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"marcus npr" Discussed on Glowing Up

"Addiction so instead of hitting the ball four times a day oil around your is four times a day. You know you also have to not give a. It's also tricky because right now. We're kobe and touching her face weird and you know and but what you've got your parole you've got your advertisement parallel hands. You should be oiling. Your face it is never not shiny care. If people think i'm look shiny weird people always sought got a ton hunk of plastic surgery. I'll tell you everything i've done in a minute. I have done thera I did cool laser. I do filler on this side of my nose. I did botox here when i was twenty. Five because i was told to buy network it just me. I actually think at this point. Wrinkles are fine of youth. Yeah so if you need to do a little bit here are like here. I like to have these. You know like. I like these And i like these but if you do here sometimes it fucks up. It's like oh. I'm not anti work am not wireless y you want your It's expensive but if you want to get in shape you go to the gym. What what's the different. What's the difference surveys like. Why just shame anybody for whatever they need to do. As long as it's for them your hopefully you're not acting in place of dismore fiat like. I don't think you should decide what happens But i'd have dental. Faira talked about that with libya mon on the podcast and then with allison brie we talked about bo talks like ding ding ding cure. Which i did like three years ago. And then kinda fades. And then i kinda like it is i. I like these lines right here at like these lines. But i also have a lot of really. I remember when i was in the show on the show. Whitney critically acclaimed That in the room. Because i was always so conscious that my mom worked at neiman. Marcus npr so she would get samples. And we love perry. And we had charles of the ritz and we handle income. And we all the creams and it was all about creams. Like those were my toys as kids. I didn't have toys green creams province products products. And when she went to bat. I would like put them on and put it on my lips and it was obsessed and I'm saying that because it is beautiful. And i can't stop staring at your unbelievable skin. I mean i'm in the light. I know how to let myself. But what was i just saying. Oh alison brie products on. When you're on the show whitney resolution with me. Oh yeah your show. Any i always said. Don't make me laugh. 'cause i don't wanna get lifelines all it's sad and then i realize it's not. It's not sad. I've been conscious on for a long time. I never smoked. Because i didn't want to get these. I never drank from straw. Which i do now glass job because they don't wanna go through slip all. I was very conscious of this young age. Because i had a mom that was conscious of that because the generation before us they're they're beauty was their currency you know and So but then. I realized that the craziest thing you can do. In a writer's room of comics is say. Don't make me laugh like don't do your job and then going on. I'm sorry that was crazy. So i didn't like it wasn't a rule for a long period of time but dan lee can attest when because i had the funniest writers in the world and that i would just go look i would love. Oh my guy but it's like it is true you know also when i apply my products always up. We never go down. We never go down. People put on their scream. Like this and i'm like it drives me nuts. When people in their makeup and circles you're dragging your skin down redoing up up only only blush only up cream only up oil only up only up only up. I'm taking notes right now when you listen back to this and then when you sleep most people product on the face. They don't sleep and they put their face on a pillow and then all their product himself on their pillow. This was my next question. I i still like you'll know about sleep case only i sleep with I don't have the ivory phones or some kind of headphones. So that you're sleeping up in your product is not being wiped off. I sleep like a fucking Course i said this about you on this podcast like three times. Now i like whitney cummings famously. Sleeps with headphones. So her product doesn't round up to p. There's an oil by the toilet paper and i'm being. I'm putting 'em re-applying three in the morning. Can i ask a personal question. What is what's your skin type early. Believe in that because a lot of its genetic. I was also on accutane twice. So i'm there's i think that we love that like my skin. Type is kind of false sense of control right. Your skin type is very much how you treat it. It's like saying like oh that breed of dog attacks people on it's like well nature and nurture and try you know what i mean like all that like i have good. That's that's been pathologist. Ice skin's oily. Because i make it oily but also it took me a long time to learn this in a lot of really smart dermatologists to explain to me is like we associate the same way. We associate fat with being fat by eat. Fattening foods. i'm gonna get fat. that's not true. For fifteen years. I was eating fat free snack wells which was just like all cooke's like like all sugar like avocados. Don't make you fat units the sugar or whatever. So all doesn't make you oily so i had such bad acne as a teenager cystic. Acne statistics stick and sealer salicylic acid squeeze and just like the sky cycle is so vicious. Been there from all of it all and then knife pretending. I was sick to not go to school. That taking on accutane the flaking off. I mean it was just like you know when people say the skin care like superficial and then like what. California unlike elitist. It's like your. This is the first thing you say to. Someone uses your self esteem. This is.

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