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"marcy andrews" Discussed on Wendell's World & Sports

"In sports on your host wonder wallis so glad you could be with us but i don't stay up the podcast saving my coaching topic. A whole lot of coaches getting fired. The whole coach. Leaving steve clippers. Scott brooks Rick carl l. Just said he's not coming back to the to the dallas mavericks. John calipari is talking about you. Know what dhabi open to hear. Some folks talked about head coaching positions in the nba. I'll take a listen to the phone. All of these things going on hold on a movement in the nba. In terms of coaches moving. Going on so. I will save that talk for another podcast coming up soon. Please remember that in. Today's june nineteenth Which is what is june nineteenth. Another saturday saturday right. It's a saturday right. Yeah saturday please take a moment of silence in remembrance of my hero of them all the great the awesome len bias nineteen eighty six died of a ex dental cocaine overdose. Fuck you brian. triple but He was going to be better than the jordan. Now baby the cocaine problem that he had a slow them down with once. You hit the leak. But i don't give a damn what anybody says as far as players are concerned enough in the acc. History len bias. A maryland was a better basketball player than north carolina's michael jordan. Now maybe once we got to the nba style of play. Jordan was unleashed because he was no longer being held back. If you want to say by dean smith who is the only player who do you person in basketball history. Whoever helped michael jordan under twenty points a game dean smith so you know who knows what would have happened. And as i mentioned before len bias. The gone the way of roy. Tarpley and chris Washburn and william residence guy because he was snorting the white stuff but You know from the prince george's county maryland. Lamb biased lenny bias. That was that was our guy and for me. June nineteenth is always something where it's like. Where were you doing. we're word you. What were you doing things. Every every every day of that date. I think about that turns a man. Wake up in the morning and my boy david. O'neil call him up talking about here. News limb bias died remember. This is one thousand nine hundred eighty six. Though there was no there was no cable. There was no cell phones. There's was no social media. There was no twenty four hour access none of that kind of stuff so you know we had the radio. We had the local news in basically. That's about it so when o'neill call me up that saturday morning i was gonna go out. School just ended going to go out to some basket before the weather got too hot and dc. So i was going to go up to the park and You know practiced by len bias. Practice by turn around. Jumping bernard king. Practice my ball handling like Magic johnson practice outside shooting. Virus got ricky pierce and up going to do my thing practice my with james worthy spin. Move like james worthy. You know was going to get into my bag of tricks. Going into my senior year was going to do everything. I could to impress the marcy andrews in the joe's berrios and the Monica spain's the world who what kennedy high school at the time. So i was gonna go out there and become the super shoes basketball player and have all those absolute beauties fall in love with me. Yes i was dumb. Yes i was unrealistic. Yes i was on my mind but a dislike martin. Luther king said a man can dream so you know dedicated my summer to being the best basketball player. I could crowded fulfil my dream of going to georgetown university and play.

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