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"mardi moutier" Discussed on RNZ: The Detail

"Vowed safe offers language Mardi people born in the sixties and seventies very small number of first language speakers if we look at Mardi born in eighteen nineties the sexiest a greater percentage of those who have Maria fist language. Compared with that previous group porn sixties and seventies and so I have looked at this informative and surveys and surveys. You have to be very careful about you. Imagine Viagra all the time that you know these differences a big enough they'd beyond imagine a very We can be pretty confident as to what they mean so the next question is why. Are we getting these different results. And my argument is that unfortunately the question on the census as essentially I would say is vague. Since what I'm saying thing is I don't think the census gives us a reliable pitcher. I think we're actually getting a somewhat more reliable pitcher if we look at those first language statistics two six which do show evidence of a revival If we compare the first language into the speaking proficiency the thing we see there is this quote a lot of people who you have moldy or say their mouth as a first language but then as adults I say well actually now my proficiency is not very good good. So there's a degree of attrition which I might they might have been born into a home where molly was was spoken more than English English but for various reasons they have lost the language year in the world. Think of it is you can get kids started a- As fiddling with speakers you speak to them as young children or whatever but then there's another whole journey in maintaining language and getting it into account of adult level of usage. I think add knowledge of what's really happening is is actually really quite patchy. Yeah an undischarged sort of shed a bit of light on it up to the nineteen sixties. It was a really a very negative attitude towards mountie and let him out. He went who could speak language speaker to their children in the seventies you start stop to get a lot of vegetation for Mardi language in schools that this petition ninety seventy two petitions so And various things starting batting up like data to teach Mari to families and so on. That's a beginning of a big change of consciousness for Mardi but also this. I've seen this sort of gradual change of consciousness. furtherest two vessels. Well because I'm not mighty and I think that Sultan important pad you know to have a sense that is more acceptance of the language is probably an important padded his. It's a mysterious process. I remember twenty years ago trying to find a sort of guidebook to how do we go about language revitalization. Is there some way somebody. That's down at the control. You how it works no. Nobody's really done this. Kind of a revitalization vitalize ation of an indigenous language. Lots of people all around the world. Look to Mardi Moutier in the front this really. What about Wales I think don't well seniors wiles as an executive somewhat different example while to sound very well in using education to will both I maintain and actually expand language but at the most recent statistics are looked? At for Welsh they have not turned around the intergenerational national language transmission the learning of the language in the home is still appears to be declining and wells. There is a kind of revival through education And we may have thought that was sort of the case with Maui because a lot of the research has tended Vegas on Coronado and could Copa Oh papa and educational interventions and so. We've almost noten what's been happening in families and the other thing I found also also in the research is that people. His his language is melody. Were extremely likely to go to Colorado and could cope up a so the the things are sort of and twenty again. I think ear. There really is strong evidence of this sort of groundswell reversal of the previous loss of mountain As the revival is actually going on but meanwhile we I suspect we won't even say it in the twenty s since the statistics. We might see this Quiz Jeff Question. You ask different questions you get different. Data epilepsy steals statistical. Issue here. And what's your thinking because I think the government's goal is one million Terrell speakers by twenty forty. Actually I haven't really looked at in detail depends Has Been indicated. The question probably match on exactly how you define line. Who's a speaker and what questions you ask people? Just go about that sort of cautiously optimistic. It's a had struggled really elite and as an important to yo you know you're not just doing it for the sake of looking at data as as the revival of the language important to your peers. It is I grew up in strider and yet my my brother marriage and aboriginal one hit tribe. A group of people had their around particular language. As a child I learnt that the last night if speak here had died in the nineteen sixties. This who it was struck from the saddest. Saddest thing yeah and But I came ever hit a New Zealand in the seventies and started lending Mardi about the second year that I was here and I had a wonderful experience with that actually become reasonably proficient in speaking which I know you're Loa can still understand what people say. So I you know I do have a strong personal bond with the language itself and I would the whole the concept of the the survival and revival of languages. That's sort of close. That's the detail today. I'm Sharon Kelly. 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