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"margot boston" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"See what's happening more studio in qualcomm to thursday show. We have a situation in our house. Now where we have two dogs. I've mentioned eller probably eight or nine months old now then heat. But she's almost alphabet starting to kind of be normal a little bit but we have to keep her in her own space. That has a doggy door. That goes out to the yard. So we got that kind of under control. Stanley bulldog is fine. He's hurt his foot and he's got like a cut in between to pause now kind of managing that he's he also has a situation where he is. I think he saw something outside barking at night. It'd be like a limb elif. The wind i dunno be barking. It would always freak me out. Because i've still some. Ptsd related to being jumped or having a gun to my head. My house broken into just had a lot of situations all at once. That still affect me. When i sleep at night and so i was like okay. Man put you. He now goes to a bedroom at night. Same bed and he stays in that bedroom that we can't see outside it can't like windows and outside of the living room and see anything out there that messes them up so the night. I still still hear him times. It's muffled because the walls go so we put one of those cameras in his room. One of those dog paul cameras or whatever they call them and you can watch. He has nightmares where he wakes up and just starts barking. It's never anything of people outside. We now tracked him and all of a sudden sleeping. He's in a room with all up just before his eyes even open. You starts barking guy. He isn't it could be a nightmare could be fun. He could be playing ball or some then that changes but whatever it is. It's the weirdest thing. We just sleep marking so it isn't as loud as a wake me up. It doesn't freak me out as much now. Because i would always think well he's seen somebody outside. It's gonna come into murder us right. We have like crazy security. We got security all around people hiding in the bushes with guns basically. Yeah and so. I just say anything about it but but that's been kind of the issue of dealing with at home. It happened last night. We looked at stuff this morning and figured out he barks and asleep wakes up. And that's what that's all. It is a minor breakthrough here Margot you are on the bobby bones. Show margot boston is on the phone. Margot let me tell you something. That song you played about grandma being dated was hysterical. I am a grandma in a great grandmother. And i laughed all the way home because i had a similar experience. I have i have seven grand grandsons and one of them walked in on me. One time i mean not now but maybe when i was about fifty five and it was like oh my god and we looked at each other. We didn't know what to do. He turned around and walked out. And then when. I came out of the bathroom. I said Next time somebody's in the bathroom. You need to know. I really sorry agree but yeah I just thought that was showing credible. I can relate to it and i said Whoever is complaining needs to get a life because that was such a amazing songs and people probably my age aaa twit. Then people might give it a grammy. That's what i say. Give that grammy. Well she's talking about is on yesterday. Show i mentioned. We're getting a lot of complaints. No a few complaints about a song from eddie. Neither raging idiots. We recorded live in concert called the grandma song and this is about real life. My grandma adopted me for a long time and was like my mom for years and years and it really happened and so margot. I appreciate that call. That's why i write songs to relate to the people It's time to open up. That mailbag kenya again. Hello bobby bones. My wife and i have enjoyed listening to your show for a couple of months after months and months of kobe. I just started going back to the jim. I'm looking to get back in shape. I need some motivations. I'm looking for suggestions for songs to add to my workout playlist. What is your current goto workout song. Signed heather you know it's weird. I don't really have a go-to is i. Current have a go-to always like this is. If there's one workouts on that i would put on your list. It's kind power when this comes on this part here like whatever i'm doing and elevates about twenty percent and it's like the kate it's this hey hey one in the twenty first century do something mean to me that's the ones a good tempo to that if i'm riding a bike or if i'm running connie power is for me. The song amy. what about you. I have more of a current jam. And i don't know that it has a great workout. Tempo just gets me in a good mood. And it's justin bieber peaches. I'll listen to a playlist comes on and then have a paycheck for the workout eddie. I don't really work out but lately i've been training for this walk so i haven't listen. Bob marley a little jamming. Oh it's just chill. I don't like bob marley controversy. Look yeah popular opinion. I i it all sounds the same to me. This is not going to putney assuming just like it's more of not quick workout fast. It's very slow. And i can do this an hour right like you do. What does you good this kind of music. I i see the baltimore at three songs. I don't know the difference on songs. But that's just because i'm not culture de you're saying they all sound the same exactly i also. I know i'm too dumb to get it get dance. Music sometimes either puts song changes on the same song toward song. The because i'm not cultured in it. Oh man this is like a state of mind. I love it but like unpopular opinion. I only bob marley than good. You hear that america's going that's okay. That's okay neil young. He's good too. I love neil young beyond say i'm not obsessed with fiance. Yeah know but. I'm not supposed to say next taylor. Swift taylor's great Who else is unpopular opinion read. No no awesome. I try to get you on that. Hey richie when you're lifting. What do you do well. This was when i was running. This song came on. Hello by pop. Smoke and i ran about twice as fast as of the mellow pillow. When i'm working out. It's mostly all hip hop stuff. Maybe i'll trickling brothers osborne stuff but i need that aggressive. Be if i'm hitting are almost no country stuff unnecessary slow. Unless.

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