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"marie leclerc" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Were eligible, and each one needed written consent and a doctor's assessment. The result. Just 500 people vaccinated In the first week of the program, Germany managed 200,000. This week. The job was offered to firefighters, domestic carers and all medical staff over the age of 50 like Eric does, yet they will be surely best Sunder Brutus, western Kansas, and on Thursday, the French Prime Minister John Key Aspects, said everyone over the age of 75. Be able to have the vaccine from the 18th of January. But there's a reason for the government's initial caution. These tiny vials endorsed by doctors carry a political risk. Whole suggests that less than 40% of the French population want to take them. It is true that there is a core off people who believing conspiracy theories. But of course, that does not explain huge part off the distress towards vaccines because it's more than half the population. Florian Cafiero is a sociologist at the National Center for Scientific Research. Friends set has a decade long history of distrust towards vaccine because off If you control this is that emerged in the media in France about the swine flu pandemic first than the HPV vaccine, then Thea hepatitis B vaccine. The other reason is the distrust towards the authority. Government. The current government generated huge amount of distrust about its management of dead could be 19 crisis and Diz Distrust. Of course, is reflected on the giving 19 vaccine. Marie Leclerc is a newspaper publisher in Paris. Her three Children have all had their childhood vaccinations, she says, and she's happy to have most vaccinations herself. The fires of vaccine currently on offer in France has her worried because it was developed so quickly Using a new technique you see. Government telling you that it's completely safe. You see doctors telling you it's completely safe. Research is telling you it's completely saved. Does that change your mind? Maybe they could say I'm sure with 99% off satisfaction, but not 100%. Nobody could say 100%, and my concern is about the 1235%. Risk.

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