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Democratic Debate Recap; Elizabeth Warren Eviscerates Mike Bloomberg; Who Is The Real Winner? Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg Get Into It; Louis CK Boston Dates Announced; NFL Playoff Changes

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Democratic Debate Recap; Elizabeth Warren Eviscerates Mike Bloomberg; Who Is The Real Winner? Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg Get Into It; Louis CK Boston Dates Announced; NFL Playoff Changes

"I looked it up. I looked it up. It was Almost twenty five years ago. August nineteenth nineteen ninety-five. Mike Tyson. Peter McNeeley Tyson mauled him. Knocked him out in eighty nine seconds. I'll give many my bloomberg credit. He lasted a little bit longer than Peter McNeeley. What about two three minutes and then Liz? Warren knocked him out. You say never say anything. Good about Liz. Malignly as she was great last night you mean and nasty and she took came out and it was a lot of fun to watch. Whole night was a blast. Two hours of just roundhouse rights and kick to the nuts and cheap shots and it was a lot of fun. We're GONNA break down and analyze the the GRUNGE DEBATE. I've ever seen last night between these crazy. Democrats Louis. Ck'S COMING BACK TO BOSTON. And Turtle boy is hoping we can get may here because he's always wanted to see Louis C. K. Masturbate so now it's his big chance and the NFL is screwing up a good thing. We'll get to all that on today's Callahan podcast. Thanks to our friends at vcu Digital Federal Credit Union. You have a new car and a bad loans with high interest from the deal. Then do what I'm telling you do for a while now refinance without France from DC. You can help lower your rates and lower payments more and more control the money. What will dc you mean to you insured by? Ncua membership required visit DC. You Dot Org. Let's go CONAN. This is the Gerry Callahan. Podcast I still WanNa get the name right and I will have. My venues include in this life for the next. I don't think we make our trade. Based on whether Gerry Callahan approves of our Trade Gerry. Callahan likes to talk about who were running against a billionaire. Who Calls Women Fat Broad Steam and horse taste lesbians. We shouldn't have to choose between one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party. Outliers Gerry Callahan. Wow that's it that's it for highlights more. I didn't want to give it all away in the. That's okay it's okay. You put a lot of effort into that. I could tell it's Thursday we I say this every year around Masters Time of Saint Affleck twenty years. I love the master especially once close and Tigers involved I find it. The most riveting sporting event of the year unless the Super Bowl goes down on the final play. Say People Go. I Hate Golf. I don't like golf. Not Golf. It's it's suspense. Its intensity it's pressure. It's a human drama. It's great entertainment people who tell me today that they're not into politics or they don't care about the Democrats say you're nuts. Because last night's debate How many do we lost track? Five hundred dollars live blog last night. This was not only the best debate between the Democrats this primary season. It's the best debate I've ever seen and I'm not kidding. It is the most entertaining the most intense debate. GimMe Gimme the second best. I don't remember I mean clearly you know the most time has more decorum you know. More respect for the candidates. This was as close as you get to. Somebody thrown a water bottle at somebody else or somebody reaching over with their pen and stabbing the other guy in the arm. I could see that happening at this point. And it's wonderful and the best part about it. Is there really aren't any winners there? Except for us as a the audience trump was the winner. The as always trump. Although I'll tell you why my criticism of trump and a second if you look at the how many people are on stage six six six times dire. Where's he thank God? That's the first good thing they did was kicked that guy out not interesting not interesting. He's talking about blue wasting money phone at down the black hole. I mean we know Bloomberg's waste of money but stars been wasting money for what now six eight ten months I mean and he can't even get on the debate stage. I just wanted to say Republican plan. I think he's a Republican plan. You think he's a one okay. All he talks about is the one thing nobody cares about. Who Over Sixteen years of age and that's climate? He pressured the DEMOC. He pressured everybody on stage to say that I'm the only candidate. That's in favor of reparations. I want a twenty two dollars an hour minimum wage. Think about this. What would a Republican plant say debates the except Republican pick better candidates such a lousy candidate? He's trying to make them go on the next level. He's cody's apparently doing well in the polls in South Carolina. We'll see and he's got money you know he's got an ego and he's got one tie maybe he'll get a new time. That was the first thing they did was get rid of him. Well however second good thing was let Bloomberg buys way another debate. That was a great dynamic. The other thing that hurt all the candidates was the lighting that really good lighting. Really bad makeup Bernie. Sanders looked even. Though I know he's seventy eight old these kind of a just shuffling along. It looks like he should be right now. Shuffling his way down to breakfast at the at the at the sunny acres nursing home the shot on his face made him look even worse. The shot a close up of Biden's face. That's that's a viable candidate. That look he looks like a corpse. Can I ask you something? I mean. We all aren't as As aging as well as I am and who else looked terrible kluber showers blotchy and she was sweating sex. Jerry I just told you look terrible. Consumer level of Jerry. Kelly says that to set yourself up all you looks terrible. They all sounded terrible. They all were loses their word. No winners which is a great thing and they all get down in the mud just about on media right off the bat and I gotTa Give Line Liz credit she. I mean I sat down. I got my computer out. I got comfortable and she starts in on and we just played the cut. You could play it again because it is a caper. I gotTA give polka haunt which WHI which line the opening line about About I thought he was talking to trump to. Oh that worked on the place to talk about who were running against a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horseface lesbians and no. I'm not talking about Donald Trump. I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg. Press just just so you know if you missed it. She was standing two feet away. Yeah and he looked uncomfortable when he got out there. He didn't have a box. He looked he looked old again. The lighting no seventy eight year. Old Good looks good. But you could see. The sweats forming on his forehead. You can see a getting a little nervous swing a little. I'm saying you got two more to go. But that four hundred seventeen million spent you feeling good about that if I was mayor. Pete or Amy Klobuchar. I think they're not doing this enough. I would be asking the audience would if you saw Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders on the road. Would you feel safe behind the wheel of a car? Good Quiz you. Don't trust them behind the wheel of a car. Then how can you trust him to run the country? I think about like those guys are the same age of my grandfather's when they passed away and I couldn't imagine them in that stage of the life. Running the freaking furloughed eighty seven. They should be the end of the second term. Here's why people giving Liz Warren. I'm shocked but the MAR- What's her name Marian Marsh you know the liberal from Boston who's an analyst for Fox the globe. The usual suspects say Liz worn. Is the winner. I disagree. They're all loses. The only winners says we're GONNA say I'll tell you. Why is she did a great job attacking Bloomberg making him look small. I enjoyed watching him completely humiliated before the world. But did that make her more likable. That make more presidential. No just the least likable candidate I've ever seen in my life. I'm including lunatics Lyndon Larouche. You Know Pat Paul. Some of the six candidates onto stage last night. She was the only one of them that has a zero point. Zero percent chance of winning the nomination. There's a small window for Joe Biden. There's a small window for Amy Klobuchar. Obviously Bloomberg and Barney could get the nomination but she was the only one in the fanatic possibly win obviously the fanatics the zealots the female. You Know Bernie Fan like if you're a female and you WANNA communist you go Liz right. You ignore all her lies but they don't they go Bernie Marian Wright who don't people don't matter right the analysts they love her. They ignore her faults and they say she did a wonderful job again. She did a great of bloody and up Bloomberg. That was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next day whenever that is when do the next debate idol. Obviously there's got to be one before Super Tuesday and Bloomberg isn't good when he catches press a button and play a commercial Bloomberg work he had. There were a lot of embarrassing moments for Blooberg but I the whole time. You're kind of you think. And he's wondering. Why did I do this right? Why why did I put my? I mean clearly? He's trying to buy the nomination. Clearly he's going to spend whatever it takes and that offends a lot of people in the Democrat Party. They'll hate they hate billionaires They used to hate millionaires. But to Liz Bernie and Biden became millionaires. Then they've turned their focus on billionaires and he is literally trying to buy the nomination literally paying off everybody can pay off including you know People to to send out good tweets positive tweets. Actually this pains me to say Warren even took it after the debate she was asked only play. Let's hear this is Liz worn afterwards on? Msnbc senator you went into this debate tonight with a plan and you execute it devastatingly You hit them with that comment. He made apparently about a horse face lesbian. It was so graphic and so personal. Tell me why you'd start the debate with that point of view that attack line. I think it's important for people to know exactly what Michael Bloomberg has said and done you know. He wants to smooth over it. All and stay open. I treated some women nicely and that just doesn't cut it. It is important to know who this because understand this. This guy is a threat not because he gets out shakes hands with people and people think he has some really great ideas. He is a threat because he's already dropped four hundred million dollars in this campaign and understand this after his performance tonight. I have no doubt he is about to drop tonight. Another hundred million dollars was league. Damore spending oh come on in order to try to erase America's memory of what happened on that debate stage tomase he's villain for spending his own money for spending four or five hundred million is worn Bernie Sanders promising to do. Spend your money right and my money. Anybody works for a living. They WanNa take your money true and they want to raise your taxes. They WANNA give it to freeloaders illegal aliens. You name it you know. Give free healthcare to everybody. So which is more offensive to you. The Guy who spends his own money the guy who spends your money right exactly. Yeah paradoxical that we're supposed to offensive Bloomberg gets the nomination like do we all just forget. She said that those are. What's your worst worst? Worst feet down you can remember. I mean I would say. Let's them a threat three times site. Well she did say she would support whoever won at the end of called him a threat. How do you ever come back? That's a good point. How do you support a threat? Well he's not going to get the. He is feeble up on stage. I said this yesterday. We were with Michael Graham. Tom Shattuck I think. Did they know Shattuck agree with me? Michael Graham said Bloomberg. It'd be good it step up. It surprised us. All he was terribly didn't even have a strong moment. I don't think until late in the debate when he attacked Bernie and called him a communist and Bernie said there was a cheap shot. You call a communist and he calls it a cheap show. What isn't communist? That's the follow up. I'd say a Bernie. Tell me what why you're not a communist. Tell me a bad wants government ownership of property of plots buildings of of house housing. Why are you not a communist? What's wrong with Communism Bernie? He can't handle it see his. He's one of the whole thing was unfair and stacked against Bloomberg his white once again. What my enemies see. I'm Gonna I just told you. I enjoyed watching her bleed out. It was fun but What's what's the worst beatdown? You could be Msnbc today you right in. What is the word I mean? Obviously Mike Tyson beat a lot of people but usually they went down quickly. The worst beatdown. You ever remember Stan Jonathan Pierre Bouchard them that that felt like the debate version of that. It went on for two hours. Bloomberg was literally shouting his draws. You could see. He was his stomach he. He was physically ill and wondering what. I could do to get out of this and I love. Every second of it was riveting. I was thinking of giving up going to bed like at ten thirty. I'm glad I didn't because it was great. It was right about then that blew me went back and they didn't even tell me about transgender abortions. But that's a good point. They didn't talk tease and go to commercial when we get back. We're going to talk about climate. I said I care we go baby battles the hell hell of a tease. Because you know they never talk about climate change and they always seem to change people's minds when they do and and God knows I wanted to learn more but climbing it's so tedious if I'm running this party and I'm not I'd say can you just drop the climate change shit. I mean we got Greta Sumberg's vote. We got her okay. We're winning nobody over the talked about destroying the economy as usual this talk about. Banning fracking arresting fossil fuel executives. Nobody in America wants to do that. Nobody nobody wants to destroy the economy for this. This myth that the world's GONNA end. Oh by the way they moved it up. Burning moved up to sixty down six. That would understand because he looks like he has about six months left. I understand why they WANNA make it. Six years by Bernie say the world's going to end like six or eight years they don't give a shit. What do they care? I'M NOT GONNA be here. The worst question that was asked all night was to ask the Amici. They asked their Mispronouncing Oman are not knowing who the president of Mexico. That was unbelievable. You know what the answer to that is. I forgot who the hell cares like whoever the president of Mexico is a lawless swamp so whoever the president is should resign because they're doing a terrible job they embarrassed and I wanna know who they drink and made a good Florida borders and then she said I want to say hello to him and she had she had to look down and read the names could memorize but he didn't want he didn't. I've tried that. Blew up in his face because she said you know. I made a mistake. And he jumped on her and she just said amend mistake and he jumped on again and finally she said I try to Sam dumb. It was that moment. We saying she's playing the female card and she's playing it right. I mean it was like so you you you little punk are trying to Sam dump because I forgot one whipper so what should have said that. Who Cares about Mexico but brought up? Walter Mondale right water money. He he did not have a good debate because he seems so smarmy even rimmer was tweeting about how he seems. He Reema hates him. Say He's a he's a jealous. Well maybe jealous. I think the first gay candidate get candidate flow. He's the guy who worked for the biggest consulting firm in the world and he was in the military as many things about him that. I'm sure Alex was hoping that the first gay candidate for president would be somebody like him but he did. He does look good. I mean he wasn't he doesn't look obviously old. He looks he's articulate. He's he's he's going to be in it for a while I think I'll absolutely and he's going to buy his stake. He can never be governor of a State Democrat in. Indiana can't governor. So what's HE GONNA do? Where are you going to go to be senator? What can I I duNno. I Dunno I suppose I mean he ran for the head of the DNC and lost. That's what he wanted to be He'll be he'll be around for the next. There's a Mitt Romney and just move. He'll be around from while that's where he belongs but they had a good exchange. I don't know if you have any of that day. But those to hate each other and when it was over each Cobra stormed off the stage without shaking about that game that look. She looks like she could in a melt ice show. She'll hit you at a shoe store some down or you mocking me here. Shane research trivial error. People sometimes forget names. I am the one that has number. One has the experience based on passing over one. If if I could respond this was a pretty big liquidation quickly. Shut us she. She looked kind of shaken rattled but she looked human. He looked like a hassle in this exchange. Just motto Papas Giving preps One bag or you school. Here's all the prison. Shut up his what she should have done. She should have thought back somehow to some mistake he made. I don't know what but I'm sure he's made many mistakes. She should have that ready and just zinged them with some steak trivia question does the Knesset Knesset. He didn't know which was pretty good but she's hates him. Hopefully the next debate their next to each other again. 'cause she might this might be the one who takes a pennant jabs it in his neck that would be so good closer they. I know that's stupid question. But how closer they on that stage? I got very earned. It was so awkward. List would raise her hand. They razor hatchet literally. Put it like an Bloomberg's yes right. There close she is mean. Liz Liz as mean as I tweeted she. She everybody of the meanest like seventh grade teacher. You think back to that teacher that wouldn't let you even look sideways without jumping on you tough grader. You know one minute late should mark it down. That's who that is and like a couple of hours later James Woods. The greatest celebrity tweeter of the mall tweeted. She seemed like the meanest fourth grade teacher. I said the mean seventh grade teacher. What are you guys great? You Spied say seven grades about right. A little nicer. You don't have food grade seventh grade. You can be a little me with the kids. You're you're all. You're all excited today. 'cause yes because it was a great debate to watch it fun to watch. Would you be more excited today? If it was warne's stood a chance of getting the Nomination Watch more. She clearly won his second had an impact. She she she clearly wouldn't over pulled numbers gone up. That's the question because she feels like she want me. I don't know but I'm just saying. But if she if she had any chance of getting the nomination that should help will. I'll tell you why it's good David and we talked about this again with the shattuck and Graham is that we need her to have a little bit of a resurgent. Sketchy will absolute fading fast. I mean she was embarrassed to New Hampshire. Her poll numbers suck she was. She's like fifth in Nevada. Bloomberg's not even on the ballot Nevada on the ballot. And I don't I don't I don't believe I don't know 'cause he bought his way in. She told another story a fake story last night about I met a family of three in Reno. We're all on the same innocent. You Know Oh yeah. That's what happened in your golden shaking. Hey can I tell you a whole frigging store? It is so funny what it is so funny for those of us who know and I guess she's reaching out to the people who don't know the Peo- newcomers who might not realize that everything she says is a lie everything but when she did her final statement you know closing statement talked about daddy again hurt. Her Daddy lost his job. She lies every time she talks about him. Because she says it's a janitor wasn't and we almost lost our homes he on the racist side of the family Their parents were the racist so they had to decide was the because they were party. Which isn't true. It's all made up. Everyone around here knows it. Everyone in New Hampshire Shit not grandparent's grand patch sold grandparents. She people he lied about five. She likes Even her brother she'll sell out anyone she uses her. She uses her brother on the stuff all the time because he's a Republican. He called her a liar. She said her father was a janitor. They had three cars. She drove an MG midget convertible sports car at. She's bragging about being on the jagged edge of the middle class and almost losing their home which is absolute live. But Anyway Anyway. I'll tell you why this good Dave. She's in the fight we didn't want to if she had a terrible night. Today would be talking about. Liz backing out. Belan get up right because you know she's taken free dollars from broke college students bullshit about Inter imagination she is. It's not true either but we need to have a good night and she did not a good night and I I could tell you about with general voters with the average Americans but a good night with the pundits like I said Maryann Marsh and the globe I forget who did it for the globe? declared the. Victor says. She had a great night. Because you know she beat up the billionaire and she did and it was great right off the START I give. Her credit was great cheap shot. She's a mean nasty woman who has no problem going low. Here's the problem I have is. Why was it so entertaining? Why was it so acceptable to hit Bloomberg from all sides? I mean they talked about this. Thinks he said about women that talked about his nondisclosure. I know they for about fifty minutes in his tax. That people like picture anybody Michigan Karen. Right now about. Nda's let the women out. Joe Biden. Who has more stuff in his closet? Who is more corrupt anyone on that stage saying what are you hiding and Bloomberg is obviously feeble. He can't fight back but tell me this. We get to talk about every little thing about Bloomberg. Now you know is disclosures things. He said about women how he treated women his. His physical condition is is Physicals these got from doctors his tax returns and we don't get to mention the lives that lives warrant told about family things we just talked about. Why can't Bloomberg turnaround say you lied about being an Indian? That's well first of all and then. Why can't you go to Joe Biden? Where's hunter it? We're not their wares hunter. Why can't you say the Bernie Sanders? Do you still love the Soviet Union? I mean do you still want the Boston Marathon? Bombers Chevaux de actually questioned turtle boy excellent the taxpayers fund. Why Simon Surgery of a murderer prison another great question? Why are the tough questions? What were the tough questions only reserved for the new guy? The billion needs to learn a lesson from Donald J trump. And that is what I said. Last week never apology. He spent most of the night apologized. Never complain the stopping thing. It's like you just turn that around in them and they'll say oh no no no. I wasn't hurting black and Brown people. I was protecting them. I was making their neighborhoods lewd for by being more aggressive. Instead he gets up there and apologize and you important they get to stop and Frisk they all gang up on him and he was so feeble I think right there and then a lot of people bailed on him. Because you need some strength fight back you need to have so some strength and later on he did when he called Bernie Communist. That was good. That was good but he has to explain. Stop and Frisk it's easy. I said this saying this like two weeks. Just talk about some black families bad naval war. Yeah maker up talking to three people. In the African American community name was. They were telling me Matt crying and she has three little kids and she was afraid to walk them to school and I said we have to do something and it was. It's easy to do protecting. And then he was bumbling and stumbling about the murder rate just say make it up. That's what the rest of them do. Mike say there was two thousand murders a year before we instituted the next year. There was like two. We save black people's lives he. They gave money to George Bush. You're telling me you couldn't find of those five people on stage a Republican that. They donated sometime in their career. They donate to our people. Everybody trump said that either donate daily Clinton. Just what you do you donate people when you're trying to get things done. You're trying to build buildings or you. Bloomberg you're trying to get legislation. Passed you donate money. But he blew it to stop and Frisk. I'm sorry I know I mean. I didn't realize accept his apology. Of course not an expert the first question will be stopping the first stop Frist. He opened the door to this. He could if it ever comes up if say he's the nominee and he won't be but trump supported stop and frisk also so if you go those two on stage one guy will say damn right. I support it. It saved people's lives. There was so many illegals criticizing him for it and Bloomberg will say I didn't mean it. Hope you'll forgive me. I've SAT. I've apologized I've asked for forgiveness but the bottom line is that we stopped too many people. I really didn't didn't want to be legal. Way was good. A couple rogue officers did some stupid. He said we throw him against the wall. Was just like you. Don't say that. Yeah that was just say there was so many kids. Here's what you do Mike. You find somebody. Who's Mike Mike? Bloomberg Mike Advise okay. I'm advising him. You find a family in wherever the Bronx and you find a family who got hit a kid a five year old girl preferably. That'd be good good. Stray bullet transgender girl with with the one. Nine o'clock insulin shots. So she's the young. Transgender girl is sitting at doing her homework at the dinner table. A stray bullet through the window. Bom between the is he get her name. You've got a family. You bring them introducing to the media. You say I did it for her. How hard is that not at all? He's he's a full. This amazes me though there. Lots of crazy liberals out there right. It's a big country. There are a lot of rich liberal. She saw the Academy Awards here. A lot of You know millionaires billionaires like Bloomberg. But they're certainly guys with a lot of money. A lot of these George Clooney Types Matt Damon's and Mark Ruffalo 's and then in business. You have Silicon Valley and you have all these you know. These tech billionaires lots of more liberal. Lots of very socially liberal. Is this the best they can do? You GotTa March out a guy with money wants to buy the and stop trump and you have a seventy eight year old guy. Who's five foot three? Who's not articulate? Who's not a fighter who's a bumbling fool up there that's the best you've got. You can't think of who else which put it. There gave you some names so you didn't give me a name. Who was an aide to George Clooney? Matt you'RE GONNA run George Clooney. Who Do you think George Clooney ran? Donald trump that worked. Hey go to silicon valley. I know you know. Like whatever name a big Dorsey Jack Dorsey? It's unlimited funds not public speaker but going in and very weird better public speaker than Bloomberg Bloomberg's Paris and he's younger at least tech guys got rich weird antisocial people that just got play. There are thousands of them. You can't find a better. One than Mike Bloomberg or Thomson Younger One. Maybe twenty years younger younger one. Who's you know? He's made his billions cashed out. It's that like Henry Exit Thousand Times better as a candidate than Bloomberg didn't have CNN analyst Andrew Yang. Now it's right. It's good for gig gangster. It just seems like that can't be if I'm a Democrat and thank God I'm not you're not. I watched this debate. Say That's the best we got. If you really think trump's this existential threat and must be stopped. You can't come up with a decent candidate because they haven't there's no one on that stage who's going to go toe to toe with trump on the debate. Nobody on that stage you can imagine. Speaking of being in the Oval Office. They interrupt quick yesterday. You didn't Cory Booker was gay. No it didn't cory booker scan. The worst kept secret in the NARROW DASA IRAN TURTLE RE TV daily reported it. No I mean why. So you afraid because you're not allowed to. You have to let you know you raise the Boston. Said you are not allowed to to to if they blow up gory kill their whatever. The best friend But if see here's why don't believe gay? Because if he were gay okay he would have announced. It's still being the race. He'd be kidding me. Black Gay guy. He'd be hit so Rosario Dawson's lesbian and he's gay and they just hang out together. I think I think it was all just the thing. They agreed. Like like a year closeted lesbian. I'm a closet a gay guy. It would a great career move for him if he came out and announced it. I thought it was a better career. Move to date. Rosario Dawson dozens nobody does. That doesn't do much because nobody smokin. Either she's not like she's pretty attract shows. He's not he's not materialistic. Oh he should be up on stage because he's crazy to heal guys in a spike they got rid of some of the more interesting as Corey. Gang Hughley and Castro promised. Beta Beta went full crazy. This election he wasn't going to jump into media. Good Lord what he was like one of the leading candidates you like. I honestly thought a year ago I think Betas got a good shot at the nomination. And then he started talking and standing tables and things got we. That's the thing he almost beat Ted Cruz. And he's applet more on his dumber they. Oh see a one of the biggest pandering fools. I've ever seen taught him Spanish. He wanted to tear down the wall not not not build it the parts that were. Lynch will you'll we're GONNA take. It was good to see him exposed. I think last night Bloomberg got exposed although again I have to say hung in there. If you didn't stay up 'til ten I got Dave Ten twenty four. I didn't I watched it this morning at ten. I'm telling you when he says this Ted Twenty four it calls real cheap shot it calls Bernie Sanders the Communist. It's like you know calling You know whatever Buddha judge a gay guy I mean he's a communist. We all know it. Why why is he so afraid of and and Sanders calls it a cheap shot to have that and then then he knocks Bush and say knocks him out then he got in the best shot of the night Bloomberg and today by the way all the review say Bloomberg was awful and feeble because he in early on he was but later on he finally got a shit together and went on the attack. Eight mean he'll he went after Bernie and he criticized for having three houses that was quality is good country. We have the best non-socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses slaves. You'll work in Washington housewives but I probably live in Burlington House. That's thousands of other Vermont as I do cap which kids who can't relate that was Bloomberg's finest moment if you missed it now. It's up to turtle boy or someone like you to post pictures of his summer camp. Because I've seen it on a summer cottage. It's a beautiful summer. One of those like Shitty deer camp type pass it off like who does it have does. That was ever so embarrassing for the Communist to say yes to admit. He has three houses kind and including a summer camp. But now why you brought this up before. Why can't you get picked? You can't you're good at this. You can get pictures. You had pictures David Fields House which was true. I should say pictures of David feels castle. That was amazing. Very Nice House. No it's not. It's a cash. It looks like frigging Windsor Castle. But then It's another billionaire. Could run a David. Sharp brought us. He's younger and he's only cares about. Climate Change. Have a guy that doesn't wear a tie in a sport jacket like that's the look. You gotta go for right now. I WanNa see pictures of the summer camp. Because that'll mean he's a liar. It's a big beautiful Lake House. I believe I could be wrong. Maybe I saw the wrong house but someone like you once had a picture of it now. You said that's three houses. He's a total phony. He's a millionaire. His wife has gotten rich. His family's gotten richest. Like Biden is capitalized on every day spent in office and he's never had a job. You poke out this million dollar home in Cambridge. Of course it would probably cost. I went over and had a beer. She said you WanNa have a beer. Probably cost wooster. Three hundred thousand dollars in Cambridge is so expensive as they showed her walking her dog outside the House and everything I mean it is this which were praying for we get together yesterday. Graham Shattuck and I. We held hands. We prayed that she would still be in the race on Super Tuesday. Because there's a good chance she will lose her alleged homestate get two weeks two weeks much third Nevada primary. I was Saturday. It's a Cockney wasn't election on a Saturday good idea I guess does it's an advantage to Republicans when you have elections on Saturday because they work and they need to get to the polls Democrats. Just take the day off. If you say that about any day Tuesday right but if you have a election on a workday the unions just give all their people a day off to go vote and you know for the Democrat and then all the schools let out so all. The teachers can carry signs for the for the communist better on weekends. They should all be on weekends. Although it's in the constitution I believe that it has to miss teaching under the I miss. I mean I left in twenty four. You get fired for being radical on L. But well you kept your politics yourself. I just couldn't imagine I didn't teach in the era of Donald Trump. It has to be. I kind of wish I did. We've been very interesting but it was a boring political time to be a teacher I mean Barack Obama's nothing that exciting was going on. I mean it wasn't that much to talk about now. Unfortunately you could almost hear it now. They're all getting indoctrinated. I mean every day. I'm sure teachers to tell him. About evil trump is and make an and we're not teaching. You've been booted out I hate. I hated teachers like that. So with a burning passion mean my out of my way obviously conservative. But I want out of my way not a single student in my entire time. There could tell you if I was a liberal. I presented both sides of the issue on everything I said. Here's what Liberals Thinking Conservatives think. They're supposed to balance the teacher next door. Charlton is one of the most conservative. It's Charlton Dudley Charlton about fifty. Seven percents today was hoping we'd go over the expulsion. I'm just saying she's not. All teachers are like that most of them are. Let's be English teachers there. The war probably one of got indoctrinated the other the other resisted. But you know. That's not bad fifty. I'm fat and Fifty Fifty. But it's if you send your kids to public schools or even many private schools they're going They went to public in until high school and happy with the public school system. Of course not how come. Of course not because they come home and all they talk about his plastic straws amine. It's it is very political. They could've talked about corn bread from black history last true. It's like a little different. That's true I mean Y- you get the sense before highschool amine that that's what's going to happen the GonNa get indoctrinated. I mean they literally come home they. Can you know that The world is going to end in six years. They literally come thinking. Greta Thornberg is an authority on things. But Anyway we're van Jones sound. By the way I always stares at the camera and gives like a passion and reason explanation as sucks. You have my permission to Banjo anytime before that. Tell me about Acre Goldman. Let's Acre gold and I told you why it wasn't a great night for Donald Trump. I I agree. He won as he always wins. These debates but I'll tell you the flaw in this Afterward done After after I tell you all about acre going to grab a peanut grab have subpoenas. Today's episode of the Callahan. Podcast is sponsored by Acre gold the new subscription platform for Gold Acre. Let you make small monthly payments and then said Gold straight to your doorstep every few months. It's pretty cool. 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Americans are placing great hope and Bloomberg. Despite the stopping I stuff. You're seeing people trying to move over there and he just wasn't ready. He was tone deaf on issue after issue and the reason why he's not been living rooms. He hasn't been doing those town halls. He doesn't know turbo attack. People I have too much money for Turbo Turbo tax. This is a great answer. A lot of people watching US turbo tax. His answer on women was terrible. He got completely destroyed on the NBA question. His answer on stop and Frisk was as bad as possibly And then he basically lied on his answer when it came to To redlining every major thing that people who are looking for a champion just WanNa see some contrition and some professionalism. He let people down tonight. He's got to go back to the woodshed and get it from his team and come back better next time now. That's that's an interesting point. That's Prado comb Frito Komo that dummy but Van Jones. He's right. It was a disaster for Bloomberg and mostly due to Liz weren't just ripping his face off and he's right about the answer to this up Frisk. It was pathetic but he Tax Things just a little joke. Does anyone think a guy who has fifty billion dollars go to turbo? Tax spends a million dollars to get his taxes done right. I mean the idea that and he doesn't have ready set will have ready in two weeks. I think he will because he wants you to see how much he gives the charity. He gives a lot to charity. Most of them you know crazy left wing causes hell here. We are at the Legacy Club in Boston. A Stone's throw away the Museum of Science. The probably wouldn't even be there if it weren't for Bloomberg he's given them like a hundred million dollars half the places named after his parents. He's very philanthropic again. They're left wing causes. You know gives money to planned parenthood and NPR and everything else and you'll see that in In two weeks or whenever releases thousands of pages of tax returns you're GONNA kill him criticized for making a joke about turbo tax. All these people these politicians who are millionaires and they want to raise taxes and all the stuff what is stopping them from writing a check to the treasury. What does nothing nothing as Liz worn and others they get the option Massachusetts? You can check a box and pay a higher rate. The former rate we pay five or just over five you pay five and a half you pay whatever you want and none of them. I mean none of them do it. They're all hypocrites but Bloomberg. I don't always time with. The black. People had their hopes riding on Bloomberg all democrats. Have the hopes riding on these all? These nuts hoping one of them emerges as a real threat to trump none has clearly. Can you imagine and I know this is kind of a tired old question but can you imagine any of them? Onstage with trump Toda tote can you imagine any of them beating trumpeted debate and beating him on the stump on the on the campaign trail in these rallies yet? Well in which trump is a really bad the Beta? I thought he I don't think he's great but he's better than Bloomberg because I'm Biden. I thought he was. GonNa Kill Hillary in those debates and then he just takes the bait and he goes off on these tangents about self and he's kept getting more disciplined. Believe it or not as long as you didn't win last night. He held a rally and rally the best and there was a massive crowd. I don't know the announce guy they took down. They carried a world war. Two one hundred two year old World War. Two if you haven't seen it two guys is hot trump right now. Why couldn't they carry the? Is it kind of wheelchair? You're supposed to carry the hole wheelchair. They took him out of. His wheelchair is a little weird. It was like Omaha Beach and terrorist. Bunker here's why trump people say twelve brilliant. He's brilliant. He's just as common sense in these situations so he knows someone tells them. They carried one hundred two year old veteran a seat he says. Okay Gimme the name. Give me the names of them. Get some hats. He shout out to that Guy Signs a hat forum gives them a hat. That's something you know. Like lisburn would never do. Wouldn't even think of. It should be like Latin that he does it. It's a huge moment. It goes viral. Here's Mike Criticism. He took away from the insane debate. Which showed the contrast there were people at the rally and people watching the rally if they could find it on their phones or on the TV when they should focus that yeah there was silent us. Okay Yeah I think the rally started earlier but it was going in Phoenix and it was huge but I understand. He wants to take some of the thunder but last night Donald you don't WanNa take any thunder away from the Democrats. What they did last night was self destruct on a level. I've never seen before it's great. I mean the again the only one here. We have Marianne marsh she picks one which she says there was one winner and five loses. The winner of course is her hero. Liz warn again. Liz didn't win. She won by beaten up Bloomberg but she seems so mean and nasty and the voice and demeanor. You don't want that person in the White House for the next four years nobody does. That's why her numbers a frigging terrible. Nobody looks at her and says I want to hear that boys for four more years. Nobody it's one of the most horrific things every time. I hear her voice. I as a tweet. They heckled Biden at the end. Those hecklers their voices were better than Liz warns just screaming it Biden about immigration. It's not liberal enough. They were screaming at Biden about people in cages. Biden wants to give the reparations healthcare to illegal aliens he wants to open the borders not good enough. They heckled in interrupted his final state. Those are pretty big cages. They're like thirty feet in the air. I mean I was cages. He wasn't good idea by Obama to put the kids in cages and safely. Give beds and warm and I'm assuming yes. Ac and so long of course they're absolutely in your kids and you get the hang out with other kids. They have playgrounds. They have board games. They've frigging teachers that they get a teach them a lot better than walking through Tijuana. It's that as a lose lose. Immigration is such a loser. That's the reason trump's in the White House immigration. Did you see by the way what Joe Biden said about Foreign policy about foreign leaders. He's talking about well. I'd be the best because all the foreign leaders of the world they know me particularly that Ukraine is like it's like nobody I blame Bloomberg and Bloomberg's people. How do you go two hours without mentioning Hunter? But is biggest weakness. How do you go two hours without mentioning Pocahontas mentioning her? If they're attacking. You brought that up turn around and say you pretended to be an Indian for twenty thirty years. You're a fraud there. She's calling him. A misogynist sexist the tax cheat you name it and he turns around and whatever talks about climate change. He's not tough enough. He's not unfortunately for the Democrats. You GOTTA MR moneybags trying to buy the nominee you got a guy who you think could beat trump or you did going into last night. It's over Bloomberg's and embarrassment they with the climate change thing. They're like well. It's really hot here and stuff like that Nevada in the desert. So there's flood there's a flood in Mississippi and unlike the people are the visuals of the streets are flooded and Liz worn immediately. Tweet so we have to do some climate change. You have to be a moron to see a flood Mississippi and think that's because of a emissions that's because a plastic straws go with that Liz go with it Biden. Go with Bernie Bernie used to be this fighter for the working class the workers. You know the the the proletariate Now he's gone full. Ao See now. It's all about the world's ending she and she tweeted out last night. It is amazing. If you don't follow it you must. She says she's got. I don't know how many followers six point three million six million and she is as I tweeted. She just keeps getting dumber. She's amazingly dumb. She will be the most powerful woman in the world. If Bernie wins six point three million followers and she tweeted out. I'll give you one or tweets from last night. She's so She says billionaires. Don't have a billion dollars because they work thousands of times harder than the teacher. The single mom they have bill. They are billionaires because the stock market makes that money for them which relies on profiteering off insulin. Low wages scrapped. Jobs what insulin. They're rich because they're profiteering. Insulin low wages and scrapped jobs and here. I thought it was because they made products that people wanted to by and large numbers turns out it right. I mean I read about Bloomberg's what he invented. Essentially this computer. This Algorithm Susan Algorithm. Like you literally just type things into her. Okay here's all the left wing talking points that we got from often and post. Just repeat my favorite moment was a couple of weeks ago. Which said there's no such things picking your self up by the bootstraps yet yet here. She is bar tender sitting in Congress with six million followers and the ear of the leader of the party perhaps nominee. And she says you can't this oil such thing as a self made man and I'm thinking do you know since then did you ever look in the mirror. You Dummy you absolute more. That would be fun though. If Bernie one that she'd be like running the country I wouldn't be good for the country. It'd be good for a few laughs. I mean she. He's basically a e they believe in the same thing ideologically the same. It's just his turn. Her turn will come later. I think he's I mean I don't like him but he's not as dumb. He is more likable than her to like. People hate her. She's so annoying. She's Tara earnings not likeable. I he is more than Haarer. Bernie is I mean. He's grumpy is he's got no person laugh. He doesn't look like you'd be fun to hang out. Well it is amazing. He's seventy eight going on like one hundred eight. He looks terrible. He slouches over waves his arms. He doesn't smile he doesn't laugh he doesn't appear friendlier likeable at all. And yet these people were like twenty one years old are flocking to him in droves they love it because he's promising free things but how dumb do you have to be to think that that would be good for America to be very dumb? There's no shortage of on a scale of on a scale of like you know up here. You have In a Bill Gates and down here. How you have to be you have to be you have to be. Yeah she likes they look to. Afc as a thought leader so you have to be dumber than her to to to do that like honestly look up to OJ sharp. She's so presidential. They think she's like because she knows how to use. Social Median. Clap back as I can do. The rate of Mo-. Jeez Oh oh look at her sleigh Queen Send Me Of My kids to be you and I'm so glad I didn't. Because every time she tweets talks it hurts the value of where did that to cliquish and get her. It got a standing job in Queens. I think it's an economics to isn't it? Yes of all. She doesn't know frigging thing about economics freaking thing whoever taught her over there you should be shamed every time they see her or they're not they're very proud thinks that billionaires are billionaires because they are profiteering off insulin. Gotcha what I mean you know. How like type or or or Mike Blue Made. Their money made their money and may investing in that stuff. Do you understand you absolute idiot. But she's good keep their she's a good spokesman for the side. I love it but Pete Buttigieg had a couple of good moments because he mocked Bernie for being a socialist any mark Bloomberg for trying to win the election. I think he had. I'm not gonNA say won the debate. Because he had this cat fight with with global good there which made them look like kind of a bully because she's Kinda short old and she's kind of woman a woman and he's you know he might be gay but he's he's a navy man by the way Tucker. Carlson did the analysis of his navy career. And it is. Let's say not that politically motivated. He's no JFK. Oh I see he he. He taught us he was on the stand talking about the hundred nineteen went hundred nineteen times. He went outside the wire outside the Green Zone and did whatever some research. That's not an official number. They don't keep track of that. He kept himself. He counted how many times outside the Green Zone just so he could say the on the On the on the stump on the J. always more yes he is. He's a John Forbes. Karaoke Jae Jao Jacob Zuma K. Was Legitimate War and John Forbes Kerry was not no he was a Another guy was politically motivated. I'm not saying it doesn't take guts to join it to serve It helps although I'm not sure it helps with the Democrats but it helps him make paint this picture of him as a Is a real man bad ass. A tough guy in in that field but I'm not sure he Solid action put it that way. Unlike Seth Moulton Seth Moulton was a legit war hero legit bad ass kicking in doors. He didn't get out of the gates. Democrats don't like that. They don't want that because he challenged Nancy. He led the revolt against speaker. They'll never forgive him for that career is done in the Democratic Party on although she's not around for much longer either she doesn't look. Feinstein just won reelection at the age of eighty five. She's GonNa be there when she's ninety one nine one one. He might run for reelection. That's how it works now. That that guy that they carried down the one hundred two year old guy. That's a trump rally. If that were a Democrat rally they would carry him down put him on stage and say this is our nominee. You know. We're in California. They don't have Republicans on the ballot for Senate. It's whoever they have a big general. Whoever gets the two most the highest votes It's always to Democrat. So there's literally no put that could challenge so relevant though it doesn't matter used to be big in the in the Primaries and in the general election can you win those delegates? I believe it's fifty five or whatever Biggest state by far now that's just written off. It's a fifty fifty of them. Count Your Vantage Democrats? It doesn't matter you don't pick a demo. You don't pick a fight vice president because they're from California anymore because the state doesn't matter Reagan wanted Nixon. You Know Pete. Twenty years ago the actual Republicans immigration has changed it completely. Now it's now it's just a write off. It's like men as well. It just say it's a disaster. Don't even look don't even go there. There'll be no rallies and by the way. Did you see one of the greatest telephone you screw ups? Last night was Bernie blaming Bloomberg for the tax code that Congress of shut rumors. You're you're you wrote. It is like no no no but then you lobbied you paid for the congressman. What do you voted for it? You Moron that's another little hidden secret. Is that Bernie is the most ineffective. Oh totally Legislator he's got nothing past. Hillary said he has no friends. Has No filler us? Right no allies. He has got nothing done in his decades. He's from irrelevant state. That is used to any other. There's no reason to get along with him. And he's not even a Democrat. He's an independent. It's even on any committees like he's not he's not. I've never seen him on a committee. I'm much time. He spends in Washington. Now he's never there he's not even a relevant member of the Senate He doesn't do anything he doesn't get anything done. All he does is rally up brainless twenty-three-year-old antique thugs. That's all that's what he does. And he doesn't well and he's in for the long haul and raising a a ton of money like Mutes Guy Mike Bloomberg said last night to quote. I can't think of a way that would make it easier for Donald Trump to get elected then to listen to this conversation about something literally said. I'm going to say this. Bloomberg view was it was a disaster because they had more viewers earlier than late but he did come back nicely and beat up on Sanders which was nice people. You know the guys who want Bloomberg to win they want to knock out the Commie and he tried. He didn't knock him out but he bloodied him. That was good but We'll get back to that. I WanNa talk about Shea and and I want to get your take on this I have. I have a feeling. I know what you're going to say but Louis C. K. Is going on tour. I really torn up one of these days. We pups giggles and does a twenty minute set. But he's GonNa go a real tour with real ticket sales and real crowds and real protests curious to hear whether turtles could he sell at the halfway to Sell enough the ORPHEUM Let the Herald says but but bull get to that. I I WANNA talk about shea concrete. Let's do share. You WanNa do this right now. Gave Homeowners. Hope builders. It's me it's me and I'm going to take concrete again because I believe in this. 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But it's an easy way to improve your home. In most cases shake concrete can remove your old stairs and walking up your new front steps within hours. Just like that you'll say man. We had a better home a better look at home. It's a perfect spring project. Don't wait let's get on this now. You can learn more about it from shake. Concrete Ajay's pre cast concrete steps at shake concrete dot com or. Give them a call. Espera Greg Talmadge. I love the NFL in love NFL playoffs. I my second favorite sport. My first favorite sport is Democrat debates. Those when they get really nasty like last night. That was a great sporting event. Last night it was almost like watching a minor league hockey game with things. Just get out of control and they start. You know hitting each other with sticks and spearing each other. That was enjoyable if you missed it. I Love Playoff football. I'm against this like most normal people. I'll tell you why first of all I was watching. Tv The other son. I took the volume. Turn it up and you know the numbers. Do you have an volume that goes up by numbers? Yes and so I went up to like twenty two twenty three and I stopped. Said what are you doing? He said turning it up because you can't stop in an odd number it has to be even UAE. That's the way my son feels. You know people feel that way so I said Okay and I went up to twenty four. I like the number It just doesn't feel right. They're gonNA have seventeen games. Have Seven playoff teams there. Those are odd numbers literally and figuratively odd. Seventeen Games is a bad idea. It doesn't feel right if you're GONNA expand make eighteen but my opinion is known expanded all because most perfect right at some point. You have to agree. Admit you have to brag about the fact that you got it right? They got it right. It is the best they own the world. It is the. Nfl people love the regular season to sixteen games. I'm sure when they went fourteen to sixteen. I don't remember but I'm sure there was some protests some people saying some dissension saying. Don't do that the sports too brutal. You got it right fourteen. Good I mean Hell High School. It's ten or eleven college. It's now it's fourteen or fifteen but seventeen regular season then. Three rounds of playoffs is a lot for the most brutal game ever invented. It's bad I. It's a bad idea. It's going to happen because I read about rules. All the revenue they're going to raise the percentage that goes to the players from like forty eight to forty nine and said extra billion dollars so the going to pay off the players. Pay Off the Union and Bill You know they'll get banged up. There'll be more wear and tear the more injuries more head injuries. The NFL doesn't care about that care about money. And they're gonNA make more money. Of course there is not an insatiable appetite for football. But it's close. My question is if she only they want money obviously but what's wrong with the current system. It's literally perfect of the four majors. I agree the exact right amount of teams get in. I think it's too many in my opinion. The exact amount of a reward for finishing top two seats -solutely should get a home game. You really you fight the Patriots and the chiefs were fighting for that. Look look what happened one. That second spot won the super bowl would have been inconsequential. I think if the Patriots had beaten the dolphins in that last regular season game they have been in the super bowl absolute because the Ravens would've lost weight at spanked but they would have been in the Super Bowl. They weren't a great team. They weren't as good as chief. But you're absolutely right that the mount the of significance on regular season. Games is that the right spot. It's a great spot it. Is You know the the ideal spot where each game matters. In my opinion the biggest problem of being a sports fan today is meaningless games. You know people are telling me the celtics are playing great now tuning occasionally and. I'm like this game really matter or the Bruins or God knows baseball just so many games. That don't madder and you compare them to like. I said football or playoff football or the masters or a good Democrat debate. There's no intensity in the regular season if you if it doesn't really matter that just don't have that same level you know when you watch football whether it's college they regular-season matters low tumor or pros. It really matters and it just adds to the enjoyment so much. It's just. They're solving a problem. That doesn't exist. Everything about football is perfect the way the league is this thirty two. It's the perfect number. Then you can have divisions of four and their geographical and you know exactly and you know exactly who. Your schedule's going. To be ten years from now you can already already know fourteen to the teams. You'RE GONNA play they literally rotate two teams every year. It is the most perfect liable. And they're just like we're going to ruin and people have it. Memorized is a fan. You know right away what you have to do. Nfc Walk at the NFC west next. You have to do to get the top two seeds what you have to get home game than the wild cards are finding out and by the way it works to the point were eight and eight teams or say in a seven and eight teams are fighting to the final week you know because they know there's an outside chance of this sepsis they might get in. You're right it's a solution without a problem. Which means is one thing a money grab and by the way they don't even money grab they're making tons of money. Are you complaining? We all like watching football. We're GONNA GET ECHO wildcard question. It's so why not let everybody in. We'll get unlimited playoff games ridiculous. Come on between the one seed now. How important is that? It's even more important now. He's having teams get in like critically seven teams in each console. Fourteen teams fourteen teams fourteen teams so almost half the teams. Yeah that's taken and how many will probably have five hundred zero works in the NBA Nhl? I love what one thing I do. Love about in a lot of people. Don't like this about it. Clay Travis complaints about this all the time like a situation this year like the NFC East went an eight neat team or nine and seventeen gets not only gets in but gets a home playoff game. I like that. I like that. When the new was the Carolina Panthers got seven to nine or the seahawks got an at seven nine and they get a home game. I like that would be amazing if pretty leaves. And he's leaving and bell check. Has You know whoever it quarterback. Marcus Mariota. Whoever it's you know Teddy Bridgewater or Jackson and Mick quarterback goes eight. Mix The playoffs and then wins. Preplanned Games goes to the super bowl with some stumbled bummed quarterback because of the new rule. That's what the Patriots didn't what eighty five nine and seven that year. There was the last team they won three road games team ever to do that. They went to La Raiders to Miami Dolphins off the squished the fish the fish and then they went to the Super Bowl. That's mushed in Tony's and went over six. I want to play. The past wasn't around for that but I watched the youtube one time it was. I can't tell you how they captured this area. More than any team ever people went nuts because it felt so improbable. She's GonNa Kill Right. No no no. He thought they were GONNA win. Yeah it was a team of miracles. Everything they did was miraculous fumbles and it was a bizarre postseason ended with a thud. But anyway everybody's against it every pundit every TV radio guy everyone's a great Super Bowl Marino against the bears. We fucked up. They realize that you're talking about the new format it is. I don't know how often this happens. Were League or team report. Does something then? Everybody's against I guess getting credit for that. Who'S FOR IT? Just the owners. Well the players now that you look at the billion dollars that will add they'll get there will be shifted. They literally had to increase the percentage of revenue sharing to the players because the players are like this is crazy and they can't give that much of a shit about the The preseason game being no one. That's right preseason games. That's so you can't say you'RE GONNA regular season game to replace a preseason and they're totally different totally different level of intensity is totally different. The guys who are playing that's how serious they take it. You know they they should have. No preseason. Should be college no preseason. They won't because they charge so much money but they can't turnaround at least after this. I guess the one good thing. They can't say they care about the players health. They can't care about head. Injuries players get paid. Even if they don't play the game so it seems inconsequential. Could could you just say I'm hurt? Shore you want to pay the same. They make no money in the postseason. What was the last year like? And you know someone. Calculated that You know Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady made like fifty grand in the postseason. They make like five million a week in the regular season and fifty grand and they still play like it's life and death they had you're right. They created a perfect system. Everybody was onboard. And now they're screwing it up just a few extra by they really going to do it or they just talking about. They are really going to do next year. And and give them what three years and they'll go to eighteen and then five years and then you know by the time you know. You're you're my age. The Super Bowl will be like Memorial Day. I has the money is there. People love football. Look at the numbers. Xfl is getting better numbers than the NBA or NHL or baseball 'cause and they don't even have any start up into his podcast for a few months. Now have we talked about the Bruins or the Celtics once? No they're the best the best team ocoee. Celtics are one of the best teams in the NBA. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA launch a separate podcast during the bruins. Make their talk about the Callaghan Cup crazy talking about his brady. Where's mute saying Brady's GONNA go? That's that's the biggest. We sit here every day which we got all these. Espn shows and the F. One shows on the TV's here at the legacy club. They talk about Brady more than we do. They talk about rating non stop every day. This new theory people are finally learning what I've been telling them for two months now that he is gone one hundred percent done by the way we should have had something about the teams that are actually good. I had someone sitting right there. I don't know if you were still here. Dave after the show the other day whispering into my ear. I saw that and said you are absolutely right. He's gone he's moving said that. And there's a real lack of confidence in that person is telling protect my sources. Yeah Okay overlay. It's over. There wasn't air over there. Look at the board of members deep throat whole bunch of holes person had about as much confidence in Mike Bloomberg making that up. He wasn't even here. He wasn't even he wasn't he was here and he spent some time with some people. Mike Eruzione nose up there. Roseana not been in here. I think he's out celebrating. I think we're the we're the one podcast anniversary. When are we getting them in here? We're anytime you want to talk about what you do. Besides here's here's who I WANNA get into a roussy. Oh He's a great guy. Facet of got big Gambler Hill. Sports Talk Sports with the all day. All those guys are great. And other way you don't even better than the actual miracle in Lake Placid was the movie. I love that movie movie the documentary on ABC on HBO. I do not see that was great. One they mentioned Dave silk my friend Dave Silt probably up sure yeah I love him anyway You know who is not selling out like the NFL and not selling out like The bruins and Celtics across the street at least not yet Louis CK's come into the orpheum orpheum wolves like twenty seven hundred. I think they've so like half the tickets. He's on a tour. We looked at the State. The dates the places these going on the other day. He's twenty seven. It's two two Dates tonight's in Boston April third and fourth third and fourth? The orpheum the Herald. Ed Store yesterday Most people they talk to Steve Sweeney Christine other. Comedians Christine Hurley makes a good point that she's willing to give him a pass. Let him off. The Mat will know what he did. He jerked off in front of women. It's vile whether he blocked the door or not is in question but whatever did was certainly sexual whatever you call it harassment. He hasn't sold out the orpheum I don't believe. So can you check now Dave My close friend Kirkman hand sold out the Wilbur Theatre in two minutes and he called Airing Andrews gutless bitch. That's true and I don't WanNa say Kirk in front of in front of people but there was the story in the suburban so you know he's Little bit different comparison. Dad That's worse but anyway I was talking about the tickets at the orpheum is bigger. Can you I thought it was even bigger than this? I think it's twenty. Seven hundred orpheum was still in existence in Boston. It is I had no idea. Okay no word is because I think it. There's so many new concert venues here that people can go the now. There's no such thing like but don't you think Louis C. K? Here's here's why it's going to sell out his it's going to be success is he. Has One thing going for him? That every artist every entertainer wants is people are going to go there just to say they went there. They're not gonna go there just to hear him and he does and laugh. They WANNA go on Monday morning to work. They WANNA get on social media and say. I saw Louis. Ck It's kind of historic now. I'm not sure what people want. You want him never to work again. So you know you can hate him hell. You can stand outside the orphan protest and carry assign but you want him to be denied living. Because that's un-american you. That's you'll have. What is now is denying people living that right. He and he's he's certainly one of those guys. He deserved to be benched. He lost I WANNA say tens of millions maybe even one hundred million he lost the TV series. He lost a lot a movie. He made a movie and it never got released because of his behavior towards women. And he's got lots of people like Sarah Silverman saying you know that she thought it was funny or whatever that when he was jerking off fundamental. So he should be to make a living and I have to say. I wasn't the biggest Louis C. K. Fan I would never have gone to see him ten years ago. I've seen him on. Tv of laughed. He's good. He's not great he's what he's good he's not great. I mean he's not he's overweight. He's over it was better than I. Don't know propels Lenny. Clocks funny always asked to your cell my God. I am just curious. How many times you've seen lenny? I've heard everyone many audio interview question. I think I've seen him twice. I'd never seen him. He's a great perform. You know else's Funnier Greg Murphy. Who that is. Who the hell are you just naming everyone who's ever appeared on w. what are we in right now? Great Comedian. What was going on you. Don't Greg Murphy don't probably like these people. I've never even heard of them. Who Greg Murphy? Who's Greg Murphy Christie's got then Distefano or something? He's one like him at all. I don't know I watched the Joe Rogan special net flicks. He was damn funny. Didn't WanNa like him but I liked him AROCCA. He's very. He's not as funny as Lenny but he's good so it looks like the first show is a little more than halfway sold out. Yeah that's it see. I thought because it's such a novelty and the guys who like comedy of guys who like Raunchy comedy. They want to walk across a picket line. Don't you think of course part of the fun part of the Charm now walking across the picket line? Couldn't he just give you tweeted out the tickets for sale? You could probably sell one hundred tickets form right now. How you not only What is it forty eight bucks or something? Whatever every seat. It's I love when people every sees forty-eight everyone's going to fight over the seats like southwest airlines. Can you know if I had to detect right now? Would you go? Will you go on your own when you buy a ticket? Maybe I don't know we'll see what I got going on that weekend. It's IT'S GONNA be a lot of work and I. I'm I'm probably not going to go. But I like the fact that he's making a comeback. I hope he jokes about it. I hope it's part of the act. It should be I mean. Let's be honest. There's a lot of material there. I mean come back in and of itself you could mess around with the words and as I always say that the guys that I don't say support the guys that I forgive although Christine early comedian and she's great to buy those excellent. We haven't seen her. She says he has never apologized. I thought he did. He made a statement e cop to it. You admitted what he did I thought he apologize. Yes never enough. It's never the right apology. I was going to say they're not nowadays. We have people you're like movie critics and your theater critics. You have apology critics. Who WHEN YOU APOLOGIZE. They they Parse it and they WANNA dissect analyze. I've done that before and again never enough doesn't matter what people say. Bullshit. You shouldn't you shouldn't have. I don't think you should accept all but do you think what if it's just forced like people don't really aren't really appalled The own except I'm really sorry Jack The apology. But what do you want them to do? Be So people aren't what if you don't think you did anything wrong and your company your employer use whatever existing making you apologize Just Save Your job anyway. I need you to go do a review of Louis. Ck's apology quotas. Put It on twitter. I'll watch it go there. I didn't say pay I want you. I'm not talking about the show. Talk about the apology. Okay I know you feel like he should get a second chance so do I. Of course and I think I know who will be outside protesting if there's a protest. Those aren't my people that I'm not gonNA. I'm not going to be on their team. No matter what might be But it is going to be interesting because this is how he's going to make a living. He's not going to get another. Tv show right. He's not GonNa get another movie. He's not GonNa make a lot of Appearances on whatever Kimmel is he. He's doing what you're doing. He's hustling independently side. How does that feel too bad for him? And then guys got million of followers. He's saying even if he starts playing shitty little clubs that he he he's GonNa make his mom see. I understand some guy got the platform the platform. You're an established entity I understand. Why guys do things like in cheat on their wives or whatever you know a guy who may be say on inappropriate comments like Mike Bloomberg to female employees. I could never get my mind around with Lucy Louis. Ck talked about this. Yes we had an interesting conversation. I won't do it again. Resumed a month ago. Almost got a separate tab on Porn hub you can go there. Zing. Yeah it's called for your no it isn't voyeurism is watching someone else. He wants people watching him. And that's what they get off on. They get off on the other person on which is not first of all. It's Churkin okay about this topic. Resume is when you look in your neighbors windows like you do that. Sometimes right sometimes. That's not is not when you're beating in funny a friend. That's that's what voyeurism is on horn up. Okay get the long run. I'm going to trust Morgon. Read the categories appoint up my idea the UAE. Eu R I S. Let's see what comes up. You don't believe me I'm a word man. It's not what Louis C. K. That there's no word for Lucy. There should be. But there's no word. I gotTA do looked up. Well I do define a house that you do that once you bring your computer you listen to a laptop a computer. It's a phone. You look that up. Don't interrupt me okay unless you want to go see my friends. At least the final would decide the final hair restoration. I love this place. I know what you might be doing right now. Guys I used to do it to you looking in the mirror getting ready for work or you're in the car you're stuck in traffic. You look at the review. 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You'll see the pictures you'll see me and you'll see my great hair right there on their website. That's transplant doc. Dot Com or. Give them a call at one. Eight hundred four six. That's one eight hundred four six hair. Distefano hair restoration center transplant. Doc Dot Com when he got turtle boy was all fired up this week. He's got internal drama abacus hosts on TV daily this week. There's been a few good posts. But I'm he's got a traitor right now with Internal Issues I have my first Well we're posing protectionist right now and I have my turtle boy sweatshirt all right. What's what you're paid full price for this by the way and I like it. You have some good swag. Dow is during the Murchison deal if I recall. Yes well actually Kirk and I bought the whole talking about loyalty who Bob Murchison would not be known by anybody. Were it not for Turtaboi? They they called us in. After you broke the story on Turtaboi and like we were interrogated. There was like a light above us. And we're and the program director and the General Manager. Sat Me Down says. Tell us the truth. Don't lie you know who their you feed distal Turtaboi who the program to your interrupting going. Good but I'm going to say so. Sometimes you suck at this say I love you to my source was stop. You can get to that all right. Okay I'll stop. Sh they sat me down. I believe I communicated with you It was very tense. Little moment they sat me down. Says tell us to do not lie. Did you feed the store to turtle boy? Did you talk to turtle boy and I said I can't lie to you sir. No I didn't that question. I just sat on General Manager in the program director general manager was doing the tile fills after. I was one of his sources. Is Our bottle right choice. I knew text. You know he set the whole thing. Good it we did it secretly to he so he goes. He texted me. He called me and he said. Here's what we're GONNA do. I'M GONNA message you on twitter and I'm going to say. Hey Turtle boy. I heard you know this this. Can you please not say anything? And then you say sorry can't do it. I have to let it all out and you say okay. Do what you have to do. We literally set the whole thing up to cover for Zarbano S. He said to me and talk. Nate talked a few other people. Did you do diligence? And you did a great job. And you're exposed him and you can continue to stay on it and you showing loyalty by having me on. Yes not everyone else's done that and buying your sweatshirt and such switch another program I'll be named would if people WANNA buy turtaboi happening. What if they want TURTABOI SPORTS DOT COM? There's a link to the store on the Great Swag. That's Nice Switch. You got you got all kinds of shirts and hats and everything. You're huge you're riding high and you got some good stories up there. You're going after my old hometown. Van Dover again which I enjoy never give me a lack of content there. No they do not and Anything up there now. We should know about now. There was an interesting story crazy story out of what you see this woman just as I was up there the photographer who pretended to be on your steal baby. That's the one of the greatest lifetime plot movies theories some special kind of evil. Someone when they say you know I wanNA baby. I'M GONNA go steal one. Well I got a twist on that because that not only was the daughter of story is pretend photography. She pretended she was learning to be photography. And she sent up films by saying I need to photograph some babies. You know babies for you know for my portfolio for my career should do it for free. Set these families up took the picture of the babies she was casing the joint or plan was to steal a baby and poison them. I give them. Ghb The date rape drug and the woman who started eating like they. She loses them up. I they get comfortable to bring some food over. She eats it. The woman realized while she was like passing out. Something's up in dialed nine one one. And that's how she got caught but the woman in this turtle we got what I found. The woman brought her with her sixteen year old girl. She was arrested by the way she's in on it. And I find this forum so two weeks ago somebody found out about this and posted about it and it got shared by a lot of people and and the woman shows up on the page with her daughter and starts calling the victim a liar. She's a junkie. This is fake news. Take this down reporting this to facebook all this stuff and then the dad shows up and it got divorced and the DAD's starts blaming it on the mom and say oh. My daughter is being manipulated by this. And then the dad who's a bag himself shares a go fund me foot. Why am I supposed to give money to you? I don't know 'cause your daughter tried to kidnap. Forget I'm supposed. Mother helped daughter still a baby together. And then we're going to take it home and tell all the neighbors. Hey Look on new baby. I don't I don't get the idea of stealing a baby. That's the thing I mean especially when you already have. We should give them credit. They working like cut her out of the womb like they sent you some good and everybody. They were going to drug the mother. The mother was going to wake up and say a phony photographer. Stole my baby. How can we don't put chips in kids? You chips and your dogs. How come you can't put a chip in a good question? That'll be blessed that question the Knicks Democratic. So they're done talking about climate Babies Mondays. The next debate that's excellent. I'm looking forward to help. Baby around Ralph North Hall. Take hold five weeks kill it kill it. I hope it's crazies last night. I believe Monday in South Carolina. Where they're all going to be pandering this sponsored by the Black Caucus pandering passes off and hopefully Bloomberg will come with some GonNa be some Rawal Tie God anyway thanks for coming in again turtle. Thanks for the sweatshirt even though it paid full price but anyway thanks we'll shake concrete ally paving wonderful. You're not coming to legacy club this week. Day No no a weekend. I don't know you might get the shakes. Might need to get in here. So I was a crowd favorite. Iro on telling you that was a good career move watched. I Bet your purse cope with a lot of us. I think you should drunk periscope every weekend. The good thing about it is i. Don't even remember how many people were affect. I'm going to assign you that. What you drink periscope on the weekends and will promote it. Never WanNa Watch be fun. I don't think I can't even tell you I'm giving up booth. Why did you delete it? Twinkle Howard I I think it was. It just didn't feel good with put them cowardly by your work. I'm not proud of it. So stand by your worst moments thanks to my friends at DC around you and Deza Fino. And thanks to you. Everybody we really appreciate we need your experts subscribing rating reviewing listening. And telling your friends. We appreciate it. He's calling and I'm Callahan. We'll talk to you again soon.

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