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"marie maclellan" Discussed on Local Mouthful

"Hi Marie maclellan author Food Jars an Amtrak managing editor of edible Philly. Welcome come to local mouthful will talk about living the food life in Philadelphia and beyond this week. We're talking about cabbage Pantai. Manning Food for new parents and Valentine's Day eats but first let's compare notes on something. We read this week so joy. Apparently consumers do not care what scientists think about food. Yeah a little surprised by that. I'm not sure how people are making their decisions about food This particular story from. NPR really focused a lot on GMO's yeah And they found that what Definitely a majority of people don't really care about close who's at all Only a very small percentage of people think that they're necessarily healthier People don't know what scientists the consensus among scientists fantasy is nor do they care yeah essentially so. GMO's dramatic genetically modified Organiz organisms sorry. All right lost the word there for a second are essentially when scientists tweak the the genetic makeup of food and they they have claimed for years or claimed his fraught word but said for years that doesn't impact the nutrition doesn't make the food any less safe but Americans still think that it's a problem and so it doesn't matter to the people who were sort of survey for this story this research whether or not it's it's true or not? They don't believe it to be so disregard scientists. The one thing that I wish would have been asked in the survey of reported on here is what people think of GMO. Labeling Oh oh yeah. I think that the jury is out on whether there are any negative health consequences of GMO foods. But what is I think. Clear is that people want them to be labeled. Yeah absolutely. That seems totally totally reasonable choice. And just because there is no evidence or limited evidence at the moment that they are not safe. I'm not ready to embrace them as being necessarily safe. It's my opinion that the jury is still out on that. Yeah absolutely one. The thing I thought was really interesting about this too was that they said that. It doesn't follow political divides you normally. I feel like in my head. I thought of sort of being being anti GMO as a more liberal issue and so the inclination would be to assume that then more Democrats would be opposed to GMO food and be pro Jima labeling willing than Republicans but according to the story doesn't break out that way right it seems to be roughly equal among camps political camps. Yeah but it was just. It was an interesting story and then like the third point in the article Was essentially that there aren't clearly defined groups of people who feel one way another about food that it's sort of a It's an ever changing kind of playing field. Which is interesting? Yeah Yeah. It's definitely an evolving topic I'll be interested to see where we come out on this down the line In many other parts of the world old. GMO Foods are labeled. Yeah at in Europe. There's a deep distrust and then of course there's all the issues of like around. GMO foods and seeds. Should someone be able to own a seed. Should you have to you. Know what about seed saving. What about You know when crops were planted in the field next to each other. I think there's a lot of issues beyond health that inform some people I mean my opinion about GMO foods yet I think we'll all learn more about as time goes on. We'll we'll definitely post the link to this story in our show notes We WanNa know what you think about what other people think and also what you think at you know I. I think what it really takes us to more as the issue of food eating thing we have to do to. Survival has the thing we have to do. Survive has so much sort of inherent sort of conflict and difficulty and you know buying groceries has become such a political issue and so I understand people who just kind of threw their hands up and say I can't deal with it. I just need to eat dinner right and then I understand people who for them. It's one of the biggest political issues out there and it's just hard. There's also the frustrating reality that there's a lot that is unknown reality. There's just I mean scientists amazing but scientists and have all the answers and it's sometimes hard to be patient and just watch something unfold and for my own and you know what I'm going to eat I would rather avoid. GMO's for the moment comment. Yeah because I don't know well and also you know you and I both by organic food as much as possible and typically organic food is not going to be. GMO Food because it's not you know that's just not kind of how the industry shakes out so it is a little bit easier to avoid. GMO's if you're concerned about them if you're buying organic right so right it's interesting true Should we talk about what's for dinner are non. GMO dinner making so there. I recently came across this recipe for Cabbage Pad Thai and as longtime listeners of the podcast will know joy and I are big cabbage fans and what I love about this recipe is is that I have long been someone who uses shredded cabbage and sort of a neutrally place. where in soup of it there And I guess this is really the only but I I do it. A lot will often sort of cut cabbage intentionally in long strands so that I can put it in soup and have it feel like replacement and I discovered this recipe. Thanks to the website Alexander Alexander's Kitchen. She is food writer. She contributes a lot to food fifty two she Several years ago many years ago now published a recipe for this No need very easy peasant bread. That has become one of my favorite things for like. If I'm I'm having people over and I wanNA make some bread and it's you know about two hours until dinner you can make this bread From start to finish in that time it's delicious and it's easy Can I rewind a second when you say she contributes to food fifty two. She just gives them her recipes for free. I think she is a a free. She writes for okay. She's not just a like a community member she produces is she takes really beautiful photographs. She's I think I don't think she's a columnist. I don't know what she is but she's I'm assuming she's getting paid for her contributions when I visit. Is it that side I always ask myself. Where did this content come from? And who is benefiting from I have A. I have Some frustrations with fifty two as because I had some in did I contributed to the site as a paid per Contributor for a brief period of time several years ago and had some frustrations but anyway anyway all right I. I just wanted to know what I was getting with this recipe. But so Alexandra's blog is beautiful. She takes beautiful photography and funny thing she used to be A sous chef at Fork a million years ago right and so Several chefs back. But I really like your sensibility. But she's so she's a former chef now. The mother of four her first cookbook is coming out in the spring. And so I. I really like her cookbook. Going to be about going to be about that bread. And so I think it's called a bread toast crumbs and so Nose to tail bread eating which I'm very excited about and trusting. Sure we'll talk more about that. One resigned since. It's one of your favorite recipes. I do love the spread. I don't know why it's just easy. It's good it's quick. You Bake Pyrex bowl which I find very pleasing but anyway. So she what she does when she contributes to food fifty too often that she'll put a teaser on her website to lead you to the recipe she developed for them and That's how I discovered this and so catch tie. It is easy and it's delicious and I think it doesn't do anything that's really all that significantly significantly different from what you and I might do with cabbage regularly. Except for the fact that it uses a little cornstarch in sauce which makes it silky and it so it almost mimics mimics this nudity feel. Can you describe this recipe in broad strokes. Yes ingredient tally do it. So basically you make She has written it with The tofu so she uses baked Tofu. as the protein and The original recipe called for scrambling ambling few eggs in folding those in both delicious when I make it at typically have you make it to us up like shredded chicken and I fold that in but essentially you make a sauce soy sauce little oil off some lime juice. Fish Sauce. A little tiny. Bit of sugar and Cornstarch and then you work with onions. She calls for Mushrooms Mushrooms. or no going my household. Also I skip them but I will often go. Go by a handful of bean sprouts to throw at the end I love. She and sprouts makes it so delicious. That's very really signals Pattaya tags on them and so basically all you're doing. Is You have your protein but then you saute onions and whatever vegetables you're using you Add the cabbage. Just kind of toss it together for A couple of minutes. You don't want the cabbage like totally wilty. But sort of you know that kind of Nice sprite. Soft tender Chris and then you dress it. You add the The protein you're using and you serve top it with a little bit of chopped peanut and it's really satisfying and it's good and you know if you are trying to avoid carbs which we go back and forth within my household it's nice and it has those flavors of paraty whether you're trying to avoid carbs are not a plateful of cabbages definitely more nutritious than plea full of noodles absolutely but it's so good and it feels feels like Pad Thai and I'm not saying it is pad Thai and not saying it's sexually like a If if all you want in the world right now is played by. This is not going to be a good substitute but if you want something something that can kind of mimic that make you feel lighter at the end of him. He had Thai inspired cabbage Darfur. Exactly it's so good so we will link to it. I've made it. I discovered the recipe. Maybe two or three weeks ago enough already made it once every week and it's easy and something like if you have extra leftover protein you can whip it up for lunch if you work from home. It makes a good dinner You could you could also do something with it where you do have cabbage half noodle so good moines right. Lighten it but it still has that sort of experience sir of of the noodle. I am going to try this dish. I think you'll like it. Will you know I love cabbage. I actually made them was flipping through the most recent issue of food and wine and there was a story about Julia Tershin. WHO's a pretty prominent food writer? And her I don't know whether they're married or just life partners. There's a grace grace bond. WHO's a famous for? The design spun blog anyway. She was diagnosed with type. One diabetes rather late in life mid thirties and so they sort of did a story about Kelly overhauled their kitchen but anyway one of the things that Julia mentioned as standard as a Goto thing as shut it cabbage she melts G pan. Gets it hot..

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