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"marco malaria" Discussed on Riders Lounge Podcast

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"marco malaria" Discussed on Riders Lounge Podcast

"Sneak von Call Pat bowed and Eric is Dallas Goldman at Guitar Tara's Marco Malaria, and even more. So check that out on the nod of the jumps facebook page where you the listeners and viewers in that case will be voting for your favorite writer in this new FM ex world championship. I went full circle, and I decided to actually have a separate prize for a judged favorite kind of the real modern thing where they had the fan favourite, which is what we will really wanted to see. But then there's also the judges fights. All also be judging every single run throughout the full five weeks and we'll have. Another winner and how judged winner. But basically with my bit of News, he I broke into the top one hundred in the game it took some work had to kick a lot of asses and I had to take a lot of trophies. But on fondly Willem away to finally getting paid to play video games I've only been working on that since I was seven years all with a Super Nintendo plans straight fata too but Actually I remember back when I was about fourteen with a good friend of Mine Lachlan ingles. We were playing Nintendo sixty four on Goldeneye, and we used to actually create like guides on how to get through. Goldeneye levels using screen shots using thirty three point six kilobits per second dial up connection on the hottest modes. Man Life was easier back then but anyway, if you're watching the livestream that doing on Amex on the nod of the jumps channel, I was pretty busy with them and actually it was a hell of a lot of fun. is a fair bit of carry on going on is live streams as well. But then I was a little bit crook for a couple of weeks and then we had the acne. And we will running one of the first sporting events in Germany with Monaco. Mantle and the company that runs not of the jumps. Actually. Ran The event really well, and I can only hope that it shows how good al production team is doing everything the right wife social distancing one, thousand, four hundred athletes, and running a full event I ever a weekend and proving really to the German government's into the world which has closed down all of these events that we can actually get it done and we did it safely and hopefully we can get back to work in a safe way very very soon. But yeah, with the livestream where I'm just playing and working my way through the game. That will be back on coming back this way. So check out the non the jumps facebook page and the right has launch facebook page I'll jump on both of them and stream from there, and also ta from not of the jumps is almost finished making the trophy for this new e FM ex world championship series, and as soon as it gets delivered, he puts them far is up because what I saw in his development it looks freaking awesome. I'm sure that's plenty of news for now. You've probably had enough of listening to me g Jabber on today so far I guess one other thing I wanted to point out the Red Katie M has just been released. But I can't believe the gas gas has brought out a one to five to strike and not a to fifty see to start spilling. We could have seen so many Katie 'em all Husky to strike ride a switching colleges yet again and having more options in freestyle motocross, but it's not to be I want to say a huge thanks again to the huge brewery. Of Wrought House for searching the globe high and lar and actually finding a machine which removes the alcohol from be to create their alcohol freezing in such a sensitive manner that you can't even tell the difference when you're having a noise call be at the end of the day or at the end of a podcast, which technically for me is the end of my. funnily, enough the machine comes from Australia. So I can't help but see some awesome similarities in the find be and may be in from a straighter living in Germany or taste testing they haul range. Thank you again for tuning in and make sure you head on over to the INSTAGRAM facebook and youtube pages of right launch podcast for more information images, videos, and whatever institute of course is my Go-to so. If you think of friends would be start to tune into some of the podcast. Don't be scared to share it away to everyone. It'd be a huge help to get the word out there and keep this thing what ever it is growing more and more. I just can't wait to get back to the real events and interviewing everyone in person with a Tannin's F beer in hand, which of course, was the main goal starting all of this in the first place. So Prost.

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