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"marcus ilya" Discussed on The Lowe Post

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"marcus ilya" Discussed on The Lowe Post

"But you know what I did? I am I allowed to do you cuss on these pockets? We can foul a lot harder, right? I don't wanna see Siaka only shoot two free throws and make four. Eighteen Phil goals. Do you know what if you put somebody on there, but and they're kind of like limping around or they're kinda shaking out their hand? Right. Because they just got smacked really, really hard. That's not free throw defense. But it's when they say, make a person feel something when they make like show a little resistance, if you get hit on a free throw, and you get knocked on your butt or not into the backstop and a very legal way going up to make a free throw when you're kind of, like, oh, that one's done a little bit. That's quote unquote, free throw defense like you're going to go. Earn this not just me just ticky tack, but they didn't even foul this individual. What's, what's the hardest value ever delivered? Who is it against hardest foul? I don't I don't feel bad about a failed. You ever feel bad really ooh? That, that didn't I didn't hit him where thousands of that, that ended up bed. No, no, no, no. You 'cause you don't there when you talk about bad fouls. You're talking about like the potential for injury undercut. Yeah. Undercutting, guys like that was as a guy that lives are tried to stay in the air, most Vicoria. I never wanted to to get. The undercut anybody. But I will say just crossing somebody and just hitting like, like you're taking your forearm over both arms. I'm not talking about a dirty play. I'm just saying if a guy has seventeen shots and makes fourteen field goals, any only shot to Fritos. Please don't tell me that you are playing the type of defense that you need to play against his. He did a lot of that against dream on green who proclaimed himself the best defender in the history of the NBA about two weeks ago and his trouble. I think changed his aggression level agreed. So, so here was here would be my argument. The transit we were in complete agreement on transition defense terrible terrible. And that's let's say sixteen points happened just because of that. My argument is that the warriors deepens wasn't that bad. But continue. Okay. Fair point who shea. My argument would be there half. So we spend a lotta time on the show, talking about this idea that did they help too much on Kawhi Leonard, and let the other guys go off. Or did he Gillette co-? I get his, or do they help even more my point was I thought there have court defense, was actually okay? I let their half court defense was good enough. Transition defense awful Siaka m- made some crazy, even his threes. I believe both of them were above the break. Threes, which you're gonna like he's if you makes me makes them like you're not going to run him off those shots. I thought there half court defense was actually not there were a couple rotations that didn't make too, like Marcus. Oh above the break. But like, it's we were just two weeks away from the bucks. Not guarding Marcus Ilya. This is not a new. They defended co I pretty well Danny green, even made some like contested threes, that one with Klay. Like in his in the. Yeah. Normally a splash brother shot. I don't think they're half court defense was that bad. I agree, right? There was some things in the half court that then let's be honest. This is the NBA finals. This is a team that in, in this five year stretch under Steve Kerr has been one of the top defensive teams. And there were years where they were one of the best defensive teams, you know, maybe I don't wanna say history, but their offense in their defense. When you're number one or number two in both categories, that's the Golden State Warriors. Yeah. Right. That is a gold say words. They're outscoring everyone. They're shutting them down on defense. They're doing all of these things if we're going to say that the words deepened wasn't that bad. That's fine. But this is the damn NBA finals, and you're short handed, and you're going to and we're gonna look at effort transition defense..

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