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E83: The Process Church - Mary Ann MacClean and Robert de Grimston


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E83: The Process Church - Mary Ann MacClean and Robert de Grimston

"Have you checked out my new show not guilty yet? If you haven't you should give it a listen, it examines controversial criminal cases and tries to determine why solid evidence doesn't always lead to a conviction. It's the perfect podcast. If you love true crime stories with huge twists and turns search for an subscribe to not guilty on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts, and please don't forget to rate and review. Due to the graphic nature of this cult's crimes. Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of material that some people may find -fensive we advise extreme caution for listeners under thirteen. Nineteen sixty six somewhere in the Yucatan of fallen disciple meditates as he awaits penance for reasons known only to the goddess he's been cast out of the process. He knew this moment would come. The goddess has a history of brutally casting aside her favorites. He's still as stone deep in a trance as bugs crawl over him. He stays like this for three days and two nights until two women approach but goddess wants him back. But when the women take him before the goddess she says his vigil wasn't enough. He begs for mercy. The goddess smirk says fellow disciples taunt him desperate the disciple promises to flog himself. If only the goddess will take him back. She finally agrees all his strength goes into every blow the blood runs from his back yet. He doesn't feel the pain. He's in a state of rapture after his re-acceptance. He tells the others of the euphoria he felt in his flocking. They asked tomorrow his rope excitedly beating themselves until they felt the same. Hi, I'm Greg Paulson. And I'm Vanessa Richardson, and this is cults on the park cast network. Every Tuesday, we look at a cult practices their leader and their followers today. We're taking a deep dive into the lives of Marian McLean and Robert Moore Grimsson to exile tala GIS tes who founded the process church of the final judgement at par cast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help we also now have merchandise had Duparc cast dot com slash merch. For more information. You can listen to previous episodes of cults as well as all of par casts. Other shows wherever you listen to podcasts. A new episode comes out every. Tuesday. Maryanne and Robert de Grimsson founded the process church of the final judgement in London during the nineteen sixties. The degrom sins met has members of the church of Scientology after they were excommunicated the couple married and started a splinter group. Members of the process church were infamous for their hooded black cloaks and self published magazines which attracted both celebrity and controversy there. Most famous doctrine to love Christ. And Satan equally branded the cult as worshipping this belief system the Tory. Sleaze linked the process church to the Manson family murders. The son of Sam killings and dog sacrifices the process church finally dissolved in nineteen seventy four when the Grimsson split. But perhaps most surprisingly after several reinventions the process church still exists today as the best friends animal society, a no kill shelter based. Canabis utah. This week will focus on the lives of the degrom stans their marriage, and the influences that led to the creation of the process church of the final judgement in partout will focus on the cult's association with satanic rituals abuse child neglect, the Grimsson divorce and the end of the process church in his auto biography. Robert Sylvester more later known as Robert de Grimsson recalled a near running with his future wife Mariane MacLean it happened around midnight on a London road back in nineteen sixty more wanted to cross the street to get to a nearby park. He found a pedestrian crossing and confidently stepped off the curb as the law gave pedestrians the right of way. He didn't remember how far he'd gotten across the street when he casually glanced up and saw car speeding right towards him. More realized the driver had no intention of stopping he had seconds. Spare the car was so close that more could see the woman behind the wheel. He called her quote, young handsome, angry with red hair. I jumped backwards she drove past without turning her head, and quote, he didn't know it at the time, but the angry red head was Marianne McLean, though, they wouldn't formally meet each other until a few years later more said that this incident perfectly encapsulated her he compared to a thunderstorm, a heatwave and a blizzard all in one like hostile weather. She was incredibly difficult to define but we will do our best. Marianne McLean was born out of wedlock on November. Twentieth. Nineteen thirty one in Glasgow. Scotland at the time Glasgow was a poverty stricken cesspit of crime and highly congested due to an influx of immigrants in search of work. It made for appalling conditions and little chance of escaping poverty. Mcclain grew up in the gore bowls. An area on the south Bank of the river. Clyde children played in the muddy alleyways and streets in the shadows of decaying slums with an average of eight residents to one room at an average of thirty residents to a toilet conditions were inhospitable. It was a childhood Marianne would be eager to leave behind. She also suffered from turbulent home life her alcoholic father deserted the family shortly after her birth. Unable to cope mcclain's mother often abandoned her to the care of various relatives. This lack of familial stability would have a devastating impact on McLane. As a developing child Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here. And throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks, greg. According to Dr Joseph are Cohen, quote exposure to physical and emotional neglect in childhood can lead to. Deficits which lay the foundation for psychological distress in early adulthood and quote for McLean. Her perpetual, fear of being abandoned would manifest itself as she became a figurehead in the process church. She manipulated her followers to constantly vie for her attention. She would force them to constantly prove they loved. Her McLean herself has gone on record about her loveless. Childhood reportedly, the only person to show her any semblance of affection of those days was an older man from the neighborhood who treated her like a granddaughter, but even he eventually left her after tragically freezing to death after falling asleep drunk behind a warehouse, a traumatic loss that likely taught McLean. How cruel life could be. One of the things McLean likely saw growing up in the gore bowls was rampant sex work. Abject, poverty, had not only driven many in glasco to go live on the streets and descend into alcoholism many women in the city had resorted to the world's oldest profession to support themselves witnessing how the sex workers plied their trade likely influenced mclean's decision to eventually become a sex worker herself. According to independent social researcher Jane pitcher for some people with a limited range of options. Sex work may be seen as the best of possible. Occupational choices yet sex were came with a very high risk in Glasgow robbery brutality and murder were all regular occurrences. Some clean likely set her sights on the relatively quieter streets of London where she reportedly fell under the influence of pimps from Malta McLean had no formal education outside of an alleged stint in. Reformatories school. But luckily for her she was incredibly street smart. She quickly became a tune to how to satisfy her clients and became a popular. Companion McLean initially took to sex work as a means of survival. But she quickly realized that the intimacy she shared with her clients granted her access to society's upper crust. She formed deep relationships with more than one of her Johns, according to pitcher, this is actually somewhat common in the sex industry. For instance, McLean used to love telling people that she was once briefly engaged to the professional boxer sugar. Ray Robinson who she met through sex work. Apparently their relationship was so passionate that McLean flew out to the United States to live with Robinson in nineteen fifty nine. And whether this is true or not records show that MacLean did. In fact, live in the US for a year when she was in her early twenties, though Robinson son has since. Denied that his father ever knew her either way McLean was back in London by the end of nineteen sixty. After her return clean reportedly worked as a dance hall hostess at Murray's cabaret club on beak street in London. So strict the next year nineteen sixty one would prove monumental to the thirty year old mcclain's otherwise largely undocumented life. They was the year. She joined the church of Scientology's London chapter. There are a lot of reasons as to why people join the church of Scientology, according to the church's official website, quote, Scientology, addresses, the spirit, not the body or the mind and believes that man is far more than a product of his environment or his jeans, and quote, the fact that MacLean became a scientologist strongly hints at a desire to discover within herself something beyond a sex worker or hostess, but she wasn't the only one in search of a change across town. Robert Moore was also seeking a new lease on life a calling that would elevate him to a higher purpose the following year. He would find such a purpose in the church of Scientology, bringing him just a little closer to his future wife. Moore's early years perfectly. Contrast mcclain's a British citizen born in Shanghai China on October eighth nineteen thirty five more return to England with his mother before he was a year old. And unlike McLean, he came from a reasonable amount of privilege and wealth. His ancestry could possibly be traced back to Anne of York. Duchess of Exeter, and the elder sister of King Edward the fourth and king, Richard the third this meant that more may have been part of the house of plan Tajik, it the former Royal house of England which produce some of the kingdom's most famous monarchs, including Richard the Lionheart. But whether he was Royal or not more enjoyed the privilege of well-connected relatives the second of four children. He was raised upper-middle-class many in his family headed Cheever professional success and Moore's parents likely expected the same from him. He was educated at a strict Anglican private school, which he hated. He felt the school was too conservative and repressive and needlessly. Shamed. Its students for their sexuality. He was ready to leave from the moment he walked through the front door. But the prep school wasn't all bad. He excelled in school and was offered the chance. To study at a top engineering university in the UK after graduation, but ever the free spirit more refused. The offer instead deciding to enlist in the military, the impetus behind his decision isn't totally clear, but some of his writings suggests that he was searching for a higher calling that civilian life had yet to give him more served in the British army from nineteen fifty four to nineteen fifty eight his service was largely on eventful, although he saw some action while stationed for six months in Malaysia where his regimen waged war against a communist insurgent movement in nineteen fifty eight at Twenty-three-year-old more transferred back to England where he worked as a transportation unit officer until the end of his service in nineteen fifty nine more enrolled in the Regent Street polytechnic in London known today as the university of Westminster while at university, more married and fathered two children. Ever the passionate student? He once again excelled in school as an architecture student. He challenged convention and inspired fellow classmates to do the same yet in nineteen sixty two that passion vanished along with Moore who dropped out with no notice seemingly leaving his wife and children, but departure was a complete shock his classmates. Suspected more had found something more captivating than architecture day were right two years. Previous in nineteen sixty one of Moore's brothers had joined the church of Scientology and his passion for the church had inspired more to attend a few meetings. More took the Scientology like a fish to water. Suddenly he had found a purpose. And soon a woman who would change the rest of his life. Will learn more about Robert Moore's new life in a moment. According to my dentist my teeth, and especially my gums are in better shape. Now that I've been using my quip electric toothbrush. That's fantastic. 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Again, search not guilty or visit podcast dot com slash not guilty to listen now. Now back to the story in nineteen sixty two twenty seven year old Robert Moore dropped out of architecture school, suddenly and without warning. He had found renewed purpose within the church of Scientology much to the surprise of Moore's former classmates shortly after joining he met a woman who would soon capture his imagination thirty one year old Marianne McClain who was a year into her membership and had already risen to the rank of auditor her job was to monitor psychotherapy sessions with the use of an electro Cy commader or e meter an auditor like McLean would administer a stress test to each individual using series of questions. She then use the meter to gauge their reaction. But when Moore was first introduced to MacLean, it wasn't exactly love it for site. Moore wrote quote mcclain's brash exterior and her general air of supreme confidence had offended me and probably threatened. My masculinity and quote, yet his initially rotation with her subsided as they found that they both shared an interest in psychology, specifically, more and McLean admired the work of Austrian psychologist. Alfred Adler Adler believed that every human being was in pursuit of a goal. And once actions were driven by unconscious motivations more grew to see the human mind as a labyrinth of complexities that went around in a circle and endless cycle of misery or superiority, but despite his voracious reading on the subject more struggle to grasp psychology beyond the abstract McLean. However was more analytical in her approach has a former sex worker her survival had wants dependent upon her ability to read clients to determine their needs. She was a master of scrutiny facial expressions tire turn of phrase. Everything was a small window into someone's personality. This ability to read. Others likely aided her as an auditor convincing people to return to Scientology time and time again, according to author James r Lewis the objective of the initial service is to create for the novice away win, which may spark interest in additional services, the church of Scientology staff held McLean in high esteem as an auditor that reportedly offered her much higher positions within the church, but she repeatedly refused them. She evidently liked being an auditor probably because it allowed her to have complete control. She enjoyed the control so much that eventually she began refusing to follow Scientology script and conducted her own evaluations. She liked knowing more about people than they knew about themselves. But that didn't mean McLean refused. More training in nineteen sixty three thirty two year old McLean underwent rigorous training for six weeks until she was clear. It was a difficult process. But was made. Slightly easier by the presence of her new friend Robert Moore who was also in the class the church of Scientology referred to the state of clear as when an individual becomes free of compulsions traumatic events and involuntary feelings when Moore and MacLean were officially declared clear, it meant they could officially help others become clear towards the end of their training McLean provided therapy to more these intimate sessions were spent facing each other across a small table. More talked while McLean, mainly listened more wrote, quote, I'd found real contact perhaps for the first time in my life. And I was in love and quote for her part MacLean welcomed Moore's and patchy Shen and the two became romantically involved. However, it didn't come without a price. Mclane provided comfort and security, but in exchange, she demanded absolute control this put her at odds with the church of Scientology. And they started listening in on her sessions when she discovered his sessions have been bugged acclaimed grew enraged and left Scientology, an infatuated more willingly followed, but the couple didn't go empty handed. They stole an eater. From the auditing office's equipped with the eater and Adler theories on self actualization, the couple resolve to help others connect with their inner selves more had an idea about who they could help. I he has some school friends. He hadn't spoken to in a year. Perhaps it was time for a class reunion in nineteen sixty three twenty three year old Timothy Wiley was a fellow architecture student at Regent Street polytechnic and had been a close friend more during his university stint their friendship was somewhat inevitable as they took the same bus route home in those days. So when more phone wildly out of the blue after a year of radio silence. Wiley was happy to hear from his friend more. Told wyle that he had founded a new psychotherapy method with Marianne McLean. The needed a Guinea pig to tested on as they turned out the kinks. Wiley was already paying his way through school as a practice patient for a student psychologists. So he figured why not try this out too. But from the first moment, Wiley met McLean. He distrusted her having known Moore's first wife and children while he saw McLean as a home, wrecker McLean, of course, knew how to win Wiley over she sent more to fetch coffee and asked why questions about himself while he admits he enjoyed the attention from clain, even as she became increasingly invasive Wiley said, quote, I was flattered of course, who wouldn't be. We all like to think we are special in our own secret hearts, and quote, these sessions, however were different from the ones McLean audited as a scientologist McLean felt the official auditing process converted people into puppets for Scientology. Founder L Ron Hubbard. She and more favored a more existential approach, they asked questions, and they're stolen eater measured the electrical resistance on the skin of Wylie's hands. The results were displayed on a meter and interpreted as his unconscious emotional response. The line of questioning what eventually turn to how one might be unwittingly sabotaging their purpose in life. Mclean would ask him philosophical things. Like what the consequences would be should one fail to find their purpose. Why Lee said quote McLean was a master at tickling out answers, and quote, these sessions with McLean attracted the interest of Wiley and Moore's other friends from Regent Street polytechnic who notice the positive change in wireless demeanor soon. Wylie's neighbors were having sessions with McLean and more but claim supposedly taught them how to channel their past lives and tap into who they were in decades past the excitedly shared their cell. Discoveries. Amongst each other. The group grew to about twelve members by the end of nineteen sixty three all of whom were told that their current issues where the results of actions taken in a past life over time, they became so close to one another that they felt they had shared encounters with each other in past lives. Wylie said, quote, all this gave us the feeling we were onto something big and inevitable, and quote yet while the group believed they were making headway together McLean in more put up a wall between themselves and their patients, the gradually withdrew from the casual meet ups held by other members and conducted private sessions with each other this distance helped them in shroud themselves in mystery and seem more authoritative to their followers. According to American authors, and spirituality experts Diana all stead, and Joel Kramer, quote authority may be vested in some perceived capacity within an individual and quote in other words, Robert and. Marianne were the only ones who knew how to read the eater and as such were lionized by their patients. Meanwhile, McLean continued to exercise control over every aspect of Moore's life more in his first wife had long been separated, but he was still legally married. A fact that McLean wouldn't let him forget McLean. Utilized every possible opportunity to shame him about his previous marriage. She reportedly claimed Moore had deceived. Her yet more was adamant, he loved McLean had no intention of going back to his first wife. Eventually McLean believed him agreed to move into gather. Although in truth, she was probably never all that concerned by Moore's first wife, only using the marriage as a tactic to keep more under her control and groveling in nineteen sixty four the twenty nine year old Moore and thirty three year old McLean. Rented an apartment together on Wigmore street in London. It was likely. No accident that their practice. Near where several licensed doctors performed consultations. This helped the couple to purposefully misrepresent their psychotherapeutic practice as legitimate McLean and more officially dubbed their practice. Compulsions analysis to fit their new image McLean. Groomed. More into dressing, the part more war expensive suits to offset. Mcclain's loose-fitting dresses to see more refined. More also had his blonde hair cut to draw. Attention to his blue is the strategy worked soon membership grew to around twenty people McLean and more held by weekly meetings that they called communication courses together. They taught a crowd of eager young people who hung on their every word as the courses expanded. It was clear McLean and more had stolen more than just the e meter from the church of Scientology the couple had stolen some of the exercises as well. They split up the group into pairs and had them look each other in the eye. I for five minutes without distraction, another exercise involved one patient verbally abusing or harshly criticizing another while the other Baird the insults without betraying emotion. This exercise volved into one patient sitting in the center of a group of about thirty to forty patients. The selected patient would sit quietly as the others shouted the worst insults. They could think of the supposed goal was to break there in additions and through this rediscover themselves by the mid nineteen sixties compulsions analysis was doing so well, but it was able to move out of the Wigmore street apartment and into a mansion on Belfour place in the Mayfair district. The bow four place mansion was leased by patient of McLean and Moores who had recently come into money as with the Wigmore street apartment McLean and more had intentions for the mansion it was to serve as their base to bring together believers and spread their word. However. Several other sources allege that the bell four-place mansion was the first step in McLean. Moore's plan to live like royalty at the expense of their devoted patients as their patients began to see them as status symbols. It was that much easier to entice new followers who had gladly give the money hand over fist, the political activism and freedom of the swinging sixties attracted a lot of young adults to freethinking movements like compulsions analysis popularity came at a price British American journalist and television personality ouster cook had a stepdaughter named Holly who became involved with compulsions analysis in the summer of nineteen sixty five Holly was depressed at the time at initially felt relaxed after therapy sessions. However, these sessions were expensive and all consuming Holly and several other patients were compelled by McLean and more to make a full commitment to compulsions analysis. This not only meant paying. Large fees to McLane and more. It also meant cutting themselves off from friends and family to dedicate themselves full time to the organization while Hawley wasn't trenched in compulsions analysis for sisters Susie visited her in London. Suzy was sixteen years old at the time and naturally curious about compulsions analysis, Holly introduced Susie to McLane and more and soon Susie was part of the group her visit was supposed to be a brief stopover on her way to Paris. But she ended up spending all her travel money on compulsions analysis and began cleaning the mansion from clean and more to make ends meet concerned, Holly and Suzy's mother Jane attended a compulsions analysis session to see what her daughters had been up to the Sacramento incantations and group shaming confirmed her worst fears when Jane told Alistair Cooke about the session, cook reached out to friends in high places to help us stepdaughters one such friend was in America. And ambassador in London named David Bruce, Bruce told McLean and more that because Suzy was a minor her parents had the legal right to remove her from compulsions analysis. But her sister would not get out so quickly by the end of nineteen sixty five Holly had had a total of three hundred therapy sessions with McLean and more. It was only then that she realized what she had gotten yourself into the Clinton more were moving away from psychology with an increasing focus on spirituality. The organization was focusing far less on discovery of the self and far more on the end of days. They began to refer to their organization as a religion even hinting that McLean might herself be a goddess the couple officially rebranded compulsions analysis as the process in nineteen sixty five the new name was a possible allusion to McLean in Moore's tenure in the church of Scientology derived from the terminology Scientologists us. To describe the transition from a normal to a clear state. They saw it as the beginning of new religion steeped in psychological, manipulation and doomsday fear tactics. It would be labeled a cult from its very, inception and McLean and more had never been so proud. We'll see the inception of the process church after this. Now back to the story in nineteen sixty five thirty year old Robert Moore and thirty four year old Marianne McLean, morphed compulsions analysis into something brand new they called their group the process, and it wasn't the only name change the couple made at some point in the nineteen sixties, but cleanin more had gotten married yet McLean, reportedly insisted that more changes surname does something more exotic and sophisticated they settled upon dick Grimsson, which was a family name barred from Moore's distant ancestors, but not. Everyone loved the changes that were being made after her sister had been extracted from the call too few months earlier, Holly, no longer wanted to be part of the process, but she was shamed. For wanting to leave and felt immense. Guilt about her lack of commitment. Mclean was a master manipulator and knew how to keep followers in the fold. It took several months before Holly could finally extricate herself from the grim sins and the process she later told the Sunday Telegraph in nineteen sixty six that the grim sins had turned the atmosphere in the mansion into one of guilt and subservience that dipped into the occult with things like spirit, channeling she insinuated that the process was occult, and she wasn't the only one magazines newspapers in London scathingly nicknamed the process the mind benders of Mayfair such allegations didn't sit well with parents several of whom weren't as well connected as how star cook one such. Case involved a seventeen year old named Jonathan depar- Jonathan became acquainted with the process through his older brother Christopher who was already well established within the group. Their parents had been upset when Christopher had started spending all his time and money in this rumored cult so when they're younger son started attending meetings enough was enough. The departures took the process to court to make them stay away from Jonathan. Unfortunately, an envelope of the prosecution's entire legal strategy was mistakenly mailed to the Balfour place mansion giving the process and advantage. They won the case. And Jonathan was allowed to remain with the cult such victories. However, didn't protect the process from ridicule. More had arranged to give lectures at Oxford Union and the London School of economics, his apocalyptic rants got more laughed out of both institutions. It was a demoralizing experience that left members. Shaded they began to realize that their own country would never accept them. So in may of nineteen sixty six it was decided that the process needed to get away from western civilization. If it had any chance of truly flourishing before the move overseas. The degrom sins tried to recruit new members to help pay for the relocation costs, but they hit a snag because the process had been labelled a cult. Nobody knew wanted to join they were stuck with the thirty some followers already among the ranks and a smaller pool of savings than they would have preferred MacLean finally decided that the Bahamas would be the perfect place to settle since. She imagined it as a tropical exotic place where the locals would be more open to alternative brands of spirituality. Apparently, nobody told her that the Bahamas have been a staunchly Christian nation since the late sixteen hundreds to better fund their pilgrimage process members sold off their possessions and on June. Twenty-third nineteen sixty six bid goodbye to their distraught. Families. They relocated to Nassau the capital city of the Bahamas initially the grim sins plan to purchase their own island by pooling money from some of their wealthier followers, trust funds and inheritances. But for whatever reason that plan fell apart once they were on the ground. The group was stuck in NASA. Still to be stuck in the Bahamas wasn't too bad. They quickly found it three story. Wooden mansion that overlooked swimming pool and settled into what they hoped would be temporary accommodations. It wasn't as big as the bow foreplay smashing. But the exotic tropical atmosphere was a far cry from dreary London. The members found jobs in Nassau and often spent their lunch hours in the pool every evening. The degrom sins joined members poolside to teach and meditate in their meditation sessions several process members established what they believed was a connection with non-proportional intellects who they called beings. Process. Members would test these beings with questions and would arrive at a collective answer, which they attributed to having been provided by the beings. But after a couple of months the process members felt that even though they would never be able to afford a private behavior island. They had at least earned enough to leave the Bahamas and find their permanent home. They asked the beings where to go next and every process member simultaneously received a joint answer Mexico. The beings led the group to Merita the Yucatan regions capital city. They arrived on a rickety bus towards the end of the summer. Nineteen sixty six between the move to the Bahamas and the move to Mexico. Membership of the process had dropped down to twenty five. Many former followers were either tired ran out of money what the rest foraged onwards and rented a small fisherman's cottage in the village of c cell, but having spent all their money on the move. They had little to spare for food they tried to fish. But were in arguably horrible at it. They only got their first real meal when a. Fish washed up in front of their cottage the process hailed the incident as a miracle. The Grimsson meanwhile took to exploring the surrounding area during one of many amateur expeditions. They stumbled upon an abandoned nineteenth century salt factory left in the ruins of stole a small Yucatan village the process decided that the large factory was much more their style and quickly settled on the property that only led to more challenges with no fresh water on the premises process. Members made repeated journeys to the village of chew burner Puerto to fill a five gallon water tank. They had to carry the tank on a pole for over two long, mosquito Laden miles in the summer, heat surviving off coconuts, and whatever fish they were lucky enough to catch member soon became emaciated, the grim skins continued their evening meditation sessions over time the processes the G began to take. Shape. The beings were redefined as the four gods of the universe. The four gods were equals in the eyes of the process each represented, the dual nature of mankind Jehovah represented man's strength. And leadership yet also totalitarianism Lucifer was the bringer of light. Yet was also known for a looseness Satan was the fire of inspiration and man's decadence. Jesus Christ represented both unification and victimhood. It was also around this time that MacLean began manipulating followers to compete for her affections and further elevate her to a goddess like status. She developed a habit of elevating someone as her favorite, then discarding them, just as quickly not even more was safe from her whims. He wrote quote McLean knows. She plays games around people. The whip followed by the carrot followed. By the whip McLean was a master of. It and quote yet this casual flip-flop between cruelty and kindness didn't bother more or the other process members their Spartan existence. Install had taught them to think in terms of extremes. The interpreted everything as a spiritual reenactment of trials previously endured in past lives. Subconsciously imprinted in their minds process. Members spent evenings in hut. She held court as she made cutting observations about everyone in her presence and gave them bizarre advice, for instance, widely adopted a pet Bulla constrictor after MacLean told him that in a past life. He was the serpent in the garden of Eden. Still despite the eccentricities the process finally had a home. But that would soon change thanks to hurricane Anna's. I Ness touchdown in nearby Tempe. Go Mexico on October tenth nineteen sixty six with winds exceeding. One hundred forty miles per hour. Wiley recalls standing atop a cliff and watching in horror as the waters receded. He told the others the water would return to wipe them out. He wasn't the only one who feared this. The British embassy personally visited the process to advise them to evacuate however, apart from two or three process members who took the advice of the British embassy and left the others opted to trust in the degrom since belief that the four gods would shield them from the worst of the hurricane. They ended up taking cover and a whole that had been dug out for a building foundation that year hurricane as claimed two hundred ninety three lives and caused forty million dollars in property damage across the Caribbean. The process hadn't suffered a single casualty, but they didn't get away completely unscathed. Hurricane Knez had destroyed everything that process members had built they. I took this as a sign that they're Lynn adventures were over. It was time to return to civilization in November of nineteen sixty six process. Members phone their parents and made the necessary arrangements to return to England when they arrived the process immediately began recruiting new members with a little more success than before their trip. They set up a hierarchy to honor those who had been with the group since before Mexico newcomers were labeled oh Ps short for outside process. They were at the bottom of the hierarchy known as the messengers above the messengers were the prophets. Then the priests and above the priests were the masters, the masters were men and women who had spent the longest amount of time in the process and ranked second only to the grim since themselves despite the our appearance of success and growth the group had never financially recovered from their tropical vacation while. While the bell four-place mansion gave the impression of wealth members were virtually broke after their misfortunes in Mexico. So they opened a cafe in the mansion's basement dubbed Satan's cavern process. Members bus tables and saints cavern and charmed customers with incessant Flannery. Eventually they convinced patrons to have an impact session like the meter sessions McLean cribbed from the church of Scientology using a similar machine. They called the peace cope, eventually the peace. Cope was set aside as process members felt confident in their own telepathic abilities. Meanwhile, the process had taken on a more disciplined way of life. They awoke at the same time eight breakfast together and were signed tasks for the day if they weren't administering sessions. They peddled their magazine on the streets. The magazine was initially titled the common market, but was later renamed the process around this time. Moore also produced several books and essays that process members printed on a Heidelberg printing press behind Satan's cavern these books two of which were titled humanities, the devil and Jehovah on war suggested that when Christ told his followers to love their enemy. He was really instructing them to love Satan in nineteen sixty seven the cafe and literature sales were doing well enough and new members were donating enough that the grim sins were able to take their teachings on a world tour in April they toward the Middle East reaching Israel by may in June. They landed in Turkey while abroad, the degrom sins instructed their followers through letters and phone calls. They continue to search for a new place to call home has Londoners still largely regarded them as a cult. It was then that the Grimsson turned their attention towards the United States. They took note of an entire generation of young Americans in search of their place. Amid changing political and social landscape and realized it might be a place ripe for the picking once again, they took a leap of faith. The process set up a chapter on Royal street in the French quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, June twenty first nineteen sixty seven the Grimsson filed an article of incorporation and officially re-christened their group as a bona fide religion the process church of the final judgement. The degrom tins had big plans for their little church. Neither could have guessed that soon. Everything they built would begin to unravel until they were left with nothing. Not even one another. Next week. We'll delve into the conflicting personalities that initially drew that Grimsson together, and that ultimately became the undoing of the process church. Thanks again for tuning into cults. We'll be back with part two of the process church next Tuesday. You can find more episodes of cults as well as olive park casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play or your favorite podcast directory. 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