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The Fashion of the 90s, With Colleen Hill

Dressed: The History of Fashion

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The Fashion of the 90s, With Colleen Hill

"We are so close to be joined to discuss all of the above with our friend and one of my mentors actually from grad school colleen hill colleen is a curator of costume and accessories at the museum. Fit and her book fashioned in the nineties is the exhibition catalogue for forthcoming exhibition of the same name at the museum at fit calling. We are so thrilled to welcome you to the show today. Welcome to trust colleen. Welcome to journalists. This is very much overdue. Some of our fashion historian. Listeners will probably know that you and i r- very dear friends but we've been trying to get you on forever and ever so. I'm so excited to talk to you today about your new project. Thank you. i'm really happy to be here. Yeah so some time ago you shared with me. I was like what. What are you working on now. And you said that your new project on fashion and the ninety s. And i was like ooh like hell ambitious and the reason i say this is ninety s. Fashion is very tricky period of time to tackle. It's not all that long ago. It's not like it's forgotten. And you and i were actually both teenagers in the ninety s. I think a little bit older than you. So i was early nineties. You're kind of late ninety s but we lived these close firsthand so it's not like we don't know anything about them and that's really interesting in and of itself because it's a bit of a rarity oftentimes that s fashion stories. We're working on periods where we actually wore those fashions. So the reason i'm saying it's tricky is because the nineties. The styles in fashion is exceedingly resistant to categorization. Would you agree with that. Oh yes that was one of the biggest houses with project. And you have this wonderful quote early on in the book and you're quoting a fashion journalist. Marion hume who wrote in harper's bazaar and the december nineteen ninety nine issue. You know like we're right on the edge of like going to the next millennium. And she said quote. We have lurched from modern to retro from glitz glamour from puritan pretty from military to minimal. Only to max. Out at the finale with an opulent flourish of beating and a rash of irony.

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