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"marius towers" Discussed on No Huddle

"When kam chancellor came down and hate the marius towers a changed the whole game and so when you can intimidate the biggest bad as guy the you have on your team benicon it it is shocks the whole team there's a shock value to it in jacksonville did that they just didn't played aggressive enough in the second half i mean you you mentioned something i that everyone try to do in the team at i think did it best was last year when seattle when on the road to play against new england and we had all the big guys on defense healthy dead from richard sherman kam chancellor earl thomas and they hailed rogge rakowski to what may be under seventy yards assault don't you think it's more of teams have to be prepared to play for sixty two and a half sixty five minutes as opposed to just sixty minutes because this cliche conversation all tomba hit him hard play for sixty minutes the got to play every play like it's alas we'll we'll put for some reason they have an extra year yet and they know the it's going to come down to the it they prepare ford outplay for josh mcdaniel's is situational football is everything that i am so they understand the importance of getting points right before the but before that happened in china get the ball and and score again to try to get a fourteen point swing it's the little things that they do better than you that's why they beach you they don't have better players they just they're very disciplines out and and they know how to execute their game plan and so you do have to play sixty two minutes you have to be prepared to do that and you saw it with jacksonville jackson noting do that jacksonville should have won that game but they didn't come out in the second half ready to play and wingman did.

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