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"marijan stein" Discussed on Science Friction

"All of a sudden, it turned out that Millais was really very interesting person that she was trained as a scientist that she and Einstein had a passionate relationship that even had a daughter before they were married. No one knows what happened to this child. And so people became very interested in Malaysia. So people started to DU and to read between the lines of Elbert Malaya's early love letters to each other fifty four of which had survived mostly from L, but sadly, very few remind from alive, and in those letters they were many references to work that was unsigned described as our work and work. We're doing together prior to those letters virtually nothing was known about relationship between labor ninety nine not during this juniors. Those no knowledge of the relationship that developed between them family started together. The letters don't reveal anything. About millennials contribution Ellen ESTES. In is. Todd physics lecturer in London and his cO through a new book just out through MIT press. Contesting climbs about Malaya's scientific legacy and readings worldwide really revealing is the degree that the young Stein investigate and on his own someone furthest reaches a physics of that time, and he certainly read books with me on this. There's no information about how much I have made any contribution. So anything in those times is share guess what you could describe this story as a nearly twenty year obsession for Ellen which he's poured into his new book on stan's wok, the real story of Malaysia on marriage co authored with American historian of science, David Cassidy and Ruth Lou. And saw I'm contributes chapter two on women in science. What happened was that kind of myth grew that Malaysia had in fact, contributed substantially? Weinstein's work in particular, his very famous for papers in nineteen o five his miracle year, and that she was unrecognised for the work that she had done about this is where the controversy laws rot, and I'll come back to the latest but ninety nine hundred five really was ice stupendous year. Ovitz NS miraculous has some coal it. That was the that. Then twenty six year old heightened clock introduced the world to and white for it. They warriors. The corner theory of lush, that's the understanding that lied exist in discrete packets or Quanta of energy on a heuristic viewpoint serving the production and transformation of light in March that year came he's evidence for the existence of atoms. The motion of small particles spended in a stationary liquid. Wyatt by the molecular kinetic theory of he in may on Stein's special theory of relativity landed on the alert. And in September nine hundred five that finest formula a in say squared does the nurse of body. Depend on energy. Yes. It was an almighty year old rush with full pipers that pretty much changed now understanding of the physical world and the course of history to top it off Elba was awarded. He's that year too. But we kind of getting ahead of ourselves because this is in fact, non years into Elbert and Malaya's relationship in two years into their marriage. So let's head back a bit earlier. Rob Miller Millan TV. The call me rather for short easier. Redman made a series of stunning climbs about Malaysia and Elbert in her twenty fifteen book malivert Marijan Stein live with Elbit on Stein. She's a professor emeritus in history in New York. And as a former minister in the Serbian government, she's committed to celebrating soobee and he street and daintily I was worn on October twenty seven nineteen thirty one. I'm eighty seven years old now so. So read Mila was seventeen when Malaysia died in nineteen forty eight and like Malaysia she was born and raised in Serbia where today read military's me Malaysia is celebrated as a kind of folk hero with monuments and straits bearing her name, but I was not very happy there. I was a student when the communists came to power. The situation was not that pleasant. There was not enough freedom. So I was looking for way to get out. Lac red Mila Malaysia got out of Serbia to when her father moved for his job in eighty ninety two with his encouragement she enrolled at a boys hostel in Croatia as a private student. So she could study Mets physics such was her enthusiasm. I mean that was a mighty courageous act for a young woman than you can imagine eventually it was off to university. And again, the options for girls than was some limited in those days. Switzerland was the unlike German speaking country accepting women at the university level, so Malaysia moved to Zurich to enroll at the Swiss federal polytechnic in eighteen ninety six then only the fifth woman in its forty history to be admitted into Metson physics classes, according to Milla.

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