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"marion marion marshall" Discussed on DeaconLive

"Financial aid assistant therefore you need to attend in order to receive assistance making a critical decision that will arise in the next few months Marion's future. It's too important not to attend so the interview will take place Saturday. I gotta get this too because this is. I don't have any my kids. I don't have a kid named Mary it with my last name. Now I know what you're thinking. Are you sure you don't have a kid with with your last name out there Deacon No. I I don't because I'm GONNA show you this video and by the way this I need to get this back to before September twenty first so me so today's the thirteenth job and talking talking about twenty minutes so we've got to get the someone I I'll call this number. Actually I'll call the number here in a minute and see what happens so I look. I looked it up. I looked up Marion Marion Marshall area to see what who he is and what he is. He's a frigging high school football star and it's awesome because I came across Max preps and if you don't want Max Max preps is it's great because it allows high school kids to create their own highlight reels which is really cool. I worked with this guy many years ago. and his son was playing baseball and doing all this stuff so we had he put these videos up for his son in order for like scouts and stuff to see him now. If you're watching us us on the under the tent video subscribe to us on Youtube and you could see this. I'll post some facebook page you for all you guys other too lazy to Click. I like him. It's really cool and this is really really cool. Watch watch the video. Here can vote a bear. I- Kimbler bigger are going to be awesome so here we go. I don't know if there's any sound or anything Daria see how the Arrow pointed right to marian he catches the ball runs down. He's running running running players do they're all his team is the team in the black jerseys so then they reset. Look there you go L. Big Fire Ring around them showing them what player look for he's number two and he plays for four who's he played for four hill out here in martial hearing. There's another Arrow shown onum exactly so you know who you're looking for and that's and that's a great defensive play so that's Max preps Dot Com and X. P. R. E. P. S. Dot Com Com and you can upload your your kids. I I'm not sure that the technicalities of it but I mean for the most part you know that's what the Internet does for this for these kids hits. He's high school kids. They can make their own highlight reels and then scouts. They'll have to literally think of how many high schools are in the area just in your town just in your state just in your region region. How many how many scouts can they get out there so I have to be a scout and just sit in front of computer and look through all these highlight reels and that shows you the stats and stuff so that's kind of cool so I need to get this. I need to call Marian. I'll do it at the end of the program. I'll call this number and let them know that Marian with my last name does not live in my house and when I say you know I was saying that. Are you sure he's not your son. There Deacon I we are two different nationalities. Put it that way now something else that some people aren't sure of have you ever gone to Google Earth and like looked around. I've never been to the pyramids but I wanna see the area that the pyramids are in and when you look at it you know you always see the pictures of of the Pyramids and it looks like you had to travel days to get there now. There's like a KFC Taco Bell Pizza. Hut within miles of of the Pyramids. It's the same thing with the Alamo. Have you ever seen the Alamo or into the Alamo. Have you been in the basement of the Alamo. It's Joe Anyway but the Alamo literally is nestled between Ripley's believe it or not and like a starbucks and when you when they take the picture of the Alamo they literally frame those people people out those companies on the side out and it looks like it's in this west vast vast desert land but it literally isn't like downtown of San Antonio which is is really really weird but I mean it's all original it's real small area but yeah optical illusion well here on Google Earth somebody in the south Florida was looking at their property now of course many years ago Google Earth it and really start taking pictures until two thousand seven and then uploading. Am and no one really knew that it was that prominent there were still working on the software. They were still working on getting ready for this. Are you ready for this story now. This takes place is in Lantana Florida now. Lantana is just outside of Hollywood Florida which is a couple of miles from Fort Lauderdale couple about maybe thirty forty forty minutes from Fort Lauderdale and about an hour and a half from from Miami. This is how the article reads after several drinks at a local nightclub. William Earl moult called go front about nine thirty and said he would be home soon. Malt forty years old mortgage broker rarely drank but he decided to go out that that night on November nine hundred ninety seven he kept mostly to himself in the club and then left alone in a nineteen ninety four white saddened so ninety seven ninety before he's still making payments on this thing a Saturn. Sla I don't know what that is and he left around. Eleven o'clock called girl nine thirty left the the nightclub at around eleven o'clock the missing report said from from the people that they witnessed and stuff. He did not appear to be drunk. Okay so here we got. He did not make it out did did not make it home that night and was considered missing for twenty two years. Nobody knew the whereabouts of the quiet sandy hair man known as bill still remain unknown then someone looked closely at Google Earth satellite photo now in the photo in Wellington Florida which is about twenty twenty miles from what were they said he was there was a car that was sitting in a pond and it was all well the outside outside the outline of a car and the person that found it was actually living in the house just behind the pond and couldn't really see the car from the ground or anything like that so ask their actual friend who had a drone to fly the drone up to see if this car was still sitting in in the pawn sure enough. I mean this is accurate like like like in real time two thousand nineteen. The lady asked the neighbor flies drone up there and sure enough. The car was still sitting in the pond. I guess us just deep enough and just out of sight that no one could see it finally they. They went out there. On August twenty eighth found on the car pulled it out his body was inside of it twenty two years later found this man bought found this man's body bill molt and still have no reason of why he ended up in this poll. Now I know you guys are like on who that's an episode of whatever whatever podcast and I'm listening to well. I'm going to take that right out of their hands other than the background of why he was driving and worry ended up if you're watching us on under the ten. I kind of met this out for everyone so everyone can see exactly what's going on. Can everyone see we got a good chair upfront. Here we go so I figure bigger and Lantana He. Let's say he was on the intercoastal and the only real club that I can find with with you know that might have been around in the last thirty years. Was this place called the old key lime house. It's been known. Have you know some popular people in there and and it's not really it's not really a dive bar but it's it's close is to a dive bar so this is really on the coastal of Florida Inland Hannah now. If you watch he would have left now for those of us. It professionals wink wink. You know what I'm talking about. We want the straightest path home as possible especially if you've had a couple of cocktails now I I don't know where he actually lived whereas in point was but but this is the path that I think he took so he must have come out just a write in the left off a one a US one and gone all down eight twelve. I don't know the excellent. Let's see if they give you name. What eight twelve as Lantana Road Yep very popular own a Lotta AH lot of traffic on that road but enough to where it's light. You're not cruising fifty miles an hour at any given like you know your drive thirty miles an hour and then you know for a couple of blocks in the east stop when you drive thirty miles so you could handle it as long as you're paying attention. What are they called. buzzed drunk as drunk driving whatever the commercialist so he must've gone all the way down on Lantana and taking a right on four forty one or forty one probably drove the same thing. It's one of those roads where you drive have a couple a couple of blocks and there's a stop light and a couple of blocks on the stop light then he took a left on eight. Oh two so we've taken a along left for thirteen miles a ripe for a mile or two and then left into a residential area now for my understanding through the article. If you're watching the video here he turns into this neighborhood hood which wasn't technically built yet. There was construction going on but the neighborhood itself was not built yet now this video that that you're seeing right here on my screen. I say the video. The Google maps that you're seeing on my screen is live as of today and I'm going to zoom in you could see all these beautiful houses all the way around and you know these houses and South Florida the if there's any water anywhere they'll build up the land and stuff around and put houses on it so if you look he takes a right on this road called Aisles Way South now of course he's houses weren't there and if you look he takes a right here a lake aisles. Dr Now again. These houses were all under construction so this was a kind of a construction zone. Are you looking at wash the video. Are you watching the under the ten here and zoom in you can see where I'm going and this is to have a date. They normally have date on these photos yeah this is imagery of two thousand nineteen so if you scroll scroll in and I'm scrolling in and unscrewing in and please tell me what do you see right there right there. That is his car in this pawn just out of sight just out of reach of anyone that would know he would he was ever there now. Here's the thing thing so if you look if we scroll back just a little bit more zoom out a little bit you can see this was a road that probably wasn't finished any probably drove right right boom right into this place now. Here's the thing I don't know where he lived. I don't know why would be in this area or what he was doing but it's scary that looking at this photo of this pond and there's a in there and that guy's been sitting there for twenty two years twenty two years he's been sitting in this pond and look. I mean look at the development around this area. I mean I can't even count. There must be two hundred and some odd houses around here and nobody saw this car even doing construction. Nobody saw this car. You're sitting in this pond and that's where they found the remains of Bill Mope. After twenty two years kinda crazy it's spooky. It really really is when we come back and talk about other things that could get spooky. If they continue going the way they are delivering on radio. I'll be right back and and now it's time for lessons learned with Christ shake. We interrupt this program to bring you a news bulletin somehow in house. There's no crystals up here and it's crazy..

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