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"marissa mon roi" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Lake Travis, Leander, Maynor, Pflueger, Ville, Round Rock and Taylor. District on a two hour delay include bass Drop Dripping Springs, Lockhart, Luling and Wimberly. Snowy conditions have left thousands of people without power. Marissa Mon Roi with Austin Energy tells CBS Austin Snow accumulation weighed down branches on the power line by midweek last week that we might be facing a situation so we made sure we had extra crews ready and on hand about 37,000. People did have to deal with how outages at last report, which came in around midnight, Austin Energy says it was still trying to get the power back on for about 4000. Customers and crews have been working through the night. Get that done. Also in the news, the wintry weather is the reason the city of Austin says it's online coronavirus. Dashboard has not been updated over the past day. The most recent number of hospitalizations reported by the county's 586 of the overall 55,870 cases found over the past 10 months 6044 active 49,257 or recoveries. Central Texas bars have been ordered shut down, and restaurants have been ordered to operate at half capacity that took effect this weekend. After at least 15% of Central Texas hospital beds were made up of covert patients for seven straight days. Austin's mayor Steve Adler, says You can still help out local businesses by shopping online or working with curbside delivery. Please try to support our local businesses, much as she can. If there's an opportunity that tip, please over tip Because those folks needed the same. Local health officials say this rollback is a concerning reminder that Austin Travis County is in a deadly covert surge. John Cooley News Radio K. L. B. J And so the Austin Convention Center is.

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