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"Cults. You have the suspect's fingerprints at the crime scene. You have witnesses testifying that they saw the suspect commit the crime. The suspect has a motive. It's an open shut case. Or is it each week my new show not guilty examines? Controversial criminal cases and tries to determine why solid evidence doesn't always lead to a conviction. La- police considered compelling evidence against Casey Anthony in the disappearance of her daughter Kayleigh defense attorneys classified as fantasy forensics, and she was acquitted of Keighley's murder. Amanda Knox served four years in an Italian prison for murder before later being acquitted was the media portrayal of knocks the profile of a killer or televised character assassination and sometimes jurors are responsible for wrongful convictions. As was the case when the central park five were convicted despite DNA. Evidence showing none of the suspects were involved search for and subscribe to not guilty on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Again, search not guilty or visit podcast dot com slash not guilty to listen now. Now back to the story in nineteen sixty two twenty seven year old Robert Moore dropped out of architecture school, suddenly and without warning. He had found renewed purpose within the church of Scientology much to the surprise of Moore's former classmates shortly after joining he met a woman who would soon capture his imagination thirty one year old Marianne McClain who was a year into her membership and had already risen to the rank of auditor her job was to monitor psychotherapy sessions with the use of an electro Cy commader or e meter an auditor like McLean would administer a stress test to each individual using series of questions. She then use the meter to gauge their reaction. But when Moore was first introduced to MacLean, it wasn't exactly love it for site. Moore wrote quote mcclain's brash exterior and her general air of supreme confidence had offended me and probably threatened. My masculinity and quote, yet his initially rotation with her subsided as they found that they both shared an interest in psychology, specifically, more and McLean admired the work of Austrian psychologist. Alfred Adler Adler believed that every human being was in pursuit of a goal. And once actions were driven by unconscious motivations more grew to see the human mind as a labyrinth of complexities that went around in a circle and endless cycle of misery or superiority, but despite his voracious reading on the subject more struggle to grasp psychology beyond the abstract McLean. However was more analytical in her approach has a former sex worker her survival had wants dependent upon her ability to read clients to determine their needs. She was a master of scrutiny facial expressions tire turn of phrase. Everything was a small window into someone's personality. This ability to read. Others likely aided her as an auditor convincing people to return to Scientology time and time again, according to author James r Lewis the objective of the initial service is to create for the novice away win, which may spark interest in additional services, the church of Scientology staff held McLean in high esteem as an auditor that reportedly offered her much higher positions within the church, but she repeatedly refused them. She evidently liked being an auditor probably because it allowed her to have complete control. She enjoyed the control so much that eventually she began refusing to follow Scientology script and conducted her own evaluations. She liked knowing more about people than they knew about themselves. But that didn't mean McLean refused. More training in nineteen sixty three thirty two year old McLean underwent rigorous training for six weeks until she was clear. It was a difficult process. But was made. Slightly easier by the presence of her new friend Robert Moore who was also in the class the church of Scientology referred to the state of clear as when an individual becomes free of compulsions traumatic events and involuntary feelings when Moore and MacLean were officially declared clear, it meant they could officially help others become clear towards the end of their training McLean provided therapy to more these intimate sessions were spent facing each other across a small table. More talked while McLean, mainly listened more wrote, quote, I'd found real contact perhaps for the first time in my life. And I was in love and quote for her part MacLean welcomed Moore's and patchy Shen and the two became romantically involved. However, it didn't come without a price. Mclane provided comfort and security, but in exchange, she demanded absolute control this put her at odds with the church of Scientology. And they started listening in on her sessions when she discovered his sessions have been bugged acclaimed grew enraged and left Scientology, an infatuated more willingly followed, but the couple didn't go empty handed. They stole an eater. From the auditing office's equipped with the eater and Adler theories on self actualization, the couple resolve to help others connect with their inner selves more had an idea about who they could help. I he has some school friends. He hadn't spoken to in a year. Perhaps it was time for a class reunion in nineteen sixty three twenty three year old Timothy Wiley was a fellow architecture student at Regent Street polytechnic and had been a close friend more during his university stint their friendship was somewhat inevitable as they took the same bus route home in those days. So when more phone wildly out of the blue after a year of radio silence. Wiley was happy to hear from his friend more. Told wyle that he had founded a new psychotherapy method with Marianne McLean. The needed a Guinea pig to tested on as they turned out the kinks. Wiley was already paying his way through school as a practice patient for a student psychologists. So he figured why not try this out too. But from the first moment, Wiley met McLean. He distrusted her having known Moore's first wife and children while he saw McLean as a home, wrecker McLean, of course, knew how to win Wiley over she sent more to fetch coffee and asked why questions about himself while he admits he enjoyed the attention from clain, even as she became increasingly invasive Wiley said, quote, I was flattered of course, who wouldn't be. We all like to think we are special in our own secret hearts, and quote, these sessions, however were different from the ones McLean audited as a scientologist McLean felt the official auditing process converted people into puppets for Scientology. Founder L Ron Hubbard. She and more favored a more existential approach, they asked questions, and they're stolen eater measured the electrical resistance on the skin of Wylie's hands. The results were displayed on a meter and interpreted as his unconscious emotional response. The line of questioning what eventually turn to how one might be unwittingly sabotaging their purpose in life. Mclean would ask him philosophical things. Like what the consequences would be should one fail to find their purpose. Why Lee said quote McLean was a master at tickling out answers, and quote, these sessions with McLean attracted the interest of Wiley and Moore's other friends from Regent Street polytechnic who notice the positive change in wireless demeanor soon. Wylie's neighbors were having sessions with McLean and more but claim supposedly taught them how to channel their past lives and tap into who they were in decades past the excitedly shared their cell. Discoveries. Amongst each other. The group grew to about twelve members by the end of nineteen sixty three all of whom were told that their current issues where the results of actions taken in a past life over time, they became so close to one another that they felt they had shared encounters with each other in past lives. Wylie said, quote, all this gave us the feeling we were onto something big and inevitable, and quote yet while the group believed they were making headway together McLean in more put up a wall between themselves and their patients, the gradually withdrew from the casual meet ups held by other members and conducted private sessions with each other this distance helped them in shroud themselves in mystery and seem more authoritative to their followers. According to American authors, and spirituality experts Diana all stead, and Joel Kramer, quote authority may be vested in some perceived capacity within an individual and quote in other words, Robert and. Marianne were the only ones who knew how to read the eater and as such were lionized by their patients. Meanwhile, McLean continued to exercise control over every aspect of Moore's life more in his first wife had long been separated, but he was still legally married. A fact that McLean wouldn't let him forget McLean. Utilized every possible opportunity to shame him about his previous marriage. She reportedly claimed Moore had deceived. Her yet more was adamant, he loved McLean had no intention of going back to his first wife. Eventually McLean believed him agreed to move into gather. Although in truth, she was probably never all that concerned by Moore's first wife, only using the marriage as a tactic to keep more under her control and groveling in nineteen sixty four the twenty nine year old Moore and thirty three year old McLean. Rented an apartment together on Wigmore street in London. It was likely. No accident that their practice. Near where several licensed doctors performed consultations. This helped the couple to purposefully misrepresent their psychotherapeutic practice as legitimate McLean and more officially dubbed their practice. Compulsions analysis to fit their new image McLean. Groomed. More into dressing, the part more war expensive suits to offset. Mcclain's loose-fitting dresses to see more refined. More also had his blonde hair cut to draw. Attention to his blue is the strategy worked soon membership grew to around twenty people McLean and more held by weekly meetings that they called communication courses together. They taught a crowd of eager young people who hung on their every word as the courses expanded. It was clear McLean and more had stolen more than just the e meter from the church of Scientology the couple had stolen some of the exercises as well. They split up the group into pairs and had them look each other in the eye. I for five minutes without distraction, another exercise involved one patient verbally abusing or harshly criticizing another while the other Baird the insults without betraying emotion. This exercise volved into one patient sitting in the center of a group of about thirty to forty patients. The selected patient would sit quietly as the others shouted the worst insults. They could think of the supposed goal was to break there in additions and through this rediscover themselves by the mid nineteen sixties compulsions analysis was doing so well, but it was able to move out of the Wigmore street apartment and into a mansion on Belfour place in the Mayfair district. The bow four place mansion was leased by patient of McLean and Moores who had recently come into money as with the Wigmore street apartment McLean and more had intentions for the mansion it was to serve as their base to bring together believers and spread their word. However. Several other sources allege that the bell four-place mansion was the first step in McLean. Moore's plan to live like royalty at the expense of their devoted patients as their patients began to see them as status symbols. It was that much easier to entice new followers who had gladly give the money hand over fist, the political activism and freedom of the swinging sixties attracted a lot of young adults to freethinking movements like compulsions analysis popularity came at a price British American journalist and television personality ouster cook had a stepdaughter named Holly who became involved with compulsions analysis in the summer of nineteen sixty five Holly was depressed at the time at initially felt relaxed after therapy sessions. However, these sessions were expensive and all consuming Holly and several other patients were compelled by McLean and more to make a full commitment to compulsions analysis. This not only meant paying. Large fees to McLane and more. It also meant cutting themselves off from friends and family to dedicate themselves full time to the organization while Hawley wasn't trenched in compulsions analysis for sisters Susie visited her in London. Suzy was sixteen years old at the time and naturally curious about compulsions analysis, Holly introduced Susie to McLane and more and soon Susie was part of the group her visit was supposed to be a brief stopover on her way to Paris. But she ended up spending all her travel money on compulsions analysis and began cleaning the mansion from clean and more to make ends meet concerned, Holly and Suzy's mother Jane attended a compulsions analysis session to see what her daughters had been up to the Sacramento incantations and group shaming confirmed her worst fears when Jane told Alistair Cooke about the session, cook reached out to friends in high places to help us stepdaughters one such friend was in America. And ambassador in London named David Bruce, Bruce told McLean and more that because Suzy was a minor her parents had the legal right to remove her from compulsions analysis. But her sister would not get out so quickly by the end of nineteen sixty five Holly had had a total of three hundred therapy sessions with McLean and more. It was only then that she realized what she had gotten yourself into the Clinton more were moving away from psychology with an increasing focus on spirituality. The organization was focusing far less on discovery of the self and far more on the end of days. They

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