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"marissa mayer melissa" Discussed on Neurodivergent

"Potatoes would be sometimes. Don't Pan out. Grew messages me. I we had bipolar my thing. She's borderline. I was not up on a anyways. So we go meet at the pub and then we're chatting and stuff and there's not really any sparks flying whatnot but in the chatting that she's a feminist and she has an identical twin and they have. This is cool feminist thing where on the radio and the TV in the tumbler was a mass of things. Still this is twenty fourteen. Two Thousand Fifteen I think. I don't think Yahoo who had bought it yet and fucked it up Pre Pre Marissa Mayer. Melissa Mayer whoever the woman is who lost yahoo a billion dollars overnight. She invites me to go. Hang out at a counter protests. They're doing tomorrow. It was So you know those guys with the dead baby posters assholes who stand outside outside abortion clinics with dead baby posters. And it's like it's like a stillborn baby and like two months old fetus. Well a whole pack of of those guys was heading up to Downtown to have a massive protests and she and her gang we're going to counter protests them and I'm like yeah sounds awesome man. I'll go in so I'm taking pictures and stuff and I told the feminists not to To Act like I wasn't with them at first so that the stupid Christian some people wouldn't clock me as one of them So I got to walk around them and take all sorts of pictures of them and then eventually they figured it out and then I was like over over on the counter protests side. I get home and I post some pictures now again. Tumbler was still thing to Lavon me. Had a tumbler posted some pictures. Some interesting pictures from cool pictures. Its editor that night. I get a frantic message on Tumbler. I like I don't know how to describe the frantic mckiness. The person was it was like the person was trying to channel a panic attack into words in very deliberate way which totally seemed. I'd like that's exactly what they were doing. And there's like a picture because this guy again pitcher and he's got a guy that's a racist it's an I of course am me so I'm like Oh my God just tell me what picture told me who the guy is if you want me to take it down take it down. I don't want to. I want 'cause you need psychological ecological trauma And it turns out. I wasn't fast enough. 'cause I got that message now is at work and I couldn't take the post down until I got home by that time. It had been re tweeted by that feminist girl who asked me out and her tumbler thing like I had no followers and she had like thousands and thousands and hundreds and whatnot. 'cause she's you know massive feminist lady She Re tweeted at a retreat. She re blocked it and it started going all over the place and so the guy keeps keeps messaging me and I'm like dude. I have no control over this. You have to talk to her because she got to change it on her re blog like whatever I do is is not going to help because my host isn't the one anyone's re blogging so the person keeps freaking out keeps freaking out and then all the feminist people didn't like me anymore and whenever they protests they be horribly mean in Shit and get my face and they all were you know online jerks ooh do but that was the whole thing. That was kind of my introduction to esther ws and yeah that was the start of many things so after that I was kind. I'm not feeling like I wanted to call myself a feminist because I had always thought that feminists like feminist just means that you believe in equality like you think inc guy girl will everybody everybody equal right. No one should start life at a handicap. Everyone should start life with the exact same the freedoms and opportunities in the ideal Utopian world. That's what I thought. Feminism was and then I found out feminism is turfs chiefs hating Trans People. It is insane people Like a bunch of people in that group by the way I hung out with them a little bit and the fallen I should always. I know this now but like they all were super mega communist they would hang out and have meetings in the basement of weird little pubs that felt communisty. It was very put on. It's very theatrical. There was a group will probably is a group in Ottawa. Still call the revolutionary INARI feminist front which. I love that group because they in chipper. Watch life of Brian Monty python the scene when they're all on the steps the Coliseum or whatever and they're talking about being the the New People Revolutionary People's front and knows the popular pepper popular people's Revolutionary Very Front That was what they were like. Just hanging over the step so call him Painting things red and putting some sickles on them and they would literally literally it's a club they're literally before protests have Little events where they would make things where they would so communist meanest patches on the bags and make really incredibly Shitty Like student selling Shit on Oetzi should he communist stuff and they'd have like t-shirt Parties where they make T. shirts assign parties and they go protest and it's totally. It's acting it's yeah I don't know what it is. I don't know what the bucket is. But there's those people all the people that I that hold the values that I used used to think. Feminism was like everyone.

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