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"marcus d shelby" Discussed on Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

"By the spring of eighteen eighty nine Arkansas Democrats found themselves facing a major publicity problem, the assassination of John Clayton. Still dominated newspaper headlines, reporters and private. Detectives were swarming around Conway county hoping to crack the case and claim the reward the congressional committee on elections had begun interviewing Plummer, Ville residents in earnest hoping to understand the extent of voter fraud in the November election with the investigation ongoing the public's interest in John Clayton's murder had hardly wavered, Arkansas Democrats knew that they had been firmly painted as villains and they were desperate to change the narrative. Arkansas, Senator James k Jones contributed an article for the North American review in which he attempted to defend his party by arguing that despite the contentious election. Clayton's assassination had not been politically motivated was Clayton's murderer a political crime. No. Those who thoroughly understand the people of Arkansas, their nature and characteristics, will feel an abiding confidence and absolute conviction that this was not the work of politically minded person, but the act of some poor wretch moved by considerations. Holy personal to himself. Unfortunately, for Arkansas Democrats, the public didn't find this. Unidentified rich theory. Particularly compelling governor James eagle and congressman Breckenridge, who had won the C, John Clayton was running for in the controversial election knew that they needed to produce a plausible suspect in order for their dodgy theories to seem compelling. They leaned on the democratic sheriff of Conway county, Marcus D Shelby to supply one in the summer of eighteen eighty nine sheriff Shelby, traveled to Little Rock to present his findings to eagle in Breckenridge..

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