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"marcy ny" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Babe Ruth I remember you wearing that Babe Ruth had for like in heating or two in a start that you made where do you get that hat from the the vintage Babe Ruth at all a buddy of mine mark Jordan I think he works for heritage auction house now he I I used to buy all my memorabilia from him I got all my how I got it started and he came to me one day I said Hey listen I got this half from this state these people want to sell it I said is it legit find out it goes higher percentage lead yet and he says they want they want thirty thousand for now Mike John Williams twenty thousand and he came back and he says nope they want thirty or not then I might I'll take it I bought it for thirty grand okay I did a lot of heat for a lot of the media kind of beat me up over like you know I was kind of stupid a lot of people said you're an idiot for by and that has and you know I ended up wearing it in any game Joe Torry don't like it you got a little he that me and he told me was that the required uniforms and I've been battling back and forth with people on Twitter right now so they're like would you do with the hat and I wore it didn't ruin the story about your story and your Tory wasn't very happy so you find me twenty five hundred dollars and and Mike and I told him that's all and and and that was it but he just he wasn't really to and if anybody would understand should've been Joe Torrey because you know as a historian and you know his love for the game as well and and being the manager of a call but I he just it likely back in those days yes I'm surprised he's the one way I would be here that when posing manager which would complain you know what I want to jump in there you feel like you're back in those days that we saying about Tory we we we bank the bank has a lot so you know it was yes we don't know whether it was him trying to control me and yeah I just said leave me alone if you want to win every five days leave me alone and you know I would go in every five days you know the media the press the media lab I went into my routine I would we went out for B. P. I turn the music up I would put on metallic just third slip not I'd have all these heavy metal ballads but I had to throw my van Halen and there is a love that Halen and so I had a I I made a cake Marcy NY and I would play every five days when I stretched in a Joe would come and he would turn it down well I go in there I turn it back up turn it down or turn it back up so his stupid little crap like that that you know kinda escalated and so difficult time to step down and you like Joe just let me handle them let me take them you know all all all all all monitor him and all that and you know by all star break I think that year I think Joe are Dave what to judge a U. S. website up so that was kind of funny but but yeah we just we but it had on a lot of issues and stuff like that I just didn't think he treated everybody on the team the same as yelled as he would Jeter are citing guys like satin you know and that's just you know about what we thought there was a bunch of us that thought the same way but you know it is what it is we were still playing for the Yankees or didn't matter if he was my manager anybody else also playing for the Yankees did that change your second time around like by the time you when you came back in O. two and O. three was the relationship better was a kind of similar to what you just described I got worse but worse he kind of got worse but you know I just don't think there's a stay away just go about your business and try not to get in any trouble and and create you know A. L. S. scene or or just whatever try to stay out of the papers and that was hard for me because I hated staying in the house so I always went out I always did what I wanted to do and you know but I went out on the mound I want a lot of games so it's are you did conduct in China can control people and you know and it just it just didn't it just didn't sit well but you know I understood he was great job was a good manager don't get me wrong but he denies chest when you try to put the reins on somebody I'm a grown man you know I can do what I want as long as I do my job on the field then if I'm doing it badly then disputed but don't when I'm pitching good don't try to change what he don't broke don't fix don't fix up method isn't broke right you know also so to me that's kinda that's how our relationship was and you know and then I went to work for TV some every chance I had I was gonna Basham TVS got mad at me for doing that really so yeah so you know what I just this is years ago and I just find it you know it's not worth it's not worth the time the energy Joe is a good guy and so we we we made up and and I just see how he does charity events for them safe at home sure around Asian and and all that so I I attended a few of them and you know we get along actually we we do get along even now I still have a lot of things that he denied me on that we're petty little things and all that it still sits in the back of my mind but it's not it's not worth it now look on life to be happy right David wells of course talking talking about his career here in his relationship which all Tory I did the perfect game going to add that day you have any idea I mean I love you so you're not wanted to again take a picture perfect game today but just an inkling that you were gonna pitch well going into that start how bout how bout that either I was hoping I would make it out the first day any the story yeah no we stories David I've heard some stories there so yeah go ahead Jimmy Fallon the other night he yeah he did a show and he was doing it with Adam Sandler under low podcast that he does with with his show and and he brought that up to him and Adam were talking about and everyone was sending me the link and so I texted jamming out my Hey buddy thanks for thanks for the shout out it's a good match they tell the story better than I do but yeah it's one thing led to another out there as a no show going to the party and then leave in like five thirty issue in the morning and having to pitch that day and you know they happen to be the day after the perfect game but wow that's crazy on a on a Bender a couple hours of sleep wasn't good because I was still you know still little need brigade one so is it is it's like a legend that's late of course it did adds to it is what it was did it make you five days later want to do it again and was there any superstition related to or you said have I pitched a perfect game off of Bender man I I should do this more often yes so did you die without a lot before the night before I catch that went out a lot later in my career you know I went out a lot and it actually started in ninety seven with David column you know in Oakland so when he came off his aneurysm you know the night we got and we were we're up to about three in the morning check in the hotel and and then the next day I was so hung over on the bench and he paid Jimmy had a no hitter he got all but the no hitter right right right yeah right yeah so while I'm on the bus after the game and he is and I and he gets on the bus he goes Bomer let's go I said go where you guys are going on I said no dude I got a pitch tomorrow man I'm I'm not feeling too good still I'm still hung over last night he goes well remember I was there to go yep you're absolutely right I got up got in the car you got a limo and a few of us went into San Francisco and lit it up in a cage next day and I I think I end up going a complete game shutouts targets some of blame difficulty you know it's funny I've heard you know David is it there's a lot of different stories like that I mean I've heard Mickey mantle like in the home run after yadda angle Virgil name is that a big game one time after right I mean I hear this kind of thing a lot David yeah I mean if you're relaxed next day if you know you know you don't build build a great you just what you get locked in to get locked in and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but you know I knew at that game and and everybody knew I was out and I mean I smell like a dam brewery the next day right I said if I if I don't keep him in the ball game today I'm gonna get fined suspended maybe traded who knows in on that was just one of those things that I got lucky and the all the stars are lined up right and guys made the plays behind me and be like I came out looking good did you think did you all know about that the Joe noted you were a little under the weather going to that's not everyone at newest colony in the mist and our masseuse I think would roll on and and I I think that I just went in there I said well you just work on my legs do just get into those legs and calves and feet in his first thing that goes is your legs when your legs go you're done right you know yeah but I went from the chair from from the masseuse table the bathroom back and forth back and forth you know just loading up with coffee water and you know I just it was it was a match and and Tony and the machine for the only two guys and knew it the connecting ought to think tore enough to make any visits to the melody with a smell the burning did you go out so I have to depart the game did you go out again that it did we ever well yeah to get into the mag we hours in the morning then we ask you Mel Stottlemyre we have to do is charity event wow next step of the way so I think Graeme Lloyd Cohn I mean I don't know if Khan came with espy knows me Graeme Lloyd couple of the guys and so we had to drive out to Connecticut and the traffic we don't take in mind the traffic is we went to bed about three thirty four in the morning we had to be there eight and for shotgun and I got there it'll fly but I created my own lane I said there's any day I'm never gonna get arrested as today and we made our own line of people or pets we went on the median there is serious yeah so I manage my team they are the horrified they are and I met him on the second shot non farm here I grabbed a beer on the way down I chugged a beer and I'm not I guess I mean this one club yeah I grab Mike my side what I'm like two hundred something out a dog leg right I put it about two feet from the pin we juggle that no later word of god so you called when you call what you're driving on the meeting who that you called in and Graeme Lloyd as I reset it was Abby Graham Lloyd was what does maybe now he might have been what with me I I drove out there now so right yeah it was it was a it was a joke it was unbelievable so after you purchase part begins the next day he all you've been out all night you go up you second shot to seven the year with a firewood and you put the two feet from the pin not about you twenty to thirty all too so I'm sorry to thirty whatever it was it yeah no no not that I would be a lot at the P. in the company valued at that far wow what a forty really good David Boettcher you were rolling man that's for sure well did it was that was unbelievable those were the good old days no social media no cameras no phone number I am a phone so we got a letter in all honesty I don't think if I was to do it today I'd probably just say spell my name right who knows that's funny maybe you're you're totally right no one was arresting you and then the I mean it's David wells I just pulled off this incredible feat at Yankee Stadium did you watch horror I hope not with all the cops anyway thank you yeah like thirty games at Yankee Stadium I walked down down the tunnel into they have that little police station in the in the house there for all the for all those young people at this when they arrest them for whatever for intoxication I'd go in there and mess with them all the time and I'm going to their their dressing room there and they have a cable they'd be playing culture I play poker watching game on TV with them I was great at going out with those do they have my back now I PT have my back that's not in the best we talked it out they are we talking to David wells that year I mean the Yankees are unbelievable.

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