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"mar curtain" Discussed on News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

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"mar curtain" Discussed on News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

"Now Malik banquet hall on west one block east of Middlebelt. Guard city kid is for all occasions the five hundred fifty seat. Thank would all go to Malik banquet dot com. Al malik. Banquet dot com. Back to the phones we go for calls from our quilt. Let's go to mar curtain Frazier. You're on with Mark Ron Kirk. Go ahead. All right. Thank you, Mark. Who's who's who's it fault with the tiger roster this weekend? I mean, you've got three guys injured one guy goes on the injured list. And you sit here with thirteen pitchers. You got nobody on the bed. Sick come off the hit. You got the faces loaded in the last any, but nobody that come up and shit. So you got to get the guy with four strikeouts to go up there and take a stiff strike out and you're sitting here with thirteen pitches. Maybe you need five pitchers in the game. Why don't they couple of pitchers down and bring up a couple able bodies to have somebody on the bench? Probably a lineup today. If they didn't call. Courtemanche say it again. Is about my man, Kurt anytime. He wanted to head down the commerical and go up to the executive office and grab a seat and start making the moves. I'm in. Because this is ridiculous funny about. The amount of people that they had any gotta worry about the options, which worrying too dense. Guys that are that are gonna come up and save the day. Yeah. But they need a couple of fresh guys on the bench because one guy sick them. And then and then Harrison got injured yesterday. And then, you know, you've got players into Lido that at least are healthy. And you've got pictures of sitting there not even gonna play. They don't need thirteen pitchers. That's ridiculous. You only made the us five bitches. How many how many pictures of they have out there with options? I don't know. But then you should be talking. Well, maybe that concern about options and who's able eligible even blue. But why did call Rodriguez that's your saver and savior's Regan. Why would they even put thirteen pitchers on the team to begin with that? They don't need thirteen pitches. Especially when you got a lot of off days in April. That's ridiculous. The way they tell you. This is what mon- Gardenhire did in Minnesota. He is famous for this. He's famous overloading pitching staff. This is why the guys lost five straight years of ninety loss. He doesn't eat. It has never mended. What he did? When he first started with Minnesota. I mean, he left his hands tied today. Had nobody to come up to Mitch what what would have happened today. If one of the players on the field guide injured or if the catcher got injured, you would add to pull Hicks offer place and put him catching whose faith, but farmer, they said buck farmer. Exactly, right. Roster. When I grew up the Tigers had like five or six reserve players on the bench that would pinch it or go into the field. They didn't have a thirteen. Shang? Concerned about getting guys like Harrison, Mercer just a start for you that they didn't really look back and say, what can we do about this benched veteran is this because then you you're you're you're jeopardizing I get to rebuild and that's why it's not a rebuild yet. You don't have guys. Winnings. People want to compare this. Start two thousand six it is not two thousand six. Well, like, you said they're still gonna probably trade players away. But I mean, if they're gonna play like this nobody's going to have any value in this team to trade at the trading deadline or the Tigers are going to be or wrong like the Kurt. You are wrong. They're going to get a bundle for green. For him. I think they will later they got a bundle. Three. Yeah. They got Franklin has injured every year. That what you make the move come on Kurt, Jake Rogers. They said who can't hit. No come on. Offensive catcher. But can't hit don't say guys have come on. Let me come in and say something he's got potential. He's got the power. He's got to strike zone better. He's a little pop. He doesn't have he can twenty home runs in this lake. Measure than I know. I'm talking about he's they say the best defensive catcher in baseball. That's good enough. Good enough for me. Trade. Henrik come up and be a piece from the Burland fading dad's camera will give you something. We'll definitely give you who's gonna be regular here. But. Corner. Cobi Jones just back. Now, you got yourself your Greiner. You've got Candyman you got stewards. I mean Peterson. I mean, there's a lot enough. Young guys aren't doing Jack doodle squat right now. Carol scott. What's that stewardess fourth run today? Who stewart? Yeah. Today Beckham did a Baghdad w Seward hit hit three other day. Did he get his fourth yet? God the stats from. Forty four times up. That's pretty good. I love I told you Christmas tour. I'm a big Christmas guy. I've got no problem business Patty that free will right now. Not at all. Let's. Okay. I can understand why the Tigers didn't wanna put some of these guys on the injured list because then they got to leave him on there for ten days, and that's wrong. They should have injured list. Let's go to the ten days. Now, they did they just got to days this year. I know, but they ought to have like a danger. That's like. People abuse that system though, Kurt they would never allow it to use it. All right. You got that? Right. Mark. Well, it was a good whatever they had before they stopped doing. It was being abused. Yes. Well, that might be true. But I mean in situations like today, you can see where we got in trouble without being able to feel the team and lets the guy would have got off the plane. He was there two hours before game time. What if the plane would have been laid fucked? All right. Well. I mean, this is a major league team. We're not talking about a triple eight t we're talking about a major league team. They feel that the team fairly of of minor leaguers today and one Cabrera that's still ain't got a a streak going. You know where he can get any power yet? Right. Prediction, prediction, Mark? How many home runs is Cabrera gonna hit this year? Oh, that's a good one. How many home runs is what thirty five away from five hundred. I'm gonna say he not sat down by a good thirteen. Number three away for next year. Would you only be five years away from the contract being over? That's awful. Pick any number. We we don't know what we got with Capri yet.

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