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Lunchbox And Raymundo Try Smashing Watermelons With Their Legs! + Lunchbox Involved In 9-1-1 Pursuit + 'Celebrities In The Wild' Game

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Lunchbox And Raymundo Try Smashing Watermelons With Their Legs! + Lunchbox Involved In 9-1-1 Pursuit + 'Celebrities In The Wild' Game

"It's been one year since. George floyd murder business. Roundtable stands with millions of americans calling for policing reform. We urge policymakers to continue working together to pass. Bipartisan policing legislation. The time to act as now paid for by business roundtable. Why does quicksand work so slowly question. Everything hyundai did it's how they created the all new hyundai tucson with available innovations like a huge ten and a quarter inch infotainment screen and digital key technology allowing you to use your smartphone as a spare key. And you always get hyundai's complimentary maintenance for three years or thirty six thousand miles test drive the twenty twenty two hyundai tucson at your nearest hyundai dealer or learn more at hyundai usa dot com. Call five six two three one four four six three for complete details translating. See what's happening more studio in qualcomm to thursday show. We have a situation in our house. Now where we have two dogs. I've mentioned eller probably eight or nine months old now then heat. But she's almost alphabet starting to kind of be normal a little bit but we have to keep her in her own space. That has a doggy door. That goes out to the yard. So we got that kind of under control. Stanley bulldog is fine. He's hurt his foot and he's got like a cut in between to pause now kind of managing that he's he also has a situation where he is. I think he saw something outside barking at night. It'd be like a limb elif. The wind i dunno be barking. It would always freak me out. Because i've still some. Ptsd related to being jumped or having a gun to my head. My house broken into just had a lot of situations all at once. That still affect me. When i sleep at night and so i was like okay. Man put you. He now goes to a bedroom at night. Same bed and he stays in that bedroom that we can't see outside it can't like windows and outside of the living room and see anything out there that messes them up so the night. I still still hear him times. It's muffled because the walls go so we put one of those cameras in his room. One of those dog paul cameras or whatever they call them and you can watch. He has nightmares where he wakes up and just starts barking. It's never anything of people outside. We now tracked him and all of a sudden sleeping. He's in a room with all up just before his eyes even open. You starts barking guy. He isn't it could be a nightmare could be fun. He could be playing ball or some then that changes but whatever it is. It's the weirdest thing. We just sleep marking so it isn't as loud as a wake me up. It doesn't freak me out as much now. Because i would always think well he's seen somebody outside. It's gonna come into murder us right. We have like crazy security. We got security all around people hiding in the bushes with guns basically. Yeah and so. I just say anything about it but but that's been kind of the issue of dealing with at home. It happened last night. We looked at stuff this morning and figured out he barks and asleep wakes up. And that's what that's all. It is a minor breakthrough here Margot you are on the bobby bones. Show margot boston is on the phone. Margot let me tell you something. That song you played about grandma being dated was hysterical. I am a grandma in a great grandmother. And i laughed all the way home because i had a similar experience. I have i have seven grand grandsons and one of them walked in on me. One time i mean not now but maybe when i was about fifty five and it was like oh my god and we looked at each other. We didn't know what to do. He turned around and walked out. And then when. I came out of the bathroom. I said Next time somebody's in the bathroom. You need to know. I really sorry agree but yeah I just thought that was showing credible. I can relate to it and i said Whoever is complaining needs to get a life because that was such a amazing songs and people probably my age aaa twit. Then people might give it a grammy. That's what i say. Give that grammy. Well she's talking about is on yesterday. Show i mentioned. We're getting a lot of complaints. No a few complaints about a song from eddie. Neither raging idiots. We recorded live in concert called the grandma song and this is about real life. My grandma adopted me for a long time and was like my mom for years and years and it really happened and so margot. I appreciate that call. That's why i write songs to relate to the people It's time to open up. That mailbag kenya again. Hello bobby bones. My wife and i have enjoyed listening to your show for a couple of months after months and months of kobe. I just started going back to the jim. I'm looking to get back in shape. I need some motivations. I'm looking for suggestions for songs to add to my workout playlist. What is your current goto workout song. Signed heather you know it's weird. I don't really have a go-to is i. Current have a go-to always like this is. If there's one workouts on that i would put on your list. It's kind power when this comes on this part here like whatever i'm doing and elevates about twenty percent and it's like the kate it's this hey hey one in the twenty first century do something mean to me that's the ones a good tempo to that if i'm riding a bike or if i'm running connie power is for me. The song amy. what about you. I have more of a current jam. And i don't know that it has a great workout. Tempo just gets me in a good mood. And it's justin bieber peaches. I'll listen to a playlist comes on and then have a paycheck for the workout eddie. I don't really work out but lately i've been training for this walk so i haven't listen. Bob marley a little jamming. Oh it's just chill. I don't like bob marley controversy. Look yeah popular opinion. I i it all sounds the same to me. This is not going to putney assuming just like it's more of not quick workout fast. It's very slow. And i can do this an hour right like you do. What does you good this kind of music. I i see the baltimore at three songs. I don't know the difference on songs. But that's just because i'm not culture de you're saying they all sound the same exactly i also. I know i'm too dumb to get it get dance. Music sometimes either puts song changes on the same song toward song. The because i'm not cultured in it. Oh man this is like a state of mind. I love it but like unpopular opinion. I only bob marley than good. You hear that america's going that's okay. That's okay neil young. He's good too. I love neil young beyond say i'm not obsessed with fiance. Yeah know but. I'm not supposed to say next taylor. Swift taylor's great Who else is unpopular opinion read. No no awesome. I try to get you on that. Hey richie when you're lifting. What do you do well. This was when i was running. This song came on. Hello by pop. Smoke and i ran about twice as fast as of the mellow pillow. When i'm working out. It's mostly all hip hop stuff. Maybe i'll trickling brothers osborne stuff but i need that aggressive. Be if i'm hitting are almost no country stuff unnecessary slow. Unless it's brothers. Osborne i just need or it's hip hop stuff. Mostly though i'll go. I'll put an ira the ninety playlist. And then i'll. I'll do a lot of that ninety stuff. 'cause i like i like to feel you know young and should dabble with a little bit of boots putin boogie and chattahoochee man. Good tempos on those no. I need to get what about you and your gym. Oh it's taken all backed by judah in the lion. Good one high tough a. I didn't know you didn't listen to work out nash. This question i mean. I just don't work out a lot but i have been lately walking. Do you appreciate them all walkers even more now yes yes because you don't realize how fast they're walking. They're not doing a stroll in the park. Their power walking. And that's that's harder than you think. Do you think about weights. Do you walk weights at all. No training no. Because you're you just days away. Yeah should i carry around. Some weights to do is create an environment to where when you really are performing that. It's easier than when you're training trying harder than you're performing. Which are you training carrying a backpack because you are carrying a backpack. No doubt about that. Oh my this is not. He hit this training. he's just like i think. Today i'm going to go walk five miles. My wife did say at least or getting counteract eleven days out until eddie walks from west. Virginia tennessee yeah. My wife says she's going. Give me one of those belts you know like the the back braces the cart people at the grocery store have and like. I don't think i need that. She's like no. You're everything possible. I'd have too much it be better not to use it then benita and not have it. Take it all today. You need to train with a backpack on. Put something in the background. Like whatever you're gonna have in their. It needs to way not an empty back. I think bobby's right. You create an environment for yourself where you've gone like ankle weights maybe like three pound weights in your hand. Something and on your back and that the way i walk with weights your ten days ten days out from the wall. Oh all right all right. Thank you heather. We gave me some some songs there. There's a list free to put onto your I mean all. That's good except bob marley on us when you cool down all right. That's the mailbag. We've got your family. Your now is founded close male. Morgan if they want email what do they do now. Back bobby bones dot com. We were talking about movies last week. And amy eddie. Neither had seen. Oh yeller now you guys gotta watch all yeller so they had two weeks to watch the movie eddie f to watch it tonight or tomorrow yes. I'll watch it tonight. No problem you have to leave the room for three minutes amy. I'll get out of this. I don't want her to spoil it for you to see you don't know what happens. No i didn't either. But now i do okay. Do you have to go okay. So he's leaving the room. We're going to review old yellow. Because there is it's okay to spoil it just because he's been fifty fifty two years ago something so you watch old. Yeller black watercolor color ish. It's early stages of color. I think. I probably would have enjoyed the book more. Maybe okay what did you think about it. It's very depressing and sad and awful movie. Good this fine this fine. I think i would enjoy the book better. I'm just going to say that. I was a little slow at times. Drug al things that i think we're supposed to be exciting scenes. I was like fifty these. Amy and i know it's a over and the dog so cute. And then yeah then you get to the part where the dog gets bit by a rabid wolf and gets rabies and starts freaking out on the family and then the little boy has to step up and push them out of the way and take the gun. He's like i'll do it mom and he has to shoot his own dog. I was like this. Is the most dramatic thing ever awful. It's awful awful. I ought emotionally in a place to watch something like that or have to take it in. It was too much. I couldn't believe it and you know it made me think back. I my boyfriend in college. Like how the dog that was had bits and people like it got real bad and it was going to have to get put down anyway and he was like. I don't know if you'd like for watched old yeller. I never knew that. That's what old yeller is about. And he had a ranch. Like i don't know why. He felt like he had to do it but he did that. He shot his own dog. I mean in it messed with him mentally for years like i remember watching him be super emotional about it and i'm like oh what do you rate it. How do you rate a movie like that. Don't watch it one one One of these leads a classic tale. But what in the world like what. What traumatic thing. That author go through the felt like they needed to put. I mean maybe they had the shoot thrown dog nineteen fifty seven. It's a drama for kids and family. Now it's not for kids. It's on disney. Plus by the way it's not for kids it's an hour and twenty three minutes long so not a long movie now. One hundred percent on rotten tomatoes from the critics in seventy nine from the audience. And you give it. What percentage one percent one percents in there is a part where the old yeller got attacked by a hogs and. I thought that that's how he was going to die. Because i again. I didn't know. I just knew that he died. But i didn't know how and i was like. Oh my gosh. I can't believe he's dying death by hogs. And i thought that was tragic like it was awful to see him getting eaten by hogs. Now it's worse than that later on in the movie gets bit by a little rabies and then his owner which is a kid has to shoot him spare yourself. I'm sorry you even had to listen to me. Recap that sucks. The worst marlene's the saddest dog movie ever not. I don't know this now. My dog skips up to. I don't think anything's tough is all yeller. Well we'll let eddie review it. He'll watch the next day. Just put put a smile on. Your face is okay and just be like file. Give it five puppies here. It comes walking back down the hall. Who will be watching it soon. I'm in therapy for enough right now. I'm pretty sure that is going to come up and i. It's so good. All the i can't wait to hear your review. I'm actually looking forward. Yeah you should watch with my kids. Yeah it's it's listed as a kids and family drama love it from one thousand nine hundred seven hundred percent positive on rotten to me now for on the critics like seventy nine from the viewer. The the critics. I mean they know what they're talking. I don't know if that's true or not get popcorn and candy. But here's what. Amy didn't like it's color barely color. Light from black and white. I do so as nineteen s. nineteen fifty seven. I love that cannot wait. Let us know what happens tomorrow tomorrow. The next day he got it a couple days after by this on disney. I love that it's even better. All right. and by the way breaking bodybuilding on disney plus july anymore. Asking what brought it up thrown. Everybody's got a busy life and every day. There are times when you could all use a lot less stress and morphines investigations. The un put down five star rated puzzle game that will keep you coming back for more download from the app store or google play for free and escape into a world of challenging puzzles. That keep your brain without stressing you out see. Best beans is all about solving puzzles. That are fun. Once you start at good luck stopping you'll always find yourself making time to complete just one more level in may and is best seen a lot of levels over five thousand of them and there's something new every day maybe you'll become obsessed with collecting all characters there tons of those two which fiend will be your favorite. You want to collect. Every one of them joined the fun. Download the five star rated puzzle game best means on the app store and google play for free today. That's friends without the our best means. You haven't tried it yet. I don't know why you haven't talked about all the time. I think you'll love it. Friends without the our best beans. Go check it out today. Bobby bones from nashville. In hollywood and morgan number. Two thirty seconds giddy seem t- music awards. Were last night. And here are the big winners. Carrie underwood one video of the year with john. Legend for their collab- on hallelujah gabby barrett one female video of the year in cambridge online mail video of the year. You can see the full list of winners at bobby bones. Dot com kelsey. Ballerini performed a collaboration with aleni at t awards the first time and then drop the song. It's called. I quit drinking you sir. Brian kelly announced he's releasing two new songs called highway on the water and songs for you as well as to music videos tomorrow. He also teased a big announcement coming. I'm org number two. That's your skinny time for the good news for lunch box. Jonathon carlisle is an amazon delivery driver in ohio and he was like man. I'm not gonna get that kobe vaccine. I don't eat it. i'm good and then he sees. Hey we're giving away a million dollars a week to someone that gets vaccine. He's like hey you know what. Give me that shot in the arm. And he got a call on wednesday from the mayor won a million dollars yacht and because of the lottery. Drawing yeah i guess the governor calls them says hey mayor burson bigger than the mayor and the governor called us at you one and he said he about lost it. I mean he got it because of a million dollars. Don't hi yes. I got the vaccine crispy cream donor and you also get to live with these health. That's true that's what it's all about right there. That was telling me something. Good daniel in kentucky is on the phone the fan you. How are you bud. Pretty good what can i do for you. I'm going to be taking video hermit sir in about two weeks. I know that you took years for breaking body bone. And i was just gonna see if you have any advice for me or anything that trip to you up. All of it did even been in truck. When i took mine that i think that was the problem with mine. Was there were like. Hey go study for this test. Learn all the stuff and go take it. And i was like i've never even been in eighteen wheeler like one time. I don't worry about it. So i just had to memorize word combinations. I don't know what some of the stuff was you ever been in before the annual inbox but not eighteen wheelers. They're like gears and brakes air brakes and for me. I would say just. Don't expect to pass it the first time you'll learn so much more when you take it the first time and don't pass and then go back again two weeks later and do it again. So don't have your heartbroken whenever you don't pass it the first time i hope you do but for me heck. I didn't pass one of my test. The first time i'd go back and do it again and i feel like i'm good at taking tests so you have to pass or like you lose your job or something or do you have a couple of times you can take it. I have a few times. I could take it. But the quicker. I get it the clicker mugabe. Yeah i get it. Don't put that pressure on yourself. It's going to be tough. Maybe have an advantage. Because he's been in a big truck before even though not eighteen wheeler. I still haven't seen that episode. That i eighteen wheeler that i've done so there's some preview and you're getting on the highway and i'm nervous already. I haven't. I haven't seen that episode this week on sunday night at ten nine central nat geo. I am a A commercial diver. Which one hundred pounds of appointment on the ocean floor. It was really scary. it's one of the best episodes. It's one of the. Because the girl i'm with has a crazy inspiring story and then i'm welding where i probably burn myself nine times. Oh at one time. I'll tell you the spoiler they have to shoot water on me because you were catching on fire. Yeah my shirt. Caught on fire homeboy. So that's this sunday on nat geo but nathaniel. You got this. I would do. I went and took tests on the internet. There are apps you can download for free and they give tests. Just take every kind of test you can take and then let us know how you do all right man. That's my advice. Go search out tests and take the tests and see how you do there. That's what i did see about. Good luck the rough world on mean streets in eighteen wheeler own. It's time for elder verses. Millennial let's eddie the oldest on our show versus morgan number two the youngest on our show answering questions about each other generation. They each get three questions. So far this season morgan's up to two zero. Let's meet the competitors here. We go up i. He's the data four. I call him hispanic who don't panic. He's the guy who always smiles and then ten days. He's walking one hundred miles like his opponent. She runs all of our digital. She likes to party on the weekend and now she has a new mysterious boyfriend. That's right morgan. Number two there we boyfriend style. There been words him. Kim yeah i am hanging on the weekend doing the thing doing it with my little boyfriend. Okay and our okay. Let's go to hear your three. Among eddie you are forty two years old. Yes i am. These are questions that morgan should know. Who's in her twenty s. This was the theme song for what two thousands nickelodeon show a will play it for you now down. This is easy. I mean that is miley cyrus being in that. So that's a hannah montana. That's incorrect. Morgan do you know what theme song that is. I don't know. I'm taking a shot in the dark hair. That is victorious. It is zoe. yes that jamie. Lynn spears singing the song. Oh eddie in the movie. Ten things i hate about you. What song does patrick. Serenade cat with. Ten things i hate about us matthew mcconaughey to answer that okay In the movie ten. I hate about you. What song does patrick serenade cat with. I'm gonna guess i love you. Bay big done that I love you. Baby what would you say. The song the song i love you baby. Mike now morgan. I mean you're right on the side of the song title out jiang get messing around. Like really is it. Just i love you said that. Now you said i love you baby. Is that your answer. I love you incorrect. If you remember. He goes up to the press box against the microphone singing on the bleachers. Can't take my eyes off. you can't take. Wow and then the band comes. It's a whole thing. Oh man so it was somewhere in my brain. And i just i guess i didn't know you got no points so far. I think you know that wasn't good. Compliment what are the names of the four main characters on sex and the city. Yes yes yes yes. I'm gonna go with four. Come with four names. So sarah jessica parker she. Her name is gail. And then sarah. Gale janney pam k. You went over four. Wow i have kerry here mantha maranda last one hold and oh my gosh. This is going to be me so angry. Three seconds monica. Why is monica. got the other three right. Yeah she miss charlotte. No points for either one of you. Let's go get one steal it. He could still one later here. We go morgan. These are your questions. What nineteen eighty-three. Tom cruise film featured the song old time. Rock and roll by bob seger. And here's a clip of the song. Nineteen eighty-three tom cruise movie. Oh you're doing it with your hand slides in right boxers. The scene possibly what to say. I don't know if it's correct what i want to say. It's misery business. But i don't know if that's the right title. I can so picture off. Misery business misery business paramore. Not right eddie. That's risky mortgage was talking about icon as atlanta's song. You're so close. And he got a point where the risk seen though right yes a little more. What was the first name of alyssum. Alana's character on who's the boss and for reference here is the who's the boss theme song. Listen milano character her first name your chance and face vans round thirty more to kane nasty and we're seeing more gives them right gary What do you say it is. I've never seen him afars okay. Eight that's incorrect eddie. You can win the whole competition era. You know alyssa milano characters. I named bones. I believe her name is sam. Sam is correct me disappointed. Man that is no. That's great morgan. Got that in one thousand nine hundred five. What concert one hundred and twenty seven million dollars for relief in africa would have known that morgan the beatles that'd be hills concert beatles. Yeah in eighty five no concept whatsoever. I think john lennon died in eighty one. He was dead by then eddie. I don't i mean band aid. Live aid closed basically with misery business on a winner. Eddie everybody point to one shot thank. You don't miss the chucky cheese summer of fun featuring this summer fun pass so you can play all summer long get weekly game. Play e tickets and other great starting at only thirty nine ninety nine. By now in the new chucky cheese app limited time participating locations only terms and conditions apply. See website for details. If you've listened to the show for any amount of time. You know that lunchbox loves calling nine one. It's like he looks for reasons. Hit those three buttons and you had to do it again yesterday. yes. I'm driving in the car. Roll up to a four way. Stop about seven. Pm and the car in my right. As oh ho ho laying on the horn and i might And roll through the intersection at keeps hawkin right reverse pull up next to the car and i say everything okay here. Who is in the car when you just saw in the car. And i was like what's going on and that's when a guy comes around the side of the car and he has the keys in his hand and he's like you're going to drive me home right now. You're going to drive me home right now. And i'm like ma'am are you. Okay are you okay. And she opens the door and she is visibly crying upset and she goes. Well you please call in my tags. So she's saying that mean calling my tank reporting her license plate to the police so they can track the car. Whatever thing and the guy was like are you serious. He's like fine here man. We're just having a disagreement. And i'm like oh man no man. Oh okay and i was like i'll know miss. She looks pretty upset and he goes. No no it's no big deal. Don't worry about it. And then he goes and he has the key so she's she's in the driver's seat so he had ripped the keys out the ignition and so she can't lock the door because he has the keys. She's obviously scared. She asked me to call in her plates. So i said you know what. I'm your man due to nine one one. What's your emergency. Yes ma'am i got a domestic dispute here. Use those words absolutely. I thought you were a cop. And i said we're at the corner of fourteenth and whatever and i set out the guys getting back in the car now. They're driving away. I said we're headed east. And then i followed them and i'm giving play-by-play to nine one one of them. They just ran a stop sign. All they ran a red light. What oh yeah so. I had to run a stop sign. I had to run around and you didn't have to run right. Lineups downside. listen listen. Lady's life is in danger. I don't know what's going on. She's obviously scared. And so we are going on like we're passing the public's oh we're taking a left onto this road. Oh now we're going sixty five north. We're on the highway. I'm on the phone with nine. One one for seventeen minutes. They let you. They wanted you to do you. What she probably was like sergei. Call him back. I think we got disconnected. The lady was like she was like you're not are you directly them. Give them some space on my another a couple of cars ahead and then i'm like all right now. They're doing this and she goes sir. I'm gonna need to advise you to stop following them now. And i said okay okay and i saw the cops going to be here. She goes sir. We have done the dispatched. You've done what you can. I said okay. This is the exit passing seventeen minutes on the phone with nine one. No cop ever came but how long until she said. Stop following them. What minute fifteen. So for fifty minutes wanted you to follow the car. Was she said it at like twelve. And then she started the conversation with it. She i twelve minutes. She was like you need to stop following them and then she kept saying. Okay now what are you. Passing nowadays allows confusing signals here. So i kept following and under seventeen minutes. She was like i. I think there's a kid in your car. I've got both kids and i support. You had a family. I had my family in the call. Say choose. I stay back a little bit. Stay back a little bit. She was a little nervous. But guys what am i supposed to do but my question is after seventeen minutes. Where are the police. Why do they never pulled him over. This woman was crying and told me to call in her plates because she was scared for her life and they never came. What's the bigger story here. We have three here. I'm hoping eventually they came domestic dispute on the side of the road. Guy girl that that is a situation second. One is launch chasing him in the arm. Two young kids pregnant wife and he just like all right. I'm on him or three the fact that he chased them for seventeen minutes. You know trying to. I think you want you probably gonna be hero in some way right. I wanted to make sure she was okay because she was terrified. The woman was terrified. She had said this was mostly about that. Honestly but also visit was is mostly about just before. Oh i wasn't mostly about you helping her or getting on the news helping and getting on the news. I just think if i save someone like i mean how amazing would that be story. It is a good story. It's a feel good story and you know we don't tell me something good. What's the goal with you getting on the news like what. What does that mean to you. And that's just a status symbol like you can tell your friends. You can post that clip on facebook. But oh my gosh. That's so cool. And you look you look like a hero but i mean it was crazy. It was intense. Situation oregon. Say he's on the radio every day so bigger than the news. It's who wants to do that. I guess he's got the the hero part of being on the news but you do is crawl sharing that you were on the news more than just being on the news. It's also and then everybody's on. What was it like you know. And then all what's it like to be a hero. Well you know what i mean. It feels pretty good. You know it's a lot of pressure being a hero. Everybody look differently. But you know someone's got to do it. Not all heroes wear capes. Do you want to act wine. I want to us on the news. That's my i. I've saved it. Well you should do is go. You know not all heroes where case but then you came out of your back pocket. This one does the double switch up and then you fly off well. No that's hard to do. Maybe he could run. Let's run and then like there are smoke bombs the smoke but you don't know how it ended up. No but so i mean was it bad that i did. I thought i did wasn't bad. It's not bad. But i mean i now what you would have chased them with a pregnant wife and two kids because that guy i mean we hear about people pulling out guns all the time like who knows how i wanted to help her and i think you should have call nine one one but like you re putting your family in danger. Because if he were to be in. You never know what that guy's willing to do. Overall we give you thumbs up. Yeah good job by you. I mean i was worried. I was gonna get pulled over running. Stop signs and red. It'd be running south hundred other people at risk other people's lives at risk. Well i mean what do you say to that. I made calculated risk. Like i'd look at the situation. And i was like. There's no car that boom go do you trust in assessments. Though from a guy trying to get on the news man well. I hope they they ended up. Okay i do. I mean. I've i've checked the news and i haven't seen new stories. That's what i was worried about like. I was like after seventeen minutes. Come on guys and they never came. But who i want to keep going but at nine one one operator was pretty insistent on me stopping well good job. We will say good job to you. Call me somewhere. We don't know You're good guy we'll call you. Don't want to our house a big word. Here's a voicemail from michael in new york city. I was just wondering now that concert starting backup if we're going to see the raging idiots in person anytime soon. Thanks bobby huge fan. We are doing two shows. We are doing best in new braunfels. Texas between austin and san antonio and we were doing a show in wichita kansas and it's the raging idiots russell dickerson. It's maddie and tae more acts to be named later but it is a festival. It's an all day festival so right now. Those two shows in two places that are sort of in the middle of the country to places that we love so right now. That's just it but we love you to come. September fourth and fifth. I think that saturday and sunday of labor day weekend in so come to the show. It's going to be just so much fun. You can hear us play grandma song. Yeah live yeah law. So but that's it for now. Tickets at raging idiots dot com. But we're most excited to go back to concerts more than anything. Same east pile of stories so a surgeon was branding patients livers with his initials. Pretty sure we talked about this a while ago and obviously he was suspended for this but they concluded now that well he was still doing a good job even though he shouldn't have been putting his initials on their organs. He's now free to practice again. I'm okay with it and let's look at his body of work. The initials actually heard anything. I i'll say quote. There was no impact whatsoever on the quality of his clinical outcomes. If someone built me a house. And i go. And i'm having to do a little work at the house and i see underneath the flooring that chuck chuck wilson put a cw down on the bottom of the builder builder okay. I'll be like dang chuck crush this great job buddy. I'm glad you put that down there. But what's going to happen now. Is every doctor. Once this gets through every doctors will be like well. I want to sign the heart now. And is you do a good job sign away. Well in case people didn't hear us talk about the original story. He was using a surgical laser to burn his autograph in into patients. Forget whole areas but also not cool. It wasn't hurting anybody. It wasn't you can't do it. Knock cool though. I mean i get it. I don't think i would be mad. I'm i'm wondering like who. I'm wondering chuckled to himself. He's doing it like. I'm wondering what's going on his head like man. They got to get a surge in johnston. It's in the underlines it and that's that's hilarious if he did it to you. You don't know it so if someone in the or had a tattle on him and you know what's niches get stitches in the whoever puts stitches inside the inside of the wound. Okay so i have the taught of things that your server or waiter does not want to hear so first of all they don't wanna hear you say why do i have to wear a mask in here and then when it comes to them wearing a mask they don't need you reminding them about it to all. The time just lost their masks for the first time. Oh we don't have been there for a year. now they lost theirs. What does that mean. They lost serving steph nowhere masks. Yeah and then. I didn't recognize something. Weird faces oh anything through there. Is we go there at least once a week and they're like hey was having on like who are you. That is not your friend. That is this weird man. One of them had a beard. It freaked me out gimmick off more of those. I know you sanitize the table. But can i get some more sanitation wipes just make sure. You did a good job on that. They don't want to hear that and then The worst thing. It's not pandemic related just in general. I know you're about to close. But can i still order this. They say that that's one of the top things they do not waited tables. I didn't mind that neither not give four not passed hours. It is your job to buy whatever you want. Just hit me yeah. That's it all right one more okay. So tricia and garth brooks have said well at least tristesse saying that they would consider hosting their own talk show and they recently guest hosted for ellen back in late may they had a great time. The only problem is it would not want to have to go out to la to do anything they would have to do it. Right here in nashville. Yeah i think it's a tricia only thing only garth woodstoves a talk show. You don't think so all tricia talking about because that would be a talk. Show from from nashville to la. Okay guards involved in the talk show. He did go fill in on ellen. But i don't think is up for doing a talk show okay. I don't know what i read said that she's opened to the possibility of hosting a show with husband brooks. So we'll see what happens with that. I'm amy that's my pile was amy's pile of stores. It's time for the good news. So this guy. Derek about twenty something years old mid twenties. And he's like you know i. I want to go to college. But he's currently a janitor at an elementary school. While the faculty there helped him map out a college plan so that he could keep his day job being the janitor at the school and then go to night school and get his degree and he just completed it. He's twenty six years old No longer going to be a janitor because he's now been hired as p. Assistant because he wants to eventually be a physical education teacher but he's got to continue more education at auburn university wall. Two things are really cool about this one that they helped him like schedule it out his fellow a job like hey. Let's help we want to help you then to hopefully someone like once mark. Cnc this we've been talking about him calling. He one class left to graduate college three hours. That's it you this guy just finished it. Yeah i know. I understand that and people like this. I read this. I'm like oh that's cool. But some people have a lot more time than i do and they have already got a job. People go to college to get a job and get a degree because you want to get employed. Look what i've been here for like. What about after this. Yeah he had a job but like what if what if things change here and eventually then you have to go out and get a different job. You're in trouble man. A lot of us thought that far in advance. I don't think about the future like what could happen. I think i try to live in the now. I got a job right now. So we're just we're riding that wave. Yeah sore losers i guess yeah sure we get about six hundred listens a week. Ab translate that two dollars. Six dollars a week. But he's put that by three along anyway two parts here one. That's awesome and good for his fellow faculty and then to lunch box in here. This will be motivated to finish this one class to your kids like finish what you started. Our kids don't even know what colleges it's not means nothing to college. It might it might. And i. i don't. I can't remember his name but Derrick harris and he was a janitor at while coochie elementary. Say that right. And i'm thinking if i was there i went like that'd be like mike. Is that really the name of that school. Thank you all right well. That's funny that's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. It's crazy how much we have to pay for outdated impersonal healthcare and even crazier that we all just accept it. It's time to face facts. Healthcare is backwards. Luckily there's forward a new approach to primary care that surprisingly personal and refreshingly straightforward forward never makes you feel like just another patient backed by top rated doctors and and the latest tech forward gives you access to personalized care whenever you need it using in-depth genetic analysis in realtime bloodwork forwards top-rated doctors provide you with in-depth insights to better understand your genetics mental and physical health. They then create custom easy to understand plans to help guide you to achieving long-term health with forward you get unlimited in-person visits with your doctor and access to care anytime via the forward app offer. One flat monthly fee. It's time to stop accepting backwards. Healthcare and start moving. Your health forward visit forward dot com today to learn more. That's go forward dot com. Here's voicemail. we got last night. From kate in nashville. Good morning studio. I was just calling to see if bobby is worried. That eddie is not gonna fit into his tax for the wedding day because he was worried about that back when he was doing them asking mcconnell. Hey diet and now that he's walking so much to train for his walked from west virginia tennessee. He worried that he's not gonna fit into his. All right thanks for answering ten days out from eddie's walked by the way from west virginia tennessee. Just like george strait set and i have been training a lot. So that's what she's referring to get it but you lost a bunch await eating weird stuff like twenty twenty pounds and then you put on a few pounds like five between five and seven and now. I think you'll walk off a few of that five seven total. We're going to be back to normal. I think it's cool that she's worried she's wondering if you're that i want to get too skinny like that's cool to me. I've never had that thought. It was the other way. I thought no because she says like i lost all that weight i got fitted and then now i'm walking more so she thinks i'm going to go to like one forty no. I don't think it is too skinny alley either. I think i still worry about him doing the pizza. And the cheeseburgers. We still have a ways to go before the wedding. And you already have your suit but they can let it out a little bit. They need they won't don't worry. Are you sure that he's taking care of that. I'm watching my dice. Weird when you call yourself for kids. It's now time for the investigative morning corny. Now what's going to happen here as amy's going to give us the morning corny but we have ninety seconds to figure it out team. Are you ready ready. Eddie lunchbox myself. We have ninety seconds. Amy ready to joke ready. All right here we go morning corny. what's grandma's name. That's eighty percent irish. What's grandma's name that's eighty percent. Irish go talks irish clover clover the hill grandma's name is her name. Amy name eighty percent lucky charms. I love recon iris. Oh oh i risk but what does that have to do with that. Eighty percent because three eighty percent of the word irish. Oh that's a grandma's name is eighty percent irish. irs has four fifths of irish. I'd like what you do in some sort of like fancy pants. We are college educated teachers. Any i don't know how they was iris. College corny it's investigative. Though i know but anyway that's it okay. The end plug something real quick at. Espn thirty seconds. You can always gonna instagram trying to work on tiktok at producer. Eddie mark Yeah listen on the sore losers if you're bored if you get done with this show and you need some listen to were funding. And then you can. Check out breaking bobby. Twenty-six go greg and bobby bones on sunday night on nat geo at ten nine central. I will be doing commercial diving and hundred pounds suit on the ocean floor. You'll love this. One and i will be welding. I had to go in weld with the guy who was in the military and and they had to shoot me with the water with water hose because comments on fire at one point. So that'll be at ten nine central on nat geo network work five seconds left radio a already hit the morning corny. What do you call grandma who is eighty percent irish. What do you call a grandma who is eighty percent irish. Oh hey grandma. Iris funny but still. We figured it we solved wasn't it wasn't a problem for us guys. Let's wait what is it. Fair is loan. Good job on the phone right now. Danielle and north carolina morning. What's going on on to get an update on the celebrity letters. I know that y'all aren't doing them until there is an update but i actually sent some out. And what's going to with y'all okay. We will also do an update if you call an aspirin update. We're just not gonna hit you in the face with with no update anymore but so lunchbox in three letters off seven year old. He sent one to oprah one to the rock and wanted carrie underwood. That was two months ago three months ago. Any update update is. I haven't got anything back like they don't care about their fans anymore. They don't have time they don't check the mail. Maybe maybe they're used to email so they don't know what a mailboxes and they don't know how to go check it but not a thing you see these stories about all the rock. Does this for these fans well. What about a seven year. Old man in nashville. Yeah where's the story about. What the wrong dozen. Yeah where's that. Let's talk about that so no nothing. My heart is starting to break danielle. You wrote letters people yourself. We did so we got married in may and we actually sent out invitations with personalized letters. At the end of december early january and the rock was one of them. And luke bryan was one of them. We actually got something back from both of them. they're rot took until about march so about three months and it was a generic signature on his on his own. His photograph For luke bryan. We actually got it a week before our wedding and it was personally to me and my husband and said love. Y'all for with a picture and luke bryan signature. Wow that's awesome. She got even the thing. I get but the rockets you guys back. When did you send that out again. It was in december early january so also with all the mailing issues. It made it to them but it was about the in the mark. I believe when we actually got something back. There's still there's still hope. Maybe the rocks are good guy. After all we sent out twenty different ones. We sent one to the stadio too but Back from the two. I didn't get any scuba. Steve and i were the rock. We're on her yelling at the rock. A man we all right. Listen if someone says something. I sign it and send it back if it's a book mostly it's booked here. I all the time scuba. Steve what do you say about this. We we get a lot of things all kinds of books and Wedding and vice this what. She's talking about. no yeah. What did you send exactly. Danielle was a wetted. Invite and then a personal letter just stating how much enjoyed the show positively operating. We got that ever hear. I've actually thinking about bit with leading. Read some of it here. Let me make sure. I have kellyanne. Brian is i. you know. That's okay 'cause people to respond to carry and brian. The someone doesn't ask for something back. We don't just send unsolicited things back in the mail. But we yeah. We get to wedding invites. We never go but apparently it was gonna pitch a bit about going to one. Where's that one. This one is pretty good. Some flaming yawn chicken parmesan. This one is in pennsylvania. What are the names. This is for kelly brian. And what town do they live in pennsylvania's eh east report. Congratulations so that young couple. Maybe we obey on canea. They're the wedding crashers danielle. Thank you for sharing. What did you say. Daniel said they would have been accepted at rs. We had we were cutting up. Well listen they were accepted at mike dis. It was just ray asking the grandma to go back to the hotel that we had to bring that on the air. Well thank you for the call. I hope you have a great day and thank you for the The update and we give you ours as well. All right have a good one. Yes thank you so much. Here's a voicemail. We got last night from april. The truck driver learning studio. So i am in kentucky right. Now let me tell you. This akitas are crazy here. I just how wash off the windshield for like four time. Because i just keep killing them all so very moon though. You are a little correct. They're not as bad. You said they would be but they are here so people are now starting to get hit with desiccated as a little bit. Here's a story. Cincinnati police kate as responsible for a single car crash while the driver sustained only minor injuries. Skated did die. The skate of flew through an open window. Hitler face why did they death. Come on the scale of flu in the car as it was driving. The person freaked out driving. Drove it to you Telephone pole because a big fat bug out them in the face swarms and this is in. Cincinnati have covered the eastern part of the united states. We haven't been hit with them yet. If you're listening in portland or seattle you probably all good. They're not gonna kill you. Abby speaking of bugs are phone screener. I believe you were like driving a four wheeler or something in a bug flew in your helmet. Is that what happened. Yes so where were you. So we have land in kansas like in southeast kansas and there's like dirt roads and everything and we have a four wheeler and on my birthday or i was like twelve years old and i was driving really fast on the dirt road and i don't do well with bugs in any situation at all and so it flew into my helmet. I was going super fast. And i like freaked out to get it out and so i took my hands off the handlebars and i kind of went down a hill and at that point it was kind of too late. I was scared if i like tried to get back on the road. I would like flip. So i just kept going and i ran into this. It was a barbed wire fence. Basically like the gate the middle part. And i really don't remember. I woke up underneath it and my helmet flew off like into the field and it was crazy. Yes all because of that. I mean you almost died. Yeah yeah you don't remember what happened. You just go on the ground underneath that it was still on underneath. What under the four wheeler it was like propped up on the gate and it broke it completely like busted through the metal gate. We had to get a new one. Any broken bones almost broke my collarbone. Yeah i was like bleeding and all because of a bug for your helmet. I mean if a skater flew my car while driving that'd be talking. You would wreck but i would probably slowdown trying to pull over. Because they're not gonna hurt you but they're huge. Sure it's it's the size of a big marble. It's going down because they told me they were going to kill me but still have a big off lies in your corner still flying around. That would be car wreck. Some girls that grew up in my neighborhood. They were driving to school one morning. And like a fly or some bug in their car and they started like swatting. They lost control and total their car on the way to school. Luckily they were fine. From what i can remember. I just i was a kid. I heard off like last week now. Some girls. I know. When i was a kid i went to school with like back in the day that now but still it's just a reminder that like i i would freak out to you but you can't take your hands off the steering wheel only to eat and pay credit card bills driving drive with your needs a little more back in the day. Though i do that. I want me to do a little text. Message burger. read a book not anymore time. I hit a car. Because i was eating jelly toast on my way to school and i was so embarrassed. I didn't want them to know. I hit them because i was eating toast so i threw the toast and my console like sorry i just because i was. I didn't want them to know that. That's why i wasn't paying attention. I just thought like. I got distracted another way and then i had jelly toast oliver. The inside of my console. Ok just i just whoop sea ice but it was bumper to bumper on. I thirty five. And i was going like i look down at my toast. The next thing you know. I look up and hitting a car and i was like ooh embarrassing to get busted eating driving obser- bones here. I just need to ask you a few questions. So what exactly causes exit. Whoop see Okay you know that you can get a ticket for this one. Jelly towns should be easy. According to you guys. I'll give you a very famous country. Song can we. The decade came out. If tomorrow never comes by garth brooks never real- she know how much decade of that come out and try and make good. Yeah amy ninety nineties eddie. Who is going to be late eighties. I think that first record came out in like eighty nine eighty s garth brooks if tomorrow never come came out in nineteen eighty nine eighties and all right next up. When did this song came out. From travis trip shannon. It's a great day to be alive hard times every day. This memory associated with songs on this song is so good but my memory is so familiar associated with him blocking me on twitter every time. Amy ninety s watch bikes. Remember listen to it and ninety. Three eddie wanna go nineties. It came out in the year. Two thousand so it is the year. Two thousand watt next up named the decade. This is fancy from reba. Eighty eighty much. Amy love this when she was a kid. But it was nineties eddie. I'm going to go the farm. All in ninety s reba mcentire fancy came out in one thousand nine hundred ninety killing me with these borderline lock buying new farm. The next one. Ace in the hole from george strait as got a minute a little secret that no live game. We has there. You've got to learn to play your car's right. What decade on trucks electric definitely says eighty s. Amy eighties. that right. There's an eighty nine jan though I mean eddie. Winning one more just to see if lunchbox can get in this. Amy got one right. Finally i got to to all right. Jake owen barefoot blue. Jean night girl. We talk show thing we would do in iraq. We go over there. Yeah amy twenty thousand ten or how do you call that the ten lunch box to thousands. Eddie i'm going with the tens barefoot blue jean night if it came out in the two thousands lunchboxes now tied for the lead thousand nine. That's where my guests. That's why you put on that border to tease us. Jayco and barefoot blue. Jean night came out in two thousand eleven. Winter was on the time for defense organizations to harness. The power of the cloud is now discover how you can leverage milk cloud two point oh and diaz to advance your mission at part three of gdp emerged 2021 tune in virtually on june twenty third to explore how cloud enables mission partners to modernize it platforms and integrate new technologies anytime anywhere here from top leaders in government and industry to discover how dod enterprise cloud such as milk cloud two point oh and dios can drive speed of acquisition collaboration and choice register today at gd dot com slash emerged. I think eddie's heart was in the right place but he sent me the segment idea. Hey what if we talk about. What hereditary health things worried about. Oh i mean yeah. This is surreal right because aren't want to get started. For example you brought this segment up because my mom fell down and she falls down a lot and she fractured her hip. And so now and this has been going on for like ten years. She had to get a little hip replacement a couple years ago. She's a rod in her thigh. And i'm like she's got brittle bones and i'm worried to death that my bones are going to be like that too in a few years. So is this segment. We want to walk down. 'cause it ain't gonna make us feel good. I mean i think this is basically. Tell me in bed. Their real concerns that people. Have you know growing up under the bed. Yes or no. I mean somehow if we can like spin it and make it positive of like okay. It's okay it's natural free to have these thoughts because i know listeners. Have them too. They have different family almonds. They probably think about but then you need to like take them in and then push them back out. You don't need to think that you're going to get any of this stuff visit. I have to do. Because i'm like i'm going to think myself to cancer like i. I really am. I have to think no way no never going to get it. I am never going to get cancer. Well i think the opposite. It was my grandfather's cancer. I have two things. My family heavy addiction. I'm talking about you know. It's heavy addiction and alcoholism and everybody died of cancer. I got two things rocking me have had been my mom oncle other family were struggling with it now or i have both grand pause cancer so it's just like why don't like to segment okay. All right let's do it then. Let's not do it and your cancer to right. Both my parents went to give them a bunch earlier than normal about five years later the fingers up your by you guys gave me a hard time like oh it must wanna do and it's like no. I have a history of kids. I think you were going a little more than you should have just went earlier like none of that. That's what i'm saying with you guys. We all do it brittle bones brittle-bone minds addiction cancer the cancer lunchbox alzheimer's because i don't wanna forget people like my grandma would forget things. I'd meet her breakfast and then she'd tell my parents now he didn't give me breakfast and man. It says that's a weird thing. You don't remember anybody terrible man. A even scuba steve here and go. What are you guys talking about. Oh man receive worried about bob. I unfortunately have a lot of similar. My father was into drugs and alcohol and addiction. And and that kind of stuff. So that's what. I worry about focusing that to not be that. Oh we tried. We tried talking about a song. It's going to pivot in segment okay. Because i don't want to just go go away from this. Yeah this was just not a good idea or by the way tomorrow. Zac brown will be on tomorrow. We'll do combs will be on. Should ask them. Can you imagine we every interview. Hey so what are you afraid of genetically. That's gonna come down and we make it some good stuff we lead with like. Here's another Story eddie suggested to me. More driver drags a pedestrian with car than hides the body weight. What's wrong with you accidentally. But then they freaked out are they did it on purpose. We don't know. I'm just not feeling this segment like all the walls around mir closing in and a very. We're pivoting positive It sounds like something from a horror movie but twenty eight year old joseph. Charles strickland's been arrested after hitting a pedestrian. And then putting it behind the bait shop. My told roommates. He hit a deer. This is like a movie. yeah he he. He freaked out all right. I think we should just go home. Not even just go to the next therapy. It's time for the good news. Crystal patrick they live in l. a. And they're about to have their child but back when they had their first child times were tough financially was just really hard to pay bills in like raise a child so they went through that but now lives much better. They have extra money to give so what they're doing is they're going around targets. La and hiding cash. They've about a thousand dollars worth of cash they're putting in like diverse boxes or like Formula canisters they lift up the lid and then put some cash in there and close it so that when people buy it and maybe they're struggling They get a little surprise. And that's that's amazing. I just wonder if i knew that was happening. When i go into search of the baby stuff at the project i wouldn't that be fantastic if you're buying diapers and divers are very expensive and you find one hundred bucks in there. That's a great story. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good coming up in the next segment. We got fifteen minutes or so here right now but in the next segment. We're going to see if these guys can smash a watermelon with their legs. There's money up for grabs. Raise a seventy five bucks if he can do it and lunch boxes one hundred. Yeah old you practice last night. yes i did. Did some leg exercises. Make sure they were nice guy. Yeah stretched out. Don't wanna pull muscle. I don't understand what you just said you practice to make sure you're nice and tight. Yeah like i did some stretches. Did some exercises up down and wife punch me in the legs couple of times. Make sure they're are way to go. Well we'll find out what's going on over there. Yeah how big are usually pretty big medium. Ish oh look it's not that big one. It's it's long but it's not extremely why right so. I think you have a good shot at that. If he can't do it can we take it outside and smash it. Are you still struggling. You wanna smash things yeah. It would be thought off the parking garage. Amy as as always wanted to break stuff. She's been struggling a little bit in our personal life as she wants like break. Tv's the eddie gave me that gift a while ago as last year. My still struggling yesterday we were. We were leaving and you guys get to see this because you guys are left the room but we're talking in studio and she hits her knee so hard on her desk. It goes boom and she goes. Oh anytime you bumped something. It hurts. But i go here you okay. She's like yeah and then turns into it like a cry. Amy starts crying and she. She doesn't stop and i put my hand on her shoulder. Hey are you okay. She's like almost like she was having a baby. And i'm like. Hey i'm not gonna leave until you're good and she's like oh here and so i walk out of the room and then she walks in today. Is it still hurting. It was throbbing all yesterday. And i've been taking advil. And i just really don't want to go to the doctor and say i hit my knee on my desk like the. I've never broken anything so i don't know what that pain feels like. But this is a pain that i have never felt before it's like i just hit it on the corner in a really sensitive weird spot that felt like maybe i chipped my kneecap or something. It was it was awful. And i've been taking advil. But i mean it's i can walk on it. Obviously it's not broken. But i don't know if i'd i clearly bruised it. Is there a chance that it's this. March is getting older. And you hit osteoporosis. Pasta could be. I mean yes. Y'all heard me. It was pretty older. All late thirties. Early forties eventually. They're going to move us to a holiday season listening. You can have to go to like a a adult pop. Holiday station does because we're talking about our our bodies are all breaking down I it seemed like it was bad. Yesterday was so. I'm but i'm better now. We'll we'll hopefully. It'll just continue to get better. Let's do the news. Here we go. Bobby's stories a man will plead guilty to putting razor blades and pizza dough. Oh the case of tampering focused attention on food security. After the retailer manufacture received they had received prior reports and not worn customers or police. A man accused of putting razor blades and screws into pizza dough. Sold at a store will plead guilty to a federal crime. Like that's a real deal stuff like that's the jail stuff that's not go and the judge be like well we should maybe put you in jail. But we're going to give community service. That's you should go to jail for a while because you're obviously trying to hurt people. And so they say he could get up to four years and nine months. The judge could impose a longer sentence. He can appeal but he was arrested because they were investigating complaints that customers had found not only razor blades but metal fragments in the dough in portland. Pike company pizza. There were no reports of injuries or illnesses from the tampering. But i'm telling you. I don't know that i would've known or look through. Maybe if it's just dough you're having death need needed it a little bit and i was thinking and then you're like oh looks that on your hand that'd be awful the i don't know that it got baked up into any in people ate them. I've told the story on the air before. I think where i was on the air one day and listen started to call me and they were like hey here in this and there was another morning show and like a classic rock station and like these two older guys had callers on and a caller called in like hey we came to a restaurant we spit in its food work in the kitchen and then the radio guys like oh ha ha. I was like man. Like i'm good for any sort of and forth but that that is not cool here at the restaurant not cool so i haven't had a meal since death. I'm nothing i only have liquid Here's another one. A forty three year old florida woman reportedly suffered serious injuries when a seven foot. Seven inch alligator attack are walking her dog day. The one was strolling with her pooch near a small lake. When a gator lunged at her leg this is from fox. Thirteen in florida. She was to the hospital with severe injuries to lower right leg officials with the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. Said they were able to locate and trap the beast. So this gator must have been extremely hungry right and saw a little food. The dog walking. That's what i would assume. I don't think for the most part animals attack because they're bored. I think they attacked because they're hungrier. They're scared that's it. A little dog probably look like a chicken nugget life. Yeah why don't they say that to the gate and let them go ahead. Goal of la seven eight foot. Anything that's awesome. That's an awesome gator quote. It looked like the gator tried to get the dog but she grabbed the dog really quick. But internally slip down to the gator got her leg just underneath the knee it was like one. Chomping went back in the water. Finally a detroit cemeteries zooming. Twenty bodies in a mix up of graves. Oh just happen bailey. Members were devastated after scoring their loved ones remains had been buried in the wrong place or at least there was a strong possibility of an detroit cemetery. The cemetery started started. Exhuming twenty bodies. Monday and a process expected to be completed wednesday. It is not clear. How many of those may have been mixed up at the police. Department worked with the city to make sure the families get the answers. They need. that's crazy. I mean i haven't been to a lot of like graveside places. But i like actually watch it go into the ground. Investigation started earlier this year. When relatives complained that a teenager was not buried in the grave site they had purchased. They couldn't locate it. Smells like yeah well. If that one's their minds not their mines got to be and they go well. Oh boop boop boop he messed up all right. That's the news. Bobby's stories the big local story in this room. Right now is when we got here this morning either. The air broke or someone playing a prank on. It was fifty nine degrees. it's freezing. I love cold because it makes a sharp. That's why when you take the sat and act that keep that room. Sharp to calls were numb now. Fingers hurt fifty nine. That's not nice. No that's bad ten below. Yeah so we're freezing in here. Don't forget luke combs on the show tomorrow so at eight seven central that happened. Hey can i get a little toe bore please. It's time to reveal and just Twenty four hours through our patriotic pippen joy campaign and an effort to build a home for army sergeant. Jerry magenta you. The b. team have raised over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars that will directly go to building him a house. If you missed the show he said over eighty surgeries because he was hit by. He was targeted while he was in iraq crazy. Because he was someone who communicated with the local people there they targeted him. They got him with an id. They shot him. He got out tons and tons of work to get better eighty surgeries. And so we're trying to build him a house where he can actually get around one specifically built to his needs. And so we're just so grateful that you guys exist and thank you so much. And i hope you wear your joy sweat shirts and hats and hoodies proud and know that you really did make a difference because army sergeant jerry majestic the he deserves to have this house. And it just wasn't gonna grow on a tree honestly now and it's like so awesome to see our listeners. A come together and do this one shirt one hat at a time. And now we're gonna be able to make this huge towards his home which is going to literally be la- life changing for them him and his wife like it'll be such a blessing so really cool so yes. We're european vanoy proudly and know that you did just that you've spread joy to somebody that needs it and you could still go and get some more now. I mean there's some stuff's hold out as yeah frontier. Bet but there's still a lot of good stuff to go to bobby bones. Dot com in that link is right. There been one year since stored floyd murder business. Roundtable stands with millions of americans calling for policing reform. We urge policymakers to continue working together to pass. Bipartisan policing legislation. The time to act as now paid for by business roundtable. We built a stage over here and on the stage. We've got towels. We've got trash bags. We've got two big and so raymundo on lunch. Box will walk into the studio now and we will see if you guys can smash watermelons we're talking about on the show because it was a world record set by someone. They did a bunch of them. Today i'll give you guys some cash. So raimondo if you can do it at seventy five bucks lunchbox if you can do it. It's one hundred up. I said you were the first one to be called under the carpet here. Here he comes. I would say. These are pretty average to large watermelons. It's good. they're not too big but they're not small. Ray which watermelon would you like this one right here. let's go. Why are you sitting on the ground others. We're supposed to do now. You stand up and you do it. How you want the expert to do it as sitting down and a this is also a as a wrestler. This is your strongest position. So Taking you back to your wrestling highschool days. Yeah i mean this is actually just a person. i'm imagining. There was a lot of times where i would pen people just with my legs not even using my arms dead serious. Just make that up. I wish that i the world record holder did sit down and do it. Okay yeah if you're standing up. I feel like i don't know i feel. You might even go to the bathroom on yourself. Because you're in that position that probably not the best thing to do. Are you ready. I'm ready is it timed. We're not gonna sit here all day. I think i think you're gonna tap out of it starts to hurt or you're going to get exhausted. Feet their cries like is that a move shooting. You were there to be honest and yeah right. Three three okay. That's at least nine nine ten in that tongue. U k nine s ten. So eat it okay. Raimondo is on the ground a watermelon between sties. This is the for seventy five dollars in cold hard cash. Okay ready three watermelon. one go. he's going to get it. Oh no he's not going to get back. This is going to explode everywhere that does look like a wrestling move. If something like trying to figure out and then you just gotta do it like yeah go. Oh okay hold on let gonna give you one minute to do whatever you want time. Here we go and go. I'm like in the side. Better lock it. He might do you lock. Yeah he might do this. I felt some stuff on the inside gurgling. So i'm just locking it and i'm a twist like it's a person come on an would it comes out. I'm telling you right now. Did you ever kill anyone when you rest way. Ambulances were called timeline. Thirty five seconds. That kind of takes your breath only know. Wow dude that was awesome elite drenched right now in the crotch. Wow i could feel it was common and then that's when i just gave my gosh. I win everywhere. Everywhere else with his mother and the water. Globo's hit the production equipment over there. I told you guys who's gonna go everywhere amazing scuba. Steve texted oliver seeing if we had a tarp. Probably towels definitely shot at sure. We need something bigger well. Raymond no just made himself seventy All right ram sending it to you right now. Automatic watermelon peace out. Hey box is now officially sinn. Very nice work. We needed plan song clean up for lunch box and come back. Give me a minute here. Yeah let's do okay. A woman broke a world record by crushing three watermelons and less than eight seconds. And that it watch her dominate these things as a while now. Raymundo just sat down and crushed a big watermelon with this. Is it about an awesome. Nice job made seventy five bucks off. Do you still have watermelon. Your crutch naga pretty well dried off. I had security guy helped me out. What did he want to have to his lunchboxes. Now walking onto the stage unless you're up for one hundred bucks right caused himself some money there. So are you ready to sit down. And i gotta tell you as a former cross country runner. I wouldn't have thought about sitting down but ray with his wrestling background. Thank you for going. I because you gave me a little What do you call that. A blueprint diagram. Because i'm ready. Okay standing squat and try to do. I don't think i'd be able to do it. I don't think you would was right. And ray locked his feet to get up all right. Here's a lunch box. He's sitting down watermelon between his legs. He's crossing his feet. The watermelon is going in between his knees weighs one hundred pounds. Watermelon is now in position more flexible. Don't squeeze until we give me a tiny yet. Oh my gosh. I can feel it. You can feel it feels like giving birth. I think i can. I think these women feel when they're given birth is like this this urge to push and that's what i got. I five seconds. You have sixty seconds. Three two one go sixty seconds. Oh he might do here. I hear you might do it. He might do it. He is squeezing his head. Might pop nothing watermelon. Oh what hurts thighs. Yeah he's he's turning body a different way. Looks like you've got a kind of georgia on the best ever been squeaked. Hard twenty five seconds. You can take a break. Take a break. We'll get thirty thirty seconds now. I feel like oh come on fifteen seconds cutting very oh second come online dogs. Oh i guess the baby will just living. They're just get it out. It is dented. Now sorry buddy. Fifty for the disc worn out is good orion. Nobody you wanna say. Oh man i want to say cross. The ray was a little thicker and to train. I'll be back next year. Radio had a break this for fun or are you done a crack down. I went out on a high note and it was very difficult to get extra money. Or is this just for money. come on. i'll give you the other twenty-five okay. Okay let's go right right right right right right right right okay here. We go back. Daddy's back in may crack. Hey i told you you did dominate. It like rains. Hold on. Hold on let me get. Let me i wanna record this all right. We ready and three two one go. But it's all about this this little trust. You ain't got launched. Let me show you daddy. Pull themselves off the ground to see this a minute ago. It's this little thing. i'm a little more. Certainly you don't right here. Oh right right right right right right. Great awesome resorting dented. For you there was a little some. you didn't have to. Oh nice job. well already did pay the twelfth. All right yesterday. I was talking to scoop steve. He didn't tell me who it was but he said he saw a celebrity in the wild. Where you're getting a haircut is that will happen. I wish i was getting a haircut. But i was getting my trimmed. Yes face here if they say it's my way to pay for myself so you go in and you're doing the. What do they do when you get your beard trimmed so you sit down the chair they make you feel like you're you're the king of the of the castle they ask you what you want to come out a little bit. You kind of. Tell them what you're looking for a little bit less here. Trim the mustache and beard. I can but it will never look as good as the way they do it. Okay so it's worth twenty bucks just get done by professional so you're doing it and when they wrap you up. Is that when you see this person. So i see him or her. And i'm not sure who it is but it's one of those moments where you look at somebody. I know you from somewhere. But i can't place. It was a hair and beard place or just a beard place. They do both. it's like. It's a hipster spa where they do the hair and the beard and all that kind of stuff so it could have been a woman as well it could have been one hundred percent okay and so what's the game so the game is because the hair only grows and reverse side of my head have a couple of hooks in reverse you guys at the guests who this person was based on hearing this music interesting. I'm gonna nail this. This may be to easy. How yeah you're gonna but it is difficult. Let me ask you a couple of questions for was it a man. We'd get one. Yes or no question yesterday. Guests get good amy more. Just no way are they in a band they have been so their musical and they have been in a band eddie have. They had a hit on the radio here in the last month. Oh yeah definitely morgan. Was it a country artist. Yes but they've crossed over in a top forty a good ten years ago okay. I haven't asked my question. Yeah yeah you thinking well whereas team trying to get this. Is it like rascal. Flatts crossed over. But they don't have but it can be a haircut guy to going down the hill. What was the answer to lunch. Boxes to ban used to be using her was keith urban but he he wouldn't be over because he used to be in the ranch. Kid rock although idiot who now willing to banting throw you off. Because i'm in the band like a couple times once here in studio what has to be has to be this person. Say don't care darks. Because he came with his little goofy band crossover ever now. No yes not i. Don show's goofy. Oh i know i got. It wasn't inside. Brown bands arose. And he's on the radio or well. I don't know i was. I ended up. That was dance rock or something maybe might be it so they used to be an eastside nico nico moon has just here for goods And he's kinda got that. Look where i could see scuba. Steve hasn't interacted with him a ton. There's question earlier this person. I've seen him have a beard and this moment they did not. It was kind of clean-shaven that's not nico. Well interests moment. He did not have a beard beard beard. Brady ever question or do you know who it is. I don't know who it is. You can ask you okay. Guess we'll listen to the reverse our guest though before we do reverse music who lives over their brothers osborne i want them. He has a beard. Clean-shaven oh charlie worship within a band. Yeah but not for nothing for giving away where people live. We don't have a real guess and they've been in the studio in the past few months Es i think within the last like four or five months yeah. We're five months. Learn pan late last year. They were here. I don't know the crossover thing. Okay plays this song backward. Ray predict song game crush. I tried and tried to slow that a little bit. I was trying to do something to yeah. He he brought a full bluegrass band in here. We never beard. Sometimes he'd have a beer for a long time. He went full beard for awhile and he did cross over ten years ago when he was on top. Forty like it was like two thousand. You remember on live for you. You'll like that. Maybe fourteen stormy off talk. So i'm the kind of person when i see somebody out in the wild. I don't like to bother them. I'll just kind of give a little nod and just move on. I don't talk to people. I don't know him so. I wouldn't big. Hey it's steven. And i'm afraid i don't know who you are so i want to avoid that at all costs by two thousand seventeen. Wow so have that song. Where he was like speaks wrapping and crossover top forty. I one was house party right but this was the one that really crossed over for him. Yeah and there's one hundred and he was talking to a girl that's a lot of them. Don't take your time zano. Mona de yes. That's the one. Yeah yeah take. Your time was two thousand fourteen okay. Well hey school story. I spent a fun game. I wouldn't have got that one. He's a big guy Yeah he's huge. He's tall guy. And i would expect to see someone like sam. Hunt of my opinion is a celebrity to be chilling. Right there next to me in a barbershop. Hey i went to one place that i go a lot. Like chain place I walk in food samson by himself at a table. Like right in the middle of the restaurant and i was like eighty. What up because we talked for a little bit He ate bother him. He left very normal. It's pretty cool. This is yeah just rolled in one time coming out a starbucks and he had to smoothie king in one hand starbucks in the other because they were right next door to each other and i was like just picking up his drinks stars. He's a good guy though for sure. Hey what he tipped started homeboy. I left before him. So i don't tip two thousand dollars. Ten dollar bills heard. Yeah we're on the street. Two thousand dollars. Yeah show down head. This story comes from and ville florida. A man was out for a walk. Sunday morning around ten. Am he walks by the fire station and the garage is open seas. That fire engine goes man. That'd be fun to drive. And so he hops in reverse goes on out crashes into a street sign and he's arrested. I better be just impossible to drive with no training to drive a fire engine. I would think so. But he's right. It would be fun to drive. Can't guy is wrong and they just leave the keys in there too like just maybe because if there's a fire the last thing you want to do is keys johnny then your pocket. We're relieved the keys. But i i had an eighteen wheeler for a bit and without slow training all the way up to it. I would have never been able to do that because the turns are just weird and i bet that's what happened with him. He turned into a sign. Yeah he tried to turn a sign and he crashed. Guess how much a fire truck cost a tour bias. A good tour buses about a million dollars. What yeah how. Much the firetrucks. Five hundred thousand dollars. I mean you can get a tour. Bus include the house. All right there you go. That's your bonehead store the day. Well this one guy says he says all men were there underwear three to ten times before washing them. We think about that. I think that's about three to ten times too. Many this is not true. I don't i don't eat once right. Yes okay well. Maybe twenty days. So here's the thing though. Are you stammering. Because i think accounts one where for example if i take a shower in the afternoon on a monday and then i wear them through the evening. Tuesday sleep in them sometimes. Just wake up and keep morano. So i never actually. That's not a change That's shouldn't count as to wears okay. Even to seven days i get that you're talking about like a twenty four hour period or shower to shower. Yeah i never take them off and put them back on the same ones back on that too so if they completely my body they don't get put back on my my body but i will go afternoon sleep. Get up have a full day. That kind of thing does that count as one or two years. Okay do you do that eddie. I do more of the if it's under twenty four hours say. I've got something to do that night. And i take a shower. Get dressed have a nice fresh pair of underwear and then i go to bed and then i wake up. Take another shower. It's okay warm for four hours in that before but you did sleep in them. Brett mental note to of its cleaner. Not that i think. That's too weird to see wears lunchbox year. Oh man. I wear underwear. All the time multiple days. Like i'll go run and come home and put on dry underwear and then later that night. Take a shower. Wake up the next morning where mcginn and no big deal and tournament side out an extra wear fact so he says all men where three to ten whereas before. I don't think that's true false. Luke bryan sent me some jockey underwear up here. I haven't gotten in the bag yet. Oh well the thing is mostly when people send you something they go. Please take a picture of it and posts on social media. Got luke wants to put these on and show off on social media. You gotta do what you gotta do. Is this the first time in other guys sent you under well. He does endorsements for jockey seen as commercial so. Yeah but yes. I think it's the first time that does he model in them in post. I don't know. I'll share one for one but i have a bag of Jackie here from luke. Bryan that i will take home. But i don't know that i'll be sharing on social media and what's going on today. I have got I'm supposed to go to the dentist today. But something happened and they couldn't fit me in so now i'm a little bit more open so i think i'm going to get ahead on my podcast like that is my goal. What about you speaking. A podcast had c four over the house yesterday. How are they doing. Are they doing man. Thanks for asking us. I think about them once in a while they They're doing good good. I don't i don't know what you want. It's gonna be on tomorrow's bobby cash. I'll let you can hear all about how they're doing. It's a duo that came in and just crushed performance and now they have a song on the radio. Things are really really started to do good for them. I'm packing today. I'll work out but ceylan sister's wedding this weekend. So how'd you get a suit. I had to get let out just a little bit on now. I know and. I don't know if it's because i've been working on getting role muscular but probably not that you know where are you letting it out the gut area or the arm area the gut and the thighs like the thighs at my legs are getting too big a ride. That biking lot so way. It's okay. I refuse arms out. I just want us to be you. Guys have a great day. We'll see you on friday show lou. Combs will be on tomorrow. Zag brown be tamara. Friday morning dance party tomorrow by everybody. The bobby bones. Show bobby bones pay. It's betty prankul. And i am thrilled to announce the my podcast just be with beckoning angle joining the iheartradio podcast fan. You know this show is about people who have had non traditional circuitous routes to get to where they are a pretty much a started from the bottom. Now they're here. I wanna hear what they think and how their minds work. I want to get inside people's minds. So i'm coming back with more rants so i want to talk about weddings. It's a whole ponzi scheme. Money operation and new conversations with disruptors like matthew mcconaughey. When he goes. I was good. Father i raise an app is confidence to go. Going on breaking out kelly ripa. Nobody handed me anything. And i fought really for everything i had. Sammy hagar realize. I was really building a brand new one building brand and so many more listened to jazz with bethany. Frankel heart radio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Yeah no i'm not okay. That's how i feel sometimes. And that's also the name of many podcasts from elliot's studios. I want whoever outlives me to be like. She didn't a broken person. She healed herself addiction. Depression anxiety radical self love. Yeah no. I'm not okay. Your new favorite podcasts. From elliot's studios and me diane gerardo listen to yan. No i'm not. Okay on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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