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"maria maria wtma" Discussed on WSB-AM

"Traffic center never dull moment roadways Steve Wynn was in the twenty. Four hour traffic center what's going on Steve right now work, crews paving seventy, five southbound deterring all travel lanes of volume going onto. To eighty five westbound at exit two fifty nine all travel lanes not. Able to get by the cloverleaf at this point so your best bet is coming from Cobb County on I seventy five try to go west on either windy hill road or Dell. Quote, getting to Cobb Parkway highway forty one southbound and then continue southward down toward mount Paran road inside the perimeter road. Again all lanes blocked seventy five southbound at the two thousand five cloverleaf in Cobb County reporting live at the traffic center Steve Winslow WSB as President Trump continues to clarify his statements which appear to, be on the side of Russia over US intelligence in the Russian interference in two. Thousand, sixteen this twenty nine year old Russian woman accused, of, acting. As an. Agent for a. Foreign government during the elections well she said to appear in federal court this afternoon. Maria Maria Wtma is denying. Any wrongdoing a mysterious thing for neighbors in one Cherokee. County neighborhood a? Mother and her. Baby were discovered dead in their home on cedar mill crossing and. Acworth police say there was no foul play but neighbors tell, channel two action, news the situation is odd just we're very weird an. Autopsy is set to be performed Thursday on the bodies a two year. Old was found alive in that home a traffic stop is leading to a huge drug bust in sandy springs cops netting forty kilos of cocaine with a street value of more than. One, million dollars and some good news from Thailand ABC's Adrian Binkert reports this boys in their soccer coach that were rescued. From the cave are being released from the hospital today they are released.

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