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"marcus brian smith" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Open. No, we're just gonna go to a fancy overdue. Time. Of course, read Marcus at the athlete. Make sure you following him as well on Twitter. He joins us courtesy of the megacity. What's going on? While get open. I thought you had. Time for work. Yeah. We do have one. I know for a fact Tolbert Thompson time to talk with bay area columnists from the athletes and KNB are warriors insider, Marcus Thompson on these sports leader, Marcus Brian Smith is sick today. So he's just like. It'll do work on that. Hey, I saw you walking around Levi's last night. What was your takeaway from that mess mess from the radio standpoint? I was really trying to figure out like the worst raiders performance. I've seen in my lifetime. And I couldn't find the worst one. I mean, it was pretty bad. You know? I mean, they really just got blasted by Nick Mullins. They score three points three points against the forty Niners with Reuben foster out like. That corn that secondary. They start three point. I mean, it was an embarrassing performance. I don't know how. I don't know how nobody went off last night. At somebody's gotta go off. Somebody's gotta pop off somebody's gotta somebody's gotta lay it to somebody got to be something. They just. Affairs. You know, what I think Marcus? I think the team kind of feels. Their heart was ripped out early in the season. They trade MAC, then they trade Cooper, a wicked. Look, I can tell you. That Cooper was a good trade for number one draft pick. I think most people would concur with that. But from a locker room standpoint, it doesn't matter, and I think these guys feel what everyone else feels is that this team is getting ready for Vegas. They're gearing up for Vegas. They don't care that much about this year. And next year is like kind of a whatever year. Maybe we'll try to win some games build the Vegas. But that's where it's all leading to it. It's hard in the game. I'm sure I don't I've never played football. But in a game that you gotta smash your head against another man's head. It's hard to get that courage each and every play when you realize that the organization as a whole is thinking that whatever. What what does it take? Like, you think about the line right there car got back like ninety eight. Yes. Think about the line and all of like the physicality, but digging deep they gotta do and the summit of extra spring like, you know, just Gesta hold the line. How do you manage the extra to do that? Would you know? This is my last year bay, really. I get it. I personally me. I Don I would have a hard time one hundred and ten percent it takes to play a sport. Like that knowing that the coaches out here telling people like yo we got a bunch of people wanna play for the raiders, we will have a real keep pretty soon. Here y'all just wait like what does that say about the people who are actually playing right now? So I get it. It makes perfect sense for football. Just takes everything you got. Plus, how the plus when you don't even know the direction of the franchise or or you are, you know, they don't think you're that good like that. That's the difference. We saw the difference between forty Niners raiders somewhere somehow Shanahan has conveyed to his players. Like, yeah. You're the guys you're it. We believe in you, we expect this from you. And somehow the other side, it's like, yeah. We'll be better when we get rid of. Yeah. You know, it was weird Marcus. I I was telling Thomas. I go down to cow Shanahan's press conference, and it's all about the Niners. But I told the guys I was with I said I'm gonna run down to Gruden because this could be combustible. He could go off. It was the opposite of that. He just sat there pretty much emotionless said. Yeah, we got a lot of injuries. And we got to see and I got to look at the film, and he just he looked like he was completely removed from the situation. Derek carr. Didn't look like he cared. He's he's going out of bounds. You know coming up short on on long third downs. He didn't look like he really cared like just and that's the biggest indictment. You can put on an athlete is that they don't care that they stopped trying but from the head coach to the quarterback to everybody on down. It just looked like they didn't care, and they quit. And I was shocked at grooten young Gruden would've went crazy after game. Like that. No. It's not like I've seen more anger for losing video game. Right. Right. The TV might get Burt. Like, that's what I see. I was like I was the same as you like, oh, let me go to. Yeah. Regarded minor. Locker room and everybody. Nobody was not to be thrown. Which means they've already passed that point, right? Yeah. It was resignation to like this is what we are. You're still eight games left. We're halfway. As left. That's that's where they are at the halfway point by already gone. There's not like all right. Let's just get to the by recruit buys already gone. And that's where they are like that crazy to me. Wow. Year and a half the countdown to start a year and a half. That's. You know, what there's going to be a great show in Vegas. It's going to be a great show. Vegas. But it'll be a great show Vegas. Like, I said by the. The rate they're going. They're going to be opening up for Cirque du Soleil and a couple of years. That's. Mission of right. We have. Wow. He really just say they're going to be the the team at halftime planet. All the little kids out you say, that's. That would be the raiders from the from the depths of the raiders to the to the height of the height to the warriors. We we're right outside the sports book here the two hundred forty three the the over under a to forty three. I read was the highest in three years. Do you expect this T wolves warriors game tonight? Did be at a track. Meet. Oh, yeah. I think they're clearing that what's that one twenty two twenty one. Yeah. Something in their ear clearing that just first off the rate. They're shooting threes. Is kind of insane right that they're shooting. Like, I didn't even realize this like Klay twenty four three twenty eight fourteen and just Blake at it like twenty four man what a great percentage twenty four three. No. Joe he really twenty four. But that's what they are like the of so much faster and make it so many threes that I mean, the only way the only way it doesn't get to that. I think if it's a blowout. Right. If if if Minnesota just folds at the end of the third quarter, that's it. But I feel like they've got some firepower like Karl Anthony towns. Nope. Derrick rose fifty. He might be feeling good. I pay fast enough that I think the worst could hit one thirty. I I really do like that there that need that's going to be floating around there every game. Steph is going well making this shot. I think they're going to be floating around one thirty pretty much every day. Maybe it's a cynic in may. But I get the feeling that after Derrick rose scored fifty and I think everyone thought that was a really cool story all the things that they had to go through to get back to a point where he could be good enough to score fifty points was pretty cool. But I don't know the cynic in may said, maybe that's why Jimmy Butler is planning ninety said. Oh, fifty. All right. We gotta stop that. Crap right now, I need to get back there. You are such a parade Rayner. Terrible. What's wrong with me? I need to go have a beer or something. You're right. Me. Did you see it? You see the emotional his face. Don't get another fifty. Maybe. But maybe Butler doesn't though I don't know. Hold on. I feel like. Well, it might be like, hey, you have this team. They go ahead. I'm trying to get out of here. Anyway. Oh, yeah. Hey. All right. We get it. Are we straight? Oh, man. I know what I think there's a good chance that Houston might make that error. Maybe put a sweetener if they can't in there. But I don't know what else they could give them, but they're gonna start getting desperate here at a minute. I know, you know, Paul's been suspended and hardens been hurt. But there's gonna come a time. And then they're going to say, oh, man. We can't slip, and we can't beat the words with this. We need to get better. If I'm the timber wolves. I might just hold out and make them give me another. I I might give me a nine per round draft pick. Make them give up cappella. Give me everything. I wanna I wanna I want the rights to Akeem I wanna retire. His jersey are building. It'll be like all right. We'll set off kitty Smith dirt. I think I think it's it's it's early right, obviously, we can expect Houston will eventually find it try to play better. But the problem is they gotta know their only hope is to get the number one seat like they have to know that. And right now, they're kicking off the number one. You're not going to catch up ten games on the warriors. If you got out to a hot start, and you got ahead of them. Like that was your best shot baby. The warriors let off the gas. You're not catching them from behind. And they're already behind so data. They're going to need a major win streak. Otherwise, they're looking at coming into or coupe for game seven if they make that light, obviously, they got greater concerns that now, but assuming eventually get to their spot they're looking at two three seed, right? If they get hot, they get a two seat, and they know they gotta know they can't win if they don't have homecourt advantage. That's why they probably need to make that move because they're only hope is game seven in Houston. And maybe they don't miss twenty seven threes. Marcus great stuff. We appreciate it. We'll talk to the next week. Thanks, man. All right. Let's hope let's hope Thomas and hating on all like follow up performances, man. Like, geez. I guess. Mothers is going to be terrible next week. Let him tell it g. I know. I'm like hating on me right now. I I gotta tear up a little bit. I gotta get get sunnier. Just I don't know. What happened? I feel like I'm trying to bring everybody down. What the hell's wrong with me? Thank you. I'm gonna try Marcus. Thank you cheered me up a little bit. Say Marcus, Marcus. What am I let's go? I really think it's at nap, man. Sometimes that nap if you get into too deep of a Rhames sleep could bake your while the wake up, which is why? You know, you need to bring like three beers every ten no more. No more. No, no, more negative. Oh, mall, positive the rest of the show. We got positive. We got our picks coming up next as far as I'm concerned, if you just pick opposite me, you could probably have a new house by now given this thing. So we'll get into those coming up next..

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