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"mario olive arrows" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"I'm a little surprised that more people didn't want to call in and engage Scott. He's a really great guy. Easy to talk to, and I know that many of you are not fans of the Boston Globe, but you missed an opportunity there, folks. We're going to move on to a very serious subject and one that is also I think very timely. And that is the work of being a police officer. The dangers inherent to this job. We have been talking for the last couple of nights about the controversy done and Hingham. The thin blue line flag? Sure, Elif, you know that, but There are there are police officers who not only die in the line of duty protecting us in serving their communities. Ah, they're also police officers who suffer Terrible injuries just on and sometimes the most routine of calls. We joined tonight by two retired police officers. Bob DiNapoli and Mario Olivera. Gentleman. Welcome to night side, both of you. How are you tonight? Thanks, man. Thanks for inviting us. Yeah, you You both suffered a career ending injuries at the hands of criminals. And what I'd like to do is just briefly touched upon what happened to each of you. And then I'd like you to kind of expand on the circumstances of Of that time. Everything goes bad, very quickly. My understanding is that you wanna shift sometimes at the end of the shift and all of a sudden Your world implodes in Mario Olive Arrows case he had been with the sum of the police department for 17 years. Little over 10 years ago. He's working on some Drug and firearms investigations on DH. He's working conjunction with F officers and He and an FF partner. Special agent Brian Higgins tried to arrest a guy whose name was Matthew Krister. His name is not important. He is dead. Thankfully, when you try to arrest him Detective Oliveira. It all went bad very quickly. Can you explain to us what went down? Certainly So the demand that you just mentioned She was buying firearms in New Hampshire. Obliterating the serial numbers on driving them down to Boston and someone to gang members for a profit. When I brought him into the station, he confessed to his crimes. And and trying to be a good guy. I gave him an opportunity of a lifetime. 21 years old. I didn't want to screw up his life. The effort of life Well, I offered him not a deal. Captain, if you would work with the police and cooperate as an informant. Try to help law enforcement and my team to get into the gangs in Boston to dismantle that, Um, he initially agreed to cooperate. We had a deal to meet the next day the following day to do what we call a reverse operation. Um and ah, he never showed up. Even a gun on his part of the deal. Subsequently I had I am obtained federal arrest wants And a little less cinema. Later. My partner and I Special agent Higgins went to his house. Both under arrest. He came out of the house. Made it to his car. I opened the car dealer. Don't buy a shirt. Give him a man. At gunpoint, Tio I didn't see a gun on him at the time. Um, as we were struggling to try to get him out. He was young. That means at top of the lung to shoot, then shoot me and shoot me F and shoot me if you want a guide like no suicide by police suicide by cop we've heard of that one before. Yeah. And you know, having a being dark and I didn't see a gun. I It is not like any cop could see you Now even you're putting into putting the situation General running Ni No, not sure disguise. I'm not right at that second. One of my sergeants called out my name for whatever reason, and I took my eyes off the car, all the roof of the car and I looked back down. Wallace office flashes shot six times at point blank range. This. This was on November 2nd, 2010 returned to duty. Okay. You suffered some horrific injuries, which You can identify them or not, but that they were horrific injuries. It took you a long time You returned to duty. And as a consequence of that you then suffered a major heart attack and you officially retired in June 2015. And then you suffered a major stroke is that is that the sequence? Is that correct? Yes, that's correct. Okay. Um, And this you had this guy's life in his hands. He's begging to die. And he tried to take your life. Um Okay, let me let me switch to Bob to Napoli and your story. Is this similar Justus? Justus? Horrific. You have You were badly wounded, responding to a robbery at a jewelry store, Um, days, five days before 9 11 Yeah, that would have been if I'm guessing correctly. Thursday night. Yeah. And you were a 17 year veteran at the time. I want you and you just responding to the way you was it close to end a shift or, or was it the middle of a shift? Remember, it was close to that It was actually two hours into starting shit. So, uh, so about 9 a.m. So 9 a.m. in the morning in the morning, Okay? Yeah, not not that pretty soon. You're probably thinking about in a cup of coffee or something. But right. Exactly. That's exactly what I did. And when government cup of coffee than I was Put on a post to Ah, traffic through for a funeral, and that's when I got the call. So you get the call. You respond to the call When you get there. You see two subjects to two guys, young guys, I assume you know how old they were. Yeah, but they're they're circling. This circling what? What are they doing that caused you to assist us to suspect them? What? I got the information as I was getting there. Wass, you know the two males that we're going down the back stairs of this two story strip mall. So as I'm pulling it, I'm like, Wow, I'm right here because I'm getting dispatch thinking, you know, I'm right there. They were already down on the ground and they were standing. Next to a vehicle later to be called a silver Mercedes. It was standing on the other side as I was pulling into the parking lot. And so when I saw them, you know, I called off and I saw that you are going to keep going. Or do you wanna know? Wanted? Yeah, I'll go past the brake a little bit. Well, go right ahead. Okay, so As I was when I called them and I saw them and I was getting out of my police cruiser, Pull my gun and hold them because they fit the description all ahead. That's all I had was, you know a very simple description of two males. So I was gonna get out my gun and I knew back up with coming in which is going to stop him there until I had help, and then they split up. They split up..

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