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Dr Maria Van Kerkhove talks about WHO's response to Covid-19

America's Morning News

02:25 min | 3 years ago

Dr Maria Van Kerkhove talks about WHO's response to Covid-19

"Thursday, marking six months since the World Health Organization declared the Corona virus a public health emergency of international concern. Thursday, also marking the fourth consecutive day, the U. S reported more than 1000 related deaths, bringing the nationwide death pull closer to 150,000. The World Health Organization's Dr Maria van Kirk off on the agency's response that's been a target of blame. For the Trump administration. Me and we will Where is the doctor? I think we can characterize the response globally as mixed. I think we can weaken very strongly show that countries that have acted Fast have acted aggressively have acted comprehensively and really, it's due to many countries who have had direct experience with something similar or a similar threat. Countries that had experience with Stars Movie won the first stars in 2003 countries that had direct experience with avian influenza. Those that have had experience with MERS those countries across Africa that I've had experience with other infectious diseases that they deal with so often really saw the threat really knew the thread of this We as an organization active immediately, we mobilize ourselves on on the day we were alerted to this and mobilize all of our forces Tio acts and to inform Our first guidance materials were out on the 10th 11th and 12th of January, which was the comprehensive package of how to find cases care for cases how to protect healthcare workers from infection, how to collect samples to be able to test Onda checklist to get countries ready. On DH, So there was a lot that was put out early, and we really saw countries that that took an aggressive approach Countries that took all of government comprehensive approach really see some success in the beginning of trying to combat this these tools over and over again. If they're implemented, they work. Taken suppressed transmission and they can save lives on and I think what we need to do going forward as look at how we could be more efficient and our response. How? How can everyone Be more efficient in the tools that we apply so that we don't have to go into large lock down again. Our so called lock down measures.

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