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What's the point(e) of ballet? | Ming Luke

TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

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What's the point(e) of ballet? | Ming Luke

"A baby cursed at birth a fierce battle of and evil. A true love awoken with a kiss. Sleeping beauty is one of the world's favorite folktales. But one of its most famous renditions tells the story without a single word since premiering in eighteen ninety. The sleeping beauty has become one of the most frequently staged ballets in history. So what makes this piece so beloved and what exactly does ballet bring to this or any other story at the heart of ballet are dozens of gestures that dancers painstakingly perfect over. Thousands of hours of practice kiss. Unique set of gestures has been used for centuries each movement rich with meaning and history. But you don't need to study them to understand ballet any more than you need to study music to be moved by a song and just as composers combine notes and phrases to form pieces of music. Choreographers string these gestures together with new movements to form expressive. Combinations working alongside. The orchestra's lives score ballerinas precisely. Perform these combinations to convey narrative emotion and character in the sleeping beauty's opening scene a flurry of techniques depicts the ferry court bestowing gifts on baby Princess Aurora. The fairy of generosity delicately walks on point meaning on the tips of her toes instep with the light plucking of violence. The Ballerina moves in perfect harmony with the music. Even mimicking the violence trill with an elegant beret. The ferry of temperance bestowing the gift of strong will on Aurora is choreographed shooting bolts of electricity from her fingers. She bounds across the stage spinning with Quick Giannis. Before decisively Sh- attain some movements are even more literal than this the evil fairy carrabba's curses the princess with a lethal ex and the BENEVOLENT LILAC. Fairy counters that curse of course the relationship between music and movement isn't always this straightforward while classical ballet gestures often respond to musical elements the degree to which the dancers and Orchestra Align is another choreographic tool some characters and scenes move in sync to create rhythmic clarity while others deliberately diverged from the orchestra dancers and musicians maintain this delicate balance throughout each performance engaging in a live negotiation of speed and rhythm but prior to the performance of ballet's most important relationship is between the choreographer and the music choreographer. Marius PIPPA and composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Worked together on every second of the sleeping beauty. This is particularly noticeable in Princess. Aurora's entrance on her. Sixteenth Birthday. Tchaikovsky's enthusiastic music tumbles forward in fits and starts even cutting short some musical phrases to capture her impatience TEPA choreographs Aurora bouncing back and forth with Potty Shaw French for cat steps as she waits for her party to begin once the celebration starts it's up to the dancers to deliver on the physical spectacle of performing these gestures with grace. Aurora has the hardest part of all. Her famous Rose Adagio as four suitors vie for her hand. Princess performs a dizzying array of balances. All on point she briefly takes each suitors hand but then balances unassisted a breathtaking display of physical strength and skill however it's not just technique it carries meaning but also style and personality like an actor delivering their lines. Ballerinas can their movements to convey a wide range of motion. Aurora can be elegant and restraint throwing her arms in independence from her suitors or she can be coy and flirtatious descending. From on point with grace and knowing confidence the sleeping beauty offers a showcase for so much of what ballet can do. It's graceful spectacle dramatic physical vocabulary and enchanting ordination of music and movement perfectly. Reflect the themes of this fantastical romance but ballet isn't just for epic fairytales. Ballet's can be non narrative emotional journeys experimental deconstruction of four or pure demonstrations of skill. The art form is always experimenting with a centuries old set of rules making it the perfect for stories old and new.

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Episode 95: Marius Jensen

Hallway Chats

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Episode 95: Marius Jensen

"This is hallway chats where we meet people who use WordPress. We asked questions and our guest. Sure their stories they deals and perspectives. And now the conversation begins. This is episode ninety five Mintimer hallway juts, I'm Liam Dempsey. And I'm Tara Claes today. We're joined by Mario Jensen. It's is an all around work potato with a passion for helping others help others Marius enjoys flying under the radar and represents the WordPress dot org support community. Welcome Arias for so glad to have you with us today. It's our pleasure Mary. Thanks for joining us here the hallway can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, please. I'm a early thirties man from Norway in the little town cold. So it's really hard to say in English. And yeah, basically spend my days mostly working for a small mid size company that does everything for the other businesses company wise, or ID wise, so we cover websites and even hardware, so. Interesting that what's your background? How did you get into WordPress and computers, I against you studied in school? Let's see that's actually interesting because I just had a passion for computers, but I started out working at an ice rink. So they come near work for now did the IT at the ice rink and just randomly saw me typing away at limits. One day on my computer, and that's how they found me 'cause they needed somebody who could do Lennox. Supposed to be handing out the the rental skates. I mean, what we are supposed to be doing when you were typing outlet extended is right. Oh, man. I should probably have been doing that. Yeah. I did I started out doing guard duty, which is basically skating rounds on the ice watching making sure everybody's okay in during a state if anybody gets her than than I progressed up and I did rentals stuff as well. But in the end, I managed the rental section and all the people who Burke that the concession stands. And that's when they found me during daytime there's not much going on. We writing some kind of Lennox base software to manage the skate rentals or were you just messing about on the laptop this. We need that skill side. Can you come in quick today job and come across? I actually was working on a higher see network. We had a pretty big one back in the days for a lot of kids. So much of my free time went to administration stuff there. And one day. I randomly got a text message from an unknown number. But just the text. Do you have gone? Which obviously should have been red flag ally. But that turned out to be my now boss who's just trying to reach out and see if I was looking for something new within IT show. So tell me about ice skating in Norway does everybody ice skate? Is it a what what's the? I'm just curious about the the the hobby of ice skating. Is it a common pastime? I lived near an ice rink in outside of Washington. DC? We have a very popular. NHL hockey team here. So people really got into skating, it's become really popular and the rink. It's busy a lot. Is it something as an indoor outdoor? What was that? Like. As-as indoor I would say in our region, definitely become very popular. After one of our local teams started playing in. But what we consider the Norwegian playoffs. They're not as big as the NHL, obviously. But local team really up big things exploded. But I've always enjoyed I my mother and my grandmother worked at the ice rink earlier. So basically been raised there to extent thirties still out there and skate now. Now, you're not are you supporting them. Now, the company worked for you said does work for the ice rink. But you still skate. It's been awhile. It's it's a little bit tedious to get to from where I live now I rely on public transport, which is kinda hidden mess. So let's talk about WordPress. A little bit Marius. How did you discover WordPress? And what do you do with it? You said that you you support you help support. But tell us a little bit about before that even how you get started with it. That was actually through work. We had a product for the ice rink. Actually, they needed a reservation system, and we were redoing our website at the same time. So I figured okay after this is really flexible, let's see what we can do. So we ended up actually making the ordering system management of ice time since such between the different teams and schools since stuff within resentment but in doing so I discovered I knew very little about WordPress. So I landed in there, I receive channel way before slack was a thing and people that were just really friendly and willing to help. So it can stuck with me. And I spent a couple of years just hanging around not saying much, just observing which obviously terrible. If you wanna get involved funded. You're just learning start. Right. You have carefully checking the waters and one day. Somebody pulled me into the sport documentation team weekly meeting. Snowballed from there. So what is I R C? Oh, yeah. Maybe that may be an. Question showing my technical ignorance may be can you tell me what that is quite quite the opposite. It's it is the check platform, so basically, although I am and even slack uses were is based off it or uses it as basis, so it's a job really just back and forth. That's stands for. I r c it is internet relay chat. Okay. So it's been around for quite a while not as popular these days because shiny clients that you can use. Instead. Right, right. Okay. Thank violence seems to have kinda died all wants things like AOL melting mentally slack with user interfaces all prettier people care about it. Yeah. The wants to be pretty basically, no shiny things. Trying to use nice. So what do you what do you do for your current company? You you've talked about you wrote. Some you worked in word processing and Rhoda reservation and management system. With inward process is at what you do most days there, or are you you had said the company does a lot of different stuff. And if you're writing Lennox, you know, you're doing stuff or you couldn't be doing stuff outside award process. Well, he Dell's about that we do everyday. I asked myself the same question. Sounded a lot for accusatory that I mental. No problem at all. I say the same pretty much every week. So no, I. Currently I try to do as much or as little work as possible do internal systems in such looking for little bit of. Call it a little bit of a reset after a little bout with a personal wall kinda deal last year. So come just trying to calm down the client where can do everything journal. But I do. I've been with the company for almost ten years. So I can do pretty much anything at this point. I can answer in moist in questions like do tech support. I can do websites we do plates with WordPress. That's kind of what we is on out to clients for. Public facing stuff. But we also do custom coding or even internet solutions would Lara Belen solutions like that Marius we like to ask everyone that we talked to you on this show about success and how they define success. What it means to them? Can you share with us your definition of success? What it means to both personally and professionally began. Yeah. I can try say difficult subject. I guess in some ways for me, it is just actually being able to do stuff. Like this even though I don't do it often, you know, talking with people and participating in chats like this. I would say just getting out there and being available in interacting with people. That's for me. At least that's personal success. I'm not a big fan of people in many cases, not not to be mean to people. I totally keeping his t shirt that pops up on Instagram like advertisement. It says something like I like, I like coffee and a few people. So I I love like word camps and stuff. I will just go out, and I'll be part of it. Join chats if I can stuff like that. But same time, it's what's the word. I'm looking for it would be exhausting in a way. 'cause you don't always feel like you're filling in or participating as much as you could be. But professionally I would say just that feeling of cheap -ment whenever you manage something new that you've been looking for for example, looking into a really hard problem and actually finding a elegant or really need need. Yeah. Yeah. Approach to solving those things. That's that's a really good feeling. I would say thank you for sharing that and Liam spin quiet because his soom locked up. This is happened. Now a couple of hopefully, we can hear you now. Liam show. So it must not going to touch any buttons for. It wasn't ignoring you. I hope you're able to hear his definite. Yeah. That's you. What's your biggest challenge that you face? Ooh. Are we talking professionally personally WordPress? Weiss you could check all anyone two or three of those. But every you're comfortable sharing always good to hear about challenges. And also how you work on overcoming it or how you have overcome your challenge or how you work on it up on a regular basis. Personal challenge as I mentioned people. I do actually do kinda open about it. If people asked me, I do therapy once a week for not liking people and social anxiety. I believe it's called the app, that's actual term and depression. So just getting out there putting myself out there. It's always exciting exhausting afterward. Kemp's I'll usually have a couple of days, just embedded home. 'cause I'm just totally worn out. But WordPress Weissensee just trying to motivate people as as mentioned in my introduction. I'm the current support lead for the story so trying to just keep people happy. And engaging with them hoping that at least like I do. Yeah. A massive task right? Because I spent a little bit of time working with the support team a couple of years ago in the team itself is pretty massive. It's it's all over the world and. So there's a challenge of coordinating all those activities. And then the challenge of actually providing the very generous support that you and your team does all the people just come into the forums looking for help looking for answers looking for solutions that thing that just needs to work. How many how do you kinda get into that? I mean, you talked about you used to hang out on IRC, then you got pulled into the slack or the team meetings. But how did you? What were you to being is involved in new are as you are? Kind of administrative level, right? Because once you become the lead of project, those the work, but it's much more about managing the project. Yes. So I. I just really enjoyed the the element of it. I think. That support is one of the best bass still, learn WordPress. 'cause there's always that interesting problem that engages you as well. So you spend your time learning. About that thing. So that you can help other people even if it's a few don't know yourself, at least if you're if you have like a little bit of a passion for it. But I would say I don't really do as much administrative work as you would think I that's that's where the alike helping others help others. I really like facilitating making it easier for people to help doing little projects that. Empower our support true. Yeah. That's a good word like browser extension. That shows if anybody else's already looking at this question, very popular not made my remember when that came in. That was great. Yeah. Not originally mine, I won't take credit for that. I just made some modifications to later times. But sitting at word camp and realizing redo this one thing with every single person. And they always say, yeah, I've done these steps it's still working. And we know they're lying not because they're militias. They just, you know, have your turn off all your plug ins that is a really big ask of somebody who's website is acting up. So that's where our health drink plugging, which I love talking about. Comes into play which actually lets you do that without affecting sack misters, and that's really helped us actually get people to do the testing that. We ask them to do. How does that work? It's a plug in some of it is going into WordPress or now for frequent too, which is really exciting. But the troubleshooting asked actually makes a private session for your user where the Sables all your plug ins uses twenty nineteen or any other default theme, and then you can turn them on one at a time to find out which plugging actually cost the problem for you on your site. Let's really handy only those that use your logged in user. Yeah. The front end of your site. Does the front end? But only for you your user there in them. That's awesome. I didn't know about that. Nobody the this is awesome. It is we just passed a hundred thousand active users so really excited. So when I say, I've turned off all the plug ins, and I haven't. Oh, that's really cool making tools like that love doing that more. So than a restrictive tense 'cause administrative as they presented for any of the teams is. I large very much about writing chat summaries from gatherings and things like that. Right. It's not a whole lot outside of that. You can make it more. But it's really hard in our case. For example, we have we have the international forms, which are just WordPress dot org slash support. But we also have all these Senate sites for all the other languages which have their own teams and their own little communities. So you're not really one massive immediate while you are one massive community, but you're a massive community of many small ones. So there's not a whole lot yet do in that regard is they all manage themselves. Mostly we just try to who get him and see how are things going stir anything we can help you with on a grander level. So you've been very candid and open with us about some of the challenges you face around interacting with larger groups of people, and you share that you came to WordPress through a our seas. So perhaps an easier. Monica medium of communication, would you talk to us about your first word camp experience. And what that was like. Oh, I would love to my personal is actually the very last word Kim, San Francisco before work can US became thing. I was invited over because the community summit was happening. So I already knew like I don't make a whole lot of money. I couldn't actually travel there. So it was really lucky to get one of those scholarships that they were doing at the time. So I had no idea what was going to my. My only experiences with something similar were. Well, not. Say about. So it was fantastic. Really getting over there. Really nervous. Obviously. I done little bit of travelling before to the states to for family reunion, stuff like that. But never I'd say in this regard to me a lot of people with the same interests. And. I'd say the first one I didn't really know what I was going into. So I just went to every single talk which in itself can be exhausting. Since then I've noticed that. I do I do the talks where I I would say I'm good acquaintances or friends with the one talking 'cause it's always nice to show support like that. Sure. But I find myself doing a whole lot of just being in the hallway in being dragged into conversations more so than striking up stations. That's interesting. The people are just so friendly, even though it's really exhausting in the end, the new just end up as I mentioned going home and sleeping for a couple of days. It's. Liberating is I feel more free with people the same interests like this is their community there that you participate in. Obviously, my support people might. They are the ones who've in bided me in George V to take the solar ship to join the first year and everybody was just so friendly on a level. I would say I hadn't experienced before. It's like, yeah. I'll cover dinner this night. We've got the taxi don't worry about it stuff like that. Which? Odin say, I'm a starving student. But has starring adults almost that was just amazing that you didn't have to. Basically spend your grocery money that we on just getting around at a word camp to be able to participate in the things that are happening outside the campus. Well. I remember afterward camp US when it was in Philly. I don't know twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen but a bunch of the support team over to Dave and Buster's Philly the next day and hung out there. And I was lucky enough to take a long. And it was really really heartwarming to see the the interaction and the support and the real friendship between the the different team members there who early on where than refined flying home to that afternoon or that evening don't spend much time at all the other real life, but still really close and friendly and silly banter back and forth in the support of kind of friendly. Gesturing was absolutely wonderful to see. Yeah. That's right. You're with us. Dave buster's. I want a member is terrible. I totally forgot about. Well, there you go. I remember being Dave and Buster's. It was a it happen. Yeah. We actually went back the year after as well. But some new people, I'm. Great time. I love that place. I wish we had more arcades. So I'm gonna ask you about life. I can in one of our one of the questions like ask our guest is. Around the advice that they have received. So the question is is what advice have you received? What's the best advice you've ever received in your life and successfully implemented into your life? And it could have been something you read, it could have been something, you know, your grandfather shared with you, really any advice from anywhere could be personal professional. Can you share that with us? Oh. Oh. Thinking about that. 'cause somebody asked me that something similar not long ago. I must admit I don't have anything that stands out, which is just terrible to think about. You have those little tidbits that you just bring with you throughout life that never really consider advice. One of the things I do. Always keep with me, though, is my grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago. Just the way I treat people in in general in service in in such a bus drivers. I have this weird habit. You get strange lives on the bus when you do it. But I always greet the driver when I get on. And I always give them a nice day when I get off. If you're getting off at the back of us, you give them a little nod in wave like kind of thing. Which you just carry with you actually, actually be thing. You Terry with you because I am generally friendly with people me, maybe. That's. Yeah. You're like the. I also thank the muster. I we say thanks for the ride. Yeah. Which people give you weird looks here. Also, the whole concept fee on the sea in the bus. So I hate it. Teenager threaten me last week snow not last week a couple of weeks ago because I told them to get his feet off. See so. Really gears. What specifically because it's it's getting snow in the dirt. Or see is it when you were growing up? Your your momma always used to make them down. I would say it's the apparent lack of respect for you know. Both the public system transport system. But also whoever comes on next and has to sit down. It's just you don't do that. You don't put your shoes on the couch back home. Why do it on the bus? That really bothers me. Sometimes I speak up most of the times. I don't but that day just had enough of it. Let me let me let me ask you different questions. We we've talked about a little bit about your work. We've talked about how used if gate we've talked about WordPress four forms. What do you do when you're not in front of the computer and nad in a work meeting? What do you do outside of work? What do you do outside of supports? So you mentioned not in front of the computer that makes it. No, I often play a lot of games. Most of my friends are from other parts of the world. So just sit online in play. But I do enjoy hiking. I mentioned I'm a little part of Norway where we have some kind of famous nature position the sessions while why the pulpit rock the bake clipping. Which a lot of people seeing something called a show like which is a boulder west between two mountains that you can stand on just cool. He ASO really nice. I never done a lot of it. I started doing hiking with my family hero Theriault. For them never really been to any of these places. So, but it's amazing to me the wherever we live whether it's near corner of Norway or people come from afar to visit these wonderful things near us. Whether it's the museum or this natural rock between two mountains or some waterfall and all the locally I've never been there. I I haven't been since I school took me when I was ten years old kind of an interesting human phenomena. Yeah. Make so little sense its nest tastic things, and you're just I live here you either thank L have time later or I live here. I see it everyday. Why should I bother? It's one of those things. But once you're actually out there at those places, usually really amazing. Yeah. Nice people. Visit you because then it forces you to do this thing. Entertaining people. I've learned more about where I live just by doing that. A lot of people. Yeah. Yeah. So what are your what are your your goals? What what's what's next for you Maria? I don't actually know I guess just short-term surviving. This word press. Release did not unto spit it to be this stressful just to get a little bit code going from one of my own projects. But long term I would say just keep pushing on passing those little personal hurdles come up along the way. That's not a fish on always a tiny little thing to achieve right? I mean, we we talk about them that their little personal hurdles, but sometimes. Little personal hurdles depending on where we are in the week like mouse of personal mountains, while the heck am I ever gonna get over those? Yeah. Sometimes the goal is to get through the day. Sunday's worse. Somebody's better. At least getting out there. Still continuing to try to do little things joining in here. Just putting yourself a little bit out there. We're really glad that you're here with us today. Interesting talking to you hearing your story and what you're working on. Thank you for all that you do for WordPress too. I definitely gonna look into that plug in since really neat. Very helpful airy held you write that plug in our year is kind of your plug in the support team. Put it all together. How did that happen? I don't want to take anybody's thunder. I would say it's my baby it's gone input. And suggestions in a little bit of enhancements here, and there from other participants by all means I mean, it is open source is available for all. But the basis of it. I would say as mine. Yes. That's awesome. Congratulations and thank you. Yeah. I'm happy to have been of this. Mario Lee are coming to the end of our our time here. Thank you so much for joining us. It's been an absolute pleasure. Chatting with you and getting to know your little bit more. It's been Mike leisure that went way faster than I anticipated. It's yeah. Wow. Where can people find you online? I have a blog chlorof- dot net, which not very good at updating. I'm also chlorof- MJ Twitter 'cause my normal name was taken or just flora on slack always open for questions or people wanting to reach out. So. Wonderful. Will thanks again for joining us. And I hope to meet you in person sometime Marius take care. Will see Edward Kemp soon. I hope. Bye. Thanks for listening to the show. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did if you like what we're doing here meeting new people in our WordPress community, we invite you to tell others about it. We're on I tunes and at hallway chats dot com. Better yet. Ask you WordPress? Friends and colleagues to join us on the show courage to complete the beyond the show form on our site to tell us about themselves.

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Parallel Lives of Famous Greeks and Romans (Csar), by Plutarch

Harvard Classics

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Parallel Lives of Famous Greeks and Romans (Csar), by Plutarch

"Sixteen of parallel lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans volume seven. This is a liberal vox recording. I'll liberal vox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit Liber Vox, Dot Org. Parallel lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans volume seven by Lucius mysterious plutarch's translated by Bernadette Perrin. Caesar Chapters One through fourteen chapter one. The wife of Caesar was Cornelia the daughter of the Senna who had once held the sole power at Rome and when Selah became master of affairs, he could not either by promises or threats in Caesar to put her away. And therefore confiscated her dowry. Now. The reason for Caesar's hatred of Selah was Caesar's relationship to Marias for Julia Assistant of Caesar's father was the wife of Marius, the elder and the mother of Marius the younger who was there for Caesar's cousin. Moreover Caesar was not satisfied to be overlooked at first by Sala who was busy with a multitude of prescriptions. But he came before the people as candidate for a priesthood although he was yet much more than a stripling. To. This candidacy Selah secretly opposed himself and took measures to make Caesar fail in it. And when he was deliberating about putting him to death and some said, there was no reason for killing a mere boy him. He declared that they had no sense if they did not see in this boy many Marie as-as. When this speech was reported to Caesar he hid himself for some time wandering about in the country of the savings. Then as he was changing his abode by night on account of sickness, he fell in with soldiers of Sola who were searching those regions and arresting the men in hiding their. Caesar gave their leader Cornelius to talents to set him free. And at once went down to the sea and sailed to King Nicomedes in Bethesda. With him, he tarried a short time and then on his voyage back was captured near the island of Pharma, Coosa by pirates who already at that time controlled the sea with large armaments and countless small vessels. Chapter to. To begin with then when the pirates demanded twenty talents for his ransom, he'll have at them for not knowing who their captive was. And of his own accord agreed to give them fifty. In the next place after he had sent various followers, various cities to procure the money and was left with one friend and to attendance among solicitations most murderous of men he held them in such disdain that whenever he lay down to sleep, he would send in order them to stop talking. For eight in thirty days as if the men were not his watchers but his royal bodyguard, he shared in their sports exercises with great unconcern. He also wrote poems and sundry speeches, which he read aloud to them and those who did not. In Meyer these he would call to their faces illiterate Barbara NHS. And often laughingly threatened to hang them all. The pirates were delighted at this and attributed his boldness of speech to a certain simplicity and boyish mirth. But after his ransom had come from Mellitus and he had paid it and was set free, he immediately manned vessels and put to sea from the harbour of mellitus against the robbers he caught them to still lying at anchor off the island and got most of them into his power, their money he made his booty but the men themselves he lodged in prison at Pergamon and then went in person to Junius the governor of Asia on the ground that it belonged to him as prey tour of the province to punish the captives. But since the prey tour cast longing is on their money, which was no small sum. And kept saying that he would consider the case of the captives at his litter Caesar left him to his own devices went to Pergamon took the robbers out of prison and crucified them all just as he had often warned them on the island that he would do when they thought. He was joking chapter three after this solace power being now on the wane and Caesar's friends at home inviting him to return. Caesar sailed to roads to study under Appalachia the son of Milan and illustrious rhetorician with the reputation of a worthy character of whom Cicero also was a pupil. It is said to that Caesar had the greatest natural talent for political oratory and cultivated his talent most ambitiously so that he had an undisputed second rank, the first rank however, he renounced because he devoted his efforts to being I as a statesman and commander rather. And did not achieve that effectiveness in oratory to which his natural talent directed him. In consequence of his campaigns and his political activities. By means of which he acquired the supremacy. and. So it was that at a later time in his reply to CICERO's Cato he himself deprecated comparison between the diction of a soldier and the eloquence of an orator who was gifted by nature and had plenty of leisure to pursue his studies. Chapter Four. After his return to Rome, he impeached de la Bella for maladministration of his province. And many of the cities of Greece supplied him with testimony. Dole Bella it is true was acquitted but Caesar in return for the zealous efforts of the Greeks in his behalf served as their advocate when they prosecuted s Antonius for corruption before Marcus Lucullus the prey tour of Macedonia. And he was so effective that Antonius appealed to the Tribune's at Rome alleging that he could not have a fair trial in Greece against Greeks. At, Rome Moreover Caesar One, a great and brilliant popularity by his eloquence as advocate. And much goodwill from the common people for the friendliness of his manors in intercourse with them since he was ingratiating beyond his years. He had also a large and gradually increasing political influence in consequence of his lavish Talapity and the general splendor of his mode of life. At. First his enemies thought this influence would quickly vanish when his expenditures ceased. And therefore suffered it to thrive among the common people. But later on when it had become great and hard to subvert and aimed directly at a complete revolution in the state. They perceived that no beginnings should be considered too small to be quickly made great by continuance after contempt of them has left them unobstructed. At all events, the man who is thought to have been the first to see beneath the surface of Caesar's public policy and to fear it as one might fear the. Surface of the sea. And, who comprehended the powerful character hidden beneath his kindly and cheerful exterior? namely. CICERO. said that in most of Caesar's political plans and projects, he saw a tyrannical purpose. On the other hand said he when I look at his hair, which is arranged with so much nicety and see him scratching his head with one finger. I cannot think that this man would ever conceive of so great a crime as the overthrow of the Roman. Constitution. This it is true belongs to a later period. Chapter Five. The first proof of the People's goodwill towards him. He received when he competed against Kiowa Pius for a Military Tribune ship and was elected over him. A second and more conspicuous proof. He received when as nephew of Julia, the deceased wife of Marias, he pronounced splendid encomium upon her in the forum. And in her funeral procession ventured to display images of Mario's which were then seen for the first time since the administration of saw. Because Marius and his sprints had been pronounced public enemies when namely some cried out against Caesar for this procedure, the people answered them with loud shouts received Caesar with applause and admired him for bringing back after. So long a time as it were from Haiti's. Honors of Marius into the city. Now, in the case of elderly women, it was ancient Roman usage to pronounce funeral orations over them. But it was not customary in the case of young women and Caesar was the first to do so when his own wife died. This also brought him much favor and worked upon the sympathies the multitude so that they were fond of him as a man who was gentle and full of feeling. After the funeral of his wife he went out to Spain as Klay store under vagus one of the Pretorius whom he never ceased to hold in high esteem and whose son in turn when he himself was tour, he made his way store. After he had served in this office, he married for his third wife Pompeii. Having. Already by Cornelia a daughter who was afterwards married to pompey the great. He was unsparing in his outlays of money and was thought to be purchasing transient and short-lived fame at a great price. Though in reality, he was buying things of the highest value at a small price. We are told accordingly that before he entered upon any public office, he was thirteen hundred talents in debt. Again being appointed curator of the APP Ian Way, he expanded upon it vast sums of his own money. and. Again, during his eight dial ship, he wanted three hundred twenty pairs of gladiators. And by lavish provisions is for theatrical performances, processions and public banquets. He washed away all memory of the ambitious efforts of his predecessors in the office. By these means, he put the people in such a humor that every man of them was seeking out new offices and new honors with which required him. Jr after six. There were two parties in the city that of Sala which had been all-powerful since his day. And that of Marius, which at that time was in an altogether lowly state being cowed and scattered. This party Caesar wished to revive and attached to himself, and therefore when the ambitious efforts of his Adolf were at their height, he had images of Mario secretly made together with trophy bearing victories, and these he ordered to be carried by night and set up on the Capitol. At daybreak those who beheld all these objects glittering with gold and fashioned with the most exquisite art. And they bore inscriptions setting forth the symbian successes of Marius were amazed at the daring of the man who had set them up for it was evident who had done it and the report of it quickly spreading brought everybody together for the site. But some cried out that Caesar was scheming to usurp sole power in the state when he thus revived honors which had been buried by laws and crees. And that this proceeding was a test of the people whose feelings towards him. He had previously softened to see whether they had been made docile by his ambitious displays and would permit him to amuse himself with such innovations. The partisans of Marius however encouraged one another and showed themselves on a sudden in amazing numbers and fill the capital with their applause. Many to were moved to tears of joy when they beheld the features of Marius and Caesar was highly extolled by them and regarded as above all others worthy of his kinship with Marius. But when the Senate met to discuss these matters, catalysts limitations a man of the highest repute at that time in Rome rose up and denounced. Uttering the memorable words no longer indeed by sapping and Mining Caesar, but with engines of war art thou capturing the government. Caesar however defended himself against this charge and convinced the Senate whereupon his admirers were still more elated and exhorted him not to lower his pretensions for any man since the people would be glad to have him triumph over all opposition and be the first man in the state. Chapter Seven at this time to Telus the pontiff X. Maximus or high priest died and though I sorry. Kaz and catalysts were candidates for the priesthood which was an object of great ambition and though they were most illustrious men and of the greatest influence in the Senate Caesar would not give way to them but presented himself to the people as a rival candidate. The favor of elect doors appeared to be about equally divided and therefore catalysts who as the worthier of Caesar's competitors dreaded more the uncertainty of the issue sent and tried to induce Caesar to desist from his ambitious project offering him large sums. Of Money, but Caesar declared that he would carry the contest through even though he had to borrow still larger sums the day for the election came and as Caesar's mother accompanied him to the door in tears he kissed her and said mother today Thou Shalt Cli son either pontiff maximus or an exile the contest was sharp. But when the vote was taken Caesar prevailed and thereby made the Senate and Nobles afraid that he would lead the people on to every extreme of recklessness therefore Piso at catalysts blamed Cicero for having spared Caesar when in the affair of Capitoline, he gave his enemies a hold upon him. Cadillac namely had purposed not only to subvert the constitution, but to destroy the whole government and throw everything into confusion. He himself however was expelled from the city having been overwhelmed by proofs of lesser. Before his most far reaching plans were discovered. But he left lentils and keffiyehs behind him in the city to promote the conspiracy in his place. Now whether or not Caesar secretly gave these men any countenance and help is uncertain. But after they had been overwhelmingly convicted in the Senate. And CICERO the consul asked each senator to give his opinion on the manner of their punishment. The rest down to Caesar urged that they be put to death but Caesar rose in his place and delivered along and studied speech against this he pleaded that to put to death without legal trial men of high rank and brilliant lineage was not an his opinion traditional or just. ACCEPT, under extremist necessity but that if they should be bound and kept in custody in such cities of Italy as Cicero himself might elect. Until the war against caroline had been brought to a successful and. The Senate could afterwards in a time of peace and at their leisure vote upon the case of each one of them. Chapter Eight. This opinion seemed so humane and the speech in support of it was made with such power. That, not only those who rose to speak after Caesar's sided with him. Many also of those who had preceded, him took back the opinions which they had expressed and went over to his. And tell the question came round to Cato and catalysts. These warmly opposed Caesar's proposal and Kato, even helped to raise suspicion against Caesar by what he said as a result the men were handed over to the executioner and many of the young men who at that time formed a bodyguard for Cicero ran together withdrawn swords and threatened Caesar as he was leaving the Senate. But curio as we are told through his Toga around Caesar, and got him away while Cicero himself when the young men looked to him for a sign, shook his head either through fear of the people or because he thought the murder would be wholly contrary to law and justice. Now if this is true I do not see why. CICERO did not mention it in the treatise on his console ship. However, he was afterwards blamed for not having improved that best of all opportunities for removing Caesar instead, he showed a cowardly fear of the people who were extravagantly attached to Caesar. In fact, a few days afterward when Caesar came into the Senate and tried to defend himself in the matters wherein suspicion had been fixed upon him and met with the to multiple disapproval. The people seeing that the session of the Senate was lasting longer time than usual came up with loud cries and surrounded the Senate House demanding Caesar an ordering the Senate to let him go. It was for this reason to that Kato fearing above all things a revolutionary movement set on foot by the poorer classes who were setting the whole multitude on fire with the hopes which they fixed upon. Caesar. Persuaded the Senate to assign them a monthly allowance of green in consequence of which an annual outlay of seven million, five, hundred, thousand drachmas was added to the other expenditures of the state. However the great fear which prevailed at the time was manifestly quenched by this measure and the greatest part of Caesar's power was broken down and dissipated in the nick of time since he was pray tour left and would be more formidable on account of his office. Chapter Nine. However, there were no disturbances in consequence of Caesar's prater ship. But an unpleasant incident happened in his family. Pugliese. Claudius was a man of patrician birth and conspicuous for wealth and eloquence but in insolence and Frey, he surpassed all the notorious scoundrels of his time. This man was in love with pump here the wife of Caesar and she was not unwilling. But Close Watch was kept upon the women's apartments and Orillia. Caesar's mother. A woman of discretion would never let the young wife out of her sight and made it difficult and dangerous for the lovers to have an interview. Now, the Romans. Have a goddess whom they call Bona corresponding to the Greek guy in. The Fridge. Claim this goddess as their own and say that she was the mother of King, Midas? The Romans. Say she was dry at Nymph and the wife of fun us. The Greeks that she was the unnamed mobile one among the mothers of dyonisis. And this is the reason why the women cover their booths with vine branches when they celebrate her festival and why is sacred serpent is enthroned beside the goddess in. Conformity with the myth. It is not lawful for a man to attend the sacred ceremonies nor even to be in the house when they are celebrated but the women apart by themselves are set to perform many rights during their sacred service, which are or FIC- in their character accordingly when the time for the festival is at hand the console or pray tour at whose house it is to be held goes away and every male with him. While his wife takes possession of the premises and puts them enduring. The most important rights are celebrated by night when Mirth attends the rebels and much music to is heard. Chapter Ten. At the time of which I speak pump pompeo was celebrating this festival and Claudius who was still a beardless and on this account thought to pass unnoticed assumed the dress and implements of a lute girl and went to the house looking like a young woman. He found the door open and was brought in safely by the maid servants there who was in the secret. But after she had run on a head to tell POMPEII and some time had elapsed Claudius had not the patients to wait where he had been left and so as he was wandering about in the house a large one and trying to avoid the lights and attendance of a really came upon him and asked him to play with her as one woman would another and when he refused, she dragged him forward and asked who he was and whence he came. Claudius answered that he was waiting for pompey's. Opera. This was the very name by which the made was called and his voice betrayed him the attendant of Orillia at once sprang away with a scream to the lights and the throng crying out that she had caught a man the women were panic stricken and a rarely put a stop to the mystic rites of the goddess and covered up the emblems. Then she ordered the doors to be closed and went about the house with torches searching. For Claudius, he was found he had taken refuge in the chamber of the girl who had led him into the house. And when they saw who he was, the women drove him out of doors. Then, at once, and in the night, they went off and told the matter to their husbands, and when day came a report spread through the city that Claudius had committed sacrilege and owed satisfaction, not only to those whom he had insulted, but also to the city and to the gods. Accordingly. One of the tribunes of the people indicted Claudius for sacrilege and the most influential senators lead themselves together and bore witness against him that among other shocking abominations, he had committed adultery with his sister who was the wife, of Lucullus. But against the eager efforts of these men, the people arrayed themselves in defense of Claudius and were of great assistance to him with the jurors in the case who were terror stricken and afraid of the multitude. Caesar divorced POMPEII at once. But when he was summoned to testify at the trial, he said he knew nothing about the matters with which cody was charged. His statement appeared strange and the prosecutor therefore asked. Why. Then did the divorce Thi- wife. Because said, Caesar I thought my wife ought not even to be under suspicion. Some say that Caesar made this deposition. Honestly. But according to others, it was made to gratify the people who were determined to rescue Claudius. At any rate, Claudius was acquitted of the charge the majority of the jurors giving their verdicts in illegible writing in order that they might neither risk their lives with the populace by condemning him nor get a bad name among the nobility by acquitting him. Chapter Eleven. Immediately, after his prey tour ship, Caesar received Spain as his province. And since he found it hard to arrange matters with his creditors who obstructed his departure and were clamorous, he had recourse to crassus the richest of the Romans who had need of Caesar's vigor and fire for his political campaign against pompey. And it was only after crassus had met the demands of the most importunate and inexorable of these creditors and given sure t for eight hundred and thirty talents. That Caesar could go out to his province. We are told that as he was crossing the Alps and passing by barbarian village, which had very few inhabitants and was a sorry sight his companions asked with mirth laughter. Can it be that here too there are ambitious strifes. Office struggles for primacy and mutual jealousies, powerful men. Whereupon Caesar said to them in all seriousness. I would rather be I hear than second at Rome. In like manner, we are told again that in Spain when he was at leisure and was meeting from the history of Alexander, he was lost in thought for a long time and then burst into tears his friends were astonished and ask the reason for his tears. Do you not think said he it is a matter for sorrow that while Alexander at my age was already king of so many people's I have as yet achieved. No brilliant success. Footnote Sway Tony US and dio cassius connect this anecdote more properly with Caesar's quaker ship in Spain sixty seven. BC when he was thirty three years of age the age at which Alexandra died. and. A footnote. Chapter Twelve. At any rate as soon as he reached Spain, he set himself to work and in a few days raised ten cohorts in addition to the twenty, which were there before then he led his army against the CA- Lakey at Lucy Tony overpowered them and marched on as far as the outer see subduing the tribes which before were not obedient to Rome. After bringing the war to a successful close he was equally happy and adjusting the problems of peace by establishing concord between the cities and particularly by healing the dissensions between debtors and creditors. For he ordained that the creditor should annually take two thirds of his debtors income and the owner of the property should use the rest and so on until the debt was canceled. In High Repute for this administration, he retired from the province he had become wealthy himself had enriched his soldiers from their campaigns and had been saluted by them as imperatore.

Caesar Claudius Marius Cicero Rome Senate pompey Spain Rome Orillia King Nicomedes Cornelia Mario Marie as-as Julia Assistant CICERO Marias Lucius Sala Bernadette Perrin
Leaving the Church  because of the Church Part 2

True Faith Stories

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Leaving the Church because of the Church Part 2

"Hi everyone thank you for joining us here again at true faith stories. I am your host Deborah Kabong by Kuma Amu- hosts Mary a danger today we are just going to dive right back again and continue our talk from last week which is spiritual abuse Church Trauma Church hurt and all of the above the above the last week I shared my story and so this week. It's Marius turn turn is when you crazy first of all okay. The should not be a good thing to rejoice. But isn't it crazy that both of us have experienced a similar similar stories from real experiences with Garrett. I mean that tells you how much this is. You know. It tells you that this is happening way too often. Exactly that are like across different states across the nation. You know it tells you that this is happening way too often often. It's not a good thing and when we met that's won't you know besides being writers of course that's one thing that you know. The first thing we connect on was the fact that we were both writers. The second thing somehow you know I think I had mentioned spiritual abusers got me to experience. The story is really wait. This is crazy so I'm just gonNA stop here and I'm going to have her tell us her experience so so Tamara. Can you just tell us what what happened. You know how. Why are you hurt by the church? What was your experience with spiritual of? Oh well let's see here you know and I have to say that over time I have healed So I am not necessarily -sarily hurt by the church anymore. I am still disappointed in the way some churches do things. I don't expect that to change anytime soon. Just because we're flawed awed in you know some of us aren't really trying to change and some of us are still changing so But my experience was different than yours. It's in the way that My spiritual leader was a woman. ooh Yeah and I don't know how often we hear about a a spiritual beings coming from women but I in fact encountered a woman who operated in what I like to call the Jasbir Isabel. Spirit if you're not familiar familiar explained to those who are not familiar. Oh my gosh now. First of all the bills spirit can Y- ah a man or woman can operate spirit It is a very controlling manipulated manipulating spirit. It seeks itself seeking They will do anything. And everything they prey on your weaknesses like they're very calculated. They will do anything everything in order to get their way. It has to be their way. I'm tell you some people were to highway or seriously some people that aren't even in in the church were saved operate in the spirit. You so But I could go on and on about this year. The bill spirit but buying started Let's see early twenties twenties What's interesting is it was my friend's mom? I'm even nervous saying that. I hope she never hears this. We're not friends anymore but still aw we were friends in high school and over her house and things like that but I never really noticed anything to off about her mom Other than like we're teenagers. She's a mom. You know whatever right as I got older my early twenties you know I was live in a very very worldly life at their during the most and at one of my just like you stated vulnerable moments and it seems like that's when they they can sense that the reason yeah and they just they just prey on you at them on you when your phone number Yes one of my most vulnerable moments of she popped out popped up at my house one day out of the blue and she asks me to She was starting a church her and her husband and she wanted me me to be in charge of the daycare because I had background childcare so I was like okay the Lord. Maybe this is a sign right. Yeah I hadn't been in my word. I hadn't been praying. I hadn't been spending any time. This other fine yes. This is a sign to get me out of my worldly way it brings me back to. Christ that's what I've done so I started there the beginning. It was fine I would just show up. Take care of the kids. Teach Them Bible stories. Talk a little bit with the family afterwards can go home will well I had a best friend at the time who still my best friend today and she ended up. This lady ended up meeting my best friend. I think she's also also like a restaurant eating out or something and she just became fascinated by my best friend and I believe it was at that moment she started plotting right the ability. I'm telling you they are very calculated insult and saw my best friend was going through her own situation where she was also very vulnerable for so she kind of got dragged into this mess as well so we all started going to the church. So it's my friend who Her mom is the spiritual leader. My Best S. friend. Who now was going to this church in this myself So we go to this church in mind you acid trips. We would all sit around at the table in gossip about people that should have been a first sign. I'm in my early twenties. I don't know much I'm still a babe. Christ you know not thinking too much about it and then we started seeing. She's doing all all this crazy stuff and I mean she's talking about demons all the time talking about had a cast the mouth and stuff okay. I know there's something Jesus Christ did but you're talking to babies us in Christ right now. You're giving US books on Demon. We need to go deer hunting. Yes ma'am we need to know every demon so we'll know what we're dealing with. Listen I I was a little traumatized at this point. I'm like okay. The issue started controlling trying to control every area of our lives. Like for instance. I I had a child with my boyfriend at the time. He's my husband now. We were not married but we were living together. is so. She told me that I I needed to move out because we weren't married. And my little Sassy self you know. I came back with subscription said well the sand is not in the living together. It's in the sex and guess we're having sex so I'm sending That made her mad. She didn't have a comeback. Then but I think the following Sunday she came she was prepared. Oh she I think she thought about it all week and she took me into a room with my best friend and her daughter at the time and she told me that if I have sex she said you can stay in the house with him but if you have sex with him you will see your daughter in a casket left not in our review named Jesus right now. That's what she told me. And that's another thing that these people do they use fear tactics that you to do when the New Year constantly you have to be used so mind you. My daughter at the time is around three. I'm in my early twenties. I am completely league devastated. I went home told my boyfriend. Look if we're not married. I'm leaving you. I moved out of the House that day I I did. I moved back in with my mom and step dad and I think within that week my husband's like okay earn my boyfriend's like this is ridiculous. Let's get married. Yeah Mary I did something that came out of it but that was just one of the things she did to me Not only that She started orchestrating strating the marriages divorces of her children and so Now this started happening afterwards. While I was there she was still trying to control. will her kids life. Anybody in the Church get anybody in the Church of the Lower Tommy. She took two strangers if they had the Lord told me right. Now that you two you need to get married right now now or else or else you'll die that's the same thing to death. And they got married. They got married right in there. Dan Dan which other from Adam. Yes do you know. If they're still married they were but he passed away unfortunately unfortunately he had a heart attack and PAC man right She's yes they got married right in there but she was always doing stuff like this and You know that's still feels weird. I was like this woman. It is crazy but the icing on the cake because for me I always struggle with wanting to please people right that had been my trouble over God which we know is not it. You know what we should be doing But so sh- the Lord new. I feel like the Lord allowed this particular thing to happen because he knew how to get. Let me so once again. She took myself my best friend and her daughter into a room and she kind of orchestrated a A fight between us I started saying. Are you talking behind their backs. It was me was all pointed at me. I'm talking behind their back. He was trying to get you out the pictures. She wanted to be out the picture because because she wanted my best friend. It'd be best friend's daughter. She's like she she does this. She picks their friends their spouses. Everything this is she. She's controlling trolling. This is what she does and I said well this lady you know I was. I was frantic at the time I was like no because you know I was devastated. I don't want my friends thing and I was talking batum but she was like yes you were you were. They believed her. I was in tears. I ran out of the house and never looked back. Come to find out after the facts are this crazy stuff started going on with all the members. I mean something crazy all with every member even the people who were so call how quote unquote elders of the church was controlling guessing to see total person. She told one of the elders that she could no longer wear blue. Where can I? Don't yes office. Is that you use got the Lord told me that you can no longer wear blue. The Laura told me or they would say the Lord told me or that's it's not God's will for your life will for your life there. It got to the point where I I was like. Lord is she bose's I mean. Who is this lady that you always speaking to and I'm not here from you like this zone seriously? I was like what is going on but she was lying. I know that now didn't know that. Thin as a babe in Christ so she did so many detestable testable things to the members of her church. and you know I I don't WANNA put everybody else's business out there I just want to talk about what she done to me and But it gotten to the point where I found out afterwards through prayer that she was heavily involved in witchcraft. Why don't even that? That does not surprise me exactly in it. It doesn't surprise me either. The strange thing about it is that she would always talk about her. Mom was a witch and how each yes but she chose Christ instead films. Yes become the find out. She was still. She was doing the same things she it was on exact same things and then I started noticing. Her husband was the pastor of the church but he never had a say had no say she he controlled everything down to the means conference. They had a man's conference and was strictly supposed to be men and they had a in the the hustle site we have a guest Speaker coming guess who showed up. She did she was the guest speaker girl. I was told I heard that I was done. I was on. I said okay. This is crazy was everywhere. Yes Oh this this is this was crazy to me so After I got married area of course it was my husband and myself My best friend and her husband and Her daughter The lady's daughter and her husband. We all planned the trip to go to Vegas for my birthday why she invited herself. You're kidding. She invited herself by herself. Not Her husband husband just her kid because she wanted to come in control. Everything is see what was going on see. It was so bizarre rolling leaders. What is up with that? They want to control the she. She came Oh told me that she came. She came in she came and she gambled the the whole time. She gambled the whole time and she lost her money and issue told us that the Lord told her that you guys have ever come back to Vegas no she can never come back to her l.. She'll die it's the something was wrong like I can't even put into words this weird the spirit on this lady lady but seriously after I left. Yeah after I left in it. What's so funny? You're talking about your husband at the time who never. I wanted to go back to the church. My husband never went went there. He refused remember. No no he was just like what did just feel right and he knew them too because the team went to high school with us too he was like no. Just something's not right. I don't WANNA go And Yeah he never went and he would tell me to stop going to but I went because my friends were going. Yeah even WanNa feel like the out. Fighter is the outcast. But she did what she said out to do. I I stopped being friends with my best friend. We stopped being friends in her and the leaders daughter became friends really close friends plus what she wanted. Yep Yep and they will talk about me. She would tell them that. I was out drinking all the time and doing God knows what so yeah it it was a mess and it wasn't until years later that When she orchestrated the divorce of her daughter and her daughter's husband that my best friend in her husband left the Church Church and then we reconnected and they started telling me their stories and it was? It was crazier than what I'd ever experienced. Then everyone else started to open up and share. They went through People their lives most most people left on the only people they were able to get in there were new people and I think at one point it was just just her family. That was going. Yeah but they're still operating they. I think they still have you know what no no I think. They closed down the church. Oh Hollywood that any calls on the church. Church is like that around. We don't but yeah. That was my story of I. I've actually had it three not so good experience. That one was the worst for me Because I was very personally involved in after that I just I was crushed. I'll site site. Lower like what I dabble gods like. Lord what did you do to me like. How could you get me involved in this and then do this to me? And that was the beginning of my journey. Any outside of church in really experiencing getting to know God and that's when I grew the most it was outside of outside of church yet. Amazing yes yes. It was outside of Church. I wouldn't go to church until years later and so so tell us So after that got you. How long wasn't until you started going to a new church what what happened after that because this happened years ago? Yeah no that you do keep going to church later after that but that today are you going to church. No you slay no today. I'm not disagreeing. You know I tried okay so after to that incident. It was years later before I joined. I guess I do in the Bible study. It was a Bible study in some people's homes that in really workout as this. Well I was a little more aware of what to look for now since my first experience so I knew that wasn't for me so I kinda got out of doubt outlines that quick that quick early and then the next time I will go to church. I wouldn't join you know I didn't really get involved. I would just go here. Disarming go home didn't really get to know the people you know I was guarded. I was guarded And the aim just recently. I started going to another church Maybe two years ago But that just fell. Apart in June the whole church just fell apart because of some scandal the leadership and devastating. When you told me about that you you're thinking finally found a new church that seems to be legit then here? We go and she when she told me about the church. I even visited myself and my husband and my family and I liked it you know. I thought he was okay. My husband was like nope the spirit of disarming. He's I know we're not coming here again. Knows that you think no no and I was like Oh you know. I'm not gonNA argue with him. I was just like okay. Well if he feels something is not right then he something must not be right but I just thought well. Maybe it's just not a church for us you know and So when to marry told me about what happened I was saying no I mean. Do you feel comfortable sharing what what happened. Just yes or I just I really don't I can say said. There was a huge scandal involving the pastor his assistant and his wife. That's as far as I'm going to go. I I don't even WanNa get into gear. Yeah yeah because nothing was really confirmed so all I I noticed the whole church fell apart. There is not a church anymore and after that I just I just have no desire to find another church challenge. I can't say if that's good or bad I just know that's where I'm at right now. So were you when that happened where you like. Oh here we go again. We're just avid stated or was it a shocking. As first time or 'cause you know like for me speaking for myself when I hear stuff like that happening church right now because because I've experienced like already like multiple experiences with UH leadership in the church this appointing our members unfortunately unfortunately not let me clarify. I think we should clarify that before that. You know these episodes or not to bash the church because there are some wonderful churches out here and there are some great raitment got out there and women. Yes all right. There are great men and women got out there but unfortunately there are some who take advantage of there are members which is not high. Should be so for me. The first few times I was really hurt. You know I've recovered great which is awesome takes a long longtime to heal from experiences like that are but now when I hear Oh this happened civil so church? It shouldn't be that that way but I am never shocked anymore because either I'm just like Oh okay people that aren't you surprised now. Now it's funny because I'm never shocked either and with this particular situation. I wasn't even devastated. I was disappointed and I was very sad. Bad for the people involved Yeah that's where I was and and for the people who had really gave themselves in their church. I guess what it's like to give your all as you know. They were crushed they still are you know in and I and I hate that for them. I I hate that for them and I'm hoping that And I know they've got reel God will do the same thing that he did for us like you said. God's He's searched me out he was like no daughter daughter. This is not me. You know this. This doesn't represent me. God is good all the time everything that God is good. It's what I want people to know. He is not out to hurt or to devastate or to. You know none of that. That's not what he does for his children. He is life he builds us up. You know what I mean He's a good God art so he had to. He had to show me he had to show me that and he showed me that. Once I left the church I I will say this. I'm not opposed to going attending church attending church again. I'm not opposed. This was this was my question. Would you still go to church today. I do not after that situation. The last situation just happened this summer. I am not looking or anything but I'm not opposed to Lord said Hey I need to go oh here fellowship used your gifts here in this place. That's exactly what I'm going to do but yeah I. I don't have a church home as of right now. I can just imagine it does take time to kind of process what happened just happened this the summer. If I was in your shoes I would also be a little bit. I mean you don't want to rush to the next church because at the end of the day. Hey as long as you're still keeping that commitment to guys who still have that relationship and we all know that that's what's more important no matter what people try to say EH and We're not trying to take from church because we do understand that fellowship is important and But there comes a time where church just may be an option for you based on what you've been through and that's okay and just because you're not there now doesn't mean that you won't be a part of a church. You know what I mean. I don't feel like that. Sinn option is not on the table for me so Yeah just has to be the right one. You don't want to just go to go and you know you go where you exactly. That's what's important to me. Listen I am not trying to get traumatized anymore. Pastors have the traumatize me together. But yeah I mean for me. I still go to church inch but I feel like I do it more for my kids. Yes because I want them to have the same experience that I had well not the bad let me. Oh you let me clarify that but growing up. When I grew up in Europe we you know we had a great great church in France and I have fond memories stories of the Church that I grew up in in Paris? It was just so souls I of course I was child so there may have been things that happen behind closed stories that my parents never told us you know in a church because my parents were serving in ministry since before I was born so I grew up in I. It was a great great experience so it was a drastic change from the church in Paris to their Church that my dad started pastoring here in in the states who is too drastic so the following members that have our Detroit. There's just gonNA keep Berea and there was a community was like a family and Unfortunately we don't see that a lot today in churches we we just don't and I know I've had bad experiences in church but I don't WanNa take that away from my kids and my kids have reached the age where they want to go to church and excited ask me. Oh we're going to church there. S A lot of questions about Jesus and God and just Christianity Hannity. They're curious to know how all this stuff works and so I don't WanNa take that away from them. Experience of fellowship at Church So yeah but me personally Sort of like you know on the whole thing because yeah ah okay. One thing that I've noticed that nowadays are in a lot of churches were that it would become so was what I'm looking for his so I don't WanNa say fake but it's like it's a it's in the word is more like a sucker show. You know a lot of churches nowadays. It's more of like it's not antic anymore at Sacramento. And it's like I know what you were just trying to draw people. And we WANNA get the millennials. The millennials Marines. You know it's all about and so now. You get the millennials in you. Get the baby Christian. This is a problem that I see. So you get the baby Christians in a church. The millennials that you you're looking for and then at the same time you have people who've been at your church for maybe ten years and now they're not really you know they're giving and giving and doing all the service but they're not really being fed or they're not really feel that they don't feel like the church is helping them to grow. Oh Oh they felt like they have reached a high potential that they can't in this church because now the churches catering to only be Christians and they're forgetting about members suv been there and so what happens then. Is the members feel like. Oh well there's nothing here for me anymore. So they go onto the next church or they just stopped going to church altogether. So that's one problem that I see a lot that letter. Leadership leaders and church are so focused on like how. How can the millennials MIA? How do we get them in? I what do we do what we have to continue to perform for them for them to keep coming to keep seeing. That's a burden yeah. That's a burning burning complaining on yourself to have to keep entertaining people to come to church. That is not what brings people to tha that. What brings people to God? Is the spirit of I've got. That's what you should be giving people it is the spirit of God in the goodness of God that brings man to repentance. That's what the word says. So that's that's what we should be showing people who got is. He should be shining through us. I'm I shouldn't have you know I mean listen I'm not downing owning churches. Who have it but we have to have the latest coffee shops? We have to. Have you know the the best music have to all those show lights send come on for what. And there's like a a look that they want to the members to look like people who singing on stage and you know like a lot of churches there really really think about all these things. There's a book that I'm reading Cau- this is. My Body at the author is Cameron. Forgot her last name but anyway just randomly came across it at the library and she used to be a worship leader at a big mega church in Houston. Texas doesn't seem to church coach. But it's a memorial Experience You know with that deals with feminism with Christianity and also just talks about and it really makes you think because you think about de back in the business of mega churches and that goes in and she talks about how she had to look a certain way even though she was older but she had two younger because they want to track the millennial and then want her to want her to to to relate to them and they just just all the stuff that we don't think about when we go to church and a lot of people who these megachurches and they're attracted to it and I don't think how a lot of these churches are really carefully planned out from from the people onstage to every single word being spoken up there. Everything is literally planned planned out. And that's where I feel like it doesn't give a chance a chance for the spirit of God to beard. That's right I work at one hundred percent and then what we do. Because we're not really we really trying to get people saved and delivered and healed or trying to feel seats because then you know okay so you feel for all three services and then okay. Now we're opening a new church over here in this location. Guess what most probably most of those people sitting sitting in that audience is suffering from anxiety or suffering from something depression life stuff. Yes they're hurting. They're hurting and we're not stopping. You know talk to address these issues. Where we're trying to entertain we re trying to entertain it? We just wanted to make people feel better like you know but we don't want to really dig in an address. The big issues the going issues we could go on and on. Oh Yeah we really couldn't man from stuff so we don't have the church now. We have the open conversation. I mean you didn't talking to to people who you know like rubbing to try to so he's talking to two men and unfortunately that is how a lot of us are a lot of grew up in church and were open our eyes and we're seeing. Oh look at what we grew up in. And we're like seeing what's really happening changes that needs to be made now. The problem here is when you have leadership in those churches who refused to make you know they don't WanNa take Constructive criticism and they're not open to change and they're not open to you know really digging into seeing what's the problem. Why are are people leaving the church? Why aren't millennials the same people you're trying to attract? Why are they leaving because you may attract them? Are you keeping them. Why why do you have a hi turn turnaround turnover? Whatever the tournaments you know like? Why is this happening because back? Danny like people being church for years but out outs and I think part of has has to do with us really opening is and not being blind to the truth. We know what's really going on and and we speak up when we see we don't want no part of it. That's why you have a lot of these churches really leaving because we're not taking any BS anymore. Well listen. They're trying to bring back with Kong gays Sunday service. Oh No let's not even go. I got something to say but I won't do it. That's not the not today. That's another shell. That's another show. Yeah that's a good topic actually have a lot to say about that. Do not be fooled people. So I guess we're today so I love how you're sort of in line. Let's say and that was not even done so but there's more of course saving for the memoir you got to have two people have to buy the book and every now and then we'll just drop a few F few more conversations about this We wanted to definitely introduced this topic Because we talk I talk about it a lot so I of course I have to talk about it on the finance so we talk about it so if you guys want to hear hear more about this topic and you feel like there's more that we could be addressing let us know I mean we're open and our goal is also to have some guests here on the show To talk about how to recover from you know maybe church hurt emotionally. Maybe you have anxiety or you're depressed ask. Those are very important things that the church doesn't talk about a lot so we we want to have guests to talk about that with us. So look for is that in the future. Awesome stuff guys. I hope you have a happy holidays. And we'll see you back here next week on a show make sure your subscribe to our show and rates and share and thank you so much. Thank you guys bye.

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Greed & Grift

Two Friends Talk History

1:03:19 hr | 1 year ago

Greed & Grift

"Welcome to talk history a podcast. Where the two friends talk history. I'm sophia liam friends who want to learn as much as we can about history not just focus on one topic but world. History everything so to do this. We choose a theme than we scurry away to research story. We don't know what the other person is chosen until we record the episode. We learn as we researched to. We're so glad you're joining us on this journey this week. We've chosen theme greed. And graft i'll be talking about rome's richest man. Marcus crassus and i'll discuss the infamous life of king leopold the second of the belgians. We would appreciate your support on patriotic. You enjoy the show or feel free just to listen and please leave a review on apple podcasts. If that is what us it's easy you just take the stars you want to give five stars five stars. Under the episode details and enjoyed the show so zowie your first. I want to learn a lot. More about marcus crassus. Well i guess my first question liam is. What do you already know about. Markets crosses okay so as a previous student of ancient history. Obviously have heard of parker's cross's before especially around the time of julius caesar and the republic and the fall of the republic or at least just before the fall of the republic. I know that he was a very very wealthy man in the ancient world. I know he is involved in different kind of military campaigns. But i couldn't really tell you when and or like exactly what i would be listed the whole thing together properly so please remind me like i tell me more how does fit in with the story and why was zeke's greedy. Well that's actually super helpful and a perfect barometer of most people potentially are a little bit aware of this period. lake One third of the first tram britt is marcus crassus and he oh he was the largest landowner he was also the guy who defeated spartacus. So he's pretty famous but it's most people might not connect him to all those different points along the map And especially because he was part of the sort of changing political landscape of rome. He's an interesting guy to talk about. And wow did he have. Coche so yeah. I'm just gonna jump right in. There's a bunch of historical context to get just to make him make sense. So i'll just dive in and yeah so marcus. Leukaemias crosses was born in one fifteen bc in rome and he was born to a wealthy and respected plebeian. Family and plebeian are though they are not partitions. There's a class issue involved there. I think most of us are pretty familiar with the concept You know they they have a decent amount of money be politically well-connected. They could serve political office but there was always teeny tiny chip on the shoulder because it wasn't aristocracy. So yeah. I think we we can. We can understand. That crisis was born into the last decades of the second century bc and was pretty much like the mad max period of rome at this time Things were chucked out the window norms. That used to exist and they were creating new ones The republican period of rome. Most of you may know but was dated to roughly five nine bc when they overthrew the semi mythological king tar. When there's you know it's it's an arbitrary date but what we're going to go with and there are a few different dates for when you can point to the end of the republic Maybe forty nine bc when julius caesar becomes dictator for life maybe twenty seven bc when. Reagan becomes augusta's So this is sort of the spread. We're looking at and you can already tell just by dictator augusta's like powers becoming consolidated and this is kind of how it happens Is that does that sound familiar to you. you know. i think it's important to point out that the roman republic is under republic that we would think of it in a modern sense. I mean this was a republic where the power was still consolidated within a small minority of the population. The aristocrats the elite and in a way people below that had tokenistic sort of power or at least a size of the cake yet. Like an brilliant point yes absolutely. This is not the republic that maybe america would understand although maybe kind of closer to the bone than they want to admit But yet the the the power of the people was people power like you by virtue of being the masses had a degree of power because you would elect or you would burn down or un coming here like it really just showing up was the biggest thing the populace due to show support or or dislike. And would you consider a populist system at the moment so when the people do say it has to do with the popular leaders and popular figureheads More so than kind of actual policies on the ground and really like well-thought-out briefs and things like that yes so this is actually. This is the period of the rise of populism within rome Prior to you did have the negotiation between elites the people vis-a-vis. Like you know. I'll do this for you or i will win. This battle is glory and good of overall or regional. Just we survived something really hectic and crazy and they would get political office from their successes. So success built upon success. It wasn't like jared kushner falling failing upwards. It was more like you actually had to put your money where your mouth was and win. Otherwise people were not gonna follow you and it is in this period that you start to see People of higher rank trying to get trying to get the populace behind them through pandering and creating a us versus them style dichotomies that probably did exist and are legitimate but it was marshalled into violence so the republican period is defined as effectively militarily. Almost a nonstop party fest of wars yet. Absolutely that's something that i definitely remember. The long list of wars they got involved in the The territories they took over in in different forms. Not just warfare like the king of like did his kingdom. And i know that. When i love mobs- mobster my thing and when you look at maps of the roman republic you just see red spilling out all across the mediterranean and it's. It's really very obvious that rome was busy. Yeah and i think just. I tried at one point to make a list. A running tally. So i would understand what the flow events was just for myself casually and it blew my absolute mind because find me a time. They weren't at war in the three hundred year period. Like no there wasn't The old systems of power began to change as we mentioned and crisis was becoming a young man in this period of time. Power was fairly rapidly. Consolidating into the hands of marius. A i mean. He was the console but he had an unprecedented seven times as the consulate. That just doesn't happen going on there. Yeah little baby. Putin little baby roman putin Yeah he just he just kept taking it and people let him break the rules and let him do these sort of ground swell changes to the political system because he was successful his success carried on and it meant that they would be willing to look the other way when it was yet another console ship of marius so by channeling the power into his own hands he was excluding others and they probably resented it. Fair elite man of the republic grew their influence but oftentimes it was through military conquest and sweet sweet campaign choices. marris's control over rome brought him into conflict with one of his former generals than that sola and again we're probably familiar with solar us Or maybe we're not yet no spars. I remember sola was the man who actually took rome He disease rome and actually took an himself was twice. Yeah i he set himself up as as dictator or was he sort of like a console for life or something is dictator and then he retired a gentleman. Yeah i know he so. He came up with marius. He knew the guy he had worked with them. But marius had a tendency to like scoop other people's military successes for himself and that solid to say the least when an opportunity came up for a plump campaign in asia minor which is modern turkey against method eighties. Who was a hellenistic king who is causing a lot of problems for the romans. Sala was pretty pumped. He was like. That's me. I'm going to this. This is my job. And i also mid. It was bad ass. He really put it up to the romans on calls him a lot of trouble. His sons too as far as and also he looked foxy. Hell like alexander. The great look. He was rocking with his little bit of baby stable. And yet no locks those blocks and there's a little cat hat so basically what happened is marius was not keen to have solid outshine in which he knew one hundred percent was gonna happen if if managed to kick the shit out of mithra davies so he he said no. You can't go do this and put a block on Solas attempt to carry the army. Ford and i'll do this so in eighty eight to eighty seven b. e. This brought them into their first of two civil wars and it was Effectively sala had rallied troops and rally generals and they marched on rome and at the time crosses he's a young monitoring all of this. Oh yes he's he's growing up in this period he's watching this instability in rome. He's watching romans finding roman's and he's watching. I mean maybe it sounds really blessed to just sort of gloss over it but but it's it's never been this way. You've never had a general march on the home city because that's just the bits breaking every taboo and however correct. It may be for him to say you cannot. You can't take this away from me. That might be fair. But it's just done so wrong. It did not fly with many of the roman elites or even the roman populace so you know sell is able to kick marius out of rome. Marius flees to north africa. And you know sounds like a everything sorted. Were all good. I'm now going to go in that campaign. I was talking about scoots off. Marcus comes back with a vengeance. And he starts purges anyone who supported sela he is he is killing them. He is taking their property. He is kicking them. The shit at rome. Like i purge the i i guess perches all of his political rivals out of rome and it would be something akin to you know to politicians competing for the presidency in the states and then they decide to kill everybody who supported one faction crazy it often. I've i've definitely read it in a lot of places where two oh the purchase o- political instability. But i mean this would have broken every norm. This would have been murdered. This would have been rampage like. It's actually crazy to think about how understated it tends to get talked about within the mix of all of this shite crassus. His family is killed. His brother and his father murdered other their properties confiscated and crassus scoops to spain where his dad had some property and had his client network and and political allies and he stays there for quite a while until he hears the trumpet. Call sala again. As he is returning successfully from executing the wars against mr daddy's and sala rocks back in and almost like a Like a posse collects his buddies. He's got mattel Mattel's pi sorry. He's got pompey the great who we you know. Becomes a huge figure in the late republican roman scene and crisis having spent quite a while extorting the absolute shit out of the people of spain who he had any opportunity to do so to a first instance of greed he then joins along with them and they bring armies to rome to settle this issue once and for all with the So this brings us right to the burt. Like kind of an important point for crassus at the battle of the choline gate which is right. Outside the city of rome they brought their armies up to the gate. Crisis is given a position to lead part of cells carey and they you know it was a male a it was a blood it was a bloodbath and they win but they also win for losing because it's their own people so i mean this isn't the military victory as you can imagine you're probably gonna stamp on a coin. Yep absolutely is not something that you remember. Twenty years down the line with jews and triumphs and things like that. Because i'm and this is often the way after civil wars. I know sorry after the civil war in ireland. People didn't talk about what happened during the war for decades and decades afterwards. Because i'm no one wants to talk about brother. Fighting brother or family fighting family and village hiding village and things like us. Yeah and super upsetting. And i mean i like you know. It's one of those turnabout is fair play. Their people had been killed so now they went on perch number two. Oh grand purge to virtue and we're talking like a five year six year period like this is madness. See a huge amount of death. There's a prescription list was basically a Down government-sanctioned list for people to murder with impunity and confiscate the lands territories. Whatever that the people on the list owned and this was just a melee People who were not necessarily affiliated with marius and his faction were on the list if you liked the sheep in their house so classes took full advantage of the situation and he and his allies got into very good good political positions. And we're in the perfect spot to have the claw the claw like toy story yom so. Yeah he was doing that with sweet property. I think cherry picking. Yes yes absolutely terrific. Thank you so you got crassus. Never really troubled by the misfortunes of others just consolidated his wealth that he had accrued in spain and elsewhere and he just started buying up tons of property and growing his his real estate empire. You could say he was one of the main not the main but he was. He was notably a person who put fake names on the prescription list. If you liked the properties that you wanted to buy. Ooh that's real graph doesn't it. That's really don't like this. And i just like taking advantage of a really bad situation for your own. Benefit is the tagline for crashes life also taking advantage of your own people which again i mean if we look to the modern world a lot does go on. But it's still gross. Yeah no absolutely. And it's funny because he's so powerful and he's part of the first drawing we kind of look either. You give a little bit of respect when you in your mind. Maybe you construct the psychosis powerful in prison kind of piece of shit and i'm just going to clarify the first trip for people because you have said that term twice so the triumvirate means the trio of three men really and it was crisis. Pompey caesar so. That's what he means. Ensure very treacherous so this is where we kind of get into like the nitty gritty of classes like he invested a lot in architecture and he invested a lot in You know he would buy property. Tear down build up a building block and then he could rent it out. If it burned down by accident he could bring Let's be clear like he wasn't like an an arsonist but He he was a jerk but he wasn't doing that but he would. He had this crew of slave firemen and he would send them off anytime he heard word of a fire not out of the goodness of his heart he would offer the owner the opportunity to sell very very cheaply on the spot while his things earning and if they said yes he would put out the fires. They could save their belongings if they said no Yeah he let that mother burn. Oh dear what a dick an also. If i've never heard someone describe the phrase just have there. He had a crew of slave firemen. I mean that's something else. Isn't it invested his finances wisely and the way to exploit people one of which was the silver mines silver mines in spain and he enslaved people working silver mines was arduous and horrific and he was happy to you know put his money into that because it was so profitable so again like human costs not even a like nothing he even cared about but it was just the wealth. Yeah have to come in here on the whole silver. Mind thing so i just want to. I mean if you called it. Horrific and i wanted to really drive that home so i looked into kind of the conditions for slaves and their experiences in silver. Mines like in. Be if unions over minds back in the classical period athens as well as the sober-minded rome and like the potosi silver mines in south america and conditions are absolutely horrific. The life expectancy is so low. I mean people would often we live maybe a year or two years before the dead and the next of people come in. I mean that was a common thing that would happen. So we're talking about someone who is who is running possibly the worst industry in the world. I didn't realize it was so short. Like i mean. I knew they were bad but one one two years. That's that's that's a lot. Oh my god. So yeah. I i think if you could have picked an industry to get involved in. This one was pretty pretty horrendous But it off in dividends got sold up maters Famous story and He says the wealth of crassus went from three hundred talents to seven thousand one hundred talents. A talent is a measure of weight that drives from the near east and there's different measures of talents across different locations The one we kind of use To determine crashes. His wealth is the town from athens. Which is twenty five kilograms or fifty seven pounds. So you know it's that's just an an obscene amount of money The talent might have been a little different but estimates of crisis is wealth have been given to about thirty two thousand times what the normal romans and wage was. Oh god so in in numbers for two thousand eight hundred. Seventy to one hundred and eighty eight billion dollars according to some economists so that would possibly make one of the richest men in history in that case not the not the richest man in history. But one of the top five probably. Wow this is at a time when obviously the world economy was vastly smaller than what it is today so in a way. He's concentrated more wealth than lot of the modern billionaires who might have more so that's terrifying. Yeah actually that's a really interesting way to think about it and could finance. I mean almost anything. So what does a man who has everything in the world really want. When he closes his eight power and respect and those two things do not go hand in hand when you are grasping gifting elite. Who is watching. People's homes burned to take the property. Wealth was really tricky in the ancient world. Especially with the romans It was viewed kind of askance like How did you make your money. Is it through hereditary farms of. That's fine is it through silvermines your dirty or do you trade with alexandria. Ocasio ships gross dirty so dirty. You know military conquest political office. These things all boosted your status but the best way to get money was through other means like not necessarily your business. It looked a little little sketchy Which is i mean. More elite concept can't exist. You know proving oneself through war through the calling gate incident did not help him as he became more powerful through his union with julius caesar and pompey in the first triumvirate. He was like the financial backer to a lot of julius. Caesar shenanigans. he. Just you know. He had the money to support him and he could see the writing on the wall like he knew. Pompey was incredibly popular among the roman citizens because he was young charismatic militarily successful and he broke all the norms like did everything like ten years younger than every other guy before he was just like a boss bitch. and julius caesar was super ambitious and very cunning and very smart and shrewd and had some financial issues. And so you know crosses like ingratiate myself. I will step in. I will be benevolent. And you know when they are sort of chopping up how to how to work the empire between three powerful man. they came together temporarily To do so. So this gave him the opportunity to try and boost status in the areas. That were lacking. And we're just briefly gonna run through the last two major events of his life the third survey war of seventy three to seventy one. Bc took place across italy and it was a a servile. War is a war against slaves or or slaves against their masters. So this is the spartacus war. God damn right you better get your better get ready for washboard abs and really terrible. Acting on tv show was insane. It was over the top. I kind of enjoyed it secret. Shame not so secret scandal spartacus. As part of our collective conferences. We know about him. He was a a former slay with mythic origins. And a crazy back story and he effectively led the revolt of thousands of slaves across italy and as he would roll up all these villas and estates he would see tons of slaves and. Just grab your pitchforks guys. Come with us. if you want to be. Free will fight our way out of this and this terrified the roman elites and i mean probably anybody living in major cities who relied heavily on slaves which they all did so. It was scary business. Yup absolutely i kind of think of it as a nudge and you have a dairy farmer and suddenly all the cows when they are like fuck this walk off. Yeah i mean the former is literally nothing laughed like. That's so that's that's what i think of. When i think about it it was a it was a very scary time. Probably for the establishment in the elite and so crisis thinking. I've got this He goes into the field with his army. His legion and he chases effectively chases the the rebellious slaves. All through italy for quite a while. and then at at some point along the way he just maybe. I need pompey to help. Sort this out and pompey the sexy swashbuckler have been fighting biarittz. He's like any any crushed because it's pompey and he's a yeah. Oh come help you buddy. Just as pompey arrives crosses actually had it sorted. He had a few laughs battles with spartacus. his army You know he kinda wrapped it up but pompey was like no. I got this. And he comes from the northeast swings down and he served sort sol out so he could take credit so it was again not a victory. Crassus could really have as you know. Pompey shows up. He takes credit he tidies up mops it up and that annoys crosses to no end and crosses busy putting up new roadside attractions of six thousand crucified slaves. Quite a few You know he could have had this pure gold victory pompey swoops in and it just pisses me off so crassus then moves to take the next military opportunity during the parthenon wars. So it's almost like when taylor swift was going to get her award and then connie comes up. I'm sorry it's just like talking about himself and beyond saying they should have won and things like that. Don't why are we always come back to taylor swift i think every historical cartridge elusive live cultural icon. Unfortunately for crisis he just if one can be sympathetic to him. It's just like he tried and tried and never really succeed in this way. So he does receive the governorship of syria and decides to kind of make his mark. And he's this time round. Things are going to be different for a little bit. We crosses and so he decides that the pursuit of spoils and military victory are going to be his for the taking if he attacks partha and the parking empire so partha just really quickly Major iranian political power and at the height of their power. They went from the northern euphrates. All the way down to central eastern turkey and iran. So it's it's a big big powerful empire and who crosses was coming up to it. Coming up against at this point sorry was A general in the park. The enormity called serena and you know he he decides against all logic and reason to just go for it without the support from the senate so there was no official consent for him to do this. This was an initiative of his own. Interesting you know Fortune favors the bold as we always say so. He thought maybe this was his time to shine absolutely not after a a really bad showing at the battle of kara in fifty three see crisis had decided he needed to sue for peace because they just got spanked during a failed attempt at a parlay between himself and the The leaders of the party and army don't really know the full situation some some hearsay. All you know somebody accidentally stabs somebody or somebody said something rude. Who knows but a constantly. A conflict ensued and crassus was killed in addition to crassus one of the three most important people in the political foundations of rome's triumvirate. And you know and of the republic. Ten thousand roman soldiers were captured or killed list a slaughter. That's a significant amount of loss of military power especially in consideration that it wasn't sanctioned by the sadness. Oh oh they'd be pissed they also lost. The standard was their military standard. And you lose the standard. That look super bad. So i mean that would need to be rectified. In the future of course button other people's campaigns this was a gong show and crisis really bit the dust here so you know to to sort of wrap it up. If you've watched game of thrones which. I would assume most people have at this point. There's a final scene in game of thrones with viscera -tarian the brother of danny and he's a bit of a prick and quite mouthy and so as mouthing off to cal drago they meltdown a whole bunch of gold and they they poured over his head killing him And they've given him this golden crown and actually something like this is said to have happened to crassus by the parthenon's after he died because they wanted to a mock him. They wanted his his reputation for being greedy. Prick preceded him and so this was known colucci and so they apparently melted down a whole bunch of gold and poured it down his throat because he was thirsty for wealth. Okay that's an awesome story. I wouldn't be surprised if that's some moralizing from one of the ancient authors. But if that did happen. I kind of feel for crosses. Those sounds like a horrible way to die. I think he was just stabbed. This might have been some after for yes so that. That's that's my story of rome's greediest and also kind of like militarily unsuccessful also. That was the topic. I think cross is an interesting when because why he was so important to the period of the time he has been kind of about as a major player in the roman consciousness in the general public. Like if you will now and they would have heard of. Julius caesar they may have heard of pompey. I doubt that ever heard across. So he's really lost his whole triumvirate system and also you know it's interesting. That he really did try graft for that money. He has so many different areas of income. I mean we're talking about silver mines which are horrific thing. He probably had lands a yep exactly to the extent that he even had like a slave fire brigade in rome. Which is really. i mean. that's small compared to like the silver mines and things like that but he was working at different levels making money he was a businessman he was he was doing. So side-hustle side hustle. Lots of cycles. I guess that's how you do it. Sometimes it just blows my mind that he would have such a large slice of the economy of rome concentrated in one hundred and i hope we never get to that point because it does feel like we're getting to the point in the modern world as well. Yeah they're definitely a little glimpses. When somebody hits like trillion-dollar whatever things are at the moment. Twenty twenty god. What are your So yeah i it it is. It's it's hard to fathom how one person can have so much wealth in their consolidated into themselves. But what sort of interesting about it is. It didn't seem to help him again. Helped them let's not. let's not know. Oh poor guy But you know pompey had less while he was stupid wealthy to but people just loved him they thought he was fantastic and just so interesting and charismatic and worthwhile and same. Julius caesar he was very popular to at least a large percentage of rome crassus. No and you know it's it's sort of that that old story like you know you can buy a lot but you can't buy respect. You can't buy love so obsolete and you know. Greed begets greed. And never going to be enough. This is never going to be enough stuff. Never enough money and i think that's why a lot of people today push back against that and think. Actually we need less stuff absolutely awesome. Well thank you so much for for joining me on this journey. I'm really excited to hear your story now. Liam of king leopold the second of the belgians. So yeah okay. So first. question's what leopold the second of the belgians. If you could see my face right allie shamefully little and you know what that's totally fine. Because a lot of people won't have heard this name especially people like living outside of belgium unsurprisingly or people living inside of the democratic republic of the congo. Which is what we'll get to later a guy. This is actually so far. I think the largest time difference between two stories so we're talking about a story back to the first century bc and this is actually happening in the nineteenth century so thousand years of history really curious to see what sort of comparisons and contrasts. We can make while a little bit of background. This is all happening during the scramble for africa so european nations have been gobbling parts of the world really like anything they can get their hands on so you have the british in africa. The french africa the portuguese in africa india has been taken over by the british europeans of settled in australia and new zealand. And obviously north. America's doing its. you're canadian. You know a little bit about this young little familiar first nations did not get a good deal out of this. No no no. I think you'll find on our last pot. So yeah the big nations in europe. They're gobbling up territory. Little belgium is kind of a little bit. Like what about me. I need lunch too little belgium so it would you say that belgian is the little little country that could the little country that could and probably shouldn't have awkward. Okay so king. Leopold the seconds. Let's get into him. He's he's born. And he's living in this time of expansion and globalisation and colonialism and he was born in eighteen thirty five in brussels and he was actually the second child of leopold. I who was king of the belgians and louise who was daughter of king. Louis philippe of france. And actually it's the first royal family in belgium as a country because it was actually only five years before leopold the second was born and belgium actually gained its independence from the other one from the netherlands and obviously all have been well since lol. Don't really because there's been splits between the fringe and the flemish speakers. I visited belgium. And you can actually. Yeah the the this these political events of this time of written into the city in little pockets of language and things like that so yeah definitely and it still is divided country. But it's still amazing how they actually managed to get things done on the less so leopold unfortunately didn't have a very stable family life in the french revolution of eighteen. Forty eight which is not the famous seventy nine one with mary antoinette. And all that. This was another revolution that i'd never heard of us. King louis philippe so his grandfather leopold the second grandfather actually had to flee to prison and then died two years later after that. This left queen louisa belgium. His leopold's mother feeling very deeply affected by. I'm sure there were lots of other things that are happening. Our life could be chemical imbalances in the brain and things like that but this was something that definitely affected her on her health deteriorated She actually died of tuberculosis when he was fifteen which is very interesting because she was the most powerful women in the country arguably and she was factored by these diseases of the time was leopold under a regency when his mother died or was he like at that point would he be a man able to rule on his owner. How will remember his father. Leopold the i still empower. It was his grandfather. Louis philippe who had to flee from france so despite the policies and the riches and all that not an amazing start as human being. I think we'd agree. Yeah i think. I can agree so now. We're going to skip the when he was a young man and he married marie henriette of austria when he was eighteen and we all know that marrying 'em austrian princesses is always a great idea usually end so well chop chop. She actually knows she actually does seem pretty cool. She is remembered as being benevolent beautiful popular and really great at horseback riding. Which is something that can be pulled from the sources She also really personally took care of horses. And i think in a way. That's kind of humanizer. Makes your kind of one of the people like she did her own thing you know. Yeah a little bit like mary. Queen of scots not super popular with the people will. Some people loved a horse. Ride you and you know. Take for example Meghan markle today. There was a bbc article. I saw a few months ago where she basically closed the car door. After she got out of this ooh skill set but like genuinely like. Was it a slow news week like or is this. Are they just because it's against convention of usually they have someone to close the door but in a way it makes her more of like a human more of the among the people and so this way pat people viewed marie henry ash. She was also known. As the rose of proponent which is an area of belgium so that's a nice. Would you be surprised as via if leopold the second couldn't keep it in his pants. I mean if you look at all of the history of rulers forever always. I ranch checks out well. He couldn't absolutely that snake winter search in north carolina. Now we also have a few more tragedies to add. He had four kids so three daughters and one son who he also called leopold and was kind of like the apple of his eye but unfortunately he died when he was nine he because he fell into a pond and and caught pneumonia which at the time moguls oglesby there was not a lot of 'em the medical knowledge wasn't as upstate as we are today so this was something that was quite dangerous and kyrie was poor. Child died and it was a great sorrow and people think that contributed to what became a very unhappy marriage. because people the second and murray henriette they separated. Could it have anything to do with all the ladies that he was leaving with. No it couldn't have been that absolute no and this is interesting because did they. So you say they separated. Was it like a. It wouldn't have been a divorce. Does she just have a states elsewhere. Maybe well so. That's a really good point. So belgium was a catholic. That's part of the reason. It wanted separation from the netherlands which is You know overwhelmingly protestant and the royal family as well was a catholic. I mean this is. Why does a french influence in there and they would have separate at and she would have had a states elsewhere so i'm sure that she was well taken care of but happier yet. Possibly happier uninfected. He went on then to try and marry one of his mistresses. Carleen cua in a secret ceremony but it was invalid which is obviously partly to do with the fact that he was still married to marie like the catholic system. And you know he's obviously not a henry the eighth so he's not looking for extreme measures to get a new white absolutely and i mean part of the reason why they are kings. There is because the conflict is probably a good idea. Not chuck that out. He did actually though leave his fortune to his mistress carleen nicola but obviously his three daughters who by this point were estranged. They were happy with us. They wanted fair share. I suppose on the belgian government actually helped them try to seize all of that back and they did manage to prevent a lot of this going to carleen shocking shocked easy. I mean that that has to be unprecedented to try and give when you have living children. And i'll hereditary line to give it to the mistress ahead absolutely. I think this does happen a lot today. But i mean the fact that the belgian government came in on the situation makes me think that there's probably wasn't the norm. Yeah so so far he's powerful. He's greedy like how many women do you need. A but nothing out of the ordinary powerful men in history. Would you agree agreed. So now we're gonna talk about leopold as king in eighteen. Sixty five legal. The i his father died so people the second takes the throne and his personal life was unsurprisingly. Dysfunctional historians think that this kind of made him find satisfaction material wealth so in personal human connections. There was a lot of death those separation. There was a lot of impertinence released so he found worth in things. That were there things that were. You could hold things. That just didn't go away anywhere. They were his. That's a little tragic isn't it. Like i don't wanna like him. And i don't but yeah. Okay that's that's bit sad. It is todd. But i can see. I can see how something like that can happen. I mean it's like how this idea idea that generations who grew up in poverty with last things and then they enter. Economic boom items and materialism is quite important. Because this wasn't as mcgrew so things can mean more to people at different times in history and the investment in i guess material wealth at. Yeah especially if you've come from like a dearth of above possessions and things like that and now you know what a flipped now where we're a little bit more interested in minimalism and things because just stuff is cheap. It's easy and yes. So i think i'm with you. I'm feeling this. Yup i mean he had a dearth people so the only thing fill it with was things so a good anecdote of this when he was at a parade with the ruler of germany it was apparently reported that leopold said there is really nothing left for us kings without money which really says it all. I mean he's talking to other important rulers saying all i really care about is like glitz glamour round riches. We are too so basically all trying to get across here is is greed is setting in things are important. Wealth begets wealth just like process more and more and more. I want more now. Our story is going to pivot away from belgium to the african continent. Okay so he obviously ruled belgium during this period. But remember. I started the story with this background to the scramble for africa. Let's get into that. So leopold's father leopold the first at desperately wanted to call any. He actually tried fifty times to gain one but was unsuccessful each time. Okay okay. so he's a. He's got crashes his skill with absolutely but leopold was different. He wanted his own colony not a belgian colony owned by the belgian state or lease associated with the belgian state. He wanted and he wanted a nation that he owned personally greedy. Also this a crazy shit. I think i've ever heard like some next level. Like the next level i mean. Has anyone ever done that before. I really don't know like what would a bold move sir. Absolutely i mean the thing is they say scotland. Shy bairns house absolutely now. The other major nations were colonizing. Obviously they didn't want to allow this because they knew he was doing it for personal gain and they were at least cloaking their conquests and their colonialism in more idealistic things like righteous empire. Okay civilising those salvages but what leopold. The second has to do was to coast the whole venture in spreading christianity. So saying that will all good things come from christianity. So let's bring this to the poor godless souls of the african continent and say here. Here's christianity that's what he wanted. Everyone else thing so that they would let us. That'll chestnut so the congo which is the region of the congo river basin. It's a huge area. I think it's like the size of western europe. That's how big the area we're talking about and it hadn't been colonized it's dense jungle it's forest. It's it's huge area in which river territories am everywhere else around. It had been colonized The south like south africa and west africa east africa places like that but this kind of being untouched you to its impenetrability so That's interesting that the actual topography of the congo played a part in keeping safe. I guess to a degree up to that point and it probably standing back as somebody planning to conquer. It probably didn't seem like a good investment which also speaks to leopold the second kind of heads face there and i'm sure leopold would have been happy to get a different area if he could. This was literally the last place last. There were no other choices. So what he did was that he said This bond and he founded the congo free state. Which is now the democratic republic of the congo and previously been known zaire. Okay he was the sole owner of this territory which was seventy six times larger than belgium. Yes i am. Agape seventy six times larger. So he sold this whole thing on the idea of christian colonization of congo. Do you believe there's no. He basically enslaved peoples of the congo. What he was really interested in was ivory. You know there was a lot of irony that was an import resource but very quickly as they learned a little bit more about what was going on there the different resources they found rubber trees. Now this doesn't seem to us like something important but actually at the time. Rubber was hugely valuable huge Valuable so he was like chain dollar signs in his eyes and all that yeah tongues sticking out and obviously the he had to put a system in place so he had a system officials and representatives in the region and they were horrendous so via. I have bracing myself yet. Now if you were going to talk about coming up. It's not for the faint hearted and i just to what everybody about this some things but you know some of his governors there at the pleasant tactic of burning local villages rounding up the women violently. And then he told the men if they bring back fifteen kilograms of rubber which was a huge amount that same day he would. They would kill their wives and daughters. Yeah and this was a common practice across the congo while that is pretty awful. I'm sure it's not the worst thing that they did though. Yep leopold the second set up his own private which was called the forest public which is very interesting to me. Because there's different terms you can use for police forces so in ireland for example the garbage shikano which means the guardians of the peace and that has a kind of a strong meaning behind third there to guard the peace in iceland. Lou greg lynn which means that the law regulators. Okay in america often use the term law enforcement as well which is an interesting one because like enforcing the law upon people and forced public kind of like that. It's like the force of public oars. Militarist idea behind an ip. Yes and i agree. Yeah and i think it's a sinister sort of name. So when his men destroyed a village for example which is very common they find the strongest man of the and enforce them to enlist in the force publique and anyone who resisted was to be killed. But here's the thing so the first public. They were not lead to waste bullets under any circumstances which means that if they fired a bullet they have to prove that it was used usefully for everyone. Bullet fired they had to have one severed hand to prove that bullet had hit. its mark. otherwise so you people used their guns. They should have wild animals. They should people they miss. What do you think people are doing. What do you think the public started doing. I imagine taking a lot of hands that they started cutting off the hands of people for no reason they would raid. Villages cut off people's hands if they wasted munition and this became very common. A lot of people lost their hands due to this often their two hands. Oh my god what that's done most cases and now some could say oh lee the second king of the belgians. He's in europe. He does know. This is going on to that in a moment but back in europe while this was all happening he actually created a human zoo at his summer estate where he built a model african like african village. You know like the anywhere in the continent of africa and he captured two hundred sixty seven congolese people to live there. He just talked them out of kongo transported them up and he put an in this fake village and people would come and gawk at them and throw peanuts and bananas over the fence as if they were monkeys and things like ask and these people were forced to stay outdoors in the villages and all kinds of weather through the winter and seven actually died of influenza pneumonia. Because of the terrible treatment that they experienced So i don't know if it was possible to hit dislike him more than i did. Maybe five minutes ago. But i mean yeah ok okay. He's not some enlightened. Ruler is my point no and given his his continental bros. redoing imperial expansion which is also terrible. But i don't know like he's like next level the next thing is you. Did leopold know that this was going on. Divvy people know about this meeting in his palaces in europe yes he absolutely. Did some food governors actually believe that brutality was doing good for the people. And we're really proud of it. They disembowel people in rick. Out their entrails the penises and would hang them in a row and the villages. They actually thought the worst that the people were treated the harder they would work. So each year the congo was bringing in around two hundred. Twenty million francs to leopold's personal coffers. Which is one billion dollars today. Okay yeah governors. They would actually write to him boasting about all the things they were doing. All of the terrible things just to show like look at the great weber. Doing look at all. The hard work is happening. Look the money you're gaining. They were proud of viewpoint was receiving these letters receiving information interesting. So he had zero there's he's fully culpable. He is one hundred percent at the the the central of what's happening there and if anything he's only six hundred is up. I need a thousand penises. Hung up on the atrocious while okay. So he's i. I'm a i'm a bit surprised at how hands on is but maybe the couldn't just just little thought experiment. What if if he hadn't been it might have been less terrible because they wouldn't have been trying to show up to lick look important to him his his generals and everybody would have maybe been satisfied with doing the status quo or whatever but because he so involved and they know that their political fortunes can rise and fall them maybe they were more incentivized to do more to to make it more brutal and barbaric. I dunno absolutely. And i think it totally kind of ties in with this human zoo that he has i mean he did not at all consider the people living in the region that the natives to people i mean they were just to be their hands. Cut off to the whip to the enslaved to be separated from their families to be brought up to be shown to be to be transported to europe. He put in the zoo. I ne- n- and i don't think he's all them as human beings or at least he's all the muslims sort of soap human. So it's pretty a pretty terrible and he actually hired propaganda riders to publish about. How good a job. He was doing in europe. Sly of you know the cognitive dissonance well the truth could not stay buried forever so while this was all happening. American and british journalists began entering the congo and reporting and this is something that leopold had tried to prevent happening. He actually did try to bribe the journalists but that didn't work and roger casement who actually is quite well known in british history and he played for example apart in the nineteen sixteen rising in arlen. So he's what are these figures that seems to be involved in lots of things in this period. I had no idea that. He was involved in the belgian congo as well but roger casement he interviewed the congolese people of the atrocities and brought a lot of this information back to europe. Yes hopefully shame. Legal the second as well as belgium and the belgians themselves because they were like what. What's going on there and in response. Unsurprisingly loophole set up a commission to investigate a commission to investigate things he knows all about but it looks like he didn't actually have a huge amount of control over them because they ended up publishing a five page report of loads of the horrific abuses. That were going on and leopold kind of at this point realized that his life could no longer work. The information was going to get out there. The jake was up and the amount of deaths actually ended up as a major international scandal. So the consensus really. The moment is that there were between ten to fifteen million deaths ju to his policies and practices in the belgian congo. Ten to fifteen million people died my christ. That's a lot. And i'm sure a lot of that has to do with possible displacements and famines but also just brutal tactics that were going on. Yeah and he ended up being forced to hand the call to the belgian state. Because of this because it was just such a it was just so shameful. Pr nightmare and also. I mean i can't imagine other nobility are are looking at what he's doing all right good job like no. They're probably like this guy's trash. It annoys me the next bit because he made a huge money from the transfer like. Oh the wanker. Because the belgian government have to pay him to take the territory and also on top of this just before the transfer. He actually ordered the entire archives of the free state to be burned before it was handed over which pisses me off because we don't even know to full extent of as abuses because he covered them up like bass. Yeah what a piece of shit. So leopold died in one thousand nine a year after the congo pasta the belgian stage. An interesting fact is that he never wants actually set foot in the congo. I mean but that's actually isn't so surprising is in because it might have been sort of the reality of the realization of what he's done if he ever did go so being so distant and you're treating everything almost like it's a fantasy land where he has the zoo like that's a real escapist version of what he's done so i i bet he was pretty divorced from his reality absolutely and if you think about it the information is getting back. His whatever people want to present to him so he could have had a very unrealistic expectation of what things were like. So he reigned for forty four years. Which is the longest in belgian history by issue. What is shade. And obviously i mean. I looked through a sort of things that were going on in europe at the time. And there were some positive things that he brought to belgium etcetera etcetera. No one is one-sided but the fact that he was doing this and the congo really takes the cake like i don't care all the little positive things that he did in belgium and increased rights somewhere there what he was doing the congo. It's mind blowing. And obviously he's a very controversial tiger to this day. So for example there was a statue of the second in kinshasa which the capital of the democratic republic of the congo gained independence. It was torn down but then it was actually reinstated in two thousand and five by the congolese authorities and then hours later. It was torn down again. So there's a lot of different layers going on here. Why why would you reinstate it. I think there was sort of an idea that that's not ignore part of our history and it was like a couple of wanted to do this but then people were like. Hey absolutely nas okay. That was bizarre so obviously controversial to this day and not surprising based on everything we've discussed. Yeah i just a little struck. By even i understand. I guess abstractly if you are trying to harken to some type of old past where maybe there was a greater degree of wealth or elites had strip more strength or something like that than maybe you'd be inclined to raise the statue of somebody who was such a Beasts like i can kind of abstractly get with like not get with it. But i understand it may be. That's what they were trying to do. But that doesn't really sound like the the picture that was painted on the ground. Like it. why you're just to me. That just seem so wrong. Yep and i mean the structure. When it was originally pulled down it spent thirty eight years in open air dump and a when it was put up again. I mean people. One man told the bbc for example. He left us in poverty. He exploited Materials and left with nothing on the other hand Someone said it's important. I remember our past like the jewish people. Remember the holocaust so that this kind of mixture of feelings even among the citizens of chasa histories never that simple which is another interesting. Point is thrown out terms like. He's a wanker. He's an asshole and we obviously have to be careful with that when we talk about people in the past because there's lots of different contexts that they're in and we can ever be in their shoes yet at the same time. He really seems like a wanker. Also so i'm gonna. I'm gonna stop by terms. Leave it and leave it and i think what's interesting especially in the sort of the cultural moment we are in right now where statues are being taken down and we are revisiting. A colonial pasts the problematic nature of maintaining the images of representations of people who exploited the continent of africa so so substantially and just the legacy of of damage that that caused. And i think it's really worthwhile to have that discussion and i know people feel very strongly both ways on it. They don't feel that it's appropriate to take down because you're racing history while others suggest young so many alternatives to keeping them out like throat in museum Put up somebody else Put up somebody who didn't totally elite the congress so i get where they're coming from. It's really it's interesting that yeah. I would never have expected that coming out of the story. Excellent so severe. That is the life of leopold the second of the belgians accent. With thank you. I i have learned a lot. That was that was new to me. So we're going to move onto our final section which is so hot where we ask each other. Why should we care about these stories. And how did they affect us to this day. So why should. I care about the story of really wealthy from two thousand years ago. Well i don't wanna make everything about trump but that's not the point of this podcast but maybe not even him specifically just the people of that ilk. I think we are becoming more aware and more conscious of the impact of that type of greed. That type of like generational accumulation of wealth and territories and properties in our modern time and maybe whereas once we used to look at a man like crisis or pompey or trump. Even like if you know maybe a while ago and look at them and almost implicitly just give them some respect like The look at what he's achieved. I therefore must treat him like he is a great figure of history or something and i think it's important to look at it again from different perspectives as the human costs as your story brought up like the yes. It's fantastic for totally disconnected to maybe become incredibly wealthy through your colonial exploits. But oh my god. The cost not worth it also horrific serve interesting to take a long historical view of the types of people who were the makers of history and how they got what they got maybe just reflect on. Today's what type of authority and control and respect. We are giving to these types of people like there's no reason based on his resume that donald trump should have been president. I mean even arguably land developer or a businessman or a casino magnate like. None of those things actually are particularly successful. It's obviously different topic for another day. But it's because the wealthy you are the more wealthier crew the more with your crew. The more respect and power people tend to give you on there's never enough. And there's never enough and i mean crashes couldn't even possibly have used a fraction of what he had accrued and it didn't help him in the end anyways so it. I think it's just. It's a worthwhile reflection. How about yourself like what do you think that the so what question is for leopold the second. I mean the so much tied up in here to do with them. And the influence of europe's reached africa. And you know. There's a few things i want to bring up here so obviously part of this. The effect of one man's and bishen similar to crisis. I mean one person's desire and drive to gain more and more can obviously affect or the people but in a way like it is too simple to look at it like that. I mean there's also those who supported him. We're talking about the governors and the force public. Who did actually go out and chop off people's hands. Obviously a lot of this was taken to their hands and they had business interests in all of this too and so it's not just the one person there's a chain involves there. There are people who are who who exist and the damage exists because of the system put in place but this all just connect back to one person and remember in our second episode. We talked about toko massacre how she was the center of this chain of craftsmen and then she she played this centerpiece to support all these other people leopold still played a similar centerpiece but to cause so much damage and harm and we kind of forget thas and also the democratic republic of congo to this day is extremely divided. This huge and rest in the east has insurrections. It's had a really difficult. History really am very serious history of warfare death and it's partly because leopold came along and he saw this huge chunk of landon said mine. This is all now mind. This is one place all the peoples in one place and a terrible idea. Because you're smoshing all of these peoples together in an artificial country different peoples and tribes who have different histories of each other and leopold's just on top being like gimme all that rubber babies and the effects of that live on to this day and we can't forget us. Oh another point is well as leopold. A second is not well known outside of belgium. And i think do need to know a little bit more. About what actually did happen in the belgian congo. And he's just not someone that i suppose the english speaking world that we really think too much about. Yeah i would. I would heartily agree. Because i mean school in canada. Growing up as a child and canada Literally never came up and coming from a family where my father is a keen. He's not a historian but he's keen on an very interested in history and so a lot of gaps in my historical knowledge as child came from him. Never came up like i guess. What's interesting about this to me is that it takes very little for us to gain a more nuanced understanding of the world. We live in today by virtue of understanding. Sort of the the earlier preston as to what happened in these locations and i think a a greater investment in time even small amounts of of time help us have more empathy and more understanding as to like what the state of the world is in now and how it got there. Well a fan of our podcast. Thank you so much for listening. Everyone our next episode is going to be on the theme isolated islands. And if you'd like to check us out on patriot. We have different access to a variety of tears. Open up different resources to help enrich your podcast experience. If you wanna learn a little bit more about the topics we cover yourself to check it out and otherwise we have our instagram feed where we provide free access to interesting things to do with these pods and feel free to check me out on. Arpaio artists dot com for my travel blog as i explore the classics in the ancient world through archaeology and art. And i also run another podcast called. International supernatural explore the paranormal folklore. Another spooky things that my friend alana. So if you're interested please check us. Thanks so much for listening. Goodbye and enjoy the show can use android shows there

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EPISODE#80: The Deep Dive Microcast looks at the mysterious origins of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas!

"All over our wonderful nation the bells are ringing and there are christmas sales their tinkling sound tells us to be good and to be true so let the bells ring out and let me on behalf of a manager and all the employees of this. The wish you. Marius christmas ever. Hello divers coming to you from studio. D this is the deep dive micro cast. I'm tom feeney. Raconteur taster of baked goods and writer for wing. Shaw movie magazine. This is a companion series of the deep dive. Podcast where myself. And my co host man look look at the lesser known maybe obscure and perhaps forgotten offerings available on streaming media. Services on this microsoft. We'll dive into the history of one of the most iconic pieces of christmas literature in existence. The poem a visit from saint nicholas better known as twas the night before christmas was the night before christmas when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that saint nicholas soon would be there. Children were nestled all snug in that faith while visions of sugar plums danced today. Cultural significance of the phone can't be understated much of our modern notions of christmas. Where cemented by the verse including santa claus. Arriving on christmas eve not christmas day and the names of santa's eight reindeer more. Rapidly egos is cautious. They came and he whistled and shouted and called them by name. No that's your friends on on a on you off old way. Only the reading of this poem has become a christmas tradition since its introduction nearly two hundred years ago but there is a mystery regarding this beloved piece who wrote it. The poem was first published on december. Twenty third in the sentinel. The local newspaper of troy new york. The work was attributed to simply anonymous. The paper's editor orville holly printed the following with the publication of twas the night before christmas. We're not home. We are indebted for the following description of that wearied patron of music that only and delightful person essential parental kindness. Santa claus is costumes as equa power as he goes about the firesides of this happy land laden with christmas bounties but from home so ever it may have come we give thanks for it. There is to our apprehension a spirit of cordial goodness in it. A playfulness fancy and benevolent alacrity to enter into the feelings and promote the simple pleasures of children which is altogether charming after the original publication the palm fell into relative obscurity appearing sporadically in some newspapers over the next several years thirteen years after its original appearance. Twas the night before. Christmas was included in a book of poetry authored by a man named clement clarke moore. One story goes that more by all accounts. A scholarly serious man did not want his name attributed to the work feeling it was too childish simplistic to have his name attached to it. Another version says moore's housekeeper sent the poem to the newspaper anonymously after hearing more rita to his children with the official publication of the poem in moore's book it seemed that the authorship of the night before christmas was confirmed case closed right well not so much enter henry livingston junior after serving as a colonel in the revolutionary war livingston took up writing poetry and had his works published in various new york area journals. Now there are those who believe that livingston was the actual author of twas the night before christmas. Not clement clarke moore. Why well as mentioned the first printed version of the poem appeared in eighteen. Twenty three and no author was given credit and the work wasn't widely known for decades. It wasn't until eighteen fifty nine thirty six years later that moore's authorship was call into question. The family of colonel livingston came forward and claimed that it was he who authored the poem and had been reading it to his family since eighteen o eight years before it was originally published now the family claimed to have proof a handwritten copy dated earlier than the published version. However that proof was said to have been destroyed in a house fire now there is no evidence that livingston wrote the poem and he never claimed authorship during his lifetime so who actually wrote twas the night before christmas well in recent years there has been a great debate among scholars on the veracity of both claims. The most recent scholarly analysis of the poems origins took on a more scientifically based approach to the mystery. Using a technique called computational stylistics author macdonald p jackson looked for specific linguistic patterns in the poetry of both more and livingston using an algorithm to search for commonalities and differences between the two authors writing styles. The conclusions broke with traditional thinking jackson's findings point towards livingston being the actual author of twas the night before christmas since we have no way to be one hundred percent sure. The debate rages on well as much as a debate about the origins of his centuries old poem about christmas actually can rage on but in the end. It doesn't really matter. Twas the night before christmas has been publishing countless different versions adapted for the screen many many times and perhaps the greatest version of all recorded by german pop idol and baywatch star. David hasselhoff think i'm kidding. He had a broad face and a little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly he was chubby and plump. A right jolly old elf. And i laughed when i saw him in spite of myself. Wink of his eye and a twist of his head soon gave me to know nothing. And if that doesn't get in the holiday spirit. I can't help you or maybe i can. We have a your log video the deep dive podcast yul log. That's right we now have our very own fireplace. You can enjoy whenever you like. We spent minutes putting together. This special holiday treat just for you. You can find the link on our website at the deep dive. Podcast dot com. That's it for this week. Thanks for joining the next time. It's the deep dive. Podcast christmas special about our favorite christmas specials. So grab a glass of extra thick viscous. Chunky eggnog and join us dan. Thanks for listening. This is the first time you've heard this podcast. Check out our past episodes and subscribe. So you don't miss a single one and we'd like to hear from you. Drop us a line. At the deep dive. Podcast edgy mail dot com or on our facebook instagram or twitter feeds. You can find links to those on our website once again. That's the deep dive. Podcast dot com all clips using the deep dive micro tests are meant for educational purposes only not to infringe on existing copyrights. The deep dive lounge thing was arranged and performed by robert acorn based on the original composition by ryan blaney the deep dive micra cast is a production of automaton studios. I heard him explain. Drove out of sight. Happy christmas to all and to all a good night.

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Failed Conspiracies: Catiline Conspiracy

Conspiracy Theories

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Failed Conspiracies: Catiline Conspiracy

"Due to the graphic nature of this episode listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of torture and execution. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen on january first sixty three bc e. marcus tully. Cicero was elected as one of two consoles. Rome's two most powerful leaders. They presided over. The roman senate approved laws and commanded the army during national crises. It was a huge accomplishment for anyone but especially cicero. He didn't come from established society family his city was conquered by the romans hundreds of years before as a result he was considered an outsider. But over the years. Cicero established himself as roma's best lawyer. This gave him the support to enter politics where he earned a reputation as a fair and efficient leader from there. He achieved the console ship. There was hardly time to rest on his laurels. Though being console in sixty three bc meant dealing with rome's intense superficial unrest. The lower class believed the wealthy were taking advantage of them. Cicero suspected that they along with a handful of double-crossing senators. Were plotting something devious. But he had no idea what this was probably on his mind when he went to bed one night in october sixty three bc just a few hours later a servant cicero. It was a matter of life and death. Cicero got out of bed in greeted. His guests led by crassus rome's richest man. They told cicero he was right about the plot and should call an emergency session of the senate they needed to discuss what to do with the traders. Cicero was grateful. They believed him but they needed more evidence to which crassus handed him a pile of letters. Cicero read one then another and another. They all said the same thing. Some of the senators were planning an uprising but it was far more brutal than cicero had imagined. The letters revealed their plan to gruesomely butcher. Their political opponents before taking control of the government in cicero was their number one target. Welcome to conspiracy theories a spotify original from par cast. Every monday and wednesday we dig into the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events and search for the truth. I'm corduroy and i'm only brandenburg and neither of us are conspiracy theorists but we are open minded skeptical and curious. Don't get us wrong. Sometimes the official version is the truth. But sometimes it's not you can find episodes of conspiracy theories and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify or wherever. You listen to podcasts. This is our fourth and final. Episode of failed conspiracies series where we blow open the shoots and what he fs of history's biggest blunders. Today will uncover a plot hatched by a roman official named caroline. He wanted to assassinate his fellow politicians and seized power for himself in this episode. We'll take a look at the rising political careers of align and his arch enemy cicero. We'll discuss how this led to their inevitable. Showdown in the roman senate and the citywide battle that ensued and since our whole episode is one big conspiracy will end on something a little different. We'll dive into an alternate world. Where catalans plot actually succeeded. We'll have all that and more coming up stay with us hi listeners. Just a quick reminder that starting in august conspiracy theories is moving exclusively to spotify since joining the spotify family. We've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to improve our podcast listening experience. And we can't wait for you to check it out. Find all the cover ups conspiracies and controversial events from history by downloading the spotify app for free and searching conspiracy theories. Give it a follow and start enjoying. That's it we can't thank you enough for listening to conspiracy theories and we look forward to seeing you exclusively on spotify in august. This episode is brought to you by three m three m has always been driven to improve lives with science and innovation. It's this forward thinking mindset. That led three m to invent household items. You've come to know and love like posted notes and command hooks but three m believes they have a responsibility to use their science to improve lives in even more ways. That's why the responding to the cova nineteen crisis by working on solutions for some of today's biggest challenges as a leading provider of personal protective equipment. Three emma's producing critical products for healthcare workers and first responders and donating to local and humanitarian aid partners around the globe. They're also making more respirators than ever before with plants working around the clock producing more than ninety five million respirators per month. The us helping those in the front lines. Continue the fight. Three m science applied to life. Learn more about how three m is helping the world respond to the cove in nineteen pandemic at three dot com slash kovin. This episode is brought to you by volvo cars. The future is electric so by twenty thirty. All new volvo cars will be fully electric drive a volvo that helps protect your family and the planet we all share learn more at volvo. Cars dot com slash. Us rome was founded in seven fifty three bc e and quickly the italian peninsula in its early history. The city was ruled by a monarchy. It flourished under the reign of at least six benevolent kings for two hundred years. However the seventh lucius tarkwa superb was a tyrant that the romans eventually overthrew. The king's power was spread out among annually elected magistrates in the roman republic was born in five. Oh nine b. c. In this new republic adult male roman citizens were allowed to vote on bills laws and other policies there was also a senate but unlike our us senators today. There's warren elected. They were appointed by two leaders known as consoles and later by other elected officials known as censors. The consuls held the most powerful positions in all of rome. They handled both domestic issues and international affairs but a console could only serve for year than the senate nominated more candidates and the people of rome voted on who'd be seated next as the republic concord. New territory the senate grew to three hundred members. They were split into two political parties. The optimize as represented those in favor of an oligarchy and the popularize represented the voices of the people. Both groups came together to meet in the curia. Ha stelea similar to the. Us capital today from their politicians made their speeches and proposed bills. Four hundred years after its founding. Rome had ballooned into a city of approximately one million people. It was the capital of an imperial republic. That would eventually cover territory. In present day. Italy spain france syria and africa. Maintaining this growing republic was difficult. The roman legions were constantly at war with other nations however victorious they were abroad. The fighting put a massive strain on the republic's economy especially lower class farmers. Most of them couldn't sell their harvest. Mainly because of the importation of cheap goods from newly conquered provinces in the influx of slave labor as a result. Many of these farmers fell into debt in order to repay those debts. The wealthy repossessed their lands while the poor lost everything. The rich got richer causing a strain between the classes. It reached a boiling point in between eighty seven and eighty six species. E a general named guy marya saw this imbalance and took action before rising through the ranks of the military. He'd been part of the lower aristocracy. He believed that the wealthy optima days were corrupt and needed to be replaced to put the popularity in power he. Along with his co-conspirator lucius cinna used their army to invade the city of rome since the rest of the military was dispatched to fight in other countries at the time the capital film easily. Marius and cinna took over as consuls and many members of the optum matei party were killed. They rushed to send for help. From another general named lucius cornelius sela but sela stayed fighting in greece and even asia for a while before returning to rome with his armies meanwhile. Marius grew weak and died leaving center. In charge of the republic. Sola finally went back to italy in the spring of eighty three bc and crush the republic's surrounding forces. After a year he recaptured rome and executed thousands. Who were against him. Especially those in support of the popularity is the bloodshed didn't end there with both consoles and half the senate gone. Sola declared himself dictator arom. He kept the senate in place but it was largely for show. He filled it with wealthy optimize. Sei's who supported him. Then he authorized a hit list called a prescription. It was a register of popularity as senators nobles and other citizens who fought for his opponents. Everyone on that list was labeled an enemy of the state meaning. Anyone could hunt them down and arrest them. The captors received a reward. The prisoners were put to death without trial. Warm mercy but so's policies hurt more than just as political opponents. They also affected impoverished roman farmers. He took away their land and gave it to his soldiers as a reward for their service. Not that the soldiers were pleased. If anything they had little use for the land they preferred a cash reward and ended up selling their land to rich magnates. That is until a man named lucius. Sergio's catalina championed their cause otherwise known as catalin guideline came from an old aristocratic family. Although they had money they were nondescript cadillac though wanted history to remember him his desire for greatness led him to join the military at nineteen years old as a roman soldier he helped put down a rebellion in italy and served with distinction when that ended he entered politics and joined saleh's army in their capture of room but catalan was always strategizing on how to get ahead. Many scholars believe he married. A woman had a child with her solely to advance his career. Her brother marius. Marcus credit lyonnais was a high level judge in rome. He was also the nephew of guys. Marius but the political winds shifted. When silla conquered rome catalin feared that his connection to grata. Dion us and marius would now make him a political target so he turned on his brother-in-law contemporary sources believed that cadillac line went after granted. Yoenis in order to win the favor of a man named clinton slough tidiest could tell us a political rival of his brother-in-law's who was consul. Seventy eight bc. He captured grad janas and forced him to march through the streets of rome whipping him as they went then he took him to. A cemetery mutilated us and decapitated him. Catalan then took his head in paraded. It back through the streets before presenting it to sala as a of his devotion. Solas regime lasted for three years until he retired from politics in seventy nine. Vce he died the following year afterward. The popularity slowly started to return to the senate. Rome eventually stabilized while. Everyone's lives quieted down. Cadillac lines was disrupted in seventy three bc. He was accused of a crime punishable by death. Having sex with a vestal virgin one of these six priestesses of the goddess vesta fabriga. The vestal virgin in question had taken a vow of chastity which held the punishment of death. if broken. this often meant being buried alive. Cadillac was also sentenced to death. Catalin was in serious trouble but could tell us the man whose favor cadillac had one earlier came to his rescue. He was now a leader amongst the opt to monte's any wielded a lot of power. He helped exonerate both caroline and phobia. Somehow the scandalous affair was soon forgotten by the senate five years later in sixty eight bc. Cadillac was made a judicial official a year later. He became governor of north africa. It was a lucrative position that gave him access to the ports along the mediterranean while carolina enjoyed a cushy government job. Back in rome. Another enterprising man made a name for himself. Marcus to liaise cicero. Cicero came from a wealthy family who possibly made their fortune in textiles and farming while he had money. The romans still viewed cicero as an outsider because his ancestors had come from. Rpm a town in central italy about sixty miles from rome because of this cicero had an intense desire to prove himself. As a valuable roman citizen he became a lawyer and took on as many cases as he could. He was so dedicated to his job that physicians told him he destroy his health if he didn't slowdown to save his career. Cicero then took a two year sabbatical in seventy nine b. c. He visited law schools throughout greece and asia to strengthen his craft when he returned. He held several political offices. In sicily and rome. He gained a reputation for fairness integrity and modesty. The people of sicily loved him. He was the first choice to prosecute a high profile. Case in seventy ce sicily's former governor guys. Varis was on trial for extortion. He'd made a fortune looting. Greek works of art. Cicero jumped at the chance to prosecute barris but even with all the evidence in public outcry he knew. It'd be a hard case to win. Cicero soon found that many of his key witnesses backed out or disappeared likely due to various reputation for brutally punishing those who tried to stop him plus various had employed one of rome's best lawyers at the time a man named quintas or ten ceus horseless cicero's meticulous. Preparation paid off though reportedly. His opening argument was so persuasive. That hortensia gave up his right to reply. He knew he couldn't win. He recommended varis go into exile knowing his days were numbered. There's fled the city then. One day of courts. Cicero had beat rome's best lawyer and taken down. Its most corrupt governor with this accomplishment. Cicero had established himself as a force to be reckoned coming up. Caroline and cicero lock horns in the roman senate. Imagine living with a secret so big that if anyone ever found out it would change everything. Imagine carrying that secret with you every day. Desperate to one day. Get it off your chest. Do you think you could take a secret. That to the crave i'ma stephania haeggman host of the new podcast series. Deathbed confessions the show where we dive deep into the most explosive things people have admitted to while drawing their last breath from murder fake identities heists illicit affairs and even top government secrets this season. On deathbed confessions we investigate cases like frank thorogood the construction worker who claimed that the drowning of rolling stones founder. Brian jones was no accident. Margaret gibson a silent film actress who wild dying of a heart attack confess to one of the most famous unsolved crimes in hollywood history and fca officer. Howard hunt who on his deathbed confessed to playing a role in the assassination of president. John f. kennedy deathbed confessions is a spotify original from podcast. Airing episodes weekly starting july twenty first following. Listen to deathbed. Confessions for free on spotify. This episode is brought to you by the volvo. Xc forty did you know that. There's a bike shortage around the world right now because more people are seeking socially distant modes of transportation. Chances are you'll be sharing the city streets with more cyclists the volvo xc forty. Suv is made to help. Protect people in and around the car with detection technology keeping an eye out using high tech cameras and sensors and can automatically apply the brakes to help avoid collision the xy forty for everyone's safety visit volvo cars dot com slash. Us to learn more now back to the story. Caroline and cicero began their careers after rome. Civil war in eighty three bc. Cicero established himself as an upstanding lawyer and politician. Meanwhile catalan was appointed. The prestigious role of governor in north africa in sixty five e c forty three year old cadillac returned to rome with his experience ruling vast territories. He felt like he was ready to become a console. Remember console candidates could only be nominated by the senate. Then citizens voted on the two new consuls each year the requirements for candidates were extensive. Not only did they need years of political experience. Men had to meet the forty three year old age minimum and pay for much of their own campaigns. Few people were that experienced in wealthy so it was unlikely that more than five people ran had time. Caroline was fully prepared for the undertaking. He was about to throw his hat into the ring when his political opponents put him on trial again this time for extortion while governing in africa without verifiable proof though cadillac managed to skirt punishment once more but his time in court did take away from his campaigning as results to other men became consul that year so catalan ran the following year in sixty four b c e one of his opponents was a man named gayus antonius hira. The other was cicero. That first cicero tried to be friendly with cat line during his extortion trial. Cicero offered to help but caroline declined his offer. And the rivalry form between the two instead. Catelli made a pact with hybrid. They were determined to thwart cicero's candidacy with the battle lines drawn. The candidates set out to cam came during which caroline hybrid engaged in massive bribery to secure votes. This enraged cicero. He decided to do something about it. By giving a historical speech he stood before the senate and reminded them of caroline's and hybrid as corruption. But it seemed mostly targeted caroline. He detailed how he killed. His brother-in-law slept with priestess avesta and abused his power as governor of north africa this severe reminder to the senate obliterated cadillacs chances when the citizens voted cicero and hybridoma one the console seats. Catalan wasn't ready to give up. Though he doubled down and prepared for the following year's election but he knew he had to change his tactics since nearly all of the optima taes in the senate had abandoned him after cicero's speech. He turned his attention to the popularity party instead. Many farmers were still embittered at how they'd been treated during solis rain it had ruined their livelihoods and put many into deep debt to win their favor. Cadillac and made them a promise. He told them if they supported his bid for console he'd introduce a bill called the clean slate. everyone's debts would be cancelled. Catalin said he'd introduce a prescription of the rich and divide their land up amongst the people at this point. Cadillac wasn't just campaigning for console. He was proposing an all out war on the rich. It was a radical move. But he'd say anything to win the console ship. Many popularize politicians offered their votes to caroline word spread throughout the city of rome and the commoners were elated. Ironically one of the most supportive groups were the veterans who fought for solid during the civil war might seem like a surprising departure. Granted sola had been a champion of the rich but in reality many of silla soldiers were unhappy by how their general had treated them after the war had ended. They weren't paid for their service and they didn't know what to do with the land they were given. Most of the soldiers weren't farmers so they weren't able to make a living of the property. As a result many of them fell into debt. And to catalyze surprise there were plenty of rich nobles that backed as well after overspending on extravagant celebrations like feasts shows. The idea of cancel. Debts was lucrative to them to cicero saw caroline gaining more popularity and tried to slow his success. He accused catalina of bribery. While the claim was true. Cicero pushed the envelope. He tried to get a law passed. That vanished those who committed the crime to push caroline over the edge. He decided more powerful action was needed to knock the consul off the board and stop cicero's interference for good in order to do so. Catalin gathered a few trusted supporters and hatched a plan while citizens were placing their votes catalin. Supporters would incite a riot during the confusion. Others would then kill cicero and if you of his colleagues. Fortunately for cicero he was informed of the assassination plot the day before he called an emergency meeting of the senate and postpone the voting process additionally he urged them to initiate a law called the ultimate decree of the senate which would label capitoline as an enemy of the state. Cadillac could be executed without a trial. But the senate wasn't prepared to initiate the decree without more proof the voting thus proceeded as planned cicero though wouldn't be stopped either. He said about a new tactic to win the sympathy of the voters by sending out some of his followers into the city. They whispered rumors that catalan was still going to kill cicero sometime soon. On the day of the election. Cicero arrived at the polls wearing a quote broad and conspicuous breastplate to the voters. It looked like cicero was trying to protect himself. From catalans attack the stunt worked enough of caroline. Supporters cast their vote for other candidates cadillac had now lost three elections in a row. He was angry and humiliated. Caroline turned to drastic measures to seize power shortly after the election. Catalan called another meeting with his key. Supporters outlined a new plan. They would raise an army of those sympathetic to their cause. Like solas veterans angry commoners. Most of them lived in a province called a true area date invade rome on october. Twenty seventh then the conspirators. Still inside the city would inside a riot and let catalans army in to kill cicero and his followers. Since the real roman military was fighting in other countries they believe the city would fall easily immediately after this meeting. Cadillac sent one of his key military. Commanders man named guys manliness to a trea. it was time to rally solas veterans to their cause. Everything was coming together but catalin still had to be wary of cicero and what he might find out. Cicero suspected applied was unfolding. He just didn't know the details. Although cicero soon became privy to the plan thanks to one woman close to caroline's inner circle. This was fool via the mistress of quintas curious trusted cadillac supporter. He joined cadillac after he himself was expelled from the senate for having one too many affairs after hearing rumblings of the plan she convinced curious to confide in her. She wanted to know all about catalans conspiracy to overthrow the city. Curious believe that once cadillac took back power. He'd regain his position and his wealth but unbeknownst curious she warned cicero of the plot. She believed there were too many lives at stake to stand idly by. Cicero was grateful for the information that we had to find a way to leverage it. He didn't believe the senators would take full visas. Word for it. In the meantime cicero continued searching for more evidence of this conspiracy and almost by fate on october twentieth. Such proof finally arrived that night and unknown messenger left a packet of anonymous letters at the home of crisis. Rome's wealthiest man crassus had financed some catalans earlier campaigns but it since withdrawn his support. The letters were addressed to crassus and various other politicians. One specifically to crassus warned him that cadillac was going to kill the senators against him and seize power on october. Twenty seventh crassus was so startled that the same night he gathered some of the other optimize sei's and went to cicero's home. They didn't know who'd written letters but they were convinced. It was rock solid evidence at last cicero had proof. That carolina was initiating a coup. He convened an emergency meeting that morning. The senate was sure to declare cadillac an enemy of the state the following day on october twenty first cicero and the other senators met in the curia. The room was bustling with a nervous fearful energy. Cicero passed out the letters that had been delivered to cross this doorstep after the senators read them they were convinced they passed the ultimate decree and declared catiline an enemy of the state. Legally they were allowed to kill catalin but there was hesitancy to rush into anything instead. The senators ordered that he be taken into custody and placed under house arrest. They would wait and see if there really was an uprising before making their next move to prove his innocence. Catalin insisted he stay in cicero's house but cicero refused. Believing catalan was homicidal. In fact everyone was so terrified of caroline that hardly anyone let him stay at their home eventually. His fellow co-conspirator named marcus marcellus took him in october. Twenty seventh came and went without a battle. The calm surprise the roman public making them wonder if catalin really was innocent. The shifted the narrative yet again as people started to believe that cicero had made the entire matter up perhaps he forged the letters himself but cicero was vindicated. When one of the senators received a report from itera catalans commander manley as had amassed an army of twenty thousand soldiers. The coup who was about to begin coming up catalyze play to kill cicero. This episode is brought to you by the volvo. Xc forty did you know that. There's a bike shortage around the world right now because more people are seeking socially distant modes of transportation kansas are. You'll be sharing the city streets with more cyclists the volvo xc forty. Suv is made to help. Protect people in and around the car with detection. Technology keeping an eye out using high-tech cameras and sensors and can automatically apply the brakes to help avoid a collision. The xy forty for everyone safety visit volvo. Cars dot com slash. Us to learn more. This episode is brought to you by hp plus in a world full of smart devices. Shouldn't your printer be smart to it is with hp plus these printers. No when they're running low so you always get the inky need delivered right when you needed. Plus you save up to fifty percent on inc so you can print whatever you want as much you want anytime you want. That is pretty smart. Get six three months of instant inc when you choose. Hp plus conditions apply visit hp dot com slash. Smart for details. Now back to the story by sixty three b. c. e. after failing to secure the consul ship three times in a row caroline raised an army to kill the senators who opposed him but cicero discovered the plot and placed cadillac line under house arrest when the riots failed to happen on october twenty seventh. The senators wondered if cicero had just blamed catalin since they were political rivals. But cicero was right. Caroline was still orchestrating his conspiracy behind the scenes cadillac plan to flee house arrest in leave rome. It wouldn't be hard considering the house belonged to accomplish. And he wasn't being monitored his co-conspirators would stay behind disturbed the uprising on december nineteenth. That would give capitoline enough time to meet up with his troops in a trivia in march back to rome. Catalan even told the group that cicero needed to die before. The coup could begin a nobleman named guys. Cornelius and a senator called lucius var. Guntis volunteered to do the deed fact. They promised they'd kill cicero before the sun came up. Cornelius an organ is planned to assassinate cicero in his own home that night but a few hours before their arrival cicero had heard of their plans through curious mistress fool via who continued to spy for him. Cicero told his guards not to let cornelius in valencia's in he then invited other optima days over to prove catalin had ordered an attack as planned. Cornelius and bargain tius showed up in the early morning of november seventh. The centuries overpowered them and eventually drove them away for cicero and the other senators. This proved that catiline and his co conspirators were guilty of treason but cicero was confident to play the long game. Rather than call the senate that day he gave cadillac nine time to flee. The city believed his absence from the meeting would solidify his guilt once and for all as planned. The senators gathered the following day instead on november eighth. Cicero observed the crowd with no side of catalan. He was confident. The trader had left rome. But that wasn't the case just before. The meeting convened cadillac in walked in and took his seat. He was greeted by uproar. Senators called him a traitor and an assassin. Caroline tried to defend himself but was drowned out by their cries. Catalin promptly fled the gathering and return to his house to reconsider his options. While the odds were seemingly not in his favor is conspiracy had been blown. The senators were against him. Cadillac decided before john. He still had his most loyal followers and an army of twenty thousand men that night. Catalan left rome and made the march to a trea where he met up with manly s. He'd put a man named puja lous. Cornelius lynch euless in charge of starting the riots in rome before he left. Meanwhile cicero was aware that cadillac had fled and prepared. The city's defenses. Knowing that lentil us was the ringleader. Cicero worried more about an attack from within the city. The proof was a letter. He'd intercepted from lentil us to his followers on december third. Cicero ordered linton. Mrs arrest along with four other leaders. Some senators suggested the five rebels be stripped of their titles and imprisoned for life. Others said they should be put to death. ultimately the decision rested with cicero. He opted for execution cicero escorted them to a tiny room and they were executed one by one brutally by choking when cicero emerged from the grisly scene. The people of rome cheered for him. He'd saved the city from rioting with this internal threat defeated. Cicero could now focus on when he ordered catalans former ally hybrid to pursue catalans whereabouts. When news of cicero's victory reached cadillac signs legions. More than ten thousand men dropped their weapons and fled. Most of them were impoverished farmers. Who wanted an easy victory. The only soldiers that remained were those hopelessly in debt or disgruntled veterans who needed catalyze revolution to save them. The chase played out over days in january of sixty two bc. Cadillac tried to flee to the northern region of gaul as he crossed over a mountain pass. He saw moore roman legions. Waiting below a man named mattel's keller had been fighting in that region when he heard about catalin mattel's turned his troops around. They would wait for him to fight him. Capitoline was caught. Between two armies faced with the choice of surrendering or fighting one of the generals. Cadillac chose to fight hybrid soldiers. He wanted to attack the forces that had come from rome perhaps as symbolic revenge for the city. That betrayed him. Capitoline mustered his men on the plains below the mountain's he gave them one final encouragement to fight bravely and then they charged. The battle was ruthless to the very end. Not one soldier and catalyze army survived hybrid. Oh was victorious. And therefore cicero had won. Their victory marked the end of a seven month. Power struggle back in rome. The people welcomed an end to the plotting. Paranoia and bloodshed mood in. The city was an odd anomaly. Even though caroline had died a traitor some people admire the fact that he confronted his enemies head on in the end. Cicero reap the glory. The senate created a new honorific forum. Hailing him as the father of the fatherland. Though this ended with cicero as the victor our world might look very different today had caroline one instead as we discussed. Cicero was a prolific lawyer. He wrote over seventy books essays and legal speeches if the plan had succeeded and he been killed and sixty three bc. Many of those works wouldn't have existed works. That had a massive impact on global history in thirteen forty five and italian. Scholar named patriarch stumbled upon a collection of cicero's personal letters. The majority of them had been written years after the catalan conspiracy. But when the roman empire fell in the middle ages began they were stowed away and forgotten. Petrarch discovery marked a watershed moment in european history until that point science medicine math and nearly everything else in the west was mostly based on biblical ideology but cicero's writings showed patrick a new way of thinking. One that prioritized human virtue rather than spirituality to help others scholars break free of this doctrine. Petrarca helped develop a new school of thought known as humanism. It focused less on secret tax and more on works from the classical era in subjects like grammar history and rhetoric. Intellectuals throughout europe also adopted this mentality shifting thinking away from the spiritual and towards the humanistic. It marked the dawn of a new age the renaissance if cicero was killed before he could write those letters. The renaissance may have been delayed or never happened at all that would have set human advancement back decades and we might not have some of the inventions that came out of the renaissance. Like the printing press microscopes or perhaps even whiskey. If catalan had succeeded the effects would have rippled through rome at the time to cicero. Wouldn't be the only one who's career was cut short. Julius caesar may have never impacted history either sixteen years after a cadillac died in battle. Caesar took power for himself during his quest for power. He conquered territory in egypt. France and britain to connect his empire. He made a vast network of roads. Experts believe they did more than improved trade. they also spread christianity. Once jesus died his followers used the roads to spread his teachings without them. Perhaps christianity would have faded into obscurity. It's impossible to say what the world would look like without one of its largest religions but we know for sure that the crusades have never taken place. These were a series of wars instigated by christians against muslims in order to recapture jesus is homeland and limit muslim expansion. The wars lasted for over two hundred years and claimed millions of lives. If catalan had survived his political goals would have left a greater mark on history to reforms. Like land redistribution and debt. Cancellation would have been one of the earliest forms of socialism. Roman socialism if it provided food medical care and transportation to its people may have had an unimaginable effect on the united states. Over two thousand years later. America's founding fathers greatly admired rome. They used the republic as a model for how their new society should run. If they'd seen the romans experiment with socialism they might have done so as well if the us had been created as a socialist nation. It's even possible that the more dire events associated with unregulated free market capitalism may never have happened. There may have never been a great depression. Granted every system has its merits and its drawbacks. Experts continue to debate socialism's pros and cons especially in terms of government control over the economy in the end. One thing scholars agree on. Is this catalogue. Story is a testament to what happens. When people pursue power above all else the aftershocks ripple beyond the present moment potentially altering history in the centuries to come thanks for tuning into conspiracy theories. We'll be back next time for a new episode. Among the many sources we used we found charles. Oh dolls the rise and fall of the cattle and aryan conspiracy extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of conspiracy theories and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify on until then remember. The truth isn't always the best story and the official story isn't always the truth. Conspiracy theories is a spotify original from podcast. Executive producers include max and ron cutler sound design by anthony vowel sick with production assistance by ron shapiro trent williamson carleen madden and travis clark. This episode of conspiracy theories was written by rob heckert with writing assistance by lori. Gottlieb in mackenzie more fact checking bhai adriana romero and researched by bradley klein conspiracy theories stars molly brandenburg and quarter corduroy.

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S14E11  Pigs Eating Shot

Ubuntu Podcast

26:29 min | 2 months ago

S14E11 Pigs Eating Shot

"And welcome to season fourteen episode eleven of the ability. Podcast i'm alan is used in the eighteenth of may and this week we're going to rat community news and events and other news and whatever else comes across our desks and by our i mean myself and martin l. o. And mark however excellent to be speaking to you both again. What do end see martin. I'm on a mechanical keyboard cake. So i have got another mechanical keyboard this time. It's a wireless mechanical keyboard. And it's says sixty five percent form factor out. Why i've got to desks on the desk behind me. I don't have a huge amount of space. So i wanted a decent mechanical keyboard. The took up the least amount of space possible and after doing a bit of research. I found the zeus have keyboard called the rock fao cheetan misspelling of falcon. Nor is he just. Is this just a made up word that makes it easy for them to google for it. It could be a made up where i haven't researched the origins of the name but the keyboard is very nice. Is it arrived. Yes it has. I'm very happy with it So sixty percent keyboard seem to be popular at the moment. But i don't like them because they don't actually have cursor keys whereas a sixty five percent keyboard thousand also. Has things like page up. Page down hyman end With using all the time. So i wanted that size ever so slightly bigger. But it's a decent mechanical keyboard. It's odd gb. To the max. But i i use that. I'm one hundred percent bay And the only downside is if you're a real mechanical keyboard aficionado. It's not standard key. Capsizes role of the case. So you can't pull the key caps and replace them with an aftermarket set but it's p. bt keys and double shot with shine through. It's really very nice. I'm very happy with whatever that means. What am i even up to. I have been playing new poco mon snap a snap. You say that you know nothing to do me. This isn't one and it's not. These games will pokemon snap so it's There was a game many years ago on the nintendo sixty four pie come on snap and this is a new version for the nintendo switch. Is this snap with pok mon cards stroke characters now. This not profess to taking photos. So it's kind of like the mechanics of an on rails shooter except instead of shooting. Pok mon you're taking photos of them. Okay so you saw you say politics and you go through an area and there's various pokemon around you and you got to take a nice photos of them and then you get them rated at the end and you can do things to kind of prod them and do interesting things. And he's just quite a nice relaxing game to play in. He's not too stressful. And it's not know things to worry about you've not got guns and ammo and explosions you. Just you know you just having a bit of a relax and seeing some nice scenery and there are no rogue like elements. there are no regard elements a tool. i could think of. While on that bombshell. Let's get on with the show start with the community news and event if there are any. Leave you in suspense at first in the community news things on not well in the state of free node. Oh yeah for those. Who don't know free notice and irc network. That has been around for a long time. I think before the start of of anti uses free node for a bunch of urban to irc channels. Yes i see does still exist and It seems there's a bit of a power struggle going on between the people who actually operate the network on a day-to-day basis and the most recent financial benefactor for free node things and it's it's a bit of a mess and is developing day day so by the time you listen to this things may have changed or the network may be shut down or it might have changed name or everyone's left i do it. We just don't know. I have always wondered that. You mentioned that. The people to operate the irc network. Who is that well. There people live on tees rheinland. Some people are benevolently donating servers. In maybe the place they work or people that are associated with their a server which is connected to the network which spreads to load adding shows that when one server goes down the network stays up with connections to other services and so on So yeah it's up. Volunteers have been around for a long time. And if you're looking after the network for a long time and keeping the network running and keeping the services running because services the authentication stuff in the host and that kind of stuff. They've been keeping longtime mostly volunteer. Run so you mentioned financial benefactor that but they're not they're not imploring people to to maintain the network. Well that's the. Tricky part of this is some guesswork because not everyone is talking. Publicly in some people talking too much publicly and people are publishing. I r c conversations and publishing resignation. Some of which were later redacted all removed because it turns out they were hedging their bets and publishing all collectively members of staff writing letters of resignation in case the thing imploded but they will publish at the same time and say look. We're leaving mass and we we're going over here somewhere else taking services with us right but yeah a little while ago. There was an investor who is associated with a few other organizations including private internet an and they invested in order to run events. There was a free note live event that happened a couple of times and there was a company sets up around that and there's been a division. Yeah as always the case where money enters into the game and sponsorship enters into the game. It can make things a little bit problematic especially volunteers. You've been around for a long time. Maybe get nauseous. Put out of joint especially if someone tries to take control of the network and it seems like. That's what someone's tried to do. I'm not naming any names because you can find all this information out with a with a quick search and it may well have changed by the time you hear this. But it's a little bit sad because freenet it's been around for a long time and is a i mean obviously fewer people on irc now than there were in the past but there are still a number of projects that still use free notice. They a central place that they send developers to new developers and users as well and that includes Next up on that note mountain yes more. Seniors are very own. Mark has gotten irc debate going over on the album to discourse so monkey wrote a proposal for improving the into membership application process. Having recently gone through it last seem to have spun out into a couple of conversations. One of which was dominated about the use of irc and other messaging protocols yes so it was very much y intention as part of this proposal to try and suggested the should move away from say by did make some comments the perhaps just saying oh join this channel on the free no network is very helpful to people who might know of us before and at the very least. If we're going to keep doing that we should add some more information. Explain how to get our sea and get their nickname registered and so on however it seems that there are other people in the community who do feel quite strongly. We shouldn't be using oil see anymore. They're better options out there. So that's been spun out into a conversation with various various threads in various opinions So i would suggest if anyone has strong feelings about this go check out the the threat onto discourse and and less what you think. I did notice though that you made good on the documentation effort and you did update the documentation to explain. Why elsie was how you register neck and how you join the appropriate channels full the membership process rather yes single bullet point. That was previously that. Yes unfair i mean. A lot of it was already if you knew what you were looking for. There were links to a web is c. collide which will join you straight into the channel. No one thought to tell you that was. The price is interesting because some of these dates back so far you know the the membership process has been joined this irc channel at a certain time in order. Because that was the thing that everyone used and it was. You know you would already be on. Irc the wasn't you must connect your. You must download the client and connect to this thing that you were already aware of your already on and channel and you just type slash join here meeting and if you're not there someone campaign you and say. Can you help veterans. He meeting you need to be now. If i think maybe something which people who are used to things like what's been telegram wouldn't appreciate is that if you're not there in connected there's no way for someone to say. Hey we need you yeah. I think we've realized that ask is a little bit antiquated and old school now. So maybe we do need to move on. I don't know what do you think. Well we have a young generation of contributors. Now that have grown up in a whatsapp world. So yes it fills thoroughly prehistoric to them. I should imagine would be good if there is still. I mean the good thing about oil sees open and federated platform right which something like. It's happy is so it will be good if there was more modern alternative. That still has that same advantage for internally way used at canonical maximized. We switch my see to maximize ninety recently and pretty much soon. After that the suggestion came from a lot of people to the higher ups. We should do this for as well. So then the community has mo-modern client for them to to chat with and I think i think that might happen if there's enough willing to do it and time and infrastructure to do it whether they'll switch to mosul choose something else like matrix. I don't know but the fact that they use maximised internally. Make sense to us much of stern as well to me next up. Mark bit warden. Rs is now volts warden who was warden are s. This is the alternative self hosted bit warden password vault server. This is the one. I'm using to host my own password. Volt this is the one that's written in broad hints underscore rs exactly right however it was pointed out to them by order that the name is trademarked and this could be a cause for confusion and i think they were already aware of that because said in the documentation that people shouldn't report any bugs to do bit watered rs to the upstream project. And they shouldn't go their support and they shouldn't go there and mentioned that they've got something going on using bit norris because it's not the same thing so it's not exactly so i think these amicable and timely that i they basically just said yeah we'll have to say mark you tune into the zeitgeist right on point. What can i say. And so what happens. If you've got a bit ward an rs install does it just magically change name overnight. I think it depends how you're running it. But basically like all of the containers have been republished with the same version of the code but under new organization. So if you've got set up run the containers you then just point them at the new container redeploy and everything keep working the containers still just no current anymore. And i guess if you've done it in if you've done it there's a slightly different update path. But it looks like he's fairly straightforward. And you haven't done that yet. I haven't done yet now. Because i only found out about this yesterday and i had other things to do well. We look forward to hearing about that in a later episode. Then maybe how. I lost my passwords excellent Finally we have an event. what's our event. Our event is forced. Talk live a twenty twenty one. This is an annual event. The jerry organized that features. Some of your favorite lennox and open source podcasts and us. It usually takes place in london pub. Obviously it didn't happen last year due to the event but It's going to be an online event this year and we going to be streaming all of the shows on youtube and this year. The podcasts that are participating are lennox lads along with marius quebec late night. Lennox and then something cool to ben to voltage while his that us is us all right. Okay yes let's uh us along with stuart language from that they're bad voltage and the options we had the naming. The show voltage or bad. Podcasts decided to go for the last one. And then i believe the reprise of the new show. The new shy the new show right. And that's that's on the twelfth of june june in will. I guess we'll talk more about this the next time we record close after that too. Yeah yep on with all secret. Projects i talk. Dot com is a bit scanned but that will include links to where all of this stuff is taking place in jiu course so hop over there feleti twitter and all of that stuff excellent and that's all for the community news this week visit items from the wider tank world. I out martin. You've been on the hunt for more hardware. You know this one found me. I wasn't looking for this. But he found me all the same amoco saw that there's an organization called framework and they gave announced the preorders ripen. Full then you laptop Which on the face of. It doesn't sound very interesting but it wasn't that long ago we were having a discussion about you. Know several sort of attempts to make these modular customizable right to repair ethically sourced components and all the rest of the things like the fat phone and there's being laptop initiative similar. This is in that vein so it's intended to be a high end laptop and it should be upgradable sizable repairable without compromising. They say quality power or style so just like thinkpad then well. What's there style. Yeah well i know. I think i like thinkpad style. I mean that you'd utilitarian feels suits me. Okay that's the marketing what's was specifically different about these. Okay well there are three editions. The just like buying a laptop you know they have three incriminating levels of specification and the price goes up each time and they come pre installed with windows ten. That's all fine. But then they have what they call the. Diy addition and it's available as a kit of modules. That you can customize. I'm assemble yourself. So i've been through the customization process of of light smacking a diy version out for myself. I'm one of the options. Is your preferred lennox distribution say instead of windows you can elect which lennox you would like to be installed on it all you yourself after the fact but then there's some usual configuration options that you see on these configuration to such as how much ram and how much cpu but when it comes to things like ram disks on wifi you can actually select nothing all provide my own so if you already got ram or ssd as or wi fi modules. You don't have to buy again so that was quite cool. And then some additional customization options some of which a quite limited light. The keyboard is only available black and only available in us layout on the charge. Rezone as us option. So you have to choose the no charge option and provide urine. I think you're burying the lead hit. There's there's there's the additional module parts. Which is the thing that sets aside from any other laptop realism. Yes and this is where it gets interesting. So they have port and storage expansion. That can be a mix of display outputs. Hdmi display pull different types of esp different Additional discs t fifty six one terabyte descriptions and card readers actually opening up that poll specification to third parties to sort of build down ecosystem. There are four and they appear to be hot plug -able so you can change them around so you could have it running full. Usb ports if that's what you needed that right exactly yeah make us backed up. And how much was it. The one i suspect up had no ramen now. Ssd's but it had Loads of poor expansion options and things. And i think it was about fifteen hundred dollars. One thing i did like about this was saying the for preorders. You just have to put down a hundred dollar refundable deposit. You don't have to pay all of the money up front and get your laptop at some point in the future. Which makes me a bit more confident in doing something like that and they have some. Eta's for batch delivery. And i think. I like july and august this year. Interesting to keep an eye on that one of these things is we can only have a tail how successful they are in afterwards once whether there are third party modules made and what those might be you know. They could be super interesting because they look like they're decent enough size. You fit something interesting inside that bill. Plastic gasoline squadron. There are decent size. I think you could yet. I mean they can definitely get one terabyte of storage in the most one of the options. So yeah they've got options that go next up. Google i o twenty one is happening right now. What is google. I o developer conference but the reason i mentioned as because i i started watching it a little earlier. So it's happening right now so we're not gonna be able to break much news but there was a few things in that. I thought quite interesting one this improve the way. The google meat works. We've the office products online so that it's rather more integrated rather than you starting a meeting and then sharing your screen. It's more like you have the document onscreen and people's video pops into the side of the display. It's a. it's a bit more willing to great between the office products and the meat video chat products. Which those of us who use google me. All the time is quite interesting. Might make it a little smoother to us. And the other thing that i saw that was quite interesting was they. Were doing a lot of marketing for a thing called lambda which is natural language understanding. They had demo which showed a conversation between a person a bit like chat ball between a person and this lounger process that was taking on the persona of pluto the planet and they were having a conversation where the person was talking to the planet and the planet was talking from perspective but it was all your machine learning nonsense that was generating the responses and they looked human like but from the point of view of planet which was a bit weird and i thought they could have probably become up with a better use. That may have been deliberately abstract. Because it's not very good. Perhaps here i am brain the size of a planet. Yes very much so that was interesting but the other thing that i thought was interesting was as all of these things. It's a marketing. Exercise is a big look what we can do and they spent a fair amount of time talking about how google is all about secure by default private by design and your in control that made me chuckle as well but they got someone on talking about their password managers and they said we never sell your personal information to anyone. We never use sensitive information to personalise. Adds it simply off limits so there was some bold statements but it was clearly a reaction to the current feeling. Which is you'll being spied on by your email provide. you'll being spied on by the people. You're stirring you documents in. And it was interesting that they spent in the keynote. This is the very first part of the conference getting somewhat onstage. Saying we're not looking at your staff. Or i so yeah. I'm sure there'd be more announcements in the coming week about whatever other things. They've announced new hardware new software. I thought it was interesting. All that was front loaded in the in keno of google's next up mock well in other privacy news letting crypt has a new route certificate. What does that mean say. Let's encrypt is the service for generating free. Ssl's tickets automatically on your web server and other things so that you can easily and inexpensively create secure connections feel uses your website now up until now because they were a new thing. In order for their stickers to work they had to have a A root certificate which was signed by another certificate. That was already on your machine and now they are a bit better established. They've decided it's time to move on from that and have their own routes difficu- and they've managed to get this ticket installed on most of the major browsers and the major current versions of operating systems people. Using ooh and. I think that i think is really interesting. Because there have been a few attempts in the past at of open and free way of doing Ssl certificates and this is the the the huddle they fall on. They've never been able to get a typical trusted in the major crisis which has meant that. They basically never go anywhere. However what is does mean is that the original certificate. They had is going to expire in september. So that means that. If you don't have an up-to-date operating system or browser then you're going to start getting warnings if you go to a site that secured with let's encrypt certificate so devices for example mobile phones or tablets which are running old versions of the a the irs might not getting suffer updates anymore. You might find the they don't work or they give you warnings. We let encrypt sites anything which is fairly up to date or at least you can install an update version of a browser. Utah should be able to work at factories a workaround on android devices where they've been able to get nausea. Exactly how it works. But they've got a special extension to the cross scientific which means your work for longer. Certainly older iowa devices. I think where people might see this problem especially with the baked in browsers safari updates. Yeah that is fascinating but for anyone who runs a website. they just have to generate a new exotic. Yeah that's includes tickets only last for three months max. Anyway i think so if you're generating you on all the time anyway you don't have to worry because you'll latest will be signed by the new certificate superstar. Thanks very much for that. And that's all the news for this week and that's all episode eleven. Thank you for listening. We'll be back next week with a discussion on stuff we give to kids. Leave as vegas that and if you want to keep in contact with us while we're not broke the into your ear holes then you can send us an email to show it open to poke hostile or you can follow us on twitter. I will do passed over on twitter. And you lose. I find a back. Catalog are focused in video for on youtube. Youtube dot com slash. Podcast see you next. Time

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86 - Gladiator, Part 6 FINALE

Table Reads

1:05:47 hr | 2 years ago

86 - Gladiator, Part 6 FINALE

"The Standard Thirty Second Radio Commercial is about seventy five words but this one has twice as many words so that I can talk really fast not as fast as the Formula One inspired electric italianate pro cards autobahn indoor speedway in events that can go up to fifty miles per hour which is more than twice as fast as the Karcher father used to put her around in unless speaking of Italian. Your father is Mario Andretti his this carts may have been faster but only slightly these turn on a dime accelerating seconds and we'll satisfy your need for speed and even if you burn out you'll never burn up in our air-conditioned track designed after the world famous Lamont's course this is the fastest commercial in Washington D._C.. From the place that has the fastest carthew of ever driven Autobahn Indoor speedway in events located in Dulles in Manassas a small liberal when a script is written that is so bad no one will fill eh these brave podcasters will bring it to life just so they can mock it. This is table reads so the movies report which means your script Ain't worth the bubble sheet on a nickel with SEAN MC B and Joshua Baker and Jeff Lewis Lewis Jeffrey Lewis our favorite maximus and permanent gets Maximus decimates Louis boy order. If decimates was his middle name like so they like a wrestler name like he just made competition. That's something that they add after like your twenty th year like I thought it was the last thing was father to a murdered a husband to a murdered wife. This is Cerny third and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next esquire. These taxes are going great so welcome everybody a two part six gladiator to say this is all blending together one great menagerie of content. You know this is probably the best script anyone has ever written Josh you're supposed to the to the wall. No one of those no no crickets. What am I should really have crickets on this thing and I don't? I guess I'm just to completely enamored with my own Joe. I'm so Goddamn. Entertain no need no damn crickets crickets everybody. Everybody's laughing right yeah yea I'm sure how are we work. No crickets this. That's not the one I for this one. It's a little laggy today. Everything's going wrong technically. That was Meta Shit. You don't need when you get so I'm just GONNA. I'm just going to move on previously on table ream alright so maximus is dead but then he goes to these gods in the afterlife and then he does a chest burster move out of a Christian so he's alive now sort of and he finds his son who doesn't remember him because he's been adopted by Christian teacher also he finds means Communist is done Lucius who is not emperor for some reason but is a Primo Dickhead who kills his son's adopted teacher Father Christian with some pens because the pen is mightier than the sword in this ham fisted bullshit that we're reading and then this leads him to immediately him Lucius to immediately abandon all his life long held deeply held beliefs in Christendom and forgiveness and turning the other cheek and he's like yes. Let's get all our Christian friends together and have a murder party montage and all of them despite their parents not having been murdered with pens are like yeah. Let's do this murder party. We'll go out to the hippie farm and and gather and train and have a murder party against the Romans a reverse murder yeah. Do you guys want to go to the hippie farm and get murdered. They're they're killing first line of every cheap horror movie the other cheek my friend. Hey you guys want to go to the farm and get murdered. Someone chases us. We can just hide in the creepy shed with all the saws hanging from the girders makes sense. Welcome the Rome well. I got my Airbnb at James's uh they got this weird teepee filled with mushrooms and mushroom hut right that was the best part so when we left off Juba was looking forward to killing Lucius and maximus his son. Marius was standing ominously in the doorway for reasons. I don't remember hold on one second. How do you know that Juba is looking forward to killing Lucy? His last line of dialogue was I look forward to killing that man interest cinema such a magical media is really a show. Don't tell I wish Maria's was holding a pen maximus. Let me tell tell you everything. I am feeling really looking forward to killing that man and your ass. I'm going to write him out of this with this. Uh Feed in music ended perfectly and I just was a little early on the fate in that could have been perfect. It is perfect. It is because I'm going to edit it so everyone listening at home. We'll go Dan that was tight. Why are they talking about it? As if it wasn't interior farmhouse of James Outside Rome Day very very dramatic maximus stands before Marius James and Justin in a room of the farmhouse outside the sounds of the Christians training can be heard is the somewhere the women and children can go. Yes I mean yes arrange. It makes you all the houses empty. No one should remain justin leans forward. Are we ready are we are you prepared. maximus stares at Justin we will amass as planned in the woods in the previously on. I really should've mentioned how much staring there was yeah. An inordinate amount of staring thing like to end scenes like seven different scenes they play them off like a Telenovela. Yeah it was like your cousin did it and sometimes it wasn't even they stare at each other but it was like next and mysteres at Juba Juba a stares at maximus cut to listen. I have to tell you Marius is my internal seen grown and you and you know you have to hold on that shot for a while to convey that they're staring at each each other so 'cause they're just looking at each other. In less it goes on for a while and anytime that you're holding on that shot of two people staring at each other. It's only appropriate to end it when it's awkward. Yeah like to convey that they're staring at each other. It has to be awkward right true so you know there's some poor editor is going to be in post going like I need to throw in some wacky background dialogue augur something so this doesn't just come across as weird. This is the final show Lucian last name. I forgot the last name placeholder stairs that Lucius yeah he swallows between Lucius and Lucy. I don't think we've been pointing that out as many times yeah yeah yeah we were like who's that because he wouldn't took a nap in the back. It's like I'm GonNa go to sleep on this. In the morning. You're all dead coming for you later that was when he referred to marry us as Lucia or Lucius. Whatever this script is bad? It's pretty puck until which maximus were talking about the the main or Deuba Tubas wife maximum at that Comma one time. I don't have crickets on here. I can't make a grim exterior huge square in Rome morning. Massive altars have been set up in various squares seven of them exact amounts roughly fourteen feet tall by great cues of citizens have formed before the altars among them they have thousands of animals goats chickens etc in cages on leads in their arms with lightning rods. There is much commotion and Confusion Fusion Guards Stand at the altar with lists citizens walked to the altars give their names swear their allegiance to Rome and slaughter an animal in ritual sacrifice which was a Christian thing probably a rhinoceros <hes> well. It was the pre Chris Chris Christian thing it was a Judeo thing yeah animals. I think Jesus was like he'll guys the old you can stop killing your goats this man you could kill them if you're gonna eat them but like I'll I'll just take ten percent of all your money. How `bout I mean that's less than your goats? 'cause like it's already dead. What am I gonNA do with it? You know what. Them saying not to be that guy but this was actually the plot <hes> this is the emperor had their rank. They're sacrificing because the Christians won't do it and then that will out them as Christians this is this is the census this is the citizenship question on the senses but instead you kill a goat or you don't and if you don't the I._N._S.. On you in them I did remember that that's the point I was bringing up is like the right up until Jesus. I think Christians were also partaking in this and I don't recall anything in Roman in mythology about animal sacrifice to the gods well then they won't have a problem with with I mean I feel like most of the sacrifices to the gods were like women giving up their V. Card Zeus. Oh <music> better yet wild. I mean if I had to pick a religion the one where there's a lot of fucking who gets to go around. Can I wear the cloud hat the guards the guards tick their name names of the census see. It's census question. This is a topical script dipped about ancient Rome that was written twelve years ago. It is a scene of horrible carnage the streets sound with the screams of animals and run with their blood very weirdly worded right the streets sound with the screams. Maybe it makes sense if you say it in an Australian accent the straight sound Roy screams of animals and run with that blood that's it's actually better. I'm with it makes makes remorse exterior huge square in Rome just read all of that exterior the woods the sunset the two hundred Christians have amassed in the woods they have set up makeshift camps and sit around fires eating and drinking maximus and Maria's move about amongst them in the dying dying light. I really really want this thing to end with. These two hundred Christians going against the Roman army and just being slaughtered in like fourteen seconds and Maximus just standing. They're in the back with his kid going. Well me now kid we did it actually like what if the fights in the middle of it and he's like. I wanted to know your father what we don't need any of this and they know they've been cited wars only doing this because my father is dead but here you are by the way this was a trick. I'm for Rome now. What do you want for me? What are you want that to exterior streets of Rome morning? The Sun has risen in over Rome and Lucius ready for business rot. Wait what these comments were weird so it sounds like the sun has risen over Roman Lucius but light. Here's the proper reading the Sun has risen over Rome and Lucius ready for business rides through the streets accompanied by six guards ready for business is he was. He's laying on a very sexy cop. Watching Juban is glistening body. All six of you get in here. If there are six of you that means you can be strewn about twenty trees who because those three were strewn about ten trees or seven. I don't know I don't care streets of Rome morning. Another group of four guard or guard right skewing streets of Rome. That's eleven eleven guard. We are mouthing where plus Lucienne Interior Christians Home Rome morning Lucius and his guards kick open doors and enter Christians Chins home what all the Christians have one house. One Guard holds a list in his hand. The House is empty. Lucia stands in the middle of the front room while the Guard's disappearance appearance the other rooms of the house. The guards returned to Lucius lures. No one here fire Lucius kicks over a table Interior Christians home room afternoon the other four guards kicking another Christians door. One Guard holds a list once again. The house is empty the guards marching through the house overturning tables and chairs so you know cover that claim I'll fuck up there burns. No we were here. Those poops show them piss on their fish necklace on their face as when they come home to a house they're better than stormtroopers. At least troopers echelons locked move along they're doing this shit on a budget to the cuts are crazy. There's only like four here and seven Evan. They're they're doing for profitability. It's using as few personnel they possibly can to start the Crusades Exterior Square in Rome late afternoon Lucius and his ten guards. Where did he get these other guards <music> the budget those those four in the second apartment split off the other six Roman sesame street six guards close four yards gets worse Lucius in his ten guards commit up in a square lucious faces full of rage? He watches US another five guards of course one of the five guards horse of solutions the word problem if they give you the fucking S._A._T.. You need one of those like army planning maps the little figures just read the script in a push the guys with your stick my roll for initiative ray foul no one fire. All the houses have been abandoned. That's how that guy talks. Lucius looks around him in a state of fury. It's Hollis. Nobody was Paul. It's pose a man yes. Maybe it has a man or you will not find them. In Rome Lewis spins around in his saddle and looks at a man Hollis standing before him or you wait wait standing before him. He had to turn around to look at him. That's the opposite of standing before him standing standing behind him. How did he spin around in his saddle? Oh you don't have those Lazy Susan Silo Benny Hill Soundtrack horses behind so now let's go with who are you. The ones you seek heff lead sled. They are hiding in the woods cya in in hundreds Lucia spins around his horse addresses. The guard wait no no before he spun around in the Saddle. Now he spun the Horse or still phasing out to the as many turned the favorite word com. He's like the kid in the back of the station wagon on the on the back yeah and he's sticking his tongue out at the guys Jeez News Okay lucious on the guards thunder away Hollis stands alone in this where guys guys I'm GonNa put money on the table right now. We will never see or hear impolitic game yeah. How did he get to with the name? Your won't find them. They're gone. What do they show him standing alone wou- even yeah yeah the guard said that I found a note or something like he didn't write up from the woods and go there hiding in the woods I found him? He May as well be wearing a shirt that says I'm going to send you to a trap. The interior quarters of the emperor desio this evening Desi stands on the balcony of his quarters staring out at the streets below. Lucia centers keeps his back to Lucius. Lucius is intensely agitated Cya. I expected to hear much agony and World Lucius. I expected to smell the they're on the blogger but I'm standing here loosening and hear nothing but empty wind desio sniffs the air and smell only the sweet honeysuckle and end electrocuted. Those are all around. This is the guy that didn't WanNA murder all the Christians right. He said don't murder them. Hey Lucius haven't even hand or something like that. Hey you can go after that teacher just arrest him and not by like standing his out of his down. How you arrest? I arrested his heart. Sir Loophole Motherfucker who's a dead monkey careful Lucia steps forward. They have fled Cya all of them three dead Wa. I missed the one you're supposed to guess he is deceased continues to stare out over the city which is going to hold shaw for Awhile sled. I've been informed. They are hiding in the woods. I thought it'd be a great idea to come visit you. I instead I have settled some guards. The verify side of this presents a perfect opportunity to need lucious two things sire a need troops. You don't have those twenty. What's what what did you just send to verify guards? Oh yeah fifteen plus seventeen three per geic. We have twenty one. If I told you I have turn God's if five more guards join me and one goes to check on counting advocates Click Click Click Click Click there are there are three gods coming at me at fourteen Cubans an hour. One of them is a ghost ridge align again two things Cya any troops troops your blessing sire does he has turns to Lucius. He stares at him for a long time. Does he a slowly nods his head of course you do of course you do what this guys know Dumbledore. What's his? He needed his blessing but he's also like where's the blood yeah. Are you okay with me killing him. I feel that they they are the same person. This is another instance of like. Are we having two different conversations. I wear all the blood I need your permission to kill some people the ones I'm now complaining that you haven't killed. He reminds we need to face. Are you going to kill the troops. I give you exterior the woods outside room late evening. In the Woods Woods Maximum Maria sit together beneath the stars. There is a small fire which throws it's light up into their faces onto their faces maximum Marias share some bread and a skin of wine. There is mad talk talk amongst the men. What are they saying? Maria smiles they say you were a great gladiator returned from the dead jean-marc Jerry from the dead as you said Marius Mad mad talk. We believe you will lead them to glory. Let them do so belief can be a powerful thing. There is a silence between maximus Mario's. What do you believe in Maximus? I was a soldier mar beliefs were of little important to hear them talk. You're a great general or was a soldier I loved and served my emperor Dumbledore but as a man are believed in the goodness of my wife and son on on the battlefield within the horror of doll I held that belief in my heart like a terrible thing trembling Oh boy thinking about this group like it's aw market trembling thing a belief that would that there would be an into it all the death and the bloodshed in our would stand beside them once more and they would take in from you. I can build them with me now. Now he touches him creeps along grabs father to surviving bother to a Christian asshole wants murdered son. I thought you did a man approaches maximus Mario's. He squats down by them. It's police nobody knows his Paula's anytime. It says a man they know we're here. I don't know how how did he get here first day. He did that that morning. This is the evening it's actually Mordechai Oh for for about <hes>. I don't know I feel no. That's all came to do. They know we are here. maximus nods policy stands and moves off. This is some character development year. What does schyster Maximus Miss looks at Marias that was convenient to they will be here in the morning? It is better you sleep. My father was also a great soldier. Maxima stokes the fire the yellow light on his face my my true father my blood father that we've established. He has no memory no he does not remember. I guess when it's convenient to move the plot along when we have like four pages full of Shit born Maximus stop stoking the fire and looks at Maria's yes. I did not know him. He was never there was away my father forever at war with being dead. I Guess Laureus lies on the ground. Impose a blanket over himself back PSOMAS stares into the fire on or just GonNa Stare at the fire for while you're fire fully cracking noise ch Oh you know what the whole time Ooh. That's a big fire also got some knighthoods cricket amid YEAH THERE WE GO. That's fires to the mom confide good night father exterior something exterior road out of room morning. Lucius leads an army of four hundred Roman soldiers on horseback along the road. The Morning Sun Beats you know Nikei was going to be onset going. He's at four hundred I I count three hundred ninety eight saw Michelle the door. We're trying to get a head count. He's standing at the extras ten as they walk out with a clicker. Do full six eight you you beat number you. What's your number? This is secondhand. Don't worry the people can't hear my alerts going off on my computer. You ruined that we'll do it every time now do not disturb. We are real professional outfit here. Pros- The morning Sun Beats Down Lucia sits powerful imperious in the saddle presumably facing forward this time I march you know Zach where's backwards. Listen you just push a button on his back and he just says come over again but while he's facing toward the back of the worst he's going to but this sword L L. I feel like that needs to be the final like <hes> graphic. We need to get all right <hes> exterior the woods outside room evening. There's the ones the two hundred Christians stand in the woods standing there all of them they burn torches and there are campfires dotted about Maria aureus stands before them behind Marias and separate from the proceedings stand maximus and Juba Mario steps forward. Let us pray the Christians kneel down on Mass Marias to uh-huh kneels down maximus and Juba do not neil but stand and watch the proceedings Juba. Yes my friend you do not have to do this. Juba smiles it would appear that you are under some kind of allusion maximus that you can do this without me. Maxima Smiles Juba stares out at the Christians after a time maximus turns his head and looks behind him through the trees. There is a faint rustling maximus Steve's Steve sees the shape of a stag moving eerily through the growth he watches the shape of the stag as Maurice Praise Juba continues to watch the Christians his smile gone exterior rise and plane near woods can late morning. Let me interject do it so maximus couple months back. They will be here in the morning next scene morning here. They come then. We're in the evening and says late morning. They know no read eighty seven right after morning okay yeah and now we're in late morning so it's been three days. It's Li evening when he's talking to Maria's Mario about how he's his dad but not saying it and then it's morning when Lucius is leading his army out and now we're back to evening as the Christians are standing in the woods and now it's late morning all standing there standing in the evening for today's just days of travel. Leaking between two different days right that makes sense I mean linear storytelling is is for the plebes not for some more than for wherever we all night here Paul. I mean look at us. We're Australia. We have Christmas in the summer. We can do what we focused like policies. He shifts between time and space. They're not here. Are we've in here like he's there instantly those Mexico in preemptively. I'm going to snitch real curious about their hiding over there all know they know where where we get a boys. It's like he skims the back of a book about the spy Garbo enrolled. I'm GonNa Incorporate that but you know what I think we should get the fuck Outta here for a minute return of it is brief word from our sponsors. What's up Docs and DOC? It's Trevor Thompson the self-appointed Burlington's critic here and if you like old cartoons and watching online reviewers dissect them then you probably said the same thing I did about two years ago. Hey what the fun every Saturday morning I do a brand new commentary of Warner Brothers short all throughout the month. I do video essays examining the history of these cartoons tunes catch my videos on YouTube dot com slash ferris wheel house too or just use the Hashtag looney tunes credit. Now here's Eric thousand the new Voice of bugs bunny critic here. It comes again in lunch. 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I think I think the road the the woods outside Rome are like way outside Rome like South Africa for some because police made it out there within like an hour. Don't actually just call the number you make really good time. Riding Your horse forward. I got he ain't line more would be so much easier if I can see where I'm going all right so let's get back into shape fade in exterior rise in plain near woods late morning wait yeah. That's where we are where we are late morning. The army stands along the rise looking out over the plane at the large woods. How many soldiers did he have? Four hundred four heart is four hundred train room and soldiers on horseback against two hundred Christians were pacifists and tell this morning standing in the woods well until three days ago they had at least three days to chess hacking pay bills. No no they've in most spending most of that time standing they were training a few days ago. They were eating and drinking hanging around a campfire too so yeah they've also been writing with loosen staring at them so they're gonNA. They're gonNA start selling burning Ed marshmallows Adam the other team welcome to the farm of James The final paragraph so guys we headphones these mushrooms as in all but now we need to fight so we're GONNA bust out the P._C._p.. The woods are good for standing for days on guys. If we just stand real still those Romans will think that we are and they will think further that the trees are us and they will decimate the trees and then when they have gone we will take the trees and we will turn them into houses just an I don't know about this murder Bharti rover pacifist the word murder means. I felt this don't tablet shall not kill people mm-hmm nothing about murder murders like that thing that that they over there that are marching at us did to Jesus. If you recall oh bro they murder we bring to Christ that's the diff- and they will nail us all to trees and we will all be as one with Christ's. Welcome the crucifix in Forest Forrest. I am I am loving this plan. Guys let us fuck. Do this Justin you the best what what is with the swords guys. Where are your a hammer and nail is not what we were signed up for? No that's it. You'RE GONNA play the one track. Get outta here with that Shit. No not that one either. I'm I'm just real fucking coast. It's hey we're worrying. Rise in planes army stands alone along. Oh Yeah <hes> lucious on horseback ride slowly along the the front of the ranks surveying the troops lucious takes. I hope he has the exact dialogue from the beginning of of O- on my mark unleash hell read Lucius takes up position at the front of the amassed army. Lucius looks down at the plane before him and at the woods lucious draws his sword. We're only talking about the actions of one character and again he saying his name with every line lucious has a line draw Lucius and the Roman army surged forth down the rise and across the plane there is a great and spectacular spectacular thundering of horses as they go. This is again morning. We went back to evening and now it's morning again Miriam. It's late morning even so it's not even real morning exterior the woods late morning. We're finally on the same page here. There's a lot of direction you're fucking rather lucious leads his army as they gallop across the plane. The army enters the woods on horseback. They continue into the woods. lucious holds up his hand and the army thunders to a halt all is eerie and still light filters through the trees. The horse's snort. It's an important detail. Lucia swings around in his saddle looking in all directions throwing around and I think he's not on a horse. I think he's just a sex swing at a couple of guys are carrying just fucking fidget spinner on the back Christian stand suddenly Leeann Fire Arrows many soldiers are hit as they are ambushed by the Christians soldiers fall from their horses General Mayhem Lucius and his army dismount and a bloody ground battle ensues because is they give up their the advantage of being on horseback. Why would you do that? You wouldn't dismount like you never would ride through and shop everybody up. This is medieval battle. What a one give them a fighting chance? They're just dumb Christians. These horses have been marching for three street fucking gays data rest maximus from behind the three. They're they're they're Uber Horses. They gotta go pick up other fairs. We don't have horses dude own cool. No one told US THIS IS GONNA be a horse battle. You should've texted me. Bro Road Thrones never been so busy and a bloody ground a battle ensues Christians die soldiers die. I doubt that maximus plows into soldier's Sword Flying Juba drag soldiers from their horses and slaughters them. There is a long and terrifying ground battle. We've already assange. Juba is overpowered by three soldiers who bear down on him. Maxima sees this and throws his sword and kills a soldier before he can deliver the death blow. Juba stands Lucius appears years behind him and cuts Juba Throat Juba falls to the ground and dies with the fuck maximus runs for Lucius. Lucia sees maximus coming and mounts his horse Lucius charges off through. He mounts his horse to run away. I didn't know about this horse. The backwards way just like them all killed your boyfriend Maximus dismounts horse and charges after him. Maria sees this and mounts his horse. The trees whipped past. There's a lot of mounting going on in Juba is not even around for home and go as you please fight over the <music> clearing Lucia stallions stallion stumbles and Lucius thrown from his horse Maximus dismounts Lucius stands Lucius unsheathes his sword maximus Miss Sword drawn approaches Lucius they fight it is a long and bitter battle maximus wounds Lucius in the arm. Sir Lucius holds his arm and drops his sword and stares into maximus his face maximus raises his sword to deliver the death blow. Only at your hands maximus an Arrow flies through the air Erin sticks through Lucia says Nick Maximus turns to see Mario standing there with a bone his hand Lucia staggers his face full of surprise lucious Dis Mario. Let's go fall from ah he is covered in blood. Why all he has done is get on a horse chase after some guys and then shoot a guy in the neck from afar Nah? This motherfucker is a stone cold killer use other slashing shit hit Christian while you guys were having a battle. I was over here murdering thirty people your they were other Christians. Whatever remember that P._C._p.? You mentioned turned enough Mario's the beserk I would. I'd like to buy more weapons with these teeth. You certainly could use them since I took them from your face. Give me your Sard. I will put their back would be a better extent. You give me your sword. You will be able to eat meat. He's covered in blood. Marias looks about him at the butchered corpses of Christians and soldiers alike Marias looks up to the heavens clouds rumble across cross Maria's face is a mask of anguish and regrets. Oh Lord what have I done. What have we done not I've I've done Marias drops to his knees? Take no responsibility for what have we aw you what have we done. James runs into the clearing covered in blood pumped up from the fight. They are retreating. They will be back. Mario still kneeling looks at Maximus. maximus looks at Mary. With what do we do now. Maximus and Maria's continue to look at each other. Do we regroup and we fight James Turns and heads Ed's back into the Woods Maxim Arias remain in the clearing after a comma for some reason they look at one another all is still there is a crack cracking of undergrowth and a stag crashes into the clearing leering three arrows stick out of its neck one out of its side it moves unsteadily into the clearing it stretches back its neck and bellows mournfully lightning strikes it and bellows mournfully maximus watches the stag Max the stag watches maximum maximum watches the STAG maximus kneels down picks up some earth and rubs it into his hands because has you remember that from the first member close up of maximus his hands as he rubs dirt into them so he may be did watch like the first ten minutes of the movie before the battle. This is like middle the fucking battle dead bound like all right now get serious exterior battlefield Middle East Day. Who've maximus stands he is dressed in chain mail and covered in a white uniform uniform with a Red Cross on it? He holds a sword in his hand. He is surrounded by hundreds of Crusaders in similar attire. He looks up an Army of Muslims. The send their war cries his are ferocious they fight Herath a horrific battle. maximus remains untouched exterior the woods Rome laid morning the stag shot with arrows stumbles and drops to it's knees. He's exterior another battlefield Europe close up of maximus his hands as he rubs snow into them. Max maximus stands in the middle of another battle more modern in a field field of blood and death and snow exterior the woods Rome late morning. The stag falls onto its side it moans it's reading the script clearly exterior another battlefield Europe again next miss stands in the middle of another battlefield armored tanks bear down automatic weapons maximus fights soldiers fall around around him. Is he still wearing the crew. He's Syria the Yes. He's replacing God people. What was that Kelly you? Did you skype Kelly O.. Siri thought that we called her and she heard what was that at Kelly and she responds interesting question. Sean shut up bitch rails. We're losing early on it. Okay well. You know I think I think nick cave was like like crunchy. Only three pages less than this spring altogether put all oil and I've just set up that they're gonNA have another battle. Last battle took me like full sentences to describe. I don't know what I'm GONNA do off. Promise Tom Travel. I know this motherfucker is GonNa fall into a wormhole by wanted to see tanks. maximus versus tanks. This'll be cool eight a to maximus versus tanks gladiator win a fucking all Scott Gladiator coal and Black Tar heroin <music> Panzer dancer the Saigon Shuffle to cash drawer Black Hawk down the re the the continuing adventures of Maximus desma radius so I like that better than the script maximus stands in the middle of another battlefield. Did that exterior Rome late late morning. The stag dying is rolls. The stags dying is roles. I read the stags dying I rolls in its head just the one that's fine dining Mr macgonagall man moody. I am going to tell Kelly that you mixed up. I never read honestly I have not read a single book. I watched the movies like once who the fuck is Harry Potter Harry Potter. That sounds like a dude that I'd meet at James's farm another battle Vietnam Day. Hey maximus stands jungle carnage choppers flame throwers. He's getting less and less descriptive. He started with these wearing chain mail now and there's Muslims and he's got a Red Cross on his chest and everything and now it's just Joe carnage shoppers flame throwers learn moving on just words quick. You tell me five words that you associate with the Vietnam War go fuck a jungle cover flame. It's only a four fuck it gladiator exterior the woods Rome late morning close up of the STAG's mouth agape lowing horribly Oh. I don't know what a deer sounds Townsley. You're you're pretty close. Interior bathroom Pentagon Washington a Pentagon bathroom now close up maximus Roth's rubs a cake of soap between his hands under a steaming tap maximus looks up. He is in a clean sterile men's room. He washes his hands in a bassin. The Bassin is one of three in a row dome sink. Okay how come how come he spent more time describing a bathroom sink than all of the Vietnam War because this is he. It's one it's five five. Were you know what I have to Sabe the ending. Don't walk and then there's a knock on the door. Please hurry up in the bathroom. Mr President cut to Maximus maximus doing coke writing this script county here moments ago. He wakes up. It's all a dream. McKay's couch wishes this girl on his bed with go away as he does so he stares into the mirror above the basin. maximus looks at himself for a long time. He's been waiting for a mere auditor Rob Rob. He's been waiting for years to be invented so he could stare at somebody without. Without having to Paul we're truly in the glorious time when you can stare itself just as much as you said you could never be gleaned never used of so many things to choose from one to maybe up to three. Oh no drinking out of any of the audited explode out of a Christian. It was a hipster this time what the fuck he looks at himself for a long time he stares deep into his reflected is he is dressed in a crisp black suit and wears a tie. He continues to look at himself. He turns off the TAP. He dries his hands on a towel. He looks back into the Mirror More D._I._Y.. Is Standing Behind AH mortally his is. We're like around who was Mordechai bringing around just dove you set it already. Yes maximus until eternity itself had said its prayers. maximus adjusts his tie. He moves out of the bathroom leaving Mordechai behind and Paula's. You're here to give me another T.. Okay Hallway not interior not anything any other context. Thanks just hallway road to Rome hallway script his train me to wonder. Where are we only outside hallway? It's train me to ask what do you want. What do you want from me script or not? Using somebody roles maximus walks down a hallway under neon lights neon lights in a hall sixty hall one key passes a secretary who carries an armful of documents he opens I want to cut back to the zere and then cut back and then come back to Maximus in like starship troopers yeah an X. Wing Wing Interior Room in Pentagon Washington maximus enters room. There is a large circular table ten men men in suits sit around the table. I hope one of them's Dr Strangelove. They each have a laptop open in front of them. There is a bank of screens along one wall Al- maximus sits down at the table in a black high back leather chair. Excuse me jigs woman maximus looks at his laptop then looks at the other ten men male. Where were we the end? My feelings are hurt holy man so he never resolved anything with the sun never touched on the gods sheet again I call that only really brought Paul us back to make him an even more questionable character with one line of dialogue and then a skedaddle every death was as anticlimactic as any death could be like I remember movie. I don't remember what it was but there was some like indie movie where someone died because they were running into the house and they ran through a sliding glass door and it like cut their jugular and they just died guide. That is a better death in every death. God Damn it Jeff Looks Shell. My brain doesn't know you look like they just hit you right. Between the eyes of the Rubber Mallet I no longer jeff from nothing to everything yeah three pages the last three pages would have made for a better movie than and one hundred and eight pages last three pages also make zero sense in disregarding the time travel. This is supposed to be a real dramatic finish now. We're we're. We who is Z.. Writes this this. We're supposed to really get who this fucking guy is because he has a neon hallway. Is he a general is he. The president are we to believe that he lives eternal eternal like all flashes. They weren't just flashes. They were like he lived through all did he lived through all of it or was he being carried from one battling channel by Mordechai Mordechai or paul-louis. Are we to believe that God. I don't remember a festus yeah. Festus is he just chest bursting. They should have ended with not an x wing. Not starship troopers all him on the Nautilus bursting out of that Dude's chess sigourney weaver's like we never he never found his wife. His son didn't know who he was yeah. No there is no wrap up to anything no thing in the entire battle combat all. I don't even think the battle got rose. No did she killed. They're coming back and then he they're coming back but I really gotta get to these Crusades one month. Yuck I guess is that the funny spirit stag would like showed up before the battle like looking at the bell come out with three fucking got. This is like they're retreating man. What do we do? We're going to stay and fight except I heard there's a war with fucking flame throwers so I'm GonNa go there. Good luck. y'All you boys ever been to Phnom feel like they could could've just made this script make sense by changing the titles name from gladiator two time gladiator. I'm yeah I'm gladiator. Doesn't that sound like an awesome movie Guy Skies everybody everybody. I want you to delete that to listeners. Please go and subscribe. We're on every single platform. You could possibly find us on. We'll we'll be there go look. Were there. Subscribe download everything like us on any platform. You want visit us at table rates. We're going to go fucking write a movie right now. That's actually a great idea. Let's do before time later yeah. I know you like the most prepared guy in podcast. Did you just send us part one of the scratch he already prepped it. This is I did recent. Oh Oh I do WANNA. I WANNA give a shout out to another podcast. Actually you know at the at the first episode of a script we like to do a little bit of back story about how it came about there was another podcast called script archaeology and they we do entire episodes that are mostly delving into how these scripts came about. They also just describe what happens throughout the scripts. They don't break them out over several episodes like we do. They've done several episodes episodes on scripts that we've read here like asylum. Batman versus Superman beetlejuice goes Hawaiian. I believe is one they've done in the past. They did preacher which is how we found them because they saw our preacher episodes and we're like hey. I didn't episode about preacher to and now we're friends. I didn't know we were we have pod friends pod friends episode everybody everybody go to <hes> screenplay Archaeology Dot pod bean dot com. That's I believe their main site subscribes then listen to them there. There are a lot of fun. Some of their episodes are real long. <hes> and they've been kind enough to share some scripts with us that I hadn't even heard of that. I am very excited to get you guys in the room to read three. Oh we could we could wish I fucking anyway. Real quick plugs generally your site Joshua J. Baker Dot Com. If you like voice over stuff <hes> that was real quick also us. We're on iheartradio now. That's exciting. We're everywhere yeah. Literally anywhere that has podcasts were there you can even with a little bit of finagling. Tell Your Alexa Alexa device to play our podcast built skills yeah yeah there's there's a skill for podcasts on there and you can tell it to play table reads and it'll try to play a different podcast and you say no not that one and it will try to play the Dow and you say no not that one and then it'll wreck in then it'll say. Do you want to listen to our podcast like all the crappy context. I still have my phone. This is gonNA get so creative every time I'm going to get the podcast never so yeah go. Go subscribe please because we don't make money off of this. We just subsist on your love <music> and we're starving to we need love because we don't have it. Love me goodbye. Everybody tune in next week and we're going to have another script. I don't know what it is. We we don't know we haven't decided yet time gladiator.

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