip club or a reportedly cardinals went to a casino. So if the players are not going to be smart when they're not on the field. How are they ever going to get through a season? The players have the planet. That's the point if you're wearing if you wearing a mask on the field as well or you're doing it in the clubhouse then even if you're dumb, you're at least lowering the risk of transmission you're lowering the risk, but you're still maximizing your risk by going to a casino strip. Yeah. Yeah. Percents not a huge team to play. I'm not. I'm not saying that I understand these things are open in these states and it's a free country but if you're signing up to play Major League baseball this year. You, kind of have to bubble yourself in order to ensure that, you can go to work, get your paycheck and finish season. I'm honestly surprised that there's not more either as and we're just not hearing about it but more policing of this within the own within the teams themselves within the guys themselves in the clubhouse. Look. We're all doing this together like you know I I know that? The League is telling us what we can and can't do based on the protocols for health and safety. But at the same time, all of us in this room are still trying to win and want to play like we need to make a pact within like let's do this for us like dirt for your teammates, not for the League or whatever. Like we WANNA on the field we are damned good were if we don't play this year, we're losing another year of our of our peak physical ability to play baseball. Stop like let's glitz was do this for one another at some point I'm surprised that's not happening. Maybe it has maybe it's happening on the on the good teams but some of the Shittier teams were there's not much to play for these guys are a little more. Loose. I would I didn't think the cardinals were shooting team the cardinals I think that's that's probably an outlier to that argument. So commissioner man for it said I'm not a quitter to the season which I think is an odd response to this. It's like that's something you say if you're like, Oh, I'm going to finish the triathlon I'm not a quitter. This it's like. Well, let's just look at all the data and make smart decisions in do better protocols and etcetera but no, he's not a quitter. He's not a traitor he's a pushover, not a quitter bishop over trevor. Bauer went off on him on that tweet. He goes playbook one, take no risk yourself to blame everything on the players three protect TV revenue at all costs four repeat if you thought baseball was going to cancel they have their dream scenario. Now because Games are down player costs down postseason games are up and TV revenue is up. Is Right he's right nail hit the nail on the head with all of those at the same time. It's also the players being stupid for why they're their their yachts making. Having problems to there's a there's a double edged sword there. Absolutely. If you have players going to clubs and going to casinos and being dumb asses off the field, you're never going to make this work. Both sides, both sides want to always push claims that the other sides fury getting through the negotiations through all of this stuff when in fact, in reality, nobody's looking in the mirror and it wasn't takes arsenal responsibility take some personal responsibility here. Baseball players take some personal responsibility be smart on and off the field and don't get infected the best as you can I understand what? Putting yourself position to not get infected go into casino does not do that for you know the league ensure. To follow the protocols, enforce the protocols that you put in place if you have a game that is going to have an hour and a half rain delay at nine o'clock, maybe move the game up an hour and a half. So you don't have to do that and maximum and minimize your risk like I was talking about this for the Thursday Yankees game. Right they knew rain was coming in at nine PM. They left the game at seven PM start time. Why not move it up who who are you in inconveniencing to move it up the TV crew boohoo moved up. there. There there's usually a bunch of nonsense on these on these regional sports networks ahead of time like it's not like it's Programming that they can't shift right. And then you don't have your guys sitting in a clubhouse for an hour and a half. I just think meant for says, we need to be more fluid that's something they can be more fluid with proactively look at what the weather forecast is for the night listened to the experts whether always rocking a weatherman. Yeah. But if they say, oh, there's a high risk of rain at nine o'clock move the game up to five thirty or six. It's not that hard. It's really depends on. You can identify when that time is is you still have to get guys ready and they have to ramp up and you don't want to rush that either because then you're risking injury. So I understand when you get within a within A. Three to four hour timeframe like people have routines, people have things to do on a give maybe ration- there. You have to make the call it twelve that day or something, which is damn near impossible because whether people are Rana's everybody's in that pre game, I was listening to that pre-game Susan's talking about the weather in her APP in that pre. Of course she is. She's talking to she's looking at the she's looking at the at. It's very close to the against him. He called it at this point. You can look up and tell there's going to be good to be some kind of precipitation or or anything going on with the with the sky not twelve o'clock earlier that day. She loved it though she's she's point with that weather APP. What do you think talk national anthem I was just going to talk about this. I think Susan Waldman is a freaking Stud. I will fight people that say anything against her I. I don't care if if John and Susan or not your flavor, you better respect the living shit out of them John is all the man he. And and Susan Waldman is a is a is an older woman who is still doing extremely extremely high professional things on the Mike Calling Games. He's been doing for a long time and my God can she sing? She still got the rumble underneath out voice I love it. You could still hear the Susan Waldman rumble that that is that just hits you to your core. So Stud, Leeann obviously knows who John and Susan are because we'll listen in the car and stuff and she gets you guys have big heads on your wall. They're not on my wine and I don't know where John Is. He got stolen too many times. Susan's in the apartment somewhere but she will always kind of you know. I Love Susan and John I do. But I also get a kick out of them and I'm not afraid to mention when I'm getting a kick out of them and so I'll always like impersonates John Whenever are in the car and stuff like that and I'll impersonate Susan. So she kind of only knows them through me as characters and then I told her Susan Waldman was singing the national anthem. She was dumbfounded. She's like, no what are you talking about? That's not possible. You don't know that. Though. Yes I don't know this season what am I could sing and you see it you're like. That was the first time I saw the one where she was seeing it back in the day back in and you told me about earlier I should have. Forgotten at Fenway Park. Yes it was. It was before. A World Series Game I, think it was in the playoffs there was the playoffs at some whatever it was. It doesn't matter. If you don't know Susan Waldman can sing, and then all of a sudden Susan woman opens the class. Coming out of a the press box and she starts singing the national anthem at a very high level. That is shocking. That is shocking. It's like it's like when the shortest white guy in the basketball. Court. JUMPS UP DUNKS IT dunks over everybody. Yeah. I mean it's you you need if you don't respect Susan Waldman. You know I don't hundred so much wrong with you. She's a bad, ass she's bad. She's amazing. You WanNa you WANNA update our bold prediction. Now update not change them, but it's getting update on our bold predictions. See how we're doing about eight games into the season. Some of them were nailing others not so much. So let's start with yours undefeated against boss a Baltimore in. Miami so far check to anno- on Baltimore Software. Scared me for a minute there like little bit a little bit of a little bit of on my mind and I'm like we did more good. Though is Baltimore good nobody was not good not good Judge Twenty homers your Miami too by the way, Baltimore and Miami. Miami chances are not gonNA play them. Judge Twenty homers. You're on pace to break that by mid next week. Judges Onside pays for forty five home runs and a sixty game schedule, which is ludicrous. My my fear is that there's going to be a massive horrible slump after this it's 'cause that's baseball Susan. That's what happens usually. Looking good right there. But yeah, that that predictions looking very good. And I didn't think anyone who's going to get to twenty homers in a six game season. But you know say he gets to twenty, twenty two, I mean that that is. Pretty Damn. Good. That's MVP I think that's MVP. But if you look at the home run leaders. Like the they're all up at like six. That's the thing. So taking these low numbers on a on a on a total like twenty home runs I know we're looking the. Third of a season it just it still feels a little. It just feels so weird for me to say that that twenty home runs was the number I wanted to go higher. So badly, just because twenty fuels just wrong to say as as a bold prediction for. A third of the season. So were we're doing math here but I think he's going to manipulate it how you feel about your J. Seven wins. Yeah. We still got some room for that little bit of time open a time I. Think I think that if judge is hitting forty home runs that increases the odds that Jay Scratch Co a couple of wins across that means he needs to get to the fifth inning. That is true. That's a problem. Unless unless we go down to seven innings now I'm in Business Oh what business I wonder if they're gonNA, only do for four weddings for a win on that one j hat yet Jay, he's be pitching on every single double header both gaze said. The preferably the second game of the doubleheader. But Um Yeah Golic and get on that Allen's looking great and Mike Ford does not look like you'll be taking over the first base job from boy anytime soon, voice actually having a pretty solid season. Hit a big home run last night. Voi- is hitting the ball. Well, a skinny boy is starting to play. He's understanding now his his strength I think a little bit more so good. I'm okay. Losing that one that one was more of a feel thing I just felt like Mike was coming on I'm still saying it's not out of the question because I think that Voi- is very, very, very prone to a long. A long slump time, we've seen it in the past and If. Mike Ford still sitting there hanging out ready to go I. Think he's GonNa hit. So I said Andrew Heart Twenty Games start or less, and he's on pace to break that. How ever I don't know if he's going to because he hasn't look good at the plate in his sporadic time. They made that atrocious error in left field and you've seen they're not going to put him at Third Base Jewish Ella is third baseman. I mean you you can't know GEOS juice hitting the ball better than indoor right now to. Is Interesting. For this reason I push back on yours I I didn't think it was going to happen only because of the the different positions he was going to plan D H field as it provides more opportunity and then obviously you know we don't know injuries are GonNa play out and how guys are going to filter in but. I think Andrew her playing sporadically is a bad thing for them. To his skill set if he doesn't get into his value to defeat us not getting the reps I just he's not GonNa be the same batter either I don't think so. He's a tough one. He's a tough one for for play with yes. Visa effective. He's a he's a you know impact bet and it's tough in his position because the lineup is stacked and stay in his look great at D. H. offensively is looking frigging good and right. So and if you don't have Oy of first base, you've got Ford at versus no way he squeezes into the lineup and unlike Tuchman which was my second prediction top talk more games started than Gardner, which also has not happened so far. But Talk Men's looked. Talk is a player Boone wants to get in the lineup anyway he can more than and do hard because he's versatile he can run he can play defense. Has Elected had bat that's going to go against your prediction here because no, because he's GonNa come in late in yes. Is that he is flexible that he can run now were we're seeing obviously the the ability to steal basis well, yeah. So I think that increases his value as a guy off the bench. Yeah which which does hurt my hurt my argument you and Brett Gardner needs four hours to get ready for the game. Trust. ME. Trust. Gardner has not look great i. know he had the one home run against Boston but he hasn't looked good. He I mean no I I will push back the the weekend he looked better much better at bats he's taken walks he just he looked more comfortable with the play in to my I yeah as New Jersey as Gary Sanchez. So I know there was that debate of like Julia who who does it quickly Sanchez isn't going anywhere He's not going anywhere, but it's a matter of you know who can find it sooner I. Think I just want to be able see who's right. Surely what I'm getting and then Michael King the Swiss army knife while it's working as far as on twitter you know we got the gift going but otherwise otherwise I just need a better gift and I think I nailed that prediction he's not really a Swiss army knife. That's the problem like he's a is not a one trick pony at this point. I by Swiss army knife I just meant they're going to. Swiss army knife have different. livery uses different ways. No, it has different tools. That's why it's different uses Scott different tools to help. Oh so then by that theory, only a position player can be no I mean, a a tool could be a long relief the exactly that's why be a short relief. Start. That's what I was going for and I thought he was going to get a couple of starts I thought they were gonNA use him in an opener to start. Right. So the point is that I'm trying to make is that he's actually just a long reliever so far maybe so just sister knife and then my playoff prediction doesn't apply because he's the corkscrew we got we got the update that the they will not be picking their opponents. The Yankees will not be picking the twins maybe they'll still face the twins and if that's The case they'll still demolish the twins. What was your? What was it was the actual prediction that the Yankees because I thought the playoff format was going to be if you're a top three seed, you got to pick your opponent and I thought the Yankees. We're going to be a top three season. The twins weren't, and then they would pick the twins. However, the twins are also was way too specific and I place or you dominique civic balance was way too damn. It was like situationally specific based on multiple things happening doses a dumb one. All right. We Anything else. CESSPIT is just wrote off into the sunset. I'm done. Does not expect I mean it's very on on brand for for Cessnas. Didn't tell anybody. Yeah. He just bales this is bailed. It's on brand very much brand. The is there. Is there some contingency in his in his? In his contract that that I don't know about because it feels like this was very calculated like he's GonNa. Games just show that so that he can get paid something. Not Be agents. Also Vega. That's amazing. It's amazing. And he still the no. Brody, the agent slash GM didn't even know where his client slash player went even though he's taken the twenty percent commission on the hundred, ten million dollars at least ponds of this is an exit skin. This is what this is brought. He's like. Joe To show up for you know seven games and that hits X. Clause in his contract may aid, and then you can go back to your ranch and ride the donkey's try not to kick the steps isn't play this year he could d. h. this year to is just like it's a perfect Ontario for him. Schwartz is in he's plenty off smoking cigarettes and that's it. He's done. Yeah he didn't WanNa be there the Thebe didn't really get into much. We could touch on quickly. I I never. Up against it but the the doubleheaders do you like it? The seven and nine hundred letters care. People are big mad about this because it changes the game, it changes the game more than I would like to change the game but in this scenario I, here's this. I have less of a problem with seven inning doubleheaders. Then I do with an imbalanced schedule like if it means, we can get at least. Everyone on sixty games then I'm cool with it. I mean that's such a unknown though that's such a I know it's an unknown. that. You can't say that if we have seven inning games than we will get these and you can't do that. Right so that to me is almost like a cop out on their side if that's what they're saying but I understand they're trying to again put theirselves situations to get to that point. But when you start manipulating the game, it's the game itself the game inside the game like the actual game. Of Baseball the deal, the long the length of the individual game. Now you're you're you're really toying with things that I don't want precedent set and I understand that this is not a year where presses should be set. I. Don't think that that's the case on on saying that they can't be set because I think that if they are on the field if these things happen and we see them and they actually. Occur then whether you want them to not be a precedent or no, they are because they happened and in time they're entrenched. So somebody can always refer to it and circumstances change over time as far as like what the feeling was and how the the atmosphere and like what what the environment was like. That will all change because people's memories change and time heals all wounds and just things are different as you speak about them. But the fact that there was a seven game or multiple seventy games on the books does not change and that's not open for interpretation what part of it? What would you rather have? Seven inning doubleheaders or just they say, you know what teams are going to have a different amount of games played this year and we're gonNA play one, nine inning game, and that's it just deal with it. Some teams are going to play sixty some are going to play. Some teams are GonNa play maybe fifty two because they got so many postponements but we're not gonNA do seven innings like what would you rather have? They I just think have to for the doubleheaders you can't use the I'm sorry but you start changing the inside the game you're messing with with with integrity of what's happening. You rather have an imbalance schedule. I here's the problem with what saying is that you cannot you can't say one or the other it's not. It's not if this then that it's not not the goal, the goal is they do more double headers with less stress on the pitchers because it's two four innings total. So. They can get more games in. So they can get almost every team to close to sixty. I would argue I. could argue that the schedule is now even more imbalance because you're shortening games in creating up and you're creating opportunities now for a team to either win or lose a game when they normally wouldn't have look at what the Yankees have been doing in the ninth inning wouldn't have that opportunity. Yet I mean granted you could say, Oh, well, maybe that's seventy at this point. Well, maybe not I know what you're saying I see both sides of you're not getting. For the guys at the top of the lineup, you're, there's there's a lot of things that we don't say this for rain-shortened Games though we're not like well, all that team will played a inning game doesn't count as a win. I understand is different strategy. I understand that modern interesting going play anymore you. Well it's Kovic saying you can't play anymore. Now it's major league baseball changing things in playing using that though it sounds like you rather have an imbalance schedule. I don't think. If this or that I would like you to. Come the Fed. Scott. Pick some I I'm saying I would like you to try nine inning games. I don't want seven inning games. So you want to play a game double nine inning games. You. We've expanded the Rosser this we have other players. You could do other tactics. If you want make the rosters even bigger, try that do whatever you want for Rosser for the Yankees seven and games on Saturday in Tampa they're playing a double header against Tampa. We're going to see what this looks like with the Yankees. It's GonNa feel incomplete especially if they lose. I think we're GONNA like it and you know I think we're going to like it because you want shorter games. No, that's not why because I think this plays into the Yankees strength their strength is in their bullpen. It's not in their starting rotation. Their strength is in their bullpen in their offense I. Just here's the thing I? Don't want it to be a precedent. Actually. What and I do want shorter games and you know time. I what shorter nine inning time, nine inning games not seven inning games. I don't my my real reason why I don't like it because I don't trust them I, don't trust the parties. The parties who are involved five, you trust either. But that's the point I. Don't want a precedent to be sent. We know how president has been used in the game of baseball alone in the sport it's been. It's been like ironclad almost like it's such a starting point or a point of contention or argument for people to use in whatever way they want to manipulate it, and I don't want that to be the precedent set for anything. So do. I care that it's that they're doing it in this in this particular season, not not really like it's it is what it is. The season is what it is. But the thing that worries me is that it's going to be used against us in some capacity later on, and this is going to be a real real thing down the road, and now we're playing weekend warrior Sunday baseball like every other. Dude trying to relive glory days on on the weekends on Sunday. That's what this is. Yeah. Get over it and they I they are better than than than those of us who have played on Sundays their bank people get so mad about everything. It's it's exhausting. Listen I get angry over over things that annoy me. Up just I'm not really one to talk. Yet everyone's just so hot heard about everything this year it's it's really exhausting. It's not. It's not so much that it's that though it's just it's really because I. don't trust baseball and them using this as something I understand that but I don't know why is it his whole thing found me but You're saying you don't want baseball to then implement seven inning doubleheaders after the next CB for whatever reason why would they want to? Though? How does that benefit baseball? It could be it could be a negotiation tactic from the players. How does that benefit the players not as many not as many innings not as many not as much fatigue on the body look what the NFL is doing. They're trying to shorten the games owners try to add games like, but you could argue we're opportunities for players to get in a game. I guess one hundred and sixty two games in a season. That's exactly baseball wants one, hundred, sixty, two, nine, inning games one per day. That's what they want. That's how they maximize. TV. Revenue TV revenue is not maximized for doubleheaders because they're usually unscheduled. So it's unscheduled TV revenue and those ratings don't do as well. So I don't understand how this benefits baseball in the long term unless I'm just not seeing something. It's just however you know whatever lawyers GonNa manipulated in a way. That's GonNa make it benefit them. It will be owners may say yeah let's have a little bit shorter gas. We don't pay them as much money. Now. I don't have to pay some of these high-cost relievers as much money because the starters theoretically you're getting deeper into games. I don't. So jared. Me like two hours and I'll give you a give you a lawyer's case against this because there's a way to do it. I I saw garrick calls pitching Monday right tonight. This Call Stern Yes. So Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday he's going to pitch in one of those doubleheaders. What you're gonNA hopefully see him go seven innings complete game and then you got a fully locked and loaded bullpen. For Game Two. Cool I think it's GonNa be cool. We'd win that game anyway. So for the other two, that's it. Thanks to our sponsors. GO CHECK OUT DEAL DASH and go check out online any last words Scott. Now man. Everybody wearing masks Donna. Don't be stupid and I'm talking to the baseball players here. Not that people listening to our show I mean you guys do but. We want to keep the product on the field. Let's go keep going. Keep this thing moving. By. Hey guys thanks for listening to the Bronx Pinstripe show. Make sure you find us an itunes and subscribe. She can get all new episodes directly onto your phone if you do like to show. You to take a minute and give us a five star rating review an itunes. It really helps us out and allows us to create more shows. We're on twitter at Bronx pinstripes and the same on facebook you can always find as they're talking Yankee baseball. Thanks again guys for your support. Really appreciate it go. Yankees.

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395. News: Has Open Banking failed?

FinTech Insider

1:15:26 hr | 8 months ago

395. News: Has Open Banking failed?

"Before we start the show today we are rapidly approaching four hundred. So it's and we would love to hear your thoughts whether you've listened to the show once or four hundred times we'd love if you could leave us a review find his overnight jeans spotify or your preferred podcast supplier and leave us a review and comment. Are we do love reading those reviews on with the show From Eleven F S. I'm David Brea and this is in tickets hardy news this week we bring you on. Its two year anniversary who've been banking taxes more than a million customers shakeup at. It'll be asked as both exact steps down and blackbox is to shift away from fossil fuel investments and much much more on. Today's show before we get started. I have some super awesome news so today. Eleven fan out that we are in the final for not just one but two categories in the twenty twenty British banking awards awards. That is pretty damn good news. Not The last week succumb consultancy of the year which was super cool. Although I did have to walk onto stage listening to Ricky Martin which was not really on brand me but actually now I love that jam just gets in my head. I think he just go with it. It's like I was living the Vita like all right. We really really really want you to get out and vote for his only takes a couple of minutes and If you really want to justify me putting on a C. again to go and pick these things up which is punishment in itself then please head over to be. It don't L. Y.. Forward slash eleven s award and be. It Dot L. Y.. Four slash. Eleven award I very very very much appreciate it all right. Let's get on with the show. Welcome to episode three nine five five of fintech insider. My Name is David Brie and I'm joined by my colleague and co-host Surrogate Sanski. How's it going sir? It's good I feel like it's been forever since I've done one of these east of of been away from the news for Wall if you've been come back. No more exotic exciting clients stuff. I'm afraid big hazy as always we are not alone we're joined by some super awesome gas Making his debut. We have ZAN Wazoo. Did you got that right. Yes absolutely investment manager at octopus ventures. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for having me. How's it going? How's your week? Then it's going right thank you yeah pretty busy as a waste but Could I mean has your year started with just the I expected to at least get like a couple of weeks eight. Mb Up to like find my feet but like how's it been over your place No not really from people need money. They need money. They need a yesterday January first knocking on the door. That make sense all right. Well thanks very much for coming in making the welcome return visit tiffin started. We have Megan Woods for managing director at Barclay's. How's it going good? Thanks for having me on again. I mean you've been busy. Yeah I've been very busy multiple ways But Yeah No. It's good to be back. I always enjoy being on these shows with you guys and thanks for coming in. I mean you've publicly said that you having a baby. I saw the postage stamps and stuff so I mean you've been busy for what he didn't see there. I looked down at the bum. Just come out with like everyone. I'm pregnant in the end. No tweeted about it. which was also way? Foremost Co workers so the channel of announcement. Combs is pretty much. How I do everything as well? Welcome back Akkad. Everything's badges on the chief of like. Yeah Yeah you know in the USA. Only have those for cars like baby on board so it kind of you know the the the little too bad for the have that where you can stick it on the back of your car so I kind of feel like a bus when I go with it since. Now I'm in my third trimester Israeli properly pregnant ever get to be like. Please give me in that seat. Please move and lost by no means least we have alleviate Linden who is the head of innovation over at Alpha. FMC has gotTA loving. The new studio looks as all right. I mean the audio is much better his while. It doesn't make me any better but it definitely makes the low better all right guys. Let's get on with what's been going on in the news so this week. For story we have over. On the next tra- it is banking supposes one million customers so on the second anniversary of Banking in the U K new figures show at the number of uses has doubled in the past six months. I thought nobody service providers have also doubled which I mean might account for the numbers change I guess in two thousand eighteen there was about hundreds now. There are two hundred filling talk about two hundred million monthly requests. So this is good news right everything that's been going on and they'll the work that the CMO nine have been doing could do story Sarah. Yeah I mean I had a into. This is actually a blog post on the two year anniversary of of Ivan banking and I and I went back and how to look into the ABC's figures about one million user figure is actually just see a May nine customers which is interesting It doesn't specify with that people who are actually using open open banking or people who have signed up to open banking powered services through the AMA nine but may or may not also be using screen. Scraping says a little bit of a of an interesting also. So we'll million isn't actually that Hoai into years when you consider how many people use those banking APPs So in my mind it's it's a good. It's a good sign but I think things are really actually gonNA take off this year. I think what we see in the last two years Is that the infrastructure players have done really really well the true rulers of this world for tanks of this world onto a bit later plod actually aren't really in the UK yet but you know it is playing very much in the same space Among those guys have done incredibly well and they needed to to get the infrastructure in place for us to now start seeing some of the services on top would say that the nine have actually quite struggled struggled in the last two years. I think it's been quite painful for them I think they've sort of suddenly started to realize that. Perhaps the best way to do this is with the help of those third party players And I think that now. They've had had that realization now instead party players have really found Murphy and people. These are on board as well. I think we're really going to start seeing more innovation this year and of course the way you get customers to use open banking services is by giving them services. They won't use a things that do things differently and things that do things better So I'm Riddick saucy. I really the compensation this time next year. Because I want I want to see that kind of like Growth Chart go straight up now. Yeah for sure. I think it's interesting because last year. you know if you rewind twelve months. The conversation was quite critical on open banking. Like oh you know. It hasn't really had the effect that we wanted. Is it going to be successful. And I found it all quite odd because API's is there the plugging cable between two different pieces of software to talk together and share data but you have to build. API's I in order for another company to then build on top of them just by virtue of them. Launching doesn't mean that automatically they'll be able to be used but also there was quite a few delays with the implementation of them so there's a number of delays as once you build the API then the companies are able to build on top of them building business models. There was also criticism saying most people don't know it open banking is. I'm like well of course people don't know. API's are but it doesn't matter actually. I think that's completely asking the wrong question. Yeah one hundred percent because people care about the utility of the service they care about having things delivered to them Better faster faster more seamlessly and then they'll appreciate it but they're not going to think of like Oh what a beautiful. API implementation between. Yeah but our the parents and the wider world just kind of like the average person out there Not Working in this industry But I think it's a really good sign. I do think that what we'll see. Next is as continues to evolve. I think particularly as the authorization flows improve between the banks and third parties. And that's something I know. Obi has been really pushing. I think that will only increase and and motivate even more players to look for new additional services that they can provide So yeah it's a good start but I think it's Like you say it'll probably really take off this year and probably over next as well And what do you think have you seen. I mean of the people knocking on the door for money if they Is the open banking sense of that sort of really sort of increased There's been quite a lot of the last few years although do I mean what I'd say is this is good that that number is going up and not going down and not sort of staying flat but it doesn't mean a huge amount to me. I think think right. It's kind of like saying. Hey we originally code right like great. What does it do So you know I think as says lots of the infrastructure is being built out and you need that is being placed before you can do stuff this truly valuable to consumers into customers So you know the like it's Kinda happening but there must be a better measure out there somewhere. You've you've quality of implementation I guess but you know it's quite hard thing to to actually quantify I mean if people want more stats than the ABA does publish things. Like the number of successful zestful cools. The the the you know the rate the number of course may be number of course as successful They published that for the Sierra nine since actually since open banking was implemented. So if you're like me and you he loved off the numbers behind it. Then you can go and find that the is quite open I would like to see though is outside of the CMO nine. So how many stalling handling. How many are you know Monzo? It's just about Starting to play in this. What's it what's it doing Those kind things be really interesting as well. Shortly after. This news broke YouGov released a report in talking talking about It seemed like oddly positioned one where it said. Only eight percent of people in Britain are actually using digital only banks like Monza installing. So I mean that that that either they using it a lot and therefore accounting for an over indexing on the two hundred million calls have been done all Ranchi the spreads grades actually quite wide in terms of the the impact from a from the From the usage perspective you so I have a thing about surveys and researchers. If you're going to ask a question fashion off the question not currently in the question that was the question was also. How do you manage your money? Yeah that's not. Do us a challenge. Let's how do you manage your money so I would actually argue that. The eight percents that is probably eight percent of people who solely use Monzo. We'll starling and there aren't many people in this country who only use one bank wherever bank that is or even only one bank and one credit card provider so I think that's a slightly misleading start. I think the The two hundred and four third party service providers fielding two hundred million monthly request West but number feels very low. So if you've got nine banks fielding with a million customers and then you've got two hundred four third parties only fielding two hundred million alien requests that to me about the quality of the. APS are out there to the quantity to certain extent but a lot of third parties that you mentioned either that kind of money they. They built that business models on the premise that they could use the. API's that the banks being forced to build and actually as pointed out. That hasn't actually been possible for much of the last two years because they just haven't been high enough quality so that's impacted only those third parties ability to to succeed but also the ability of their customers to use open banking because if the third party can provide them the service that they're promising than the customers rather not gonNA come. They can leave to that something. I really WANNA see improve in the next year. Is that those parties awesome can rely on the from the banks and from whoever that they're pulling them from Ashley in order to deliver their customers. Better Service even lost Last week off the whole sort of cutting I think I read somewhere that even plaid like they need to have a successful calls like eighty percent of the time was on the like that. Yeah and that's like losing one in ten of your emails or something it's it's The stats are kind of like somebody put it. Somebody phrases to me that if your up time is ninety four ninety percent of your calls as successful that losing one in two thousand five emails so if this is really fascinating though because you research was also tied into an extra article that I read yesterday. That was You might have seen. It was incredibly frustrating. Because it goes in it says says it looks like only eight percent using the new challenges. It's actually the incumbents out are benefiting from mobile banking because most people access her Were accessing mobile banking or using incumbent but when they say digital challengers like starling Monzo eight percent of the market both startling a month been open about their customer numbers. And it's like I think moms last report with around three million one million. Yeah Forty eight million adults in the UK. That's eight point three percent so obviously it's like not like sterling like what other spalding plus sponsored digital only retail fully. Licensed banks could have actually gone into that that'll thinking oh would I use revelatory money's pockets. You know the the that countless challenges. Yeah but then also to be fair so startling launch bank I but that was may twenty seventeen so in less than three years the challengers have five eight percent of the market which to to your point. Most people don't just use one bank. Lots of people have multiple bank account. So when it's still a bit of a skewed view but also I do think it was a bit it too far to say like. Oh It's only been partially successful. The incumbents are really benefiting from mobile banking because throwing him onto only have eight percent of the market like a little glass. FM people people aren't using Monzo for open banking. Well very strange slightly tenuous link on Sunday slightly more with stalling. But I don't think most people who pick stalling as a provider veto switch entirely deciding done so because of the marketplace. I think it's a value add but I think that's the primary driver. I mean I I completely agree with them again. It's I mean I've I've said this I think on the before but it's like thirty years professor at to get to a million customers. It took three days to get to where you know. That is a whether whether you sort of counter the most like fully-fledged customers and vibes or whether it really means the same thing that that change in the market is exponential isn't it. What do you think I mean? This is a is is it because Companies providing the services. Or is it just the point that Ryan the cycle. I'd say because every Christmas I converted my parents onto startling with a joint bank account and they I also happy with it. I think it's amazing versus the old fashioned bank. So I think I think it's just GonNa take time for them to grow. I think the integration point that you made is exactly right because I've I I'm starting customer and I've used three of the integrations and they're always quite clunky and it's not worth stallings fault. Because at some point for example I used their HABITA- mortgage integration at some point the use case habitat to telephone me. And that's because of the reds so there's nothing really stalling habitation about that. So I think making all of that a bit more seamless Mrs is will will drive adoption of it and then also my world more on the investment side. There's this big drive for open. Investments Open Open finances in general and one day to STOSKOPF that much more complex about. It's not just your cash balances but we will say now exchanging. What are your savings? What's the debt the API's and all of that rag process deeds to get way way smooth the very fact what I mean that I mean integration is somewhat of a broad church too that she saw him in? Remember you saying mega before it's different different. People extolling stalling or integrated in very different ways on flux is integrated in a very different way than somebody like Habib. He say yeah absolutely. So there's a variety of integrations somewhere. They're deeply integrated into the APP accessing. Like into end within starling or other applications. API's generally you can have a deep integration Or you can have those were purely access externally so Someone like tail which is somewhat Affleck's where they're giving you a loyalty and rewards cash back But it's completely external to the application and they're just purely pulling information from one APP externally then you have others who are sharing data and it's a two way data flow but there's multiple different types. So it's actually it's a bit more nuanced nuance and it. Looks like on the surface. Absolutely all right. Well this one's going to I mean this time next year sir. Where would we be? I'll be about writing another blow post. I'm sure where I would like us to be is for us to be able to talk about all the exciting services that have taken off and actually done good useful interesting things for people and ideally businesses. As well aren't come back next year then. I absolutely don't leave it 'til then come back on the next time. We have a story over on the. FT THIS IS BOO chief executive to step down so Mopani is expected to leave the bank on or before February Fourteenth Valentine's Day right. WE'LL SAY WE'RE NOT GONNA release results. Okay then if the two are linked MHM interesting I mean old thing to do in a date read all yeses Sir all right. That's when it's parents are BS is going to be releasing. Its full year results so the big ones as well. So I'll see a allison is likely to be making additional changes to a senior executive team specifically the bank will be seeking mm to hire a chief executive of personal banking and chief marketing officer. Betty reentered the obvious in two thousand ten and became its chief operating officer six years later. The news comes less than two months off the bow. The project that he's been working exclusively launched in the UK. Really Sort of interesting timing of if this one I guess I mean there's obvious guests have been sort of a bit of sort of say to flux for few Israeli at since since really sort of announced that he was moving out and and Going back to Australia. I guess the senior leadership contest has been sort of kicking off but I mean I guess specifically two months after launching Challenger internally if this was an external You know if this was Tom Bloomfield and leaving stalling. Oh Monzo It it would be a really really significant thing because the the founder drives the story What are you guys going to think about them? So I think I agree with you that the founded drives drives the story in those examples. You gave with with Stalling Monzo but I do also think that if you have done your bright as a founder and CEO then you should be able to leave and the business should continue to be a success without you. I think You know the job of the CEO is is to build the business to encourage it to her. Brilliant people pulled to help them run it because as you know David you can't do everything yourself much as you would much as you would like to a car. Hope she's telling me to leave. That is not where I I was gonNA live. What I think of from Abo- perspective I think if he's done his job well and I don't know the INS and outs of how the company works metrics? And how what it's done his but but if he's done his job well then it shouldn't really matter to bow It should continue to operate denied. The captain should be able to step away and the ship should still keep going forward. I don't know I think it depends on the co because they really do believe that some CEOS are a channel of the lifeblood of the organization. And if you remove that one individual actually has a very massive effect the reaction when he said that he was just like visibly taken aback. Yeah but it's hard to say like was this a passion project of his. Was it something more that the company was rallied around. He made no sense as the leader and so it was more like an assignment mint I think those are the nuances. You can't know unless you're more in the details But I will say it does seem like from externally that between Allison and mark. They did have that kind of rivalry. Leading up to Ross's departure Elson has obviously stepped into that role But also there's just like a wind of bad luck for CEO's going around right because the HSBC COO. Is he out now Andy. Maguire step aside recently. Yep Yes starling. Co Step aside There's lots of COO's on the out. So I don't know what that's signaling signaling. By company was going to be really interesting to see where those guys landfall this. I mean I. It's it's interesting. I mean I agree with your point. I think You know I see that as molly job not wanting to make this just about me and eaves. They're actually for For many reasons I think almost like the beginning of a company is so important important because it's Two months into the public launch of something. It's in its absolute infancy. But I I think this may be the major difference between a corporate challenge. Anna Anna Challenge a challenge which is So much he's tied up in the family story when you when you on home or whoever whereas actually in a corporate organization it's it's actually quite difficult to create That that's a challenger sort of momentum around it I think that corporate story is actually really interesting golden this because I don't understand how within that bank they could have given the green light to and also to metal to build totally separate tech stocks and different marketing approaches and everything. Just it just seems profligate. I don't understand why that would be the strategy so I I wonder whether there's something behind the scenes on that. Yeah I mean I I mean I I him I mean I'll see. We were involved in Memphis involved in the building of the challenge on the other side from a mental perspective so from my perspective. I don't see that as as I studied problem. I mean read. Call blue kind of project stalls stuff of what will get to market. Quicker Rune ultimately will be more successful when you were a you. Know such sites uh-huh components tonight I imagine but But yeah I know it's it is an interesting point. I mean it's interesting. Seeing how many of those types of projects in big organizations you never see how many of them all started but never get them all Sarci to discredit the fact that they've started to and they've got to market with both of them is probably requires I think as you point about like the personal story because and tall moment You Know Norris for monies and Nick from Reveluti- earl free to tell their story they're all free to say you know announce case or while I was working big Irish banks and I just hate the way they're doing it. SODAS GONNA differently. Only you know Tom has a similar story. I don't know and I'm genuinely curious. How Free Mark Bailey would have been to say? I was already fed up with the way all BS was doing it so I wanted to go often do my own thing. And all BS in their wisdom saw it or whether he'd be allowed to say that whether that's even true whether it's a case of you know here's a project we'd like you to manage the the project I think. I think that's really interesting. Because he in a way he kind of has to be a step more removed than what's co-founded starting or completing their own under set umbrella would be because he's got to type what he can say because of the organization that he still works for that. I guess I mean even even on that. Oh speaking in our context. I mean if you go back can listen to You know we've had on a number times onto the cost. Actually if you go back into what she said about her the origin of metal. It's like unless we sat sat out to challenge ourselves. We're just waiting for somebody else to do it too. So so that I mean I've I've heard mark speak publicly and privately amount that and it was very much Abou- well You know a kind of pride in fixing fixing a company that he was really passionate about so and I think both in them and allison her uh-huh him analysis. You've got people who do care about the company but it's it's interesting. I mean in in any sort of political race. It's like I wonder if the first first thing you do when you re starting to change the monkeys look at all the people who probably run against you and everything now when that which is just I mean just so small and you would expect there right so so the other thing that comes to mind here and this may be sort of grossly. Unfair is fit like he's going to be some sort of the sort of the other Corporate Digital Bank over in the US. And I read a stat. The I think about fifty percent or more than fifty percent of the clients or the customers that Finn God ratchet existing traced lines And it's still it's sti