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"mariel kirk" Discussed on The Complete Guide to Everything

"We're talking about supermario this week yes because guess what he's just release his latest game super mario odyssey yes a maryoto yeah let's get that out of the way yeah that gives owl one letters about this i say maryoto i used to say marietto yeah then i went to college tom to get more knowledge you apparently went to jupiter to get more stupid her by went to college and everybody relentlessly meat when i was like let's buy mariel kirk 'cause that was like what we did freshman year anniversary floors thing floor six weinstein tall shout out um but uh erodes like who you mean mario yeah and so i just started saying mario to fit in and that's why i have so many friends uh i did not care about fitting in in college yeah it's were dam sure while i mean i'm barely in touch with anyone from college uh but you were a troll in college rachel point communities roll puts him don't say that political climate both that of fun at all i said was that you kiss your wife all the time yellow y you uh i easier me get troll uh and also like maybe you should have been nicer to me into it'll be look no european dramatic about choke it on that rubber band liz you this on you you you created as climate you did this year self sorry thom you didn't actually do that no i mean i was relentlessly teased about other words that i say with a long island accent liquid water.

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