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"marberger sadowski" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"And she said, Um, and she talked about the bipartisan Politics and how you know everybody's getting far more angry. Everybody's getting angrier and angrier and more farther and farther and farther apart. And she said, I don't I can't agree with it. I don't I don't even know what to do. But she basically Set And then she said she's voting no on the procedure. But she said on the boat that you know Amy Conan Barrett, What's you know A C B A. C. B. Judge Barrett, she said, totally qualified to be a judge on the Supreme Court. She went through the motions with her. She interviewed her. She talked to her. She believes he's totally qualified. She doesn't believe in the process. But she believes he's qualified. That's why she's going to vote for that sort of there. But at the same time, she said, What we've done is hopeless. We put herself in a hopeless situation, she actually said. That she doesn't see you know how the Democrats the Republicans, she said. She's in favor of what we're trying to say common ground, but she doesn't see how I could possibly happen. And and and and she expressed her frustration that well, I'm gonna tell you something, Dean. In all honesty, the frustration that I see a zit American citizen is the fact that we have such a divided nation. There is no excuse, she said. I don't know there's hope. I have to agree with her. I mean, you know what's funny when you hear again we are. This is your party affiliation. When you hear that this is going to be that this is the most important election of your lifetime. And and the reasons behind it. This is the first time actually hear it. I'm like, you know what it might be because of the fact that he was in power. Makes the rules and unfortunately, the golden rule this year could be whoever wins and it's and it's scary, and Trump said it and one of the debates you said the first one, he said. You know, victory has winning. Voting has consequences if you win, and you know what these consequences will impact everybody. We're going to go on. We have a caller named Frank. And Frank wants to say, Asked about voting with the ballot and mailing in your ballot, Frank, go for it. My question. Is you going in your boat that let's just say somebody decides to send their ballot in after the fact it goes to a post office, obviously, But then where does it go? It goes to the goes to the it goes to the Voter Bureau, and they and they tally the votes. And when I can tell you is if you mail in your ballot and you voted in person, and they courted a coordinated and they see that you voted twice. You're gonna have a problem. No, I get that part but my questions other people from both sides of the fence taken these because yes, yes, definitely and that people from both sides, the monitors There's been arguments about that, because there's been some spots where there's only 111 side, not both sides and that I disagree with, but you know again when you look at it If you really want a fair on I'm about and fair and balanced voting process. It's my opinion that you should have equal equal part creepy bond. Both sides better. They're serving serving everybody that's involved. And if they're not, they're in balance. Then you got issues because that's how balance could be tossed, etcetera we really need and especially because it's 2020. There's no excuse for stuffing the ballot machines. There's no reason why we can't have it done The easy way. Onda again, I will sit here and say. Every state has early voting. I don't understand for the life of me. I'm 59 years of age. Why or how it's not possible that people cannot vote. Correctly and go down and get it done or fill out a ballot submitted properly. Now I can understand when you want you mail it. You're taking pot luck. I do believe it's smart to go down in person and make her and make your choice And I did it. I wasn't going to I refuse to vote via mail. It wasn't gonna happen on a frank on. I think it was Channel five. Mom. They did a pretty in depth interview with the secretary of state, and he took. That was your that was Roger Stroke that was the registrar. It was Joe glorious Secretary of state was that she's a female that Barbara Saganowski know the secretary of state is Marberger Sadowski. Then who That was the registrar You're talking about Joe. Gloria. Trust me, Okay? All right, so then that it was who was in charge of the mail in voting he took. He took the reporter through each step of the mail and ballot process. And what, exactly what they do, So I'm sure you could probably go to YouTube and find it Well, I didn't. And then I got a look at it this way. Then it just got to be a complete landslide. There's there's to be no way. No way that the Democrats have a shot in the back, but I don't care what anybody says. Good point. Well, I don't agree with that Big Democrats one last time with you, most of the unions back the Democrats and then in this state right now, But you know, you want to know Frank and Dean. Let me let me get some this up this way for you both to know that he was a dean. Trust me. I'm going to go on your side. You have to understand what I'm about to tell you. The reality. Frank is this The majority, So.

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